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' PUBLlBEZDliAltati'lrr .
WD 4ril-Prilk4:ll4.ol.lta_
r. s.'4".l'lT
T. P., 1301JBTON, X••• Pe EED. -
• 'Editors analltumgert:, • , •
• 10 M6'IATIA l liP„Et
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m curler.) . and one to Aget.
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, „
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WE PRINT On the inside pages of this .
morning's GezETTE. : Seeorid page: Poetry
and Ephemeris.; Third tage: .Markets by :Tele
graph, Biro' Imports, River News, Steam
boats, 6•e. Sixth page Knanee and Trade,
Home Harkets,'&e. Seventh page: Letteers
from New York and Rio Janeiro, carious
news items, Amusements, 6v.
GOLD closed in New York yesterday a
WE LEARN . , that the contracts 'for the
opening of the Pittsburgh and Connellsville
Railroad from its present terminus to Balti•
More will be given out , during themonth of
May, and to such persons as will push the
work forward without unnecessary delay.
THE . ARGUMENT of Manager Williams
was finished soon after noon yesterday. .He
was followed by:)f.r. Evans, for the Presi
dent. When he' concludes, an argument
will be 'read 'or bled by Mr. Stanbery, and
Mr. Bingham then concludes the case,which
is not - likely to be submitted to the, Senate
earlier than Saturday.
Tan revenue of Great Britain is collected,
it is stated, at a cost of nearly six per cent.,
while our own Treasury gets its`dues at an
expense of per cent.' for internal taies
and 3 per cent. for customs. It is not the
cost of collecting our receipts that the people
complain of: it ,is the rascally frauds by
which the Government utterly fails to; get
much that it is• entitled to.
AN informal caucus , of Republican Sena
tors on Saturday, last resulted in an under
standing that the impeachment trial should
be brought to a conclusionwithout needless
delay. Of course, the_rumor, telegraphed
from Washingtimby Tom, Dick and Barry,
that a verdict would be purposely delayed
until after the Chicago Convention, like
the other stories that half a dozen Republi
can Senators, more or leas, would vote for
acquittal, mere kiosk •
TIIE additional information which from
time to time transpires, relative to the treaty
of expatriation recently negotiated With.
Prussia, confirms the general confidence in
the justice and completeness of its provis
ions. A letter from Minister BANCROFT,
laid before the Senate on Monday, reiterates
las previous eiphtmitions of its intent, upon
Which Count Butunites is, in full _acrord.
Our German-born citizens, inivingbe,en duly
naturalized, axe entirely released from all
military obligations in their native land,
and no prosecution ' for an imauthorizad
emigration car he'Permitted. There can be
no longer a reasonable doubt that this treaty
was considered by the contracting powers
on either side as a complete and decisive
-declaration of the right of expatriation;
without any reservations or subtle distinc
tions whatever.
TICE FOG is clearing up from the Georgia
election, late returns indicating the success
of the Republican State and Congressional
tickets by decisive majorities. We trust
that it may not be necessary to report a dif
ferent result a day or two heace. Had the
Rebel-Conservative-Democracy in fact car
ricd that State, as they have steadilyclaimed
up to yesterday, the fact would. not have
been without its consolations to 'Republi
cans. One solitary Democratic success un- ,
der the Reconstructionlaws, in either of the
Southern States, by the aid of the colored_
vote, would put an effectual stop to all their
'tbuncombe" appeals in behalf of a "svhitb
man's government". The doubts as to the
result in Georgia have been entirely due to
the' very large support winch the colored'
Voters of that State gave to the Democratic
'ticket. ;
Rzrunics to the License Court, from the
city of Pittsburgh with its single suburb of
Lawrenceville, show that the enormous;
amount of two millions of dollars' was re- .
ceived, in the district last year for Bales of
liquor by retail dealers. Add to this tlu3
amounts received: by dealersin the populous
districts which cover the farther banks of
the two rivers, including Allegheny City,
Birmingham and thele.sser municipalities,
and we should have a total swollen to - at
least three millions of' dollars---a sum really
frightful when we consider that its utterly
useless expenditure has been attended not
only with a proportionate denial of /the Com
forts and even of the necessaries of life to.
thousands of lingering families, but also
with a very large responsibility for all the,
outtages and crimes of the past twelve-.
month in the county of Allegheny. •
ArtGLARD will cheedully pay the millions
which 'her A.byashdals calm/ 1 0 0 n has cost,
considering the price cheap for the protec
tion of her citizens, in whatever foreign
land. The success of her arms, re kable
rather as a victory over the matori Midi=
ties attending warlike operations in a remote
and unknown land, than for the blood as
eue~y died; v7s prove a fortunate iTiirig for
an otherwise unpopular nilnistq, and in
that sense Will be made - Abe - rig:kW of 4isrXv
Disraeli, to recall the public confidence in.
