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''' Cr
ern 'ol),sulluipAN.
To SabeeMlM,:
)Those. of our friends who. 'change their
&ices of re.sidence or business should leave
word'at this office, and thereby secure the
prompt delivery of the GAZETTE.
Stieilflis Sales,
On our-bsside :to-day will be found the'
""advertisement of our efficient:Sheriff, S.
. : •.IZl*ffy, Egq,, announcing: numerous
pieces of valuable real estate which will
els:(exposed at public sale, at The Court
AXol3l(Voxiittand4,-the .29th 'darof April.
Tha . ,a4vertisements - will bear - careful pe
-inial- by capitalists and • others wishing to
thf:invest in desirable property.
": ' 4 Tea Chere
:Yesterday the 'Mechem' Institute again
- asesdon. ThWesOrOises:were opened
with acriptnre reading and prayer by Rev.
' Wylie. The able.rerklrt ..klgebra by
,: - Prof. Mu o and an exceedingly interest
ing and ell Written essay
. .b3r Miss Anna
- iteekert_ re then read. After a sweet
song by Miss Hattie ll'Cormick, Rev.
Wylie fa cired the Institute with an amusing
school tic drill. A learned. and
,;gamentative.address was delivered by Hon.
"-C.a. Coburn, Deputy State Superintendent,
which was listened to With' marked atten
,,tion, The Committee on' Resolutions re
', potted a set of resolutions as follows:
Returning, thanks to the ministers and
• •, , cither gentleinen, not teachers, who partici
pated iii the exercises, and the different
choirs that enlivened the proceedings with
excellent music, especially to Profs.
Darling, Horner and :Jackson, who
composethe Allegheny Quartette Club, to
the reporters of the press. Directors of the
Fourth ward school, and Trusteek of the
Relforrhed Preabyterian Church. Thanking
Prof. Douthett for the able and impartial
--. , manner he presided over the body, and his
:!.: industry and energy as County Superinten
dant. Declaring the cancellation of pro
fessionakcertllicates now held, by an act of
,Assembly at the instance of a inajcirity of
the County Superintendents, a violation of
faith as said certificateswere given with the
; pledge that they should be permanent. -Re
. 'ttirmng thanks as to the National
Department of Education,at Washington,
• and to our State Departmnt of Common
''Sclatiolafor their exertions in favor of niore
appropriations for the support of
: public-instruction. Urging the establisli
mi3nti in this county of a State Normal
School, for the Eleventh Normal School
District;. and thanking the enterprising citi
zens who have been laboring in behalf of
sabh an institution.
..The choir and audience joined in singing
, !Coronation," after which a lecture on
p7p2glish Grammar was delivered by Prof.
An essay, bv, Misi.lfattie Boggs, of the
Ninth Virara-ItehooVilittAurgh. Subject :
4 , 37 h, e Eaith a Model School.'' The essay
was wall ,written, contained 'beautiful
thoughts, and was read in an .admirable
Rev, Wylie then gave a drill iu g4i-,lnnas
tiei, in oonneetion - ..with yocal Culture—an
admirable performance; which could be
used adyardagessusly in the school room.
An address was then made by Hon. C. R.
Meeting . called to order by Chairman.
Music by the Allegheny -Quartette Club.
. Mr. Robert Kelly - returned thanks to. the
- Institute : lhr the . kind resolution passed one
yoar ago -relative to the death of his father,
• John -Kellyywho had been a teacher in Al
legheny eount3rlbf over - forty years.
bytthe Club, "The old .Mountain
Tree" ' • - '' •.1
` l. •
- - Lecture 'by Rev. S. F. Scovil, subject
' "Courage as an element of Character."
Song, nature now rejoices,". by the
.Quartette Club.
_ After a short humorous speech by Mr.
McClellan, the (Nub 'sung, "The unfortu
nate man." •
Prof. Itadcroft read a humorous piece:
Song, "Kingdom Coming," by Prof. Hor
The-following gentlemen were elected
honorary members : Revs., Robert Me
-Milian, W.T. 'Wylie, - J. C. Steele, (Col.)
J. B. Clark, T. K. Beecher, A. H. Elder,
S. F. Scovel, Joseph King, John McMullan,
Alex. Clark, Jno. S. Speer, J. R. Newell,
,--.13-14L.Keri t . and J. F. White, Esq. . Profs.
Horner.:-Tackscin; Bailing.. Song.
• One of the most pleasing features of the
Institute was the music furnished by differ
ent parties. A of as of young ladies from
1 Mr. MeClymond'ssche6l; of stßirming
ham;led by Mi. Jonesifurnished music on
Wednesday, and certainly did great credit
to themselves and , their conductor. The
Allegheny Qua rtette Club, consisting of
Professors Darling, Horner,, Jackson and
EiLackiletider, fttrnishedmusic Wednesday,
Thiirsday and Friday evenings. -
The remainder_of. the seasions were fur
nished with =isle by a choir composed op
-r-ladyamigentlemen teachers, viz: -Misses
Hattie M'Cormick, Rachie M', Sadie
May, Elis Itrenteheoli,' •Magg,ie Lindi3ay,,
Fannie Martin, 011ie Robertson, John Mor
row, Lewis Rodgers, J. P. Andrews and J.
Sn leader. The music furnished
- • .a to be daly appreciated by the fre
quently tired , audience, and we think it but
• due to say that the members of, this choir
deserve • greit - credit- -• for • perieveaunce
in attendance and promptness when called
for. • ,
Assault and Battery Cases.
John McDermot made inf?rmation before
Alderman Strain, charging James Dillon
. ...with assault and, battery. He alleges tbat
the accused attacked his son, a lad about
twelve years of age, kicking and beating
him with, stones. The parties reside in
Igivrenceville. A warrantwas issued for
the arrest of Dillon. '
Margaret Muck was charged on oath of '
Sarah Kennedy, , before Alderman Strain,
with assault and battery , and Margaret
mid() information charging Sarah with, a
like offense. The parties reside inLimer
ick, in South Pittsburgh, and it appears had
a ;regular"ruction" hursday • evening,
diming which' M:aret was Struck on the
- head with askillet, receiving a severe
wound: • They were-both arrested and held
for a hearing.
