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Daily Prayer bleeting 77 Prom . 12aM. to
12:30 o'clock at the Rooms of the Christian
'Association, No. 23 Fifth' street. . ,
The' Procession To-Night.:::—On our fifth
page this morning we •publish the names
of th - e - aids to the officers, having charge of
the procession to-night and to-morrow, to
gether with the routes of procession. It
will prove of general Interest to all readers.
All are invited to turn out to-night
It is estimated that sB,ooo' will complete
the Cathedral tower from the point it has
The Seventh and Eighth Wards Gran
and Colfax Club will find a notite_of interes
on the, • fth page of this paper.
The Democrats . have as Yet found no
put their ole, and it continues to
grammeplace tl i
gramme t o gutter o Fifth street..
Ilay and the night following will be
I length. After this the nights will
thening and the days shortening.
of equ
be len!
Pe Theft.--The chap in the Pittsburgh
Post-0 "ce who stole a bit of wedding cake
on Saturday night has not been prosecuted.
Company s , A,” Grant linssars, are re
quested to meet on Liberty street in front
of Hare's at (3;4 o'clock this Ovening, fully
equipped for parade. t
The National Guard, Capt. Schoonmaker,
are requested to assemble this evening at
half past six o'clock precisely, on 'Pitt
street, corner of Liberty.
Republicans come out in sour might to
1. 0. of 0. F.—McFarl and Lodge, No
30, twill attend in a body the funeral of. Pas
Grand, F. W. Chiley this afternoon. Mem
bars ofother lodgers are respectfully invi
ted to attend.
Grant Hussars.—Company "A," Captain
D. Dnnseath, will form into line to-night
,` on Liberty street, opposite Hare's Hotel, at
half-past six o'clock sharp, fully equipped.
Let there be no laggards.
Improvements.—There has been more
improvement in the Southside boroughs
during the pastyear. than there was for the
five preceding years. A larger number
and better. class of buildings have been
erected, and considerably more grading
and paving done.
Wilkins Hall, Fourth avenue, the ele
gant headquarters of the Second Ward
Grant Club, will be open all day and night
for -the accommodation and reception of
visitors. The Kittanning Grant Club has
been assigned the Second ward as guests
during their visit.
Cross Sults.—Ellen Carrol and Margaret
Cunningham, whose names are familiar
• to the readers of police news, are spending
• their time in making informations against
each,other. They each made information
against the other before the Mayor yester
day for surety of the peace.
Dult.---Police business in both cities and
the surrounding boroughs is exceedingly
— dull at present. The minds of the people
are so engrossed with polities that they
have no time for litigation. The magistrates
deplore this state of affairs, but expect a
rich harvest after the election.
No loyal citizen will refase to join the
procession to-night.
Close the Stores.—We would respectfully
suggest that the wholesale and retail stores
of-the city be closed at four o'clock this
afternoon in order to give all fair chance
for participating in the grand parade to
night. -:Most of the mills and workshops
will quit work at the same hour.
Parade.—The Third ward, Allegheny,
Grant and-Colfax Club, about one hundred
.strong, and commanded by Capt. Gang, pa
raded the streets for drill, in the ward, last
evening. They were uniformed with light
.drab caps and capes and equipped with
" torches, which made their appearance very
Assault and Battery.—Robt. Rankin made
information before the Mayor, yesterday
charging Ed, Snowden, N. Wishart, J.
Hatfield and F. Smith with assault and
battery. Rankin is employed on the steamer,
."Active" and the defendants are employ&
do the "Elisha Bennet." Warrants were
issued for the arrest of the accused.
Fifth Ward, Allegheny.-:-All parties in
this" Ward desiring to paticipate in the
„..Mrehlight procession this evening are de
sired-to report teCthe Marshal at the Grant
and coif= Headquarters, Beaver avenue,
- below ,Qhio avenue, promptly at six o'clock.
A:cordial:invitation is .extended to all ,Re
publican citizens of the ward to participate.
. •
The Wharl: 7 -Contractor
"1 1 lyini has - a
large number of hands employed in grading
thelionongahela Wharf, and the work, al
though progreSsing eouiparativery slow, is
being prosecuted as rapidly as the circum
stances of the case will admit. The recent
rise in the river not only damaged the
'work materially, but has caused considera
ble delay in the gtading.
Every Republican is wanted in line to
night with torch in his hand. • I •
Weather Prognostications. A."
gives the following prognostications of the,
weather for the ensuing month: From Sep
tember 16th, to October 15th, there will be
twentNaone dourly and variable days, sev
enteen of rain, eight sunshine days. There
will be damp, rainy weather More than
• - usual for October, andAhere wilt be an un
usual number, of frosts. The indications
for, the winter are that the weather will be
generally cold.
Being Repaired.—Keeling's coal railway
on Being
street, East Birmingham,
which for several years past ham been out
of use in consequence of R Suit pending in
.cotut relative to the right of way, and had
become very much out of repair. The suit
haVing been decided in favor of Mr. Ree
ling, the road" is being repaired 'and will
soon be in operation again. It is'one of the
longest inclines in this vicinity, being over
three miles 111:length..
