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41.:1 31.
President , s!Vito at the Arkansas
Hill In**.i=Lifionsi
General Pardoned -;:Currency
' * • *
" - Mt" Prr!dent svottheto!townalrixTsTige
to Cciliiiiirsie-Wdai
. .
To the Ifotßo.,el";,..Rementeev,es ,:. ,-. 7 -' •ra
'turn with Out my signaturilA l shillie" kird
1 14n.altte aanolt the,State of t Arluisa, to
representatkin n tigress? To approve
of this 1411;wenbi 'lle- j eg Admission: on the
partlif thirßitinbeiV4iiiiiitilie 11 ACt'fOr the
more efficient 'ooemartent of the rebel
States,!,!x...wci Mares 24, 1887 apt!, the acts
ninppleiodebVm7 the were and
oonstitutional. My opinion, , . however, in
. referenee to thosenieasures, tea 'undergone
ne annum bPSt94-4 11 e., contrary has been
strengthened by, the results which have at
*tended their- _ exectitipn"Evion. were, .this
not the 'cob; q - cortlflVOteblisent 'telt 141,1
which is based upon the assumption either
thathyam ActicCTebenttin of a ;poolT . af
its people- did 'State Of' Arkablas Seceded
from the. s ,lquien, ; • or ; ~, that, Congress.
may, at Its pleasure, expel' or exclude
Any State from it° Union, or • interpopt its
-relation with the goyerntrterit ".hy*arbitrer
lilyalepriVinitif 0; representation ln'the
Senate and Konse .Of Representatives. -; If
Arkansas .is net a State in the Union this
bill does notladMit It as' ti;R i
tate. • r,., on
"the other hand,,it is -,,a State .in, the_ Union,
no legislatiowis teedesarti,ylb fieClaifee., it en
titled to representation intongreke- as- one
of the States o(d,he 'Uniow..• . The IConstitu
tion already, declares each State shall hare
at leagiebe-reprearlitatiii; Shot the Senate
shall be compoeell .of_ two . Senators from
:aid' 'State; that no. State-Akitlaciiit-its..cxdo
sent shell be deprAvie 0--..itecequabsuffrage
in that Senate: andhlsolinaktfa - eadirllouse
judge of the election rem and-/qualifica
times of its own me hers; and therefore all
that is now nee to secure Arkansas
t3ss i
iti .10, me
-1 01 1 . teriktrOOk klitiie
government` % ti"-tiecistibti• by' eiriefHlthilte
upon the eligibility of those who, - present
. ing their credentials, claim_ s eats in the
Houses et - - Oen gra% ~' - This- lathe plain
• and simple plan of the Constitution, and
believing that had it been pursued when
• • - Congress assembled• in • the month of De
; - camber, 1865; the restoration of the States
would long since have been completed, I
i ,once again - recrintribindi that:it be adopted
' " by. each House. In : reference to the legis
lation,' which I respectfully submit is not
only of doubtful. anuititutionality, there.;
fore unwise and dangerous as a precedent,
'hitt unnecessary, not so effective in its op
t. oration as the.mode prescribed by the Con
r . Etitu ti ou , . Involves lidditfonal delay, and
[ IL Dmll- lts‘teflus Mast betaken rather as ap
.l pile/able to a territerY - wbOutio baadmitted
-,• as one of the United States, than to a State
• frwhichhus 'Occupied' kplace lit the Unionr; , forup arch of a quarter of a century:
Fi 1 The*ill declares Arkansas is entitles' and
g .. admitted to representation in Congress as
one of the. States ; tof, the :Union. upon the
•Il , following fundamental conditions• ..-
1 . 1 / “That the Constitution ot Arkansas shall
never be so amended, or .chaeged as to de
-11 '* prive tiny citizen or Clasi - of citizens of the
, United States of the right to vote who are
entitledelo mote .by:the Constitut..orCherein
4 ...rep1egn%ed)......0A91 3 1 4 ..(er__,P,liiiiblinient - ,.fer
crimes that are-now, felonies common
.g, ; law; whereof lthey shalt haye been con
_, - vided; equally applicable to all inhabitants
of said State; provided, aror alteratioir of
" said. Constitution, proepective hilts effeet.
' -, may be , Made in regard to thine: and "dace I
'/ 'or residence of. Voters."." ~ • •f..,. -,,/ -, /
" • 'I have been unable to , find MI tke"eonse._ ,
.e fattn exercisee Unite4l3tates any, warrant for
k *the PftheArithoritythus.: - .elaimeli
by,Congress, in assuming power to impose
i l lirmilamenfil earlditi9o eitiff.Statrilthleh
".N.has been duly admitted into the Union on,
"-sir equal' footing 'with/the original/ States
: *in all respoottt whatever: Congreal asserts
the rightto - pnter a State !nil it may be a ter-,
•.., ritory, and to regulate the ; highest.
4-- it: i re i r e or 41 . .free Pettey/ WellOctivei
t, c ; •ThbfipleAtiml' TOM dytxtoe
..5 hititutiOn tci,the ShiteWtherneeliesr and'
• t-txt (=rode; to Congreas thwpower -to regn-,-
1. latetliii'shlodect would be to reverse the
ramental principle of the Republic, and .
ii 'Phicl3' int the
hands of 'Citrates:4od' (ibv-i
tOrninent .ct power: Which' IC ••.i creation' of
.ssiseyereignty which Justlyloelongsto states:
, eor tfip peopie,, AO tree sobral •of aillio--,
. ,_Artliktl power, by.tibom our federal system;
. ,c..-wsweire - andto Al •= - .11-4t.irreethar-'
&nate. ii.'_•: '-1.1•01 - TI,.L r
.• A: • The bill fails toprovide in what manner
[his 'of Akkansaaris to idgrilfy- I 'it6 3p
.1 I c.eptance ~o(,,ths. fundamental, condition
which tOorigresw , OndestiOto to- make unal-,
- * Suable and irrevocable; ~n or,, nor, does it pre.,
: ticebe:the Penalw to lob linPoaed ihould the
. people of.the iiitate;Attiend. or ohange par
,‘; ticularportlons of the Constifution, which
i l , it was, : cue ot the nurposee.of tpe,,bill to
, ! •
But as 'to the consequenee of
- such action as leaves them in uncertainty'
. - and doubt when the circumstance"! under
- - I. which this I Censtitution has been: ; brought
to the attention of Copgress are considered.
