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    4 ' '
'l3Lya a,
Prayer\ M. to
12:30'0 - clock at the Rook 1e of the, Chrt
Association, Noa 23 Fifth street.
Route for Sate. , ..:A r gOod route, with over
400 re, in ".&llegheny City, on Lois
_for : particulars enquire at . ibis
— New Water Plpi.knirir wateepipe has
been laid along Washington_ to Wylie
street, • under the .strpervision- of Street
Commissioner McFadden.
Night S chools. - -Preparations are - being
made to open the Allegheny night schools
on Monday, September 21. Those inter
ested should bear this in mind.
, Fell From' B
a Building,—A workman
named John - Mercer fell from a building
; o. ll Mlrth drect., yeaterciay morning,
aus ,:however fs but alight injuries.
r Pstilitiel4lliii:;.a'rhe :Allegheny Post
offisa „Department, during the month of
Aukast;.sold nefirVlM s oo worth pf Postage ,
stamps, and over 0250 worth of envelopes,
Nerdßoll new boiler to be used in.
generating steam for the heating apparatus .
in the County'jail, will take, the place of
the old one, which.was removed yesterday
• The. City Republican Executiye OOMMit••
tee will meet on next Monday, 14th inst.,
in the'CdTPUIIOII Council Chamber, at three
o'clock p. m. full attendance of _ the
Menibeilisfdesired. ' ; 2
10 •(••
• Open' A ft - Bieetligv—Tc«morrow (Sun
day) afternoon,*a quarter.pastfour. P. lc,
there • will be an open air meeting held
under the auspices of the '•Young Men's
Christian Assomation, at the 4t4emetery
gate, Lawrenceville. • ••• • •
—Tore Down a Spout.—Jas, Patterson al
.. 1 13 ges that Mary McAteer. tore doWt2 a tin
spout frbirt in - front of Ifs house, which he
•. 'considers mischief of a malicious charae=.
" ,ter. A warrant was Issued for the'arrest of
,yhy Alderman rtay/or. • • '
• •rAtProposltion.—The typos of 'the Dina;
__. recognizing, the. matchless _superiority of
:lheirtrethrerttof the 'Okras** at the noble
gape, base Ball, desire to , be ,"counted in"
. ..on any other iittle game with which all are
• •acquainted-mbiumble Peg" for instance.
Full The Cincinnati expinstf
train trditi'iarEaSt 'came into 'the .Union
Depot yesterday morning with four hun
dred-passengers on board. - This is the
largest number of pasiettgeed`arrivlng at.
the , depot, on any single train during the'
Base-Ball.—Should the weather,be fa
vorable, the Ai'antics of the Twelfth ward
and the Olympics of Allegheny, both first
cline Base Ball r- Clubl, will play a match
game for the chanapionship of Western
PennsylVania in Union Park, to-day at
three p'clock. • _ ••
Tent ~P reaehing.--To-morrow (Sunday)
afternoon at a quarter past four o'clock,
' •;' - there:will be Services held in the “Tent,”
- under the auspices of the Young Mena'
Christian Aswiation; at the corner of Bea
ver avenue and Juniata atreet.Sixtli , ward,
Allegheny, formerly Manchester.
Took a Wagon-Wheel.•:-.ltunett L. g, a
"wagon-maker,—whose shop ,is located: on
Onalley, that,a curtain Edward
''ilvWrann' did take, • stesLand carry away
*from his;pqanlisse,one wag , on wheel,valued
• Aif ISA% MoM 'tars issued a
- ,warrant for the arrest of Edward on a:
4 3 A 1 / 3 1 . 3 9f lareteny.' ' • '
Railroad Obstructed. : --There were two
'land slides onthe Panhandleßailroad yes
, terday. one near • the- Birmingham - end of
the railroad bridge and the Other at Hanlon
station. The obstructions 'were cleared,
' away,in the afternoon sufficiently to allow
the, passage Of trains, which are running
••- regularly today, - •
Severe Acibierit.:.-151r. Cartwright, of the
Arm ..of.Stevenion & C 0.,; tinners, Federal
Atreet, Allegheny, met with a severe acci
dent in-Fayette county a day or two since
' ' by being thrown from a buggy and having
his leg fractured; He was brought to his
.home yesterday and ie receiving medical
Attention.' - " • -
Assault an&Battery.—Alvis Heiderker
pude information before Justice Ammon
• yesterday,'pharging John Tilk with assault
and battery. He alleges that the accused
committed an assault and battery upon his
the prweeutor's) son, by catching.him by
the ears and throwing him off the side
walk. A warrant was lamed.
. •
Veledletery..'—ReV. EL F.. drowther, the
beloved and justly,appreasted pastor of the
Beecinci Methodist Church; Allegheny, who
has accepted a 'call to New Brighton,Pa.,
't will preach his valedictory sermon toz-mor
,. row; morhing. This gentleman has sur
,,, „rani:tiled himself ,with hosts of friends - in
this community who are sdirylo have him
removed "to other fields`of labor.
• Bur:glaty prustrated.—An attempt Was.
niade at an early hour yesterday..mondsig
.force' an:•entrance Into Thompson &
Groetzinger's d r y goods store; corner, of
Picdfial - ,apf;Water — streeta, — Al!egheoy:•
The police detected the burglar at work
and endeavored to awe: him, but the 'fel
aware -pf their. approach.
made off as fastpoasltila-and eluded.
• arrest.
