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Daily Prayer Meeting-Prom 12 st;
22:80 o'clock at the Methodist ChnrchcFlir i i
street, next door to GazETPE ofßoe. -
Surety of the Peace.—Martus McLaugh
lin made information before the Mayor yes
terday against John Tametwv.tor surety of
the peace. A. 'Warrant was issued.
Assault and Itattery..,liicob Hook made
Information before the Mayor charging
William CaMtn with assault and battery.
The parties work at Everson 6 Preston's
SeOortd street: A warrant was issued.
11er.,-Calliarine Kress alleges that .
'rank Fink struck her on the head with
his fist, for which';she makes information
before Alderman Taylok against him Tor
assault and battery. A warrant was is
sued. -
Alleged pisorderly- House,.— _ A warrant
- was issued yesterday morning by Mayor
Blackmore for the 'street 0f 24:, Jenkins,'
proprietor of the Morgan Hous e,_ Grant
street, charged with keeping a disorderly
house, on oath of Hector Sutherland.
Union of the Crturches.--The joint oom
mittee of the United and Reformed Pres
byterian Churches, ne,gotiate
terms of: union between. these two bodies,
will meet this afternoon in the First United
Presbyterian - Church,. Seventh street at
two o'clock. ,
Postoffice Netice.—PostmasterClel
land desires us to notify the:public that on
and after the first'of July next the stamp
window, at the Postoffice will be closed
I from one to two o'clock P. This step is
necessary% order to systematize the work
in the office.
An eloquent and impressive panegyric on
the late Rev: V. Layne was pronounced on
Sunday last, in the East Common, Alle
gheny, First Methodist' Church, by Rev.
Dr. Reeves. There was a large audience
present, and the sermon was listened to
with marked attention.
Assault and Battery.—Philip Steinagel
made information yesterday before Alder
man Mullen, charging James Walsh with
assault and battery. He alleges that the
defendant threw a stone and struck himou
Ahe eye and bruised his face. At the hear=
ing Walsh was committed in default of ;5.V
Aggravated Assault and Battery.--John
Sweeny appeared befOre Alderman Strain
.yesterday- and •made information against
George Gallagher, charging him warrantgravated assault and battery. A
was issued for the arrest of Gallagher, who
was found in jail awaiting the issue of an
other charge against him.
\ Fire it the Sirwell House.—About ten
o'clock this morning a bunch of matches in
the trunk of a boarder at the Sirwell house,
on Penn street, near the railway crossing,
by some means became ignited, setting fire
to the trunk. The - flames communicated to
some bed clothing, :but they were fortu
nately 'extingiushed before doing very
much damage.
_ .
Looking Glass Dlspute..--Peter Yost,.pro
prietor Of a barber- shop on Sfnitlitleld
street, between Path end Virgin alley, was
arrested yesterday - on it charge of larceny
by bailee, preferred against him by A. J.
Bailie, who alleges that the defendant re
tains possession ofa loOking glass belonging
to - him, valued at nine dollars. A hearing
will be had in the case this morning.
Alleged Larceny.—Ann Richards made
information before Alderman Thomas, yes
terday, charging Mrs. Maddox with., the
larceny of a shawl of the value of six dol
lars, six and a ball yards of calico, seventy
five, cents, and three and a half yards of
muslin, thirty-seven cents. The accused
was arrested and after a hearing was -dis
charged, the prosecutrix failing to make
out a caec.
Strawberry Festival.—The managers of
the ladies fair and festival, held in Lafayette
Rail for the benefit of the Ross street M. E.
Church, have been induced to continue it
one week longer. A nice dish of ice cream
or juicy strawberries is certainly very re
freshing daring this extremely warm
weather and in this instance the pleasure
of the feast is enhanced by the knowledge
that a worthy cause is being .helped along.
Insane Man.—Yesterday morning an In
sane man, named .1. K. Moore, fell in .. a fit
in front of the Allegheny Market House.
He was picked up and taken - to the Mayor's
office, where he soon recovered. It was as
certained that he had :a brother residing in
Walton, Delaware county, N. Y., to whom
the Mayor sent a telegraph dispatch, in
forming him or the condition of his relit;
lave- No answer as yet has been received,
and the Mayor very properly retains the
man in custody until something is heard
from his friemis.
Larceny by Bailee.--Mary Blair made
informationagainst William Lloyd before
Alderman Mc lusters, charging him with
larceiry by bailee. The prosecutria alleges
that she sold out her interest hra saloon on
the corner of Craig and Lama streets, Al;
logheny, to the defendant., At the time of
the sale there was an a le p um p in the col
lar, valued at one hundred• and seventy_
dollars, which she claims was not Included
in the effects, -but which the' - defendant'
still retains ip his 'poslestdon ' defusing to
give IL up. A bearing will be bad to-day.
Cross 'Salta
James - Langill made informatiOn yester
day, before Ali:lemma Tay/or, against Jane
;Murphy for assault and battery. Re ea l
hibited a rather ugly looking - cut On the'
forehead, which; he alleged, was the effect
'of a blow struck by Jane with an oyster
can. -On the other hand, Jane asserted that
James assaulted her first, without pro
vocation, and she accordingly made a
charge / against him to that effect. At the
bearing James was committed for trial in
default of bail, and Jane having secured
the desired amount was allowed to go free.
