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P ,....- """
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L,.., 11 by ite expression in the text of a formal
I. t 51111 , l ii s lEUL I !gri , e t aept 7 1 ille t!ga. *Wake tgA,..1.,/A
1 . ~...
~.. ,___ unreasonable concord of two Feitt.natio,zis,
' upon a point So intimately affecting the tra-
PIM ' I'Mlas zr ditional idea of sovereign rights and-tikeoh
. .
pEntriAlt - & • co, rs
prop r i e t o. ligation'. , of the subject, bas Ch ri s ^removed a
.b. . - question heretofore of great difficulty from
nannicur,_ , ! acisian Nog% _
T . r . nor i s Tott , , - t N . 1 ., zizo . - any contingency of future dispute, it affords
Editors yProprietors. a gratifying proof of the entire -harmony
which controls the intercourse of two'isow
, I -
GA erful empires, and illustrates how effective
the progress of a wiser intelligence is
---- • ORIFIt PAPER --. disenchanting, one - after another , the illn
- efPletilbuirlh, All o
. heny and Allegheny sions of antiquated prejudice.
t x 0 2 t' 3 '''
, I Tinne-Datte ' .t-INAty. I *Way. 7.-, 4
eneyear. *Col ne copy. 41.50 _.I_i_IE.PUBLICANI NEIGHBORS:
n en r e the m w on ee it . .. nu,
,"'" 14°1 5WP,1,e 4 . 1.25
Your Executive Committee, for Alle
-1 eta°l Va d toA 9 5
WI) carrier ) ',, + h One gen .
/ - l4
• gheny -county, has specially designated a I 7
j_. SATURDAY, JU I LY 18, 1868. full list Of Vigilance Committee-men insaohl
. \-- wardd~ , and township; ___ ___ whose names are given(
in another ,11 nce. Ton will also observe ('f -0! : - :$ ?„4: 1
WE T on the ineicre pages of ura ". • 0 s
I that t hese. Committees ate empowered to 0 .: sa 4'
§borning's exams : Second page: Eghern. " -,.. ..*
.make , atiy additions to their number, with at 4'
.0 s' • I; '
iris, The aunted .Monde in Ludlow, Mass.' . • .ItlF. ' , ll
view to greater efficiency if desired. You . 4 - ED.
.Third }3age:s Hew York Roanda/ Market'
and other TelegrapkAfarkets, Imports at
ealso entreated to note that these appoint- ; 4, 3 a ;
• bi) '
_Rat ad. iver cetera. Biz:Zi
\. 33: ,,.. menta do not relieve each and every other I. 1.5 x 21! 3!)
pogo 46 " 4-1 he - publican voter from his primary oblige- l'. La g i l " ml
I * 39
urgh Fiin nee and Trade, Metal, Produce. • a
__ tion, ass goo Republican and good, citi- ~,l• 11111 ••,:,
, tine Petroleum Jfarkets Seventhpage •il 4
-I' ic , u ,,,,,,- fyi • r i. • • ' . - zen, tp omit no reasonable amount of labor, 4 * 2'BX a ' 1 . 38
----.--- ... 1 " ...g.. ♦ ''
- or to spare no effcrts, in season or out of Kea°.
GOLD closed yesterday in New York at season, to promote the goodcanse which we . 2 1 ___l- . 21
all hare at heart. We, all of us, expect our 3. 1.59: V.l .29
14W1431. ----
4 1.531 - Ni .39
._...., . _ - good,old county to make a good report of
. 1. 1.. 2e 1 .39
I ' Orn petroleum - market exhibited ei t raor _ herself this fall; and the way to do this is for 7: - 1 . ...55: Z' • A1r . ... \
5.- 1.5 X 27 .44)5
Binary activity yesterday,
' t h e sa l es of t h e i 'est , ' h man to remember that bs must not only 9. ''• 1.5 X :a _ .45
but see that all his friends vote,
day 'reaching the very larg e figure of 46,700 v 6 telthrigelf,
..-,..... ......... ._
I barrels. c V and vote right. You cannot ensure this re
' • suit more eertainly_than by beginning now.
I \
TAP. Union Pabific hallway has Fits rail Canvass your own neighborhoods, talk to
laid for full seven) hundred miles west or the man next door , find out what the
Omaha, and by Norember it will reach • Salti Democrats are doing round the corner,
Lake City, three huridred and twenty miles watch the resorts where men congregate, as
farther. , certain the names of the doubtful-if there
_____.„-•• -....--r-A,-7------- b z ii,
e any doubtful, in these days of Southern
'Tim House Conimittee Of Investigation
•0 0 g
into alleged Ordnance frauds, have exploded- d:4)enis'.m once more rampant-and take all 1 4 ' 11 F- - ti .
'an "Amsterdam" bomb-shell under Gen. such ases at -7 Rice-in hand; answer,ques- plum e ?! the , ' 4:,
DYER, the Chief of the Ordnance Depart- ' . -:'
lions, furnish inform tton and documents, ri .
and do all yon can to waken the interest of
meat They report very' serious charges
the careless and =retie ing. Don't destroy - i i . - 1 . 5x 0 7 -
as to his pecuniary interest in certain con- the
IleAsu7lng. by
I 3 . 11Xi
tracts, and have submitted a joint resolution Republican newspapers, ut, after you have .cut.' , of . " emit 2. 1.49
read them, save them to p into other hands.
