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• from Panamit-t;eneial orant's
}lra Message-Seward and Rev
erdy Johnson -Important Legal
91 1 4 11 10 11 F019.41 ) 1 1 *ellt -= Case
of Collector Cake-Arrival of
Admiral Farragut.
LBv Telegraph tatlie pittsbnigh gazette.]
Wasnoroxorr, November 24,1868.
A,part of the Government subsidy to the
-Pacifier Railroad •Company is witheld for
• the present; until ttebommisafcmers make
report upon that part of the road recently
finished whicki it is claimed is not what
has beenpromised. , .
Our itterOlutiits ihranikaii:coMplain that .
the commercial taxes in that country have ,
• been doubled, and Secretary t3eward has
ordered an investigation of the Matter.
• - General Stonetnati'srepon thikt he could
• not fitid loyal men to till: the (Aces in Vir
ginia is denounced here by prominent Vir
ginians as entirely untrue. c
General Grant Will favor is his. first mes
sage the election_af President, directly by ,
the people, In future, for, the term of ten
• years; and not to be eligible for re-election
Congressmen-to be elected in all the States
- -with the President.: • - •.• - - • '
Commissioner 'Rollin' has“,..tnnleted
report: He opposes an - increase Of the
.1 whisky tax. „
Mr. Seward,has , accepted Reverdy John
-11. - son's plan for the settlement of the Aloha
' ma claims , , with afew -,niduiportant Modi
fications. - •
Attorney General P-varts has rendered.
• an opinion to the Seeretary of the Treasu'-
, that to convey from` the outlet of the
wormthe product of distillation to
or doubler,' through which:such/product
has not passed before reaching ,the worn!/
is not a vfolaticin 'of the'itct, of -July IPr;
1863:' The interposition: of :slink as a re
, ceptaciebetween the wortn'of theltrst dis
tillery andthe double. or'the second worm,
isnot a vkilation of
_tlte"act. These conclu
victim refer onlfto,proof spirits and not to
the, rectifying of the sanie,'or the manu
facture of other alcohello'compounds.
The new - POstal Convention with Great
Britain .watyto-daysigned by the President,
' and goes into- effect' January Ist.
C. E. Creecy, appointing_ clerk in the
Treastiry Department, was to-day appoint
, ed/SuperYisor of Internal Revenue for .
I.,Ottislana and'Arkansas.. •
/ It seems understood that nothing will
at present be done with the case of, Collec
/ tor - Cake of Philadelphia. Neither is it
. • likely that .the Secretary of the Treasury
will recommend his suspension under the
, Tennie-of-Office act.. •
'-Admiral razr ag at Arrived to-night, and
',lathe guest of the SearotAry of the. Navy:,
The Bill-Murder Case - 3315 ann-wirit. Col
fax Attend a. Church Celebration - -The
, Rathbone Oil Company-. City Debt—Meet.,
, ..s•L ing of the ffenlaapoirt,ClinoiC:. •
Teniiraph to tie 14nm:wan aimett;.]
Ilimi.ozraiits, November 24.-The
der of M. MIL sti ll causes, great excite
• --
merit. The station house in which Ur. and
Mrs. Mitchell, the supposed murderers,
are confined, has been surrounded all day,
and 13011113 persons go so far as to threaten
lYnch law. The-pigment were taken out
- tie - back , way at noon, and were present at
the-Coroner's inquest. It is; said that Mrs.
, 111114as'iobbed after she was murdered,
•blit - this not tine. The trial will commence
'at ,ance,Jt . is said, an will. lxvvery excit
Mr. Colfax attended a church celebration
in Camden last night and made a neat
- apeeob, in whiCh he tialdhe had been wel
comed with,kindness, far above his deserts
• all over the country by his fellow citizens.
The • ladies pAnent,ed Mrs.. Colfax - with ji
magnificent basket of flowers.
The, Bathbone Oil-, Company 'have again
been sued for false pretence, and this time
willtutve to produce deeds and other papers
to prain their ownership of the oil lands,
on the strength of which they boasted of a
, capital of half a million dollars at one time.
The,total debt of this city, all of which is
amounts to nearly thirty-eight
millions. -
Stafford dr Cci.'s woolen mills, at Mena
37121lcrnreieteitelly destroyed by fire yes
--terdaY afternoon. The loss will amount to
fifty thousand dollarspnot half insured. •
• , • idle Coroner'sjury . In' the case of the
murder or•Mio. Bill rendered a verdict
that deceasiid came to her death at the
bands of George l'witchell and his wife.
They were committed for - trial. The evi
,;„ donee to-day completely destroyed the
Abort of robbery and murder by out.
alders. „
At.thQ_Fenian Convention to-day, only
preliminary ' business such as the appoint
ment of committees, dm , was transacted.
Arrival of the StioßalpChlua—Later from
China 'and' Japan.
CBs Telearaan to the Pittsburgh Gusette.l
SAN FRANCISCO. November, 22,—The
:eteamship 'China arrived this morning with
advises from Hong Kong to Cetober 15th,
and Yokohonia to Cctober 28th. • She
brings about tour hundred passengers for
San' Francisco ' New York and Enrope.
