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M- 8
Highway Robbery-,An Old Man Accosted
by Three Villains, Knocked Down and
'Robbed—Escape of the Perpetrators:_
'The:Police Force Insufficient.
One of the most infamous' and dastardly
highway robberies occurred last night that
we have ever been required to chronicle in
this city. William. Wilson,man sixty
years of age, clerk and - book-keeper for the
firm of 'HartnPee & Co., machinists and
lxfiler makers;; was detained at the office of
the. Company last night to a later hour than
usual, and about 'eight o'clock he closed the
office and started home. At the corner of
First , street and. Redoubt alley he was ac-1
eosted by three men, one of whom;struck
him with a heavy, blunt instrument,'
felling him to • the, ground. He_ called
for the polide, when he received.!
another blow, which rendered him
insensible. The villains then., "went
through" him; taking from his pocketd a
silver watch and chain, twenty-five dollars
in greenbacks, and -a cheek drawn in his
favor by Hartnpee & Company,. for one
hundred. dollars. • A gentleman residing
' near wherethe robbery occurred, hearing
"his cry for help, came to see what was
wrong, When he'diScovered three Men run
ning away from wherethetioiseproceeded
in a hurried manner, and - on going to the
spot found Mr Wilscin lying on the ground
insensible and bleeding:- profusely. • He
summoned assistance and removed him to
his residence, and a physician.wa.s sent for
Who attended to' his injuries, which are
._.. said tcibe very severe. - -
We are only snrprisecl that such occur-
rences as thelabove are not more frequent,
and unless the authorities take the proper
steps to Prevent them, highway robberies ,
will become as common as assault and batter
ies 'are now. There is but one remedy we
am see, and that is to increase the number•
of policemen. Willi ,the present' limited
force therenre but' two allotted to the First
ward, and somp.other wards we are inforna
ed are still. more meagrely provided for.
The object of a city government, like that
of all other governments,. is the protection
of its inhabitants in all their, rights, both
acquired and natural, and When the author
ities, having it within their power, fail to
do this, the object of the government fails.
if they use all the means within their power
the fault is not theirs; but if, on the other
hand, anything has been left undone that
would be a protection to the lives and prop
" _erty of the citizens, and by this neglect a
citizen suffers either in person or property,
those having the power'o protect them and
neglecting to do so are certainly censura
Fatal,Accidiont on Smitplield greet.
about half-past one o'cloCk 'yesterday af
ternoon an accident occui7ed resulting fa
tally to 'Nicholas Miller, a young German,
who was em' Ployed by Mr. B. Audi as a
stone mason. An excavation• for a cellar
had been made in rear of 'Acr:Auth's beer
_saloon, 'l'Er2 • Smithfield - street, with the in
tendon, of building an addition to the house.
At the time of the. accident Miller 1
was engaged at 'work on the wall,•when the, I
earth from above caved in, burying the un
fortunate man beneath it. - Some fifteen
minutes elapsed before, he could be taken
out, and when removed life was entirely ex
_ tinct. - peath apparently resulted from suf
focation, as a hasty examination of the body
did. not 'reveal bruises serious enough to
produce filth effects. Coroner Clawson was
summoned and held an inquest, and a
verdict of accidental death was rendered.
Thea deceased was about twenty-two y-irs
of age, unmarried, and came to this county,
• 'last 11, from Butler county, since when
he has resided with a cousin in Birming
haul. He, only went to Work yesterday a.f
.ternoon at the place where he met his death.
He had applied urgently for the, situation,
stating that he had- no money, and should
- starve unless he' , got Ixork.• • tt 4 icrother per
son was injured. I •
Eiplaslon at Freeport.
An explosion occurred at an Oil Refinery,
at Freeport, Isionday, by which two men
were sligh'tly injured; and the works een
siderably damaged. The building is of
stone, with walls two feet-thick. The crude
oil tank stands at a distance of about two
htindred feet from the building, and has
been: for some, time past kept filled with
oil. A pipe lead from it to the re
ceiving tank„ just within the building.
On Monday evening two'men went into the
receiving tank to do'sonae - work to fit the
tank for use, preparatory to the speedy get
ting of the establishment into operation,
taking, with them , a lighted candle. No
sooner had they entered than the
gas which had accuinulated from the crude
° oil in the other tank ignited, and a tremen
dous explosion occurred. The receiving
tank was titerally.blown to fragments, and
the atone building very considerably
-shattered. A largehole was brown through
the wall. nearest the exploded tank, and a
fragment - of the tank carried some distance
through:. it. , The two ..,rnen, strangely
enough, not only escaped instant death. bnt
were not danuerously injured.' It wil re
quire fully a thousand dollars to repair the,
I=l - nage. done to the building and apparatus.
Fatal Accident
\ ~
An accident occurred Tuesday evening. ,
Allo&kt five o'clock, at the Superior Brick
ComPany's Work A L:near , ,Torreru 3 Station,
on the ' Pennsylvania Railroad, resulting in
the death of. Daniel B. Loughner, Superin
tendent of the wOrks.• "Mr. at the time
the_ *eider* occurred . assisted by three
other men, was 'engaged in shifting coal
cust,which had been left on 'the Brick
Company's siding, loaded with coal. The
ffniit ear had been: moved several feet from
the; Second one, ;when he went between
( them to aid in Shovidgthe car, and the second
car' starting suddelay, and running dditer
tthan the front ode, ,caught him between the
',bum s , ,Crushing his body in a frightful
Irnannek. He wag taken out as soon as pos
• Able and removed to tigiElk Hotel, at
"reps,Stiition, where he id ad yesterday morn-
ing ,at ilto....o'clock4; Coroner Clawson was
ennunoned. nnd held adinquest on the body,
• and the after hearing the testimony
- -of several witnesses;:found a verdict in ac
, cordanee with thee - above 'facts,
The deceased was thirty-dve years of age,
• and leaves a wife and four children residing
-; in sGreensburg, Westmoreland county
_ A .WstakS*.,
Tuesday night, Andrew , Lerit)l oldman
-••• 1-, in --residing'the First -ward,.took t argadose,
of iiiiia'afihn; by mistake,'froui-the :effects
of which' lib died yesterday :morning. The
deceased was seventy-six yeara of age; and
had been quite unwell ' 'for several days.
