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. :CITY 'AND strsi3ilßAl.
Daily Prayer Meetlim7Front . Al x. to
`tl Eo`o~clos at the RittosAftikhli*6ll, rilth
JAr. dg"-t9 o..4FrT.EftfAcO.
AlleghenyCouncils.—A' regular meeting
-of the Allegheny . city.Cpuneils,will be held
"'this isVettlng.l • , •
Be —vYorkinen are engfreged in
tb.e floor Of the Smithfield Street
Anspenffon Bridge.
CAMlP.letion•—Tbe spire on the Lutheran
10flitreh,;.ein "High Street, - has' been corn-
Veted. It, is quite an imposing piece of
Itecovered.—Alderunan Mullen, of the
"Third ward, Allegheny, who has been sick
for some time past, has recovered
Abe found at his post. .
- - ." /
and Bittery,--Willfain Rgers
;made information against .Tames WiCken
ahaw before Alderman Thomasyeaterday
charedg him with'Aisasialt and batterY,. A
warrant was issued for his,arrest.
Ihe Old Folks' Concert ',to.tkight, for the
benefit of the Fifth Street MethOdist
,church i
,promises:to„ prove the ; grandest
affair Or the season. The most eminent
talent of , beth cities will participate.
Fot Wunabered.....The houses hi the Routh
aide boroughs are not.numbered. It would
certainly be a great oonvenienecto business
Men and the oitiv •ns generally if those on
JCarson street, at least, were numbered.
L iCiptibanitoison;ot the stearnboat Repub
lic, has been adjudged guilty of homicide
by a'COroner's jury sitting on the body of
anegroi at St,. Louis 'yesterday.: His many
friends in'this city will deeply - regret the
occurrerme. ' '
Bearding „House- Thleves.—The boarding
/muse of Mrs. 'Robinson, Robinson' street,
Allegheny, was entered yesterday morn
ing by some sneak thief,
who broke open
the trunk of one of the boarders and
stracted $55 from it. •
. .
Beer Kan *Robbed.---Yesterday Morning
l'red;rEinsteirs boer, ball was entered by
sonie . Pilfering thief While the proprietor
- was lying asleep at the dodr, aud.the money
drawer broken open and robbed of its con
tents, amounting to twenty dollars.
The Fourth of./Oly.—A petition, numer
ously signed by the principal business men
Of•Abit city, has been presented to the Mayor,
muisting him to issue a ptoclamation
;pro - hfbiting.t.he pse of Mire works and fire
arms in the city on the Fourth of July..
Diamond Ear Riugs.-- . - Yesterday we had
the pleasure of "looking at a set of ear rings
set with one diamond stone in each ring
that cost twenty-two hundred dollars in
gold. They were on' exhibition at 3". R.
ed dg Co . 's jewelry store, :Fifth; street.
• The Festival for the toenefit of the Ross
13treet M. E. Church, in Lafayette'
natillvoutimiesi -Ttiose of our refulerslcho
' defiird to ehjay'si nice 'dish - Cries - &earn or
atraviperries, they At same time
aid a worthd cause. shoul,d, remember ,La-
Completed.--The double track on the
Pittsburgh and Birmingham Passenger
.Bailmay will be completed to thePostoftice
switch, at s Groesvnor street, Birmingham,
and acOnnection"made Friday - Morning.
after-which the double track will be used
to that poina z: .; . .
' Conduct: Mrs. Shiedaker
;oral' brought . before AldermaniMullen, of
- yesterday, charged wlth-,ditior
derly Conduct, on oath. of 3liss'Augusta
• -I.instade, who alb:fps that the defendant
threw a bucket of hot water over her. Case
nettled On payment of costs.
Committed.—William -Phillips, eharged
, on eath,of William Anderson with the lar
-.l".beriv of. a pocket • diary' txmtaining a five
dollar bill, a coupon ticket on the Pennsyl
. vania Railroad and some fractional eurren
- cy; was arrested , yesterday and .taken ;
- fare the Mayor, who eominitted him to jai:
in defap.lj.of 7 Liatlfor,abearin_g.. •
Slight pre.—A slight fire occurred yes
terday itf One - Of Mi. Quinti's houses, in a
, ICk)urtoffiliglt street,' between Webster and
. Wylle. The fire originated In the roof,
Iroms defeefiye flue. The alarmwasgiyen
from Dix 27, at Grant and Webster streets,
---and-therfire'department responded-prompt
ly. TbelbtMos , were .eatingblished before
any damage was done. -
Larceny' of Wateli.kaliiek Ragan
made information before the Mayor yester
day, charging , John. Bird and others with.
larceny .fie , alleges" that he=-vas taken
Into a drinking saloon on Webster street,
l'hird•ward, where 'he got drank, and that
'while asleep, hi.s• watch - valued at $5O was
'Laken. Bird was arrested, and is in the
lock-up waiting a hearing.
Annie Crawford, the insane
woman arrested at the Union. Depot Tues.'
day, all account 'of whiCh we Published yes
..terday, was taken home by her husbtind,
"but escaped again the same evening and
esmie to this' dty: 'se - elicit; akieStbd and
taken tojail r with a / view of , havink the
Cal* broughVbefbre the Court fin order to
have her sent to the Hospital.
Atter , /Pt4 Sutrble.--Mrs. Jung, residing
' Third street, in the Third ward, Alle
gheny, attempted to commit suicide yester
day afternoon by cutting her throat with a
razor, It appears that. she has been sick
‘-for some time, and has been very much de
pressed in spirita far several days past.
18he succeeded in cutting a seridiss gash in
ker . neck,
,which macjet proyiejatig,
Alleged Lareeny.—William Price made
information before Alderman Thomas, yes
day, chargingJosenif Fink with larceny.
He alleges that he was drunk on Tuesday,
in East Birmingham, and - feeling sleepy
laid down in .Peter Cuff's stable and went
to sleep, when his pocket book containing
four dollars was taken from, him. The ac
'cased was arrested and hekl.for; a hearing.
