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DhspaUh to the l'lttslmrscli Gazette.;
11A.1ut18nurto. April 7,.1868
The Senate, concurred in the House reso
lution reealiing•frora the Governor the bill
..autherizhig the Auditer General todellVet;
to.thb retroleunt Bank of .Titusville United
States bonds:deposited as security for cir
The bill inecirp?rating the PennsYlVank
- 14;press company, J. L. Cameron and oth
erkeerperators, passed finally.
Aponte bill for Inspection of Gas passed
tnally, amended forl'hiltidelphia and Alle
ghenY. :Adjourned.
..Tlte Railroad bill palsied finally as it came
the House, ihe State: not being liable
for any damages.. •
4-1 Senate bill authorising .railroad and city
railWaY einnpanies to determine' the num
ber of directors, not less than , three nor.
• more than twenty, passed the second read
Authorizing railroad companies leasing
or using othei`railroada to provide for the
par:dent of lienathereon, passed finally.
ModlOing -revenues, set apart for the
Sinking Fond by act . approved April 22,
1858, which takes from the Sinking Fund
all revenue derived from licenses on tav
erns, retailers and collateral inheritance
tax, and applied it to ordinary expenses of
of government, and repeals the tax on per
sonalproperty and on officesitrades, occu
• pations and professions. The first section,
...providing for imAring the transfer, and the
second, repealing taxes, were both defeated,
and the third section, authoiizing the Audi
tor General to re-open and re-settle ac
counts with cOtinties, passed 'finally.
Aipus It
„ ,
The bill ceding to the "United states pos
., session of ,the
_Gettyabnrg Cemetery, re
ported for#l tlit;TudiOztry (General) Coin
mittee : Nris ,Pitaei4
After transaCting, 'hUsincas unimpor
tant to Western. Pennsylytmia, the House
adjourned till ifternoon. ,
_The inenrporating_ the Philadelphia
and Delaware '''Railroad passed second
reading. •
The following bills were passed finally;
41tliflmrsing•-33enjazteulf••grow, of Wash
ington county, fol_rnoneys expended in re
crulting and conveying , volunteers in New
Brighton 'and Pittsbhigh during the late
• .
Equalizing bounty taxes in Fallowfield,
Washington county. •
Relieving 'John Smith, SchOOlDirector of
_Washington county, -for moneys of which
lte lAA robbed.
Relieving Hannah - Day of Somersel
township, Washington county, widow of
• Daniel - Day, &Adler of:1812.
Repealing the fifth section of an act sup
, . _
pleinentary to act incorporating Freeport
borough. - • ' ,
Incorporating the Johnstown and Somer
set Railroad from'Solinatewli to Somerset,
capital one million'dollais.
Authorizing the Commissioners afGreene
couiity to revise and equalize . township as
segments. 1
Authorizing the laying of - pipe across the
Allegheny river, at the mouth of Big Scrub
grass creek, for transporting oil.
incorporating the, New Alexandria Male
and Female Colige, Westmoreland coun
Authorizing the School Directors of
West Brownsville, Washington county, to
se.neertale'sehogkliroPerty. ',
Authorizing the' School Board of West
Brownsville to.beriow money for' building
A: „supplement to acts 'authorizing the'
School Board of the,Seventh ward,Pitts
'burgh,- to borrow Money, fixing the amount
at $60,000. - - - - ‘
Repealing the act attaching land of Elisha
- Robinson ; senior, lyingin Allegheny town
aliiii,'Butrer county, to Hovey School Dis
trict, Ferry tocanship, :strong county.
- Prohibiting fishing with seine or nets in
'steams, : lakes or reservoirs of Crawford
county ,end prohibitingrsons owning or
----'4x - introll.thg oil. refineries or - gas works from
„ramping oil or • other refuse matter into
French or canals in said county.:
Mr. $41411, of Alleg,heny, read in place
a I.l4ll'.4tleSilte • fo:
onnied. Gas ' Companies in Alle
ghouypotmty, which divides the county
• ••inteftistil4sfor the Several gas companies.
' "Aikl
4.. ...t'.:s f - ^.:7..7.': - .*.... - L. --.0.-- ____
....PlEmPinp, ..,
..7 - ...7:: -. ~ 4 , ......."...._, .
Ariet t io : , pf Alleged Ku-litax-Klaa.--Judi
. ~ .elid War... Arrest of Judge Waldron by
01rderaf4ildgf? Hunter...
- ' (By Telegraphto tt!e , rittsburgh Gazete.3
• Mixritis, April: , 7.—llia 00110 made
.t, descent on Ferguson's Hell pro,Beale street,
Monday night, and eaPtured some'twenty
persons, mostly . haply on a 'harp of being
^'ORtr-Klnx-Klan7' - On the person of one
waalalica4 a document purporting to be the
, constittitkpn of the order; putting forth that
1 the object.was to protect.people mthe South
from the bands of: robbers and murderers
. , i -, 'now .preying ort them'dveri to the last resort,
assassination,'; and , pledging , themselves
to allow nothing to , divert them from this
eiteet*::-Allsmi; thS caPlureaiWero a lot of
masks arid a a idl. A boy claimed they
• were ,s, number. of members otthe Peldb l .ol
' • ' ' the'Scitith Baseltall'Clis, had `no connee
tion with the Klan, ,and knew nothing of
the papers found; that it was a plot against
them. They were then taken to the South
em station hottse; and kept till two d'eloCk
this morning, when thg,.wero all =condi
. tionanyrelesteed
, .., ~.Ag 1 .
