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Contested Election Case-r-Com
. mittee Report in Favor of Rob
inson, the Contestant‘--Registry
Bill. Passed—Railroad Indem.
_ nity—The Appropriation Bill
—Conference Committee Ap
ISpeclal Inspateli to the rittaburch Gazette 1
HARiussurta, April 3 ; 1868.
Mr. LANDON, Chairman of the special
Committee on the contested 'election case
from the Twenty-first Senatorial district,
Robinson, Republican, against Shugart.
Democrat. and sitting member, reported
inlayor of John K. Robinson, the contest
. The report was adopted and resolution
passed giving . Mr. Shugart the usual per
diem and pay of a Senator.
The Raifroad. Indemnit'y bill passed
4ltilY• • •
The House amendinents tq the Registry
law were concurred in under the operation
of , the previous question.
The postage bill of the Senate for March
is $3,386.
At the afternoon session the bill gi'ving
School Directors power to: borrow money
without applying - to, the Legislature was
Regairing bidders for supplying the State
with .paper to. give bond in ten thousand
The House bill extending the powers of
the Civil Code Commissioners 'and requir
ing them to report in - 1871. '
Adjourned '
The whole morning session was occupied
discussing the bill allowing Philadelphia to
make grants of Penn Squares for scientific
purposes. Defeated;
At the afternoon session, Mr. MANN, of
Potter, offered a resolution recalling from
the Governor thd bill requiring the Auditor
General to return to the Petroleum Bank
United States bonds originally deposited as
security for redemption of circulating notes.
He stated that the Commonwealth would
be rendered liable for twelve thousand dol
lars under this bill. The resolution was
. - T h P l s ell #2.Pl e" o4- I, 9nts SPAr' 2 "Pk r2 FI:
r + a n on "bill' \ -were note -concurred in,
i Messrs. Mann, Nicholson and Josephs ap.
4 pointed a Committee of ConferenCe. The
1 disposition of•the HOuse is to concur in all
the reductions by the Semite, but to non
ecmcur in allincreased appropriations.
• On motion of Mr. ; FORD, of AlleghenY,
14 the. House agreed to ixotpono the qustion
of final adjournment 'until.. after the report
ci of the Confetenoe ConunittOe on the Appro
priation bill.. •
, .
Adjourned till to-niorrovr.
Meeting of tit . e'Leglolature--The Election
• ;
=for .Constltutlon. '
(By teiegesph'so tbi Plitsbutgh Gazette.l
. .Mssrmtrs,April 8.--The Appeal's - •Littla
Rock special says: 'The Arkansa.s Legisla
titre-, newly elected; niet and organized 'to
day at-the Tiapitol. James N. Sarber, of
Pope,' Was elected President of the' Senate,
and J.,G. Price, of Little Rock, as Speaker
of the' House • : - •
,The result of the voting on the Coturtitu-
Lion gt the military polls has not been an
nounced yet. There , is ,no doubt that the
State has One against the. Constitution by
at lerst five thousand. The Radicals,
however, claim '" a ' majority of several
- thousand. The Legislature adjourned un•
til to-morrow. - '
The Erie Railroad Trimble--A Card froth
Br" Telegraph 10 the Pittsburgh Gazette.) •
Ni w Yoi u &—Daniel Drew, in a
card in the Tribune,' says : “As for the re
cent issue of bonds, it was made by the Di
rectors under the very same law as that
under which the Central road issued some
millions of "bonds a few years ago. Their
right theY believe to be unquestionable,
and they will continue so to believe until
the Courts decide otherwise. All the ques
tions at' issue will shortlycome before
Courts of competent jurisdiction . Should
they decide: the money entrusted to
me as, Treasurer Or the Erie railroad has
not been used for improving the road' and
-extending its connections with the great
West, - be paid 'over to a receiver, I
shall.:sce:-pay it. If .onthe other hand the.
COurta decide -in Inver of the Erie railroad,'
its Mils:tors will endeavor, so far at least:as
my influence goes,, to make the Erie what
it 9Uktitio be and:what:its managers have
been fet years seeking under enormous dif
flcultfen to make ,it,...the best, safest and
cheapest channel _ between the' East and
Grain. Shipping RiilluidtP
. ~ , ..
, . .
~..., , tPi Telggraphi4.lin rlttaburgb Gazette.)
.. : -...Cirreauo , April : 3.=-The difficulty be
tween tbe iiPairkshiPlkeraand vessel owners
in _.. ....M the :que s tion of,reaponsibility
~10- . P"• ,, • *cries. on. cargoes .of grain, is be . .•
\ "'''io!: , : more serious. _ ,At,..their ;kit Meet,'
: 'wise; owners feeolVedtot to . take •
oes of ersdic :under the newly
adopted 'of lading,rathich requires therm
to - twammt :for that-41311 a mount of grain:
,!mentioned. , in Ahearn Shippers, on the
-.... , :0ther hand, sttanigarmand.inalst on tur a0..1
~.i ,peptimce of -dm 401X:1)111,;and onettindredi ,
#l4l:ont ivr,the. - -Pt4.154. ~ --AxigirPhol9Wa n d '
Sig haves -au • agreement`
krte. Ltiy _ f4injartizei:ii
vessel :ho
t-e no , d olvP.q B lY.
Val ' fiat adopt ir- :, : ,:..-,' .
'..:, ta ~„i.:: .T.ataskatty. CsaCat , St; Leafs., -....•,: ' .