Mary Jackson, ivho,fit appeare, was a party
' roar, , received blow on the 'bead
from a fire shovid,''#i the hands.of Sarah.
Kennedy; in consequence - of which „she
'made information, charging Sarah' with
„„-. assault and battery, and,Barah,..pteferred a
' cbarge against her. They were
both arreyted and'held fora hearing.
Matthew MeCain ma(10 information,before
Alderman Strain, • - charging Henry. Rice
with assault and battery, Rice, it appears,
„occupied a tenement belonging to the prose
tutor, which be refused to give possession
14 '' - e.of:on the Ist df 'whereupon a fight
7- ‘ ensued: Rice was arrested, and held for a
Illicit MatillterY Seised—TLC, Proprietor
Held In siooo far Trial.
YesterOMPlollft,,,49hert Woods, •of
)13 ° 1 1 W9F4-18 do Co,, •whoesale licptor
*at 315 Liberty street, 41;3 arrested, And
ken -befsFe'tniteg - statts . Commitisioner_
Gamble nn charge of illicit distilling.
a i rge x :,W. Kepler, the; Mt t tor t alleges
„ several 4 9 4/ 1 'duce'
' of the premises and found` a in
Pr operationin.theoellar,,and alithe nem*
gal 115410131414044 for earry_tagl-an A411,8411ery.,
-• Dearing =Shad in the case. after -which
'#2ooo f ace held tef bail in thergaln of
. * l 9 °oo 3thi aPPearanee to answer at the
nett' 'term+ of the ) United States District
. • Real Fatale ti'tiefere.`=
Tiie 143114 m -rite detidi .were a dmitted
, of
record, by H. Snively, Esq., Recorder; on
Thursday, April_':, 1808: ,
Francis Ashworth to John Legrand,' Oct.
8, 18)8, lot No. 38, in Ashworths' plan of
.lots in the city of Allegheny, formerly
M'Clure township. 40 by 47 feet — •
Jacob Ramaley to Dr. James B. Herron,
June 4, 1866, the undivided fifteen eigh
teenths of a tract • of- , land in Llamn
township. containing 58 acres and 30
perches • - $6300
Margaret Seif et al-to Philip 13eif, Feb. 18.
1668, lot on the : . Greeru3burgh pike, in
Lawrenceville, 40 by 140 feet $lBOO
Louis Glesenkampiet al to Oswold Werner
Fob. Z,lB6B,lotun Penn street, 4th ward,.
I Pittsburgh, 26 by; 120 feet, buildings,
- ttte $lO,OOO
George Glass to. William Witham, April 1,
1808 lot on Penn' street, Sharpsburn, 40
I by AO feet 1800
I Isaac Harrison to James Harrison, March
28,1868, lot 29 in Brereton's plan of lots
in Pitt township, 24 by 120 feet $2500
James Hamilton to William Sedden, March
27, 1868, lot on South Canal street, Alle
gheny, 25 feet front, and extending back
to Carpenter Alley, with buildings...ssolo
Philip Hodil to G. H. Tower, March 25,
1868, a tract of land in Elizabeth town
ship, containing 75 acres and 150 perches,
'with buildings - $ll,OOO
Martha Gray to Arthur Walker, March 27,
.1868 lot on Morgan 'street, Allegheny, 21
by 60 feet ;2000
Robert Douglass to G. H. Tower, March 2.5,
1868, a tract of land in Elizabeth town
ship, containing, 158 acres and 26 perches,
with buildings $12,600
John Bionfrangto Charles Ludolph, March
31, 1868, a piece of ground on Locust street,
inches wide by 12 feet deep $5O
Albert Courtney to Joseph Courtney, April
1. 1868, lot No. 2 in the sub-division of the
country farm in Ohio township, contain
ing 25 perches 890
David Robinson to Jolifi Concelinan, et al,
March 14, 1868, a tract of land in Marshall
township, containing; 100 acres $5,750
David Sands to Catharine A. Lee, March 25,
1838, lot No. 103, in Ledlies' plan of lots
in Allegheny city, - 28 by 200 feet ... . $2300
Dr. Robert M. Tindle to Josiah R. Weldin,
March 20,1868, lot on ,corner of Fourth
street and Cherry Alley, Pittsburgh, 20
by 84 feet, with buildings $12,500
G: H. Tower to Philip Hodil, March 31,
186 S, two-sevenths of a tract of
- Elizabeth township, containing 61 acres
3 ,Q 00
Same to same, March 31, 1868, two lots in ,
Lawrenceville, Nos. 85 and 86, in Robb's
plan of lots, 48 by 120 feet $2,000
A. F. Shaner to James N. Vickers, March
24, 1868, lot in Versailles township, con
taining 3 acres and 153 perches - $225
Ephraim Spahr to Robert L. 31cCully, May
6, 1867, lots Nos. 14 and 15, in Spahr's plan
of lots in Collins township, 60 by 187 feet
John Walterhouse to JILS. T. Kulen, March
26th, 1868, tract of land in Versailles
township. containing 22 acres $BOO
W. T. McClurg, assignee of Alex. McClurg,
to Corbet & Senott, Nov. 1.1), 1867, half of
lot No. 76 in the town of Birmingham -on
Bingham street, 30 by 95 feet. $ 1,500
Michael Ramaley to Dr. James B. Herron,
Oct. 1, 1866. tract of land in Indiana town
ship, containing 59 acres $833
Thomas Penney to William Ward, Jan. 18,
1851, a tract of hind in Elizabeth town
ship, containing 132 acres • 52550
James lki'Cullough to . Jamas Males, March
- 30, 1868; a tract of ground' in Wilkins
township 25 by 100 feet • $l5O
James:l4l Phillamy to John June
1, 1867, a tract ot land in West Deer town
ship, containing 90 acres , and 66 perches,
H. P. Mueller, et al, to Abner M. Newlon,
April 27, 1867, a tract of land in Versailles
township, Containing 2 acres am:TA-perch
es $9OO
John Lang to Eliza M. Gwynne, April 1,
1868, lots No. 27, 28 and 29, in Dithndge
Reis' plan- of lots, in Oakland, on Henry
street, 150 by 160 - feet . $6.00
William F. Lauck to John Dunlap, March
13, 1868, a lot on Ferry street, Pittsburgh,'
20 by VJ feet $2300
Geo. Keyser, Guardian to Dr: James B.ller
. ron, Oct. 1, 1866, the undivided one-ninth
part of a tract of land in Indiana town
ship, containing r.tB acres and 30 perches,
' $ 555
William H. Johnson to Robert Douglass,.
