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i • • Estinialed Expetteeiiiiiletke Yea
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•Edaltriei 1870i7,01bieCtiOsiof
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_ the.: , Riligr-Nseffi tDa
• !Wilt- Not be 1114 ed 'r : Pe l ter• .64 : ila .
4 tke:::itrAlititT• COnsoli Geiseral--
I rOatti *O r t 4l , ll P.Fefilltliqept
.. '4sll P er T i f# l.S . , Yet t 0 1.1114.4110.0!Eit,*
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ii - .ed, Aim — . - .
i, 1
atitaiiraiili*thiiittionOii iiisetti "ii A
/.,__ WAIIFFE; atc!f..!Tor#Fiper 54 x 4914,
4 _ Secieteiy . 'MetuuerTh. :has decided to re
, 'e move tr*. fi t ilkVOllliectiir:;bf.- cluTstunie at
! •. i'illidetid 'tfaillorinoteitzlerk
• . , .
'he secretary of the , , .hae corn..• i Ple4id 'lie ' - eitiniate lor Wipe ' ' `dating ,
the year „;ending ; -Jane, 1870. -..• ,They,, are
fifty minicab less thahlhiestiMateii'fa the
Present fiscal. iiiiv and will :beitat further
I reiii ol4. l o44xinl!!i'l 7,1• JE 1 4Pu14 te'coP''
•• 1 eluded in a short , time T he mrpimies of'
• i the Navy . . Department Will be about
' t• milliditsA next year , against thirty-nine
;,, 1
millimmthialyear.. ; Mr. _McCulloch thinks,
. ? a very considerable portion of : the public
debt can be ca n c elled during the coining
3 Yearr , ' , ''l • *.. - '7.' - --:. -• ... . .. ,• ,• . :
. i ..- Oesnet : itrifiteward thinks It Will be necei:-
4 eery for the President to issue a Droolama
tion tbrbiddikqr the fftting•Out tiffillibuster
ing expeditions to capture Cuba in our large
vices: .
1 ; • Hon. Schuyler -Colfax' and - hicii lets fo r
, the North today. . • .
1: • -.• The, whiskey. .ring hive determined to
trittlmsusstolinetealw-.the tax: to: , ,tatt
• I- .. It is, believed that._ no: attempt
P ' will be
"'made to bring Jeff: Davis to trial. ' A letter tre .
from 'Syria October 12th-- states
that. our Consti General will doubtless .
" , 1 sueotesful in his effOrt-tcl obtain the ri3litaul
• : ••.,,, of two AMlllianB who ate held as prison
, :- 3 ere of war at Damascus on atninicion 'Of be
0. mg concerned in theploto, overthrow the
, ..., 1 Turkish government.- miey *ere engaged
.; ;: •-.., . with some Englishman ..irk tbe survey eta'
new raliroad'roitte; and their possession or
•••••• ••••• .._ • aqua mamaken at proof of a treasonable,
Wm .
•,. ~ , r 1 :rue B..of.pirectoreof the Gettysb
4 urg,:
./•••! :.•, -Oetneteryrillvicieer iii - Vi r rishington•oli De
. ;.::. camber eth. • ' • ' • '.'
. '.• ! 'fi The - friends of womenrerighteare - about -
~ •.••i 1.. .: . teimniwure the icitg; ; for u rea to a pal
' '
a , Lion • to Co tot ' e suffrag in th e
„; ~.1,„ .. nurress, e e
': •'T .1' Thr ie cit of •valtuobta. • ' 1:..- ' -. .
, :..:.::: ' - extimtite.4hd municipal 2 IteilirfP. '
'..t•• `,. maniewill.lxraloeed onThenkegiVing day. •
Judge Fullerton is_.e.xpected here • with
. . c i 'additional evidelide'Yente fraud
. :.-.:.,..:1 cat% iitur thetili FreiddentWill give him 4heiFt
:• . ' 4 1 .: *• '* 4 -!• 'ine4 l . l W,
,mi.i. -L.. :j. f'' ,- •, ~
'• - :.,. ;....--•;•'-e,seurtuapi_11: •euthorities .
of Winning-. ,
; •,-;: ••• , I lonig:-'o4ltvesiPplied:lo-theSeciretar7-44 '
•• •
.. i the Treasury' for the lease of the Marine'
'A.,:•'• ' •., .lElospitaliherelVzonirpmes.-
Samuel oin - _ ; - was, teoley •s . ' . 7 . ' ;- f • peinted G anger of e Fourteenth Distri ct
of Ohio._ ;,. .... .. J ,
~,.. .., „. . T ; ..
Elva distrldereitailitleTeimbintment
• • ', ''.- 4 of Internal 'Revenee Supervisors yet-re
-•‘''', • • ''. 3 main ttnprovided for ,.. yis: First New York,
;•;,..;', '..' : T i. Second B outheen4Obiloi.i:Third, Wiseensin
.f,:.: , :•.'1i lowa and ,Minnesota, Fc wth ,
- iptaslana,
• 1 and Fifth Nebraska; '
.' ~ 1 The SoldierltOttat:Selloile Union of the
city, ; at a meeting - to-night, appointed a
• ~'
;; • 1 Compittekto ejd the organim, ti o ne of „mi
. • :„; diera,thictaajteht ihat'intenif*ruelpaiMg
,:f in the inanguaral ceremonies of General
1 • .. , Grant as , •Presidenti„ln -: securing: quarters
.1 .,.., , i and accommalations:
' ..
r ~ t ~ ~~~
4 - 1 tßy nleezatat to the Pittsburith Guette.l
Defeat of SolnavePs Troops Confirmed—
'. •e. i Britiip;lo44 :be ' Preteeteri4A
::. ..1 New - Covernment:-President Solnave
.. . I , Returns to Port and ca.-Great Sur
:: " rfetlie' fle=Gerieral ' Si
.r get ' Racks tliettie
lireteronit,'Noveinber 21— ter advisee
••• • from Hayti confirm the_..,• .- porethat Solna - ve.
had been defeated at Jeremie, and a vessel
': • With large guns had arrived at St. Marie for
. .
