The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, April 08, 1868, Image 8

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• Who.pot tire,Carpet!
Yesterday morning Mrs: Mott, on the 'al.'
• 14 , Off Fourth street, between Ferry and
-: *Market, "purchased at NieClintock's $2O
worth of carpet and oil cloth, which she
paid_for, and ordered to be sent to her resi
dence.- Shortly after she had taken . her
departure the porter at the store was dis
patched with the goods to the place dm,ig
' nated' Tt appears, however, that he made
ainistake and left them at a house occu
pied. by a Mrs. Daily and her .sister. , Mrs.
IL waited some time for her goods, but not;
receiving theta returned to the store to
know why they had not been sent as order
ed. She was informed that they had been'
sent, as ordered, but as she denied receiv
ing them the porter was called and
and sent with her to The place the
goods had been left. On artiVing at.
Mrs. Daily's, he stated that he had left a
package there in mistake, but, Mrs. D. said
he had done ,no such thing. 'He insisted
that he;had left the goods there, but the
lacy insisted that he had not, and as she re
fused to give any information in relation to
the package information was made before
the Mayor charging her with larceny. She
was arrested and taken to the Mayor's'
roffice, but before the case was called up for
a hearing the prosecutor relented and with
drew the information. The porter how
ever, =insists- that the package containing
the carpet and "oil-cloth was left at her
house, which she stoutly denies, and so the
matter remains. Somebody has $2O worth
of goods for which McClintock ik Co. did
not get paid. Who received them?
A Cool Proceeding.
John Cool yesterday made information
before the Mayor, charging Luke 'Dacia
with larceny. The parties were employed
Illy Street ? Conirnissioner Hunter and yester
day the City Controller was issuing. Jar-
- the city ,employes on the Treasurer
• .for their Pay. John Cool's name was called
tind•it is alleged that Davis answered to it,
stopikal up to receive a warrant drawn in
Cool's,faVor for $14,75 which ho took to the
Treasurer's office, and after endorsing it
~ ,J ohn Cool - per Davis," drew the
- - tutionrit for which it was drawn and depart
ed. , A short time afterward Cool made his
aPPeStplee at the Controller's office, and
Made inquiry concerning his pay, when he
• was informed, that a warrant for the amount
had been issued and delivered to some ono'
supposed to be Cool, but if ho was that in
" 'dividual there must be some mistake, as
howas not the' man-who got the warrant.
A visit to the Treasurer's office developed
".` She firc.t• that Davis had personated Cool,
at the ,Controller's office and had drawn
the money as above stated. Davis was ar
rested tuid locked up for a hearing to-day.
It is, in addition to being a very cool pro
, ceoding pn the part of Davis, a !ether -
- peculiar case - of larceny.
Mrs. Eliza Sutton made information
fbto Mayor' Drum, ." Monday eVerthig;
• charging her husband Elijah Sutton,-. with
assault and battery. The couple occupy a
:srzulllahoat, 'fitted up as .a house, which is
stranded .on the bank ot the 'Ohio river,
near Woods Run. Ott last 'Thursday the
wife stated her husband was drinking very
freely, and when he canto to hia boat house
he was very quarrelsome. She endeavored
to quiet him, when he assaulted her, knock
ing her down and ,kicking her. Some per
sons .passing in the viciuity, went to her
• assislance, and to this, she alleges, she
owes her life. She was still suffering yes
terdayfrom the injuries received, and was
Anirdly able to reach the'_ol:fice.. Sutton.
was arrested, and after a hearing, was com
+-nutted in default of bail for his appearance
at Court, '
The Tobaced Dealers in-.1114t10
The authorities of Allegheny,it aPpe 44
- art,fully determined to have tobacco and
-.c.igar,:shops closed on Sundays, and it is
also th 4 intention of Mayor I.)ium, -we
learn,. to stop the sale, of ' thcige artieles'
. _ .
throughout tlte city on. the Sabbath day.
On information received from various
sources, John Sehultheiser, on East street,'
Herdenecker, corner of Third and,
.-Weit - :streets, August Becker,. Valentino ,
• Danhatd and R..Holtman, 'Chestnut street;.
Wei° Arrested yeSterdav by the . Mayor's ,
police, charged' with - having- kept their,
shops open and sold tobacco and cigars - on
• Sunday last. Th.?). were each fined P. 25 and
• Yesterday evening William McGee, who
resides near Dixmont, went into Fred.
Schultz's atdooll, in the, DiamOnd, Alio
gheny, -.yesterday afternoon, and, _being
slightly, intoxicated, became disorderly.
, •
Mrs. Schultz, who was tho only person in
the saloon, besides himself, ordored him
- out: He refused to'go, however, when she
- deliberately walked from behind the coun
ter, opened the door, : put him out, and,
seeing:4loollce officer on the `opposite side
of the street, shoved him' across and deLiv-•
ered ,him over to the officer,who conducted
him to the Mayor!s . office. where he was
fined 'aildollars and discharged.
.Tempeilutee League
. A meeting of the Allegheny Temperat!ce
League was held last evening in the First
IP/Osbyterian Church, Allegheny, Dr. A.
,`K.' pen, presiding. Tho meeting was open-
nd:eth prayer by Rev. A. lifillingar, after
- which Rev. E. E. Swift addressed the meet
fiklibjeat—,"Nhat are the _specific du
ties of the church in regard to:the temper
, am reform, and how may she - best pi•o
. . •
' • mote it." '• • • • •
, The meeting closed with benediction by
Rev. J. B. Clark. Rev. J. Kerr will ad.;
Aress..thi? Xiettgue Tuesday evening, 21st
- •
A4phigraccfni Scene,-13etWeen ten and
oclock last night. a disgraceful row
occurredat Lige Ha saloon, in which he
and igab i rctbkr George Wei() the principal ac
tarit,4o/geed with a hammer,
it) brother carried aheavf
oluimstpdhfor springs bungs out of Whis
kerlihrriSts;'witli wh ich they batteredettet
.444 1 / 4 4INELE4ymaiiner , After consid
-erable `time teforce of the - night police was
collected and the affray stopped.. Neither
of the parties were arrested. We wero un
-, illi,lo 4 94eprp the:origin of the row, butfirld .
probable thebad 'Whiskey was the instiga.
tion of it.
Robbay at the Siott House.—The room
of Mr. W. F. Sweltney, a boarder -at the
WAVlrebiKFA , asluiteredlifonday night by,
some sneak thief anilannit of clothes worth
forty-one dollars, a silver watch valued
thirty-five dollay pocket book coitaining:
fifteen dollars, a pair of sleeve buttons of
the value ofteasiollers, find a pair et calf
akin' bats ' worth eight •dollars, carried
away. The thief gained admirtiron through
the-rear of the house. A colored man was
arrested on surpition, and taken before the
Mayor, , who held him for a hearing. -
who was ar
• -rested4ri • iindayon suspicion of having
beesk ed wtth the coal miners' riot
tit 'apbsdwCrkii, alter a hearing be
.r yesierdsy, Wail discharged.
vtheerif' YeSterday MOM..
: tm elignat Alllquippa.
71W is the sum of • t.. ,
•-... fif • iivaiknommitted.': ; •
The Society St. Vincent de Paul, St. Paul's
`•'Cblifereriee ihi• the 'relief:of the poor, ao.
° dont - •
cods io he chart le,
lianm h te*: g a k i nil Y P h r 6ol 7
lgth 1868„ • I
•z t .7.
The following ecallespoollepee' folly ex
plains itself: .a'.;
• -• . . - PrriSiiraml,- 13, 7th, 1868.