Captured...:ooer McCready yesterday
' captured Sarah Mitchell, a colored woman,
' charged on oath of S. N. Hall with thelar 7
' ceny of a watch and chain valued at'seven
tY dollars. " She had a hearing before the
Mayor, at Which it was proven she had
',been seen with'a watch answering. the. :
scription of the one stolen, and' that Sheet
- " • fered to sell it for three dollars She was
locked up fora further hearing this moat.,
ing but will doubtless' be committed to
swer the'charge at Court. ' ' '
~„ Ltrui, one hi:J.4 ipoment too • late for, the
proeSaslon* to•nlght. c akt the forces- ridly
promptly and, the procession move sharp
" at,the-time app o i nted .
• -
The Marching-Phalan[-of the old Sixth
• • - ward (now Seventh and Eighth): , held a
business meeting last evening, at which
" 'there was r large attendance; , Considera- ,
• bid business relatifw to the vand proms
eioi3 • tonight was „ transacted, after, which
'a resolution of thanks to John W. - Pittock,
r , Esq., wati'Passed for the very prompt and
nathifactory, manner in which he furnished
the uniforms,' torches„ flags flags and decora
tions ordered by the Club. The 'old Sixth
ward proposes turning out in all her
strength to•night and Making a display
highly ,croditable to her long established
loyalty and public spirit.
t -
-' 7 -:: ..'' • ' ur COURTS
Uidted Statws Markt Court.
(Beforedudge lllcCandless.]
On the opening of the Court, the motion'
for 'a new trial in the •case of the United
States vs. the Vinnegar Manufactory et. al.,
of Arthur *Don, was called up for argu
ment. A. M. Brawn, Esq., and lion. P. C.
Shannon, spoke in favor of the motion, and
District Attorney Carnahan and General
Collier in opposition thereto. The. Court
took possesion of the papers, and will give
a decision at a future day.
The bankruptcy list was then taken up.
The case of De Poi a& Nichols ; as continued
for trial at Williamsport.
The case of John G. Simons vs. Mary
Sands was taken up. This was an issue
joined on allegations of acts of bankrupt
cy set forth in the petition of the creditor.
Messrs. S. A. and W. S. Purviance appear
ed for petitioning creditors, and Messrs.
Kirker, J. K. Kerr, R. B. Patterson and
Gen. A.. B. M'Caltnont for defendant. The
case is still on trial..
In the bankruptcy branch petitions for
final discharge were filed by W. H. Wag
staff, Pittsburgh ; Elijah F. Parker, Alle
gheny county; Wm. M. Hunter, Tidiute,
Warren county.
A petition for adjudication was filed by
E. J. Purple, Tioga county.
Court of . Quarter Sessions.
[Before Judge Sterrett.)
lln the • ease of the Commonwealth vs.
Matthew Keep, indicted for forcible entry
and detainer, the jury returned a verdict
of not guilty, and directed that the defend
hnt pay one-half the costs, and_ the prosecu
tion, Wm. Laughlin, the other half.
The next case called was that of the Com
monwealth vs. Teddy McCarthy, indicted
on oath of Daniel McMullen for felonious
assault and battery. The offense alleged in
the indie:ment was committed on the night
of July '27th, 1867.. The prosecutor was a
Lieutenant on the police force of Mayor
McCarthy, and at the time stated he went
into Richter's beer saloon,on Penn street,
to quell a disturbance. ine in there he
was struck on the head with a beer glass,
alleged to have been in the hands of the de
fendant. .The Commonwealth is repro
sqnted by Messrs: Kirkpatrick and Linn,
and the defense by Messrs. Swartzwelder
and Moreland. Mr. Linn opened the case
by briefly narrating the circumstances un
der which the offense was committed, and
proceeded to call witnesses as follows;
- Daniel McMullen, sworn—On or about
the 27th of July, 1867, I was in the Fifth
ward, in company with Edward Quinn. I
was a Lieutenant of the police under May
or McCarthy; I was posting the men on
their beats; at aboutten o'clock on the, 27th.
of July I heard a noise in a saloon on Penn
street.. I went in and told Richter, the pro
prietor' he had better shut up his house for
1 about twenty minutes; he said ha would,
and went out and put, up the shutters.
Teddy McCarthy then said he did not care
a d—m for the Mayor or any of his police
men, and commenced shoving me around.
I told him to be quiet, as I did not wish to
have any trouble with him. He then -want
ed me to take a class of beer; I refused and
soon after ho struck me on the head with a
beer glass: I was rendered insensible for a
time, and don't know how often I was struck
after the first time. [Mr. McMullen here ex.
hibited to the jury the scar on his head pro
duced by the blow from the beer glass in
the hands of McCarthy, showing a fracture
of the skull.]. I was confined to bed about
six weeks after I was hurt', and was at
tended by Drs. Dickson; Hamilton, Mc-
Cook and others. My limbs were para
lyzed and I lost my speech for some time
after I received the injuries, and, ,Lhelleve
from the effects of those injuries. The im
pediments in my speech at this time were
produced by the blow on the head. McCar
thy, after he struck me, ran across the
street. into a drug store. I had no difficul
ty with him before this occurrence, but I
arrested him about three weeks before. At
}the time of the difficulty on the night of
the 27th of July I did not say or do any
thing out of the way to McCarthy before he
struck me. I
- On cross-examination the witness said he
did not recollect telling the Mayor that he
did not know who struck him. In an ex
amination before Judge Stowe, at the time
of an application for a reduction of the bail,
he did not say that he did not know who
struck him. He did not know any one in
the house but Teddy McCarthy. As he
pulled his mace out Teddy struck him.