During the evening, he got,up from his bed
• •
• •to take some medicine, two bottles of which
were pieced togethor on the table, one con
taining laudanum, from which he took`a
' Jarge siese n
,He then retired and went to
. sleep, never ttl'atalie friends
discovered the next morning that there was
something Wrong with him, _and aubysician*
wax gieniffor.imTedifitely.t. I,HeAscovered
the mistake, but, it=wait toe 14e, the, drug,
do** W,,andtheunrorlunate, marL
expired in , a short time ' itfterivards. Coto
'jeer ClaWsou held an inquest upon the body,
I, A. 114. anddOn
fic49TPF' ' •
. t" chiairce- . - --- - zyiordrenee te,,ttle
-7 - • 4 ::- -.'1„,,,,,,.,..,- ~...,.. Arzthi,.b.AlleghenYi-puT;
•.'- - , , 6,aveitif;eifif.- .- publish .Si ka re; t.
Rai which All Pt• _ . _
Tim 4.,,itc_ itnpertatir - -.c , tili
wilt be en ~..1. g 9 in t 9 -10414Y•1:
.''-' ) te 6 l Ulads- n - &M,r g A to On City without;
. ' ~ Firsins'willruti - • with trains east,
~ - „change of ea,rs - ,and connect with - v ran k l i f iv and
":''-' '
and west on the Warren "
V I ","' .- : ;Atlantic Mid' 'Great -, Weste Ra i lway , _
a .... it rn " .
Important ehanses have also Dee mile° /u,
- the time table.
- THE COURTS. A Representative Business Souse.
f •
'pl ^ a' Tr
k 5 The magnitude of the nin r. bin "iteam
tinifed 'Stitesfirstiiti COUrt4-11. Aige Me- and gas fitting business of this city hard-
.. . ' ' Iliappreciated by , thos wh o are not famil
- In the bankruptcy branch the rule grant- : lei - *A it sA ; arlotuill. w h o
uks Yesterdi - '
ed . on James Johnson, on petiti on
we had the pleasure ofTooking tlirbugh One
-S. Head, to show cansewhy he should not of the , most, extensive business louses of
he adjudgedrt benyrupt r aL,Wastr retnrned.• •
this city; which' IS ddieleff exeluaively to
Johnson is the party charged witli (Urger/
• er. 1; • • the transaction of this peculiar line of trade.•
and of course intide no answer to the rule. .... .
The large' andpommotlious four story buil&
'The Court therefore.adjudged him a bank- , ing on the corner of Wood street and fir-
rapt, and riande an order to that effect. /
• • gin alley,occupied by the. nnteiprising firm
Messrs. J. di G. Ratishauser,...of Pitts, of. Weldon & Kelly, giv6i'i'Yiie a fair idea of
burgh, were also adjudged bankrupts, on -
petition.of John,M. Orem, Son Sr:Co. the importance of the traffic, or at least of
Wm: H. Green; of 'Allegheny cnunty, was the extent:4A. the trade driven by this house.
granted n final' discharge. - In the basement, a well furnished apart-
A petition for final discharge was filed by ment, we found stored away vast quantities
Wm. Burns, efJefferSon eountir. of pipes, oints, pumps,wash t asins, sinks,
The following for.petitions djudication in bath tubs ,
_ packages of lamps, chandeliers,
bardirtiPtcy'ivere filed:' David Smiley,WY- &c., being the reserve stock held by the
oming county, Seim H. Scoyell;: Towanda, I firm, subject to the deniand of their
Pa.; S. S. Griswold, Erie; Jefferson Varney,' customers, On the - .first floor, a broad and
'Allegheny City. wide room, tastefully_ arranged and fitted
up, is' the general business departthent,
where are on exhibition samples of the ini
merifse stock of fittings and fixtures, chan
deliers, pendants, globes, oil lamps,. lead
pipes, -plumbers' , materials„ sinks, Wash
standspbath tabs, iron 'andwood pipes; &c.,
&c. The stock on this floor alone equals
that - Carried on by most houses, to say
nothing of the vast amount in the other de
partments. On the second floor, a splen
didly fitted room, we found the finest asort
ment of chandeliers we have ever seen in
this cite. There were hundreds'of differ
ent styles, sonic being rich end costly, and
others neat and humble enough. .Several
'new styles of bronze ehandaliers,flcre which
Weldon & Kelly are the exclusivertgents for
this city, are on exhibition., and we feel sure
will become very popular. It May be per
tinent to remark that this fire* keep the
lar'est supply and greatest variety of chair
deliers for gas and oil, pendants, brackets,
ttc. z. to be found west of the mountains, and
their wholesale trade is consequently very
large. In the rear of the chandelier robni•
is the:packing 'departnient, which we ob
served contained large quantitiets of goods
awaiting Shipment. The third floor is occu
pied :as a workshop, containing all the
modern improvements in machinery, and
occupied constantly by a large force of
skilled workmen, the tirm employing-none
other, as their mechanical reputation stands
high and must be inaintalnedl. They attend
to all Work peculiar to the trade in the very.
best manner. Here also we found ranged
in bins the multitude of parts and joints
and bits of threaded pipe, so important
to the Plumber ' gas and 'steam fitter.
These materials *are supplied the
smaller dealers in the city and country, at
very reasonable prices. The fourth story
is the finishing and bronzing department,
andis made also to answer the purposes of
a lainp storage room. Here are re-bronzed
chandeliers, pipes, &c.„ making old ones
look as good as,new, and at comparatively
' , mud). prices. , •
The business ef the firm is very great,
; -
In the 'case_ of M. P. !Adams Bro. vs.