desiring the to remove him from
office. • • , Spread the light of yo own intelligent I
121-71 1 4 i'sxx
Paz Democrats demand a reductionpithe opinions all about youauLl °let let Octo- 71 • I 8 ' ' . '
, bar come without being able t say that you l ' s ' 1.5X27
army- I o years it has been reduced have saved or gained at least one vote, each Charcoal 8. i ' 4%X27
from ami ion of men to fifty thousand, and, r
man of you, for the , court ' s i
tv s e use. 'lust r‘
I,_ puddles . • ' r . 1.5x 27
Chen On. T says it will be reduced to sev- / I
try that plan, and old Allegheny will fill the I is. .1.5x27 ,
enteen thousand by July 1, 1869. Is not bill, and more too, at the polls. Tare is ' Til iTii TV!
that a reduction ? The Republica - fie, it lanai- plenty of time to do this, provided you begin ---
►mean ••!.......
be observed;have not tho spite against the MOM' of this II
~,. or. rl
now. Don't put it off to next week ! • , The •- 11 1 , 4 3 1/g 4111
kiny, whichsared the Union, that the Dem-
- •
ocrats have, who wanted the Union des- THE SAFETY OF LIFE ON STEAM
t roye d . , , I
3 • 's .
THE Democrats demand the "subordin Ttnelle strength ~..
tion of the military tcr,the civil power." In J 4 per eq. inch.
North and South Carolina, Florida,Georgia, 1 - -
Arkansas and Louisiana, Gen. GRANT, in No. of specimens 4
conformity with the laws, brought the mill-___
- -_
tary force in subordination to the civil au- i 1 , I" 1=
thoritics. ln all the other seceding States . I , :1 ,, 1
he will do the same thing, as soon as i I ' their
\ Ir
citizens duly subordinate themselves to thei l -: -
ere . .•
El 1
-Qk ts,
__ ___ _
- 5 - i - --
"Inc, Tensile strength 54
ei ..
. .
nro. _pc:s q . inch. . $ e,
No. of Specimen. 4 . A
1 %U._
Tai * new ., State - Lunatic Hospital, with
- the approbation of the Governor, has, been
located at Danville, which is very near the
-centre of the district it is intended to serve,
both in respect to tprritor3- and population.
This detision will - enable Ilr. MANN, of
Potter county, to see how big a foo he made
of himself by deelarini is the onse, at.
the , last session, that it was dete lied in
advance to place it near a o n other
MB. KUM and Mr. HAZLEIrMerT, have
both_Withdrawn from the contest , for" the
office of biatrict 4ttorney at Philadelphia
Mr. Cw.almas Grrxxx has beery placed in.
nomination irithir stead. Pie was former—
ly-Mayor of the city, and is a gentleman of
fine abilities and attainments, and .of the
highest reputation. These arrangeniattta re
move all dissatisfaction from the Re üblican
ranks 'in ‘ that city, and ensure a lendid l
triumph'at the polls. ' . i ',
Tun Democratic masses should not de.
ceive themselve.s.. They think they
'vote BILT3IOI7Ii into the Presidency, but they
may dpPend upon it that this high office is
intended by their ex-rebel leaders for 'BLAIR,
who nominally runs for the second place.
Be has evidently been selected, tint) for his
revolutionary opinions anti pledges, and,
second, with an, express`view to the palpa.
ble certainty, in the case of Democratic
oaccesi, that Sgvuoun will prove'iffiysical
ly or Mentally incapable of e,oznpletfiag the
full term of office. Whatever may , be said
of the New Yorker's soundness in other re
opects, his' bodily health is of the moStfrail
and uncertain nature. His physician, it s is
said, urges his immediate departure for EU,
rope. At his ovn home, in Utica, the other'
when publicly received on his return
from the Conyention, he did riot appea r t o
address the Multitude, having been forbid
den to do.. so by his' physician. ,This very
doubtfulif he canlear the excitethent and
fatigue cir.uy3 canvas, and therewn'o doubt
that the Convention has designed ifiain's
: tiaminatieß-tv_meetlhat eoutingesit:-. - -ReV
member, therefore t Democrats, ,that,,yonr,
ticket rniii" ,
rOher Bizant ami mother wae ; ( 2 • .
Waite our Minister at Berlin, Mr. BAN
CRAFT concluded the Expatriation treaty
l o th the N ort h . Gemar, Confederation,. it
waaverygenerally anticipated that the im
portant principle which `this: instrument
established; Would 'be adopted; at`some not
far distant day, — into similar negotiations
with other European poiers: This expecta
tion is already realized-so far that several of
the (lerman States, .including the
leading Kingdom ofßavaria, havedassented
to treaties of the same character; And, ;only
two days since, Lord SiAxLiCir announced,
in the English COMMOne t that Great Britain
accepts the, 4;Mlican . proposition
that the citizen of any power may j x p a t r i a td
lumselt.aad'adopt another nationality: -
treaty is fyet made to that end betweedthe
two goierzunents,but it isevident, from . thi s
nti ,
formal a
.declaiation by • the
•'Ministry," that' iha reeiiinitioa of
• th e p rbael p le ?YAW: PlOYff*lP,OPtdill'iis*
SY 1
sed that a large proportion of
de fatal disasters occurring ers occ annually by , •
plosions or fire, on :steamers navigating the
inland waters of this country, might-be pre
vented by the adoption of precautionore •
stringently devised and more faithfully en
forced, to ensure the reliability of the ma
terialsls employed. the constru6tion or pro--
,Iylsion of such ft, the competency of the
officers in charge f them, and to reduce
the fire-risk to its practicable minimum. A
bill for this purpe e, very elaborately min
ute in its details, w -proposed some months
since by Special Agent CRAWFORD of the
Treasury Department, and was laid_before
the House Committee on Commerce. Re
cognizing the very 'evident fact that the
Only effective legislation to the ends desired
must proceed from(ogress, a letter to the
Committee, achcompying the bill, dwells '
very forcibly upon timperfections of ex
' isting laws, even the act of 18521eaving
'much yet to be desired. Mr. Cutworm's
letter exhibits:n thorough acquaintance with
the subject, and the bill (H. R. No. 1872) is
- believed' to supply the reedful regulations
which would ensure as complete a protection
for life and property, in transit by water, as
can be afforded by the use of the best mi
terials. in construction, and by establishing
the highest standards for the skill and pru
deuce of the officers in charge of the vessels.