Drs. McCook.aud McDonald were called
and testified as to the nature of the injuries
inflicted upon McMullen, and his condition
at that .time and since. Dr. McCook
ti pro
nooced the o inion that McMullen would
-never recove tom the effects of the blow
on his skull. n reply to a question by Mr.
Swartzweider, as to whether an injury like
that received by McMullen, would impair
a man's memory. Dr. McCook stated that
after the recovery of his thinking'faculties,
a man who had received such an injury
would be able to remember everything dis
tinctly up to the time at which the injury
was inflicted; his mind would be confused
as to events ocourring„subsequently. In
this opinion . Dr. MoDonald concurred.
At three P. at. Court adjourned' till ten
A. is. teeday..
Advise your neighbors to turn out to
night in the procession.
Eleventh Ward Grant and Cella' Club
The Club of the Eleventh ward held a
meeting last evening at the School House,
on Green street, Vice President Jas. Robb
in the Chair. •
- - -.-
The following persons were appointed as
officers for, the companies in the torchlight
procession on Wednesday evening.
COmpany "A"--Capl., C. T. Ewing- _
"I- " Ist Lieut., S. W. Hill.
1 1. ll 2d Lient. - , B. F. Kennedy.
Company "B"--Capt., EL W. Oliver.
16 " Ist Lieut., Henry Hoffer..
" " 2d Lieut.'; Jas. McClelland.
eThe e following committees were appoin
led :
On Transportation—Messrs. A. G. Mc-
Candles.s, Win. Maya, A. A. Moore, L. F.
Duncan and Samuel Barckley. -
On Dtsabied Soldiers—Messrs. James M.
Sleeth, George W. Reed ) and Stewart Dal
The Committee on Transportation re
quest that all ladles and gentlemen de
siring to ride in the pro Cession ,on Thurs
day report to any of the gentlemen *of said
Cemmittee before noon 'of Wednesday if,
Dr. A. G. McCandless was elected Chief
Marshal of the Eleventh ;ward delegation
for Thursday. _ _ , •
Hang out your flip and banners to-day
Mayor Blackmore has directed the'entire
police force (including substitutes) :to meet
at Om lidayor's spice on Wedrieiday eien
ing, September 23d, at seven o'clock, to be
op duty during, the torchlight prqeepsion
on that evening. The entire police force
are also directed to repbrt at the Mayor's
',office on-Thursday morning, September
24th. at nine o'clock, a portion of whom
will be detailed -to form an= escort to the
Republican Mass Couverition on that iday,
'And the others `to be stationed along the
line"of the procession.
4 Inundusie your residences to-night.
Contracts Awarded.....At a meeting of the
: Street Committee, _held Monthly evening,
the 'following , 'contracts were awarded :
Grading Dinwiddieetreet, William Kitting;
BlUff street, Sohn Magee; grading and pav
ing lilpring alley, C. Howard; Smaliman al
ley, "Sohn Magee; paving Diamond !alley
with' blieolson pavement, from Wood street
to the Diamond, was awarded to Allen
Dim at 62,68 per Tard, with single ;floor.
There were but two bids received, one be
ing as stated and the other
PITTSBURG! GAZ*: SEP7E.MIEIi, 23.. 1868.
Pollee Orders.
Large Repahlleag Meeting. at Blairsville
JunctioiLlinterestingSpeeches. •
A large and enthuslastio meeting of the
Republicans of Westmoreland county was
held at Blaiisville Junction, on the Penn
sylvania Bailroad, on Saturday evening,
the 19th inst. The meeting was organized
by selecting the following named officers:
President, Israel Gray; Vice President,
Col. J. B. Ogden; Secretary, Thomas Estep.
The first speaker introduced was H. H.
McCormick, Esq., of the Pittsburgh bar,
who addressed the meeting In a lengthy
and forcible speech. Mr. McCormick air
g ..
ued t he reconstruction and the bond ques
tion both elaborately, and proved that the
policy proposed by the Democratic party
would, if adopted and carried result,in the
disgrace and ruin of the nation.
At the conclusion of Mr. McCormick's
address, the Chairman introduced John F.
' Wentling, Esq., of the Greensburg bar.
Mr. Wentling reviewed the record of the
Demorratio - larty and exposed its hypoc
risy and treachery in the past, and argued
therefrom what a stupendous and fatal blun
der it would be on , the part of the American
people to place the control of the Govern
& ant once =rein its hands. He reminded
the Democrats of their habit, during the
war, of howlingat every measure adopted
for the suppression of the rebellion as un
constitutional, and predicted that in a few
years hence they would be as heartily
ashamed of their , conduct as were the
Tories of the Revolution; Mr. Wentling
concluded with an appeal to all present to
turn out at the October election and vote to
secure the State for Grant and Colfax and
the return of Hon. John Covode to Con
gress. The , meeting then adjourned with
three cheers for, , the Rapublican ticket.
The speakers were very handsomely enter
tained by Col. J. B. Ogden, the Vice Presi.
dent of the meeting.
Say by your appearance in procession to
night that. Allegheny county will give ten
thousand majority for Grant and Colfax.
