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tvirmilcirrE,,crawas. M.
isenadon on the Bill to Admit
**contracted litotes—The Tax
Bill-Dlr.. Woolley~ i the Con
teMPtuons, *fitness, Expresses
'`fliia Willingness 10 Ping" e
self= Bill for the Admission of
I:AnaillaiSPasseditnell Sent to the
E : y Telegraph to the Pinal:envie gazette.,
WAsturtorox, June 8, 1868.
The joint resolution to restore Captain
Juries F. Armstrong to the active list in the
navs 7 pistud. - • •
Mr. VAN WINKLE, from the Commit-,
tee.on Pensions, reported adversely the till
declaring marriage shall not work forfeit
ure of .widowe'... pension s.
A ii.sOintleip of inquiry was adopted,
whether tiny fiirthei legislation was neces
sary ttr.:secure greatei facilities at local
stations for poet officailn/argeeities.
• Mr. DAVIS introduced`a bill to facilitate
the decision.of questions of conilictingja-,
risdiction betwee n the Cuited:States and
States by , thei3upreme Court. _Referred to
the Judiciary,Couraittee.....„
Mr. ; CORBETT• introduced : u
thorize the establishment of custom ports
of delivery on the Pacific coast of the United
States. Referred to CoMinitee on Com
- - • -
Mr., HENDRICKS . called up the, bill for
the relief of certain .navid. contractors. It
gives additional'remuneration to a number
of firma engaged, in -the construction of
iron clads. Considerable 'discussion en
At theexPiratiewof the morning hour, •
the President 'pro 'fent, announced the
special-order, the bill to admit North Caro
lina, South Carolina, Georgia, Lohisiana
and Florida and thepending bill laid aside.
" • Mr. : CONKLING, -by permissiOn,,called
; the joint resolution to provide for the,
removal of the 'suit" iketibig Inthe Circuit '
Court of Jefferson - county, West Virginia,
to the Circuit Court:of the United States.
It relates to a portion of the Harper's Ferry
property, the sale of which was recently
autrized by Con!gess.
Mr. HENDRICKS opposed the • resolu
tion,'and moved to refer it to the Commit
tee on Judiciary. The motion was rejected,
' 4 . 1 - %, the resolution adopted, and the considers-
tion of the special order resumed.
.. -The question was on the amendment of
Mr. Wilson, to include Alabama in the pro-,
....visions of the bill.
!poke against the bill, denying • that Con
• gress had any power ta impose conditions :
- upon the admission of States.
Mr. MORTON warned the two last speak-
ers not to commit thernselVes in'this mat =
ter, of negro suffrage, as on the 4th - of July
next the prospect is that they will be re
placed on the platform of universal suffrage'
and universal amnesty. (Laughter).
Mr. NYE suggested- erhaps they would
Keep off the platform while the cars were,
in motion., ,
Mr. MORTOY,'after some remarks; gaVe;
notice that when in order he would move
'insert v"additietiel:-?;,Pravisions; first,
making it the duty of the officers com
manding the district to allow all officers
elected under the new. Constitutions and
not disqualified to be installed within 120
days after the election, and to protect them
in the discharge of their duties, said offi-
cers to be deemed provisional only and
subject 'to United State* authority until 1
the provisions of this act - are 'coMplied
'with; second, providing-that - incase any
person - shall be'elected to offic who would
be disqnalifiedunder the Constitution when
adopted, the person receiving' the ; next
,highest number of votes,shall be' entitled
to discharge the duties util anew election
is held under the - provisions 'of the Consti
tution of the:Statit. Ile explained that the
first provision IS intended to meet `the case
of Gen. Buehatain'S action iri regard to the
. Chairman of the Louisiana:Board 'of Regis
tration; the second to render ineligible new
officers elected who would become
ble as aeon as the 14th article becomes part,
of the Constitution. _ -
Mr. ;DOOLITTLE asked leave to' have
iettira, memorial, liigtfed 'Harry, R.'Austin,.
on brhalf A,IFEto nt citizens ot
[Notc.„—Mr. Austin is the editor of A Dem
°crate weekly jbiitdai in Washington - de
yoted to the litterßefs of ,wOrkiiignien.]
Objections Were made, by. Messrs. CON.;
"NESS and WILLIAMS, and the Senate re
fused to, receive the papg—twenty-nine, to
twenty-one.- t • t.
A s iouion Mr. WILSOMS atnendmcmit
was urged. : ;
Mr.- TRUMBULL Awe to may to some
points made in the debate. He called , at
tenticialtOthirtakt theatigjat vas different
at the time of the vote on the Alabama con
atitution,and its terms were not. complied
VW c T, f T eig
tW er rattoit
votes in favor of the constitution than did
Alabataa,,witich, gtitte,,lta,ying 170,000 votes
regtkitarsdivb-hist i Kai 18;000 ln favor? of it,
100,000 staling< away from the ,1 polls,
as authorized bit ' 2 l o trr of Congress. He said
:'wour.dri:St :raffatok leB l 44l l fon over
again to R&M. her under - those circurtistann
ees• - and Jegleietket:rWhiat .Pe°Pi e'
would never approve. He gnotea
• offlcist Agae. of4(linterak,Elrant's report of -
May 12th, 1868, "to show that in all the
States but Georgia
. more than a Insjority
of trillehiteiregrvaial spire Atiltita ta lavor of
tfie - Conatitiftloil; litid — iti'lGedreht 'the mote.,
fellAhOrt era majority, but 748; while in
• Alabama'..' ,
-''lthett .18,009 - -. He, agidti
tirged the hazard of hieing As present bill
=e i g Alittsuusitt it, aturthe propriety_
nit action:..liC the, matter: af
• bane until ',owe bill was 'brought forward.