Jas. Logan, previously reported, the jury
•found for, the - plaintiff in the:suni 0f1718.94:
Mean' itSib - bett'tS: j. Sharp McDonald.'
This was an action to recover on a book ac
cOunt for coal furnished. Verdict for plain
tiff for $605.00,
City. of Allegheny vs. A. -Marshall, was
the next cas taken up. This was an action
brought by the authorities of Mlegpepr to
recover the amount assessed upon , the-de
i fentlant for the grading:of Ridge street.
The contract for the grading of the street
was given out at thirty-five cents per cubic
yard, but subsequently Councils increased
the amount to fifty-six cents. An -addition
al assessment was levied upon the property
abutting on the street, but the defendant,
with Ofhers, !resisted!, the: payment of any
other:than the origittal assessment. This
suit was brought as a test case, and there
area number pending its result. On trial.
The ease of the Conunonwealth vs. Rachel
Bliss, indictment keeping a bawdy house.
wa.S'resntned yesterday.. The jury retired
about,twelve o'clock; and after an-absence
of about two hours returned to the Court
room for instruction. They desired to
know, in substance, whether in making up
their verdict they were to be governed by
the fact whether or not a specific act of
guilt had been*Showni.- The Courtinstruct
ed the jury that it was not neckssury to
show_.a - Specific - act of - guilt; they might
judge of the'eharacter of the house by. the
l„,surrouridings , •The jury again retired and'
soon after returned a verdict of guilty. Mr.
Swartzwelder moved for a new trial.
On motion of Gen: R. Biddle Roberts, his
counsel, L. J. Reuchler, dentist; convicted
of rape, was released on entering bail in the
sum of 55,000. A motion for a new trial is.
pendin yma .. . - - : • .
H g n Goldstein was placed on trials On..,
an indictment charging him with the lar
ceny of a silk cloak and other articles, the
propertyof Lot& Schnitzer, of Wylie street.
On-trial. • •
_ . ,
T. 'J. Duncan vs. 'a-ecutora 'of Robert
miner, deceased: This was an appeal from
judgment granted by Alderman
ters. Verdiet for .plaintiff' for ..f54.75. A
motion for a new trial was madu
fendants. • - -
1-tenrylcieman ts. Enoch Gityton: This
was an action to recover for work and
labor done bY .
plaintiff and his family.
Jury out. '
Federal Street - altd"Pleasanet r ally
senger Hallway-. Sleeting of tlie Stock
Pursuant to notice, a meeting of the
Stockholders of the Federal .Street and
Pleasant Valley Passenger, Bail Way Com
pany was held yesterday at three o'cicick,
r. at Giajt's:lfotel, Second; Ward,lAlle
ghenv. On motion of W. M. Claney, W.
S. Bissellwai &died to the: Chair, W.
McCreery acting Secretary. After the min
utes of 1 . 1i+") last regular meeting had been
approved, the Secretary read the act of incor
poration and the ordinance gmnting the
right of way- through Allegheny. acceptance
of which was:laid over for further consid
On motion of W.,.:3l.:Mcerceryr, the Board
of Directors were granted. privilege to elect
their President and other- officers of the
road. - •
A report from the Board of Directors of
temporary - organization was received, show
ing the estimated cost to be about $8992.50
per rolletand the entire cost Of construct
ing and:equipping the road to be $39,580.75,
with other interesting statistics, among
which - was a letter from - Mr.. Stevenson, of.
New York,'giving an account of the man
agement and . profits of different roads
throughout the country.
Orf : ritot.itel Of W. S. Taylor, it was re
-solved to hold a , meetirig at. the same place
on Fridayevening, at 734 at!,
for the
erection of•officers and 'win :Mont orgazii
zation, and Messrs. M'DOCiald, Niitall and .
Sway were appointed a committee to notify
stockholders of said action, after which the
meeting adjourned. „
Yesterday evening, about six . o'clock, a
difficulty occurred on car NO. "4; Citizens'
Passenger Hallway, in which, two brothers
named Shields, residing at 'Hatfield re
ceived-a complete chastising, administered
by Harry Palmer, conductor Of the- car.
After getting on_the car, which was filled
with ladies,- one of the brothera became
disorderly, when the conductor-intormed
him that he must keep quiet or leave the
car. This'. warning had , the desired effect,
and all went well until the car reached.the,
stable, when it appears the driver left it in,
charge of the conductor who drove to the
stable; By this time the.passengers hail all
left the car except the Shields, who, seeing
the i conductor alone, ,concluded to• punish,
hini for his conduct, and made an attack
:upon him. Having no other means of pro
tection, Harry stopped the car and went to'
work upon the ruffians, who in every short
'time - discovered- that they had found. the
Wrong: ;maxi... , After giving - them bbth a
complete "dire/tang," he got . aboai'd the"
car and drove off. On returning to the city`
he made information before Alderman Don
aldson charging the ShieldS brothers with
assault and battery. A 'warrant was issued
for their-arrest. :
^^.-~+3~Y;r~ -..~.~.~»'*~.~a0 5 „~ T ~ ,: ~x<KraA f ~ -~ ,c v„ . a y r{ ~s: c~- T.-.
+++-lx.~rvF:y:~ r'~ts,+~.—"•~' ; +~k',+*,'.:P,sr } ~r~l.. ~S`-s.~ -.~~~~ ~ p ~~4~` y 3. ~tea ;rrY"'X..v,.. '~l~.~s~ i ~T.~' i ~ qa..i-~tP
District Courtudge
Quarier Sessions--.Tudge Mellon.
Common Pleas—Judge Sterrett.
Run Against a Sawyer.
The Home Or the Destitute.
