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itts tittiburgij Ga
RUM & CO., Proprietors.
Editors and Broprtetore.
GAZETTE GUktillie, NOS. 84 AND 86,FIFTH: ST.
Of Pittoltrurgh,lsig4Onir and dli k aglieny
County. : ' ",•••
~ Term —.I)2V , . 1 semt-Weekty: Weekly.'
..„.. ~._
IDne year.... 11 00 line year. 50.50 Single cop7-4.11/.5v
One morn, - . i. Six mos.. 1.50 5 copies, each. 1.25
. y toe eek . . Three moo 75 10 ~ " 1.15
rem earrle - —and one tolgent..
:1j I
pion Republican Ticket.
. .
.Presidento—ULYSSES S. GRANT.
Vice •Prediltini:-4 CIEEMELER COLFAX.
_ . .
G.-MORRISON COATES. of Philadelphia.
L.. THOS. M. MARSHALL, of Pltsburgb. , •
tV• - f rict -
H. BAturEs, 113. Dist Sexura, SNOW,
2. RICHARD Wn.orr, 15. CRAB. H. MILLER,I
4. G. W. HILL, _ 16. JOHN STEWART, E.
d .H;.,,.. 0 . J OHNSON, ,
L MORRIS HOOFER . 21 . J. S . r•l i riNGs
IL DAVID M. RARE. 1 22. Wm. Fluty.
71.. WR DAVIS , . 12. A: W. cilawroatt, -
N. W. szranni, U. J. B. RA TAN. .
AuditOr Gtvm.A:a.,-d.V. HARTBANFT.
eUrveyor;Geigl-4. M. CAMPBELL.
Congress, 22d Dist.—JAS. S. NE,GLEY.
23ci bast. DARWIN PHELMS.,
Xfrietriii Attorney—A. L. lor-&RSON. •
Ass't District Attorney—J. B. FLACK.
Onstroller—MENlCY. A MRFIRT.
B`srveyor-4R. MeCULLY..;'
County zo*Dirator-4.0. 3.IURRAY.
'lllayor—,74-TIED,lit. BRUSH.
Osmiroller-Ro.l3'r. J. ArcGowerr.
Treaeurer-A. J. COCHRAN.
Ileadqiuirtera Republican Counlyi:Cona
autee,.ettY Mall, Market Stmt.'. open
every day.- County Cammittee meets every
Weigeadaycnt St P. M.
~ •
WE ilia= on Che inside • payee -of this
=mini" GeraesTE—Stoond e page Sack
by Parton of BirEtobOrt Peel, the S:kitamen,
The Ainitricsi Ambassador Abroad, As&n
pular Bird Killed in Kentucky. Third and
Bath pages':.- Commercial andi erl7:eila.
Seventh page`; EnPutt . Trestfeard, by - 00
Own CorrPPondentLEed Estate Transfers;
ft he'Propoced City Park -
GOLD closed ht' New - York yesterday, at,
1 4@ 1 • , ,
GEN, smarm resides at Morrisania, x.
Y., and is President of their GRANT and
COLFAX Club. > Plenty of Gerinaus
"fighting mit Stmozz," this year.
Ix ma . Republican procession at Bal2-
gor, Me., was a wagon filled with mutilated
Union soldiers, bearing the motto : "This
is what we owe to the Democratic 'PaitY."
Tere area good many Union men of that
kind in Maine and we shall hear from them
again next,Monday.
llcam is *i illie! loyal volunteer against
the new Deinocradc rebellion ! Hon. Taos:
J. Tomnra, oFfireeilort, 111., whowas ilia
last Democratic candidate for Congress
against B. Wasgsmusi, tuts publicly
avowed his intention to work
_and vote for
THE tinder affectioit of the Democratic
party for the boys in blue =is shown by the
fact that, on Monday last, eighty-five work
men, all. Republicans but two, and Among
them four one-legged and three one-armed
soldiers,. were digeharged from the •Ports
mouth Navy, Yard by the New Democratic
incumbents there.
IT rs proposen to re-organize the, Atlan.
Ilcand Great Western Railway- Company
upon a new tlnancbil basis, capiMl izingthe
past-due coupons and , certificates of deben
ture to thiVextent of about fifteen millions
of dollars and incrassing the entire bond
and share account to about 038,000,000. A
vroposatof this nature from the Directors
has meet unanimous appiik•val in England,
where the greater portion of the stockwand
bonds is held. • .
ME. BEirmoinzi,;ln his little speech at Al
bany, on Wednesday, ,announced that
Lad "received from all quarters the most
gratifying assurances of . Democratic tri
umph." The Vermont telegraphlines were
down that day. Your years ago, at Mil
waukee, the same unerring prophet made a
speech declaring that "the people had , lost
,faith in theadmiiiistrittiori. I believe that
we are to triumph in thiiitontest. u
can doubt this who saw what, I saw it. Chi
cago." The NoveniVer ballot brought that
triumph—over the left—Wid.'6B will report
it in the same way. • •
Two years ago Chief Justice Woonwanu
lielivered an opinion, in the case of, Baal,
LIZABERGEa VS. BEITTow,..:rd. B. F. Sacral,
page 9, to the effect that 'the legal tinder
currency was unconstitutional. In this
opinion, Judge Tuoursox concurred. In
the coo of Timm vs. BOIUE, in the Dis
trict Court of Philadelphia, and reported in
the Legal Intelligencer, the same opinion
was pronounced by J,udge SIIAREIWOOD.
