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kill Var.the Ittlief of Iran Clad
! Contract Ors Discussed—Wages
3 t, Government -Employe ,- in'
. ..
' cir! stieiersiviaty Pir Cent-4%e
?al 114----Tbe General Bill llic.
.. _ _,... ..i _' •--
.. .-•';'-uti inittee Initructedi -
-7 tililliejpilitt -it Bill Specially Ii e
, .
Zethiall it. WhiskY:and 'r9Atacco.
ID/Telegraph to the Pittehupet Gazette.) s•. '
' - WASHI . NGTON, ' June 15, 1868.
• • -
„ . r". . • SENATE,.
ite CHAIR snbniitted petitions of earl
zenof Ohio in fav,erof the passage of Mr.
. Jeialrs'citeil : aerticie iiilf: -
It. NYE.introduced a. bill relative to
cerri, defenees. Referred. . •-':
_,- _ •
li. HENDRIC KS, temp the Committee
, ,
- otiliuml - Affairs, reported a bill to facili
tatedre sett l e ment of certain priusein the
II ilia States. District Court:of Florida.
- Nri .FOWLER inkrOrluced . a - bill to Pro
videfor the better security of life on steam
boseand other'Yessedn Referred. •..
• Tkibill to provide:for refunding duties
erruignisly exacted at. New =York;amend
ed iitikprepriatitigsBo,oo%.ympaseed. I
__ligi 11.4.0 N, -from the -- Committee on
MitligAffiire; reported 'a Substitute for'
•' , thei: ; . ..itiu',-the construction of a bridge
acrot the- Missouri river; at Missouri reser
- 'Yell it Fort-Leavenworth.' •
lb DRAKE called up the bill for the re
lief t &QUM contractors for the conistrno•;.
' tiord-Vessels end: steamers' machinery.
He iid:the contractors had been unfairly
treakl by the Commission appointed by
the st-of March-2d,- who. reported favora
bly* regard to ilk trim-clads built in the
Eashuid unfavorably to the rest, they
havig been in the West; that all the con
itracks desired was permission to go to the
• Courof Claims and establish their cla ims,
i IitirCHANDLER, as a member of the
li late pmmittee on the Conduct of the War,
1 • recoketed that the inyestAgation showed a
miner of western iroh blads - would not
floatehen finished, and after expensive al=
terabns they were worse than before. In
repl:to Mr. Drake, he Said he could not
recoect that those named in the bill were .
4 ,' amcg them, and believed the responsibil
i ity 'ached to the Navy Department.
IL FRELENOHUYSEN, representing
the issenting members of the Committee
e, - on heal Affairs, opposed the bill, claiming
e.' thathere was no evidence before Congress
-': thathe decision of the Commission against
'I this aim was riotjust.l He explained that:
~: the avernment% had allowed them five
1 millns on their claim which was fourteen
s "lba
rru s, and the bill recently passed gave '
li " t li cil l o,ooo arta'. tholritrestigation. -„
Mi HENDRICKS advocated the bill.
N. Heed the contractors, by reason of delay
y on ti part of tho 'Government in • fat'nish
-0 ing sacifroations, &c., had been subjected
k th great loss from the riseln gold and
1 oo aently in nutterral. ,
, -Mr OWE offered an amendment for bid g such reference ;of any' claim' by
w•SectrarCo.., of the 'Atlantic Run Works, -,
and named. ,
1 . •1115 HENDRICKS moved to amend by
'acid* the words "upon any vessel upon
II wide an allowance , was 'Tmade by the
ißoar orgrized•under the "act of March
,-- .tftr further ' debate, '', Mr. Hendricks'
' • awament to, the Amendment was adop-
S.: td—l3 to 19, and.M.r._Howe's amendment
ti - glen adopted as amended, and the bill
' —2.1 to 17. ~ ;, -• • • •.. ,
b . . thebill supplementaryto the act to pro
-4" vie hat National currency be • secured by
4 ailtge of United States bonds; and Minn
•-- vie Pr the circulation' thereof; approved
4 -.'
416:81, 1864, ivist;taken on. The lanes-
WI son , the
.emendnient of Mr. Mor
t ill, of Verinont, as follows: And on the
limp ,Many, increase of national circulation
wrldel in this xection, the Secretary of
1 tii Trasury is hereby authorised. and 're.
aired o permanently withdraw an equal
sjountof United States notes. ,
id3RTOßgate notice .wherf in
cder hi will move to add the folldwing:
Ad theUnitedStatesnoteese retired stall
et be chained by sale of bonds, but shall
1 takenfroth fonds In the Timely, col
- tted the ordinary way. 'l. .
Kr. W..B'addreased the Senate in fai , or
(the .impositiore_ of the :Committee; to
ke timtwer,ity'rnillion increase.-
e 'dMate' Was continued by Messrs.
• 11, .Usnklii_ qg arid resaenden.
.- CAMERON . Moiled to ' table the
" -Th),4ixdied to defer all such ,pubjects
. til alter the election. _
The motion was rejeated-14 to 24.
14‘LarAINESFobiamed leave to intro
s:9 a resolution which was adopted , in
, tt thk_cbilleflp Embassy to, visit the
- on - Wednesdaynext. _ 1
, -.4 motion toAdjimm'vras rejecte d. -
tlifX• MORBl,l4.l.oBltmendmept to the cor-i'
, envy deism rejected- 1 10 against V.'" ,i .
