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F, rank-f2OAWIESS
tay Telegraph to, the Pittsburgh Gazette.
:. ,
o:Altailil*trzni; BUY 27,
/268. t
. hil:S MAN
gave- Male he_ would,
.I.4zu Thisnpxyeetrtsudl.tiplUos- funding '
and endeavor to s haveit dist of. ,-
e e
-, • ' ibtant . r ittV
• ) ri e , act granting Ihnd
.:,t • ,• , ~in aid of .tinksascl end _telegraph front:the'
' l l' •, . , central • • '''rlikiltetter. In ' oral to
li i - , • . portlan* -i * . 4 ,' *r . iiiisd. It extends the
l i I, ' . • -••i *Joie alkiti ,‘ : 's,` . aainaydedcm.Of the road.
lto ' ; L___"' Irodueed •
Mr., • 1 In a concurrent
1 • " " labolutioui ~. egiournment on the 13th of
1 . 1".. . :,= = The . 1 . , 4111 • , iiicolisnitii. the National Life
t' ' , '
, ;1 ;,. ,- 'lnsittanCe t••)•• • pinir of the United States
c r 's; "
.f. . Mr. submitted • an order no
" 'cepting the ' nation of. Mr. FOrnev and
stra t
autboring_ McDonald to act as /kerb
p. o r . tart' of the senate ad interim. =
t.' l . , "' - ' , Mesers. DRAKE and. HARLAN objected
1 .1 o . and the ordet. went over.
'?,‘ •• t On motion Mr: MORTON, the Secrete.
', ' 2 ' -ry of State - on for copies bt all
"enTreepetuf- . •4 . ' ditetiations with the
ir: e
f• Britian wni
e. • ent re lative to t he 'Ale "
baxna ()barns. i •
Onmotion • f -Mr. DAWES, his resolu
' tlen far a ett,' , ntlttee to invmtizatetis to the
'' ' - alleited7 tli - br ' intiirdna against
. • Senators ref •• *1) to the 'impeachment, trial'
was taken up •y a vote of twenty-three to
Mr. DA. ' - ' then offered a sabsiltute,-
- animll •ditlerfrig itligh ly, including overtures of
fi propease • • by a Senator or any
-.- personip the • •• eof °a Senator.
At the • ... • • • o f . Mr. CONKLIKG,•he
modified •t • e - • lotion by inserting the
words ' , or , oth - • • persona". after Senators.
He-said he had • • reference to any Senator
and urged the • eiessity of an investigation
saying it Was n • •riorui that such threats;
. andintimidatio •• wore used towards the
Alinding to a remark made on a former
--' -oecaskm byF, in regard to
- . threatamade In this chamber,Mr. FESSEN
DEN rejoined It was not:a Senator,. or an
•otficef, - that Marla them, but. outsider.
After further diicenicsior t he' resolution
was amended by providing that the Com
mitten .• t t t,of live. ‘..• , •
Mr. R • •:,•: than rosetind made a personal
.explatuttlop at,tbe conclusion of which the
• sttbeltute ants `adopted..; • "
At two o'clock the Senate held an execs
'titre session forSbout ten minutes. • '
linen the . Senate came. out of , executive
session; ,the, b to admit Arkansast was i
- taken up and by Ur. DRAKE,
- who urged thc i & , ety of his wabstituto.
' . lifeturn.Th L a
e d•IITON op.;
sawed it, add ' ' ted th bill. - 4 , „
Mr. ZUGNALEW RIVES I.2p,i6l___. the
,- - aniendreent,„,whigh.-41t- DItAEFI then
• Moditiedirylstrikhignht the objectionable
• clause of an unalterable constftutimiso far
as concerned the right of putbr u :nd in
serting oarialsriplyfoibldding e denial of
elective Tranchiseon account of" or col
-or_, andludian i.not taxed. * _
Mr. FERRY moyed as an amendm ent to
the amendment to strike out of the bill -41
but the following: -§ , Be It enacted. tiro.,
' that the State of Arkansas is entitled and
„admitted to repierientation 'ln' Ocmgiv&sa .,
-one of the States of the Union." ,.i?':.A ...,
After' frirther dismission Mr. WILSON
moved to' 'adjourn, pending which Mr.
BUCKA.LEW carded the follbilng resolu- 1
tion Which Was laid over:
lisgolved, Aa the•sense of the Senate, that
any enforced attendance of a 'member of
the Almada Illeffrt theitqclAtnittee of the
Rouse of Representatives to be examined
'as a withestio d en,V,s3aostion relating to the
ImpcsOtunent •trial , ',mild be, a, flagrant
• breach , of 0( 4 0 1 101er:a or, thellenate, and
• ..thaVany voluntary. utterance of a SenatoF
before a e c i arniiitteeilTatleit'prirpcse wonlct
be highly iniplma7.; • . .. ---'
Adjourned,' -..,... ,'. -, •
'110178E"Olii E SE
; , :.'•„mr.r. OAHT offered a resolution, reciting
that several bridges are in progress of eon
' atinction - across the Ohio elver, and that
that gritslifillaterayfOretimmitirbe should
* not be obstmetecj, and instrnetlog the Post
' -• ' - ‘olB6e Committee to obrielder the propriety
•kife, Ora hiw-providing- that no bridgm
:thou be constructed'nor ihat river with a
?,apart ?,apart l oicarillio•tlignitel' lit °Him than five
~ „hundred feet.. Adopted. . :
311 eliIPHAICE4,prceenteti a 01,113MUniCa
'tion from sheAimettiry' of the ,Treasary, •
-with a report Of Geo e 'W. Jkiggo on Vans.
• dian tisherichdo3: • • , -
-F-:-:,-- 24 TiViiiIiORREAUlprevented a petition of
.It ooo wculdnZln, PT:RW*4O and Allot'
Anetly with-, : .r. as mina* of duties.
litz,, , L , =v i t al:so h,
Inbuttityrepciita, ,•'•• :. sized.
