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fbj.. •:, • !,Lt.L.ltrgj...
.418 ..t
PENIGNAN, REED & CO., Proprietors
T. P. ROITSTON. 2i. P. REED.._
o Editors and Proprietora.
Plttebnrgh, Allegheny and Allegheny
4 1) Terma—Diti( . I Semi-Weekly.' Weekly:
One yeak...45 to) me year. gi...soBlngle copy .
One m nt •' . 71 Six mos-. 1.501 seoplee, ette:b.
J the week- Three moe 75 . _ 1.15
' (from ea er.) ! —and one to Agent.
National ,Union Republican Ticket
iwatroExTiir, EVECTOES
G. 'MORRISON COATES. of Philadelphia.
THOS. Vii. MARSHALL, of Pittsburgh.
„ilisfrtst. !District. •
W. BARNirs, 113. SAMIYEL SNOW, -
2. W. J. PoLLocir, 14. 13. R. W noon sigmas
E. J. H. BRINGIGJUST, - 18 . A. G. OLusrEAD,
7. FRANK I;. HEATON, 19. JAmts SILL.
70. DAVID M. RAND, V.: Wu. Fazw,
IL Wll. DAY/9.. Mg A. W. CILWWFORD s
Xi. W. W , EXTCRIIK, 24: J. S. RirrAir.
coiJwri-sr ericmc..v.r.
410 NORESS, DzsTaivr.
convinces, MID DISTRICT.
• •
'laved to the decision of the Conferees of the
District. 3
A. L. rzessoN.
OODNIT ROME Dzitscroit.
Headquarters Republican County 'Com!.
ranee, City Hall, Market Street. Open,
every day..' County Committee meets every
Wednesday, at 2 1!,: M.
Wz pang on the inside pages of this
morning's Goznivs--kkeenui page: Poetry,
Bphemeris, - Notiee from Nark Twain, Meet
ing Qui/104 an • Etephant, A Grumble,
Japanese HMV. Third and Birth pages:
flooinmtial'and Ricer New. &41610 Page:
Book NotiOw.
GOLD cloned in New York yesterday at
. .
Rom Lime W.• BALL and Cox& FRArtant
Jostken have formed a law partnershiliiit
Ifarrisburg,Wheiraboth of them will hence
iorward permanently reside.
THE teleisphic reportsi are positive in
stating thelow:mm.lm of several awes of .
cholera in ifpw York yesterday. it is not;
.however, believed that there exists any sub-'
stantial ground for vprehandingtheappear-1
anoe of the liftesBB 118 an epidemic:
Anomsat submerged railway train, hap
- plly without
. fatal 'results, at the sainesadly
historic Norwalk draw-bridge, proves that
no suflicleit ,preatnthms have yet been de
vised by thine corporations, for the protee-
Zion of the lived, and property of citizens
. ,
THE RestWail* of, lftnklln county'
have instructedr Conferees to support Cali , .
Jon]; Weracia for Assembly, 'Cur. W.
P. DIXON for 4enate, and HON. JointCass
NA for Congress. T Democrats have in-.
atrneted for . C; [IL F. Wmoza for Assem
bly, Ho ] . C. F. DuNcerir for Senate, and ,
How. F. M. Kimmsr;for Congress.
IT Is SAID that Blain attached himsel4
like a leech, to the payty with l.
Gen. ow..
at Fort Laramie two weeks Since, adhering
to his old c4mmander at all the stations
down the road and back to Chnaba,Ale
was sbrew4enough to see that in that-may
he could ,-sectire some, share of the - populai
notice—and-helind'the cheek to do
Tire H01t,'..E. - ,74: thAiiro*.ti
earnestly into the canvass. Inadclitloa to
his engagements to s.speakimhichmeatat& -
iteretofore chionieled, he, isft lll QuileedPA
address a and 'Co` iitac meeting aE
Chicago omthe 12th inst.:
City or County. Committee invltejim to
address his old friends and neighbors
vicinage ? '
the .
Comstzsaimptn RoLtattp, of h Bevenue
Bureau, stilt ketains 'his place, 11181040
ton being oonditiOned upon. the: , dpigna-,
tion of a "suitable" name for the aticcis:
aim. It Is to be. regretted. • that he has
found it needful to retire. 'lt' Is also much
.And generally regretted that exflov. Cox
declined to necePi, the nunceellinct— -Doubts
liave been expressed . = trrtheleOlty - oflthor
conditional reslgnationi*dt; 4h - e,
peculiar ...,upellhig the.Trisident to
secure a" tieCAlP4V; o f:!,ha,ofq•se
and Its pat
toiolve the
conceded thatat#:rris 1s fertmedin:4 ,
very stronApriF4sfifeAfrh
hold Mr iodiiisort
anoe is to A,:galcial;lll/0/3::ihB
rumors whiff: -aiterryiyl7apAte4p At 4r .