Aiteghenv . Bridge Navigation
According to published 'call, a meeting
of Lumber men, Steamboatnien Oil
men and others interested in the naviga
tion of the Allegheny river was hold yes
terday afternoon, at three o'clock, in the
rooms of the Petroleum Association, Dal
zells's- building, corner Duquense Way and
Irwin streets.
Capt. Geo. W. Cochran Was called to the
Chair; and Capt. J. T. Stockdale chosen
The Chairman stated the object of the
meeting to be, to.take some action in regard
to the obstruction of navigation on the
river by the pier now being built in the
channel at Brady's Bend. '
It seems that a company has been incor
porated to build a b.idge across the river
at the point named,' and in the pi ogress of
the work a pier has been partially comple
ted which, it is claimed, is a very great
obstruction to the navigation of the stream.
Considerable discussion took place in re
gard to the matter, partleipated in by a
number of lib. se Conversant with the situa
tion of the obstruction, all of whom agreed
that if it be al loWed' to remain, navigation
of the river must be suspended.
It was finally concluded to consult legal
counsel in the matter, and for this purpose
a committee of three, consisting of Messrs.
Frederick. Fisher, Thomas Jackson and
Captain Ferguson. was appointed and em
powered to act in accordance with legal ad
' vice.
The meeting then adjourned to convene
at the call of the colinnittee.
Every Republican is w
procession tonight.
Real Estate, Transfers.
The following' deeds were filed of record
before H. Silly°ly, Esq., Recorder, Septem
ber V, 1868 :
Hubert Atrelbacb to Christian Obeyer, vept. 19. 1901;
half Or I-1 No. 6. Watson's plan, Liberty sue.-
111rmlugham. 24 by $1 feet $1.7,6
Thomas Peareer to 0 Irer Osborn. Sept le, nes:
tract of land in l'lne township sleo
Richard Nuttall io Phiillp Grunnagle May 21. 1958 ;
lots - No 33 and 34, Nuttall's plan, street.
Third ward, Allegheny, 40 hy• 346 fort $BO3
Henry Barnhart to l'hdlp N. Busbyeager, July 20,
. lot on Railroad street, Wail's Station $3OO
John Bigler to A. and N. Carson, April 1. IOC: lot on
Chanters st:eet, Sixth ward, Allegheny, 2.5 by 146
feet _ • 152.560
A. S: N. Carson to -tewart A Langenhelm, July 31.
1668; the above described lot
Stewart & Langentielm to T.A. Miersch & Bro.. the
• abo , c, described lot . $2,675
Henry O'Neil to Thomas repperday, Jan. 36, 1823:
lot on Taylor avenue, Second ward, Alleglienr,
by 91 feet. • .3.410
Jam -s M. • Johnston to Jane Morrison, March 11,
1858: lot In Penn township,' containing 2 acres and
23 perches $lB5
William Coleman to Rarnio"d hillier, July 1, mem;
lo , s. Nos. 2, and from 41 to 65 Inclusive. Cole
man's plan. Seventh ward, /Mesh, ny, on Quarry
street 41,070
Win. S. Taylor to J. E. Wilkinson, August 27, laddl
lot on Buena Vista street. Second ward, Alle
gheny, 19 by 75 feet 83.690
Toomas N . Brigg. to Isabella Bell. Sept. 15, 1666;
tract of land to Union townsblii, formerly estate
of Wm. Chess 45,109
W. S. Taylor to It. T. Rodney, Angus! 19. 1515: lot on
Beaver street, Sixth ward, Allegheny. 1.11 by 140
feet $4,0011
John C. Sloan to John Campbell, August 21. 186111
tract of I ,nd In McCandless township, containing
12 acres and 141 perches ss 6o John Campbell to JobtiC. Sloan, Sept. 22, IWO; the
above tract of land ;ice
Same day.five mortgages were 'led
What Ward will to-night earn the proud
itle of banner distria?
Honor Where Honor Is Due
In our notice yesterday of the beautiful
silk Hag presented to the Eleventh Ward
Grant Clutr, we failed to award the -proper
credit due Miss Lido C. Hats and the Misses
Clara and Ada McCutcheon,Through whose
patriotic edbrts and liberality the magnifi
cent national 'emblem , was purchased. The
flag) is of the very best quality of silk, of
exquisite - workmanship, and on . its blue
field has emblazoned bright gold stars. It
cost in tire neighborhood of ono hundred
and fifty dollars, and the Club, as well as
all Republican voters of the ward, aro duly
proud and grateful. The young ladies
have set a worthy example which we trust
will be followed by those of other neighbor
What Republican will not be in the ranks
to-night ?
Who Is He t
'Mayor Drum yesterday received a tele
dispatch' from- Cleveland, - which
read as follows: -,"Has any reward been of
fered for the arrest of tFaryey, a amtideuce
man. He can be had." neither the
Mayor nor bls officers ow anything
about Harvey, or his operat ns, they were
unable to give any informs on in regard
to him—perhaps some of th victims in the
confidence transactions, whioh.have occur
red hereabouts lately, might be able to say
something regardiug HarveyXcase.,
• Meeting at New Texas.--The meeting at
New Texas, Plum township, yesterday, was
a complete success, notwithstanding the
, tinfavortible weather., The farmers for
miles around name in their wagons, and a
large delegation from this city accompanied
by a brass band were ,in attendance. The
meeting was organized by calling Mr.