- 74 it Is not Whreationable- to suppose - efforts
,• ' 'llviii,iiie f made to - modifp its. provisions,
, especially those in resp..ct to which this;
.. ;
measure: prohibits any. alteration. '.. ,
i It is seriously questioned whether the,
- ; Constitution has been ratified by a majors-'
' ' -:'• trwf_Perions,who. - tuider the aet of :March;
2d, 1885, and acts supplementary thereto, •
,„, • --,' were entitled to Migistratfon ; and to vote
upon, that Usual Section tenth "of the ache-'
'• •-•• dule provides-that, ','no persons disquidi-
I- fled from voting or registering under this.
1 neonatitatlen shall vote for candidates for /
/;44.,2149e, nor be permitted to'vote for the
''''. • Manion or rejection of the Constitution
• • • let the polls herein authorized." Assumed
rto be in force bofare.ltaftidoptiorff. 'tram's
,. gard of a law of Congress the Constitution
iumlertakes to 1 impose uport the
ptMS alit Itirthakloniglenik (.r. - t .." • : '.
The fifth see ,
ionpar of the eig re hth article
ro de s $4,1,9t, 1) , sQqa. wo register- ,
l en
• g o vir
yoffilg t, MnitUla and stalliwiribe W an
SlithiLwhich Among 'thorn contains the,
• TMloirlitg ciiiiiirP s ofiiii,Tilleopt , tin tiiiil;
and political equality of all me and egret)
ot toofteraptplatdaminesany:person or •
persons on account of race , color or pre= (
•Tiolilt *, • . lion ;of y_ ON* 4 3 .-r• R ivil i
Fights ; OittLorinittettiitcy .eriijoyett,. by ;
any of / or, class of men." 14 ipsy,elkittiPvow, '
~ that a_very Laren portion or the eletiforidn'
1, all the Seat - PC-Lif %eV. hi ell; ifi 'Majority—,
i • ;do not bellettnlttAiii lamp 'then practical I
1 e 1 :144 1 ,,, _ raAdlignS-Atengollans (tr i ne-,
1 oes w lhe — lniiia 'id - notch they be- 1
4i;! - 0ng.., , ....if , 480 ;Voters •in many . nef-- the"
t " krtt i ltilOti t VA
: letkiii . Qui 414miivent
100 'that 'algr i a=l2 6 . I.llr,:*),Atr i .
..,.-, m : kbcoo molt t
such degrading conditions. ilOw fir and
to *hat eittontwthiAttAk b atb: prwtentkotthe
registering - those *he) were qualified
under the laws, Amgress it is impossible
to know; but 'Vier suet - wds"lts effect`, at
least to overcome the_smali and doubtful
majority in favor of the - Cciniel. tueon,`-there
can be uo reasonable doubt. Should the
people oc A e quis W etherefore, desiringte
iegplattiel !franchise as gs!'intilto it
dTinforrac' 'ES -institutions 'of 'a^ ktrie
[ proportion of the States of north, and west,.
I and modifktheipioVisions referred to in the
fundamental condition, what Is the- cone
quence? Is it intended that a 'denial- of
representation shall follow? - If so, may live
not himirat somefuture odaya recurrence
of the: troubles-which beliesolong agitated
the country? Would it.not be. the part of
wisdom to take for our 'guide the Federal
Constitution rather than to resort, to,meas
urea which, looking only to the - present,
may in a few years renew in an aggravated
form strife and bitterness cinema by legis
lation which has proved to be so ill-timed
' and tiblbrtintate. ANDREW JOHNSON.,
WASHINGTON, June 20, 1868.
womiNATiorispv . TEIZ 11,LNLDENT.
The President to-day sent - to the Senate
the following nominations: Wm. W. Moore,
(ivho is the'Conservative President of the
Boaf,d-of-Aldsmisn,) to hu-Postmaster of
WashitligopapAiltee .
whose commission his expired; Andrew
3. Moulder :Surveyor: General of Califor
nia; Jno. L. Trainer. - 'Assessor of Internal
Betenint fotthe Filth- District, and nonlas
S. Pettit, Assessor for the Second District
of Kenprkzfr A - T . -- •
' CUtatENCT 3I s. '
The-fractional curreney„printed for the
preek amounts 'to $531,000; U. S. not"
3J,,60,000; fractional currency shipped,
1621,9=; notes shipped, $129,618, National
Bank notes issued, $179,971; amount in cir
culation, $299,943,053; fractional currency
destroyed. *503,181.
GoweEd-Siftneri J. S. Treasurery was
to-daV ttbleto-tittend'busine*having - been
poorly all week.
The tax bill reported to the House to-day
fixes the tax on whisky at sixty cents.
Finer ipudities of tobat i voars reduced from
thirty_ to_ thirty-trio cents: - % ?There_ iibt
much change on other kinds. The bill is
long, embracing the administrative 4:mo
tions on these subjects contained in the tax
bill heretoibre reported.
The President has pardoned H. Heth,
whomas o , 349 4 the OM army,
upon the - recointrierdatlOU of Gen:Schofield
and others.
ryfierti )9=4 gin,alprkizaterreceptOn 1,0
tbW . read
- dence this evening.
WASHINGTON, June 21, 1868.
The Chinese Embassy spent last evening
with Gen. Grant, at his residence. Among
the guests present were General Scofield,
Secretary oriWrir,. - and ,ladyl Ministers of
England t France, Russia, Pr ssia; Greece
and Mexico, Hon. Reverdy Jo nson, Minis
ter to England, Speaker Co ax General
Emory,. Commanding • the D ep artment of
Washington, General Grant skid Staff, and
other military officers, together with a num
-I)er of ladies. Mrs. - and Was , Grant* eater
tallied the distingulithed Mancini: 'On leav
ing the residence of General Grant the Em
bassy proceeded to the residence of Chief
Justice Chase, where they were entertained
by the Chief Justice and his 'daughter. The
Judiciary, Cabinet, Army and Navy were
also represented.