I the Claws C aPe, The IlaYemas are being_
vigsorotibl,y_attacked-bithe Inatusents..,l
_The commander of th e British war vessel
Niobe, had orders to prevent the bombard
ment of any town where British residents
:•. :.
were engaged in trade.- - 1 - -
A regulargovernment had been establish
.:. . ed under the Presidency of Niesage' Saget,
at St.. *irie in , the north, and , General'
nalteldbis"own as President in
' 1 the so
..7. Pow Au PRIN. oa, Nov. 18, via. Havana;
Nov. 2 L--President -Solnave returned to
'.' this port yesterday from Cape Hayti with
• '''' bbs two 112011-otWar. the Alexandre Petern
and &kayo. Ise plain on theme,' at Gon
laves. •Bdth'placas'are provistoffiess, and
the people thelicabinite aresulfering much.
nume GeneralNissege Sept 'fil3oneentrating
rous foram wand Gordaves and ex.
1 .*. wall 81301110 attack s the Solnaviste there.
:' ,
Re.4ppearance of the "‘Tribune,” Organs!!
the Colored Dien— Five Tfilenres Arrested.
IMF Telegraph to the Pittitrorgh Gazette. I
O utliAmiaqoyornbeiga..;—n 2.lfm
Orlelula _Tribune , the organ of the colored
Republicans in ;Louisiana, owned, .edited
and publish ed , by Alored, men, reappeared
yesterday after a suspension of six months.
are. Chicago and St. Louis thieves, part
of. the gang lately depredating on the New
Orleans and Jackson railroad, were arrest
, .
_ •
qualm:P/oft Abatlttiv; T
• rßYT,Pleirlitili touts Plttibarstielagetlet • -
23. The
financlai•panic has somewhat stated, and
public confidence is slightly improired. A
e.legnu4 the r . Po ll lent; Pf: tatk St
stephens, :holds out en codrag.tuilent
s ob -the
hope that the bank mar soon reed its bt
new, an the-, *ails: : paper bee in
creased =rn krti to fifteen:per cen
are t: • The
notes of the'. Conitubiclal "Bank:
a t thirty per cent: discount. - Business {gm
araily is almost 'suspended,:
• Extensive Land Slid
tnf t e ilississias ease
• e poultAND. me. igoyembe r
f; patch from Westbiooke states that a land
slide took place about five: o'clock rester:
day summing, just helow the Cumberland
-1 paper inillsi•-whioh comprised about forty
soresin area, And completely filled, the
I channel etthe A i resiiiruloott river :ea that
the 4 water ia:baokOclip within thr ee feet of
the-top of the and thelower story el,
mill 4 1 5.4094 6 4 r,
;Br Toierrobb to the Pittsburgh Gazette.,
NEW Yonx; November 23, 1868. '
, 7 . HOT -BED OF count:P.l7o's, AND MAGNET
'Be v ' Henry Ward fteeoher preached a
serer un,.the °oils of .stock gainbling.
, , , , .
• s A i r
grasplnding .r to ih th es e phreyvalanlimngpadnes
f •
fair or Ibul, the reverend gentleman fend
y dilated
. - upon the present system of
gambling on Wall street, passing severe
strictures on the speculators, and contend
lag that if the course of rash speculation
was not put down the most terrible cense
pitences would ensue. ' He'dt r eiv a-touching
cture of the thousands= of brave .. men,
who, tempted by expectation Of gol d and
overswollen wi th
_.'' hope,.• now - wanered
about helpless beggars through the great
pandemonitim of swindling and ruin. Wall'
street was the yery oink, Of, iniquit • , the',
hot 7 bed of eirstml o lint andf the - ~,. . .et of
ruin. He engin:tented, the nninye • con
sequence of averiel stnetetbersimneldeo
madness, ,and the :jail: 'Wealth was not
necessarily Injurious, but men should not
be over hasty in accumulating it. Wealth
was a divine power, but very dangerous ;
and heeded ail the more to be controlled.
The reverend gentleman concluded with an
eloquent firmest to Ovoid stock gaMbling or
-idle epecttlatiori, for their consequences
were as sure •as they were disastrous.
LATEST maim Op...rnit 'ERIE ReaLROAD
• ~
- , ~. • - , WAIL-, .k. .
The Traittne gives todky a statement, in
addition to the petition of August Belmont,
beforellndgeflutherland;of Which iht fblz"
loWiiii is the - inaterlaf portion:" That by'
closing the books of the
Companym sixty
daYs , before the eletionangtead of thirty
, ..