~, •
The. Senate aulteadmenta id ` t he Army
444;Pro=otkialfa ,_Were;'oori•commrred in
' An% I. - - efferm•e,aikedfcani.
, •.. • SCIEL4NON -- reported' back ithe Mut
b4ll:atid 'Weak iiik its ;11:021114111tiOtl ill l
....ittatio of the i:WM:As toenorto% /Ind,
• NuenY 'thereafter' ardildispodela llTtidibt•
inttractietas of the`Coinniittie of Ways and
••••••,liesearl tar reported back the,printed KW'
• ; 1 , • 4 1 1 r2F 4 • 21 4 110120 4nenkv. He would haV6. l
`Pert* n _ Oni ter'efame4dmeats, mostly
-of a verbal cnatiogekii 14 3.1 J i '
dugPelF___. P lagllaneaplutidinkudrttet- -
.1` Eng' ' 4 :4•Publo rounds
t° trik "F r * d t 4kr ir-tel—fil.the public gar
• '•••• Sena to.mon•or ^iv ationid'etremeteriee to
be,piaoo or; pldleve gravely with orivate
- , . 710 atin:Pt On l'""a°11013 ' AdeiPted tl 'Ul
la L . POMO) bilaktkßiver and
r iT I wmeh, with smudinente by
meet t e, - .s7 m k n ri "Baker and Van :. by ref •to4nunittee of the a l , 1"-
& me m- • portant Mk we :T 1:".•
; 411ab i i sibilliacorti boon • t , o k
4olleetlon falsetto* ,hillheldps • ' 4 blll
r , • for the preyontion-;and t- hment of
frauds o n the rev_ japneitqf t or oemeo.,
Lion of =SW — . . i - e - Tcrill
• , : -.1147• Sigi PAIMP.9IIIIIII
_On Com
'num*, repo a auewatnte fir
e q. Paws
bill to prounitilAtntirkiatiebiliumirbe by , f
„tax,fcr i e 1;94 *tad &calve* a ar.
-,- 143 r friah whit& ports. A d whack
~ ~ .eq to .dattsa isadlowedon nude al
in ahi ' •••• ; . vides*,
iv . 411/211 - c- ~' . • for the
',- ; r othir yttb lt , . ... 7. y ic....
~ ...n s ee v e e x r .
~1 qathe • - ,§l' 1852 in
*in -
JO:, „ iwtaasln.tO tbose
' t t
_____ _ tigli -
••••t i ni t ter
14161 40/#419;4 1 4141 the re
on e -powers.' ---
• debate the blllraiditAbValunto to.
a../.pgaidiiiimemaiiiidpdt of the
Whelivlifteillainatin the Chair,' * F a n ,
on bill.
) ' ' 'Vi l k r gia who reported :thir
01.41041:14 Marks datioymiMod to the
wftent system of the a dmi of
Indian aftirs, characterizing it as unjust
to the Indians.and a source or very general
vorrupflan and fraud by Indian agents.
_ _
.171' OW a 11... A.
11" it
Be thought. tho' Oinunittee on Indian Af
fairs unatdmotuilp of the 'opinion the In
dian- littiesu should be transfen.ed to'thEs
War Department:
Messrs. WINDOM snd CHANEER op.
mad an Mr'PI~YI~R fivbiathe idea.
The bill was then considered Iry detail,'
but without conclusion the Cokamitte rose.
The bill to promote commerce, reported
by Mr. Eliot, was made the - Tspecial order
for the second Monday in Jun e . , •
• Adjourned. tin •
A caucus of Republican members was
subsequently announced for to-morrow
evening. ' ' '
The Cpburn..llltCoole Pike -Fight--„Battle
• - Retween-Datfy Sheppant spd Mike-Co
burn--A Ilow—the Fight Declared a
Draw—Coburn Arrested -The Great Fi
Billeted to Sire' Been Sold. gh t
CirroirmAri, O. 27.-, -McCoole was
. •
arrestd near: _Cold 'Springs, Indiana, at
three O'Clock thia - •xiierning, by the Sheriff
of Dearlxvn county and taken to Lawreuce.
Partleaitave left here by a special `train to
effect his release. This 'may , postpone the
COLD' SPDXRCIS, Lid., May 27.—The first
exemaion • train • arrived, here at half-past
nine, and found , at least a -thoosand people,
representing-Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Il
linois- and Missouri on the.ground. Before
the start from Cincinnati there was an
men croWd around. the Olikitand Missis
sippi depot, but the number that entered
the cars was much snialler than was ex
'limited. The accommodations
means first-class. The train was made - Alp
'of cattle, hog and grain cans with rough
wooden benches. At a 'point eighteen
miles this. side otthe city the train was
stopped and the conductor went around
andexamiutici the tleltatirolariseveral per
•lsone- ivere put'off,-but the signal
.was..given,,to start they. leaped aboard
- agent; ikithat the conductor was completely
:."The --- ai - rst utiqcOttole at Lawrenceburg,
Ind., creates immense excitement. Many
were the curses heaped on the head of the .
Sheziffianddianyntoie on the Judge, be
cause he could not be found to accept bail.
"In . * 1 momet4however, we left, and --in a.
brief interval were at this point, with Out
farther_incident: ;.The region around the
Spring is desolate. It is a - sort of hard
cle.V. - -JaCkstditt..ta if it could not raise
enough to eat to support a mouse With , a
sies_pectible family of micelings.
