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TWELVE,ocx. M.
Bills Passed Finally—r The Gas In
spection Bill—Time of Holding
City, Borough and Township
Elections to be Changed—Eight
BoUr pm Considered—Alleghe
ny County Meat Inspector Bill
Killed—The General Appropri
ation—Private Charities all
tapecial Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette I
HAmUSBouG, April 8, 1868.
.Appointing Inspectors of Gas in Philadei
' 'Tc; lefout State road hi Allegheny and
Butler counties.
Changing time foi: haling election for
City and ward officers in Reading, Betks
county. Amended by At.r.r,rrett, of Alle-
gheny, by making .it general, The bill re-'
quires all elections for city, borough and
townsidp officers to take place at the fall
telietions,. to take effect October, 1869.
11 - otuss _bill entitling hitherto accepting
school districts to State appropriations if
'they conform to the law_.:
House bill extending the term of prison
BILLS covarngruAL
One erecting a free bridge over Stony
creek. at lohnstowriA ; • :Phased a second
rea g.
On repealing the act changing the venue
in a c rein case from Allegheny -, to jeffer-
son, and remandlitg the same back to Alle
gheny... Killed. , .
One 4nripoweririg the Burgetkof Brad
docks bornagh, Allegheny county, to com
mit. disorderly persons to the county jail in
.default of fine. -Killed.
‘• 90" providing Rif an additional lals
..4i tr ib . r . ! the Tenth Jo o dicial : District.
the Union:dub erf
phis to borrow twentY r tive thousand dol
-1 tars on bonds or mortgages.
Senate supplement• to an act creating a
, •
sinking fund for the _public debt, regulat
. ing,reports,
;Senabi billrevising, ,amending and con
so"Misting 4103 taad *r , •••"'"tigt. '
as recommedifir4s - Civil
&de Commissioners. • " *
; .Senate g; amending and con
, 0114titing „Um* ‘ regulating , the licensing
of ftireign insurance "companies, as -recom-,
• dettby Civil Code C ommissioners.
riate -btu, extending jurisdiction of
arts oe quarter sessions to the creation of
curds in boroughs.
joint resolution for, the 'protection
a, •• • • can rights. n the guano trade; Mid
. ng the restoration of Island Alta
VfliiTti•lhe United States . .
The Senate supplement ;elating to - eons- -
, , .
ties and townships, providing that when
two successive grand juries shall recom
, mend repairs to'
,connty, buildings the
Count- Commissioners' may borrow money
• . for that 'purpose.
,The Seruith, 'eight htin.f 'labor- hill then
Mr. ;Smith, of Alleghepy, supported it
Messrs. Ewing, of Washington,' Mann, of
Potter phalfat4, of Montour, and. Boyd,. of
York, opposed it. . • • -
Tending its discussion, the House ad
journed. , A
Mr. For d, of Allegheny, asked unani
mous consent to offer a resolution introduc-
ing the use of PaGilio ateivaii fgas light
in the Capitol buildings and park:` He said
it w.f:m/4.) si-tvphr, odour l thousand dol
. -"-litrAnitattitchardAttitil."
04r, glunki Pf ~.tlterri'obje.cted.6-17
3 A Aii) i;the bill ap-
Pf i .#o l Pag 401".2TtCFP41,:iM. g.,hiiadeipTila
andlt,Alleghenyr , paying eachlfs2,soo
,Atiallologum-coneurred in.
__Atta ll iagngfreililtlo o o l2
, -'l' 44 appelntig Mid Aorof April 10th, !.£l7; re=
the -Johnstown Farmers;,
ir tY•I. ,t ,- • -
t r
hoc Asso-
IftentingE .4:44lo7l2ltanritilarge in
l iVaslajlgVPlintX• r ^ 1
T; thebi t
teniehlting Inspector e Meat
• L
• The getters): - .APProkriatiOh• * 115 ; .. P 1-1
41DtteOltedin thitCdittbreteie - Cothjoit and
IP',,,COldflik64 l o. PeosfP94.4t
..`! . Prft,";,chiritles,are i s li f"':OTlAPPeut, Inaba
,Driklitui-:;Asy!ttin, Pitts
ze !:
11!.t. ''`TheiGapai or ., has vetoe the bill tsseot-
Westhidialiaid casilco:Of the Re.
. ..
- • +
I *Yetet al l# l 4 l .9r." .. PSOFP9Mt g PCl"ri
g -......111.1...........-.... yg
1 ,
" Mrl :' .in i la POUriaIeASYNIAEC Tltai . -
- I.llriP
CBerelee,Pit to the rtritenie G az e{ f.3 ,
hfrannitit;:kiiiiilL:keoininitt& appoint-,
-- ::: - e- =ed tr the Arkansan - Ccerventiok foOtket
' hve , Isa t e nstitntion
IM ilej:thilWetib e i,
i pgp f ly,p,pymn ß op g he moults
A i r;t2 3 # l , 019 s? .4• , i) , ___ i L L ow .r I
;_lkiSfillyirtitgriVitittPi ,: t.-lAt 4p
A jterS
vri fr
it!':.-)iti„, i Lwatit i z lillitka*`;' , ' . • the. a
' eteetba in this towns i im p, isA
I erage Denuxtratio nut
_ 4 , 1 ..._
utnonthelitut 'A uftl', '.