Dear Sir:-We, the miderisigned, voters.
of the 22d Congressional District . of Penn[.
sylvania, possettsing a thorough knowledge
of your character So favorably established
.in this community r and combining as you
do allthe elements cifanabl , faithful, hort
eat and successfulman, and 'Well knowing
that you will honestly • and ably represent
our .
interest and reflect our views, we here
~ .
you. . . . ..
by request to become a. candidate for
Congress, subject to the. decision of the. R
epublican Convention, to assemble on the
2d day of June next, and we pledge our
selves to use all honorable means to secure
your nomination and election. ..
With sentiments of the highest esteem,
. We remain, yours truly,
F. J. Busha.
Charles W. Anderson,
Joseph Hastings, .
J. G. Patterson,
E. P. Long.
Jno.'fif. Billen.
IS. 11. Cooper,
C. 1.. Magee, : . •
Jno. D. Fleznlng.
T. .1. Craig,
Thomas T. Everett,
Emil "'perste!.
E. W. Morrow,
Thomas l'hilllps,
.Itobert Coward.
IJohn Hansen, .
!Henry Eberg,
!Jim. Glass
! 1,. Rauch,' •
;John Bauch.
!Robert Campbell,
IC. Ralph Presser.
!Wm. Starling, •
'James Dlawitinney.
I Chas. C. - Craft, •
lwal. F. Armstrong.. , .
Abner Stotler, •
W. IL Wagstaff..'.
'James PhMips,
H. Dickson; .
T. Wallace,
M. M. Coleman.._ - .
George Vesey Bergin. .
N.IL McFadden.
ID. R. Iteighard.
A. Vick, .. ,
1.. W. 1 oung, -
.1. Wagner,
Levi 11; ade. • •
Joseph A. l'aul. , "
H. 'Darlington,
Henry Kirkpatrick,
J. M. Carson,
i Lewis Mead,. •
' I
Win. A. Tomlinsen.
Wm. E. Roe, • -
!James McKee,
. I Hugh ('arson. . . '
Wm. W. Alexander,
'John 31ullin,
Slack & Sholes,
E. I). Brush. •
I Wm. Simpson. - • .
.5. B. Douglas,
;William Garrard.
:Levi Breuniman.
; Myers.
A. H. Lane, •
W. P. Hunker, - ,
!E. F. Houston, .Ir. '
111. H. Ntebaum. -
T. M. Ifoffstot. -
IT. L. Rodgers,
' A. ii. Cunningham.
I.i. M. Knap, •
;Wm. Black,
'll. W. Barnes. -
;James Read,
,I. K. ,Ilasiett.
"A. Wakefield, ;
iG. E. Nieman.
lE• C. li- n .
• JamegQ ins,
John L. is.;
I). M. Edgerton. • ~
!John B. Barbour.
I Wm. McCutcheon.
:Wade Hampton:
'S. P. Bennett,
I D. W. Bat, lfirattbew Bigger,
!Edward Keys,
;Geo. W. Frazer.
' L
A loyd and Black.
;Samuel Whitehouse.
'Richard Pritchard.
,ISolomon Jones.
Haase .Tones.
!Thomas Jones.
' 'Richard Jones. - •
; IJohn Dorringt on.
W i lliam Caskey.
Joseph Casket',
1 1 4( E 7 d .r w enp a h r o d wit„ T e.0, 1L na r!e li y. ,:„ •
Robert Euston;
31nuried•DAV i S.
.E J T :d h h i l i a it M rti l l e hr li :ol .e. g:
Rudolph Hunsucker:
Philip James,
David Eustou.
Joseph Watson,
James Watson.
David Thomas,
11 1 tih l c .. ar dE
Ross, t - ers on . ,
• John
~n.:llcherk, ;
John Nett.
!Anthony It. L • enke.
I..fileshack Foley.'
Evan Berge. .......,
J/IMM'S ff. Sliff,
if'. Sheidemantel,
Joseph 'Dorgan.
~lolin Rodgers,
-:Jacob Shook,
I Win. Duckworth.
!Daniel ileaphey.
Henry Cataley.
'Wm. Moore.
IJoseph Wsissen.
.J3MCS WlLlAgeti.
;Wm. Murphy,.
Henry - Smalley,
I Wm. Irvin,
IGeorge Irvin,
IJames Trusscil,
Charles Boyant, •
.filorgan Evarrs,
jWM . Watkins.
:James Pasdors.
George "toiler.
''Am. Adams...
Evan Ihts - 6,
I Beth Warman:
jJohn - Miller,":
Jarnes W. Iftighe..
James Morgan.
Isaac Thomas, .
Itiottleib Sek Inger,
IP. Gucknutnurau.
Fritz littloy. •
Joseph IVtillams,
John T. Lewis,
1 Wm. Gucknumurau,
'Jacob Young s -.
jWin. Dforgan,
iB. McDonough.
tEditautd Morgan,
Henry S. Ayres. .
;Wm. Gi•acey. •
4 George chaffer.
Wm. Coates."
Charles Coates.
Louis Smith,
Felix l.ourlan,
i T R I V 0 67 , b e l
a r : t i trm li f
1 a ; n t
o tg • . ,-. ..
M. 0. - L •M au l g n hli tt'r n h ! Wee'
James Nary,.: . •
James Oalbrath. ' • -
Daniel C.... Ripley,
John•A dams,
John C. McCutchcon,
Thomaa • Cciltin,
George F . - liaaton.
Jacob Striekel;
Wm. Doyle, -• s ."•'
Atterbtirr& Co.; _
John - Gallaher, ,
Charles Realtor,"
John Phillips: :
.I.•W. - McCleary, .
WM. 41. Lewis; ;
T. F. Hussey,
W. F. Graham,
J. S. Richardson.
John,D. McCermick,
Hugh McConnick, •
James Sharp. Josiah W. Ells,
E. T. ciaisiday, • • •
Eb. V. infamy, Jr:, - •
B.:11I. Thistle,
(George Siegrist,
N. You pg .
Charles Ifelchspfarr,
Charles Rebole,
John Friedman, -
John C. Cox,
g ill e ligiietly.
Henry Miner, -
James It. Reed & Co.
Dolan (i. Bryant.
.T. IL camp 11,
H. H. Arnold,
j, IL Mellroy,
Jolla Breatuiry,
Robert - Miller,
.T:Z." - Illackmore,
Prod. Andregg,
Jaines Miller, - 7
Walter Kimble, '
W. B. , LYncli,
John Nicholson, (Jr.,
Jas. Evans, •
Lewis Andrews,
John Quinn.
John Moser,
John Nicholson,
.1.1.11, McHrcry,
B: W. Flack.
George N. Burke,
George H. Stoner,
Geo. M. Larwlll,
Frank Girard,.
J. B. Boyer.
P. Smith.
IL G. Wright,
Wm. Frew, .
Wm. K. Nitinek h . ,t- .•
Rickard T. : 1 * 3 t , '
!Freak Ta , •-,. ri;
James C. • ' ..:,..., ~..
rAtia l l e,Lri ..:,.,,,,;,
___. ...,:::,.,„„
- to , • ......,a„..,.:4:
.4 t•91,-4,•,••
I; nth c1,...pE 7 , •••
sr'ctifik Unlik e '
Jno. Wrigley.
R. G. Herron,
Jame's Verner,
John Flinn, -
Edward S. Wright,
David Hutchison,
E. S. Morrow,
Jacob. Koehler,
George Linderman,
George Wolf,
Thomas Nix,ly.
C H. King.
J. Thomas.
I. A. Willis,
John Campbell.
John Evans,
A. J. Moon.
W. J. Flinn.
Samuel Morrow.
T. J. Bingham. .
John Itebman.
A. G. Necper.
J. Loughrey,
Jos. letzkus.
-G. W.lforrls, -
.John Wilhelm.