On the 18th of May list Alderman iful
len issued a warrant Pr the arrest of a rest.
dent 6f Temperanceville,' charged on oath
of a young woman of the Second ward, Al
legheny, with seduction, under promise of
marriage...? The information alleges that
the offense was committed. on ,the 27th of
September,' 1887, the proseeutrix then be
ing under twenty-one -years ofsage. The
accused kept himself clear o the officers.
I Mtil Sunday, Stine glat; when ho: was ar
rested and default hear thousandhe 24th,
at which, iof one dollars
bail, he was committed to a.uswer the
charge at Galin.
Carneress Disers minstrels.
-The minstrels (we say • the minstrels, be
im:lse the troupe now performing at the
Opera House are among the- Very , few that
des erve the name,) Wer e - Meted with an
audlende last night which 'must have fully
satisfied them of their immense popularity,
in this section at least. And then the per
formance. Time and space would both
fail us in attempting to give-an a unt
the inimitablebnrlesques and idde-splittiMs
drollery of these favored sons of Nom e .
who kept the audience in amar of lauglmi.
throughout the • evening. The 'entertain
ment will be continued this evening and
. through the week, however,. and thus all
may avail theinieliies.'of the opportunity
to hear these universal Ihvorites. Re
member: the place. Omml,Hciank - yifth
-Street. - Every evening this week,
. ,
iTY covient:
Meeting=Petitions; - Commutleti=
bons :and Reinoustrances—Report of Spe.
clot Committee on. Railroads--The DR.
trieting Committee Report..3.lltrb r it 3 ,. He ..
port—Reports of Committees on Streets,
Roads a'd Surveys—Road Appropriation—
Spruce Alley Matter—Ordhiances passed,
A regular monthly meeting of City Coon
.. . .
cils was held yesterday at two o'cock r. as
Select Oeunell.
Members present :• Brown A. M., Coch
rane, .
Collin, Dickson, Gallaher, -Gross,
Herdman, Jones, Kehew, Lanfman, Mor
row,. McClelland, McClintock, McEwen,
McKibben, Ogden, rhillips, Ra ff erty, Rees,
!Minton, Wainwright, White and. President
McAuley. Members absent: Meters.
W. R.,•toyle, and Dunn.
The minutes of the precelllng meeting
were read and approved.
• TETrnms, itzmompritexcra, ec.
lir. Reestsreeented a petition from citizens
of Water street, asking for the removal of
dirt and sand on said street and on the
Wharf. Referred to the Wbarf'Committee.-
Mr. Ogden presented a petition asking
for the passage of an ordinance increasing
the width of Chestnut street, Lawrence
ville, nine feet. Referred to Street Com
".Mr. Rafferty presented a petition from
residents on Union alley, - asking Ibr the
completion of a small sewer on said alley
from-Pennsylvania avenue Wy.ltestre o t.
Referred td the Street Committee.
Mr. Dickson, a petition from citizens re
siding' along the line of the Greesburgh
Turnpike, asking , for the grading
_and pav
ing of said pike frinn Lawrenceville •to
East Liberty. Referred to the Street arid
Road. Committee.-- •
Mr. A. M. Brown, a petitionirom citizens
of Pitt Township, asking for the grading of
Duncan street from Kirkpatrick street to
the township road. Referred to the Road
Oommittes. '
Also, a peiition for the opening of St.
miMary's Alley. Referred to the Street Com
Also, a remonstrance from citizens of the
Sixth ward, protesting against the division
of said ward. Received.
Also, a petition for four luch,water pipe
on Wide Alley, Siith Ward'. Referred
to Water Committee. - •
Fir. McEweh, a petition for opening
Eno& street. • Referred to Street Com-
Also, a remonstrance from citizens of the
Seventh Ward, protesting against the divis
ion of said ward.- Received. -
Also, remonstrance protesting against
any change in . the Pennsylvania avenue
sewer. Referred to Street Committee.
Mr. White presented a remonstrance
against the grading and paving of Brewery
street, in the Eighth ward. , Referred to
Street Committee. - ''' - '
Mr. Morrow, a petition from Duncan &.
Reason asking to be relieved from the pay
ment of businesstax. Referred to Elnance
Also, a petition for a gas lamp on Craw
ford street. Referred to Gas Cotnrnittee.
Mr. McClelland, a petition for the grad
ing- and paving of Taylor , street, luinth
ward. Referred to Street Committee.
Also, a remonstrance againstthe division
'of the Ninth ward. Received.
- Also, a petition for the grading and pav
ing of Smallman street. Referred to the
Street Committee..
ii4lso, an 'ordinance providing for the
- ding of said street.
rt ,
pi• motion of Mr. McClelland, the rules
w e suspended and the ordinance • finally
Mr. Cochrane, " a comninnication from.
JoSeph Royston setting forth that he was
j ict
ing a frame , house to be filled in
wi h brick, and asking perniiiision to com
p' e the same, stating that the contract for
th erection of the house - had been made
be ore the passage of the ordinance prohib
iti g the same.
r. Coffin moved that the prayer of the
pet tioner be granted.