He would be ready - to eotimiritte in Any leg
islationnecessary to meet the oonditiezt.of.
\•) _ tet3east4rdad com the ,
*flirt T
vote an the nventlon
in Alabama with the vote on the Constltti
*WO caber Statist.
Mr Truzusinurm read the report ain,
- whiehenitalltoe stated to be, the vo t e On
the Constitution.
Ativ tl eilEithir4ertert, that tho:Yg -
on Tmistists Lionlr nva Staes hut
South Carolina was smaller in: pro poltlbn
t han In.Atiehame, arttinrocoeded ,to -read
the %three of votes foi the CorwoUtiono udd
the' registered votes. He then read the antes
on the; ratification" of; th°,COnatitntion of
.Georgia end Alaban* and oalltn g attention
to the fact that in four cennties of Alabama
therit tbittniso pleeticina, and allowing thi9P:
the. proportion of reg. istration belonging so
those mint&'be elalmed his assertion that
the vote of vas larger in p7OPW
.tion to the reglitered votes than that of
the - other five win; correct. r He again urged
the necesssty.ofadmltyng Alabama, claim=
ing she stands as itrongirif not stronger, in
favor of reconstruction-than .the others,
save South Carolina. •
'Mr. STEWART took; the Settle' view,
claiming she is fairly entitled to admission.
That thereia no reason for diSeritninating
agai_ l 4'`her, , and that loyalty in South
canons reqiiires and should have en
countOment. •
- During the discussiOn the signing, of the
-billte , adsreit Arliansas was announced by
the chair. It goes to the President. -
Mr. HENDRICKS moved to adjourn.
The CHAIR laid before the .Senate a
communication from the 'President traneW
witting a communication from the Poit.
master General in reply to, a resolution of
inquiry for a copy of correspondence in
reference to thq new postaltreaty. Referred
to the Committee on Postoffices.
AdjoUrned: • : - -
13iih3 and resoliitil3ns 7ere` ISresened for
reference aefolleyF
Ref lthig, the` Judielary -Coi--mAttc
iquesting iudiciary _Jrquitttee to'
inquire the cause of delay in the tiial of
deffersion Davis, and whether any lagials=
tion is necessary to insure speedy trial.
To iaterthe laWs of Old os to the man
ner of electing Representatives is Con
Making appropriations for the payment
of the reward•for the capture of Jefferson
Davis. • • • • • L.
. Authorizing the Secretary of the Treas
ury ttisell. at 'public auction certain prop.
arty of the United States at Mackinaw. •
To regulate trade on the Northern
frontier, ••• • ; •
ro extend homestatid laws to minor
children of deceased soldiers.
Aiathorizing the construction of a rail
road bridge over the Missouri river,.
To provide for the inaugurution of State
officers in Arkansas, North Carolina, South,
Carolina, I;ordslans, Georgia and Alabama.,
. To carry into effect certain stipulations
with the Choctaw Indhms.
Arai:ming• pensions and' hcimesteads to
the orphan children of Brigadier General
Chris. Carson. • )
*Tr. authorize 1 4 . - of tlie•Treasu-
Ai authorize the Secretary %. _
ry to sell the Onstout House and grounds
at Toledo, and famish anew site for &Cu*
tom House and Post Office there.
To control bounty claim awnts.! ' ,
The call of States for billseingcoinplet
ed, the next business in order was the con
sideration of the resolution offered last Mon
day by Mr.ltobinson,and which Mr. Stevens,
of Pqaneylvania, then moved to lay on the
tableoislollows: ' ' •
.Resolved ? That in the judgment of the
irons° the bonds and other securities issued
by the United States, and ,which are ex
empt by late- lkotn- State 'Mid' Municipal
taxation, ought to be taxed for National
purposesiarammdrk stibstqr!tisdly equal to
the average tax imposed in the
1 41
States,for,l urpqacs, in such a manner
as may sid hilly equalize taxation, the
tax to be de acted from coupons as they
become _due; • and' that the Cordniitteei:br
Ways and Means tie instructed to report a ,
bill for the purpose above specified.
The vote resulted—yeas 16, nays 100.
Mr; refer the resoln
tiOrt tothoOrdninittee of Ways - and Means.
Mr. HOLMAN sale that would defeat the'
object of the resolution. He called for the
yeas and nays.
• - The vote resulted—yeas 88, nays 34. '
" So the resolution .was referred to the
Committee of Ways and Means.
Mr. WASHEMNE, Indiana, offered a
joint resolution allowing twenty per cent.
increase of salaries to employes in the civil
service at Washington.
A, - ;_rnetison by Mr. , BELEYE to table it
was rejected-46'egaliiit 71.
`Pendingthe vote on seconding:the pre
vious .crestion ,the morning boar expired,
andthie resoltitiori *exit over till neXt Mon-,
The . SPEAKER • •presented correspon
dence relative to the - visit i of the. Chinese
Embassy to the House, and on motion ap
pointed Messrs. Schenek,./3anks and Wood ,
a committee to receive the EmbaSsy. t •
On:motion, of, hir;'BROOK 8,, the Senate
watt invited to titterie the'reception.
The Conference-report ma the Arkansas
bill came np and the House refused to table
it--37 to 102—apd it was adopt ed without a
The SPEAKER said. behad,been request
ed tolieSent sectinuininidation from C. W.
