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-OLIN Prayer lieeftit-4,9.1.1 xi to
101:1'o'ciodi thelifithodaChureb,VittiC
street, next doortol GAZETZIrOffiCO4
Meadvlltis . hai3 a - Giant Club,
Saengerband..r.This organization Will
hold's convention in City Mthis city, on
the. first and. second days of September
on Monday EVolling.2-The
laareet Committee will meet on Monday,
sTeltdPg next, at City Engiueer'a-Room. A
frill attendance is requested, as much bust.-
mat will come before them.
Tearing Down.—Workmen have com
menced to tear down the old building on
the corner of Penn str ere ction Trimble's al
ley, preparatory to th of the new
'honseter thn odhg Alen's' Mercantile 'Li
brary Atoadation. .1'
violent 'rain itorm, accompanied by
heavy Wind and thunder and lightning,
prevailed last evening fohr miles from the
city, on the Pcirrysvßle road, at about half
past six and lasting till seven. Singular
the storm didhot reach thtkeity. •
Street:—The workmen are en
gaged in preparing the curb stone to be
placed on Harmcm& street, the dividing line
between the boroughs of Birmingham and
East Birmingham. The street will be
paved as soon a " the curbs are set.
t* -o:ingression Confeiees of the Twenty : -
Third District.—The Conferees of the
TiviintytThird District, compriving part of
this county and Butler and Armstrong
counties. will meet at Freeport on Monday
next, to nomiheta s Cougreomanth at
district. • •
I)lsorderly Condttet.:-.Zire Myers alleges'
that Margaret Neely, of Beech alley, in the
Eighth ward, halt' Ivan conducting herself
in a disorderly manner Al
~ and yesterday
'fite*ade information before derman
Thomas, who issued a 'warrant for the ar
. rest'of Margaret.
- _ Water Pipe: The twelve inch water pipe
..whicli was .laid on Liberty street, from
Cllymore to Smith, which we noticed.yes
' terday, is being continued on - Smith to
Penn street, whereat will connect with the
twenty.inch pipe t to be laid on Penn street
loikreirehteville. ' '
.3 It4a i expacted that rapairs at Dam No. 2
oil the Monongafiela river, will lbe so far
„advanced by-.the 10th of this Month that
%the velEettkiats witl'fte ' able to come out.
At present very, light• draft steamers are
able to make occasional trips, the Zephyr
arriving last night.' • •
Assault and Battery.—Conrad Bohen
made information before Justice Ammon
-yesterday, charging William Grupp with
**int and battery. The parties reside in
.Temperanceville and were employed at
Woods' iron mill. .svp:M,Ekt was issued
for the arrest of Grupti.
y et “ot" 'the Veace.--jaines E. Faber
made information before the Mayor yester
day against John Koffman, ,for surety of
''opeace- Vbellartats; rkable at the Juno-
Of 'the Greensburg pike and Butler
street, Lawrenceville: lioffnum was ar
rested and held for,iheariog.
Brutil_Outrage.--A little girl ten years
Of age was brutally outraged st Sharon,
Pa., by a fiend in htman shape,. named
Charles H. Stewart. He wasp romptly ar-
Testddlof tiro wornenbittwulde his escape
and was subsequently,osptnred by the po
lies hndlodgod Mercer jail.
our report of the Organics
, Von of the . County Ezemitiie 'Committee
the nante of our fellow citizen, Josiah Co!
ben, Esq:, on the Committee on 'Natural'.
salon was misprinted, and we make the
correctiob, knowing that that gentleman
will be one , of the most active members of
the Committed.— - -
Assaillt and Itattery...--Maigaret Ilerman
made information yesterday before Alder
man MeMasters against Henry Schap') for
assault and battery with intentlo commit
a rape. - She alleges that, the deffindant, on
the /at of July,* knocked her down: and at
tempted to commit the offence. He was
arrested and held for a bearing', .
, Senatorial Conferencer—The, Conferees
of the Senatoilal District composed
strong, Butler and Lawrence counties, will
meet at the Nionongahels Spine on Tues
day the 7th inst., for the, iurpose of select
ing from among the three gentlemen put
forward by the different counties a candi
date to represent that - district. -
Trespass.—Mr. John H. Page made in
formation before Justice Ammon yester
'day, against 'James Leech, Wm. Gleuzing
and Joseph Walser, charging them with
malicious trespass ; - He alleges that the no
cased went into his oichard in East Bir
mingham and destroyed the trees and fruit.
A warrant, was issued for the arrest of the
MaiicLOUs Mischief.—Michael 'Riggers
alleges that three boys, David Jones
s,ly Ebe
nezer and Nicholas Mores, maliciouen
`toyed his garden in East ;Birmingham and
deeitrOye his potatoes and cabbage. He
made information before Justice Ammon
charging thein*lth malicious mischief and
tresspasia. , warrant *vies issued for the
arrest, of the accused. - - •
Painful Accident.-:Adam Slinger, an I
employs at the Crescent Inbe_Works of
.Clow & Dalzell, near Lock 'N0.,1 on
the 'Mononghela river, was very seriously
jajtiTed by being curbed of the
large wheels in the establishment over one
hundred times. Ms injuries though se
vere, are • not considered fatal, and it is
thought he will recover.
Aeeidenta Drowning.—On Wednesday
evening, while a number of boys were
bathing in a large pond located on the
property of MT. - Bruce,' East Liberty, one
- of theM maned William Wallace was seized
with cramp and was drow ned before mist
su 00 - uid reach him. Cordner Claw Ami
held an inquest on the body yesterday
morning, and rendered a ve r dict in accord
ance with the above facts.
. . • ..