rsey General °lvid* Aldo of the lee pit
': n.' Iris opinion willspeak for hscitwhen
f.;.:4'..:ste,_ 47.11;deire-t .torso 21 , 0 - estocige
_ • - 74)
' •
Republican Vigilance Committees are re
minded that, while past experience teaches
us that our opponents clearly intend to rely
in October, in a great degree, upon their old
game of forged naturalization papers, with
mhich, by the aid of wholesale bribery and
a murder or two, they contrived to fig
ure up a small majority-for Sueuswoon
last year, they are not expected to abandon
entirely their previous mode of operations,
in the frauddlent evasion of the laws of
Congress. These old frauds were perpetra
ted under two defective provisions of the
statutes, the first of which authorizes the
declaration of intention to be made before
the Clerk, instead of in the Court itself, and
the second authorizes the final papers to be
issued without that previous declaration, if
the applicant came in before the end of his
eighteenth year, and remained for five years
consecutively, intending three years of
these five to become a citizen. Under this
clause, no witnesses are required except. as
to this last intention, and that the applicant
is ;a moral and well disposed citizen. It is
on these points that our friends will do well
towatek the. opposition. Look out sharp
-for forged certificates from Clerks, and for
all cases of applicants claiming to have ar
rived before their majority, and when you
see one or-two men constantly relied npon'
as standing witnesses to the identity of a
large number of applicants, you will be
very apt, on investigation, to find something
wrong. Let our friends bear this caution
The Chicago papers print a "report of
progress" from a Commission appointed
some tilde duce to investigate the "cattle-
clisea*" then and since prevailing among
the marreatock of Dllnols. The Republi
can surnmarizes the report as follows:
I.Themalady follows the track of Texan cattle,
and le not found elesewhere—is not a plague or
2. _ •
The Texan eattle which commenicatethe disease
ant tmenuielyes healthy.
Native nettle Offierted with .014 disease do not
communicate it to other native tattle. ,
4. There Ii not ties all land danger of evil from
drinking the milk• e f-a d cow, and Prof. Clam
the says be should have no scruples In eating the
gash.. These animals are not, be says, poisoned by
any specific virus calculated to do injury to man or
5 The disease is els seed In Europe as among the
formsm of fevers which- originate Fpontaneouely
whet e there Is sufficient heat or ill.drained retentive
a. Texas cattle imported here from the 16th of
September to the 16th of April Induce no disease.
. We do not learn much that is new from this verbal
report and these opinions of Prof. Uamgee. True,
it Is a report Of pear ess. The Commission has
again returned to its researches, Prof. Ciamgee
nourgoes as the agent of 4he Department*of Agri
culture of the United States: having received a
•special commission from Hon. Horace Capron. Com
missioner of Agriculture, to investigate this disease.
The Illinois:State Agricultural Society has also ap
pointed a Commission with the same object. So if
light is to be bad concerning the origin and nature
of the disease: we are likely to get it. -- •
Mr. Richardson, another memberof th ch a rmision. believes the disease to be of such acter
that when a complete knowledee is - had, his
.classof (Texas) st. ck can be handled with perfect
safety tinder proper inanagcluent and regulations.
'Rut he advi,es the 'sdopt on of - measures to keep
these Texan cattle Isolated from all other stock, end
taeerie moving them foram Dram:lnt, though he has
- tittle doubt - that ail the injury that can be done by
41tniost of thembas already. been .done,:, 4—;
Ttie Chicagolouriuds unite in hesitating
to-accept the assurances -of the perfeCt 'enfety
i •filth which the milk - Orilesh of the affected
stock maybe partelien of. _They also renew
their - dernina for enforcement the
'Stale : law against dealing in the , Texas or
tjte ,native infected stock. l 4W-;iiii 'stock
ivllckhlis. died in • euraast - Liberty. yards
Wita.ef the latter description, and brought
from'lllinois Inquqy is suggested as
tor_lke liability under the — statute of the
Osiers who have - shipped it: froni that State
'hi -
Tun telegraph and malls multiply `"daily,
'and, with daily 4 increasing - minuteness the
reports'of putragaand murder which attest
the, fructification Of the rebel Democratic
1 4.010 ts to overawe and, if need be, to e]aerrni
,nateili Union sentiment among the Southern
people The principles of SIMMOUR and
irtierpreted• by the rebel • delegates
who framOd them. into the Democratic plat
form, are bearing theitnatural fruit all over
the South..i Fron!lielti9lcy,Tenpe”,_3l l3 - i
souri, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and the
ep0r.9.....9,14 border, we hiird the same 'story'
of violonct.. Tke Democracy have entered l
with fire:nd 'sword upon anottiei secession
Vruilatl4 Already, the Goveznorarona State
.juts appeati ; j for Federal Aid to enforce"th e,
nittl atithoritielfot !other , States are
about to Pres&
dint heeitoetc 'i3ls hearl,;l9 sot #!t ,P.
wever wholesomq Own of ofw
lati.readoisibility may direct , him. Mr.
t7au*z Air temporized; and per l illed tall by,
his Vmidity,. but thexerptAlic9nt A iye
Ingitned id challenge the Obligations of the
Blain left , i> wow ,
%int decide flelitidon, is not ter oft
ME:. GAM:1811A A. GROW, Chairman of
the. Republican State Comniittee, sends
Word that Gen. Scutrnz will speak in- this
City on the 24th of the present month, and
not on- the 25th, as heretofore announced.
