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Cf3steetst nistatteh to the ritteliarsii Partnte.3
• ,flinnistmno r kirll,6, 11368,
Mr; 'TKYLOR rea4 a hill, ,and had
ly passed, ',lncorporating : the ...Pmrunylvania•
Express COmptu:ty, to operate. all ; Pver.the,
United States., 1 ;;; , I L
Mr. EILREir read and . had one passed
authorizing the Fort Pitt - Coat Compruxy to
sell certain real estate and 'vallilittiong ter-
tam sales.
Mr. ERRETT also read oba, : lvitur out's
• State road in Allegheny Euld'ltafier Com,.
,A bill :was passed trarusferrhlg•the
,interred in the Gettysbnii
Cemetery to tbe General Government.
i -'.• r
A large immber of bills were hitt.: &tile&
of zo importance to Wedern Pero7lvanii.
General poor law, as recommenaed ity,th'e
Civil code Commissioners. j -
,Re*ting to inoorporat9d companies,
which allows stockholdeis- to define the
number of directors, not more than fifteen
110 s less thin five.
Relating to the new general militia bill.
*nate resolutions relative to impeach
Adjourned. •
Clerkenwell (England) Explo
sion case—lrish Church lieven
nes—Ocean Mail Arrangeinents
—lrarragut Still at Naples.
I/3y Telegraph to the P ittsburgh Gitiette•.l
LosnoN, April 6--Evening.—The case of
therfleoners arrested on suspicion of being
implicated,ln the Clerkenwell explosion,
went before the grand jury to-day. The
charge"/of the Recorder to the jury was
strongly averse t 43 the prisoners.
It is announced to-day that the-steam
ships of the Hamburg-Ameriean line will
hereafter carry the United States mails from
Southampton to New York evary,Friday.
is said the Bishops of the Irish Church
'have united3in A:note to D'lsraeli, urging
hint to sacrifice half the revenues of the
Church establishment in order to be able to
Te. the rest. „.
BERLIN, April 6.—lmmediately on the
ratifteatioh of the treaty of citizenship re
cently eoncludedbetiveed Prussia and the
United States, Mr. Bancroft will-enter into
negotiations for the establishment of a com
mercial treaty bet Ween the two countries.
NAptss, April 6.—Admiral Farragut is
stillin this city. He awaits the return of
the Duke De Aosta, who is at present in
, •
Lavustroot, April 6—Ev'eu*.—Cotten
closed irregular and generally easier; sales
15,000 bales middling uplands in port at
I 2 V- to arrive. 12%; Orleans 12%a12%..
Breadstnfl's closed quiet and steady. Corn
405.. 9d.. GthOrs .unchanged. Provisions
quiet. Beet 1245. Pork 858. , Lard 61s, 9d._
Cheese 668.' Bacon . 50s. Prodtito—tiirpen
tine .thiolimid to 335."11d. Tallaw 15s. 6d,
Refined„petr_blc Is, 3d.; spirits do-48.
Lthrocar,. , ` , I rtl;=hEveniqk.;-- Con sole
elope at 93%; unties, 72%; Erie, 48%;
Illinois. Cent , • ; Atlantic and Great
Western, 31%.
Fiotkvoivr, - April 6,—Evening.—Ftve-
Twenties,,7s3f. ' •
Arrrwsur, AprilB4:.Evenktg.—Petroleum
closed at 42 franes7s eentimes.
:i g littZd .- ' -7 l=Pra
Tab_cie • ~, ,_____,-, tids—llascally
Reyeple , (MnefiS r glict, Election To.
. .
t 13 • Miltilfeittitbvistaisictte.3
..4: t• e . ' pill :6Aiallltid, United : States
Circnitgotrizarto, and Judge Kris-
- kel datriiiied f atti4he stand jury,
ialki ' :.i„ - lirrgfiritti"-e en toe'
y rn i , .o . e pi led States laws,
= ligeenal Revenue law The
i 11 (44ffai54. 1 4 , be said , 'were
, ..., „ .1 ! ~/' %Nana =wow:l=46w, and the
_ - •'; ~ rustvely mrried on by oilleerg,
'y lent* black.. mail. They should be
tWt'• , ...Am. vitiated; ~rilso •the practice
of ciymprog, violations of the revenue
law by eulistaters, swathe er,acting of large.' .
and illegal Atm by'GoVernimint officials. -
, The election ,t.smerrow ' will bo an un-'
usually important ono "-in addition to the
election ,:if Councilmen,' School Director's'
and !Brett Railiistd *Colmnissioner ,
~ the
sqnse of the people Will be taken iitilhe
Math* cifiiiithralialAiddiriir about flity
Sit.kind to =v e 'Park, and giving
• 'the Onan tlf tip 3 4 i l . the `Bridge Com
pany,. invert/rig about five million
4 dolits: " . ' "
Order ' Cone the KaltollOux•Eitan 4 , •
ietroirpa itniielpittsilanciroatettel
Mottroottsar, Shepperd,
oonuninding the sub-District of .Alabania,
today issued' en 'eider in relation to the
• lai g t 4 lux-Itli; . 'arid ordering that the va-
oftliors, iiu
chiefs of police 'and-pulley' will be
held suommtable•by:Posccisihr . rtanders over
their respective 'diatiliita- .for :the suzpres-1
don of inignitatiiv •organitationii, and the
Spprelusudyon.of its members, , whtivirVerl
. ibibut, o lirtiejtapprehenaLousare made, and,
'the Mal ' Alabama is' Silent on the!
subject , the; offences ot,whielf they are
chargedi thuprisouerswillThe turned over
to the ooratuiuder of the proper military.