Cellialon.—H. B. Gibson made informs-
Wirt before the Mayor, yesterday, charging
Johrtlianson with malicious mischief. The
protecutor drives one of Sumuerday hi er's sew s - 1
Int Machine waOns and ycet
ivagon W-aiitisiiiting at the Duquesne Depot
waiting for a load . ot goods, when, he alleg
es, the segyseslostio‘ wise driving a heavy,
WM wagon, run against b is
" light wagon'
and damaged it to the.amount of /5,50. A
'warrant was issued for; the arrest of the ac-
--- • Last '
A Bequest to the Chureh.— night
' about eight o'clock a fine little gi , rl b
of but few days experience in .this ,
, wrapped up in an old shawl, ,WascarefUlly
residence ited on the door steps of the:: Spiseo
. • residence attached to St. Patti's. Lathe- .
ritL, The little one was taken in and will
'.'be kindly cared for, although the good
ch i n pe ople are not anxious to receive .
gmy fu eradditions to the fold in such an
, ha g egogr manner.No clue to 'tlie parents
' ' has eitri discovered.,
. , •
Naar, Dlseevery.—The Altoona Tribinte
says: ben ore is found In great muuditiest
near ,Idelieltosritkabd ess than nine
slab fossil ore betake, andfive hematite
btualteare now opened. Wane' years since,
a furnace and for weretearritst on there,
but on'acoodntorhaving to obtain their ore
from Jack's mountrAn, a Olsti9lo6 of eight
males; it *as -stoprf,, °kola' now
' within three hun red,lsfdA Ae face
where the old Brooklyn furnace waft, crow ,
- tad, end although-they prospected'- for ore,
at no !Imo did they, unearth tO PAT
d e the
misehiprcOfriiisetatituL In .alieenjr.--
Over Seven Thousand Dollars' Worth of
Property Destroyed._
• •Thoisday-itAre 1 3*LvWf : `, l .out in ,a
frame building owned by Mr. S. Marks,.
and occupied by Mr. John Slack as
a chi-
:penter shop, - on Miadle alley.)' near Samp
son street, Second ward, Allegheny, which
resulted in the , destruction- of over seven
thotuaind dollars' worth o piatierty, and
threatened for a time to devastate the
wholes, iiiire inwhich it was located.
Whe the fire woe first disCoVered it had
not gained much headway, but such was
the rapidity of its progress, that when the
fire department .reached the ground, al-.
though they had very promptly responded
to the alarm, the whole building was a
sheet of flame.
Next to the shop, on the south• side, were
two frame dwellings, also the propert,y of
Mr. Marks, and occupied by-Fred. Lehman
and Heim jaandressiwhiehquickly ignited
and were destreyed, the occupants, how
ever, fortunately sueceeding in the removal
of their household effects. On the north
side was'a large new frame stable, the prop
erty of, and 'occupied by, Smith & Co.,
pentors and contractors, which, owing to
the very combustible nature of. its con
tents, was speedily reduced to ashes. There
were in the stables at the time four horses
and several sets, of harness, a buggy,
barouche and wagon, • all' , of which •
were saved, though not without con
siderable difficulty. Immediately in the
rear of the carpenter shop, on the property
of Mr. Marks, was a small frame stable, in
which were - two 'Wiggles and 'a valuable
horse - and cow, which were removed with
out being injured. - Through,..the almost
superhuman exertions of the firemen, the
large triune carpenter :shop - .of Measrs.
'Smith & Co., fronting onFederal street and
running back nearly to the stable, was
saved from - the tire, though about.- fifty
thousand feet of lumber in the yard was
so much damaged as to be 'of little future
value. The firemen perceiving the impos
sibility of saving any of the buildings - to
which the fire had communicated, directed
their efforts to, prevent the spread of the
themes in which pthey were successful,
:having in a short time the fire under com
plete control.
The loss, as near as could be ascertained,
is something over seven thoosand dollars.
Mr. Slack, whose shop the fire origina
ted, estimates his loss at six or seven hun
dred dollars,on which there'is .no insu
rance.. Mr. arks' loss will• reach at least
three thousand dollars, on which there is
an insurance of six hundred dollars in the
liational'lnsurarice Company of
Messrs. Smith & Co. have insurance to the
amount of three thousand five hundred
dollars on their property, divided between
the Etna and Lycoming, t both eastern com
panies which will
, prebebly fully cover
thell,Aoss: •
In regard to the origin of the fire various
opinions are afloat, none of which, how
ever, appear very plausible and the affair
will `probably forever re main a mystery.
The general opinion seems to be that it was
wholly the result of accident, but how
that accident occured none can tell, as no
person had been working in the shop.whVre
it occurred for several weess previous. In
closing our account we cannot refrain.from
awarding the highest praise to the firemen
who labored like heroes to keep the con
flagration from spreading. And had it. not
been ' , for their tireless exertions, nn
doubtedly the loss would have been much
-.VAe -73
A Burglar hhot--111.11 Dying Confession.
Some four or five= weeks ago a party of
three burglars entered a clothing establish=
ment in Ravenna, Ohio. They were over
heard by a young lad sleeping in the store,
who, seizing his gun, , flred at them. With
a sharp cry of pain from one of the thieves,
who had evidently been hit, the party fled.
Daylight showed blodd to have been spit ted ,
but a thorough search of the village failed
to reveal the criminal*. But three stran
gers had been observed loitering about
the village the previous evening, by a citi
zen who, the next day, taking the
cars Rik Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, was
surprised to see the same party on the train
just before reaching Pittsburgh. One of
them had his lace boandup and was appa
rently in much suffering. The citizen tele
graphed the fact back to Ravenna,
to fol
but if
any effort was subsequently made
low np the clue, itithe interests of justice,
it was ineffectual.