Whe place chosen is nearly a mile north
of - tbe• station,'on the land of A. P. Cady,-
an old citizen. He protests he knew noth.
ing of the arrangement; the pioneers of the.
tight,had-taken ,i , (3Emszt•sion of the gromid
•against , hie Willi' and that he was powerless
1 to prevent _ them. ' . • -
succeeded in dodging admirably.
hae Smut frogt '-,plaoe to:place, and thus es
caped arrest, although a - large lot of officers
were on hit tribk: all -the morning. The
F g a nd - . thiSP9efiug Vas , moderatel yßoni'
nittJaoCio muchSit° be' fsaveeable• but I
at thisliour II;30 a. m., there ia POlkirtli*
o "lgit Skiere hag Pl i e z ii - 4 101 "
f' 4 , ;y1,4
The - dews of the reletute of Melle,fie. 4!rn
.11,000 hail, and that-he was „alibis way to
fight and forfeit tho.aame,•oreited a great •
sensation and
rejoicing. liicCdole`
will btrhere 'in a few minutes, and he has
not much time to snare. -.- - T„
The second excursion train which leh Ohl
cinnati at nine o'clock, containing, eleven , .
earsp Witil,about one thousand passengers,
halearrided:.' The crowd:frith Very orderly-
in embarking, and in moving off the train
was observed with interest and curiosity.
Tile 66 M i tlYPeolklifideZrg.ilit mute arrived
at Laiirenceburg at half past ten. A big
crowd was at thadepoktaleceive IffcCoOle,
he having been released on two thousand
dollars bail. He was _enthu,slastically „re- 1
celved:by the mietifsfcinists: z Jon Sheen, '
of Lawrenceburg, was his bail: The bail
will be forfeited if the fight comes off.; , ,
tazethetore Aurora, Elliott ,
Qetielitidlehd= , of New York, two
well known_pugilists, got into a dispute
and drew revolvers, but no shooting was
do• - . -, : J . 'T ' '
McCoole looks almost a_ecisely as he did
at his fight withlottet.! Hole having tijol
.ly time among his friends, and is conft-,
dent of victory. There'fisjittle or no bet=
Mime neared,our destination there were
'indications of a rain Storm. The grounds
were reached at 11:315., 'Two, thousand pee: -
ple await us. McOuole's appearance was
greeted with applitute. 4 •
CoM , Seettles. - May ..--The ring is be
ing made, end, thepsincipals in the fight
are. in' the" vicinit y, hitt hidden. McCoole
Is decidedly,the_favorite, 'the bets running
two to one agaitiat Coburn. The St. Louis
men. are • betting -three to one one onActi
tilde 'The New Yorkers are evidetly ,
discouraged. •.,.- „ . •,, .._ - • ,
It is estimated that there, ,are five thou
sand -people oh •the ' grounds. A sharp
shower, drove many,people to the woods:.
The trees In the l viefeity of the grounds are
.filled with spectators. Everybody is good
-natured. A • party in the woodsl /autos a
camPlbee.ting -43'mPr in wideb.hondreds
joined. , I '
i -
About were repri3sented,
inclMin • gthaseef my cork, Philadelphia,
-Cittainall"`lSt.-Louls, - LOfilsville, Chicago,
reaTiemnielbaitiWt: brother of
Joe, - and Patsy Shephark commenced a
datelweiglitlifthc*Xlertitm loughs broke
the bitter ring and the Wakes,'
keeping out all .reporters, au that:nothing
lint the final report could be teportiid. The
ring was broken into, tti , ti r _ r point and
martrVere bait, inil' MO bilt was deo
dared a draw. Everything conkeliitt'
arAietr„, : -, abaremerally believed that
it io k - -:. oh) said fight is off.
2,10 1 v, N.—Coburn was arrested just as htj
*ix eoteririgihe ring. The fight is probs.
Txri.•...oUhiirik,' with his seconds; :idle'
, .
e ap,m,o44,tiqa :• •. i a quay,
''-°: , dirtaWeartign r . 1 1 wen *Med
On. letween.Pataley:Sheppg&sisdild i . w,
DUrn,:hruthekofJoe,amMgreat dobfusion..
Coburn'sseoonds were Dick. lielliviood and
: taxrAkitil' eit i ttirtrififirgohnny
eY and 6co 0 ell. Rer t John
1621 r. Y. -, There Wavier muehpat Whiffs'
pr. 1 yffigt, ej t v impmblp,to d 48 WhO
.' ere 6 "iftilt. -- Theld.Ws gene y was
',:rdOdA...tndr,that utmeetodbm
14 . ii.) . mmtneneed miae - mki.*:
vausi•-• t three ro •• ' wore
Ae rt
. til b d V i ta favor of Pelee,* SA:e . . - w as
aline up n ,an iiash and first kno c k , own Wawa!
L I N wa n done hove echka h t short
4=tl/fileftlii* ' I lied teeY
01i his peter* trat h a warm
A rally art a close
at the !bunt when e '
Fifth:lknuautiati lag I,g`:orls 4341°Z
let SY With his ci ,__. ."' P
I) , •:,kh;,_,.% Sot in C a
and ' treat
ing. one wa would nokb e a ,,,,...„ ,__.._
, Shalt's& _
:, a gocrwithA mt zLiz i r t re
":041: • 0 Ple4rWilkii"Wrled togbis
I l se
:ooknegi.:4 robsuatoreralierio.,,,,
the sixth round, when a vibtrat i 7 -7..-1
atosu'and tip fight concluded. c u
dr w: D
-„,..--- 13, . a
• At 110 there was peat conhaton and
Much dleastlailiction. nel/lWood canal um.
.P=3 YL 14 • 7-Af 17-?, STEIN; AO ITO fr CraaTl
?rOOD YFt.f.
prnsiwwar,'' TfiU
ning up fromlowards thedepot and sho •
“Coburn is arrested, and in the ha •
• ThelSberiff. veer don't resbile him there
will be no tight." A few started back with
Holliwood, but not many. The general im
prision is that it was A sell. _Coburn was
arrested, !Innen; and" take n off byi the
Sheriff and his posse. Several independ
ent fights in different parts of the crowd
soon made all generally disgusted.
