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Daily PraYer licetla g — a l l'Otas32 X. to
IWO o'clock at;theMest ;ray Fifth
Erect; next dPor to GAZirTionice.
The . AdagidoA of Au. Sainte Church
- tthoothOL- '•*•oetpcuied—Trostees to the
Gen eral'lteal Semintry—Vialt to
.1111toon.- 111004 e of OttleereaAdjourn
313ent tt ll3 thle 9y-.1509.
-...., ..•
Oonviiintion met at nine o'clock A. it.,
) •:1 2 11ahop .11(sribot in the chair.
An hour was spent indevationaleaercises,
alter which the Convention was called to
Order. The minutes of thesessionsof the.
p receding day were read, corrected , and ap
. The Secretary was instructed to call the
names of clergy and lay deputies, ivhd had
failed to answer at any of the previous ses
Mons of the Convention. .
' The Chair announced that under the rules
theunfinished election, which' was post
lioni .
from yester day afternoon, would be
a i d
taken up. - ,
- ''" '• n. Howe Suggested that the Chair
should ,change its
_ruling, on the matter in
,regard to the election. He thought that the
! question of the admission of All Saints
eh` oh had been made the special order,
at thus had priority;over the unfinished
elaction._ -
' - ..The.Pbair declined, td.change the rating,
*noti-Ahlch P. M. Hutohinson,-Esq., moved
that tip unfinished election be further post
poned,: and that' the subject under discus
•-.- Glom a l the time -of adjournment yesterday
• t -
`afternoon,; the 'admission. of All' Saints
• ,chitgch, be resumed. , . • '
`. 7 rilt - ..t .- *O-fhfirttesiote being necessary, a di
. vision VMS called, when forty-eight voted for
the motion and`fourteen in opposition there.
.•-.. So the motion preVailed.
. The chair then announced that the (Ines
_ tion now before the Convention was the ad.'
„"niattion of All Saints church. , ,
Rev. Mr. Pardon, frOm Titusville, tho ught;
, the question was a grave matter, and tine demanded earnest consideration on the
.., kart of every member of - the. Convection.:
, - "He was in favor of postponing the vote on
the question of admitting the Parish until .
~ the neat meeting of the Convention., By
' 2 '2.! thaV.timirevery ' member,:laitY as well as
, ~„ ...clergy, ?squid have an • opportunity to ex
mine into the -matter. -';- -
;;,„I :Rev: joseph Wilson, of East Liberty, was
4 .144 4 ,- .4elipsed to Vie Postponement of the vote::
:He thought that the matter should be de.
` ;tiided at once. He was educated in the same
• - *school of which All, Saints Parish is the
exponentornd he -boldly asserted that the
• , technicalities by which the practices in that
- , chnreh were reconciled 'to the Book of
2 - 1 -Cothrnon Prayer were false. He thanked
Gild that_ e had emerged front that School,
and he was endeavoring ,to labor for the
- - ' welfare of the Church.. It would not do to
• • Admit, the parish. on .the plea that they
used the Praa? • Book : with their own inter
, pretation. ~.., Under ; the same' plea Boman
afttholle prishes - pr parishes' of any other
~ 1
denomination ' Could demand admission.
The question is one of selt-preaervition and
should be zwit'promptly. 1
• ,
Judge Barrett, of Cletudeld, said he would
e "
/ '' favor the PcistpOneinent - of the He
regretted that =the - proposition torefer the
- *hole matter to.a Committee, had ,not been
adopted. As the next best thing he should
,-. , :vote fo,rthe postionement, and if that'failed
he should feel compelled to vote , directly
!garnet the ..athr*donl' et that Parish. If
the praoticee alleged in regard to the Chuxch
btitruehstoint effect, his ditty ass Church_ min, hinduWa as member of the Protest
ant Episcopal Church would be plain. He
should vote'io exclude them. -
Bev. Mr. Rarcher, of Rochester, said he
' loved the Epiisional * Church as - he loved his
God. He considered the Episcopal Church •
the Holy Catholic Church, and he recog
,- abed the Roman Church, though erring,
and the. Oriental Church as branches of the
Church: . He hoped to'see ir union of the
branches. We could not:expect. to see the
Homan Church or the' Oriental ' Church to
come all the way to the Protestant Episco
pal Church of America.
- '
The gentleman was . proceeding with his
remarks when a member called for the or
- der'of the day.
Mr. E. S. Golden moved that the gentle.
~„ man be - allowed five minutes to conclude
his remarks; but, the Convention declined
• .to'grant the request. ~ ,
The Bishop stated that the order for the
day welt the yote 'on the anestfull of Post
poning the vote On the on of All
Saints Parish until the neat mee of the
Convention. .
The votewas taken- by orders, and resul
ted as follows:. Clencal—ayes, 21; nays,
.1.7. Xoy. 7 -yeas, 19; nays, 7. '
---' The question was' accordingly determin
• 4• the affirmative by. a majority of both
- - -" The - Chair announced that, the next bad.-
' nets lc order was the election of officers for
the; Convention - •
- Geheiallteie stated that he had been
... Am:dusted on the Pinance Committee. Ho
asked leave Withamal-his Wane and sng
gated that.the name of Malcolm Hay; Thq.,
he placid in nomination. The request was
•The Chair appointed the following' tellers
to-„tonduct : the. eleotipn: ... Ciericat—Rer.
'Messrs. Novena and Slatteriy..tay=Mesars.
,Ge0. , 1t.. White and. T. K. Megniglit.
While the counting of the ballots was in
Progress, the *Pedal committee , to which
was referred the topics in: the Imittanntial
address of. the Bishops submitted a report
which ams received and attested..