Those opinions, particularly the One first
mentioned, was applauded by all the be'mo.
cratic joti v ruals of Pennsylvania.- - Now ;all
those journals are in favor
- ,of.,fincreadug to :
an alniostilidefinite„eitenta currency wlliciA
three of their most eminent jurists have
pronounced to be In violation of the Constii
tution. Are they animated by a desire' to
inpinge upon the organic law ? or are they
controlled by a disposition to swindle the
public creditors ?
Add to the amount of the Public Debt, as •
officially-promulgated April Ist, '66, 82.366,-
955,077, this amount being the ascertained
obligations of the Government, the larger
amounts which were at the same date actu
ally due, but not yet ascertained and Jiqui
dated, and We can form an exact idea of how
much money we owed at the close of the
'war. The official Treasury Reports show,
that we were also owing at that date, in back
pay for our soldienh for transportation and
for the settlement contracts for suiehit,-,
ence and war material, the further sum of
$698,546,078, all of which we paid Off with
in OW next fifteen, months, that is, by the
60th of June, '66. This for the War De
partment. The Navy-pepartment was , also
owing for similar claims, the further sum of
876,319,778, which it proceeded to ascertain,
settle and payed Within the same period.
I We have also paid for bounties,. pensions,
prize money, reimbursing States, claims of
loyal men, and other proper charges of
the war, the further ,sum of $145,912,401.
The aggregate'of these war expenses,
' $920,778,252, every dollar of which WU
due; although not yet ascertained,, and ex
isted as part of the National obligations on'
the lst of April, '65, must be added to the
ascertained debt at the latter date, and the
total amount of money which we were
really owing was $8,287,783,829. lAs the
Secretary reports our total debt Septerribarl;
'6B, at only 42,500,800,818, omitting. the
railroad bonds, the people will see that there
has been already paid of the BUM of $787,-
433,016,"0r part ; of the whole
. elebt of the country at Me end of the war,
,To deny that, you ,must hold that a debt is
not a debt so long as it Is merely a claim;
that. no. Matter how just the claim, it .consti
tutes no Parte f,your obligations until you ac: ;
knowledge. purr liability. This' is not the
-rsve. , man. of sense-does „badness. He
reckons his obligations according to what in
bi and justteetnid honor he has agreedto
,pay, and : it is a debt wldch.hi.recpgnlzes
whether' akicin.ed- ,
"tip in lily
bootti or not. - •
ord not only has the Treasury this paid
in thMe yeam oats-fourth of the enormous
. ..debt occasioned by the war, but it has in the
same time paid, for intereskon that and on
-the other three-Re:mho, the sum of $438,-
484,833. Here, then, have been paid in the
three years over twelve hundred millions of
public obligations. Ana who among our
citizens has felt any grievous or oppressive
barthea therefrom?
We have seen somewhere a Democratic
estimate which places the share of the Pub
lic Debt falling upon Pennsylvania at $3OO,-
000,000, or one-sixth ,of the amount now
standing unpaid. If that be correct, . the
same estimate must show that Pennsylvania
halhorne the same proporticoi in paying off 200 000 000 of .principal and interest
already discharged; that the people of this
'Oornmonwealth have already paid twelve
luareelmalions of tioilars. One estimate
gbod if the - other ie. - Now Itrt us remark
atat, Whether she has pall: mom or, - less, it
Intanet distressed her ao math . . but that she
eatt i pai her share of the remainder quite as
easily. Let the Democracy cypher on that
But let us, while we i are about it, look a
little closer into this matter. We have
stated above only the amount of the war
debtactually paid up ..l i nne 50; '66, and the
interest account for the three years, from
'65. `The fact is, however, that we have
contused the liquidatiOn and settlement of
these war expenses up to the present 'year
and have not finished yet. The claims for
bounties and itnearelmofpay are not all in
yet, but we are happyte
,state that only
about ten per cent. of thew • martin anal=lusted. These and other extraordinary ex
'penises; :the neoessarY and unavoidable
consequenoesofour efforts to , put down the
first Demociatic rebellion, were summed up
by the; Gazrrien a Month since, upon the
highest official authority as follows :
War Deparrinent •
Interest paid on debt to July 1, '6
Total aacertalitett.,
This is what the rebellion has s 4. far cost
us. - As we are now owing only 0,500, 7
000,00), it follows that, nearly 84500,000,000
Of the war debt, three•elghthe of the whole
burthen, has been forayer eitingnished.
That telhpthe whole story and leaves noth
ing to glees-work.