, P, ,loscromodet
....,,-.., zebtidit by m 7 to
- front 60 to 80.
Bill Regulating Qualification of
Jurors Paiised in the Senate—
Rouse Proceedings—lndian Ap
propriations—Resolution Re
scind Impeachment Proceed
ings Ruled Out of Order.
[By Telegraph to,the rittshurah Gazette.)
Mr. WILSON, from the Military Com
mittee, 'reported a bill to continue the
Freedmen's Bureau.
Mr. HARLAN called up the bill to ex
empt property used for school purposes in
the District of Columbia from taxation.
Mr. HOWARD called up the bill requir,
ing reports of railroad companies to be
filed in the office of the Secretary of the In
terior instead Cof the Secretary of the Treas
Mr. TRUMBULL called up the bill in re
gard to the qualification of jurors. It,
provides thatexpression of opinion, founded
on.public' rumor or stateMents In public
journals, shall not disqualify a juror other
wise competent, and who shall take the
oath that lie can give a verdict according to
the evidence.
-Mr. JOHNSON supposed the law already
allows a Court in its discretion to accept
such jurors.
Mr. TRUMBULL replied such was the
practice in many States, but the bill.:pro
posed to make the practice uniform. •,- --
Mr. BA.YARD thought this a dangerous
provision. Am= could not be otherwise
than partial after forrning and expressing
an opinion.
Mr- DAVIS was not sure the measure
was'not an innovation :on the sacred right
of an impartial trial by jury,:and concur
ed in the opinion of +he last speaker. He
would sooner yield the whole Government
than this inestimable right. [During Mr.
Davis' remarks, Messrs. Trumbull and
Johnson engaged in a smilirug conver
sation in front of Mr. Davis.) Senators
may laugh and snicker, but their scoffs and
jibes will not drive me from opposing this
mnovation. Ido not care what their 'high
position in society is. That is not the.way,
to meet opposition to any important meas.
me. - • • ' • "
Both-gentlemen -rose in tairn, and were;
understood to make a disavowal.
Mr. DAVIS said he was perfectly indiffer
ent. , He, had been speaking in all serious
ness. .
Mr. FRELINGIIITYSEN held that' , in
these, days of general ,newspaper reading
the. exressiotrof bypothical opinion.s do es
not militate against the impartiality of a
juror. The, bill was framed to correct cer
tain injurious rulings frequently made .by
Mr. BA.YARD again opposed the bill.
It - passed—thirty-seven to eight. .- -
Mr. SUMNER introduced a joint resolu
tion proposing an amendment to the Con
stitution of the United States. The proposed
amendment is as follows :
No'Onion elected as Pielsidimt or Vice
Preald.ent who has once served as President,
shall afterwards be eligible to either office;
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary.
At the expiration of the hour, the Senate:
proceeded to the consideration of priVate
bills reported from Committee on Claims.
The eonsideratioriof unimportant bins oc
cupied all the afternoon.
At half-past three o'clock Mr. MORGAN
moved to go into executive session. Agreed
tozo-2 to 10. The ;Senate , soon after
scperpVplection returns
__ZA lO )r: 1 6imi
7tajorirYo a gaianot
; • L •
The SPEAKER presented, a communica
tion from the Commissioner * of- Indian Ar
ians,. relative to the..necesisity-of speedy
legislation. on Indian appropnations. Re
ferredle'the Committee on Appropriations.
.The Senate amendments to the naval ap
propriation bill were referred to the Com
mittee on Appropriations.
- Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, offered a
resolution, quoting an advertisementtin the
New York Timea for the sale of the steam
ship Atlantic, to pay a balance of $115,500
under a contract .with the Collins steam
ship line, and directing the Secretary of the.
Treasury to report all the facts connected
with .the mortgage held by the United
States, ece Adopted.
Mr. ROON offered the followins ; as
a privilege d -resolution:
Resolved,That the resolution of impeach::
ment against Andrew Johnson; passed set.)-1
ruary '24th, 1868; and the proceedings
amendatory thereof or supplemental there.
- toi , b3exaltha sante are hereby rescinded,
the'Managers be'recalled.,
The SPEAKER-ruled the resolution not
privileged, because there was a pending
motion, on which the previous question
hs.4 , beZti 9rderestivu'o9l; 2 ilat'P &
r arch, as
to piinting far thousand copies of Mr.
Butler's opening address, and no business
was?,sliCtmciaii.exiitpt .by unanimousr,.o6;
sent, until that was disposed of.
Adjourned.: ~,;
.',' ' '
Reconstruction Convention—Sere. Bates,
the. Pmlestrian--.lteiont4lcan
.- Caned: '
XXV Telefono, to the Fillet:torah Plaettie.l
RICHMOND, April B.—ln the Conventieitf
to-day the resolution prlidliiiiiiohq ;Lea;
islatnre establishing separate schools for
/o* - tivikram vatedefeated-4 0 to 21.