P' Ite pp ‘front: Itulfalo,l •
l ikr
f) , J , .: - :ST. Dunaj:Mail 1C. 4 : . 4.othigOl'ibi'pora.. . i: i ci ... „-,,,,,,- , ..,-- ,-, ,-,- .. ~. i„, ~-.„.;:- . ~-.
D 'James moved tiOreliasollia!pliPdity; and- ili3r.. o .T=P-f CV, l ' ""ksT•°l 3 :t , ,:,,•
;lheArglinient.#4ll befteirtt* , soturday: - - 'BUY? __.L.Ap , --, pc.`an„l.&i)nsil:,
(ii4l'ending the,decialottAdht•istrita laditalttud to liciffitheleo„,:rpf . 'tla,,,.tiuKeye - ,Caril'esichg
—lail-in--dollara-and-inuneAP, 'The'llettV' tu rhPlao' w il t: be' '`.. ,8 :4 1 t1,4'
ateirwe'dt to-work witlizoltltge her snits; , ito=zdthtits# 'ttifitfttfdrCiiediort.-:- -..*
- -
.7" •
- ?"4 ot* • ' °
. •
The Irish question in the Eng
lish Parliament—War in South
America--Success of the Allies.
[By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gazete.]
LONDON,'ApriI 3.—A division - will take
place to-night in the Commons on the Irish
question. The Liberals are sanguine that
the Government will be beaten, and believe
a Liberal Cabinet certain. The course of
the ministry is yet uncertain, however; as
they. have the option of resigning or ap-,
pealing to the peqple by a dissolution of
Paxliament. The position of the new min
istry is also uncertain, in case of coming
into power. •
LisnoN, April 3.—The mail steafher
brings Rio Janeiro adyices to the llth: of
January. The allies stormed Ilurnaita af
ter a desperate resistance, capturing fifteen
large guns and a quantity of stores and am
munition. • While the land forces were en
gaged, the Brazilian• fleet forced a passage
of the river, and reached Assuncion. The
city had been evacuated by the Paraguayan
troops, an deserted by the citizens.
Losocrs t - April 3. Evening—Consols
Closed at: 93a93%. s:2o's 72V s . Erie 49%.
LIVERPOOL, April I:A:ening— Bonds
closed firm at 7534.
AxrwEari April &—Petroleum
closed weaker at 43f. 75c. •
LIVERPOOL, 3.—Evening.--Cotton
active throughout the day and closed buoy
ant at a decided advance; middling-uplands
in port 12a12y;'to arrive 12a1234a123.; Or
leans 1.2a1212%; sales 30,000 bales. The
advices from -Manchester are favorable,
and the market is strong with an advancing
tendency. Breadstuffs closed irregular and
dull, with a further decline in corn, which
closeciat 40s. od. for new mixed western.
Wheat 16s. for,white, and 14s. 3d. for No. 2
Milwaukee: red; others unchanged. Pro
visions and Produce entirely unchanged.
' —A dispatch from Minister Van Valken
burg, dated' Hioga, Japan, states that
the Tycoon has abdicated and the Mikado
is sending troops towards Jeddo. One
American sailor and two Frenchmen were
wounded in the attack on the foreigners,
but the American marines. and sailors dis
persed the Japanese. The execution of the
-JapaneSe officer who ordered the attacck was
to taltkplacc on Mtu-ch 3d. The arriVial o f
the Mikados' envoy at Hiago restored
quiet. ' •
—Friday's Chicago Journal says reports
from Southern and Central Illinois are al
most without exception that the winter
wheat passed through the cold weather suc
cessfully and promises an unprecedented
harvest. Farmers all over the %vest :are
taking advantage of the unusually early
opening .of' the season to sow their grain.
If the summet will be anything like as fa
vorable for the farmers as the opening is,
the northwest will astonish the world with
the extent of ifsitrops finsi year. -
viceaL-Of-Alarch the 1.111 i•
are received. Tho allied forces have taken
Assuncion, the'-capital, and were passing
to the rear of -Efaumita. The allies now
have forty, thousand men, fourteen iron
dads and twenty wooden vessels in the
neighborhood, while the Paraguayans are
reported to have only 12,000 men.
—The news from Montevideo, Uraguay,
is to.theetfeet that General Valencia Flores,
the President, had been murdeted by some
confederates of his. son, caused, it Ls sup
posed, r the latter havintg .pronounced
againsthis father, and having been de
feated and bani Shed. Col. Lorenzo Battle,
the Minister of War,had been elected in
his place. ' '
—About six hundred 'machinists, black.:
smiths, car builders, turners, &c., in the
employ of the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western Railroads; turnedout at Scranton,
Pa.; yesterday, demanding_ a return to the
old wages, a reduction' of ten per cent: hay
'ink been made on-the firstufJanuary. 7 -,The
men at the Faller% mines -also tnrnede out.
A strike , is expected at the Parish and Cun
ningham Minea, • • •
—The New York - Trsbase; states editori.
• „ •
ally: We have assurance .from Washing
ton that General Grant-finds it not incon
sistent 'with ' his duty as- a soldier, to an
nounde it as his opinion that the only hope
for the peace of th country, is the. success
of the pending• impeachment trial. He
feels that the national security demands
the removal of the 'President.