We recommend our friends, who ha ye no
knowledge of the German language, co be
.int their guard against a recent device df the
opposition. Within a few days, the latter
have flooded the ally with a fogr T page !aer
man pamphlet, which has been distributed
in every public place, at stores, offices and
counting rooms, and at the gates Of manu
facturing establishments, in.-the hope that
the employer, ignorant of its real tenor,
onld unguardedly hand it over to his Ger
man workmen. Numbers of these pamph:
lets 'have been left with us for examination,
by friends who were suspicious' _ of their
real tenor and design, and Copperhead
cheek has even had a beautiful illustration
in the sending of a sack of them, entain
lig a bushel or two,lci Our own Executive
Committee for distribution! We have a trtins.
laden of the document, and find it filled with
the. vilest, and yet the most _artful fare
hooda, elaborated for the evident pups of
mislading German voters. The questiOns
of ,tlie public debt, of taxation, and o6e
conitructiori,of the South, are shamelessly
misrepresented, the facts concealed, andthe
most perpable falsehoods are reiterated in a
effect Upon the pre.
forplun tongue , and for
Indices of the German-speaking voters, with
an evident confidence in the improbability
of any denial or refutations •
We again urge upon 'Our friends not to
lend themselves . to the circulation of these
infamous fabrications, uniess,,they it the .
some time ascertain their' nature and fully'
explain to their Geruian Mends the attempt
ed' deception. The 'pamphlet before:'us
makes no statement whichjs not capable of
themost ample refutatiOn, but, nevertheless,
might do' mischief:if suffered to circulate
Without reply.'Look out; therefore, for all
c•tich Democratic tricks and squelch them.
JE . sExuaLS, receigy-wade
a speech at York; the place of bia resideilcet
in which he said
'Rather than see, General Grant elected
President, with the understanding that he
is to administer the Government On "the
Congressional plan of disregarding all con
stitutional obligations, it would be far; bet •
ter, to let him or somebody else, be pro-,
claimed * tibisolute dictator and abolish the
Constitution at once. For myself, if 'must
choose between the tWor moat' frightful
evils that ever scourged, the human race, I
will without hesitation take an unlimited
monarchy in preferenee to a rotten re
Ife might have gone a step farther with,
out doing.violence to the truth, and have
confessed that the Democratic leaders, for
the lbng period of thirty years, have as
sumed the republic to be rotten and desired
to replace it with a , monarchy. That is
what the late rebellion, and the n protracted
conspiracy that prePeded it, really meant.
Of co9se, millions do not conspire ; hence
we acquit !the DemoPratic masses; but
leaders do, and in this case they intended to
set up a monarchy as soon as the fortune of
war turned decisively in their filVor. As
far as Mr. BLACK saw proper to go in his.
confession, he has made a clean breast of it:
On some future occasion, not far distant, he
may belinclined to own up from the bottom
of the plot. \ ,
AND now it transpires that Mr. DAVID
CIIA7FORD, the DemocratiC candidate for
Congress in' the XXVirth Or Waynesburg
district owes- his ,nomination to his pecu
liarly strong claims upon Democratic con:
ildence and sympathies, not only jest:at this
time, but for the past seven years. The
Repiblican shows the nature of these claims
in the annexed'statementi •
When' the war - began Crawford was, a
clerk in'one of, the departments at Warh
ington City. His. violent. sympathy. and:
openadvocacy of the cause of the , rebels,
and his ,denunciation of the Union,- was
known among his friends, and disg usted a
relative, with whom he boarded, to such.=
Intolerable extent, that he wascompelled to
rebuke him openly'. ' , He 'even disgusted a
?retbel,,vho afterwards became a General in
the armies of treason. Crawford was re
linked by this Southerner for his violence.
He went beyond_ the views of the rebel in
his denunciations of the North. It is a
fact that Craivford had all'his arrangements
made, shortlY after the opening of the war,
to move from Washington to Idabama. - He
said he intended to cast his destiny with the
South. He, however, on account of sick
ness in his family, came ,North, and , on his
way to Greene county stopped over night
in this place. On acconnt of his treason
able utterances, he was ordered to leave the
town, and it was only through the interces
sion of friends that he was saved a coat of
tar and feathers for his open secession ex
Tex Richmond Whig claims to know
upongood authority that "Mr. SEYMOUR
has expressed his opinion that a certain
speech of a = distinguished Southerner. cost
the Demobratic party of the North two bun
dred thousand votes." The Whig tiorrow
tally adds:. "Better not say anything than
use such language, ' that only exasperates
and strengthens our enemies." , That both .
SErsoun and the Richmond WMg must re- ,
member that the Democratic National Con
vmdion, at the suggestion of thesame
tinguished Southerner," pronotmced "the
reconstruction acts of Congress, so-called,
to be usurpations, unconstitutional, revolu
tionary and void." What could he infer
from this declaration but precisely what he
has inferred. These declarations, which
Mr. SEVIOIIII dolefully 'insists have lost
him two hundred thousand votes; are ell
justified by the Democratic Platform itself.
In the end, Democrats of all degrees will
understand this. , ,
- HENRI . Wenn Bssensa, in a letter ac
opting the honor or an election to be an
honorary , member of the Printers' Gamer
- and COIYAX Club at Waahington, concinda
with the pointed paragraph'as follows:
The new adhesion of impatient Southern
men to the very worst type of Democratic
doctzina ever enunciated since the party
Went into, alliance with slavery, cannot be
as disastrous for the South as was the league
with the semi party before the war. The
Democratic party seems fated to lead the .