W. F. Anderson,
P. W. H. Lutshaw. -
Jacob Anderson,
M. Gisal,
J. A. Musgrave.
Joseph Kiser, Jr.,
Alex. Cown, Jr.,
John S. Davidson,
..T. L. Duuteath,
W. if. Whitacre.
George W. McClure.
Win. Curry,
Samuel klwart.
Charles A. M. Myers.
Charles C. Connolly,
L. H. Volght,t Co..
John F. Herron. .
- B. Wolff, Jr..
Win. Stewart,
Samuel Stahl,
D. B. Galway.
J. S. Black.
Edward S. Magee. •
Jacob Weise,
Samuel Weaver.
'Wm. W. Anderson.
Jacob P. Young.
James Hill.
A. J. Hill.
James M. I, iter.
John Caldwell, .Ir..
D. M. Spence.
George A. Bell.
Alex. Crawford.
Richard Wilson.
Thomas B. Rice.
W. F. Hanach,
Edwin Clan,
J. P. Means.
I'-John Jaren.
Day. Crawford,
John F.-Scott,
Ir. B. Shaffer.
Robert Montgomery..
Daniel W. Taylor, • :
Chas. Mackin.
.1.. Wilcox.
Abner. S. Bender.
Jas. •Knepper,
Otis Shepard,
William Culp.
John Shepherd. .
D. McDonald.. •
A. Lewis.'
T. C. Jenkins,
John'. - McDermott,'
Fred. Kaiser,
Alexander Speer,
A. B: Moguewan,
W. it. Garrard. -.
:lames Mizell and Son.
E, Hammen,
Wm. Howard;.,..
Daniel F. Dinazi.
Martin. k C 0. .,
Reese Owens. . - -
James 11. Clow. '
A"...1. jieek,
Samuel Keys.
I'. Vi.. !ifechling.
tu. Deyine.
<W. It. lierrlott. • -
N. P. Hill,
W. E. MeCance.
James E. Dickson.
James Gregg.
Hubert Steel.
'James McM. Hamilton.
_Henry Tatnall,..
Tlen,y - Ttalken. „
, joltn - Mctr.- - Woods,
Wna: - LlOyd:
O. Kier,
Robert - livinonde.
'Richard Jones. • •
'Richard Sloane.
- -
Joon*, Simpson,
F. M. Itotzerts, ,
teob D. (tree,- JRIIICB S. Atkinson.
Henry A. Lemke,
Samuel Smith. '• --
Henry- A. Lemke. Jr...
Andreas Havy.
• Thomas ileaphey.
Wm: Davis:
Robert E. Mercer.
- Wm. McCauley.
David Burke.
Thomas Boyle,
Daniel W.
Samuel 'Donley,
Franck Green.
Mark Donley.
P. H. Parker. • -
-R. Al.stozi. ”
Alex. ;VlM:ord.
Wm. Wickam.
Wm. Hartman:
Geo. F. Alstadt, .
Frank titanche.. ;
David West.
F. Shively, •
Louis Snyder.' - • •, ',-
Samuel Carney,
Jlahn hi. Headman:,
' John J. Moore,
-John Hardline, • ••.• -
- Michael McCann. •.
Frank Barth,
A WM. Hawthorne.'
Joseph Dugan.
Jeremiah Evans, .
John Davis. ' -
Thomas Evans.
George Tclmleur, -
A. C. Carney,.":
Samuel Cornev
Thompson f, • •
"Martin Übe, - ' -
David West, .
Probert.• , • '
George Kohler, •
Benedict ftedln'er, ' •'•
James lteed,
job n Hoffmann. 1
Edwin Thowless.,
Rose • • • .
Robert Mackie
- M. Salmon,
Hugh Flinn.. . ••
John Sherman, '
John Paget. , • '
John schenbricu, .
James M. Thomas,
John Lorimer,' ' •
John Robinson. -
.IViiii - Vatriteey,_
'Wjai:•*: - JOries.. • -
'Hugh McMillan,
-Fronds 11, M/1u , :'r
James I'. Johnston.
George Blethrolf.‘
Benjamin R. Stanford,
-Wm..P. Simpson:
Lest Springer, '
John Baker,-
Pbillp Weisenberger,
fligiermund Low, -
Jon 11. Page, Jr. Wm. Odell Hughart,
It. King.
A..J. Steluruck,,
W. - .FOster Hope,
J: '; Patterson;
Morton Rail , . :
Thomas - JOhn ton,
Jain elf' ,, rohnsciu; •
A. G. ' •
J. M. Greer, '
Hitiri' 'W aring,
Nib*, G. - Schwender,
W. A.,chappaan.
F. Klroch:
G. W. Buehler,
G. W. Schmidt, -
Jos. Abel, • .
Hobert Flnan,
John Daub,
B. RlTl,terffer•
nekoferk f"!.
Henry nee,
S. M. Reynolds,
John: Johnston,
James K. LiOrdt•
Henry P. - • ••:
Hen. Daniels,
A. IL Over, •
%Iry , 5 rs.
John Herron,
'Jeremiah titfinberl ,
M. B. Bryan,
D. Ealat t i tta s .a e 4 , 11.1 i
A. J Dungan,
4866 . 9 : 1Mi
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~.... , _,.......„„ ~,,. —.0.,........, ,
. „,„.. . .
Ceorge :Whitfield.
' , /oluilicAleer. ' : -_ .
M. Edwards,
David 'Kirk, ' . • -
O. L. Mellwain,
John K. Barbour.
Richard S. Waring,
A. P. Brooks,
William M. Lyon,. „
Reimer. Ballti1311',&; CO.;
Aleck, Phillips &Co.,
Price & Sims.
McKee & Bros.,
Collins & Wright.
James 31.1.1fidsej - ,-!, -1:
Knox, Kim & Co.,
Carroll &Snyder,
' John D, Biggert,
:James N. Hen. - --
W. J. White,
John Paul.
'Thomas Rankin,
W.L.H. House. ' :
Thomas S. Bigelow.
John A. Floyd. '
James Vick, ;
F. hi. Magee, ; ' ':
John S. Murray. ..
Joseph S. Morrison. .
John F. Hunter, .
S. H. RIM,
-Henry B. Crane.
A. T. Canfield,
J. E. Johnston,' ,'
Howard Hartley.'
.Algernon .5.- Bell. .
T. T. Steen, - 1 . 1
Thomas Hare & pro.,
'.Tames J. Ellis, ,
John Lowry,
W. & 1). Rinehart,
D. - Sands, • - - - • '
T. If. Richards.
Richards, Hartley & Co.,
W. - G. - Johnston & Co.,
:LP. Tanner,. . .
R. It. Frisbee,
T. 11.-B. Patterson,
Samuel A. Phillips.l
W. 11. Hagan,
W. Dlgby, Jr.,
Ton.. S. Bulger.
W. J.-Fullerton . , !
.1. R. McEnulty.
J. B. ilarshaw,
H. Samson , .
George Fohune, '
John Robson,
.Wm. Noble, _
lAbell &Elliott,-
Joseph Lang,
H. .1. Lance,.
J. K. Hamilton,
H. Bender, •
J. (Danville Kimball, -
John G. Martin,
Stelnaker and Silverman,
Theo. F. Anshutz,
...Samuel Dalzell. •
Finley Torreus,
P. render; - -
S. F. von Bonnhorst.
.1. F. Rivers, -
Thos. McCullough,. •
John H. Ricketson,
Wm. W. Burchfield,
Ira B. I.lcFay &,Co., ' .
John Scott,
Graham Scott. -
R. H. Hartley, '
James M. Bailey, -
A: S. M. Morgan,
Alex. Mel - lane.
A. 11. Ilelssey,
W. 13.,Caldwell,
Lorenz & Wlghtinan,
Eugene 11. Smith,
Win: - Frank, •
Wm. M. Hersh.