• . ,
—A special from 'Savanna says: The Dish
''op embarked for. Cadiz on Monday,, having
ordered-all the church bells to ring on the
occasion of his departure. He arso drew
on the Banco-Eva:lel for 140,000, bit' Ler
sundi prevented the payment ' of thd check.
The Bishop thereupon had it formally pro
tested. Lersur:di's chief-ofetaff goes in the
same vessel with the Bishop as bearer of
—Mordaunt, the actor, recently discharg
ell from the Walnut Street , Theatre; Phila
delphia, for drunkenness, has recovered his
Belay', for one week, from-MeSsm Clark 6L
Bootii, on the ground that •the manager
knew he had been drinking and ordered
him to play. - . -
- -Justice Carter; of the District of Colbm
bia Supreme Court, Yesterday 'discharged
Samuel Strong, on the ground that the ev
dence furnished _ not ,lcearly and surd
ciently show that Strong was a- fugitive
from justice in the sense of the Constittt-'
tion of the United States. ,
—During the hurricane on Thursday a
three-story. frame in Rawson at:,
Brooklyn, in process of erection, was blown
down, and four workmen .engagad-,upoii it
were ' severely Injured: Ano ther bnilding
in - Astoria WSW alit) demolished. - " • •
—Governer Oglesby of Illineis haseau
a VrOclaniationi Ilealimating the 15t H' of .
April next;the anniversary of the mailing
tion of Prodded; Liraxldni as a day of fast
ing; humiliation and prayer.
The six mineht.vhltirnsfof, the Weaker
at the, Diamond 4 1111riej ;Scranto
• n; on'.
last, werebtiried-froM • the
dral at thatplao&Yeaterday., .
—The paiffieteirvit Manz rook. at"Tivei'
• Rivera, Witoonain,nnie burned onyi`ediles!
daY;nightil 3114411itfact000. ,,
-The NeinTorlit'Areeinbiy , hasimuised
bill to' submit.the netv.:Constittition:to:the
people next fall.
—The Philailelpreik Internal Revenue
Board has been, ditic9lltaPnqd at skteMlioist
q 4 Ste meldnbQre
„t r
FOUR cycxxockr. A-. M.
The Impeachment Trial—The
Presidents Speeches—Reporters
on the Stand.
[By Telegraph to the Pittstnirell Gazette.]
Apill 3d, 1868.
The Chair, immediately. after opening, was '
assumed by the ChiefjUstiee. PrOdamation •
was made in due form, the Managers took
their seats, and ; the House appeared in
nambers: about equal! to the Managers.
The Journal was read in the meantime.
The gallery ti: : aS tolerably fdled;for the first
time with• a fair sprinkling of sable faces
among the spectators.
Senator WAKE Moved the Senate take
up , the proposition he offered yesterday to
amend the Senate riles, and asked a vote
upon it. It was read.
Senator EDMUNDS moved to strike out
that part relating to the yeas and nays be
ing taken by request of the presiding offi
cer. Mr. Drake having no objection to the
amendment of the Senator from Vermont,
the rule was adopted as amended.
• Ckas. A. Tinker NM re.ealled.
- Mr. BUTLER, before interrogating Mr.
Tinker, said: I will read a single paper.
The paper is a. message of the. President of
the Umted States, communicating to the
Senate the report of the Secretary of State
showing the proceedings under the concur
rent resolution of the two Houses of Con
gress of the 18th of June in submitting to
_the Legislatures of several States an addi
tional article to the Constitution of the Uni
ted States.
Senator THAYER—What article? •
Mr. BUTLER—The fourteenth article. •
It is dated Juno 116th, 1868. It is the same
one to which the dispatch related, an Ex
ecutive document of the first session of the
Thirty-ninth Congress.
The examination of the witness was pro
ceeded with. He identified the original
copy of a speech of President Johnson on
the 18th of August, 1866, telegraphed from
Washington to the Associated Press.
Joseph B. Sheridan, stenographer, testi
fied that he report ed the speech of the
President, made in the East Room of the
White House, August 18th, 1866, which he
took down, to the best of his ability, in
short hand, arid wrote it out, giving a copy
to Colonel Moore, the President's private
Secretary. Ho did not recognize the copy
shown him by Mr. 'Butler as his own, but
swore to'having written out from his notes,
afterwards, extracts from the speech.
These were shown him in manuscript.
Cross-examined by Mr. liWARll.3—The
stenographic report, in his note book was
wholly written by himself. Thespeech oe
cupisd about twenty-five minutes. It was
reported from sound, but attention was also
paid to the sense. The portions written out
were recently written out solely • from the
signs. Could wiite out notes correctly.after
a lona lapsoof time.
James A. Clepliine, deputy clerk of the
Supreme Court of the District of Colima-, ,
Mai was..3l-ledt.On; Septmnbet 18th, 1866,
was employed4n-thoiDepartnunit,6llo3tatel
had been a stenographer for about, eight
years; was then engaged to report the
l'resident's speech. lie transcribed from
the notes a portion of the speech for the
Associated Press. Did not recognize the
manuscript shown him as being his own
handwriting; he mj,ght have dictated it.
At his requestiMr.'McFarland'wrote out a
literal report of the speech which the Chron
ic/a, published next morning, that paper
being willing to take the copy furnished by
Col. Moore. The report of the Chronicle
was accurate, with the exception of a few
Cross-examined by Mr. EVARTS---Took
phonographic •notes of the entire speech;
wrote it all out; but don't know wbere the
manuscript is now; when he, read the
speech he didn't have Ids notes before
hlin; never compared them nor his ,mann-,
script of them with the printed, speech..