All, pro tions for relief, inbindin4,
The Speaker refused to -give way to al
low Sergt. Bates who is here, to-be invited;
on thp.floor,. saying he did not want to see,
thifilag brought in tinder copperheadinnid
picas.-:.. . , i 2-•, ' , '-~ : t
. The R epu blican Staießiesixive meeting'
resolved to call. a cogyengon on ; the Ist.
Wednesday in BUY' to ,nombuite State of- ,
• . ,'
The New York Legtsliatntv; , ..The CRiaigt
_ 43...f-ariberY—in Investigation 1"P°111-
Ly Telegraph to the 'Pittsburgh unzettel•
ALnany, Atixil 8.4-.. The Now:York City
Central. Upderground Railroad bill passed
the Senate to-dal.
aletiolutions were Antfoduced prort4hli
?at e Onthiitttee'en tnlintry into the atop'
thai,large sums of money hod, been lin
inowly and , corrpptly • '“ ' “ I TS"`"
am ' i mlfogoittO rePAloil,.-_- -9t.rfl .X . ho ers
and Directors of the Bile rfta t . . 1 1h 1 r1 or
attemptinglobr4ba,spe . • a . of the Assem-
Idy, , and 'that t'ne&nsi. ! . lon of all bills
litirileolifilkins ridlitifettilifiild'Udiftpany bes;
P94P', !,, , uritil mid mittee report.
An omeoldMedt wal leaved to strike out
Abewerdliiria i va iteleirkeido!other 101 -
IOW 'iisillartldidarV iho . ll,llition had,
'A ] the vatt","llllllreekt, bill oryear ago,
when„,„._„lt,,' is PA 12pkoper fwerevent to
=uance leg 1 , • ../ i.t , 1 , •1.• 4.1
.... • 1 . 1 . ” .' 14
1 1 A"' d ' • AtriNteggit t he last clause,
PAP. . 1 , , -tfr,4l,,lmtpoixement of ' f ib..
it. : : , I:rt-vhiclo tl .
mii all
, pre
fer .- .. .": • .to:1` ' - ... ;
the *hole .. . was tablet:4'llf the instance
of its originator.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
NEW YORK, April 8, 18138.
The various suits in the Eric litigation
came up before the Supreme Court, Gener
al Term, to-day, on appeals from the order
suspending Mr.] Drew from several in
junctions, and from the order appointing a
Mr. Barnett opened the case for Mr. Drew
in an argument against the legality of the
appointment of ' Mr. Osgood as Receiver,
contending the convertible bonds were au
thorized by the General Railroad act of
1850, and that the action of the Erie direc
tors was sanctioned by that of other com
panies, includino. the New York Central
and Hudson. As to the proceeds of the
stock, the appointment of Receiver was er-•
roneous, because the stock wasin the hands
of innocent third parties, while even were
it illegally issued, and the proceeds in the
hands of the Company, no. cause would
exist for the appointment ofa ReceNer. On
these grounds the defendants demand a re
versal of the order, with costs. ,
Mr. Rapello and Mr. O'Connor replied'
for the Vanderbilt party, contending , ..the
stock was fraudillently issued, that a large
sum was improperly obtained therefrom,
and the / order for a Receiver should be
made permanent.
Mr: Field continues the argument to
morrow for the appellants.
• In the case of Scheel vs. Erie Company,
before Judge Barnard, the answer of Jay
Gould to the attachment for violation of the
injunction was filed. He denies knowledge
of the issue, of 50,000 shares of stock, but
I:4l.leVescertificates of, stock 'in -blank
were made by the officers of the Com
pany before the injunction, and that
• the Executive Committee issued converti
ble bonds to the extent of ten millions, half
of which Passed into the hands of Groes
beck ck: Co., and half to Daniel Drew. Some
evidence on the subject was submitted, but
no conclusion reached.
John B. Haskins, Referee, was examined
this afternoon in the attachment proceed
bligs against Jay Gould, the Erie Railroad
Director. He testified that David Dudley
Field offered him $5,000 to procure a modi
fication of the original injunction from
Judge Barnard. On cross-examination the
witness stated he, Judge Barnard, J. H.
Copeman, Recorder 'Hackett and George A.
Osgood were in the habit of meeting in.
- Hackett's office. Witness was farther cross
examined for the purpose of showing ho
'had used his personal influence with Judge
Barnard. to Influence the, judicial action of
the latter.
The argument in the habeas corpus case
..of Jay Gould takes place to-morrow.
A Convention of _Photographers, number
ing two hundred and fifty, and represent
ing the_profession throughout the country," .
intaissain here 'and, subsetipthSn has been
started to contest the extensionof- a patent
which is considered injurious to their in
.terastsi - .•cs
- The Convention - adjourned to-day, after'
action looking to the' appointment of com-'3
missioners-in each State, town and city of
the Country,' to collect funds to contest the
extension of the patent. -
The Erie Railroad Company haveinade a
-further_ reduction of4are to Chicago, Cin-
Ohinati. Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus
and Fort Wayne. .