Very naturally,'-the topic of fatal steam
boat disasters leads the mind first to that
class of accidents 'reiulting from boiler 6x
plosions. A very large fatality has occa
sionally resulted &Tim collisions, from fire
and the various other method's of destruc
tion "known to steamboat experience, but
explo4ions, although seldom occasioning
any greater loss of life, suggest to every
mind ideas pecoliarlyrstnrtltnk and painful.
The suddenness of i their occurrence, the
complete helplessne; of those who are ex
posed to become ,vi Ms, the fact that death
is, in a majority of
,Orses, preceded by pro
tracted and intense `auffering, and that dis
asters of 'this sort alWays leave some survi
vors maimed and pitiable wretches for life
these explain why we are all' inclined to
regard an explosion of a steam-boiler as the
most deplorable !Alt:unity that can endtmger
the traveller. !
It is clearly established that a considerable
tier, centageof these Oa - plosions results Ist,
frcini imperfections M "the metals employed;
2d, from inexperience, linoraneetor feck
lessness on the part of mighoseras i the first
being the most aiumerous — clasi. It follows
that the use of materlitliso prepared=as' to'
be absolutely : safe v ,iod this to be ascer
tideediby a competent and thoroaitheyateal,
of, inspection, would secure peifect Munn
otitY from what is itow the source. of such
danger and destruction. The bill in.ques
tion seems to be' izieisely 'ackpte.d to that
ohject.i It - prescribes standee& for the
strength of irortttod steel plates. used in
boilers, requires them, to be inspeetea and.
branded, regulates Ike:Manufacture - of the
steam tipparatus, ant onposes severe p4ial.
ties upon the iron miniffiscturer or the boil-1
er-maker who shall disregard. these provi
sions.. The bill tidtes:it for: granted that
iron and steel can. he made Of sufficient
tensile strength, and ' therefore :enacts that
only irhn and steel of such strength may
b e ink* Carry this filed faithfully into
practice, and the dangers of explosion from,
defectiVe materials will be completely obvi
ated. •.t • _
Tablas are sub mi tted , , la the &port
before which ' leav es no room for dotibt
that Iron'and steel holler-plates of 'ample
streng*Are readily' procurable Samples
were iiikbiauted:pitlgoonstiiiisautimitoreili
I , `" ' ~. ei:.t . , tIA • -Ai: ~...,,,,
. , •'''.....113ii.i'11.t . 4".
0N.,e4,31p! irtu,3t;:
forat igit rlidantiiaill* *W.
, w4toliolhoir ,thotribeialiso
2 g the rtOtt . relte.444 F,lt#lt,-,llstexassts
- a cgis„.6,,:aiieftio" , plates
exhibited a
Meat! temille: strength of 64,180 pounds 'id
-the 'Squire- inch ;'ltstows; & iron
plates 'a mean of 81,857 pounds ;
Simms £ Co's., plates. 158,114 - Pciunds ;
iihrOstnisatosn & plates, 47 , 283
pounds. The result in each test shows a
strength which places an *lesion from'
steam practiollly out of the question. As
better illustrating the character of the tests
to which these plates were submitted, and
as exhibiting more detail . the precise results
of experiments, Iv. copy the tabular, state
ment from the official document before us :
Tensile strength of east-reel boiler ptatee from the
weeks of Park, Brother lb Co., Pitiaincrgh. P.,. , , as
. determined Bay 23. 1863 at the. Nary Yard, Wash
ington, D. C.. for the Treasury Department.
OP 1
a la a
: n 4.
8, 2 Cr . 0
CI '7
r r g .a '
E - • tt:
04 • w
25,870 .68,333
25.8265,2 M
24000 ' 452,
24. , 00 01,5 7
33 45
25,450 65,258
84.000 -
37,050 495, --87-:171 000
15,010 91,050
35,030 • •89,743
`35,000 89,743
38,250 91,194
35,340 89,259
35,780 - 90,814
38,600 90,370
Mean. , ...... .1 01,21
'This sheet was rolled from the ingot without being
tithe flanging qualities of this sheet were tested
and they be very au perlor.
IMe ingot from which this sheet well rolled was
harumeren. Its flanging qualities seemed to be fully
equal to the unhammeredaheet.
Tensile strength of iron boiler piatefromihe works of
Brown Lt. Co., Pittsburgh, Pa:, as determined Nay
Viikt. at the Nary Yard. Wa.thington, D. (1., for
the Treaourtf Department.
Tensile strength of two plates of boi/er iron front
toe toocits nj Siloenberger it Pittabuyvh. Pa.,
ti'lenined Mail 13. 18g3, at Me Navy "Yard,
_for Me Treasury Department.
.1 - rtfi
;A N C
I - 1
I" I 1
t7l ct
Vie! Iti
• • e;
!.; • H
" - 1
tql• H
7 Xl's7.
Tesaas strength of a piens of Loiter iron /rant the.