~ ,
days, as usual, and byexaluding any stook- ,
holders from voting by proxy, and by other 1
fraudnlent..-devjew, Gould.. Flake d:
Lane succeeded - at thudt•egaler annual elec
tion; on October 13th, 1888, In ;continuing in
and perfecting their contra:Of b e
!pany. and are now wasting end misappro:;
Priallng,its rands, expefpg the Company
to a forfeit corns chatter. Said Gould, Fiske,
ot Lanedsrior to the election V il la, issued.;
unlawfay, tutee million de of addi
tional Stock, and since then have is:,
'sued ttienty-three million dollars more. ,
Thecommon stocker the now e 4,
&ads sixty million:dolling, and its value
haii-Talban from eighty 'dollars per ;where,-
doWn to-thirty-five .dollats per ;mare: 'Said ,
it:nease:of stock basalt beent randulently
haspedonad ...the precede thereof are now,
00n4.i . oiled by Gould and-Fiske, gunoutding.
to about OE4EOI MilliOilE ofliellans, all of:
which, instead of - being- depesited . - te the.:
credit or' the:-. companwtor steeling in itir
name, Win the indiv,idnal . names and pol . P'
session ef said Elskigendtlould:! Thit Wit
• Gelid and Fiske are usi%. all the re:genres
df laid peirMany in dangerous and fraudu
lent speculations in - stocks, and, in franduO.
leritly baying on behalf of thCsaid cons--
piny various properties, And% are - -now
contracting for leases.: and ;otter - par ':
chaees,: - Nm all of which guild Gould .-
Fiske & Lane have -receyed private'.
bonuses; in fraud of.lhe , : ,amount,
ingto 14600,000, .to their own--_ at
sine the election of said 1' .1 9 Fis ke th'
'fie-4tbecoher..4ls64, the - ode:ft of said,
'Company have increas es'
to 1103.236.910, in addition jeo e twentr
milliefflollars of stock named r the Odra..
ftelb • .
her election of 188i1,;, - and ensive of - tht
acceptance issued for the:Beton. Hartfold
and Erie stock, and various% lingsle- sell
other matters. That the' Sedge of - the
,Company_.during tut, past year exceed s3B,' - z •
000.000,'IWIterPfere thgPlalendis:PtaY.that
the Directors big , removed, and a receiver
tiPpointedt , kbit:deferniarits.: be restrained I I
from increasing the stock,•or from remov
ing the books, papers - anti funds, or im
peding „thelr . examination,, or -allowing
them to remainlibiond the ntiadictirin of
the ' Court. Tha COLtiplairn-Ast :verified by
A ugnst•Balreontkandlotlotved hy affidavits
corroborating . its stedatents • etleitt rind
fact by Augustus't'ffrewn,Daniel,Prety,
Frank Work and C. S. Sloan: — On these
Justice Sutherland grants the, injunction
and orders tat alio* cause prayed for above
deseibed. - - ' ".- 4 /," ' •
'The case of Mclntosh 've..the Erie Corn
panycamel/p totday before Judge- Sather..
land. and alter eonsiderable argument a
decision way giVen by the 'Jtlge, yin
the orders issued by Judge Barnard wh ic h /
appointed*Jay Gould, as Receiver, and per-,
Mined him to ell two, hundred thousand
shares of stek,.etc= • -
The Belmont case was then called up on
an - order to" .show' canse , •whytt; Receiver
shotdd not be appointed. Arguments'
thereon proceeded, in whichJadge Pierre
pont, Messrs: Burn' and' -Raposilcr-particl:-
pated; - granted an order M the snit of B: i ti= ,
mont against the Erie • Railroad Compan
appal vng Judge Devisee RecelYer.:Alf -
shar Roberta and J. F. D'Lanitt went seen'.
Ity for Judge Davies in the sum of one mil
lion dollars.: It is rumored that Messrs.
k and . Gould haye betaken themselves
to Jersey City'
, a Judge Barnard in charge to the grand
jury in the Court of Oyer, and-Terminer to;
. ,
day, called attention to the alleged „
. .. ,
and corruptions of the Judiciary here, d
to the action of certain newspapers in. New
York, in perpetrating , daily and - hourly
libels. in to - day's Tribune and Mien- In
the New Jersey papers,.and elsewhere,: LW
said, are charges of, the most atrocious char,
actor against corruption in interfering with
the duties of electors, and - charging him,
Barnard, with. 'being 'nye combination in.
Weltered. lie had never boughtotold or=
i owned a share of stook s,in his life; be not,
separate from his wite,‘ 11141100 dollar's
Werth of property, and was too- depend
ent,npon his salary of Judge, a e char
ity of wife. 'He, therefore, desired and
craved the jury to examine into , the ma,
ter, and say whether a combination of
thieves, senndrels and , rak'oils who have
infested Wail street and Bread street for
years, and- are' now' , qttarteling among
:themselves, shall be . permitted : ,, to turn
around and endeavor- to bide their own
tracks, by abuse and
~yillifications ef the
THE atrmORaNIT . EMT YAl!ttran.
The umors o f • heavy failures 'hi *all
street resulve themselvea Into the fact that
Mr. Marsh, of
_the late tlriti of Temple it
mareb,a Alas . .absconded after purchasing
five-twenty bonds from Henry /11ser
Sons, giving in payment a check far $16,,600'
signed in the firm nume..' On presenting it
for discount '
'on Friday thollemrs. Meer
learnedthat the firm bad Succumbed to the
pressure in Erie, and the check -was Ya 1110•-•
legs; arid it is allegecrtha t several other
brokers had rejected the cheek Previously.
Mr. John. Kelly, Rho was 'nominated-as
a candidate s for Mayor hythejletuticiratio
City-Union party, and 'lt, T. Lawrence,
their- candidate for Corporatien Counsel,
have both desilined. The Executive Com,
mittee of that party have decided to tender.
the Mayoralty to Judge Daly.
..uniligas OF THE CsIOA.B, IitaNITYA, Ha.