The Committee &Kathie* , on the , Fund
for the , Relief of , Cle „Submitted a
: - rePert. -•.:The: report -Was .4 1 ,0 d th e
Committee relleved from any •fertlter con
The annual remrt. of the ShiridEeoorn
rnittee of the Convention was submitted
' '4ll(ligel 'iteh' ill ' Stete4f4 Oh
The Cohuni on 6 e arch
resprecentedi and on motion the rules"
were suspended to einffile thaCommitteele
- hand in Mdr.tinel raltitertheA :sFu
zhent ofielonVentlen, .. ,••• ~,
Bev. sax, Scarborough, OM th e C om mitt"
tee appointed to nominate Trustees to the
-- -oetwe ThbologiceilSondtuarija New yerh,
reported the ibliowirntr,Lnity--.J. H. Sheen
,berger, Galeria-G. W. cam, 31 1 11.37neent.
cflerpg....lteve., Joe. D: Wilson, B. H. Lor
e. - iii;;A.Volman,'Joe.PcTityler.. -
' - Thirepert adopted the nornini
, tionitcp ,-,,. ~ _.. :. . . ,
3aidsh King,. Enc,‘, onered the m ow ing'
lu which was' adopted: ~-, ..
•• , A
That .„
partied 'of the : fund
al m a
ee t od for therelief ef
of alsrliiirmen and
the wideirallati' Orilhauli clearrraell as
the terneetive:centrlbuters Mays:let t before
the next."'OttesestiOnt Pik to' ,be remeded,
shill be invested by the linenee 'Commit-
Isar as ••11 , nucleus fora fund': for tile:-eyr
loos "aforesaid, to be hereafter 'enlmWi,
and that it be the duty' of • the, Stanffitig
•ComMittee to'Corresporiiitritlithe contrib.
.'.' ttlorawithaview,to secure their Sanction.
.."-' Bev. Mr. Wilson, of : East-laberty, lA.,
ifIWIT/P. reliPititlOßßllthOrillOrthiMPlD.'
ist of a counatiteo ot utiiii'W ' 0 into ;
. ..consideration the krroprietyLof smiclut il
residence ihrthe • DISImp (41
l - -Tile Ilk
was adopted. and theHee, M r . Iv! r i
Mains. E. S. Golden andT. M. Howelvere
iSl o ettetti'n :- .k. -7; .
- &folding Committee on 'the adtthl- ,
il ea of parieheti submitted a supplemental
, le , w ee, Ar. hieh was agoigei
_.. .
'' fFrciiii ddooli the-Convtat briii,4 ,, (%nied,
to meet at seven o'clock this evenlng.l ,
. : f ma„ . menthent ;Or As_ . o ecrrition IMO'
t-pw,mftt - thit 'timrwon. ' A; ap,k,hg'
train' will be.provided br General 'Con f .
President of the InValtn, Portle'syhe
;end Chicasciaitilws.743oll3llo7•'l4
'_- • ' - imuntarcr.ailikalnil • 1 :
a Occuaintkmmactemblid at /*float
seven last evening and was called to order .:
Mir Golden offered a Tots of thasts IQ
• ~ ,
the rector vestry, warden' srui 'leaden of
Trinity C hurch. - Adopted. -,
Rev. Mr. Killikelly offered a resolution
thanking the Bishop and people of Pitts
burgh for their kind and l iberal entertain
ment of the members of the Convention,
which was adopted. • .
Mr. Rowell Offered it resol ution. which
wasadopted; thanking the authorities of
the Dixmont Hospital and House of
uga for kindness shown them during, their
'visit this' afternoon. . _
Rev. Mi. Scarborough moved that Revs.
Ten Broeck, Byllesby and Parker should be
aPPcdnted'te mishit the Bishop in endeaYor
ing to render the services of future Con
ventionsmoreinteresting. This was adopt
ed with. the -`addition of 'Rev. John Scar
borough to the committee. -
Gen. Howe offered the following addition
al rule of order, which was unanimously
"That in the, elections jig ballot where
there_ shall be "a 'failure 'o - Don the first trial
to elect—the balloting shall, upon the seo
ond trial, be' confined to the three candi
dates having received' the largest number
of votes, and upon a failure to elect upon
the second trial, the balloting shall, upon
' the third trial, be confined to the two -can
didates having received the largest number
of votes upon such second trial.
A motion to reconsider this was made
and lost.
Rev. J. D. Wilson, of Calvary Church,
rose to make a personal explanation. In
his remarks made during the morning, he
had been understood to reflect on the Gen
eral Theological Seminary. Nothing was
farther from his thoughts; he referred to the,
school of thought, in which he had been ed.
nested. - • ..
The report of the tellers of the election
was then read.• The whole ticket not being:
elected, a second ballot was taken to fill
the ticket. A third ballot p roved neces
sa ,
' The result was as follows: '
Standing Committee:—Revs. Thos. Crump
ton, John Searborough,V. D. Wilson,john
IL Shoenberger,Esq, Gen. George W.
Class and Hill Bu rgwin, EN.
Finance Committee.—Malcohn Hay, Esq.,
Thomas J. Brereton, Esq., Josiah King,
Esq., E. S. Golden, Esq., and W. H. By
ram, Esq.
Deputiee to General Convention—Revs.
John Scarborough, Morrison Byllesby,
William White, john F. Spaulding, John
-H. Shoenberger, Esq., Glens. Geo. W. Cass,
Th6s. M. Howe, B. B. Vincent,'Esq.
Supplemental Deputies--Revs. - Wm. P.
Ten Broeck, Marcus A. Tolman, R. D. Ne
vins, IL H. Loring; Hon. Gaylord Church,
Alfred Howell, . Esq., Benj. Grant, EN.,
Josiah Ring, Esq. ' •
Treasurer of Episcopal F'und—Malcolm
Ha&Et isu ß.
rer of Cltriatnittentigt.'loseph H.