'his administration. His comparison" of the ,
1 . "conquest of Ahysaliiii".- tW. of Mateo ,
by Cortez, is sitnplya bit of, rhodomontade s
or what is styled "bunco - tribe'.
cans '.The fifteen wenn:l6 l d ani - no,killed,
which compose the entire - casualty tit of
the expedition, _shows all :the fighting to
have been a mere fare -just :what might
have been expected when a handful of. half
naked:savages oppose thedselveita the ills-'
cipline and equipments of scientific warfare.
'The plunder captured at itaidala Will go - lint
n.llttle Way in repaying the cost of this ex
pedition, but a more profitable: indeifinityls
likely to be'seciired fn the_+stahlishmefltoii
an English colony permanently on the coast,
and the eventual growth of - English infra-,
ence and trade through the interior of that
region of Africa.
A CORRESPONDENT Of ‘a - New York- jour
nal. comments upon the complete omisSion
of .one strong and remarkable point from all
the 'arguments of counsel on either
side of impeachment, but which is
correctly spoken 'of as forming an
important element in the case against the
President. It is this—that, the- order from
the latter to Gen.- TnomAs was, scr far re
garded by the latter as a military ot•der,that
he considered- it 'as' nstifyini the Use' of
force, if needed to carry it into. effect; that,.
as a military. order, the lawof 1867 required
Rio be issued only throigh General Gitazir;
failini in which, the Presideig.was',guilty
of a. misdemeanor as charged; that if con
strued as a civil order, Gen. •TnomAs' as
sent was required, latch; berni in fad
given, Would sustain the charge of conspi
racy. In military Circles at the 'Capital,.
this is the dileinina. in wliioh,,the Breaident
is understotiete be entrapped. They say
that a military order itself implies the idea
of force; its actual use is not essentially
necessary. They'add, moreover, that 'Gen.
THOMAS was selected as the President's tool,
not because he was a weak man, but, be-
Cause, as Adjutant General, he was GRANT'S
official channel of communication with the'.
army, which would thus have been as ef
fectually seized -as Gnaw, himself. 'seized
PEIIERERTON' s below Vicksburgh. , The cor
respondent adds:
This point has been the subject of much
discussion among military men, who quickly
discovered the serious ramifications of the
order in a, military sense, and who saw at a
glance that in seizing the office of Secretary
of War and Adjutant. General combined, in
the person of Gen. Thomas, the President.
seized the army, the Preedmen's Bureau
and the Military' Reconstruction, policy of
Congress by the throat.
Messrs. MoonnEn); 'ILAT'S.kit,D and
NintAcx, the Sub-Committee of the Ways
and Means, to which lies been confided the
duty of Preparing the draft •of a Tariff bill
for the consideration of the main Cotmnit
mittee, will find themselves charged with
difficult and delicate responsibilities. It
may be Pio much to hope for that their
labors should result In the adoption, not
only bythe Committee,.but by both Houses
of CongreSs, at this late period of the ses- ,
sion,, of a general tariff, wisely andcouipre:
hertsively drawn, meeting all the exigencies .
of the Treasu.ry,, and treating our maltase
turmg interests, singly.. and wllectivly,.
with considerate justice. A task of such
magnitude ?nay well absorb the whole of an
ordinary session: - - when freined and
submitted to the House for, debea, the his
tory_ of preiitous tarifridlls shows clearly
enough that the work is but fairly begun ;
and that, like all ; its predecessors, any gen
eral measure when once proposed gives
rise to a protracted debate upon its multi
farious details.
Unquestionably, it is desirable, if practi.
cable, that the entire legislation of the coun
try, relative to the collection of duties upon
importa and of.the internal excise, should be
taken up, cOntidered and adjusted as awhile,
symmetrically, and with a just reference to
the needs of the treasury and the reasona
ble demands' 'Of our Productive indusiry.
But we regard it as unlikely that any gen
eral measure of thi§ sort will be perfected
into a law at this session. If Congress shall
succeed in disposing.'satisfactorily of a few
special matters which are most- urgently
inviting their attention,it „be- as-much
as we are likely to see accomplithed now.'
The indications are all against any protrac
tion of the present session, after such public
business as is of ' the most pressing import
ance shall have been disposed Of. A new
aihumistration is about to assume the exe:
cution of the laws. , The revenue, system of
the country, as it is arranged by existing
statutes, has been hitherto faultily or cor
ruptly eilministercd by the officers in charge.
The conviction is universal that .the substi
tution of honest and capable men in their
places will result in a very large increase of
the public income. Let us realize that con
fidence in the results of the
'change. Let us secure the ample returns
which must follow an honest and efficient
enforcement of the preient,laws, arid the re
filled treasury of s the nation will simplify
malty difficult questions, both in the tax
'upon imports and In the internal exam,
and, with the _preservation of the national
credit amply insured, will o nutke it easy to
grant to our industrial, interesnr such Du
titer concessions' as they may reasonably
If a general revision of the =tariff and in.
ternal taxes should fail at this session, as'is
probable; Congress will re-assemble in De
'comber, to meet the question deliberately,
with freshened perceptions of the public re
qdrements and of the special claims of the
various industrial interests, and . with a fair
knowledge of the real worth of the present
tax-laws when honestly administered. We
are confident that these law's, as they now
stand, will be found, 'when enforced' once
more by competent and faithhiefileers, to
be justly exempt freta a large share.of the
-Preient'o4tplairits. It is as linter to judge
• • ,
PITTSBIJRCIA: GAZETTE: EDN .ES 1.) A. 17; IL 29. 186 .
the-existing revenirlepqm by psinnEw
44inIssoxl s;eilifoicenAnt, d be
tio J condemn Ifeeciiiiiiiictipn. because he
would practically, defeat that le thuld.