Yesterday the Republican Conferees for
the Twenty-Fourth district of this State
unanimously nominated Capt. Jos. BENTON
DONLY as the successor of Mr. GEO. V.
Mr. Donny was born in Mount Morris,
-Greene county; and is about thirty years
old. He comes of an old Democratic fami
ly. His father served two years in the Leg
isiattilre,. elected by Democrats. ;
Young DONLY graduated at Washington
Collfge in 1859. Shortly.afterward lko took
up his residence in Illinois. In 1860 hb de
posited his first vote, and it was for ABRA
HAM Lnicctizi for. President.l In 1862 he
entered as a private in till Eighty-third
Regiment of Illinois Infantry, and served
for three years in the Army Of the Cumber
land, rising to the rank of Caption. After
being muttered out of service, he entered
the Albany Law School, graduating in 1866,
when he returned to Mount Morris and
commenced the practice of the legal profes
oion. Ho was soon appointed 'Register in
'Bankruptcy, which office he now - holds.
He is amen of excellent natural capacities,
o' more than ordinary cativo abilities,
and is withal a good er. The Re
publicans of the Twe t - ourth District
have made a fortunate s lection. They now
owe, it to him, to themselves, and to the -
cause, to - go earnestly to work and secure
his triumphantoelection.
'SBURGRi;.,..:GAZE'rrE .:.,.:SATVADAT - ,..., AUGUST .I $.:•.1868
At the close of the recent campaign -con
ducted by Prussia against Austria, it was
apparent to all careful observers of national
growth and decay that the latter power had
in fact ceased 'to be Germanic," and would
soon betray consciousness of the change
that had come over its condition by adapt
ing its policy to its altered fortunes. In the
true/Sense, no longer Germanic, the only
hopeful course open to it was to become
Slavonic, and strive to build up a homo
geneous and powerful monarchy by consol
idating what might ultimately remain of the
old provinces, arid seeking compensations
for past and prospective losses of territory
and population by acquisitions extending. in
the easterly direction.
The lapse of a few months sufficed to show
that the Austrian Emperor and Cabinet com
prehended the situation and were deter
mined to make the best of it that they could.
Then came that series of measures, dictated
by the exigencies of the ease, which aroused
the displeasure of the Pope and received his
'formal condemnation. That Austria should
fall under Papal malediction was in itself
suggestive of great changes in the condition
and sentiments of the monarchy ; but that
the censures of Rome should produce no
backward movement, but rather quicken the
changes pteviously begun, afforded conclu
sive evidence that Catholicism was not the
religion of the hulk of the people remaining
under the Austrian sceptic, nor of the peo
ple whom it was resolved to bring under its
In consequence of these general consid
erations the announcement, made a few
days azo, that Austria had disappeared from
the map of Europe, and that anew Austro-
Hungarian Empire had appeared thereon,
created no surprise. The shado* of the
event ran so far before it as to prepare pub
lic expectation for its coming.
During the present week a 'public meet
ing was held in Vienna, at which speeches
were made and resolutions passed, deploring
the practical exclusion of the German prov . 7
inces of the Austrian Empire from their he•
reditary relations with the Fatherland. But
to arrive at the real meaning of this demon
stration_ it is .requisite to understand that
those, who participated in the proceedings
were avowdd Democrats, and neeP.nrily
confined their declarations within the
limits prescribed by a sound discretion.
What they had to be mindful of was the ne
ce:ssity of not exposing theniselves to pros
ecution for incivism.
No student of history has for a moment
entertained the thought that the German
provinces of Austria could be permanently
sundered from their natural connection, and
incorporated into a nationality pre-end
nently Slavonic. An effort to that end may
succeed for a brief period, until circum
stances arise favorable to a change of politi
cal relations; when the change will be sure
to occur.
The public meeting already mentioned
may, therefore, be regarded as symptomatic
of the feeling generally prevailing through
out the German provinces of• Austria. The
masses of the poPulatron.OT these provinces
do not mean to tm absorbed by a Slavonic
iationality, having principles, instincts and
tendencies in which they do not partake,
and having a destiny to run, if it shall run
at all, which is alien to their ambition.
Nor do we regard this, or any like mani
festations of discontent among the German
subjects of. Adstria, as prejudicial to that
monarchy. As it has in reality ceased to be
a German power, the sooner it relinquishes
all semblance thereto the better for itself,
and for the peace and progress of Europe.
—lt may as well be stated in this conned.
tion that the Pope seems to recede from his
position on the Austrian question. Baum
Vox Buser's prompt reply that he was go
ing beyond his sphere In meddling with Ans-
Affairs, met with applause all over the
world. Pitts IX, it Is now affirmed by the
Memorial Diplomatique, ispreparing a mem-
Orandum to the 'effect that he only meant
that the recent laws in violation of the Con-
cordat were oppngnant to the Catholic dog
ma/3, and not at all to arrogate•the right to
interfere in the affairs Of that State. .This
would be a great stride in the right direction.
