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Daily Prayer Meeting—From „12 pi. to
1280 o'cleockd ' the Methodist Chh eh, Fifth
street; next door to GAZETTE Ofiioo.
Fined.—Mayor Drum. yesterday -fined a
=an, whose-name we, rage,d lean", Jen
dollars-tor creating at roar 'onl the -Spring
43ar4en pla nk road on Stlnday a ft ernoon.
Ire be-Enclesed,,—The.lot on which is
. -serected the fine public school building of
Mist - Birtniitgluun is to be surrounded by
•tneat paling fence, and the lot is now
11 4,3 graded and leveled preparatory to
False Alerm.—About three *o!eleelt yes-
"terday,morning . an alarm of fire was Struck
IttiliklloO*32, - .dorner , of Sandtitaki Artlet and
North alley, Allegheny.' The Fire Depart
slant was promptly on the ground, but the
alarm proved to be false. ' •
Allegheny Avenue.••• The paving of Alle
gheny avenue, Second ward, Alyghepy,
- was commenced- last Sattirday: =>A barge
force of worhmen are engaged and the
iirogressing rapidly.:. Whin -6oin
pleted it will be one of the handsomeat
thoroughfares in the city.. •
Discharged:—Robert •Blows, who plead
„vinyl to a charge of forniz et egt in the
Court of Quarter Sessions, March Z 3, 1868,
and was sentenced to three months impris
onment, the customary , fine:andraoats, was
yesterday discharged by order of the Court
under the insolvency act.
Malicious Mischlef.—Alderman McMas
terilitetted.a WatrUtit foi the arrest of John
Mates; charged by Elizabeth Moorhouse,
with throwing a stone through a large
'rim& plate glass windoir in ber house,
completely demolishing it, on Sunday_ af
llchooll. ' The wiles reside , in the'. Fifth
ward, Allegheny.
' ConsmlttaL4-justice 'Michael Lipp, of
, Birmingham,
yesterday committed ' for,
trialgbarlessob midt, charged wish assault
ailidiuuttal'Cri oath' of lienry'Meisterfelt.
The prosecutor alleges that he •went into a
saloon in that borough for the purpose of
'getting a glass of- beer, when, be- was : , as
aitilterd and . beaten by'the accused. -
False Pretence.—Jos. McKee alleges that
-Georger Wright - sold hith a - horse' for livo
hundred and fifteen dollars, warranting the
ardmal to be sound and.
_perfect' in ev
- respect, and that he has same discovered it ery
':to be Wind-brokeri and otherwise imperfect.
A warrant was issued by Alderman bon
• Wilson yesterday far the arrest of the se
The Cutting Affray at Etetilekiey.=A.
•• ritetionfor the discharge of Ntunan and
Mack(A, implicated in the cutting affray
• id Sewickley, was made by their counsel I
' , on the ground that the commitment was
-.. defective, no prosecutor appearing upon it.l
Human was remanded and Hackett re
;leased, gwing bail in the sum of two thous.
and dollars.
Coroners, Inguest.—The body of. Louis
, “Itichter, the bey Who was drowned in- the
Allegheny, river, Friday evening, an ac
count of which 'we 'published yesterday,
ews found floating in the Ohio, Tiver, near
Snyder's ice.how3e, -Stinday- , evening, and
Cornuer,,C4vmu held an inquest ; on it yea
ierday nierning, wininthejurYJreturned a
verdict of , accidental drowning.
Tore His Vest.--:-Jactib Garriebt . made in
' "Ibrmation yesterday against George Thom
airßnothel for- assault and battery. The
- parties tesidttjh Ross township near the
and - Giniieht - : aile - gei That
Knoche' attacked him op the 4th of June
last Without proyoealion, tearing his vest
nompleteljoif his lxrdy. Theneensed was
arrested on awarrant issued by Alderman
Taylor. and held for a hearing on Thuriday
at ten fleWick:Lf ",:.!
for... Truti. , —James ..Barr,
charged on oath of E. Jillett.before Justice
Kerr, with obtaining money under false
pretence, was arrested yesterday, and after
a bearing held to bail for his appearance at
' • ..CourtVin default of which a commitment
was made out and placed in the hands of
the constable, who brought the accused to
s-this city. The jail being closed for the
night, Barrwns confiped in thelock-up and
will be taken up to-day: ' ' ••-• •
Assatdt and Battery.—lsaad. 'K eh n made
information on Saturday before Alderman
Bailie' against B. Trauerman" for assault
$21;4 battery. 'The partiesjt seems had just
settled a similar case by each paying half
the costs, and were passing up Federal
street on their way from the office when
they got into another, Aispute resulting in
a threat by Tranerman to pit ch into Kann ;
islioimmediately returned and made the
information. A warrant was issued.
Assaulted at a Carman Cath
olic pie-file was. held yesterday on Troy
, which was.attended by the children
- Belthumser Herbert: In the afternoon
Mr. Herbert went out to the pic-nic grounds
to bring his children home, and he alleges
"Mutt While there ascertain Cony Duttlnger,
Assisted by two brothers named Hartman,
Lit him on the head with a stone and other
' wise brtitaiLV abuSed him. The parties
were arrested by-Mayor Drum's police and
will have a hearing this morning.
. ,
Disorderiy_conduct.--Renben Hope
Drum was.
brought before Mayor yesterday, on'
a.. . charge of disorderly conduct, preferred
by Mrs. Phillips. The prosecutor, who, it
Appears, owns the house in Which the de
lendant lives. allege% that he 'has been in
ttehabit for soma time .401.00figrollEatiog
'itien and worrietifn the premises to . - drinic
with him and engage in • other disreputa
ble practices. The case , was finally settled
by Hope agreeing to *Lyn the house forth
with, and paying the costs.' Twe 'of the
womearlbund at the place Aver° served with
; ' n'twenty:days!'cominitment to the jail for
• " • ThelOPera Honse.—A large and respect
,ableandlenee filled the Opera House to see
, _the _aGreatliebeillom or- the • Last-Ditch ,"
ss portrayed by.fdr. l Rahn:, • The piece has
been wOriderfrally improved since it was
-- • uponthekstage; doubtlass
prove a success, finaucially and in all other
respects. It is daily increasing in popular-,
luid ja drawhg• better. hotuma than any-,
thing else that could be produced at this
sesorop Mill - 6'Year. 1 The grand Wain:forma
lion "scabs at the; close of the Piece hi one of
the most gorgeous ever. put upon a Pitts
- burgh. stage; and is alone worth the price
_ of admission. _
Alderman Bailie on tilattwde,y, arrested .