A. Touilitwoni to the chair, and appointidg
a large number of Vice Presidents and
Secretaries. den. 113. Sweitzer and other
able wildcat . " addressed the meeting, and
notwithstanding the rain fell ifteessantry,
the vast audience wore enthusiastib add at
tentive. •
Pittsburgh Boat trunk.—The steamer
"Silver Cloud" NO 2, Capt. mno. B. CcHlwaYt
sank on the bar below tho' Belinont coat
works Monday morning. She had, ust tak
en a coal 'barge in tow, and shortly after
rounding oat,,struOk'' a- rock, sinking in
sevenfeet of-water. Her cargo was prin
cipally pig iron: She`Was insured.' in the
Commercial, Queen city, Cresceat. Ameri
ca, and Ohio Valley Companie4 of Cluolo;
• nati.
" - T .
he Republican - demonstration which
takes place in thia-.eity to-night and to
. , „
morrow bids fair to be a complete success,
notwithstanding the unfavorable aspect of
-the weather. The call . for campaign goods,
such as caps, capes, belts, leggings, torches,
'flags, lanterns, citc., has exceeded the ex
pectation of all the dealers, and had it not
been for the shrewdness and foresight of
one of thein— Mock, opposite the Postof
fice—the suppl would have been inade
quate to meet he demand. To Pittoc k's
enterprise we re therefore indebted, as it
will enable ma y to make a tine display
this evening nd to-mocrow, who would
otherwise have been unable to do so. Not
xi ithstandizig the demand for all the above
named campaingn goods of all descriptions
has been unprecedented, Pittock has been
able to meet it. He has filled all his .nu
nierous orders with promptness and dis
patch, and has still a supply of goods on
hand for the - accomodation of those who
have been unable to obtain them from oth
er sources. I is goods aro of the very best
quality, and e n be purchased at the most
reasonable p ees. Persons coming from
the country -ho are in want of any
thing in that ine should not fail to call at
Pittock's ear y in order to have their
orders filled p omptly. His stock of flags
is the En t extensive brought to
this city and comprises all sizes, from
the regulation flag down to the smallest,
and up to---_,the largest garrison flags, rang
ing in quality from the most common ma
terial to the finest silk, so that the purchaser
cannot fail to be suited in price, quality
and quantity. His stock of badges is also
very large, and includes all styles manu
factured, Send in your orders for any
thing you want in the way of campaign
goods, from a ten cent badge to a two hun
dred dollar flag, and Pittock will till it on
the most reasonable terms and with all pos
sible dispatch. Remember the place to get
campaign goods is John W. Pittock's. cor
ner Fifth avenue and Smithfield street, op
posite the Postoffice. '
Let no Republican stay in doors to-night
OHERA Housg.—The , great spectacular
drama of the " White Fawn, " which had
such an unprecedented run in all the East
ern cities, is now the.attraction at the Oitera '
House in this city: Its principal, feature
—like other spectacular drama, is the ballet,
and the troupe now at the Opera House is a
most excellent one. Morlacchi, the Primo
ballorino, is truly an artiste, and fully de
serving of the world-wide reputation she
enjoys. Her dancing is the poetry of •mo
tion, every movement is full of grace and
skill; she glides over the stage so light and
fairy like as to lead the observer to believe
her a moving shadow. She has attained a
position in her profession seldom reached
by any one, and with all her fame, is as
modest as she is brilliant. The lesser lights_
in the troupe are, many of them, fine
arils es-and were highly applauded by the
audience duri•eg, the entertainment. The
audience, notwithstanding the rain, was
quite large, and from the manner in which
they expressed their approval of the enter
tainment, it is, quite evident that "spectac
ular" is not yet void of attrac:ion in Pitts
Wefrequently hear the question asked,
"How is it that ladies's furs are sold at less
prices at the great and popular fur estab
lishment of William Fletni:,g, 'No. 139
Wood street, than at any other house in
the city?" The grpat secret in the cave la
this, that the business is so systematized in
all branches that in purchasing and selling
Mr. Fleming has many decided advantages,
so that he is enabled to sell good., at the
lowest possible profit that business can be
transacted upon—in fact, in many cases this
extensive house is able o sell its goods
to retail patrons at much ess than 'smaller
or old fogy houses have o pay for their
Having laid in the large t and finest as
sortment of furs ever bro ght to this city,
Mr. Fletningis prepared offer unprece
dented bargains to his numerous patrons.
Readers should by all means call and look
through the immense stock before pur
chasing elsewhere. Great pleasure is taken
in showing` goods to all who call.
Republicans turn out tonight.
anted in the line of
Pittsburgh Medical and Surgical Institute.
No. 134 -Smithfield Street. _
Under the direct supervision of E. S.
Aborn, M. D., Principal, Consulting and
Operative Surgeon and Physician for Dis
eases of, the Eye, Ear. Head, Throat, Lungs
and Chronic Diseasesgenerally. Three ex
perienced Physicians and Surgeons in at
Special interest taken in the treatment of
those cases that have been given up as hope.
less and considered incurable.
Dr. Aboru's Medical Book sent by mail on
the receipt of 50 cents.