Mr.: DAVIS offered the following: ad a
abating(' fora section by inverting that
"ere shall be withdrawn ,hy the Comp ;
roller of Currency from the Banks of any
late or Territerrthat, may have - been . in
Irma' of 'cireulating notes upon The prin..
tple or theirdtatribution , art zegulated by
ho..same rules .adoptedby the Treasury
Department; the/ circulation "so withdrawn
iHali be slistriinnad `by the Comptroller, of
purrency arnongthe. National :Banks 'in
inch States_ And - Territories as mayhave
Jess than theiscpieper proportiOn of.4heir
drculating notes.- ' t
. ,
•He watt abbot to addresi the Senate, but
Meldedd U. a motion to adjourn, which pre
t'ta 26. -
Amending hoMesteAC l law.
Amen; hrtherfroorpna set:
Also, to , stink felonies and , rnisdamea,..
Hors and reitu . late Pererapteri challengos
In United *gig
For divisiiin of Texas and admission to
hetUnion "j
zs the Secretary of. War . . 145 dd
oortainerumume •to the States of •Ar-
XatutW Lotffidatus, North carOlint.•South
" I rt i !rN 9e o hitattnW
l Florida, he ins of pnthe,Othemiiitantgavernmifilts
E , To *tilde for the construction cis wagint
Aload through,Maltn,iBl Montana end 8 1 .010 -
';•tee , Tirrithilsou. : • , •
TQ.Cingte, the efficiency of, th e' :Met
Cc aae iacorning the natur4lstjoit cif tog
The ;esolution introduad 4a
t " -fic Vto °len % iTti - ' 4 1 95 ""e
ton rinikt) y yernme
it Washington came up - and passed nude
lu rf
gery4on of tAtt regions question
iess7fiim• - •
7 •Mre B liAl.MS,' offered the , iialloVi ism!.
• htiotralut shnomyloon
move] g
Xesolsed, Thatlfithe 33
/Muse WitilLinnietrALSOrtOugtoes in N
. ...I, . I
t. 3.1 ,
tladd revenue* IS - de* iliaievution of
taxes - on distilled - spirita and' tobacco until
the same can be accomplished by a general , .
revision of the internaVievenue
and the Committes i of Nor Fond Means is
hereby instructed to report without delay a
separate bill fer4herevisionottaxes on the
manufacture and; sale of &Salted spirits
- lfr33l3lfillikli raipieriteAlfer hope that,
the resolution,would mot be insisted on.
•IThe SPEAKER stated debate was not in
Mr. SCHENCR.deelared - the Calamities
could not make a revision as soon as it
could get through with the ordinary bill.
toThe pretribtur question - was •S9loncled-611
Mr. PILE moved to lay the resolution on
Attetable—yeas 68, nays 71 =•
Mr. SHENCK moved to reconsider the:,
vote on seconding the previous question.
He desired eto know whether. the House
would, before disposing of this question,
ramie to' hear the nine gentlemen who
had been appointed a Committee of Ways'
and !deans. [Loud,calls to order.] _
The SPEAKER interrupted Mi. Schenck
and announced that ne was not in order.
Mr. SCHENCK said, (amid much uproar
and excitement,) I knoW lam not. I only
want' to say " this because we are choked
down without , opportunity to sav a word in
explanatilarc _ ...• • .
Mr. WAST9IB3IIfRNE, Ill—l want to call
the attention of the country to the fact that
we have just voted scmillion dollars - Of ex
tra pay to clerks in Washington, and lam
opposed. to contiutiing„the session to put .
additional taxes on the people to pay this.
[Confusion and excitement.]
Mr. MAXNA,RD moved to reconsider the
Note refusing to lay The resolution On the
table and proposed to discuss.
The SPEAKER informed him the motipn
was undehafable.
Mrc WASHBURN moved to lay.the mo
tion to reconsider on the table. Carried
-71 to 62. •
Mr. SCHENCK remarked his motion to
reconsider the vote seconding theprevious
question was in order, that he might make
•tui-exiilanation. • ' * '
Mr. MAYNARD moved the House ad
,Mr. iiiiliiFißlYßNE-'-.Does that motien
come from the Committee of Ways and
Mr. IfAYNARD-2-Yes; and I give notice
that all theCommlitee of Ways and. Means
to ;be: 'beard on this question.
[Delloto °Taal • e '
The SPEAKER called Mr. Maynard 'to
order, nd infbrmed him thit if he persisted'
in. speaking when, to debate *tor in order
he would present the case to.the House.
"Mr. FARNSWDRTII—I Mak unanimous
•consent of the House that the Committee of
WaYii anti; Means inay he heard, for five to•
ten minutes.
Mr. HARLAN—I_ object.
Mr, SCHENCK—I ask the, yeas and niwa
on themotion to adjenrn. -
The question was taken and the Hottse
refused to adjourn--V) to 103. ,
Mr. PILE asked unanimous consent that
the Chairman - of the Committee of Ways
'and Means be allowed fifteen minutes for
an explanation. _L , •
Mr. BUTLER said—Yes, provided some
body be allowed to answer. •
Mr. BENJAMIN—I object.
The question being on Mr. Schenck's
motion to reconsider the vote seconding the
previous question. Mr. STEVENS, of Pa..
moved to lay the motion on the table.
Agreed to—yeas 63, pays 52. , .• ;
Mr. SCDFIELD moved- to suspend go
: rules so as teallow the Committee of IYays l
and McallS half an hoar to speak.,,en the
question 7 and 7 the opponent '
s` anoter . leaf
:hair. Agreed to. •
After an hour's debate, during which
speeches were made by lessm 'Shanks,
Butler, - Schenck, - Price' and' - Prep), the
House passed a resolution instructing the
Committee of Ways and Means to ,report a
separate bfil'fbr therevisicm of the tax on
the matafactitire and sale of distilled spirits
and tobacco-74 to 63.