Troyer and Cenvenion.--Robert Ormsby
made oath before Alderman Taylor yester
day; charging William Gilmore with troVer
.. - .llnd,coiVersiOnt Ormsby: alleges tbatGil
snore retains possession of two trunk" eon-
Mining clothing belonging to him; not ith
: standing an offer in the presence :of wit
nesses'-of the amount of two weeks board
ing, which is the ilep against the propsrty.
watradt Was issued.= A -
Fatal' 'Accident.--On MondaY evening
_last a little son of Thom
about two yearaewhile playitieirrhis fath
er's houpe s on tha ; corner Laconk 'and
sanduatietreets4, Allegheny. tripped and
fell, driking hie head with iso =much force
sgainat the Boer as to ettuatihini to b4:l thrown
Jute , spasms. i Drs. W.illara , , and Roman
were called in, bat despite 9034r,efforts
death ensued on Tuesday.
erciaeaof St. Nary'a Acadinpy i ege of the
most worthy of the i3duelitional inetitiitiona
Inckebf the Sisters of littercy'okere held
yugay in the Convent'ehapel, on Weib
atterstr :.Therriting' ladies evintedlate
.sehcdarsldp and training, and all in attend
ance were pleased and delighted • 'With
the manner In which thsylkowtted them
selves in the very interesting entertain-
Robbery on Penn . StreetTekteiday
=errant thshouse of John. Schribner. a
-Jakob keepeiafsEB Pekin street, was enter:.
ad by burglars and robbed , of. one hundred
revs dollars WI wobhafd IVert and
?ft*. iitausgt'We" hld eY; The
t:xe *is iakeri froin'a *roan drawiiiln
Attedaxmllitthe back part of the house.
!The thieves effected - an entrance fr
spring alley to the back yard, and broke
*pen MO window with a ',jimmy."
--1 -&' - f t x r
~"'~, -.~ 1 - `, ~
~ r " +. .~ jlt - f > ~*. ' h.}.. rz '3>e, -z;~r'`>~ ~, ..~:C 3x; .ynr~Mk.[~w x r:✓-xlXi~~,'-" c`: ~ .i.
The Apotheosis of the Strawberry. -
~. 4' thl reader is di:ll4_lod i li3 slittlidix a
Ilion : tint trice of irreverence in our use of
an (expression which implies the deifica- I.
tion of: any.creatttre; .he will lbe good
enough to remember that, while really
to, be construed only .in the ~;•poetic
BOO* ' the term -is not 'Cary' "eitfava
gently out of the way in the estimate
of. any one who yesterday availed himself
of the catholic liberality with which that
high-priest in the temple of Pomona, Mr.
Knox, Dade. all admiring Lworshippers of
this lot - Sliest of her fruits, to assist in cele
brating the annual rites in her praise. For
Pomona, goddess of fruits, bestowing the
strawberry -mark of her maternal love
upon the most beautiful of her children,
fitly ( named it' Jucunda• and gave it the
hielf , Rt, placs,ather altar, ,
• The'ivriter made one of of some
fortY or "fifty 'gentlemen; "horticulturists,
amateur and professional, journalists and
other distingnished citizens who, yester
day,.assisted at the annual festival with
which our friend Mr. Knox celebrates the
return of , the strawberry.time, and calls
about him the most capable experts to wit
ness and pronounce upon the fresh tri
umphs which his skill and patience have
won, within the.,luelt twelve-month; from
a generous and grateful Nature. We passed
through his extensive plantations, threaded
the Mazes of the vineyards, lingered step
by step over the broad acres where the
coquettish strawberry—most luscious and
healthful of fruits—half conceals,
half re
veals its blushing sweetness to the 'tun,
wandered through fruit-houses, :among
green-houses, hot-beds, cold-frames; wine
presses; packing-rooms, busy shops and
great barns; seeing so much to admire that
we were only conscious of how much the
brevity of our stolen leisure denied to
us, •al ..closer 'examination; , and then
turned our steps homewarkdoWn from the
breezy upland atmosphere where the bright
sun.of June scorns the contaminations of
Pittsburgh air, down from an Eden of al
ma-at tropical verdure and of .more than
Arcadian loveliness, back to the city heat,
and smoke, and dust, and noise, and pros
pect of grimy bricks and blackened - stone.
Reader, had you soared up with us yester
day. into that modern Paradise, - Which taste,
and.wealth, and patience, have created just
beyond the crest of the hill overhanging the
Monongahela, and had you delivered your
ielfnp as voluptuously to the enjoyment of
the scene, the higher and purer sensuous
pleasures which the true lover of Nature
alone knows how to enjoy, you would not
wonder a bit that we find it rather tough-
this thing of getting down once more to the
dull level of the mere work-a-day world.
But down we must!
.Thoughit be getting rathtir late else
where, we - found the strawberry season at
its height at the Knox farm. This is due
to the skill and care which have developed
new varieties, 'some maturing early, and
others ripening late, and still more again
carrying in kindly harmony upon one
the great ripe berries, almost heart-sick
in their perfected sweetness, and the hard
green germs of fruit that yet need more
than a week of courtship from the sun.