South into desperate steps, and then to be
utterly unable to help those whom it has
deluded. 'lt will be so, again. Utterly lost
-to all moderation, the Convention in New
York has laid down a platform which will
bring aka war , to the, South again, unless it
is prevented by the victory, of the Republi.
can party.. I am, very truly yours,
p0iz.702,9e8 02
2084340,3703 13
367.466,189 36
$ 3,931,531,493 1 50
TRE imams of the Georgia Legislature
are carrying matters with_ a high hand.
Having expelled the colored Members with
out atrial under the provisions of a code
which expressly requires a previous trial ;be
fore' its penalties are enforced, they next
proceeded, in the face of the Governor's
protest, to admit the defeated white com
petitors' of the members expelled. A dis
patch before us states "the House refused to
investigate the eligibility, under the four
teenth article, of these new members, and
swore them in. It ilaltalleged that many
of them held office before the war, and after
ward joined in therzebellion.' The Ku-Klux
haVe now complete control of the House."
Lummous METEorts.--In addidon to the
radiant points in the northern hemisphere
ofthe heavens,it is stated that trom observa
tions- taken at Melbourne, A.ustralia, be
tween 1858 and 1868, there have been dis
covered various points in the southern
heavens from which star showers emanate.
The observations on the meteoric shower of
August oth, 1868, made in England, state ,
that the paths of twenty-six meteors were
recorded. The Meteors on this occasion
were principally green, yellow and orange
color, and the appearance - 01 the Shower
was Consequently less confused than is
usually the case when'the,bodiestsittta bine
light. The meteors appeared to emanate
from several points—one in the sword
landle of Perseus, and another .slightly
north of.Cassiopa3la. The latter point Is
injright ascension two hours and sixteen
:minutes, and North Polar distance thirty
six degrees. "
;WILD BEASTS IN IRme.—The sum spent
in 1807, in the four divisions of Ceatral
dia; for the destruction of, wild beasts,
amounted to $20,300. This money wastes.-
pended in the extermination of nearly
3,000 animals ' as follows: 002 leopards and
panthers, 535heitrs, 527 tigers, 475 hyenas
mid 407 wolves. The reward .offered for
the destruction of Tie
averages about $25
apiece; in the case of man eaters, the , re
ward is raised to $5O.
According to the Roe - mints Of the India
correspondent of a Boston journal, THEO.
DORE PARKER'S writings have had quite SD
effect upon highly educated Hindoos, who
think.their belief in his views iniolves no loss
of caste. But to becimie a Christian, to attend
Church and receive the right of baptism, is
to beconie an apostate, unclean and impure.
No man it is said in . , India. can become a
Christian without being cast off by • his
dearest friends-wife, children, father, moth
er,' all hate and Curse him ; but no such
consequencee folloW when idols and Shas
tem are rejected, and the theology of Mi.
PARSER is accepted instead. -
It` lien open question, how long a minis
ter is regarded as a , yomig man. Rev. Prof.
TAYLOR, ' the I new Professor at Andover
Theological Seminary, in his inaugural ad
dress, ' sari men , thirty or, flirty are often
'still young; someere younger' at fifty than
others at twenty. If the spirit keeps young,
no matter for the years, the preacher him
self is still young. 1
- The Old School Presbyterian Synod of
Allegheny will mee , at Bridgewater, Beaver
county, Pa., on
,the fourth Friday of , Sep-.
tember at'seven o'c ock in the 'evening.
A Convention of 'the EpisCiipai4 ChUrch
in Missouri met in St. Louis Thum y•week,
and elected Rev.CharlesF.Riibertson, of Ma
lone, New York, Bishop for the Piocese of
Missouri, to fill the vacancy occasioned by
the death of Bishop HaWks. , Bishop Tut
tle,. of Montana, it will be remembered, de
clined the honor. '
A Minister's wife asks ! the question, says
the Contregatignal#4 when the Minfiter's
salary is fifteen hundred dollars, and a thou
sand are paid'for music.; lit . that a judicious
and equitable ; apportionment of the monei
raised for parochial purposes? The mini&
'ter gives seven. days' Work ,every week,
evenings included, to the church, and chor
isles give less than seven hoursi rehearsals
The Mennonite Lonference , of Ohio, at
its recent meeting,,,ooklaction - that a broth-'
er or sister marrying nutaide,bf the ChUrch,
'wilt be considered >not only a transgres.
*ion against 'the ,itiles 'of the Church, but
also a transgreision against, the Word of
God.- This they must acknowledge and
confess before they can be again received
into the Church.
Referenie wasmade not long since to the
strictness of the Society of Friends, in
Philadelphia, in regard to wearing their pe
mller garb'and style f dress. ' Withal the i 1
c t s
severity of the Frien on the dress ques-
. •
tion, it appears, tha some time ago the
Philadelphia yearly Imeetitig _of Friends •
Consented, aftermuckdeliberation, that one,
of their influential Members might retain
and use in his faiiiily the elegant piano
which he • had purr.hesed.. Before that it i
customarywas to "read out orthe meeting" I
any Member who kept a piano.