March 25, 1868,10 ts No. 87 and 88, in Tern
peranceville, with buildings $2OOO
Emelino Willett to Peter C. Devlin, March
' 30, 1868, interest in tract of land in Bald
win township, containing 171 acres and 5
perches • $5OOO
John G. Creese, administrator of John
Creese to Samuel Creese, April 2, 1868,
tract of land in Franklin township, con
' taining 80
. acres, 3 roods and 15 perches.
James M. Jordon to Jane Jordon, August
7,1860,1 at No. 13 in Edrington's plan of
lots in Pitt township, V. by 100 feet $1
John Mclntosh to E. P. Barclay,Septembor
. 15, 1864, lot No. 4 in Forbes' plan in Mc-
Keesport, 30 by 140 feet f $9OO
.Heirs of Joseph. Allen to. John Watson, May
1, 1867, two lots in Lower St. Clair town-
ship, No. 10 and 11, in Boyd dt
plan $950
John Watson to Sarah Johnston, December
31, 1867, the above lots • ...; .". . .$l6OO
William McCune to Ellen Cherry,,January,
-1868,(tha undivided , half , of ntract of
land in Elizabeth township, containing
1 acre and 10 perches $225
•..A.lfred - Osgood' , et. al. to-C, A. Carpenter,
1; - 1868, lotion - Ridge street;-Alle
gheny, 73 by 200 feet, with buildings.
John B. Miller to .. James Fitzsimmons,
April 1, 1868, lot in Shaler township, con
taining 2 acres, 74 roods and 43 perches
Frank Nolton to Henry Rabe March 27, •
1868; lot cin F*iiikiin street, Beni;lirighem,
feet - $2OOO
John An dersonn to Peter Wilbert, March 31,
1868, lots No. 3 and. 4 in Anderson's plan
of lets in Robinson township, 100 by, 126
feet $3350
Thomas Pownall to William Rowbottom.
; March 4;1868, the undivided half Of a lot
on Webster street, Sixth ward, Pitts
burgh, 42 by 100 feet $3OOO
Robert Stevenson to Wm. and Jas. P.-Ste
. venson,, -1866; one-third in
, terest insevend lots On. Chatham street,
Pittsburgh - $4333
Paul Seibert to Adam Ammon, January 10,
184 - tot:No. 27 in Greier's plait' of lots on
Forbes street, Eight ward, Pittsburgh, 20
by 67 feet . sltoo
William Rovbettoro - to Ellen Booth
et. al., March 4, 1868, lot -on • Webster
- street, Sixth ward, Pittsburgh, 42 by 100
teat $5000 . _
C. Hanson Love to Samuel Jarvis, April 1,
1868, tract of landin South Fayette town
ship,.eontaining 50 acres $5OOO
James V. Grahatn, Sherld; - to `John Mein
tosb,December 30,11359,.interest of James
Corow in lotNo.'4 in Forbes plan of lots.
in 'McKeesport„..slsl
Margaret Coulter to N. J. , 13Igleyi=;April 1,
1863, tract of land in Versailles township,
containing 84 acres and 184 perchesslo,ooo
Atkin , another' te. i.Chriat.Eiderimueller,
July 18, 1867, lot in Baldwin township,
128 feet front by 85 feet deep $lOO
_%1 3 10. 1 9-84Fiet , AulY 1 00 - .1 8 6,7,054,1h Baldwin
township, containing 1 /, acre sop .
Geo. W. Irwin to &charitth Zacharias;:
March„.2; 4 1868, lot No. 138, in Annie
Falop?BplßitaoCYotdin';fetivrenoeville on
St. Marys Avenue, 20 by 100 feet $BOO
Jobs MoHlaney to. James Cosgrove, July
'25; 1801, lot No. n; Braddooklaieleis
• ra W•tigrOlgikriSZY
S. H. Stewart 540Leacooldp - March 10, 1868;
lot on Witlailt;litieeclitcHeelmort, 80 by
111V•Wm. J. 11Girmore to Wilatinett,
cl,famb 31 4§BetrastAlatsk , l l l - lipper Sts= ,
Claii.bilkseXP;oOSMlstoi 4 tiereii - and 55
..... ,• • ". 4 1-vo.p. $1,000:
, '•Emanuel Baker,
Vercio6oB 6B ,:los - VlAtirter , s
lotallitbe .o . eventlC - , , dard,`
;20 . t l iart, - 110 , ;b3c181 feet"- , llsckt
• - L BrYett w ii_epinneis, -
.I.larellll-4800,tIot.Mi-Harrleon street,
Llbeity .111,10 - 1 6 3" 14210 et 8600
rrtrsßuktm“ canirTE: 'SiTtlitte4T. 4, 1868.