-peak-with a view to trial by railltaryoom-'
• • 12 04 1 0 2 . ';' , AlifillicOrA !Ll* newspaper;
- eat& the'ffaik-Anz-hisir iimironwitedi
lad the.:lgooriusee .of .their exmenee will
• rot, be held, as adeqtuite excuse:' it bein
• tbe , basthifila of the , eivil and militarY o
Vißrilits4lffertskrotaelr abtv
_aftaqidinsparcellisevol Win*
stkalad kOßtlees; for °attar* •
ed meerfdence of neglect of dtrtf. • N
0:011 MSS.
Proceeding, An the Senate—Gen
eral Business—Naval Apprapri
PT TreS7l9.ll to the Pittsburgh Gazette.]
$ WiininfaTOlfs 411416 j 1868.
The'CR.A.IR-Submitted resolutions of the
Legislature of Minnesota end4rsing the
ac#4tt:Of AVFIXTER3 ; ia regard t impeach
ment. Tabled.
RAMSAt presented resolutkin of the.
mp, ,Logislatupy.for-pie imprtgetrient •of
'thet;StissiMippi 4 iiivr,' 'idthiiimendiiii by-
General Worrop*d. others, Referred.,
Mr. COLE presented a petition of citizens
of California, askin_g aid fee the, Southern
Pacific Railroad. Referred..
7., Mr. -WlLSOlkintrodueedabill to relieve
the politicalinabilities of certain citizens
of •Goorgia. Referred to the Judiciary Com
rnittee,-.1 • .1. • -.
Mr. TRUMBULL introduced a bill ex
tending the`provisions of the act of Febru
ary 4 21st; Snows the United
States to pecisecute = appeals without giving
security, to allow writs of error, appeals, or
OtheriPTecal 4t,wi
bathing trona br'-bitought, -up Ablhe Circuit
Court of the United States and ordered to
be - piked on (Wender.
a joint resolution directing the Sec
rebnyof War to issue such Ateirtermaster
stores to the exNdition engagel in the ex
ploration of the River Colorado as may be
necessary. Referred to the Naval Com
Mr. EDMUNDS'iiffered• a resolutienTiisk:
ing the Secretary of War to inform the
Senate what was the practice in respect to
the settlement of public accounts and the
issue of requisitions theretbr by the Secre
tary of War upon the Treasury prior to.the
passage of the late, act r rweeting the
prompt settlement or accoulds, and whether
any defects exist under the law in that re
Mr. FESSENDEN called up the joint res
olution authorizinitt i he Secretary of State
to adjust certain c ms and to direct the
payment thereof. directs the payment
out of indemnity received from the Japan-,!
ese Government of a certain amount for
damages sustained by, the steamer Monitor
at theands"of the Japanese.
A discuesion ensued, some Senators hold
ing the owners of other vesels had equally
meritorious claims, :but the resolution was ,
passed without aniendment. •
Mr. SHERMAN called up the bill to re
fund the duties paid under protest in 1867
on the , bell imported from France and di
rected for the use of St. Mary's Institute
and Notre . Dame University, . Indiana;
Aftenhalf an hoar's diserwaknaof the prin
cipler involvedrseverel opposing the t stab
-Raiment Of the precedent, the bill passed.
The (AMR then stated the special ortity.
to be the resolution to admit to a seat on
the floor reporters of the Associated Press.
By consent the resolution was tem
porarily laid aside and the naval appropri
ation bill taken up.
The graced= was on an amendment pro-
Aiding for the enlistment of 1,250 appren
tices and boys, exclusive of 8,500 able, ' ta*
A .
men'now authorized. t '•
, Mews,•etINKLING and EDMUNDSat
vocatedrestrieting the total force to 8,500, in
cluding apprentices and boys.
Mr. GRIBIEiS explained and advocated
the apprentice system, and argued it ne
cessary •:to keep up the navy to a respec
table fo oting in order to meet any emer
gency. lie held the amendment of the
Committee simply increased the number of
the force of the navy 590 under the ap
prentice law.
The amendment of the Committee was
agreed to.
Mr, CONRLING, moved to amend by
making the number ekchisive of appren
tices and boys 7,_51X1 instead of 8,000. Adop
ted bytwenty-threarifetwenty. I
On motion of Mr. MORRILL (Me.), an
amendment ,iuereasing zfrem 4;32,000 to
$70,000 the appropriation for the pay of the
civil establishment antler the Bureau of
Medicine and Surgery at the several Navy
Hospitals and Yards, was adapted.
Mr. SHERMAN offered the following as
an, additional section: , •
That all unexpended lbalances existing on
the I,st of July next under the several heads
ofappropriadons provided -for in this act
shall belwrksi to the surplus fund, unless
the same is necessary to pay expenditures
nnule during the fi sold year, or =leas nee
essarL to execute 'cc:attracts made before
Mr. CONNESS imposed the Amendment,
saying he had been - Wormed by the Secre
tary of War that with this provision in the
army appropriation bill, it:would`be infix - is:
•slide to_awry on thet department; Mr.
Mr. S IiERMADI had ~rd that bugaboo
before. There.was net the slighOst weight
in it. lie considered it necessary that Con
gress should retain control over these bal
ances, so no money can be drawn from the
treasury unless in pursuance of law, and he
thought it would be unwise id leave die ; ;
tion in the hands of any Department.
provision not commencing until the Ist of
July next, idten the next annual appropria
tion comes in, he pointed out where they
could commence with a new_balance sheet.