Works of Liam, tihstbe Pitteliurgh Pa., as
eeterrninea ApritZ", IMS, a 2 At Navy ar , l, Wash
ington, D: eh. for the Treasury Department.
nithwtse of sheet 11 Across the sheet
• e I
173 '
'4',l l i i
17. I 51
4'.ldArTifiCiaifiliii.;ll ---- '"
Ed,609 , + hammered , 57,451
59,059: f,I. do 1 5` 505-
00,069 Z.: do I
' 59.0 U, -4 . : do % 57,75760,7Cel 5: , '...... do i .57.342
We'do not write this artielkto puff Pitts
burgh mapufactures. Our purpose is rath
er to...she* that a very fat*, class of casual
ties can be prevented by the „tfse r olif suitable
materials; that such materiali are entirely.
accessible; and Oa - tit - is the duty of the leg
islative authority'to require their nso. The
bill now before the Howie, if enacted lutes
law, would Oily meet this duty. Its sixty.
sit sections itie carefully drawn up and sup-
Ply all the deficienCies in the existing laws,
touching the Em/terizil and personal require=
merits necessary to the safety of lives and.
ptoperty. We sincerely hope lhat the bill
may become a law' at the Vast - - Session, 're
gretting that its very recent submission has
excluded'. it from consideration before the
impending adjournment.
TtraouonouT the five'anthracite counties
the miner are reported to be on a strike, Ai
rininding ten hours pay for eight home
work , there is a formidable atrike--:
indeed, a strike of unexampled preportioni
seems clotti eliongh, - but thire ... niust'be
some qQDRISiOII ofetatement as to the demur
making itoft. the pnneit which It
blade.; The Miner inoPer, - as we n der
stand, work . not by the day brit" by t ton,
and hence,could not consistently proilote a
strike for eight hours of labor instead of
ten as a day's - work. The helpers are em
ployed by the day, not by the own* but'
by the miners. Hence, the strike Would'
seem to be on the part Of one class of:work.
men against another class. The f effect
would be the same, however; in suspending
°Aerations. It would, besides, natnrally
follow, that if the miners were comPelleci
to Pay, to the - helpers increased wage# they
would require larger compensation per ton,
It bp Mae, reported that the iron workers
in these countim have joined the strige and
dust all:the mills are closed.
Oar exchanges froM that' region, are, of
course,la - oorr late date as the telegrapWo
dispatches; butjudgiaigfrom them We infer
the telegraphic &coolants are exaggerated: -
Trutrul were, mere rebel than Union eol=
; : dhnf is tiie ea
; ,„
~,- ".). r . .
. . .
„r .r. ..7r-' , :r , ... , 17,F'.,r,t'r , '.-7'..7; , ' -1 , .,1:,_, ~..,7.&, -.. 4, ` ”" 4k , -r , - ,,,- -,- -
411104 . 1,,ZV0C, . 1,, , (.. ..t. tril i. gi.h,4l ,4 Wl. - I=t./c $4.04 , 0 . C.,.
.40 , .....i . :.1.t. 3.1*, , i4 - 4, 4 . ,. . 1t7f , t21T1 , 17 4 7.7Cr,...f7 4, ,,,, .7 . 4L2,,, ~, ;„4,tr .' rr '4. l:-a'Pt7.-"Y7'rlrl ., :.'trA -. '',4. , '!• 1 ,77 .,, , , n , .. --"-- Z. '-'..--., , .1 .. - .47.
' ' ''
. - . 44
' . ''''
''' f-:r'''-a--."n.R...:::i.-},rVA-Viiiito,l,,,44:plegiAV,,,,. ;:1,4..d...e5.0p0tit1/4,,,.41,A,c,-,-.V,5.,4101k,iwt.....0. . .
-., !!...,,.• , =4.-- , .,,,t-,- , ..,4--..: •1..a , ....,,, - ',.. - - , -- , ,,,;.1..:'-'0.,.
• ' - ' ' -, " .'` • ..!,-w-.4,,,,..-.--....,..4.--„y41 , - , : w te4o. ~.- v , it .- •,,, ...... 0 , ..:..,_.,,,r , -,e, ip..,-,.- . 4,0.4. -,-,,., .- •
• , .- , •
. .
A >imo ao 8 Ei '
"I l roiltitreitifur DenintratiCiefuldrii al
slat that white lltielf ehtill;rule;America, we
commend the following resolution .which,
their candidate for Vice President, Mr
'Brune, endorsed on the 7th of June; 4§63;
at thc.Cooper Institute in New. York. lie
made a speech which cainAded - with the
sentiment of the audienee, after which - this
resolution was unanimously, adopted: - I
...Resolved, Thafwe hd this truth to be Calf-evi
dent, that he with whom e can trust the bullet to
save the life of the t w
ustlo ' e can likewise entrust
• the ballot to;And we invoke the eu-oper-
atlon of the federal and state governmental and the
Dimple throughout th Union, to use all lawful
means to erab/Laa ay em of #uffrag , which shall be eflassl and Jua.sto al . btlek as well as whlcii, .