The United States steamer Oneida (the
ram Stonewall), several English, French
-.and Dutch ships of war were at Yokohoma
October 28th.
-:CHINA-=The Chinese gunboats tired upon
a European steamer for the reason that she
-would not : display her flag in passing. The
. matter•remains unsettled.
- ' . 4 111(i Cheeio-kold diggings are reported
, doing
_Well. „ , ',
/ Pa*u latices report that the rebel's were
/ „,•enti;Aly dispersed.
• Tire passeagers and crew of the ship Ha
-1 N!,•aliaa , a China packet, who were wrecked
'.{. ong_the -Phillipine - Islands; in August
1 - lot, arrived at Hong Kong. : ' - --':- '
= 4sPatc.—The Mikado havlagyettehed his
majority was crowned Emperor of, Japan
-at ato
A diffitentVecanrred between ihe Dutch
, officers and the Japanese authorities. The
1 latter ftebld the transaction of any business
, - .dit the ;Oglitom House for Dutch subjects.
1 "The matter ss aa finally amicably settled.
• Yeddo still reuiains closed to foreigners,
It is expected the opening of the city will
i - not - b 6 postponed' beyond the first of No:
veMber.",-• .The event depends upon the. re
` snit of the- conference now being held be
,. •tween the . Foreign Ministers and the Rep
" - The Japaneo Government has effected a
loan of over half :a million dollars from the
.Oriental; Bank . corporation. The security
la a Ilea on . thew Obtoll2, Sousa' receipts.
y Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.l
NEW YORK, November 24, 1838.
.•' itnE rig Tin . 4rry EI:ULM:NOS.
A fire this morning commenced in the
roof, of Trinity build - riga, No. 111 Broad
wey.. The building" which is it you large
one, was-badly damaged,' the two upper ,
floors being nearly all burned' out, the roof
destroyed and the remaining lower stories
verybadly injured by water. Two or three
fires en *ere slightly injured by the falling
of a ceiling.
Henry Whelpley a Citizen of New
, ,
Jersey, yesterday preferred a bill of com
plaint before Jidge I:Ratchford, of the 11.
S. Court, asking inquiry , Into" the validity
of the ' issue of the 200,000 shares of the
Erie stock in exchance for the convertible
bonds under the resolution_Passed by the
Board Of Directors on the Ith itif February
last: anddf It Should be adjudged illegal,
that the Conipany be compelled to make
good to 111 liolders - the amount therefor;
and that in the meanwhile an injunction be
_placed on the Company preventing their
parting with the property, and that a Re.
°elver be appointed, and the Company be
directed to'4oansfer enough property to him
to meet thalelaims of the plaintiff' and
others. On We complaint Judge Blackford
issued the injunction and appointed Jay
Gould, as 'Receiver of the road to the ex
tent above - meutioned, with sureties in the
sum of one.million dollars, and that eight
millions in money and securities be placed
in his hands, subject to the - further .orders
. 0 1 - -4*.' Preteet the plaintiff. , - (
Two new suits have been begun by the
Erie Company( one against ; Belmont -and
others, ands the Second against Richard
Schell, Daniel Drew, and Frank Work.
In the:first the Company claim one million
dollars against the defendants, for hamper
ing them by means of suits last spring, and
those recently begun for the second damages
-to extent of four hundred;; and ninety-five
thousand dollars are ,olaimed for alleged
corrupt practices of defendants while act
ingtas directors 1 June last, said amount
having been pal out of the funds of the
Company by Ale rs. Eldridge, Drew and
Thompson, to se tle the' Suit named suits,
and out of whie said Work received one
hundred and 11 thousand. dollars; and
also bought fro the , friends of Ssbell,
for the Company, five millions of
its own stock. - for; : ' which• he paid
one million more than the actual value.
Gould also alleges that offers have hen
made to agents of the Company so mettle the
recent`Belmont suit if the c4)uipany would
save them a large amount ;of mousy, Judge
Barnard to-day issued an order vacating
the orders. granted by Judge Sutherland
yesterday. Subsequently Judge Suther
land issued an order reqsuring the defend
trots to iiiitnV cause why the order of judge
Barnardahould not be vacated. which will
be argue`ti to-morrow. Fisk and Gould are
entrenched in the Erie Railroad Depot, at
the foot Of Chambers street, and lie person
is permitted to approach who cannot prove
himself a friend MA brether, and Satin then
there are More keys to turn and bolts to
unbar:than st4ll,o3ongaile„ There arjesome
dainty shoritetinside lbo'biiilding s .lukt. on
what business they retiree to telit - ---,
irumarna eIIAUGPS ;AGArits - r MINISTER
Farther correspondence is published be
.tween Minister Washburn and the Pers
ica/van government. Benitr, the Paraguay
an Minister for Foreign Affairs, charges Mr.