The SPEAKER laid befbre House a mes
sage from the President, enclosing a report
from the &crawl of the-Interior. •He
says the treaty recently concluded between
the United States and the Great and Little
Osage Indians, was subtaitted to the Senate
prior tothe resolution bT thellonse on the
subject. The message*te referred to the
Comnritferi on Indian 4 - fidra, with leave to
report at any time on the subject of treaty.
Mr. SCHENCK offered the following prfi.
elution: - . •
/Resolved, That after the • report of a tax
bill by the Committee of Ways and Means,
in pursuance of the order-just passed,no
other Inertness shall be In order' but the
consideration of.the bill so reported by the
said Committee, except from the Ortifteit--
tee otrenrolled bills. - 0
This witrodopted under a riturppsion of
lit rules ::. - • • ' • • •
On motion of Mr. ELLIOTT, the - river
and harbor bill was made the special order
for to-morrow in the gilouse as inColt-,
mittee 9f ths.Whple undorthelly9 minute
rule:' - '
Mr. SCHENCK, in reply to a question,
said lithe Committee ofr v itT s, 3 and Means
was required. to report on distilled
spirits and tobacco, they Won d soon make
a report; but if they were required to re,
port the various portions of the bill relating
fp those eabjecta, and dovetait
_them togeth
,Az go tell -h o w 130.1144itiite 11,11111 th ILO could not
tell - how long it would be.
The Senate bill relating to the contested
elections in Washington was taken up, de
batod 'welt* IPtootee Ond:Mliqdrmineti
fottito'itventY-filk. •
Mr. LOGAN moved a suspension - of- the
rules to enable offer a preambletand
resolution providing for the appollitenent
of a committee 4 re tqjminire into the
propriety and expediency of removing the,
seat of govegnmeut to a ;pint near the geO-•
graphical center of the Republic. - 1
This thetatoluca .:'. volumed:44mm 43, nays
67. "
Mr. SCHOEUILD ailkeilliblinimone con
sent to offer a resolution authorizing the
Coftiniff teerotWays andilslbaiti to - Mein&
in the new tax bill thp subject of mineral.
oil. `.- ` -?‘ 1 '''''' la'';' , . _:_ F , ..
Messrs. MAYN AR D and srALDING ob
jected. _.,- ... ..•• a i , ;,) ' . r
- I
AlfrilgC7lol4ELD moved to inspendl the=
, 4
es, but the House refused. :
Mr. BHT ftpWied tooPoPe ve ljfi,theo7B
to d the'duiritte6 of 1116 'Wh le
from the ', ill 'ftipifioprlatinipAooo, le
the India • fir ission whfoh was agroied
and tile.ill*Ned.'" '. -'' '-' '
Mr. ROBINSON, by unanimous consent,
offered a resolution ~requesting the , Prost
denttO tan/measures to secure the_release
from imprisonment of Wurpn. and. Cos
tello, convicted aildisaatiineeain 0 / 44 S t'
taro for words and acts spoken and ddn el •
the ppited /Rate s , en d t i , take ineegures CS
pecurl ttireirArati r f a , fo,itt i rj W . Wiebtaue,i
ceremonies as may berop p ristn to thb
occasion.. The resolution-wiappdopted.
Mr. BINGHAM Moved to reconsider tbe
vote bv which the twenty per mut. joint
rebollitiolecias peeled; ,
The motion was entered. i
/Writ Mina% ofObirre,-moced to sus
pend the rules or the purpose of offerin i s
a resolution lt rplating,totbe_ tion
Soltithho - D4r.. sod . other ' par sems.l • - ge nth:
Carolina: Z.inf_k , cl - ) ..I , ,ci v , t - ,
pending the vote t he Hoye , e adf oun ia t
,A4NI/1 , 11 k . _ ii - -V. --( ,,,v '
~—Oszkfikantiras iniNew York-lionds
Ana atteadetinaminaust nieeci. yl
..., . ..:1 7 ...-1 :•: ; t r 1... : , 1, ~.11.,..:
~,..`,,tt...,..t.rt •.••:Z. , . 3 . t -. .--01e.,...47.ty
re 4 Cw y M' T ~li9w+' :
Office iltisimeis 7 7111.uniored Res
ignation—The fitutratt Trial—
Proposed Revolving Fort.
Tulegrarth to the Pittsburgh Gazetio.)
The President to-day withdrew from the
'Senate the nomination of 'General Mott as,ltipa, At his own yequest,
oirricit nrstivisa:
Relay* to the General !land
,Office show
Unit during May two hundred and eighty-,
six farms, comprising over twenty , thou•
sand acres, were added to the productive
area of Arkansas.
itdatiiitED-niit OVATION.
Runioss have been in circulation that
tk M. Clark; Of the Bureau of Printing in
_Treasury •Department; - has resigned,
,but. nothing yery, • definite ,can be &seer
aimed With regard thereto ; except that sev
erill-da - ego Clark' intimated to Secretary
MoPulloch his resign upon the
close of an examination into the atra of
his .Burean by a special Committee to
beAppeinted_by the fiecVetary for th at pur
l:Klee, and ' an &mount of stock duly made
and reported. No such Committee has yet
been appeinted, although it is believed such
action will be takeri, and that Mr. 'Clark's
resignation will soon be tendered.
• 'Setiattir Nye v s bilrintroduced to-day is
for an inquiry into the cost of construnting
a revolving fort t ., at the ,entrance of New
York Harborvand gives authcitity• tor ex
The Sarratt trial ba4 been postponed till
nest Monday, the Government notbeing
ready to melted.