- -
Is you would cigar a fragrant Havana or
delicious Cuba :drop in at John Me t
.graw's headquart er s for tobaccO, snuff and
cigars, 11 - o. - E 4 Rand street. - Ncl where else
in the city can you be better pleased, for no
where. else is the stook' larger or liner. A
- full line of cigar tubes and meerschaum
pipes, of the best quality, at most reasons--
. ble prices. Dealers who buy to sell again
dealt: 14th
Violent UrethenWi—ry Garritz ap
, ,
geared before Inutice Ammon yesterday,
and lodged a Complaint against her brother,
Jiihn Garrita,' 'charging him ,with assaelt
and battxtry. . She alleges, that John is a
- violent man , and that he etniok her on the
• , .head witha • tamp of coaland, threatened
her. ibr which, an 'information was
also made for (surety of the Peace. A Arai
s• =sant was issued far the attest of John.
Abandonnient.—itridget Welsh mace - in.
fortnatbnwesterd4 against :•Wtn. Weish;!
4,her-ind, charging hirnaiith abandon
' ReenVend desertion.' Bridget says her
;lieggilerCafteK being away' fopabout three
1-. yespcbss retnined to this city / but not to
..tilltbosorn of his faLnilt whom her Ards - eV
7,l 4s .l4ifiiMioriiip - port. Widget resides in
StraWbelV'eneYr Wird sward. warrant ;
was issued for the arrest of thedblitioent.,
Fond At Nuald.—Damineo Reed -is very
fond - of music, if the statement of Frank
• Waage' can be relied on. ' -Frank says that'
~- D ornineo's passion itkr tondo led him to ap
propriate his amordeon, valued at six dot
:, lam. The defendant "resides en Bedford'
/greet, and officer Bali of 'Alderman Tay
'lor'e police - was dispatehed thither' yester::
tq bring , the alleged offender to an in
--vestigition of the matter -before the Alder
Surety.,Adolphas Etellhotum made in
:formation : yesterday, ,• before' Alderman
• bfeMasters, against Joseph Tyler for surety
43f the peace. The proseaator alleges ,that
the defendant used, Veryilfilolent threats
against him, which he fears may bwptltln
lopraetine. The,same prosecutor also ;a t:
'loges that johnltanin shook his flat at him`
and made use of violent and profane lan
tnage toward him. Warrants were issued
in bah cases,
' •"- •
-, t l, !•' **'"
aleforiOdge IteCandlesil. 3,
"In the do* of. the 'United Statelk- va. Ad;
ward Eichenlaub, charged with illicit ills:
tilling,-the District Attiirney declined to
Press a convictfon, and the jury, under the'
charge of the Co 11rt,.found a verdict of not
gaiityr•"'" t
On motion of General McCalmont, Chris
tophei W. Smith,Esq., of Venango county,
was duly qualified and admitted to practice
at the bar of this Court.
On motion, the distillery of Henderson &
Rank, under seizure . was, released upon
bond being filed. - -
The case of Buckl, Sheldon &. Co., vs.
Wm. H. Carle, of Venango county, was
then taken up. This was an issue in, county,
joined with a view of forcing the
respondent into bankruptcy. General A.
B. McCalmont appeared for the ;petitioning
creditors and Hon. S. A. Purviance and
W. MoN air, Esq:, fet the'resporident. The
case has not been concluded. '
In the bankrupthy branch petitions for
final discharge were• filed by George E.
Humphries, of Bedford county; Geo. Tay
lor, of county; Gillespie& Mitchell,
of Allegheny county.
In the matter of Wm. Shea, ,against
whom a petition in bankruptcy had been
fited.mpon haotion;. the Court allowed pro
ceedings to be discontinued. ,
In the matter of the petition of L. Gra-'
ham, credltor,vs. Joseph P. Haight debtor,'
the '
respondent denied the alleged acts of
bankruptcy, and demanded atrial Jyjary.
The Court ordered the case to be submitted
to a jury at the October term.
In the , awe of Jeremi a h Stilley, Jr., in
dieted' ior misdemehbor in unlawfully and
maliciously thirnibg the barn and stable of
Mr. Risher, , on Streets Pm), in Baldwin
township,, the jury found a verdict of not
guilty, the proSetlator and defendankeach . ..
topay one-half 'the costs..-
ASSAULT.' orr Ekr.
Leonsrd i3chircier,alOsitack; or sth ward,
was'tried on an indletinerit - charging nim
with committing an assault. and batterk on
Mitchell •Dand, 'a 'resident of Lawrence
ville. It appeared the prosecutor, while
walking along Penn 'street; June 30th, was
accosted by the defendant, an entire stran
ger to him. - 7Defoodant siesired prosecutor
to "treat," and this being refused, he asked
"Where, ase you going?" "To prayer meet
inc replied the prosecutor . The next in
gu was "wher,e,did :you get that coat?"
to w ich the leplkwas, 'q don't think that
any of vour . business." Defendant then
squirted - a tnenthful of tobicco juice on
prosecutor's fine linen coat,' and. followed
this assault with a battery.. kicking the
prosecutor severely in his rear part. The ,
jury found a verdict.of guilty, and defend
ant was sentenced to pay a fine of twenty
five dollars and cosn3.