Trtaaurer of Convention Fund—Geo. T.
Van Dorn.
Mr. Felix R. Brmiot proposed a resolution
to be referred to the Committee on Canons,
that in'conaideration of difficulties likely
to arise from misunderstandings on the
sttbject, the limits of parishes shall be con
fined to the church property and houses
occupied by members of the church in each
pariah. It way laid on the table.
• Rev. Ten Broeck, of St. John's, Law
renceville, moved that when the Conven ,
tom adjourns, it adjourn to meet in Trinity
'Church, Pittsburgh, on June 9th, 1869.
Mr.. Scarborough, rector of Trinity
Church, aeoonded the motion; which was
earried unanimeusly. -- '
1 Mr. Golden moved that the report of the
Finance.onn i i i iittee made. to the Conven
tion of 1867 be Yen to the Finance. Com
mittee for rev on and correction.
Rev. Wm. White offered preambles and
resolution as follows:
Wagamks, The support of dhe Episoo
pate is drawn from two sources, meatsest
of the endowment fund and assesson
all the Parishes of the . Dioceses. And
Whereas, All those Parishes were rated
p l
according totheir several abilities for this
fund by a Co mm ittee of this house from a
schedule given by the Bishop of Petinsyl
vim's, and bat a portion of the `Parishe s have as yet co eup to what was reasona
bly to be ex tad, and the rest overlook
or neglect the 'tatter; Andinervais It is
fa ,
manifestly un to assess those who have
contributed to I e fund Por.the support of
the Episco and *those who have not'
contributed to be 'assessed alike; therefore
Resolval, That the • interest on the sum;
at which; the non-contributing' Parishes'
were rated at for the endowment fund be
assailed on thele Parishes until said sums
be raised and made available, and that the
deficiency still needed be assessed on all
Abe: Parialurs.:__ -
In order to WI a vacancy in the Standing
_Committee seven ballots were necessary,
bat- finally the ticket given above:was de
cided upon. - -
•It was resolved-that four hundred copies
of the proceedings 'of • the Convention be.
printed and distributed among the ment
The Rev. R. S. Smith, of, Uniontown,
was unanimously elected Registrar of tho
The Bishop then closed the exercises by
a short, eloquent and feeling address, after
which the Convention adjourned Until June
Accidental Shooting of a Worthy Lady. •
Yesterday a very estimable lady, name.'
_Mrs. Ellen Hook, reaiding at No. 148 Grarit
street, was accidentally, shot by a boy
named William Welsh. Three lads were
indUlging in target practlife with a small
pistol, in a vacant lot in the rear of Mrs.
Hook's residence. The target was h pinned
to. the. .fence.. The unfortunate lady re
embed the , bullet itr, her light ince which
was fixed by Welsh and • passed thr ough the
board fence. Afaditance was iMmodlately
rendered and the wounded woman was
conveyed into her residence. Dr. Mckleal,
- whoso office is'adjoining; was called in and
rendered every aladstanoe in his power, but
expresses little holm of the recovery of the
patient. The slug penetrated the lower
portion, of:the right lung and cannot be
extracted. The internal bleeding teems to
be very profuse, and the unfortunate we-,
`maw *Wet* kdalmody. The ;three, boys
were arrested by Chief Careen and officer
,lifcCready, and are now in the lockzup...
Mrs. Hook'is a Widow, and ha& four young
sons: She Is qtdki anxious that the boys
should not be punished, attributing the ao
cident.yo.4mo,oArelsestiess and ignaranoe.
Fatal A4glatent.
An accident occurred on the Pennsylvit
niA Railroad, near George's' Station, West
moreland county, Wednesdnyidght, result
- ,
-lug inlhe 4100110 f aeon ofidr:Geo:Portune,
of,, this The deceased was brake
nianon a freight train on the road, and
some time after the train passed the plaCe
thentlone4l,le:efaititound lyi g beside the
track qpitel dead: - 'At ',first it was stated
_that he hid been tbmtin from the train by
striking a bilde, hnt It ba t s; AnCe ,been,as
certained IWO the bridle, fersornb distance -
west, ag thip .spotlekkik ,was Ibund, so
that It'lifiredbiblethd lie 'llipped and Dill
from the trahu. He was about t‘rft_ty-one
years Of 'agei, , lind his family emlik‘frieridb
hitre - the'srnPsildie of itiLnhoiemains
imp brought to this plast oveming, and
the fnithial will Mike ocvslitnie.the reel
denoe'Of thepstints, 203-Seconifstreet,
kotaarra!rtutartman at three o'clock.
Tb. concert of Prof. J. R. l3uk:Cwits at
LedWettelfall, last evening, war largely
atf,er&& and the scholars gave evidenoe
0f, r , 11 4 - wu add abiwy,'lffording a 1 4 111 Y
cregioNtoolpOrtiallaellt. 4 Wet _congratu
late Prow*at Sal:wit tr sOn i Np fiiro la llien e y o f
bi g, p fad ust "In the
t . to be
tayererwith *similar diturneral enteruart.,
meet =dim his istiapiees.
District - Court Argument List.-rrbe ar
gument list of the District Court will be
taken up on Monday next, and jury tried"
will not 'be resumed until all the cues on
the list are disposed Of.
• .
. _ .