Effort to Call up the Colorado
1344 -Rights
‘4ll3td:._!. Alabama
Claims—President's Veto of the
Arkansas Bill—The Bill Passed
Over ~ the. Veto by the House—
Whisky and TobaCco - Tai Bill
Reported—Kentucky Contested
ElectiOte 'Case: i :•-' '' -Y: <" 2 ,
By Telegraph to the Plttabargh Gasette. t
7 - 41#01•T, f'ropi
snittee; teported with aniendrnent - the joint
resolution to asts,,le ; the'elatutißof the State
Militia ofiseouri, to repel the
Invasion of pt,uTling Price.',
The bill estahliiihinik terms of the United
States DistriePtiinit tirlilfri6is at Cairo in
-March and.Ootobur passed. -. ,
Mi. YATES presented a .petltion that
Congteeq , establish , 6 Reimblicair forni
Government:* Reenied Ceghtninetan
. . ,
' - - Bir: HARLAN Moved 'to take up the'bill
in relation to the Rock 'blind bridge.
Several Senators objected. am account of
the sparse attendance, tellay., .-
Having been laid aside forthicousid6ra
tieriotthe pension bill Mr. YATES endear--
°redid call b y the bill to adinit ColOrade,
saying the Committee had reported it with
ameudittente tot:p . *lth% nebodveteild object,
to send the matter back to the people with.
the condition of the adoption of the XTVth
liMendMent:rbefbre — admission. -- Objeation'
was again :made - on .ithe : grOundii" above
mentioned, and , he withdrew the motion.
-' The joint resolution' authorizing the -turn
ing over of certain distilled 'spirits to 'the
Surgeon Oeneral for, the nse, '
of, the army,
hosoit'ils palsied. ' • ' •' ' - • -
Mr. SUMNER , --called up. the/resolution,
to relatiiiti to the treatment of eoloied.per-;
sons on rallroacis from` eshington,to Da l - .
timere, instructing the COmmittee on the
District of Columbia to consider if any;
further legielatidn '. ll' needed 'in that „ con-,
neetiom -1 He said a change had taken plate,
con the'inad;l l43 '4oinagelv ' haTing;vconeln - ;
&idle treat all 'persons 'alike, - and there'
was - howl.° nocaslowforinqiiry. He cob..i,
Mltently'-irithdWe'r the, tittgen.,
li r..SUMN ER smile& up the joint main-
Ratite 'carry into effect al'deeree 'of-the
Southern District floc rt of New York in the
ciao of the British steamer Lahrly appro.
priattnellB,l24:ll as he*alti6 - Of the.tis
sot* five thousand Ain*, upwards: : for calil
to, the rem veit
etivo ore t illegally captuty
during the wir. ' , _ 4 l. ~,. ,
Mr. CONNESS desi r ed ''to` tall' Attention
to the alsioritv•wit4,WhplAt°exlt" re
ported Mlle - Kir the re le B ritish ',Sti
muli, and Ma 'delay infacting,outhera4 lll- ,`
.11 , 24 s t,t',eprA tip %Wages on ~ America')
Pitt 14 4,, d;ltthib be. bialona 500 , 1 19- '
inirediAnmr.-connew) ,wotdd-relgavel
the inueegetecatteption o oktba,fteamittee i
on illiielgo Alfiiini. Ifilliadliiter.V . lie' =WI
the publi c prin ts io tvtirajvcreitiet AI,
session by reason of the influence of Sec--;
___, - lua„Ah.. ll -Diplomat,l9,CorPe.t
Be ttnr: uminessr 130* , -wife vi ti btlea he;
should move at an early day t o t a ke t ip
Seward: m on
1 tv i .ltAugivii IN, iii.l.l, ~ . bid:
any conversation with secretary
ithe sOck i mi l l , xis ide etzliz . i . iittru e that;
, a uus*
1 to boar on the Ommittee. The Conunitteei
1 hattalrondY IV4/.4#1 3 0 , ,M1Ker ogniadurud
- - ---•- Trycl • - s . , i.' -) ii r ; .1 k @,_l. 1 I
n., ) ; A c t , , . . .
pte e - , - ., r ~„ ~,, ‘. i ~1 it I
..,"‘` ;Vg : / / /., ..:,., ..... .. 1., ....., r-• • ~ / , ~..,,,",z , ,,,,,. ...., a,...., ,,- - - Iv.r..t'''.'-- ~,', - .. .-- - v.p.,,,:„.,....,-,,,.. 4 - , ..,...„:,...,, - . ...1 ...,-.., .'- - -
- ' '' ' - ' . . ''- '7 ':: T :44 'F ' ' ''..."---.....,:.7 11. 1 1i0/%5 ," ..,.... ,. .....- --
- ~ --.
• 11 . .4. - - . ''
' ;•. 1 , ' ...' . . -- . ' • t - --„, - -
- ~. i .2,. I.'t '' _ . '' - ' ' '' -•'' ' A . .- - i
'i - , I!1 - '• ' . !
! .'
'; ' ): - .-1. ' --1- A - .6 .."- t : : . ....' ';' ,.. A.'• 1.1. - e'''''''„,...-. , 1 : - H 1 r 4,. ',/, 4 1 " •)'• .- .'' • ': . ~i ..! , - " 1
. - ~.
•,,,,, ~
• ,
. .
: 7. - ...'...'-' -_,_ 41 _ . lIRI - 1111.1., ,-- 1.4 " 1 . •_,„ . -- : - .:::.:' , , -- 1 'iv : j:,;;.' -^ . . -- ',-Ti ' l 117. "
-..----, 7. 16'.- -. ..":1 - ..
--....::'. : 1- '. V; .711.,‘1 .
' " -' - '' ' a . '" . - r . -.1.......11111/ 2 1 P ... %).=,....C . L.011 ~ '3 . :... - '-': :''.... '-/- .`;-: :''
... . T.P. ' -r .s 'N -.
