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    FIRST f111119.N.
• iGen. Grant Goes to Chicago To
_ • r
day—Gen. Mead* Ordereditille.
port—Supreme Court • and_ the
.111cArdle- Case—Contested Con
•gressional Elections. •
TB) Telegraph to the iPittsburgh tiagette.l
WASHINGTON, December 41, 1868.
Was at Army Headquarters, to-day attend
' lug to btisineas. He will leave to-morrow
afternoon to attend the re-union of the
societies - of the western armies' atlChicago.
A large number of army officers - will leave
- at the Seine time for tbe same purpose, in
alnfiinghlajor Generals Schofield. Thomas
and Terry, Generals Babcock, Porter and
Dent, of. General ;Grant's' staff, Colonele
Schofield and Campbell, of Gen. Schotield's
staff, and.many others. .'
A very large crowd of visitors paidtheir
respects to General Grant this rnbrning, in
' chiding many Sezititors, and Bepresenta
tives, as well as Major General Stoneznan,
commanding . the I First Military_District,
who arrived this;morning.'
• surnam..E COURT.
• - After a number of unimportant_ motions
lied been submitted to the Supreme Court
to-day, • Judge Black asked leave to be
heard on .the ,question whether the act of
,- Ointrretarepealing the act of February sth,
tti/this Court;jurisdiction on
an appial,littm the judgment of the,Cir
:Cult Court in habeas corpus cases,would
have the effect to, deprive this art of
jurisdictien in the case, •or
whether the Court should not, under the
jurisdiction which already attached in the
case,-,proceed to judgment. ,He said there
- 'was r course a difference between himseif
and ,
-Mr. Carpenter, who appears for -the
United States, on the subject, he",lieingof
the opiniod that .thee repeal - did-riot affect
this case, and that judgment ,should be
pronounced, and Mr. Carpenter taking the
reverse view. After consultation - by the .
Court, the Chief Justice announced that the
Court would hear 'the argument on that
point, leaving it to counsel, agree'*ion
the time. ,lt was subsequently, arranged
that the argument Would be heard on the
first Monday of February next.
• , After the hearing of motions was con
lehided, the argument of 'numbers thirty
live and - forty-four l the Lotus' ana 'confisc&
tion case,,was closed.
The Committee onl Elections, at a meet
ing on Monday. - wilV i consider the Missouri
contested case. If they should have another
meeting before theholiday recess, they will
takeap•tpit Geared nuse. ,, ,Thet_frorp. jiou
latent' Wiirnot probably be conbideredtAiri=
- til after the - reCess.
I •
has been directed to report in this city on
public bnsinese,,at 'such - tinie this month
as itehls - juidgment thelPUblic interests will
permit. • - •
St3Cretary McCullongh to-day confirmed
the appointment ' of Thomas. L. Young as
Supervisor of Internal Revenue' for the
'Southern - District of Ohio.
runcrisit OF cuss.
A special says: It is reported in official
circles that General Cushing is empowered
by the Government` to negotiate for the
purchase of. Cubic from the 'new Spanish
Government. • '
' The receipts of Ocietams for the week
ending December sth were $2,035,544.
Cold Weather --Gen. Giant and Staff—Bar
filar Killed by a SAierltr—Keroaeae Ac
videat. =
' •,,, (By Telegraph to the Pittsbirgh Gaze.tte.)
CHICAGO, December lf - ,—The intense cold
- weather.continues. Early this morning
i; - the thermometer in (ranges' from
7-- ten to fourteen degrees below zero. At
,f 4 ' Cairo .
it wasone degree below zero this,
:! • morning, which is remarkable' for that lat.
i; nude. The Mississippi is frozen over as
5 : far down as Cairo. At:Quincy, last night,
• ''„, _ the thermotheter reached thirteen '
degrees ,
below zero.
Washington , 1
--1 , A special from Rays Gen.
: • Grant and staff will leave to-morrow even
ing for Chicago
-.-',!' ------ George on, shei r iffor-Brown county,
I. WiscohA
__,t and killed 'a professional
--_. burg!. - - Sdnrehilf, at . Green Bay, on
Mondak,ow le; he Whatryingto escape from
i _ via.... nelutittietwarreateciby.the sheriff
:=- a
'--ftt stage coach oti& the authority of a tele
-- g .• graphic ,disiPatch frs:pm, Marquette. Three
_or your shots were-ettrhanged between the
i, 4 shertil - 1414 the
, - - - burglar before he was
, - biought- 7 .`dowii. - Ifts had on his person a
. 1 .,'1, - draftftl*awn on Ivas dr. Son,- • of Detroit, by
P. M. Everett 41c Son; bankorsof Marquette'
Ft whiSkte had doubtedly stolen. _7- , - -
11 -, IMaggie-Viaerman;n chambermsid at the
--- . Adams- Ilense, Oshkosh, Wis., *as burned
i' _ 1 ,:tlo death' on' Wednesday night - bythe Up:
setting of a kerosene lamp. She was par- -
il tially undressed and just op the ,pqint of I
M retiring when the accident occurred... She
was so terribly burned thatlqr body could
u -.; not be laid out and had tii'be wrapped up
- in the sheet in which sbe 7 ilietifand laid in
• 1. , ; her toffin. She had beenfeinployed in the
habse = for two years and_ was highly re
-----?-sPeeted. ''- , z, , f‘ ‘. -•- ....1
,t, , - The Plujatielfilila Murder.