At ten minutes before three o'clock; Mo . '
Coole shied his castor into the ring and
ping after, his burly figure appeared
within the ropes. He seated himself - in his
cornerand 'calmly awaited the coming of
his antagonist. At three p. bicCoole,
through Lew Clark, of the St. L ouis Times,
demanded the battle money, and the'.
crowd then dispersed. The question as tb
whether outside bets are off, is undecided.
CurcitirrArr i May '27.—The excursion
trains from the prize ring reached the city
about half-past six. o'clock. The.. excur
sionists are generally not ,in a very good
'humor, the impression prevailpag that the
fight had been sold. Coburn, after his ar.
rest, was taken to Lawrenceburg, where hb
and McCoole remain tonight. The excite
inentln'the city toldAY ;was intense, but
everything is quiet tonight, owing to the
fact that a drenching rain has been falling
since five o'clock ; and grog shops are all
-r-Professor. Meech, of Belfast, Ireton - 4i,
has accepted the Presidency of Princeton
College, N. J.
—The jury in the Callicott and Allen case,
at New York are.yet,unableto agree-on a
—Capt. Staples and mate of the Bark - Helen
Angier, have been arrested at New. YOrk,
charged with the murder at sea of Then=
Holland, a seaman.
Anson' Burli n ga me
'• —Ron: Anson: Burlingame and Chief
Wondering of the Chinese Embassy, will
review the 7th N. Y. rlinetit, which pa
ranks, in a new - tinilbriP: •
—Several mem bens of Congresa endeavor- •
ed to persuade Mr. Stanton not to vacate
the_WarOffice, bet7tie maintained it. was
the'proptif course fbr him to take.
—Democratic "wire pullers" recommend
the_ National,Democratic Executive Com
•ndttee to eitendaninvitatton to, the "Con. ,
servetive" - eoldiers and ashore throughout
the country to attend the Convention at
New York.on the 4thef Jnly and partici./
_ • -
—voiney Winchell, the absconding, bro.,
ker, of Springfield, Mass., has made propo- -
sitions to his creditors, through his attor
ney, for settlement. He offers to give his
notes for one yenr for, the_ full amount of
lifirialiebtedness.‘ Hit whereabouts is still
officers who were appointed to in
vestigate the late robbery of the 'Ada
the rep o
e near Seymour, Indiana, report
total lose to be 49 , 5,0e0 ;e• pert of which
was in
_Government bonds. There were
tiled UMW in greenbacks of large denomi-
Ind- lb&
nations. The numbers of both tpe. bond&
suesisy v hiseetti aariaLiz, the siompany, anilsirculars con
. istningthh asrhaiik bolo sent)* clistribti ! .
Von among the banks and Woken. .None
r of the thieves have been arrested.•
•i~astkV,* fOleilll'aikeded
that We
oak o ;the Haws Democratic
State Convention,.reguiring the delegates
t 9 votefor
pendletfuhlrill prove to be of no
nee to that spentielplea, Mader of the
thlit:4lr6 Megan,' thews *majority -who
are opposed to Pendleton personally, end
to his platform, and who, ' relieving them
selyea.oti lite first and second ballot of the
obligation - et their instructions, will vote
thereaster r COT spy man who will be satis
factory to Weir York and New EnglOad:-
Press says that An
drew Johnson has been oonvicted before
the people, and by thirty Ave Senators,' re
presenting all of the great ' States of the
Union, but latiMabeenaclluitted in parlor
No. S bit Willatdre /Hotel: He sits in his
,chair without honor and without influence,
'save in the distrlbution.of public plunder.
The duty of our party is now to drop the
whole afikir, leave the'recteant Senators to
their constituencies, , and work fof Grant
and' Colfax:'
—The grand
,jury of New Orleaes, on
'Theadarr in a bad
I.lNetrict Attoih Yr aritomiianied by the
ey., II ha t`•
the Chief of Police had avowed-Min
self in possession of knowledge as to the
whereabouts, within the State, of a noted
burglar. named. Wtitson,..who he agreed to
• arrest it compensated idr so"'noing, and re
fusing to give the necessary Informationle
the Sheriff, Watson having forfeited his
bond. Thexharge-ki. supported baflidaf
vita of ilia Sheri ff end his deputi es. Tho
grand jury state that the offense is not eov
ered by any law of the State. They ask an•
action oflnyestigatlea, €4 7 4.5190,tt1E!,,R/40;11h,
np'i#f*ff.tethF4osl4 . ...! y.:111
General' Conference of the Methodist EN":
copal Church.
thyffelearaph ie-th• Plito,srsba 4 ll4ette•J
Cniciwo,May - 21.--The aficassion of the
report on lay delegation was resumed: by
Rev. Dr. Inrw3 , , of Clnclimati.•Confenuteere• •
who spoke earnestly in &vent ithe
diof the, '44iviittee*,:con.the ground of expe
ency. e was followed by ,Ray.
Yir,heeler, vfoXoratrAbio Conference, who
ma - de a 'strong argument in reply to Mr.
• 4 1' "4 , !' •i .1 "
• Rev. Mr. Hunter of Illinois, offered a
substitiltellbelluguiltjbrity report, inolud
ing thoplan of its submission to a vote of.
t4p, pourdrenoes „tiebbke. (Adjourned.
1-- mytilikausampatßauficoo n ..
my Teminiph to tiso Pittsburgh Gazette.]