T. It. Hartley. . •
John Orr,
John 0. Wilson..
L. W. Henry.
Charles F. Porter. ..q,.
John .1. Steen, I ••
John 11. Slentz.
Wm. Llllie, .
Thomas i t :peel - 0.- -
Henry S.flt pl
John 211... rdy.
Park, Bro. & Co.,
Win. Barnes & Co.,
.Tos. Eichbaurn,,
Thomas Leonard, ' Co::
Everson, Preston & C
S. S. BoggS,
Jones Si"Laughllns,
J. M. Smith,
Isaac Whittier,''
John T. Partersfin:
If. Ruh, -• • • .
Wm. 11.-Filfer,
-Weyin an & 'Bro..
:- k: . 1
~.•- :. .
, Robert Meaken. :
H. 1.. Young, ..
G. C. 110111i:tr.
Daniel Kinzer. ' -
nays •lt. Getty, .
M. A. Woodward. -
John Beatty,
James H. McEwen.
John Fleming.
T. B. Young & Co..
Daniel O'Neill.
J. IC Murphy; . . ,
Jos, I.leClurg,
G. McClurg.
W. Y. Speolnian.
R. C. Lone,
"Lilac _Ross;
A. M. Jackson.
John Reid. • '''-- 4 , -- -
). Bruce SlCClelland.
Geo. A. Hamilton.
H. Wright..+:. • . •
Boyts &-- Ogden..
c.c. Cochran.
Johu Wilson,
Sheltman Jones.
' W. 1-1. Jamison. ' '
Win. Ramsey.
-IC 11. Deinmler, . .
Anthony Lie bier.
R. S. Houghton.
Robert Long,
Joseph L. Gray, •' ,
W. N. Hull,
Louis Aurtn. :"-• : ' --: -*. •
John L. Broom. I
-Marcus Jenning.
Charles . Sprinig. . . .
John M. bteicart.
Joseph GrdundS;
James !foss, ' .
Andrew. MeArtney. . , .
Sioni.-Sylvls, • . • ' • -
Ralph Bradley.
C. C. Ilugus. •
C. s..Mccoy.
Win. Aiken,
Joseph MeElherlu,
John V. Ault.. . ..
- Jos. B. LosvSon.
J. It: Holmes, • •
Jos. D. Lorimer.
T. J. Richardson.
Jo.. W. Bryant,
William Camby,
Renk-W. Cuddy. '
Boyd Brown,
• Benlomin Shaffer. ,
Wilson ..t, Gorman,
James Gillespie •
A. Valson & Cu:- ..
!E..l.daina McClniti .-'.--
John ,
John Best, •
Alex. wilson,
Wm. Walker,
James-Wilson. - •
Robert Kennedy.
John Cll.:iglu,
Robert Mottit, -
James Murray,
R.111.11:11 taros, -
Jobs Datipbell; Jr:. ',- '
A. W. Aiken.
.1. M. Long.
Lcmuu & Weise. -
.1. K. atoning...,
John MeTleinan,
Fred`k Giosser,
S: IL McClean., . t! :
S. McClean, Jr.,
.1. E, Methine,..., _ . .. ;
ThoiLM.ASllendel." c - •
E. Worroser,
Thos. J. Gillespie,
Richard-Pryor, . „ .
Moreland & Mitchell,
Thomas Mitchell. ,- . •
:J oatiphJohnstOn, •
,;,, -..s
W. ~I". Ardary,
- Hugh Melivone, .. ,
'Joseph Wileon,• ' - •
Samuel Wilsod. -- - , ' - '•
James Arbuthnot, .
!Jalliesill.;liamiltorr. - -- ,
IsaisekLockhart._. '
Jame li It. Kennedy& Co.,
,1.-J..llnalett,_ , ~ .
- 4.'l'l.llllPS. - - -'' -
M. Eisner.
W. Keeper,
...:, : • -
Chas. C. Baer. ' '
James Ewing,
-Geo: Udine/SOU, (
, Willtitilt Lenz; 4 ' ` ".-'
William T. Iffirrlini,
H.l'. - Kette nbUrgi
ii. If. lie Annan,
' IL - H.' Delman; ~ •
•11.•Ahltra, ---.- '
W. Wigman: ' •- '
W. IL Lowe,
IL Parker,: • - :- -
illnion.Johneton, -
W. Stevenson,
Thomas Mitchell,
:A A
: Grrison,,. :
o. a Daniell '
William _Poor,. -
A'. C Graff,' ' • -
C. Itiliteri e -.,..,
WHIT. 1 Bei : .
K. H. Myers &Co., .-..
Henry:ltosenblieb. ::-
M. - . 1- - O'Brien,- s • .
William Lyon,
John S. Hamilton,
Frederick Fisher,
:litof,i PlSr.ijel' . 1,
Take 111,
Hill and Jackson,
Jll3. Mawhinney, oil d'lr,
A.-E. , Logan,.. • rf I
A.'. ,,,
Itenffilds; •
Joseph liepler, -
James W. 31ctirath. '
A. D. 'Russell
Johrt W: 'Hogan, ~ -
S. Rurnbaugh,
William Graham,
Jatties.l)..MCKee, ~ . -,,.
Jesiiee)Mr. , -D.,.
James L. ar7ls'-: -, -
Felix Floggemailer,
John Volaer, . ~.
.lohriWlllittrils, l .- • ' , Y .1.
John 8. Pfeiffer,
D. H. Chambers,
EA/ +b - - . C.:c •
i • 1 , i
ffoht. Lewi s, ;ew
M. B. Harden,
H. Bittern,
ll Felker;-1)--'. i:,:, , ,5".,
8. Wain,
scot) L
°t' , -{.•.- -.:: ..
, --1 1 b. • iie . , , - ~,,ta-o.
lITTSBURfik fi . A4TTE :WEiNESDAY. *PRIL 8, 1868
•J. S. McPherson,
Edward /Dan.
W. It.
Wm. An
Wm. B: Neeper,
I.T. 11. MeClurg.
'Richard Nuttell,
John Napier
Alex. Chambers.
Bakewell, Pears & Co.',
Phillips & Mittcrizwey,
Burke & Barnes,
John H. Boyts & Co..
raze., Zellers & Duff.
YrY. Semple & Reynolds,
,Wolfe, Howard & CO.,
IMeans & Coffin.
L. Wilcox. •
Wm. C. Robinson,
;31. W. Beltzhoover.
:Thomas 11. Phelps. "
A. C. Wilson..
lE. House..
Thomas wing.-
I R. Biddle Roberts,
Samuel T. Paisley.
I Wm. Owens. Jr..
NV. - .W. Thompson.
•E. Asper. /..
A. P. Morrison.
J. L. N.
Sle Mintz.lle,
; r,
:Win. It. Slentz,
;John F. 3lcEnulty.
John A. Wilson,
I Wm. R. Brown.
I.T. C. - Lippincott, -. .
George D. Bruce,
IP. Bt. Shannon,
George W. Silvey.
W. W. Durron.
Robert Peet, •
11.- 8: Dravo.
.r. A. Ewing, 1 ' I
J. A. Robins ri.
W. Illaln;. 1
W. A. Emmons,
E. B. Eckstein. •
.las. B. Heard.
II). I
li. Frallch & Son.
A. Lippman, •
IT, J. Aaron,
I. Q. Elliott,
I Wm. Jahn,
Harry - Algeo,
John Porter. '
W. M. Klrbt,
If. .I. Lyncfl,
C. C. Bacon.
M. Willrich.
P: Relensnlder,
A. M. lionbright, • ,) '
C. C. Algeo,
Lewis, Oliver & Phillips,
.7.: li. Weldin, '
P. G. richlebler.
James E.. McCord,
A. S. Niaholson, ,
James Black, •
Tom. W. Davis,
C..F. Ewing,
R. B. Petty,
James 8. Craft.