CBI TileirAPti to the Pittsburgh tiusette.l
• Pall,ADEtßurA, December 11.--Georo
4 . Twitchell,
,charged, with 'the
•ttigr-der . of Wit: fifflo',..wore - brought Wks
:Court-this morning., The counsel of Afrs.:
,Turftehell moved to (wash the indictment
akaldet her, on the ground that the Di
~. .4,,tfet:Attottiey bad exereised'=undue inflii
ence on the Gfand, Jury to induce them" to
bring in a true bill, not warranted by evi
eitienco, which he offered to prove by thi.
District Attorney, "foreman of the Grand
~,, J ury, etc. ' TbeJudge ruled person
- `eOuld lici.oxsinbiod as to.what transpired in
the jury room, and refused the' motion' to
quash. The prisoners:tibre then arraign ed
and plead not guilty;
Egjenssie rylre inGreeuwlett N. Y .
*T' reOgrituit to the'Pittsburgh (unto.;
,•• Y., Decemder great die
_ occiirred agGreenwich,Washingion county,
mornidg. ,Six stores were''i burned
~.down; - The prinelpal losers are H. H.
Gruoth, Boston and Davis, H. Vankirk, all
- -dry goedS and grocery dealers; school
house tiud. Openheimer's,dry goods. WM.
Watts. druggist; J. H. Benton, clothing;
1'• Mrs. ".Nuton, dress maker, and Meader,
harness maker; Masonic/. Hall ; ' law office of
Ingalls, Sherman and -Berke and several:
temps,- . alecrtlesfrOed. 'The losses
ti will probat:dyamount to siumoo, mostly
covered hy- insurance.
. .
.-• „ ,
. . .
. •
• .
' . • '
~ . .. , , / i s, /
ii •
„,,-:, .
' i • ' • . .
. - •
. • . :
. - ~ ..
. .
'-..- • • .4 4 .. , A,, ,/
~ . . „.
. .
. ,
~ . .
~ .• , , r.. ,
,:,,, -' . ....,
.. ..
~... ,
. .
( - ••••••;•••••••-•-• ,• - -i -- .2...'• - ,.
i . .
' . ..".:"/.:.? ' ..ilk '-.7. ., 1: -4 .. ,l ' ' -' . 1..
'-• --- jel, "...--;",-..- - . I .
_.,. .., 4 : ......„ :: „..... : it‘ 4, .. \, - - -!.--. —:-....-ty t 7 ,%2.6111011110.." , ,i.4...'•:: '"- .., • ---,.: • ..! --- ",...A —, -,; * :' . ;.';,‘1".?,.•*-,.. ,. ... , :. ..... 4 ,....... X' ••*-3 1 ..:r'
. . .-.:.. :', •:; -.- .. : : .---; !=-' -: -.=1 1;'; ;.1!•:: '' . ' ~/ , ..--_-_-,,---- gO -- --•,,,,.. , - - -. ---''''''''-- - . ..,:'-- '•••• 4 " 4 -1
-,.",' . .
.1 •i> . c : .__. .•• , ,
. 1 / 4 :_. 4
Lf i . . " • - ' .... . -. ..1 ,.: „ ' .1.„ - . „:",...... ,,,tri,-""."-;.:-.-1-,, C r ' .:.....„......----F , 7,_1,, .„,.4„.,„.•..,•-•.' ;.,--- / .1,.
-• -- -i. -' T • I. .V. '
' -, %.,..gz:F. , t4.'' itti ` 1 .71 --. il',
"..f I v ,
V , .
.: , . ''' :`,....:......- !% ., ..,:i: \: 1. 1;..T.;1;; r... , n,. -.77 .-•
i ; r
,4 -: ..?....i , E ., ,,,,,,,,. •
, i 4. ft. , ... :.
~ s .
.._ 1 ' i 4 ~-. 1•. . I ,-, , .:', ;, ..;. ... 5, ..„ . , " -/..-.,--- ,-,--------- .. -- \n-i ."'---- / t i.- ~..____—l__• Ar -ffl 4 ~.,_ . .........' 14 . t' 7 e . ~...-:: ...! 'i t
3'. :: :iL:C 7: " 4 P ' . 1
V fl 4 l; ..,.: :7 -
I;". , ;.''. ..„!):' .
...,;..4 --' , .4 ‘ ~:: .' .
-"-'-- . " -''.':, 'S.:-.., - -- ''''- ' . - ..:.. . " ---
. • -:
—:.----,. jmi,-;,'. 7, ... , ~... •,.,, .p. , . , . - . -
. --- -7, ki ,. y. , ,.... - .,4 .. . i thy, .
- . :, .. ....
... ... .. t•'\ ~, \
...., -. , , r
.„ • i.,.
......____ ' -.7- --"`--fir', ... - ~:* 4. 41,, '4- 4• -
----- ---- --: -_----, -.-i:- - -- -----_-.,., • - _-_-- :,. , ,---,----- ---,____..„, _ J ......„
- , i,
, • .:
1 1 .‘ ;•V
. "- - --
C . _
....''- '....,„-.- - • , 'T". , _
_ . 4-,..- - - •-- -: - - ---- - --
. • .t '= • a i r:t 1•-',.-. • . - , - , 7 . --.::--,
- \ '
/ f,
• -
-The Tribune on the Message—Accident to
Lewis Gaylord Clark—Telegraph 'Con
tract—Serlous Break In IV ater,
Ctistom House Officers Exercised—Tobac
co House Setzed—Yacht Club Challenge
—LlquOr. ases In United mates Court—
Broad Way Theatre Outrage- 7 4M Cum
pony Curie.
[By Telegriph Co the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
NEW Yon=, December 11,1888. .