. ~..Judge Waldts2n,:of thel9.*cfpal Court,
• ' ' wAsitriellted'On an attachment issued by ,
• Judge Huhto4 of the. Criminal Court ?last'
,mph ",for 1 urdziwAy,,Werferitig ...witit his,
e.r...i c ol i tr i n bi t i v i n g fkumijkil thr•hial Messrs.
i 0 r giallawitydr,vOlimpbell '• - off. t it *alanclie,'
imprisoned by Judge 111)._ 30 cm ' tempt:
Judge Waldron ga, MY' Plrill'i
mat thi,V.liolOth„to er the ~'it
is alddite.miN in turn arrest Bunter tns
4 ..
:soticitt. l-
i . '
Colored_Citizens Asking Govern-
ment., Aid. in , Emigrating to
iiberia-Tlistriit "of Coltunbia
Matters, A.e, At; .', '
[By Telegraph to the fittaburgh Gazette.)
WAtiatrmi , foii, April 7, 1868.
• SENATE. . - ,
-_ The -CHAIR laid before Ithb Senate a
memorial of the Legislature of Montana,
. .
forapryin fa grant of land for -
, . -
and agricultural purposes. Referred.. '
Mr. JOHNSON presented' the petition of
, ,
two or three thousand colored citizens of.
South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama, ask
ing. , .
the Government to aid - them in emi
t grating to Liberia. He said that some four
thonsand.inore had authorized their' Ague
tures, and the petition
_sot forth they Could
no ,
t•hope to overcome the social inequality
inseparable from their- condition,' and that
they therefore desired to'go to a-republic of
their own. race, fairly established and
promising great proaperty and all the ad-,
vantages of civilization r in a , suitable soli-
Mate. ~ Referied to '
_ the; Cernmitt,ioe on Fi
naiace:" '"- - ' - . •
On notion of Mr. HOWE, to-morrow, af
ter one'o'clock, was set apart for .the con
sideration of bills reported from the Cord
mittee on ClairnsZ • ' •
Mr. TRUMBULL, from the' Committee I
on Judiciary, offered an amendment to
the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Ap
pmpriation Bill. Referred -to Committee
on Appropriations.
Mr. RSEY offered a resolution in
structing the Committee on Pensions . to ,
bring in a ill to so amend the pension laws m
t' Ek,
that the rriage of a deceased soldier's
widow shall no longer work a forfeiture of
her pension which was adopted,
Mr. HARLAN called up the bill in rela
tion to the charter.of the city of Washing
ton. ' •
Mr. SUMNER offered an amendment, as
an additional seetion, makin,g it the duty of
the Board of Aldermen and Councilmen
to meet in joint Convention on the first of
the month following its passage, and select
by ballot mill:officers now appointed by ,
J the
Mayor who are - to hold office one year.
Mr. JOHNSON inquired the object of the
Mr. SUMNER replied - by reading the
resolutions Common Coun
cil. He said it was well known that the
action of the-Mayor was hostile to colored
men. He hoped to have the support of the
Senator from Maryland.
Mr. JOHNSON opposed . giving . colored
men offices for which they were incompe
Mr. DAVIS would vote for no proposition
to place negroes over white men.
- After further :discussion the proviso. to
allow the 'Convention to abolish certain
offices and decrease salaries, was stricken
out. . •
SeverSl Senators condemned it as author
izing the exercise of legislative functions by
the Convention.
Mr. BUCKALEW moved to strike out
the - authorizaticon of the Common Coition.
and Mayor to chwie a Treigurer on joint
ballot. Lost.
Mr. SUMNER'Slamendment was agreed
to-29 to 16. .____
Mr. SHERMAN offered an amendment
allowing the CoMmon Council to provide
for paving, grading, planting, ac., streets
bran assessment
,on adjacent property.
After debate the bill passed-36 to 9.
On motion of Mr. TRUMBULL, the bill
to remove political- disabilitieslrom R. F.
Butler, of Tennessee, was recommitted to
the Judiciary Committee.
Mr. - MORRILL, of Maine, called up the
navy appropriation, bill and the debate on
the propriety of the reduction of the navy
was continued.
Mr. CONKLING'S amendment to reduce
the number of seamen to 7,500 was finally
. MORRILL, of Maine, from the Com
mittee on Appropriations, reported, with
'amendments, a bill making appropriations
for the contingent expenses of the Senate;
amounting to $115,000, including $lO,OOO for
the expenses of the impeachment.
The Senate went into Executive session
at 4.30 and soon after adjourned. •
The New Governor Sworn In..
By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.] '
Ilicitmowo, April 7.—Hon. H. If. Wells,
of Alexandria, this morning took the - •-oath
of office as Geyernor , of Virginia, and .en
tered upon the duties of the office.