James F.. - Newman,
Charles ISlcEnulty,
Wm: Woods.
R.: J. -Anderson. •
Charles 31. Gormly.
John Torrence.
James McLain,
V.; Fehl, -
Wm. N. Ogden,
(I.:B. Phelps,
31.,'..T. 3lurphy,
John D. Meraden,
John G.:Wilson.
J. If. , Warner,
i Wm. S. Bullock,
(James Loughrldge,
E. P. Loughrldge.
John T. Shane,
:H. Dietrich,
iM. S. King,
Wm. P MeEiro).
John liamill.
John J. O'Leary.
John T. 3feKennan,
IGeorge N. Armstrong.
1.3. W. Shea.
;J. D. Drava,- . •
'D. K. Bennett,
C. P. Patter:son.
John Anderson,
F. 11. Eaton, , • -
E: P. Rater,
C. B. Elbe.n. - -
.1. If. Elliott.
!Wm. Glass, •
ISamuel Glass,
, W. B. Holmes.
L\. V. Holmes,
IC. A Iloelleke,
'Samuel Fahnestock.
-11.ewis Allen.
....' A. W. Loomis, , •
l ' iliV . l l l!;l:n ti A l . er.
iC. Hanson Lore & Bro.,
Benjamin F. Duvall,
!Charles Flatowky. Jr.,
Ilenev CaPpeil.
E. H: Moffett,
!Julius Scharnke,
;Jobn F. Faulkner, (
'John (1. McConnell.
Halt Matthews,
i John Ilridgens,
lAtterbury. t Jiro..
IJames Donahue., ---,
John I. House:
',Ellas T. Hunsucker,
:A. NVlleox,
iltolx3rt P. Wallace.
006.4. Gamble.
ilhp_maa Ferguson,
• mastd-llobirtsow, - ' ''''r. ,
:Samuel Carnahan.
:John P. Vlerbeller,
.31.1artley &Marshall.
- ritrraham 1.. Jones,
!Li l a Pi Pill t cta r er s d ~ •
ITohn Irorrington, .
!Dull! Ewing.
...Geo. Kell enges. .
'Chas. 11. Johns.
:W. B. Carripbeil,„
;John Stevenson, .. .
Icharles !ludo,.- r . • =
:John 1.. Idel)osreil. - • L
,11 - . W. Wilson. •
iGasper Snallley.
-Seth Lewis, •
Nathan Hat:Band,
0; 13. Lells.. • .• ' '
7f: J. Robinson, •
lIVIrt. M. Grace.
'Albert iligby.
iWalter Ferguson. -..
Henry Weaver, , .
John Slit itiey,. - .;
!James M. Dowell.
I /avid. I.arig.
Anson Williams,
Charles Matter , .
John Lowery. . : .
James Speers. •
Geo. V. Marken.
James IS. Kerr. . ,
liugh 3lcKissash,
John S. Bates,
A... 1. Stevenson,
I.ewis Koeser. -
A. I. Kalls,
Philip Schroeder,
!Thos.T I , l*.•l.ouglirc-.
IJohn It. Hague, -
Symuel MeCiurken. ' •
B. Straw,;. - • . . .
, Isaiah Dickey, L'
lA. Fulton's Sion & Co., •
John W. Chair/wt.
i A. E.
:Anw f.7arele r ,
W. Pa n in g te.
' -James I. Bennett,
Geo. AV. Dilworth. -
R. E. Sellers,
x Fra ,,
w ilt
, w /3„ i Be i.o l n le . rs. • • --•-:.
Geo. U. McMurtry,l
Ja eh in ar e i s et, W A o . o l d v , ood tkm , s ,
~, it Co.,
Wood. Matthews.,&—Co.,
J. A. Quay,
la,. 11. I.yon t Co.,' :: ' s 1
!11. 11. church. " • (.. 1
'II. 11.. Murray, ' ' - I
ritobert - 110ods, ~. - ... 1
..Tames 31cAulay, .. . , :.:1
.1 tleo..ll..Duncan„ ' :. ,:,
011-Ver4Lem64, "
T. McCaule.l*.
!Benj. S. FalinestoCk,
W It. Fahnestock.
I , ...
J. t. l'oor,
J. It.J.ord, . • . :
Jos. 31. roung,
" Jost(ph Lelbler.
R. 11; Hughes, "....-r5.. , :
Rll.l3ittiker. ' "
John Culbert, .. . '
Arthur Chislett. •
John Olds:lett, Jr.,
(leo. Ay. Given, '
Edwin A. Dawson,..
Michael Corn, -..-,
W. 11 - ,. McCormick,'
I:barber , WtiodS,
Chits:lsAtig_brinj •-
.1. Thomas ThOMPSOS3 - . .. !
C:lFlA:Cfleirford; , 1
.lobitiVriviford c '- i
JamelSHortl, ; .- 1
Jalnell(3. ateNeelY,..-=
Sam LA ELM): Jr.'.;
Tho , ,Jagioxi;
Tho ' leinsilf;
John' lattheirs i •
B. J.4 1 .•-erg •
ra. „1 _..1.
°Mt : • •
W. K. t.lallsittlfer, •
Wilson "& ltobiuMon, ;
William Plenilna, . ,
Lambert B. Hail, : I
W. pito
.14. , 1
L... 1 loronee,„ , 1 i • •
W. -- MulabUaltd.l
Charles B4er. -; . -
Henry:4.4 f,
q r_
l/auler, 010 & Co,, i . •
D. (PLeary, - .. '
W. A. Given,- • - ( ' - ;:i
John - 1U MeElroy._, •.• .
Willlturi3leClaren;_ • i ',/,
Reuben Smith,
John. Shannon
samuel,,Brown. .
.. ,
Robt. A. Ky:le',.
A. Itotrock, - -,
lifarshall & Bros. •"' = = ~ -
Geo. V. Marshall, ': . . , • •
L. Jamison,
M. W...1.ew15, ry3 7 : ;',' .
Samuel Wilson , ?•,,.., ;... '
Charles Latlint
iCeltinallli -4 •
James Tfeeonrn. ..':
George Fox,
/3..*Xlehet, • -
1111•111iller, ''
Willi= Stanley, ••- :
Samuel Beek; .L . /4 1
lif,2 l :ranlz,
J. asellwain, . ..• ~
Henry Manus,
rsri Wal ters,gla ..„.
James =WWII. . . 1F
2 :
J. Willook; ,„
g:• l ). • Pltislinisalns;":* -- •
J. ( ll;ihs lOW i —41231
„ . rit„.
io ' i iir .t4i i 3: flue s.:
oTILInell 0 iiisl.l -•
vii i
, 1 1
James ti,,T i'
David Duffy,
J.- Boselip. , •
John Ames,
Frank Kerr,
Henry Schoek,
Wm. Harmony..
C. Ditthorn,
Daniel Ilawkihs,
Peter Freeze.
John Spantola,
IL C. Schluter,
F. W. Spreen & Bro.,
Samuel Simpson,
Elias Peak, •
Jobh Keil,
11. N. Vance, •
Victor Snyder.
0. Holt,
George Kno . epp. '
William Campbell.
John T. 'dams.
W. Lore tz,
Jacob Lo eats,
?d. White batten,
H. Moell r,•
Tom. Va
Fred. Z 1 'merman.,
J. Hurd ebacb, •
Samuel -mltts,..
John M Laughlin,
Fred. S .reen, - -
J. B. J.nea,-.,
Fred. Z mbart,
Otto iJ eren, • •
F. annals, •
Samuel • ain,
- I.LWiI .n,
JOU C. Harper. •
George Y. Henry.