It is now less than two months since this
Home was established at 199 Penn street,
and in that time over eight hundred men
have Ipeen sheltered and fed there, over six
hundred and fifty bf.whom have found em
ployment or have been assisted to their
homes.. Over ouo, hundred and fifty men
now need work, and itp`is hopfid tlutt..those..
who need laborers will remember the
Horne and send,thero for workmen. It, is
better for mind and body that they should
be employed, if only for sufficient ;wages
to pay their expenses at the Home. ItT3s;
hoped that the. see the folly of
giving money to street beggars when such
11.',1iiimo is vrovided Dy,whiC4We'ean bo sure
that,what_igiven is not spent4or intoxir
cating' - drink; and' the . really needy can
have feed and shelter. By sending cast off the Borne I( great Vcat be
suPPlieel witluNit a,taxon, Among
those helped are the.names of persons from'
over= twenty_ different States and all the
ttgtTa,? i tlik,r..eOtititry;' thue spreading
fey- he .. 'Woriderfcdinfluence of the
:great- werk. that., has thus 'fir
Feral:* d ' Hornetthe'la on #(;:ibettobleit
ehezitablehletitotiens the laltd;
'Abused U . With.—mart' "- POlohand'
made information befori4liq .Eigki or, chark.
lug her 'litulband, liery WO clAgUr
tomtit! ELndf bAtterY• "'She M e 0491#
at varianatimealeat and al) *lr.
waa committed for trial.
and they have the facilities of largely in-
creasing it. The firm stand high ;in the
estimation of the business public, and by
liberal; well directed enterprise find them
selves controling a vast trade, and at the
head of an establishment which :reflects
credit totheir personal industry - and ener
gy, and to thti ( - :
A Few Words About the Great Arabian
... - ; . Pkidelan—Boorri.s. Keystone flank Build.
Real t..sta:te Tt'ansters. i - l A nf le , y, 7rner: of Liberty Street and Cecil I
..., .
The following ' deeds ' were 'admitted of , • .
record by H. Snively, Esq., Recorder; Tues- I The system of medicine practiced by.the 1
day, March 24t1E,1868: •.; r;
' ; - _ ; Great Arabian Physicl4 meets ,with the
William Smith to Joseph Graff. March 30th, ; approval of all liberal and learned phySi
-1868, tract of hind in Collins township, i clans of the country, and it is no wonder
containing 4 acres 137 perche5........520,000 I . • ;
, that his rooms areconstantlythronged,with I
John Scott to Margaret, Berlin, March 26,
lots No. 32, 33, 34 and 35, in Messick's phin ; patients from all , parts: of the State, and
of lots inlabertytownship '?1,100 1 diseased with all the Ills to which flesh is
Matthial Fiseher. to George G. McClintock, heir. The G.' A. P. does not warra t to
March 31, 1866, tract lof land in Richland i , ri
86 ; cure all diseases, but he will cure mOst and
township, - containing 54 acres and
perches , , ( r 2,500 ; render alleviation ,to ' every patient. :His
Henry , Hebrauk ,to Frank. Hick, February •'i professional- rates-are -not. proportionately
' 7, 1868,' lot NO. 7:lin John Brown's plan of ; heavy to the great success thus fir achieved
lots, in East Birmingham, on Sydney i in the treatmentofthe thousand cases which
street, 20 by. 60 feet. % ....$1,200 ; haye..'..- come under, his' notice.. Remember'
Andrew J. Rapp to Andrew Batz, January the apartments are located in the ele , gant
1, 1868, lot on Jane street, ;East firming- ; Keystone Bank Building,- corner! of Cecil
, ham, 20 by 120 feet .11,000 ; alley and Liberty street PriVate entrance
C:iroline'Kuckert to William Esplen, March ; from Cecil alley.'
e l
20, 1868, four: lots in Chartiers township, ; N. B.—PriVate diseases are mad a specs-
from No. 200 to .203 inclusive, in C, H. ; ally. An experienced Pathologist, who has
Love's plan of lots, on Virginia avenue, I devoted the largest part of a longprofes.
100 feet square - ' $2,200 i sional life to-the treatment of these distres-
John Liepert• toJacob Manch, Dec. 8, 1865, ;.sing' ailments, assists the Great Arabian
tract• of land. in Indiana township, con- 1 Physician in his treatment of these as well
tainingl'—'l acres and 86 perches 81,352 ;as other cases. It will pziy the afflicted to
Jacob' Mauch . to'll. D. Dunlap, Jan. 1. 1.86,8,; call early, as the rush is great.
the above described land - $1,540 '
Samuel L. Robinson to Mrs. Hester Pur
nell, March 20th, 1868. lot on the corner of
Rebecca' street and Allegheny Avenue,
Fifth wariL Allegheny - $1,900
Thomas . 'Mellon to S. L.Robinson, May, 20,
`lB6O, four lots in the First. ward, Alb"-
gheny, Nos. 23 to 20 inclusive, fronting
- on Rebecca street 84 feet and having :V,
deph of 101 feet $4 5 0 0 ;
Victor Hart, Trustee of Magdalena M. Pal+.,
torions, to Ed. Hogan, Feb. 29, 1868, lot
on Sarah street, East Birmingham, 24 by
' -1:L2036. - ef '', .' . '3; : - . 5 ..... .....'VI ~ ‘ $3,500
Catharine Hunter to James 1, August'
9, 1867, lot in Ross tovnship containing 4
acres and 10 perches...:_ $1,300-
James Higby to'John Lafferty, Feb. 15, 1868,
tract of land • in Snowden township,.con
tabling 74 perches ; r 75
lienry„..g.. Twining
_to George. - A.. Grier,
IslarettlA 1i68;1.40n Short Avenue,,Sev-.
efith ward 4 Pittsburgh, 24 by 120 feet.l27s
Watch . Presentation.—Mr. J. B. Wil
liams; Assistant Health Officer, was pre
sented,with , a handsome gold watch, on
Ttiesdarevening, by . the members of Elias
Wildman Lodge No. 549, I. 0. 0. F. 'The . .
presenttds hy.Dn 4;.M. Barr in
a short and appropriate addresS . ,.to which,
M.r. Williams responded ,in a feeling man
ner.: The following inscription was neatly
, engraved- on-the. ease : 0. O. F. Pre
-minted' to G..T. M.-Withal - he, of Mount'
Morlab . Lodge. No, 369,, by Elias Wildman
Lodge No. 49:". ' •
Child InJured.—Yeaterday morning a lit
tle girl,laughter of Mr. Lindsay, Manches
ter, .was seriously_ injured by a street. ear.