Mr. Ogden moved to amend by referring
thel communication to the Committee on
W , oden Buildings with power to act. The
.am ••ndment was lost and the question re
cur ed on the original motion to grant the
pra -er of the Petitioner. The motion was
ado .tea.
Shipton offered. a resolution author
the, Committee appointed to digest
laws of the city to have one thousand
,ea printed. Adopted. ,
Mr. Brown moved that the Presidents of
Councils be authorized to have the acts of
the Legislatnre - ,referring to the city, and
the ordinancevpassed by Councils during
the past year, published in book term.
Adapted. ,
e Chair, in place, offered an ordinance
for he •ooruitruction of a sewer cra Fourth
stre t, from Cherry alley to Wood street.
Rnl s suspended and the ordinance passed
fine y. •
M . Jones, a remonstrance against the
gra ing and paving of Duncan street. Re
fers d to Road Committee.
A, a remonstrance against the grading
and ving of Kirkpatrick street. Referred
tot e Street Committee.
, . Also, a petition for the opening of Wylie
street from Fulton to Crawford street. Re
ferred to Street Committee.
Also, a remonstrance against the grading
and . paving of Taylor street, Ninth 'ward.
Referred to the Street Committe. •
Also, a communication from Jacob H.
Miller, protesting, against the opening, of
Forbes street; West of Chestnut street.
The petition was received.: '
Mr. Jones moved its reference to the
Street Committee with instructions to re-.
port an ordinance in accordance with the
prayer of the petitioners.
Mr. Morrow moved to amend by refae.
ring It to the Committee with instructions
to report an ordinance.
.. Mr. Brown moved to amend by instruct
ing the Street Commissioners to 'suspend
operations on that portion of the street, be
tween Boyd and Chestnut streets: for a
term of five years.
Mr. Shipton moped to amend by striking
out the words "five years," and inserting
"until 1872."
Mr. Morrow moved to amend by striking
out the claube "until 1872."
The amendment was lost, and the ques
tion recurring on the motion of Mr. A. M.
Brown, as amended by Mr. Shiptou, it was
adopted. C. C: non-concurred, andreferred
the matter to the Street Committee.
Mr. A. M. Brown (in the Chair) submit
ted a communication from the MaYor, no-.
conkpanying which were the reports of the
appraisers appointed to value the stock, pf
bridge, turnpike and plankroad Companies
witWn the limits of the eity.'... The , 6411111111-
nication was received and the reports or
dered to be published one time in' papers
authorized to do the City Printing.; • •
'Mr. White presented a petition from
'Coleman, Rttlim tic Co., asking permission
tOrerect an iron-clad addition to their works
ia the Ninth ward, accompanied by an or-
dinance providing for the same.
The petition was received and the ordi
nance read three times and passed under
a suspension of the rules. ' '
Mr. Reese, a petition asking the appro
priation of twenty-five hundred dollars to
defray the expenses incurred in procuring
necessary legislation' for the improving of
river navigation. The petition was re
ceived. ' ,
co .
~, Mr. Reese offeretra petition, authorizing
, theappropriation of Awanty;five hundred
:dollars for the' purposes referred to . In the
mr, Phillips moved to amend by fixing
the sum at fifteen hundred dollars, and,
asking theieity of Allegheny 'to appropri
ate one thousand- 7
,mr. ship t ton moved to amend - by-appr(p..
printing Mean 'ht . :indeed dollars abort
inteky. r, The ordinance as amended byl4r. 4bip.
ton was readthierititties pa ssed. 4
Crbsl :stanittedi a 4 'petition from
Mperty, owners, an& an d i
T . Weeti:;tufklogt; " to,
Vivtlafiat t (of mditAiiree fiion Fowl&
775.717.; •IL
.I\P :`:":','`.^.17*027:,;-,Z4c
lIITTSAtitGit GAZE 317 NW,
ci _
Liberty. AccompanYinlue lrftiOn was
an ordinance providing forthr, Constriction.
of the smile.' Thik'petitiop "Was recebred.l
Mr. Mc4kuly moved to amend tne ordi
nance by omitting that:portion of the street
throiigh .the Dian:olmd, on account of the
sewer not - having been completed an that
portion of the street. - - .
The amendment was adopted, * and, on
Motion of Mr. Ogden, the rules, were sus
pended and the . ordinance as, amended
read three times and passed. ,
The Chair presented the bill of Henry
Snively, Esq., Recorder, for recording ordi
nances, and a• resolution authorizing the
payment of the same. The bill was read
and the resolution adoptad. •
- .
A resolution authorizing the erection o s f,
a gas lamp at Locust and Magee street
and on Grant street, between Fifth and Virg
gin alley, was referred to the Gas Commit 4
tee:. -
An ordinance authorizing the erection of
an iron clad stable by Frank Ardery, on
Liberty street, was taken up and Passed
u2ally under a suspension of the rules.