-_ t--- , ----. - - .72,- - -2 - ,-.Q - - , .., -4-=' , 4:. - -4 - i - ----_-_-.-_,, - .• -.- • ...,--,--_. . - -
_ .
: ....,..-- , .
. . .
- ,
-- • - .
- d
- ...
... .
• ,
PITTSBURGH; MONDAYi, 4 - VNE 2; 18.68,
tu;ThiSk tlirf4O,tirOcts, andwere,po more wanting,
id-lAterest ifitprotecting , the tightatif Amer- ,
lean citizens abroad than Mr. Conness.
Mr. CONNESS said'"Mi. Eitmner had
;evaded the whole %lotion. Hewes always
ready to junitrup 'slid bresent a petition
when, an, outrage was uppitnitted- on our
citizens' iighls here . nrider our eves, but he
had no - heart 'temple hundreds ofl4is fellow
eivho we:erottingiufokuignlvisone;
Mnr KEWART . would never consent to
nay r any British ships until the Alabama
clal s were settled.
The bill then went over.
-Under the special order the Senate went
into-Executive session, and shortly after
adjourned. -• , '
- •
The ' resole utiOri authorizing a change in
the mail service , between Helena and Fort
Abernethy, Montana, was, after debate,
The blll exieriiin,gi the patent,. "ffir.
provement in woolen printing machines,
if approved by Patent CoMmissionetti, was
Mr. PRICE, frona-the Committee on the
Pacific Railroad, reported - back the SentitO
bill relative to the reports of railroad com
panies, retittlifiereports tobianade to the
Secretary of the Treasury, which passed,
with airardelidment.- • •
Mr: COOK, from the Committee ori Elec
tions, called up the contested election case
from the Ninth Congressional District of
Kintikiltf of Keo againat' ` Yelp g; 410
Committee - retorting ' Young,' who holds a
certificate, was not duly elected, but that
McKee, contestantrwas duly elected; „that
Young has furnished aid and countenance
to tbe,rebels and is net entitled to.t a ltpthe
bath of office tut 'Representative: ' '
Mr. COOK proceeded to argue the case in
support of the position of the Committee,
but was interrupted by &message tionf the
' President vetoing the bill for the admission
for Arkansas to representation.
ThitAnessfige• having.- beeli read, the
SPEAKER stated the question to be "will
the Honsb,"on reconsideration, agree to' the
passage of therbillf."- • .
Mr. STEVENS, of Pa., moved the pieil
ous question, and it was seconded. The
vote resulted, yeas 111, nays, al—a strict
party vote, the Speaker voting in the affir
The SPEAKER announced that Imo
thirds having on reconsideration voted in
the affirmanse; the - haili,passed the
House, and would be transmitted, with the
objections of the President, to the Senate
- kir its actioh.
Mr. PAISLEY introduced a bill relating
to the Covington and Ohio Railroad and its.
establishment: pstapost TAW. - Referred. to
the Committee on Roads on 'Canals.
The House resumed the consideration of
the Kentucky .contested election case.and
Mr. COOK contintuiftThe - argument in sup
portof tharesolutioris.l - • • ,
Mr. KERR member of Abe Comunittee on
Electioni, opposed the resolutions and re
,plied to-thsargunzentof Mr.-Cook. •-• • •
At a quarter past three Mr: KERR yield
ed the floor to Mr. SCHENCK, who report
ed from-the Committee on Ways and Means
a bill to changegild more etteettially„ aware
the collection of internal taxes'on distilled
spirits and tobacco, and to ,amend the tax
on bankl.: He said by crrder. of the Rouse
he had a right to proceed with the bill to
thaexelusion of another* business, bathe
would-not ask. to go •on with it now. He
wished` nly - to have - it printod and gave
notice lib would call it up on Monday at two
Mr. COOK -then gave notice he would
move the previous, questioz( on , the Ken
tucky contested election case.
Mr: BANKS gave notice as soon as the
tax bill was disposed 'of he would ask the
House to ooludder the subject of the treaty
for the pttrebase of Russian America.
After some further discussion it was
agreed to tape; a incest; till 11 o'clock Men
day, when, after ,au hour's debate, the
question be taken on the Kentucky elec
tion case, '
The -Saengerbnne• et Chicago.
My Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
CHICAGO June - 9:O.—A meeting of the
Saengerbund wa s held at Wabash Avenue
Rink this morning for business plirisises.
Vittious.ieparte of expense' ;incurred - sod
Contributions received were read and ap
proved. The subject of the formation of an
Aligemerner-Nor iatnerickaniser-flaenger
bund'lnte discuttied it considerable length.
A motion that ninedelegates . one from
each of the following cities, Boston, New
<Cinetnett,:lit. Louiss-chi4l46 tuittmilitan
'-kee, appointed to draw up a plan for the
organization of the BUnd and to submit the
same to the next meeting was adopted.
A modest Wit the'nexCtottlirdi be held at
Cincinnati in 1870 was also, adopted.
The NeW , Ybik gelding was declar
ed the organ of theßuyigerbund.
A grand matinee vita given this afternoon.
Tanight three balls are in progress at Turn
ners', Uhlrich's and Metrepolltangnits.
The programme for to-morrow, which
pilLepd theleifttval; ounternplatep n-pienie
at-WrighVe ' , Grove; Immediately north
the city limits, ter, which_ very, extensive
preparations' have , been midee: , The . differ
ent associations will , report in front of Uhl
rich'atkill at eight deloelt themorning,
and march , to the,
_grove.At the close 9f
'the day; the singers will return uild,eperict
the evening, at
,various thus closings
the festival.' •
•' '' • , „
'the vlialking - Match—i.Westori thoi Vrinter.,
tsy. Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Glazette.].