But, the same day, a man was brought to
a hospital in this city, suffering from the
effects of a gunshot wound. He received
due care in that charitable institution, but
it was unavailing • lingerld until last
week, when, in his dying moments, he
confessed the crime which he had attempt
ed, and acknowledged the justice of its sum
mary punishment, concealing his name
to the last. Hie attendants succeeded,
however, in divining it to be Hartzell. Re
refused to give the names of his compan
ions in the affair,. his confession being con
fined to his own share in the attempt
which had brought him to an end so
'wretched. His dying confessions were
made known to the parties concerned at Sa
vanna, through whom the facts have now.
transpired. The dying burglar heartily
exonerated the lad who inilictsd the wound,
from all blame, commended his bravery in
defending the property of his employer.
and penitently resigned himself to the sae
eni of a wicked life, with evidences eta .
contrition so sincere as to make the deepest
impression upon •those who attended his
last monients. Verily, the way of the
transgressor is hard
Diamond Pin Recovered.
three months since Mr. John Mon.,
Crossart, Proprietor of the Monongahela
Souse of this city, lost a diamond cluster
pin veined 'at $7OO, at the Opera Bonse, an
account of which we published in the GA , '
ZETTE. the day following the occurrence:
Chief of Police Green undertook to work
up the case, and from the following whic h
we, clip. from . the • Nationat Repub/ican,
Washington, D. C., it will be seen that his
efforts have been successful;
Our energetic and: fax-famed detective,
John 'Clarvoe, assisted by Chief of Police.
Matthew Green 'of Pittsburgh, inceeede d
,in, recovering a Ailtinond cluster pin valued
at $7OO, yesterday, which had been taken
from the bosom of a gentleman, resident
of the latter named place, while attending
the theatre some three months back. Mr.
Clarvoe found the pin in this city. Too much
praise could not be accorded to,thetie gen
ilatiten for their energy anti efficiency,and
the, dispatch with ,which4bey workeeup
this ease will characterize them a the most
°Mutant pep in their line of hus , inese. ' . • ,
-- ---4- 1 1 'r —r
.. Tuesday's Sto niste
rm- r h. Mir Killed.
A sad accident occurred in West Deer
township during the prevalenae of the vio'.
lent storm' on Tuesd a y list, by which ReV.
A. O. Shaffer, a zealous'and earnest Chris
tian and pastor of the.est Deer Township
United Presbyterian Church; lost 'his ilfe.
it seems that Mr. Shaffiir was standing , in
his house 100
out on the stern], w i ren
i ,
the lightning struck the building a few feet
from where he was , and a portion o the
electric fl uid, glancing off, struck him 1801
resulting in ,hie instant , death ., The
deceaaeu, who was - about fift ears
of age, had been cone ed with the
West Deer Church • - for • the , past
twenty-one years, 'and was very much
beloved for his'uniny amiable virtuet4 not
tenons' Acciden . t'. , only by his own congregation-but by all
Yesterday evening, about nine o'clock, with whom he hadintererinraft..' The fah"'
an accident ar a very serious nature occur- al took place yesterday afternoon, and was
red at the corner of. PearlßY/VallilC AV3illlO
and Gist streeton the Eighth-ward. Twoger.- largely attended by the friends and so'
quaintances of the tardily. Bad 'be lilted
until neat Sunday he would have colebra.
tlesnen from Allegheny citv,oo,,M. Black- ted the twenty-first anniversary of Ida tak.'
' stock and Matthew J. Hall, were riding big charge of the 'Neat. -Deer congregation.
in a buck wagon, driving a spirited os, 1,.. ,
which took fright while Pilesintr down Gist ; .:. • ; Settling ail jobiputt4-
stretit:.and ran away, Fig run but v a' short
Viistaneei when one of the Mist either 1 About ("Pie
ed or was thrown out, and slightly in died: of Inuseatar Toting ; - Nog, retired
The horse'doilthined on down the s treet to tte the metal Fard liii,hii.4ool.,. l4l4 ' bur i r .
the Avenuevrtinning at a frightful rate. of , street, Fourth:ward . Aiegis'Ose' oi
speed, when the vehicle °Winded with 'a sattbutan Old des - with
envy wagon,andwas literally demolished. the list rules of ilniti AblOriger pum
a driver was , throben 'ant striking, head mehng each other to Ihifitifieetie tent,.
foremost. on the bobble stone , pavement, rot !bibbed hilt lut honfilWapparilnily be=
calving serious , andrbelhalsr fatal Injury: !time ,Atiffied' with the deitleinebt and.
- Ili Was removed to the bonsai:lf Mr. Ttlig withdrearro the jiver tovhiliholf die effliebi
ten, wheo he was attended by Dr. Batten, of the evening's 000npatlon. \
I .
Fatal Accident.
Yesterday morning, about seven o'clock.
a shocking and fatal accidentoccurred near
Turtle Creek curve, on the Pennsylvania
Railroad, about one male east of Winton
Station. A gang of workmen, tenor twelve
in number, under the ditoodon of Michael
Matigan, divirsion boss, were proceeding
eastward . on. a hand car. Just as the car
turned the curve, the Latrobe aecommods
ti n train, due in - his city at eight o'clock
came in sight at the usual rate
All of the men jumped from
escaped unhurt with the exception of John
Redman, who remained on everuc,h
WAS struck by the locomotiveand thrown
from the trank, whett . be fell immediately
in front of the engine on the track. The
entire train ; passed over his body, mulalar .
Ling it in horrible manner and causing'
instant death. The accommodation train
was running .on its" time, but it. Is stated ,
that the watch of the, boss was eight or ten
minutes slow, and consetAuently he was not
aware that the trai n was due. The deceased,
was about twenty-two years Of age and,re-'
sided at Cavitt'a Mills. • ~ -
Coroner Clawson was notified and went
to Bririton Station yesterday evening at
thteetOcksik, to hold an inotteia; when the
jury returned the following verdict: "That.
deceased came to his deathim the 2d of July
by being run over by the Latrobe Accommo
dation train on the Petinsylvaniaßailroad,
`arid fro'm "the 'testimony' of the witnesses
the jury further find that no blame can be
attached to the company, or its employee." _
V ; !
t •• ,) I
1166= -e.