After Governor Wells had taken the oath
of office to-day, lie accepted an-invitation
to visit the Converktion.2: - .ltidketruderwood
introduced him and endorsed his political
views. Governor Wells made a short ad-,
dress. _ Se said for the short time he would
- hold office he would endeavor to prauurte',
the prosperity, of all the people and try and
promote harmonY in the Republican party,
as the only organization through which that
prosperity could ever ' come.
A: resolution ;efforts' by a colored mem
ber prohibiting the Legislature from estab 7
lishing any system of separate schools for the'
two Tares was discussed all day. The black
delegates urged it with heat, one , or two
threatening to oppose the adoption of the
constitution if this was not incorporated.
, -At the Cincinnati municipal election on
Monday the vote polled was 23,627; against
28,804. at . the ,Oubernatorlal' election last
fall. -Tins Reptiblinana elected the Judge of
the Superior Court. Clerk of ,t4e
Court, - Trustees of Water Works, and Di
rector of City Infirmary.. The Deinocrats
elected . the.tity Pormviissioners and Wharf
Master. The' highest' Republican majority
was one thousand tool ninety-iseven, and
the lowest thirty-Elm - emend the Democratic
majorities were , one hundred and eighty
seven, and two hundred and nlgiftr. The
two Democrats elect were supported by the
Workingmen's party. ''The Workingmen's
ticket received an average vote 'of about
six hundred, The Republican majority in
the city. last October was two thousand one
hundred and thirty-eight. -
—Lewis V. BogY,'a prominent Democrat
of St. Louis, and late Commissioner of Xn
dian, Alfaire; in a letter' responding to an
invitation to address the Democracy of
Calloway county, advocates the nomination
of. General Prank P. Blair, Jr;.for Presl
-dent; and John'''. Hoffman,of New York,
for Vice, President. Mr.
,Digy argues that
levthe Rittlicabi will - rely upon the regular
army for a candidate, .the Democracy- - must
loolt to the volunteer fciree, only for a
Rader .1310 for ..landatunee in combatting
dicalism-in the coming eleption.c
osolggitithe seine jpoli to he, heyradoitt:
•1 4 L'wnri;.'end that men, idetilided with!
the army, cr•knoww" supporters 9f, the war,
1 1Q 3 ntre4 far 8404 aWerit, • •
o - A4Adtdoes' dram Ahruitdbup e to thaloth
ult. l !4ditethbithe eta su tt.u.u dibtalSr Overflowed
U P lnreast= e drivt!g l e thr
tbr9ken -1 4 65l i et ':§ 14 /IrOng - 4ther vessel*,
ere'vristied ashore and greatly' danuaod.
• -
PITTSBURG:If. 117,PN . EPAY,,,..8111L: 8,
FOUR crcLoci.c. A. M.
Nominations by the President
General Hancock -9 s Stall Officers ,
—Cabinet Meeting—Monument
Contributions--Gold and !Mier
in Montana. i• -
(BiTelegraph to the Plttsbatei Gazette.
WASHINGTON April 7, 1868.
The President to-day seht a 'number of
noadnations to the - Senate; - *blab were
principally military. Among the civilians
were IL IL CoChrate, Assessor of the Gth
DlAtfict,, Kentuelty; and p.,. Windstandt,
- .lessor of thb 2d s Digtriet , Indiana.
Captain Charles G. Cox, of ,the Tenth In
fantry, and. Captain Robert Chandler, of
the Thirteenth Infantry, have been ordered
to report to General - Hancock for duty on
his staff. Gen. Hancock will establish per
manent headquarters in this city to-mor
The Auditor of Montana writes to John
T. Bruce, now, in this city, under dato of
March' 6th: that 'owing to the increased
• inaclain9rytmd :discovery- of mew gold and
silver . fields in that territory; the yield of
these metals will-be ten times more than
last year. •
Gen. Spinner; Who is Treasurer of the
NAtional :Lincoln Monument Association,
received yesterday morning wletter from
:AUSthf, Nevada, containing one hundred,
dollars in aid of the proposed monument
hi this city.
visrfoita AT THE-W - 11!TE HOUSE.
Among the visitors to the President dur
ing tho forenoon were Lieut. Gen . . Sherman
and Collector Smythe of New York: •
Gon. Grant has issued a general order for
the cultivation of vegetable gardens at:mil
itary posts for the use of the army.
The usual Cabinet meeting was held this
Morning. Adjutant General Tluinias was .
• -
Mayor and Chief of 'rake sit!Loogerhends
Democratic Copypption. • • .
C'94'"refeiripb to thl! rittsburgli Gazerte.2
NEW ORLEANS, April 7.--A - 11'6ider issued
some days ago by Chief of :Police William
son-to one of his ;Lieutenants • relatiVe to
the disposition of the police force, was sus
pended by Mayor Heath. Williamson pro
teSted in.a camotio letter, closing as follows:
"If tb'obr . who areVersonally. IntOcAttijil.
the great political contest now 'pendlVglie-'
sire to manipulate a portion or all of the po
lice force of this city for their own purposes,
they will find an — insurmountable
obstacle in their way in the deter
mination of this office to _ confine the
cperations of the police force to its logiti
yrutto functions, and . it. is believed that not
Only the law but the will of the people will
sustain this -action." Mayor. Heath ipre
ferred a ,charge of,tilsobeaience of orders,
itiscilenea' to Ms - strlierkir officer, and con
duct unbecoming an officer and a gentle
man. .
