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PENNTIEM REFD & Proprietor&
iwiltricAit, • - lonnit ware. • •
T. P. WOUBTOX: ,1 X. P. =IN • !
*AZETTE !tukt.pitip,Aos. 84 AND 86 FIFTH ST.
Ur Pitallglit'Alleghesty• wad Allogiunir
firets-Dally. I Semi- Weakly. o I
Weekly.% . .
thle Single e0p1.....1.50
One month. , 75 , 1312 mos.. 1.50 5 eopys, alp.
1. 1.0
311 the week, 15IThree mos 75 10 -115
maw c a r rier. i and one to Anent.
FRIDAY,. JULY 3, 1868.
Tire :Witsizt.y_GAziarrE, untied on *ed.«,
sesdaysand Saturday, 0 the best andeheap:
ad famay,neut&paper in Pennegivania.';, //,
presents each week forty-eight columns of '
terid reading matter. it gives the furtest ai
1 as Me post reliablemarlistrifiiiif
in ihe Btate. ' Its files are wed iitiu
. il 11l th e Civif. °Peals °lAaeghen_l o P:lg 'WY
or reference in important issues to determine,
rulitig prices in the markets at the 10144
the -business transaction in - disoute. Tereis:
nee 0517; -0 .0.1fociri $ 1 . 5 0 ; in dubs offiee,,
125; it) '40.61/.411 $1,15, and one free,
So th e g e141;•,1 . 0, of the eittb. , Spftimen cop*
amt fres to any address: , . t , ~ ,
WE !WET on the inside pages of
morning's`' GAZETTE : Second page: Tabtr
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CentrarLicts Stock Market, FinanCial Yaws
in New York, 'Produce Markets, . I+riparta„
.Harked by-Telegraph. • Sixth page Finance
and Thule, lime Hal:kegs, Oil .hiattent
Ifisventk page: Fashions for July, Ettuaa 7 !
donut Matters. .• : • • ,
Gold•cloeed yesterday in New Yorls‘l4
Tan Eakltt. Hour Law of Pennsylilittia
became' Opdative. bit the lst inst. We'print
its text aseWhere.
THE iteptibilcans of Michigan-and Ver.:
snout hod Stite.:ConventiOns on iyednes-.
day, ndiniiiiiing their candidata for State'
officers 'pd . :Presidential eledtors respective,:
13 , , and cordially endorsiog the action of tha
liationul Convention at Chicago.
TEE lleriublhnins of the Beventeentlt cm
igressioail District of' Ohio hiv6 1101111118 W
Hon. J. A. VT" TER, olColiunblina county,
as their Aailiiidate for lisimedentatiVe. In
the Eiglitee.itil l or Cleveland District, Hon.
19'. UrsOst, of 'Summit county, is the
liepublictui candidate. • . ', ,
Ifl4n*un 13;r4TES bonds to the amonnt, of
*28,129,000 have been, issued to the several
Pacific railroads, upon which, up to June
15th, the ifu i tu of *2,134,197 po, intorest
was accrued.tY The amounts so far repaid by
these companies, under the fifth section of
the act of June 1864 is 4765,488 02.
_ . ,
- Alt comma of the armY, now in New
York, retnarked -On Wednesday, after-visit
ing the hotels crowded with l Ea l uthernDern
ecratic delegates,. that he !lever but once
before saw so .many officers the rebel
srmy—and that was when Fort Donaldsen
Tia resolution of the Noise, for adjourn
.went on the lth, wilt not obtain the con:
currenee•of the Senate. Nor is the popular
branch now disposed to insist upon it. - The
new tariff bill'which was reported on • Wed:i
aseaday is to receive consideration and,„with
other ithportant measures still incomplete,
will fully occupy the attention of -Congress
instil the Ist of August. '
Ta river-bridge question is to be disPoi
ed of by'Congress, by the,• appointment of is
I commission to decide each particular .case
upon its exact merits, without• establishing
any uniform system. The commission is to
determine thewidth of span for each bridge
applied for, with the plans for its construc
tion, and having reference to any pectdiari
ties of the channel at the designated site.
This will dispose of the question very 4ell,
provided the commission be composed, df
military officers. If its functions be con
fided to civilians, we may count upon anclt
a degree of jobbery and corruption as Pre
vious experience with commissions= thus
conatitutefi,yourants rosin looking for. ;• •
TILE ASSERTIONS, that certain distinguish -, 1
ed Democrats are not caadidates before their
National Convention, must be accepted Ina
Pichwickian sense. exan?ple,Mr. Hsx
prams fleClines to_ be - a candidate-Lilian
after his friend PENSLE.lter'shill be- found
- unavailable. Gov. Szymaps positively de
clines a nomination--unless it be sponta
neously tendered to him. ANDREW Joss.'
sox is no farther a candidate ,than: that be
would he gratified to receive a heavy coma
mentaiy Vote. The 'truth is; that each of
these gentlemen is anxiously an aspirant,
but neither'ortheni has the Eitiatglitforward
frankacsk of. Judge RIIABE, = who avows his
ambition without such flimsy disguise.
TuiPledge of air. Cuess to support the
nominecof the—Democratic Convention is
stated to he in the. possession of a friend at
New York,' killd 16: in the following lan
guage: . r, .. '
"While I would pe grateful to receive the
- nomination, I do 'not desire to. have 'my
name used without a positive"iii3suratice of
success. ',desire to put on record in ad
vance of the meeting of the Convention,
that I will support the nominee.r
Quondam believers'in the' sincerity of the
Judge''s 'Republicanism, or who may now
claim 'for him Republica'n, - st ippo r t if he
should be the Democratic candidate, can
now form a more correct estimate of his Po
liticalininciplys: Were not this pledge Viva
4quoted with ouch absolute precision and by,
a correspondent` not only notoriously Well
intornicd, but who is believed to be One of
lir. , CHASE'S particular friends, • iir spite of,
lis connection ,with, is Pendleton Journal,
we could make some allowances for the in
sof iv . ople =who haVe. ;heretofore
admired the Chief Ju,sticer- WiL4.Fe.r,
IliftitivelaißitiotporSonal iroattnesir
political tergiversatilon.mplad_bq T ore gm _
i toi*ding than this absolute and uncondi
tional surrender, by one So -Vale * I
an d conspicuously honored Os d Republican,
!, : poosing ...patty' :Which litistfPri4eYgrr:
years maligned, his mative3, disputed his
statesmanship said denopi4d, ;Ms'
career. His judicial deg lotion-• 4 .
possible, eclipsed by hispersonal
his political disgrace.