The Cigar Idaunfacturers'Assmilation
ilued,tux - uddres, the" trado lhionthout,
~x~~a''t.Jic' ? 'l:aiFu~~" Y3i.:`..c ...rry.... I
+wny..i XGp +as'.'te ~ + ku~ , ~~yq,.ifrXE~3 - Z T 7 ._
YORK orrti'
the United. States and Canada, stathig_the
facts relative tg their Wine' with the' Cig
Makers' ttn kW. and appeal Mg o the manu
facturers- not to increase their 'workmen at
Present; but join in Oppditi
tion to any unjust
,demand of the cigar
Maker,' Union nowbr hereafter:
The case of Baker. the delimiting teller
of the Tradesmen's bank, the United States
being Prosecutor' was comnieticed to.dhy in
t e U. S. Court ' before Judge Blatchbrd.
The Bourbon.. whisky ,ease, and several
o hers of a similar nature, Airere."at the k
anee of District !Attorney . Courtney, e
own ; for 'December 7th. Separate tria H ls t
ere asked-Jor, In two eases; and the ino.:
tons will be argued in a few days.
talusl At a Me ma (*
meting of the managers the Eir..'
ComPanies tooday, there was no har
4ony of action, and the results were Tx
atisfactory to all , parties interested.' ' °!; ' •
1 One of the laborers on the North Side
Railroad, of,Long ' Island, has absuod'
with six thousand dollars, intended, fo re
of the hands', cat/Ring mnc-,
tement erelong them. They have btiqn
aloe paid. •t , • - :L
Wm. Harrison; the Celebrated tenor, , died
in England en,the 11th instant.
New,-Yonr, November 28.—At the Tani
many NoMinating,Chnvention fotelt6r4
ficesi held ,this evening, Judge Charlels..r.t.
Daly 'presided. Delegations were present
from the German General Democratic Con
! vention. The following:.gentlemen were
nominated unanimously; Mayor—A. Oakey
_present District, Attorney;Ccrpora.
tion Qatihoil4Ridliard - 01Gormarit Bah
gehtleinen milde`spheches df acceptaifee;
- - The Republican norWflitting convention
'met at the headquarters,. Broadway, on
23d street; and nominate d: Cob Fredlte A.
Conkling for Mayor anti Chas. P. Stia*Yor
Corporation Counsel. - . ' • ' - '
• ealthy OhELady Brtitalliy litenlened
Her Son-iii -Law and 'Daughter-dal:Li*
Charged Witb;theltorrible Crime.-They
are Antstedz - -1116tive'forl the atirrible
Deed- T ype : is Girl to. Death,
Fenian Cenveritlea,
thy Telagr apb
Pnmenamptiie, Noveniber23.—The city
.wasithciaked last night by the clitaiveiy of
a horrible ,niurder at . I`enth and Pine
streets. About tea o'clock the pollee en
tered the residence of Mrs. Dorothy Hill, a
_ ,
Wealthy °ld lad and: ibutid blood stains
upon the hirniture and window lintels.
Proceeding to.theyarditheyibscoyfired.the
body of tam Hill, horribly 'mutilated, her ,
brains having been beaten out with an iron
poker, evidently while lying, asleep on a
_sofa. It wail' Oviderirthat the 'murderer_
had thrown the body into the commission
of the crime... The poker 'was •fonzid, soon
after, covered 'with' the; blood; brains and
hat of the unfortunate lady. There wore
no - signs of robbery.and the detectives con
cluded that the murderer was a near *el*
tive er friend. Accordingly, George H.
Tivitchall. ,e, son•itolaw- of.the, deceiusel.'
was takeh • into custody , and orlon'
Blood'stains were, found upon his
'clothing, and before the Coroner's jury t
_ other Oire rin iiiiinees came' to ligh;
tilith ?) seem to. tlx the guilt upon Mitchell..
It is en that he iniagined that at the
would oOMe intskhis possenele n; as
r =
'nearest of klirand was a particular itivittitn
of the deceased; .' •- ' ' •
Thereto much excitement here in rola-.
tion to the murder of Mrs. Hill. Mrs.
Mitchell is in custody.ort suspicion of par
ticipating in um ,mnrder, The deceased:
was wealthy; haviriglnherited it 'from 'her'
last . husband.. Mrs. Twitchell is a dangip.
ter. by her former husband. Negotiations
had been going on for the purcse of a
house on , the corner, of. Tenth and Pine
streets. It is said the matter had been en
trusted to Mr. Mitchell', and he had, the
deed made,out in the name of his wife in
stead of Mrs. nin. There had been some
difficulty about the matter; and`Mrs. Hill
had been advised to commence a prosecti
tion against Twiteliell for misappropriation
of her funds. =lt is supposed the object of
the deed was to ,possess himself of, the
property, and get out of the, way the eti
deuce as to how he became in possession of
it. Deceased had only a life interest in the
propertyieft by her last husband.
On .Saturday evening., while Margaret
Ludwig', aged si x teen w as 'sitting asleep
near a furnace, herolothes took tire and be-
fore ehfl (*tad be reamed her body was.
burned kia2ailsp. - ' , -
-I"Pinutiiind.ritA, November 23.—A Fenian
Convention meets here ki.morlow. It will
probably be the largest meeting orrepre•
imintative Irishmen ever held. Great pre
paratiotus are being made for s' parade on
Thanksgiving day.
OEio. • •
• .
Message of Governor Haya,
Telemph to tho.Pittaburgh (4aaette.l •
Co',oxeye. Onto, November 23.—The
Governor'a message 'was read before the'
General Assembly to-day. Ire airy Ansi
glal affairs are in a satisfactory condition.
The report of the Commissioners ibr re
vising the laws relating to the financial
system was litid,before you at the la* ses
sion. Their report was accompanied by
eight separate bills consolidating the pres
ent laws, These bills ..have already been
considered in' both"' branches. recom
rnendan early consideration, and adoption
-with such amendments as your judgment
and the pultiuslnterests requires.
willetaon of the lunatic asylum by
fire require investigation and prompt
action-in rebuilding „the asylum, A:fire
proof buil ding is suggested. Prudence and
tnimanity, also .suggests the: propriety of
examining ;other institutions of the State
in order tcypresent a similar disaster.