Mrs. Molntyre, who , residei at 23 Wy , pe
,street, Pittebtirgh OA an information:" or
Assault and battery preferred by G. till
Adams. Theo prosecutor alleges. tbat, he
had sold Wdoor bell 40 the defendant, Who
paid tbr it,ip part at: the . time, .and upbn
callingg for the balance, the bill having
been the'meaalme;:she struck
him audpushed him down stairs, thereby
endangering his life... Alter tt..tlearing:she,.
was held in $5OO belllcirhersPPearaPee e;
Discharged. ; ‘,• • '
,In the case of William Hedge, William
; - iifiller.and others, charged - svith. stealing a
Judo from
_Dr., Burch, the.. presecator,'
failed tcr 'substantiate ids 'allegatiow and
the accused. ; ,were dtecharged. Messrs.;
-.Hodges and: iller. are engaged in business
in Pittsburgh, both, enjoiiitig a wad re p a ,
tattoo irrthe domeideity_; *hi& accounts
wfor,tna astonishment 4411 with whom they
A ire acqnsirited at.thetPrensedinP against
them''The'llearingj'_flolvffret, which 'vo w
-lurid on Saturday `effeotuatielleves them
In a PrAP e !'
.4101146, . • % 1 ,. • •
:e* .1.
.is.::Y Sw LI 4: - .1 1 tt
A Clerk Ccineilte Aelelile—;-11ozneetle DUB-
vL!,tlta.Alie, cawa
Thee Ithi a riiitiite;inite'lictit abating,
pears to be on the increase in this locality.,;
- gaudily sneaker victiro Inds IhAde tricilhe
list. One more human being had the eour.
age, or madness, whichever it may be, to
facie deitli,and by - his ion nd his
1•13(se •
soul to eternity. The facts connected with
the affair. are as, folkni cA little over a
' year agelr. C. HeotierVilikvieklih,tarrie to'
this city from Cleveland, accompanied by
his.wife and family,' a sonarui threccdangh
ters, and rented a house;svihich they emu-.
pied jointly with Mr. Wilds, in Manchester.
Hooper was employed at thepil refinery of
of Fleming it Co., in Manchester, and the
family, it appears, lived pleasantly togeth
er for about six months, when Mrs. H., it
is stated; for some reason deubted her hus
band's fidelity, and accused him of bacon
etancy. He denied the charge, but could
not cOnVirta) his wife thakehe watt accusing .
bim , wrongftdly, and in December last she
add the ehildren'llift'hirn and returned
Cleveland, where. they have since ,resid
ed, there being no cammunicatiOn between
them and the . husband. - Hooper still re
tained possession of the room , he had pre=
viously occupied with •his family until
about a week since, and a part of his far-,
niture yet remains there. He then obtain- ,
ad boarding of Mr. James E. Burns, at No.
42 Tunnel street, oceupying.e.rooni.vri the
third floor. Friday he was absent endure
turned onSaturchlY tnernint apA went to his
room, but did not come to' ismeidilAuring.
the day. He wae last seen alive Sunday
morning, 'it • which time- I h°' was passing
through the hall of the house with no
clothing upon AViition:SinidaY'Mr.
Burns inquired of his wife if she had seen
anything of Hooper, and receiving amply
in, the negative, he went to the door of the
room occupied by , Hoormn , :ond knooke
but receiving no reply, heleft, thinking the
occupant of the room tiad gone out. Yes.
terday`Morning he WaSJ-Informed 'that
Hooper had been seen Italie hOuse Stirday,
and fearing there was something wrong, he
again visited the room, and finding the
door*ill lobkod forced It open, when he
fonnfi'lYingupen the bed the 'lifeless body
of the unibrtunate creature, the victim of
his own rashnes&l The body was stiff and
cohPand life , ' hat evidently been 'ettinct
for several hours., There was no clothing'
upon lath' brit a shirt"- and one arm was ex
tended oyer.the side of - the bed, the hand
firmly grasping a piece of paper, upon
which were the,following words:
• ALEm, • - s lify , Dcor - Wife 1 tie this Mit my
great love for you. l , _ The money I have be-
'longs to Fleming it Co.--5125
The pencil with which the note was writ
ten was found wrapped up inside;the paper.
As soon as Mr. Burns made: lis discovery
he summoned Coroner Clawson,ty whom a
jury was impannelled. The testimony
tbefore :the: jury Wenn substadok a 4 .giten
above. Dr. J. H. Snod who was palled
in, testified that in' MXopinion death was
produced by laudanum, and that, judging
from 'the note, it was taken designedly by
the deceased. Mr. ;Thomas Stephenson tes
tified that he was acquainted with the
hand writing of deceased, and. to the best,
of his belief tho note found.was written b r
him. The Coroner found the money alluded
to in the note carefully spread out on the
top of the dressing bureau lathe room, with
a collar box lying on it. The jury found
that deoeased came to his death on . thci 21st
rust. by poison administered by his own
-bands. • •
Fatal Mistake—Death.. train -Morphlite
-Coroners Inquest. . .-
_ A most Unibrtimite mistake was made in
One of the principal drug stores of :;this
this city
on Saturday evening, resultinginthe death
of Margaret McShane, daughter of jas. Mc-
Shane, who reaides on Webster street near
High, in the Third Ward.. It appears that.
the child, which was about one year old;
was sick with measles, and was attended by
Dr: icAleal, who had givens prescription
which was filled nt Able's drug store, cor
ner of Grant and Fifth street. and 'on -Sat
urday night, the sup ply of medicine hay
ing boen exhausted, Mr. McShane wont to
the drug store to have the bottle refilled:
The number of the prescriptien 6,513. ; was
on the label upon the bottle, And the drug
gist it appears made a miskake and filled
prescription No. 6,413 instead, which was a
solution of Morphine. The medicine was
Inot administered until about eleven o'clock
Sunday morning, and at ten °clock in the
evening the child, died.: Coroner Clawson
was notified of the fact, and yesterday
evening held, an inquest, - ,when the' follow
ing facts were elicited : - .