• The - Tribune says of the Preeident's mew
sage: "It is exceedingly desirable we
should begin forthwith to fund our past
due Fivfwenties at a lower rate than six
per beat.. but Mr. JobllBoll and his fellow
repudiators seem resolved that we shall
never be able to do so. This message will
compel our people to pay many millions in
six per cent. interest which they could
have saved had our President been content
with the pyramid of disgrace he had al-,
ready laboriously erected. Only twelve
weeks more and the country will be rid of
him forever. It Is hard, but we can endure
him twelve weeks longer. Thank heaven
he has only power to disgrace us "
The Lafarge property, known ,as the
Southern Hotel, on Broadway, was sold at
auction yesterday for 8871,000.
Lewis Gaylord Clark, tong-editor of the
Knickerbocker_Magazine, was seriously-4n- ,
jured on Wednesday by falling' down
thastairs of his residence at Piertnont.
Fears are entertained that he will not re
cover. \ -
The` Tribune says, of the propohed ter
mination of the contract with the Associa
ted Press, that the actual reason why'the
telegraph gave the notice was because of
severe strictures against the personal in
tegrity of the Managers of the Western
Union Compatiy, and they did not deem it
their duty to be bound to the Associatioaj
by Contract while one of - the members o f;
the Association felt at.liberty to tollnpugn
the personal character of the officers.
- A break occurred in
_the main Croton
water pipe in Third - givenne, between Sad
and 34th:etrebla; on Wednesday, which oc
casionedserious damage to property in the
.vicinity. A large_ quantity of water es
caped,-deluging the cellarsof the adjoining
buildings. One drug sicire -- iitiffere - dto the
extent of $59,000...:
There 11 - a good-deal' of consternation
among the Custom Hr•use officers at the
rumors of the. approach:of a general decap
itation. 1
The large tobacio establishment of John
Thompson, in Brooklyn, has .been seized
for au alleged attempt to defraud the gov
The' Democratic Soldiers' and Sailors'
Aisociation of Brooklyn has becomea per-
Marmot institution; , r It is provided that,
members being sick-ahail be taken care of
and in case of deith.,fulieral expenses will
be defrayed by the Attsficiation. •
'lt is rumored „the Nei.? 'York Yacht Club
will probably throir out a challenge to the
world for a grand trial - of speed of - yachts
of theseveral
Under on agreement between the Morris
& Essex-. Railroad and. Delaware, Lapka
.striMtio&WettOM Radroad, the lattee:Pay
tO.the former seven per cent. freh 4 lit. all
taxes whatever, perpetually, and a contin
gent of one per cent. after a certain period.
A verdict for the Government was ren
dered to day in the Watson-Creery revenue
'case. The Kentucky; Bourbon ease was
postponed owing to the - absence of some
„defendants, it being necessary to try all-to
r getheroit the charge of conspiracy to de-
I fraud the Government. - - - •
I I Justice Sliandiey has discharged Hickey
I and Morn, charged with.the commis - Won of
the Broadway Theatre outrage some months
ago,• fully exculpating them &omen' , " legal
wrong. • -
A ease is before' the Supreme Court, of
Rhhert P. Getty and others, to recover from
the heirs of Daniel Devlin an amount sub
scribe,/ to the formation:of a 'now defunct
comp any. • •
Skirmisktletween Troops and Insurgents
—Ventkadictory Reports—Young Men of
the First Families Joining the Revolu.
Cliy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
'HAVANA; December .11—The Diario to
day publishes the following news from the
interior : •
The Spanish troops at Manzanillo, re-in
forced by sailors from men-of-war in the
harbor, had a sharp skirmish with the in
surgents near the town. Ten of the latter
were killed and Many wounded. The
troops captured a large numb& of horses,
and some important correct pondence fell
into their hands. GoVernment loss.notre.
ported. .
- -
The Ihario alb° states that since the,bat
ties at Villa del Cabrie,and Guantanamo,
four hundred rebels hafe .- voluntarily
given themselves up to the military au
thorities and have received the.
_pardon of
the Government. •
The revolutionists flatly contradict these
statatenaents and reports. " - They are con.'
stantly receiving reinforcements of men,
arms and ammunition.
jyithin a week about fifty young men,
Some of them of the first families in the
Island, have left Havana to join in the re
bellion: .
-The Spaniards here COII;i1M13 to subsoribo
2/lone.? and _fi . arnish recruits for the Gov-
Weather Reports.
City Telegraph to the Pittsburgh:Gazette.)
- * AUGUSTA, GA., DeCeMbei 11. There was
a heavy : sleet last night: Weather boister
ou4 and cold.-..-
Wl•tattrioreirr,f, - .N. C., Deceniber 11. _
Weather cold - and rainy; slight snow this
evening: Thermometer. 40.
Moriraoh,psy,A., December 11.—To-_ - 7.
day has-been the coldest of the season. -
ST.-Loris, Dec. 111 Navigation was
pended to-day by the Underwriters putthig
an embargo on steamers. The riverlikhank
full of heavy ice, :but the water being ay# „
or six feet higher than is usual
~at this .oa-,
SOD,:' little appreWension of a
gorge. The Illinois river,:' ,11 - reported
,irozenover its entire :length, and - lhe
Mis.sonri. is supposed to-be gorged ai St.
Charles, a few miles above its mcioth.
The -theory with some- is that-- - 4he.