Abuse of , the elective franchise requires
the attention'of the• 'General Aesenibliat
this- session. I submit the propriety of
amendments to,the-election ,Jaws for the
representation 'of 'rnittorities - in boards of
judges and Werke of elections, and the reg
istration of lawful voters in each township,
ward and precinct prior *to the election:
The 'Were/thief common schools will be
promoted by an early adoptiqn of the wan
ysuperintendency b r anvideln the bill
now pending in oneh of the Assem
bly,. I earnestliredonnend-the consider!
ation.and passage of the bill. •
, Last summer a proclamation was issued
to prevent the spreading of the',Teattle `ills
ease. liitspectrally recommend that au
tboritY be given to appoint five Commis
eldpertitO attend the meeting of Commis.:
sioners of other States to be held at Spring=
field, 1111401% ork. the Ist of peeember next,
and report the'reattits In tlineTor the action
of the presentAmembly..- •
I'subinit the importanco of providing for
a thorough geological survey or the kfiate.
_ °Mehl Note. Or Nisi' *64; 1 ' - •
illy Telegraph to the Pitt burgh tlesette:3
' ALBANY, govalxiber"
State QuiViteroararolosed the
21. l, c,• , at
. El eetaril'ileket'tt‘4lght.:thel v m o
f rat h ioualbritl„lB c,atf-peigte vole 429,857e ;4311 1 0423240419,1K,1
Spain.;Nov.; inlloll4ronce from
us to the'eftect that - Gen. Prim la
charged with delaying the elections and
reorganizing the army with the design of a
coup, de doe and the establishment of an
empire. It is also/midtliat, hand bills are
freely circulated hirrelevation to the
throne, and that they eminate from his Im-
Lennon', November etch from
Berlin states that there is much surprise at
the omission to ooninit the Ring ..on the
subject of his arbitration of the Alabluna
Count Blunaick luta recovered from his
illness. and resumes Ids poet this week.:
ROTA, November 22.—1 n thepreface:6f
'the official red 'book which has jest made
its appeamace here, the MlLtatalualion of
friendship With . Prussia and all Northern
and Scuthern. States of. Germany is advo
is urged.d the settlement of the Schleswig
_ . •
• lI'VAGARY. •
VrENNA, November. 22.--The.liungarian
official Red Rook denoundeslhe disloyalty
prevalent in the Danubian principalities to
the Sultans government, and Boys they
have forfeited their chdin to the protection
of the Great Powers. -
- --G.
. TURKEY. :;ti
Consteitriziopiat, November 22.—non:
E. Joy Morris, American Minister, ms pre
sented to' Mr. ?Porte an energetic protest,
against the imprisonment of the two A.rner
loan citizens at Damascus.
r incendiary Fire.
(14 'Telegraph to the Pittebarenfiesette.3
JANEseimat, Win.;;lforreinber 23.—LA fire
'this morning destroyed five, frame , hand
bags on the south of Main street, owned bj .
Benneboker, & ,Coopers, Loss
$0,000; insurance amen. —The aggregate
losses of the occupants, 100300; insur ance,
114,000. Ihe fire was the worker an laces-
! ladle° Chase ht •
-Ohle ,
. . . .
(07 Televplat to the MlStibllnk-6
RioulstOND. November.% ' '
Chase arrived here this:' ,'
lie on the bench to.zonnow.
- - Gen:
(By Telegraph - 011ie Plititturith 6
Lownsay, , .Noy*)zaber , r o .
danserouily 131.
7irintitt - $:;' : ::24..r . :A88
FAON t 'Etra,lir
Funeral 'of illost- 6 e
' Ectilessils llssed--Neyr
, Span sir Loan—nr. Bitrlingante
—Anotise!! _lraillaelxo,aitniuuifer:
• Morris— iberal;:gmajority
; Least 0 e Hundred and•Filly=
ay Telegratltt the Pittigiargi fitsette.l
PAWS. NOlre -the colehrnj
tion of requititun maser and last offices of
dead at the Madeline,. ',yesterday, the re.
mains of•Roiltil Werinztlten to the cemetery
ol l'ereagkettidee.r.Vaheilt/ was..rather
ot a prinize.and dom aharncter. 1 4 11 e
ihneralWas ibils,igettin*wait the display.
nnusulCinit„lizuutuukthrauga.,,llned tha
streets throtithmbloVul 'otatpploped.
.who testilled" sped' Yet the great
43") e es fiDr9 f 9 P 44 :! in kg i Onr4rit aft
At; •••,. •• •
Novetubtit ' 22 . 1 - l Advices from
Fiats state that thereto a griminir "discon
'tent in rranoe optislittneilt'orc ~the press
Promote! are urged hy Gov
ernment with nns ittuishry.,
. Pants, Ifoi7ent ' 22 . l . 4 lhe'Prinee of
Wales *ACC4O I II4II/0"4•'
Lorrnorr, Notinatiern ,22,-7-.VveltivrThe
election returns noon ifficitv'thafthe Lib
erals have at.least Offehturdred'and
majority in a fall House. It licestbnated
they will have one" hendied"aher' twentr
majority on the itsbettfiliberit 'winch will be
proPollfst-.te'SVWFoiritamentary address
in reply to ihestern,a speech. Some
people.are4 to think such.
strength of nerd. re will be dangerous
to the Liberals, liaringit will Ttend to pro
duce discorct IlltutteirlY• ,Thia arPrehen"
sion Is perhaPs inluz`as - near v all the
Liberals '-who have' ,been eleotckl,havis
.pledged theiriztelVes to their constituents to
sustain Mr. Gladstone, and the ,fate of .the
Adullamites, whet have all,come to grief. is
a warning to bolters. Two fortunate re
ults are considered to have been secured(
viz": the" displacement of the Conservatives
aDd the acquisition of power sufficient to
exert a decialvepressure on the House of
Lorde.fov pushing through' the measures
far the misestablishment of the Irish .