Thomas Sarverto lt l Ir McCormick,
1, 1868, tract of landin Vereailles town-.
ship, containing 20 acres
11.- H. McCormick to Thomas Sarver, April
1, 1868;tract of lancLin Versalles town
ship, containing 27. acres - •' $l,OOO
Frederick Arnold and James Dicloion, April
2,_1868, lot No. 167, in Miller and Free
man's plan, in the tighth ward, Pitts
biugh, on Locust street, 24 by 120 feet
Sarah B. S. Me:Niillan to; Jaines Todd,.
March 30, 1665, lot, hi I.4tivrenceville, No.
18, in the plan of the: administrators of
Peter Dravo, on Butler 'street, 20- ty.loo
feet ' . 0800
• Christian Seibert et. al.,- and Robert' B.
Paulisch,April 1,1867, lot in Lawrence
ville, No. 8, in section 1, in Joseph pat
terson's planof lots, on Butler street, 45
by 100 feet...... $1,300
-Luke Hoyle to Lucius A..-Gould, April 1, I
1867, lot on Allen street, Lawrenceville,(
No: 12, in Estop's plan; 40 feet front.s2,soo
,'Temporary Dome for Destitute Women.
• The:Manageris of the Women's Christian
Association have decided that some ex-Pla
nation may be . due to those who contrib-
rated toward the establishment of a tempo-
racy Home for destitute women, with the
idea that it NV11.44 t,) be a kind of "soup
house," and conducted on a large scale,
similar to tho ono on Penn street for mon
When this plan was first contemplated it
was very cold_ weather, the necessities of
the case were very urgent; and it was be
lieved a large house on• Grant street could
be rented for the purpose.
It was found impossible, however, to
obtain a clear title to the lease of the prop
erty, without some, legal trouble. This,
added to the high price demanded for the
furniture of said house, and the uselessness
of much of - it for the proposed HoMe. when
received in connection with the amount of
taxes on so large a house, induced the
ladies to choose another location. -
It was believed a safer and more econom-
ical investment, to parchasc it small house,
upon easy terms of pay tnent, and furnish
it by donations. No suitable place could
he had befere April ISt; and-by that time
the ".coup-house" plan had proved imprac
ticable for many reasons. A house, No. 45
Chatham street, has now been secured, one
payment made, and the Association, pur
pose taking possession immediately.
. A committee has been appointed who
will receive all applications, and none will,
at any time,he admitted to the "Home,"
except by order of one of these a
dieS - Mrs. Wm. A. Herron, 95 Penn st.,
and MIEN Jane Holmes, 96 Penn st., are the .
receiving cominittee Pttsburgh. Mrs.
R. W. Poindexter will receive applications
from persons in Allegheny.
Donations of plain,_ serviceable furniture,
(bed-steads ' excepted), with any other op'.
tidies needed to furnish such a, house r Vill
be received by the matron, if sent to the
- The Managerk are very desirous of mak
ing a second payment on this house • and
will also need funds for its Support." Cash
contributions may be given to any of the
()films or Managers of the Association.
President, Mrs. T. R. Brunot. Vice Presi
dent, Mrs. Wm. A. Herron. Treasurer,
Miss Anna Thaw., Seeretaky, Miss Mattie
J. Fowler. Librarian, Miss Lizzie Wade.
Managers, Mrs. R, Robinson ' Mrs. Wm.
Vankirk, Mrs. W. P. Logim,' Mrs. Frank
Woods, Mrs. Caroline Nelson, Mrs. L. S.
Johns, Mrs. Jrunesirwin, Mrs. P.. W. Poin
.dexter, Mrs. Samuel McKee, Mrs. Eliza
Loomis; Mrs. Clapp, and Miss Jam Holmes.
By preserving the names of the receiving
committee the • public . may know, at all
times; where to send applicants for atlin,
sion and Rave much delay and trouble.
Surety of the Peace.
John J. Reynolds, Agent, of the 'Ater
chants' . Union Exprtm, Company, made
information before Aldernian M'Masters
against Philip Gabriel for surety of the
peace. Philip was an inmate of the - Home
Of the destitute, the managers of which pro-
cured him a situation as driver for the
express company. It appears that he for
got the goodgs teachin he received at the
"Home,'.and returned to his old habit of
drunkenness, in consequence of which he
was discharged. Blaming Mr. Reynolds
for discharging him. he threatened to whip
him and followed him for that purpose, un 7
til Mr. R. was compelled to make the in
formation. -A warrant was issued for his
Samuel Saddler made information before
Aldertnan Taylor yesterday, against David
Connelly for surety of the peace. , The
parties reside,' Minersville. • Connelly
.was arrested and held for a hearing.
John APDermot made inforniation before
Alderman Strain against Owen Thomas and
James Dillon, for surety df the peace, in
which , ho alleges that they threatened to
burn hiM property.' The parties - reside in
Lawrenceville. The two former were , ar,
rested and committed for a hearing. A
warrant is in the hands of the olfleers for
the arrest of James: • __ • -
Geo. Teets arrested oh oath of M. A. Cox,
for 'surety of the peace, was taken before
Deputy Mayor Austin yesterday, who, in
delault Of bail for his appearance° cow
nutted him to jail.! •
An Insane Man.--:Yesterday eveningPetor
Welford, an Insane man, was brought to the
lock-up by his brother, who, it appears;
has brought him frotrt Springfield,
Wolford was a resident of Fkorcierset county,
- from where he ran away several months
since and went west. It was tho intention
of his brother to take him home, but his,
moans were exhausted before reaching this
point. He will remain in the loek-up until
his brother =go home and procure money,
when he will probably be taken to Dix
moat. •
The -Reported Strike.—The reported
strike among the iron workers was only par •
ticipated itrby the."heatert4," tvho tomposo
a small minority`of the iron Men, and 'none
of themills, five are infornied, _ wore corn
- palled tO stop operations in oonsequence of
it, as the places of the "strikers" were Im
mediately filled by new men. The pud
diets have not engaged in the:. strike, but
show a disposition to adlierc to the arrange.
merit entered into with tha nuinufacturers
last fall. '
The RloL—The parties arrested a few
day since, charged with 'complicity in the
riot at O'Neil's coal works, rind a liearing
yesterday ..morning, which resulted in the
discharge of all except Thomas Nixon, Jos.