American politi ans have a remarkable
facility for abando , ing one set of opinions
in order to take up another, but we have
never seen anything more remarkable in
this line, than Mr. BLAIR exhibits 'when,
is three short years, he wheels about from
advocating negro suffrage into its denuncia
tion as a polidcal wrong, justifying revolu
tion. , '
A distinguished Baptist minister in Eng
land, at a pablic meeting, recently- made a
defense of the distinct existence of the Bap
tist Church. The sentiments having been
heartily endorsed by the , Examiner and"
Chronicle of New York, it giies in connec
tion with that approval also its estimate of
other denominations, arguing, that if the
Baptist denomination is not subs tially
the reproduction of Apostolic - Chi
alike as to faith, and as to order, thex
good reason for its existence. If i
reproduction of stick Churches, that
reason enough. A Baptist needs I
tense of a Church or denomina
Churches, which is a mere human
ment, like the Papal, .he Anglican,
Presbyterian, or a more human dev
the Methodist. We give the exact
„ in the Tast four lines.
:5I 17 n
". C am
• 1 !
o gg gym.
0 7 °l
.4 124,775' 1 81.172,
.40265'23, 00_ F 56,980
.403 24,DG041000
.4u3 • U.000!61,740
.405 ". 26 ,80 ' 65,679
.40:ir0;25,050' 1 62,059
.405- 25;350:8:,059
•403 25,75063,530
The Western Advocate says Rev. Ammi
Nichols is the patriarch of Vermont I ongre
gationalism He is eighty : seven ye. rs 01(4
and has preached the Gospel, withou inter
ruption, for sixty-four years.
Bishop Marvin, of the Southern Method*
Church, thus lovingly (?) speaks of the Meth
odist Episcopal Church: When Moloch
himself was satisfied with blood and plan'',
tier, there was yet an insatiable maw to be
appeased only by the franchises and prop-,
erty of the Methodist Episcopal Church
South.' The Northern .Methodist Church,
with a conscience seared by the crimes of
the war; with warm, bloody flesh of martyrs
sttil quivering upon its tusks, and an appe-j
tite for plunder which four years of ravin e
could not glut, but only whetted to super.
demon eagerness, plead with the conqueror
is services, as a reason why it should be
mid loose upon the domain and the prop-
erty of the Southern Church. This coali-
tion of a mlli'ary despotism And an apostate
Church against Southern Methodism was
well calculated to throw them strongly upon
The Congregational Convention of Ver
mont passed 'a resolution denouncing the
tendency of certain professedShrist* ns to
participate in popular forms of emus eat,
such as card-playing, billiards, the t eat'er,
the dance, as being dangerous and cious
in their influence.
The Presbyterians are fully , aroused; at
some places to the necessity of aggressive
movements, -by the erection of houses of
worship in destitute places in and near large
cities. The right spirit Is seen in the re
marks of Rev. Dr. Homblower, of Pater
son, New Jersey, who, in urging his people
to form a new church in the outskirts of
that txmgregatlon,•said : "All of yon who
live beyond street, go out there and be
organized into a church ; If it leaves half of
the pews vacant, we will see them ell filled
again in a few years." This is the right
. 11 ,5
1 1/2.•
i - •
I 5.7
I• ;
1 re;
One of, the largest, most active and benev
olent churches in St. Louis is that of which
Dr. Nichols is pastor. Rev. S. M. Morton
is pastor of the North Presbyterian Church,
New School, at St. Louis. Both these min
isters are natives of Western - pennsylvaniai
and were•students of the Wesitern Theologi
cal Seminary, Allegheny . .
A. correspondent of e Presbyterian
Banner, writing from Kansas in regard to
- ministerial work in that cpuntry, repre
sents, first, that the minister must do a little
of everything ; second,, another peculiarity
of the work is hunting hip stray sheep, and
also another is receiving less funds for min
isterial labor than Is necessary for the min
ister's support.
Rev. Thomas J, Morgan, formerly a
General in -- the array, ' a member of this
year's grachiatlng Oise in Rochester Theci
logical Seminary, has been elected. Corres
ponding Secretary Of the New York . Bap
tist Union for Minbiterial Education.
Rey. Otis Gibson, who has been preach
ing for some time in western New York,
foonerly of the Methedist Mission in China;
has just been appointed by Bishop Thom.
sou to go to Sap. Francisco : to undertake to
form a mission, mot* the Chinese, in that
State. His experience of several 'yew le
China; and knowledge of the peeple and
language, eminently lit him for the work.
Applications havti been made. from over
`one hundred students for admission into
untvr Theological Ifieminary New Jersey,
,er the •Control the: M ChurChi
doring the next terni. The institution has
'recently been opened under the Presidency
of Rev Dr.- McClinOck.
The General Conv'ention of the New Jeru
aalum (Eiwederthergian) Church for the
United States, held it! annual session at
Portland, Miiine, some days since. 'Rei.
Dr. `Worcester presi4d . . Delegates were
present from nearly every State in the
It it
It Is stat e Bishop Quintard (Protes
tant Episcop al ) of, the South, on his late
visit, to Brgiamt - collected . i-about eight
thousand poungiOterlingforthe University
of the Sottlh.,.
the two ministein, Revs. George - StOrra
and Samuel Norris, whom, tho Methodist
parietal Confeienne of 1886 solemnly ; gen
,rre(t for iteendiag an antislavery ninetinir,
!JAW ce4Wirt:the lea" General ,•Goniereiggs
• • , •r!
. •
{ •
4, if; 7 ..k
--, ...
dairared exchirled, are living in Brooklyn,
4'elt nuiftelnunlLtedee4 1
_,`• and' Genezal *.Tetst f ee Hale Moore,
PresidiniEhler of Decatur District, Illinois,
and late' delegate to, the General Conference,
hag,been.nerniziatea to the House of Con
gress in the Seventh Illinois District. ' ,
Professor Pendleton, of I;ktiguky. College,
denies the rumor that a grand4laughter of
the late Doctor Alexander Campbell lies
been baptized by Aichbiahop Plircell into
the 11Cmarl Catholic Church.