Church: „ •
The aristocr atic" section of Whig party
la charged _with. Intriguing to. have Earl
'Granville hivited by. , the Queen to f orma
new Ministry,,and . the Radicals are indig
nant at the u nderhanded course. It is'an=
tioipated that the new ROUSE) of Ckutuncaus
will be on the whole remarkably practical
andbrildhe r as-lik in character. The ex
olual . • 0 born: Mr Roebuck -and
o 0 +h i ; ob. Or;iff , •the,
lose - Ort .6" , Mutative' laWyers; , ,.
eluding the „Atlorney General " anti
solicitor General, much' 'larriented•-•
men- filt that ef' the working
's candidates who .11died for want of
money • and organintion, will, be In the'
House to represent that new *lenient in
the Government. . The electien in the
counties have not•all been finished yet, but
they will be completed: before the ebd ,ef
this week.
I A banquet was -given to Hon. Reverdy
Johnson by the authorities of Brighton On
Ratardoy. 2, George Peabody and George W.
Childfhipt the - Phibuielphlit'larager , were
also guests,. of the' corporation and ' many
distinguished Engl.'s n and locateeleb
reties were- present, , Johnlion's re
marks *ere isimllar tothos e 'of* former oc
casions. The Mayor of righton also made
a speech in•whieti -be ' a oquently- extolled
Minister and Mr. Pea.
loormon, November 22--E'veniMr.
Burlingme and_,his -miatdo n . inur gained
ground daily. Hie relations with LOrd
Stanley are intimate and eatrafactory.
, !.. .a
CIW Teleerspd ltliel to tie7PiAsitistiangttourzb G e ne . tte•J ' ,
MONTREAL, Novembei 28.—The overn
ment or New Brunswick has rec3ived an
advance of binds- from the 'Dominican
Government, to obviate the embarrass
ment growing ont of the ; rece nt bank
laiktrea,t •
Death of Gen. Waddy Thompson.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.] •
Ter,LartAass,..loV. 28 :—General Waddy
lhompson, who,lin Calhoun 's time was it.
- memberof Congress from South Carolina+
and afterwards lliinister to Mexico, died
here-thie afternoon aged about seventy
i • • •
tt )
tsvoreleavipti to itai i12"4-thz24;
Poirrutirn; November
'hands are thrown out , of , ernploylitent• by
the subniersion of the 'Cumberland , Paper
Mills at Wilitthrook:' , The lots by the land
slide is stated at I .losooo. • :
- ,
New Orleans Market.
TraegtorOt to thi•Pittsbtula tiesette'
ZIXW Qg :November
middlings advanced to 233ia28Xe; sales
-3,600 bales; receipts since Saturday-7,774baleai exports-4,225 bales. Gold at IMX.
Eiterling—CommerciatlMA(olsN; Rank,
14630146 X; New York Sight, 5X diseount.
Sugar—lowr 'grades are depressed; hilly 12Xo; pritnent INc, and Clearfield
at 13gc. • Moldases higher. with • common
at 55a60c; prime 67470 e, and choice at
72c, .Flour dull and lower, with superfine
atss,so; double extra at $6,62; treble extra
at F. Pork dull and unsettled, with new ,
western at $26; old is held et 128. • Bacon
dull end unsettled, with sales shoulders at
18a18Nc; clear rib sides at 1 63017 e, and
clear sides at 183ia18,io.' Lard dhll, with
saleatlerce at 11330, and keg at 17 . aic: Qom,
in better supply, with 'en easier - "market; •
gales new at 90c. - Oats -firm at 68e. Bran
scarce and higher,' with sales at 51,20. Bay.
'scarce and higher, with sales western at
5 2 3a26. WhiSkY depressed, with sales of
western rectified at $/,02301,(15., coffee
dull; Rio in; fair detnand at 14)0, and
prime at 163ia16Xe.
• ' Buffalo Market.
Cgy Toiesnma to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
BrIPPA.Lo, Nov. 28.—Flour firm with an
upward tendency; sales at 57.75 for western
bakers; $8,60 for Illinois amber afloat; 57,25
and $6.25 for No.l and2cityground ring
Wheat 'inactive sp .
and unchanged. Corn
quiet. Oats firm and held at 600. Ity—
sales 5,000 bu western at 41 e
,25. Barley
nominal_. Pork lower;at . 0 for heav
meat. Lard lower _ and quiet at 16a163i0. y
Grain in storo•L-827,600 bu wheat, 89,000 bu
c0rn,220,000, Pm oats. 120,000 barley,
119,0 bu rye.
Albany Cnttle 'Market. fr
illy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh tiaseite-i•,
AuiAny, biov.. 23.--There la•n• good de
rnand fo r nettle to-day, and .the prim are
about per pound higher than last week;
sales 1500 bead at 41ii70 ibr Texas and Mich
igan; 7.ia8.g0 fbr State, % Canada
and Illinois, and BXaBNo for choice eillinoia
and lEentnekettrait.' Sheep In good de
mand at 34a4,75. Lambs f6a8,60. Hogs
held firmly at 1 11 ,24511,75 but the sales are
light. • ,
Chicago Market.