,Washbruliwith corresponding with Caxias,i
forwarding important, information to
him under the seal of the Portuguese con
sul, and supports his charges by the affida
vits of Dr. Carreras and Minister Berger.
Another more serious charge:rte. that he
carried drawings of the Paraguayan camp
to Caalas, and, received from Benign()
CoPez, one of the alleged conspirators, "018,-
000 - and afterwards $14,000 in currency, and
a promise 0f.550,000 in consideration of this
act, and also in amaideration of his bind
ing himself to naiogrdze the success of the
The grand jury of, the Circuit Court for
the Western ju ry
of New York, have
found a bill of indictment of ulna, counts
against • Commissioner Fullerton, Jacob
Deny, Alfred A.Relknap, Daniel C. Brid
.Edward J. Windust, - for conspiracy
Aga nst the Revenue Collector,Thomas E.
Smith, and of receiving from -him 510,000
under a-threat of informing upon him, as
to tbeoffencea with"which he' is charged
before United States Ommissioner Osborn.
The parties appeared and gave - bail in the
sum of 525,000. each to appear and answer
to the charge,.. • ,
At an - AO:limited 'meeting of the citizens
at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, last night, at
which Greeley' end Raymond are said to
have been present, it was decided inexpe;
dient to run an independent candidate for
Mayor. - - , •
A woman named Agnes Gallagher, utult
two children, residing on Dry Dock street;
were fatally burned ~by the explosion of •is:
kerosene lamp.
Recruiting-for the Cuban filibustering
expedition'is still going on. Fifty men ar
rived, froim Baltimore today said to be
bound for Cuba. -
Mr. Marsh him disappeared with "a large
amount of money of the,firm of Temple &
Marsh.-. It is said he was short in Erie and
In the name of the arm, and hence the es
cape. -
Mr. McCulloch has written' Mr. 'Van
Dyke that he ihall nm sell any more bonds
during his administration.
Hotel Destroyedby Fire-Two Men Darned
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Besetle.)
SOUTHAMPTON. Out., Nov. 24.—Elidn's
Hotel; situated - a short distance from this
place, was destroyed by lire this morning.
Two men were burned to death, and prob
ably three others so badly burned that they
are not expected to recover.
Operationa of a Confidence Nam
CBI Telegraph to the Pittebtirith Gaaet.e.;
HARTFORD, November 2.1..—A eolitiderice
man named A,. Stanley,' alias MeDOnald,
drew from the Hartford Trust Company
14.800 on Monday, having first deposited an
altered•: eertilied akeek for', $6,700. His
whereabouts Is unknown. :
_ _ ,
Woman Mardeied by Burglars..
ca, Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
• ALBANY N. N.:, Novertiber 24.—The ,rest•
donee of Elisha Fiero, West Davenport,
Delaware county - is - N. was entered:. by
butglars, last night, and Ids wife mita
dered. The villains escapedi, without se
curing any , booty.
Burial AUve.
_ .
Env Telegraph to the Pittsburgh filazette.)'
CLurrELAND, November 24.--The sewer
on the dornerbf Crosi and Kinsman stied&
caved in this afternoon, and •several work
men were - buried in' the ruins,
.9,112 ban
already been ;ukezt out dead.
PI - MW*GFI. I) - N
SICHO 101110 X.
int CPC1,41:1..A..
'lnto , 1 g
Bisilarck ''li - lAber . l -.L Fenian
DozniniittriatOii-4 - ' nieh ' siße
publicans'Catlin "Ground -7
Eruption:ofli t etnivini Subsiding ]
ladstopetiptblishes . a . ' - Pam.f
p et--pewther OfeCtions---Ite
ported Death of illaZzini—lns= l .
:-, porituttSpanish' lleciee—Glad-,
. .
• stone -Dcfcated—Elections in
Spain -- Prosecutions of the
Press in Priiiice- 2 1ePly to the
Hungarian Red Book-Spanish
Troops Sailed for Cuba—Liberal
ovitY finf4o4lltil4iiiisev
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
LONDON, Nov. ?..3,144r.
,pladst one, in a
pamphlet eittitieiL4tiffipter. Of in Autobio-
graphy," just published, defines and de
fends his changes of opinion on the subject
of church establishments. All the Liberal
journals review the book- but Apparently
copies .
were not furnia4ed the Conservative
press, as. they are anent about:U. The
Times regards 'the publication as a volun
tary-and hazardous confession. • ,
,LoNnou, November 2.3..--Evesing.—Elec-
Row Were held to4lay - innineteet counties.
The .Conservatives carried thelarger num
ber of these elections, and have somewhat
reduced the Liberal majority in the House.
The totals now stand es folloWs: Liberals,
34.3; Conservatives, 212; the Liberal majoEity
being 181, - - • .
A rumor is in circulation that ,T,ose'ph
*kiln!, the great Renublican leader, died
on Friday last, at Lugano, in Switzerland:
The Pall Matt Gazette urges the . Alabama
Claim CoMmission -to sit alternately in
London and Washington,for the conveni
ence of both British and American claim
Mr. Gladstone, and his. colleague, . Mr.