Mrs. Lvdia - P_..Pureell died suddenly last
night at 262 7th avenue, it is believed from
poison, but by whom administered is tiny
known. • -
A ili7:kiAN BRUTE
• A German name unstated, has been ar
rested charged with an indecent outrage on;
his own daughter, aged fourteen.
The Central Railroad strike will be end
ea,:at West Albany,
.by an advance of the
wages, to-morrow.
The ship Pansms,the last \vase' building
here, will be launched to-morrow.
The corner stone of Booth's new theatre
was laid
. , i -
Accounts of Depredations—Authentic , Re
- verbrisuppressed - - by-Aleuts - and Con
i OfracAit'... ..!,_,:_; .',. u.. ~'1.'... :.I - :.\4
(BY 'Telegraph to the Plttiburgh Gazette.)
i' . PIT: Vietkelitil'af ti.:-.44#1 . 1 6111
,i, i Special'
to the Democrat says : A. re . the totter
ftore Fort Laramie dated March Ist, says
that ;the lielion agents;and contractors for
Indian goods are suppressing authentic -1.(1,.. 1
ports of Indian affairs, and doing every
thing. So. prevent Abe true, state of things
liorit4king madio-public. , The following
are only -part of the depredations com
mitted. The last week in March fifty In
r, diens attacked wranth on Little' Cotton
Wood, twenty Miles west; on the Cheyenne
and Fetterman road, killing one boy and
carrying of , the renetnnan's wife. The
owner of the ranch and one boy escaped to
a neighboring ranch where seven whites
lodged. Theledlini'attaelterF the house,
but were, repulsed,leaving pee dead. horse:
on the ground. On the of March one
hundred.)lndlehs - attatked Horse Shoe
'ranch, forty milts west, occupied by a man
'aided' Worrill, formerly of the Eleventh
Able . cavalry; his partner, Thermburg, and
another man. Having plenty of ' arms
And:ammunition, the whites defrlnded the
ranch until night and their 'eseaped into ;` 1
Eta julderground ji•,,lfier- AIR., ,:.,with 190 - I
to s e irks n:Whien tusy,..kaptuptaz Sze kill- ,
iSo Indians and wounding SeVeTal, and'i
9r , i 6., ifgur itortW, t i rkfroinclians in the
Mine liunif - tlie-bUilding, stables, ac.,
, valued, at six thousanddellars. . EarlYitiiit'i
• morning Weriellli•parW . efieSiiped to Iron 1
ppring-Faucher three•milss east, where four
more whites lodged: The entire, phi 1
initiated filf:CcitUnistreibdiiidelid, tilleodYnlT. •
beyond. After ploceeding abottOdix miles
they *die attacked ,b 'sixty Indians.' Aft,er
If t lorig,fliptrin which .harper .and David
Illunheig.4nd AntptpAlypte Ittilit*, ere kill
ed, "Worrell 'wounded and Ave IngiauSr
killed, the parties held ' a council, thditidi
ans agreeing,,if the me i n returned and gave up, the spook at:lrvin:soring It:Mahe, they.
wouldibelalleWatlitoF unmolested. , This
we ti e ! auttilittlii ans then fiurnia the
• Ilan t?* Ithirpely Ai - Shim' bllt - Orkt vitli 4.
' Ifto - n ltrtitts.ool6putly of troops, niatne
j ii
'kar 'buffed were
found '
DnidarobAttba-ranebp . on'theusedd4 - :
AKMm)3rt Fetterman
waiburnedl: ng has yet been heurd
IA Ilifllifigns.;yete
steldim . stock and committingbiLkuian of
' '''leNtolisimplicatheiV, isomers between
'Forts Fetterman and Laramie have allgone
to the :thilitally looetelloe nroteetion: , l'ill
-Marsh 4.stliktwOvettlers living on I.Abbita
ereekAvege attacked hY. seventy indiaPP ,
• 'Their buildings were burned and their prpl ,
W F l ,,At t Y e t r: l m e : ll Y l a i n t ed. illiernil6 2 ," 4l _, r °Fart'
i 1 RYfnel 44.e rfil i P ,ol lr
tar 2 iiiran soolitbarsasssettcl •
„norn e 4scit. tltt-rdiatens grave s
b p
..well liratoolithtividu4 a •
speech of. en. The Ittillierthe 'Audi fit'
gave three cheers as he retired.
sE• ETTIot
P411:111011, l-a
Appeal from the Indian Commis
sioner to Congrew-Official Pub
_ lic Debt Statement—lmpeach
ment Trial—The Jury. Bill—
Military Matters—Freedmen's
Bureau Continuance—Home
stead Law in Florida. • •
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
The Secretary of the Interior sent to the
House to-day a communication from the.
Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Who says:
"Referring to office reportstof the 20th and
21st of February last, in which reference
was madnto the necessity of certain appro
priations being made at an early day, in
order that the faith of the Government and
promises of the Indian Peace Commission
ers may be kept good, I desire to say it is
evident to my mind that unless immediate
action is had by Congress upon the
estimates referred to in said re
ports, and necessary fonts appropriated to
enable the department to carry out and ful
fill-the proniises made with certain tribes,
we shall have trouble with them. I am led
to be believe this from various rumors that
have reached thiS office of the feelings and
intentions of certain bands and tribes on
the plains. If we expect to keep the
Indians. friendly .to the Govern
ment, and at peace with it, ,we
must fulfill our promises. Otherwise
we can but ekpeet, as Would, be the case
were we dealing with white men and Chris
tians, a renewal of the troubles of last stun
mer. Besides, if our agreements are not
faithfully carried out, the Indians will soon
loose all confidence in the government; they
will believe nothing told them by its offi.- -
cers. and an almost endle4s war will he the .
result, which will cost millions of dollars
to suppress, and to avoid which thousands
are only asked. This question has become
of so grave importance that I deemi it
my duty to again invite your attention to it.
If We are to have another Indian war this
summer, I do not wish the cpuntry tothink
it was caused or brotight about 'by the man
agement of the affairs of this office, and af
ter the urgent requests that have been made
for fuilds, and the statements that have
been made in regard to the matter, this
Bureau certainly cannot be held responsi
'ble fcir any acts of hostility or depredations
that thay be Committed by the Indians."
erat.ic .DEBT STATEMENT. -
following-is the statement of the
public debt of the 131f.ted States on the kat
Of Aril, 1.13138:
DeN•Boring Coin laitetett. '
5 percent. Bonds ' $ 214.464;400 00
6 per cent. Bonds of 153 mud 1561 8,063;641 BO
6 per cent. Bonds, ISSI •s3,firZ.lso 00
Oyer cent.. 3-03 Month.' - -1A24,3%1,630 00
1 1,0");. get Won
Doit lirturbog (7..rtney Interest.
r per vent. - 1i0n,114 G ':.:1,542.(n0 CO
3 , -year f.'ouipouvol Interest 46010,6.10 al
' " 1h3.834.100 03
3 ito..r evnt. Cvrt!tlenteS 23,Z0:00O CO
Natured Deft :lot ..Pre.4eilttd :neat.
3rOpir . Xilteiiiixe August 15. 1567..15 WI 00
( ompoond Interest Notes. matured. - f
June 10. July 15. August 15. October
15, and Ih:cumber 1887
Bonds. Texas indemnity
-Trettsury,Notes, Acta; uly 17. PSTL:uud
prior thereto 13461L04
Bonds. April 15,- • . tr,ooo 00
Treasury Notes, March 3. 1963......... Pin 00
Temponsry Loan 1.734.003 00
tiollyisitte , of ludebte.lus.l.;, - 0. L 9.000 00
• • •
WASHINGTON, April 8, 1868
'. • D , Lt - -
I'.~r. Notes 5 :;.11;.114.77
Fraet Ivnel C urrency, :M:48.839
11;n1,1 41•Ttifiratei '111 , 0091t 17,742,060 cu
, ) 9 i Y7t,
Amount in Treitoinrii
:3, 4 2:C.Cra 34
'‘Trrf !Iry
$122.r,045 02
. . ,
nl4O n Or tie lit. .1-I .
Trert,ur.Y. $2,,a19.209.6,47
2411.41TA8Y 31A.TTERS:
• By orders from the , Adjutant General's.;
bilicat he Siiperinteadentof the mounted ro
crafting service at Carlisle Barracks, Fella.:
sylvan's, is required to forward- detach:
.ments of. recruits - 4o_ Fort Leavenworth for
'the Third United States Cavalry.
Brevet Brigadierl6A- Jefai*F. Zia;
Major of FourtiamthUnited - StateriCavaliy„
has been detailed as Superintendent of re-,
crafting service at Carlisle Barracks for the
-ensuing two years, relieving Brevet Brigs
dier Gen.:Wm. N.Greer, Colonel of Third
United States Cavalry, who'-is .ordered to
io his regiment AIM !; DePartmeht *of
General Haneoeft .Perma
* nont headquarters too-morrow' at 'the corner
of Nineteenth and G streets. No business is
bsingtransaated At l T,his , . - beadquarters
'Vied the ordinaryroutine affairs.
'ln the afternoon, Mr. Wilson,.
from the Committee on Military Affairs, re--
-ported,- „with, amendment, -the House
- passed ' March 19th, 1808, to continue the,
Freedmen's Bureau. The antsndment con
efets cifiAn . mini sketionj by which the:
Commissioner . empowered' ;to sell lot
„ -1 mints MtliptinPle
; gL.and Other Puildiagi •
constructed for igfugeasi - and freedmen by •
Ithe.BuMu, , ta • I 01-IRMIOXIB,.ari trustees
Whd now - Mt'
. i../V ; PliTali of educa
non di , :iellefof4lts7iander,snitable'gfiar
antees that thb'''ptirtaisei - for - Which:such.
billidifigit were constructed shall bet, obr
tind:lM.pKiirdeitthir the fuids
)derltied theießdnd'-elialllier-Sturned the'.