(By To!seraph tct Ulu Pittsburgh Glisette.)
seo, November 23—Evenusx—There
were no transactions in NVheat tanighi;
buyers and-sellers/4111,15, Corn
litaiet, and nominal. at 84a85c. Oataltdet at
tk k , r o i l 4 market
ea rn % to the in
h -
4sa _ ttabarah Gazette.l
tve . l l . _Lu9veniber 23. Cotton ac .
at - . 2(1.4 40. 47,ia _.T Iddlin g 2 3 3(, good ordln'
' .
A , ,
ORTIG Ir UIPTO VOIIWZY will organize a
Teachers' Institute on ti grand scsle,; to open
on the 21st Docember'next, 'at :Easton; and
continue fourdays Brof. Wickersham, the
faculties` -of Lehigh' 17 niversity, Lafayette
Cellege,the Moravian schools at Bethlehem,
and other;distinguished edricational leaders
are expected to be present and participate.
• lehmond.,--,:-
Mite.). •
let Justice
A stentunn man in Constantinople had "a
difficulty with five of his wives; which h e
settled by, , tying them up in sacks and'throw
ing them iptcrthe Boaphonm- •thirty
eight other wives have given ldnvno trouble
since that Idtvfitouse-cibtullag-catue
et t e,3 ,
-Rte.Batiei is
`~`'4tazs' ~s.':.tC .y...f :r..:.. .~
;.vu.;:sJ. ':i:tiSrt~A+z ~.:.zu..r:.
Gen. Mejta, Minister of, War,' Will ices lgn
--Candidates fbrthe Vactutcy—Unforttided
Huslor.-pennind of iGen. Canto Refused—
Heavy Inundations—Town oetarctyedtby .
Irire—,Eacobedo Defeated and His TrooPs
dein the R ebels.. • • -
(By Telegrap ' to the Pittsburgh Gazette. )
HAVANA.; o vernber.23, 7 -An arrival from
Vera. Cruz - brings : the following into
Theresa ation of Gen. Mejia, Minister
of War, Ws:lnt to be tried for the unaitthor
ized expenditures of public monies, is con
aidered , cerWn. Generals Dias, Alatorre
and Perritizabal iris .. ken of as prominent
l y
'candidates foi the o.i ce. • • -
The repore;that aninsurzection had been
:organizedinAlerra Puebla, by Mendez and
Negrete, proves' unforinded. -
• Heavyinuttdations In many portiotat of
the country. !causing great loss of property,
are reported,l, ' - `---
The &mend of Gen.'Canto to be tried by
a militaty court, for the alleged assassins
, lion of Geni ?stogi e has been refused.
, • A fire yetti3rday at Batabano destroyed a
large portion ; f the town. ' ' •
NEw- °ninths, Nov. 23.—The nines cop.
/es from the Brownsville Bancheko extra,
dated the 12th inst., letters front Monterey,
receiVed the previous night. • They state
that Escobedo, having gone from Tam
to Victoria for the purpose of commencing
the Tamitulapisicampaign jointly with the
-troops front nicamoraa, was surprised by
the entire fortle, l of Vargos at the Hacienda
.de Alamitos. El:imbed° was defeated, bare
ly escaping With a few of his_Staff to Monte=
:rey. Escobedgls(forces fought badly, and be
fore the light was over.hurrahod for.Vargcs
- and' Canales, and finally declared in favor rebels. Escabedo attempted to collect
hie :force , 1 4...1/gontero3o •but failed. His
soldiers refusing to march without being
paid.-and afterwards openly refused' toff eht
against their Tamaniapie l brethren. P.s
-i oohed° seeing this complicated state of af
fairs sent in his resignation, declaring him
'self incapable tot potting down the revolu
tions The:-forces at Victoria,, under Lopez
and Montensios, becoming, demoralized
is Wind e dthomsellies, a large portion join
g Verges. It 3 ; iii‘ believed -by this time
,Tautpico has pronounced as well as , other
ilowns in the [ State, and. soon the entire .
State will be in thq hands of Vargm
Heavy-Reward offbred.-.
(By Te.leg,raph to, th elPittsburgh Gazette.), 4 •
reward of five thousand' dollars has been
offered for the arrest of three men who ES.
`saulted and robbed Aaron Bliss in his house
at 'Manson, 'en Frldiy iffernlng. Yester
day a man named, Stulzen was arrested on
suspicion, and identAtied by-Bliss as the
man Who stauck. him. ,
U. S. District Court. ...`' --- v
' :-- In the hankruptcY branch of the Court.
at chambers, a petition, was filed by T. Y.
?biker dr. Co„ Scranton, Jetierson. county,
asking that Patrick Cialla,glian,of thesame
Place, be declared, bankrupt. The peti
lioning creditors allege that the respondent
is indebted to them in • the stun of $800.78.
That being insolvent le has committed acts
of bankruptcy by confessing judgment to
M. J. Pkelbins, for the tram of 41,180, to
M. M. Kearney for $1,175, and to J. M. Jar
xett for $l9O, *withlhe intention of gliing
the parties named preference over other
creditors, contrary t the picvisions of the
bankrupt act. •
A voluntary petitiol for adjudication,. in
bankruptcy was tiled by:John IL Moore, of
Blair county. . i
, • •
District Court--indges H a mpton and Ma
Court met at ten &clock yeaterdaymern
lug. Judges HamPtott and Kfrpatrick On
the bench. The following business . was,
In the case of D. C. RlpleY ft Co., vs.
Seultz .it Danner, after a jury had been cm
pannelled the',defendants cen / fetised
Inept in favor of the plain tiffs In the sum of
0/,0-10,37. [
...The next cake taken np was that of Wm.