Grenfell, have been defeated in Southwest
Lancashire. At the concluedon.of the poll,
the vote stood: Crois, Conservative, 7,780;
Turner, Conservative, 7,670; Gladstone,
Liberal, 7,390; Grenfell, Liberal, 8,930.
Among the candidates elected yesterday
are Sir John Simeon, Liberal from the Isle
of Wight, Sir Patrick O'Brien, Liberal,
from Clogs county, and John Brady,' Lib
eral, fa= Leitrim.
Lowoon, November 24. - -The funeral of
the rioter shot at Drokheda.was the occa
sion of a Fenian display there-on Sunday.
Great crowds were in the streets satictully
8,000 men in procession. The-Tannin de
monstration at Dublin and in Hyde Park,
Idicttt itifkstttne occaslon, were trilling
Lowixiii, November 24-4idiiiah(:-7-The
counties in which the elections were held
today return a majority of Conservatives.
Middlesex has been carried by. Lord G.
Hamilton, Conservative, and Lord Enfield,
Liberal; Cambridgeshire elects * , ,Cord G.
Manness and Lord Royston, 'both Conser
vative% Messrs. Broderick and Peck, Con
servatives, are returned from Midsurrey.
At this hour the total figures are : Liber
als elected, 363; Conservatives elected, 248;
Liberal majority 117.
Drumm. November 24.—The corporate
authorities of this city have petitioned the
Government for the pardon of the Fenian
SjoM N.
MADRID, Novereber 23.—The Provisional
Government has promulgated a decree, re
arranging the schedule of import duties,
and making a redUction on many articles.
The-changes are to go into effect on the Ist
of January. The following are among the
provisions of the new decree: All vessels
are permitted to 'enter Spanish ports on
paying tonnage dues from 60 to 130 reels
per ton; reductions of the tariff made by
the' decree of October are revoke4,arid the
payment of the semi-annual interest on the
public debt is provided'for.
It is officially announced that the election
for delegates to tae Constituent Cortes will
take place on the 16th' of December, and
the Cartes will meet on the 16th-of January,
• 'Large public meetings have been held•in
Barcelona by the Monarchist and Republi
can parties. Processions, with bands of
music paraded the streets, and other ;dem
onstrations were made; but though politi
cal feelings run high, all proceeding's have
been peaceable and order is respected. The
Monarchists are largely In the aseendant,
tho Ugh the Republicans seem to be gaining.
All parties in Madrid are preparing to make
similar demonstrations, and there is every
indication for a lively canvass before the
coming election.
A transport with a barge of war stores
sailed from Cadiz, on the 20th inst., for
Havana. The fleet of transports w ith. ,
troops for. Cuba will sail on the second of
December. I
BERLIN. November U.—Bismarck makes
no seoret of his design to leave the federal
partY and join the liberal, • .
BERLIN, November 24.—The new Prue.
sian _gazette, a semi-official organ of the
Government, in reply to the Hungarian'
Red Book, says: If war should ensue from
the Schleswig dispute, the Germans of, the.
North would show the same - enthuslitsm,
and the Germans of the South the same
patriotism, as was ahavvnin 1818. -
LONDON, November , 24.—Letters from
Buenos Ayers report that Sarmiento is de
sirous of having the command of the army
given to one of the United StateaVenerals,
who aistlngnished themselves in the war
of the rebellion. •
' -
MADRID, November 28.—The advocates
of Republican• institutions are gaining
ground. The city of Barcelona favors a
LONDON, November 24.—A1l the great
powers agree in condemning the course of
Wallachia as false to the obligations of
N A ,r,Lis, November 23.—The eruption of
VOsuvlus is subsiding* and no fears are
now entertained for the adjacent villages•
.'Lortmor,Noseem - ber 24.—The.FretiqkQqv
ernment continues its protiemitions or the
. .
press with.unremitting, severity.. The ed.
itors of Teem,: ATOttexid. Rif -Paris,
Revile, anififaveriere have been sunimon ,
ed to appear before the Cite Tribunal On
Friday nest, fo' answer 7 ohaFges made
against thstu fOr:promPting ,subscriptions
for thial3audin mov Tent. -
• • •
• " E rtstvs.
Lrvaripoox,,November 22.—The, steamers
Pennsylvania Nand Manhattan, from New
York, arrived to-day: - - 1 ' ~
I t
. GLasoow, November 121.—The„ steamed'
riituda, from New York,rartlved to-day.
QuEmovrowzg. November 23. - The attun
e City of ?Aria frpmNOWX o 46.ol4iefito•
SOl:rvirsarrro*; 'Nov. 22.--The : Wainer
America, frOin NoW Tait? „ ekorPfld *4lO
Lortnow; November •24.—Evesisg.—Coor
sob. 94%i -5-20 area quiet and steady ,at
latocksareprot; Blinder Central, 96;
Erie, 29. ' r.