Commissioner hotline reposes to answer
Secretary 11cCullogh's last communication.
Republiean..Conntf- Convention—Stamina
Rona for the senate and House.
[Special 'Dispatch to Pittsburgh Gazette.
'BUTLER, PA., Sane 15, 1868.
The Butler County Convention was held
today in the Court House, there being a
largp,..attendance and much interest was
manifested in the proceedings. The candi
dates were numerous and•embraced many
of the most prominent names in the ()minty.
A set of resolutions endorsing the nomina
tion of Grant and Colfax, and the entire
proceedings et the Chicago National Con
vention.. were adopted. A resolution friend
ly to Mr. Curtin was voted down. '
atTM- Satnes Xeri,'oriEfitiriaville, was non*
mated for the State Senate; :William
C.4dains; ofFairview, and AleiMuler Les
lie, of Middlesex township, were nominated
for 'Assembly. • ' •
E. 31cJunkm received the county iaomi=
nation foiCongreas, and the conferees; were
instructed to vote for him first, last and all
the time, tie matter who else may be put
forward for the nomination. 11.
The Expected Ra idin 'Canada—Ample
• Preparationg.
(By Telegripb to Plttsburgis Oazette. j
TORONTO, June 15.--The volunteers and
regulars haVe been actively preparing fbr
any emergency, in consequence of Fenian
rumors. A brigade, will be stationed in
eaehof tho cities of Toronto, Hamilton and
London, while forces will be placed at Cal
lingwobd and exposed points, and reserves
organised to take the, field if, necessary.
Completeprovisibri is made for any sad
den attack or raid.;:
Government umceri Convicted or Fraud
[ByTeiegrubb to the , Pittsburgh Gazette.] -
RICEIMO24D, Juno 18.-'--"rhe case 'of John
H. Anderson, Collector of the Fourth -Dla
trict,-and others, charged with Conspiracy
ftsidefrandihe GoOrnment, - wits'amcloded
before Judge Chase to-day. A verdict of
guilty was rendered against Anderson, Col
lector, .Robert gElleotn iirlspector, and
Gonldman and Patterson, Assistant In
spectors Sentence was passed as follows:
Anderson fined tilo,ooo and two years lin
pristmment; El nun fined lIMOO acid two
years imprisonment; Patterum - ditto;
Gouldman fined:l2,ooo and two years lin
,prisonment. ' - •
tay Tempel:lh to the flttatrurgh Gazette.l
*Lotturvinr.E, June 15,—The name of Maj.
General T. W. Crawford, now commanding
at this post,, pears in' the lista a:commit
tee - :appognted at' Philadelphia on the , ,lOth
inat.,,toadirance thwelaitna of Mr. Chase to
the. Presidency. The use of Gen. Crawford's
;VoUte in ttiliftionneetton:WA WAlioat
hie "authority, as he is known here to be
earnestly in' favoreof the election of General
Grant,.. and the success of, the prin4l4l3
nouncedln the: Chl6ao platform:
qiplielTrigaf ,21 13. .•rtt!ab,tqllb Pa, zotto.l ' , .2 , , ;
• zw Citmumvs. June 16.—Generai Bii-•
chamm,has ,releasedAhe bl,e‘KiVripans Gas
CoMpahrfrom life ACtien of Gehetal Bank's
der„,ef 1844. „reqol ri pg t.henktow tratukfer
to they QPlterumet t ersA „ Department all
stock kfandihkln'the name of persons •In
thikoittipkmilitary,soro j iceof;the rebellion.'
''Ph'natiattratiett OrAtsto.ogleteledid.not
take place to-day as called for in Roglater
•ramtprOSlMAclakiation t :.; .'l„.l..!it;t:l .
__........_.. , 1
........... _....... i •
1 4 A ~/ ;f i r r l i lk9 r fK i f a avo. , 4 1 *.lik A 1
[u „, y'Tetegrapn'io'tnie Pittsburgh gazette.] , I
C PALl7lol4,,',Xtilie i ‘lo.::, W. ,ttdidert,
00ertlefeleet;hisinui•ti proclamation. to-
Inorrow,loonireningthe , 9enerel, Meeintily
"On thelst'Of,July; -The:o/080ra will . .bl;=ln
etalled, it bianderstoodo as their dhutbilitiae
have been Temoveki except snail' 0; are al - -
rnady ualltied 4 , who, It Is. preanmed - vii I
' p comp! f • lvith , the slaw of ' . POPltriif 'Mt
i i
a, '. ..,.,, , ': - ' l '.l'.
bi:iiitorppi iracceilp ? -,,:, y ~;- .. I ,
,:tot Tifeig4ptkictoiottannikkosiettii.i3,-,:,, , r
~,t t.onpigAscrecti.A.Tufl6ls;wieifitict Win
teaatigl i ttthl ;belt, elf t ha l lipir reed
tngwid tali Tett itatirlitif, Which
::.tifer,ltioV. Ilii - t'a - veto, 1 *se
tided to by the kienutleAgOriiikiarkithti
gall required, and is not a lawi, T. K - ....*
Thleobliirebti f i lr ok• ~Wane Hon
bring° our 411111VSFillfrt!!!
.. • 1
Lt.iza •
a i s te2
WAsurrroitiN t June 15, MIS
VoutikrAVON WlTErinAvm. ,
TEE .7 S.
.1 AM Senteaced.