William Shore and William Richardson
were placed on trial on an indictment for
aggravated assault , and battery on Luskin
Abel, committed in the saloon of Joseph
:Lotinic, on Fulton street, on the night of
'the 18th of April last. It appeared that a
disturliarice waircreated in the saloon, the
proprietor refusing additional 1« drinks "
when balled Duringthirrow the tyre
secutor, a boarder in the house, was as
'xalted andlvery seriously injureg, whilst
'.taking the part of the saloon keeper, upon
whom a combined attack had been made.
The; testimony Was somewhat, conflicting,
witnesses-, for the Commonwealth testify
big that the defendants'struck and abused
the proseettor, and witnesses for the de
fense testifying' to the , contrary. Colonel
Duff, District Attorney, asked the Court
to charge the jury, upori the as
sumption (which appeared to be the
'fact) that there was a general fight
in the bar-room, that the defendants, hav
ing taken part• with others against the
saloon-keeper, should be held responsible,
whether or not it hadbeen established,that
they inflicted the injuries on the proseeu- .
tor. W. C. Moreland, Es4l., contended that
before the Court could properly so charge
thejury, it being uncertain who inflicted
' the' injuries, it must appear that those
guilty of the violence were of the party or
crowd to which the defendants belonged,
and of which they appeared to be the lead
ers. Colonel Duff thought. this fact , had
been fully established., - - -
The Court charged that testimony fOr
the Commonweldth indicated - that the de
fendants commenced an attack upon the
proprietor of the saloon, in which they were
assisted -by - those who had entered the
saloon with them, and that the prosegator
Was injured by one of the partied thus ad
ing in concert while he was acting the pert
of a friend to' the tialoon-keeper. , If the'
jurytai believed r all of the. attacking party
wereprincipals, and the defendants should
at least be convicted:of simple assault and.
battery . . " • • •
The jury found . , a Verdict of guilty' of
assault and battery % "Stulttence deferred.
A ii,4ton
Patrldt•McGratly was arraigned on in
dictments for selling liquor without license
'and' for'llittiiiiiing liquor to Minors, found
on the_returnA.George Evans, Constable
of Pitt township, In *ltch district defend
ant's bailee was situated. It appeared that
defendant had - 'an eating-house- license r
which authorizea him to sell malt liquors
ordy,but it was, alleged that he had sold spir
ituous liquers.:JOhnThbinson,a IhittOly
Nelson Irwin, of,ager. testified to having'
obtained Intoxicating' drinks (ale and
whisky,).% July, from defendant,and
that George Evans, a minor, (son of there-'
turning Corditable,) was With thorn and
tooke drink. • '
• Tlionias Howard, • Esq:, for the defense,
turged an acquittal'on the charge of selling
to minors, for the reason that the defendant
'Might not have known the age of the boys,
and from .their 'appearance might have
Judged - them to have been of lawful age.
OW. DOH suggested this argument might
holelgood under the old 'law ' when it was,
required, in order,to convict, that the party.,
'charged furnished the liyor.
In. the new law (passed,March, 1 8 6 7. the
world, rwillfulle waaomitted. Mr. - ow
ard said he was not aware its had became
lawful to convict 'men of crime without
consideringtbe elenent ofintention. Judge
•Sterrett remarked; the new law held:been so
construed first by Jude Stowe, Judge
Mellon had - assented, and he ((Judge ,Ster
•,rett) did not feel dispolsoff to •
The jury found verdict of guilty on'
high indictthente. :Sentence deferred:
liorort euaba.
• In the, case , of the', ' (o mmonweaith, oes.
Thomas Diger and :Tames Parker, indicted
or_robbary,, Prentyt
counsel for ,defense, R. S. Morrison, Esq.,
moved - to 'quash the indictment on 'tire
.ffsdund filet it, ,wee drawn, "in &My Court of
, Oyer and. Teirminee, and Quarter Sessions
o f the Peace," Oat is to say, two
Omits, whereas • oply'tlie Oyer and Term
,inet ttad•jurlsdictkin. The Court • thought '
the motion well taken. A rgumenttaferred •
and ease put over., ;-; - • ,
. ..
1 , - ' -• - AoaArarr wits 14. zwiv '
-, HdwardSmitheoolored, was indicted for
felonione',siesta 'and. ' batterY. Henry
Shuts, tavern keeper. at. No. 20 Market
street, testified=that. , ow, Tope 19th defen
dant, three, othfr u elored men, and 'one
`White man &I I ;hit salbon; the White
man 'called' “the!drinkl;"- after drinking
the white: man , said he' hid • only;
cents ;,, defendant 'said he had plenty of
money, and titre* 6'Ni:wrier" on : the
`Minter; witness said the fqqoarter" and
twenty cents ' offered by the white man
*mid answer; the “drinks'! amthintibg to .
forty;five cent*. • Defendant, took batik the
"quarter," and three of the Oolored mew
passed out of the saloon, leaving the de
fendant behind; witness came me to the front
~.',- , , i 'ill- ,' ., % !'-', ' l ,' i•'- ; '.7 7 ..- : 'Z. ; '.4 ,
VidieSideinetrict Coda.
Court of quarter Seadoua,
[Before Utilize Ste - nett.);
, , ,
of th e bar, laid Wilma tgion defendant's
thoulder, , and said "you stay here until the
drinks are,paid." Defendant then drew 'a
pocket-koilif. and stabbed witness in the
nose, almost severing it, and then ran away.