BOSTON, June 20.—1 n the walking match!
between Weston and Topley, at the conclu-'
slopy.tif tiventir-foiii hours, Weitbnlutringo
walked seventy-five miles, refused to walk-
any wore. Toplev kept °nand completed
his seventy-fourth, mile and then stopped_
for rest. •:f3cxin'aftervierdi AU. Goodwin,
Weston's backer, came out and announced,
that Tapley had been drawn and the judges;
declared Weston the winner, giving as his!
timerilirTlMlPsl/41r1.1 1 014 1 01 1 VAn
lititrig-MW-Neven rr nirnitisiOnne>Ktt i
seconds, and Topley'a time for seventy-I
four miles, twenty-four hours, fifty-siVen
minutes and thirty seco nds..
e rr ' -111 WOLI
The Florida Legislature.
fnr'reiesraes to tso Pitisbargb Gazette.) , t •••`: •
ltliLt;4olAnkt; - the"
tore to-day. Ablip4,l3l,lbagt t llinliml; Visa
elected Senator Atm sli`yarb, Commencing
March, 1869,. ` 4B to 21. J4t, t tke afternoon .
session a Majority - iifthe member were
granted leave of ,absencst: till July 7th.
In the meantime the minority will meet
and adjourn.; l ,4„ la 0.,
j-4,..*o4*.L.tlf.P.P#RF a l ci ffL i t l PM -1
Totopoph to the PlttabankliGisettc]
KANtiAlier *4 3 oe Re r nVe ar s .
of the western bo und train thegane
Fuca, iptitlad et.. l lTettr
Ageptt's °et gh, ut t ee Intl ".kap
- Monument Bte.ttigittlie morning. " Pim
otoklY4' "
FiXllolV4lo49lo.ol l ffehiliblit.,
010 1 010 10 0 1 °910$001 1 0 11
BURlNferimariagmlnetThe Venis
L td n;
State Conventitipittinegotalty ,biltr
watadiegiewaft welt attended.- SUrrinx
.bea wereo made General ,9 1
- d'BllllWillag*anit
Gala Day in Great'Etiitain—An
niverpary, of queen Ifict?ria's
Ace6ssioii—Farrahrt* * and the
:Minilean Fleet—:Closent Get.-
ParliantentrAT. B.lllllthiler
Telegraph to dazeite.l
Lorpox. June 20. : To -day, being the an
niversary of the accession of Her Majesty
Qii.sen.Victorli to thts- throne. of EnglPnil,
has been Pbterved as A : holiday - Pa this me
tropolis, and had also been duly observed
by appropriate salutes throughout the
real_iias of the British Government: The
city` has been gaily decorated witlefiags
and strearnarsrand thd‘ilaTviir Vessels, as
well as the -mercantilel marine of all na
tions, have been profuse in the display of,
colors. Immense crowds filled the streets,
all intent maily npon witnessing the
rand review"the volunteers by the
Queen and royal rfamily Itt. :Windsor. to
wardswhich point they have been wending
their way on numerous rail Way trains.
The day has, been , made the especial occa
sion for a grand review of the reg
ular , troops Windsor Park.where
for - Several "dacs they have been -ar
riving. m large Aumbers from differ
ent points. 'Salutes were fired from Wind
son Castle and: other prominent Govern
mentPlaceS at sunrilie, noon* and sunset.
The barracks , at, Windsor were gaily fes
ttooned and decorated, and troops were in
full dress uniform for review. The weath
er was comparatively fine, although the
morning was tlxreatening, which had the
effect of preventing many thousands from
attending. ,Viritii,the exception of a slight
shower ere waimothing to mar the splen
dor of the parade. The troops in line nerd
bered 27,000 of the different arms, and
while being reviewed by Her Majesty, her
brilliant suite: of Generale and officers
of the royal household, presented a
a scsno.,of , grandeur - -.and enthusiasm
seldeni ''and ever'before witnessed in
this, opuntryi After marching past and
, saltitinethe ,, queen - and royal cortege; the
troops paiOri‘marching the Obelisk
of the Grand Jubilee which took place in
4820, then defiled' over a pontoon bridge
laid across the Thames by the Royal Engi
neers, where they were dismissed.
throng was immense and the -Queen and
royal family were greeted with marked en
thusiasm. The 'clay was concluded with
festivities and - re-tmlons by, the civil and
militaryorganizations. •
A, Special states Mat ;Gen. Napier he'd
• arrived at - Alexandria, actonapanied by a
„sari of ,Enaproor Theedditis. _
• lc '
I ' ANJXVNi June .21,-.The defeat of the
Irish -Church Appointment.. Suspension
bill the Ileum of Lords is considered
certain; lnit' it is believed - the' majority
agabast pie bill will be -greatly reduced in
.cousequeliceOf the abolition of proifes.
noa. EUIOgE.
8ra*41.4, 3114 "ftemicin of 'the
North Gamlen-Parliament formally closed
yester William, of Prussia,
t"" '
made a short" and pacific speech on the oc
casion. He reviewed and commented favo.
rably, on .the work of the present session,
"and codelndedbir eiPresSing his conviction
that tho sefults:oZ Ow labors of . Parliament
would be.- suaCessful, and .that Germany
would continue to enjoy the blessings of
American Minister Btincroft contemplates
a Visit to the Ceurtsrif the:different South
em German States. He will start on his
tour in a few days. Colonel Bliss, Secreta
ry of.' , Legaticin,Aillcact - . for:Mr:Bancroft
duringliiil absence. ' '
. .
OsTmin Jules. RA—Admiral Farragut
ufter a brief v isit at Brussels ,, has return
, — v.*
erer and: ,•again supinmed active : corn
Man of le tied. Preparations are being
made for a grand review'of the American
squadron by , ing , torpold, which taken
on Monday next. The flag ship
Franklin be drappdwig:l,llBgs and the
Admiral will; ander, Id "banquet ' on
;board to their Royal Highnesses, the King
and Quaap t tiplapiKnon,t_ln tha review.
A.DDREE3 iis tr
"AiiilCV ik Alt 1:1021St.