New Orleans Matters.
glty:7llloapk toj ,
I.lllllok. JllllB ,
steamer' has
arrived here from Oro. She brings ,
the foildWitiiinteh ): After the heavy
bombardment.of Eta -ea the Allies made
a combined attack on the rear ' elf tho posi
tion to gain posseasion.of.theibrest of Gran
Chascoe, and thereby cut offtho• communi
cation of the Paragwvalle. The assault
was repulsed after a desperate engagbinent,
and the Allies: vim w ere oompolled-torelimmialt
tho attempt. The siege of Humainv still
continued, an the fortreha v Closely in
vested by landmad water.;
LoNnorir,lnne 15,—1n tbe House of Com
mons this evening the Secretary for For
eign Alruin, Lord Stanley, said the Egyp•
tuui Government entertainedn planter the
establishment of courts of lave-to protect
the rights of residents in Egypt 'of foreign
birth, and tbat the Viceroy was desirous of
carrying the measure into effect.
Jthie Thii-I§terth German
Parliament has passed thetill authorizing
the Government to raise a loin, the proceeds
to be applied to the enlargement and lin•
provemeut of the Federal navy.
LONDON, Junel6—Ecening.—The steamer
Cella arrived, yestet clay.
LONDON, JuiM 16.—ConsoIs or money,
94g. Aceounts;943o96.' Bonds, 77%87734:
LrvEnvooL, June 15.—Cotton irregular;
sales of 10,009 balesvaplanda,
Orleans, togand. - Petroleum firm. Sugar
20s. Od.; to arrive, Xs. Linseed 625. •
—The steamer Colorado from Liverpool
arrived at New York yesterday.,
-,Twenty-three -lives were :lost" on the
bark Istria, wrecked off Hatteras.
-•-The annual Convention of the National
Board of }ire Underwriters meets at Balti
more to‘day. ' • •
—A call has been , issued at Buffalo, N,
Y., for a Convention'or Canal men to nom
nate a State ticket. -
—The Montreal Canads)Tferatd believes
that the United States will not permit any
serious movement by the Fenians.
—The health of New York city continues
- good. The .deaths last week.-numbered
only three hundred and ninety-two.
. FL
committed *Weld
Sunday, while la
—At Ninws
tic Base Bull Ulu
of five innings, •
Score-30 against
E. A ckennail l
pick in a saloon
ow; condition.
--Albert Sant.' Provhlonde, R.
porjury in takin .
held in $40,000
of Common Ple
=At Woonso !
Caii4ey;. n serv!
do.g i ti Monday,
a cill , of burning I
using to kindle a
=At Grand .11,4 1
severe storm on ';
Van Zanwick w
Nkur:/..anwialc an
wore instantly k
=The NOrthe
with the stoic of L
at Enfield, N. H.
Loss Mostly in
aniountingto abo
—The bark
bound to MO% j
on the night of t
eleven of the or!
were saved by
wreck. - • -
Hatreic r the cant
•fiaturday, the to,
latter two years.
IhvOrable engage
them for the pr
—The award o
Ing the overlan
Carlton Shields
fern's Stage Co
thousand della
the line ten hand
—The Naval 0
- rived at West. 3 I"
the praetlelfleet
plebe on Monde
diploma% ma
of Visitors, deliv{
fire broke nt Botta' dining saloon,
in Elmira, New ork, Sunday nig hty total
ly destroying tb , - , bulidlOg ,and also de
atroying two g • ery stores, a tobacco idore
and,wbolesale li nor- store, the atiook of
Which Wag nearl" all
_Taw Soso„
1316,000; %OM ' •
—The .examination thq ease of Collep-,
tor Salley, of the 'Votirth"Dlatriet. New
York, oharged With -perjury-by one Davis,,
yeiterday resulted-.ln- the honorable:die
,c4arge 91 the wanted« Davls wow antse l
,quently arrested and" hold In $l,®G bait on
.a renewed charge of perlury,
e. moulding, aud—planiog '1331L1 pf
John L. l l.ompn Wykolf street, Brook
lyn, Wow desttoyed' last evening:
several adjoining; ; baildings,:soactipied as
storesund tetterbenthoalieb, were burned.
• 4_0_1e1.109. 000 , whidif Poordisiustaltut Ittu r
boot Co
Co, sash dpd blind mditafiteto
-17. 3 1 ../1 0 9 0 .. • • „ -
' —The London pre s s is gratified over t he
appointment of Reverdy Johnston , to the .
Mart of St. James. The Daily Nowa doe:,
"Th e long experience and training and
high character-'of Severdy 44:11Instark late
guarantees that he will represent the
u3d States ad a whole l and not seetionally.” l
The Times says: ,",No envoy pouAd be sent
whayronld be hailcid,Witti more onididendel
SS spawn:den of ripest nation. - The unant4
MODS ratification of his nomination is an
unexampled tsad p h o
mocish ul it i liot
admirably trained tir the ‘l2
or probable *RP* With iMPitrtielitY, Igo
ty of character, breadth of learning
charm ofmatiner.V
- , .1 , I•t 't . ' I,,Lk , i i
FiretITSATII Albt!lit Pia. 10 , 0404 .4 , ,
iliy 4iielirilili tcthii i itestiiiibiugeiie.i.l, -,-4 1
. .
PuitautilLyuta, .I:Arke ms___ A 4 ..,...,„.„ 2
riot occurred to-dalyilba,QA 4 Vr"
=eV .. kdyyfahl ll . ~. 1
B ev - - pe ... c - t•,., .. . . lt
lgial.ran tIP/ . • ',, . , .. ,tif#
. . ,f'.-' '. . •
.. r• , 1" ,r . + l ,
9.1 31.