At an eitra meeting of the'r:!aardik - Police
Comniissioners on Saturday evening, a
summons was issued to' -Williamson to
answer on the 9th, of April, and he was sus
pended. from 'exercising the duties of his•
office until further. orders.
Gen Buchanan has set aside this suspen
sion and ordered Williamson to continue
in the discharge of, the .duties. of Chief of
Pollee, until further orders from -head=
1 quartera sth Military District.
Both Heath - andWillianison were appoin
ted by Gen, Sheridan.
At the Democratic Parochial Convention,
on Saturday night, a full parish and muni
cipal ticket was nominated and resolutions .
aftpte.d.recittesting•the %State Central Com
mittee again to place before _the • people
nominees for State offices lately, retired py
th&eoininitteo, and -fill - vacancieif frem
declension and other causes; and.also a res
lution requiring all candidates to pledge
• themselves to oppose the Constitution.
Farragut at Sicily--German Em
igration to America—President
,E]mguay Assassinated.
!CB* Tereirapli too k Attsburah 61,iette.i
ITALY. . ,;
'FLORENCE, ; April 7.--Admiral Farragnt
has gone from Naples to Sicily. A dispatch
from Messina announces his arrival.
Bnumuu, April 7. 7 —The . .tides 'or emigre
praserit spring for the United
States has commenced with inereased,VOlr
time. It is estimated that upwards of sew
en thousand emigrants have left Germany
during the past week for;American Rckr;--,
. . ,
Losuow, April 7.—Three days later dates . %
are received from Montevideo via Rio Ja
niers state that the report of, the aesiuisina
tion ofilen:Ploiez,Presideit of Urstrug:lY•
is confirmed. He was murdered in ;Mon;
tevideo shortly aft& his return froidr the
allied camp on the Rio Parina. lEffs-stio
cessor had taken his'aeat.`Vitliaut opposi
tion, and the city and State remained tran
s ull.
QUEENSTOWN, April 7.—The steinnadri
City of Baltimore ? from New
York, arriTed
thhat‘m.. , ~. ~, ,, 54;•,, i .„ . -•-; ••• , '
LONDON, April 7—Evening.—Consolsclos - :
ed steady at 93,4®93%; U.S. bonds, 72 1 4i*.
Central, 94; Xxin, 48%. --.-
% Fninition . r," ' Aprli - '7—Ercuing.- 2,20
bonds are steady at 75,4&75g.
-ArrINTESP;AprLi 7.:-Evennig.7-yetroleurn
is held at 42,Lfranc5...,,i.--
'714 - 7030;M7 11 ..,71 - iirir,7; =-- EtTenin Cotton
elosed,st iwith ca slight advance it
trade; repoyts are still unlviltaalAk IF
.10,000UgNrcailittlh'41ofn t 6 r"=u"
'Ming Up lan ds, 1214012 X _I, l i g
Ism& , readsWO allied quiN and, I
Corn, hoWeVarldealined Bd., quoted at'(. ;
;Meat. llis1100:1fOr Midlibrnfa white, : 01.
„its..scl.• for 149,12-JialWanheexrefin I t i
65.: i6itsopits...4sF,T:. ?ens; ".44784;i . „,
'ftiltrditiffeltd*Sitt*O3r;, VOA; ' ."' f l,
r dri:Ulat Os.; Chemoh ,t B ot o.ork t ,
1 ,
.04:1 • - ilirm; TalloWV7l ll 4l
Fretroleum ls.- s•
Spirts t "
e ro eum, Mt.. ,
, . . A. ~• . ~ ...
..,',. nation. of WArtylOcCee—The - As-
Bassin,- Unknown.-Great Excitement--
Fenian Outbreak Imminent. _
.-A. , . ..... .
03etettriluu taliiii`litsairebClaie . tte.l
a.w , April
~7.—At half-past two
•O'eli4ktliiirruirningD'Arey • McGee was shot
dead by, an unknown assassin as he was en
tering the house' - where he' lodged, on
.Sparka street.—,Thebelipassed thioughMr.
'McGee'ilieadaridliadied in the door which
he opened. • A son ofthelaildhidy catrieUp
soon after and fouridthe,bedy,on the.pave
.k He saWirie, person in the' neighbor
.hocidlieatd•no footsteps. •
The aSscitailn must: have beembehind the
fence of a vacant let • oOpOsite, or• made a
very hasty retreat. McGee h'adjust-left the
Parliament House. The brains protruded
and the sidewalk Was covered with blood,
indicating that the weapon was held close
to the head. There are no traces of the as
sassin. ' •
. Another dispatch says: The supposed as
sassiii of McGee is from New York. Some
say , :tbe' • assassination was the work of
An Ottawa special says the excitement is
ncreasing. A private meeting of the Min
sters was held, in connection with the
ending members of-the two Houses. It is
'intimated that factS have been presented tr ,
them showing ,the , existence of a secret
society of desperadoes, sworn to summarily .
put 'out of the way; all members of-Parlia
ment broadly anti-Fenian in sentimept.