'The statement of the prosecutor was ,corr
iaboratedlw his son, twee:sixteen, who
Was preser t st the 'time. The defense of
feied' was good character. The jury found
the defendant not 'guilty of the felony
;charged. but that he was guilty of a misde
meanorin unlawfully cutting and wound
ing the prosecutor. EkMtence deferred.
C: AI . Robinson, a citizen f. Cleveland,
Ohlo' , was brought into Courtfrom prison.
and ids discharge from custo dy asked for
by J. H. Miller, Esq. It appeared that he
had been committed, on oath of Peter 801-1
1 ster, by Alderman D. M. Mullen, of Alla
gheny, for a further hearing next Monday,
on a charge of peddling without license,
having been tumble to give bail in the sum
of $300.. Mi. Miller statea that the prose
ner was engaged in peddling. soap, manu
factured in , the State , ' of.,New York, and
had taken out' a United States license at
Cleveland; This license did: not protect
him in thid State, excepso far as the Uni
ted States was concerned as it was necessa
ry he should take out a State license; but
the proceeding by Aldeiman Mullen was
entirely wrong. The pri inner had rendered
himself liable to the' pe alty •of fifty dol
lars, recoverable only inCivil action. The
bmirt.immediately,orde ed ; the release of
,prisoner, and con., quently the "fur. ,
ther _hearing" arrangement of the Alder.
man has been interfereil with. - . •'' ',-
• '-' ' ,
Trial List.
Com. vs. Michael Creighton. '' • •
" " Jahn lay.
, •,, '" ,- " Washifigtoni Bartley,
. ft k.. 1, .! Makin. Ramsay. ,'.
Hezry ls Schu ld p vf p u6 .
" " Archibald Wasson.
~ . " ",, Charles F. Flnkuep.
" ' "-- aanles;Dee.' , .4
.. ..' 'Charles' Hoffman and William
. _ .
FOR wstowidsDAT, ,ani.t. 'l6. ; •
Com vs. tarries - Walker: ; •
" " George Eckert.
" _ . ". , Same. .
" " Catherine Ox. . .
" " Wm. Beadling. and Catherine
. , ' Mcflrogan.
ii ‘• Michael Savage. ,
ill 14 Same.
" ," . Richard Best.
" " William E. Hively.
" " Irwin_Redpath (For. Redog.)
itiSt ifFew More Slate Last Writing Who
Have Purchased the New Weed Sewing
Please read the List.
Mrs. Nathan Graham, 122 Montery st. All
, " Swan, 36 Factory at., Pitts.
44 Jas. Erskine , 30 Factory st., Pitts.
" B. A. Elliott, Bro. Road.
". J. Arpe, Spring alley, Pitts.
" P. H. McGuire+, sth`, Pitts.
" J. G. kteig l el, Moore's Brick Yard,Pitts
" Wilson Johnson, Joseph at.,
I .` M. W. Huggins, Butler at., Law.
" Samuel Shaw, 104 Ohio ay., All.
" A. Hani, Shady Side, E. L.
" C. M. O'Donnell, 229 Jackson at., AIL
Miss Sarah Linhart, Carson at., Bir.
Mrs.J. Greatrake, 58 Walnut at., Pitts.
E. Steetle, Sidney st., Bir.
• Margaret McGinis, Dinwiddie at., All.
6 4 J. C. Humphreys, Pasture Lann,AlL
-44 J. P. Seipe, 207 Beaver at, All.
" D. Thomas, Hazlewood. _
14 J. Lang, Larimer ay., E. L.
44 C. F. Bostwick, Sntion st.,,E. L.
4 4 C. Kountz, Calvin at., Law. •
" W. Grotigh, Carson at.,
• M. Bretnact, 7 CraWford it., Pitts.
" T. Ferguson, Temperanceville.
44 0. Seidensticken, 499 Penn st., Pitts.
' 44 .T.R. , Blaok, Patrioklilley,„Pitts.
" J. E. Stevensm, 2 9 4 Fianklin at., All.
N. P. Fetterman, Esq., Washington
" H. King, 2 Centre ay., Pitts.
" L. P. Greves, Squirrel Hill.
" E. 11L Flernan, Carson at., Bir.
" L. R. Thomas, 414 Penn at., Pitts.
" B. H. Hibler, 54 Peebles at.. All.
" • H. Barker, 180 Wylie st.,Pitts...
Lare,22 Wylletst., Pitts.
C.W. Shaffer, 2 Chestnut et., Ail.
" J.W. Taylor, 682 Penn at., Pitts.
" L. T. Mika, Carson at., i
" J. Sankey, Sarah at.. Bir.
44 Mary Fisher, Sarah at., 131 r.
ft• S. Dalzell. 132 Smithfield at,, Pitta-
"> E. Ray, 19 Poplar ay., All.
hi.Cuppingluuti, Neville at., Bir.
" M. Irwin, Monterey at., All. ,
"..T.Gray, Mulberry ay., Pitts. ..1 • ;
" Geo. Freshwater, 188 Beaver avenue,
44 3: W. Paul, Carson street. Birmingham.
" J. A. Haufman. Allen at, Lawrencey'l.
- 0. Snce r 296 Penn street,' Pittsburgh.
J. Mor pe ris, Centre avenne,, Pittehurgh.
" G. Mansfield, 263 Lacook st., Allegh Y•
" W. Wherry, 33 Sanipson at., Allegh'y.
Spring alley, Pittsburgh.
" G. Monroe, Bingham at., Birmingham.
" P. Walker, Franklin st., Birmingham.