11? IssUitt?:' , 7l '
' a real estate broker,
at Osage, Near York, on
ring under religious In-
1 1b, yesterday, the Atlan
of Brooklyn, In tigaule
!at the Young Canadians.
likyas scabbed'' an ice
te-Papbn* et " 'Sunday .
! inlying in s< anger-
d, 'Chief of Pollee of
has been charged with
the debtor's oath, and
s for trial •in the (hart
• et, R - : cattuulio Mc
t air], was bottled to
.rning by . the explosion of
fluid, of which she was
en, 'Michigan, during a
unday, the house of Alex.
struck by lightning. and
a lad named ilalgovin
railroad freight house
idgo, Davis tt
were burned yesterday.
rOola and woolen goo&s,
pit 020,000. •
via, from New Orleans,
I. as wrecked' off Hatteras
1. e Oth. 'The Captain and
w were drovitied. Four
aging to portions of the
:e Phillips and Was Minnie ,
trim, sailed for - Europe on
er tostay ayear, and tho
XicatE have haul tendered
onto, but have 'declined
ott.' •
. _ .
the-contract fbr,convey
-1 California mail was to
litChleatpk i not of the Cali
' ny=the- rate beinct one
per day and the length of
andrietenty4ive miles. .
11, data from, Annapolis ar
int Son. , , paqrning on'
A forma reception took
Gen. Grant awarding the
3f. Vopprie, of the Board
firing the oration to grad-
Reformed :Presbytery of Pittsburgh --Cale
Presented:—Presbytery. Suspends her
Relation to General Synod.
The Pittsburgh Presbytery of the Re
Presbyterian Church held a speciid
meeting in Rev.' John McMillanis
Church, Allegheny, last•'evening. Rev.
Robert McMillan, the Moderator, consti
tuted the Presbytery by prayer. Two calls
--ono from Neshannock Lawrence countY ,
and another from Fairview, Beaver county
—were presented to Mr. .1. G. Boyce, a
licentiate under the care of the Presbytery,
and by him respectfully declined.
Rev. John McMillan then offered a pnper,
which declared the relations between the
Presbytery and the General Synod are sus ,
pended until the leto action of Synod in
the case of Gee. H. Stuart, Ea' q., be re
versed. The paper is an follows:
Wunltgais, The General Synod of the Ile
formed Presbyterian Church, at 'its last
mooting hold at Pittsburgh, did,ln the moat
disorderly, illegal, cruel, partial and out
rageous manner resolve to _ , suspend Mr.
George - H. Stuart from office and number
ship in the Church, contrary to all the
forme, order and precedents that have ob
tained in the administration of discipline
in our ecrilesiastical organization; and
Wunneas, By a subsequent resolution, it
WWI ordered by Synod that all Sessions
and Presbyteries be directed to carry out
the law of the Church in accordance with
the deliverances of Synod in this anspen-
Dion oi Mr. Stuart; and
WitellEAS, This Preshytery regards the'
action of Synod in said ease as contrary, to
the received standards of our Church a look
of Discipllue, the terms of communion, the
formula of Ordination, and numerous acts
upon the records of tho General Synod,nnd
regarding the whole proceedings as , arbi
trary and injurious to the cause of Our Lerd
Jesus Christ and aubversion of the Perinx.,
vent obedience which we owe Him as the
great king and only head an&law-giver'of
the church; therefbre,
Radioed, That the Presbytery maintain
, ing our long established and • well under
stood position, and endeayoring to carry
put our principles, doctrine, order, dimi
pline and government as heretetbre, do,
hereby suspend our relatioas to said Synod
until the aforesaid action be resoinded, or
until we obtain further'' light—
and in the meantime we remain
in the Reformed Presbyterian Church,
maintaining andendeavoring to inter
pret and develop() her great ' (and
glorious principles in their proper applica
tion" to the age , and country in which we
live, of which we are cordial and loyal citi
zens—trusting that ere long those who have
trampled on our constitution and our laws,
and have perverted our Order and disci
pline, will revoke their unjust and illegal
acts, and concur with' us in the views we
'have thus announced in our solemn pro
test against the • unworthy action of the late
General Synod. ,
Rev. Gee. Scott, D.D., most cordially sec- i
ended the paper . The action was pallid., 1
unjust ille galand outrageous. ,
• ' Dr. Doug as thought the paper was not 1
"'courteous enough towards Synod. Presby
levy had a right to express its d'nweat or
disapprobation of the action of mod in
the case. But to characterise it as antral
aeons, de., to tbe - "mother" of whom so i
much had been said on other occasions.
Rev. John Algeed said if the paper should
be passed it mould leave us at loose ends:
We would have no fellowship with anybody
of cbristians.
Mr.WM'Early wan b Maio•
0. , •
u - ,
principle of the church and carrying out
the law so long as it remained in force. • ,
Mr. J. M. 'retitle was ottehished•to hear
what some members had said on the floor
of the Presbytery.: , Ten years ago he was
not a member :of :the Reformed Presbyte
rian Church. When 'he entered her he
was taught that the Scripture Psalms.nly
were to besting. He had heard ministers
debarring those from the communion table
who sang anything but the Scripturepatilms.