.Ig4sirvox.iffirelm.,..i4iya.—.7. L. Hill,
eon a of lder! book keeper fßAtailyttord
waY Co., Was killed to-day acaldentialv
a4g7rx.f4448 on glum litrt.' Ho at.
n . Climb otpinter which tweet,
r fttli nio(),ri him, and broke hie neck.
tenthualaatio 'W o g .ratlOcation meet,
took , Pliaithat'th talk tatikht. The
ab speaker wita:lifto. Langston, the' OM,
colored otator.f .- 1 ,, T •
604114061} Witilitilszette.
sVitaitigt,Aneettng , , of the ,
tiineks Conical**
,r w e rtalAt o hold, la thle city to-clay:l4PM
oek l ,.a AVOW.
mattd. 7-Jonathan Merge,,, A. IV liewittp
(WilLten uTretoiW,3l.l3Qkpmiandl George
BlialrorPftel 4,4l , matogs. 64 Tbe contract
rVUI Vtiti . o ,mitualmat,viti LcomPs
_pt Wa B agreed SO and irstook - dividend of
° piehirsea
40 I: . XII '
4 letWlßr''
M. -1eW14% t e rittsbura i) etta.i 1 ' -'''
chstyntorkraiimarati , fttrge - Dorii4l;=:
toutheiteesoirommt 7 ( .. • .) manic .m.
t t landar kw :! . dt,c0 , 414 ,
. ~ . ... p i llthe Pa
• n ) 6. e as, from
it i gSMiticieftiWlA o S Of KW
kr , k4rillii. t A . - • , •-I si '
1 of
:of . its iiiikayi, • ~, ld
Cl o l l bottOthirli rah usaatte.l 'l l ':' ..
4a Thiedtatirw*Mtie/7:- l i - or ..
boys confined In the Hotta bf - Rafuire =V.
tinted on Saturday and' znaucceeaftUly at
tempted to muxder two overmans. Mater.
rMan attempt to burn one work-hquae
- 18-6
, COW ff 2
7ir 4 7g 11 M..1 7 PIrill411.14tIo'it lip Sena. ,
- , ~;.
for -lltiae-_He : tic k 'nice That. He
Was Briiii424 i`ii(i44c the lilt?
ness,.swi incliptp l iy, s&c.,.&e. -
(By-Teleiria-fikbe ithiburrh Gazette.]••;
WASHINGTON, May 27, 1888.: •
',.The following krtlleperoual laXplanation
by Senator Ross :
:!. -- Mr.cyresddeqh-filstee the vote taken in
this Chamber on the 16th inst., which re
suited in, the acquittal of the .of
the charge of? Pigh misdemeanor in cake,.
set out 'in thileleitenth Valid. of impeach
ment, the Whale country heti been . filled.
with' rufnortior trelbery and COrruption on
the part of members cif•-thlti J hody, ... Were
these runners :confine te the street or bar.'
TocartrainplhorMight-nothirworthr Of
iiisdo4 e- lint tifiV:Tibtliselefltepresentatives
. . .
have deemed them ofwafficient4mportance"
to redicate . official action_ohem and
since the date or' that' 'Vote the Board of
Managers havakeea ladailYtossion prose
cuting Inrstigationi on: this stibject - Thew
charges tire, calculatedte affect „the honor of
the Senate,. and as they - have r eceived from
the House of Representativeashch . marked
.and protracted attention, it is becoming in
ihe . Senate to , take notice of ,them.- An,
investigation, it it due from • 'the Senate,
from its high character, to its accused 'mem
lora the American people. /f there
be on this floor a Senator who has _offered
Cr agreed' to: a bribe, of any nature, to
convict or acquit the Preiddent; let him be
proven guilty, : before a ooramitadon- of his
peers and expelled. 'lf there be one who.
has yielded his .convictions to ' threata let
ns expose the coward to the merited Con- ,
te,mot,icorn_courageous people.
It there- 'eerie who hes attempted to bully_
or bribe a fellow Senator, let us-know the
fact and determine whether hais a fit asso
, elate for'tiain„ this high conned chamber.
But if none °titles. offenses ,haVe Marred '
the digrdtY of :ithis great trial, lot • the
calumnies which the tongues. and pens . of
tee thouspiadelanderers have:nattered over
. the land -be dispelled, and let the purity and
dignit3r of the American Senate, ; and the •
humblest as well as the highest E mbers.
be vindieited tritatwnitsts: 1: I p e borne
in silencatiitil-now 'amanita 'on_ . y• Vitt`
character and; motives as a mesiontriqrat
Ooqrt; such ta.fewlf any of •my itocisiata.
tutie e med. JO qtatick 6 4 4 ,o
.ffiliffin which; befit
over tha ' ...of the seven: :Republica
who voted not guilty, for that Wes anticipa.,,
ted, and I was pre ps 4br it:-. l •The'
I pelt:
ing of that storm have rne ,with :40qui''
nitnitY,-consoions. had-Performed a
j u stand , wortity,neaoandetrofldent that the
developinents of lime:Would bring en 'tun-"
PIP ••-aledieation gorMy i ,tity t ;tct against
the charges
of Wide ,to •my
J party and the country. .I. 'allude
1 to the chargea of..bribery ,in its variona
forms now - being examined by the Manes
j gars of Impeachment in secret session. ~I ,
,allude to the scandahtivhich have been' de=
liberately circulated by those urging the
Course of impeachment and repeated threats
classaissinstlomall brought . I tagether with
a view of affecting my action in faVor of the
.conviction of the President. Believing the
trial Would aeon end, I have thus ;fur sub
.mitted lu silence to these accusations of ae ,
sault rather than provoke a controversy in
the Senate as Wit:atter:, then pending be
fore the Court. But the trial's nowended„
land / have something:to sayin vindication
of my conduct during it, which is my right
and duty, to say.., At . the, beginning- of ,
the "cause -1 -. was aviorn by the
Chief Justice of :the Supreme. Court .
- of the United Statei as a member of the',
Court of Impeachment, to do impartial
justice An rAndrewl Johnsoni; President of
, lie United Stasis; ticeording tithe .COnsti- 1
tution and law*. I had been and still was ,
.an earnest opponent . of . the. reconstruction '
polioy.•cff his. administration.' • I thenght;'j
as I still tphlki that w illey 'mime:7, most''
important partibulars 'unmet firthe'bee i !