• „ ~_,_ ~.,7;,-. . .5 . -,,:,,,-,•••,....,,...-÷,..,,, „
~ _
... _ . . , . ; - •:. . ..:,. .:,... - '., :• • . •
.v.w.g.,. , ••,ni , ...:••,,n4.. , t.r.L., - . -,-. ''....",;,, 7 .1•_- i.., , ,, t,,.."_"...7,11:•.!..:,..n?.. - .e4'.;;.4,•,1iP-1. - 4 , 1•A.147 , ::::,,, ; lir. •,, 44 . #,K, 4 ,,,,,,,,,,,i, _ ~..t . ;,;,...,,,,,,..6 . ...,,i,„...",..,,.. ~.. _,..
_, • .
~ vivi,,,.4.-.• -' •-, -. 2 ).aip. , .i:,4-- -, -44:6:43- 1 -1:46,56.a.54,c , 4,4 - 4-44 -1g;,:.,.. „,,---,_. ,• ... , -&--, 0,94., , r 4 t.1)..N'1'2=:::;n::47,w , . - ;;; - m-.-“,, ..- ....
.- . •
. .
Your Committee had beibre them a peti
tion kir - the widening. of Jackson 'street,
from Pasture Lane to Monterey street.
After a careful consideration of the sub
ject, they would report the, accompanying
resolution to widen the street from Pasture
lane to Shields alloy.
The resolution for the opening of Fulton
street, from Western avenue to Bridge
street having been referred back to them,
they again considered the question oforen-
Ing the street, mid now report adversely
thereto. They would also report adversely
to the petition for the opening, grading and
paving of Fayette s treet . A remonstrance
numerously signed was submitted to them.
TheY also have before them the resolution
for iron culverts on North avenue, towhich
they would report aciversely, as they be.
lieve the same to be unnecessary.
In compliance with petitions for the' ,
same, ordinances are submitted herewith
for the grading. and paving of Peach and
Spring alleys and Beech and Shields streets
and the grading of Buena Vista street. -Re
monstrances to the paving of Shields street
and Soling alley, were before the Commit
tee, but they were constrained to disregard
them, as they believe it„ that said
street and alley should be pave
An ordinance is submitted empowering
the Committee to contract.' with Messrs.
Smith & Orr for the grading and paving of
certain streets in the Eighth ward, and
also:to contract with Mr. F. P. Howley for
the grading and paving of Bank Lane, in
said-ward. Before, the annexation of Du
quesne Borough (now the Eighth.ward) to
the city, contracts were entered into with
these gentlemen by theboreUgh
for the work mentioned. After annexation
the borough law became inoperative and
the contract could not be carried out, and
this ordinance is now reported to carry out
in good faith under the city law their con
In Ilber matter of the petition for a foot
walk 016 the - Butler Plank Road. pear Coin
mittee have to report that they,. Wm - tn.
strucied the Street Conmissioner to
that portion of said sidewalk In front=
water basin property, and to notify all
property owners on the line thereof to re.
pair the same in, front of their respective
pieties of property. and in case of the neg
lect to do so, that he do the work and
charge it to them. •
They duly considered the iesolollin rela
flee to the - widening of McFadden street
and report back a resolution to widen the
They report'an ordinance to grant the
Drayer of the petitioners for the grading
of FWrionotini street of a width of nifty
feet instead of sixty feet, as originally in
Theyreport adverielytii thopetition for
lowir eon Walker street than that re- -
ported by the Glty Engineer, and would
recommend the a doption of the grade re
ported. Mr. N. B. Row, of the Fourth ward,
having been, assessed for the cost of con
structing the canal sewer on a larger lot of
ground than he actually owned t and on a
piece of property that is now claimed by
the West Penna. R. It., we submit an ordi
nonce to authorize the payment to the con
tractors the amount he is over-charged out
of the City Treasury, that being the only
method by which the money can be obtain
ed, as the Penna. R. R. Company was re.
leased.from the payment of an assessment
by thepayment of a axed sum, nuns iris
now impracticable to assess the iunotintpro
rata, on the other property assessed tbr cost "
of oonstrtictioti. . •
The report was recedted and the resolu
tions adopted. •
The ordinances referred to in the report ,
were then taken up and - passed, under a sus
rienalon of the rates fbr that purpose; with
the exception of the ordinance providing.
for the paving of Fairmount street; which
was referred back.,to the ,Committee, and ,
the ordinanne relative to the grading and
paving of Beech street which was laid over.
;Ur. Gang moved that the vote • adopting
the ordinance to grade and PliVe'SPFing al
ley be reeoluddered. • Adopted.'
Mr. A.D. Smith;from the Finance Com
mittee, presented the report of the City .
Controllera'of which the following la an ex
hibit of the outstanding;bills "and debt of
the city, and the total amount at tax levied!
o. s Engines .. . .... .. . • 'at: a
o. 11. Streets 1,1181 NI • _
ot, 9. Contingent Y 999 IS N ~ •
No. 11. Water Worb r ON 67 ! =
No. 12. 1.9911 40 •-
Total • . JAWS 39
Paid, Pollee force tonal:sack war .; , • 1 4. stall is
Firemen 470
" City caws • • :ON 12
Total - - ' , - - Ott**
Previously paid - i. ..... . .• 101 4= 1 ,.4,.
Claims due r " , . illfen la
Warrant/ Cilltstandlng
. _
Tl $07,8Z7 BO
Total tax ota levied 4021,624 Pi
The report was received and the pontrel
ler ordnred to draw his warrants on the
Treasurer for bills Warred to the same..