, ,Tbe . .centrig,,l49.lfr-4..9fv)14 n.2snat
TtdirOciftY aftf Wir c , 'ng,Jql-k &
`#ste4-3tissl6l.'6''rne Craig, Ge tty,
EarrisF4 l „. ista n NPV:Ist , Taylor s ,. Wilson,
aid prusb, prel dent -.31
Mr;SerenelttitidWrcia appeared and pre
sented a cornmunkation, signed by Samuel
1 • Ross as President, and Charles W. Levis. '
:14 - Secretory, i of the C,ollinitlßistrlc, School
Board, stating that Mr. J. M. Littlehad
resigned his seat. in the 7 Central Board of
Education, and that Mr. Chadwick. had
been elected to represent said' Ward in the
Central , Board. 7 .' .' - 1 7 ,Y ,S
Mr. Benjamin:VT. Morgan, alsolppeared
and ii,kesented a domtnutdcatiOn, signed by
JOhn B. Bell C
as Piesident;ind Johtt Bid-
Master as Secretary,, stating that Mr. ..3. M.
Little, representative to the Central Board
of Education, had removed fothe' State of
Maryland, and r&piesting that his seat be
declared vacant: Mr. Morgan also present
ed credentials asßepresenta ive faom Col
lins to the Central Board of Education.
Mr. Hobbs moved that the resignation of
Mr. Little be accepted, which was agreed
;Mr. P. IL Laufman presented credentials
'as representative from the independent
district of Collins.
• On motion of. Mr. Getty, the credentials
of Ittr:"Laufmaii were accepted, and ho de
clared a member of the Board. •
Mr. Wilson moved that the ,contestants
frcim Collins be heard, which was agreedto.
Mr. Morgan stated that he represented
the Board elected in-December last, and
that the State Seperintendent had decided
that said Board was legal, andpresented
the communication ; from the Superinnd
ent on that subject. • ' .
tk..Cbadwick stated that the election for
School Directorilist December ;had been
hekl•without notice, and had been regarded
as void, and that a decision to that effect
had been received from the State Superin
tendent in the case of another district. , -
On motion of Mr. Craig, the credentials
and acCompanying papers were referred to
a Committee of three. . I .
The Chair appointed Messrs. Craig, 'Wil
son and Covert. • ' -,
Mr. Wilson moved that a: Committee of
three be appointed who shall, nt,the next
meeting, report the proper time for the or
ganization of School. Boards in such, dis
tricts as have been diVided by; a late ordi
nance of Councils, which WWI decided in
the affirmative and Messrs._ Wilson, Getty
and Taylor appointed: ---
Thel trincipal , of the High School pre
sented a report of the result of the exami
nation of the applicants for admission to the
High School.
On motion of Mr. Getty, candidates hold
ing cards tyilihtho•following numbers ward
declared entitled to admission to the High
Schools, viv.
No. 1,2, 3,4, 5,6, 7,8, 9, 10, 12, 17, 19, 20,
21, V-, 23, 24, 26, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,
38, 41, 42, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 55, 58,
59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 66, 67, 68, 69. 70, 71, 72,.73,
74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79.80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86,
87, 88, SO, 90, 91, 92. 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98,100,
102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 112,
113, 114. 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 123, 124,126,
127, 129, 130, 133, 134, 136, 137, 138, 140, 141,
142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 147, 148, 149, 150, 151,
153, 154, 155, 156, 162, 163, 165, 166, 168, 171,
On motion adjourned. • '
Teachers Elected.:,
A meeting of the Sixth ward School
Board, Allegheny, was held last even
ing, when the following teachers were
elected for the ensuing year : Professor
B. F. Camber, Principal; Miss M.F.. Bally,
Assistant Principal. Teachers—Misses IL
S. McCain, L. E. Wilstin, 8. E. Patton,
Mary E. Kelly, M.. 1. Cruthers, O. M.
ler, Emma G. Boyd. Aggie Wilson, A
da Bartley. Janitor, George Kirk.
At is meeting of the Board of Directors of
'the Pllth 'Ward Schools, the following
teachers were elected to serve for the ensu
ing yearn •
Principal—Prof. Andrew Burt.
Grammar Department—Sites kennie_
stop, Maggiew McCroight and Rebecca
Munn. .
Intermedtate—Mrs. I. J. Yon', Misses
Anna McClelland, Hannah Brooks, Heater
Munn and Rosa McCleary. •
Primary—lliac Maggie' Ilickson, Mary
bicOreight, Maggie ficott,.A. A. lioey, Ella
Hamilton, Lizzie Ring, _Melissa Bur' and
Mary Harris.
The Eighth Ward, Pittsintrgh, School
Board met last evening and re,.electsd their
corps of teachers for the ensuing year, viz:
Principal—L. B. Eaton:
Ann Street Building.
Grammar Department-11,1183es Mary D.
Garvin, Eliza W. Lompro, Emma D. Wal
Intermediate --Misses Chellnessa J. Brag
don, Alice J. Jackson, liattie A. McMaster,
Amelia ,Withertnr.
Primary---Misses Caroli r ne M.'Hartley,
Lizzie McClaren, Amelia McCreary, M. Ag
nes McPadden,Etrima Neely, Jennie C.
Simpson, Annie M. Sloss.
Second Street Building.
, Grammar, Department,- Alias . Mary I.
Intermediate—Mrs. VorbeLa Burns.
Primary—Miss Annie M. Witter. .
z • j (i • t
.; 1 I I .1 a
--- 1 7 1M 5
• ' .e
= h
..glllWilEtaillitstkrit "AC CitrOfttnim A
‘. , ficrew Lowe tikdnestheite'M
Under ;the above caption the - r •
I {
yes*** made an lauvitarsinted atteeto on.
the , datable- and efficient clerks of City
CPuticibl, because, foraooth, that journa ex
krhilioes some little vexation in obtaining
Inilloodniti.m .