W s tied up his hands a beaked
him hbout - witli lbnitations and prohibitions
in the South, that the, Congressional policy
a reasonablx fiiisahow uLion,.its own
merits, and the resnits aietitifidly ii&itratt-*
eating their endorsement of its wisdom.
Virhatwould have become of tlult policy if
its execution had, been, confided to Mt'.
JOHNSON; with a discretion' Practically nit
limited in his choice of
. agents end s a lati=
tudc ~of construction in consonance with
his' unfriendly dispogition?
• It is-not to,be
doubted that, judging ; froin the results of
his administration of its Provisions, the.,
whole permtri,winlid have agreed that
Reconstruction was. a failure : Suchhas .
1 4ieeri: in some' degreel-rthe ' public
experience with its system of internal rev
enue.' It lias I?een, adra f illislered.
s.• officials,' under
las . Possible_ sromotrr purpoildi: -
iWhether places in the customs and profits . -.
hie jobs were to:be lavished on • ins friends
and creatures, or its jest income •was to be
diverted from :.the ' Treasury , by, whiSky
"rings" or Other raseagy 'combinations,,of
his dependents, - the effect of his adminis
tration lies been to bring the entire syliteni
of revenue, in&discredit and seriously to
impair,the - pecuniary resources of the na
tion.- We hope to go-throtigh the Treasury
halls with a new
. broom very soon, and,
with the hangers-oni, harpies, leeches and
,"rings," which are' swept away, Will
disappear the causes for much of the exist=
ing diksatisfaction. By Becember, the coun
try-;will see how much this amounts to.
I We are' content to abide the result, and
confident, moreover, that this.result will
inaterially simplify the labors of the Ways
and Means Committee and of Congress in ad
justing the public burthens .'upon all classes
of the people. ,
The representation,,,of the 4 XXIId district,.
by Hon. Jiiise R. MOORELEAD, Will termi
nate with the present Congress. He abso
lutely and positively declines to be a candi
date for a re-nomination. In a letter dated'
Washington, April 24, 1868, and addressed
to a gentleman of this city, ho says : "I
" stated last June to the County Convert
"tion that I could not be a candidate for
"nomination._ My,mind has undergone no
"change. lam not a candidate. I did not
"decline in favor of any person, but be
"cause I desired and determined to retire.
Geri. MOonnmeo has represented his fellow
citizens of this district with ability and con
spicuous fidelity, and will retire from their
service at Washington with an esteem and
confidence not only unimpaired but in
creased,'and with an equally high National
reputation worthily won. The city of Pitts
' burgh has been in many ways the gainer by
committing her interests in Congress to the
especial- chaige of a Representative whose
personal and official influence have been sec
ond to none in the National Councils, and
who bears with him in his retirement the
'sincerely, grateful acknowledgments of an
intelligent and patriotic constituency.' -
'Upon the - Republican Convention of tie.
district, which sits in the coming June, will
be incumbent the duty of selecting a sue-
Aesso the representation. The Repub
licans of the district are a large, intelligent
.and powerful party: They are earnest and
uncompromising kftheir political Priiaciples,
arid a nominee who shall lak k faithffilly an
exponent of their political faith, who shall
a4equately represent
_the intelligence and
"zeal Willi which they know how to main
lain their opinions, anit.M49. shall duly
comprehend ibernagaltude of the material
interests to be committed to his charge,
will be, elected by the , largest popular ma
jority given in any district of the State.
The Convention will 'feel a corresponding
responsibilityin making-the selection. We
are confident that - this duty will be per
formed• with a wise discretion which the
Republicans of the district will heartily en
dorse at the polls.
Two - gentlemen are . prominently,' named ;
as candidates before the'Conierition. There
can, be little doubt theethe choice 'will - fall
. •
upon one of these, and as little that the se
lection, whomever it may be, will be cordi
ally approved by the masses of• the Republi
can party.. As between these two gentle
men, this,journal takes no part. in advoca
ting the esPecial claims of either. But when.
the Convention shall have chosen either of
.them, or any other sound and capable Re
publican of the diatrict, as its;standard
bearer,. ,
we propose to do our part in promo
ting his success, at tile polls. .