'The 'child attempted to cross the street, in
front of an approaching car, when it was,
knocked downty the horses and before the
car could be checked, the wheels struck
r `tiot. but,the bfeaks were put on immediate
ly and prevented the ear from - passing over
her. Several bones were broken, and in
ternal injuries inflicted which . eis-feared
will prove fatal.
Wo would call, the attention of our rend-
ers to the oard of Mi. George A. Bayard,lia
to-day's issue, informing the public that he
has finished his now, brick yards and is now
prepared tiifurnish brick in such quantities
as wanted. These works are among
the finest in this country and 'parties want
bride can rest - assured_they will receive no:
thing but thtivery:best hyleaying their or
der with Mr ..13ayard. He is
_prepared to
fitCaish them onahort notice. itincilat reason
able prices: 'Offie do Smithfield street.
Personal.-xWe , regret to learn that D. B.
,Thortip § on, Esq. l a rising member of tho
'Pitniburgli• bar, is about to leave the city,
for Brooklyn, New York, where ho intends
tolocate ptsrtharkentlyAtktimpraptice of his
profession. Mr. Thonipsonleaves a host'of
ftleritis ln thitt.eityiwbotui best ivishes will
follow him to his new field of labor, white
his abseneO from among them. will be deeply ,
, .
regretted.' • • z •
, • .
Committed for Trlal.--litibarth Popo macho
informalbialmfore Alderman ;Lindsey yes
tordiky, isaao Pope, her husband.
tufsault and tsitteiys Ho was arrested
and.,,,after a hearing committed to jail in
- deflitilt of the tegiiircil. bail for . his , tipposr:i
Ntett.atiVouN;;l• :.r
;r Wife I ValrlekLeOnard,
charged before"Aldbrman Thomas, on oath
I tatßOOrtiA .aeurhoir,,yeaterdW, and was
`ipli th'esitt*t. :gt pall star •rhhi
appearance at uourt: ' ' • - _
`'— - . Eli 'aiget iv ItX"l6 4 serl.
Several days since .published an go
cumt of the burning of j. D. Risher'S barn'
at Six Mile Ferry; which; from discoveries
.... .. .
made 1
afterwards was 'supposed -'to hate
been the work of an incendiary.. Since the
building was burned considerable effort
has be,en made to ascertain the guilty party ,
and bring him to Justie ', and yesteraay Mr.
Risher made informati n before the Mayor,
charging Jeremiah •S 'Rey with arson, in
whieb he alleges that e has reason to be
lieve that the accused et fire to his barn.
A warrant was issued and placed' in the
hands of officers Scott and Irwin, who ar
rested Stilley in Jefferson township and,
brought him to the city. He is confined in
e l
thock-up to await a * hearing.
Another Land Slide—About one o'clock
yesterday morning a land slide occurred
on thePanliandleßailroad a short distance
below the ,Dionongaliela suspension bridge.
The Mail train which leaves the Union
Depot at 2:05 A. 31. left on time, but return
ed and did not go out until 9:30, when it was
enabled to pass by means of a temporary
track constructed ar)und the obstruction:
In Traub J. Ik'fcFerson was arrested
in Cannonsburg, Washington County, on
Tuesday, on a warrant issued by Alderman
lkieMasters, on oath of Catherine .Islisten
writer, charging him with fornication and
bastardy. He was committed to jail, but
was taken out for a hearing, and gave bail
for his appearance at Court:
Assault and Ilattery.--LillY Mc„Donald, a
colored girl, yesterday made oath before
Alderman Lindsay against Thomas Parker,
a colored man, charging him with assault
and battery.. Parker, was arrested and after
a hearing, in. default of the required bail-for
his appearance-at court, - was committed to
Burglaryjin Allegheny.,—Tuesday night
Mr. Hopley's feed store on Chestnut street,
near Olive, W. 4 entered by burglars, the
contents 'of the room strewed promiscu
ously on the floor, and the cash drawer
broken open and fifteen dollars in coppers
extracted from it.
Committed.—Ann Clark, a/ia. , ;Floyd,
charged on oath of Martha Waters with
obtaining possession of ,a room in her houso
under false pretense; bad a hearing yestei
day before Alderman MeMasters, and vas
committed in default of bail for her appear
ance at Court.
False Pretence.—Robert Kelly, charged
on oath of J. G. Kainsworth With obtaining
money under false pretence, was arrested
,and taken before Alderman Lindsay for a
hearing, after Which; in default of bail for
his appearand, at Court, 'he was committed
Allegheny Councils.—Agpeelal meeting
1 of Allegheny Councils will be held this
evening at 7 o'clock.
City Councils.--The City Coundils
I hold a special meeting this (Thursday) af
ternoon at 2 o'clock.. -
Most people like good living, for good UV
ing helps to keep the soul cheerful and-the
mind happy.- Here in Pittsburgh the good
livers, those who can appreciate - and enjoy
the comforts of the, well spread; groaning
table, are as familiar with lioltzheinter's
famous and -popular Continental Dining
Rooms, Fifth street, next door to - -the Post
oflice t as-with. the. countenances- of their
nearest - and dearest -friends. Everybody
can there - obtain a magnificent Meal at any
hour and at a very"reasonable price._ Call
in and try a meal:
.To the Reader.--Iteineman, Meyran &
Siedle give notice that they will occupy
their magnificent- new building on Fifth
-street on the first proximo, - and will open
an immense stockof new goods. They Will
continue in the meanwhile, howtver,' to
offer, at their old stand, N0'..29 Fifth street,
great bargains in watches; clOcks, jewelry,
silver and silver plated wares, Ate, * fie., at
very low prices, as they are anxious to close
out their entire old stock preparatory to_
opening their now establishment.