_ 1 : .M 1 ). 11 ) 1310 _ 439 '1:40114e.t
of the attack, we cannot see why the erks
should*, stalled , to the. wilr and wishes of
our neighbor; nor Canwe discover any real
cause Tor he sudden burst of wrath and
'undigniii coMplaint which . has been
.81kowered on the ,headsrof thest mos cor,
- reet and f 'thrill amongatiiiir muniti refil
Cers. Th clerks,. if they , desire to do so,
can retai in their possession aliordiriances
thirty daYs after their passage before and-.
ing them to the official papers for -.1) blies-
Lion.. This right, and privilege the have
never exercised, striving. at all • ti es to
hand them in promptly and, in goodse ason
for publication. The verticality 0 Mice
to wich reference is made by the Dap
was sent to their office , in'vertgood Season
for setting ' up, had it 'reached the me
chanical department' of that'establistment
instead of being loft in the connting room
mi. - Mani the - -managing 'editees i - return to
give the order to. send it to the ecmitiosing
room. The greater portion of the matter
in proof was deliverfai te DiOatch office
before six - o'oloa, and the last. inatalment
was in before ten o'cleek. ' The 'Commercial
received the ; . proof at, the eitht3' time and
printed the report entire yesterday) morn
ing and We have heard no grumbling from
that quarter. We hope the desire iif the
Dispatch to lay the Matter before dontiona
will be grati6ed, and we Will.ventUrci Our
customary wager' of a big Pippin that both
of the , - clerks will be fully vii Mated on
the charges of bungling and lessness
laid at their: doors by our ooteraperary. -.
il - '
First Reformed 'Presbyterian
The of congregation' the First Reformed
Presbyterian Chinch, .Allegheny, Rev. Dr.
plpronll, pastor, haVe caught 'the spirit -of
improvement in ! Church architecture,
which is specially active in our vicinity
just now, and have 'ixinimenced the area.
tion ,of a new chur ch edifice on the corner
of Sandusky stree tand Strawberry alley,
which they expect to have uuder roof , this
season, and which, when completed, will
be an ornament to that part of the city in
which it is located, and a standing monu
ment to the energy and enterprise of tho
Congregation. The building, whiqh will be
pressed brick, `fronts gothic' In' design,
and two stories high, will front; fifty-six
feet on Sanduskyjstreet, with a "depth
the. of
ninety feet on Strawberry alley.
outside all the bUttreases, arches over the
windows and openings will be capped'with
the finest dressed Freeportstone, which, in
contrast with the pressed brick ork, will
present a very neat appearance. w
The first
the vestibule,
floor will be taken up with
lecture room and several smaller roonts in
in the rear. Winding stairs lead from
the vestibule into the auditorinni,
which it is ,estimated, will , furnish sitting
'room for eight hundred portions, including
the gallery built acroFs the Sandusky street
end. The pulpit will be surrounded with
the finest carved wood work, painted and
grained in light oak imitation. One of
Emerson's pate t gasolites will furnish all
necessary light The ceilings will be paint
ri l
ed and frescoe in diamond patterns: All
the wood wor throughout the building
will be painted and grained i ' imitation of
light oak. Th estimate cost of the strew=
tare complete without the fitrnittire, is
530,000. Jam M. Ralph, of Allegheny,
is the archlte t, and Mr. William Andel'.
son is superintlindlog the building opera
,ions. , - ' •
' , '
601 Impudence: ,
' '
An information was made before the May
orl yesterday, lharging Joseph Walsencraft
, ,
with larceny. which developes the coolest
es t ),
piece of impudence Imaginable. The pros
ecutor, J. Go dstein, a clothier on Market
street, alleg tiiat the accused, in company
with another rson, Came into his store ea
Wednesday t purchase some goods, and
after lookin ver tho stook for some tinie,.
bought an , ' fora pair,efeiamts and vest,
which we up and d ivered to him;
while 100 l l e goods, it is alleged, the
accused 1 i in securing a pair of
coat, which he carried .
pants u:
ay vri: On taking them home,
however iscovered that they were
boys' pf mtirely toesmall for him,
whereul ,urned to-the store Thurs.
day as en • whence he had taken
them c y previous. and askeolto
have ti langZtd , for a larger pair.
The pro: :ates that)he missed the
pants al :r trot:soh:li Ider left his es
tablish: Idnesday, !and recognited
them as , they were. returned. ;.The
impud, 'as arrested and locked up
for a hi
)sion of a Roller.
We t the Titusville. Herald, of
June `,.• at about half-past one
o'cloci Any morning, thh boiler at
the Ft Igo. 2, Tallman Farm/ ex
.plodei and bad'Wifter in it, cans
ipg ti , death of one of the engi
neers, T. Murray, and slightly
liaogni4, ',her, Frank Fertlg, . who •
„ale to relieve the Termer.
Mr. Aurray was standing in front of the'
fire-box, at the steam, guage. ,He -... was.
blown about forty-five yards to. the' front,
while the' boiler went in tbe,opposite diree
lion about the same distance, -tearing•the
engine house and derrick to the'ground,
and passing through a small tank of oil.
-furMura was a single man, about Oren
, ty-o y ea r
of age. Bis parents reside at
i. Oil City. , • . ~ • - . -
Itlischlevous Children. , .
• Mrs. Gibson, residing on Hancock street;
alleges that the children of Mrs. Costello,'
a neighbor, are the cause of Considerable
trouble totter, by. Climbing over the ience
and throwing truck and stones at the
house, thereby to a considerable tatentdo
stroying •theosame and endangering the
lives of the inmates; ' She states - that she
endeavored to talk to •Mrs: Costotta in .ro
gard to the - mischievous conduct of -the
children, but that lady refused to copsider
the matter at all. COnsequently the prose
eutrix made inforniation against Ahem be
fore Alderman 'Donaldson for 'malicious
mischief. Mrs. Costana 'waived' a hearing
and gave bail for an Opts:Jar:ince at Court.
Camp Meetings. , -
, ~.
There will he a camp meeting for South=
, ..
east Pittsburgh District on .the ground 00,
,cuPled last year, near Maßaealeirt, Pa.
All persona desiring to . -have tents on the
ground will please, most ilire,oßTutsiday, i
'July 7th, to'make the ' neCesitary 3 arrange
mentaa . , , ; . • .