, Allson and, Jonathan 'Fillet; who were the
only persons the witnesses for the prosecu
tion could ideUtify as, having been among
the rioters. They were held to bail. in the
sum of $l,OOO each for their appearance at,
Alleged. “Prefeaslonell , f. , Arrested.—
Chief Green,yesterdaFarrested John Don
nelly, suspecting Min to be a professional
thief; hadin his .possession when ar
rested a silver pitcher, supposed to have
been Stolen.- , There was not: sufficient evi
dence against hina,,however, upon whiehte
base an infoimation;.and the Mayor com
mitted trim for ninety, days on the,chlFge of
being a professional thief.
Acodeoir of Fif 3 rvioes
on to-morrow (Sabbath), afternoon, corn
mending at a quarter past three, o'clock. A
sermon will be dellrered by the Rev: W.. 1.
Reid. All persons•not in attendance at
• One worship elsewhere - are invited; Seate_
Larceny ;of st,Whipo r mio raaa - McKee, a
driver for the Mitiehmitte *Union Express
CongignYihVial-aballtd - aa Oath bf
flehoif yesietliaY7 before Alderman Strain,
with thein7gel7 of a whIP", 'valued 4112,7 5 #
A - i - verriint was tamed for h is - •
.1 I,
Committed for OlUeilige=4Sitii",Conner.
man, cha r ged en oath ',ol4cjeeph titavetnkm
vithfrad&beforCAidiaMWlitallen, was
aiiested yesiteraset`iindAn
UniOn Rein&timil rAnTentkni•
Thy Tilton Istei 4 die :,•-• County Pam:lily
ie Union 'RePublican ... -.secretive' I ___,,,,_
Comniittee held a ineeting Friday after- i Prize Medals for Sewing Machines—What
noon at the ' office of ;C. C." Taylor, Esq. ' are TheyWortht
There was a full • attendance of members, I Ever since the award of premiums at the
and a general discusSion o 2 matters relating 1 Paris Exposition; the pupil° have been
to-the coming County Conventions. , i bored with statements concerning the
The followlng resolutions were adopted : j claims of the Howe, the Florence, the
Resolved, ' ''' -
of the.elet... lean members ' Weed, the Wheeler & 'Wilson, and the
tested to hold
the primary Ti r o l di s t r i c t s C Grover .4;:flaker manufacturing companies
ari far as pry - . to the first honors (?) of that effalr. The
Resolved, of this Corn-, machines of each of these companies are
grittee (.3's ' claimed to be the best because the manufac-
Committer turers received a me 4 al or a ribbon to that
the prima
power to
. , not placed on ekhibition'al the World's
Fair in Paris, for the very good •reason
, that it does' not depend' upon medals or
The Tit 1 1 11 1 3( 1 11 y, says: ribbons for its success.- The merit of this
machine, rests upon - its ever faithful per
About ni ay - Morning a
• • formance of all that is clainteil for it, and,
fire , broke wooden build..t laving been adequately used in all parts of
ing evecurne, on the north the civilized world, : and awarded thelfco
side of Centre street, Oil City, at the corner plc's verdict in its favor, it can well afford •
Of the Creek. The
,fire spread eastwardly I to stand aside and let its feeble rivals find
along the street, destrOying Jaseph
.Zook& what they can in the worthleff.s awards of
Co.'s housefuniishing store, and a dwelling fair committees. It is a fact thatthe Sinker
house, owned and occupied by a man Machine has been less advertised than any
named . Stanley. The building adjoining other, and yet so highly is it esteemed that
the dwelling house, occupied by Zook dt I fore the year. 1857 this etimpany sold 5,000
Co. as a plumbing and gas fitting slop, was I . more machines than any other. The sim
torn down to prevent, farther destruction. ple and natural increase of the business of
The fire, • however, communicated to the the Singer Company for 1857 was seven
ruins of the building that 'had been torn I thousand machmes, which increase is
down and then to the adjoining building. equal to three times the entire sales of the
The latter was considerably injured by both Empire Company, and nearly twice the
fire and water, but the greater portion of it I entire 'sales of the Weed Company for the
was saved. The loss is estimated at $1,500, same period. In - the same year the busi
and that on the , stocks $5OO. There was no ness of the Wheeler it, Wilson .Manufae
insurance. turing Company fell of twelve thousand.
These are facts which will stand investiga
don; but we doubt whether the manner in
which medals and ribbons of the Fairs are
obtained will beitr any serutiny at all.
Wonderful improvements have been made
in the Singer. Sewing Machine, and it is
now the best machine for family and man
ufacturing purposes. Its sales in this vi
cinity' are already very large and the de
mand is still increasing. It is light, durable,
simple and noiseless, and ought - to find a
place in every family in the land, Straw
Morton,General Western 'Agents, cor
ner of StClair and Penn streets. . -
Barker's Spring' Opening.
Dress Goods. • -
Dress Goods.
' • Dress Goods.
Dress Goods.
Dress Goods; • , •
Report of Street Commissloner.
.Tohn D. McFadden, Street Commissioner
of the Second District, furnishes the fol
lowing cacti relative to the amount of work
performed in his district during the month
of March, 1868: Ice cut front seven Miles,
nine hundred and forty-six yards and two
feet of gutter from March Ist to March 10th.
Number of streets cleaned from March 16th
to March 30th, twenty-three; covering an
area of ninety-two thousand four hundred
square yards. Paving done in repairing
streets, eight hundred and ninety-six aid
two-thirds yards. During the month thole
were three thousand eight hundred and
eighty-one loads of dirt, ground, (ST., haul
ed in cleaning and repairing streets.