Imposer 07 THE WATXII 00WXITTA. ,
> Mr. Brown, from the Comtnittec on Wa
ter, presented the following report :
, GICZtTIMEN :—poYourrt Committee on Wis t
ter desir L e to re last thy bait befbre
them petitions for water on Park gild Stur
geon etrOele, risne Alley, Beeith and Bel
m streets, to all of which after due
cci l
shieration they would report sulttersely.k" -
They nissolual before them : petitions /Or
water on PilV street and Allegheny avenue
from Rawiltan 'treat to Routh avenue, ra
ibis fire Almon the corner of Perry etr
and Red Omit ' alley, :They would" re mt
Is ci t "mar
VO I".3iea=lnitati'
the Fitth‘ w hich .was nine 4rif 'the'
objects of said pe tion, they would-mom
mend the Lying of the water pipe on Pub
ton street. They would reoonimend also
that water pipes be laid on Allegheny ave.
nue bat on/r from lebeou to Jalappe
' ;
idemi-mouthlY Meetipe—Petltions
and Cosimunicationstepo of coin.
A. regular serni4norithly meetin go f
. 11 0 :
gheny Councils was held .Thu rs d ay even.
112 8, June 11th.
Select Connell:
Members Present: Messrs. Black, Brown;
Ca'tory, English, Ching, •Owinner, Jahn;
Krebbs, Motheral, Myler, S. C. Patterson.
Pittaiiiti,'Phillips, Riddle, Reitair, Wm;
Smith, A. D. Smith, Weise, Wettach, and
President Mcßrier,
On motion of Mr. Gang the reading of
the minutes was dispensed_with.
Mr. Riddle pnisented a petition frOm the
citizens of that portion of MeClurettown
ship, annexed to Allegheny city, asking
the appointment of a Committee to confer
with the directors of the Perrysville Plank
Road Company, relative to having the toll
gates removed from .the city Unfits. Re
ferred to the Committee on Streets.
Mr. English presented a petition for a
gas lamp at Hazleps,alley and Locust street,
Referred to the Cominittee on Gas.
On motion of Mr. Riddle, Mr. Brownwas
allowed to present certificates of the elec
tion of new members to Councils from the
Bth ward.
Mr. Motheral = objected to the re ading, of
the certificates.
A motion to read them was voted doWn.
Mr. Myler, from the Street Committee,
presented the following rert:
GsrerrAziwat. -Your Com mittee on Streets
would report that by the pio
vision of An ordinance passed in 1867, the
salaries of assistants in the engineer's office
are to be paid by the Committee on Streets,
suldeat, to the - apprtival of Councils. tiav
lig, pursuant to the proviiions • of said or
dinance, fixed the salaries of said assistants
for this *ear At V 75; RD and $llO per month,
we would offer the following resolution to
obtain your approval:
Resolved, That the action of the Commit
tee on Streets In fixing the salary of the
first assistant of the engineer at $llO per
nkinth, that of the first min at $BO per
month, and that of the - d rodman at
$75 per month, be and it is hereby approv
G;A:ZETTE FR •;fl 12, -1868.
streets, also .the erection of the fire plug,
and to • eary out these recommendations , would offer 't he following resolutions :
Resolved. That the Superintendent of the
Water Works be and he is hereby directed
• _to lay a --.-... inch: Ale of:4'oll°n street,
from Fayette street to the sitof the School
house to be erected 'oh , said street, and a
--inch pipe on ,Allegheny avenue, from
Rebecca to Jalappa street, and also to erect
a lire plug .oh the corner of Perry, street
and Red Oak allelr; -. .
The report was received. —• ,-,
The resolution was amended extending
. the waterr pe theifalL length . of Patton
street, andi ncluding several other stre e ts.'
The ame nd ments 'were voted down, - and_
the resolut on, rut Submitted by the Com
mittee ad pted. - ' "2 - . -
. Mr. ' A. Smith submitted the report of
the Con D.
relative to the Bth ward,'
(late Du qu esne borough,) the report was
Mr., Sm it h submitted an ordinance rela
tive o t e measuring
_of timber in
the.Bth ward.. Read three and paw:-
h id
ed finally: - -- - 'R, • . .
Also an ordinance providing for a Wharf
Master in the Eastern portion of the eity.
Adopted. r ' ..1
Mr. A. Patterson presented a pe tition'
providing for the extension of the Assist
ant Wharf• Master's jurisdiction to Alle
gheny Avenue. Referred to the Committee
on Wharfs and Landings.
Mr. Phillips, a resolutio n relating to the
gas light in the Conn 1 Chambers. Re- '
ferrect to Committee on ly Property. i
Mr. Miler , a petition om Mr. Swan ask=
ing the privilege to lay temporary track
across Western avenn , on which to haul
dirt to grade the Com mu , Referred to
Committee on Streets.
Mr. Myler submitted the, profile of the
grade on Henderson et' t; as prepared by
the Regulator, and mov d its adoption.
The yeas and, nays ere called for, and
resulted in the adoption of the grade by a
vote of 14 to 6 - '.. i
hir., Myter also AubrfOitted the pro fi le of
'grade oratilappaetreet, - which was adopted.
Mr. Brown- moved th t the report of the
Committee on Sewera ge, l aid over at the
last ragular Meeting, , taken 'up: The
motion woo-adopted. ,
Mr. Brown.moved.that the report of the
Committee be Adopted, and, called for the
previous question:which prevailed: •
The question recurred on the adoption of
the report, *hen the yeas and na ys
called for, and a vote being taken the re
port was adopted by a vote of 13 to 7.
Mr. A. 1). Smith offered a' resolution pro
viding for the, election of a. Board Measurer
in the Eighth ward.
• • Mr. Callery moved to amend the resolu
tion by recommending the election of those
parties now holding the position.
The amendment was accepted and the
resolution adopted as amended.
On motion, adjourned.. • - - -•
Members present: - Messrs. Brown Cut
ler, Comley, Clark, Eyster, Flethfng, Groet
zinger, Hanna; Hochttly, Kennedy, Ley,
Megraw, Mayer. McDonald, McNeill, Ober,
Recd Tate Seldle, Voegtfr. White, Warner
tied ‘Presidnt. • - • =,
Reading the minutes was, •on motion, dis
pensed with.