Woolley:.- • -
: ! ,--.-
Mr. BUTLER objected, but , subsequent
ly offered a'retolution that any communi
cation from Mr. Woolley or his counsel be
placed in the hands of the Speaker to be
sent to the Conimittee on' Investigation for
examination. •
.3fx. - RROOKRinade"the:point of order
'that the'Connitittee had not been in session
for some days. There wits no quomm of it
in the city, thersibie,llieqYcimmittes could
not have authorized the resolutibrr.' ,
1.4 . TheeIII ) 7 , AKED OVerczded Ate point of
order and the House—SO to 36—voted to re
;dye the resolution.
Mr.'HOLISIAS made the peint of order
that as the resolution referred to a °omen.
nicationithelattershould ,
The SPEAKER over - ruled this. and after
some debste,, under,the operation of the
prevlotHe questleti:therssolittion'vhatadopt
ed—t34 to 51.
, Mr. ELDRIDOE moved to suspend the
rules for the purpose Of introducing a parggr
from Mr. Woo4,4l v tich f should U read,
and that ha - -hhtiselt of con
tempt he be disc arge . %....‘
, rchie,Lba o „Wused-rll4 t 039. ,
•.. mi. 'Elt fhtsdinted a resat
intion tbat i. Ti'oolley be ordered ito the
bar of the House and allowed to :pm•ge
htmselfiofrconkanp; Which was agreed to.
Mr. SCHENCK moved the House g into
Committee Of the Whole on the tax b ill.
'Slii.'Hildit. appealed :4to-11h 1 Schenck to
allow him to ask the House to make the
Alister anitiltOor -appropriation bill the
special order ibr Friday next. • .
-,Mr., NWSllTM,dectined to consent, to
an ything be; , • "
~ 2 : (44 , , oil: until
after the tax 'I. wma ' ' ' 43 ad sag
gagw„ „kir y ,44,lom , that !, made
thb ital order Ana* , f t time. I
, Mr..l4l4Wasid . 4 -Wilt de no t h i n g ,flUelk
and ve the gentleman not ce that we
will sand MS tax' bill to' thii Committee be.
fore a week. ,- ‘..• --, .• 7 - • : - , -'l , ---/ ... • - . ~ •.:
~.litr. INGEISS011;--yniphigg n norder
.4 .
iitiel I .o ... ' . '..P."'Rtiitsiikinted murti...
cation,ham the, Seoretam ot , , with s
'repuifromeeneral Heneaff, i In rebranpe,
to government aid for the, .1114,041 Poise"
141(13.F04tvtuo• on Pa
d hb a ti. c - ' ,
Me•NAN volts; of tivifailefrom th e- Committeeeri 71 Ship Ship Canal; TaPortot
-1. .. 13 4i ci tri t et ( thp CM Of 'a •
oziSr farsit,
IMP aroun bi, fagifo
ferret/ to the Committee of the' hole, on the.
State ofthe Unio n ,.
~ . , . ,
ogrigil6 rniei")di3lraf°MtibrtWlitht:n4aLli-Pbitl'ireed'rit:-edl'-t°t:':-'°t"m:
...yiwis nuartar of an : bons .- afterward s
- afterwards /k
NLDRIDGE moved the Committee rbert ' ad
the Witaellaildr.Mool.yowas at the bar of
the Hottee. -' 1 -, • " '
__ .-:1 , ..-
-11 1 herAbblitilttea seeeraingl
1' rose and OK
gergeallt•FnsTusw ent witness,
t tlawl . 1 .• R ks i 3 8 r-• ' '-,'•,',..
• .., VMS liddrellangliritttkoth t leatl
,latt thit;'"WolutiOn -adopted :ib y „ the:
Uguie Wit, days tam(' him tf 'e- - I ,, tus
ready to mar e sue statement' us would
,purge him of contempt of the , authority of
the House?' •
Witness:"l,am, sir; (presenting a paper
from his pocket,) thisis my answer."
After considerable debate 'as to questions.
of order, Mr. SHELLA.BARGER offered , a
resolution requiring Mr. Wooley to state
whether he '.was now willing to go before
the Committee: of Managers of the House
and make answer to We questions for re
.fusal to answer which he had , been ordered
into custody, had if so, he shall have such
priyilege as soon as the Committee can be
convened; and.that he in the meantime re
main in custody, and in case witness de-'.
clinedx,.he shall be recommitted for contin,
:mum of 'contempt, and' tio • remain; until
ready to make such answti. -
Mr. BROOKS made the point of order
tliat fonr members of the' iftmmittee were
absent from the city, and the adoption o;
the resolution would detain the witness in
ftLrther imprisonment in a dungeon.
' • The SPEAKER overruled 'the ',point, as
"thellouile 'had anthdrized - the' Ofirnmittee
to investigate by a Sub-Committee.
The resolution was adopted-93 to 32.
The SPEAKER then, addressing the wit.
ness, said—Mr. Woolley, lam instructed
by the House of Representatives to
_pro youflubstion,sAre yon now
ready to testify before - the said Committee ,
and make answer to questions for the refu
-43a1 to answer which you are now in custody?
Mr. Woolley, the witness . —Aa lily client
has testified in reference to those questions,
end as Itake it to be the order of the'llouse
that I shall answer them, I will d 0136.
The SPEAKER—The order of the House
then will be executed, that the witness ap
pear beforellui Committee as Wirt as it will
be convened, and that in the meantime the
witnessAllall remain in.the custody of the
The proceedings:in regard toMr. Woolley
having thus terminated, the House again
went into Cominittee on; the Tax . Bill, and
immediately thereafter took a recess till
XvlLfi - liio.Bltsslatt.—The fifty:third sec
tion, in reference .to appeals from assess
ment and taxation, being before the Com
mittee, several amendments of detail wore
offered and discussed. •.