Re-direct The copy of the Chronicle be-
Tore him contairiethelipeeehreferied to.
Mr. BUTLElVaiiked if it was a correct
report? - • • •
- •Mr. EVARTS objected.' • It. was impossi
ble for tell front memory.
Mr. BUTLER, claimed that as he had
twice -re-written it, the witness could very
ivell remember it, and his testimony was
Mr. EVARTS argued in reply, maintain
ing the original notes must be prOdUced;
and also sad2the -President - had nett been
allowed an Opportunity of correcting his
speech, which all Congressmennse.
Mr. Tinker being recalled, produced a
copy of the President's speed' marked as
having beer; sent over the wires by, the As
soeiated Press.,
Mr. Sheridanfec*nized a Portion of it as
his oivii handwriting. There are .correc
tions in this copy. 'Didnot see them made,
but believe they , were madellt the White
,Crose-examined--llave corrected the pa;
pers; which correctionsare in his own:hand
writing;, only , those pa gee were ;; written
from his own notes ; ,thie was done at the
time ,by himself, but ho bas never, since
compared thetri; the copy before him was
substantlally, a; correct transcript ef his
notes: ' •
Francis Smith, official - reporter of the
}louse of Reptesentatives, testified he has
been a stenographer for four years; was one
:of thoseomployed by the agent of the Asso
elated Press to report the speech referred to.
[Produced his notes.] Wrote out a portion
of the speech,ancl delivured the sheets one
by one to Col. Moore, who ; wired-Q& them '
as Col. Moore had`-stated he wished to re
vise them—not to make any substantial
changes, but to - revise the phritseologly.
Witness- -selected from the copy ? sent bey , `
telegraph the portions written out by idin
' Cross-examination. by Mr., 'rEvArrni--
The manuscript was correctly made, sub
st.sintially, *but he had -to correct the un-,
grammatical expresslomt. .
Kw Clephino was re-called. Recognized
.the raancuscript of his report.- Bewas cross
eXatallefiollJals variations from; strict' ac-,:
curacy He made the Meaniugt clear and;
corrected ungrammatical sentences,,
, C,61,,V. cf. MoorrfrgieSident'strivateimic
: rotary' festifiedbe,,w‘e : , Opoin d as=
w(th the rank et3lsjo h rAt te o I,,:ir i
Illekr 'UMW:SS ode - Prto;
Of the Xtresidelati , " Belo ' hittMini'' W •
been INsmigentgattiltailit CreherAtHelicod,
,the ,•-spesteii - 'of , Augint 48th. 7 4lifsde'soine
correctionsAttu thenrepart sly:Wefts out{ by
stenographers, doing 50 without themes*
tame of a rocanoranda. Did not change:tbe,
subahmce in any casklmt altered the la
f.3on exattliningUe! in tirn — u Opk,_ be
F . in which'bii 4vrlting .'pli -,, wiz 4
dtmtUsa-L ,wade nmeluingeiiidtbantiduidg-,
•0 1 #49, 9 ragAgr i v U,oti tridlient. -They
• I t t .: tipirvt... u' 3, MaAdit4l4o,l.thEt,
g, ;, 9 ; 4oo***
„. , :!_lite :prig._
li 4 , 'elrOT.,Bll4, o ol.•to t enAliAl s llit;
•• .• lh Maki kt ct9tons.•, . i ,,
Ja • . ir 4 . - rertzwe s c itorkited 1.0 read' sir
the various teporta of =the • speech an ;gent
them in evidence:
air. EVARTS 'Objected. that`the reliert
the Chronicle is not proved by authentic
evidence. : •••
, it this point 2:25 o'clock, the Court took'
a recem of fifteen minutes.
On re-assembling a motion was . made- to
ad,lourn the Court from this evening , till.
Monday next. Lost=ninetee,n to twenty-;
Mr. rLER then read the Associated
Press report of the President's speech.
At its conclusion
Senator ANTHONY made a motion that
a reporter of the ASsociated Press be admit
ted to the floor, but the CHIEF JUSTICE
decided it was not now in order.
- William N. Hudson, of the Cleveland
i.cader, testified : with the assistance of
Mr: Johnsen, I reported the speech made
by the President in Cleveland in Septem—
her; 1866. Have my original nbtes. Only
part was reported verbatim. -The words
which ho did not use were in the synoptical
portion. • ••
Cross examined—The paper for which
I reported was opposed to the President.
Wrote my notes upon my knee. Omitted
portions of the speech, but gave the drift.
Have not compared the full report with my
notes. My notes were not phonographical,
but written in long hand. The synoptical
portion as taken down was again reduced
for publication. In making up my report
I also-made use of Mr. Johnson's report,
which WAS taken in the same way.
• Re-direct—There were many interrup
tions and pauses. - • . •
Mr. BUTLX4II—When the President and
the crowd were bandying epithets?
Objected to and the question withdrawn.
Mr. BUTLER then asked what the
crowd said; and told witness he might re
fresh his memory, by memoranda before
Mr. EvARTs objected that newspapers
were not memoranda. Objection argued.
The CHIEF JUSTICE ruled that the
witness might refer to a newspaper copy, if
he knew it to be correct.
Witness proceeded to read extracts, nar
rating intemiptioqs, which enabled him to
write out portions, of what the President
said verbatim.