Mississippi will gorge at the-4141'0v
ridge and that all the .ice., below will run
out, leaVingedear water from - that - point to
Cairo, and that:southern navigation will be
resumed in a fesi •
The weather74rist night-ond to-day was
colder than "iho been---iczotwhere ,in De
cember for thidy-two years. • , ..:The mercury;
sunk to fourteteredegrees below Item in ex
posed. places. and to-day ihringed from
ibur tonine berdel!... Tci-night. however, the
temperaturehaa Materially , Moderated, and
the themonieter now marks three degrees
Ibbove zero.
KANSAS CITY, DeeetOber IL—The weath4
er yesterday and to-driy• "free the' -coldest
since 1855. The thernmeneteOlf if A. it.
to-day Marked fifteen degrees below zero;
The river is - gorged above the bridge, leav-.
ing a clear harbor for the ferry. which has
reopenek connection with the Hannibal
and St. Joe Rennie - di- heretofore' linpeded
bi- floating ice,
... .
. .. . .
. . . .. _ .
... .
. .
LonnoN, December 11.—Evening.—Con
sole for money, 9234; account, 923.1; Five-
Twenties quiet at 74. Stocks opened firm
er, and closed easier. Erie, 26V,; Illinois,
1 , 9314; Atlantic and Great. Western,42,
111ANEFORT, December 11.—U. S. Bonds:
, 18N.
LONDON, December 11.—Sperm Oil, .£93.
:Bogor t,Quiet at 369. 3d. Tallow, ss. 9d.
'Spi:its Petroleum, 810., Linseed_ Oil, 278.
:10d. : Linseed Cakes, £llss. Calcutta Liu
seed, 575@575. tici.
ANTWERP, December IL—Petroleum
buoyant at 55 francs.
IlAvac, December 11 .—Cotton:quiet at
127% francs on spot. •
LIVBRPOOL, December 1 1.—Cotton; the
gales for the week amounts to 64,000 bales.
Of which 16,000 bales were for export; and
a,OOO - bales for speoulation. The stock on
:band is estimated at 865,000 bales, of which
.40,000 bales came from the United States.
The amount afloat Is_Ostimated at 238,000
beles,--includlng 05,000rtialea American.
The rqerket to-day le easier, and sales were
made of 10,000 bales uplandsat 103:alOgd.,
and Orleans at 11a21,0: The Manchester
markets are firm. Breadstuffs—Flour is
steady, and sales were made at 269. Wheat
is quiet and steady, .at an advance, with
sales of red western at 9s. 3d. Corn is low
er, and sales were Wade at 389. 6d. ' Peas
are held
,at. 465.- Od. _Oats and Barley are
unchanged. _,Provisions—Pork is held at
85s. Beef is liregula at Ioss. Lard is held
at 679,--Oheese :; is hold at Ms. Bacon, 5 313.
Produce--Rosin is,neld at Os. for common,
and 159. for fine.'-;Petroleum is bold at 811.
for spirits, and ls. '6d. for refined. Turpen
ttue-10 hed at 275. Limed, Cakes, .4.112. • ,
• - -
SECØ'IJ. 'EJhlThjt
. .
English Press on President John.
sonV Plessage—Turhish Sue
Ceases Over the Cretans-41am
int Aspect of the Insurrection
Spain — Engagement Between
Troops and Insurrectionists in
Cadiz—liesult Undecided—The
Riiing Said to be in the interest
of. Queen Isabella.
i'Veirop la to the Pittsburgh Geiette.l
' •
Lownow, December 11.—The Daily News
says of President Johnsop's message that
his persistent opPosition to the will of the
nation is the cause of the partial failure of
his mesiage. • It considers that there is no
hepe foi the restoration of pence and unity
in America until the accession of Grant to
the Presidency.
• The Morning Standard strongly depre
cates the refusal of the Senate to listen to
the President's message, and pronounces
such action disrespectful to the Executive.
The Morning_ Herald says interestedg
commends itself to' everybody in
American affairs. It is the warningprotest
and testament of a statesman' politically
_dying. •
11 —Eveninq.—In the
House of Commons to • day the election of
'Right Honorable • Air. Denison as Speaker
IVOB confirmed by the Crown.
The appointment of Earl Spencer as Lord
Lieutenant of Ireland is officially an
MADRID, Dee. . insurrection has
assumed a moret.alarming'character than at
first reported: Telegrams from Cadiz, an
nouncing the surrender of the insurgents,
prove erroneous. On the first day of the
revolt the Insurrectlottista ancdeeded in
talcing . some pieces of artillery And have
occupied an important positioq. General
Deroda, at the head of a oonsiderable mill
tar3tfores,.is preparing for a Nigorous as-
Sault on Cadiz.
k The national guards are employed to keep
order and protect property in Madrid.
Great excitement prevails there and in other
-towns at the - alartnipgatate. 'As'yet Cadiz
is the only town in revolt. _A .rising is mo.
mentarily expected at Catalonia. Arms
and munitions of war have been landed in
,Cadiz, and it is said the party in revoltis
well supplied with them. They have also
plenty of money,, grad are determined on a
tight to.thelait. The: American -flags are
•fespaated by both parties. Hundreds seek
protectimv,frOm the - . Arnefl'etin Consul at.
Thete is ye Teasel in
port . ,)lnd the Danbdisszulltallarixesaelikatei
placed at the disposition 6t the , Arneriba
°Maul. Many rich faMilies are leaving
Spain. Gen. Prim has gone to Andaluida.