PltaflClNial: November. 24.—Bosids are
firm at 77%@7731.: _ • -
.±PeAre, ;Novembe r'24.-BOurse the Anil::
R' elites, 70f. 65e.
LIVERPOOL, 'November 24.—Cotton ip
higher; sales yesterday were 20,000 bales:
to-day they numbered 15,000 bales; Mid
dling Uplands brought - 1110;0,1mm, 113 id:
Breadstutb3--Flour sells at 26e. Wheat,
white california,-119. 3d.; led western. 99.‘
9d. Corn, 30s. 9d.'i Oats, ' Bs, 84. Barley,
be.' Provisions—Pork, - 893. Lard *is quiet
at 655. 6d.. Cheese t *l36s. :Pirodties—Naval
Stores remain unohanged; Petroleum is
firm; spirits; 9d;• retlned f ls:ld. " •
Losuon, November 24.—Sugar is firmer
but not higher at Ms. 6d. on spot. Tallow,
51s. sd. .Caleutta Linseed, 601.
Hews; November 24.—Cotton—to arrive
sells at 124% frands for low Middling.
ANTWERP, NoVember' 24.—Petroleum,
55 francs. ----
MArionts'rEß, November , 24.--'Marketa
ble Yarns and Fabrics higher. •
Editor of 14Sonthern Opinkm”
cision In the Supreme COurt.
By Telegraph pp , the elLtaburghfilaaette.l
- „ -
Iticracesu, Vai t November 24.—H. Rives
Pollard, editor of the ;S'outheivt. Opinian
lieuspriper; - ' WENS shot and ..klik3d itt- ten
o'clock this morning, while:, passing near
his ()face, by James Grant. , Th'e cause for
shooting was a publication reflecting on the
character of a member of Grant's family.
Rteationn, November 24.—The following
are the particcdars of the tragedy which
took place this morning : On Saturday a
report was , published in the Southern Opin
ion relative to the elopement of the dangli=
ter of Wm.l If. Grant, a wealthy tobacco
nist 'orthis city. This morning, about ten
o'clock, as - IL 'Elvea Pollard, editor of - the
paper, was near the office door, near the
corner of Mein and Fourteenth streets;
going in, a shot was tired from the tipper
window of a , building - opposite. - Mr.
Pullard immediately felldead eleven."
buck shot having entered; his body.
passing through, his, heart. police"
searched . ,-the - an 4.! tonna Jim
Grant, biher of the lady named, in
room. surrendered smd was taken to
the stat ion. A double barrel gun, with one
barrel discharged, was found in the room.
The affair 'Caused great molten:MO, and a
larva erawd has been atuered around the.,
Opanion office eines the oceurrefias - ,... - -. s •
1n the U. S. Circuit Cotirt4o-day, Chief
Justice Chase, preidding; in the casse of the.
'administrators of Mrs. Reppel, of Penti-'
sylvan's, vs. the Petersbing Railroad Com
pany, to require the Company to pay a divi
dend in United States money on three
hundred shares of stock sequeatered by the
Confederate Government, the Chief Justice
affirmed the decision of the , lower court in
favor of the plaintiff. ' , ;
Exciting Rumor—Man" Lynched--A.nother
with it Fence Ruil.
(By Teleitriph to the Pltisburgh‘Gaiette.3
ltimarans, November 24.—0 n Sanday
night the neighborhood of Hickory Holibw,
near Holly Springs, was excited by the re
port:that a. btuadlid' on the road .
near there robbing all who passed. Next
morning - a party of 'citizens went In search
of thetn. Calling, at the house of one Rey
•nolds,,lately driven. from the county for
horse stealihe to ascertain - if he had re-.
turned, they inquired of his wife ,
he was there. Receivinga negative answer;
Benjamin Avert attempted La enter the ,
house, when he was fired upon by Reynolds
with a. shot gird and Mortally wounded.
Reynolds was then arrested and started
for Bolivar Jail; but on the road a - party
of masked horsemen inrprised 'the guard.
and took Reynolds off. His body was found
yesterday hung to ajrae. ,Avert watt a son
of Dr. B. V. Avert, a well knowaphysiclan
of this city. He had recently married.
A fatal Affray occurred yesterday.. after.
noon at hid:Melt restaurattort,' in the su
burbs of the city, between twb laborers,
named Xenney and Wm. Hueston, in which
the former was struck with a fence rail and
instantly killed." Hueston wait arrested and
lodged in Adams street :station house).
Destructive ritx.-COnventlon of the 'Yottug
, Men's,Christlan
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh iiasette.l
ST. Louis, November 24.—The Saxony
flouring mlii of Leonhardt & t3chwicht;on
Lombard street, was partially destroyed
by fire this morning—loss, $17,000; insured
for $15,000. • . •
The General .Convention of the Young
Men's Christian Association met to-night to
the Second Baptist Church, oorner•of Sixth
and • Locust streets. Delegates were prow
ent from Ohio, Indiana. Illinois, Missouri,
Kansas. Minnesota and lowa. Rev. H.