EDITORS GAZETTE:' While the 22d Con
gressional district seems to be busily at
work to secure the right man, to succeed
Gen. Moorhead, the 23d district seems to be
doing nothing. ProbalilY the people of this
' district are waiting to know whether our
`present able member, Thos. , Williains; de
sires a renomination. I hope they will not
wait for that, but at once come out and offer
him the nomination and insist on his accep
tance. There are cogent reasons why we
should not, at this particular tiine, dispense
with 'his valuable services. Ile has been
faithful, to his pledges, and stood at all times
squarely on the Republican platform, and
few, if any, members of the House Cal
wield a - greater, influence on all , the great
questions before the Congress and the peo
, pie, And it would be'disastrous to this
county to 'have two new members at the
commencement of a now:; administration,
whose influence either with Congress or the
Executive would be diminished by com
parative inexperience. Who understands
our industrial interests better, or who can,
with more 'or. eq.ipg ability, defend ••those•in,.
terests, in or out of • Congress, .than• our,
present member ? ' Then, Messrs. Editors,
I, who am no professional politician, jaY,
let Thos.. Williams be nominated by accla
mation by the people. ONE Of Tnmr.
THE' new five cent coins from the „idiot
in Philadelphia are the size of the present
piece; the three-cent..and one-cent pieces
are somewhat smaller: The devices on all
otthemlare alikeon one side the hwul'of
the Goddess of Liberty, f3oiyounded by the
words "United States:of America," on the
other side are the Roman numerals
~ -,Dr...l4 l ags.tane• ' :: ' i \ -
+befell ' .S.ritcid kKurchis L '' '
letter to the, London Time*, givino an ac
count of theintelligence.received, not only
:'erDr. Livingstone's safety, but from Dr: -
Livingstone. himself:
_, • .
I.hove just received '
a ,letter. front ,Dr.
Eirk,at Zanzibar, dated February. 4thon.-
',which he an ounces the arrival of.the Arab-
messenger, nndnki,' so hingexpected, 'who
has brought with hint dispatches mid letters •
' from Dr. Ligstotie himself; •ThefolloW
ig is a 'ye -brief abstract ef Dr.:.ltirk's
long k‘ tter which 'will be read before the
Royal. Geographical Society at,' their„ next'
meeting, o the 27th. init., before-; Which.;
time, I Unit the, dispatches . themselves will:
have reached England :
The information . now received complete- •
ly confirmathe account of 'the ronteteken
by Dry livingstione round the senthern bed 1
of Lake Niistichicli . Weil brought 'hiiiie,
by the Li vingstone 'Search EiPedhlon. . I
disikais t nt,tiiii.. great traveller proceeded
northwa lie, it long':distanee,te the weif ;
of the la e; aid' to course pfliiniP arZiTati
at Lob formerly a . thickly. inhabitool
' rerun, lin now Almost: deserted; ,!-.1.1i these,
eleven* lands,:eovered withtumid 'forests'
'and `destitute-4)f. game, , the' patty suffered'
mach from , hatter,, but on approaching
the southerntsxtremity 'Of Loki) Tongatiyika'
they leached Minim, in the, Wetnbct cottit,
try; where there was abundance . ot - c 4 ttrel
and food, andivhere they :reeoyered, *lr.
strength. %It waiter° that Livingstonemet
with trading caravans from IZartzibar4'
and delivetetcthe letters, to" I.Banduki, : wh&
hasha4 them- tWelve months in hislpossev ,
sion. -Reliable information his also -'been
received at Zanzibar of the' arrive'. of. Liv
ingstone at Ujiji, half way "alongtlie Lak
Tonganyiki, where it is satisfactory to knew :
that,provisions , stores and letters sent'from
England and Z anzibar have long been*alt4
, ing. for him,' , , .. i 'i - • -
The clear and definite proofs obtained by
the boat expedition to lake Nyassa, under
the command of Mr. Young; quite satisfied
most of my countrymen that.r had judged
rightly in adopting the belief that the *hole
story of the murder of Dr. Livingstone was
a falsehood. But since then many have'
doubted the possibility of 'my detir friend
ever tomingttliye put of the heart of-Africa. -
With our present. cheering inforrcuttion,
every, one may now,' heWever, enjoy with
me the prospect of once more Weleoining
David Livingstone on his return to an ad
miting country. ,
Competition of thc Sexes.
There is no fear whatever that man will
ever - suffer in the long run from the compe
tition of women. There mustalways be a
large class of avocations which only men
can follotv successfully. All callings which
require tough nerve, a certain coarseness
of mental texture, and the faculty of con
tinuous attention from year to , year, must;
in the nature of things i be closed against the.
majority 'of women. The sensitive
imitati*eness of the sex will forbid
such pursuits to women in general,
and: a. larger field of intelleetual ex
ertion- must therefore remain essentially
masculine. But the utmost that can happen
is that men should be diverted from tasks
which require but a portion of their facul
ties to others in which all their powers will
be exercised .and. rewarded. And such a
distributionOf lebor, so far as it was crea
ted, would necessarily act beneficially on
the whole community. But in fact, much
' less than this world probably be effected.
Three years are but a small portion of life,
and , however Well a woman may
employ them, she cannot change
herself 'into the working machine which
nine men out of ten are forced to become.
It will still be in most caseii her lot to -Tiring_
up children, and act as the helpmate of her
husband; but the better she is educated the
mora:atie will exemplify the truth that a
helpinatiito man should help him in every
part of •his nature. His mental constitution
liailitherto been treated as somewhat be
yond her power. To carry the influence of
woman into this province will- be the busi
ness of the neiv F7emale University.—St.