Mr. Phillips offered the following:
Readved, That a Committee of nine, in
cluding the Presidents of Councih3, be ap
pointed - to provide suitable groun Phillips
city park. Adopted, and Messrs. ,
Gross, A. M. Brown, and President McAuly
were- apdointed from Select Council, and
Messrs. Batchelor, McClean's?, Brush, TorleY
and PreSident Tomlinson in Commoia
Also the following:
.Resolved, That the
procure an
Property be authorized to procure an addi
tional lot of ground for the use of Dnquesn
Engine Company, and also an additional
lot for the Eagle Company. Adopted.
Mr. Ogden, from the Special Committee
on Railroads, submitted the following re
, ports and accompanying undersigned members
: The undersigned members
of the Committee on Railroads, to which
was referred the petition of the citizens re
siding on. Liberty street, in reference to the
running of cars upon said street by the
Pennsylvania Railroad. Company, and ask
ing for an abatement,of the nuisance occa
sioned thereby, would respectfully report,
That they held several meetings, after no
tice to the parties complaining, and to the
officers of said company ; that a large
number of citizens attended said meetings,
and the Railroad Company was represented
br the Solicitor, Mr. Ilampton •, that a pe
tition numerously signed by business
men, doing business in other parts
of the city, was also presented
to the Committee, asking that the tracks
ahould •be removed from , said: street;
that after hearing all the parties who desir
ed to be beard, and after full consideration
of - the petitions presented, your Comrnitiee
IS Of the opinion that it is not within the
power of Councils to direct the removal
of the tracks ; that Councils have the
right to prescribe any reasonable regula
tions in reference to the marline of cars;
that Councils have already prescribed reg
ulations as to the speed of cars and kind of
fuel Which shall be used; that said company
have violated the ordinance by 'using coal,
by running at a greater rate of speed than
that prescribed, and by unnecessarily stop
' ping upon the streets; that in the opinion of
the Committee a compliance with the ordi
nance would very greatly.abate the nuisan
ces and,remove the (muse of complaint, and
We therefore recommend that Councils di
rect the Mayor to see that the ordinances I
are strictly enforced.
In view of the very general expression
made by our merchants who are specially
interested in the matter, we would further
recommend that the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company be requested, as soon as practica
ble, to remove the tracks _from Liberty
street and make other provision for the de
livery of city freight.
Resolved; That the Mayor is hereby re
quested to enforce all the ordinances in
reference to the running of railroad cars
within the city limits.
Mr. Gallaher moved, as a substitute for
the resolution, that the report be recommit
ted and the Committee be instructed to
prepare an ordinance prohibitintr the use of
locomotives on Liberty street.
A lengthy discussion ensued on the sub
ject, after which the substitute was ruled
out of order and a vote taken upon the res
olution and report of the Committee. The
report was received and the resolution
Mr. Ogden submitted the following from
the same Committee :
Gentlemen: The undersigned mem
bers of the Railroad Committee, to which
was referred the petition of citizens In re..
ference to the violations of city ordinances
by the Allegheny Valley Railroad Com
pany, wouldd respectfully, report: That
having given notice to the parties inter
ested-and having heard allpersonn who de
sired to be heard, they are of the opinion
that upon some ccasions the provisions of
the ordinance in reference to the moving
of cars have been violated. As we have
already recommended in our report lit re
ference to the Pennsylvania Railroad, that
the. Mayor be instructed to enforce all the
ordinances in reference to the moving of
Cars within the - city limits, we do not think
any stecial action is required in this case.
The report was received
The Chair presented an ordinance Pro
viding-for the construction of a sewer on
Miltenberger street, from St.Patricks alley
to Locust street.
On motion the rules mire suspended and
the ordinance passed finally.
On motion of Mr. White, the ordinance
providing for the construction of a sewer
an Pennsylvania avenue was taken up, and
on motion of Mr. Morrow was laid over.
.Mr. Gross offered the following resolu
ion :
Rezolued, That the City Solicitor be and
he is hereby authorized to institute legal
poceedings against the Pennsylvania
Railioad Company for violation of the dif
ferent compacts by which said road hasob
tained the privilege of using the streets of
the city ofPittsburgb by laying their tracks
upon them. Adopted.
Mr. - Gallaher submitted the following
.Rasotued, That the Committee on Rair
roads be instructed to introduce an ordi
nance in Councils requiring the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company to, use horse mo
tive Dower on Liberty street from Canal
street to the Monongahela river Instead of
*emotive WO:fr. Laid on the table.
Mr: Coffin presented an ordinance pro
viding that all petitions for Nicolson pave
ment shall be signed by three-fourths of
the citizens residing and owning property
on the street where the pavement is desired,
and that Councils shall be satisfied that the
signatures to the petitions are genuine be
fore they are entertained or any notion
The ordinance passed to a second read
ing, and, on motion or Mr. Phillips, was' laid
over under the rules.
The Chair read the fbilowing communi
cation from the City Attorney, which was
submitted by the Finance Committee with
their report: ' •
To the Finance ,Committee:—
~- I herewith returnto you the communica
tion' of F. Lutz, in reference to : damage,
done by the .upsetting of a hay wagon on
Diamond street.