Thane' Miller, , of Cincinnati,' was elected
Prssident, and Rev.. George T. Shaw, of
St. Louis, Secretitry. Mr. Miller made.a
few ep,propriate remarks on taking the
,oltair, after which Rev. Mr. Burlingame, of
St. Louis, delivered' the opening address,
which was responded to by Rev. Mr. Gil
lette, of Jacksonville, Illinois. Several
Business Committees were then tippointed;
and the Association adjourned until to
morrow morning.
Meeting of the south Carolina Legislature.
[By Telegraph to the Pittabtfth Gazette.)
COLUMBIA,S. C., Nov. 4 4.-`-The. South
Carolina Lgislature met;to-day, The
Souse 'organized and appointed a Commit..
tee to:wait on the Governor and receive any
communication he had tS make.' ..But there
being no quorum in the 'Senate. both
Rouses adjourned. , ,
A Japanese Consul..
Telerraoh to the Pineesrie Asz e t te a
Japanese Consul to the Hamelin Govern
ment arrived by steamer tcrlxolt after the
interests of the subjects of Japan residing
lug in the Sandwich islands, le believed to
be the first'native Sent WA foreign oountry
by the Japanese to 'minima. consular, func
The Revoteth* Near li3 paii2=Three'Daig
Grace Aciorded the:lnsurgents: ' •
[kr Telegraph touts Plitabttrah 9aiekte,3 •
Hay Ana,
417 in Pu?nsi / 3 0 13 9 1 -1 3 .t4. si4d 9thig, pp.Tupus
of, aho Priental Department, • states • that
many young men,ho had_ joined the rev-.
pititiOrdsta `are rettfinh4totheir hoMes. ,
The geisiraiitifo iniktiOn'. eiVid is to
the effect that the revtantion-will soon be
finished. and. many ott,he revolutionists are
making overturek to the Oovernment., •
In view Of the'prOpositkm of Eabraissien .
by the rewdtitiordsts to Babnizada, he has
allowed them three days glace before MLR-
Pendag actiNP ,o l?OratiPn&_-
The'firatiot nevrsugar Wierreived
day: ,
The Gevereor Difficulty Again.-opinion or
the supreme Coert;
,187Telegisphtoethe Pitt/buret Gasette.3 -
TALLAHASSEE,, Fla., November '2€-At
the. meeting of the Supreme Court, this
Morning, Lieutenant Governor Gleason,
toy , counsel, asked .forther shos
ivhy the writ of quo: worranto was granted,
and the Court adjourned.
It is intimated that the adv.] satory opinion
frOna the Supreme Court, requested byy
Gov. Reed, is ready . , and will be' rendered
soon, perhaps to-night. = -
Lot&Jana llectiop Oflicial.
• . _
My Telegraph to the Kittshare% Gazette.)
NEW Onizaws, Navember 244-The offi-
;dal count , of the vote of the Etats gives
i33rant 34,224 and Seymour 74,672. The ma
jorities for the "Democratic COngreselonal
cmdidates are from 6,000 to 10,060: - •
New Jerny OfficlaL
By Telegtapk to ike Pittsburgh Gizette.?
nemiTori, ?T: J., Novembei24.—The offi
alal vote of .lverr Jersey 1: Seymour, 82,725;
Grant,,79,871: . In .theghird Congressional
District Hill, Ropnbliemi; haft 56 majority.
Convieted,o; Murder.
By Telegraph to the Tlttebugh Braiette.::
, .
Cuzvzuirria, Nov e m ber 24.—Lewis Davis'
was this morning convicted of the murder
of D. P. Skinner, at :Independence, -a few
weeks since:
All Right Again.
City Telerraph to the Plttstinieh'Eteette.3
LowELL, Mass, November 24.--General
Balm' has entirely recovered: from his late
New Orleans Market.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
Nato OBLE . A.NBi November 24.—Cotton
y‘(ol4c. higher: . Middling, 23%@24e; sales
of 4,250 bales; receipts, 8,188 bales. Gold,
135. - Sterling, 1453.. Bank,' 146®146 1 4.
Neir York Sight 5; per tent. discount. Su
; gar-better grades active, and lower grades
depressed; fully iniz, 1234 v, clarified, 12%
@M . o. Atolaineti tending, np; common,
50e, choice, 72c. FloUr dull; stiperflne; WM;
treble • wqra , ,, .503,7587.4 . Corn unchanged;
new, 90c,, Opts: declined yto 61c. 13arri. ;41
'Hay firmer, at 123500)2.6. pork'dull; new
nominal, at' , s2B... Bacon Unsettled; - shotd.
dQQr 13‘c5 - clearrib, 1811416%c; .•doaddet4
Ik., Lard doll, , erce 4 .l6o.l6S‘c; /.9%,0.
Wir4031 4 31 western rMWO, 41,00'
® l , os .'Utlift4z,!;.ttle • R4i
-16%e; fair, /4%c. =
• , Albaey Cattle Market:
By Telegripla to the itttshuigh Gezette.3
Annerrr, Moyember 24.—Beevei sold to ;
Any .qe lower than yesterday, and a few,
htindred head are still in first, hands; the
total receipts for the week were 4,700 head.