Mr. liochuly presented a remonstrsnee
against the paving of the alley between
Third and O'Hara streets, Referred to Com
mittee on Streets.
Mr. Ober presented a petition for water in
the Seventh ward, along the new Troy road.
Referred to Committee en Water.
Mr. Voesttly presented a petition formater
on Concord street. Referred to Water Com
mittee, in conjunction with Street Commit.
Mr. Warner presented an ordinance rela
tive to assessments for grading ofaidewalke
on Franklin street. Retorted to Street
Committee. -
Mr. Kennedy presented a petition for a
change of grade nn Hamlin street. that ex
isting being much too steep. Referred to
Street Committee with - power to act.
-Mr. Mayer presented a resolution pro
posing measures to procure a fire engine
and apparatus In the Sixth ward. Referred
to Committee on Fire Engines.
Mr. Warner presented—a -remonstrance
against the opening of Sedg. ewick street or
assessment for the same. Referred to Street
Mr. 'McNeill presented a resolution in
instructing the Street Committee to take
penes:don of that portion of the Allegheny
and Perrysville Plank lying within
the city limits and have` it Adop•
Mr. Megraw presented the report of the
Committee Ms Engines, in regard to
the horse. harness and hose carriage of the
Hope Company, It stated the °atilt com
plete and presented a resolution instruct
in its purchase at a cost not exceeding =
The resolution was adopted muinimonsly.
S. C. concurred. •
Mr. McDonald Presented. the report of
the Gas Committee, which recommended
gas Impala the folloyingloTitions: Corner
of WebstOr street Davis alley, itabella
Court and Davis• allewlsaNtla Court and
Robinion street, Itobinisittlittitet and White
Oak alley, and five •on- Spring Garden
avenue, in such places as may be deter
mined. Resolutionslnstructlng their ered.
Lion watt adopted.-
Mr. Hanna presented the report of the
Committee on Markets, which was As fol
lows: -
Recelpts for . the month of Msy:
Duncan Dallas, c.letk of market.4ll,l4s Eb
George McNulty, Dhun'd Seam. 212 74
To. .4 411 ' 1111 3 68 p
Frae,report was received and filed.
Council adjourned.-
Earnings of the Pittsburgh, pc: Wayne and
Chicago Railway Company.
P. - Parley, Esq., the I Auditor `of the
Pithiburgh, Fort Wayne and Chit:age Rail
way Company, furnishes us withihe follow
ing atiltiumeat of the lipitibms
of thit 't e.,inonth,
'fbr thtifirtd , Atityirtimthis th'e .tiertal year,
dionAareg\ 44 . period of the .
Year -
- • ,•
iteromo -k:
.4. ? ever um
. veva
no. i i
12VI :.
/W. 17 , aam
41.hicellanete • .I,l= .2483
0 .. , 41...fitonsii
i s,
itio — m -
January Ist
up May alit 1514011 M
Z AP" frill
ammo, ut .- • '
.to iti___,!tsli iitseiaiiiii
I I !
cot 6 ison a 1,18:441. a
, .
MUOLldgerlalade th0 1 113 4# 012.- intone
oe was ab ly and efflaierq u oon.
ducted _ Alderman Joseph A. Bu tler
during Ms Honos'a atenee.
ComnOn COuncil.
imponTs cox3trnints.
/IMIMzEla_ -71 1:3
n! , r,
ri o gi 14
T • 7
. ...
John Myser's beer saloon, Third street,
Allegheny, was 'entered by' , burglars on
Tuesday night. They obtained two or three
dollars in change. The ialorm of Mike
Rook; at, the corner of Long allet and
Chestnut street, was next entered, bat the
thieves failed - td realize even ah much as
at the previous house. From Hook's saloon
they seem to 'have proceeded to.a beer sa
loon on O'Hara street, betweSn Eas t 'Lane
and Chestnut .street, kept by Jo Stitz.
An entrance was effected, and :some .flay
dollars in , money , and a valuable . silver
watch, which had been left in the money
drawer,were. carried away. The robbers
also entered the sleeping apartmerits Occu-
pied by 'Mr. Satz, and - secured his pasts,
which were found on the street next morn
ifig. There , IS no clue to the perpetrators.
The members of the Beater Street 2,L E.
Congregation, Allegheny, Rev. J. W. 13a
ker, pastor, propose to make extensive im
provements on tbp
~church building. The
work will bo commenced in the course of a
few weeks. The.entiri) interior of the main
auditoriuni will be tepainti3d, the walls and
ceiling: frescoed,
,new carpets laid dpwny
and such other ittiProvements will be made
as are necessary to make the edifice pre
sent a handsome and comfortable- tpear
ance. Alestival will be held &min next,
week in the church, the proceeds of hick
are to be given to the improvement kind.
Till Itobbery.--Thurst y morning the
money drawer in James e
hrridan's estalr
lishtnent; on Diainond Alley Wasl'obbed of
1;60 in greenbacks and script, and- Connil
Nally, who hid been - hinging around - the
place, was suspicioned, and' information
was made at the Marir's office. The ac
cused disappeared, and yesterday morning
it was ascertained that he had - gone to Con
nellsville. An officer was . dispatched to
bring.him back. -- - •
Ininest.—Coroner Clawlion yesAerdaiheld
an inquest on tho body of B. Muzzy,
whose death by accident at the' Federal•
Street crossing of the P. Ft. 3V;'&
road we recorded . yesterday,whith resulted
in a vordiet of accidental death; The de,
ceased was about thirty years of age and
unmarried. The body was remoyed to the
house. of Mrs. Craig, on Sedgwick street,
Allegheny, where deceased formerly board;
Progresidne-7 4 he work of laying ' the
track for, fire — Pleasant' Valley Passenger
Railway, In Allegheny, is progressing fine
ly. The workmenlave already reached the
middle of the Commons on Federal street.