Inlereett Of 311firctinatity. I longed;7and - 1
still long,,for such change:kin the adminiestj
linden of•tht; 'oeiernmetit he r woultl'oon- • ,
.formit Loth° views. of the dominant. party '
of the country, e nd. he rooonstruction poi.,;
Joy of Gong. rittss. - lint I.cottid not, with the,
light"bSforStrideolkihri3 thelliet—sidentgniity
. of high crituceand inisdeunesnots on mere
'difference , - ner:)o' Dovernibent policy. •- I',
sou ht to . ivert My mind of alkparty tore- '
judices,, ' hear:the aceusationa and .. svi-1
sleeted,- lend , endsaVori. to' cast my. Note:,
in the cause with the =coutitgeand nindor:
'Of an honest jitittti .; rn' this . splrit ; il., die- •
3; l lllYged'myliritYais a'ffiiiiiberi 45f the:Court
of Imnintehmente qv viottid , to admit all the.
evidence offered by„the prosecution and de4'
Tense ; so that the Senete,,:dtting as a Court -
add July; neJtidtres ittlaW aPd facit,ftnight
sift it all and determine the case: with no'
fa t g 4 ,b u s„, ,out,,, which.- l bore on the . guilt
orlinlOcbfaCetif the aoccutfeffi And when
I voted on several articles of itnPeaCkMeriti•
0.1 - cast out ofithet settlecUlar as I was able,
all mere party considerations end tret t ipetV
the _cause. lis tha - ConadttatiCti; and,- we,
iind.ray oath ditulanticid.''' I do; not . aim,.
the attention of the Senate to-day in Order,
to vindicate ihelladom of my - vet e,"''''The'
laW and evidence applicable tortha several
articles have been ably discussed by the'
Managers en - thelaut of the HOuse, by the"
counsel teethe 'Pruldent and lawyers. cff
theSenate, and any arlameati trent' Me.
would be 'egotisticl, superductut and :
out of time. I ask the attention of •:110,-
Sonata taitesert lee ;Into g rity l of -my, 9" , ,
duct as one of the judgety and dintoillithe
the thisahoOdletaftost affeating my honor
U 7 8 teeitenz Of Ifdelhatd :Ott the! Semite'
that alt °hinge" of . intptoperlinfitietioe
Ptetight Jail i llhalr"blir SeEetors ditring .
:theist. trtal : bitepenly . find thomghlya Itv
sigtigital lilt. O SttleteAutdOtt bikotatai.
mitted , to ,, seoreVittiestigatitin And publii7
erittettithof It whit ortimmi344oo IPPOIO
ed by the Horse . -• I cludien - any matt or
4 1 / 4
board ridllOilatialtupe till
hibit acottsationa . or evidence :Peg..
that when: Shit,
IA - .. ,tet.). kW li
e ' MO'
': ' " 'cm ' °4 . Wftrr all he Us
19 1 9M,,...1 011E .A n t. u till t atoard.f.At t ian rat dew
' imour , kturIYEMIIK . I ctik o s legh,-bi 4O , :it
t y
,lirt_tV.itaktltpt APS* -foray'
lowarnal'illy. , ~,wnethet., el have
those voting Cierfteti nt:be-itt'
12"19..4.....14012,n0wt00tk,-, --4,
4 ,,,,,
imoo f: of' ,, ....! o, weliiii., , -.Pfeilli ' plog'i
ribrdhardl=t belbsrs'ibiciugh
meegitlao 14 seamed uty , Ot?:
IldlPOlkilie delairF .0.• A!
rria M ig9F,Triotic%Rn ha
111 Ite mytllitigeto teffetk .
togethet with that of thirty-five other Sen
ators, And that I Suddenly. alld imaccOttnta!
bly,.exespt•on the- suppoehloa of beiber34
. ..berated - blrdedekoditatfon in a itinMe night:
# , ,the eptivettetf of (h trees the Wu- ,
. _
ONONC•=it.'Atlb4l3l:,..,`S, MILVOW:
elide irdzsimmatittutititmfidr: .- Who among
. yu d i i3 enateeminzioturtp - keepshis eathand
to do impartial juatioe s was stall times free
of doubtt This gentleman - o°m West Vir
giniti; (Mr. Villey)-in a card ptiblisheil on
1142,6 th the.papers of this city,says
he:anal/1a odleatrue,were in doubt aa•to the
'lltitUtticle Until tholVerek ofthisjudgudent,
and that he;')Wai led by. theitnnouneeci
op it of ) tbal.ginot ;Justice on • the
manner Of taking,
_the mote on that
article; fd. %hi:lFr =' conviction *Jule
:ca n,
the . 3tame.< opinion,
to vote tor ; acquittal.. , confetia, as lam
sure a large part of Senate truth. ,
'hilly do, tn. hating 1 41 - utititairied doubts
about that and.othorztartkatte r -and I then
resolved the que,atinti,4l4 -ttly„mind by giv
ing to mY 'country therrientitit oftity doubts.:
" I: intilixlixtv4ryttUOritathilialte, was taken,
donl ot denyit,had bean.,mr.lutentlim tor
P *PPart Poriinn , ot the ;Articles. of l
peachment. -Nor do - I . '4Eoy havErgiVen
numbers, of those- who , ajtkromehed me on
that subject, to' understand:that such - teas
my Intention': 'Thit,f'sir; 'dime' 'that' debir
me from changing: ;that' piarpoae when
I :become opnyinced,, • that, • -
is' to, be `;pe r by carrying it
outt. la. it an 'ttifemtnitow 4 liting for
men's minds, be.charged with% the
lapse of time and 'further develppment of
of he qtwitkiki at Mane? 13ut no Mau ever
had a positive tusatumlce that %:1 would vote
for conviction or . acquittal, on that article,
or either of the ether articled' voted, nn
prior to Thursday the 14th inst. That my
colleague had no such assurance, but was
fully informed of my position on those ar
tides, will be amply - shown in the investi
gation contemplated: by :the testimony of
, Senators on both sides of the question of
Mr. President, I have been no summer.
soldier annakina: patriot., l was
baptised , in politics in the old Abolition
party of 1844, when but 7,000 men l b; the;
United States dared to 'say they were the
friends of the slave * , and borwray 'share of
the'whips and acorn whiCh fell to tholet of
.its members before anti-alaveryism became
a. popular and', ,- lucrative profession.