The display on' the vines vas admirable;
but that of thedifferent varieties, evidently
not selected with any special care, upon
the long tables in an upper hall, was really
_magnificent. The peerless Jucunda—
Knox's greatest triumph,-there reigned at
home, a queen in 'her own realm bv birth
right,,regal in ; her blonde beauty. . . . -Next to
her, supporting her,,the Fillmore, a ,bru
nette as dark as if reared under a Southern
snn, served not as her rival but as her per
fect foil, And up and down the tables were
ranked and grouped and ,mixed some fifty
others of the hundred or More varieties of
the strawberry. All the old favorites were
there, eclipsed by new and more brilliant
rivals, but still honored. with a remem
brance of-what • they had been: The dis
play -wits; taken altogether; such as no
other one man in America cordd make, in
the line of this specialty. ,
Mr. Knox has nearly two 'hundred acres
of laud, an upland plateau, of limestone
clay soil, devoted to the culture of small
fruits and berries for , the markets, and to
their propagation to supply orders from
every quarter of the Country: He em
ploys about a hundred work-people, of
both sexes, old and young, his pay 7 roll,
winter and summer (for the work on such
a farai varies, from month to month, only
in kind, not in degree,) is about $5;006 per
month, he sends away-hundreds of bushels
of fruit daily to the most distant markets,
having his own telegraph connection with
the city, so that he can talk at any moment ,
with his agenta in the: distant cities, his
businesivin every branch seems to be sys
tematised to precision and he has fairly
earned and 'worthily *ears the 'coronet of
the American Fruit King. .As the seasons
roll around, the strawberry loaf gives place
to that of the vine, but from June to No-,
vember, it is his own crown still.. .
We might write at great length of the
wonderful things which Mr. Knox has ac
complished, but time and space equally
forbid. It is enough now to say ,that what
he has ecoomplished by the aids of science,
Capital and industry, on a scale Unrivalled
elsewhere in America ; , othors may emulate
" perhaps in a less detrree, :_by
studying his example. His fruit-farm com
prises a world of thitruchon for the ama
teur or professional horticulturist, and will
repay the visitor for the longest journey.
Executive Committee Meeting.
A regular meeting _of the Republican
County Executive Committee was held
yesterday - at two o'clock r. is, in the Grand
Jury room at the Court HOUse. There was
a full atteudance, and the meeting wha
unusually, large and interestiug one.
The meeting was 'called to Order at two
o'clock, Hon. Russell. RrrettLin; the chair
and John H. Stewart Secretary. . •
Mr. Stewart read letters of acceptance of
appointment on the Cominittee from a large
number of persons; also a letter from J. N.
Bear, the "Buckeye Blacksmith," in refer
ence to the organization of Grant and Col
fax clubs throughout the county.
'On motion of Gel. Hilands, a Coninait
tee of three, consisting of the Chairman,
'Secretary and William M. Hunter, WeSap.
- pointed to attend to the Matter.
On motion, the following named gentle
men were added to the Committee . ' Meksrs.
Henry Meisterfelt, David McCutcheon, D.
C. Ripley, Jacob Affelder, Louis Morgan
stern, Josiah Coliedand Joseph Albeitz.•
The Committee Onlicadquarters report
ed that City Hall had been procured for the
use of the Committee- during the cam
paign! The report was acccpteci.
Hon Galugha A. Grow, Chairman of the
State Central Committee, addressed the
Committee oikthe issues of the campaign.
' The 'ComMitteci adjourned to meet at City
Rabi c which will hereafter be the headquar
ters; July istAt '2 o'clock p.
The Committee have not yet completed
the- Appointments , of subcommittees.
• throughout the county, but will have them
made and they will be announced 'at the
next meeting.- - -
Serf one' Ate.[dent.
Yesterday, evening, about lour o'clock,
Vilebn'Lee, ICI* about fintrteen y'said of
ageLigotsofbl4 Lee, of the firmof Atwell,
Lee it co.,,residing en Federal street, int
with a aorioua accident, by which his leg
Inn broken. He Wu ascending frtrin, Sec
'end street to Bluff' at the point .where the
rdspaktaii.tip-the-preciploe- near the river
dimpoind-afteurcaohing; tb c first bench • in
•the - precitirce; left the steps and atteinioted
't4.ol l mb up the repaindec sic into- bill be
yond them. When he bad reached - al:Out
alamt forty feet ahoy* the drat bimoh or o ff.,
sktche fit - stied his . footiug, and was preclpi
tated tothe bench below, where-his
ing caught in' scinaetrifsh andvevented
Almftvin,faUlng further.. Tao cap of hi s
left knee was broken, and heves otherwise
seriously !Witted. He was carried tolhe
residence of his father by some men who
had seen him fall, where by
received pro-
per medical attention.
. . .
• V-,r • • 4
Common pleas—Judge Mellon.
• In; the ease of Hugh lloberta ya. John
Clelland and Sheets and Shriyer, report-.
ed yeateiclay, the Jury found for the plain
tiff inihe sum of 6361.
Munro, Hamilton t Co. VS same: Two
actions, on mechanics' liens. The jury
found for the plaintiff in the sum of
seventy dollars and twenty-five cents in
each ease.
E. R. McGregor vs. The Allegheny Coun
ty Laundry and Manufacturing Company.
This was an action on a promissory note.
Verdict for defendant% find,„ll - balance of
fifty dollars certified in their favor. t -
John Reider vs. The Allegheny River
Navigation Company, of Pittsburgh. This
was an action to recover damages caused by
a boat of the defendant's running into and
oil boat belonging to the plaintiff: On trial.l
Following Jo the trial list for this day :
N0.'14. Mauch irs. "
. - - • ...
No. 7. Ahl vs. Barberlsch.
No. 8. Bruggeman TB. 'Wier et al.
No. 11. Wallace vs. Ammon.
No. 12. Young & CO. vs. White. ' ' ,
No. 14. Cokalne vs. Scott. .
No. 10. Bauer vs. MeClarren.
No. 17. Zimmerman vs. Koch. ' '
No. 18. Conover & Co. vs. Aiken.
No. 211. Steel vs. Jackson.
No. M. Schmidt vs. Bauer.
Fo. 26. Wut...Bobinsv, Atimlnistrator ,vs.. Pitts
burgh; Allegheny & Manchester Rallvity,Coe ' -
No. 27. b'pithers vs. Hope. 1
No. M. Shaffer vs. Burns' executors. ,
Court of Quarter Seeslons--Judge Stowe.
In'the cross-assault and battery eases be
tween Dr. J. H. Herron and Peter Kirch
verdicts of not guilty were iendere , and
defendants ordered to pay the costs.