The- track will be double from the • City
Hall to North avenue and Monterey street,
and from that point to the Pleaiant Valley
terminus a single track will be laid,
the necessary sidings and witches:
The Select Excursion party on Wednes
day evening aboard the steambbat Bennett,
Capt. Cox, was a delightful affair, the
elite of the young society of the city par
ticipating. The boatproceeded to Mcßee a .
port and turning, laid up at Port Perry till
morning,; affording all ample time to trip
the light fantastic We.
Cleaned . and Repaired.--The upper basin
has been under repairs during the past few
days and is now completed. It was thor
oughly cleaned out and quite a difference
is noticeable in the water supplied our up
town people. We learn that workmen will
at once commence work in the ;lower basin
and preparelt foi the coming summer.
Perioual.—Dr. John Wilson, formerly of
this city, but at present U.. 8. Consul at .
Antwerp, sails 9n the Inman Uteamer. City
of Antwerp, Saturday, 29th inst. He has
'been at homefor some months on a visit to
his friends. ' Mr. George Gregg and Mr.
John Cockle also sail at the same time.
The telegraph pole on the corner of Fifth
and Smithfield streets fir - just so 'situated
that its great dark shadow at night time
completely hides the crossing. About the
only good the lamp at' that corner sttbseraes
18 to - light the side of the pole.
Insane.—An insane butcher was fit the
lock up yesterday for wandering through
the streets, carrying withhim an enormous
bouquet andehoutiog akonlY orazY
Cain ft. '<'►,t'he tutibrtunateMim will be ilea:
Assault and Battery.--Itildget Tobin
made information before Alderman Tay
lor yesterday, eharging.Ellen Gragan with
assault and battery. - The parties reside in
the Ninth ward. A warrant was issued.
The alleged wife poisoner in the
jail takes his oonSnement very philosophic.
ally, and confidently hopes for; acquittal.'
notwith3tandhig the " strong character. of
the evideneeregainst him, -
nertKerperi;:the gentleman that sporta
the eigV, foot ..ia , r4, , efteraP;s absence of
two week% renewa Ws engagement t Bar, .:
nein; Bittecitun to-dey, arniMliremain tilt',
after the fourth of July.
Committed.—Alderman Strain lodged
Commitimint against 'John Handlin, corn.'
mitted by-the Mayor yesterday,' .on oath of
his wife, Mary liancUln, charging him with
alloindonment.. •
ilitabhed.--a, negro boy in the employ •of
Felix' Lafferty, on Eintithdeld street, was
stabbed by a rowdy on Wednesday night.
Though painful yuird wp.l not, prove
VWvireiseat quarters of;the Pittsburgh
CeatraliEldidt School are vastly superlorp,
the old one which:should luive been , abau
dolled tenjears earlier.
, Or/snal.Dianeond Frost is Monrideqe
Wore 8 Grocery, No. 164 Federal street,
'The Water loan benda are meeting with
good aide. 1 4 12terwonld all be ivadlly and
raP IdlY dlanwed of If they could be sold at
ten!) ttektiVllloA4..b. cr 14. x..;+
Vtalted Staten Coart.—On Monday next
the Jude term of the'rtran:eliviteB Court
for the Western, Diatilet.of. lvanja,
selli_coininenge at Willie
• Delayed—Blr. 3. Zia; - the k great fruit
Culturist. ova that hid annual •trberiiy`
ehow. •ta -_ttpotted , on moonlit of . the late
- amen , Netiitth of-inner—
Ori ieidereshoul
fhb Ifitatti
Georg. aariporly. i tiitgre t
'33.123 IT
itkia,fall !Dim hes rocently received
Wane AlaXabli.AllgriblltiOnito AI _shelves
and ita projectors tisk‘for more:e
• • I,
°new Iftgadel'lrriint Is 2doßrlde %
4 4311rvirs Greeery t tro ! 164 Federal street,
Th e go d s .water dealers keep hp their,
• nStten cents per, lees, ,just five toi . s
bue/ toes . '
tm.e; 1. - 31a;471-7 -14 I k
Inoue euttersareerwealn tireihoinfrathe‘
stone ier the Pond* .54,0 c nett
!.o:Fetitivalat Wilkins• •
loght l oth ' to.,
have 11313dy
Logiur ait" , aPpearllloo Itl'
se "ont
, t
t ig tO W i jkkirnabt
the prise unalts. -
wi trAF TI NMY I 47D Mg* the =lc'
ville,yeeterdv aotatnated Hon. Z. S. Deta;
of Fayette • county; tor , Cowen. " Resela. ,
time endorsing the State ticket and phi
brat. eta teoomniencllng Peadietots
Pnillidatt'WlPre adoptode
• remember
64 reddial
. .
ftliiieriellemiandSt: Mir Streets.
Aata r , re watat-lutt,
SPRING D. , DP 171 .6 1 1MIS,
4`J, 1
•. •
; :LP , tl4 - , 4 , lErni
~ .;1..! -
Mal t 11AlaijagwoliiiEim
atliscaatt___tatse"a;Zt- ses i u n o r ' d eal
ft: 1112 Z & inawawanivr. Mal aid la.
Immo 41044 iimmeirnms,
Abusing &Horse.