Tulin/ 'isnot the slightest danger thet any
portion of the. Democratic, party to
stfstain the action of .:the Convention... Our
success depends upon• our ability to win
over a few votes fonm the other aide in five
or six'States; milesi we can accoraplish this,
last year's election ,returns show that we
shall be defeated.—N. Y. Ilrorkl,' '
BOlting is not -a. Democratic habit;. they
.prefer toleave that sort of thing to their pp-
Oonents, invariably,for theniseives, sup
porting their 'oWn tickets, , no matter how
4tontioated. The double Democratieltomi ,
nations: in 1860 resulted not from
'but from'a'schism in the Convention.' The'
leader's of the Northern, party had been for:
some time aware that the South was-deter—
mined to set up for itself, and `.the' fiasco of
the Charleston Convention was hut an *big;
tive attempt to Iprevent it , After eight
&ears, the entire party is re;united,S,gain, to'
secure, if possible, the success of the '"lost
cause" in a more peacefqbut'efficacions
mode.- Their- .COnvention .will be stormy,
;and its results will astonish- the 'p,oliticians.
But let no Jlepublicala Imagine that the
enioeratic party will be staggered by any
thing the . Convention
,may do. Whether
the'eariiiklaie tie PusoLarox 'Oximuc,
liirtOcs or some one yet unknown,
whether lliei greenbacks'or
gold, for universal suffrage or a whiteman's
Advernin'ent, the party will yery generally
swallow., the proceedings With a gAlp, , And
go in for that success whiehria this year to
be•the objective Point fOr DeMOeratic effort.
fact, the particular candidate:, is i of little
tonsecpience: to that party: Whoever he
' , nay be, Ny '1 11: i&ei4 upon a Platforni
"Which will hear.the most opposite interpre
tetignel.44ooe?ltirC Pl!II . Y 1 ' 0111 'be "recon
ciled to ,iIA Support.. That.the DeMocratic
To i rty Mud "gain no 44i:onions to its , numL
hers is allthat Vixen must see t •
keep them; where. they are,tand even the
Woild acknowledges, that, they must be de
'reated; • . -
- Re d
It 1B time that our Republics. friend s
should understand that, if they expect to
make their 'majority •of the votes 'of this
State effective at the polls in October and
November, it will be only accomplished by
'perfecting their organiiation and inatigur
sting an active and thorough canvass... We
can assure them that, at no time within our
recollection of PenneYlvania polities, have'
the opposition laid their plans of operation
broader or deePer; •or with va•More deter
mined resolution to, achieve success in some
way and at any cost. The• habitual, tradi.
.tional, tactics of that paity r haie 'been forti
fied, at each successive election, by grosser
outrages against - the laws, and by more and
- more flagrant invasionts,of the purity, of the
suffrage. They enter upon the canvass this
year with a determination to carry, it,' and
to this end they not only mean to poll :
every, vote lawfully within their ,reach,
but we have fair notice that they will
repeat the villainous frands or the last au
tumn; tmdiminished, and o a din more ex-,,
tended 'Sege. 'They wilt . `colonize'in, one
diskriet, repeat in'anotliei; A and everywheiii
that election'officers can be Tound to con- -
'dye, swamp the boxes:with fraud.
ulent 'rind frirged' 'certificates of .nataraiiia
tion. ; The Clearteld , s';'4l of X. 88 7 00,
,this4ay unpunished, willhe,repeated;with
confidence in a continued - impunity, in oth.
er,locialtfei 'of - the. and
wherever anlaivfni,votes can be forced into
the boxes, men will be found and the effo rt
will he made. AA short:the' Democracy 111'7
tend to 'carry Pennsyrvania, not by a fait
poll, foi they knowlhat to have 'been for:
elkhe years synonymous with Democrat
ic defeats, bat by the unsparing use of every
outrageous fraud that experience, impunity
and nerva•can- suggest. • • ; ; •
We do not propose to our friends to meet
that party with its own Wearies. -- kraudd
and forgeries,' baptized aSthese have been
WI the blood of poor CASEYi who was mur
dered to punish • his indiscreet revelations,
-and encouraged, p r o te c t e d .and more: than
half legalized as they are by the partizan .
Court which the fiauds of laist year clothed
With', judicial Power—these 'are not :the'
means by which the Republicans of this
State, incline to maintain the suriremacy of ,
their political sentiments. If we have not
the Supreme Court at our backs, and at our
beck; we have li clear majority of the honest;
lawful votes of the Commonwealth. • All
we need to do is to see to'it that on; majori
ty be not cheated and bamboozled out of its
rights by judicial humbugs; or robbed with
the strong hand by the seAritndrels who insti
gated and ,profited by Qsattv's murder.
Thislmay seem to be plain language, but no
fair-Minded citizen Who:bas read the pub,'
'tidied records of last fall's election-villainy
perpetrated by , Democratic colltielana in'
three , or four northern'
counties, will say thit
it is unwarranted:
Ws want-an - honest electiowin this State.
an d n n i ess we mistake the Republican feel
inkin every quarter, •onr.friends intend to
have' it. We attempted to prescribe legisla
`tive ,precintions aiainst fraudu
lent voting to that end enacted recently
a hilt and impartial schema of registration;
which took away the suffrage, from no citi
zen who la, entitled to it, which txtriferted
thejirivilege upon no one who dogs not al
ready enjoy it under pre-existing laWs, and
which „sipmly,proyided that the names ot
eQ the lawful voters of the Commonwealth
AO* •recorded, in advance, upon lists'
open to kb - inspection and criticism : , of. ill'
citizens 'of Whatever party., By this regis
tratinn we justly hoped. to place eackcili:
idn's riglit,beyond j dligrute, and -to Preclude'
any 'possibility 'af ..frand)ii the poll, in the
interests of; COY:, party whatever. This
measure contetaplatedar(PMetit'election; to
decided `by by incN
11 ,
otherw=rlibrr,.-. - iiistrs:P precise-Asessan 4 ,ll,-
wasunacceptable . F,l9, -1 , 4 i.P..o,lllsritcYl
whiehindano-profit in= honest vote in
*e.iinsYWL -Ooncoctiiii-tal flithiy ibiltil
site - tons case ;fictitions in all_particulars
sigqist in tgir%cuiiiiiiitfiiiii Tiostillii/Miti
propounders, theY,OPPealeiliNithP.4 , f4'lay
9rfic,stti4 l 9 ll3 94 e , 8 4PVW9 cmnttloiciti,
ing its decisiewegaintit the vonatitiitkmality;
,(1) of the law. ' , They imew predis4-15tat;
"to - depend Upini.' They knew that Court to
.he swayed by a Majority . of Judas who,
first and last, are beidocnitle PartizanB;Bnd
whose oaths of Office were evidently sworn
,with mental,„Detruktalie—rw7ati.9o..