Wm. Si pson,
F. 3 . leG . wan,
Thos. 31 Lenfestey,
'Geo. L.' It ryden, •
WM: J: latthews.
Philip 0 bse, • •
Harvey I obinson, •
Israel .h,
DeWitt'. atertleld,
J. H. Ja eson,
John W. . Stewart,'
W. C. W ay, •
J. H. Rou ' • - -
J. P. He nahan,'
Jacob Hoeg,
James Cain,
H. Vedder,'
John W. Forsyth.
James Cready,
Samuel Ward,
David Vetter,
John Stemmier.
Samuel McElhany,
James A: McLean. •
Daniel Gallagher, ,
John Meßobers,
William Aland; .
A. Naeaer,
11..Atichistein, .
Joseph Sobl, • -
Mark Rogers,
John Frochlieir.
' E.'Lowry,
.Alfred Smith:
N. Gallinger,.
Joseph L..Lowry.
-John Gabersteln,
Paul Siebert,
John Miller,
John Weigand,
W. D. Kettenburg.
F. P. Berg, ,
Chris. Seibert,
Charles Bilharz.
Joseph Albeitz,
George Cohen. ' •
Peter Wills,
Joseph Irwin.
Frank G. Ralston,
Joseph Frich,•
William Reid,
John McCauley,
Robert .31cCuteheou,
Thomas Simmons,
John Mcllwaine,
David F. McKee,
0, NV. Malin,
Robert McElroy.
Col. Wis. Diehl.
Henry Moorhead,
James Jones,-
Thomas Recs. •
Samuel Martin,
John 11. Verner,
Thomas C. Davitt,
Charles Matthews.
Milton Margrave,
Lewis Wilson.
'Adam Roush',
John AldErsun..
W. - J.!SM1111,
John Flytin, -, -•
William Duticani„.
Wilifam • Dithridge,
Henry Gernot,
Joseph Rainiak,
Antony Snyder.
Daniel SteSharrer,
Charles Valet.
James Lowry,
John Nusbum,
Kaspe.r Hlllerbach,-
G, Weisser,
Charles tirengwish.
Thomas J. Kearman.
Joseph Schubart.
William purge,
Jacob Fachs,
Thomas Dugan, •
L. S. Campbell,
James Wright, Jr.,
-William Smith, •
Thomas Rowley,
Robert A. Hill,. •
Jacob Matter,-
-H. Witter, • -
„Cliarles Wagner,'
Andrew &ndresr
N. H. Brady,
A. Hart,
A. Boyd Rook.
W. B. Glass,
Frank Welsh,
Julius A. Richter. --
John C. hemp, -
B. C. Stewart,
Jiitnes (lark,
George „Noble.
. Levi Bonlton. - et
Peter Slicker. ' •
Edmund Stewart. '
Jacob Jackler
German Weseral,
lA. Beebe,
1.1 G. Schlecker,
!Charles Wickerly,
'Herman Hecren.
(Mathew Chambers,
John Sanders.
IP. Maim!igal, .
Wm. Gorman.
t-David Carson, '
'William Spratley; .
Frederick Lippert.
(James Courson,
A. C. Pentz,
' D avidD S. Park.
!Peter Winter. •
iJohn Sellham.
A. Patterson.
Ralph Weis, •
"A. Ludw ig, A.G. Stehrttek,
A. M. Barr, M. D.,
Joseph Kaye. •
Michael O'Hare, -
I Huber Kame,
'William Cuthbert, .
E. Grabd.
IJohn M. Cooper,
(Charles R.Winterhause
,E. Maugoer, .
IL Brunim, Jr...
I•John B. Clark,
iMartin Clint',
Alherics S. Sheldon.
.11VM. Stone,
!James Purnell,
, IWm. H. Gilmore.
.IW. S . Brlston.
Edwin C. Matthews, .
!B. F. LatSbew
Thomas C. Wilson,
G. M. Irwin,
IG. E. Korth.
John:B. Jones, - ..
Robert Riddle,
Henry J. Felber,
Hartley HoWard, -
James Chamber's, Sr..
Henry Earle. . .
Wm. R. Read, • -
Harry - Burdett.'
R. AL Boyd, • . - .
Edward Frick.
Daniel McAleer..
J. K. Phillips. • •
!Robert Hegue, 4.
Joseph J. 'Elam,
Kean & Keller, ' .:
I. .• •
Alex. Potter, • .)
Daniel Tranar, ' , .
Joseph Thomas.' •
Guy Louts; • - • .
Daniel Motts,
Isaac Feigley,
Chas. B. Deshoa.
Hugh Kelly,
J. R. Lumber,
J. it. Smith,
M. D. Mothersnaugh,
E. Knylor.
M. Lang.
,William McKinley,
c. W. Rush,
Charles Harris.
William Euler. -; • '
John Osterman. . :
.Iyhti S. Hoyt, • :
William Mrown, -
John Graham,
James Ilubson, '
Louis Baker, -•
N.P ! 31cCullough, ,
Jacob Meahl,
J. I'. Pearson. • .
Henry Hess,
Louts Kauffman.
• 1 Edward McTlghe,
Willibald Mendler.
Matthew Scribler.
Robert Lowry,
Henry P. Schnellbach,
Thos. McCreary,
James McDonald.
1.1. W. Taylor, .
,John Relston,
!James Boyd.
'G. W. Schmidt.
;J. J. 'Albeltz,
IJ. S. Cupples.
Al. W. Schmidt,
V. Gerding.
1 •
IC. Trip,
IC. Meyer,
W. Probst ,k Son. •
I Wm. V. 'Jemmy,.
Daniel Voltz,
IJohn Benz,
Joseph Bell.
IF. hersch,
IM. Zellner, August Gulnin,
Joseph Henke'.
J. C. Lange,
Henry Greatrake,
; Thomas Clark,
A. Austin, '
,S. (Irminger.
I It. M. Jones.
:J. Krysen,
11•'. Warner.
IJ. R. . ewhouse, - -• '
IC. I. Spencer, • '
:J. T. Currey.
-R. T. Stone,
'C. J. Curtis,
ißineham S. Moffet.
li. GrOlith, •
George Stockwell. _
S. Sampeonc• '
t•thi Cochran. - ,- -- - ••
,Thomas B. Murray,
!James Carson & Co.•
'Alexander McDonald,
J. Smith,
;It. F. Smith,
'David Holmes,
;Richard Hays,
'John 11.
.l Hare
:James T. Milllnger,
('hark-, 11. Anderson,
A. Mcl:ean,
To Mes.srs. James lifc.duley, Charles_ At
wood, James Mawhinney, David Robinson,
Joseph Kaye and others ;
- ,GrCTLEMEN—Your very littering call re
questing me,to bewa r e a candidate for Con
gross, requires , at my hands such weighty
reasons as will justify me in xleclinistg: , I am
now engaged, with others, in a public en
terprise of great importance to the people
of.this Congressifinal district, the successful
completion of which will result to the great
advantage of Pittsburgh and all Western
pennsylvania, and in order that my atten- -
tlon May in no way be diverted from this
important work, I am ecimpelled to decline
the honor your partiality would confer, and
in so doing, gentlemen, I return to you my
sincere and heartfelt acknowledgnaents for
this great mark of your esteem and confi
With sentiments of the highest consider
tiOn and regard, I remain
' • • • c Youi obedltint servant,
PlTTsuctutht 24i111t11, 1868. •
and: Driming
Our readers will be gratified to hear that
Mr. Perceval Beckett, M. E., has started an
. ,
Engineering and Drawing. 'office atNo. 79
Federal street, Alleghtink City . Mr; Beck
ett has been for a considerable peribd :the
•Mechanical Engineer at the , Allegheny
shoptinf-the Pittsburgh, Fort -Wayne and
anti:"has; held similar
positions In various, parts of this country
and'Great Britain, and Is thoroughly eon
vegarit'vith all•branches of his profession.