Mr. FES.SENDEN fed magardleient in
formation to warrant him in Voting forit.,
While he was perfectly. illing a ; large , War
balance sheltie Carried into thsi Treasury,
bolsi(' that 'appropriations made for
,a year, ,
cannot he expended.within that year; that
contracts would be made* debts incurred
*hick could not tie foresecii;' and'therefore
the'amendment would• be of no practical
mono. Hp thought it w ould . ; be unsafe
without consultation of 'the• heads of de-'
partnlents. ' •
Mr. GRIMES road a letter received by
him from the Secretary of the NaVy, ex
pressing the opinion that confesion in the
etTerinte of the, Department rwopld result
from such a provision, as well - as theem
oloyment of new clerks in the Anditor's
ffice,. and troublaWortldbe experienced In
the payment . or Tett Totp.Tning, from a long
70.101.ERMAItIzeplied that the accounts
In such cases were, carried forward from
your .year, And be' tliouglg no :trouble
would'eorne fiflurt - that source._
More -debate followed, whereupon the
.amendment was mreed to.
Mr. ElHERMAbroffered an'otber amend=
, ment directing,theSsoretary of the Treasu
ry, in' his next•annnal message, to state all
tho bal a nces ofappropriutiona made during,the • preeent' sciSWon ' for each b*ntich of the
public, • service remaining lid:expended
on the first of "July - neit, showing also the
11133 ° 11 ntwoecessorY to-execute the contracts
or pay expenditures on each of such balan
ceL'- 4t./Pled.
Tile bill thenpaased In Committee of the
Whole, and being before the Senate,
Mr. HOWE askedlicep Vote on the
amendment increasing the apttopriation
•ibt-r-trie establiehinent of naval bestir
tals,. r which, after
,disminslon, waaagieeiLta.
p_itA l
asked a' separate voteonr
dmacTzNa's., ameridnient,'„redueltig
• the number of seamen from 8.5.00010 75,000-
Iiir t .HY.NDRICES,oked lipbh St*.
liyriatittoq'tkith chingti had beenniaaiV
.014 .
4 thos i on n ad mutt legislation: in: the ' taixof
iiiiiithim,imous opinion of the Naval- Coin-.
Ai a it., 4441 .
A Aittrio•debdo; 4 lVi#lol4' ' on
amendment, the-4enatiii s td]einis • •
41ritNilenGlf:' TV : WAY, ,APRILr. 7, 1868,
'OI:7R 43 9 C1.4:1C1EC. A. M.
-.. _-.-,- --------k ,
Public -Debt Statement—Cotton
Claims Decided--ylitak. Deter-,
mination of ilte ... **s; - general
46aines , Case--Patents—Tlie Mc-s
Ate Case - 7 - 4; 2 o44:44krtand' k
" 11 0grrAorilhk_
Cages, ism eze. ; 1., 4710 a 5
(By 'Telegraph to the Zlttsbulgh Ogitelt-W)
WASIIINGTON, Apr • ? 1868.
' i rft4lollbWilik! did AUl6liiellt of the
_debt for the month ending April Ist:
Bearing' coin, interest .1;044„ 14 440, 5 841 80
Bearing currency Interest 1.766 630 00
Matured :414740 Pteaetttediinli. cf.
.r x,16,64 6$
ment m
Debt bearing lid:lnterest'
Total debt I 2,341,719,3= 38
11!Treaftury in" 99,219,617 98
do. • dri. ourreder,..7:.4 21,230,= 34
Total _ $ 112,509,845 CC
The amount of debt less cash! in the
Treasury has deareciSed.du.ring the month
8619,935 48. •-•; :• . I . =
. .
The Supreme Court this morning 4ffirme4r,
the decree of the District Court of •the
United States teethe Southern District of
Illinois in.the. cases of -claims, of ;Lewore
k Co.; Witten - burg Lit-DeryliY4fid Grieff &
Zunts,, for Aline hundred- and thirty-five
bales of cotton capturedb q y Porter's fleet
on Waohita Loni inn a, in April,
1864, and dismissed , all, the claims. The
opinion -of the Court Was read by JuStice
.Swa,37le, who • placed. the decision of the
Court exclusively on the non-intercourse
act of July 13th; 1861: 'The Court! says pro
hibition, was the rule and license the ex
ception, and military permits were void.
The action of the U. S. Supreme Court in •
the ,M'Ardle auto las,heen generally m*
iinderstood. .The' ease " was argued on
the: day ,originally: Conferk
ferenco day is Saturday, in each week.
Other working days have - betmittlly occu
pied-in hearing the. argument of cases: in
order on • the docket. On the ' first
corifilieneq day after - the • 'argument
the case was ,not: reached, aitheugh the
'conference occuPied all day. The next
conferenee day CongresS had•aiready, past
ed , the, act tos.repeal.lurisdietion in such
Awes, and the act wite-belbre the President.
Gentlemen. practitioners at the bar, with
et& At:spec - 1 • to , Tiofides, , stiy the Court
could not have anticipated. 'legislation,
and,- if ; 1184 5 could- .notpossibly..
`have has tis - rice With Congratia; that IC
would have been ridiculous affectation not
to take notice of it and would hardly have
beep Consistent with . the dignity of Courts
and the respect due to the other branches of
the Government, to proceed with the mat
ter until the I'resident had either approved
"or ''steed.: the bill. On the recep
tion'-`of `'his veto' it' wan . passed
_by the required majority in
FRAMS. When Mr. Black, for
.MeAxdle, moved to ,be ,heard upon the
question of the effect of the law, the Court,
although it had several weeks before fixed
Tuesday the 31st of March, for the closing
of the docket, agreed to hear the argument
in the ease on Wednesday, the Ist of April.