• James .lifathane, sworn—l_ am father of
the deceased; the child was attended by
Dr. McMeal; he gave a prescription which
was tilled, and alter it run out. I took it
back to Abel's drug. store and filled
on Saturday night .between ten and eleven
o'clock ; don't know the name of the young
, man who filled it; he looked at it and went
to the prescription book and looked at it two .
or three" inintiteif ; he took a Jar, from the
shelf and tilled the vial and gave it. to,me ;
I then asked for some gum arable, and
while he was getting it thought he made a
mistake in taking all the medicine from one
jar; thought of askitg liim; but a• lady
coming into the store at the time I didnot
do so; carne home and the medicine ,was
administered to the child by my wife at
11 o'clock Sunday morning; the child was
seized with vomiting lalf an hour atter.
wards; it lived till ten P. m., Sunday ; the
medicine was examined by the doctoand
he pronounced it a solution of morp hine;
the child had measles. •
Dr. B. " Brrishear,, , sworn-Dr.' Mc,
Meal bein g
absent Sunday, I visited his
patients. hilted the'child aboutten A. mt.,
and found :her better than on Friday, when
I ha last seen her. ; Told, the. Mother that
the proirpeets of the child's` recovery were
good, and did not think any change in the
medicine was necessary: .f. rmoticed a three
ounce vial on the mantle; tasted it and from
tne,taste thought it, wag a solution of qui
nine. At one o'clock was notified that the
child was dying, and wheal arrived I found
the child in that state which "'results from
an overdose of opium. I made no mention
of my suspicions but sent for 'fluid extract
of belladonna, and three or four potimis
were administered at _intervals of _fifteen
mintites• It puckered'. tueunielessfol. and the
child died. i I do not know the clerk who
put, up the prescription. 'He.put mp No.
6,413 instead of No 13,513.... ~ •
Tamei D, Weains, swerit—Am head clerk
at Abel's drug st ore . . .Iffir. "Able is InChl
cage. , John Irivin Ulna., young men lwho
up Preiteettitibit: ' '''
,Johm, Inviis, sworn-. 1, put, up , the, pre
scription, bid do not know hnw I made the
'mistake. , - I haye•never seen prescriptions
Mixed up as theyare here, having different
numbers upon them. I have only been in'
tliaarifit atilt tithe. - Theplacing or two
numbers was not explained to me, Until
Sninbip)eVenficag. •"` I have been in •the drug
business three years, and I told them when
I came three weeeksiii?, that 4 . was not a
thorough druggifit. l ' ".
The jury returned the following Verdict:
"oMargaret McShane bathe to her death on
Pals -----,.. ,_„._;
the 2fitlif int10;1888: in' ge Third ward , • ••' ' ''
and"Puy'', . . .
Pittaburgh,-from hi t e • procured by The ddy - aid• , ,ttittyar, ihillorthe Teu,:lage
the erroneous filling a piysician'sipre- meat of d ul l s di es 4 the ROO itieetialthO'
SCriptionftt josepirAbera drpg, More: •• - •- . - ,•:.• .--- --- '.--• e a=
' dist, Npiseopei Church 'inlay we ll*' IlttOPd
-' It fefftto to Bfe.lfgittruri fhb Wad - 0 1 Ork, - - - . . • ,' f "", •. .
to state ,that he was &Intent from .the store -last evening and the ice , --iirianWitirfgeriere;
at the ti m e the inhitake. 'wit& made, and is rues, cakes, kn, disappeared with .rapidity
,In no Way accountable ibilt.' Bois an ox - Which, Spoke well for their "Adalltdr. The .
.perieneed druggist, haying beg, to the hu.. *Stir will contirine4O-night and 'dnrinfs:„,_thEi:
,SineterfPi e 4Ver tftyears. The 7 young man reat,o ,' ,f the week . Another 'attroolloP__ %lull', '
whoput up the prescription is,mdd. - to be a .been added to those - already ( thori;m4Ptio
al butimibetunately warred' shape of a gold headed game, ;9 be a..E d °R -
, tliMillor the ' manner in . •Wilielk Mr. to either of"the gentlettien :reftterff s t tbe
Abel's Prai on book is kept', which was blithootaoubLr of, Nroffs, 4 , amp. vvt P.
the cause of 01 etieteentir. jje ftisi been in Datelle, t "..lint Cbi t ed Metir Thorn , of
the store but a few weeks, and " host never Rpaill __.,,, V I : iciatlitO
I A!. ,i O SeS
btf ip
cor a
fillitklActimkttito'rettirtoltie ' le• '#iitc';' , 4loo,,baleg, , . , 11.44)' i cc ;of
!be a prowl on ,, and consequently d,, , the Rev. ~. W. H.
imunc the #o4o o frriihfr434# - -PAR; .., Atikt ftr*A4oo-Autv.i .
balm vit dtrpli.lita. c. ,a,4 ,I X 1 i 15 1 1=1401111: ,. ..4,: ' ....
~ . , , „,. ,t• , -,r - I ~i-,,i,cc3c,tt,
,,i,cc3c,tt, 1.... ~ ~tt. t. UV. ,4. ! ...01; A:ig ic.1,ir0...;1 t'.. , '-' l.lte ~. '- ; •••,.. ilc• • • •
''S •••1. 2 zl6 i,.. . • ..-. ~,F, t: , 1 , v7
.1,3/1, . i
-r ~ r ~ .. ~ ^-2 ~"' :r„~;~as.:a~ach+xs<~rrs:.;~,~
~gin a_: ~,~r v
tiniaineneeiniiit tie tlie Ms
- *Figll FPnii4e.LCigleg,r-he. nakii, ll -
Wale Sernicol.-Iteslng'Conte4 , ,
4 B UndaY mciormti A g quite nflAntelligent 'and'
good Sized • coperegetioo- , usembled :, in
Chrisi M. E. Church -to - heir the..ifamakti--
iiiate sernain, bY tiii; NV:Er- Ltaie; "A.'; if.;
. ,
pasktr of .I.lberty• street, X E. Chilieb. •
lite disiimitrie ivatfliiiiid upon alliE.fottiaote'
, --7
~ of this' ltdenfa in,ite application' to actizai,.