Ho (having been raised in the tifouth Staf
fordshire iron., and coal district) has had
conitidttribld experience in designing and
superintending the construction of Blast
Furnaces, Rolling Mills, etc. Mr. Beckett's
knowledge of high and low pressure ,en
&lnes is considerable; in fact there is very
little in the regular routine of his profes-
Sion but what lie is capable of under
taking. Now that our coal proprietors are ,
turning' their attention to locomotives as
the means of hauling their black diamonds
'from the mines, wo recommend them to
consult Mr:Beckett in such matters, as hit
intends to make colliery locomotives a spec
ialty. Mr. Beckett has written several
scientific articles for this and various other'
papers,' and Is well known to be a thorough-
Iy_practical as well as scientific man. We
recommend Mr. Beckett to the public gon
{wOlv,,ffir wo fed, assured, tthat all who
ma have occasion to consult him in any'of
the ' , branches of s Meolumical Engineering
will find him perffictly competent for their
vats, as . • thorn isE no donbt of lil
be g:a pe rfect master of his ,profession.
By earnest inotueSt he Wlllalso turn his at- -
tention to the patent birsiness, which news
will be welcomed by our local, inVentors,
sin& 4ir.: 'Beckett h as a branch offionire
Washlngttin City, so that all such business
bo/np.inPtly attended to. .See adver
t:m.9l49lU in ' anther z s
Larceny by , Ballseirillisui Batie made'.
itifopriation before _Alderman MAHN ;
chargbig John with larceny by.
ballec.i , -411te all, he gave to Mangles'
illit6ea z dollire e `liiiillo".Taii. McElroy, 1
srAlijkottin.the accused sPFupriated to his
owrryisoo*Yuirsant 'sms issued for his ar-
Taken OYOr": 10 , ZabiK l itii)
„ 4 On lbw)
. ltr i and
tairAp . o.oo . ranrnf il th , yeate ItdaY r was
t hisrPMSOUty Sheriff Cinley.
The prevalence of Chronic Diseases
gives occasion- for much study and inves
tigation by physicians.
Go where :you Will, l lll the city or in the
country,, among the rich or the poor; you
will find many persons, malty and female,
laboring under some chronic affection,
which has baffled the skill of their phy
This is true not only of Chronic LiA•er
Complaint, Rheumatism, Dyspepsia, Kid
ney Affections, and the many complaints
arising from diseases x of the urinary or;
gans, Dropsy, Gravel, Gout, ecc.,—but its
particulitrly true of that class denominat
ed "Ferhale Diseases," the very frequen
cy and extent of which is good evidence
that their true character is not properly
understood; or the common treatment has
not met with success.
It is in Chronic Diseases more than any
,other that an examination of the urine is
necessary to a correct diagnosis.
All Female Diseases do not arise from
the same cause; nor does the , same cause
always produce the same symptoms. All
Urinary difficulties do not ,arise from
Gravel, nor do all indications of Gravel
arise from Affection of the Kidneys; and
it is by an examination of the urine alone
that these facts are many times to be ver-
In short, there is scarcely a chronic di
sease afflicting the human body but what
its true character can be definitely deter
mined by anal y tic and microscopic exam
ination, of the- urinary secretion; thus
avoiding in hundreds of cases the diag
nostic uncertainties which lead to these
failures in treatment, and doing away, in
nearly all Female Diseases, with the
needless exposure to indelicate examina
- The man who has done more, in a prac
tical sense, in establishing: these facts, than
any other, is Prof. Oldshne; of Pitts-
From close attention, and long and pa
tient'investigation, he has learned to know
the precise nature of all these affections,
and has found out exactly the kind of
Medicines to be used in each case.
' Ills cliarge for examination, prescrip- ,
tions rind medicines furnished, range from
three :to ton dollars.
Office and resi:ence, No. 132 Grant
Street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
For the Ladles Alone—A Fashionable 11111-
. linery Opening.
It is seldom that we have an opportunity
to gossip with the ladies on fashionable
topics, but we feel that we should fail to
fully discharge our duties did we not in
form them of the grand fashionable open
ing of millinery and furnishing goods
which is to take place, to-morrow, at the
'tvell-known bazaar of Mrs. S. C. Robb, No.
.12.3 Ohio street, Allegheny city. This lady
has attended all the sales at the leading
emporiums of fashion in Boston, New York
and Philadelphia; and returns home with
the prettiest and most charming stock of
bonnets, hats, and general articles of ladies'
wear ever opened°,,, in this neighborhood,
the opening of which to-morrow will prove
a high. carnival to all our lady friends, who
aro anxioutly awaiting the event. The se
lection embraces all the latest novelties
and beauties in straw goods and straw
trimmings, flowers, ribbons and laces, and
the latest innovations in garments for the
gentler sex; but we have no desire to antie
ipate the delight which the grand, opening
will afford, by any newspaper destription
in advance. It is well known that Mrs.
Robb's millinery establishment is first-class
and rejoices in a very large share of the
fashionable trade of the two cities.
Some fifteen hands are kept poriStiifitlY.
at work under the supervision of" Robb - and orders are attended to in the
most satisfactory marnier. She makes it
leading speciality of paper patterns fir
dresses, '
sacques, under garments &c.,
which is a very important feature to the
ladies. A skillful lady cutter, with large
enierience, has recently been brought from
New York to preside over that department.
An eastern trimmer has also been secured
to attend to the trimming of ladies' bonnets
and hats. Those who attend are directed
to a very jaunty hit, "Norma," which is a
_gem of. beauty, and is .retailing at only
'fifty cents, The "White Fawn" hat
is likewise pretty attractive, and
quite cheap. There 'are over fifty new
styles of bonnets, which are neat and tasty
and range at various prices. 'Then there
is , ifiull line of hats for girls and misses,
handsome patterns of children's suits and
general goods, which will ,command
the admiration of the ladies.. Owing to
favorable facilities for purchasing great in
ducements are offered by Mrs. Robb in the
way of reasonable prices, she being ena
bled to sell bonnets hold at other places at
$25 at less than half that snm. As this-will
•be the first grand opening of the season
we advise attendance on the part of our
I - =1
Errata.—ln Dr. Page's letter, published
yeSterthY, for the word "same," last lino
but two in, second paragraph, read "Law."
In the third - Panigraph, thirteenth line, for
"lam gcit,Vtiiiid , "Journal."
The Supplel.intto the Consolidation act
.of April,l lB 644gaVe In. type, but owing
to the groat pre oon our columns this
morning, delay iticpbbliciition until to-mor
manuscript the calton Col. Phillips for
Congress ismearly a hundred feet long. It
is one of the-most formidable documents in
that line over gotten up it this city,-
Mess. Goods. . •
At 18% cents
Dress G oods.• •
At 20 cents
Dress Geode
•At ai.cents.
Eiress Goods
At all prices.
Nory Cheap
At Barker's.
"Throw physic to the dogs; - none of it.
To make assurance doubly sure
Plltake"--Plantation Bitters,
They never fail.'
This gniat'Stomachic Healer is just what
the people need. It is a remedy they can
rely on. • For Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Head
ache, Dizziness,Ague LiVer Complaints,
Pains in the Side and fiaok it-has no equal
not the least among its'virtues is its extreme
Cigusanfinelis to - the taste and inintedicue
neficiareffect. 'Try it, suffering Dyspep.
ties, and be cured. Such are the assertions
of those:situated to- know. From the vast
amount of this article sold, it must have
great merit. • • ,
Maaxor re
aitlelnrifirlcTio r Cologne; and at h alf the
price. v "
'New Styles.