Cross-examined—Took down what the
crowd said, and at the same time caught up
with my report of what the President said.
Accounts of interruption which have just
been given were all read by me from the
papers before me.
D. C. McEwen, short-hand repotter ' tes
tified—Accompanied the President's party
as reporter for the Herald. Witness pro
duced a stonographical report of the Cleve
land speech, and also a copy of an accurate
transcript of the report written out. and
handed to the agent of the Associated -
Press, Mr. Crobright. Witness put down a
portion of the interruptions. It was ini
possible to get all. There was a great deal
of noisei'and conflision. I think there were
expremions of ill feeling or temper on the,
part of the crowd. The President was a
little exalted. The crowdaald, "don't get
mad, Andy."
Mr. BUTLER—Did he appear considera- -
bly exalted then?
Mr. EVARTS—That is. not Part of, the
present enquiry. -
Mr. BUTLER—The allegation denies
there was a seandalous and - disgtusiftd.
scene, the conditions being that donnaelfor.
the President claim freedom ofspeeeh, and
we claim decency of speech. We are now
tryingto show the indeunacy of the owe
Mr. EVARTS,I understand freedom of
,ipemb4p,.llol( ,- m*47 tti visali..AbOtorro,
• speak`Properl, and
BUTLER.—I .regard freedom of
speech in this country as freedom of the
-private citizen to say anything in a decent
manner. .
Mr. EVARTS.—Yes, it , is the same thing,
and who is to jud,ge of• the decency?
Mr. BUTLER.—The' Court before Which
a man ist•ried for breaking the law.
Mr. EVARTS—Did you ever hear of a
man being tried for freedom of speech?
Mr. BUTLER—No; but I saw two or
three who ought to have been. •
Mr. IIUTLLE repeated the , question to
witness, who continued:. I: could net see
the President; only -heard the tone of his
vhice. gemed - excited Ido not know
what IS his manner front personal acquaint
ance wheifhe is
On'cross;oxamination witness said he had
not a report of the whole speech ;left left before .
it ended ; besides certain sentences broken
off by interruptions of the crowd - only took
the principal exclamations; ~ c ould. not hear
till hear of -them; ,the . transcript.: of ; the
speech was made two weeks, ago from the
notes of two years ago; think them as aecu
rate as if transcribed! hen.
~.- E dwin B. Sthrk WWI OSami
lk od , --Watf for
"inerly*CehlkitheVal Reported the
speech of, the Presideht at;Cleveland on the
night or the 30th Of Septeinber, 1i4,60, for the
Cleveland Herald . in short hand. It was
.ptiblished; the notes are not now in exist
ence; suppose , •they 'were , throWn• in the
waste basket. [The copy of the paper was
produced.] • .
- Witness—ln some places the substance is
given instead of the literal words.
- Read from a rt of report just what
Johnson said : " " here is the man Jiving,
of - woman, in the community, whom I
have wronged, or where is the person
who can place their linger on one single
-pledge that I have violated, or one single
violation of the Conititution of my country.
What tongue does ho 'speak, what religion
does he. profess? Let tdm comer forward
and put his finger up on one pledge I have
violated." -
Witness continued—There were then in
terruptions, and. various renurks were
made, of which I have noticed one,"eecaus_e
it was the only one' Mr. 'Johnson' palci;any
attention to; that; was ".A.Vakie-'-Hang'Jeff.
':Davis." I- The President said: "'Hang .Zetf.
Davisl'hang Jeff. Davis! Why don'tveu?
There was then some applause and - .intet- --
pinions, • and he tepeated, : "Why ;don't
you." ' There was again applause and itt?
terruptions,, and the. President went,
?Have you - , not the court? Have. you ride
got the courts? Have you uce:got the, At.:
torney General? ' Who;lis `y..Sitr Chief ! Itte.
tic& Who has •reftfileto sit 'at . the
trial 1 1 " There were • then:- some 'inter ,
minions andc•applattse lie '
";I am not , the. =prosecuting attorney.
I urn not the juryobttt J. will tell you what
I did' de. called sin your Congress, which
. is trying. Jo, break -up s ti/e Aloyernmeat."
Here were inter' impact*: and, confusion `
and there may have been words uttered
the President which . ' did.not hear;- but
think not. Then! the President Went on ` to
say,' "But let prejudice' pass."• -
Iktr 'BU to lhe - ' - conelnelon;
where yen reported that accurately.'
_ . r
IVitneag... , ednibiereing' little -bete
Whkre.thetiviktifictiltion: - AOMittencist
~pykstr, trlnlc.lardditsig • ynty•,ihrstaiell lairs ;
.torttightt.-;' - kLiwould• ask) xwith-`,. au
Ow. pains thatSkogresa; hoe taken
=Eh whet has ..41ontt .
lirc?":401.? " alt.
Sote,t4 4 o4bibt l 4 o - N.tatOT 13 0 04/ 16
Oont,rMl; , •hes not dozintrOrytliing to'llre•
went itt And i betiluite - rstand now r did
Yythery'Utlitrebillion'commerOk - klityg,
been dentaincedlts altititor. •Myclicuttry,
,nlenVbeisf_,_'-toktighti:Who - hatteufferfidlitbrn:
:ttunrit. , ?Wkie, Isartreirreater risk ;than It
,a l3 4 l io,rinnatoontual. 1.r81 4 4 Pangrela n
0 fah Lke. %
4 .)miliseririg*PtYrenlit Pgigrilt 4 4.l
tcirdscalltiet f a Vibe
Wne' aid* hey ' a feeling
against mi." ZSo:iar* ward Mr. .Tohnsoies
Witness-oompleteclthe • sentence in this .
fashion: Pin consequence. of the manner
inWhiCh I have diStributed the public pat
renege:" Thoae were not Mr. 'Johnson's
words; but.;aeondcmsation, a summary of
the reasons which he•gave at that point for
the-maligning. . . .