After consultation with the Street Com
missioner, lam satisfied that he did all in
his power to keep the street clean n and that
the : accident must have been occasioned by
carelessness on the part of the driver. It
cannot be expected that .the clear
away all the ice that accumuktes in the
streets, andlithell •theollicefa bait dohe all'
their : power to,keep the street passable,
Aim city is not responsibleilbt atcidents. -
The,conummicetioll PM received and:the
seikhrtsulciptsul, s- .s - s • LIA.! - • t.°11,"
**kW* 0,11113111 vivrivictrixo
• qifte - 7imitti;toiiiiiiman Of the
appointed to t
reaiiitriet' the: cify,eufma...
ed the following . report; • '
- GErrrx.Esitirs: •Yoni , 'Ciiiimitikek - on r-,; ; <(
districting the city into wards. would am _
pectfully report that after holding ••;,.. 3peat,
ed meetings and giving the mar close
and careful attention, they ix:mid submit
the accompanying plan ski:swing the pro
, posed lines of the new :yards, together with
t_an ordinance de fi ning the boundaries of
' said wards. Year Committee is:well aware
of the difficulty attending their labors,
knowing that - - associations have - endeared
the old ward lilies and boundaries to the
inhabitants of'. our city, and anything
tending to set them aside will cause un
'Pleasantness an dissatisfaction andteni
porary disarran ement in ward organiza
tions, but yourco mmittee believe that the'
plan that they h rewith submit is the best
for the future of the city, which is rapidly
increasing in po ulation. and that the sev
ering of old or rations Cannot be eon -=
summated at abet ter time than the pres
ent.. They w on , therefore, ask the adop
tion by Council of the plan and the pas
sage of the orance.
The report accepted.
Mr. MeEw , from. the Districting Com
mittee, submit ed the following Minority
re a po E rt NT : LEmmt
:"—in ' fiifferin i s from the
conclusion arr ed at. by a majority of your
Committee, th undersigned are deeply im
pressed with t e importance of the sub
ject and regret xceedingly- their inability
to agree with t colleagues In the forma
tion of the plan oftlie city about to be sub,
divided. for Yo riconsideration.
Thee hanges ptesed'are So radical, Par
ticularly In the nett of the old ten wards of
the city, that t ev destroy, to a very great
extent, the sad , local and political rela-
tions that have s long existed a mong the
people, whosewishes and interests should
always form the basis of legislation, with
out affording any compensatory advantages,
and are entirely uncalled for by considera
tions of public interest. We would, there
fore, recommend that no material change
be made in the ward lines of the old city.
With regard to new 'districts, there is no
question but that new lines will have to be
drawn and new wards' formed, but these
lines should be made as far as practicable
to the satisfaction - of the peoplelVho haVe
to live within thenv which, in many in
stances, 18 not the ciao in the plan offered
by the majority of this• Committee.
The proposed lines that have given dis
satisfaction are so numerous, and the
injustice of many of them so obvious, :that
we do not deem it necessary within
the limits of this report t le ave ahem tailed
statement of them, but •
stated in the Council' Chambers by the
members from the districts themselves.
In conclusion; gentlemen, we ask you to
give this important_ matter your _careful
attention, satisfied that you will do nothing
that will work injustice to any portion of
the citizens of kittsburgb,,' Whilst we pro
test against the adoption,ef the plan of the
city now before you. "
S. J. -
The report'was accepted. WAINWRIGHT.
Mr. Jones presented the ordinance fixing
the boundaries of the wards as proposed by
the Committee which provides that there
shall be twenty-four wards, and describes
the boundaries of the same.
hen Mr. Jones had proceeded to the
dis W cription of the Filleenth'ward, Mr. Mc-
Clintock moved that when Councils ad
journed it be to meet on Tuesday (to-day)-
at two o'clock.
The motion was ruled out of order, and
the member continued to read the , or
At the conehmienef the reading a motion
was made to Adjourn to meet at eight
o'clock p. m. The motion was lost.
Mr. Morrow moved that the linesof the
First ward as recommended by the Com
mittee be adopted.
Mr. A. M. Brown moved as an amend
ment that the lines of the old ten wards as
they now exist be adopted as a substitute
fcr the report of the Committee.
Mr. Ogden moved to lay the motion of
Mr. Brown on the table.
The motion to lay on the table was lost.
The question then recurred on the motion
of Mr.'Brown t - to adopt the line, of the old
After considerable discussion Mr., Gross
moved as an arbendment that the lines of
the ton wards be 4illowed to remain as they
are, and that each precinctbe censidered
a ward. •
Mr. Brown accepted the amendment.
The motion of Mr. Brown as amended
was adopted.
Mr. Gross moved that that portion of Pitt
township south of the Greensburg turnpike
be added to the First ward, Lawrenceville.
Also, that all that portion of Pitt town-
ship north of- the Railroad constitute a
ward, and that the remaining portion of
Pitt township constituto a ward, and that
Oakland township remain as it is. Adopted.
Mr. Gross then moved that the ordinance
as amended, so far as the lines were con
cerned, be adopted. The resolution was
adopted, and the ordinance read three
times and passed finally.
The Co:nmittee" .then rentimbered'the
wards, making twenty-three instead of
twenty-four wards, as at first proposed in
the report. •
On motion, the rules were suspended and
the ordinance, as amended, including num
bers, was read three times and passed:
Not, reached in Common Council.