Information is Also' in the possession of
members that a grand Fenian outbreak
throughout the Dominion is imminent. In
this, it is-stated, in addition to Fonians,
there will be engaged ninny Canadians who
are dissatisfied. with the Government on
general grounds.
It has been ascertained by the authorities
that the murdererof McGee is a New York
Fenian, who Is said to have been detailed
by the secret society for the purpase, the,
duty having been decided by drawing lots.
It is rumored that a French revolutionary
society hi the lower province is acting in
concert with the Fenians.
Throats of retaliation upon all known Fe
nians are openly made by members of
the British party, and it is feared that other
assassinations will follow.
OTTAWA, April 7.—The , sination of
lion, Thomas D'Arcy McGee excites unit
vernal horror here and throughont the
country. The authorities have taken every'
means in their : power tcr . seture the your,'
dererstid a number of arrests have been
ma;d6,Thut , as yet no defihite clue has been
obtained. An inquest was opened - :at .ten
o'clock this morning, , but adjourned, with
out taking evidence, until seven this'eVen
ing. The Jurytnen, in the meantime at
'tended the House of Commons-ina body 'to
hear eulogies on the deceased. The gov 7
ernment of Canada offer $5,000, the govern
ment of Ontario and 'Quebec $5,000 and the
Mayor of Ottawa $5,000 reward for the appre
hension of the guilty parties. The authorities
at all voints:have been directed to use their
best diligence in hunting up the murderer
and to arrest all suspicious persons. 13usi
..neseiie almo.etr e entirely. suspended and flags .
are - - flying at 'half-Mast."Preparations
are making for the removal of the body to
Montreal to-morrow. All the meniberii of .
the Cabinot are taking deep interest in the
matte'. Great crowds * are in the streets,
and expressions of - sympathy with the de
ceased are loud and frequent. .
In the House, last night, a couple of
hours before the assassination, Mr. McGee
delivered a speech On the position, of Nova
Scotia. It is said to have been 'the most
eloquent effort of his,whole life. , ,
The House. of Cominene :metthree
o'clock to-day. Onthe opening ii
ff the
doors Sir John A. MacDonald rose, and,. on
moving adjournment for Easter reeoss, al
' ludeilto the recent dreadful assassination;
by which a member o' the House had been
cut down in the zeneth of, his refni
tation. Sir John A. MacDonald's . voice
was scarcely audible from emotion,
as lie warmly eulogized . the de
ceased, and spoke. of the legacy left by
him to his country inhis widow and fam-.
ily. Mr. M'Kenzie followed in a very. I
oquent address, in which he paid
'a . high tribute to the decease&
Hon. Mr. Cartier also paid a hearty
and eloquent tribute to the deceased states
man. A number of other members ad
dressed the house in the same strain. • An
adjournment then tookplare at ceur o'clock
The. galleriewirereilenSe
thronged, and members and spectators
alike wore frequently elected to tears.
( Er Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
MILWAUKEE, April 7.—Returns up to 11
o'clock indicate the election of L. S. Dixon,
Republican, for Chief Justice, and Byron
Paine for Associate Justice, by between•
3,000 and 4,000 majority.
Milwaukee City is 'Democratic by about
2,500 majority. Edward O'Neil was elected
Mayor over John Plankerton.
K./unsex, Wis., April 7-- . -At the Munici
._to4ayi,...Daxid Atwood, Repull.
licaur wai elected, Mayor by eightmajority,
a Republican gain of over 300.
C4lo:lB§l4.W.igls 7.—Theodore Ru
dolf, Democrat,'wes elected Mayor to-day,
by 100 r[l4ority. •` .
Airr.wAturre, Midnight, April 7.7-Cop
plete returns of this, city,,.with_ one ward
estimated, gives o'46ll,,Democrat, for May
or, - -2,2oWmajokitY.• ''T h e= Republican lose
three Aldermen and i . lve Councilmen; and
elect but one MeMbei oLf Coninnn Council'
out of twenty-seven. The Meagre returns
received from,yarious part soft lis State to'
this hour ao not mater ally - change the fe
• - - • 11 2 : • -
. •
, . .
Lus,VertwonTm•Aprit 7: 7 -Thoyote at the
municipal election to T de,,Y Xii.nOt yet counted,
hut it'll' conceded Morehead, Demociat; is
elected over' nthenyillepttplicen, by from
foalto seven hundred majority.. •
.• . •
Sl. P,A111.., April ..7.—=Dp,; Stewart,'
Wippb Ican 3s elOotealitayor. by 800 major
,ity—tho flret ,119publidalk Mayor in. , seven
-7, • ST,: L LAB:'"
' • ' . Herat •of the. City Election. ... ,; - , .•
t By Telegraph ththeVittsbargtitt I,2 aratta 1
.3 --,,, .I,
ST.,POPASt April i pernpletii returns
Of the eity'election today indicate thotfol
lowhlg reT;i l 4. Of nine :School Plreotoral the
Democrats have five. Of twelve Aldermen
the Democrats have elected six, Radio*:
~,five . tied ,one. ' 1 Ohs the general ' ' ticket, for:
.I . ltreet Railroad - Cotuldhadoiter r Abe ' tett&
I . (01,:ereetoCiltitiCL'amaidate*' froinlWO three . hrindre#_ • .planty. 1 1 ' l l7lO
I Park eittidalli&.. I/ .s. ,thabi, anitijob
I ( trealt-oarricid. ,Thogueption - f they.:
it birOftriii &iiiibil Whirs in b . -.,
ot ! - A sin Via._ e i . , 404 tills the next
loneralieleatiOUP ‘tflarthe , 01i. 1 11 1 ..