Of .that, however, the `.counsel did not take
notice, not having appeared in Court until
after the subject had beery postponed..--
-In the Supremo Court, to day a petition
was presented from Hamilton Martin and
Nirie. E. Gills, held in prison in Florida un
der an indictment in the Federal Court for
the murder of freedmen, asking' for writs
of habeas' corpus' au& cerltordri, returnable
at this term. The petitioners hold that
tho State Courts alorie can take jurisdiction,
This being.the last day of tho present term,
the writs asked for were granted, returna
ble on the first day of the nest term.
An opinien iwaa — elivere` d reversing the
judgment, of, the. Circuit ; Court of .Louisi
ana and reatiirming the legithnacy of
Mrs. General Gaines, and' confirming ..her
in all her rights or property in that State.
For the week ending on the 141 h inst.
threeibundrod and - onp patents, - will be Ls
sued from the Patent Office. AL,.
the Pacific
he Railroad Coinmittee to-day,and
made a statement showing that large sums
enuldteleval, bytheSilovernment by con
structing the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
1111141!...q0JAENT ;WITNESS.
Hon. Lewis D. Campbell, ofOhio, arrived
here to-day to testify for the defense on the
The Secretary of the Interior sent a com
munication to the Senate thoming that, one
of the tilbes'of . 4fiore than 5,000
in number, are in a suffering condition, and
tecommending An ppproprtatlgn for their
relfef...` ' • • ;;-
Twenty miles more of the'Union Pacific
Railroad; Kansawßranoh, • are finiphed and
fbr inlPectiont,
Union . Pacific Railway--Meeting of Stock T
lßy Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.) -` t`„
LAWBENCF,XttnItagf .April 6.—The annu
al Meeting 011ie stockliolderS ef th e
b Union t
Pacific Railway, EatiternDlvlanni; walcheld
hereAgo-dayt, A t eports of the Board of Dime,
tore and . Su p were read and. '}-;
proved. From these reports it 'appears'
three hundred and thirty-tive miles oilman,
- tlitie.aVdttbtrty-four ''miles , of, branch'. road
are now in operation; that , the ,
increase during . hist:year was t one hundred'
.and ninety-nine miles. Average lengtfi. of
road operated last year ; We . Autidred'and
sixty miles; total earnings, 11,883,843; net
earnings, $606,235; gross earnings - per mile
'w222._ Twenty miles of trick additiOnal,
as Iconipleted < Mit- ISaturday,, tak*.
Mg the track within thirty , miles
of Pond Creek, which poit, .' -it'
Is'RzPPoled .- te. rOach. 94 ttitv. ifith of MaY-
Tho present indications are tnat businesa,
this year, on the extended road. will double
thOof.npit year. Tim following Board" of
Meet:Ore Lime eb)eted:q John D. Perry,
Adolphus Meier, C. S. Greeley, Wm.Me
nem/0_ ennatThos..-14. Price,. of Missouri;,
W: H. Clement find 11. J. Jewett, of Ohio;
- 1 1'hos:A.,Seettandlohn , MeMentisi of Penn
s-A:venial-% Jelltt‘ t 114..'ff . 'erry w re-elected
President, AdelPhus Melr, Vic e
C ce 7, rabogi:9EmettultC49 . CW
•ia-; / 2 W 4 1
.mer Trenstrer The compan y Amy O
'vPOY:! l ouPA9eol lo tiveh , OVlni Pismo*"
ndsevofilmndreiAtd'seventytne freight
, -,T, °- . tt 1 .?' t• "''';`....- 7 :2.11_..._. I .
F a
.10 i - ii,,,te •
,laa telltififil ia:thazi iM sti ft i L .- -Nr ii ii ii t e l
1,..1 : - ,,,
1 I,l.4l4llMYil t Atptir . 1 41. , -411eVe oi-Vert/t
,tOn'ltski etOW , UabiliF , lll)Pn)Prieti '' ' '
,T• 0004 47 ,ONI, cf_Nbt,tfitan, and PI ~, _ '
tt% s
ißidlieed: - • "
1 .
I'if 1 S,DAY.
T , 1 7
English, Democrat, Re-oleeted Governor.
. ,
ap,Or- r aiegtalatare
tiserlucersub to tpe,Pitti . lush Gazette.) , -
:NXVir hs - \''EN; April.—The annual: Glee
tier!. fort State. oft' took place to-day:.
The Republicans vo Tor Marshal Jewell
l‘andstke Democrats for,Jsrges E. English.
are arrioing the
readVed:-f-; - • 'I ; rt
'PP t.
012; " English,; 674.
aap - -443We11 282; English; 260.
Dairrirwell; 187; lish, 118. - '
- Stalanid--..TeWell,-969;'' English, 673: 7 .- •
PlyintitithLJetrell; 468; English, 308..
` Wallingford—Sewell, 304; English, 396.
Winchester—Jewell, 459; English, 328.
East Hoddam—Jewell, 340; English, - 234.
New Milford—Jewell, 352; English, 421.
Detibury—Jewell, 636; English, 785. , • •
NeWtswn—Jewell, 263; English, 443.
Ilih - Cvich..-Jewell 310 majority.
Stonington—Jewell, 17 majority.
New HavirrisTewell, 3,524, English, 5,777.
Bridgeport—English, 180 majority.
littilford:—Jewell, - 315, English, 425.
Norwalk—Jewell, 49 majority.
—Jewell 166 majority.
i.t,inum,-.."4"earell, 233 majority.