I led a colony to I,tamata, in 1856, ' and .
`there struggled with succeed - to cheek the
spread of davery. And again; when on thred e natioresilfe, I rebel-,,lhe ranka"t n
he h Union arnymin priv
soldier and 'carried the. ittig until slavery
was destroyed and - the authority of the
National Isioveroutent raleatablished. I
have never labored or fought for plunder.-
My hands'have no dishonorable stain upon
them. No man: can point to a singlein
stances where have waveredin the main
tenance Of my convictions, whether in the
battle's 'front or the Talitics of the forum.
Always poor in this•world's goods,•l have
been contented in my_ work and taught tor
the estalblLshment of principles which
I • believe , •• be' benefickint to m
fe/low-putn and:to-my court y
try :And Id*.
out egotism may, chttilotitik !
ahono L
. ttnnito .1 f
lit o;
Herta 114' 00 a
e is stain ntastalmosaa-'"
... 44 -
....._...........„ 7 wrirpratouy ook
" IntetkVber Mid riall twin.
`:?/ 12 . - PresIdent,ri fee '.thlit o=l charge ls
heralded, over the land antevidenee oaten
tat/ousty'nought to 'adsteiri it to make rpe a
edge -gost tome: A.g,! one blunders ; weak:
names and hetet 'rm. have characterized
this whole .1m . ~. , , ~ ent movement, itself
a 'stupefy:lens blander from- have.-been incept,
don to , '•the present time. I
singled, out as . the object of- assault,
doubdesi, because .I am a new mem
ber here, . untfained -In debate. un.,
known to politics, and oornparatively With
out the means of aelf-defense possessed by
abler and more experienced members, 'I
am, conscioue of these disadvanta g es, is •
well gala the strength and malignity: of my
accusers. They have to 7 clay at. their back
a large majority cif thagreat
to which they and I belong,' with 'nearly all '
its machinery of vengtanoe. while I have
but a feeble voice_ here, backed, however,
by to ad " never failing source of strength. ~
my own consciousness 'of rectitude and.
.honest purpose. Let:them do their worst.
There is a just pe e pleibehind us all, who
constitute the Court of last resort, in which
all'our acts are tried and judged. Dearly '
as I value my-hard-earned reputation, , the,
chief, property of myself, my wife, my
children, profoundly - as:l appreciate my
weakness, and the strength of my accusers,
I age upheld by a consciousness of rectitude,
whibh no power pan shake, and I bid de
fiance to,them and the ir calumnies.
, soznxEss, as• VOTERS, °
An application. hatrbeen.. - made to the
Supreme Court:-of this. District for a num
:damps commanding tbeJudgaP9r elections
to , sppear a n show. cause,- - why
the names of' enlisted ,seldiers • stationed
here shofild not be'erased from the registry
nets.' The Judges' decided they would re
tattt the names of•those claltned to have
been • on • duty- Washington : : One
• year prior to the • day of election,
while the petitioners , charge' that the
• soldiers have not:and wilr not have been at:
the day of ,the. election .residents or the
Dlitrict one year, but were, enlisted - in a
foreign State and. had been located in the
district a few. 'months, and much lent
than' ne year; smiths redordi of the War
Department will such to • , be the fact.
The Court' directed' a rule 'returnable te-
Nothing had been dbrie by the . President
'up to one tOchickthis'afternoon concerning
the War Depertinent, 'but s e ine of ' his
friends It is probable that he will order
.Adiutant General Thomas to take control
of it:until the Senate:shall have acted 'on
the nomination of' Gen. Schofield; Gen,
,T)tOnaasy It. Ii understood,' is , not, to.. ;wog
nize Stanton,' but will turn over the War De
pertinent to the'Assistant -Adjutant denor:.'
al, inasmuch as.,,lut. distant
acting 'in'
'the capacity Of monitory of war ad interiin
Hellas not made ahrigremand on Gerierai'
Townsend. '
arconritn.reaivnXiiwertOrt orituarr.
, . ,
" The Secretitry of, State learns that a not
- uralisitiorr r tree , has' been ~negotiated b3r
Mr. 'Bincioft th the King, of Bavaria,
eqcially ,. libeial' With' the "North German
'Treaty; •It la cinderattioci the ` Secretary still
holies to r ne gatate ',,lk . . isatiefaCtory, treaty
with that Belinda Government upoit 'the
:rights ofilaturalised, citizens: Information'
ad''hoon yeeeiYed• at the , Departnukat. 51,
Exchange at Berlin on tbellth Aust., of the
roihmigou of,tha tresty.,l3,et,
,wn the lin!-
' tdd "SFatea a 4 4.
the *ort4:'4R i fttmaP Von" '
'fbdeintiOli. f r
f ~.,. stAlref VitoP4E*B,zoK*4l7o4. : - ,
e: :A atwoo, shoe anotivoi% is.Exaiiiitrva
session took up t 0 uomipatiq u , q r General
Elehollatoipe eta*. of. War. 1 nni p tZ
jfaitioit*, ma ct too its ,catuddertL l PP'„, ' fk
It'tent'-oVer-Antio-ge :a1a5!,.., -. 17" • t r ,
p,40 1 it yOlf `l36tAftri , '
:,,- -, i .* 1i 4140 1i4 1 4.tifF* 01 ,..,": o r ~
,- . - ..*44014 °A 441a 4 4111t V,r„;
ii t sir
, 1# '. - liet,ot .. ,
41 16, y r is k ` t o "I' h;4 . 1
I li . dr am :,
th '., • innilvelrgn „!... 1 f1" .. , X l, . i •
f ~ . c l c, . ,
ifileattalilt. c;,' ASi k , :it, .6 t ildi i ~,,
..[ nsthl Tvolift&w. —tired '• th e O i irai,:'
&Olio e
ilaThslenate 41;
as r
L __ _
i l a V
naval officer at ew Orleans. wens w
tion retains Mr- Salli Tan in tha 4 POOftkon•
Oil Commission kr the Osage. Indhgae
will loon oomlade the tasty for their re•
moiral from sonthernHansas to the Italian
Mr. Woolley was broaget bttfore the Itn•
pottehinent Cornmitiee but, as here_
torero, faired to give satatoty(respozses.