cl ot '
.011047=git. ,firav lk
:Will prove correct, Xsidiellsteletilt, Dem-
I iXtrats ten. ,
—Thirty-two vessels are in cour•te of con
struction at Quebec. •
—The Republican majority in Arkansas
amounts to very nearly 3,000.
—A mutiny wasquelled in Brooklyn on
Monday by. the Harbor police.
~ •
A Severe gale and snow storm prevailed
at Vertlarid, Maine, yesterday.
--drhere le net 'a quorum of the Hour of.
Representatives in Washington. •
-v-Marchll7 Galveston had_ the beaViest
mail eh - ark - I:wn in.that small seaport
The Cincinnati Fertilizing company
Vail on Saturday enjoin'ed as' a nuisance.
'—Advices front Hayti state there is a
:proposition in.,Htryti. to declare Solnave dic
—The steamship St. Laurent, from Brest
March Otli, arrived at New York yesterday
evening. . - _
—Bishop Ilawkes of Missouri is down
with paralysis and Bishop Vail is doing his
work for him.
—Competition has brought down *tele
graph fates from $1,75t0 $1 between Toledo
and 'New York.
—The steamship Sea Gull, due last Tues
day from Charleston at Baltlmbre, has not
been heard from.
,--fibs Cleveland strike is ended. The
hands haying all fallen in with terms of the
'railway companies,
—Col. E. D. Brigham; President of the
Metropolitan Railroad, died on Monday at
Charleston, Mass. •
—Gabriel & Co's., carriage factory, at
Cleveland, ,Ohio, 'IV ILS burned on Monday
night. Loss $27,000.
—S. T.- Rink, Rep., has been elected
Mayor of Calais, Maine, by three hundred
and fifty-two majority.
- -
—The fruit in the neighlyarhood of Mans
field, Ohlo,'has escaped thus far from any
injury from the frost. -
—Surveys . for the proposed Chicago, Dan-,
ville and Vincennes railroad will bo begun
from Chicago this week.
—General Reynolds has appointed quite
a number of State officials in Texas on the
recommendation of Gov. Pease.
- -At Concord, N. 11., about nine inches
of snow fell yesterday, and the storm con
tinued with great fury last night.
—Abram B. Weaver, Democrat, has - been:
chosen Superintendent , of public instruc
tion by'tbe , New YOrk 'Legislature.
•-:-The'eonvicts pardoned out of the Mary
land Penitentiary by Governor Swann have
all been required to leave the State. , •
Counsel for the President do not think
the trial will continue beyond next Mon
day week, and may end before that.
—Gen. Carl Schurz hils arrived at his
home in St. Louis after a, long absence in
Europe and electioneering in the east.
—The three incendiaries who have been
troubling Buffalo for six months past have
been arrested and are now safe in gaol.. -T
. _
—Zion Evangelical Lutheran church at
Syracuse, New York, was burned Monday
morning. Loss $15,001.4 instiredlor 410,000.
—Louis Gardner, Gernitin, aged twenty
one years, was murdered Monday night,. in
a .salcion. l -ln_ New: York, try an unknown
—By the ex,plosion of musket - cartridg
es in a junk:store; on Water street, Now
York, yesterday, two workmen were badly
—Evansville, Ind., has elected a Demo
cratic Mayor, also a Democratic Council.
The contest'was exciting, but turned main
ly on local -issues.
, .
—Throe.tireS in aS litany different - parts
of New York on, 'Monday only involved a
loss of some 6£3,500, most of which fell on
insurance companies.
—Leander Dolan .and Robert Walker;
working in ,a chemical factory'at. Brooklyn,
Newrierk, died on Monday from inhaling
the fumes of ammonia.
—A fITIQ brig of four hundred andninety
tons wialaunchedin Baltimore on-Satnr
day evening; another one has been com
menced at the same yard. .
—The Italtimere city markets Ure . Very:
much better stocked than any time ,'sific&
midwinter, the roads being in better condi-,
lion for market wagons to traverse.
—A man named Patrick , Donahue has
been arrested at Greenpoint for the mur
der of a fellow Irishman. named John Kee
-11814 in Morris county, N. J., in 1861.
—By the . fall of a new frame building,
corner of 21st st. 'and sth avenue, Brook
lyn, yesterday; two , men. named Rudolph
Pack and joseph Freischwere killed.
—The Michigan Central Railway Com
pany, .
hiiS reduced the price of through
tickets from Chicago to New-York $5,00.
Formerly it was $25,00 now it is $20,00.
—The number of schools in Washington
City is- forty-eight, and - in Georgetown
eight, with a total of 3,137 pupils. There
are fourteen night schools, with 500 scholars.