Thomas—Jewell 243 majority.
li'iraterltary - L-Jevtell 916; English 1,243.
Hauryonn, April 6.—Returns from
tvierWy-six of the twenty-seven towns in
Hartford county show a gain for Jewell of
one hundred and seven. New London'
county -shows a - . gain of two hundred and
fifty for Jewell. _
A few 'returns .from Litchfield county
show. Republica.tgains.
Hartford gives English 630 majority, and
New Haven 'gives 2,300 majority for En
glish. It is probable that English, is re.
NEW HAVEIT, April 6.—Ninety-one cities
and towns give English, Democrat, 18,025;
Jewell, Republican, 15,821. The Demo
cratic gain is about 1.000. The Demoerats
cialm , the election , of English by 2,000 ma
Nett-HaVen gives Jewell 3,524, English
• ILsrtfordiiveitinglish 624 majority.
NEW ii.Avmc, April 6.—The Democratic
majority is 1,733.
LAvEit.-One hundred and twenty-six
towns give English 1,733 majority. The
forty towns to hoar from gave -English, 298
majority last year. . .
The_ Senate will stand twelve Republi
cans tUnititi Dernociats. The 'faist district
is yet in doubt. The Republican majority
in the House will be about twenty.
NEW HAVEN, April 6.—Windham county,
complete-1,4119 majority for Jewell. • • --
.Ncy London county, complete- Newell
LATEST.-Tim entire State, except three
small towns give English, 1,437 majority:
The thre6 remaining towns gave English 163
ma_ jmity last year. His majority is abort
Ir4ePonstltution Defeated—Probable-sac.
DETROIT, April 6.—The returns coming
in clearly indicate the defeat of the Consti
tution. We cannot yet judge how the vote
on prohibition has gone. 'Negro suffrage is
embodied in the new Constitution, the only
separate articles submitted being the pro
hibition and annual or biennial sessions'
'orthelLegislature _ - •=. _ '
9 r. m.—Thirty-tive towns heard fram
give 2,162 against the. Constitution. Seven
teen towns give-184 majority for pohibition.
DETROIT, April 6-10 P. u.—Returns re:
ceivedfrom tifty towns give four thousand
and five against the Constitution. The re
sult on prohibition, as far as heard front, is
a majority for it Of one hundred and thirt,y
one. This will be greatly overbalanced by
the vote of Detroit. The temperance men
are hopeful.
DETROIT, April 6.-Complete returns of
tiffs city give for the Constitution 2,453,
against 5,892, only one ward giving ama
jority for it; , for -prohibition 1,534, against
6,567; for annual sessions 755, against 6,672.
At this hour, 10:30 p. m., returns from
seventy 'towns, including Detroit, show a
majority of 8,1.56 against the Constitution.
, The .vote on the prohibition outside -of
Detroit is about equal.' 'lt is thought. the
returns from the rural districts will over
come the 5,000 Majority given' against the . •
measure in Detroit.
DErnorr, April 4.—Midnight.—iteturna
from otie hundred towns give 10,653 against
the Constitution. , . The vote on prohibition
will be quite .close, and it Is impossible to
tell to-night What the result will be. The
municipal elections throughout the State
show no, especial change from last year..
- Tgilgerf,,yan .to 6.—The city ele
toklay resulted'in the choice of a Dem
ocratic Mayor by twenty-one majority. -The
Republicans elect a majority of Council
meamul-members the; School Bd.
They • -
• ListvntisoE,; -April • 13.;.-The Republican
cityrticicet..,WpS.Alepted to -day. - Altkoukh
the Derritieriltifsliblled a pretty Ita•ge vas,
this Is only theaesouil- time in the histdr3r
of the oft that the 'Democrats have . .had a
ticket Intim field.
t.'CilticknifitF.Vbsiter .
Cly Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette .1
B:• 4 ;:Etetien ' o'cieck.—:
The city' elhetkin paseed off quietly. to-day.
The vote was light. • , The nominations were:
Vcif Judge bf Supredie et:eft, Clerk of Pa
lice Court,..City Omindssioner, Trustee of
:WatlieWorksi Wharf blistei, Director of
City . Infirmary, and one member of
Ceunell';frate,...sieb ''yrard.':', The con
test, is returns are not
yet !•itil The to have
elected theirNirbololicket, while the Dome-,
oratif claim the, election 'of, two of their can-
Aidates and ,
gain of Sour'or five Council
men.l, There were thicsitickets in the field ' ,
'Reptplican, t . Democratic' Workhig7 ,
rpm . 4 n:Bo—Neariy complete returns from thcf
wards. indicate that.::the Democrats have
elected their, entire ticke‘ With the ekcep-,
tionef Clerk otthe - Polloe Court andDliea
t0 . r . ,..ef the City -infirmary. • The COUnCil
'be Re iubl can hy ' a small majority. -
IndiumChartigi . ,Electioluh •
EBY TF/egrAph Pltpiburik,Oszettell • !
Iztri•rANAPoLts,APril 8.-=The vote polled
at the, towAship „election here toklay :was
small. Tao 'Republican ticket was • elected
by eighthuruired majority. • •• ••••
Efeettonmrpaymol cede:
Et TF3eri~u~d'tb " dlivaarsn [ l,ieice
DAYTOX= O . Ap r il 6.-1 , 40 4 1teputilleate•
ticket is 44 tiworkles wying *OM
ArtY So thtVa i htmared..
►., ,•••
. • •f. TR4.0401110) EICCSIOPi' r
themk-ticket oet
XllB. --City Cow;
^WDemocrats. •
`center. Prohibition.
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazette.)