1 every day We. .T het4l ' l° .7 4 vahs_ftill r Y !Tabors
' ted and presented in every at tractive form.
The sobject was evidently, Well prepared,
1 and was delivered in excellent taste and
with a fine frillitoned• voiCe. ' 'The carefoi
attention of the large audience shoaled hoW
th Witten
t t
well" , the 'speaker . had - secured - secured ,
tion and consideration. The elosi g wolds'
to the, gradriatin*,classwe , wool like ,to
,give, as they are worthy of punt .' Suffice
to say, howeVer, they were wcirds well ,
chosen and appropriate to the occasion..
. ~
• , _ moriDAT's reztocruzernas. . • -
• Thitexamination proceeded yesterday in
a number of edneationalhranchee, and the
scholars displayed unusual proficiency.
In-the evening t i e annual readin contest
far the DavldSbnfMze; an ;el t'ellier
goblet, was held in the College chapel.
There were present many of Our leading
citizens, catiltr the r entertalnfteuPlrend
• Very- acceptable. c the scholars competing,
twelve in number, evinced rare training
and culture, reheating high credit on their
instructor in elocution,Prof. W. S. Gray,
of Gray ' s Institute. Th exercises opened
,with prayer : . by, Rev. T. t 3. Hodgson, after
which a musical execution of decided
brilliancy was rendered on the piano
by Misses:. Endsley and , - Kimball, fol
lowed by a vocal gem by Miss Amelia
Por, Miss Katie Lare, daughter of
the late Will A. Late, Esq., led - off in
the contest, reading in a clear, sweet and
well articulated voice a poetical selection
entitled "My Photographic Albnm." For
one so young she displayed rare elocution
ary ability, reading her piece well and
faithfully. The "Little Drummer, " a mei
ancholyscrap of poetry, was rea d next by
Miss Irene. Godfrey .th. such a pleasing
maiiiieriela *in the'? hearty applause of
the audience. The i next contestant was
Miss Lizzie Fawcett, who, though quite
young; interpreted in`ii Masterly trianitier
the "Life Book," a composition varied in
.tie r ns.and requiring much.akill -to read
Pply, a task which this young _lady
perlbtmed to the full satisfacti on of the Midi
ience, gi sing frcidence that slip fully entered
into the spirit of the author.= "Three _dve
in the life of Columbia," a historical poem
of considerable flre'and force, was readin
a thrilling manner by Miss Laura Sawhill.
Miss Mary Buchanan., read Damon and
Pythias in very good style, while Miss
Sigourney Trask equally well acquitted
herself in the rendition of "the Ministering
Angel.", ~ The "Old - bowie clock" was
struck en" the ears' or the audienee in a
sweet, musical way by Miss Ella King. and
"Dri the Shores of Tennosse," a poetical
.1 mend, Was delivered with - marked effect by
Miss Lillie Markle, a reader of much abili
ty. "High tide .- at - t Lincolnahire."
al very difficult and intricate I se
lection, full of changing, emotions, and
varying. passions ,: was bril li antly delivered
- by Miss M. Thomas. This young pos
sesses higher powers of - elocution than
Miss Anna Dickinson, and indeed many
of our histrionic artistes would fail in
eomparison with her. She has been a close
student, and aided by the natural gift of a
cleat, well defined, sharp cut voice, has at
tained surprising proficiency as a reader.
• "Horatius at the Bridge" was rendered in
an artistic manner by Miss, Anna XeCoV..
The selection was injudicio us, is thbyoung_
lady would have made a much - bettor im
pression on' the audience had she read
a less historical ~production, and
which her naturally soft and subdued
voice would have had fall scope in the in
terpretation of a less fiery selection. She ac
quitted herself admirably, IdifiecAtary:•ll.
Perahing read "Lochiel's :Warning": in
extra good style, and won the golden opin
ions of the audience. At intervals the au
dience was favored with vocalizations by
Miss Cora Brown, Miss Kimball. Miss
Clark and Miss Caples, while excellent in
strumental music was afforded by Mr. and
Mrs. Blessnor, Miss Mitchell, Miss Saide
Cunningham and Miss Anne Endeley.
'. The judges, through W. D. Moore Esq.,
reported their decision in favor of Miss. M.
Thomas, and mentioned Miss. Pershing as
worthy honorable mention. Mr. Moore
paid a high tribute to the contestants, and
remarked that the judges regretted that
there were not prizes enough to go around,
since all displayed such marked ability
and proficiency. Theaudience then retired
much pleased with the intellectual treat
Serious Railroad Accident
A serious accident occurred about eleven
o'clock yesterday, at the yard of the Pitts
burgh National Coal Company, on Try
street, between Third and Fourth, by which
David. Flavin, a brakeman, employed by
the company, had his left leg ernshea so
badly that it will have to be amputated,
and also received serious internal Injuries.
A train was bucking into the yard, with a
number of coal cars in front of which there
were several open freight ears. Flavin
was' staffding en the bumper of the front
coal car next to the freight car ready to cat
the coal cars loose as soon as they had
been run into the yard. When the rear
car struck the bumper, he signaled the en
gineer to stop, but his signal r for some
cause , was not heeded, and the engineer
continued to back the train. The roar car
being against the buMper, the tmin could
get •no further back, and the consequence
was'.,hat the end of the freight car and
the Omit coal car upon .which, .the brake
man was standing, were raised up, and at
length the coal car dropped, letting the end
of the - freight car fall ,-ou the platform,
catching the Mg of 'the breakfnan and
crushing it in the manner described.
Drs. Sutton, Smith and Thomas were
called in, and rendered all the assistance
required, after which the injured man was
removed to Mercy Hospital. The Doctors
say the limb will have to be amputated, but
the:mictration cannot -be perlbrmed
the extent of his internal injuries' are as
certained. This is the third accident which
has occurred at this place within a year.