Trix—r: new and elegant perfume for the
Ladies use them.
Gentlemen use them.'
lEverybody uses them.
Those who taste Trix will never be with
out them.
For sale by all druggists. .
Wholesale Depot for Trilt; IL L. Fahne
stock & Co.'s, 76 Wood street..
Abandonment.—Rosanna Miller inade in
formation before Alderman Thomas, charg
ing her husband, Aleiander Miller, with
desertion. It is alleged by the prosecutrix
that he las taken away most of the furni
ture, and left her without any means of
support. The accused was arrested and
held to bail for his appearance - at Court.
ComteMed.—Patriciaßamon was arrest
ed yesterday charged with obtaining money
under false pretence, on oath of P. Z. Ley
mon, and taken before Deputy Mayor 0V.13-
ton, who committed him to jail, in default
Of the required bail for his appearance at
The hingdbm Broken.
An ' PA IN, thou art no more
As thou last been;
On thy seven hills of yore
Thou reigned as queen, '
Pain-, all pain, from the sole of the foot to
the crown of the head, internal or external,
acute or chronic, removed at no cost at Dr.
Wolcott's offices, No. lid Chatham Square,
New York, and tr..t2 Arch 8 t„ Philadel
phia, in the 'Drug Store, wit Pain Paint,
the new remedy. Sold at all drug stores.
Ho is the proprietor also of th :, old remedy
Instant Pain Annihilator, - f r cold and
('aturrh in the head.
A curiosity is found;
Woloott's Pain Paint is all around;
A brush is used to put, it on—
It leaves no stain, all pain is gone.
Pain Paint and Annihilator tested free of !
.charge, at No. 116 Smithfield Street, Pitts- . 1
burgh. --1 8: - --114!_astings, agent. I
lm Laughing Gas Dangerous!
Some parties, either from ignorance or ,
froth interested motives, have seen tit to as-
sert that laughing gas is dangerous; A
very slight acquaintance with the nature of i
the article, a very little scientific knowl
edge, will show how utterly absurd the
statement is. They might with more accu
racy charge that the atmosphere webresthe
every day was dangerous, for it is composed
of precisely the same constituents (nitro
gen and oxygen) as is laughing gas; the
difference being that the proportion of the
component noon which we depend for 'ex
istence, oxygen, is greater In the laughing
gas than in the atmospheric air. Atmos
pheric air consists of four-fifths nitrogen,
which, will not sustain life, and one-fifth
oxygen, without which we could, not live.
Every one acquainted with chemistry
knows this is correct, and no one claiming
scientific knowledge will dare deny it. It
'doom not require a medical diploma to ena
ble one, with these' filets before him, to
judge if laughing gas, oomposed of the same
components as the atmosphere, and having
the vital principal in more "than twice the
proportion the atmosphere has, is danger
gerotui. So far, from it, it exerts a decidedly
beneficial influence upon the system which
is felt In the exhilerating effects which fol
' low its use, . and •is only paralleled - bYthe
buoyancy spirits ono enjoys in a high
state of hen th.
For five y rs past Dr. G. W. Spencer has
been administering Laughing Gas to per
sons afflicted 'with tooth-ache, but dread
ing the pain of having the teeth drawn,
and he has yet to meet with the individual'
who was not satisfied with the result.
. Therefore, if you need , a tooth extracted,
go to Dr. Spencer's Dental _Establishment,
No. 251 Farm street, the largest and best
fitted In the city, and take the Laughing
Gas, and have nuTear for the 'result. - The
Doctor, besides -being a good dentist, is a
thorough gentleman. Yen will, •under his
hands, find tooth drawing something no be dreaded..
At Barter% ---
Shirting Iduslins,
Skirting Muslin,.
We warrant the shoes of all descriptions
to give
,]Nrfeet. satisfaction as to wear and
prioe. We deal in no auction gibes, but sell
the very'.best. ;.'Ladies; ,illiSSeeN gents - and
boys are requested to call and see our stock,
at llobb's Shne Molise, 89 Market street.
• • • At Barker's.
• Best:rinte UM if • ,
' Vhblosst' Prints 123 e. •• ' '
• , • • NewestjtiStyleff faxe. • • '
. , 'Chintz Prints .123•50, • "
Very Best 12)4a.. • , 1 • f•
- &WV; feet Were 03(p 8 , (434
Gold- Pens.—Faker • PPen,
:new Itn e/ F 1C1.41 4P - ' . VitteoCn. . •
itliiiitiP46 l4 and Ostwir initialed in the
best -/
style t•PltttieWs.4l,•!•)
iP . 11101
znak,ktin .o*pr.* Pitiodle4liew
.1.140P0n,039.uw, • ' 1
- - , • r;.l ;•• • A'
it or. ES, evening - iiii'
/*too ri,
41. q4-9XiZii.V.i..EXgA-Z7reW
~,) appoint a
can voters, of.
vho shall hold.
:1 ward, with
notice of the
effect. As so _iny obtained. the same
prize we can't se&where the bailor comes
in. Now,the Singer Sewing
;h ia e ch w, in o e r 'w ld as ",
The most magnificent stock ever opened
in this city. ,
Deainess—A Man 'Nearly Eighty Years
Old Cured.
The following notice of a cure of deafness
I was pnblished during list summer, and
since then the gentleman him continued on
tirelly well, having called on Dr. Keyser
d uring tho present week. It ought to be a
i source of gratification to those of our read
ers who for a long time have suffered with
1 chronic maladies, 'that there - should be
some one whose skill and ability could be
depended on. _ -
There are hundreds of cases of deafnes.s
and partial deafness, most of which would
be greatly relieved, and many of them en
tirely-cured by appropriate remedies. The
ease, immediately under our notice is that
of Mr. Jacob Boobyer, of Green Tree, Alle
'gheny county,' who for a great many years
has been afflicted with partial deafness, so
that he,
could not hear the ticking of a
watch. The deafness was complete m-one
car,in the other, only partial, with a con
,tinual noise like that made by the escaping
of steam. Mr. Boobyer placed himself
under Dr. Keyser's treatment late in July,
and now he is well, and has been so for a
month past. The cure seems to be thor
ough, and what seems to be the more re
markable, is the extreme age of the patient,
he being in his seventy-ninth year. Mr.