In the discussion of an amendment offer
ed by Mr. JENUKES -to %the fifty-seventh
section, proposing to give to the District
Attorneykthe power to discontinue sults in
qui tam actions or enter a voile proecqui in
criminal cases, Mr. SCHENCK argued
against the striandreent, and stated that the
"whisk t eY ring" had Its - aiders and abettors
Its often in the District Attorneys
as in all other officers of the law.:
He , had- -in his mind •one proof
ihrnished to : the keotnntittee of Ways and
Means—the case of a judge in one, of the
federal courts, ,and of a district attorney,
who had divided "black mail" between
thern, 'which was the consideration for their
letting off some sixty culprits arraigned
before the court. He trusted that it would
result vet in an impeachment of that judge.
The Committee ought not to throw, ovary,
thing into the power of district attorneys.
He should hold a veto over all these cases.
He was perfectly willing that in a proper
case a district attorney should have his
remedy against any passibility of fthe de.
feat of the ends -of justice, by continuing
his case If witnesses are spirited out of the
.g,.114024111.1t, Minot kpuble
be frequently with gran juries, or ofileerei,
by whom they were selected. He knew
=that was the case in the Eastern District of
Pennsylvania, and ho presumed it was so
The amendment was modified by strik
ing out the power tUenter a uolle proswei
and agreed to.
Mr. PRICE offered an amendment to the
fifty-seventh section, providing that in
cases of compromises no less sum than
twice the amount of the tax shall be re,
ceived. Agreed to.
Amendments as 'to matters of 'detail,
- prinelptdly legal technlealltieS, 'Were offer
ed to that and subsequent sections, and
discussed under the five minute rule. Some
were agreed to and some rejected.
-After disousalon of, the tall as, far as the
seventy-fifth section, the, Crommittee rose
and the House adjourned until 11 o'clock
: ;New York Clty blotters.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.,
NEW Youx. June B.—There is a strong
.and growing feeling here in favor of nom
'nating -: Cliase . for the : Pretidency'in the
Fourth of July Convention. The Albany
Argue, Brooklyn Eagle, and ether staunch
Democratie sheets, are working for the
Chief Justice. Indeed, he will carry in the
Convention the bond party of the Demo
°rats solid, with Belmont the •: leader.
Got. Seymour la - now said 'to favor Chase
and Cass; The hotels are preparing to reap
a rich harvest from the vast crowd of poli
ticians that will swarm the city next month,
and orders for rooms are
,already arriving
• ,
Mr. GoUldlng; who - wOn the . rice of one
thousand miles In as many hours, on Satur
day, has been paid his two thousand dol
lars,. MC has,notheen,aroused from sleep
-yeti as bislatlgue Is so - gteat ;as ' , be, mak.e
him sleep very heavily.7 - Surgeons exam
ine the pulse every hour] The flesh is worn
off his feet Ala - they are very much in
- There were only : three liundred.and sixty
iltitiviiost:Ye*, Pixt9Pg!'.3"..o44nt4e week
A woman named Hoenig, residing:, it',
Yottenburg, N. Y., was charged, on ',M.
deuce of aphysician nettled Leclerc), with
beiinireaused the death of her husigandby.
giving morphine to him. , ..
A large increase was noticeable yester
day in the number of arrests for violation
of: :the ,excise, , law, . lbs., persons were
brought before Justice . tranarield and eight
bhfore Justice Hogran. •••They were allowed/
to give bail In 0100 each. .T, l lleprifOrcedient
of the law has of late been Verybpr ; _
The piano makers' strike is M ad, the'
,employos. of: - Abeionly -faotory % which held.
hat till - Priday" night luiving - rehumed work'
en T a hor O ul lot ir eibtrite s &are . '" in a fair way of
li g e tting.lll ai.
the, i ir Tg agog , ..m .s le h meeld ha b v v .
hig_agreed to prAV it; ' . 1*
Threlkikera &Atka No; 1, and part also of
,1i0 j .,,2 and 3 are_ on a strike for. three
do n&l'diere p er week; and the lednetion
of a dars *boy to .twelve t hours's: If more
'ttintitmVorttttOU.the -- bakere in the city
34111 not tigretn_ kyteMidityi Julie 20th, the
journeymen Mikes intend te - q up work in
abody. The It4alliiir .. 'iMiiiiiiiigten't dispatch silks
'itifotheo bigairdifirt eland, Job t has come to
Aight. On Wissday the Osage within*
wan; fridneed." tradinione latalnfindd*,
, tkm orkpartof, e Ocumthsion„ which 'll
headed bitlielridiiiii' Connotations; Tay -.
hkraessa eight million sores of land; on
thUit reSsi4.lZen„Jor,firisity cents an acre,
payable in fifteen years to a,,private wV,
whine finmerous better bids were Made for
-4111 # 40144 .:Pr 04,004,0',4 - 7 -- .
*- - All Al Te te fil, pri.lo Og erY ti i -'
My Teiegisrftr c Ina ti Wal t .1 ,'.l - .lz
12.1341,13X0Mr5i JuneerozwAlter RodC rs
was_ arrested, and cow' to v
irik obtalhedtWethehilsWaita il dolt , „
(V I
, within tWotitiontiSt 'Von" out :Al 1 . ,, che cks
in the name ef -Broolarodr:litodgirs, whole
sale shoe dealers, frohigibtrytstern BS
11orida Bank of this city.