The attention of the Court was occ pied
for the remainder of the day in the' trial of
an adultery case, the details of. which we
prefer not publishing.
Second U. P. Church, 4llegheny
The congregation of - the second U. P.
Church, of which Rev., John B. Clark is
pastor, ,contemplate , making extensive
improvements in their honse, ; corner of
Stockton avenue and Sandusky street.
The .worlt. was commenced., a: few Aar; ago
and will be pushed .for Ward as rapidly as
possilße. It is designed to raise the'present
structure adding another story 'under
neath. The raising of 'the building, a
rather delicate job, has been undertaken
by Mr. Uollingwood, .of Chicago, Who did
similarwork with the Tremont House and
several large blocks of buildings in that
city, and who engages to have it completed
in fifteen days from the time of commend
ing. The additional story thus created
will be fitted up in a handsome manner.
anti used as a lecture and Sunday School
room, in the rear of which will be several
smaller rooms, one for the pastor's study.
and the others for tho large Bible classes of
the Sunday School.
The whole front of the present building
will be torn away and a new one, extending
fourteen feet further forward to within ten
feet of the pavement, will take its place.
In, this addition will be the vestibule, with
Winding stairs loading to the audience
chamber, which will be refitted and
furnished, throughout. The small space
in front will be laid off in a neat grass
spot, and enclosed with an iron railing.
After the additions and repairs have been
completed, the whole building will under
go :a thorough" painting, which will
materially beautify its appearance. The
estimated cost of the alterations is two
thousand dollars, and when finished, the
church will compare in 'architectural style
and handsome and Imposing appearance
with any.of the modern structures of this
character in either city,
Chartipre Rallruad.
We have hitherto noticed that the Penn
sylvania` Railroad had given out that it
would push forward and complete the
Chartiers Valley Railroad to Washington,
Pa., if the sum 01'5300,000 be subsoFibed to
the capital stock by those interested in the
project. The conditions for the payment
of this sum is that 25 per cent. of the sub
scription be paid when one fourth of the
road is constructed; 25 per cent. more
when one.half ofthe road is finished; 25 per
cent. more when three-fourths of the road
is completed, and the remaining instalment
when the road is in successful running pr
der. At a recent meeting held in
Canonsburg, the following gentlemen
were appointed from Washington county
to visit Pittsbargh and solicit from our
manufacturers and business men the bal
ance of the $300,000 required for the com
pletion of the road (890,000), Messrs. Hon.
John H. Ewirig, John Johnson, C. M. Reid,
C. Ritchey and William McDaniel. These
gentlemen held a meeting at the St. Charles
Hotel yesterday and Strengthened them
selves with the following Pittsburgh addi
tions to the committee: Hon. James Black
more, Messrs. J. F. Slagle, George B. Neal
and Harry Shirls. These gentlemen will
call on our citizens for subscriptions to the
work and we trust will receive generous
liollara, Dimes and Duty. (
' The excellent self-sacrificing ladies, who
manage so judiciously the affairs of the
Home of the Destitute, orke!of our most effi
cient and benefloent public charities, opened
yesterday, at City Hall, their side of ftincy
articles and daily lunch. In a brief visit
during the day, wewitnessed the profusion
of good things to be enjoyed—Strawberries,
Ice Cream and Cakes. with an elegant dis
plio of Boquets. The inside of the Hall is
fragrant with sweets for the eye
and the palate. The sale and enter
tainment in to be continued through this
day and evening. The place is so pleasant
and attractive, and the obj one that
should touch every heart, that e cannot
see how our readers can forego , the pleas
ure or the duty of visiting! th Hall, and
making glad the hearts of the destitute by ,
filling their treasury, with I 'liars and
Dimes. ,
,County. Agricultural, Society,
The Board of Managers /of the County
Agricultural, Society held a meeting yes
terday at Ro.lo St. Clair street. Present—
Messrs. Kelley, Jennings, Mellelvy, Mc- ,
Kee, • Chess, Anderson, and Capt. John
Young, Jr., President.
The premiums for •the County Fair wire
completed and - ordered ,to be printed for
general distribution.
The fair will be held on Tuesday, Wed
nesday, Thursday and Friday, Oetober Pith,
7tli, Bth and; 11th, at the Society's grounds,
near City*Park. •
The Board adjourned to mee6 on Wed
nesday, at 10 o'clock A. At.,JUly th, to hear
the report of a special committetiappointed
to procure a supply of water for he fair.
False IPietence.
Janaes painter, ofTemperance lie, made
information before the Mayor, eiterday,
charging Thomas Jefferson Pain r, a color
man, with obtaining money nder false
pretence& The information states that he
obtained 8100 from the prosecutor by rep
resenting that he owned p a lease on a lot in
Temperanceville, and that he offered toil.
Aim the 'lease to him as, security for the
money, and that he afterwards sold said
lease with an intention to , cheat and de
'Mita. Rather a strange case of else pre
tence this. , The testimony of the rowan
tor, As contained in the information, is evi
dencethat,there wee no fan) pretence at
the .time , the money was obtained. The
awe Won't "hold water.” _ .
ntige,tenc4 010.--loaaa mem a colbr
ed • todlyldital,,'l4lllges before AWerman
Mullen, 'otatllegheny,lhat Walter Stevens,
driver of a brick wagon, threatened to kill
him with a brick. UomprOMised, eaCh par.
ty paying half the code.
a -\~t ~ .. ~ -._
.. ~~
... v~ _.~~ ~. .' -ti '[ (,~- ~ "~o''`~.a~r.~_..._l, _ ....