Nobody objects to the Pope giving his opin
ion as to what does or does not comport
with the dogmas of his church. His med-
ding .in the political affairs of nations is a
very different matter. If the Pope shall
indeed issue such 'a memorandum it may
well be taken as the most substantial tri.
=ph yet achieved by "reason" over "an-
Tan Charleston Mercury says
Private advices from our most Otrenous friends at
the North, request that we should protest against
the hnprudent ex pre.sious - that nave escaped
some !Southern speakers duce the adjournment of
the _National Democratic 1 onventlon. It is repre
sented to us that great Injury is accruing to the
cause trout such imprudence. We, thew:lore. shall
make no apologies for nt.king the attention of our
public speakers to the fact. What we want just
now l is to . i , win. Le t t its keeps at
i r t .p w owd i v e r i to n r o th
i a n t
purpose. Too
rer pyrotechnics s next
This warning reached\ the South too late.
The leading men and journals, before the
admonition.airived, bad let 9ff all ,they felt.
and proposed:
But, mark I it is not said that ,liorthern
Democratidleaders are, in point of fast;
posed to the opinions they wopld abate;
only that they think the promnigation of
them, just now, to'be injudicious.
This caution, sent SotithWard, doubtless
explains why Mr. Siniotin's letter of ac
ceptance was keyed on a much moremoder
ate note than Mr..BLazu'a. The people had
taken alarm; and it 'Was resolved, as a Piece
of strategy,not to shock theM cartheF- until , atter the election
Tan New 'York' Journal = of
fore-shadows what many conseryatlN:e D 9 347,
omits intend to de, as follows :
We smelted . a platform ;uponp *brew: ?evert
thollgiltitil MAU, evcry good citizen of whatever.
PartY. could h avegilse4hinisellf wiaumtreproach.
tied the July Convention adopted this ita Its main
features. and passing by all party backs and ultra
demagogues, nominated on atttsuue rams presented.
' a nod conservative expecrais, _whose na o : l _,U e
brought up nqbilt , m Jl emories; nod stigitliated.n o 6.0 ":
M elon to former party feud% the ticket Avoubultave
been elected by -0 oversbelming majority., To ibis
end we contributed what we could, but nut being In'
the counells of either partywe hat no control of
Abe petty machinet7 whiclitho wire* argil:4 4 / a q
manipulated. sad our efforts were, un..uccessfut.
• "- • .• We shall nut be surplt•S "'
elf l it
,proportion of those who a cleat!), rrtrainfrom v
should b' of itielf beytmet,ail nmmer, precedent,.
• • - - -tt - angtft nii.oo , nee* -far other.
.wlOO , O , the 7 bad been virtue and decision enongli
&doer 'mos avid WO directly reWolbablVfOrtiffliP
action Of Um °invention.
The National Camp Meeting at Man
helm, near Lancaster, Pa., was a remarka
ble one in many respects. We group a few
items taken from a communication of nearly
three columns in the Pittsburgh Chrie
flan Advocate, describing this meeting.
The . regular ' congregation numbered
from three to five thousand, and on
Sabbath morning, when Bishop Simpson
preached, were not less than twenty
thousand people present Over three hun
dredd fifty Methodist ministers were on
the ground at different times during thp
meeting—thirty-one belonging to a sister
denomination. Presbyterians, Lutherans
and Quakers bore testimony to the higher
life of faith. • There were also many emi
nentit( female ahorers from different parts of
the country Several of these "elect ladies"
spoke at the Experience meetings with thril
ling effect. At the Experience meeting Sun
day morning four hundred and eighty spoke
in eighty minutes. These testimonies were
laconic, 8 p and pointed. Some of them
in the folloi ing words : "I am wholly and
sweetly sav d." "My way is clear." "I
stand compl to in Christ." "I live by faith
in the Son o God." "Jesus Is my all suffi
cientll Saviou " "I have confessed, and he
does cleanse." "My hallowed Lord bath
wrought a pe, feet cure." "I have been in
the pool." " have full redemption." "I
enjoy a clear witnesathat I am fully saved.".
"I have unutterably glory in my heart"
These are buta tithe of the testimonies. We
give one more, One soul, with great beauty
and sweetness, said : "A party of ladies
agreed to be photographed in a group, and
I was the center figure ; when the Picture
was completed my image was blurred, and
the reason assigned was that I did not stand
still. Paul says, 'Be not moved away from
the hope"of the Gospel.' 'That impels 'the
blood of Jesus cleanses froni all sin.' There
I stand, I dare not move."
It his been ascertained that the total
number of locations in the ministry of the.
Methodist Episcopal Church, the past year,
was seventy, and of deaths eighty-three;
total loss from these sburcie, one hundred
and fifty-three. The number of Ministers
admitted on trial in the same time was six
hundred and seventysix, making a net
gain of five hundred and forty-three.
' The venerable Senior Bishop Morris, in a
brief address at the Erie Conference, held
last month at Warren, Ohio, in behalf of
the Freedmen, 'narrated the following anec
dote. ' A colored local preacher, in speaking
in speaking of die Temptation, said: "Had
Satan made me such offers, I should have
said, 'Sall, I can't see it,' as, our bibbed
Savior did. I should have said, 'Now, Mr.