Mr:EVARTS to Mr. Sutler-Do you pro.
pose to put thein' all in?
141 x. BUTLER , —We do. I observe in the
answer of: the President that objection is
made that-we did not put in all he said, and
I mean to give all.
" Witness was cross-examined by • Mr.
Everts. He said in determining what part
to give in full. and what part to condense,
he was perhaps influenced somewhat by
what he• considered would be a little more
spicy or interesting to the reader.
Mr. EVARTS—In what interest? Of the
President or his opponents? •
Witness—l do. not know that._
Mr. EVARTS-On which side were'you?
Witness—Rivas opposed to the President.
, Mr. EVARTS.- - „But you did not know
where yon thought the interest was when.
you selected the spicy parts.
Witness.—l was very careful in all those
parts where there was considerable excite
ment and 'interest in the crowd to take
down carefully. What the President said. .
Mr. EVARTS.—The part which the
crowd was most interested in you took
down carefully? •
Mr. EVARTS—And the part in which the
crowd seemed to have the most interest
was the part in which they made the most
Mr. EVARTS:—Are you able to say there
is a single expression in that part of your
report given substantially, which was used
by the President, so that they arethe words
as they fell from his lips?
Witness—No sir. •
Mr. EVARTA :sold, we object to this re
port as no report of the President's speeh.
Mr. BUTLER'asked what were the -poli
tics of the Cleveland Herald at that time?
Witness—lt was, what was John
son-Republican; some called it Postolhce-
Itepubliatn. The editor had the Postotfice.
Mr. BUTLER Said lie proposed to offer.
the Leader's report of the speech; as sworn
to by Mr. Hudson..,
. ,
Mr. .I.IV..kRTS ,objected . , on the ground
that the Manap;ers are in possession of the -
original notes of the short-hand writer of
the whole speech and of his transcript
made therefrom and sworn to by him. The
stabstitutiohfor that
,evidence-of.the state
nient Of Mr: Midson t os testified to' by him,
• IS agidnit the first'prtheiples Of justice or of
evidence. He has not tesfified how. much
of,the report and. haw much the re
porter.• Johnson's,, .Besides, it is for the
great part it condened staterrierit, directed
by 'Ciretitinittuicett.' The' someobjection
may be made to thliommd• , Herald•report.
.11r. M./TWA:lid, not , .Rtopl:§e 'to .wit -
.4aiiith6 report, of Mr. Nie,Bwen, but to put
in all Others. - .
Aft4"e6nsiderable - sxgument Mr. BUT .
asked a decisiotrof the question.
The CHIEF JUSTICE Said he could not
put the questionmknll three at once.
•Mr: Then I will first offer the
,)The..CHWV., JUSTICE said it appeared
from the statement of the witness that the
repcittwaa not 'made by himself, but with
the astdstsnce of another persen, whose
netesiere not prOdneed 4r who is not him
self prodUced,43 a Witness, • The ChiefJui-.
3nafiAmisszktae, 7.;
at, ant
ty - of the report and it was ad
mitted—yeas-thirty--tive, nays eleVen, Sen
ators Howe and Trumbull voting with the
Democrats in,the negative. .
BUTLER then offered the report
prepared by Mr. NicEwen.
Mr. EVARTS objected.
Mr. BUTLER offered the report of the
Cleveland Herald.
Mr. IN ARTS objected..
On motion of Senator EDMUNDS the
Court adjourned till to-morrow at noon.
The. Chair was vacated by the ,CHIEF
JUSTICE and assumed by the President
Senator ANTHONY called up the resolu
tion to assign a .plaeo on the, floor of the
Senate to reporters of the New York ASSO•
elated Press. •
A debate of some length followed, ,in
which, several Senators .warmly advocated
the resolutionsas in the interest of the putt
• lic e while opposition was
,shown by some
' members On the ground that agents of the
Association SOVHFhad77-steiiiiitical
ly libelled theßeeenstruction , Conventions,
and by others because the Association did
not furnish news to all papers } in
Without reaching a Cote the Senate ad
journed till tomorrow. •
. .
Very few members present., Several of
them obtained - sleeve of ' absence. The:
speaker presented a communication from
General Schofield: relative to the,expenses
of the electlous in , the flint.. Military Dis
trict. Deferred to the Comirdttee on .4p
propitiations. ' =
The House resolved itself into Ommittue
of the:Whole, and proteeded tothe' &Mate,
Chamber, ,to wituefri, inmeachment
with:, the • .understanding Itimt no
business be done on re-rumeinbling
. • .
- isr Tokgraptiqiithe Pittsbhigh Onzette.3 - --
. - "I . :: ' ' .. W.kstaita . roN, April 3, 1868.