Hours for professional interviews from 8
A. 11., tAS P. M.
Can Always be Obtained at 112 Federa
Street, the Following Articles:
Cocoanut' Candy, Almond Nut Candy,
Walnut Candy, Vanilla, Lemon, Rose,
Mountain Tea,Pine Apple .and Cream
Candies Roasted ' Alonds, Excelsior Gum
Drops, Fruit, Rose, Sassafras, Musk, Cinna
mon, Peppermint, Cayenne. Lemon; Im
perial, Lady, Wintergreen, Conversation
and Cough Lozenges, Cream and Dessert
Chocolates, double extra fine Cream Bun
Bons. Assorted Candies, Ake., cite.
Tanner Clubs, and all who intend to par
ticipate in to•day's procession, will find it
to their advantage to call at Pittock's this
morning to complete their equipments in
caps, capes, bolts, legings, dc.
New Goods.:--Mr. Henry Meyer, the well
known and popular merchant tailor, No.
73 Smithfield street, has just received a
fresh and finely assorted stock of oloths,
cassimeres and vestings, suitable for fall
and winter wear, which he is prepared to
make pp in the neatest and most faushiona
'bie styles at the most reasonable prices.
Mr. Meyer enjoys high reputation in his
line of business, and makes up garments
In the very best style of art and workman
ship. s .He is in every way worthy the con
fidence of our readers, and we bespeak for
him stall share of pu olio, patronage.
Chapped Bands, face and all roughness
of the skin, certainly cured by using the
Junipei• Tar Soap; made by Raz"
and dc. Co., New York. It surpasses all
other Yemedieu nit will prevent roughness
of the skin if used during cold weather.
It is easily applied, avoiding all the trouble
of the greasy compounds now in use. It
can be used by ladies with ,tlin most tender
skin, without irritation or pain, nuking it
soft and 'clear. Sold, by the druggists ge
*natty. , -•1 • • • • wT,
Tobacco and tfigars.—Dir. John Sharer,
no • well and so favorably kneuiti,: late of
Federal street, Allegheny, has purchased
the first-01w and' popular .tobacco, snuff
and'oigar store of Mr. Daniel ElagiertY; ZTo.
n Fifth street, whiob he will reopen to-day.
.The. store has becrt ,refilted in ,an elegant
manner, and "an milts new stock of
'brands of smoking anti chewing tobaccos,
snuffs, cigars of the best quality„meera+
chaum pipes, - tubes, 0., has beim opened
at very reasonable prices. Call In and look
throu ti the stook. ' •
Tanner ClaDs, and all who intend to par
ticipate in to -day's procession, will find it
to their advantage to call •at Pittock's this'
morning to complete their equiprucntS itt
cam cape; bens, legings, (h. ,
The DemonstraUon.
Ladies' burs.
Chriatlari - Adiicati:
The annual meeting of the Publishing
Committee of this paper was held yester!
- day at their office in Singerly's building,
Third avenue. The Committee consists of
Rev - . W. B. Watkins, A. M., of Steuben
ville, Ohio; Rev. D. L. Dampsy, D.D., of
Beaver, Pa.; Rev. R. H. Hurlburt, of New
castle, Pa.; Rey. J. Tribby, of Geneva,
Ohio, and Rev. G. Martin and Rev. A. J.
Lyda, of Wheeling, West Virginia. The
-report.of the Committee shows the paper
to be in a most prosperous condition, the
receipts being largely in advance of any
previous year. The Committee deemed it
' advisable on account of the great increase
of editorial labor consequent upon the en
largement of the paper. which took place
some time ago, to appoint an assistant gdi.;.
tor whose time should be wholly dovdted
to the duties of the office; and it being con
sidered expedient to elect a Minister of one
of the patronizing conferences, the choice'
fell upon Rev. E. A. Johnson, of James
town, New York, who is said to be emi
nently qualified to fill the position.
The Committee cordially endorse the edit
torial management of Rev. S. H. Nesbit,:
D.D., and tendering thanks to Rev. W. H.
Kinkaid for valuable editorial assistance,
which will doubtless still be continued,
and to J. A. Moore, Esq., business man
ager, for capable and laborious service.
Centre Avenue Property, Mlnersville.
The handsomely situated and very desi-
rable property of W. M. Gormly, Esq., on
Centre avenue, Minersville, now city of
Pittsburgh, is advertised - in our ..telumns,
undar auction head, for sale. This fine
homestead has been sub-divided into seven
large lots; on one of which is the excellent
brick double mansion, and on another is a
two-story frame dwelling. The improve
ments are comph4e in every comfOrt and
convenience. This opportunity is very
inviting to purchasers.. For particulars,
see Mcllwaine's auction advertisement.
Malicious Mischief.—W. J. McFetridge
made information before the Mayor, yes
terday, charging David Jones with mali
cious mischier: It appears that Jones as
saulted a small boy, and abused him for
marching in a Republican procession, and
the boy to get away from him ran into the
prosecutor's store, 480 Penn street. Jones
followed him, but the boy was protected by
Mr. McFetridge, whereupon Jones went
out and maliciously broke the glass in the
window. He will have a hearing this
Large Castlngs.—Two large casiings have
just been successfully completed at the
Fort Pitt Foundry, being a part of the ma
chinery for the new St. Louis Water Works,
the owners of the Fort Pitt Foundry hay
ing the contract for supplying the same.