-J411 . E 4),
~o~s` e~
Public Debt fitatiment C i ty
6treer7 Pre
posed-trarill Regulations with'
!Maputo -Resignation of
•mY9sfnner toThns r Woolley •
the Contumacious Witness,
Submltsyand• w ill Purger Hinz-
self of Contempt.
By TelciiiisiWitie 4 'Pittetiuidli datette.)
"` 4 1"VgAiiittitialiiiii, June 8, 1888.
Debt bearipscobriniernat V,Crli, 827.841 80
Debt bearlimecnirefier interest 203,1170160 00
Matured 4.lia-1114 presented for . pay
Debt bearing no interest,
Coln In Treasury Currency 111. Treasury
Debt leu cub' td.Trea.sur7
The ijokt 'bearing debt has increased dar
ing - May , 457 4 4W‘90: The seven-thirties
*ere redueecisKOOPMeompbttild Interest
notes reduced 519,701,710. The debt bear
ing gold and currency interest, and the
matured debt-not presented for payment,
increased ;3,120,079. of which 51,920,000
consists of bonds issued to the Pacific Rail
The coin Increased
currency decreased $11,104,983.51... Tbe en
tire debt' is increased• $49,717,059.18, owing
chiefly to heavy payment} of interest.
There mum, much excitement •: to-dap on
he occasion of the formhig of the now eity
government. : Certificates of election hav
ing been given to Republican, and
,the re;
tiring Mayor having cOrtificates to
Conservatives, ,tho , ;two„ equally divided .
bodies metinthe.AldermanicChamber, and
each having elected ' a presid in g officer
much confusion ensued:- The presence of
a strong police force alone prevented vio
lence.,A. Republican„ mpmber appointed to
canvass the votet ihnidifeed the election of
Sayles J. Bowen by eighty-three votes.
This was persistently denied by the opposi
tion.'-Bowen appeared Marv= sworn in
by a Justiceof the Peace. When Mr. Bow
en went to the - Mayor's 'office ho found the
place locked, and acting under legal ad
vice he sent "a farce of locksmiths who
opened the doCis and - now has fall poe-
. The-COMiervailve members of the Board
of Aldertnewhave entered on the journal a
protest against what they characterize as
an illegal probeeding ou the part of the mi
nority of the joint Convention in declaring
Sayles J. Bowen, Mayor elect. They-fur
tber protest against the two colored men as
members from the First ward, as none but
White male citizens, they say, are-entitled
lb vest* In-the - Council. -Tho-liepubli
atibettgli riot united in a protest, are equal.
ly erapbatic In asserting the correctneas of
their own course. It is not yet known hovi
the troubles will be adjusted.
Mr. Beaman's bill, introduced- in the .
House, alloww admission into the United
States, at a- .
ditty of five - per .eent...cul vale
rein, of grain, flour and breadstuff's of all
kinds, fish smoked and salted, green and
dried 'fruit, fish of all kinds, poultry, but
ter, cheese, maple sugar, Lard; tallOW,
lumber of all kinds, round, hewed or
sawed, but not otherwise manufactured,
Bah , 013 4:*al t firewood, ; grindstones,
rough and unfinished, the growth
and produce of the Province of British'
North America, provided similar, articles,
the growth and produce of the United
States, be admitted to the British Provin
ces at a similar rate; and that all export
duties}therein shall bo abolished. The nill
also provides for the , free navigation of
Lake 'Michigan by citizens of Canada, pro
vided that a similar privilege be given cit
izens of the United States as to the St.:Law
rence and its water, and without distino
-lion of tolls on canals; also for free transit
of ' goods in bond from Portland
to ' the Canadian' if similar
privilege is extended to the United States
from- Windsor or Port Sands, or other
western points to Buffalo or other points
eastward, and that free ports In Canada be
abolished;' also' that the right of fishing
near the shore, existing under the treaty
of 1804, shalljgrgranted by the United
States to said Provinces on the extension of
the same privilege to the United States on
the 'Gilt of, St. lawrence and the Great
Lakes. No . part of the act to' go Into effect
until the atlpulaticinaare mutually agreed
to by the government of the Provinces and
thelinited States.
ME; ivooLLEr, THEISTr'NEEit3.
The petition of C. •W, Woolley recites the
facts ofble interrogation and imprisonment,
ainl states that being relieved frims,lds ob-•
ligation secreo bylhe - testimony of• his
Sheridan Shook, on Saturday last? '
'before the, Ocn mlo* he respectfully sub-,
mils _the following answer to the , 'first, -
question. That he did send the -dispatch , of •
- t%elittrofilfayin'tudetviestionreferred tor
designing thereb,Yisii'eqribet the said Shook ,
to place to his credit , with Messrs. Gillis,.
i n a tvese4 co.,:thriAqmc - of tkip,ooo for your
petitioner to obtain a reduction in whlaky,
Tniregard toPoll9h ealdilitkePkeVlAVltereet
ed, and ,which - had::_ - the subject:. :Of
,coaveraation - between Shook,and your peti
tioner,without having arrived at any. nu
` derStiding astiopirodeedimptiherein; brit
your petitioner belleired„he would be twilo.
ling to aid te.i.P.Reesur Jarir k .V i n t im.'
est, talidditiortnebee' Of 40 ; nape
op d, absence of specific cap ons
isadd- ( 4lsl46llloi.yriiir f.etitionersoya,
such precautiops-, are ,eleleb 3 e r Ta xi - '
wry, in ,'OcirdiMdisadeif: l3 ''ter ph ig'
order to avoid dbiclosure of private a=irS•
to those who areliselthig,thierY ,
lie be li eves; tke -,ikteti k erliA.referred
were snflidentiy'weir und jkitwee
himself enditalittilstok, ha 'esisigs4
him be understood and apply .ma.
commUnitiatioWitol-101 ,ePPrelerkttlidiP;'
sect; but, that Shook - .
your' petitioner Informed . act ; ,- ;sPOrt
• said ' televimui, r 'Cr 'eitherqr them,' by
-making ths-idapoitit..,,,or,furniabingl the!