Rev. Dr., Prime, of the New York 0&.•
server, is represented aa 'having said at a,
- public meeting, in Ne l Yhrli, that diersYs:,
tem of mission.chapel has failed, and that'
not one self-natal* ' 'church had ' ever
I t.
been prclueedthereby. , 'Thiel is certainly a
mistake. The Doctor should not take New
York as a fair sample of the success of
mission-chapels generally. , • I
The New 'York State Sabbath !School
Teachers':Asiocultion, at Its recent session
in Elmira,. recommended the holding . of
an Internaticinal Sunday School Convention
at Newark, N. J., the Conventioi to beheld
not later than the first of January. The
Association resolved that a l , Training Class
be organized in the , city of lb , * 'York dur
ing the coming, winter. The subject of a
Normal College was discussed, but finally
referred to the first meeting of a National
Institute or Convention. - ,
The th ,
yterse (Catholic) speaking of the
baptism - of Hon. Thad. Stevens, iu his last
moments, by a Sister of Charity, saye,Avlutt.
ever may have been lila Predilections for
the Catholic faith, be died a son of Pius IX,
"and as baptism expunges all sins which
ire on the soul before its administration, his
salvation is certain."
The building of the Baptist Theological
Seminary, now rapidly going up in Chicago,
is to be of brick, two hundred and fourteen
feet long, forty-eight feet. wide and, four
stories high, and will contain one hundred
and eight rooms for students, besides a
boarding department and four residences
for profesiors. It will cost about sixty
thousand dollars.. it expected • that
'the rents of its residences will endow one
professorship. Great efforts to endow this
institution liberally are being put forth.
The New York Independent urges Con
gress to lay as high a tax on sermon paper
as on whisky—in conformity 'with Napo
leon's rule, that vices should-be taxed high.
It thinks as a general thing,- that the life
which dwells in.a minister's manuscript is
like the voice which dwelt in Balsam's ass
—it required a miracle to make it ; speak.
W. A. Ingham - , Esq; of Cleveland, Ohio,
has generously agreed to educate Ernest G.,
Wesley, a young man,, converted In Buenos
Ayies, for the mission work oftliat country.
This young man le a native "of England.
aged twenty-one, far two years a. resident ,
of Buenos Ayers, and a descendant of
Samuel, and Swam& Wesley, 'of Ep-
The trumpet used at Sing Sing camp
meeting Is made of solid allyer,, The old
silver trumpet, whose r elation call still rings
as clear as,ever through' ; the • camp-grouttd,
is twenty . six Indies long, and is of elegant
figure, and great purity and sonority of
A gentleman in Yonkers, New York, es
building Atilired thomptd -dollar
Baptist cberF.ll, as m emor i a l to his do_
ceSsed wife ,
The Univeraal Catholic .thinks :the late
address to the Pope in:l4lNi Wm- full of,
rhythm as Virgil's Hexameters, And that the
4 • i
butrof the Immaculate Conception, written
by Father Perrone, is the 'most NO - ended
. , ,
literary task of mortal man for it thou sand
Ad Episcopal clergyman, ...Re!. Mason'
Gallaher, declared redentlii,in 'Detroit, that
he regarded the principle ' ekiiblished in tile
Tyng . trial as SL:l;ird with the same feather
with the doctrine of secession:l''' As - lhe
one disrupted the Statni, the
,other will rend
asunder the. Protestant Episcopal Church,
unless put down by thnprompt uprising of
the laity' " • ' -
Five ladies were recently; ordained dea=
conesses in the First Christian Church of
Philadelphia, Elder David Walk, pastor.
The State street Conkregational Church,
Brooklyn, New York; tried the experiment
some years ago ,of, settling a Methodist over
the congregation. The experiment has not
worked well. The Mnehmati Gazette says
there was too much'Methodism for the Con
gregationalists, and too inuch Congreia
tionalism forthe Methodists. 1 The result is
the church is in a very feeble coilitipn, and
will probably. expire. •
—Oregon advices of August 25th say that
Colonel Price held a talk• with delegations
of the Wallapie and Mohave Indians at
Fort Mohave, which resulted in an agree
ment that all tribes assemble in twenty
days for a grand council, meanwhile hostil
ities are to be suspended: on both mdes.
The Wallapie Indians are desirous of peace.
Colonel Price is satisfied that no mare
outrages will :be committed. Parties of
miners have had to go to the mountains for
safety.,• :See Run, chief of the Wallapies
and originator of the late war, promised to
attend the counsel. Parties from 'Prescott
report meeting a large • band. of , Indians,
'with Bee Run at their head, who acted
friendly..: They said they were tired of
' —ln the regatta of
,the, Hudson River
Rowing Association, ,
,on Thuriday,, the
double scull race, three miles, was w o n il
y s,
Van Roder and O'Neill, of the Columbia
club, beating two members of the Atlantic
Club. Time, twenty-five minutesand forty
seven seconds. The eight oared barge race
was won by the Atalanta, in twenty-three
minutes and eight • seconds; testing' the
Gulicks and Coluir•.blaii.- The single scull
race was won: , Tearon, of the Vesper
Club; beating Young; of the.' Columbs.