4 1 A. Letzkua, Carson at., Birmingham.
" K. Wier, Clover street, Birmingm.
" • E. Arnold, 247 East street, A.lleOeny;
"Maris 'alien," • •
• hision R. EL, LONG. Agent,.
Office No. 112 Grant streets .
oThe 'Pittsburg it BealEstate
—We have received from the publishers,
Me-ips, Croft &Phillips, 'Real _Estate Agents
and Brokers No.' 139 Fourth avenue, the
September flume -of the. ! "Pittsburgh Real
- Estate ittigistet. It contains over- half a
milllog • dollars worth of property offer
ed for - sale by the above firm, consist
ing of aims, mills, hotels, stores, western
mineral and coal lands, oily and suburban
"sites; also •falldeScriptions, prices: and
terms of sale. As the circulation or the
above Very valuable work is gratuitothi,
persons interested in the purchase otsale
of real estate should not fail to obtain a
copy. It will basest by =al, free, to any ,
• , •A' Large and Varied Assortment of Cam;
Paigtitioods of ill.hintbS 'at,' the Pittsburgh
Fisg . Manufaetory of John • W. Pittooh, op
posito the 'Postoffioci, , consisting in part of
Bunting; Silk; ; Merino - and Printed Muslin
Flags, Streamers;. Burgess;
dani Pennons,. with
.or , without names of
:Candidates; .Ttoziettel; :Sashes, .Batons. Lan
terns, t -
. Transparehelet; • • Banneitf, — •Fatie
; Lamps; Badges, '.. Medals Fins, Caps and.
WO, Cliarts,,Sheetta,Poikialtit, Card•Fho- •
•togrnphs,•all sizes, printer • Liven' of ,!the
Candidates,' Song 7 Books,. Politica l- Text
Books, 'Caps. and Capes: for-clubs 411 ito;.!
ors,. HO.llBO Decorations,, State Flags,• Stars,
Shields, &9.; 'ltd.; it& • ' •
• I
`Fall-and Winter . _ Dry Goods.—New
and:winterrggodi;lns endless varlets are
now arriving at Bates & Bell's. No. 21 Filth
street; Ladles will find many rim novel-
ties to please aid - dellght them in the.i_vay
of dress goods, shawls land 'segues., Vail
in and see for yourpelyes. A° entire 'stook
of summer •goods , beingolesed _mitt. at
most rftionanie'pric%: --
- jilt!! . 006 mad not be told
that at - Mcßride & George's Dia
mond let GM. Griioery an (Tea Store, No. 184
Federal street, they can prcoaire the oltolOst
articles in thelvay of-fresh groceries, apices,
teas, provisions, coffees, Jto; i • _This Arm"do
a large wholesale And retail , trade, sad are
always up to the requirements of tide mar
ket- Their prices are ' aslow as ilsawhare
in either city.•
•••••••••••...111111111. :"
D. Eagan, N
- o. 48 Sixth'street, has
on hancl all the standard law, medical and
literary. works,. of Errirlish and Aferls4l2
authors. Scholars and' others in t eearch
rare books out Hof print should lo6lroVer
the stock held at this favorite depot. A fall
h li an ne d at port'r
of legal andembueupalstioelaprryicei
stationery s on
The House of Idieft(u4,lllyde & Co., Nos.
78 and 80 Market Street.
Inasmuch as the. Fall traile„has opened
. , trails „has
and our city is rapidly fi lling up with deal
ers from the neighboring 'districts to IMP'.
ply themselves with fresh stocks of; oods,.
we feel that a few words about an old,and
prosperous busin ess house will not be out
of order. Prominent among the Trimming
anNotion firms of the citY .
t those that emi
tro thq larger portions of the jobbing and
wholesale aa well as retail patronage,
stnstands the extensive end well conducted .
ho se of Macrum, Glyde & Co., Nos. 78 and
80 Market street. I The history of this es
tablishment is known to most all, and illus.
trates how wise it to favorably and satis
lactorily deal wi h the public, for out of
this system of b siness, without a single
departure from it Messrs. Idaorum, Glyde
de Co.;have b uilt p for themselves alrade
w 'eh, in round fi gures, is enor mous.
Thy have been lin operation but a little
lo ger than three years, and yet they have a
la ge :patronageuilt up, which adheres
rigidly to them d with each rethriiing
`ry largely 'ine times.- That their :gross
Ba 3
es swell larger each season, notwith..
ii ;
slandingrri have
materially,deelinea dnanY•mrre;codamnitbturnedto
tint in figures tuan herettfore, is the best
- evidence to Which:ye canpoint.of thelicp
u ItY of the_hbme and its satisfactory .
.method and , manner of.transacting trade.
The members now comprising, the firm
(Mr. Rtebard'Glyde being deceased); Are'
Messrs. D. S. Maornm and Calvin Hagan.
Both of these gentlemen bed thorougkex
perience and training — in every,department
of the business before entering into pro
prietorship, and being thoroughly ac
quainted with the wants of the trade in
this neighborhood and requirements of re
tail patrons, they always kept just such
stacks as make their store popular and' in
viting. Again; they have been content with.
reasonable Margins for profits, and haying
superior facilities for purchasing, are en
abledto afford', their patrons , superior In.
. .