One matt was killed about ten months
since and some six weeks after another had
his leg broken - and has not been able to
work since. The Coal Company have been
very generous, however, and paid the
wages of the injured man ever since he
was hurt, and they propose M.& the same
in the present case; but have notified the
Railroad Company that they would bold
them responsible for the accident.
It is alleged by the agent of the Coal
Company that the accident was the result
of carelessness on the, part of the eondue
toi, trhom,:he says, gave the ,:signal to the
engineer to move the train back after the
brakentan bad signalled hint tolstro,
Mr. ,Flavin lea ,young man about titenty
seven yearkof age lind Sermerly 'bearded .
In Birmingham.- Ho served threicydars in
the late rebellion' and WWII to be ermhe of
industrious and steady. Ade&
TUPDAIir, .1711 - 14 f. 23, 18
quarter "‘igefo-iiiiige Stowe.
. _
The following busineds was transacted on
4 3 4 1 4. 1 rdar ' 7 ' %; ° -
Robert Reed, indicted for itinault end
batte):7Frith intent to commit a rape, on
:oatli of 2ifrs. Lottie Holmes, plead guilty, to.
dimple assault and battery. The plea was
.aecepted., The offense was idleged to bare',
been committed at the hotwe of. the • prose
street, flithWttrd;Utty 22d,
Made 'before Alderman
7 following. • -The': court
lent to payAfino 9f twenty .
The proseentrix was di
boats in a surety case in
le complainant.
ime was occupied in the
labandonment,in which
complained of by his
and re 'neat to, maintain
cdren.' - . =
y having 63n - chided iheirg
into court and were dis
passed on over three hand
-1 engaged' during , most of
trial of trifling'assault and:
Ade,r: - was convinted'nf,
oath of ' Sallie J. Richard
'd to ps7 a fine of ten dol-
Of the Guardians of the'
toiler per week for four
Iptirt of the child..
' ' f
:barn, Etrif436fei:Veltniore
lotion of,Thomas,M.-111ar- ,
tdmitted to the Bar.
vs. Morrison, Koegler, (t.
co. Actionto recover 1163.84 for work and
labor done. • •
Following is th 6 trial listfor this day
No. EC. Exchange National Bank of Pittsburgh vs.
Youghiogheny Coal Company. •
No. 83. Same vs- same.'
1.0. 84. Same vs. same.
No, 9. kictiregor vs. Laundry and Manufacturing
No. 11. Maneh vs. Rahti.
No. 60. Roberts vs. McClelland et al.
No. 53. Menold vs. Cuthbert.
No. 54. Same vs. game. •
, JUNE tier.
No. 1. Shutter_ vs. Bell.
No. 2. Mourne et at. vs. McClellan.
No. A. Same vs. same. '
No. 7. Ahl vs. Barberisch.
No. 8. Bruggeman vs. Helier et al.
The Late Sculling ; Rage:--A. Card from
Harry Coulter.
A Philadelphia paper of Saturday con
tains the following curd :
. .
Mn. Entront—As one of the principals
in the late sculling match for the charn
pionship of the American waters, it is due
to myself and the public that a few words
of explanation should be given.' Enthe
Match on the 18th inst., a ft er the start', I
led Hamill'nearly a boat length, when he.
to the disgust of oven i some of his friemls,
pulled into and "fouled" me. I was in My
own course when he pulled into me, and as
the boats came together he caught hold of
my outrigger, witen,n my e ff orts to sap
arateithe boats in ozd r to have a fair race,
both Of us were preci itated into the water.
I then turned my t up,, got into her,
and asked Hamill to do the same, and pot
disapPoint those who had come to witness
.the match. He 'refused. I then pulled
over the course and claimed the race.
In accordance with the decision of Stephen
Roberts, an old and honorable boatman, in
the matoh between Hamill and Brown, at
Newburg, N. Y., I was fairly entitled .to
tho championship and stakes. He (Roberts)
decided that as, Ifarnill was in the lead at
Newburg, at the time of the alleged fen],
.he,was entitled to the-rate. No one who
saw the race on the 18th instant, will deny
that I was in the lead, and that the foul was
intentional_ on the part of Hamill, whom I
charge with being' afraid to' row me a fair .
'and honorable race.; To-day; in order to
satisfy a referee whose decision was partial
in the' extreme, and to show that I meant
business and desired to win upon my own:
merits, I consented; -against the whams of
my friends, to row the race again. - It seem
ed, however, that fate as well as foul play
was against me, for at the third stroke my
oar snapped in two.
Mr. Charles Elliott, one of the judges
called Hamill back to makea fresh ;start;
but Mr. White, the referee, called out to
Hanna to go on. Mr. Elliott appealed to
him to call Hamill baCk, especially as my
friends had waived their claim on the day
previous for the purpose ofdeciding which
was the, better man. At the time of the
breaking of my oar, we had not'fairly start
ed, and 'were not more than two or three
'boat-lengths from the starting point. If
there had been a particle of honor in the
man who acted as referee, he would have
ordered us back to make afresh start. -
I have made the above statement for the
purpose of placing myself fairly before the
boatmen and citizens of 'Philadelphia, to
whom I desire to return my thanks for
many kind favors during my stay. I will'
say, in conclusion, that I stand ready to '
row Mr. Hamill, or any other man, for any ,
amount he may be pleased to name, and at
any time ho chooses.. H. couvrxn, .
Champion of America.
Old Folks' Concert.
A grand vocal ai,d, instrumental concert
by the Old Folks in costume, under the
:direction of Prof. W. A. Lawton, will be
given in the Academy of Muste, Thursday
evening, at whiclithe best musical talent
In the city and vicinity will assist. Among
the participants we notice the, following
ladies andgentlemen The' Misses Jones
Rinehart, Houston, Wallace, Lewis; Good,
Ernest; Robson. Mrs, !Sawyer; McGowan;
and Messrs. tawton, Breed, Robinson;
Cuthbert, Loton, Swinzell, MUNulty,
Rinehart, Miller, Dihm. Diehl. and White..
side, the mere mention of whose names as .
performers should he sufficient to attract
a large audience: A fall orchestra will be
in attendance, and the instrumental music
will in itself be a oomplete concert. Those,
who desire to spend an evening in , the en
joyment of a rare musical entertainment
should not fall to be in'attendance at the
Academy on Thursday night.'; Seats can
be secured at C. C. Mellor's. Sale of re
served seats commences at nine o'clock to.