James Record. •
Anival Of the Chinese Embassy In Cali-
Anson Burlingame, Envoy Extraordina
ry and Minister Plenipotentiary from the
Chinese Government to the Treaty. Powers;
Chih Tajen and Sun Tajen, Chinese Minis
ters;:d.' McLeary Brown, First Secretary of
Legation:y.E. de Champs, Second Secretary
of Legation; six student interpreters, two
of whom have studied and speak English
with considerable facility; two have studied
French, and :moo Ittiestaii;" twO 'Writers;
native doctor, ai.d about fifteen servants,
arrived - yesterday' by the Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company's steamer China, and took up
their abode at the Occidental 'Hotel. Their
Excellencies Chili Tajen and Sun Tajen, are
'High Ministers of the second rank, attached
to the Mission to learn anal qualify them=
selves in the modes of diplomatic intercourse;
:and to assist Burlingame in his communica
tions with . the Chinese Government. This
itiorning4ome of the party appeared on the
streets, and the two Ministers attracted some
attention by their dress—the single red but
ton and fieacock's feather. The party have
neither made nor received any formal calls
as yet, and, we:believe no steps for a ptibllc
reception have yet been matured. They are
expected to leave by the steamer Golden
Ago,on Monday next. It does not appear
that embassy are provided with-an Im
perial flag, as the stars and litripes are flying
over the hotel in their honor.—From the
San Francisco Bulletin, April 2.
Catholic T.leqraph, of Cincinnati, says that
a number of young men in Pennsylvania
formed a company to recruit the Pope's
army, and wrote to the Superior of the Be
nedictines at-Rome, offering their services,
who answered after he consulted Cardinal
Antonelli and the Papal Secretary of War :
"These two" persons simultaneously de
clared that they did not want soldiers from
America; that the Papal army was a ready
as numerous as it was possible to m iatam
it, and that at any time they could obtain
from Belgium, Hollaud or France volun
teers who would cost less and be better
adapted to the purpose, on account of-simi
larity of habits, &c., &c.; but that the Catho-1
lies ofAmerica could do most service by send
ing money to help to cover Pontifical ex
penses. Half the amount necessary to keep
a recruit is worth more to , the Pope than - a
soldier all equipped and, transported to
S'rEPUEN S. FosrEn spoke eloquently in
defence of w.oman suffrage on Tuesday even!,
ing, at Worcester, Mass., and held - a brief
conversational discussion at the close of his
address. Henry Chapin •in his remarks 'ort
taking,the, chair,.sald thatl among his ac{
"quaintatices ho found many. intelligent And
eddcated women' who"dreaded the responl
sibility of the ballot, and this caused him t,4
waver in his faith inthepractical applicatio
of this new ; movement,.
Tin WOMAN QUESTION.—A London pi..-
per observes: "The female colmnunichnta .
several large American churches are asic.,t,
ing whether they also have notsoith l / 4 and if;
so, why they are eicltided from ;choosing:
their minister ? It will be very difficult to;
answer that question, more especiallyfertile
averagf woman, of. :Anielica .ICIIO WS More
theology of any kind than the average magi
nil ag e 8 quite as liberally. ; .
) ',..:111re - qiCton and the Presidency. 1
.-,. ti-V4 - := .444 1411Y-A,AdiocAt. , thozhughly4
posted in political matters, and represents i
i the opinions of 'ti, large portion of the De
-1 inoeracy of New York, does not appear to
reml Pendleton's chances- of becontitie
Presidentquite as promising aS , our tgh
hors of the - Poit,ot the Chicago Timf • o!ild
.have th e Piddle believe theatteibe. ;ill
'article in Sattiray's Citizen, the. .."Boy
'Niles'? dhieusses the matter at length, , and
winds-up as follows: , .', ',;•,..
"We say,. distinctly, positively' . and un
' chansimblras the law ' of =the 3dedei mid:
perstansohat that: never will • 'those, farwhotn'
weSpenk, help 'directly or indirectly; by I'Bl,
sextion or snot* by action; or Wen*, the,
erection of the utter cogerhesidand - false:.
hearted. Itorther,xte,r;, , Gw. 'l3:. / Pendleton.'
trutil-water runs up .hill, , .061 trees grow.
.with roots, undemound :and roots :above,'
tintitthe moon gives heat and the son loses
-its :the; until beasts become men-and angels
tttrtt to devils, untibiceShailltham, audfire s
•iiiall'fieezp l ,tultil everything: - Pat li hP.P OB -
Ablefiecomes.pesathie, .and not thirty:will
1 r, ,nr:DtmleciAtt* veto for the man whei was, , /a18 :P•A - Pt WAY/ to, his ootattry lad '. to his sec ,
l 'unn who !area vatutspictatus. , :cinly as - a de.:.
grading; :example-of I)6tisible ' Nerthern
.meanness, and:who,-tiliiitidirect support '
to their foes, slew-their lioiti"tiiiil' brothels.