' Acting on, • the Idea ,which moat , of our
leading merchants• and manufactures en
tertain, iliat the :incoming fall and winter
seasons will be marked by a large and
prosperous trade, , Messra. Macrum, Glyde
& Co. have made ample preparations for its
transaction.. They haye laid in [an im- ,
mense stock, embracing all the new novel
ties , which have appeared. in the Eastern
markets, both of foreign and domestic
goods, it being their desire to offer as ad
mixable selectien, and quantity at as reas-;
onable prices to their patrons as can be ob
tained .in the metropolitan cities. There is
no good reason why merchants should di
rect their orders' away 'from Pittsburgh,
while they can do , better and save -money
by purchasing at such houses as Macrum,
Glyde & Co. at home,
It is a ta.k much above our ability to des
cribe with anything like fidelity the goods
in all sizes, shapes and , forms which go to
make up a wholesale and retail-trimming
and notion stork, but we may be able to
give the reader some idea of the im
mensity and variety. In the basement on
our visit yesterday we found two large and
well lighted dry salesrooms, where goods
are received by a trans-railway from the
Want, and where likewise 'all thepackiiig
and shipping of the firm, fiCaltended - to.
We found the principal departments of the
basemeiit occupied with original packages
of country .knitting .yarns, Germantown
- wools, fine Cashmere yarns, hosiery of all
kinds for fall and winter wear, corsets,
spool c•-tton, etc. Of yarns the firm ~ e
a' specialty, ' ; ,and ,have Sold a . dy
this , season Bye thousand ..unds.
Some very pretty new' styles Of : .. oral,
hosiery for ladles and children hay: been
introduced this season, and are quite hand
some and Sttnictive. We found a splendid
assortment of band knit fine zephyr goods
on hand, which, while comfortable to wear,
:make very fine and rich articles of apparel.
The main retail sUnmet:rt.-which occupies
the ground floor o both buildings , is light
: i ds
and airy, and sr: Jenny commodious for
the accommodatio of any number of lady
shoppirs. , The -are kept in various
departments, so that customers in the habit
of shopping there know just where to apply
for any article they may need. The de
partments are about as follows, starting
from-the right -as you, enter and running
around the house:. The notion department,
where are kept the thousand and one arti
cles of use, beauty And, adornment, which
entertinto the category , of notions; next the
lace and embroidery department, where a
great deal of money is stored in the way
of- yeloable goods , such as fine' English
thread, Cluny. Mattese, Point and
Aplique laces, berthas, collars, coif.
ours, and lace- illusions,. Jaoonet and
Hamburg/ edginga, ineertngs, rich
embroideries, etc. Next is the ,general
dress trimming department t where all those
articles so familiar . to Par wives anddsugh
ters are kept, including velvet ribbons of,
all sizes. The nett is au importimt depart
ment in the keeping oj ladies exclusively,.
1 4 is thelladles' farWshitig and corset de
partment. Here will be found till descrip
tions of under-garments for ladies in vari
.ous-,-styles, and qualities. This is a feature
of the house only equalled by the gents'
furnishing department, which is kept al
ways up to the requirements of patrons:
No where else in the city will be found a
larger asiortment of dress and travelling
shirts, underclothing, ()tillers, waifs, shapers
' - dere, week ties, scarfs, sleeve buttbrie, - ite.,
&a. The hosiery department Is always well
supplied with hose for ladies and thildrenr
gloves of all sizes, qualities and materials.
A. special - retail department , is assigned
to yarns and zephyrs. Of these goods the
firm always keep.sainely assorted , stock,
whip)/ , cannot fall to please the trade.
There are other lines'of 'goods kept in the
retail floor,
such as umbrellas, ladies' trav
elling eaboses or hand valises, perfumery,
e jewelry, buttons and goods; but it would
a matter of impossibility to enumerate
all articlesliepttri a notion or trimming eir
tatilislunent of apch extensivocharacter.
-.ln addition to the basement' floors, the
Wholesale and jobbing trade of, this house
takes up all of the second and third floors
of the buildings.occupied by the firm. In
these rooms the visitor finds all endless as
"Sortinent , 'of goods ' suitable-for stocking
/eoUntrY , stores. ":Dike the retail depart
ment, the goods are kept aystematically
arranged, and citronsknow, Judd where VT
go fer any article tii. Way want. , H 6440.
. *Mitt, white goodi,!trfepuilings, balmorals,
Woolen goods, hosiery, 'gloves and notiohs
till becitp.fseparate'apartments; and !Xi,-
'tenon Will taw bound splendid. Of `ba'trinol
rah( therne lurid very elegant aovelties ,
on hatid,:jast eintrodnistaky Themes Dohinf
Ake great Germantown manufacturer, which
•Idll °omit:wild themWilyesi to the trade.
• Newer hibierumpOlyde it CO. do ' a largo
singe ,Of the Wholetiale bnainOss in their,
line, and strlyked,Watitly, to meet it by
competing with eastern houses, both in xe..
OM 49.-fitSolg and prices. In &including
our aotice at this representative- borne we
should add- `that it has been itspartioular
feature to always., have, in employ Lila'
force' of clever and acoormloodating sales
men an lildy clerks, with whom it:is a
pleasfirelet'deal. '- 1 IJ •
Our friends in malting up their orders for
Pall ani)l•Winter, dr about to vialt,the city
tOinakiithelr Ourchaselis' 'earnestly reo
ontmendigM view, fort ey Itegikthe• b 1 13 4r/facturn,
Olyde tn purchase
na wore ,go pettervadyantage, or be more
certain of receiving geflerouti treatment.