Boobyer is a well known and respectable
citizen, and had a son in this city. Dr. Key
ser's consultation rooms at his residence,
No. 120, corner of Penn street and Evans
alley, from 9 a. w. until 4 p. m.
Barker's Spring Opening.
- Shawls.
Shawls. •
The newest and choicest styles• and , at
very lowest prices. •
Dr. George Keyser occupies a large por
tion of our paper to-day in presenting his
views upon the treatment of chronic affec
tions, accompanied .by a number of the
highest, testimonials to his professional
success, and our readers will bo interested
and - instructed by, giving the treatise a
careful perusal.,_Dr. Keyser has been
steadily,parsuing his proferision in this city
for at least a quarter of a century, and has
achieved a reputation which places him in
the front rank of physicians.. He has been'
for years a benefactor to this et:immunity
and tho prat& of his medical skill are to be
found on evet y side. Dr. Keyser, however,
needs no encomium from us in :a eitywhere
his high character as a physician and a
citizen is properly appreciated by thous
ands who knew, him even before we were
born.-Evening Advocate.
li:triter's Spring Opening.
Housekeeping Goods.
Housekeeping Goods. '
Housekeeping Goods.'
Housekeeping Goods.
Housekeepirtg Goods. ,t
Everything, needed by the housekeeper
in our, line, and at prices that will be ,satin-
factory for every article.
To Country and City Merchants.--We are
thoroughly supplied with all kinds of. Dry.
Goods, Staple and Fancy, -bought at
"unusual advantage through our Lastern
- purelmsing department, taking advantage of
the recent large auction sales and fluctua
tions in prices, and we can and will • sell at
less than the lowest- Eastern cash prices.
WO invite you to an inspection , of our stook
and comparison of prices, at 59 Market
• Barker's Spring Opeafng. •
Ladies Garments, -, •
Ladies_Garments, •
Ladies Garments,
Ladies: Garments, . •
Ladies Garments,
The most unique And gorgeous , in Silk,
and most chaste in Cloth ever , *orn iii:, this
opmmunity. , ,
To Cripitalista—The Books for subscrip.
tion to the capital stock of~ the - Federal
Street and Pleasant Valley Railway Com
pany will be open at.Gray's,hotel; Jackson
street, Second ward,•at the ,ottice of -W. P.
Price, Real• Estate Agent, 33 Ohici
street, and at the :Pittsburgh
Savings Bank, No. . 186 Mid. 'lBB Lib9rly ,
screet, Pittsburgh, until April 2 d . 1868. •
'By order of the e - Board of Directors. ' •
- W. M. Outlier; ,President.
Barker's Spring Opening.
C M loidditge ir :
a ki ng % • -
seletWoiiviftheie at veryiow+'
p r ice & - • 7 .
(llegheny City Property At;Alaikll6—: ,
ThlS.dangt e f i g a oWeek: 0 4. *ui' , On the Viall*-
be% that, , ble modern style dw
IffhAWPhto 'Apsnuo i Allegheny : citYl
b# 401 .0 4 tit -44049 m Ijofi.
euetion _oovertioemoit - A - 804t
AkOlc,itlKetlellarkdLkuotiottOrti.:' -
-14 For
4 Pim b pter and ,. retelookvo
the Pim=
Dr. Keyser
J. W. 13Ax,txEn & Co
Where to get them, the rwr Af. ip t.
Esx. Genuine Vulcanite Teethnot sur
passed in beauty, adaptation ata ' durability
in the world, for fifteen ' l tt. set, and,
other cheaper kinds if persons dire them,'
at Drs. Sill & Gillespie's, \o :',!346 Penn
street. We must take this f -opportunity to •
recommend every person deidring the ser
vice of the most skillful dentito call on
these gentlemen. asthey have , , ery mod
erri facility in the most e'irtensi 6 manner.
Their artificial teeth to nature ire perfect
gems, and are offered at lower-rates than at
any other place in this city. Th 4 were the
original Nitrous Oxide or Laiighing Gas
establishment, and are justly celebrated for'
extracting teeth without pain; Under thisi
delightful and safe agent. Th6se seeking'.
such skill should not fotget 246 Penn street.!
Drs. Sill & Gillespie.
- .- ,
The Indian Herb Tonic 6t es Liver
Complaint. For sale by John Ik. Best, new
Fifth and Tunnel streets.
Deafness. Cured.--Diseases f the Ear,l
embracing Deafness, Discharges, Polypus,,
Buzzing and Ringing Noises, etc., success-1
fully treated by Dr. Aborn,'NMl 134 Srtlithi
fiela street. •
Grover .1 Baker 'OPerator , ••- nd Emb.roil
derer wanted. Norio but firtl, class hand
need apply. J'. W. BARS*II di, CO. 1
59 Marketi l street.
• ' , I • • I
• • •
Chronic Catarrh—And Afibihtions ••of the
Throat and Chest, suecessfully,:! treated by -
E .
S. Ahern, M. D., No. 14.4 Smithfield!,
Briklaying and jobbing Promptly at-1
tended to. Leave D. R. Erg;
Ea's, 167 First street. '1 . K
A large lot of Gothic Chimi!v Tops just
received; also,Drain Pipe antl4Tile always!
on hand at D. R. EcutEn's, 16t First street)
fleautiful Marble ands• Slat - Mantles rind
Tileing for floors, &c., at D. - 7,1•T. EcuEn's,l
167 First street. •'
Builders, Plasterers and Rri:
plies at D. R. ECRER'S, 167
The place to get White VT;
Paris and Cement, is • 3t
First .street..