Time, twenty-threw minutes' and
. t p n -sec
onds: The six oared out-rigger g race
Was won by the Mutual, Club,' intr. tue.
.Atalantair,. Gulloks and. Colum 'Time,'
twenty minutes anti fifteen nda.
THOhiPSONI-XeLLIN:-.ola:Thirraday wetting,
Sept. 10th, VOW' iitt the itildenee , of the bride's
.pa eats, bylle,.'W; Hoirscfd,. D. It.,r3fr. JOHN
A. THOMPSON tend hilts . 13.11.I•LIE X: IfeLAIN,'
daughter of N. Metal:L.-bath of Plitatourgh, Pa.'
No cards. • • - • ; •, • 1
GARDNEII.I.AWTON.—On.Thetadar, oe-pteta.
her 10th, at the bride's mother's,; hi' . Rev. Thomaa
Crampton. 11r.. MAIIONALL C. GARDNER and
Mm KATTIE A. LAWTON. both or this city. No
OBTIL—At CannellevlllE. Wednesday
titornhllL September 9th,setB o'clock, JOSEPH H.
[Steubenville, UM:twine And ctpciluiatt. papers
please copi.) .
WOODWELL.-r0 n TM/noisy moniing,
BENJAMIN; Infant 'son of W, K. and Elizabeth
'Woods' ell, aged A Months and BO dada.
The funer..l will take plias from'em Parents , res
idence, Shtdy Lane, Haat' Liberty, 141E1 i 1011211 1 ,121,
*l9 , • ; •
LEZ Ett • 11111DERTAKERy . •
No. POIIRTHETREET, Pittsburgh, Pa.
NS Of all kinds, -CRAPES, LOrMB and ev
ery description of Ponoral Parnisbtag GOOdi far.
sashed. Rooms open .stay and night. Reat:se and
Caniages•farnished. • - • •
.Yrrgarsar.s—Rov. Dirld Nair, D. A, Rev. -
__'Jacobus, D. D., 'Thomas Ewing,Esq., Jacob H.
911ARLES tilkle.Ell. 3 lINDERi.
' TAKERS AND I,WEBY TABl it EB, corner ol
'A egheny City, where their 001..P1N BOOMS ant
otrastantly supplied with rest and imitation Bose•
wood,-Mahogany and 'Walnut Collins, at prides va
rying to 6100. 'Bodies prepared for Inter
ment.- Hear ses and Carriages furnished; also, all
'Linda of Mourning Goode'. IX required. 011 ice open
*tall hours, day and night. • •
EET, Allegheny - geeps-touartantlr on band a
large assortment of ready made CoMns of the frd
towi kladc.lirirst, the celebrated Asmeries& Bu
rial--Vases, 'Metallic ; Self-seallng Air -tight Cases
and Caskets, and Rosewood, Walnut and goliewood
Imitation &dins. Walnut Collies from.ll3/5 up
wards. :Rorewood Imitation .Comas harm $5 up
wards, and no pains Will be - spared to sive entire
ratielaction. Crape and Glogesihrnlshed free of
ehame. Best Hearses and Carriage& fernlshed on
short notice. Carriages !Welshed to funerals $4.
. . .
PETER SQUIRE. ITT (Wind street" London'.
:Ibis Soap bas been, by s Peculiar process; freed
noon ;be excess of alkali. &Low, invariably found
even in the Purest.SoaPs, and at the same time It is
made to take up a large quantity of Glycerine (40
per cent). -'lt is to ;Ms latter substance -that it
chiefly owes its soothing qualltrrsoftening the akin.
and sery unpleasant plexion, preventing- chaPPing
therbughness experienced in cold
weather. It is found most useful in alleviating the
irritation produced by dryness of the akin. On ac
count of its great purity , it recommends itself toall
persons that suffer from the nee of common Soaps;
for delicate skins it la the only Soap that pan be tol
erated. It is particularly usefel for cleansing dis
eased skins, where the Irritation, produced in ordi
nary Soaps causes so much Inconyerdeuce. It is the.
mnst agreeable Shaving Soap that can be used, leav
ing the skin soft and comibrtable. "Tbe 804111 usually
sold as Glycerine Soaps contain little or no Glyeer-
Inc. It is only necessary to apply the tongue to the
surface and the genuine will be distinguished by the
sweet taste. Agent:.' 4 • 7 •
2ortter Smithfield ansi Fourth Streets.
130AY. aulbriTs
Corner of Penn and St. Clair Streets,
Has now in stoek one of the largest and most varied
assortments of
Fall and Winter Goods
. .
ever brought to this city. Hla stock embraces all
the latest french and English manufactures of
,101{Ings, eve!eatitingi.
Also, a foil ilne of Gent', .rernialtlng Goods.