Seep .in fair ,request at 3 1 Z115303„' Lambs
Eq-4~n63;; total receipts, 17,000 head, Re
ceipts. of Hogs for the week, 10,000 head;
75p; for light inferior _State and Michigan,
and Oyi for best extra heavy, Illinois; sales
about 4,000 head. '
.; Icaantirldge cattle Mprket.
4'7 . i . e . iegreph to the Pitteba;!th butte.]
' `Cearitunok, Mass., NOvember 21—Beef
Cattle; receipts, 553 head; sales of extra at
$12a18;, first :quality $11a11,50; second qual
ity .$10a10,50; third quality ?8,00a9,50; in
light scipply and readily sold. Sheep and
Lambs; receipts; 4,604 head, nearly - 12,000
less than last week. The yards are;nearly
deaefted and prices unchanged.
,i• Chicago Market.
EBY 'rearm* to the Pitt sbnyill easette.‘
CHICAGO, Nov. .?A.—E'vening.—Wheat
night closed at V 1,12.3 f. Corn quiet at 85a
85 c. Nothing doing in oats and held at
liashvilie Maiket.'
Elty.Teletraoh to the Pitistatrah Gazette.l
NasxrviLLE„/ Nov.! 24.—Cotton marke
buoyant; low/wlddlings 214 c; good ° ordi
nary 210. /
A Talk With Grant
We quote from a Galena`correspondent of
a lieNy'Yoric Journal, some recent utteran.
ces of the President elect
lieferring to Andrew Johnson,, the 'Gen.
eml said: "Yes, he'll always stotttly' attrib
ute the Democratic defeat to their failure to
'nominate bird in New York"
Whenever.he has occasion to refer to the
Democracy at, all, he applies the term "Cop
perhead,"'f'or he only recognizes two parties
in the land, one with the rebels, and the other
with the loyalty of the nation.
- Magnanimity and generosity are largely
'developed in Grant's nature. ' He is punc-
Aillionst about observing: theterms oft the
.parole given the surrendering 80 l ong
as it 48 not broketi op
,them. hence his un
trlding opposition to anyinterference with
e by Andy Johnson while Lee, kept the
plighted faith. But Gen. Grant feels keenly
concerning the diabodcal course of the Ku-
Klux-Klan, composed as it is almost wholly
of paroled rebels, and countenanced and led
by rebel officers, and he is not insensible to
the :palpable fact that rebels in editorial
places • can easily break the terms of the pat.'
role adiocating incendiary doctrines and
feinenting turbulence and bloodshed. The
dui, following ' his election he said to me:
"I'd like to see.the tone of the rebel papers
now.- I imagine they will quiet down, as
,they did.after Lee's surrender."
I' was conversing with him of the expan
sion , of the Western settlenientss, of the
railways to the Pacific and the grand results
in that direction,while the impious and
rebelliods South as pined and suffered.
"I think," said Grant, "that Providence
Must have had a hand in it, and prevented an
earlier reconstruction of the South for two
reasons: first, to keep =the tide of emigra
tion and enterprise flowing intothe vast and
productive West; arid secondly, to punish
the. Southern people, through their own
agency, for their unceasing errors." ,
• •
qtutrterig: report of the listloml
,BangingllsamiWn shows .liabilittos- and
resources to the =Quid of 41198812071060 t
• Mn. . CLLY, our Minister to Petersburg.
sa been allowed/to withdraw his resigna
tion which had'already been accepted.
TAEB persimmon crop this fall is . (mor
ning. ; Old - woodsmen say that " this is
Rite sign of fat 'possums -and a hard wafter..
Chia. Scuarvau reports that West . Point
kcadeinpeonhiins two hundred and t4fenty
four cadets, but could asvrell accommodate
,four hundred;without . any , additional cost,
and he'tlierefoie terns mends an increase to
that number. Bis esOs for repairs ' and
improvement', this year, sixty-live thou
sand-doilarg. • • •
Rsirs lffeataa:libeisson • has )ust fin
ished a course of di Igntureson plulptTphi
ad subjects Boston. 'They, are spoken of
as characterized by a nobmt9 of abiditaant,
richness of. thought, fertility of ifitistration
and splendir of diction such :as no ether
lecturer can anrawnik and It is salt:Wig in
Boston they drew together an audiencelusth
as' no `other lecturer emir& tempt ints•the
'lecture room.. ' '
A inmeatile disease has :reeezitry made
its appearance in Encland„ and is said to-be
caused by the swine feeding too largely on
acorns and horse Chestnuts. Post mortar'
examination'show thattlieblood is disorgan
ized.. The symptomiare dullness, - ending
in extreme prostration, loth of appetite,
'small and frequent evacuations, colorless
urine; discolored and ulcerated membranes,
and`a•weak but not rapid pulse. •
THE official returns' of the vete of Bl ew•
York Bite show seine very , curious - facts.