All business not otherwise noted was
concurred in by Common Cott:mil. -
On motion, Council adjourned tomeet
at three o'clock P. Si. to-thy.
Common •Councll. •
President Tortdinson - ealled Council to or
der at half past two o'clock. The Mowing
members were present; ,
Messrs. Ahlbcirn Barnh111,:: Batchelor;
Berger, Boggs, Bl l nsh, °ahoy, Carrolli,
Daub', Dray°, Davl l 4-I.ltititlinlzions,l Garner,
Hare, Hemphill, Herron, Hillerman, House.
Jeremy, Kremer, Mavvhinney, Meyer,
Moorhead, McCleane, . Palmer, Reiman,
Reed, Reynolds, Robb, Rosewell, Scott, A.,
Sims, Torley, Torrens, Verner, Vick, Wel
don, Zern ana President Tomlinson.
The minutes of the last meeting were read
and approved.
Mr. House. Secend ward, presented a pe
tition of property holders on Second street,
between Wood and Smithfield, praying for
the repavewent ot'thar street--with Nicolson
pavement. Referred te Street Committee.
Mr. Torley, Third ward, presented a pe
tition for a gas lamp on the south-east cor
ner of Washington and Webster streets.
Referred' to Committee on Gas Lighting.
Mr. Weldon, Third. ward, presented a pe
tition for a public sewer twin the corner of
-Webster and 'High •streets, down High to .
Grant, and'own Grant to connect with the
Strawberry alley sewer. Referred to'Street
Committee. /
Mr. Weldon also:presented a petition of
pperty holders on Carpenter's Alley
praying that the same be paved. Referred
to Street Conimittee.
Mr.'Robb, Sixth Ward; a petition for re--1
duction of rents of market stands. Re
ferred to Market Committee.
Mr. Rebman, Sixth 'Girard, presented an
ordinance tor the opening ofßoberts street.
Rules suspended and ordinance passed.
Mr. Meyer, Eighth Ward, presented a'
petition for, gas lamp on the east side of
High street, between 'Wylie and Pennsyl
vania Avenue. Referred to the Committee
on GM Lighting.
Mr. Brush. -RixthWitrd, a' petition rela
tive to supply of. water on street.
Referred toWater Committeei
Mr. Moorhead, Seventh Ward. a. politick . e •
for gas lamp on corner of preen street an
Beat,ty's ; Alley. Itefeildd to , Gab light
Coammit Mr. Ward; a petitic4i'ltii
main *mar piper , on I .llllltonberser- street,.
Vlt can iat=k t ilikuAn ffiflttonCio
I n ; If f ebcpeN Auquward, petitititribrt
litop olrllollledter-Deeeter anclearpone.'s 11110: - Referral Wiwi Lighting' Conn.
Mr.:AhlbOrn, Lawrenceville, presented a
petition for opening Charlotte , street. Law
renceville. Referred to Street Committee.
Mr. Bachelor, Liberty, a petition, and
also an ordinance, for the opening of IR:tind
ery street. Ordinance read twice and laid
Mr. Barton, Liberty, a petition for the
widening of Aikin's Lane, Liberty town
ship. Read and accepted.
Also. an ordinance for the widening of
Aiken's Lane. Rules suspended and ordi
nance passed.
Mr. Weldon, Third ward, offered the fol
.Raso/ved, That the City Controller be and
he is hereby authorized to certify warrants
on the Mayor for the following amounts
sad, charge the same to contingent fund: ,
.james MeCallem ........... . ................ .$ 33 99
Mrs. E. T. Denny. .... . ... . .................. 214 98
James M. 'Miller
.. . ..... . 17 00
James Sterling . ...... .. . 17 89
Mary Maloy :
Mary Chapman • 17 88 17 00
Robert Rafferty. . 44 00
—amounts assessed on property holdertfor
the grading of Poplar alley between Wash
ington and Elm streets in 1883.
Referred to Finance Committee.
Mr. Weldon, chairman of the Street Com
mittee, submitted a report asking the pas
sage of ordinances as follows:
An ordinance changing the names of
streets when they are duplicated. '
An ordinance granting the Western LTn
lon Telegraph Company permission to erect
poles, in „ Lawrenceville. •
An ordinance opening Davidson street,
An Ordinance opening Ewalt street, Law
renceville. - -
In the matter of the change of grade. on
Reed, Colwell, Yine, Miller and Roberts
streets, the Committee asked - farther time
for consideration. •
The report was accepted and the ordinan
ces read and laid over under, the rules.
- Mr..Flerron, Pitt,from the Committee on
Surveys, made a,.report, that they have
had.surveys made of the Greensburg turn
pike from its intersection with Butler street
(Lawrenceville) to the eastern line of the
city, and presented a plan of the same, to
gether with an ordinance providing for the
location of the same and defining its width;.
also, a plan of a street from Hazlewood
Station to : the Monongahela river, with an
ordinance. In widening the turnpike to
sixty feet, the Committee bad careful stir- .
.vpys made, and they have selected such
location as will do but small damage to
property along the proposed line of the
street. .
The report was accepted.