--A workman in a coal mine near Peoria,
Ili., used a stronger blast than was necessa
ry, and an explosion which tore every rib
from his spine was the result. He died a
horrible death.
—The eightieth anniversary of the And,
white settlement in Ohio,, . at, - ,Marietta, ,was
celebrated' at. Cincinnati yesterday byquite
• a number of pioneers from Indiana, 'Ohio
and Kentucky. , . .
• ,;- r Tho statement.that,Chief Justice Chase
wrote the artiele for the, National
'car on the powers of tluiPresiding officer of
the Senate during impeachment, is author-'
-natively denied.
dames Antigun, a boy of fourteen, our
rendered ininsolf at :New, York yester
day 'as 'the murderer of Lonis Gartner.
'He asserts ` - that* Gartner -as," intoxicated
and assaulted him' first. - ,
rr • I
In thelibel ease of Jas. W. Currimings
the' NC* York. "Herald, the''Supreme
Court has'dismissed the appeal. , l . The:coriik
'plainant vnis . Conimissaryln therebel army,
and damagewwerehtidnt $200,000;
• ,--k Washington speOlal , soya Gen. Grant
positively refused to interfere 'in the mat
ter of- the removal of Governor Pierpoint of
Virginia, wad telegraphed to Gen:. Schofield
to curry
s hisnrder appointing .Wells into
. the Idift-- ssippi Convention yester
day a reicantion... ; was ; introduced. and re- I
Airrettotlie proper Committee, prohibiting
any, person,from , holdingoffice whO ever
held office: or voltMtarily bore arms pia aid
of rebellleu. , ' . ,
neeigesterday, at Citicinntip;
'of t 'eightieth a versary of the Pioneers'
ef weed effverypeasantly.'Speeches
wet° made- .I:py 'Got. V&A' Ex-Gov. Cox,
'snit many prominentt eitiatidni:The pro.
) geiangeofthe day teririhiatedlvith &grand.
rlelkatizight.L , ;11 ; .- t cl; f.I ; t•-•
examinallon Of 84)4e - ref rectoreef,
thiliErbiltaiirmidid' 4 lvitifsConteinpt,
.101CourkiltUttonvegusadthe dasire bf.tEm
Wish - gtaitadueextificatea,'Nviitr
ficiPetol6;VlACVaktNeWafOxk: before
tne est*, the. iptaW,beinst golo4lo
it..,Pti;AMni si qt 4 4 l ,4 Cofra:
Par th • e • • ;. „
.... 1, ;r:o
—An Omattairpecaiiays: Reliable
gence from Larainie states that the Indians
" 84.
are burning ranches between Laramie ad.
Fetterman. After - burning Horse Sh . : •
ranehe. they pursued seven Ranchem: ..., 1 .
when a desperate tight ensued, in which ' i..
three Ranchemen and five Indians "Kerb '
killed. A number of the latter Wei
wounded.. . • .
—T. B. Blackstoneand John B. Drake f
Chicago. and Jas. P. Garner of -Now Yoik
have been elqated Direetors of the Chicago
and Alton Railroad CoMpany, The 'Snit
two of these gentlemenhavealready served'
inthe board. - d
Widener—On Friday. last ;Ili old woman nan
was murdered in Elgin conntt;
. Illinois, by a man John Ferris by nank ,
who had quarreled with hen son. Tile
-murder was a plaid cold-blOoded one; arid
the perpetrator is now in jail.
oil i
At the election in Cleveland, Ohio, ..o
Monday, the Republican gain was over e
thousand. Nineteen out of thirty Coune -
t tl.
men are Republiemis. At Sandusky
.. e
Democratic ticket. waselected by an aV. r
age majority of two hundred. , • . •
—Advices from Jamaica to the VA s . to
that two men-of-war, fully fitted out with
the necessary munitions of war to maker, a
naval experiment, returnedfrom a six ni
race at sea. They were the wooden epr- '
vette Jason, carrying seventeen guns, and
the steam ircin corvette Favorite, carrying ..
ten guns. The Favorite beat her coin` eta-•
tor one mile and a half.
, . ... 0 .
A fire yesterdayniormag .m einemj
destroyed-a portion of a three story dwoll
- on Clark street,:..w.dit of
man; loss $3OOO. . ..' . ~.., ~- .i;
- ' •'. !,,
_. _
United states District Court-4udgeire—
Candless,, .
District Attorney Carnahan filed a libel
against the distillery of Ira G. Hatch, 'pea
ted in Erie, together yeah a ecinsiderible
. whisky, gape: .
juiceof birkberry add graps
juice - for distillation, anti all. the apptirre
minces of the distillery._Thc - dMilleryiwas
seized by the Collector of the 19th District,
on the 9th day of March, for faitureto shake
proper returns under the revenue law( - - , A
monition was issued to Ph reputed owner,
and made returnable oir the_i= instant.