Satan, of you pleathe, advance free paces to
de rear, and take yourself off. Forward,
The Universe! (Catholic,) of Philadelphia,
after announcing the confirmation of Gen
eral Rosencrans as United States Minister to
Mexico, jubilantly says: After a abort time
we shall have Catholics enough lkith to send
to the high places abroad and to place in the
stately places at 11
Rev. Rowland • - i lk who resigned his
place as colleague ' , with Dr. Miner,
in School street, Boston, in consequence of
the senior pastor's disapproval of his senti
ments, and organized "The Fraternal As
sociation of Universalists," is in trouble
again. ' The more religion part of the flock
desired to continue the communion service,
which he complied in so far as to continue
the custom once' a year in a novel way.
The conservatives have just ivithdrawn, in
chiding twenty-flve of the thirty-two Sun
day School teachers, and organized what
they call the "Goddard Society," in honor
of Thomas A. Goddard, lately deceased.
Open air preaching, under the-auspices of
the Young Men's Christian Association,nt
the Washington parade-ground, J: New
York, was inaugurated some weeks
ago. From the absence of any clerical
titles, to the names of those who °Mein PA,
we presume the matter is who* in the
hands of laymen. At the fourth Sunday of
the series, Mr. Richard Morse, Chairman of
the Committee, opened the meeting with .a
discourse upon the text, "As the heart pant
eth after the water brooks, so panteth my
soul after God." Two other laymen followed
with brief discourses. Praying and sing
ing alternated with the discources. '
The Board of ,Directors of the Congrega
tionalist. Church Educational Society made
appropriations last year to two hundred and
forty-four young men connected with twen
ty-nine colleges and Theological sehools.
The question 'pf assisting Hereafter young
students in Presbyterian seminaries was
discussed.' During- the financial year the
Society assisted thirti-eight Congregation
alists in Union Theological Seminary, New
York city. it is expeeted'nehangeof policy
will be made at no distai4 date.
Our Southern breihren;4ven In religions
movements, show-their' "cloven-feet," :to
persons whom they . :denonilhate . Northern
Radicals. At the late 2distouri State`San
-dny School donvention, held at:-Palmyra,
aboutthe locality 'Where cips.' Grantmid .
Sherman Were shabbily treated recently; a
Southern Metbodistminister called upon a
protinent meinber of the - Convention to,
know who was to be the President of the
Cenvention, as the-action : of all the South
ern people of Palmyra: '
world be governed
by the choice of the personio fill.thatOth
Mr: ttanard was named, a PiCiiiirierit North:
ern Methodist hkinuto of at: rfoilifi.4n4 was
chosen'Presidenr. l The Southern people rc!
lnsed , to enter thalotise, , ,
on Entertainment 'Bona& with note s } `,
froxii. `prow' who had promised tam4ml4.
delegates informing him flud .119 de!%aJ,
from St:touli/being Radicals an d Aboli7
there'eampini would be ofiVisive.'
He must Uotr*Usad,their ;housq.utOilkl4.'
erraturea = The OMETention' wasi held stud:
was a decided success.; f 1 _
kahi),Oid tiehoul_rfesbyteTyof,Baltlmote,
hive appointed a CoMmtlo3-!0.09,,•!4934-
*miry - license to 'laymen,. to exercise
their gifts ae preach er ; , Odp
tlit Church tuA i fililyy t tl i oldit have !Qted to.
arrip 13.Tutfurii.i!iirmayoul4
a r e ad c4C . otdei'linliter; publicly pro-
clainvand enforce the gospel," as they May
have opportunity.
One of the Representatives from South
Carolina, Rev. Mr. Wittemore, was former
ly a New England minister. He is one of
the truest men and happily united Massa
chusetts and Carolina in his blood and sta
The National Conference of Unitkitihns
and Liberal Christiana will be held in New
York city on the 6th, 7th and , Bth of Oc
Rev. John Marsh, D, D., the distinguish
ed temperance advocate and editor of works
of this character, died at Brooklyn, on
Tuesday, the 4th inst. He was an earnest
and devoted Christian minister. -
The Northweetern Christian Advocate in
speaking of the grand reception tenderedto
Speaker Colfax at Chicago, en route for his
homeat South , Bend, Indiana, says it was
an ovation of which all Mr. Colfax's friends
May well be*proud. But the chief animus,
and the chiefest charm of the reception was
the personal, live, deep respect and endur
ing confidence evinced for the man who
been, in
,the fear of God, true to his race
and country. We heartily wish,-says the
Advocate, that all public servants were as
worthy as Mr. Colfax. Aside from all party
questions, we believe him 'Worthy of any
position within the people's gift. -
• -fe
The Deith of Father Spalding. •
Our dispatches have already mentioned
the fearful death of Father B. J. Spalding
at Louisville. The Courier of that city
gives the following additional particulars:
It has been the custom of Father Spald
ing to keep a gas-light, with a sliding tube,
burning in his bed-room over night: It
seems that at about one , o'clock yesterday
morning fhe tube slipped down and came, in
,contact with the musquito bar. In a few
moments the bed clothing caught, and when
Father Spaldihg awoke, his night clothes
were in flames. He managed to extinguish
the fire on his person, but not till his flesh•
was shockingly burned. In his terrible
agony, he rushed ,into 'his bath-room ad
joining, and bathed in, cold water, which.
had the effect of intensifying his sufferings.