A. McClurg vs. The Pittsburgh and 'Don-
nellsvilla Railroad Company. This was au,
action to reCover dam - a:ges for injuries sus
tained byplaintiff, while a passenger on a . 1
train on the , defezulants' road, eaused,las
was alleged, by carelessness of the com
pany's agent.
- In - the cases of Acheron Waldier , and-
Wolf vs. Marine 011 Company, motions for -,
new trial and reasons flled. •
In the flue of Mellon Bras: ins. neon
dr, Anderson, on motion of plaintiff's attor
nay,' William Blakely % Bag.; was appointed,
auditor, to . make - distribtibou af the fttnd
-in Court, and ordered ton:take report of the -
The dime of HerrrOn ys. Patterson,
-tit Plum was then taken up and was on '
trial when Court adjearrned.' •
Following is the trial List for to-day : „
40. Sorg vs. First German Ev. St. Paul's
- congregation or East .Birtningbant'
McKown • • -
Archanbault mt. Smith.
Ardesco Oil Company vs.,RlChaidsori
- (t Tack.' - -
Williams ft Co. vs. King At Co. „:
,Cochran vs. Auld. -
Mclftroy Dickson di CO. Vs. Knap.
Brownve. Hattie. • ,
. -Common Pleas= -Judge Stowe.
Court met at the usual hour - yesterday
morning, Judge Stowe on the bench. ,
The first case disposed of was that of Wm;.
Duvall vs. Richard L.' Miller. The defend-
ant was a clergyman; and had married a
son of plaintiff, who was alleged to have •
been under age.; The action was brought L.
Th tliecci rr v a er y i l h i e4 h nalti fixed ' by th e e it a t ir of
.of the plaintiff ere to the effect that:, ;his
• eon was born Se n btber 4th, 11119,1andlhat
he had bean' et!' some time daring
the month of September, 1887. In. cone.
boration of these allegations the family,
was offered in evidence, the father hiving ..
,IJAat he had entered the
rel4litt kalArefanuk ACtfl4lolo.•
le,fr i ,that lb Oa the ash. ot 'olptamtittr L L
UM The title page of the Bible had Seilito
torn( out; bat fttr"..4"- & , - W.-.P. White ' , iicatraiel
for the defendant, discovered that on, the-
title page, of the New Testament it appear-
ed by the imprint that the book was not
published until the year-1855—four-,years
after the record,. was alleged to have been
entered. Thejury found a verdict for the
defendant. •
The next case taken up was that of lifen
deline Ott, for, use of A. Hoffman the
surviving partners of the Mien Coal Com- •
;any. This was an action on a promissory
note. The my
y found for plaintiff In the -
sum of
est. 1 1 / 4 .14., the amount of the note, with
inter —•— •
The case of C. G. Hunter:s. C. Gallisath
was next taken up. -This was an action on
a book account. • The Jury found for plain
tiff- in the sumaf 124. ' The amount of the
claim was 184.74. • .
R. H. Bibles' vs. the . Pittsburgh and 31C-`
Reesport Car Company was the next case
taken up:, This was an action to recover
the amount of salary alleged to be due to
plaintiff.. He was employed at a salary of
12,500 per year, but was - discharged '
the expiration pf, that time. The a before
therefore, brought to recover (the balance
in: the ease'ot Wolsencraft vs. Goldstein,
berog on action for malicious .proseantio ,n ,
reporten last week, a motion for anew trial
was - made* by Josiah Cohen, E sq., coun sel
The following is the trial list for to-day:
219. Haardnicer vs: Harty Executor,.
210. f' . olv vs. Hibernian & Co.
• 238: Good vs. Eirsifit _
241. Wier vs. MeAlpin:- ; '
243. Spithers vs. !lupe.
244. Donnellt vs." Wells et tlx.
245: ROtartaoll vs: IV A. dr. M.P. Co.
248.. An.ks vsatchtsinuns. •., • •
248. Paisley
vs. Vogt dt McPheison. ' • Co.•
311111er vs. SprbigGarden %nor o
• •
nhtiap Stetena. • '
We regret hi' learn that tlie injuries re
ceived by. Bishop Stevens, at Bethlehem, on
last Satunisy night, -while not acts
alarming, are more serjons than reporta
The Bishop walked over a perpendicular
bank,in the dark, falling a distance of se'_
en feet. RIB right >arm is broken an' near
the shoulder as to „Make it impossible to set ,
IC in the regular manner, and the surgeons
have been.compelled to depend upon band
aging; hoping that the use of his ism may
be restored by • the ligame,ntons adhesions..'
There There 4 also a very serious , injury to the
knee joint, the full extent of which' has not
yet been determined; In the Bishop's en
feebled' condition - of health, the reaction,
of the shock to his system has been slow, °;`
and hinrecovery will be necessarialy quite
tedious. He is at - the house of theltev.
Potter, tie son of the late Bishop, /Potter s
and is, of coarse, receiving evm.y , possible.
attentiomand the adiantrureoftlio best med-
Gant Powntz CLATTon, Governo''r.
Axlcansas, wan originally a Pennsylvanian ,
then a Vatted States, soldier, and is nctw a
citizen and Chief Magietraie of. Arkansas.
His admidistration deaf credit not only to
that State, but to the Commonwealth which
gave him birth and the army whose, colors
- •
. -
AT SE . VITELM voting places in Louisiana,
the Whites attended with their guns, from
whence they sallied out in bands, surrounded..)
the colored men and actually drove them_to
the• polls, and at , the Muzzle of their fire-
aims compelled them to vote the Democratic