Wit: They knew one A
ot lIVE. JUOges•rtbren
'of the five being Democratic—owed bia
scat on that bench to pkeilely thiiiti fiatiati
lent votes which this law - yrotad render im
possible hereafter,- )Thertaknew—;Denlei.-;
critic party and - °Derittituntld 'Jridges. l 4luit'
with the new -law validly in force; their.
party and political success in this State`
might bid iti 'eS'ell - othec , .a,lortglarewell,;',
What more did they need„to knew,
the result titi'befniO ' iiii-iiiii:Bitirena%
Coat Ye4 1 40!8 - kklill iste:Oliat4Y - Ada Ito
lia'pnconstitutional. They ftutherlield the'
act disfranchising deserters to' be similarly
invidid. 'VC ha r e no, invelitives
~ ,tii Waif
upon these decisions. /legally ,iinsouncl.
and politicalW Rartlaari as We believe theim, ,
,we - expected nothiniless from that tribunal: -
And we must accept the situation, ' We Ire
mmittedtoilie did system, with all its imper,,
Tectlons, an d: With all the facilities for fraud
~. .
which Democratic expei;tenecv. has , Tillostrat. '
ted. But we are also remitted, with.a.bund.-,
ant notice from - our opponents, to , greatei
'Vigilance in the protection, of the suffrage.
'They give us nOtiee, - in iministakibleteirds,'
} that fraud is their game, td wenn', aslifil
1 coMprehend that they will 'win by these
frauds, if we do not : Tatch i gunn and ,apply;
other iidequaie means of preiention. We
are; fairly forewarned. Shall we not--be
forearmed?., . . ...
DEatocwm„synlpathy with Bunn err,.
One of the as' Bali Sins '4sf President Lrucnix,
plainly enough' manifested in the follow 7
paragraph from ,tie -Troy r rlatiAl 404
an organ of unqiestiOnedileraocratio orttia
doxy: f. _
"No' v, what is the use 'of badgering this'
feilow any. longer. There scup. Weed to
be little doubt that he was engaged in the
plot •to abduct President Lincoln / ; which.
was not-mbre ditgratiefbl 'than; the attempt
to remove President Johnson, but' suppose
be was engaged in the -conspiracy . to mur
'der President:l4pol% la,that act - (horrtnle
as it is) any Worse than the conspiracy to
take the lives of abetter men than Pretamt
Lincoln." •
Gnssit fiumi Clara: qolug West.
With Gen. Dent, his brother-m-law, Mrs.
Grant and the children only, General Grant
will leave Washington in a few days for
Newpoit l Datracks,'Kentucky. Close by,
at Covington, he will, see Jesse Grant his
father; for this trip is to be - dnty and iamily
together •in all its plots. From Covington
'the General will either by.boat4r rail to
Jefferson' 'Barracks, near St. Lillis ;. arid
-while he : attends to military affairs at that
point he, will also examine into a farm" that
he owns near by—the same, probably, froth
which he carted.wood to St. Lords to sell
to the fast customer. Then Gen. Grant
will go out on the line of the Pacific Run
way from Omaha as far as the telegraph
wires go, so as to be in constant communi
cation with Gen. Rawlins, who will admin•
inter the army order:Lamer:Mgt* directions'.
relieived Gen. Graat. Retdrunig
`crier the direct Pacific Road, Gen. Grant
will take the other...Pacifie railway south
witt4i and proceed over it as fax as `the
wires"go s 4 • ;
Meantime, Mr. Colfax . , will pack np - ,ltis
traps, as soon ' as Congress ,adjourns, and
he bas attended to his closing duties, and
joined bims_;:siser,*othcr; faithet-in-late,
will, proceed west to Cheyenni. vrlitre Mr.
Colfax has o married sister }lyre
will `Meet 'thafeinily of Oraht and
the gentlemen of .he company ti ill !lieu go
no Into the Ifoc . ,lr,y, Mountains, Vitiitilt4 Pe v.
'eraf places despribe& b% ^lama. and as
yet unvisited by Mr. Cnifii.x. It is nneertaiti
as to whether Gen. Grant , will accompany
this party, ovreturn Straightway to thy'
East. Neither Gen: Grant nor• Mr. Colfax
'will take any part in the c(nning
'beyond general conferi•nee 'with each other.
It may gratify a good Mien bled 4,e0.,
pie to know that betueen the twn-lßeininii
can candidates, ollh'. land its ispportionmeet ..
Is never discussed., It ib Colfax's aim Only
to keep the Reprililiem party %trait on the
way to victory anal public eintlidenee, by
:keeping it right, tenipt.rate and progresA t ve.
It' is Grant's aim only I gi t the e mi t try
steady make it sathtietl, and giVO passe. l
doubt that any two eanaladanai fur mutual
honors of so logli ii rank lisNe ever schr med
so little as, these men. _ lioth of ahem are
tonfident in the eciiiht rye Grant
works hard at the urialy ;
is in his
.place steadily. execit. when he giv . es trio
three:new candidates for the Sputiliership a
Chance to take a l lcast.ivat Ft:aiding: 7 , Wash.:
Cot. an. Qom. i=
Another 'Slender Tranosed.
The Deniocratic journals havelx en ex
Lensively circulating the following:
GRANT IN 1861.-1 am a Democrat; ( very
man in my regiment is a. Democrat,' and
when I shall be convinced thatthis war has
for its object any other" than what._ 1 have
mentioned, or the Government designs using
its soldiers to except° the purposes of the
Abolitionists, I pledge you my honor ns a. ,
sOldier. Abet twill carry my sword on the
other side, and nuttily lot.with that people.