Father Bonchet, hearing his groans, hag-
ened to the room and found the,bed clothing
burning rapidly. He at once 'threw them_
out of the window and chheckedl the fire.
Father Spalding's night clothes were burnt
nearly off him, and he was writhing in
agony. He was wrapped in a sheet and
medical aid promptly summoned, but before
the arrival of the doctors he became frantic
with pain, and a-second time immersed him
...self in the bath tub. On - the arrival of the
physicians the proper remedies were applied
for his relief, but to no purpose. He ling
ered in great agony until.-six o'clock last
evening, when death relieved him of his
suffering. His resort to water no doubt
caused the fatal result.
TRH New York Tribune ,says: Assum.
ing that the ten States recently unrepwsent
ed in Congress have ti po . pulation of eight
millions, that populatinn la politically dis,th,
ded very nearly as follows: •
White Rep 1,C03,030 -White Dem 3,500,0 M
Colored do 3,:lak,Mo—Colored do noes
Total 4,50,030 Total 3,750,009
Tag Elmira Garotte, the only Democratic
daily paper in Chemung county, New York,
declares that Horatio Seymour cannot and
should not be elected, and accordingly runs
up the Republican nominees.
Many persons, supposing they are suffering from
this disease, have applied Unaments, Plasters and
other Rheumatic Remedies without obtaining any
relief, when in fact the cans, of pain is - a derange
ment of the Kidneys. These are small organs. but
very Important, and anyobstruction or. Interference
with its functions are Indicated by pain in the bast
and loins, languor and weakness, avoid
ing and unnatural oolor of the urine. A Diuretic
should t once be resorted to.
Zduretic or Backache Patel
Can be rolled on for these purposes: they have
direct influence on the cells of the kidneys, assists
nature in relieving them of any foreign particles,,
and =dates • therek to a healthy' and vigorous ac.
Dr. Ekcrgent's Backache Pitts
VontMn nothing injurious. being *unposed of en
tirely vegetable remedies; they do not sicken nor
gripe—on the contrary they act u a gentle tonic and
restores tone to the system. They are recommended
by all who who have tried them. •
Price 50 Cents Per Sex.
FOE SALE BY DRUODIBTS, Sole proprietor,
GEORGE A. HELLY, Wholesale Druggist,
Seventy-five per cent. of the population of the
United States are more or leas bilious at this season.
The midsummer sun stirs up the bile as certainly as
it evolves miasma from the stagnant pools. It is of
the a most importance, therefore, to check the ten:.
dency of the liver to diseased action' with that in
comparable anti -billing speoIic—UoSTETTEIVS
STOMACH BITTERS: Neglect the early !pip
torus. and the chances are that, they will result in
remitient fever, fever and ague. or. Jaundice. It Ls
presumed teat nobody deliberately desires to risk
an attack from any one of these. But carelessness
may be as d'saStrous is temerity. Do not .peocras-'
Unate. As health la the greatest' of earthly bless
ings,. :t should, be ever4rational being a first care.
Whoever chbetesto use. EIIISTETTERM BITTERS
as A preventive sioirs may esest.;,o thebilious epidemic
and endemics Which so geneeilly preysil toward the
Moats of the heited term andin the fall month's: as.
it net Octworth While to be forearnied when the means
of defence are within the reach of ill? The BIT
TERS are a' NATIONAL,B.E.ILEDY.' everywhere
prpeurable, and endorsedisy tligintelilken of every' .
class 'Read what leading members of the Osmium,:
nit). clergyulea, :phisilelans, atithoni, issitesmeri,
men et, science, artists,' traiseleri and dissingti Shed ,
soldiers, say about them: ? ilk ;lie eV wig* of 'these
credentials Lire 'Chain a 'trial.: They will 'Da toned
the very best iinti-billoiss medicine that' medern
pharmacy has introduced.
Nrlrenn I Witte . to thank you ibr youfkind
nese end seleinifc' management o; my disease, 4", ii
which I called to conlillt you come ti me in January
' u last. You will remember that d tiad'a complication
of diseases, which lazily ended in a terrible ilatida,'
Which I had Immo advised to Met alone," Mt ae,
count. of a_ harassing congi4 which it, was tease&
Might Austen it onmy lungs. ' I knew that the peen:
lair m od e foftr e ati n lC dis tak*Tikp'Pli?e 11 1 11 bT
cuttingoperation *6/A. 444:.1vf440'
naturally throw the,diseasit.epon theitings or some,
other vital organ, Onlacsxkoilt et;the4inildiraness
the cure and the 'tniirinite the
which OliA.