The government is much embarrassed ow
ing to the unsettled state of the country
and to the impoverished condition of the
- finances. •
MADRID. December 11.-:The proposals of
capitulation made by the insurgents in
Cadiz were rejected, and at the expiration
of the armistice hostilities were recom
menced. A desperate conflict took place,
in which artillery was used by 'the troops
and insurgents. The loss in killed sod
wounded was heavy on, both sides. The
resort of the battle was indecisive, and the
insurgents stilVoccupy the Hotel de Ville,
and the surrounding district.
The rebels haire detained within the Eta
tel de Ville all" the foreign Consuls they
could seize, and that by this means
they will be able to prevent the threatened
bombardment of. that portion of the city
by the v
essels oftwar lying in the harbor.
Great politicril excitement prevails in
Xeres, Malaga and Tarragona.
Gen. Prim is now on way to the
Southern provincesi, hi s
and it is hoped his
presence there will restore tranquility..
Rants, December 11.-=-Tha Gauloia asserts
the in surrectionary - Cadiz is
instigated by the agents of - Queen Isabella.
LONDON, December 11.—The following
intelligence' from Crete has been received,
via Athens. The Turks have captuied a
strong position in Sphakia, where the in
surgents had erected a block-house. They
also seized a quantity of , provisions and
war material, -intended for the Cretans.
The Turks have taken possession of two,
landings on the shore of an island 'nearest
Greece. It is reported that in eonsemience
of thpse advantages gained by the Turks
the insurrection is dying out. •-
= - • GERMANY: ' -
Dining, December 11.—In the coursdof
the debatein the Prussion Diet on the bill
confiscating ihTirAlrelJertV of the - on.
Hesse, Count Von Bismarck, alludG3g.:tp
the recent war agitation, satd: "The fears
of war which were so prevalent durin g the
summer have now , passed away,"
• -
QIIirNSTOWN, Dee. I.—The , steamahip
Russia, from New York, arrived here this
DECE 11 tiE K 12,, I
=GeberaiGitint has returned 'id - Wash
ington City. ,
, , _
- -Wils6io'd shirt collar factory , 'at, Tro,y,
N. Y., was burned yesterday., .1,1;564, 020,000.
—George N. Harvey, a well known bank
er of Philadelphia, died on Ti-tract 4rafter
---Dityrson's leithee tactorY. at 4 'mark,
.T., was partially burned Thurs de' • night.
L05a420,000. ;z 1,
-`—Helene Western;-the actress, died on
Friday trning it Washington city a ft er a
week's I ness.
-Thatax-rato in Philadelphia for next
year is one dollar and eighty cents, on the
hmidred dollars: -
—Hon. Wm. oman formerly Mayor of
Providence, R 8 1 ., ' was fotind dead in his
bed yesterday morning.
—At Kansas City, Mo., yesterday, the
large _Mattress Factory ot Octtenger LIE Co.,
was. burned. Loss 820,000.
--ehtl. W. B. Fannin, lbr many years a
prominent member of the Gsorgia _Legisla
ture, died suddenly at. Savahno of apo
—At Louisville, KY., yesterday forenoon
the thermometer sunk to three degrees
above zero, and last night_ stood at eight
degrees above zero.
—Caleb Cushing is reported as ' having
gone to Europe on a secret mission for the
Governboent—it is believed in reference to
the Alabama claims.
—James Fiske prints a card stating that
Mr. Vanderbilt was paid one million dol
lars last 'July for lbw discontinuance of
suits against the Erie Railway Company.
—Late arrivals from the Upper . Missouri
Reservations report the Indians quiet and
satisfied. A large number of Sioux, inclu
ding Spotted Tail, occupy the reservation
above Fort Randall. -
-It is thought the number oflives lost
by' the burning of the steamers America
and United States, near Warsaw, Ky., will
not exceed -sixty-five. Fiftj-four bottles,
have been recovered.
—The steamer buba, from Liverpool, No
vember Seth, arrived to-day. She broue,ht
three - hundred steerage passengers, belt*,
the first vessel of the regular Cunard
that brought emigrants.
—Judge Cardoza, at New York, has is
sued an order to restrain ' Receiver Davies
from' handling property of the , Erie Rail
road Company until after, the- injunction
cases beforetim are , disposal:l:oC: ,
_ ,
—Thionghtrabis on-the lirraon/Pacifie
have been running regularly- since Tuef-
day morning,, while on.the Chicago and
Northwestern the first through 'train since:
Saturday arrived Tffursclayanight.
Denver dispatch 'says r Daily ser
vice from Denver to 'the western terminus
of the of the Kansas Union Pacific Railroad
was resumed yesterday. The fare from
Denver east is the same as vitt A Omaha.
—A despatch from Omaha, of the 10th,
says the Union Pacific Rajiv:tad bridge
across the Missouri River was completed
and trains crossed on that day. The track
of the Union Pacific is clear of snow.
, —The jewelry store' of E. Waterbury,
' ' vas robbed onAlVednes.
day night of "PliPtrarideldr .sollaeot
and dollars: As the safe was not Opened
till yesterday the robbery was not previ
ously discovered. '- '
—Allen S.*Keen, near Hillsboro,
0., has - been arrested, arged with at
tempting to poison the fa mily of his moth
er-in-law by placing strychnine in .a well
bucket. There had been some ill-feeling
between the parties previous to the occur-.
—A meeting of the Louisville Board of
Trado was held yesterday, at which reser.;
lotions were adopted deploring the loss Of
Mr. Wm. Garwin, of the firm of . Garwin.
Bell & Co., an estimable gentleman and
merchant, lost by the late Ohio river steam
'boat disaster.