_, _
: the , President't6.dni sent the following
hithiliiattefie 14- . thozi - Elenatet. - :Hediteinan-
Slack, , ldarahal for the`distrieeetWest Vlr
: nim - WilliardlVNVittle, - N. J., Assistant
: , • gleon 2 : 4ri , "the' navy ;-- John "' Ayres, and'
Nieitolas etaintaidi agente ftirthe Indians in' '
ilreitatldebi Aei:'llTObilin;Ti3lletittor trf Inl•
kernel IteVentitrin the : Fifth - district ta: wis.
ikiath;:firih.lfturplis',‘.-Collentor elltihnnal ;
Tietleittelniliet tilxth• district 6f Kenteahy.•
f, ' • • rl3i:itutgirivrmx:raxiglioiqpri.'
:-tj. B. ilifeCalledgh, -• a tietvepaliei' - *ie&
pendent; l i nebeen summoned` by the:el:len-,
eel for the Presid 4 MVUKgiticotbstiruiso 3n.
- thelimpeaehinefit 'tilatiteshow. 7 thitt ' the'
President Wile r 4 iSikated obni4reatiniiihtth'
him deelaredliditettnfin the' Stanton and,
ThoMea - " , matteicr'Mal , iwith'li;viira ;only 'of,
obtaining- ajtidielel'lltibigieit on the' 'etinsti- •
tutionality , of-the tenet+, of ofileti=hill.' ':. 1 •
.. flhse OtefAhet'Ohlif ft ViikCiithhtM ! :9.:
,Lilytefiitriiiiii.lOitO i 5 , 4 0 6 ,10 4 iiiip.r..',. , ='; ,,
,cii i 'o 4 i o44o l- 0... 4- tAe- 041 - iii;
labia paged the •14,4:;114ik ( 4 PA '3lngi
the bunditljiiitLes . rtddi - iwtil the ulliA.
Irttier,:kcinfeel I.
~, % .- i ' ttith,Afewporri=
] /CentliC . I"'k.-1•-;',6 4 14 ,ftho - - - 4 , -::c-hen
aid 0 to , -
.. ~,, , . . • .: .-.... 0b 0 t 0.47164e4 .
.• - .4011 ,-- o.k,iinit. ..• t ' 4 ' !:': ' 14 0 *Z-V . 141.,
ramici'ttiCaiti- • ; ..., At, t - hiputreer
Aidtiiiiiiury t ier ~ „ . 4..;e4
,i ',.*Aftißar4
, 01 4 .0Plgetk , 7 ' ll !%Viiiiiii*l4o44 . 4 . 34 , W..:
1 .- -,...-,-* '• ' - - ''.- " ' f i-,;',i4 x
• i
''.'' ..4,0;:..,01. • - .-'
FLPSYterie ~......,....e.ikrimeo- . 0-..),,,
rscpek,, ..„ .: 1 i 444 , -.YYoo9lhei
im s ,
1 =ifirii, . Site ' ', ' , 9o. , ,,thie'r rturvlverw , ,
•4.• !, ... • . hp, '. . Am* .ikozhcAdred.
' I ''
•.' • lii 419 ' At' etertcd•teri'
~ tiiii„ .. ypri !.., lag ei Vwlg Milk to`
3 h city. He will be 042&.Y05tgc,•.:
ber•edt citizens *ter the match. .
• /. ,
lly Telegiaph to the Pittsburgh G azette.)
RICHMOND,' April 3.=TheT Convention
was engaged to-day on the , article concern
ing the basis OrrePfesentation and nearly
completed it:" ... Taking the iegistration of
last year as the ground, it will give the
Republicans twenty-three majority on joint
. .
General Scofield has . issued an order to
enforce the State law against unlaWful
hunting on publio - '
Evacuation Day was celebrated by color
ed societies to-day. About three thousand
blacka gathered on the - srinare and liStened
to addresses from black speakets. Good
order prevailed.
vsw OALEANs, April 2.—Genef.:l Steed- '
man . left for Washington to-day; to answer
a summons in the impeachment tria'."
The Internal Revenne receipts In
.tho.lst •
District of Louisiana for March were e 4.52- •
The RegistrY lists were reopened, to-day,
and are to remain open five ,daya r foi) the
pUrpose Of revision and additional r.cgistra
tion prepatory to the election.
A break in the levee is threatened, eighty
miles above •the city, which would inun
date the sugar region between the 'Missis
sippi and Teehe rivers.. The citleen.s have
asked the Board of Levee Commissioners
for aid 'in strengthening the levees. 'The
river before the city is three feet three
inches:below the high water of lte32, and is
rising steadily: ' : :
AUGUSTA; April Lintnn Steph
ens and Gen. John B. Gordon addressed:the
democracy of .Richmond oounty, last night,
Advising the people to vote against ,tlie re
construction constitution. The contest for
Governor is becoming excited. TM, friends
of Irwin, independent candidate; ars34 work
JACKSON, April 3:—Nothing inipprtarit in
the Convention
Revenue Frauds at Galvestop
GALVESTON, April3.---The examination
of warehouse fragds in tobacob showslhat
58,709 pound.s were credited; over one-half
of which is missing. •'•
„ . ~• • .
Court House and Jg.lllinirned.