-treeleY Abe§ plet , t 41.4 your 'Pett"'
lionee e 'that d telegrams .:
had referenoe,.to , amy of !Palled
than as bereinbeibreletvoth
°rent* to the trial of the Praia rmLart , i
o e s of impeachment matured by .tbe,
r lLbiise4VAPnitiettitifebiggrud. hint, riot:
any allusion therein whatever. -
Air. Woolley also acoon ts tar thodhqii-;
AIRCO SIM .124090,..V0 1 Lhe,, gays' was
spent on the private business• of his client,
and part was handed to Ransom Van:liral
irtlroriz,r;Kto..o44 tee-.
y, tnese . Ming at the time be,!was ;
giving it to Mr. Shook. lie denlek-sny
disresPea troths lifetuienh Val
files an affidavit from Itantiom.'-vah
kenberg, Robert Strong, Cornelius'-en
dell and Mts.' IL' Shelley, fully setting
forth the disposal of the money.,
, .
COMMISSIORer of Internal Revenue Rollins
has written' a letter to the Secretary of the
Treasury resigning the position, the resig
nation to take effect on the , confirmation of
his successor.„
A. 'BE:
Vonunander and Reglitra-
Suit Decided.
tßjtelegitiih tolheigitsburgiidizotte.)
NEW OBESULESII,Juse B.—lnconsequence
,of the arrest of Mr...'Packardi on Saturday, ,
the-balance of thq : members of the Conven
tien, aod of the Board of .Re g
sued yeaterday another Proclamation de;
flouncing Gen: Buchanan arid' endorsing
- Pahkard, and =consequently were arrested,
this morning, but all released bypen. Bu
chanan in obedience to telegram. In re
leasing, them Gen. - Buelienan informed
-them that should COnpliss..thil - to:legislate
in the matter of the admission of Louisiana,
they will be rearrested and brought to trial
-before a military commission.
:'The suit brought by Governor Wells and.
'Mayor Heath to test the legality of the last
election of directors of the New Orleans,
Jackstin and Greet Northern Railroad -in
which both State and city were excluded,
was decided bfthe Supreme Courtlo-day.
'The deeision of the lower *Alit was revers
ed and the Supreme Court decided the Gov
ernor had a right to vote the stock of State
and the Mayor the stock of the city.
Kit= 4134
.$ 90,128,650,31
43,179.1Z1 33
ti 0.24.3,40 84
'NEW ORLEANS, June B.—The Republican
of tomorrow will contain the proclamation
by the Convention. and Registration Board
asserting that its authority is paramount to •
that of the Commanding General; and
charging that the latter has transcended
his prerogatives in promulgating au elec
tion for State, parish and municipal officers,
and naming the' time for. said officers
to ..qualify , and . take possession of
their offices,. assuming to cow.'
vene the General Assembly,- in aimun
ing the power of appointing persons,to fill
offices, when the persons elected cannot
quality, claiming the right of persOns hav
ing the higheit number , of votes who can
qualify to fill said offices, and by 'refusing
to send. election, returns ; o the Board, and
concludes by notifying all persons whom.
General Buohanah's order . declared
elected that, the Constitution of ,li3uislana,
meaning the Constitution adopted by the
late Convention, requires them to enter
upon their offices at once, as set forth in a
former proclamation from this Board, and
that any Orders front any source directing
to the contrary are illegal and not binding,
and the parties so attempting to take, office
will lay themselves liable to action at law
-by the parties elected, as well as the risk of
certain removal from office.
More Outrageit—The War Between the
• 'Cheyennitrand Kaws.
CBT Telegrapti to the Plttsburgb Gazette.]
ST., L0U,10,, ,7.11110 B.—Omaha :dispatches
say the; othodist Bishops and, Ministers
returned from their excursion, to the moun-'
. .
tit/Patti/4i A „ nOrning• &Tend- Preach
in the different Chtirefies tO-nifit.
The farmers in Wind River Valley were,
alarmed by the appearance of- Indians. A
number have gone to North Pass for safety.
Helena and Montana papers report the
Indians stealing`stock in the Miisouri Val-
ley. They have already 'driven away two
hundred head of stock. The , farmers are
pursuing them..
The Indians are troublesome the Up-.
,per. Missouri, driving off, stock.., On May
21st they. tired.on the. pilot on the was' np.
On May 2dth they kfiled two soldierx at
Camp Reeves, in sight, of their tents. On.
May 29th they, fired onthe steamer IMAM
Wood; above Berthold. - Three' Shiite en
tered the pilot-houSe, but no person'tvas in
jured. On'June 3d Gen. Terry and Father
De Smet were= at Fort Mee nrging peace
upon the whole Sioux Nation,ibut the In
dians say they disn't care about, peace, and
want more, ammunition. .