3 JI -'s te a:'; :
~ r {'F..,.rw
s~ TY 'u. ,! ~ F IX t
._. r Sr ~- ~ ~+ a ~_ ~,'as~i):.£.~~-}4 nr~, .».x.>w Y'vf Li. ° .k_";~ v'z-",ls~~ie,~r
¢ ~ ; K~i.~z4shx ~x: ~ ~a *~r red-.~~n.-,at a rr ae.;i;" ,s~ x ~ .r,src,~ ~ : r.~%.+:-.,aa~.betreo-s~. I
Anottwr Confidence. Game.
Fiank J. Kraig, a resident of St. Mary's,
on the Allegheny river, has been the victim
of a confidence game, if his story can be re
lied on, which is as follows: He alleges
that about ten o'clock last night, while
waiting in the depot of the Allegheny
Valley Railroad for' thei
train n which he
was to take passage for Oil City, a young
man, giving his name as S. P. Silley, stepped
up to • him, and after passing the compli
ments of the season, entered into a conver-.
Batton after ascertaining the destination of
Kraig. Kiley, it is alleged, said he was go
ing to St. MaWs, and that - he had a lot of
machinery, dog wheels, dte., which he was
shipping to a Mr. Smith, of that
place. Upon Kraig remarking that Smith,
was a friend Salley began to be more com
municative, d told his new acquaintance
that he need not purchase any tickets if he
bad not don so already. pp he had a couple
of passes w ch would dolor both. - At this
junction a 1, well dressed man stepped
up, who w introduced to Kraig as. WM.
Hulton, E ~ the freight agent of the - road.
After so further conversation the re
puted age t re marked : to Silley that his
freight ha all been shipped, and that he had
better eye ine if it Was ell right, and then
settle the ' illy which w $5O. After look
ing at the eight the sh pper pulled out his
pocket boo , but found e had only $l5 in
cash. He ad, howeve , a bond for $2,000,
which he tiered as security to Kraig, for
the advancement of the deficiency, which
he took aft some parleying, counting out
in the ' d k the desired amount, as
he sup ed, by.t which, his friend
said, after counting it over, was only;
$29; how e . r, would have "to do.• 'Kraig.
was then directed to , go to the-other
end of the pp ' , and watch a trunk, be-:
longing to his acquaintance, while he got
the bill receipted in the office. Just as his
back was turned, the two wen disappeared
between the cars and were gone. Ide ac
quainted a police officer at the station of
the circumstances, who at once pronounced
the whole affidr a s 'ndle, and directed
him to go to the Mayo 's ; office, where he
could procure lodgin for the night s as he
i v.
had no-more money. idle, on his way
down, going along S ithileid street, he
met the men going theother way. - Folio*,
ing the2untlithey came across a ' police
man he ad both of them both arrested.
At the tch-house the y were searched, brit
very littte money was found, not enough
to cover Ithe amount lost. They were re
manded; and will have a hearing to-day, ,
Real Estate Transfers.. '
The tbPowitqc deeds wore Illbd of rbeord
before ; Et Srure.y, Esq:.,.;ll.inx•Rder, June
24th. /W. • • I
James H. Aiken to Rev. John II: Maori,' Mine 15th.
1m8; lot on Pride street; Eighth ward, :.%) by SO feet
. .
4 650
Joseph Pdtterson et um. to Mrs. Julia A. Vindent.
June 10, dB6S; lot on Fourth street, near Market, 90
by 95 feet lg:.000
Union National Rank of Pittsburgh to Joseph Pat
terson, Feb. 21. 1968; same IotSP
Same to same, Feb. 21. 1868: lot on corner of Market COO
and Fourth streets, 29 by 36 feet
Robert Woods to Patrick MeSteen, lot NO. 47. In
Woods' Dian, Pitt township, 7/1 by 40 feet sl;oMartin it schen et dx. to Frederick Koehendorfer.
June 24, 1860; lot on Ohio street. Allegheny City. MI
by 95 fe t, 'with buildings.. 37 RH
Robert H. Davis. Trustee of Cornplanter Oil Com
pany, to Clark & Sumner, Jan. 14, 1866; lot in Col
lins toritishlp, near the Alleghenyriver, with
buildings - MOM
John "bendier to Mrs. Jane Ross. April 9th, IM7;
lot in Allegheny City, on isteep street, 20 by 40 feet
John Brown to John J, Getty, June 27th 1846;1 ot. in
Brownle plan, St. Clair township. on Short street.
a• by GO feet IMO
Jehn J. Getty to Thomas. Caldwell, July 31, 1848:
same lot .a 215
William H ugus to G. H. Tower, April 1, 1852: lot in ,
Elizabeth borough, onWater street. GO by I'M feet.
G. H. Tower to Edwin W. Tower; July al, MT; same
lot, with buildings
Geo. S. bedden to Robert Woods, November= 1867
lot on Wilkins street,.Seventh ward. Pittsburgh'
21. by 60 feet • 111,
Conrad Tragasser to Jacob Oeh. Jane 12, 1666: lot o
Meadowatreet, Eiast , Blratingliato, 19 by 60 feet.
Same day seventeen mortgages were flled of record
Grand r Masa Convention of r Soldierls an ,
Sailors. -
An enthusiastic meeting of the Conserva
tive Soldiers and Sailors of the Twenty.
third District, for the purpose of electing ..
delegates to the Philadelphia Convention
and ratifying the action of a similar body
convened in 'Pittsburg a short time ago,
was held in Bepler's. tel, Diainond, Al
The Convention, con isting of ten dele
gates and three report s, came to order at
half-past eight o'clock, Wm. Cowling pre
siding, with Mr. NicGratty as Secretary.
Atter reading the Pittsburgh Convention's
action, choosing the same representatives,
andlistening to a speech from a Mr. Moore,
who. seemed to think with Petroleum V.
Nasby that the policy of the party should
be : the Democratic party as it has, as it is
and as it shall be, the meeting adjourned.
OPERA HOlME.—Under the management
of Mr. - Hahn, the Opera House has been.
doing a flourishing business, and we pre
sume will continue to do a paying business
until the season closes. • "The ,Last Ditch"
has been a decided success so far, and, will
doubtless continue to draw. large houses
while it is kept on the stage.