A rlirrge trcunber o r visitorslled at the
Vi i itiltelieuse this morning, man • simpl
to ,pay their respects' to the : ' out.
are. - rnaki g arrange
ments; furl and Colfa* ratification
meeting . 'Pricitiy idght.
Rational :Illassfacturerst 01,svendon.
03 i;eciiiiibastea to the rittaismos tfazett6.3
CLEVELAND, 0; May 27.:-Latie neat annn
alineeting is appointed , fortheL3d i Wednes
day et December M.. :New ~IFork. }Casein
time were adopted dealicrineffic necessity,
fcr the purpose of obtaining Aar and wise
,14.5.1a4t1,..4 the asseelatimg__ Ing main.
taed permanently; commen g the ae
tion of the present Congress • • .g rtrenehment And economy an: I urging ra
efforts in fhe same. direc •n; reduc
tion of !Wipers „and "clarkii,J*ll2o. army
'and navy to - ''•tiiinlitunr advising
inquiry as to tbe of trans
ferring- the, }adieu .13ureau tb the War
'Deliartnient; 'deprecating giving of
public posts to -politichintoMa ikartizans;
approving „Jauck's , ,ClyliAgryfee bill, no
tion of Congress in_redneing fates on man
ufactures, and hop ing -for" eritire,rillef from
taxation: f -useful indttictridif;-referring to
iniports of iron, steel, eotten,-4., for 1867,
as increasing the debt and deferring the re
turn to sperie payment, and T denianding ad
equate protection to home indusfty: endors
ing the national banking systemi; declaring
it dietild be continued and extended; re
commending the lasneaf long Sdifiv per cent.
gold bonds, for thntling the -.public debt, to
be made the basil of bankmg !under the
national bankinglaw.- 'After sorne s hes
and' resohdions of thanits,:' adjr.i
December neat. , _ • -
- Presbyterian General . „.
fl TetairsuSa toibe PilUil:iliattp,Ciaielik i
ALBAmr, May 27..r-The fe/law-M• reßFe
sentatives from correspondi n g "bodies
were fiverablyreceived find 'addressed the
Assembly upon the subJect---dt the con
dition of their respective. chues, viz:
Rev. Alex R. Thompson, of the Reformed
DetchCharcis, Dr. Henry N. - Pohlman, of
the Evangelical Luthent Chnich, Rev.
Geo. Apple, of Waldensian X tale, and
Rev. R. Clarke, of. the' Unitea Presby
terian Church. , :" - '.-- •
n p
I . -
The, Moderator ; welcomed. the severally
in expreission'of flair& forthelinion of all
I? reil*terlan - Chtuulles:- • = up
The report-. of the Board QUlDomestio
lantU t zwal!.. , 7 .13,560f.hig tt 3, ) follow
• •f•W$ /09,69
11, s to4ll;iloB;oll#disburse
-46,60.% number ot t zakZaries in,
on 619 - 160
• 3.6111 V Arate . tlian suing
ave the
-• es h
I keen organized,persoft admitted to
communion, 542 Sabbath Schou founded,
.4,155 teachers, and 31,917 ischola dded.
- The report wis coasiderabl • -
and Dr. T. Backus,: of Bel 0 e, from
Committee appointed by the last as
sembly. re commended an entire change of
rtumageznent. / • -
FROM Etatom
' it'
s r
xxrEcritn nssunuserio •
LosmoN, May 27 .—Despasrihestipm War=
saw report that bands of Polialk exiles, said
to have been recruited in France, }speared
on the frontier of Galicia,' and-wmirelnaking
riotous demonstrations.". It is belleired that
Lanziewiz, the leader of the lastrolish in
surrection, is at the head of theie bands.
LozipPrfp May- 2 7--Oonsols_94g; for mon
ey 9434; account bonds 71 46. X; Ill.MolS96; Erie
FRANKFORT, May 27.-17. S. Bonds closed
;at 76%., • _
LirkerobL, May gi.:-Cottonclosed quiet
at 11X, for uplands, and 112X'zfor7 Orleans; f
sales 4,000 bales, Corn steady at 38s. 3d.
Wheat—Ted western declined to '22.5. 9d.
Sieger weaker and closed at t7s.-6d., _
Arrrwmtp, May 27.—FetioleuM unchan
. . .
Rhode Island General Ailiern
cny , T*fitraph' to the inttiteirgh Galette.l
PROVIDENCE, 118.1727.—The General As
,senably, of Representatives : mgt at New
fart, yesterday. After organizing, the'
votes for general officers were equated and
declared. Governor Burnside and his as-.
sociates ere, inducted into office tor the
ensuing year. Ron. 'Chas.' M . - Van I Zandt•
was elected !Speaker of /the ; nit*, and
John Turner and JoshunAddmou clerks of
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rangement, nor that 'either vote
against' the oonvietion'of the President.
, , Conveltion i .:
Telegraph to the Plttstniigh Gazette.] 1J
"May 27.:—The alinuali Con.
vention of the Protestant Episoop4Chnroh,
of the Diocese of Kentucky, met to-day.
The Convention sermon was ;preached !and
ICev„ aßleher Smith adminhiered
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Collector Convicted-A(.OW r.
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