The feeling seems to be growing in the
New England States, particularly among
the .. Congregaftonahsts, to have
_but one
sermon per Sabbath, and kold Sunday
'School in the afternoon and soCialmeetings
in the evening for prayer and speaking
The Erie MelhOdist Episcopal Conference,'
gi body of ministers numbering two hundred
strong, is now holding its annual session at
Warren, Ohio. Bishop Kingsley presides.
The Pittsburgh Ohristian Advocate says „ the
weather is hot enough to make the session
',dusty" and somewhat of an advance,on
Dr. Gilbert Haven,,the talenteff editor of
Zionlt'llorald, Boston, his declined the
offered chair in,the editorial department of
the independent, at a salary of six thousand
a yeah
The Wesleyan General Conference took
action on the!woman smit!age question, and
decide& they should have the privilege to
vote. Churches that tolerate members con
nectea with. Masonry, or other secret socie
ties, are to be excluded from the body.
Since the secession of a large number of
ministers and members from•this body, who
have mostly united with the Methodist Epis
copal Church, and Methodist (PrOtestaut)
Church, the denomination is not N -I ;ery nu
I : is no
fa the
fact is
o de-
'on of
d the
ce, like
Tribute of Respect.
On the announcement of the death of
William M. Moffett, Esq., in Court, yester
day, 011 motion of John,M. Kirkpatrick.
Esq., Court adjourned as a tribute of re
spect-j,o the meniory of the deceased, and
ordered the announcement of the death to
be placed upon the minute. A meeting of
the members of the bar was then organized
by calling Hon. Edwin M. Stowe to the
chair u and appointing W. T. Haines and
William C. Moreland, Esqs., Secretaries.
On motion of Jacob H. Miller, Esq., 'a
committee was appointed to prepare reso
lutions relative to the death of Mr. Moffett.
The following gentlemen constituted the
committee: Jacob H. Miller, John M.
Kirkpatrick, Marcus Acheson, A. M.
Brown and T. B. Hamilton, Esqs. The
committee reported the following , series
of resolutions, which were adopted unani
Resolved, That we have heard with feel
ings of heartfelt sorrow, of tho sudden de
mise of oar friend and brother of the Bar,
William 11 . Moffett.
Rewired That whilst we humbly bow to
the will o an All Wise Providence in this
sad dispensation, we deeply feel that the
Bar has lost an able and high-toned mem
ber, an honorable, genial and kindly spirit
—the community a benevolent and good
citizen, and'-his family a having and faith
ful protector.
Resolved, That these resolutions be spread
upon the minutes of the Court, and a copy
transmitted to his family; that we attend
hisTuneral in a body, and these proceed
ings be published in the city papers.
Real Estate Transfer/4.
The following deeds were filed of record
before H. Snive Esq., Recorder,
17th, 1868:
Wm. Veehter et ux. to Peter Auberger, June So,.
PAS: lot in the Sixth ward. Allegheny, beginning
on the easterly aide of Beaver avenue, 80 feet
south from Brady street, - 40 by 100 feet $1,200
Emory Ulemsomet ax to Charles A. Carbos, June 1,
11369: lot No. 71n Dilworth'splan, Boss tnwnship,
the Beaver road, containing 92 and 4.10 perches
Robert Anderson to Robert J. Whitehead, Feb.
1867; lot on Franklin street, Second ward, Alle
gheny. E 0 by 50 feet $ l 3O
Joseph Set tit Otto tiernhase. November 29,1887;
Latin McClpraTownsldp. in Joseph Seiffert's plan.
Wood's Run, 10 by 140 feet $B,O
Dr. T. Vent to ,Mrs. ElizAbeth W. Hare, April Bs.
1668:-. lot on south side of 1.140 BenNer , rued, Ohio
Township. 40 by 2241 feet 0400
Peter Diets to Otto Hartung , December I, 1867; a
triangulae piece' of land in Ohio township, con
tainlng about.ime quarter of an acre, laying on the
north side of the private road Jeading.from Glen
dale Mallon to Jacob Keller's. farm *B9
ilenjam n F. FOX to Sarah Mackey, April V 2, 1868.
lota.N s 50, 60, 61 and 03 In Fox's plan,-Chartiers
towns ip, 6u by 100 feet
John M Ter to Ivory Cole, ApriL-tat, L 968; lot in the
Sixth ward, Allegheny,begliining on the east side
,of Be. ver street, 'a by 140 feet with buildin gs,
. .
Will • m P. Hunter to Thos. Mackreli. Jan. I, 1 81 8e7 0EI ;
I. s Nos. 15Land 153 Roberts street, Seventh;ward,
ittsburgh, 4 0 rby 100 feet , - OB5O
Adam Mohler et ux. to SLI Fanny Wallace and Bliss
Mary Hughes, June 20th, 1866: lots NoS. 16 and 16
In Collins township. 60 by 76 feet - ' 170;
Mrs. Elisabeth Beak to Elltiest (1. Krehan. July 20
1869; lot No. 13 In - McKee A Lorey's plan of lots.
Washington street, Btrailngtusui. B 3 by 85 feet,
9.00 s
31ary - S..Kelley to John,Myrick. July 6, 1963; lot No.
, -fa In Dr Fredetick .Itauimanls plan. Frederick
Street, Itirmiugham, 25 by 70 feet $l,OOO
James Roberta et us. toH. ( . 3 . - Andrews...A OIL 200
1.4.6; a portion of lot No. ea ire Wm. ti..Brown'.
Plan, Lower St, C/alr township, V) by &I feet..sloo
• i
City Illortallty.