RICHMGbiD, April6.—The Convention has
finished all the • reports before' it and will
'adjourn this week.
There Is muCh interest in Republican cir
cles regasiding the apPointment of the new
Governor. TwO committees have gone to
Washington to .protest against it. Gover
nor ,Pierpoint is also there. Amessage
from General Grant is stated to have
been received, directing General Scho
field to suspend •his order till further or
ders,. General Wells, the new Governor, is
'not here. - A despatch froin Washington,
from high authority, announces he will he
-here to•rnorrovr arty be inaugurated.
isi feared - that 'the frost in St. Louis
has injured the fruit. - '
—About $150,000 worth of real estate
ehangedands last week in St. Louis.
.—The. General Assembly at Columbus,
Ohio, adjourned oil Saturday until to-day.
—The steamer City of Antwerp, from
Liverpool, arrived at New York yesterday.
—Dr .J. P. Paeler, a prominent citizen of
Cincinnati, died. in that city:3=day night.
—A company •of , New. Rork - capitalists
has bofight the Mississippi I Contra' Rita-,
—Rhode Island's Republican majority
4,301 'official, a net, gain of , 67; total vote
—Considerable excitement is felt in Co
lumbus, Ohio,"over the finding of a skele
ton in a cellar on High street.
—Steamers have resumed their regular
trips between Detroit and Sandusky. There
is but little lee in the lake now:
—Thu municipal election at Keokuk,
lowa, to-day was catried by the Democrath.
The city went Republican last year.
-The:lrish Giant was arrested at his
• hotel in Indianapolis, on Saturday. He re
sisted,bratdx policemen carried-him off to
—An old shipbuilder „of Massachusetts,
who died the other day, had cOnstructed and
branched overone= hundred' essels during
his busy life.
—Navigation on the Mississippi river was
open to St. Paid on the 4th instant, when
the steamboat Phil. Sheridan passed
through Lake.Peplii. • - ' - •
—The. Chicago Union,Brewing.Company
has just filed a certificate, of prganizatioll
in the office of the Secretary of :the State of
Illinois. Capital stock $250,000.
—The land' ofilce' of Charles Luxtoti, in
Hudson City, was, entered by burglars Sun
day'night, the safe blown'open; and bonds
valued at thirty-two thousand dollars
stolen. ,
—The twentieth annual report of the
Board of Directors of Giraid College, Phila
delphia, shims that during 1A137 upwards of
five hundred pupils were educated in the
—The entire Republican State ticket was
elected in Arkansaa by an astoundingly in
creased nukieritv. The - Legislature organ
ized-Pid_PrornitlY, 11clopted4K.in4stittiffoli
a1 'amend theta. - •
—The assassination of priminent I.lnion
citizens of Georgia, who. are 4 ilMltibligns .
the "Conservatives" of that Statii,"
ing so general as to create gr9at eaditement
among the people.. - • _ ,
—An Irish servant girl at the 'residence
of K. Y. Morris, in Nashville;.' Tenn., at
tempted to start a fire with (vat oil. An
explosion ensued, arid the girl was shock
ingly and fatally, burned. . -
—John Bright. ,says that six• hundred
thousand P,rotestants in Ireland had :two
arch-bishops and twentY• bishripe, with an
income of . twelve' millions sterling, yet the
Established church was a failure.
—John J. Roe has purchased the entire
stock of Levi Ashbroker, of St.'Louis, at- a
profit of sloo,ooo They . are both pork
packers, and a lxige amount of lard, bacon
and bulk merits thus change hands. 7 fl,',
—The House of Representative., has; or
dered fifteen hundred copies of J. Ross
Browne's report of the condititai of the
mining countries of the west. It is
posed that the same number will be ordered
by the Senate. ••• -
—A New England raiway sUPerintendent
enjoins ," upon his conductors and ' other's&
aistants, not onljr to do their work "well"
"pleasantly" Ha thinlts olyillty and •
courtesy a valuable part of the otimpimy's,
equipment. Can 10 be inducbd to comelb•
Pennsylvania ? - -
—ln the Petroleym trade - Philadelphia
is loading' 34 vessels for exports; with 107 8 4 4
700 barrels chpribity, while New York' ha
but 15 snow loading, With' a capacity orktfut
22,000 barrels, In, five- years. the fornier
city has sent abroad about 80,000,000 gallons,
valued at seine $31,000,000: .
. ,
—lt is stated that, when . r. . an erltilt;
a' few Months ' ' Since,' got 'ix:ritrol of . the
Now York Centre.; he found thit - hiqdknr..
dened with the weight of 'l4thfri,,:jiveth`du ~
Mid free pettitee!" - All' these 'dead-bade,
"he deadened 'donsiderablY more by ebol
ishintthe entire nfesi:"_': - ',.' '' '
.., .. r
-4 i queer story is i , .10., - .aetilci- ci;Pi,IP:
)Pianc.' toy a South Carolinian of, hriezty
and high ' standing, *t:3 Informs the - Int
peachlnetit ;Managers theti 4pork the' written,
order of the 0.,P. F. just before thills,Mck
1 diva Fort Sumter ,lttlYeasee, of rift deirliali i
were AeliVered b y ' Major Anders:On ztetthel
afithorities`df the State..' ,
. , . ,
--Senator ; ilson says: . 44 1 have seen Gen
. eial ~G,rak n l, in the camp, in his, cogent:his:
own ..bouse; , and: at,d,uufer partieit dylahre,
liquors were freely ,used by .othe atiat ' ,I,
w i
have .never seen bim drink. even- 'of
wine, nor have J.. ever seen hi m Ai n I pad
the slightest , reason , to -,tloPk he , . .0 6+ 111 .9';
degiec.under,the influence of .i,lrin .