M~kt u ; Ofirit4rOtkitismg treotinted
* of t 'the lity et tne 1,71ait4 - btate9
upPEAcreisivr. •
.Thelfn o.dav•
to consider some ovicrioice pot offered Pm- -
",0(01t4 the 1 1 -044600 aatom of defeat-'
ingthe Tenure-of-Office bill. No decision
'lvall•rnro* l ::'ll l6 ,l*,*/AN: l OO9lWfr
io morrow . 2 4; '-'
Judge , VurtisiYholvll_l; fot , :! the ,
Idn§ri ! WlLlPllotttitf Alf 1, ,- 01 . 44Mp1t 'ease,
4111.400-mc amily,,lrani;:nntitiq; , not having
written his remarks bi-itilvatioo:t deliver
for tickets of. admission tothelleante toms •
oti'lltitd(tYcirlicc,Ttliqi 00101.' Some '
Afitabe7ll4:ofVa,trpralsed of
epn 010 era for theirtiopits , ptv,week to ,
: ,,-).c.:-.-:. , ,,Eca.....vattivaiwkar!tort,a- Rau.
Vraildlnfign imarliciarinffirtaatian
-3„..a PrFfe, pliAty; farms,
Vrihing In* twaem,.4vien
• to the prkitt
btr: JUR LL.
A 5pi5:4121134 jtjgoh,s,
— 11 1 .• „ I t tro froin't* State la
re,t0470 e,wiutttlyv..
the rifts.
1,9, 1868.
Indictments Against the Clerken
well Prisoners—Safety of Dr.
Livingstone, African Explorer,
Beyond Doubt. .
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.?
LONDON, April B.—The Grand Jury
)rought in bills of indictment against all
ho prisoners, except O'Reilly, charged by
the Coroner's
.f rtr2. , with complicity in the
Clerkenwell outrages. The trials Com
mence next week.
All dophts.of the safety of Dr. Living
stone ar dispelled. Sir 'Roderick Merehi
son to-d,hy received a letter from the dis
tinguislted traveller, which came rid Zan
71bar. Dr. Livingstone writes he is in good
health. His journey of exploration has
been successful and he will soon - return to
LIVERPOOL, April B—Evening.---;Cottort
closed heavy and a fraction lower; mid
dling uplands 11 7 d, Orleans 12y,d; sales of
12,000 bales. Breadstuftkelosed quiet though
Corn' declined to 395. 9d. for new mixed.
western; Wheat 15s. .10d. for California
White, and 14si 3d for No. 2 Milwaukee red;
Barley, pats, Peas• and Flour unchanged.
Provisions closed quiet. Lard advanced to
635. Beef 1255. Pork 85s. Bacon CS.
Produce—Naval stores dull. Silgar fair.
RednedPetrleum, Is. 3d; Spirits do, Is.
AXTWE it 1., April B—P:ven (7.• Petroleum
nominal at 42%f.
April B.—Steamer Bollona, from
New York arrived.
QUEENSTOWN, April B.—Steamer tarifa,
from Now York arrived.
Lownotc, S—Evening.--- Consols,
93,i(@933,1;. five-twenties, 73€1173g; Erie,
48 9 y,; Illinois Central, 95.
FBA wa•Feirr, April 8--Evenrag.—Five
twenty bonds,s,gig7s..X.
Loyal Irish Citizens •Uneasy—Great Fu
neral Preparations.
CBy Telegraph to the Ptttaburgh 6azette.7
:NEW TORS, April B.—A Montreal special
says: McGee's murder has created intense
excitement. Prominent loyal Itsh citizens
are very uneasy, AS a plan of geiTeral assas
sination, in which those concerned in Fe
nian prosecutions are included; is reported.
The American Consulate flag yes lowered,
and the Consul officially. reported the mat
ter at .length to the United StateS Govern
ment. The body will be met Jo-morrow,
by the-citizens en, mane.. ;The funeral *lll - 1
take Place on Friday. The bode t ill lie i3l
state on Thursday. Xgrand' is
being built, and the ftrwal-will bongreal.
'popular demonstration. Siicty thousand
persons are expected to be present.: The
police, are on the alert, and all outlets to
the States ,are closed. The Rillyal procla
nuation is' placarded everywhere. Fenian
lodges here are very quiet.
MONTREAL,' Aril' 8.--A pultale ElOellog ,
of citizens was held at , noon today to
'express their indignation at - the assassina
tion -of McGee and condolencefor his
family. The most intense excitement pre-,
Tailed all day.
OrrasvA April B.—The adjourned inquest
was 'resumed in the afternoon and a large
number of witnesses Were examined. The
evidence taken was .mainly in connection
with the finding of the body: The case
against Whelan 'deepens.hburly. The
government detectives are in possession
of a strong chain of evidence against him,
and the Crown= reckon confidently on his
being the man. A loaded revolver was
found on his person when arrested, and a
cartridge in one of the' chambers was evi
dently-now. This chamber had no trace 'of
having been recently discharged. The
other chambers were bright and clear.
Tho bullets with which it was loaded
are • exactly like that which killed
McKee.- It is generally believed a gang
ruffians'are •mixed up in the assassination.