Fresh Teas. Coffees and Spices just re
ceived" at the old established tea mart of
Joseph A. Robinson, No. 20 Fiflt,street.
To Capitalbas..--The .Books for subscrip
tion to the capital Stock of the Federal
Street and Pleasant Valley Railway Coln
pally will be open at Gray's hotel, Jackson
street, Second ward, at the office of W.'P.
Price,Real Estate Agent, No. Xi Ohio
street, Allegheng and at the Pittsnurgh
Savings. Bank, No. 186 and 188 Liberty
street, Tittsbargh, until April 241. 1868.
By order of the Board of Directors.
W. Ti. CLAN EY, -President.
To City and Country Merchants.—llaving
abiandantly supplied ourselves with goods
before the late extreme advance in prices,
we are prepared to . sell,at Tess ..than eastern
prices, and Invite an examination of our
stock. J. W. BArisErtitt Co.,
59 Market street.
Dried Fruits,- ..canned.. fruits, pickles,
spices and table condiments, in choice varie
ty, at very reasonable prices, at the old es
tablished tea nunt of Joseph 41.., Robinson,
NO. 20 Fifth street. , t
- Choice .Grpci.ries, fresh And first class,
can be obtained at most reasonable whole
sale and retail prlceS at Mcßride & George's,
No. 1(14 Federal street,"Alleghony. Whole
sale purchasers are especially directed to
kilno pteck of. teas. groceries anaproduce
ept constantly bli'lland by this firm
Choice Groceries, 'fresh and first class,
can be obtained goat reasonable -whole
sale and retail - prices at 'Mcßride 6t George's,
No. 164 Federal street, Allegheny. Whole
sale purchasers are.•especiallY Olrected
the fine stock orteasi; - grcioli Wit Wad Pro:1116e
kept 99.1W.413#1X,PF/Yqubl,),76hbffinn,.
Prled: WOO, canned fruits, pickles,
aiileas and table eondlinenta, In choice varie
, at very reasonable. prices, atthwold es
'tabllshed tea mart'of Joseph - A. , Robinson,
Fifth-street. -
igig r itienn'e. BacPour 0410, Off b9 O lO
. tuultihctoo, 4,11-14nditan.deizadtusttheA , hing
for spring wear, at Ttibl:o's Shoe HooK,
Markefstreet.: ( 'No auction goods kept.:
Fresh Teas, cifrees and" 'Spices just r
•oelvitid itt , the-old . .established tea mart of
Joseph A. Robinson;'l 4 To. , 2oPifth street.
' Beef Steaks Tremble. •
It is no Wonder beef steaks tremble when
approaching the - threshold of humane
jaws now days. So formidable looking are i .
the teeth to Mr. Beef that like.the coon to
Davy Crocket: "Were you made by Dr.
Spencer ?" "Yee.'! "Dr. G. W. Spencer?"
"Yes." "Well, don't bite." "I'll soften•
down and go just where you want me to."
Dr. Spencer's new process for extracting
teeth without pain and inserting artificial
ones, is, without doUbt, the grandest and
noblest institution of the age. The public
will do well to call on the Dr. and examine
his large and beautiful stock of teeth.
Choice Groceries, fresh and first , class,
can be obtained at most reasonable whole
sale and retail prices at Mcßride &George's,
No, 164 Federal street, Allegheny. Whole
sale purchasers are especially directed to
the fine slock of teas, groceries and produce
crept Constantly on hand by thiS firm.
The beautiful
_trunks Manufactured by
Joseph Liebler, No. 104 Wood street, and
sold at such reasonable prices, are meeting
,with a large sale. For any and 9verything
in this line favor this establishment with•a
Just Opened one of the handsomest -as
sortment of ladies and misses' shoes at
Bibb's popular shoe house, 89 Market
street, that has sever been brought M c " the
city. ' Call in and ice them.
Licblees home made trunks, valises,
satchels, carpet sacks, etc., are universally
preferred to all others in the market. Re
member the place No. 104 Wood street:
The Russellville, Ky„ flank Rene Ty..
The Naghtille Banner of the 22d contains
full details of the daring robbery of Long's
bank, at Russellville, Ky. About ten days
ago a man calling himself ColbUrn, and
claiming to be a cattle dealer, offered to sell
to Mr. Long a 730 note of the -denornina-
tion of $5OO. As none of the coupons had
been cut off, and the stranger, who pretend-
eu to be from Louisville, where the notes
are worth a premium, offered it at par and
allowed,, interest, Mr. Long ' became suss
picious and refused to take it. -- On the 18th
he returned . again and asked Mr. Long -to,
change him a $lOO bill. He was accompa
nied by a man of forbidding aspect, and sus
pecting the note to be counterfeit, . Mr.
Ding •deelined changing . it. On the 20th f
about 2 P. Is., as Mr. Long, Mr. Barelay, .
clerk in-the bank,.-and Mr. T. H. Shit- -
mons, ' a ifarmet. living near . Russellville,
were sitting behind the counter; Colburn.
andanother man rode up to the docq,.
hitched their horses, and entered the bank,'
three coinpanions•remaining outside. They ,
asked for'ehann for a $5O note. -• -Mr. Long
pronounced ecounterfeit, .but was, about
making a more careful examination, when
Colburn drew a revolver, placed its 'muzzle
against •his head, and cried out, "Surren
der." Mr. Long wheeled around and sprang,
toward the door leading into.a rootnin the
rear. of the banking office. He hoped thus
to make his.exit frgm the building and.give
the alarm. He was, however, anticipated
by one- of
. the robbers, who intercepted him
' at the door mentioned, placed a pistol within:
six or eight inches of his head, and fired,
without having uttered a word.:- The: ball
did no greater Injury than grazing •Mr.