—OA U. 1:1 ; Grant, in 1861.
. A few days since, Mr. Henderson, of the
Allegan (Mich.) Journai, , addressed a. note
of inquiry to Hon. E. B. Washburne, and
received from him the followingresponse: -
. HOME OF' Wasn-
IN.GTON; 'D. C., dune 10,1865. —Dear Sir :
It is idle for tl‘e.loyal men of Vl°, country
to attempt to deny the rebel and enpperhend ,
lies now being put in circulation against
General Grant. -,No sootier would one lie
be exploded than Another would,he put in
circulation. No . more silly) and ridiculous
fabrication has been put forth than the pre
tended.speech of Gem', Grant ' to . 'hie regi-.
meat in,1861, which I have seen paraded
in some of, the most disreputable, Aopper•
heed newspapers. The whole thing is false,
there not being the ishadow of a shade" of
foundation for it." .; .
Yours, truly, EB. WABIIIItrniTM
-' Ceara:wren op G. A. R. r --,The:
?anal State Convention fhe
,Grand Army
of the Republic, will be held at Pottsville,
4:m the Btkinst. On the 9th: a grand parade
and raaleyr•pf tie delegates, will take piste,.
and a pre rilesl to,b6 held in the fairgrounds.
Delegates are expiated' to 'be Present from
all.the posts# the , Btate, and , an , immense
crowd la l , autici Ti is expected that
the railroads w issue excursion tickets to
those atteidln the Convention. -
7he Cincinnati CAtricksztAlp,, - A letter
from lefrieud 1F!., 1 %1 18 0 1 4it9DA - Poi •,:* II 3FII
+Us; f gives. M.. griThic, - -account of, :With*.
m 6 "mo"*„. i 6 0* I r l o o eva 0' ot i llutt
ink of fitkuty- sad boot hole r
, ...
tion. It says: ,IL ) .- -; • :,' ~ : ...'r ,
Mo. ilentiiCii' Spr4ne, - With herttli, glen:
:dirt Orson, stud .10;44, self-poiti*d'nios,':
the acknowledgaleader of, Whim- tereils
11ui10nd04 31 *.4 . 04 Iroiq Pc thil-chctsi
inovereent, and is graceitily Unbending to
tui Werconrse, confidentialand-complimen
tary, with the Democratid leaders. , t They
are, wonderfully -Mate:m*l4nd Isicinated•by,
the Fonda nsion. '1 ''‘ •- • - i - • ." -
The 11 'Montezuma Dawkins, from the
interior o Indiana or SenttickY; for 'exam- .
PO, li itivited,to call. 'ln the , - presence 'of
one - , , of the most exquisite, specimens of
weithanly refinernent„surromidtd: by all IEB
delicate upliolitery that; taste and Wealth
: can accumulate, the Hon. Dawkins • Weak- 1
. ens. But to havetheinterested attentleinioft
..euelka ladyvito hove her ask efio4;4lB. D.
'slid Inc littleft:is;, to heaf,lier. ,co ieent.
that eloquent, speeciz; on. imptenclunent,l 11,
Disking' Ittsd Swims; he: is faseinate4i he.
,iiiiltistj andbithis dondltdonit passed over
lathe Chid Justice, who hivitea him to' :If
dejsurier at a foukekae,- w hich , Daiktdig ,
learns is breakfast.`- ~,
;.At these' . breakf asts ant WO( 'J . ,Uatite le
famous. 'A. dialler phli„og, kind-affair,
bat breakfast is a plet'istint, eaby thing,'llable
tit Aonfiacnces. i •
~flqw• guteefully, the: Su,
prenie'court unbends, in little aneodetee,
; witticisms...and. •epigramsv After breakfast
Dawkins is treated to it superb ',cigar in the
library, and leaves the Chief Justice to dia.
course on the political condition' of 'the
o i
count ry Afte r this Dawkins is heard to express
the opinion, lie very e ar nest way, 'that it is
finte.,for the great De moc racy to - turn frOM
• the dead past , and recognize the living is
sues; that suceess:la a p
~ Chile necessary, to .
save the ,ThiniOcrecy in- ,defhorelization;,
that the country collet' r the beat statesman,
ship, &clot°. u .;fl ,' ' ' 1 ,'.. C. ,-
I know that this., e movement lel all
stuff, yet I cannot help= sympathizingywith
it [ on gra• /brave's account, She Is a UM*,
clear-headed, accomplished Wortien;' who'
has won her wil t - through sense, courage
and tact; and up,frOM alt sorts of, trotibla
that,, would have disconaged, any , other
o l r
woman., , she4as all li r illustrious hither's.
- . Pack and indomitabl will,, added to ter
womanly, instincts and delicate tact. , I sat.
looking at her, the oth day, and weakened
like poor !Dawkins ; n -at. what she said of
'big, but at what I kn ew of her.- - Her. life
has been a readable romance, in its' way.
'She is not lbeautiftd--she is not even hand
some, if critically examined-:-but there is
something about, thtt large ''lmititious blue.'
eyes, lore ,eye 7 lashie,‘; derider,' : Aral:66li
form, and exquisite dresikind'oddrees, that I
have the effect Of, extreme beauty. ,To see
her ttresidiig at.; the Executive, mansion, ~
and:-restoring ,:character to that house of ,
Misfortune would be worth a struggle 'and ,
mane sactilbm.• - . , I I , f . - . .
Mrs: S. is more outspoken than her her,
who is . naturally reticent' and cautioui.
During the impeachment trial, the Chief
Justice never said a wcird that-Indicated his
laining to either side. But the anxious in
heard enough from lira. S. to satisfy
Uteri that the Chief Justice had gone - over
to 'Johnson. • . _ . .. .
An the same way they Judged of Senator
Sprague, and made a mistake. The ambi..
von of the Senator'i lifb is to become con
sidered irtdettendent of his wife and father
-in-law. Belides, ii Vote for Johnson would
'have cost the'SeraitOr . a _pinion dollars .at
his re-election to the Senate. ' -
. _
TThe Re et Dempentey.
The rebels of the whole South will be .
heavily represented in the Dernocratic Ns
'Lionel Conventionn the 4th (tf July.
South Carolina will, usual, take the lead.