—A young man named Edward Roman,
from St. Louis, committed .suicide at the
residence of Mr. Leob, in Motorail's, on
Thursday night, by shooting himself
through the head. Failure to obtain em r •
pinyment, he stated in alotter, was the
. -
—Thos. Reid, Tobacco Inspentor, and
even tobacco firm" have been indicted in
COlngton, Ky., bythe U. S. Grand Jury,
on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the
government by making incorrect returns
of sales to the Asiessor. They were held
to ball the sum of 14,000 - each, to answer
before the U. S. Court. ; -
—The Georgia Legislature is engaged
principally in granting aid to railroads and
most of the bills acted upon are;purely',
of a local character. Tne Ku-Klux bill is
now under discussilon in the House. Thire
is but little probability of an early adjottrn
ment. The Legislature has now beenAn
session over three months altogether sine*,
—A State Woman's Suffrage Convention
was held at Providence, it. 1., yesterda - y t
and was largely attended, Mrs. Elizabeth
B. Chase, was. President. Addresees were
made by Col. Higginson, Lucy -Stone,
Frederick Douglass, and ethers. 'The
'friends of the cause regard , the meeting as
Arbry- successful. A-State Association was
formed and officers elected. -
—A Virginia• City, Montana, telegram of
the lith says: - Acting. Governor Taft deliv
ered the annual nithisageti the Legislature
, recomnicuded,_,Hie encourage
-na en t of emigration t o - Montan a froin North
:ern Europe as a counterpoltect6 tho rapid
influx of.ChinameM Ti9liiiroktflegislative
istance for the tietter;Aevelopment 'of
the Mining laterests4difailts for au.-Imb,
proYeinent of the school sybtem.
-.'. New. grleanii Market - -
(By Telegraph to the Pittehirgh Oetette
NEW December H.—Cotton-L.
net receipts 35,270 baker roes,, 30,542; sales
36,700; receipts to-day 6,778; exports to. day ,
9,628; exports of . the week to Llverpool
2,698; fo Continent 11,059; Coast-wise 2.691;
stock en hand 118,1330; prices easier to-day.
middlhigs 230; sales- 5,800 bales. Gold '
135Xi11353,. Sterlingy,xchange 147%. Cot
ton 8i11ik.146W46X. ' New York Sight %
a% discount. Flour firmer under a specu
lative superline $6,84a7,00; double
extra 87,25a7,37; treble extra 167,50a8,50,
Corn firmer a; 77a780.', 044 active at 64a
65e, Bran_ $1,20. HaY;, prime $24. Pork
scarce t. 1 2 7,50. Bacon scarce and firm;
shouldere 12s'cj rlh_l7Wi; clear sides
1934 e; edger`cured haml,lsaltio. Suggfae-•
tive; common- 8 34a9xli;_..olaritied 12, 1 4812^X,
Molasses firm: common-' , 45a80e; pring#
60c; choice MOM.' Whisky7 advanting;
stock light; western rectified
Coffee; none In first hands, " and unchanged.
. _
Chicago illarke t. : . _
By, Telegraph to the Pict /burgh Gozejte.3
CHICAGO, December -11.4butefs'
night without change. No traniectiiinein
grain; One sabf-of 5,000 bbliihitsel'ork,
for January, reperteci at 123,75.:..
Nashville Marketi;
cny To;rirrona to the llttehur¢h Evisette.l:a
NASHVILLE, December tr—Cotttn ac
tive, but prices nuchanged;,invr
22c; good °Misery, 21X0. _
District Court—Judge Klrkp7tria;
The Dhtriet Court met at ten o'efeek yes.
terday, Judo Kirkpatrick on_ the bench.
The case of Cochran (ft CO. vs, the own
nors of the steamboat “Neville," reported
on trial yesterday, is still on trial. .
Quarter Sessions Judg e.Mellon.
The Court of Quarter Sessions met at ten
o'clock k. tr. yesterday,' Judge Mellon pre
siding. The following business was trans
acted :
The Court charged the jury in.the ease of
'the Commonwealth vs.'Wlite, Dulan, Mee
nen and Ward, indictted for assault and bat;
tory and malicious mischief, 'reported on
trial yesterday, and the jury returned a
verdict of guilty.
The time of the Court was then occupied
for a few moments with the hams corpus
in the Bevens-Hemmings case. A requisi
tion having been produced, the writ was
dismissed and the prisoner Hemmings re
manded_to the custody of the officer hav
ing a warrant for his arrest.
The surety of the peace case against
Hemmings, In which Mrs. _Elevens was
prosecutrix, was dismissed at the cost of
the prosecutrix.
The - next case taken up was the Common
wealth vs. David and Ellen Lewis, indicted
for assault and battery, Isabella Humph
treys prosecutrix. It was alleged that the
defendants had beaten the prosecutrix, but
the evidence in the case did not sustain the
Charge. _The jury returned a verdict of not
guilty and directed. that
pay the costs. Isabella was called up and
sentenced to paythe costs, which she COM
plied with and departed. • -
The case of the Commonwealth vs, sarah
Kearney, indicted for an assault, on_ oath
of her mother-in-law, Ann Kearney. It
was alleged that , the claughter-in-law had
rudely seized the prosecutrix and shook
her.' •
Catharine Newman, indicted for Ahe lar
ceny of a quilt, Mary Volk„prosecutrix,
was next placed upon- appeared
that the parties occupied- , apartments in
the same, house in the Eighth ward, Alle
gheny, and in November Mrs. 'Volk
-moved from the house taking all her pro=
party-except a •trunkidirt - lihieh it was al
leged she had left the quin t and,
turning for the trunk, nalasedtiie - - quilt,
which was subsequently „found on i the
premises of the defendant. It. appeared
from the evidence, however, that the
defendant was married and that her
husband lived with her, and- the Court •
stated that the presumption' of law would
be that the husband was the guilty party,
and not the wife. Under these directions
from the Court the jury returned a verdict
bf not gallty. ,
Michael Cella, inilicted_, for-sodomy, was
placed upon trial. The evidence for the
Commonwealth was all. that was offered
the case, the defence relying upon a defect
in the indictment; Which it was alleged
hoe been for ail ettenipt dommit
„.; ltri•-4{,•( g
,90 'SAN
The - hour for adjournmeuthavin o'l 7
the charge of the Court was Withheld until
Monday morning. , 2 •_. -
The Allegheny Library.