WILMINGTON,N. C., April ; 3:- 2 r...k. fire at
Wadesbro yestrtlaY'destioyed the einart
house and jail and seven storeS. •.•
—The office of the Pennsyl,varda - Atailroad
Company, at Landisville, LancT,ter coun
ty was entered on :Friday nig,nt last, the
sail, broken open, and about ,$lOO9 taken
therefrom. • ,- , -
—On Friday night, the 2`.lth- inst. a fire
broke out at. Port Deposit ‘ and destroyed
property to the value or $f:40,000. The -heavy
fall of snow saved builclintis . ." Six tl
thonsand Was insured,- •
—The people of York are goitre- tfi decide
by .vote whether they wish todevote $10,4)00
:to the purchase °tele= Are. •engfites or
not. 'At present hand
_engines are the only
kind of fire 'extinguishers in use lit:that
town. r - - •
, ,
no more
no more healthy or pleasant sumrnerTesort
than Erie is to be found.- - The lake breeze,
good roads, beating, fishing and, shooting
are all attractions, and the consecinenbe is
that the best rooms in the hotels are already
being engaged for the summer.. - • -
—A nest of wooden building.s in Scranton
was burned out on, -Monday , last. Several
barns and four or five little dwelling houses
were consumed. The - loss was about X 12,000,
part of which was covered •by insurance.
Ten poor families were turned out'of doors
by this catastrophe. Scranton is ,aillicted
with fires:" There - was one Yriday, and
scarcely a week pusses without at least one.
—There is it stage driver in` Pike county,
Penn., named David-Starner, Who ltrt.s-driv
_en stage for the, hist forty rears; averaging
30 miles per day. I)educting the ,Sundays
from forty years, loaves 12,520 working days,
itt 30 milei a day makes' a total of
875,800, equivalent to fifteen times the/dis
tance round the world, and ;600. miles ever.
He it , l2OW Si3tYyear „ ,S ‘ ,94 . age, 41 . !lf. is bale
and hearty. ,
Thursday evening liti4 Week, a
large flock of`wild geesepaosed over
, L mating - the air mud With their discdidant
,notes:.,.: Somewhat_ ettrangely,lhoweyar,- in
stead of flying in a Southerly direction as
they generally hat this Particular season
of the year, 'their 'flight wak due North—
and thhi• was considered '• by• Many: ofbur
" wea,ther. , 'prophets ":. as an xnfatible sign of
fallinvea:tber.:7#llovcr.Spesccitor.., 4
4.kiiigella - conrse of, erection ciVerSte
nay Meek, Johnstown wite"ripsett,he 'other
day, and - several' people Who'vere upon it
narrowly cokaped - -with , theirt liv4, as the
..wtiteOviut high:: . :Wetiley.,Rose Was severely
injured in th spine..ltirs..lkswen was in
jured by her'fan, &it'd WM goult down, for
the third time in'the ileep waters n heti she
was rescued , barely ravel as small•tojkluid
a leg broken, and-several others were more
.or less injured., The bridge was bufa tern
'Porary one, being erected bemuse the stone
brifte. had. bwrt swept" itioy by tat: recent
flop&, and could not speedily,bi replabed.
Hew Orkeans
By Tetemph to the Pittehniith Gazette.j
NE* April B.—Cotttd is 'exci
ted and unsettled; saeli of 5;000'-'baleillid-
Ming at 301‘m 'receipts; 4,940,ba1ee; mEports,
,2,954 bales; for.the,wilek,44,7o) l lWeir, • t •
11,950 bales ;.. exports - tbreign r , 1,6,143
Wetly coastwise, gtoeti-"' 67,284
bales. - Sugarand , ldtilbs. jtietirl kite; ir
fregultwAnd•Amaettled. ritrrueo,su- .
pertine 510;,extrl 3 1, 4 C°alla4 R i M egt ;
quoted at $ 1,05a1 , 51.. Oats lei*, de
'mend at 80e: Hay drill 'and drobidu .7idesa
,Pork ;firmer- at 4278,27 j 70. Radon;
1110010 re, /234%
quiet and staady;*rees, - 1•04,;•
Exchange 'Panic, - .lfilszaz. 0-12
Unireltd, .150a151.. Near 'York isigtt me -pre-•
xat t rni, , %. 1:?1 , %! •
z -
Burialo mi"ot.
to the
April -3:.:4 1 16Or', uticha d.
Mirheatlitore netivm - valosit2oo4:aish.-NO. 2
Ntitoligo-at AL% SOM 4pilkafiea-i-oar or
.now Alto *at 41,96,
d tit 114;01 mi t t . of
100 aboalil*Oittirti 3:OC /IV° I:o4morsatieles.
_ .
.1 1 3 l' , - - '-• Saitt• Miiitet - --:
tityTtnegiabtrto ditinicabiiviTieszeoo -•- - •
-ttaA2C - Fitlmpratat, lA.rilk 8,!--Ifloyak—imet;
/E,WRIIPA I S.4# I ,I 4 M.f9T;n 3 fCIUd*Y-MlVieditilll
hi er
primal on. ,oWn_lrs, frooßtkvlr. i r
Vizir ek_llsoAlit best cglinpltr gr a
aTe in ci., , i e-,-.-at,z a
gr. E
17/ t 9s AP ' • T'WO 1 3 r1. far
L'-gozi'it . A . -A 4r, , t t r u
43. : ' ta i- 5 - 4 4 ,1.
I tia Gl 4l lll44 7 *.fiffredilrerejala "t
"arkitthe - itightMeNiNt,Araf he'rebrip a
*dl 101 irckvitsbuintfrortvill ..,k14 , 4 C.!.
taier4.40,141 APZIAZSiWOI4IIOit4DaY
bitikeriag andirold.