We find the , correct, • t of her delegation in
the- Charleston Me qt. A few of the
nabtes—a little of e.-history of this band
of worthies, will be refreshing: exhibition
to our readers: ' '
'!Wade Rampton„(ea-rebel General), ass.
Chesnut (a seceding United States Senator
and a member Of the rebel Congress), Judge
Aldrich (last year removed by Gen. 'Canby
front his Judgeship for open hostility to the
.GCvernment), - ex-Governor John L. Man
ni n.t (rebel Commissioner from South Caro-
Plain 1861; ,anctmember of the State Con.:
1 voition that declared South Carolina out'or 1
the Union),. M. L. Bonham, (one of- the
seceding members of the XX.lfilth Congress,'
representative in the rebel - Congress; rebel
Governor - of South Carolina, and one of the
rebel Commissioners to Buchanan who de
- mended that the General Govep*ent
should not attempt to hold Fort Sumpter),
and Robert Barnw,ell Ithett, the Calhoun of
the rehellion—the first man who in the,
United ,States Congress, of which he was
'Vogt a Representative and Senator, openly
advocated the dissolution of the Union."
Hothirlcks and Colfax.
Once in Lake county, Indiana, a gentle
man, informs me, Hendricks was melting
butter over an audience, when, seeing Col
fax in the . backpart of the Court House, he
addressed him, saying: see ,before me
your distineuishe4 fellow-citipm, Speaker
Colfax. If I ath iivrong in'these positions,
let him correct mi.
Hendricks knew that Colfax made At ,
cornhion to attend the meetings of his oppol
nents, but never •to reply. At this time
Hendricks was pushing an argument along
upon the rollers of fabricated' statistics.
Seting l , l as be supPoseed, that Colfax Said
nothing, Hendricks continued to move, en
his fictitious edifice, and again appealed to
Then said Colfax, sempar pargfusi
. "It my: friend thinks that by my, silence I
assent to his figures.he is altogether wrong.
And I have the official statistics in print in
my pocket."
Which he proceeded to read, whereby it
was demenstrated that the speech of Hen
,dricks, like the system of Pantheism of Elpi
• nose,• was reared upon altogether manufac
tured definitions. • ''
Idrint Versus' M6Cieilan.
The World and other, Democratic sheets
which want McClellan nominated at New
York, assail general Grant fr9M . day to day
as a heartless butcher who sacrificed nearly
twice as many troops as Lee had in his en
tire army. McClellan 105t:52,006 men,
'at the end of a year and a half found him
self at Rectortown, or fifty-"miles further
from his objective point than when he as=
Battled command.' Grunt lost 100,501 men,.
midst the end '
of a year captured the rebel
received the sword of the xebel cam : .
minder, issued paroles through., biet subor
dinates to all the rebel soldiers and restored
peace to the country,. Before - Grant took
command, the Army of the Potomac lost in
killed, - wounded and missing -145,118 men.
This subsequent losses were 100,501. Gen.
Grant's operations embracethe great fight
ing which caused the - rebellion to succumb.
For hislosses he had something. to show,
which'cannot be said of the other e,omman-
GENERAL Hays; of 'Franklin, who was
once a member of the Legislature, United
Eitateslifarshal, and member of Congress,
died'on the Bth inst, In his eightieth yea*,
at his residence. ,
. • • 414 prolairient,.Muyil , •
• • ,
tole presimhid to the New York ConTen
-tiork,for th6l)restamitial - m n i
• -New YorkGeorg:B., YeCiellan, Bora
tio Soymor, Samuel elson, Charles O'Con
or, Brutus Corning.
Ohick—Stdram P. Cbtuusitod , George H.
Pendleton:: . • •
f. Vennsylvania.,-.W. 0, riancocir...and. Asa
-Tennessee—Andrew Johnson.
Vitsconsin--Sarns R. Doolittle
. CalifornionFni3r H. tialglit and fitephen
Connecticut—W. E. English. •
:Indiana—Thornaa A. Hendncksi •!
'Massachusetts—Charles Francis Adams.
Missourt—Fraucis.P. Blair, Jr.
New retsey-L-Joel Parker. • I , •
Itiryland—John Et: Garrets. -
.Bargiary at on city.,
• The 'Tittmyllie , ffera4 l says: One •Or the
most audacious 'burglaries that has • been
perpetrated in the oil region for some time,
occurred at 011 City AIWA doon yeaterdav,
et niie of the •thost niigvented placis in the
city.; TheOeitet officsaf r the Oil Creek and
AltrigheAY:River Rallway„.losated in the
.Passenger depot, wasAlm scene of ber
ary, having been " en t ered by. means. of a
,window,while Mr. Randolph,. the cashier
"was ni3sat, MA a package co tthdning $1,500 ,
!aVetractedikorathe,eare and cgried
• atlfleata that , 2,l4l.Randolph had ,made up.
his package.of money . - "tor; thalMrpose i .of
remitting it. to. the treasurer. of the rott4..
He 'Placed tit in cme,of the,dintwers;:shat
the eafe.door, and then went out taget
bank checks cashed, aid. aka dinner.
He was_away,fropt_, the; office. hnt.:ja Shert
time • and ion ,return i mg liafound awinl
dow?had' been tampered with, and glance
at the Safe showed that the ,money drawer
• had. !beau forced epeomitt•thaCtllft;il4W
• had• disappeared., Alp tft-, &clock, lad
evening the whereahouts.of tliejnoney, or
who secured it, had_put boen.learned, We
understand that - a rewardpf, POO has betm
:offered for ; the apprehension, of' the
Slara. and recovery of ittairaane,Y. ; •
• The followingia the eight boarlaiv which
went, into ' effect, ' o n liVedrOdkiSo in ihia
Stat 4: • •-• • ,15, - • •., •
SEOTIOW 1.. Bo enacted. 4e., , Thai: on .
and after the first, ofJuly, eighteen ,hund
,red and.sittpeighivinght bonne , of; labor,. ,
betweenUteri:dug eadoetting of -the sun,
shell, be ?deemed and 'held to be a legal
day's work, in all maces of < labOr and,aer
vide by the day, where there is no contract
agteemept to the contrary. ; . t•
Eac. 2. This act shall not 'aPply, or In any
way affect farm or agricultural i labor or ,
services by theyearemonth• or week; nor,
'alkali soy perinn be - prevented, by any
;thing herein contained, fnim working, as ,
many hours overtime or extra , work •as he
ore May see fit, ths'owiipensationt to be upon between the employer ['lathe
employ& •,-r f • -
Sxo S. AU other aotwor parts of acts ro:
41 to &Imp hours of ;labor.. which ; shall
cons tuts a daY'a work, in this S tate are
beTe repealed a L •
Real -Estate Tranaferal . I
- The following deeds ;were filed:ofila6id
before EL :Rowdy; - Thai., :Recorder, '.7rdy
2, 18Ef8.