1 r
Mather' a - ottsadd =fittleg, , ' otild they See'
itteloial soldie r' ilia '133 tejtepublicap ii
:General Grant; In the Weal eritial - chair t A ,
pOrson,:wh,O, if tot,..akribing :With' : them in
all their view* linntch mo :nearly. their
i-9 1 tsixttatke, thin , tt: top head. ;whose
; Prat kept hintfrom hei g atraiter." ,
:_.Whenitis knottnithat the trriter of , that
above is himitelf dr (moo*
_nigh* Dente
. ciat, and his paper • the o rgy " 'or the 'Union '
,of New' York, 11t0414 *he ettletl.-'
late se confidently on ...Pen ,
, e r ton'tfilectkm.
- Mai find it - necessary - to : Overhaul their:
figures. It is evident that e. WarDema-•
crate will not touch him, an that if nomi
nated.against Grant, the
the country by the largest, majority, ever
given a Presidential candidate.---Di*tek'
Poor Menge Dinners..
The or Glasgow, says the London
llerald, is favored - with the famouscook-•
ing depots" managed by Mr. Corbett: -At
Ideal times. the, men swarm. into' thcfse tde
"pots by hundreds. First of all 'comes soup
or broth, exceedingly' good. The:second'
.conrse'is a plate of meat'or''',Nii:illolis," the
latter a'fayorite Scotch dish: : 'WAIL this t b e,
diner has either Slices of bread, or putatoes,
enough to satisfy 'ander ;
cumstances for ,two elks, ,lf,content with
a "fourpenny,, the, Meat WoUld•no* be at,
mend, but the "liitepenny"-includee .!'des
sert" in the ' , shape of a slice of plum pud- 1
ding or rice pudding, with milk and sugar:
No intoxicating drinks are to. be bad on the
premises, but, water is furnished ad Midway
and ginger beer and lemonade can be 'pur
chased at a penny a'bottle. For'breakfast,'
porridge aui be had at a penny; and a good
allowance of milk'for a half-penriy. Sortie
have "two goes," and so expend threepence
on their breakfast. Porridge, Milk, coffee,
and bread and butter,' can all be indulged in
for the total charge of threepence half
Condition of the Treasury. I
The balance sheet of the Treasury De
partrae,nt will, at the end of this month,
present a much more cheerful aspect than it
did at the close of the month of March.
The drafts upon the Treasury - from 'ithe 4
Navy and War Departments for the twenty
three days of the present month amounted
to but $4,700,000, and it is -- esgmated that
the aggregate of all drafts . for April ;upon'
the Treasury to suPply the demands of the
.Navy and War Departments will not ex
Geed $7,000,000; •
The public debt , statement for this month
will show a reduction of the liabilities or
thellovemment of about $10,900,000. • The
receipts from customs still come- in encour
agingly, and have reached $11,400,000 for
the twenty-three days ending, yesterday.
During thesame Period the receipts from
internal revenue amount to $5,900,000.
Yx BOSTON they have a "iiilkinspector,'",
whose business it is toskeep the milk vett- -
ders of that city straight. He has.recently
made a report of his doings in 1887, from
which it appears that he - Inspected during
the year 1,747 samples Of milk, of which he
' found 620 adulterated. jOf these the • aver.
age amount of adulteration .was
,82.. per
cent., the chief artielC used hieing • water. •
The smallest adulteration in any sample
was 14 per cent., and the largest amount in
any, single , sample nearlY,s6 per cent. • Upon
thestinvtkigations he 'procured the indict
ment during the year of twenty-one Milk
dealers, nineteen of whom were convicted
by the Boston Collide. The'aily supply of
milk in Boston is 17,493 gallons, and it is,
sold at eight mitts a quart retail.
bout""fashionable weddings," says that
one of the sweetest girls I know told nie
that she asked such and such' people to.
Wedding—vulgar; miserable acquaintances
as they were—because she knew' that they
would give her presents. Indeed, she con
fessed, without the slightestshamefacedness,
that she gave a wedding on account of the
tariffaystem. 'lt will be such a help toward
housekeeping," she strikingly remarked. It
is an incredible fact that wedding Presents
are hired from the jewelers, and labeled
',with the names of suppositious 'relatives, to
make up the melancholy display: It is a
horrible sequence that policemen should lie
placed on guard over theladen tables during
THE Ramie fibre is beginning to become
an article of trade in New Orleans, and one
merchant of that city has received orders for,
it from New, York, and offers double the
market.rateof cotton for all he can obtain.
A 'demand for the fibre is, also' springing up
: in the West, but no definite orders for it
from that section have yet been received at
New Orleans. Regarding the merits of
Ramie, the Picayune says it is, as good as
linen cambric. or silk, and when it comes
into use, the wearer will find that- "the chief,
difficulty will be, that it will Snot wear out
when the fashion changes, andte will hate
to throw it away; when, after a couple of
years' wear, it instill as good as new:"
Mr. WALTER COX, a lawyer, :a
a witness
for the defence in the impeaclunent trial,
gave evidence which must have serloisly
disturbed the nerves of the ex-Attorney
General and leading counsel for the Presi
dent. Mr. Cox testified that •'President
Johnson told. him he wanted•to have the
Tenure-of-Office act tested, and.wanted.him
to see "Stanbory„. who had been-too lazy to
look into the! matter." Johnixin
been guilty of very great*danines9;.l4utthis
abuse of his Most servant ikAte
most disgustingly - memt of tall hiS .41faMous
b fali rs h av e
.4 minima o f lily a
a • SUMO
been circulated diOrit thi-tton; t,9segins M.