. .
Chas. Uprich was before Mayor Drum
yesterday, -charged with larceny. It is al
leged that the accused entered MoonTa gro
cery store on Otiostreet, yesterday, 'ern
carrying' a basket, on his , arm, and
while the at , ttion .0f the 'proprietor was
dircicted to another part of •the store, en
deavored to steal a large piece , of smoked
meat. He was detected,,however, and two
I of the Mayor's police, who were Passing at
the time arrested him. An examination
of the b asket by the officers reVealed a
1 package of extract of coffeeebalf a 'dozen
iron pincers. a box of pocket .kleas and a
miscellaneous lot of small ar ts cs. , The
_knives were identified as the property of
Joseph Lautner, hardware merchant
on Ohio street. At the hearing last e en
ing, the parties interested declining to olio
ocute, the prisoner was discharged. '
_........._._ a0 ,______
' The Dollar Savings Bank.
Blsewhere we publish the twentraixth
semi-annual report of the Dollar Bavi gs
Bank of this city. Its affairs, as will be
gleimid from the interesting figures p b
' billed, ars in remarkably healthy oonditi n,
oAnt,ying a contingent fund of over RUN •
.e., trustees declare a dividend of three
perlient. out of the profits for the last six
inialtlis free of Government tax and pay
ratothwith. No banking 'institution in
he city Is more ably managed and none is
more worthy the great and general MI
dance bestowed by the community. It is
trlpertilbeAnd Accommodating an dfbr
m ..OrAtitall‘depoidtors' - . on alma presents
rare indueemenits. The - Importanoe and
,ZOLizetuumlitprod)tby therpublia from such in.
eiltimated. 1 '
': ~ l ~ 'ta,.tai, ~ .""'<cl,t',u', ~~;.4 , ~var3:~~' -k" ~ . ~%,~ c ~a't~:.ri~i`~ a ,u~';j,:x'-Su~.?~:~cG,~ ~'~`^.'asca + t,~"^.;s.+~ ~wsEt~t '
c.;rA~a .—ll n3s.W„~.?~'a~.,
_-- - ~ ~
_ - •
„ _
A TUC Young Man rend s His .Father
and Is Driven From Home-:-Ile Takes
son of it prominent
Ifottoriirid'tobilixio 'merchant "of this city,
had the misfortune to offend his . iitarff po
rent a 'feu-days since, in censequence of
whielflieWite relieved' from " any farther
attendance at the paternal mivnilon,,er in
other words, ordered froakthe_ presence of
hie offendedfather,,witii,
tioui to:Tatum :'no "more for ever. -, Being
thus rudely thrust upon the worldwithout .
- a shilling, and having ; no. great skink of
.confidence, the:young, man's, heart failed
within himy and, he r.esolved . rid:the
father of his
. presence and Piaci ItinVP3ll
beyond the cares and: troubles' of life by
quietly - into 'eternity. 'Having'
fully resalved to end his troubles in this
w ay, &a - worths train for New Castle Fri
day morning, and-upon arriving there, im-'
mediately repairedto a livery stable where -
he - hiked ahem and buggy and drove to
the village of Edenburg, amine six
miles distikft;Where, it appears, he intended
to carry his "'rub' designs' into execution.
He drove npkt Campbell's hotel, and after
, eating;a hearty dinner repaired to a .mka
which he had.engwed - on Ifis arrival, and
after ;writing ; r it letter , to :his cruel
parent, the Contents - of which have
not been made public, 'he pto
duced si• ' • , 01211C03 „yid .with:
laudanum and immediately swallowed
about one-half 'of it. He then ~p laced, the
letter on the ,mantle, and sitting Ilia - vial
containing the deadly portion t up:init laid
himself down, upon the bed to await the
fect - Of the'ttoki. --Mr. Campbell, the land-.
lord; havlng . oozaufion to 'go , up stairs, hap
pened-topsail the door- at the time he was
swallowing the: dose, and thinking there
was nothing wrongtentered the room and
.saw the state . - of affairs. He at once leant
for physician, who, with the aid of. a,
stomach' pump relieved the'tuifortunate
young man of the drug. 'He is still suffer--
ing'slightly from the effects of his tashness, ,
but is in a fair way to iteover: He will not
repeat the Vise. • , ,
War or no ltar, tl3e ladies cannorneglect
their beautN., Gentioneim and kindrieis are
expellent things •in their wayibut it takes
beauty to inspire heroism. Just now pres-,
enteare'oall the go. ' Movers goinito the
war .send 'mementoes' to their Sweethearts
which is of,,Course a very proper thing.
: The , difficulty is that the,right kind are
not; chosen, et leaat so' I - have eitea told.
lately by several pretty girls; who "lieuor
me with, their, confidence. One, has-prom-
Hie& te give me one of her sweetest kistses if
I will only, hint to stripid yOung melvtliat:
good- things for-the toilet are always in sea
son, such as Joseph Burnett & Co.'s Coto
eine, Florimel, Kailiston and Oriental Tooth
Wash; the first : being the best preparation
for the, bair extant:. the second the .most
delightful perfume, the third the most ef
fectual Cosnietic, - and the' tiirtit' the mast
reliable preserver and beautifier of the
teeth and gums. Some Will say that
the pretty ones ought to be thinking •of
something else just now, yet where is the
use of being lugubrious?. What. if there
be some lighting? Ali will norbe killed.
There will be quite enough left to , admire
the beantifnl daughters of Eve; aye . and_
the latter will deserve it as much as ever.—
Scar's Review. Trsw .
A Bad Practipe.—Several boys were ar
rested by the , Mayors police yesterday
morning for playing base at, the Faint,
to the great •annoyance :of the neighbor , :
hood. For some time past boys, hnve been
in the habit 'otOrigregating at the Point,'
on • the Wharves and - throughout the city
wherever a vacant lot could be found, and •
playing base ball, causing ...considerable
trouble to the citizens and-all persons ,hav
log business near their place of rendez=
vons. , The Mayor 10 determinedlo put a
stop to this practice, and has instructeclthe
police to promptly, arrest all" offenders in
clearance.--Remember the grand clear.
since sale of dry goods of Smithson, Van
hook & McClelland, Masonic Hall Auction.