Mi 447PF 0 *on of sat
to get rid Of imam P1;04114!t/IO?* 4
s t m l*
glea,,Warlhotly that your 'nt.;.tieitt
meal,tillaqinF' system : 4'i44:-014100044,
to the gamma 'mat. mist" ' cure, it anything could,
without cutdue,* which, Ilind it;dld;ane, I ion hoppi
to report reyselit Well In every with
sounder Ind; better iimilth than there had for rears.
I 'wonl4 'sAso"add VIM the aPPli a MlAs' '
1 C •youslide "
were almost painless; mad tie* left me a* hew maw
wintje.slis energies endsheer!? rebtorld
T 0614 ' Vatter&
DR.lromatival CONItUttATION row
. 0001*DiszAsztt, tickattio plunormakor,
Irons Ai MATO at* stud (i sot.
Jose 17th, IMO.
• air NOTIREE—n 44,, ng or sat e .n
"'Wants," "Found," Itßoarding, ' 9 . dr., not CD.
lading FO UR LINES sycktoili be inserted in this*
oottnans once for TWENTY-FIVE CENTS; 6064
additiona/ /ins FIVE CENTS.
T.E.D -8 I T UA TitliVr4-Ak
young man who Las had several years' ex
perience In the dry goods bUSill€6.4 would like to ob
tain II atuatlon where he can make himself useful.
Can give good reference. Addreci BOX IN GA
WANT ED—BOY.—An intelli
gent Boy. between 14 and 16 y ars of age.
to acts s Assistant and Pupll to Blecbanleal En
gineer, In an office where he wlii learn Mechanical
Drawing Premium required. Address P. BECK
ETT. Allegteny City. Pa. ,
ten men at a salmi? of $l5O
_per month ,, to
CHURN e m ployms:et an Egency business for men,,
but will o man unless he is willing to work.
a few days on a commission, or can otherwise fur
nish satisfactory evidence of ability and-integrity.
kmployment steady, J. C. - ,TILTON, 10X Et. Clalr
ANTED—BOY.,--A youngman
of steady habits, to learn the Grocery busi—
ness. in a good store. One that will board with the
family, and can give the beat of reference. Address
(iittiCEE, Allegheny cur.
or Ave good Salesmen. Article sells evert—
wnere. In country and city Can make good wages.
Apply at I.OXST. CLAIIt STREFIT,'Itoum 4.
ment 0111 , e. so.' 3 St. Clair Street, BOYS,
GiRl.B and MEN; for different kinds of employ
ment. Persons wanting help of all kinds can be
toinplled on short notice.
ant tarnished rooms to let, with boarding,
tieman and wife, or two single gentionery
Can accommodated with first class boarding at
No. 18 WYLIE STILEET. ltoom is a front one, - on
second floor, and opens out on balcony.
tlemen boarders can be accommodated Witt
board and lodging at No. 25 FEURY ST.
Engravings ofGRAI4i. and COLFAX, with or with.
out frames. Ono agent .took 60 orders In one dig,
Also, National Campaign Blogra.phiesof both, lib ,
cents. Pins. Badges. Medals and Photos for Dens.
°crate and Republicans. Agents make 100 per et:
,ample sent post-paid for *l. Send at.
once and get the start. Address DSPEED &
CO:. 37 Park Bow. N. F.. or Chicagoan. c&p.
command a capital Of $l5 to sAo—who.
really want to make m. ney—to sell by sample the-
lug Hue it in use. J. C. TILTON, No. 103 i ST.
CLAIR 81',.
MANG AGENT, a man'well acqtutintem
with tee Queenaware and Glass business. _None'
other need apply. Address P. o.. Lock `Box 187 . CommnnleatIona confidential. : • .
pe hie gentleman wants to marry-a
- . Wealthy ;omit lady. Must positively be good look
ing and active. Address A. 8., Allegheny, Pa.
ner that will devote 018 time to saleirind
collections, and who can Invest Fifteen to Twenty-
Ave Thousand Dollars. In an old established manu
factory. Address K. with full name. at GAZEITIC
Orvira. None need apply except an active b•sl
nests man. capable to attend to busines r generally.;•
if few ACRES OF LAND. Improved or smi-
Improved, within seven miles of the city.. Price,
from two to Ave thousand dollars. Address . W. 8.,
DISPATCH orrien. gluing location.
WANTED—II u A R D.—A Young
Lady, whose work will keep her about dur
ing the day, dear* s board with a respectable private
family, tau old couple preferred.) where there are
no men. or other boarders. If possible. State ttrtua
and address A. C. 11.. Pittsburgh Post Otlice.
WANTED -0 F FIC E.—Wanted
to rent, a small OFFICE, on the first floor,
In a business part of the city. Address J. A.
Waters OFFICE.
WANTED -0 WNERS.—Parties
having left wore to be
TAYLOR,the fluid
ture Repair Rooms of G. A. No. 13
Smithneld street, since the 10th of Aoril. are re
quested to call for the same, or It will be dlspoaad of
according to law. .
an interest in an established business on
Fifth street. Terms $5OO cash. $5OO in tourand
$3OO in six months. Address 808 H, this office.