Clay in connectien.,7l% . his? re signation-the Rossi* ministry, To . -one. of. thew,
which stated that the Russian,. Ambassador
to this connVy, Baton Steecklhad procured .
A letter frottithe State- Departinant reiluest.,
,ing his reel that tleratoi 'has 'ail=` them -direct' con
tradiction' to be rvon t?.toPecld is
one otlf.r.
, 41 hak
%% 44 : 1 341 " r i th ir l * , * MY
an •l'ci
.-The collieries of tha
are very genefall3r at work - .
--John Milward, one 'Of the proprietors : of
the Spotwood Hotel; at Aichrnond, Va., has
committed suicide. • -
—Hon. Jonathan E. Pieldcbrother of Cy
- nut Field, died itudthiply ,on th'e 2.34:1 at
Stockbridge, Mass.
, • , • -
General Schofield hail appo inted .ino. E.
:Stokes, Mayor of Portsmouth,' Va., and a
full list of Conncilmen4 , • - -' •
t -.The Mouse ,of Stein, • Wait:- 413th •
street, N. Y., was lobbed on Sunday night
bonds arid jewelry Valued at $27,000.
oil' ittillalogesterday voted by ,
Ma ority; bri loan 000,000 worth of
bonds to t e Buffalo and Washington Rail
Tire for.; hunters tqf sldOrgentown, cap- .• •
iniedtwo - foxeeint:one. , ltunt.lest ;week.
The first Was a weak .4?tietand easily dm'
down. . • •-•.- '
patent has tbeen ginoted - to. a Mr
Mowbray,'; of Titusville, ;
.sent in the mode of Maiinfahteriing.Nit,lo, - •
:glycerine. s ; ,
iegioes:.fri . "*47a4l4 - 1` se=-
anted a building to' 'nib as a church. it is
the kia Maple house, aisid probahly the old
* in - , town. 1
-; impeached
hykis , eburdh, litWmiliingtollCity.4na re*:'
moved. from'. his, , V4Pit, - for indulging In
political matters.' I. '
‘•—•The Peri - dm:nen. Ritd/Mtid track is now.
being put down. It will,soon be completed , '
and in operation the Whole ,length >of the
PerbloinaPYo3 lo3 Y-• .. . ;,• :•,, • • ,
Tim peimle - of the two boroughri 01 . 1,0:;
Nation andlidith • Lalisinoti, have decided •
bkhrt DlMOStlinBidtllooB vote eonsolidate , •
• their Municipalities, • • •• • •
r ';The bill appropriating three thoUsand
loll* per Mile to•tdd 'in' the construction 4 ,
of new railrotias was Riot' in the New York
Assembly last night.' • .
•—ln the; ew York irissembly last , night s
resolutions fsvoring the taxation of Gov-
ernment Bonds were adopted by forty
, four against thirty-tiihe. ,
-Samuel H. Wentzl, - Who 'embezzled the
'fands of National Melhanics Bank of Balti
. 'more; 'has been pardohealiy the President
and released from'corabstentent. _
=Sine the early part of the -month, fd - -,
teen wells have been :completed, in the oil
regions;: and eleven cif them are now pro
ducing oil in paying cluantlties.
. -
—The trot at Rostod, yusterday,.between
the' geldings McClellan, . John Stewart and ,
Sorrel Dan; was' won by McClellan in three'
straight - .lteatsivicktuit time
—Governor EvUns,`Tresideilt . ..of the Den..
ver Pacific Railway, reports.: that 'the Con
tracts for completing the, entire road': from,
Dheyeame to Deriver.' icire,Tet*on Monday.
—A:dispatch frontDheyenne says: The;
stables of Company.lo, -Second Infantry,l
:were destroyed .by. Are on ElaturdaY,'to
gather with sixty-fiv6 horses.. I.oss; $150,-
—At a meeting of .*medical profession
of - New Orleans ' on:Monday, its Was
solved to invite the Anierican Medical As
sociation to hold annual meeting
in that 'city. ' 1 •
—A telegram from Suffolk, Va., says the
licliublican Convention yesterday homi
nated L. H. Chandlpr, United States Dis
trict Attorney, for Congress, 'from, the Se
cond district. 1 '
—A man named Cilarles Hirt fell into
the canal at Erie . while on his way home
on Thursday night, eind was drowned. • He
was supposed to; be slightlywnder the infin
ence bf liquor.' •
—There are two htindred'and eighty-ids
boats in the Farie Cahal'between Rome and
New London borthd east; ,They eom- •
rneneed moving 'Monday morning. Navigs
tion le good all along the line: -• •
Of that remorseless an4lnsidious desiroier of the
hirman race, '
Check and conquer it% advances, lest you fin the
ilctlm. When auticked with snyof Ita preliminary.
tritaptoms, no matter liow alight, be on your guard
and promptly use the kmedy ere too late.