;The castings just completed consist of a
"walking beam," weighing twenty-six tons,
and is thirty feet long and seven feet wide,
And. a monster cylinder, weighing thirteen
tons, and is fourteen feet long and seven
feet in diameter.
To Epicures.—To ail that class of persons
called epicures who know how to enjoy the
good things of this life, the arrival 'of the
oyster season is hailed with delight, and
We would tak? occasion to say to all who
are fond of the bivalves, and desire to par
take of them where they are prepared in
the most palatable manner possible, to call
at Holtzhelmer's dining rooms. Fifth ave
nue, next door to the Postoffice. You can
get them there in every conceivable style,
and can also get anything else usually
found in a first class restaurant. .
Fall and. Winter 1/13r Goods.—New fall
rand winter goods in endless variety are
!now arriving at Bates it Bell's. No. 21 Fifth
street. Ladies will find many new novel
ties to please and delight them in the way
of dress goods, shawls and sacgoe4. Call
in and see for yourselves. The entire stock
Of summer goods is being closed out at
most reasonable prices.
Illuminate.—Republicans residing on the
line of the procession to-night should illu
minate their dwellings, put off fire works
and hang out flags and transparencies. W.
P. Hunker et Co., Nos. 222 and 224 Libigty
street, have on hand a splendid lot of fire
works suitable for the demonstration
Twenty-tirst Ward.--The Assessor of
the' Twenty-first ward will be at Huber's
store, on the Frankstown road, in said
ward, Wednesday, between 6 and 7-o'clock
p. m. All those not having been assessed
should call upon him at that time and-place.
The construction of the Nicolson pave
ment does not "prevent the ladies from at
tending the greai sale of dry goods and
trimmings, at W. W. Morehead's, No. 81
Market, where goods are being sold at unu
sually low rates.
81 Market Street is the place the ladies
go to purchase dry goods and trimmings.
The immense stock of fall and winter
goods now being opened at this establish
ment offers superior advantages to pur
New Treatment.—For chronic diseases of
the eye, 'ear,. head, throat, lungs, heart,
stomach, liver, &c., at Dr. Abom's Medical
and Surgi;4l Rooms, 134 Smithfield street,
half a square from the Postoffice. No charge y
for consultation. -
Frederltk Shulse, 62. Diamond, Alle
gheny City, will furnish to .his patrons, on
Wednesday and Thursday, Sauer Kraut
and Sausage lunch. Soup lunch everyday.
New and Second-band Books, Novels,
Magazines, &c., bought for cash or sold on
commission at Col. J. D. Egan's, 41 Sixth
Shaving, Hair Dressing or Bathing.—
No better place for aither than at the finely
furnished apartments of H. B.Williamson,
No. 190 Federal street, Allegheny. s
At Col. J. 11. Egan's, 41 Sixth avenue,
rare and valuable American and Foreign
publications at half price.
The place to get White Lime, Calcined
Plaster, Hydraulic Cement, is at Ecker
Caskey's, 107 First street.
A fine assortment of Sabbath School LI
brary Books at half price, at Col. 1. D
Egan's, 41 Sixth avenue.
Stationery of all kinds and Toy Books in
great variety, wholesale and retail, at CoL
J. D. Egan's, 41 Sixth avenue.• .
—Harop's silk factory Ptiladelphia , was
burned yesterday morning. Lees f 550,000.
—Extensive rains continued almost in
cassuitly in Memphis, Tennessee, yester
—The cotton crop report' continues very
unfavorable, the ball worm, rot and second
growth damagin it very seriously. -
—The whole fire department of Boston
paraded as an escort, and banquetted the
Resolution - Bose - Company of 'Philadel
phia yesterday.' • :
—At „New Altany, ludlana, within the
past week fifteen valuable Milk cows have
died from. the,ciOthf disease. There is no
differenoo m the symptoms.
=An engineer corps under the direction
otldinor Merrlweather and Capt. Ike Hood
left Memphis yesterday to survey the root
of tho Memphis, Akolona and Selma- Rail:.
road. •
—A. call. is , in circulathin receiving I.riarvir
signatures throughout towns in the—Fifth
District of Massachusetts, for, an organized
opposition to the ncunivatiou of Ben. But
ler torongress.
'The Friends of - Seymour and Blair.
Among the men who go for Seymour and
Blair are
All the rebel Generals,
All the rebel .Colimels,
All the rebel privates,
All the Executive officers of the -Canfed
crate Government,
All the men who starved oar prisoners,
at Salisbury, Andersonville, Libby and
ether pens in which more than forty thou
sand of our soldiers gave up the ghost,
All the reuel agents abroad,
All the blockade runners, ‘•
All the burners in New York and the
threatened burners in Chicago, -
All the poisoners and all the men who L '
wanted to introduce cholera and yellow
fever into the North,
All the firo•in4 he-rear-men,
All the draft rioters,
All the bounty jumpers,
I All the men who discouraged enlist
All the men who rejoiced/over rebel vic
All the men who 'were sad when the
Union armies triumphed,
All those who assailed the national
All those engaged in the massacre of
Fort Pillow,
All like Beauregard, who proposed to
raise the black flag a'i give no quarter,
All those who are for slavery as the pol
icy of the nation,
All these who condemn freedom as the
inevitable corollary of Democratic princi•
All who want to s'amp the humble and
the lowly into the dust,
All who want map tal to own its labor,
All who are not in favor of paying a fall
day's wages for a faithful day's work,.