The South Pittsburgh district camp
meeting -will' be held near' lliitiongabela
City, commencing Thursday, August t7th.
It is hoped that every charge ititlse - district
will ,be represpnted.„ Parties ‘ intekeated
will meet on the grquwAThurtulah August
20th, at ten o'clock A. at., to propare the
ground. Select sited for tents, iko. +• ,•
. _
, Another Riot. '3 —l l
' ' Michael Ilicliet 'l3laat3 infOrrnitiOn before
the .. Mayor, yesterday, 5 aling J . 0 1 40 .11 -
Campbell,. • in
atrick:Egan and' Robert. Rep
-1116411 with riot.` The '.atetuse.d are' coal 1
irninersi and were -on i ' strike for higher,'
watt*, and, it is alleged : by the prasaeutor;
that they went to AsmattonginidlolatheW e ' ,
Coal *Oki ' *herd lid ole H.) - and : fieter
IN 'ertililoyed; didteafarld abnead:
~ . _thent.4eskuas.:
_e.y . "mad not join 1# 4.the
*Vila: nem War 0 that they leo*
ducted themselves in a riotous- Aninner.
Warrants` were issued for the arrest of the
accused, '
linappeteral Reports I m.semid , p l9b andlB2,redersl St.,
IThe ipterthrly :report of .the ...Board of I Vilegbealy. •
,E. I
United States Mfg IMP e e t "?
rs Of' this port ' Gilger?)0111511,9:011 the very liberal
for the'quarter e ndiniVine flOth', wasp re'. iiirOnage.betstoWed on bfin'by his friends
, il i
ranted in the 13`. S.. Court; yes terday. and a generois i public- for
.. so Many
qtpinv ,
emtimeed hi . the year s, It N chl f .,b•i, his endeavor in the
report the :sosia, inspected ' thirty-five future „as it ,. hisit been in the past; , to meet
-steamers, with an aggregate tonnage of their wants,: ft..,A ~m erit their .i continued
1 194 tone. ' Of thee° ten 'Were 'Passenger
9 ,patronage and confidence. .On ithe fourth
boats,bur ferry -.
boats, 'nineteen I towing-
boats, and two freight boats. -.- .' • entire day, but in Order to accommodate
The; board also . granted lieenset to fifty- his nurrierousihnstomers, it .will•lrernain
eight engineers and' ninety-one pilots; of open on Thursday and Friday evenings ran
the tirstraix were-original. and fifty-two le- 9 o'clock. I. _ evening s
nights- of the letter three were
so refused
On and afteti'.3llmd",'Jnl,46th, till Sep
eighty-eight renewals. - They also refused, ternber Ist, the , store y will oloded at - ,5
an applicaticrn for license as . second eul-. o,olock theleveningf except , seterdays,
*Meer, and deelined'to-raite the grade s_ when it vtillbe closed• at-9 o'clock.
second iinginee: to first.
Two nasetinf collision were investigated
one involving a loss of '11,090 , t il l undo
cided'. vbe report also refers . open-
Ing'of trade With Fort Belltart, Mids:3ol4llY
'ments the offilers and •men for ttiti success
‘whiolt they have achieved in the enterprise‘ ,
The inspec t ors as° 'refer:to the Coal inter
est; and state-that upwards of ono -hun
dred steamers are now engaged in the hula
ness, the Operations of whichave been un
usually. succeSsful 'during theyear riti -to
the time of the break 'at-Dam
this i
th. The
whole amount of tonnage from port
during the year hashever been
The report states - that enumber of d
were found in (tie
r bi pr s ompslyamers sl of
which wete repai
• Munson's Copper .Liglitning. Rea,
[Prom the Chahmbers' burg rit:lti.o4ssit'ory.7
Cui,saturfenund. ,Sune Id6B.
I 'take, pleasure in recommen gin the
highest possible. terms,•Munson's Tubular
Copper Lightning 'Rod. I knOw 'As merits
thoroughly; it has been in use in Colum.
bland county, New York,fOr ,eight years
or more, giving ;the most .perfect, sa .tlafact
don. A committee,waaient fromlbe neW
Episcopal Church, in Hudson, N. Y., td New.
York City, Albany, Troy;aridvariotuarither
places, to find the best possible rod. Alter
full xamination and rby the, advice of Bei.
entitle men, they de m o to have this Rod,
and One was put on theiripire:of 183-feet'
in height. I may also be allowed to say .
that I am porscinally acqudrited with Prob
'Brooks, Tyson;‘artd Fleet. Baird, of Bald-,
more; and have 'entire confidence; in their
judgment' and itclentifie IrroiNiledge pie
matter. I. baVe 'taken are .1140 to' ex
amine. it carefully upon the
pare it . w knOir ith
principles of science,, to_ com,
many, ahnost all 'Other rods in, use, and
believe it greatly:stiperfor to an others .llt
Is constructed' so aheeintely 1,4 accordance
with scientific principles that vradtically it
may be,, set to b'e - ,,perfect. 1, do but justice
to the manuffiethier And a favor to,the
unity in speaking thus highly. of: what,
examination and Wide exTerience
have led me at believe' the iaost perfect
lightning nonductor,yet brolight hefore the •
public: Inch{ IdAogg„ - A. ;
PormerlY connected with the 'Astronomical;
Obeervatory at Wiiiiiitnitifivn; Mass., and
Principal' of the flpenftttitoWn Academy,
eh; AI-
The Great Sacrifice Bale. ,
Neiier before in this 'city :has W ere been
such a grand opportunitysfor the purchase
of general dry , goods, ca -Pets, rugs, &C.,
&c., offered than at the present grant clear.-
sacs sale of Messrs: Smithson; Vanbook &
McClelland; Nos. 55 'end' 57' Fifth street:
The stock held by this Aim is very large
and of the most desirableonalityand
It embraces seasonable goods,
e fi
goods, clothS; castimeres, towels, ' crash,,
table' Cloths 'and' general
goods, 'reed ' and boSV. Clothirrasols ,.
sun shadee, strani bonnets. and -hits, end
hundreds of %other 61110 W-too tedicios
Month:M. ' The firm have resolved to' qiit
entirely this branch of their businessiand
are determined to 'defile out their stobk-ate ll
great sacrifice.' Healers se
again can obtain decided advantage in be
stowing their patronage nt the MaSonic
Hall Auction Roomsi while retail patrons
will be afforded such bargahuVas never:be..
fore prevailed in this city.