DR. SARGENT* '001101( SYRUP: • _
• ' • -
Ilion old, well - tiled.. ecztatn, aid , standard remedy
Conchs, Colds, 'Chum; Difficulty
Breathing, - Pain or ' dpOression in the
.Chest or
Lungs. and all Diseasraof-Rie Pulmonary ' O rgans.'
Its sure and certain Milesey has been tested •
andendorsed for many years - by-numbers Weil=
known citizens is our Midst,. and their certifieites'
arc on record. Have you st - hoihrif 'istich has
witty increased from - a Might one to one of Derma'
nent standing? Lose nio time. but proeure a bottle'
of DR. SARGENT'S f.iOUGII. , SYRUP. which will"
surely relieve you of; the dangerous premonitory
simptoms and effect a nermanent cure, Do von
spend miserable daysond long sleepless nights of
torture and rain from attacks of.Astiona orDifflcui.;
ty of Breathing Dr:, SARGENT'S Cough Syrup
will act .promptly promptly, relieve you, and gradually re
store you to your freedom of pain. and sounda i lroat,,, - •
,ant sleep.j. Are yoUr hiO_RS sore and irrnaLe nu , "
'eating Inflammation ti This is one of this mos deo- ,
fgf gigkig rozitztute.,, f
ness„ allay. the Inflammation, and restore the longs
to their prestine - health. , and This Cough
B YrnD L pleasant and agrecatitd to take, wittle_pow
erfarand wire in its aAtiOn. or:Sao by all Drug
' gists to the country.
, The stomach is the sig organ of the system. If
She digestion Is Imprfect; every member, every
zghusd, evay mesele, very nerve and fibre hs more
or less out of order. ~,All the fluids are depraved. :
.The-brain 14 clouded; The spirits are depressed.
. .
All dyspeptics knotot Ills •to be the truth. It ls. not, ,
, . .
-however, half the truth. Columns would be-re
paired to enumerate tote pains and penalties of ys
pepsia,,nor could any hen do them lustiee. Tens of
.thaMindsfee/ thent; .410 man can deter/de them.
Can they be preverited ? Can they be relieved?
Can they be banished at once and forever? ;Unques
tionably they can. ,- __.'_Ao d_yspeptier tam ever taken .
lieve no one,wito' sore the complaint le incurable.
This great vegetable stomachic will eradicate It--ls
eradicating It in thon4ands of cases over which med
. Mai practitioners have shaken their heads ominous
ly ,_saving,• ...Nothing can be done."
.Thillsculty has its fallacies. ene of them is that ,
indigestion lathe moat difilettit of all the ordinary
ailments of mankind to combat and subdue. This is'
a mistake. 'Nothing Can be easier than to conquer it.
If If the true specific Se adsniniatered. This vegetable
combination which his become famous thronghont
BITTERS Is au antidote to the disease which has
never been known *5 -Still, and 'fortunately it Is
everywhere procurable. if you wish to foot -with'
the dyspepsia, try the pharmacopoeia prescriptions. want to root ft out and prevent its occurrence
take theeltters daily. Therels no discount on'the
testimony in its favo4. If 'there is a man or woman '
who has ever tried itifor indigestion .vrithont being
benetittedi the fact has not transpired. Universal,
luncontradleted praise avOnches Its 'wonderful tonic
virtues. t
I lost my hearing luring the last year. tart' it:
the time liras totally deaf. In April (It this year I
was induced, from .14 advertisement, to make sp
plignition to Dn. Szissat, 140. Penn *street; Pitts=
burgh. After havink tried' various medicines' from *
doebars, without any benefit. I have been under Dr
Neyser , s treatment tnny for acarlY two ticiattut, slid
am - eritirelyri.storeAii my heiring,, 4 that I can:::
, • ;
Ileatti pin drop. • JOHN SCANLAN.
_ • , , CoSi Bluffs, Washington Co., Pa.
A man called to-41:7I at ,Dr. - Heyser's'odice - 4in
form hlniiif a great lure made by his Lllxa Gras, or
• /111MONABor lisarditsTivn. ,Fart ,
are made with the i+ctoro,propanitions, he desires
it to be dtitliotlynriderstoodtbat most of blowiest
cares are made in accorda nce: with the establis h ed
laws that govern 04 science of Medicine; le ** l4-
he has been engllo4, for the * Brest) .7 4 !!re s F l *-
twit ireiklie atittai repetpto/, cktter item a
• ilerijialan.Sinthe State of Ohio, dotal/Pit lete!ha'
moat weriderint cur 4.
DR. MITI3EaIs ItztitmENT'tilliatOLV2
:slag rowLusGituarENAviossiosm
, MEne-toPicautosto:DllllleAt"'Nciallit---,-,.!
t!ISSISTIPROVIIItt tarrr.; lll "4 l r; - ':1; - :,
• • ,;„;_