House salesrooms, 55 'and 57 Fifth strcet,
continues etery day arid'avening this week.,
Goods are . tilblost given 'rfway, as the firm
have determined on withdrawing from that
branch of their bruginess entirely. ' •
Attention.—The • attention of . property
.owners in Pittsburgh -Is called to.a notice
which appears in another coltirpn directing
the removal of all stop cocks, water paves,
etc:; '"from . in front Of their - pretriises
betbre the 25th Of June, as after that late
they will be' removed' by the city arithori
ties and the expenses - assessed against the
property. . -
To Meusekeepers.--lis the time of year
has arrived ,for,puttbig np fruit, we advise
you to go to Boys & Ogden, No'. 23 Wood
street, and btty your fruit preservers. They
sell' all the best patents, and all kinds of
glass Jars for fruit. Give' them a call and
you will find the best as well as the cheap•thls house: - RememberiNo. 23 Wood
• Clearasee.—ltsmember :the Arand clear
ance sale •of dry goods .ofs Smithson, Van
hook • & McClelland, Masonic Hall Ancttion
House salearooms,'66 and 67 Fifth street,
continnesevery day and evening this week.
Goods are almost given away, as the firm
have determined onvithdrawing from that
hranch of their busittesti entirely.
• Pittsburgh Fruit Home:-This- ` day t at
half past ,two o'clock, A 4., will be. sold at
&Illation . that rviilW,bictl,tal netts ProPellty,'
N05. , 2 ancl•4 Sty Clair scree known as the -
Pittabnigh Fruit Hotiso !Dil
Iding._'• - Lot 6p
,by 110,.' Sinithsbn; Tanhook 4 , 34'001W:id. •
. .
Clearance: Remember the grand:Clear
ance sale ofdry goods of Smithson, Va&••
hook dr Masonic Mall Auction
Moine salmomns 55 and 57 Fifth street,'
ScHtnuesorry•de:xand evening this week.
s are '
almost given away, as the arm
have.determined on •withdrawing from that
branch of their . Vainness' entirely
Nottee—llehearwat.— r All who are to take
part M the now Folks" concert willyloase
meet in the Academy allude today at
two o'clook,far final rehearsal with or
Private dining ;own* for ladloa; i ,aocom.
mated or unaccompanied by gentlenlen, at
lioltzbeimerte Continental Dining Rooms,
Fdth Mkt !et, neat dear tolbe postofilee:
QaII .1n ,ausl examine She fine deck of
" It aticand fa t lintir vi li fies, and
travil .fit t Joseph 1.;•31blekle" No.
/04 Woo street - , , -
The best tables mt in the not excepts
lug hotels., are those at Holtshalmees Con
tinental: Dining Rooms, lrlfth street; next
door to the pcsitotlloo..
The only ezoltudvely k maritifactur
Ing hone in the city is that of Jos Li Lel
bier, 104 Wood Street. Great harg a i a a are
alwaY• ol hrede " -
. . ,
The best , air ed' restaurant ,and
rooms in the city &regality of .Wm. Holtz.
Fifth street,. ia lixt"doot to th k'ost.
office. :;"
The best mutated dining .
' l toosr-
ri l ft h:
oily are those of Wm . goitzbottt/ t
street,next door to ffl
the Postooe. . , •
" di
Everybody s hould`. pskrlo—? ~. fth street,
erie Continental phiing_Enma, el .
next door to the ' r,toMde.'' , •;,`.., . : ; •
etreet• I _l lll4) t r i truath iit;tlinotey, the lowest
Prieintl Joseph. Liebler's, No. 104 Wood'
abetraell 4iSlika snit. stables ith
eltr st Lathier's, N 0.104 W o o d street._
, •
t \fsr
14w N* u.'# i A ,#).1:1
- -
ber or Congress.
,:For. inhre than : a, yeari suffered inono
trimienc fm. ro • a constant Oundlog• • itt Oly
left, eat. Du the 2 1 it of 'May I app li ed to
Dr. E. S Aborn, at 134 Smithfield stroet.
Pittsburgh. •He relloyed mq at once, and
fromthat , day to thin r litit.b Jiialuidiff
culty of nny klud. - .Truly.
6td-1t • . ~, .-;,. •,• 5 ~, JOHN COVODE.
Mast attire' of tt a present day are
loudly puffed thinugh the newspapers
haying great -curative properties; are.. ytte
compoundi and,base impositions,,eont e l n „
- Thirtuimhdicinal virtues whatevet, =di re
really very. poor whisky beverage', Au l d,
instead of acting as a stimulant and, tons T
have a tendency . to weaken the stones%
entirely 'destroying the coating: , The public
should flier/310re be very „cautious and . lair
chase none.. but itoback'A Stomach zhiz erB,
Which have stood the test as a remelts'
agent •feil' many years, and are rreally tsu t
their name indicates, a 4stomads, bitters said
not a bet)eiage. - They combine the proper
tiei of the best tonic- and a' stiesulsmi,... a
laxative., an efficient and anti-bilious agemt
and thS best stomachic known tothe world,
'and When taken in conjunetion'with
baek's BlOci Pills, are the secetand Surest
preventive against all bilious derangements.
.thoroughly regulating the whole , system
and giving tone to the, digestive organs.
_:They are highly reoomincrided as en'in
vigorating tonic to mothers while nursing,
Increasing the ficiw - ofnk, and for
lescente, to restore the ' prostration which
always: fellows leng-ecintsititsed sickness,
the are unsurpassed, NO household
should consider themseives , aare' from - the
ordinary Maladies without theseinvainabla
medicines. They ean
,be obtained: of_ . any
druggist. I .