The ordinance relative to the Greensburg
turnpike, and also that in relation to the
road from Hazlewpod station, were , adopt
ed, the rules being suspended.
Mr. MeMane, Oakland, - from the Com
mittee on Roads, presented a report, cover
ing an ordinance for the construction of a
board side-walk on Pennsylvania avenue,
from the Oakland car station. to Neville
street. The Committee also - reported that
ptitions for the improvment of Rou
street were referred to the e Committee on
Surveys to have the - lines located; the same
action was taken with regard to Washing
ton street, East Liberty, and Atwood street,
Oakland. •
The report was accepted, and the ordi
nance relative to the board-walk adopted,
the rules being suspended.
Mr. Batchelor, from Conference Com
mittee, reported in favor of the transfer of
five thousand dollars froni the cOntingent
fund to the appropriation for roads. Read
and approved.
Mr. Merman, Pitt, presented a peti
tion for graaing and paving Duncan street,
Seventh ward.
Mr. Weldon, Third ward, presented an
ordinance to create the office of Clerk to
the Street Committee, who shall have his
office in the room of the City. Engineer,
and , whose duty it shall be to attend the
meetings of the Street, Road - and Survey
Committees, keen the minutes and take
charge of all the papers which may come
to said Committees, said Clerk to be ap
pointed by the Street -Committee, subject
to the approval of. Councils. The ordinance
was read three times and passed.
The President submitted a communica
tion from the City Solicitor, as follows :
21) Select and Common Councils :--I here
with return your resolution in reference to
the right of• William, Smith to use Spruce
alley. Since the passage. of the resolution
an information has been made against hira
for Maintaining a nuisance, a true bill has
been found, and the' case will probably be
tried in a few days. This case will Judi
cially determine the questions involved,
and It is therefore unnecessary forma to
give an opinion which can" haye'no force
and might not be Sustained by the Court.
Very respectfully yours, -
'J. P. SLAGLE, City Attorney.
Read and accepted.
Mr. Weldon, Chairman. Street -Commit
tee; called "the following ordinances,.
laid over at previous meeting.
Ordinance for grading; paving and curb.
ing Liberty street from Carson to the old
city line.
L •
Ordinance for grading and paving Erin
street, from Bedford to Centre Avenue.
Ordinance for grading and paving Wide
*ley, from Logan to Fulton street: •
The above were read a third time and
An ordinance for opening Rose street,
BeVenth ward, from Overbill to De Villiers
street. •
On motion or Mr. lirdsh,
lksolved r ha the Matter of e street
be reeommitt T ed, t
the Street Comm ßos ittee to
report on ,the propriety of opening Rose
street from Fulton streets.
The resolution was adopted.
The following ordinances (also laid over
at last meeting) were passed
Ordinance for opening Erin street, from
Webster to Bedford.
Ordinance for opening Brewery street to
the river... Non concurred in by S. p.
- Ordinance locating and opening' Liberty
avenue, from Wilson *ea t° Centre ave
nue. ' • "
__ _
Mr.,Fitzaimmons moved a .veconsidera
tiori of the action of Council in the adop
tion of an ordinanbe to retain the width of
Chestnut street, - Lawrenceville, at thirty
On motion of Mr. ReynOlds, theotion
to reconsider was laid on the table. ~
. .
Mr. Re i man ' presented the fo owirig,
which was adopted: , .
Resolved, That the City Controller be and
he is hereby authorized ; to, issue his certia
aste on the Mayor for warrants in f. vor of
`T. B. Young et, Co. for 3152.25,, and amuel
Fahnetitock for 513, and charge theMe to
appropriation No. 13, contingent fu d.
Mr. Herron presented , a , remonstrance
from all the property holders on:!Taylor
street, in the Ninth ward, against t e grad-.
ing and paving of the 'same. Ref e red to
Street. Committee. ‘ .•
nonS Fkrutir. ' ' ' '
Mr. Moorhead
_presented an or din ance
ll in
authoriablg the . City , - - Engineer to Survey
and figien Mom street tibro Ctverhin tn:Fal•
ton, in !sposNinoe:-irlth: thPlan . e' City , !strict
Objectifittbebost anode on Sdniheio , was
laidlover,mojhe rghps.i , I ' —, t- .
1 r . ..—..
till IWrulxVfl"
I — ~
4 me et f r,... :
5 , ) a .l
te i ,
twci . .i. - - - - —vs
, _ -
But few' of you hive` any - adeque4H
ception of the vast amount of medical hihor
performed by us.
In this, 'a most healthfhl city, several'
hundred physicians are daily employed,
yet our own_ physical abilities are taxed
almost beyond endurance to satisfy the de:
mends for our professional services.
;.On our books of record are the names of
more than sixty thousand (60,000) persorus
who have obtained medical advice and at- '
Among' this vast number many euresof
the worst maladies hive been perfected•
without the patients having been seen or
visited. •
Over five hundred and fifty (550) cases
were treated by us during the last month
alone, among which a number of cures of
the folloWing diseases May be mentioned,
viz: Incipient Consumption, Liver Cbm
plaint, kicrofulis, Dropsy, Ridn_ey. Affec
tions, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism; Heart Di
sease, and many PemalS Complaints, Ner
vous Disorders, (to., 4tc.l
We treated all those Chronic Diseases
upon the most scientific principles of Uri
no -Pathology and Eiecticlsm.