Two or three parties, against whom ,there
is circumstantial evidence, have been ar
rested as accomplices of Whelan. In order
to expedite the trial the Crown •will proba
bly take_ the case out of the Coroner's
bands to-morrow, and it will be brought
before the Police Colirt.
. , .
Tottorcro, April B.—A man named James
Ryan formerly messenger in'the Execu
tive Council, was arrested in thiseity by a
. GoVernment detectiVe and brought before
, the Police Magistnite to-day, and remanded
1 until.furtber orders from Ottawa: ,
. PARIS, April-S.—The Great Western Rail
road'statiiin was burned this afternoon.
'L544,44(014 80
6241.74830 CO
2,1i.00:1 OU
444}1.47Z.47G Di
• Great Billiard Match.
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
Citicsact, April B. r -The great match for
the bi ll iard cluunpionship of America, be
tween John McDivitt and Melvin Foster,
commended , 'at Library Hall at half-past
8 o'clock. .ta4t.ight., At ten minutes after
none the game stood,. Foster 113, McDiv
itt;Bs • • ' • • • • •
.The,call on thp seventh inning was, Fos
ter 612, McDivitt 34. • -
Twenty-fourth inning, Foster 720, Mc-
Divitt 133. • • • •
10:30, r. 31,-111*y-fi
fth • inning, Foster
791; McDivitt ,C4O. -
+ 11-o.clock—Fourty-fOurth inning, Foster
884 McDivitt 481: . . •
„Ff-fourth .inning, McDivitt ' ran two
-hundred and ninely-three. The score
stands Foster 1,304, - MeDivitt 840..
at Indianapolis.
• ~ •
Plitehuigh (4sette.3
Ttitoitailt.POLli9;•' April B.`--George W.
fieorOtit.:Cinehinati, committed suicide at
the. „Dates :House .last night,.by.shoetipg
himselfin the bead with aDerringBr pistol:`
His body' ivaii not- , diecovered --until about
noon. , tp,ilay. , •;; The. :servant . : girktried.his ,
door . .I twice during theibrenoon, afidihe,
• third- time' looked • over the tiansora;' and'
'discovered him his 'blood. Front
letters found-in his 'rooms addressed to his
wife, son and the elerliof the' hotel,' ati
pears lie had conteniplateWsuicide l'orAtur
Past .yesr, and that. the poly miparent„eause,
.for lila „self-destruction wakon acemint 'of
the failtire of a Patent 'eooltingoiilintin
hi VAS:. eiliibititig for caale. , :ile had. been
stogr . in4. at giiii.pateationse since the 10th
• -•
. .
ratiectat Dtgiatehlo the 'Pittsburgh duetted .
DAVExiwnT ILLS ;April 8. - J. I+'. TraeY,
President, and'. .:Ebenezer Cook; gesSretary,';
"of thii.:Chicago; Beek Island and 'Peeing
Railway. ComPanT, ;were arrested by
.Btates.Marshal this-morning, upon
a 'Writ from . the' Conit, -. lbr violating.
the injurietieo,amed from tbat Court. •
,'.-rntreopilOgvig l eeuon. .; •.. •.
CB aTe~c
•,•• • ~/a[lt.
f2SYRge p 449,
'2 4, muncet44A "'of , dEll_ 9 l._.!?•/'
I;thipi,COOL)i.oo# l ,
ntrity rs'l,/tu., . 't
Corrected returns male'
jority 1,735. Latest vote, 99,323.
—Bost un had a violent snow storm
were two inches of snow in t.
Paul on Sunday.
—Deeds of 'viola - nee -- are of dally OCenr
rence in Cork, Ireland.
—The frost at Nashville yesterday mal•n
-ing blighted the fruit - crop.
—lllicit whiskey still* continue , to'f' be
seized in and about Philadelphia. • . '
—The steamer Nestorian, from Liverpol .
on the 213th, arrived at Portland yesterday.
—New Orleans has. wide-awake ehibs
which arc working for the Republican tidk
ets. 1'
—Gen.- Meade has, it is said, succeeded in
completely suppressing the Ku-Klux-Kilim
in Georgia. . •
—There are only about six hundred p6r
sons now employed at the Philadelphia
Navy Yard.
—Timothy Illurphy WAS. acCidentally
killed on the Bellefontaine railroad, lot-.
ana, yesterday.
—Counterfeit twos on the Market Bank
of New York. are in eirculathm in soma! of
the Eastern. cities. '
—The Plattsburg and Whitehall 111-
road bill has been vetoed: in, New Vork4 fby
Governor Fenton.
—The corner stone of the new 'Masonic
temple, in Philadelphia, will be laid offihe
24th of June next. . .
—The Irish, hierarchy will shortly peti
tion the Queen of Great Britain:in perion
against any change in the church.:
—ln St. Louis,. on Tuesday, the- en4re
Democratic ticket .was elected. The Derim-.
crats have eight out of ten councilmen.
—At Montgomery, Ala.,. Tuesffay night,
there was a !wavy and general frost,.-which
had a bad effect on young. corn,..feetton nd
fruits. .