The Leavenworth Conservative, of Satnr-:
day, st ates that Governor Crawford has
gone to Caned! Glove to look after there-ported difficultlea between the Cheyennes
and Haw Indians; and hag dispatched to_lds
Secretary from Fort -; Leavenworth , for_
twenty thousand rounds carbine cartilde r ,
and to ship them-by the; drat train.
ther particulars were anxiously; ooked for.
ST:Looze, June B.—The TPpeka (Kansas) :
Record of _Saturday sayn -a dispatch' fitim
JunetiOn City, to Gov. Crawford states the
Cheyenne : lndians tegl, left- the Kew, re
serve, and were in Lyun.Crook; off
settlers No dentroypm eirerythlug as they
went. ,
' Advietik*ire AliorreoeivA from Cotton
wood Pails that sortie 'live hundred wild'
TAdiang-Were iii.Diaftiond Creek, 4iiriVizift,
off steak and" , cominitting t 'other depreda
tions. About tionetW five &dillies had come
into. Cottonwood Falls fbr; protection.
and North-Western:R4lread,Trettbll.,
My 'Telegraph loct Atte Pittaikargb '
.41.1.unrcat.mi, dune 8.... The , Detnociatid
State Clonventionlognorirow-riromisee to be
thelargest' heldliere4W*arii`. l !Delegates;
hive arrived InAniddeirable fttexc
all laves of the State: The - idea of 'running
'Chum hrtiniveredlyignored. s Jpinfiton'has
many :friends; and: penilleton-f,aa - Mimy)erl
more. , The onlyeabjeetorcentrovetly will
be:as to thq - zpoli*.of ' atprandnget Pmfery
once fbr. anther, The friandeaJobtiaphdti
dare Pendleton ,the4.oeool4 Atete.. s 4hk
nther, names are 'aerialist ',..menthitieilaini
conneethm t with the
tion. A p.rft
melting I.Flut tbbet&
Dare views: ' •
r ""Pliq • hville and itiirttiivOttin
road Imbroglhitotithittete*ltlishotirtmert -
of atirleedy adtleindiaL')ln thBtheintlinetuf
trains •ranlandothe =Owe Idle.. E 2 tra'
Amount dna theemployeelail"-
,000.faz., - .`l ti;tx 1
Boa yk 1)177i/TradelPo , °l3isii* , . ' " '"'",k`'
h „ I .' ttuburst,Vuette.J ~ el ,
.:.The: e*curalonisth of
4:EADIArq. JUTIP Orval* efirht3r.-friVfre
he Thillotad h e re amp moi ng , br, ik
From`lnthiber4,42l4*(l., hern,iber Went over
the; 'l' ll ' 2 , r ,3 44, too Harrisburg
WM" : Va l ley iiternooninent uPthir
and, returnim_, tht li
ass carbon, Njunekts
Ileadhlgi.inm4norM, tl,„„,athelr,,lifinti
zerEuV-viaa 80:1117/14110M,on; Do,'
visit a 444,- milk visa th,e..f...,- ~,,,1
Ift44t wa T..ts l6 4lll) /lake* ' ' ', ‘ L i 1 '
Vex anil;-,..,_,,, ' • ' , ..- _. virginia
, . ,iir,iim lora '.*-
Rebel :::7. 1 4 6 4 1 1 'Tritium .. ; 41.1", i
tiiTilliernitito thrP,B...LemerSi --,; ) l l !" .thit 2
'' linnindyd, 101/11 tbelliningthe,
I li
at &lir' a t
bonds; draftlii ntitet,ort 4 11 /1". 1 / " 49 *
mai; in rebel 5tatenh,,,,„,,,,.,
bo - nboovated atslow.. invots „ ilditer ,
awe sulk Audi " r- a voulit Pit 1 4=
- owleb3g ' t the Pl i tt.-- -.- I n
11 41 :fresuour", ~,to. Pa -- ' -
State bolds.`
FROM total'.
By Telegraph to the PM/trunk Gazette.)
LONDON, June ii--. Chief /*Woe Cockburn
states that the charge delivered by, Judge
Blackburn to the Grand Seq . , which recent
ly refused to bring a _bir - of indictment
against Ex-Gov. Eyre, of Jamaica, is con
trary to the opinion of a majority- of the
Court of Queen's Bench.
PAlnts, June B.—The Eiendir.rd in an ar
ticle on the action of the Austrian souse
ilePuties ISonierning the - National debt ad
vises the 'Reichsrath not to adopt the pro
posed heavy tax on coupons.
Q,CEENSTISWN; Tune B.—The steamer
Malta, from New Yorlc on the 28th- Mt.,
arrived to-day.
TA:u.rpox, ,June B—Evening.--Consols for
'money, 95y,a9.5%; account, 95%; Illinois,
100" 8 ; Erie, •46_14; - - • :
. .Lavrateoor.,,• 'June B.—Cottonv sales of
7,001 bales; uplands, - 113‘a11391.• Orleans,
11y,a1.1 1 ,0. Eosin'6s. Tallow, 445. -Petro.
learn; refined . advancing at Is. 4d.;- .spirits
f AIfTWER r, .tune 8.--Petmleum firmer.
Terriide Wind and. Baia Sto fni.
By telegisph to the „Pittsburgh Gazette. 3-
Caws.. N. Y., June B.—A terrible storm
of; wind and rain passed over this region on
..claturday afternoon. The brick chimney,
eighty feet high, attached to the Eagle Cot
ton factory of George W. Chadwick; at New
Hartford, -six miles from this - city was
thrown. upon the roof of the Machine shop,
crushinjr the structure to the ground. -
Eightmen were at work in the shop: One
named Harry Knaft was instantly killed
'and font- others severely injureid; one of
whom it is.thought cannot recover. Knaf
was horribly mutilated. Loss about $ lO,OOO.