Long's scalp about two inches, tearing
away the , hair and flesh, but not fractur
ing the skull. Mr. Long seized hold of
the weappn, and made an effort to wrench
' it from-ifts•• assailant, but the robber. suc
ceeded- in regaining possession of his
pistol. He immediately commenced to. beat
fir.. Long over the head with the butt, and;:
I after a few furiously dealt blows, felled him
to the floor. - The latter, however, sprang ,
to his feet and again get hold of tho pistol,
just as the robber was.about to cock it for
the purpose of giving .hitn" the finishing
touch'. During the scuffle whieh now took.
place, Mr. Long managed to reach, the back
door of the rear: room. Here lie concentrat
ed his almost exhausted strength into a final
effort, freed himself from the clutches of the
robber, sprang through ( the door and closed
it after him.• He then rail around toward
the front - part of the building, Shouting for.
assistance: - When he reached the street:he
found two men sitting on their homes before
the entrance of the bank. They were: arm-.
ed with Spencer. rifles and pistols, and. were
shooting up and down the.street at all chi-,
zens who came within range. kA.s .Mr.:
Long ran by, .they also, fired. twelve or
fifteen slks at hint, but, fortUnately l without
Inside the bank, while Mr. Long was
struggling with the fellow above mentioned,
and before Messrs, Btu-cloy and Simmons
could rise from their seats, the latter were
confronted by Colburn and his companion•
with cocked, revolvers and threats of instant
death in case the least showof resistance was
made. Neither of the gentlemen were
armed and had to accept the situation:with
the best grace they could command. • As
soon as . Mr. Long made his retreat by
the back door his antagonist returned to• the
banking office and assisted in the work of
plunder. One of the robbers stood guard
over Messrs. Bareley and:Simmons, • while
Colburn and the • others proceeded to clean
out I the establiskffient. They appeared to
have an'exact imowledge of its resources.
In the cash drawer they found over, nine
thousand dollars in currency. From the
:vault, the door of which was,
they took several bap of gold' and silver.:
This specie consisted principally of dollars,
half dollars and quarters, •and , had. been
placed in the bank on, special deposit by sev
eral of the neighboring farmers. The
amount hag not yet been definitely ascer
tained; but it will not we understand exceed
five thousand dollars. Two robbers kept
guard outside while the work of pillaging
was going on, and though the alarm had
spread, kept the citizens at bay until a Mr.
Owens had the coinage to begintring upon
them with a f pistol. lie was-seriously but
not dangerously Wounded.. Finally, the
sentinels became alarmed, and called for
their accomplices inside to come out. They
quickly complied, bringing With them, sad
dlebags crammed with gold and
greenbacks. They • were greeted:- with
a very ' heavy Volley by . a squad
of citizens who were advancing up the
street. All were soon in their saddles;: and,
4t a signal from Colburn, the party ashed
at full speed out of town by the! Gallatin
Pike. Many a leaden missile was sent after
'them, but beyond the report. that one had
his arni broken',-there is no ground for sup
posing that any - Of the shots took effect, Ten
minutes later, some forty citizens mounted
on-such animals as they could collect from-,
buggies, wagons tind'bitching posts, started'.
in hot pursuit. All the advantage, except in
point 'of numbers; was with the robbers.
They rode splendid - horses, and , were com
pletely aimed and equipped , as the most der.
mg and itecompliahed'highwayrnan could de
sire. Five miles from 'Russehrille the trail
was lost in the woods
—The".capital-stoch of the Lawrenceburg
Woolen Manufacturing Company, of Law
rentebing,,lndiana, has been increased one,
hundred:thOusand dollars, and L. 8.. Lewis,,
proprietor of the large flouring L.,;
lis , been elected =President.. TThe9e Mills are
no*lunning'elbi•en lionni per day on %fine
double' atud itAriat: and i silk anizert cassimerts t .
which are sold exclusively. .at,thaVest.
- 4-4-e. a
••• - •
aikt Ifttm,
- 13 : 1‘
• —`hacklsland,;soon` - ve
boat-yard lure i3ctoiy
—ln 1848 there were 2,839 foreign! - arri
vale ht the Port of Boston, and .in 1868 th&
number was only 19 more >e
—The ship carpenters and caulkers o
Buffalo give notice that on and after 'Mon da
day, 30th inst., their wages will be' $3 per!
—The first wheat flouredindsold in Ap;
plefon,: Wis., was in 1852, and ddring th
,past year over 60,000 barrels of - flour. were
manufactured in that town.
-'The-The boot and shoe trade In Massa
~chusetts continues to improve, and bnsines
is brisk at .Lynn, and growing better i
Haverhill and in other towns.
. —The : British - ship • Chancellor „clearee
from Mobile f 4 Liverpool on the 17th inst.
with 5,120 bales of cotton, weighing 2,608,
482 pounds valued at $509,988. •
--Socfetr of Solidarity is the -high sound
ing name of an organization of workingme
associated in New Tork for the establish
anent of a cheap co-operative store. •
—The first yard of cloth made at.the ne •
Merchants' Mill, 'in Fall River, Mass., i a
turned off -on Friday, 18th, instant. On ,
hundred and t)venty loomi are now'- read
for work in this mill. _ ;
Toples and Gossip at the Capital.