At a meeting of the members of the Al
legheny Library Association, held Friday
evening, last, a resolution was, passed an- -
thorizing' any person to act as agent in
prbouring subscrfistion,/ and donating to
each agent one membership out of every
seven procured. This premium member
ship can either be presented to a friend or
sold, the person holding
-it retaining the
proceeds. The proposal is certainly a very
liberal one, and added to the manifest
worth of the noble institution, should prva
a sufficient - incentive to action to its mem - -
hers and friends, We see no reason why
the Library should not be a perfect suc
cess. The - subscription price, four
dollars a year, is' not a very large
sun. It is centrally, located; occu
pies - one of the moat cozy, home-like,
and comfortable rooms for the purpose -that
we have ever seen. Upon
.its tables are
found-nearly all the leading Journals, re
ligious and secular, from all parts of the
cclintry. In magazine literature, both
home and foreign, it is fully up to a first
class:standard. Its book-cases are filled
with*varied and choice selection of writ-
Jags, - by the best authors, in the depart
ments of History, Biography. Travels - ,
Science. Art, Poetry, Fiction, &c. No corn
plaint can be made against its manage-
ment; 'visitors are always - treated with the
greatest politeness and,—in fact
the institution, taken altogether, possesses
so many attractions to every friend of
knowledge that we really can see' no /
%reason why it should not be always on the
flood-tide of prosperity. it cannot be that
the residents of the city are indifferent to
the attractions and pleasures of literature.
We know different '.from that. Perhaps,
.then, they have never visited the Library
'Room, or, it may be possible, with the re
membrance of one 'or two failures in this
line in the "long ago," when the city was
but comnaratively a good sized village,
they are somewhat incredulous as to the
feasibility of-snstaining a gootVinstitution
of the kind in their midst.-Well, onsourse,
it can never be sustained unless those-who
desire to see 'a Library .flobrish rally tolts
support; hot -for, evidences of the 81113c0/3i
whic,h will' attend it- when.properlx: au
ported; we say' to, the - ineredulous, in be
half of the managers;tis Philip said to Na-',
thanlel, "come and hee."
- - Reel Estate Traniabrs.
The following deeds were filecroirecord .
before El;JElniv,ely, Req., Reoorder, Decesa
be'r,lotti, 1888, - -
Philip Swindermals to Lawrence Bock. January 23,
Wit tract of. land In hfcCaucless townehip, con
' taint ng i acres and 149 perches d 11t54
Chrietsan Mayer to Mary Ones:sit. November 20, INS;
lot NWT?. eectlon 0, Patterson's plan Bloonol. d..
bY 128'feet 4,'525
Jade* lifurtalg to weorge 11,uniershine. 'limitary 1,
IM4I, two acres of around in 11, PS,oso
John T.LlLiray to Jsuaes Irwin et ell,Decembcr
10, 1668; tote Nos. 2 and 3 la Shriven" Bed
ford eheets Eloventh were. 40 by 70 teet el. 3 O
Thomas panicle to .huta Brown, October 17.180;
lot WI Meridian itrect. Mt. )911 ab lu ei on, con tale -
• Ng 2 acres suit 212 perches -4.1.15 n
Ehitlp Barboraer to JohrtMratmer, Nor. 17. 1868; lot
Nu.t , In Haslettbr piteri,'•4lfteenth ward,-2. by me
Pent, be Greensburg ;ilk,- 46 WO
Janus Cable to. Wm. Carlisle. linirembsr 17, I 803;
=hi arres oflalithin ROSS towninon • sl
Paul H. Backe. Trust rts the Wen tiodirowl,
July a . 1663; /ot.ln Brewton, on Fifa! street; 100 b
flee Ice t •• • • • ••• • .... •• "491
Jacob liebig to hflehuel Ike. 4 1866,• 'Ot
bte,et- Elea: Birtolughem, 20 by 60 Met.'
• • 41 500
v. awl.). litliartos to Jecou tsablg,. Sept. nom:
- .