; -
ANew Treatutenu—For enronio diseases pl
n) Aye; ear , 'hea* throat, 'lungs, heart,
stoinaeh,ll4 lat' Dr. Ahern% MeistiditP
and Surgical Rooms, 134 Smithfleld-street,
half a square from the Postoflice. No charge
for con.silltation• tf
Get:`Wherebs Bargatis:
By referencia to advertisement-in another
column it will be seen that R. B. Smithsc4 s
& Co., 55 and-57 Fifth street, are offering
immense bargains in ladies' misses' and
children's, gents', boys' and youth's boots,
shoes, bainiorals, gaiters, sllppiire, brOgans, -
Mr. Smitbson is a gentleman who
fully understands' thEivants of the cotri
munity, and, when he premises t o gibe has
gains he does it. Their goods will be sold
at privnte sale At an absolute sacrifice, and
retail dealers; especially - frorn,the country,
will find this a'rare' opportunity to secure
bargains in replenishing, their stock. The
goods are of the.very best qnalityy. and all
those who wish to purchase' shoul d, by all
means, call at. Nos. 55 and 57 Fifibstreet,
where they will find gentlemanly and at
tentive salesmen, who, will deal with them
in;the most satisfactory manner. For full
particulars see advertisement,
' Biv alvular.:
blany weary' ones are re Bice now at the
return of the oyster season.: Every human
,being almost is a lover ;of the
valve, and le,eager for the _return of ,the
• -
season which brings the return of the' prIV.
liege of eating “raws,?' Pritews,"-&-c, The
deliciousness of them is never so fully ap.
*misted; orappreciated with , such: unsi=
loyed delicacy-of taste .ar , when they, arc
first made available arter.the dearth of the
summer monthsa ..-Nowbere- else cart 'this
enloyment be More frilly:attained ithan . at
the widely known and,universally
dining saloon kept by Boltzheimer, next
the Postoffice, on Fifth avenue. All the'
other delicacies of, the season are to be ob.:.
lained there at their best estate. •
Pittaburfigh Medical and Surgical Instittite ,
134-.Sniltlilleld Street.
*Under the. direct supervision Of E; S.
- Ahern, M. D., Principal, Consulting and
Operative Surgeon and Physician for Dis
eases of the Eye, Ear, Head, Throat i ltingti
and Chronic Diseases generally. Terbe ex
perienced Physicians and, Surgeons in at
tendance. . .1
Specid hitexest taken in thelreatnient bf
those cases that lave been given up askoße
less and considered incurable. ,
Dr. Abeam% Medical Bbok sent, bytuaitoti`
the receipt of 50 cents..
' Elmira for professional intervievirs
A. ac., 'to 5 • . .I`. at: tf
Can Always be Obtained at 112 Federal
Street, the Following Articles:
Crxwilut Candy, Almond Nut Candy,
Walnut Candy, Vanilla, , Lemon, *we,.
Mountain Tea, Pine. 'Apple and Cream
Candies, Roasted Almonds, Excelsior Gum
Drope,Prult, Rose, Sasnfras, Muskl•Cintia
moni_ Ppermint, Cayenne, Lemon, Am-
Perial_, ' Wintergreen,• Conversation
and Cough Lozenges, Cream and Dessert
Chocolates, double extra fine Cream Bon.
Eons. As sorted Candies, &e., &c.
Most Bitters of the present 'day that are
loudly puffed through the riewspapers as
having great; curative properties are , vile
compounds and base impositions, contain
ing no medicinal virtues whatever, and are
really very poor whisky " beverages, and,
instead of acting , as a millant and:tonic,
have a tendency to weaken the stomach by
entirely destroying the mating. The public
should therefore be very cautions and Par-.
chase none but Bobaek's Stomach. Bitters,
which have stood the - test' as a remedial
agent for.marky Years, ; and are really, as,
their naive indfcateS t a shkinach'bittei's and
not - beverage. They combine the pxoper l
ties otthe best tonic and .a" stimulant=a
laxative, an efficient and anti-billous agent
and:the, best stomachioltnown to the world,
and. when taken in conjunction with ;8o•
back's Blood PAT, are the safest alid:serelA ,
preventive agairiat all billanu derangements,
ihoroughly:legalaling the , whole. .system :
and giving tone to the digestive organs.