New Turkey Prunes. 18 em i t
John A. Best's, new Fifth
Stereoscopic Viewar—The o.
assortment in the city, is at, Pi*
Dicken , s Works and Dickel
Pittock!e. . •
Lotta - Photographs—a va
tock'o. •
Five new bcoks this 'week
186 S, at the First Baptist Church., ,
Dickerson, JNO. A. WILSON,;
BELLE, daughtei attics'. George
this City. . • .
WALLACE.—On Friday morning,- VIUSU.:at a qUarter past seven ,o'clock. ROBERT ALLACB,
of township, in the - 14th rm. of Mirage.
The funeral will take Plane, on. nalinATil tto-raor-- .
TOW,' • AFTERNOON. it half-pastt.W, u o'clock; :Ikn
the residence of his son-lnalaw,.‘Vie:- Anderson, zit'
Edgewood !Station, Pennsylvania:,
coed to hicillah Burying Ground;
leave Devore's, onafte Grants lccet. at
oock Sabbath'clrnoon. The CO
Hy a
, _
re respectfully' invited to attend
NOBLE.—Siuldenlv. 'rin Thnisdal
2d, at 7 o'clock, CI:E3IENT NOB,
Ills funeral will take place frurart+
above and near Sbarpsburg, TTS:,
Tbe train will Leave tli.
Station of the Western retinsylrui
A. x. for Guyasota Station. Thu
ily arc respectfully Invited to att..:
No. 166 FOURTH oTRELT. l l'ittsburgh, Fa.
FINS of alilip_ds, CRAPES; . 6 LOVES, and ev
ery description -of" Funeral FurniAing _Goods fur
nished. Roonis open day and utitlit. Hearse and
Carriages furnished.
__ I. • ,
REFERENCES—Rev. David .Keitt. D. D., Rev. M.
W. Jacobus, D. D., Thomas xriti, Esq., Jacob H.
-Allegheny-City, where their 0011F313• new 44 are
constantly supplied witli real ata intittitlan 'Rose
wood, Mahogany and Walnut CoMais, atiprioeS va
rying from 4* to .100. Bodies pt'epatedfotfnter-I
Hearses and Carriages furfilMied; altd,
-itinls of 31 - burning Goods, if regitired.: - Office open 1
' hours, day and, night.. , _ __—;-
bTREET, , Allegheny, and No.h SO. DIAMOND
SQUARE,' thy John Wilson a .Briiih,,lkeos• altrays tt
on hands the best lletali Itcaewaod, -Walnut. and ,
Imitation Rosewood Coffins. WAWA 'Coffins' from
$25 upwards. Rosewood Coffins SRO upwards, all
other Cqfflna I proportion. Carr s, and Hearses
.furnished at low rates . Cfage (Hates:, 'Plate and
Engroring famished gratlsi open. days and
• - -
jEWELE,R,s‘ AND or: c.l.tkims,
. .
Adanti.d . tos FDIST CLASS MITAII 'ANT i•AtaLes.
: •
Corner Ofrenitul dlitleairStmAg•
- 1 -7 - balanca•of thwte dealrableJOra are now °gated
lit Private sale., and any one des . ltraqll3o bonding
rates would do well to make a seleption: • Vali/lb*
laocated on 11, beautiful and healthy etst, tWo4.nd a
;ha t mil.ef frwil SluirPititlriti:94 the Western einil
eylvilnia Railroad, which tuna tirreiigkilf4iniking it
mach,rl wore valuable' and atfiteable. - ' . l,4tiralleire
pienarationt , mire Low Inalilliebr—reeting aAI bar
oynnebontaa, which will minim Ornament the
town,' The remainder of these : 4. 4 i4 inn he 4 at.
cxce i r
very 144 1 19410kb) Ake- =A on :'111 4 4 ~ lY
4sart e/rll'Okiattl?'VEßLY, Real * 4 ! l P,: ii 4l / 6 "
anntaii Ace!, lamrinneivAle.i, •k _
PBILIH I .. AND 111117:10, EEL FASO.
--lONS', ' /;'=,. :-.,-tt:. - 1 ' • - 114 -: i.. , ;' ~ ',...,,...,
lig., TlFlC,lierg4iitlztgronStr,
rri'' ) 90" WV SIgitTi'CORNERVFFEDERAW,.
viisjuiiiivi, , ,ifro4 *p i titi4Mll.liiirliitated
MOM or . easouranhailiatttoli ann. NUR
SEILL . .:11N613 44:411,11 E L,... 8r atetkat..
lents, I"' ~e* el rely , zee visa TAAUXIs
will • • • tar trarihte do and / trio nab
n o to •,, ~ r _ WM (011 , Vital, Inlati, e
lay% i i.
~ . , . , _ f . 00,, av a Artuanabie
Ailthe..7. 1, , ..t4=Af '4 'ttik t'i. . - -' ,4 ,- ..'1•-•.ilv
- ,
S -s i ."
P. f i •:,-....., 1.. 1.r . ...-4-• -, .....,!. toroir or •
kalyers sup;
'st street. s ,
e, Plaster ofj
BC/LER',I3, 1671
mid at'
s a po
and Tiannell
F ly complete)
s Photoi lat
ety 7 at 11. t-•!
ay, April 2ci r
y the Pol.:. S.
og.. and -Miss
•Wiieon,, all or
.41.1n4r.d. to -Jiro;
1 qtrrl4fres,will. 1
llalt-paiit twelvej the fam-;
NiL. • : : !
i eVenlng, April:
, , !F.:, Ess. •
..011NINC, at 10
1:1Woad, at 9
ends 'of the ram—
~(i=` ~.