_. 'Priest •Comniltted tti'Jaill:
EByTelcgraPb to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
LOUISVILLE, June B.—Rev: Lainbert
Young, a Catholic priest of ,Frankfeit, was
yesterday committed to the county jail by
'order of Judge Ballard, of the United States
District Court, for declining to give testi
mony in the case of the mobbing andhang
ing "of a negro in Frankfort last January
for the alleged ravishing and attempting to
murder an Irish girl of that place.
. _
The Oregon Election.
(By TeleSOlvb to the Pittsburgh Gazette 4
SAN FRANCISCO, June B.—The steamer
Continental from Oregon brings fuller re
turns of the late electlim in that State. The
election of Smith, Democrat, to 'Congress
liy seven hundred and fifty majority. is
conceded., also a Democratic majority in
the!`tegislature. - Washington, Hamhill
aed.Ciettsop counties elected..local Znion
' South Carolbui F.JectiOns.
Teletn:NA to the-PltuAurrh 6azette.3
CHARLESTON, June 8.---Returns,frPm the
county elections. hoick last week shoty that
thn Widicalis.linve again carried:most of the
counties, but by reduced majoritie& - Many
counties in the interior which gave I;tadical
majorities in April have elected Democratic
coluity..tickett. In some of these -registra
tion showed large negro majorities.
Rhode Island Legislature—Spragne to be
~.'Ve-eleeted United States Senator.
CBy Telegraph to the Pittstargh Gartte.3f
1 4 11 . 0 . 1711:07CE, R. I, Tune s.—The general
Assembly " meets`to-tnorrow at Newport,
arkwill elect a United States Senator. At.
thea l egisintive Fawns this evening, Senator
Sprague was nominated for re-election
"without opposition: • • - -
•,, Trial for Fraud Postponed. •
(By Telegraph totha Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Toil., Ain't B.z—The trial lifllartwell,
Ideliqn,and Ward; implicated in the State
struet frauds, has been postponed tiutll Oc
beher; the parties giving bail for 120000
each.: , . : • • • )
Memphis Market., '
[By Telegraph tothe Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Mgatrats; June B.—Cotton ;dull and
,rmanaitud; receipts 43 balcs; oxportsA bales.
FlOne declining and irregular. inwerfine
38,00. Pork 529,00. Bacon, wea k ehbulders
1334,-cletir sides 165 , : 5 a17c. - Lard 1940 C.
C0rn i 31,95a1.97. Oats 87c. Hay filli,ooal9,oo. -
Bran 30. '.'Eggs .186. Illltter 30 aid dull.
. • ..
',O rr
Ton SECOND Bernal , Cniniew,f New?
pint,lithotie Island; notwithstanding the re:
cept•pesolution pf ; the -Abode Island
Pigvention that miulatora and, chnr es ad-
MAMIE - 'persons - 16'CoMmunion - o had
not been immersed could not- be-reggnized
ag*aPtiPla, Oil adherekto. , the practice of invitation t o all Christians
,to their communion table, and of;receiving
Inenibein -of other denominattims; Episco
palians, Moravian, Metlift- ' and othate
Wiebreerrect' cordlidity. ;;-ThWilidinday after
thammolution of e ibeConyeation the same
invitation was g4en, without any.rptic,e of
thg - proclamation. ' The - Reir. Charles Mal
, Cohn son of Dr, Howard' ' Malcolm; is the
1 Pditr;i. , . .1: - t 7:..; ~. .g. , : , c-
HE M t3aleni (Mum) *Ads; in ;slaking
two' eral prtmeedmis un fait, co .rising *Tiles mear.ssys: • ' is an
indication of a return to the olddhsbioned
nstonii of showing respeot..3o , the memory
of thii dead; without the 'necessityof Pro..
'ridingsttirisgen for the' female: portion of
theproeessieri. .IVisoseriotis ter upon the
MO9roixently.lEogrerbkg.euough inshe loss
rues ,of the head-, ,and ir
dt rly of e „th u e
bflly, to hire aZat a ofeoTiriends and
ia tstiees; tio
We WI theirs imitances as
.f 34
Pesera.4ox,seeoroivw, 0 ,_""rol,e 8114 / 13 W
son, might be swami - m slide year,egi Rriedn,by perfect mamma or Ise
letheut Tidsassertkitisisnpporteit by the
NOW. Tort.- Cbairantine
701111-71040 sho w that the moi l from
egfriblelilheinnisfcommon form
of emulleat elokoese; imsi bees greatly di
wooed- In teapot ,••The average
eilr/7 0 01411111 r °41 emaakttex to Aev York,
for the years prelBB6 ; were
. '4ol:Vtlei"alletbere 83i1885 - and Mit were 28
arid 19 1 gc;
~1...:1' -., f r ,, •-- " =the Oliiiiiiii;on paid
vanaDs OSTAGE.—
anada was•redtte. on
letttera 1;0 an(l.,vitcm,QhcC fr om -, tei: - cents to six
.1"-centriktr.4440"HAPTair'—.00` TitsetraittbaNtoattrthge.
14941ipitthigs0 -14Pitll
.preptad`vith ten
Ajt un t
per of kttfffs A4Fietterli'' 61Y are
1 atatckt 4 ; - ', - ,s,einidlittivage in
clieludetli?otelif3o3rouninsous, and 7 a r a _ r t • zriin ararr_
ef 7 l E cki d.
nial' !eland ,r,;4ll4ttifput asxge ra
' It ten es