Grant's vote, was- 517031, and Grittwold'S.
409,104 evidencing that. 9030' Democrats
voted the Republican ticket for President,
while preserving their partizan afilliationst
in focal politics. Nothing could-better show'
the unpopularity of peymoun •He has al
ways run behind his'confreres, and the late
contest has Droved no exception.
•of Norridgewock 2 Maine,
says the cause of the falling. off an school
returns in that' State• daring the last two •
years is not on account of carelessnesi or
mistakes in the return of tile namber or
children, but that the childrenare becoming _
leas in number yearly, except in. manufac
turing towns or where there Wan infra* ,of
'foreign population. Forty years ago - ten
children was a common number in a family;.
now the average is but four, I
Right Rev. Henry C. Lay has been elected.
Bishop of Protestant Episcopal
Diocese of Easton, Md. The Convention.
was held on Friday last, the 20th inst.; and
the vote was as.follows: Clerical vote, 14 for',
Bishop Lay, an 6 tor Dr. Pickney. Lay
men's vote, SO f Bishop Lsy and 8 for Dr:
pickney.. At th time of his election to this
new Diocese, hoP Lay was iffissionary
Bishop of the of Arkansas.
; THE eruption of Mount- Vetmvins will
Probably reliev the countries' of Europe
from the thre earthquakes. The
mountain, as reported by Atlantic cable, is
in a very vigorons condition—the. streams
of lava filling and overflowing the long.
deep crevices in the "tide. The dirsctiOn or
the current is the same as durink,the erup
tion of 1865. pa, the _night of Novel:oer
-161h; tlienpper cone discharged columns of
iihintirgOd byfhollicil or
fire. Crowds of spectatorsere hurrying t 0...
Naples to witness the grand sight.
.TzLnerespnrc DISPATCHES from the Uni
ted Andes to Great Britain, have heretofore
been;communicated to. readers .on
What is' called= a system of retardation or
the least possible; news. at the last poftible
moment .:_The returns of the residential
election. of 'November. Bd, howeier,lttere
furnished' in the Lcindon papers of NovemPer
4th',/ in the form of an intelligible annum.
_and Englishmen are congratulating them
selves that this; unanticipated prompti
tude may be the , sign of, amore energetic
style of managing the transmission of news.
Tun following recipe is claimed to be an
unfailing remedy; and has been tried with
Success in two instances where soldiers were
bitten by rattlesnakes on the plains: Rib
ron's antidote to the poison of a rattlesnake
—R.' lodide Potassii 4 grains; , Ilydrarg.
• Chlor. Corns 2 grains (corrosive ""sub
mate); Bromine 5 drachms, Ten'drope of
this:mixture diluted with a tablespoonfeler
two of brandy; or wine, or whisky, consti
tute a dose, to be repeated if zuscessary.
must be kept' in 'glass-stoppered Vials,• well
Secured, as the 'air will affect it. This in an
A • TwAnickets account is given in a
late -English paper of the escape of a convict
from prison. The cell in which he was cps=
fined had. an iron door, with a lock entirely
on the outside. The only imidements the
prisoner had were a spoon, some bib' of
wire end a needle and thread. Out of. :the
spoon be made a key; by means of the needle
hepassed a thread over and under:he door;
bits of wire were pushed through the ' in
spection hole and fasted to this long thread
extending outside from top to bottom. The
key .was also pushed through, and being_
fastened to the thread, was rought oppo
site the keyhole by dexterous manipulation.
'of the slender line, worke& gently in, then t
turned by means of the wire, and the door
was opened. This is certainly one of ,the
greatest exhibitions of skill andpatience on
The World vit. the Cincinnati Faiquirer.
The World in reply to the Cincinnati En- -
quiror, -which pretends to read the World
out ofAhe party, says the Tammany:Consti
tution was entirely opposed to P endleton's
plan of repudiation; \ that it repudiated bun
and nominated Beyinour in consequence;
that it never had= an idea of pushing Bey.
molar off the ticket, though the editor oNhe
Enquirer was anxious that Seymour and
BlOr should withdraw after t h e October
election.; It Concludes: • '
pretence of the Cincinnati.E4tsirer
that Mr. Pendleton's .. greenback theory is
still's live issue is 'sheer nonsense. It was
argumentatively repudiated by Gov. fiey
mour's able speech in June. It was foi all
practical purposes killed, by the Convention`,
in July in the successful strtiggle to defeat
its author. The oe,tolm and November
elections gave it the finishing stroke' by
showing that it could not Command theinp
port of Mr. Psmdleton's oivn StsUlo Hiving
thus been repudiated.. after a stortilived
popularity, by the Democratic National
Convention, by Mr. Pendleton's own State;
of Ohio, and by the country, the tiortil" -
tion of his friends cannot galvanize It into
life by senseless aspersions of its early op
ponents. The bonds cannot be. Pall in
greenbacks without an act of Gangresk for
that purpose, and as the Senate is irrettrel-'
big Republican for gte next font yous.-"no.
Such act wi th in that time can be passed.