' Nimes Trunie to Wan Maury. April 2, MS; 10 2 1 .0 .
1 in Snowden dt pgdenla plan, Temperancevlile, 60
•by te feet • ' - • • ' •; • • +logo ,
:Bernhard Bent to John Ilageennsta Apra 14.18 H; lot, 1
1n- Baldwin township, containing 3 acres otitat y
A:tenth:ire Iterit'tdkiobsel "Hagerman, April 16.-11307. 1
tract of land , In' toarnshlp,• 00'1 , 1011111g 07
&cr. s and 14 perches • ir a
Samuel B. Maley - Sheriff., to Jaanesldorann
'.1868. Interest of NT,11. , Veacdt In . lots Hoe. .190:and;
1.91 In Itobinson:B - plan. 4So:ond ward. AlleSualaTsz
&patio( 011.sgena mrert tbet . a.zr3 rfLqra-:
'- • .. • •
Elemnel-11....Fniton to.aridieWir
1145: parteflcu No., 251, In. Woode`, plop, oa blrat
`street ritt 3ll 4 l o. 2 0 by tor feet vi
,Benjam i n Bikevrett etol. toJeharlee Sehliepe,- Ad ,
-; goo 1. 1885, loteiNoevlband 31 Beaver at reet,, 41.110-
gheny, 40 by 100 .. ......
The Church et the Epiphany to the Mass street
.E. Church, Pittsburgb,- November 1, 18lgn lot at.
the. corner of Fourth and Buts ,Otre,lF.,..o3recolad
ward, Pittsburgh, 40 by 80......:....... ... 5 1,060
Same day nine mortgages were filed..
When thou:stunts. once Affected it will 3104 MUT
of its own peeord : . nude., help:Ai lapAC:
strengthened mut inligoracd:4 llls 14 eancelAthythe
cue when the,
xpn/ETE,, BiADDEII . 6I7. VitiftAZT ORGA2iI4
~,.. . . ,
Are affee!ed;
. For bameiiiate relief jrad-Pe,nr.i,dent,
, are stperfeesty isticand.rellable ipicirlo. This sell
known rermeds, has effected &large number of speedy.
vad reins; Stable cures, and bate nerds estle4l so glee
teiler wherriaken scoording to Elbectiolus.
Dr:Borgia/Is .Backriche;:.Pilts . •
Are ?purely vegetables. and nellteln ;114; Mercury , or
calomel. They do not exhaust thump:l=l,f , tintolt
the contrary they act se atonic. impala ins new tone
and vigor to the organs antketreng thenl eg pc whole
body. 'These PILle hare stood the test.of, thirty,llve
years, and , are atilt gaining In ,pivullirlay;
, .
so- FOR SktE . ' DEAL-
A Warning, to Countesfeitatv, an& a Cau
tion to Purchaser&
No expense. will' be spared:' no legal means of
punishing fraud'vrllt be iteglect.,4 in the•effort 10
prevtnt' 'the counterfeiting 110STOTEROS
STORACIT BIT TE11.9. Bet tcoue.ireilSm, Witen Its
issuning'and activity a'rel stlintilited by' the hope of:
gain, is vi tiy itip•nions an 'tidal:its - hies; The men
whose despicrible btiameas it Is to' f linulste'Valuable
proprietary medicines, and 'who substitute therefor
daugerohs or worthless preparations, are prover-!
bially difficult to catch: . Most 'ofi them hats many
ellesee, and they Ott from. State to •State • withsur
.priaing *laity, In the tome of .evadiug the clutches
r the law.' •Tite broprietors of HOSThTTY.II%
STittit OW BIT V 611.4 ate determines., If possible,
to hunt them doom._ TrsvelittgageutalrlieWpkqed.
for this purpose. and whenever tn tillernicr dc.
Meted he la pretur.uted with the utniost rtOse of Me
tem' NA) amount. of vigilance. however,. cell -Pre
'mutate ocemilonal Introduction of itnitations and
counterfeits. 'I be pu Wit are %tiered:lie CAUTION-'
Ell not lAA purchase' any article' purportingg to be
HOST tva IST° MAC 11.1L11.1 c. its which , knot
Ituth. ntleated bY the handstitoc • govenireentNitarnp
'spec) illy engraved for the 'proprietor,. and.also by
their au perb 10b..1 witit,o., beautiful , vignette.
represed leg the conflict between. St. I.4t:orse, and
the brogue, It 'the top, and 'a miniature note Of
hand, signed Hostetter...v. nuntheit the. top, •
N R. .--Tbe genuine, lIITTI+IO are sold In:BOT
TLES ONLY. All per-ons who. Prettut to sell the
article lny the Kano* actstrreli.i ate • imposter:, 'snit
• tho stuff they idler is a wo,thicas sad :,,robably poi
sonous counterfeit.
7 Da. lExyaza 1 write te,think you.fbr your kind-,
boss and .fiedentldc management or iret Posse. for,
which I called to consult 'you some time in January ,
. -
I -
last. YQa remember that . l.,had co mullptilee •
Of Ascetics, which dually endeffie a te rri ble astute,
which I had been advised to -"late alone. r•nn
eonnt of a haraising cough, which it was feared
inight listen it 'einuarlangs. I knew that 'the peettl
Yale, mode.of treating diseases like mine was by
.a ,
cutting Operation. Which* If succosartil iat all. would
naturally throw the diaease uptin the turigi'or sonic
other vital orga n. 011 aQ,•Omit ut the uuddentwee of
'the care and the Uniutd late 'cheek ' 10 the' discharge,
whio I believed wan a • salutary prorbiltin Or nature
to get rid Of some inorbtd condition or the s y stem .