No further returns from the Aficans
election have been received but it is be-4
lieved at the rooms of the Congression
Executive CoMmittee , that the State h
failed to be carried by the Republicans
It has been telegraphed `that:. Gene r
James S. Brisbin has been appointed t
the vacancy in the regular army occasioned
by the resignation of Major, General Plea
anton, leaving the false impression that h
was appointed to . a Major Generalship
General Pleasanton held the position o
Major in the regular army, and A upon re- 1
signing, Captain James 5, Brisbin, stand!
big the next in line of promotion .
the regular army, received the"promotio •
to Major, and was assigned to, the same
regiment in which General Pleasanton ha
served. General Brisbin is mot, as h. -
been stated, son-in-law- of Senator Wade
nor is he any relation whatever. •
General Hancoek will leave on Thurz
day for New Haven, Conn.; ostensibly fo
the purpose of visiting his son at schoo
there, but it is shrewdly surmised that hi
visit is in some way connected with th:l
coming election in that State.
There is a better feeling in Republica •
circles at the action of the Senate in extend
ing time to the President,. and it is admi
ted that the delay will' not injure th:
chances of - impeachment. General• Biltl:
will open the debate on Monday in, beh.
of the Managers, and he is preparing him
self for the occasion. It is believed that rt.
further time will be ;granted the President
even under the plea of absent witnesses. '
Gen. Buchanan will probably remain 1 •
command of the Fifth District until the ar
'rival of General McDowell limn California
Chief .intitice Chase thinks the trial of th:
President will not last more than a mont •
from next 3londay, unless some extraordi
nary delays are granted.
The tax . bill to'be passed finally t •
week, so as to leave the track clear for th
impeachment trial.
- Mr. Black, of the President's counsel w.
particularly desirous of delaying the tria
as he wished to get in ' several two da
speeches defining the Constitution in man
of its parts and as a whole.
. .
McCLELL AND.—Afsir. o'clock Wednesday even
ing,.nt his late residence, No. 32 Walnut street
JOHN I.IcCLELLAND, aged 99 years.
The funeral will take place Fain ter„ MORNING, a
10' O'clock, from the residence "of his soh-in-law
Richard Thompson, No. 32 Walton strict, Fife
ward. The Mends of the family are respect full
invited to:attend.' !
- No. 166 FOURTH STREE.T, -PittabUrglf, - Pa
C FINS of all kinds. - CRAPES: GLOVES, and ev
.ery description of _Funeral Furnishing 'Goods fur
nisbed. 'looms open day. and nlgitt. • Hearse an ,
Carriages furnished.. - - •
Datdd Rerr,'D...D., Rey. hf
NV. Jacobus; D. D., Thomas Ewing; Esq.,,Jaeob H
Millet', Esq. - -
Allegheny City, where !their COFFIN .BOOMS ar
constantly Supplied with real and imitation Rose
wood, Mahogany and:Walnut Coffins.. at•prices ya
rying from VI- to .100.. Bodies prepared for inter
:neut. Hearses and Carriages furkhdied; also, al
kinds* of•Mournlng GoodS, if require,A. , .. o.ffice ope
at all Roars, day and night. • • •
biIIEET Allegheny. and No. SO DIA_MON
SQUARE; tby - John AV thou.& Bros., keeps alway ,
on hands the best Metal, llcae.wood,, Walnut an.
Imitation - Rosewood Coffins. 'Walnut Coffins fro
•25 upwards. :Rosewood Coffins $2O upwards, al
• other Coffins i proportion. Carriages and Bears • -
furnished :it low rates. - Crape. Gloves, Plate an.
=Entracte"; „furnished gratis. -Office open day an.,
ALA DERTAKEll..'i.ffice, No. 214 OHIOSTREET,
Allegheny. Metalhe, Rosewood and other Coffins,
With a complete stock of }funeral Furnishing Goods
on hand and faruishedat shortest notice. at lowes
prices. :Sale and:Livery Stables, corner of First
and 3110.dlestreets. Carriages, Baronches, Buggies,
.Saddle horses, &e.. for hire.
. _ .
~•• •
. . •
:Have the following good qualities:
lit—Accuracy. Sid—Portability. 3d—Simplicity..
4th—Durability. 'sth—Chespness...!otl:7-Elegance
of del:4ll.lnd beauty., In fact,' ail - , -- the qualities-
Lions necessary fora good, reliable Barometer..
Call tied get a Circular, giving description a the
saute•.also the endorsement of those 'having them
.inuse,,from the
..LTNISE.A.Th et' .11Ete.s. r.:amwr ,
. •
•-. . •
... , •
• hl
Cliiiiet - otkeoo;td S‘ Clair Stieet,§.
. .
J balnneeofthOke de4rable Lots are: now offered
. , .
At, private stde, and any one des i rous of fine building
sites would do'weil to make a ideetion. •-• The village ' ,•
Is located on a beaulital anti ticaltliv snot, two and a ft
half mllerlionoSharpsturg.`etethe'Wettern Penn- '4,..'
wylvardnltailroad.-ythleltrtn`ttirongh It, mating it k.
• much more valuable Atid,x agreeable:) 'Extensive i;
preparations are bow.malting for ; erecting a number t'''
°Cline Houses, which will prev.e. an ornament to the
town. „The remainderntthesf Lots
will be mild at 7- ‘•
very reasonable; rates and. on terms exceedlngli 4 :
easy. SILL & SIIUTTE4Y, Real Estate and. In I , •
suranee A: • nti; Lawreno4Vlll6. '''' 3 :
io•ss. •• -- • •-•- H • '
8. erirrrtx, Idterelksin,t,
' Hesjust returned teotatheAssswith a well selected
stock ot CLOTHO, cAsbutiFRAS.,SILK and MAR
SEII,LEd VII2STIEutr 'thelnost Approved pat
- tams. aeleeted- exclusisolr_for .CUSTOM TRADE,
which lo oo rdislittuviteelds.friedde and the pub,
s lie to exatillue. partneata: ll llli - he gotten up in strectltiVeannin.l3a *now Oda* reasonable a
~;, • fl. s INVIre •alls tler.
-, • Ito; 99 ' 1 1 .4 0 11,1113 STRE ET. vdA
:iCor.ROP. fa ',federal. ~