—On Saturday - last 300 copperhead roughs
were imported into New Haven from New.
York. On Monday a still larger , number
arrived. • . • 1 1
—.Tames Kingston ' a dry - goods Merehnnt .
of Montreal,.was arrested in' that cit 3-1 on .
Monday on.a charge of forgeryto.
amount. ;
—ln the llississippi Convention yeater
day the franchise bill was under consideira
tion. The whole day was occupied w i ith
. I
—The - celebrated German (barna
Acosta was played in Chicagp, on Tues ay
evening, for the first time in the .Ei* "sti
• —Three prisoners escaped from the Rick
county, Wisconsin, jail on Tuesday night.
They dropped down a dry well and dug ,out
from there.
—At the city election in Peoria, Min
Tuesday, Brotherson, RepabUcan,
elected , Mayor by - eight majority.
city has formerly Veen democratic.
—The defalcation of Daniel: Morse,:
runaway banker of Lockport„
amounts to $60 4 000. He has always he,
fore enjoyed the esteem of alliclqßses.
—On Monday evening Simeon E. AC .-er
man, airold and well known citizen of New
York, was stricken with apoplexy v and
fell dead at the corner of Ann street and •
—Butler's American Theatre,. in New
York city, was burned on Tuesday
The actors lost all their wardrobe, valued
at 86,000. Loss in building and other Ike
perty $ll,OOO. - ;)
—On Friday night last an. immense ee -
in gwas held inNew Orleans to ratifyl the
Republican State nominations. More ,than
twenty thousand persons were.-, preSent
and all very enthusiastic.
—Charles Leigh and A. H. Lindsay two
young amen, fought a duel at - Kokomo, Indi
ana, on Tuesday. After exchanging two
shots, and nobody being hurt, friends inter
fered and stopped proceedings.
—The Bishop of Calcutta writes that all
traces of the recent fearful.famine in the
District of Orissa, in India, have pissed
away, excepting when one occasiOnally
comes on a heap of human bones:
—A London (England) dispatch sayS that
Cranbourne will be offered the Governor
ship of Canada and Earl Mayo - that of
India. Lord Fitzgerald, Lord JustiCe of
the Court of Appeals for Ireland, will re
sign. -
-The ingrain carpet weavers of Philadel
phia have resolved to ask an advance in
wages. The strike of the workinen con
tinues and quite , a number of employers
have acceeded to the demands madelupon
- them.
—Tuesday week, a barn containing six
horses and a large number of - pigs, sheep,
Chl6kens, cattle and agricultural machines,'
besides a lot cif hay and oats, in Lowell, in
the centrApart of Wiscoindn, was Struck
by lightning and entirely eonsumed
—The Judiciary Committee of the Massa
chusetts House of Representatives has rd - -
ported •an article of amendment o the
State Constitrition, which provides - fOr the
appointment of Attorney; General, .District
Attorneys Enid Sheriffs by the Goveraor.
—The pulpit •of • a church"Jiv Asipajon,
France, fell -on March Bth, s,tnnifing the
pastor. A panic 'seized the bongregation,
who rushed for the doors, ceasing (Ruch a
pressure that thirteeronirsons were 'tramp
ed to death and
,twenty-four stir:Maly in
—Timothy S. Pitch, a prominent • citizen
of Chicago, was finectfive hundred , dollars
in Court of Criminal' Correction ; lat St.
Louis, yesterday, for misdemeanor, , alleged
false swearing in connection withi a suit
with Captain some' live •Yeaks ago.
A motion for anew trial will be made.
—The remains of Thomas D'Arey McGee,
who was assa,ssinated , at Ottawa, anada,
on Tuesday, after the performance of uneral
ceremonies in the Catholic Cathedral, were
sent by- special train to Montreal,'
.by the members of the . Cabinet and
other distinguished - personages as pall:
bearers. The family of d eceased -:will be
amply provided for' by Vie Government.
The assassination is generally; attributed to
the Fenians.
Registration in North Caroßail.
to the Plttaburith Gazetie.)l
:;By Te legraph
lien here is as folloart+:.iltst day,imihites 56.
blacks 179; second day,
_whites 103, blacks
ios. In the middle sound precinet for the two
days there were whites 50, blacks V. The
excitement over : mi,istrotion is very great,
bit( there has been no disturbance.
tDaring the ' remaining three it is
hought: the whines iwill =out.retrister the
bl~• f. "7
EByrrAegrapb:to.the rAttikbargiktimitcbil
NEw. ORMAN% April B .—Cottenil sales of
.1200 balci middlings; at 290# - reteipts, 7,900
'West'expertso,s74 bidets: ' Tlotir arm and
U. omobiumed.,..cortt.firm', o 7%4lo. Oats
fair.olematat at ,764800. perk.advanced
/28,50028,75." Ikteentidittniede shoulders
blyilkl4%cl dear sides Lark 83,4ti19c.
, Oeldi. l3ol 4,l4tetling Bank .Exeliihage. 52a
5234% - - Ccimmercial; 5 054a51. New York
Sight - Exchange % prethluxo.