Dr. A. G. McCandless, Physician -to the
Board of Health, reports the following in
terments in the city of Pittsburgh, from
July sth to July 12th, 1868:
Prom consumption, 3; Pneumonia, 2;
puerperal fever, 2; sunstroke, 4-paralysis,
1; cholera infaututn, 16; ,convulsions, 5;
inanition. 1; bronchitis; 1; disease - of the
brain, inflamatioh of the bowels, 2; ma-.
rasmns, 2 ; hydr Thalus,' 1 ; typhoid .
Of the shayse the were under 1 year of
ages 2 8; from to 2 8; from 2t05, 1; from
sto 10, 2; f m I .. • I • • torn 30 to 40, 3;
from 60 to 1,1; fr... 70 to 80,.1. Of these
20 were males 21 females; ` white, 39; colored,
2; total in3mt/rpfl4eatii.4 ft, •
Abfted,lier Sat;
Mary Dailey, a resident • -of Weaverts•
Court; off Thant' street;lnadeltiformntion
before the Xayor
_yester,day., rig
James MoTlerriati with assatiltAnd battery.
It appearsthat a son of the prosecutrix , a
bey about tWelie yeaes old, who IS a boot
blaok,i was .Ongageti at the, corner of _Grant.
andlbirlistreets blacking a gentleman's
boots, when the aCcused, who was beastly
drunk came staggering along the street,
and Without the slighteit provocation
struck the boy with •his fist and knocked
him down. Hewes arrested and taken los
the lock-up until; sufficiently sober to have
a hearing. " Such• unfeeling, drunken bra:
tishness should be - punisho9 to the ' fullest •
extent of the law. • ' • • '
Sudden Death.
Coroner'Clawaot held an in4nest yester
day morning on the body of - a Man named
Elias Illyen, who' died suddenly at 'the
rolling mill of Everson;Pieiten & Co: - It,
'seems that'he had been employed as Anight
watahmau, and sbeut term) o'clock In the
Morning, while,pas.sing. a - furnace, he and
denly dropped the ground, Being eon
veyelt to the outside of the. mill , every
effort Was made tq respire hun,,but Iwithout..
'effect; ,and after lingering. In a Mate sof
:stupor for l aboxt two, hours _he expired.
The deceated boarded In Pipetown endives
about sixtrilveypara of age. HIS has.
been ditialfieliono time, but tie leaVesitWo
oldldivirtiitnoura a i:ttper!ii kat,
A eltolnplE!onv,9 , RA.Xlpi t4/1,,
gieriiiiilTa since *e . noticed A iti .''''r ' 7
Stealing; opera ion, in wVcii Cifir. =Wok.:, : .
Wilson, of New Alexandria, was .the. Vic.,
tim. The animal Iwas recover after' ar•
long and perseve • g sear& by °Direr Morl
Cieady, f the Mayor's police., , The fbl
lowing ar ethe particulars in regard to the
ease: It ist alleged that on the 15th: of Juno,
last Dr. Al 3. Duncan, formerly Of Alleghe,. ,
ny, caned { at Mr. Wilson' houae And Ow
cured froit son - of that geutlethan the' horse aria saddle and bridle. He stated,
t at'iii) wi bed to _visit a patiant, and would-
n retu n the animal. The Doctor carne;
1 Pittbrirgh, and it is alleged tharhe not,'
t l
o y forgot to_return the horse, but po ll ..
ceived' the idea that he owned it. A gen. ,
tleman named Rebman residing in lit.,
mingham; purchased the horse, which in-,'
worth at least about two hundred dollars,
'from Duncan; paying.hini seventy-five dol-',,
lard for it. Mr. Rahman subsequently:lo34,
the horse to A. Detrick, of MO Liberty, • <
and it afterwards passed from Detrich's, ,
hands to a livery stable keeper, of Law-1 ,
rencevill \ , It was sold again, a',feed store ~
keeper of Lawrenceville purchasing him;
for a wa n horse. Thursday , as stated,.'
f I; : .
'officer Mcentscly found him lb the posam:'
sion of the feed store keeper who, upon be- - ',-
ing informed that the horse had been stolen,::
promptly turned him over to the officer...
'Mr. Robnian, • who was with the offieer j f., .
identified him as tha horse he purchased
from Duncan and the'same 'which be sold, -..,
to Detrich. Mr. Wilson was 'in 'the
yeaterdaY, andbeing shown , the horse,rit
. 1
onee identified it as his property. Search
is still being made for the atieged thief, but
as yet no traces of him has been discovergd. °.` ,
The Heated Term.
• .
During the present extremely hot weatb,
er cases of cholera morbus, cholera: in.- -
fant UM, and all other diseases of that char.'
actor are prevailing to an alarming extent, •
and every man, woman and child in the
community is liable at any time to an
attack of some one of them,,unle ss pre
cautionary means are adopte d prevent it. ,
Every family should be provided with a
specific for cholera' and a preventive to
all summer diseases. Dr. Harris' Electric
Summer Cordial is a most excel ent pre
ventive and an infallible retie for all
diseases of the stomach and bo els, and
his cramp cure a reliable specific for cholera.
Both these artioles are for sale by Harris
& Ewing, druggists, corner of Wayne and
Liberty streets, who are also agents for
Schoonmaker's pure white lead and Mc-
Coy's Verditer Green. Give them a call.
—The War Department at Washington
has ordered the immediate removal of the
bodies of the two hundred Confederate
officers who died and were buried =John
son's Island, while prisoners of war, to the
Catholic cemetery of Sandusky, 0., the re=
moval to be commenced on Monday next,
under the direction of a Government agenk
sent for that purpose.