TRIESTE. June 2l.—Last advices from
Athens retort il9flifiCiiliiii representa
tives and exiles now In that city offered an
address lte the Oil& Consul. On the (ma
iden of presenting-it the ' Cretans and aid
zens of Athens assembled in large numbers
before the °dice of the - American legation,
and made enthusiastic demonstrations of
gratitude.for the _ldendship - upd sympathy ;
of the Americfin pple. .. . ,
Pusrii,`ltine . 2isi.4-liiiiiie t iNtipOleoii;whg
l e
arrived here fidm Mei last week , a ft er a
*fief stay leftair i3O ttingple.. It is be- ;
tinved=that iiyisit td ' 1 18alf s mi'iithe main
44filbet Of his ; pri nt • ~ttF:;,f; ...,-; -,, , , -, , ;,_
t•-, ~. ~,
Lritsiiii6L44 l6l9 • /lheattyma-Cottotti
&tiler; V n imitAa l:i rl i c 1 12 i '
sales iii . .t 4 ~
isSITTWARPt JP" ao , fr eau/. 47c. ..,,
II ilia:l4l64*i; .Thhd ittZ..lhailitit l tdiiiihe.
emu mcnrithdelie4j*glitm„te-dey. give
twilities' elmiratnw --- -• ' ,
---, • ;
,t(XtrAriA:c .;;:t
eliginqrArliti l aidita i
Rumored et n a m o l l
toy Ti
.tvtediiitilitboxittiosis 1
errmvs.. .ijur.2o, is: rumored that'
cwial fri ghtak del fitati &bi
nd. 'nits ,141 p:: . +Met and one or
„two otlierew feign citedsffin.
i n selection of timgMcntairilizata : kr_ani
inter-Colonial rattway. - -131_her airegerl
also spokiwzitotStattulti Owe) i
The ployeriV i wal , tuned a mein.'
Alfitii ii &tea it 4 ~ 4400,1:1044
Ito holldithishipmg . +- ;4 1 0,EqUisig . t
.b f. ~.., . “..wiii , %r ile IN i t i t ti pi o j i. . 2, 1 1.; =-
iiliTAm 4 " l " iii P*lMMATl4ii i
TIAsLla, June laNaTiteriam
'meat ill
tiejiy — fitM - 1
d a y fl wicCree - ielionnort,
Vigirt44l 2 W:4V ILI M I X
I iktil:1101 4 0 pl 3.4. R. bull 1,c,t0 r-.... Pr. st .. , I+: , r) I
"I' 1 ' u 3 r. " 842 aLWRaYi r , .c.v.)4a 'o'4 Ifai, - :i 4 .', , 1-0 t
TANA ; • , a at,,,t1040: iraac :0044 k
OAlisten Between a Steanter and Barque
—Both. Sank—Twenty Perions Missing
—l.lst of Names. -2 • i '•,• ' • •
Mr Telegraph to the plitsborth-Gasette.i,
CLEVELAND, June 21.-.-Tbe .• steamer,
"Morning Star,"lnince for Detroit, collided
with the i4arque “Cortland, thirty miles
from her, last•, -
night . at - 11 . o'clock.
Both were sunk. Total passengers of
steamer; foty; crew,thirty; crerrot barque,
thirteen. f these about _.are miss-.
ing. ' The remainder- were picked up by
the steamer R. N. Rice.. Names not yet
known; ' The officers Were saved - , eicept
James Morten, clerk of the Star; who was
seen go down with Mrs. Hackett,' wife of
Cant. Hackett, pasienger. ' •
Saved froin the liorrning Star: Captain
Lawton, Geo. O. Tripp; Thonias Anderson,
M. Tredwick, Wm. Smith, James Hanson,
Andrew Bough, David Slater, J. Thomp
son, J. Kenyon, (second mate,) J."'9
Smith, W. T. Conklin, all of the barque
Cortland. Capt. Vigler. J. Havlick. (see-
and engineer,) John Russell, Thomas' F.
Carurzan, L. Bang, John Smith, John Ste.;
vens4 John,.Sapton; P. Kelley,
Burns, P. , Barrett, John ,Comant,
Crindel, J. Distrinv A. Curry,
H. -Gagnoln, A. Fallen, - (second mate,) D.
McLaughlin, (first mate,) D. McLaughlin,
(whi3elsman.) H. Brady, B. Dempsey, all
of Morning Star. •
Passengers—Mrs. Ellen Chittenden; Chi
cago; Mrs. Captain Burke, Cleveland; Capt.
Hackett, Detroit, (wife lost); N. Ei.
Marietta; Vim. Downey, Detroit; P. Porn
eroy, Bay City; Capt. Blanchard, V. Horg
esky; Rochester, N. Y.- '
J. H. Thorpe, New
York, S. A. Thorpe, New York, W. H.
Smith, New York,•'J. Donovan, Chimgo,
C. F. Newman, Washingtont• D. C., W. B.
Watson, ,Capt. Harbaltee, Hamilton, On
'Several of the crew of the steamer, names
not known, were saved.
Missing—Mrs. Hackett, DetroiE;, Saines
Morton, Clerk of the steamer; Major Hutch
ins, - Misses Patchen ; -Troy, -N. Y.; Al
bert Iddings, Mrs. Wamelink, Cleveland;
Mrs. Parker and child, Marietta, O.; Capt.
Ballentine and wife, Detroit. One of the
Star's boats is still out awl may have survi
Casualty at Gas Works... Reception to. Arch
Bishop Kendrick.
By Telegraph to LIT Pittaburah Gazette.3'
Sr. Louis, June 20.-This evening , while
Hugh Callahan, foreman of the gas tank at
the gas works, was making some examina- I
-ticin about the purifying tank, he was over- I
powered and fell. John Finnegan , de
scended to assist Callahan out, but was also
overcome and fell still further down. Pat.
McLaren was then lowered down with a
rope and succeeded in getting hold of Cal
lahan and both were drawn up insensible.
Finnegan still remains in the tank and is
supposed to be dead.
The Court of thiminal Correction to-day
'refused to grant a new trial to David Ber
lin, convicted a few days since - of adultery.
Archbishop Kendrick is expected to ar
rive home to-night, and will to-morrow re
ceive a public, reception. Over thirty
Catholic Societies and Parishes wilt partici
pate in the welcome. ; •
The weather has turned , very cold, the
mercury having fallen over thirty degrees
in the
mercury having
Timely Rains-.Auticipating the Passage
of the Omnibus Bill.
Mr Telegraphic the rittabuigh Gazette.]