The" Importance of ' p urchasing the •: .
Sewing Machines. •-,
' Many persona starting out to purchatO a
Se4ring Machiik are v'ejtidiejiditi , faver,of
some partlci#6r kind which bu y with'-
out examining others. Ater they ,have
used it awhile they find out that little bi
vestigation would have enabled , theni - to
purchase a much better. 'one at the same
A careful examinalion' of ail the, different
machines is the only true way; to,discover
the beet. No ,one• shonould
isless. el ms.
nany meaus
look over SingeCs new e. ~
No matter how great vourprejucliee tuay .
be in favor of any otho, machine, a visit to
Straw at; Morton's, :corner of St..; Clair and
Penn streets. and a careful ezaminatiOn
will certainly convince you of the supeiior
ity of the New Singer..
M The -m in esostg liberal
terms .to purchasers. auara
teed three years, and histructions fres;. ',
CArticross & Dixey's Minstrels, now play
ing at the Opera Molise, are as much supe-
riot' to the minstrel troupes 'yrhiCh have
Pvisited this city within. the , peat ,two years
in their line as Edwin Booth isthesuperior,
of any , ordinary , stock actor. Their'enter
tainments Are free front the low , order of
jests cherecteristie of thette
i and the
music, both vocal and instrumental is of a
very excellent ,char, , ter. The iltiarte
club is decidedly•the -finest we have .ever"
heard on the .stage; and some of theAlcdo
singers are inlimitable— the base end tenor:
solos .tvere 'executed, the, .very, highest
style of ,the art, 'feet we' hive heard.
many popular ,opera singers wliocOuld not
compare: with ;either of them In ,richness'of
tone or beauty`of exeention.The ‘lllliitalo
Boys" are,w,orthy.of special attention and
should be seen to be appreciate.
.Ite i me
her the matinee on, the.44t."
An EinePep; Ayraugelx!ent•
• The dry goods and trimming-merebants'
!on Market street have:ntianlmiinsly adopt - -
id an excellent - arrangement, whichwe
think might-be-carried out,, in other Darts
of the oity. with.,very wholesome results,
' Hereafter, nntfiloptemi:jer,next:,,all their
stores will, picas at'fiVe O'clock ever* even
ing, a change Nhlok cannot fatli#be very
beneficial not only to the eriftfl N oYO ba to :the ' employers' themselves, o-,,,
mired thatthiS systern*llllfo In ADY•wAY
injure , the liinifffie63, - '_fts tbigg. customers
wilt idadilY , accjulescd 'in` Its - Oble/t l an
make, their pUrchisfii adodrdingly. , , ,
_ . _
r it :Was adver t tls d - in t h e city papers
that all business miti 'requiring: State
licenses should have had them on or before
this- 4E00. 1 _ Notwithstanding -, the notice
given` more thin one-half of those who
should have, procured
un licens ue t
taveitiss' 'net',
done so . It is a very pleasan bus
to . lint -.people to unnecessary - Casts' ad
I trouble, but I wilt Have -to_ giveiall i tlie
liconsesnot,taketi up into the hand;of Alder
' men, in a few davi, for: Collection, its Is'
directed by the State anthoritieS. • - 7 •
, +, .. ' t
' 13;.:A ratintDßlVeliVrreaS Were, .
duly Ist, 1888 *- -
The ifflastregg•
A Grand Social PitAsitiwillbe held at Mit=
Farland's- Groye, the benefit of the
..r, under 'the auspices of the
deg of St. ;Vincent '.'•De N Paul, St.
Nulls -Conference - , on , 'Dinner:
and adiMplon,tioists„6ocents; admisaion
to the without t ickets,:-25 bents•
regultß4 the. as ßenneylvsni Itailroad will
leave ate Union lkiret he 'folio** , at_7:s9_
'al/di/ 151 ar' inn,the afternoon at 1 3:04,.
9:00 end b : l0o'olock ., IRetarntoirtraintiri'
.111re' at Al 6, rt:50,'7415' , 9:39 litti••
_Otikliddo'Pagsenger,Eallway rink
• hour. 8r ••`
t 4: , ' • ; 0.1 i;
Try the cheap shoe house, esFlfth street,
Diamond Front.
- . fl e gr t sgt i crery. , • • , ,
ctreeri leaves hang , I ml isMthe brown !bust fly:
When be Is shaken., .. -;
Lone and forsakalt.
• What• can an old Mad do but die?"
WhY; hike Plantation Bitters, to be Ernie,
and with them aliew lease of life. -The old
are made young again, the middle-aged re
joice, and•ithe young , becoine doubly lull
liant by using _this splendid Tonic. Djs.
rpga , ac,ar-urnriiiver Come
" t,
: n -the Side,. "Crick in >thr,i BacX,' and all
syMptoms of, Stomachic Derangeraent yield
at once, to the ,health -giving inilhonce of
Plantation Bitters: They
,add strength to
the - systetn and boitiatioy to tlio mind - .
! lit,kosOMl W.resittc--IA, delightful toilet
article—surerior to Cologne, anditdrhalf the
price: , , . . ..; ' :f;i .' Invicicr
The Gose ate Ar.l33h. treat ; is
mised:our-citizens on the morning of the
rout th by Messrs. Bob. Hart and J. C.