A libel was also filed ,against . therarry
. 011 Worlisi owned by - M. B.'P., sons4r4C,o.,
:situated in'Mill Creek townsb ;Brie boun
ty. The refinery was seized y the crake
tor on the 19th of March, for alleged viola- ,
tion ofthe provisions of the revenue lair. A -
monition was issued and made returnable
on the 21s inst. in
In the bankruptcy branch, finals dis
charges were granted, and certilates
awarded to Asaph Golburrt, of, Bra ford
county, and Thomas H. Duff, of Venango
county. • ' 1
A petition for adjudlcatioMudiankraptcy•
was filed by Louis M. Slatter, of Stoyaown,
Somerset county. ^ - - '
District court—Judge- WilAnnie;
The case of -Wainwright v%. M. M'Cul
lough, Jr., which
.has been out trial ih this
Court for several days. was c6neladotl. The
jury ibund for defendant. , . - :
The case of G. W. Wildes vs. ;'James
Trainer et al., was next taken np,! This
was an action in ejectment for a lot of
ground in that portion IA Allimheily for
merly known as Manchester. YenliairTor
plaintiff - with six cents damages-Unit costs,
subject to decision of Court On questions of
law reserved.
The next case, taken up was that of Rev.
Shadrick Washington vs. John M. Bell.
_This was an action to- recover damages for
alleged malicious prosecution and false
imprisonment. It will be remembered that
the plaintiff was arrested on an infoimation
made by defendant, charginginna with the
larceny of a receipt. Ho was triedi in the
Crinunal Court and the juryncqcdttedhim.
Ho now. brings suit to recoverdareiges sus
tained by the prosecution,
which he 'claims
was malicious, and for false imprisonment.
On trial. I
Quarter_ Sessions--Judge Makin.
The case of Abel Cohen, which:was re
ported on trial Monday, was concluded yes
terday afternoon. The jury found a iverdict
of guilty.. Sentence deferred. ,
Reilly, n'a.s arraigned forth's larceny
of a gold wat;ch; chain and gold cross from
Mr: John A. Reel; of Allegheny. , :The de
fendant was employed in thelamilii of Mi. -
Reel as domestic. About the 9thttf March
last she left the - house, when the; articles
named were missed. She was subsequently
arrested at Johnstown ' and the articles re
covered. The jury found a verdict of
guilty, but the Court, in consideration of
the previous good character givere defend
ant by her former employer, sentenced her
'to pav a nominal fine antilo undergo 'one
month imprisonment in the cow* jail.
James McLarkin was charged
.itt deser
tion, on oath of his wife Bridget. I A.hear-•
ing in the case was had, and theVourt or- -
dered the defendant. to pay. to his [wife the
sum of two dollars per week for her sup
port. He was also required to give
that the order of the. Court would , i be faith
fully complied with. •
Eliza Spencer was tried for the 'larceny of
a roll of carpet, owned by Mrs. Clements,
from a house on Market 'streeti ) l The de
fendant was tried once before during the
'present term, but the jury failed lo agree,
after remaining out overi,night,'4nd were
discharged. This morning the jury found
a' verdict of not guilty, and Mho defendant
was released. • -;
Frederick.Bauminf East -Liberty, was
indicted for fornication kind bastardy. The
information was made by 'thisahlWalters,
and the offence is idlegedlo haveteen com
mitted with MargarekViralters; = tighter of
*prosecutrix. jury' out.
_ _
Common Pleas—Judge Stnwe.
The first ease taken. Etpwas.t•hat' of
PattersOn & Co. VS. Patrick MaCitin. This
was an action on-a prep:dui:4.Y te. Ver
dict tor amount ofriote *with into t, f 24517.
Motion and reasons for new trfalln part of
defendant.,. .
'The next case taken pp was - that of Ldnis
Bohm vs. John Will. This wig scifa on
a mechanic's lien, on property in Bloom
field: - 94 trial. •
. . li
New (Means Market,
(By Tolograph to nu) Plifsbu' rgh Gazeti . e. 3
NEW Oat.F.A.Ns, .9,pri1:7.-L-Cottell dull and
irregular; sales 10,000 ~bitles raiddling at
30t c; receipts 643 bales; exports- . 584 bales; yestemay.99obittlek. receipts, , includ
ing SurdlaYt. so 13 bales; exporbo.Bsl bales.
„Flour 'steady; superfin e 110a16,60; choice
extra 04. Corn ' fi rm - at' $111,Q6a1;10. Oats
lower at _7Bc. - ;Hav better;•priniephio river
.1940. Porkp:m. _ Bacon quiet and firm;
shoulders 13304. clear. Sides 18,5/ 4 p. Lard
quiet and firm ; prime tiered 17, 1 ‘e; keg 18c.
QoldilWlA. ;Sterling .batik -exchange 161 a,
.14 1 %. New York sight exchangel,4 pre.
t , t f cl , 11 • , . M I, Yana A 18 041;fk;1., i
tßriakegriplk to quit Pgtsbu;gt Gavitte:,l
' larAtti:Apiit7.:The, itistei nutrket 'is
quiet and offers are made at '4'A. teals- and
IF ler c.No, i 2 t'A 8, 14 1 E041 2 ga On United
' teit it 2754428' discount. • A'. e quan
-1 ty of- AineileatillOriiividali ' shipped
I :frOut "New York toPorto Rico:he arrived,
haring been unsaleable at the 1 tter 'point.
Raining all day. '
, '