' ; •
• • .Winter ts dreary; 7 • ;
Giyen leaves hang, bet the brown =US dy; ,
When he is shaken. '
.• Lone and forsaken, •-_ ' -
What • ean an old man do hat der' , •
takeWhy,anew Plantation Bitters, In bemire,
and with, h anew lease of life. , The old
are made Young again, the middle-aged ;re
joice, and! the young become - doubly bril
liant by ;uidtig this splendid Tonic. toya
peps's,' Heartburn, Liver Citimplaint, Pain
in th e side, '"Crick In:: the Back," and till
_sympto%of Stonfachio Derangement yield
at ; ogee the bealth-giving_influanom of
'Plantation ; Bitters. They, add grength to
the syste and betnyfut9,y to thsmind.
Itikor(Otas WATER. -.A di3liglttfta toilet
article=,-,eniperlor, to Cologne,'and,at llartbe
Pried. " )iv;llP
. ..
. Manstie , - ,Property for Sale4—A :blips
and well I located riot, ~ on :Which, theren
erected ,a [nick, house , of ; soyen?Mxnntii land
- the necessary ont-bnildinga. Prize-4.„, x • .
Also a Otaller ;lot, . 3 x140 feet, oh ii,b
there ig_ j erseted .: a brick '_ house - , of .ve
rootriS. Price- 4 02;000 . .•" - , ' .'
s tit Og
23 Weal 'lstreet, keep s . oodulleti)
merit of all .kinds ;of glass 'jars foil' , fend.
They nelliheta cheap and warrantithetnito
be the best. •• „I?
i," - ' ,, trnjbn," and .arkindie
goys. -& 0060, N0.:'23,,Mr,
keeplhe 'beat and gellihe
Visit .7!
"All Rtg l
`be had •ti
street. l
lowest. I
• DIED: - ,;:r
On Eintuniavevening, Jtlllloth, at
A, OEOIIOE4 Inthe Mllllll. eat Whiz
will tare pinch from the.reFtlehee of
n South Avenue, ,Alleghenrelt4 on
tine 23d;.at 1056 6 , clocrA. ''Ser-
Ss o'clock,
hts parents,
vices at 10 Oielack' 'The filentoi bf the 'hun'ilir itre
invited to attend.. ' '(; ; ' ~:s
'TOWER.-111crndny. Jnne 22d; 18168, DI ig,
Infant .daughter of 0,...,11. and Itehecta Tower, Aged
RI tears and I month:, • '
'Funeral fA, in her latherls residence ,' No' 164
Foutth street,' at Id r - lat.' °ix NVA2oNiiiiiii,
84th Inst. ''rleznts; bf,the , fatallr are reepeetftdly
Invited to at 'end. I
CIIRRAN_,__. I /-0n 3:fonder morelng, after a brief
Illness, 44..ktEhl C 1.1110,124. la the 37th year of bit
age. 11.
lils funeral *III take :place from the' inistanlnee of
hts motherdould tatter, - Lonergan4
street, - Birtnlnghans, WarantenAssatinstma.ft&tk
Just., at 10 ive.look. The . ftlende of the family Art
' •
1 - CpeCtrtuly i l !llleited to attend, „
(Mr. Currin had only recently. returned front 00.4
Ifonala„ after an absence of several '74s.rsc, Xts,tbl
While of xnallfhoOd; fat Okhi?pe:YOr a riels:tleiedt a.
en)oyment krnongit bet . tittateronsfriendifin d!ao•
qnaftitants!,:he glidfy vb lied • once
city. ..•Desil, alas!, lu the Weise Of iliardees
made manifest. welcomeawalted rasedal
olden, an anyei from an wolid.badelthziftsgter
.thither. au amidst:oar ; me 1 .41
*9 I 4RF,n-arl
forever to r&sltze thnsonr. ' guestpas:lep cas
4 •,1 1 1: 1 _ '
No. I.6O:FOIIRTH sTßEET,PLittfillurgliV_Ta.
INS'otalltinda, CRAFEI:3, II I9DOVEa r "ZOO'
ery description of Funeral Furnishing lioo4e4ar•
Wetted. 'frObms open ' day and night. Efearse.aat
Carriageanirnished. - c , .I=l .
_Rsurziclurra—iley. David Nenral. Dry Belt M.
W. Jadobna D. D:, ThomM JISCOD
Ililler,,Esa. = .1 = • 41 , .r
QiirAßLE'' Et&rtiat . Lainin i et-'
Allegheny City, where their COFFIN Butians,art
conshinUy Supplied with reial amid imitatiOn Mose.
wood, Mahoga and Walnut, COMns.•
fling Ca na 00 - Mediu' prepared for Wes ,
tient.; ,H Carriages Ovulated; aiso, af
clads ef,M Goode, If oln.ce,gpez
* Da
at allhouri Ally dtaght: . -
OBE ..T t
AM A 4$1):" :A.Lodzu,t c
eghenn t and ~No. s:M AXON'S
SQUARE, ( Jan Wilson &
on hands the .bellt Metal, RGBew°n•Walnut and
imitation Rinsesrood 'Coffins.' 'Wenn ADoEltis Iron
VW inward& •Rosawood • coffins ISO upwards, at
other Coffins I proportion. Carriage' and hearses
&mashed at low Mee. : Crape, Gloves. Plate and
Engraving. wed , elitis t • yin!, open clikyr,and
; '
A NEivr.
:• • . T A : O r o m ,
We Dave It** ziLitagtactimi
1 1 11/,,L1 ASIMMTMEN'Agriy • •
• 11: ••, •••.
PRIME& MADE,P13,0149. - -:;1, - -5
- are likeliest 7et orated
J• 11 •• • •-z '• •• •
thwEraiii lir; °maxim,
,6kF kTI
A.A.. I
~N'~` Tb3=Ai~;
_ .
tielitlethen'srarnislung Goods,
• .
00107E1107 731M17:iikb•
I 1.8 11.11113 t , GOODS,
• • •
Allred tb lAirreir Cr.P.MS XERADBANIMATUNP.
,P IA P.,I I !"
1: ,4 r 17 PP494.N.
!;,, , ev):: , ; 4 1,1 . 1.
~, ~ ~~E
. •n- !
n; 11.7 ez
tPemiandtilt. Clairetreib
;.; - rlj' if'~~~.
''''' •
. el,t)
. , :~,:
, .-ii