• lflifT '
- -., — .The 'Citizens , :ot.the „manu
facturing EitatesOf•NeW Etighartd.:stitfetAt:'
rnatically , emigrate ta otherdistricte 4;1 th,_ e.
:Union, , their lawiaat hornii_beibg e i • ' lied
by for.eigners;that the votes cif Con ilk;
_Rhode Islandandlkilvssatibusettent elk 'y.
...entirely : dependent . upon.. theft ineli
t m.
and interests of the latter elasin , ..;-: ~, : -
, ,
.. , ; , :x -In the - Avalanche totatiMpit' 'it
' Memphisi.JUdie Waldron of 91eMpnrcipal
Court yes terday derided tor tuktnqatitbor.
:Aty to grant a . writ • of Wahrelar 'ciiPpull 'and'
- ordered the prisoners. fn - ' tie: titan "111t.46'
jail, .but' subsequen t ly. stuilepadeily fusion'
tot?ten dayn ill ordetto'givithetil o p ' tiaitY r
to bear = from- 1 1hu Supre*: Court : , f.' the
States I„.J ,-- . i; .; I r.:,10.w i,; ,, ,
'• i : fah' '4it' '' ' •
, ---
case oMa .hers nagainst
the' Reek ' Pilabd Rail -;,
vas' before the -
Supreme Court of New' Xork, froth the an appeal tro the dedstrin't of...7pir 'tiar
dozo refusing to : treiiefe•tbe - Wit e to .the
tr. s: - Ccitittr.%. Defendan ts elitlM:the. the
CotiliAl4 beino4 foreign corporation Amid
not be 'sued in •it,iiiti s ittilea.:: Thl?; fle!elen
' tr l o •. '.feeeotoo;:Th''': l :', •". ." . ,/ 1 Ltit , f' , '•
.-4.:riittkiluirU i t th r O.l , 4Vr y*Aps,..! if,,
i.*ig,,y,.bose: intopitz-mial.l . a
, h,,,,u 0 t,.. * „„„, ; -,,,,,,,..1 ,
, - 141'1'11;e AC ft , AneglPOr, diet : eKtilnit,
I ttt , 10311440)116,ivr . cglt against. 4
' - 14nAttaa whibh:iiiiiii* ':4l, Ivor of.
ngw-pivi , eii. trazuw , Ai
Railway" Stook ." He decliOd !papblagA t
had been bought, and specified Ana sums
paid. The matter has been_ referred to a
committee for investigation. "
-The projected railwayy from Coihocton
via Mount Balleontainci, Ohio, is
likely to be bellt.',Nerarly..Boo,ooo of stock
is already plediptP, :the State. releases the
Walhonding Canalto ilie.Vompan4 for 24
miles, and tlietalanife of-the line will in
clude much grading, masonry and bridging
already long , since completed for Old pro-
jects which have collapsed: .
—The examination by,,the referthi in re=
gard to the $10,000,000 of ' Erie stock : issued
in - viohition of the injunction ofJUdge Bar
nard, at New York; was onnmenCed
terday. Horatio N. Otis, attorneyl'of the
Company, testified to 'receiving preferred
certificates of stock in ,accordance with in
structions from the •Presiden,. Witness
' will be cross-examined tb-day.
--Gen. Butler hasn't the most sympathet
ic voice in the world. One correspondent
compares it to the screeching of a hiandred
saws, commingled with rumbling of: an ar
tillery carriage across a rugged patbment,
while another one says that it resembles in
its intonations the combined and
noises of a cracked barrel organ and a cho
rus of bull terriers in a street fight—now
sharp and snappish, and again wheezy and
—The elephant•Bomeo which kilied its
keeper a few
.months. since at its :; winter
quarters - beef ,
- Philadelphia, has retnained
since unconquered and too savage to be ap
proached. But last week, One of his old
'keepers -under , took the duty of bleaking
him in. Having entangled him with chains
and thrown him down, it Was. 4$ hours
before the brute gave up. -He was( then led
out, as docilets spaniel .1
—Of two very prominent men: at Wash
ington, just now, while the Inappechinent
is going on, • a letter reniarksfi Grant,
during all this game of chessi,isAuiet as
a corner square of the chess-loard. He
rides, roves, reads a little, and rises all
the time in the situation. Judge Chase
said to me on Fridayy, that he wished his
friends would let, alone alid never
mention him again in connection I:with the
Presiden - r: , -
How the Case is 'to be Closed.
Mr. Stanbery is , to close the Impeach
ment case, , preceded by Everts.
Whether the othei members of counsel
will speak depends upon the attiiin of the
Senate. Then rule in• ,the 'twitter pre
scribes that the case shall be closed by two
on'each" side,' Unless the Senate Will agree
that the managers themselves , Will ask
that thei rule he suspended for them and
if this is, done, counsel will rlceive the
same indulgence. It is known that Gen.
Logan- desired to -speak. Gov: Boutwell
has been assigned the General, gumming
up. of case. Mr. Williams hris an ar
gument • on the character - of impeachable
offences; slid both the• House and Senate
desire. to Wilson.- It is!Supposed
Mr. Stevens' health will not alloy him to
take , any "preminent pit. On the side of
.consel, .Mr. .Groesbeck is very atr.dons to
speak, as he_ has takeu no part; whatever
up to the present time. When all others
have'finished Bin:ham will Close.' •
The Constitutional Amendment.