All the men who do not believe in the
equality of mankind, before the law,
All who approve the assassination of
-Richards do Verplank's kerosine factory
at Jersey City was burned'yesterday morn
ing by an explosion. The engineer and
three workmen 'were killed. Seven hun
dred and fifty barrels of oil was burned.
Loss $20,000.
.=-At Springfield, Massachusetts, Moses
Wesley failed to walk fifty miles in ten
hours, giving out on the forty-first mile,
with two hours to complete the task.
A. VOTE for President was taken the other
day in. the Auburn, New York, Penitentia
ry. The result Was,LSeymour 638, Grant 32.
Oulfalo Market
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
BUFFALO, September 22.—Receipts-15,-
500 barrels flour, 22,000 bushels wheat, 30,-
000 bushels corn, 34,000 bushels oats. Ship
ments-44,000 bushels wheat, 88,000 bush
els corn, 40,000 bushels oats, 8,000 bushels
rye. Freights firm with an upward ten
dency; to New York, 163‘c on wheat, 14(
on corn and 11 1 ,6 c on oats. Flour quiet and
unchanged. Wheat in fair demand; saleE
of 15.000 bushels No 2 Cnicago at $1,64:
16,500 bushels No 2 Milwaukee at $1,65
7,600 bushels. No 1 Milwaukee at $1,75
1,400 bushels red winter at $1,95a2; 1,60(
bushels amber Michigan No 2 at 81,95; 8,00(
bushels amber Canada, choice at 82,15
Corn dull bu t firm; sales of 16,000 bushel:
No 1 mixed western at 81,e8. Oats ad
vanced; sales of 10,000 bushels at 633;c; 12,
000 bushels at 64c, and 305 bushels at 65c
1,000 bushels to arrive at 65c—Bye nomina
and unchanged. Barley active and higher
sales of 1,500 bushels Canada at 81,85; ask
ing $1,90 in the afternoon. Other article
Nevv Orleans Market
[BY Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
NEW ORLEANS, September 22.—CottO
in fair demand prices lower; middles 23c
sales of 1,650 bale a, Receipts-807 bale:
Sterling exchange $15334a1,5534. New Yor
sight exchange per cent. discount. Gol•
141%. Flour dull; superfine $7,25. chok.
11,503.11,75. Corn dull $l,lO. Oats du:
62a63c. Hay 421,00. Pork dull $3050
30,75. Bacon nominal; shoulders 14%
clear sides 1734 c. Lard nominal; tier.
1935a20c, keg 21%c.
Chicago Market.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh gazette.l
CHICAGO, September 22.=Nothing dolt
In the market to-night. Wheat is held
t , 1,50 1 ,4 for No. 1. Corn-95e for No. 1. Oa
CLITLEY.—On Monday, Fept. 2lst, FRANC
CLULE x, Jr., aged 44 seam and 4 months.
The funeral will take place from his late re
deuce, No. 76 Fulton street, on WEDNESD.A
Sept. 23d, 1868, at 2 o'clock P:31". The friends
the family are respectfully invited to attend. ,
No. 166 FOURTH STREET, Pittsburgh,
INS of all kinds, CRAPES,' GLOVES, and
ery description of Funeral Furnishing Goods f
nished. Rooms open day and night. Hearse i
Carriages furnished.
RZIPZIIZZICSS—Rev. David Herr, D. D., Rev.
W. Jacobus, D. - D., Thomas Ewing, Esq., Jacob
Miller. Esq.
Alleghezlelty. where. their COs PIN ROOMS
constant} supplied with real and imitation R'
wood, Ms °gaily and Walnut Collins, at prices
rying , from S 4 to *lOO. Bodies prepared for in
went. Reuses and Carriages furnished; also, -
&Inds of Mourning IlloodS, if 'required. Office o
at all hours, day, and night.
.' EET, Allegheny, teeps constantly on hal
large assortment of ready-made Coffins of the
lowing - kinds: First,. the celebrated American
slat Cases, sletallfc Self-sealing Air-tight C
and Caskets, and Itosewo.cmi, Walnut and 130EICV
Imitation Coffins. Walnut Coffins from $25
wards. Hotewood - Imitation. Coffins from $5;
wards; and no pain' will be. spared to give en'
satisfaction. Crape and Gloves furnished In
charge. Best Hearses and. Carriage* furnishec
short notice. Carriages furnished to funerals ;
No. 50 St. Clair Street, Pittsbur
Having Just returned from the East with al
latest styles of European Goode. Is now prepay,
make them up In the latest fashion and most c
ble manner to his customers and the nubile o ,c;
ally, thanking them for past favors and Loran
new ones, at PilluES TO bUIT E.VERYBUEII
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Stre
Har. now in stock onset' this largest and most s
Assortments of
Fall and Winter Gook
ever brought to this city. Ills stock embrm
the latest %reach and lengllsh manufactures •
Gloths, Cassimeres, lattings, Overcoat
Also. a fall llno of Goat's Furnishing Goods