The Vivigltre.
The Ethigent. • , •
Th!) Otql9tht:l,-
These and various other styles of Mani
al. , ' The niostrenrarkable Mantles at Bar;
io.i49re lostroetloo4,iii l operibiug _the Goo=
VOr Baker "Mebine. • Instil&
tions tree. Apply to
cGßoNicit BAzza M. C 0.," •
• 51•Pifth street, Pittsburgh.
Linen Handkereldelk=oiVidir • help**
19 1 1 10wat.25t1; 4 " • - •
at Berk a s j i l' —n .i d o lc i st endiesi k
New JV .4r
.-12)id per pair, at Baker'a
Meth" :'`DolVii s
For beautiful Vulcante-Teeth, warrante
genuine' nd - tlie - b est . i - nitrele - dx tan t. W
would say toall our riaders who are intet
, ~
ested, that the. gent (Veen offering sucl
great inducements tile` the most reliabl
dentists in Pittsburgh in fact, Drs. Sill <
Gillespie, 246 Perin street, are so well know:
as being at the head; of their profession
that it seerna'superftupus to speak in prais
of periong Of -their a6khowledged abilit:
and correctness of bu.4ness habits. Go any
see them. They will 'do everything that i
Promised, and right; 'Ors. Sill &Gillespie
246 Penn street. li
To Country and City ltlerchants.—Wo ar
thoroughly- supplied ;livith_all kinds of Dr
Goods, Staple and _l l Fancv 'bought a
unusual advantage t rough' our Easten
purchasing department, taking advanta`ge o
the recent large auetion sales and fluclua
tions in prices, and 'a-Olean andlvill sell a
less than the lowesVE4stern cash prices
We invite you to an inipection of our stool
and comparison of prices, at 59 Marko
w 4 .A.
-- _- -
—.4..L . - - ' ''-• 1
We warrant the shas'Of;all descriptioni
to give perfect satisfa4ion as to wear ang
price. We_deal in no iniction shoes, but self
the very best. Ladifi,t misses,. gents anc'
boys are requested to call and see our stock)
at Robb'i Shoe House, 89 Market street.
. ' -- ---. ;•4------ - ;
Light Balmojal Skirts.
Meffium Balritbral Skirts, I
Dark l3abno* Skirts,;
At il. 00 and upward,; at -Barker's.
I • -
EICIIBAUM — BLALR.--April Bthi . ll343Srat Chi
residence of Mr. Charles Peed.- of Allegheny, 11
Rev. E. E. Swift, WM. W. itIbIIBABBI, of Craw?
ford county, Pa., and FRA.Ii. second daughter of
John Blair, Esq., of Perry. - 911c, Pa.: •
DIE , - -- -
TAYLOR-Tuesday.morn ng.. at :. alf-past ter ;
o'clock, Mrs. JENNIE. C'..ieloved wife of Will tt..
Taylor. aged twenty-seven y ars, three months and
twenty days, in full hope of - blessed immortality. I
"Weep not My dear 'Will?1
for me., j. am but go
leg home to that many-an 4 weed house, which rq
blessed Redeemer has prepdr d for mE; ) going to my
dear Redeemer . In whose ,pre enee there is fullnest
ofjoy, and at Ills right hand here are pleasures for
evermore. Our little `Neer'n• is 'Milling her 'mama
ma' home to her I Must go .lie careful to train uli
our little sons forEod; ',lle ;Will assist you, my dea .
husband, and may His phdfeest blessings ever res
upon you. Meet me, Oh: trijOineet me in Heaven i
meet me there, meet me there-." - - i
'Funeral at 10,30 'o'clock -.i;: t. rt.. TH*HSDAY, ttni
9th instant. Religious serilces commencing at a
quarter before ten. • ji -
SHALLENI3ERGER.—OiI Monday afternoon]
April 6th, at 54 o'clock: M. 4. MAR% .M., wife of.
Joseph Shallenberger. Esq.,l in the 36th year otl
her age. 1
' 1 i,
The funeral will take pined from the residence .:,.
her hushand, on River avenue, one door from An
derson 'street, on WED:SEO4Y AFTEn:sooS:, at fa
o'clock, to proceed to Allegheny Jemetery. The;
friends of the family are invited to attend. - I
No. IG6 FOURTH STREET', Pittsburgh, Pa 4
INS of all kinds, CRAPES, LOVES, and ev-i
ery description of Funeral Furnishing' Goods furl
nisbed. Rooms open day Mid •night.„Hearse wadi
Carriages furnished.
R.EFERENCE94Dev. Datid.!ilidir,D. D., Rey. M.
W. Jacobus, D. D., Thomas tAving, Jatob H.I
Miller, Esq. • ,
Allegheny City, where • their ,COPPIN DOOMS aro;
constantly supplied with real and imitation Dose-i
wood, Mahogany and Waluuti Cotsns, st.priceri
rying from 34 to tlOO. bodies prepared for inter-;
ment. Hearses and .CarriageS furnished; also, all;
kinds of Mourning GoodS, if; required. Office open
,at all hoors,dartind
tel err; Allegheny. and ; 50 DIAMOND;
SQUARE, (by Jam Wilson '4 ;Bros., I keeps aiwayg
on hands the best Bletal, Ittgewoodi: Walnut and
imitation Rosewood Coffins.; Walnut Coffins from'
(1215 upwards. Rosewood Coffins S2O upwards, all,
other Coffins i proportion. Uarriaged and Hearses:
furnished at low rates. Crape, Gloves, Plate and:
Engraving gratis. / furnished Oillee 'open day and;
We are now receli:lng one SFIU7'.;G AND suit
. .
Saratoga' Stir Spilair -Water
Klasingett Water. 1 "
Vichy. Water.
Congress Water, Jec.:,
For sale by the botthi,, , oxen or gross.
Coiner Smith
• . ; .•
6 • •
131P110 7 / 3 sitinfr
•- - .
• 6%
Admlted tan FIRST CLASS idltate-TIA'N'T T A IT
INti TRADE.% ;"s;
:: •
• -JIIST OPliNltb: l A • F;! . .
' • ..'t
Corner of Penn iiiidif.tiliiiiBtreet4.
.balanee of thew des/cab! Lotierce now offered
at private :4e, and any onikdelstrotio of flue building
sites would4o well towake a selection., The village
is lectited.tur a beautiful and healthy:s p a. two and it
half mllertroin Eiliarpsiturg, en tie Weitern Petri
sylvaitht.Bidlroad, which rutit'tliro, ugh ii , making-it
valuable and a greeable: • 'Extends*
itratiatetletts are botfitakixiFibr'irectint a numb*
of dee tinuace,Whiehatill 'Pile an ornament to ilk
Own. :..The.ribtaituler'of the Lots will be sold at
...Ireriiresecealthii;Oteitland :tug — terms-exceedlnlifY
easy...BILL I:IIficuTTE,BLZIEfaI. Estate and Itt,'
seance Agents, I.oritteceviliti. r
SPHING , AND sinimsauxAsg-
H. s3triarl,alerchipint Tailor,
Ha u guisigk n ed 11 , thelliiit with.Keell selectiill
.;hinirilltMeirril9ll4s'ostuA and 4
; se °
ON a e TOv
• '
to ic6;he 0. enta i Mos n - 41 1 3 4 the 1"
le that tonna. Der ' and'Ea, veslt
ilie. lir , '.' 1•1; P. t.".r.?? ,3 ?r, , r.• ~.. 1 .- : -
1 1 IL, eilinglittle.,. 11,,..,. Vil l p i r -1
•! ,::T ' 42 1•17 , 7 40 rir r 1 .„„ reise,4l',.
ad Fourth Stc ets