We are able to detect
,the most obscure
diseases by ocular, chemical or micrGscopic
examination of the urine, and to prescribe
the remedies in accordance with the condi
tions discovered—hence the cures. •
Some of the patients treated during the
last month live hundreds of miles away.
Some reside in New York, some. in Phila
delphia, many in Eastern Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana and West Virginia.
Many of these forwarded specimens of ,
urine y express, and had the necessary
medicines sent them by the same convey-_,
This is the cheapest and best' 4 ilhiok-
The charge for examinations, prescriti
thins, and medicines furnished, range front
three to ten dollars.
.• We will now have the constant assistance
of Thomas L. Oldshue, M. D., who has been.
'educated for the profession under our owls
direction, and graduated at the Philadel
phia University of Medicine and Su.rgery.
: But for this assistance we would nolonger
be able to attend the constantly increasing ..
practice that is daily crowding upon us.
Respectfully, L. °mason.%
132 Grant strret •
Continuance of the Great Semb•Annual
Closing Sale of J. W. Barker•
,& Co., 89
Market- Street.
Our readers who have not yet;furzushed
themsolves with Dry Goods for the season,
will be glad to learn that J. W = B. & Co.
have concluded to continue their great
closing sale for another week. In addition
we have to state that the bargains offered
this week are even greater than what they
have been in the , past, and the quality and
variety of the goods are such as cannot but
please the most fastidious- tastes. Ladies
go and examine for
.yourselves, and you
will find a most superior quality of goods,
at the cheapest prices ever offered. ; Such
a favorable opportunity for Purchasing has.'
never before occurred.
The Pupils and friends of Professar S. A.
Neale, Principal of the Allegheny Colored
School, have tendered hina a compliment
ary benefit, which will take place at Lafay-,
ette Hall, commencing to-morrow evening.
At each entertainment the Emancipation.
Tableaux, with dramatic accompaniment,
in which over one - hundred persons. will
take part, will be given, together ,with.
other tableani., recitations and singing.
Professor Neale has been a faithful in
structor, and is in every way worthy . of the
confidence and esteem , of his pupils, who
have arranged the benefit for him. The
tableaux have been happily conceived and
thoroughly rehearsed, and will be well
worth seeing. Reserved seats fifty cents.
each; admission twenty-five cents.
Articles for the ToUet.-4oseph Burnett.
it Co.. the distinguished Chemists of. BOB
tou, are the manufacturers'of several high
Iy celebrated and excellent 'articles for the
toilet, viz: Cocoaine for the hair, Kalliston.
for the skin, Florimel, an exgnisite hand
kerchief perfume and
Burnett & Co. are also the mruaufactUrers
of Extracts of fruits and flowers for flavor
ing jellies, preserves, &c., which have
•great celebrity for their purity and
strength. They -are very popular in this
city.--Mentreat Herald. rrsT
Lots Iota: Lots: Lots: Lots —Fifty
Superb lots for , building will be sold at 3
o'clock this afternoon, on the Perrysville
road, near the Observatory, which should
receive the special attention of every
tradesman in want of a lot. Now is. the
time to secure a home.
A. LEGGATE Auctioheer.
' I s io.. I6I 3FOURTHI3TREET: Pittsburgh, Pa.
INS otall kinds, CRAPES, GLOVE/3, and ev
ery description of Funeral Furnishing Goods far.
Wished. Rooms ,open day and night. Hearse and
Carriages furnished.
FtErEamicEs—Rer. David Kerr, D. D., Rev. 7d.
W. Jacobus, D. D., Thomas Ewing, Esq.. Jacob H.
Miller. Esc.
Allegheny City, where their 001.1'IN ROOMS are ,
comitantly supplied with real and initiation Rose
wood, Mahogany and Walnut Collins, "Murices ye
tying from 44 to 5100. Bodies . prepared for inter.
meat. Hearses and Carriages furnished; also, all
dads of Mourning GoodS, If required. Office opera
at !hours. day and night,
ERT, Allegheny, and No. 80 DIAMOND
SQUARE, (by Jan. Wilson & atros.keeps alwaYa
onshands the best Metal, Rcsewood ,l . Walnut mull
Imitation Rosewood Cotens...Walnut Comas from
885upwardir. Rosewood Collins 820 upwards, all
other Coffins 1. proportion. Carriages aud Hearses
furnished at low rates. -Crap% Gloves, Plate, and
Engsving furnished grails. Otltee Open day and
A NEwr
We hme Jost recelVed from the manufacturer.
PlTTsxst-Jn4air ts,rm-mx..
. _
They are the best yet offered to our trade."'
Gentlemen's Ftirnisliing Goods,
T tpte B6.o74 dto PIEST CLAW DERRORANT Telbes.
Ilt . ••
f:' S
~~~1 _
_- ~s,.
To Our Patxou.
k ti5n a.,,,A,..,,,,:.34 a4
No.. 98 Wlan BItEET
. 117 8TOPIENTA , AT4
..,:, .~