SCOTCH I . Pg.P.131.,
Peg BM. By •G,
5a rirrmi Brss
- -
No.' SO St. Clair Street, - ZittBburgh
Ilartug just returned from the East. with all. the
latest Olden ot European Goode o ia now prepared tO
=anthem up In the lak et Mahlon and meet 'tum
ble manner to his Customers and the nubile genre.
&Uri - thanking them for pest favor, and honing lb;
new ones. at rsslußS hlirf EVEUYBUDY.
KAarurscrtrzeza BY
Are the most efliclent and most popular Diuretic
medicine kriownil cereonag agiincet'abt obstruction
of the Kidneys. subduing Intimation and stretioh
ening the UrinarpOrgans. -
Dr. Sargent's , .I . 3acktiche Pilis,
nave bet n inure 35 Tears, and are d a ily perform—
ing Wonderfil cures. In many instances Where Pa
tients were unable to walk upright or for ride
without assistance, then have been' relieved by a:
single, dose. ,
Dr. SamenPs Backache Pills
Cute all diseases of the Urinary Organs, the symp
toms of which are weakness and van in the bac/L
-and loins, pains in the Joints', difficulty in voiding
the crane, general debility, &c.
Are those organs through Which moat of the Waste
or worn oat particles of the . toodg passes; . these,
worn out and dead' pal - dams are pmsonous, come
quentty when these organs are, diseased the whole
system becomes ; derirged,and if Lot relieved at.
once the result ma 4, be fatal. , i '• '
Thts much esteemed arid` Most efficient medlelnc
Is the only diuretic , thit Is put up in. the shape of
rids, and is much , More easily taken than the ordi-..
nary diuretic draushts, the Pills heing sugar Coatt.l
Priee 50 Cents Per Bolt:
FOR SALE HYDRO t t D 3113.
• The r serel-annnal skating hi the fever and ague
districts has begun. The fogs of these autumn
nights and mornings are surcharged with the ele,.
meats of intermittent and bilious remittent fevers,
and, unfortunately, peor-thirdi of the community
are just in the condition to' be disastrously affected
by them. 'Thoee who have been Prudent enough tor
fortifY thenneeliel dicing the rummer 'with that
powerful and infallible vegetable invigorint -HOS
against malaria, and have nothing to fear. But.
health is the last thing too many think about ; In
the pursuit of, gain or pleasure the blessing, with
mit which wealth Is dross and en,laiment impossi
ble, is neglecte d . ' ' ' •
' Better late than never id a consolatory 'Proverb.‘.
however, and all who 'mei:C . o feelthe prem onitory
symptoms of - any of the epidetnies which are anger-.
deredbv the malaria of aufdinn, inneedlate
resorl to the GAZAT 7 ARTIDOTE 'olr TIMAGE. A.
few doses of the BiTTER.ii wtU. ,break - tip thechills;
and prevent their, recurrence. In every region
wherelntermitteuts prevail-Ltd, purest and best of;
all vegetable. tonics is hidispeaaable.. Of all, anti..
Wions preparations known it Is the most effective.
'and harmless. It dots riot the _liver.vlo-
iltntly. like the mineral maltreats: but. 'tones.. rote-•
strew andregulotecthe organ • Moue emsting any;
general disturbance 0f..00,1711.emf orAtatiling any
`reaction. The - Bitters sita essentially& household
species, and:ihould be stWays reacli as the
verybest means of preventing outd,checking Wpm&
attacks and. rm ttent fevers. „
Inebserraticins aid noteitalted by Dr. KETSICIt.
this city, on the ;rodeos diseases of the ear, let
up! that -nine out itAtes;cosee: cepa be' cured
their Incipiency If sop: icatlon.Wereniede. to'sonue
responsible and competent Antral .ssegeott. The
Doctor quotes from the Opinion of Wilde, s well
*mown aural surgian, "r tear - not lir
Iterate the 'assertion which I readeeid seierat far- ,
mar occasions, that if the disease °filmes' . were as
well studied or toultritooti , by - the puerility or
praetitioriers, and as early Wended, to, as ,those ot
"the eye, It would be.found Dust they . were bust as
much within the . pale of scientific treatment; • er
Deafness IS Ile common' and Ise &stressing en td:-:
firmiry, and 'when of long stsuiding so bletirable,
that we cannot too strongly urge allmedicalpracti
timers to maktfilleutieteekiumiliar rsrlatthe treat•
maul of the diseasesof the ear. , --
The Doctor 'ram that' ttearty all satorag Dia—
ettiuges, Buntings and Itarbldr-Growths pecullar to
the organ. of the hestrlug, ,some .of whtolt- beAlln—
gered through a score or two of years, can be cured
or FueLtoratea 'by trbpee iteltmebt - " -
STREET EITTSBIIIaII,r,A.., 01Ace boara.lrom.A. M. ~ ./N TLIe aP. 16 •
Auto:l.4l3th. ,• i•
W NOTICES —"To Zet, , Peppyrfif t tc, ,, •`
"FersitiNi" ,` ; '. F6u1W,.",.."9306rdin0,1t.4e.., : net At*.
precitsp Iy)tpit • ZlNBSiach belsurerted ilt• thus
eoitoniu asses for. Tgr:llll.7'ldliirß . CENTS; dao
addttionat ~ • • •
VirAitIeEDGIRL.;AL *kid Girl,
to do general hoitaeiiork;', Retereiees re
quired. and none - others need apple Inquire at Nee.