THEATRE.—Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sefton are
at present playing an engagement at the
Old Theatre, and are drawing, large houses.
The- Seftons have always been favorites
here, and their friends have net forgotten
them. There are numerous other attrac
tions at. the "Old Drury," all of, which ap
pear to be fully appreciated by, the amuse.
ment loving public. ,
A Merited Promotion.
At a meeting of the Directors of the Far
mers' Deposit Bank, held last evening; Mr.
Frank L. Stephenson was elected Cashier.
Mr. Stevenson has been connected with
the bank for several years in the' ca
pacity of Teller, and his promotion to the
position of Cashier is an evidence that his
i ew
services ere fully appreciated by his em
ployers. He not only sees superior
business qualifications, but
ut is honorable;
courteous and genial in hii intercourse with
his friends. The promotion was a merited
one, and it is gratifying . to Mr. Stevenson's,
friends to know that he is held so high in
the estimation of his employers.
False Pretence.—Christian Viess made
Information yesterday before Alderman
Mullen, charging Charles Becker with
false pretenee. He states that the defen
dant procured a pair of. shoes frorwhim,
valued at four dollen"' and a-half, repre
senting that fifty. dollars was duo him from
the proprietorpf a boat yard In Manches
ter, and that he had bought a lot in Pitts
burgh, on which some money had been
paid, which representations the prosecutor
believed to be false. Tho accused was ar
rested, and after paying for the ahoes and
the costs of the case, be was released.
Cross Sultse....Tohn Loukmanti made in
formation yesterday before Alderman Mul
len. charging James and Philip Louktnana
with assault and battery. He alleges that
the defendants knocked hint down and
beat him severely. The difficulty originated
from a discussion in regard to a female ao
quaintance of the parties:, In return, Jas.
Loukmann made information against his
brother John for malicious'misolflef,
ing that on. Saturday evening the defen
dant-came to his shop iuldlticked the door
in. Both cases were :finally • settled by
Back party paying -half the oasts.
Weidern Univeradly,«Tbo: - Commence'
recut exercises - of the '.W estorn Univeteity
take place,b:i9xiorrow,at 7% v. as.. ;In addi
tion- to' the/ -- nate& orations of 'tile grad
nating„ class„there.
.*, orations by
Messrs. lehn R."Wkilitnian and W. J . Saw
yer Thott.mulat.. annual meeting of the
Alumni Atsociallon takes place this
an( lathe University Chapel.
Rare classical works, new and second
band, at Col. 3; D. Egan's popular book and
periodical store; Math street, near Smith.'
Add. (
,PlStal . ugh Female College.
The Commencement exercises of the
graduating chiss ofthe Pittaburgh Female
College WEIS Inaugurated last evening, in the
" -
College Chapel, a „large and appreciative
audience being in, attendance.' After an
eloquent and fervenkpetition addressed, to
the Throne of i2lrace by R. Snyder,E. the
exercises commenced. ,Eseays in English
were read by Misses Sevilla Bonney, Ida
McKnight, ,Maggie Whiteselr arid ,Cora
Fbilter. ;All Of the young de - Veleped
} Fisher.
their Mental offerings richly. stored
'minds, correct channels of thought, beau}-;
'fa.l and elevated styles of diction, ant-a
store of cleax concistve language. -
rain eentatorv, of Miss Eliza;. biyeks
was delivered in a masterly manner,, and
the few classical perstins In attenance
were delighted with its purity and beauty,
ticrene being able to detect mispronounced
or mispitteed word. Miss Augusta Mitchell'
read d'French essay which was said to have
been very geed , by thotie familiar with that
language: Vocalizations and intitnunenta
tions of exquisite character were rendered
by MiSses Endsloy, "Kimball, Bowman,
Darrah, Clark, espies, Crummy, Nilson,
'Brown, Ernest, Ella Kimball ; and those
finished musitians Prof:and Mrs. Blessuer.
Temight, the exercises will clotie. Miss
MarY E. Radcliff will deliver the valedic
tory and Rev. C. Dickey will address the
graduates, after which the usual honorary
degrees will be conferred. Doubtless there
will be a large attendance,as the admit
tance is' free and, the refied and ;Intel
lectual are invited to be present.
Soldiers' League Plc-311c. -
; The annual: pic-nic. of , the , Allegheny
county Soldiers' League comes off to-day
at Monitor Grove: 'Every arrangement has
been made , by the Coinmittee of .Aisitu3ge
rnents, With a view to the pleasure of the
visitors, and a general good time may be,
expected.. ,Traino will leave, the Federal
street dePot, Allegheny, hourly, after eight
o'clock this morning. The objeef of the
pic-nic is to raise funds for the League Li
brary, which, aside iron), the pleasnre af
forded by a visit to, the Grove, deserves the
patronage of the pnblic. Ticket& haVe.been
placed at one
Most Bitters Of the present day that are
loudly puffed through the newspapers as
having 'great ccirative properties are vile ,
compounds and base , impositions, contain
ing no medieinidwirtnes whatever, and are
really very pocrr-whisky beverages, and,
instead of acting as a stimulant and tonic,
have a tendency to weaken the stomach by
entirely destroying the coating. The public
should therefore be very cautious and pur
chase' none but .Roback's Stomach Bitters,
which have stood the test as a remedial
agent foz many years, and are really as
their name indicates, a stomach bitters and
not a beverage. They combine the proper
ties of the best tonic and a stimulant—a
laxative, an efficient and anti-bilious agent
and the best stomachic known to the world,
and when taken in conjunction with .Ro.
back's Blood Pills, are the safest and surest
preventive against all bilious derangements,
thoroughly regulating the whole system
and giving tone to the digestive organs.