MoNnaosignr, June 20.—Fine and sea
sonable rains have fallen in different parts
of Alabama during the last few days, com
ing just in time to save the corn crop,
which was nearly burned up.
The members of the Legislature elected
under the reconstruction law, are arriving
in anticipation of the Omnibus hill becom
ing a law. None but radical men, elected
as, anti-vhdicalsi - acted on the sugg.estioh of
the reconstruction law and defeated the
Constitution and Legislature by not voting.
New Tort pity Matter!.
My Telegraph to th. Pittsburgh Gazate.l
- YORK, June 20.—1 n the caseof Lom
bard vs. the Sioux City and, Pacific Raul
road, and other.s, Judge Cardoso has order
'ed a'reference to 'aseertaln the facts, to be
settled beforeldm on. Monday. - •
The steamehipt'ity of Parts, faun 'Jiver-
OM, has ar rived.,
Nrsw`'Your', 7Une '2l.—The steamship
Arizona, from Aspinwall ,arrived: today
with one million three thousand dollars in
The steamers Union and -Atlanta, from
Europa, arrived yesterday.. •
The corner atone of the - rieW Catholic
Vathedrat,Srooklyn, waslaid to-day with
appropriate ceremonies in. the presence of
an immense assemblage. .. , .
Base Ball Matches.
[BY the Pittsburgh Gazette.] •
CINCINNATI, June 20.—The base ball
match' at YelloW Springs this afternoon
between the Cincinnati Club of Cincinnati
and the Miami Club of Yellow Springs, re--
stilted in favor of , the former by a score of
. 71 to E. The Miami alub was white*ashed
six times and the Cincinnoti once. On the
sixth:innings the. Cincinnati made,3o runs."
Lcipiamix, June 20.—A match garne
,baseball -was played at Cedar -Hill Park
.this afternoon between the Buckeye Club
of Cincinnati and the Louisville Club of
this city, resulting in the defeat of the lat
ter. The soort,3, stood Buckeye, 28; 'Louis
;viper. 4
, Acri4ovel of Governor
.Heuepbreve, of Af la
- ",sireatppl,,Dleapproved.•
wileteirieh to the riftrbe fie usiette.3
litter.;• l 3iini2o.:—The lb'lowing
ttliapatek relative to the removal of Gov.
• 'ltUraPbrtifit marl, received; today at the
'pentooratto Exec:l:dive Cortabitteo
Irian Washiblittorit • • `••
:st i ro. 4 s4ln, 4 IT„Fteenumk: Removaldisap
proveck'and r,earPsrOrnandpd.
Signed. ` l3EvEnty
nears. Humphreys and Hooper are can
vassing the Stateill'aappoettion to - the proz!
dnyilladdrist.o.; .
1;• , Z . ~,---' • ... :. - - 4 ..i. i.. , ~, •, ,
di•ii E,. • , Alleged.Ro l 446,T,Arreltetly` -.:
IBT,Totegniontiinal Pitedranet gismaugs.]. •:-s;+' -
-;.: Vuilltrierrow; itt4 , Tunnlo.....ertio notori-
Ault Mine; P•Otteroor•Miiiiatoul Ana !maker
,of L. ,Hamilton S. Poptarovan arrastott to
,ditYri• s 3 ,4ttrfiqd , , , vilf• _. MhNim • Anith ...56
Wright '4 pm* la , übtfoia , 0 bonds .and'
:es;goQ-ltt,4asb. ' , cii Willtision, - tn, alto
charged' ivith '' iteift golle of* ,`rand , with
'haihvE iseciirkd iiioteiti• &Air '' • - '' q t , .
.4 ,41e. t'YP I 17 - M. c .i ; i a,-.1. , , 111:1•';'' , :r'" ,
;Tea Mi Trge - mhibitz.The •intiateare:•.",
t rii i -tOlilitaittiiiiiiiVlitiakinifiliOitfeit '' -,'':''
I. 2X#WiTtoisitt tilaVilt=ll.9ollln 1114 0 4 1 4 1 *
aalk6ltitarfit*Tat Niffornimarworn‘ aiiet,
• Iblinekfraninnsolbr the VaiutirAgh!lid l l4a;
Anarkin atiountra odd ;obit deposhOsithare
'lliMadingso,4loll4tiln. thole poMapabalt.
' " .Ipluna 10
NtrMlTE i n, 148.
Pittsburgh Teachers 9 2Asleciatlen—Montl4s'
„„ MeetlQ
A regular monthly; meetbm of the Pitt
sburgh Teachers' Association was held on
Saturday morning, in , the chapel Of t the.
!central High School, corner Sixth and
`Wood streete. , The 'attelidance • Wits.nbVess
large as usual on , account of,a , teachers'
•examination taking plaee in another part
'of the city at the same hbur.
The Assyciatfon crime to order at half
past ten'o'clock, Professer Dean presiding,
'and Rev. Wm. M. Yoling, of the , 17nion
Baptist Church, , leading'in prayer. •
The. Secretary, Mr. TrAiln, read' the min
utes of the preceding meeting, which were
approved. „1, , .
Prof. S. A. Neale, of the Colored Sebools, -
read selections from modern standar4,au
thors, after which a geiieral disussion,on
the teachers' work was Opened by Prof.L.
H; Eaton, followed by [Professors Mcely
mOnds and Pattersontaitul-closing with an
address of consiciMtblOeugtlKby Rev. Mr.