Mr. Thomas Smith said he could agree
with some things in the paper;but if he
had a vote 'he could not give it for its pas-
sage. He could not see why there was so
much ado about this came try thePresbytery_
when it had refused within:the last six
months to remove the suspension , pro
flounced upon Rev. D. Kennedy, for a lest
aggravated offence. He did not think that
suspension should have been prenounced
in either case. ' •
Rev. J. F. Hill said it was a remarkable
coincidence that the Synod had persistently
refused to visit' censure on those who bad
violated the law, and that at the late meet
ing two-thirds were found willing to visit•
judicial censure on the alleged violators or_
the law. . • ; _
Rev. John McMillan said the. Modenstor
ofthe Synod announced in private conver
sation that they had come prepared to put
all men in their pror places. He desired
to have the standards of the church remain
as they are. He wished!. each brother to
interpret them for himself. He did not
wish to throw men out •of the church be
cause they bad on some '
.occasions; sung
hymns. He thought the Church should be
Rev. Thos. Johnston °Cored i the follow
ing enbstitute:'
_, , • -
That whereas thi s Preabytery ia called
upon to define her position in reference to
the 'recent action of the General Synod, by
which Goo. H. Ste Wart was summarily sus
pended from eldership and membership in
the Church—end •the subordinate judica
tories, directed to proceed withall similar
eases in secordance with this precedent.
Demlved, That in the view of, this Pres
, bytery the said action of Synod was wijust,
cruel,unkesibyterial,, and pubvereive. of
the interests ,' and
• unleria' repealed' subver
sive of the existence of the church to which
we belong. •• - ; ' •,, • ' - •
2..Resolvici; That•We do not fitel bound,
bat utterly refine to execute the resolution
of• Synod, directing Presbyteries and Sea.:
alone to proceed with similar offende r s, ,in
accordance with the precedent established
in Mr. Stewart's case.. t 1 ,
',B, Readiva I ~,That, this Presbytery will '
labor by all suitable methods to secure the
repeal of the above action of Syn od. ' '
Thlis•paper watt not seeofide . - •The eines
tieWhaving been put mil the original paper,
itWas carried by a vote 'of 6 •to 4, one not.
• The Moderator having annottnced. that
this nation , suspended_Die relations of the
Presbytery Woe synod; Dr, Douglas said
he was for the union of the Church of Go&
and not for her disintegration.:. Ile did pot
believe they ehbuld commit suicide. ',' Thia
' act of secession his struck 'a blow to nnien,
• 'and he •woold announce-that' he still 're
mained.a member of the RefermedPresby-'
too' in connection with the General Synod..
litev. John Algood and Messrs. J. M. lui-
Atria and William Early wade similar„„,,de
pliratio s. •- , •-‘, ,- ••• ' , - I
Dr. meal Said timy .itio: remained in;
Sill re tion to the'Synetwould:expect to.,
retXtiv all the PresbyteliallPOPors. - ,,J '
, - Dr. Scott Naid,there was no : neceseltLtu , l''
divielon t 'that all Merishers'of the •-_,..;
, bytery were th eisainets before; only 1.!!!:
Huspendeditheiteetatione to Synod.' ... ' •
:;:Ravi.. , )J: P. Hill and Seibert •Mosi
• di ke d__te be teelleved from .seeir pa4cirak,
epergely,..,,_ , 'litho gequesNa , were l aid :. °II. they:
I '+'!" .4 " . ? .. `.l ~ , c. . ..' ~ efs , '' '.^".. '....' '.. --I ' l ‘ : r' i
• I ?,01,1bilfri-A4uPeat;; „i .
it three tiriftfiee months' 'IMW O f
^!-•'bilistt. Titer havirldx :I; if ••, • 7 t
1 agmla 'lttna..&-,..;,,,i ~...,.-4.;,,
~'~~, ~~''~,~. -~~".~~ ` Y ~Fi~w, ' '~'~.~~, ; ~,~~'dr ' ~ "" a .s : L. ~ , .eA. - r,."taßr R' tYr~:,,~'ar:~,?t~.a~e~ '?:
_.; - _.. _ .. .; - f ~ -~
•. ~ • F•.•
I ' I Wallidllgtqa Topics and Gossip.
Mr l , l Johnson hail-formally'tendered the
position of Attorney eteneratto Mr. Evart's.
and at gentleman will mica* the appoint
men , and will probibli be Confirmed.
Mr. McCulloch will resiiail about the end
of the month, and is deemed t Aulte probable
that Mr. Groesbeck will Rimed him, al
though the friends of R. J. lkalker are urg
ing his claims upon the PreSident.:
General Butler finished his report and
presented it to the Managem,yesterday. It
will go to the House either to-day or to
m rrow.
General Lorenzo Thomas at his own re
quest, has been sent on an ;inspection tour
in the South of our Nationakleemetries.
The Rational 21/tcliigenclm publishes a
huge editorial urging the I immediate re
moval of Secretary MoCnlldch.. The idea
is to make him responsible for certain very
bad appointments In various parts of the
country at present laid at the door of Mr.
The proposed increase of the pay of offi
cers of the* regular army - i4lll be opposed
and probably defeated In Ilk, Homo.
Mr. Johnson's friends haVe dropped Han
cock, and are now working for Mame and
against Pendleton.
Mr: Rolling i put in a rejoinder„ to Mr.