"159 NORTH; &VENUE, Alleglaeny.Cfty.
,WANTED -=Mb 11 I)
zuediately, at Fourth Ward Foundry aad
ite Works,- three • good ' MACHINE ,2dOUL7
WLANTEII)•;--1110L1 0 --ait Employ
meat Miro; No. 3-Bt..olair Street, BOYS,
/3 and KEN, tor -digerent kinds of employ
meat. Persons wanting Delp, tit .kinds can be
suoplied on short notice., -
Li., ak4 m,..z .... , .. 3. :._•baizz
.. tleman and wife, Or two 'Sadie gelttLetat#l2_
can aecommolated .1 with erst.cdaesit)owroang aII
No." 18 WYLIE STREZT. Itoombta fronton, of
second door, and opens out corbaleonr. •
_ ; B O
front rooms and good hoird cast beleenred
LIBERTY STRUM: Dell:warders taken
at 43.00 per week: , • • •
Book-.kpers, Salesmen. Clerks and Me
cnanics wishing any information in • relation to
business °remittal - mein in Chlealln. nr aoy of the
principal cities of the West or South., can get
prompt and reliable information by addressing as.
and enclosing our fee of One Dollar. We have an
ex.ensive acquaintance; and make' this 'sr imolai'
basiness. B. DILL & 1 00., P.-Q. Box 11, Chicago,.
Illinois. - .
_ .
Two_ Live and energetic menf to solicit for a
first-class Lice Insurance Com_p_soy. Apply at the
odic* of the ATLANTIC murtreviarz-nrsu-
RANCE COMPANY,' .108 Sinithlield street; second
TETA.NTE111••••1111811LNE88 A GIENTr
g g By a:first class New •Torit Life Insurance
Company. with the most liberal features to policy
holders, &General Agent for Western Pennsylania; •
Address, enclosing references, I'.
O. Box 1239. •
Philadelphia, Pa. ,
VfIANTED--TO I.OAN:-$30,000
tol.oan on Boil and Mortgage. Apply to
or ress•CMOPT tkPHILLIPS:No. 139 Fourth
Avenge. . • ,
WANTEDIst a popular inert.-
MON of learning,' a. competent teacher of
German and Music, Fun% (also vocal desired) with
suitable references., Apply to. J. B. BLABB4O
Stockton Avenue, Allegheny, between thee hours at
A and 8 ..
r• .11 I.vesday. Sept.. Bo. _
Honest men and women who are afflicted
w th Nervous Headache, Toothache., Pains in the
hide. Chest, Limbs, Joints, Neuralgia In the Face.
Head, Pains of any kind. deep seated Or otherwise.
acute or chronic, and especially eats to. call at
any drug store and ask for a bottle of Dr.. ASH
II %MOW% "Wonder of the World," and if you do
not wish to pay 50 tents fur befbre knowing that.
it will cure ask the druggist or, hls clerk to al- •
low you to uncork st small bottle, Ow / 0 droPs
your hand, , Inhale some ard then applf the balance
to the locality affected; then state candidly whether- ,
you are relieved. et_ not. In three minutes. lA.
cures almost Instantly..., acting directly.,noon the'
nerrone system,' Invigorating. exhileratlng, sur
prisingly, but pleasantly ,affectlacthe mind. Use
ten drops as above. and you will say, truly. "Won
der of the World." , and never win you consent to.
be without D. "No .Care, - No Pay, y ou
motto i
For sale wholesale by J. O..TILTON, No. 10)i BT.
‘LET-110178S-4 well - HA
_a_ - lahed Ave room holm; ha Allegheny
and down: •
Penitentiary: hot and cold water ion and down
stairs. good bath MGM and borne In every:way
fortabloz wadi house aelolntng the kitchen and coat '
house on rear ot lot: , Mose sou crof the •treet:
Address BOX 34 • GALLTLII ba-
Rent 1131,0...
pleaiant 3 nistur=-:
ni s h e d goomi„ With board; suitablerfor I flita
I Y ,. or a gentleman and • - few day
boardets recalved,it,N9. 84111flUkIIATIg WRALE2r.. -
Reference required. -
ViR t!Mlan
A: and In good condition. will be ecoldilow. , Z
tteet:"Alle • hem , . , . • , .
. . ,
naviu,sitootl. rem of custom, at the conies of
ylleand Wedsrel streets, la. building.)
Pittsburgh.' Wilt told 'cheap for 'cube' Item
reasonable,: • • - •••• - • • -
TIO/s4—Lottifor sale at Lida very dessrable • I
on. Persons desiring t.., aecure Ls—home:fog
themselves would do well to examine title property'
Debra purchasing anyplace else. You can do so by •
calling at the °dice o( Pt. ROBilanN. 7S Federal
street, allerlie ay City. who will take any person to ..
extuntue thr property tree of charge.