I feel perfectly isiatiaded'• that Velar Method of treat
at,, vi trifying; th krt, o s t la u t d. eut eu ,'a re, nd i l c omd atly n t a i n a p n l g lelt u lo i nz
and it:dld; sad
- to report myself -Well in :every. pirtlcalar, wits
1 sounder and better healthlhanthave bad foe Veers:
y would also add that the appiteatlons you made
were almost pilules, •aml.have left. me a new man.
with all the entree& pgd vigor ot restored health.
Y qur l . , gra4irOlr. • • •
"DR. 25.*304412.'S grp,t,TA110.2.4 DpoNtei ran
noloc a:ci 2.OItDET;
from o 4 24 D 24111.3 cat. • - •
June rith, 1800, ,
The'Efight Law:
Diti, SALEM pi 108
- •
Diuretic or ihrtekache
Pries 80 Ciente Per Boil.
sir NOTICES-4r, Ld," •..11ar Salo," "Lost,'
' 44 Winit4l 4l-11 VinaTilt" --1 7"
i cerAlitti PO U.N.* fad'
eb /min for 2' WEI" r Y.PLEI3 DENT S; sae.%
additionat aIgITTB, -1
tlAWYEEPlCitiir , watitvi. by ,
man. Address $Ai EEP
nation ;.
young. truntwurth
thls oificni•
, • ,
NV El SI TATA. TlON—Agi , c .
BOOK-K EMIL by &young/aim who
produce the moats ttifactory rtfereuces to to char
acter sad' eartacit Appry to Ittlt.'XlNG,hitt tko.
irrTANTE I : ITIVATION.-•411 ex.
perlenced nd competent Farmer and Man.
net, with a small ty, wants a poalttOrf elitase
gentleMan'a eat If.nolre J. 10.2•14/. at tha
6.42.1c.TTY OFFICz. • ,
for G' celtbrttid PICTUREOtttirt i
Addres4 Bf R.. BR* q , AMA fAllCes.
841aty Wante.
• -
V ltill i ß e ga l.
g iving refcrente a,
••• t.EsmAN''it
f 4
itellitemilinted•with the whole- e;1
can : find taitilgonbegt l ogim. le- 4
Bee satt-Teetery,
by . 1 1 dre
. in dnoikho
sale drug busine:J
ten& and - retkre
nit GMAT, Box
egSlat}:tl that, uudetstands.bla
-ice' good wag Ind bteady ern-' '
but • geed.wutkUutn needzuptilyi , L:4'
Temperaueeville, rs.
y 7
stood BL
busivess, will re
D-L.BOARDERS: - =•••
'NtAitTE 1 , `
BOAROLIRSIL gen. : ~ - i'
tietnah - . d - Wiih, or Iwo angle geatlemiii; 'l'
Miii . accommodated with iitiit claesboarding at ` i
IN 0..113 W.YLIE STREET.: Booarle a reoaDdtie,, sit- ' '
seconi Boor. awil , •, , out.umbalooo . —r., ~!.;, ~.. 01
VV: board for Inuit fatally withont
pleuant lowal. non Fenn .stroet,!malr o tb.o,nr(olll.!!
addreidrig podomee B ox 6,2
WAIITTE 1110.11111113111044 , A100d ,
board, nAe front rOOllll4 fitlttu gas, Oan_ts
Rioired #45.991Der r „ Melalb_l4:Ral
-For singin gentteman. x
. .
. N .A,..„..1110 A RDEICS.- . 4leii—'
. deinen warners can ba accommodated with. • ;.
boardato; 515 TIM
• . d lodging N
• '
d'ANTE a til;-• AGENT -
v ; g tfMr t ii , ioiiiitted , io , tieti . 'it , tistiiik dig- '.;
covert.. 44d*SCHATIGAT4 this,-(diteeJ vitt "tame.
residence and reterences. - • .. ! r7 -I
•wAirrED--rounTHoF JULY —e-•-•-
• .; LAstswEztiv -, •!, ; ".11 g
t JOHN HALL'S, liberty and Pitt street',
.Akents for theta CHURN; , . - •
Last week:'. Territory fo b • •
. V T ETANG - Wei.ENT, $ man well anqiudntett
with tne - Qtitei ware in& Gliss.buelneas. - None' '
other need adply ~ :Address 1.: O. -Lock• Bo.ra 197;
Communtestion. noaddential. • • •
•IN.ViIiNTEL: .' . -- J;
.0-410A101.0 AT, EAST,,,
bteskiltst'in.l Its,: at East -
e .11110;1111h0a :•Addresc
e al
A, 13 1 3R1
WANTE. BOAIIIN:=-4Ventlio=" 6
y - =Ask lalfa.f , Ono child and anima Witna-boardl
,io,4lPriV4ta Addresa AUL/411,1,1ns Once.
gliqug Incatina grid prlci• aakEd. , '
'''!`141•1!'• {-;
itlie, - 113th'firertiioteT
'Allegbenr; pith. 'of , GOLD .SPECTloefige •
tAinder irtit confers great favor . and? recehre-thW' , t,
thanks of , tho ogner_ hy leitvigg ,thens st, the Itift.
-. 0T11.41[ COWit-Stirayed from the
residenee of the untweriber v ow , last; ldondirri ;
lame, red and white CONV;;:alx.. year* ogegt i t,g,,, !,
.muk. , Any person knowing • of her•whe
returning her will -be: Ilbeyally_ , rewarded for t 1'
AtleridT l't'ENYlLA.*.h4a,lext•olcretoP. •
LET-wriivo' om e Booussi_ort
- ; :second floor; Tint( etreet. , ' etrilliiittir "
88 Smithfield street.
-AL . WYLLgiiTHErn. h •gov re adv-rot
Sion. - .fairtple feet4p.4epthe dr.plight,bsok.. ;-, I
Freud:llol4e gl k (Mut, thug psfepiEttp and empryr . ,
g' -el
thinegant a d'concenlest;
bWELIANtl:—Rdit$ CilltaNCN.—The, Store, 4 ,
Boom GO dee ta ndUMellti House` at treaen .
occuided - byT..ll. Magas.' jeweller, located at Nu. . •
so i'ISDNUAL Adieshny, whir be rented
on TOMUribie - terms. There are n ine large and well ,
:arransedrorrm‘—three on emir of serond,ttilrd and'
fourth doors.- eta and water girt:Mahon% the honsti
PAte Maas in *tore windows. „Possession ,wi t d.bld.,-,,t;
wit en on'Auweit ISt. .khply : ' WATTLY,,
dootw below. -
~ :. : ,,-i: ,
110 'LET-li.ousx.,-.1-.A. -two!olory j c, ~,,,
ALL, Fredric 'Dwelling 'of tight !Wind; tali thlitll- ~ ~ . 4
out Use house, and large 101 l situated In .Alleg ~..