They are highly recommended as an in
vigorating tonic to mothers while finning,
increasing the Bow of milk, and for
lescents, to restore the Prostration' which
always follows long-continued sichriesS,
they.:_ are mks No" household
should consider themselves safe from the
oidiruirj maladlea without these hivaluaNci
medicines. They .ean be. Obtained. of, any,
Fall and Winter Dry Goods. - -Nrew. tali
and winter goods in . endless variety "are
now arriving at Bated& Bell's, No 21Fifth
street. Ladies will find many: neW.llOlOl
- to pleasd and delight them in the Way of
dress goods, shaw/a and sacques. Cal and
see for yourselves. The, entire stock of
summer go.;s is being elopd . ont
reasonable , ,
The bed end Original Tonll3 oflron, Fhb&
phorus and Calisaya. known as . Caswell,
Mack -et Co's'Perro Phosphorated Bliair. of
Calisaya Bark. The: Iron restores color
the blood, thePhosphornareinews. .waste ,of
tll. nervetient ,e and the Calisayn gtvea a
natural healthfu l .tone to.ths digestive or
gans, thereby curing ,cl i yiteeWa in , its, va
riona formS, Wakefuln ess, General Delaility
and - Depression of Spirits 'Manufactured'
Only by
,easvospi gazarAk New;r9i4: '
Bold by all druggists. • ' - '
, A Public Speaker made .alMod . at' a
Birmingham meeting the other night in
suggesting that the Freedrnim'eßureau
.waszet half so good for keeping
One of ;the trunks tarned out bY'the 'l"re‘
..mium Trunk Factory. cif 'Joseph - 'l...fabler,
NO. MA Wood street ! , Rolitiniants: maybe
divided as .to . the - good .diliditios,•of
,Freedipen's )3turan,:totit thoyslll agree that
Liettlerig.trynits are eatinent tvorer pthe
fame they enjoy. 'pan b-Ain 4 satisfy Your-
Bei; isn this
' Vail ' 'Winter Dry Goods.---litme 4
and:winter ztoods - endless variety 'are'
now arriving at Ifatee'dillaWs z No: ; l'Fifth
street. • Ladies will find 'many new hoYel
ties to please said' delight them in 'the Way
of dress goods,•••shawla - and. laciqties: '.Call
in and see for•yourselves. The entirizistock
'of summer goods 'is being 'olosed ,'Fitit 'at
most reasonable . pribes. - • •
,The damp weiitlier bring* colds and
Imwer disorders. `No family Should - be
without Dk: Harris ) - finious • crampl cure; a
sure al:Ali:tote, for dlarrhoni. cramp, sick
stomach and cholera - =Am; We have
tried itand km* whenotwe afrOlik 'Juin=
commending it in most cordial tering to
readers. All druggisla
s.Pr au`_:l. .
Asthma.—Letters from illta.Prtaidopt. Van,
Boren, Ll*trom,; ,expressed
iiiiiottgrAtikWitokyith po'rspilt cif tillittoi
Shaving, Hair Dressing or Bathing..;l`
No;betfee-plate foeettliebthan at tkeMneli
ftimiehed apartments of H.,B.Williamson,-
NN Fchleral ativet; AUegheby s•
New Bonnet ribbons , of yery t tiOttk de-
A ims junt, opened:4o 'the' retail 411MmInk
bendqnarters• of I W. - Moorl;t4d,
Market street: • '
Yarn. and Zepbyr wools in pit;
meats at,W. Wadoorhead'S,P o P4 ietaP;
'trimming, and notion atom,' 151.fippliet
• -' • "
pluthers dt• Ro vd_Aot4t Dr Hhzrib , :
cordial fir infante and nwidre. Ai :the
sabot ar0,1104: . 00414 .i I PTIoet4ed' 46 ' the
-_;•, • •'• ' ,'"
, styles: of ',4r tingist and. :ribr tlous ,
Ituit'reoetv,OC W tMoorhead'a.
fashionable trimming atone, Nd r 81, market: -
street. . 4 ; t.•
The plaie e •
Plaster, Eaker
Catiati74 l / 2 1 67.11*.a Hydrattlicr
reme* t is ;at;
Prettybee goods:cid: etobreildeiksivitist
street. ened at W. W.
ke Moorhead 0. No. 81 liar.
'Not - Ralf...Their, Value,
`' iiiilll6 , ,Oitie ' AT4L, OF
Lathes', Misses" and' Children's,
,*.p-9T44-,:i:g,,0 ES,
Gaiters,. Slippers, , Brogans,
AT ' 10 . M1'• ; 610 . 7 . 1', •, ADYAN C4
The entire stock of goods on-band previous to L ps'
Mekta:Pr Vie . . -
Special-Mot of - ''Goo
WILL BE 1101.41- g.
0 io
f -
.:. trl, :' : ' ll-, i :.1 . i,, .
r) r:i ~ : - ,17. . - 5 -1
far; Cirmintry . Storekeep ers will rind::';
-slvo i t •::!•;`, NI .
,talaf eXPOPPOITUMAY-PDP:a9PlenlS*inC
1:-!,1 V. 1016, Irk
rtheir '.StocisSlHAVelr,R44fedi as . theii
o„; K ocui I" I .4!tip.' Oi l , iiirkeThiPinTh (-:Zi4ty. New-:.::
..54404 #4..4ip ,P o s_ * -1114P/7 aston
*, '0; ' , it.' jt• SICIY
.';'.', - , li 1 1-.. i? ;! I ,".)' , i'lli - , ..r.•7 '..! I
I, •Iti 'it', ; .
• 12(7 , ,
. .
lz •
41i br:
• t,i -;
'lll 3115t:1113440Erlitarralrat
• • - L tr,0,•1
~..• -• •
• ;(4.1,:$ ")
fli.( 1' 4 !'‘ ;..`,l ' •
e4.*:•!....,55.0uti. 57 ;Itreet.
r i r imir i7,l l T= lll 7 .2a42 ;b•
- upappw4R.T, - ...:utx
, • ,I
.._ ,:.2u;~,~:
n )n _~
- Ii
20 13A.: Vs'
I ', ,
‘.H 4) - :$0110 . 0$4 CO.
r, , .r 1
. .
ni§`.;ss •
4, 1 4 1 0 ;SMit OF AN
.lAsirtax.ipii4:ol,:Sso.f.. HOUSE, ' i \
ALSO, A LARGE II yqwis...lapi;
.A11030$:., :SALES,
Gent's, Boys' and Youth's
4,k&, &C.,
- 20,DAYS,