LET—HOUSE of 6 rooms on
ar o Chatham street, by S. CIITHisERT ISOM,
Smithfield street.
Wth be to teat on SUNDA IS, alter rolddle of
Ing hall and nine rooms. -at low rent of 6350
per annum. Located on Second street, near Grant.,
Enquire of A. E. PATTERSON. 78 erliikt street.. ,
in TO.LET--HOIISE.—A three-stoty
BRICE HOME. Situated in a desirable street
llegbeny City, together with furniture, will be
rented on moderate terms.. For particulars address
B. 8., Box B. GAZ BITE OFFICE. ;
.1. Commons, la the cleaMleat, beisithdest and
most desirable part of Allegheny City, a three.
story Brick Souse, with all modern improve
ments, in first class order; large lot, with stable
In rear. A part or the entire- famishment or
the house, which Is new, will be sold If de-fired.
Address, with full name, LUCE 111f.81813, Pitts."
FOR SALE—A Beautiful Build..
ING LOT. containing 4 acres , with the_prlv
tete of 6 acres, situated on Mount Rope, at Woods
Bun Station ,P. Ft. W . - & C. IL, adjoining proper
ty of Alex. Taylor, Wm. Nelson, Wm. Richardson
and tab - re. This is one of the most commanding
views in the vicinity or the two cities, and within a
minutes ,
erty streetw, a o k
t h er s es a denc e o ß ßr d . A LE3TArb
LOR, near the premises.
drat class Mill in .New Brighton, Beaver Co..
il. Four story Stone .111111, nve run 'of burrs. I
spleildid water power. Will sell .part ..r ; whole, ors
easy terms. „For Anther particulars apply to or ad
dress CROFT A egimap,s, Real Estate . Agents ,
139 Fourth streot. . . .
FOR SALE---MARE.--One _Dark
BROWN MARE. 15' hands ,h gentle.
and can be drove by a child a..y place. _Warranted
to.trot In 3:10 or ,eaa. To be seen At 153 WYLIEE,
. press WIAO/11; one g. horse peddler Wagon,
eorered; . bee , 11 - borse lleugb - Wagon, L wlth barrel
rack. •Apply to J-.IIN t)yr.R.; Jr.. leorner Ridge
street and Allegheny avenue, . Allegheny.
•j OR, conve
tilent BRICK HULTSA -of our rooms, stone
cellar and lot, On Peach suing, ,ta• sr Pride' street.
Rouse Is new, and prlee only $l,lOO. Also. a
ROUSE. on Forbes street.'for sate. Apply to WM.
WILTON. earner of Pd.le sad Forbes street. -
VOR SALE.:4IOIDE.—A. Aotable
FramN lionte,\sultable for two famtlteli, with
lot 40 by 135. feet-el tqated in laradductiskid, an
be bougut for i1., 0 00--on.--balf von, balance in;
and • yeb ra.. , with Interest. Inqul.e at, W. M.
110 Grant strabb. ar os NORMAN VIM.
TON - , at Port Perry;
L'OR SALE.-11011SES.--At HOW.
Ltvaint AND BALE STABLY, one tine
ILT • HOME tßsyn three DAPPLE GREY
NLACK .R.ARES; two GRgy ,SESREE!.., .nstrz
STREET, near Stoionsahela Douse.
• Rohm% toottatt, and sold co commission. •
rna;a SALE—LOT • IN -. BicHEES
-no' half or 'whole of a- lul 60 feet
b 7 L4O feet deep. situate on Mare near
Second street: For particulars enquire W- 0.
HULL,' lialPs'lltore, near'the de-:
Keeepoett• or addreas JOLIKPIi FORSTTIIIe
T_OST-4-DOG-S 3 .O9.REW,A. Ka r t-
Lo,t, oOh eeaav np.rnlng. A nguat
Amer white; B UL L ,th.'l3•lnehee h hur haph '
44rk. sworn the bettom .41314)P/I ear- ililditligMerai
to }ha awe ' A lirt" ,DOLLAR
QBEBN BAUlCiefli be pail for higreetorn to JrAgEB ,
. PLEIItiNO. Orajtose. •o‘ A ' . llloll Anew. ger. f.
Beth (old :Metal NAM. eittaburah,-- ~ .
Tu %aspic:. ano tnoon a tlitkr, back and bash
was 10 4C , 0et." . A . n 'OWI Mir sheet' Mater sian and
castbant v. treat: , A liberal rewarcifilt be i.akt to
the nAdetif 305}:t.,14 yle•4AZ.Ell9p4ilerlClL.'"
~:; _ - { REMbves
IFV4TTLET as,. CO,. have
mores to the hoilie fur.mPrlF ocatgeer ;11
etieabeny,-- • • ••• •
Us t•
itiogroe,km.i4L. [ Ar ia l VEDERA4
„it - (... sig,.l3/WEV.Vi
Th. ll - 0 N 11160 - 000 to ,
it m , n , aV t:
ion Bon a n d morige. Apply to or ,1
TT di 1"111GLIP,. No. 139 rou g h Rrns
h • •