the 'novo let . 00 hype feet.— ... ... .. . . 0 150
L. It. hiss boy to Lorene Hock. Jan. p,.:1808 ; 12 eerie
ti dO . And 33 percheo of lohd In Methodism
. „
Jacob Hauaht to Pail ip Ke.ler, March za, 1868; lot
tohlo township, 50 by 200 feet .. .. .. ..VD3O
T. M. sounders to A. N. Bare.hticio, I/ec. 10, 1861:
/tetetie towarhip, 47 by 74 feet:. . . . . 4000
French. Potter to H. b. Visdici Noe, jeis ;
hi t t In .Perrysville, 120 by 140 feel' et fon
john:X'Graisam to (Gorge \Vilest d. Jury 0,.1806;
' tin aorta arid IUS perches °flan d Eitzaboth town •
'ship •
Fred. vreyermutn to M. Litste„ Bee. 11, 1 , 68; lot on
Ds nisttm avenue end nod street, Twentieth
ward. /20 by feet. ..1: $1.400
r Hack. to A. Snyder, (let. 10, 1643;
boken, 40 by 1170 feet 4,360 I
The giiowing demand for practical edu—
cationty books, in view of the:progressive
steps o the sge, is;.exagagirig the attention,
or the most cultivated minds in this country,
The' facilities foX - acquiring an edudition,-
me constantly enlarging, and Abe masses
are being roused to feel the necessity of en
joying. the liberal provisions kir securing
its 'benefits. Radical changes, also, are
constantly taking place in the methods and
theories of imparting instruction. The old
systems, of teaching are discarded, and
school books, of a more practical charaeter,
are taking their place. The publishing
house of Woormonvir, AINSWORTH it CO., , -
late (CROSBT It AINSWORTH) of tioston, are
among the houses that have kept pace with
the demand of the aze. Some of the most
valuable and useful - pablicatione we have,
bear its imprint. ' Ther different works is
sued by this firm are edited by able andt
practical teachers, and embody practical
principles front experience in the school
room. These works have also been criti
cally revised by the best educators is the
country, befor offered to the ptrblie.
The new: School Text-Books in Physics,
by Profs. ROLFE and GILLET, of Cambridge,
Mass., denomknated -.-.-" The. Cambridge
Course in Physics;" comprising Cheirtietry ,
and BlectricitK , Natural Philosophy and
Astronomy, contain i .all the improvements
in these sciences ; and are edited up to the
times, and give a egstematic development of
leading principles. The revolution in cer
tain depaxtments of science have been,care
fullynoted, and especial care has been taken
not to present any theories that have not -
been well established. The methosiadopted
is first to establish the fact -by experithent, -
when this is possible, and then drawing out
the principle. The summaries always come ---
at the;end of a topic; not at-the beginning.
The illustration plateaand•general mechani
cal execution, are well gotten•up and appro
. -
They have also prepared a shorter course
in Physics. The Hand-book of the Stars
is now ready. The Hand-book of Chemis
try Is just coming out, and the Hand-book
of Natural Philosophy will appear early in,
1869. The Hand-book of the Stays is a.
neat little volume, and contains all that is
important in the Astronomy of the "other
Course. It is, strictly speaking, an As
tronomy without mattrematic.s. It contains'
seventeen full-page star-maps. The' work
is complete in' every respept, concise and:
within thercsdy comprehension of the stu
The • - •
publication-oLtheabilional System
IrPeMitiortiw - by - Tatraox,:: tiorsTon.& -
Scnnnurs, constitutes a large ;part of the
business of this house. The merits of this . '
system of penmanship has made its use
almost universal. It is recommended by
the hest educators in the country, and offers
superior advantages over others. It Is the
official text book of the leading schools in
cities, towns and boroughs of tins State, and
the same fact is true in other States. In
European countries this system has been re
published. The authors are talet,ted artists,
and advance with the demands of the age.
The system is conceded to stand at the head
of its kind, and is decidedly superior to any
thing that has ever been put forth. They
have also published a Manual of Perunan-
elsp for the use of teachers, which contains
a full 'statement r,,f PAYSON, Dr,ivrort
SCRIBNER'S celebrated method of teaching.
It is perfect in thls department. •
This souse is preparing Bsvrtior.oetzw's
Drawini Books. This series of books,
when, complete, will consist of twelve num- .
bers. Part of the series are now ready.
EaCh number will contain twelve plates
executed in the highest style hflithographie
dart, and twenty-four pages of drawing pa-
per of a superior quality. Each number
contains :suirable instruotions, and is
graded from the elementarY to the higher
department of_ drawing:
The Latin, Greek, French' and Ger Man
books are not burdened With the redundant;,
cies often found in this class of works. A -0—
nreat's Latin Grammar is simPle;concise and
free from the excess of, Matter -Too
found in Latin
found a good manual otelerireniify instruc
In Batik- grammar:, The sanie.lxcel
fent- features also' charaCterfxe- -
series 'of Latin hooks. ' The - . notes in the
,L,rvider will be found valuable helps to stu ,,
F dents: -
-Prof --- Matiiints;French hooks are highly
commended-byatileinuilet Ther_kifinmar
is designed espechilryfora clasSTbook, and
tontains only egebfinatter as is to-be tho
roughly niastere&by-the student: The In
troductory- Reader been prepared as a.
companion to thiVaistters French earn- •
mar. - - Great cereliuneen used in its preps
ration.-L The same . ineybi said of the new
elenientary.coursegil fge,Gernfan language
by Prof. q4latEi.,L, of Minnesota: It is
a capital work, Cesn attelsbf
speare;--from the - specimen;l4 f ies before us,
promises to be a work of dipided
Theso publications, and Oth c erinot named,
of this houip,nre circulated-feu' extensively
and irieliasing in favQr: The-general agent .
for the introduetion of all ofs-WoonwOßT,o-
ArNewon7l7 06 - :,'s publications in West- ••''
em Pennsylvinia, Ohio and West Virginia,
are In charge of Mr. Amos STEVENS, whose
headquarters are at' ROBERT S. DAVIS', QS
Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa. • Theract that t _ .
some of these publications are used in the
"Western University," "Pittsburgh Fe-
male College," "Pittsburgh - High School," /
"Bowman Institute," Profs. Birs - onsat and
GOURLEY'S institutions, shows their popu
larity. Mr. STEI'ENS will be happy to give
information in regard to all the publicationS
of this house.