California has rejected the Constitutional
amendment. It has now, been rAtified by
twenty-two States, two of : which, Ohio and
New .Tersey, hav ereconsideredi ; their .1ao»
tidli and solar lay*in theft fiow er, with- -drawn their . ratification. Fourtden ' StateS
have,rejected the amendment, ter" of them
beirfg those 'Terrilll . y in insurrection. One
State; lowa,- remains :to , be - tetird from.
Allowitur that. Ohio andrNew Jersey have
the right to withdraw their ratification ! it
will require the vote of eight; of the in
surrectionary. Statesor seven should lowa
ratify—to adopt the ameniimenii. By the
terms of the Reconstructrou. law's, no one
of the late rebel States oriri'lieqifirnitted to
representation in Congress natil the amend
ment is ratified it. -
nessIey Bay, in Alyssinia,..was . the point
whence the cireeks, in the dayaop i lie Ptole
mies, mrriett on trade with AxulM by way
of Senafe_and Halal; ‘P6rtug,uese
and niodeiiiliavelerahave usually `taken the
route ; by .Massows.. , The ancient Cireek city
Of Adulls, the emporium of this t*ade, was
plose to the shore; but the recession of the
- seahaslefttlx="rulns four miles back, among
fe pleciis or fluted =columns,
capitals and .1 =• • yI. inta - ok a -vPry dark
*Pred• vol"' • are, to be found.
~-rgy slight e. = brought4ollight the
c.aiiof prdrl.of scales)
1 , 'Neiman ot'Aenyinggeorge Alfred T.'s, a
rePPiter.'S tieltet to the impeachniet4 trial, in
tyre 'alnisive language and bad - grammar at
tributed' to hiitt,Tresident Wade . actually
obtained`an extra feat for. bbn, after all the
seats had been.obtainedi and poor:four him
dred had been Alga 'pointed.
St. Lai/121m
illy :pelofiruph to the Pittsburgh 311.!e.t.:
ST. LOUIS, ;April - 9.--leNiectOa shade
easier' but . not- quotably lower.; Cotton:
' attain" any offering;- On Saturday there
were small . pales at 30c.. Flour,: .very little
: doing:: 'Balm of X at $8,374 . 25;. XX $9,50a 10,754. XXX •
_to faneylll;ooal3,sol Wheat
offering large -and the market easier; sales
of prime to choice red and „waif° fall at
Prm;542,70, Sting ranges ,2,042,10. Cora
and a ttle • batter 14'43602e, Oats'
'luau r, ; rangbig 7,470 c, Barle3i_dial, weak
,and ewer, prime spring sold - at $2,50. Rya
'higher at''131.;80a1,6234.•:. Provisiona; excited
and Continue to advance: L Pork Old before
change at 26y,a263ip,„ and subsequently at
26Xa27c for litter , retail :lota. , Bulk
Ideate; mot ' 'mach -dOing,' looser ;shOulders
„sold i at.. . clear , , sides - , ,,16) I Bacon
shoulders ~ , ar,ei.,, „held ~ at ' jl4.
Oak aidekl7®l7}:ic; held at 171: .i at the
chottlili 'thigtir euredthami, , ,lBef, held at 17e.
afr,,,the.elow.;, Lard, ,quipt; sales ofrime at
16c. , The
,supplY,of life stock is li g ht and
'thamarket'staf; common to Chbice extra
F i
, dattlai 'range! $4,181 i)i,Sheep at `2l.';@7 per
bead, ,, Reeelptik— . ur, 2,900 bbla; wheat,
29,000 binia; corn, - 000 bush; oats, 26,000
-bushi.barley, 3;400 liush; .Srya, -14100 bush.
~ Stock flour onhand, up to AprilliOis, 38,000
lib* . ils"fallowin -:: Superfine" 898;'T, 3,688;
XX;1,661; XXX and fancy, .21.,740: Wheat,
- 80,000; i torn,f 92,587; ; oats,;/0,924, barley,
4,400. I.
-----40.----. , ' '
New. York Cattle Markel '`
'Pr Teiegrapb toTAtill?lmiTa elaueiffi,,i i e --
Zir - . Yorar, . April ~ 0.-7—Receipt's for the
if Sai iv k;4,6;5 beeves ; '16;815 sheep aitil lambs;
m em heeao Beeves :iifferiiillieing only
about I,OTO head in.. Rarket.,,With4irlsk de
plapd;_ sales of extra ,Inta at $19;7420,0;
nrimait : 4 l l4l - 050.Pfair to good at,517,50a
and-inferior to ordinary lIPIall5,50; ILV-
Mae irllia t ,Wai3 , fair; ,Sheep, ar lambs,
, ebomon, d rand' hea4yrgood ' fair re
: riiefited, 'and ,, firtin' - 118,400.50 for: inferior
to good, and. , 119910,75 - ifor prima. AO extra;
Ax l P l . 3 g the sales Nero ,650 Obio,bi 120 th e
average; " at
.11,0, ,4 3916"sheared;thi; at 106 lbs
1 ImWaire,ll34er 1981diehlgan,- at - Wits aver
age/ , e,/ , ftetushearedhltheeß2- 7 031t* . Swine
OnlY tioderately.iiegve and lOwery with of.
fetinielof4o,M 'Said; selling stelly‘a9y 4 q
a. the Ashur were -.4 :earl toast; of,phio
Cifitst'of 11 lbl we r eralle nt i ti r - a B elp..l, cars of
eavv, of 160 lbs aye e , s o. i one do
totria pounds Average, ist.BAbt - One; h do
Matliklici Ara I tin*, do', et4ft 0, of
ds average, at Bso., '"-
4 - 04
l' 1
1 i h (