—The number of deaths in St. ottis for
the week endingyesterday numbered two,
hundred and three, of which thirty-three'
were from cholera infantum, eleven from'
sun-stroke, twelve from apoplexy apd elev
en from softening of the bram, the two lat-,
ter stiperinauced by 'the heat.
—A London special dated 16th says: The
Prince of Wales and Prince Alfred visited
Admiral Farragut's fleet on Tuesday. Far.'
ragut returned the visit to the _British
frig:ate Galatia, with Prince ,Alfred,'on the
16tb, and by invitation then visited - Queen
Victoria at Osborne House. . '
—At Cincinnati,.on Thursday, there were
twenty-five oases of sunstroke, ten of 'them
fatal. Nine cases were reported up to five
13. in. yesterday, eight of which were fatal.
The total number, of case cominencing
last Monday, have been silt • -one, of which
thirty-eight proved fat..
—At Toronto, N. Y.,11, Wednesday,' a
block of wooden stores `as destroyea by
fire, involving a loss of $50,000.
When the system Is once affected it will' not
of its own accord; it needs help-tt &wit 'bit . ,
strengthened and Invigorated; this is especial',
case when the
Are affected. . For Immediate relief and permanent
Diuretic or Backache Pi lch
Are a perfectly safe and reliable sperldi. This well
known reseed: , has effected a large number or timely
and reinarkable cures, and have never failed ;anise.
relief when takenaccording. Lo directions, -
Dr. Sargetit's 13fliketChe Pills
, .
Are purely vegetable, and militate. no mercury or
calomel. They do not exhaist the ayatem, ` but on
the contrary they act as a tonic. iniparting new tone
and vigor to the organs andstrengthening the whole
body. These Phis have stood the test of thirti-dvi
years. and are 14111 gaining In popularity. ".
Price 50 ertillin Per. BOX
the ...moat deadly, enemy of health,, 4.
everywhere active In July and August: The blastuN
sun Is decomposing and fermenting every species of
vegetable anti animal abomination, and poisonous
gases that depress and infect the system are univer
sally present. On the prairies, In the 'manilla in
the woods, and in the midst of crowded cities. this:
development of the elements of disease is now going
on,, In short the unman body Is Ina Mate of stem
and reason and nonillion senseauggest that Its DE.
FIANCES BC STNIAN3THENED.:, :A: stimulant, a eordo,
cor,rectlye and int alteratire reqUired. to put it, ,
in perfect trlin, and. these four grand requisites rue,
combined in tiOTEITER , S STOMACH - BI TTEDI3., • •
, ,
A man must be • Made ofateel not to be affected by .-.
the morbid, mitter`set afloat In the atmosphereby•
the rays of an almost vertical sun. Dane-tenths of
the community. are eremonished at this scum' by • 5 ,-1
debility, Indisposition -roeexertion, nerrousnem . •
de.. tha t . they.need something to Wild them up and,. • i t *
regulate their atilm:d - machinery. De they wane to"
It out oa all•stitnmer," or tow:him •••
an numediAte victory over, their ,unpleroant
toms, and secure that first orHeaven's blessings— .
"a sound mind in sound: body?" ;if the latter As • Li- ,
their desire let them resort 7 10 , 14 e DffffiCffeselth•.,•,;;
out detay. 'that
agreeebleXudlpotent'vegetablere--„it gir o
. z. „geM re e i ra ul ti st v i e ng ern ib l e soo li n ve re r, sto. stre re u thi xt i he 3 aw itemt th ora atz 'hill mmth aart i ';i l.• ••4
gently relieving the bowels, and giving vigor, else. -2•
'Betty and energy to the whole frame. These are
proven theta. AU man Jebel reads the testimony on
which they are founded can top a moment deals ••• ,- "i 4
Du. • _,
DR. Mirrenili:44l4,tp to
00. „ A .
4. .
some %hie 112
You will remember that , IbM a occaniditattew'''`
of dioilaseti, whiCh'finally ended in itterrlble
.r 4
which I had been advised to "lakitlone, , ` on acv
mrii a iierassintr cough, which It wee ...feared
ht fasten it on inyiungs. • knew that. the
Ifirk:Mode or treating' 'diseases like Mine" Was ties'''.
cutting oPerailoitiviiiph; encom(sibi et all, wotird' , '
naturally, throw the dteetwe epottthe !nap or aoralt
other vital organ; account or the ',suddennage
the cure and - thelmmedlate cheek - tothe dlicharge; -
which I bcliftvettwat a salutary Provision, or nature
ho sea. rld dr - soine morbld.condition or slie" systeM.
'reed .nerrectly satlefled that Tour method of
ment, , Purtrihtit the•argent. aa4rloSil.opPutlittool,,,.'.=-:1,
to the tittitl°l4m K
part. =let cu, altrihltitt .040.
without cutting, whieh I end It dtgiand mu WWI ..r..- ,, " 0 ;* .4
to: port , myself'. well : in every particular, with
sounder and bette r hfr , a;th thaul ! ; have bl4.4 l 4 . veatii - ,
r *egad also wld that the applicattima you wade
were almost iniinteas, and have lent me &near, invar_
with a the energies and vigor of restored health. .. 4 - ,
'ElrltriPdthi CONSULTATION 110011111 voit,
- ougoxic , iiratrASlSS,l iso gir,tr,zr sTF I 94T.!'"
trout lit A. 18 1 ,914.1114 -„tg,.
" • nin , c