On motion,a - • - .8 was ten Bred
the reverend abl& and
eloquent addi ,meetjugl ad
31ESSA9. 1:1)) ici 44.4.zrri.n. is
recognized to . paper of this
county, I desire the use of your colUnittil
for the purpose of ancskaining something
in regard to the contract for Indexing the
Old Itecords. The coniract for.thislinPor- •
tent work was some Weeles ago awarded to
parties at '0,21 per page, but the court, oft
presentation or contract for .confirmation,
held it over under advisement, for the pur
pose of examining the work to be done;
and the bide, when it Was ascertained that
responsible parties, whose proposals were
rejected, agreed .to pinfarm p_w
ieork fOr
little more than half the amount, thereby
effecting a saving of scti,Crat thousand dollars
to the taxpayers. The ! matter, however, is
still held in abeyance, 'for what purpose we
do not know, unless itL)x: that the:o , ornlnii4
stoners feel indisposed to nrgathe Matter
further. In justice to the parties interested,
as well as the public atj large,.the lineation
should be' decided and the contract either
be confirmed or rejected. ' IItiPP 2 F , I
“ConscrvatiVe Soldiers: 9
The Leader, excellent authority in such
matters, yesterday contained the followln
' , Three or four 'ConservativisOldieral
and sailors held a mints Meeting-last night
at the St. Charles Itotel. TheyiiMe.
ashamed of the meagre attendance tha
they adjourned to' an eight by 'ten re° -
up stairs, and after carefully excluding r
porters, passed a long stringcf resolutions
and got up ; list of deleipites, Which - will a
pear in the *Conservative , papereliereafte
Industrious inquiries failed to,
_secure th
names of any known: soldiers present, an
we are inclined to: think - the'rniettng .
myth; but for all that the 'proceedings w
appear, dilly 'cooked up s '.", t., _
The Pittsburgh and ,Connell.sville Retire:l..
The 'Finance Ckliittee of the Baltimo .e
and Ohio Railroad Company, we lean ,
have-ratified the ation of the officers .f
that company relati've to the subscriptio+
of i., 1 1,000,000 to..the Pittsburgh and- Co ...
nellsville Railroad Company.and the ,s
has been subscribed. In addition , to t• a
one Million, Mr. Hapkins; one of the Co
sribscribed46o,ooo, and Mr., -
rett. the president, ,$30,000; individuaLsn.
scription. This kinks like business, .
Itopkilis mkt Garrett are hotliP
tied_ railroad men. I .
Alleged Robbery.
James Barker, a litranger in the city, -
legei that he•wa.s rehbed in the - .lCo_npar 11
I •
saloon, in the cellar at tbeciatner of Litre y
and St.- Clair streilts. He 'states net- • a
went Into the saloon' to get. something to
- eat, and having travelled for + some days,
was tired and l fell asleep. When .;ha
awakened it was past midnight, and,,a:s he
eajs; he diseovered that he . had been robbed
'of a valuable diaiond pin ' a •goixt; silver
watch, and his pooket book containing,one
hundred and twenty dollars in money.
-.Grand Church Restival.---The: ladies arid
members of the Manchester Presbyterian
Church, corner of Market and praii'klin
streets, AlleghenY, are engaged in Malting
liberal preparations for strawberry
and ice cream festival to be opened, to-racq.
row evening in the church, which Ind
been•thoroughly renovated.' We caiiiafely
womisa all who attend & pleasant evening.
as nothing will be left undone to seenre the
enjoyment of visitors. The care' of - ithe
Manchestery.t pass withiniWshort
distpnce of the, ch urch every law, r kaintites.
The proceeds of t festival wTilfulldevoted
to the benefit of the church.
Arrested for'teallng Iron.—Three boys
were arrested o Saturolay and taken be
fore Mayor Dru m, charged on oath - of an.
employee of the (Fort Wayne liailrotart with
stealing iron. iLarge cinantitiea of iron
- belie disappea red lately - fern the Ccimpa
ny's yards, and they have been keeping za
sharp lookout fit the, thieves. On tSatur
day the boysj••ere discoiered wheeling
away a load of the iron, and were 'at - Once
arrested. After i a hearing of the (late, thw
wereheld in the' um of thrt.e hundred dol
lars battler tbei appearance at I,'Ourt. - -
Market In B mlugham.- 7 There IR a pro.
,ect on• foot to tablish a turday even
ng market in 13 minghatit,in order tfiait he
- citizens may belitipplied with fresh veiteia
bles for Sunday land as an indueement for
market men te' attend the markCt the au
thorities have consented to give the use of
the market houo free of rent.
Strawberry 14141vaL—The young jaalen
'of the First Baptist' Church. Fon rth street,
.between Granietind Ross. will hold a ‘strivir
berry and ice cream festivatin that.elmreh
to•rnorrow (TuOday) evening, ~ •
, A fairs.
_ln Georgta. , -;.1. 1 . ._.
tarrelegraph tot, pittarkars I% i;litette./1: ,';,;,
,A TA4 4IF#44u 0 20. 7 -Tho qoyfrtakt rinct
fitud4t arrived from Washington', hnlf it is
'l,ith'iaiod•thelletristature,tvill bii cm:A.(44d
on tho fourth of July, . 1 ,-,,Baitut ; baimr i beep
p i n kaa, Ageing : the last fow (1,15,and the
aril's al* PrP i i !ink;.. , -''. • ..'.' • ' t - .- --
........ , ......,-...i1i,
A Bait ruptdontenecd.- , •-• -'
aly, Tawpaid) to the Pituunirs l +44- 1 . ,, 3 1 .?A1f ,
1 'oa.Nkti,oitotia.;:fune 20.- - Tril.:bc - 13nfted
rstaitelttilifeiVtirt;-Alliin TI-Ilvrettr +huh
been convicted of ; secreting bierPropertY
froin,llloApoignpe, 14,bankruOcy, „and sett
lanced 36 . 110 Poirdtenthfor ono'your-dad
1131,tilekirinicifithii;q::;:ir.o. !..i., ~,..::7,- ..t.....L. .: •i„: 9
—Eit, Thoth ' ' a
adileesqo .I . iiiie'lsch;stote
i s
ti l ith . 1 *lc . : .64Voltdd : Ori St.,%Tehiea - Is
rleXaLa 0)444 3110 : reCerfPrriflnottrOntod;:tA o
D'llh e and lleitiockTorkti a, rM. l lt' UeY a v(:lo
overtaken _.hyoittnoiid 'of:Ault - I(6ra antet%o
:019thiltnInka elrWorberac o '..5 . 4.1 11.. f—• ~
ci ,.. ai i. : 4 1 ,1 ltiiit :3 "1,.. 5u. 4.1 r: el if:) , i(t+. )1 . 1 al 1 j
•:, .ii