They are highly recommended as an in
vigorating tonic to mothers while nursing,
increasing the flow of milk, and for conva
lescents, to restore the prostration which
always follows long-continued sickness,
they are unsurpassed. No household
should consider themselves safe from the
ordinary maladies without the-seinvaluable
medicines. They can be obtained of any
druggist., • . TreF
War or , no War, the ladies cannot neglect
their beauty. Gentleness and kindness are
excellent things in their way, but it takes I
beauty to inspire heroism. Just now pres
ents are "all the go." Lovers _going to the
war send mementoes to their sweetheartsil
which is of course a very proper thing.
The difficulty is that the right kind are
not chosen, at least se I have been told
lately by - several pretty girls, who honor
me with their confidence. One has prom
ised to give me one of her sweetest kisses if
I will only hint to stupid young men, that
good things for the toilet are always in sea
. son, such as Joseph Burnett & Co.'s Coco
eine, Florimel, I:Coniston and Oriental Tooth
Wash; the first being the best preparation
for the hair etttmt; the second 'the most
delightful perfume, the third the most ef ,
fectual Cosmetic, and the fourth the most
reliable preserver, and beautifier of the
teeth and gams. Some will say that even
the pretty ones ought to be' thinking of
something else just now, yet where is the
use of being lugubrious? What if there
be some fighting? Alt 'will not be killed.
There will be quite enoughleft to admire
the beautiful daughters of Eve; aye and
the latter will deservelt as much as ever.—
Sear's Review. , • rrsv,-
March and Sang.—We acknowledge
fromo Hoffman, Hohne & Co., No. 53 Fifth
street, the well known music - dealers, the .
Grant and Colfax song of the campaign and
march, which bear admirable portraits' of
the people's first and second choice.
Great bargains in dry goods may be an
ticipated by all who call at the grand clear
ance sale of Smithson, Vanhook &I%icelel
land, Nos. 55 and 57 Fifth street. They are
determined to close out their large auction
stock of goods in this line to entirely, quit
that branch of business, and hence
they have resolved to dispcxse . of their goods
at groat
" •
Drug . Store -- Assignees' Sale. This
Morning, at ten o'clOc - k, will be sold by
auction, that Drug- Store owned by F. M.
Gardner on Penn street, between ltforton
and Smith streets. Will be offered as a whole
or in quantities to suit purchasers. Smith
son, Yiinhook I%l.'Cielland, auctioneers.
The Luxuries of cold sparkling soda
water, delieleus lee creams, tempting straw;
berries and general confectionary and,
sweetmeats, can no' where else better be
obtained, than at P. H. (attires first class
dining rooms, No. 105 Fifth street. Prices .
very reasonable.
Ladies can visit the ice cream saloon and
restaurant of P. H. McGuire, No. 105 Fifth
street, unaccompanied, as the house is visi
ted by a first class portion of the people,
and us no liquors of any kind 'are sold on
the _premises the 1).34,d-order is preserved.,
Choice stationery for ladies and gents' use,
together with business and legal stationa
ry. at very reasonable prices, at Col J. D.
Egan's well known and popular book and
r riodlcal house, Sixth street, near Smith-
, it , ,
• olthnionii old established tea mart,
No. 2A Fifth street, -
•will be found a very
fine assortment of choice family groceries,
which will cominend itself to every house
keeper. The prices are very reasonable.
• Oolong; lapin, Young n anci‘ the
favorite brands of choice green and black
teas, at popularprioes and in large variety,
at Robinson's old established tea mart, Zro.
20 Fifth street;
Meals are seived to ladies and gentle.
men at all hours daring the day and up to
eleven o'clock in the evening at the first
ohms di n ingand ice creamrooms of P. /I.
'MoGlnire, 105 Fifth street:
All the latest novelties in light . touitmer
dress trimmings, buttons,'hcisierir t 'idoves
and embroideries, at W.-W. Moorhead's
fashionable, ratall trirnrnitig'itore,,,No. 81-
Market street. • • '_ ;
Alt the literary. worka Of the day.'orthy
a place on tlielibraryshelvesof the refined
and scholarly will'befOund at Col. J.- D.
Egates, Sixth streets near Smithfield.
Dibl4s, hymn books and prayer books of
chaste ;and - elegant styles at Ccl. J. D.
Egan's, popular bo ok and periodical store,
Sixth street, near Smithfield.
~I, .. illi .i: 4. :.,:.: - . , ::: - ,11 .i:,f:,. ..i if:ir.,)
ilfelit4iold I Crain Han. John
belt or' Congress.
For more . tharin year I ,suffernd incon
venience' fro W;nimstantnOtintlin; in my
left ear. On the 21st of May I applied to
Dr. H. S. Abona t ,nt..lB4 Smithfield - street,
Pittsburgh. He relieved me at once, and
from that day. tolthis I have had-no dug.
cult yany . kind.l l Truly; •
- I Josx
To Housetteeperit:—As-the tine oficie r
has arrived for putting up , fruit. we advise
you to go to Itoys .13gden, No. 23 Brood
street, and buy yonr fruit preservers. Th ey
all' the bestvatents, and all kinAs of
glass lan for fruit.' Give thorn ri "All'and
you will finkt.the Vest as welt as the cheap
est at this house. gemember, N 0.23 Wood
street: '.
.• The • Ladies ar respectfully inforined
that a fresh invoice of 'pure unadulterated
Java; Lagnira, and Rio coffees, new inipor
•tations, bas just Won received at the old
established tea nuirt , ofJoaoph A: Robinson
No. 2.oFifth street!` -• •
A fact now est blished,..that notwith
standing the precedence hitherto accorded
to French perfuMes, taday - Woodworth's
"Flor del Santo," 03eing- the most delicate
and durable, ont-rvals them a 11.% 4
Fruit Jars.—Messrs . Boyts & Ogden, 'To.
23 Wood .street, iceepo complete assort
ment of all kinds <or ghtss jars for fruits.