Campbell, who will drive six "getbe each,
harnessed - to commoh washtubs. The race
take , picker' on tthe , Allegheny river,
frora,the 'Amid street the
oo Suspen-
, sten b ...As usual in such open-air ex
' htbit t ione, the purse will. be made pp by a
[ colleetle'n'friircithe spectators. "L•St every
one Attendingplit iwenty-rive cents' in theri-
Peckett, ibi it will be 'a treat and no mis
take. The race will positively take place
at ten o'clock a. m.l , 'ii
• •
- the, Perrysville plank;rnad, thedavorite
drive of this neighborhood, :was rthronged
t o
with vehloif3s of ell descriptions heat oven
Of:persons , Snizio,ds to. . escape he heat
and, dust Ax li, GAY:, l'he• titan fol and
'popular 'resot lit Eli.: ,Todeph' .130 ng was
throngi3dV mo ' ' thin fifty, couple taking
supper there`thirlng the Ovehing;vihile the
other .plaene .al o ng 100'
r oute 'Aid a good i
•bnainess.ii, .1.!-.).1 15,
liriviite Sale ; . Day and , vetting.—
At Palmexot.Viiillil44l Qpera louse Auc
tibn f•(),:P"lfth ttoOtC. Shoes,
Gaiters; Slippers,' tter Ladies,
•Eients'i 3:l36Ys' and= eifildren'e
'moat% Mcitueitta Try. Goods, Whits, Fancy
-Goods; Straw:Goods: thttlery and an endless
variety ied notions, all; at ~auctltatt prices.
.Call and,OsePre:Pqgfillm :f • r ,t
T. *VVll•iyrs. Diamond. Frpnt, Shoe
11 - imine, 63 Fifth,stfnnt,Onnpent.clipuse in
..! vat
- The Starry Banner.l-aUnflirl t o- Morrow.
The liesdiptaiters:for 'Flags, Met -Pittock!s,
opp. Po. .f - 11- - :: ~. 9:.) .
._,-140rythi44.:iii;74,11608, DlMMind Front
'. Shoe 'Titania. - is,new and of .the 'yap latest
' '• ' '• '
w inhtlatlen.=-To-rdoirow !have:flags
, played from every window, land Se
at Pittock!ao:
~. liodeiiiiidgnica lfliky„r-C4ehiate it well.
'0qt,F14051411484; -:;:. .S. ~ - (
Fo oil 'ltztisith 7 ‘ tit Dihmtiatl Froht Shoo
Mime, briChew hndnold-cheap.
'at heidqiitrfkiiN , 'FMK& pp.
Opp. I w o:, iPittoolo hfis IWO all . sizes
. ~ •
:mA30.7 1
' .14S ' '130,30i.4.!Ti .1., ' ; 3r...' .iiine.;GOth. toT
iter. W. `./.... Divideoi4,ls:t:', at iiiii,iiildenee. of
Gre'briGe•i,psieiti. Wiehleigton, Pei.. Acv. J. .1.
.10148:8:: Vitetor ror,•PetinotliantalAVeinbe M. E.
,Ctintali., PlttOurgb; fond i Tillio VERVIRTA A. K .
PIX Or tbi former plate ,- ,; . ..',.; ' , - , i)
04.L.GWEI.Le710$1409144—Atz.VIAGY Church,
on Tuemi?l,Atuam aptui I*ltiortliCzol. I'Mton , km
W.. 8. GA.l.lciir.El4. snit 8A.f.,1.4.144u51ii,ter of Geo.
joirnitin,"itsil;, of Aneittei4 Ci t y. :,11; 0 , , '
$l.l, 1186111, MAT
TIS:L. FAR LEY; eldest Mintier Ot'Allyis. Farley.'
'Z'T°Oce,9f figterlabk tik:glocßoM's:Pg9o:
:13140Elvv_orms ,- . ,
iniffigierA KE W
11 No ' 166 FOUNT a nT.REZL:Pltkabargh, Pa.l
kliS or all, kindly, ;CRAPES. taxly l P. and
rt? /Inscription of
cutniehing uoode far.;
nsbed.', Booms , Otben dny Mane andl
cantages fuenlabed: : 1111; x.l
' • Itirriaalrczaev. DaVld Ir. D., Bev.
Jaconas4). D. !Malian Erdal, Ea.ll‘ Jaeolili.
' _ • .
AlleghenY etty.,where: thetr eat lAN ROOMS oral
, conatantly with real and Imitation Rose
, wood,-Idaliug_any and,Walnut coma. *tree s
rying from. eA to 1100, , licrdiee prepare Xor Inter
meat: Deimos and Carriages turnpike ; also. nal .
of Blonralng requirede. )0131ce
I . 4 9 4 1 1 /P4 r/ 3.‘ ft," sad
#- _
, T moat . AMA; EMBA.LbIEtt, Mad '45 01310 I
En, . ILUMIWPI_,_ and , No. SQ...I3IAMOND
43 UARY.;(by' Jonv Wilson & Be ops alwaYll
on,lianda , the, hest: .bietal, .RCAMIWOM, Walnut and .
ni va l is ta
wCoododluee.,teci, Itiongenot;Cgror:srantre . earss, froat es 1
other_CoMitai . Drorga" , * • --7 GI " 'gist and -
furnished at low, rases., Crepe. _ oyes., e
Engraving' fdirdshed grail& Mon open day and .1
114404 4 , 'lF , '.; It^ • ':.
' - --.-.....^'. ':-•-•-...- i
A , bum
E 4:ITA C ialt.
Vre itikte just received tromtbe menefactraer.
4 1T 1 4. , 4501tTlaili0 • .
€11211,1“3141' S V.V.
-; • '
they ere the biwt yetofferefd tc4 ens 0644.
. : • r
-4161114 -BS AD P I ' I 0 04 ' 0 4 •
,- OS, *Tait.S
C • • Ds ? :
; „ 1. • '
Acipted to a imam : CLLAYSS litt#914,111.'1:11,110In
Thitt TRADE, - y •
, ctf
()IAII Ltl4l 13
'it :1'10;14 I
I: . 1. ' elJ.l.lgai...lll6'Je DA..)
Corner of Penn and St.
, li} it
aaa** a
' 01,
I '