CI% neertlle lansgenotOn , tirtage.qyossessl2lh.,Wi,
he lighten itnmedlately. Apply, to .4110, pw,i.u.Dwli,,,„:3 :,
. No. WI Filth street. ' - '' -
2[lo LET—ROOIII.-A large and
Pleasant .seeond, papa ,Front ittxruiA:Ntitlr.. , l!o'.
&Ming, torrenrrat No. Ira SLOTH STREET, op' , .....
Elite Trinity Church. Also, a limited number. ail •- , '
I Zwerders.WW :.he.actruninodirted W4llol'o elals.lli ,, T.
LET-41101111E--11irSeisieskatin,'.: •
cmearly new. siximonisosititgiu.deit attached.' I `' c '
p valiantly located within ilve minutes, walk of rite
Elation. Enquire of D. N. -WHITE. or J. 11.
' HALDWIN, No. 11.8 Dlomood osme,U :
‘ • ...
_TO_ LET:R 0 a 111 lik=-Tilitk 'Larva" ' . • -
......).T.... , Becund' story; ha illlesee;lit
.paulief the eltx,Lkultable foe mn_outtleint , tigfe!..rt , '
Anire,at*ISMLCHFIELD STULEW. ~• • • _ .- •
rc • . LIZT:— HOUSE : --A' tilive•litOrt - '-
I.I"RA-111C ll_Qtteis,',.of aye nioms,orilhatorner :: ~ , :f
o . ant and Mulberry Mnmia.. Sewickley, g 4 Wzi,- , 1
bowie and premises Wave' been "newly atten 'no.
Also. ii. large and exce llent , -garden. Possession
-given It any time. laquire 14. W-c lit. kikUtßal
Broad Street. Sewickley. . -
r[lo LET-1001.1SEA new house,„.,l„,- 'cub Iron front., eltuated tio.lBkileavez.
eireet, Allegheny. Thg house la gOod dwelling 'Blt- '
-Trams; and haws splendlCetore Room 85 Mgt'
deayi. la well altuated for any Mud of-hulloes*.
.Inquire or •NEAHOUSE & RESPICNIXEID. pox*
;door - shoe/a,' or atlNo. 188 OHIO BTH EE C. -
ryo_, LEVACILV. .fferimt: uoo
Pi 0; 460 01110 ayentie" with dwellipg above oz.
roolasotla water; zee an beth. Storeroom
led tip la the Met .manner 4 with plated glue show f
windows and, Iron. front. Ire at office or rue
zi Fat it ROS:',4?Pici evezate and St?tlitortek attee, Al
1 ., 6 „Diaithilliat ,deSarae,.
f j, ble rle
.ttil!ng n o i ne Na; d
rooms, , kitkhen an w a s •house
Enyotre JAS ud y . N o . 25 strza street:
• - •
IttfOOMS-Three dr, [(kir "
orn room ; with bioard or without e 1121• c
My situated orr Pena .Btrett. - Address U; .
y,.dtto it . 4 AtE7;llov 8 E. 41,600
wia iniichisc a desirable residence. No., SRC. , -
erar street."Allegheuy Clty,, a - very
•10eatton. , ' laciuse'•llm3 t6n rolitai.• • Mil, cellar and
tiolbhud attic; doultle varlont folding.doom- -
Corner lot, 20 by 100, feet, ack to an alley.
.rentA fur 1540 r vent: - Terms very easy. 'Algal
t o c gk, o & pe Real ,Estare .Agen‘s,:
13! Fourth ittreet. • , . 7
Allegheny Itivr. , NlVilgatitnl COlrll4nY
Nl' Sale titc3tller VA:110. se' fret,on deck, 30
feet an%. 10 hien cyllndec, 15. 1 4 tet btallke• The
steamer - tiPAIiKES No: 0- 150 feet on deck. '3O"
'Amt. In am. 10 inch cylinder, 15. feet. stroke.; with ,
their tackle nod outfit, In gnod running
luire of JA9. REES, Engine Builder,. Dully:am*,
Flle O notSES -;'
Meta BRICE 110 , 116 E, of etilit rooms. stout;
star mid Tot, on•Peaell ntur "Pride street.
Moose ls,tow, and: price only sl.loo. :.Alsa YS
11013 SE op Forlieti street, for sale. Apply 1.9 1 .1911,ev..
WILTON, corner of Pride apt Fortws , ottett.: :7
POltt.'4 , f he' half Or whole. of a lot 60 feet
front by 140 feet deep. .dust's ou hisritetnear
Second street. • For, particulars enquire of C.
HULL, 'Hull's Store. Fifth..near the slepoj„.Mo-
K.-esport; or uldress .108EPII FORSYTHE,
Pipit street, :Pittsburgh. •_ •. , .:. ,, F ... • •rt
pOR ISALE--1110USE . *ND Let , .
I , ..ormbotbe And lot of•two sereal of Kronen
illipaberg. Beater county. -Pa. The tunnels C.
two- story,t tame, with 'seven rooms. „The lot hoc a
-nnutiwr of fruit trees, and all'itt guild wider. There
is a cistern on the preualso4, and stable and other
outbuildings.- Will he sold at a bargain:lls_4AM..
HEY & HALL, Heal
,Estate Agents,' No. 9.1-untver
it SAILE.-L-00ESES:-4tHOW%
MILY I.loll.sE* cllayr, three D'Applat. °REV'.
STREET, near.Monougalaela (louee. t
Flar.ea Imasht and gold on-comeetsaloni , -:
W 4 0" ft
814101 V HOUSE,. of caght , rooms; on !Mont« •*,
Etinkery avenuc ‘ • near•rederal , street. ,Enoalro
ffir.I)RUITT. cOrncrtlontgomerrayriuo 1914
eral street. Allegheny. r •• •• • • "
yo 13."- Al, E—: POS 4 STr
- S:LOCII"`,%
ToTrg, - or LO IdEfl 'JOH a
r , ,corner of ltldge.ettwtand - Allegheny avenna:.
laieghern7-0/IY. r!. ;