They sell them cheap and warrant them to
be the best. ,
Fruit Jari.--.The celebrated ..FYult !Zara
"All Right," “iOnion," and all kinds:can
be had, at l3oyts 13r. Ogden's , No, 23 Wood.
street. They
..keen the heal and-sell the.
, -
• —The Leavenworth COuservatire 'nays
letters from DenVer. state the work on the
Denyer Pacific railrmul has been suspend
ed, and will probably not be resumed.until
the Union Pacific, comes to Its astaistakace,
which it is saiii'*lll' not be this year.. 6
Albany fCattle M a rket.
(By Telegraph to thePlitabarah Gazetteo
ALBANY. June ..I.—Sincs Sunday morn
ing 5,000 beeves were, remixed .here and
upwards •of 3, head sold y mostly to ,
butchers. for tha righton and other east
ern markets; th : prices on. all but extra
best grades are. ,',ii3ic lower than last week;
interior light, 531#6140; ordinary to, fair, 7a
834 c; good to eatia, 8%a934c. Sheep; sales
of 700 head of pkiine. Ohio,' averaging 88.
lbs, at 530, and iambs wefghing 54 lbs at.
90. , Hook sales of 2,000; head - at. 9 1 a101/0,.
the outside for chi:lice extra heavy western;.
this afternoon this ' market was extremely
dull and 44c lowei; stock hogs 7a7;4c. '
New Orleans,Blarket...
(By Telggraph,tp tittlyltttitptrsh 9aette.)
.. . ,
NEW ORLEA r IiNt June 24.—Cotton;
Midd!ings; nbriditel at 28c : per ' Ro
celpts td-day Wet+ 82 bales. and exportrf392.
Sterling; 01,53a1,55. New York Sight Mx
change; 36 premitm. Gold; $1,39%a1,39%.
Sugar and Molas es are nominal and Inn
changed. FloutlOnchtinged; a shipment of
the new crop was , eceiyeil sesterdaY. Corn;
dull at 95ca§1,00 per bush; Oats; talei
75c per bush. Hay; firm at slBa2l per,iton.
Pork; 1329,25 per biol. Lard; sales of tierce
at 18W., and keg at 20.., 'Bacon: steady,.
with sales of Shdiders at - 13 X; and Clear
Sides at 17,81734 e.
Buffalo Market.
[By Telegraph to th'h h Pittsburgh Gazette: ]
BUFFALO, June. 24.—F10* quiet. Wheat
nominal. Corn d un. and weak; iales, 24,000 ,
bush at 95c. Oats quieti.ailes,,ss,ooo-bush
at 75c, part of; t to 'arilite.lty,e;*salea4,Bol:o
bush Wisconsin at 70a7.5e: 33arleyi nominal. '
Mess pork tinchianged.,,,TArd. unchanged.
Receipts--53,000 bush - coTn, .29, )00 buki oats,
300 bbls flour. Shipatent,ooo bushels.
wheat, 6:3,000 bu c0rn,,15,000 bush oats.
Freights unchanged.,
• 11111 D: i
.AGNEW-TROY.LOn Monday, June Rad,; ati the
residence of Rec. Ti S. liodgeon„.Mr. ROBERT S
AO-NEW and Mlas EBTIIA M. TROY, alreethis-
PONTINS-HEA TINOB.--On: June 21th; ttt the
parsonage,; in Rlrlidngbini, by - Rev. A. J.:"Heast-
Inge, Dr: A. C. PON TE.443, •ofElderton,.Poi:Oand
Miss EMMA:HEMITINGS,. c 2 BErmingbant,l er
of.the officiating cfergyman..-
. . : DIED; .
BRADFORE-04Tuesday evening, June 23d, at
o'clock P. 2., r LIAM BRADFORD:
The funeral will take place f ro m the resident* of
his mother, No.. 17 - Beaver - Avenue, .Allegheny
City, on. Titunsnair MOII.Nnia; June: 25th; it 10.
o'clock.; The friends of the family arWrespectnilly'
invited to attend.
UNDERTAICEItS..: , •-•- •
No. 168 FouRTD. STREET„ Pittsburgh, Pa.
INS of all kinds, CRAPES, GLOVES, and er.
ery description of .Funeral- Furnishing Goode ler
nished. Rooms open day and night.. Hearse-and,
Carriages tarnished. - • • •
REFRRENCESIv. David Kerr, D. D., M.
W. Jacobus, D. D. Tholnas Ewing, Ern., Jacob H.
Miller, ESC!.
QUARLES al. FEEsugistinvDER
Allegheny City,where their COIWIN. ROWlS.,arui
cons artily suppliettwith real and Imitation Rose—
wood, Mahogany add Walnut Coffins, at va
rying from SA t0*100... Mottles prepared for inter.
meat. Rearseaand Carriages furnished; alms, allt
"Inds of Mourning floodS, if refitdred; °Sipe open
atall holds. day and night , • • • • •
itOTINEY . Maw ..
Allegheny. and - No. SO DIAMOND.
SQUARE, (by JohliWilster Brob..)A.Mis alioyn
on handa the best Metal, Itcsewood. slant. aura
Imitation Rosewood Coffins. Walnut Conine frona
625 uP_wards. Roso w ood Coffins o 0 upwards; all
other Coffins proportion. Carriages , and Hearses
furnished at low rates. ''Crape, Gloves, Plate and ,
Engraving furnished gratis: °Mee 'open day ,an 4
NEW 't
S P*. aT4 .0 TAM; ' :
We have juei reeelved from the manniacturen
~...' (
P T . T . gixttskitaii '
Ti_ . y,aile - Ole beat i•et oleicd to air oa4„
el.rawicuota a,
Geptlemereaurmslung &lode,
0: eft - ,iftlE imam%
- "
a raw putEssmaimszii T4l:Ualie
Er; •
:•. ` j,l'
- ' .41 :. 4 1 ( , ) P 3 9W. 111 h Al'
. .
Nit 6. l l 2 rAtaim,
enn and St. Clalatreatio
:~: e.r'~"''•'