Inibrmation was made before Alderman
Alchlasters yesterday,;ttyA.Moblillan, pro.
prietor of a livery stable, charging George
Roderick and B.P. Doren. with Ab!isillir a
horse and breaking -a : buggy : which they
had hired from him. It is alleged that they
hired 'the horse and buggy,, - which were
both in ,
_good condition, and went • with
theto Troy R 111;; There; it is, claimed,
the defendants. became 4 hdoxlcated, and
.drove fnrionaly and ; recklen2lY in.vari o us
directions. One of them said he, had won
the torso at a raffle and;was &ins to kill
him. When they returned to the, stable
the buggy was badly damaged and the
horse, it is said, is utterly rained. War
rants were leaned. • '
If the public - ;woitid have . good . artiejles
they have only to call at No. 112 Federal
, str ee t , Allegheny city. Where seletions can
be iri44o; coMprising the followkig,articles,
that Wilive entire satisfaction: Beaut ifu l Cream Ron-Bons, fine Almonds,, :Gum
Drops, Cream Chocolates, various kinds of
pure LozengesiMarsh•Mallows, extra fine
Calabria and &icily Liqorice, Colts-Foot,
.Rock, fine and common Assorted Ca3dies,
new Dates, Garden Figs, Muscatel and Lay
er Resins, Turkey , Prunes, Fruit Syrups
and Extracts, Oliva 0118, Foreign and. Do
mestic Sauces, Cateups, :Pickles, Jellies,
Preserves, Jams, French and 'English Mus
tards, Orange Marmalade, Fresh and Spiced
Oysters, Canton Ginger, - Prepared East
IndlA Cocoa Nut, Canned Peaches;
Plums, Raspberries, , : Cherries, Quinces,
Pears, Pine A. , pples,'dte.,.
• •. • a .
Original , Diamond Front u 3 Mcßride 41t
George's Grocery, No. 164 Federal . street,
Alie hen
. .
' • • mOnwentilrixbt
Int 6 , Lhe
eix valley of :,Death ;
Ito h j , Htuidted. ,,
But larger, - bv'innidreds multi Plied into
millions, than the doomed band who rode
to swift deistrudlon, , in 'Tennyson's poem,
is the great cavalcade of unhappy men who
are rushing to untimely graves, fbllowed by
the gaunt spectre. Dyispensia. s This is all
wrong r and should , cease. • Plantation Bit
ters, the great Stomach Pain' Killer. cures
Dyspepsia, Heartburn,,Headaehe, Vertigo,
DulMess,- and all symptoms of kindred
character, as If by magic. For Languor.
Laisitude, Great Weakness and kliantal
Depression, they have a' most wonderful
lifeononza, WATEE.-A delighting toilet
article—Eniperior, to. Cologne, and at half the
price. . , nwirder
All the members of theyWoinen's Chris
tian Association who are willing to assist in
getting up a Strawberry Festival, for the
benefit of the Home for Destitute Women,
ate requested to, meet at the Home, No. 45
Chatham street, on Saturday, June lath, at
three o'clock. By ordez of. he Board.
Go to Wilkins , ig. ht.: The Festi
val IS still in' operation., .
Chiglnd Diainond Front Is Moßilde dt
George's Grocery, No. 164 Federal street,
KNORR.-MbKIINE.--On ITneaday eening, Jane
thiresidenee of the bride, by 110. Z. B.
Stirlen Mr. H. L. KNORR, of Bloomsburg, Pa.,
and Mia. LYDIA ideRIINE," Of Allegheny.
7/011TIINE.—On Weariest' eveninf, tune 10th.
EDWARD .1. POBTIJI.N son o George and
G .:Fortune, In the 01at Tear of his age.
The Animal will take piece from' the residence of
kali-parents, No. 003 Second 'street, on ainUtDAT
ArrilaNOON, at '3 _o'clock. The trio:rade:end ac
quaintances of the family 'are resPeetre#l:llmiled
toattend. -.
RAMSEY.—Thuriday morning, atategAltli l Mrs.
SARAH, wife of dallies Ramsey.
The funeral will take place Tuts EPlriairocer, at
A o'clock, from the residence of her tither, Mr.
William Hare, No. it Ledlie street,Allegbeni City.
The friends of the family are =spectrally Invited to
4,LEIK. AIRE nttabursh, Pa.
N s &llie FOURTH
__ d
orau kinds; GRAPHS, "4?
devieir thin o - Punerat- tams g
4sy 776
.rageJaco buih • omAl l"43l l:7 7 lni t ": C its q.M ',.. 1 1 141 140:b H.
r777.T: ii 311. • AA: A)•: A:0
•- • DUSK STREET' AND eircrics- N U
egtunty City, where their COFFIN . BO OMS nstanitranpplied tont real and Imitation t •
ood, Nal° .cany and 'Walnut real`,
• g from a* to .100 . lkniles prepared for inter
•• ent. llearset and Carriages tun ehed also.
• de of litourdlne required. Once ope
at all hours, day and nista.
ItiorEMIT _T. RODNEY VllDElitm
,ItT Allegheny, and No.' ^ DIAMOND
13QUAME,AyJohn Wilson A : 8r05... theme always
on hinds beat _Metal, Itasewo, WAlnut and
hattatlon'ltoseWood Catie. Walnut CoMmt from
1104/5 upwards: • !Maywood Contra IMO . 1 0,pwords, all
effil;;:dmil lr Pr giZ ° C 4 .4Fe scr atigle au lliiit a rli
E nitsT,lng ibndoltad mils. • tee op'en,day and
ate t. ,
A l'Elv
'fitp:.E . cv : 4;o - t - *• - .:.
We have just reeelte4 from the taneveettirer,
. ,
They are:iKir! ye:iVrezieg to mir trade.
• • intiltuaui*Nb firilowirs;
ss niiiiitto.o43lToo,4oloPlimi,
.:) ~.
. . • .