MoCulloch's last letter 3'esteiday. • A' splay
oorrespondenoe, is looked•for yet, and the
Secretary of the Treasury,;' ith both par
ties pounding him, will have ,to go • under
without doubt. 'l'
Senator Fessonden has received an invi
tation from shout one hundred Doiton Con
servatives to dine with tlietn; but 'ho will
decline in a respectful manner, as -he de
sires to, act with the Radicals upon all gen
eral I,
It is tho intention of ReVerdy Tehtiton,
the new , Minister to Faigland,lo leave for
his new field of duty aboutll the middip of
July. No change is to be Made in the Soo
retriry.of Legation. Mr. Johnson will ten
der his resignation as United States Bens-
tor, to the Governor of Maryland, in the
course of a couple of weeks. As the Leg
islature is not in sesslow,at r the present
time, the vacancy caused by Mr. Johnson's
resignation will be filled by fin appointment
from the Governor. 4 `
Sunday School Imilltnte. )
The Western Allegheny 'County Sunday
School Teachers' Institute held its last reg
ular, meeting on the llth and 12th init. at
Deer Creek U. P. Church, in West Deer
Township. -The meeting 341it'as' one of unu
sual interest, and a large end appreciative
audience was entertained with. speeches
and addresses throughout r the protracted
sittings of the Institute b' , the members
and other eminent friends lot the Sunday
School cause who were ptesenL Among
the latter were Rev. Josepli Little, Rev. J.
, S. Travelli, Rev. Alex. MeLaughlin, Mr.
Archv Marshal and cgheis.- The- next
'ileunpa of
Uttiou the Institute grill be held in
t Wee. U. P. Churelii Pine township,
on Thuriday, the 4th of Oetober
The well on the Talinnuct' Farm,lJpper
Cherry Run,
...owned by ,Thompson An
drews, was producing at :Ole rate of one
hundred and twenty-fivelfbarrels per day
last week. The wells on ? "sea Nos: 110
and ill; on the same farniiiii, improving.
On_the Story Farm anew - UM', lotaited near
the.old heridan z well wait:struck on Tires-
Abby itinirnect hY the Coltuniii4 Oil
Company, and is rpportei , to be prodUcing
one hunclred and ninety barrels per day.
Gone to Williamsporthe .Tune session
of the United States Cir Obit and District
Courts'commenced at Williamsport yester
day morning. Judge 'McCandless, Marshal
Rowley, Mailer Atterney " ; Carnahan; S. C.
McCandless, Fag : , Clerlfr, of the District
Court, together with a nu.Mber of attorneys
and jurymen summoned from this vicinjty,
left on Friday and - Saturday for Williams
Newport Bridge.--W., 'Qtuner Roberts,
Esq., left yesterday in tuasirer to a telegr?.m
from the Congressional Coinmittee, - bayng
under consideration the building of the
bridge over the Ohio riveritt Newpcift. A.
committee representing the river interests
of Cincinnati are also there] attending COW,
same case.. • I
The grounds at, Harrisbutg for the Stnte
Fair next . Fall embrace sixty-five acres, '
and are within easy . reach of the street ars
and Pennsylvania railroad. • A milehorse
track is being laid out, and the necessary
btdldings Will 'soon be erected. -
t man was arrested last } Week in Oil City
for being drunk, and confined in the loek
up.- Yesterday inornin,il i it was uotii2ed
that he was unwell, , an at about: three
o'clock ho was Ibund dead; •
A little girl in Youngsill e, Nyarren!xmn
ty, has'a remembrance string twelt , c; arid a
half feet long and conhaining 851 buttons, but
nolvio alike. 4 .
. .
The good people of Tituiville are bestir
ing themselves with a yleW -of I havinan
old fashioned celebratio . n, next Four th of
July. - - • I
A .shaft is being Sunk :on the farm of
John Cope, East Etradihrdi Chester txmnty,
in. search of gold. - - •, 4
' idempute;:jteie 15.--Cotton; ' the market
is Sat and there is. nothing doing; the .re
ceipts today amounted to! p bales, and
'experts Were 18 bales. 'Fleur is dull, with
sales of superfine being : made_ at e7,50a8.
Pork; small sales were made early --in the
day at $29,50 for meas. - Bacon; shea
are held at 133(e,'and clear sides 'at'l
Lard litheld'et 19a2L10 . " , Cern; the mark s'is
dull and heavy, with sales of mixed Weide
ern at 950. .oatrr, the market , is steady and
quiet, and' sales were made at 800 for west
ern, in store. Hay awl* botight‘t I S 4B.
Bran is held at Gornfideal;•__Beleew n ?
Made at 114,28a4,50.' New Pc' Sat?" are se l l'
ing for gs,so. r
• alms , !tartlet.
CP) , Teieilapta to the ruotanta posette.3
Bliiiskutrosi.ltinal&—Flour la dull and
unnhan i e d„ -wheat iti rttllet and a shade
bettor with sales at 41.87)4 for No , 2 , and
Iva- 'for N a Oats t the market d
and sa les' were made of No. 2'at 05tq7 a.
Corn is quiet at 850 fer No; 2. The
barrels" pot raranq:roult . 4Oura - Were , .
dear. .27,0 w btu dials wheat, B,"
thrshelseatrk and 8;000 iresheie. eere; - The
o hiwepte were3,ooobartelit floor, mul:100
,4 1 ! • z
Ai No w i tltrinans illultet. -, -,... ' l - 4
ter Telesis,* to tto mumoreitemotl3.'.l:.ii
Nrkw .04144115. Julie, ia.-4104pn valet
and ' 'Shia ' f;' saddling, Wife; 'wan 780
WNW rem_pholso. baler.. steill=s
Vas-24erir VedkatestexeasposefS
i t
. .1 1 r e gEguiptr.NIA..s . 9,1_arertochut ' it
. !Kra • amt . :, unmans,
40 4 10 t ,4 . :fdlediioL 2, thde l doll - Jur la ..
Bacon firmer; shoulders 'AWN tdellti NI
/73007 1 M. lall *MI _UStfat "-keg 2Nl‘.
1.... . \:;.r.t. re , :, 1 tl. ::.; , , ~.- ; -.. 4, - . z. -• , •,. zoi ,