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Iganufactitrers' IWreeting.
Theri'Uill nt6eang L of all manuftle
turers - -Of this city and vicinity Interested
in the,:remdcal of alto_ eyenue tax'. fr out.
nianufactures,af the lioardef • Trade rooms,
on to-day, - . larelt- 17th, ,at! o ttyp-!e'Uloelt...e..
3i., to elect cle t legatef, to meet the , delegates
from Wohi‘',l)etii . ifit,efek4l4lA4aciialiet•
cities, at Willard's Hotel, Washinkton eityy:
on thetlBtit Inst.,r; ; ttre
• PitrtSe
. - PoPs4mrilfgte. V i tL4' 4 9
S. ..Sttier grett,ittetsinlit - .fo
row. -..4.&113n' on a promissory note for $585.
Verdict for plaintiff for $6lO SO—the a'anount .
of note Svith interest. •
4 wags C. Bunting xs, Resse ~t Thomas,
executor of Janies GrahaM,l deceased, lAc
tioh on •fi, pioinis.sory• •tidte. , Yerdiet - for
. Ft.
laintiff for $1,487 ;A-the ainaMit of ,the
ote with interest. , r . :.'. ~-.• ' . , 1: , !
The follow - 19g i4:th6 trial list, for to-daST,
42. -McClurg v,s. Priee tS: Silas.. ; , • '".
13 Andrew.johnsou's execuiorS,vs..Thos.
Odgers et. al . . , ,
46. Clendermingms. Gillespie,. liowed::.Co.:.
47; ClendentfMg-1. , 5.-DithHdge,a. Co.' • : :
50. : • Wm. Camphell • 'Vri. l rat.' rilliOtt'V
22.' Sholes vs: Surlier ckßriAili. •
55. C. Darer vs..Biriuingham borough.
56. J. -W.. Burbridgo Co. vs: 'John MC-
Devitt. • '• \'•
Common Pleas•;-'`andge SiOn4C.
Felix Hogazimiller*i: ' Christian linn 7
sen, impleided with A.- Arbogast ti Co., late
partners. Action , to reeo.Yer for.wprk time.
The jvy.,.finincl n fv,vornr„t,h4 d.cfendttnt.,
John . :• - •ticiltOll. agitißst isarne
Action : forwork.done., The .case was still
on trial`%t ad,jourinitent:
The following is the trial-list for tirday
12 '(Oct,)llLincisey . 3, - s.. Lindsey et al.
6-(San .) Din - Ley-vs. Allen. •
26 _ ." Weddle!vs..Gucenheinier et al.
27 44 . purns vs: Aungf't. • • 4i .
31 " - Oil Coniiiany vs. Van Dcirati.
32 yiarne Nr.s. - ,1-Iturisonp io"1
43 ' 4 . Sbank . "6: DudleS= ;VS:',Cliulti 6:
Danner. •
34. ..Tedd Vs. Keefe. •
35- " Blifton VS. KeAtner and wge.
36 " 46 Wallace vs. Beyers.
37 " Life Ins. - Co. 1,11. Meg:list ,et
-Lewis et
_Quarter Sesslonkt4tidge'
Bridget Wiwi Kate Kearney, tsar ccinvicf
ed 'of an assault and battery on oath,af i
Catherine Flinn, and sentenced to pay a.,
fine-of five dollars and-costs. - •
George. Fuchs, late constable of Ducp
borough., WAS indicted, on oath of He.
Aufterhide, for larceny by - bailee antriiiis
demeanor in office. - The count charging
larceny by bailee was quaSbed,, an the
ground that under act of Assembly an
agent in trust could not he held liable for
that offense. The prosecutor, it appears ob-„,
tabled judgment against a,pasty,_ for; fifteen
dollars,Yuchs, as constable;- colliding `the%
money on an execution ,andunegleeting to
pay it over. The jury convicted - and de
fendant was sentenced to pay a fine of thir
ty dollars and the cost, to restore'the
amount ofjudgment with interest, , and, : to .
be disqualified - from holding the office • of
constable for seven years..,
William — White and Charles Fury, : aged
about fifteen years, were arraigneil,ort
chayge of Stealing eleven pairs of socks; the
property 'of Mr. Mitchell, shopkeOptli3OU
Fifth street, opposite the Court House. The
socks were taken from the stove ,door,on
the 25th of January ldist, and - rdneof the
eleven pairs were subsequently sold,for one
dollar. The jury found a 'Verdict of guilty,
with, a reconitnendation the mercy of t 1
Court. A motion for a' new trial was Made
in the case of White. - ' • ." •
Charles Fury, Wm. White and John j
Roane.(thetwo former named boys being
defendants in the preceding case), were put. l
on trial for the larceny of one dozen 'palm]
of Balmoral socks and two neck ,eoMfOrts;
the property of Mr. Burkhardt; of:Wylie
-street.. There was no evidence 'to carnet
either. White or Fury: with the larceny.
The- jury found a verdict of not guilty,
withoutieaving . the box.
The defendants, last named, Were charged.
larceny of llietstde goose' from'
the store of Mr. Moffitt, corner of Third '
and Grant streets. The Prosecuting :tam , '
ney did not press a conviction and the jury -
found a formal verdict of not guilty.. Roane
Was then discharged by proclamation,there
being no other charges pending against him..
Margaret Stafford was arraigned for the
larceny of, a piece , of ,beef and a piece of
pork, 4 i•alued at about one dollar, the prop:i,
perty of Henry Hershenroether.
The jpry had not .agreed unto a verdict,
when the hour of adjournment arrived. '
Mrs. Spelleer McNutt, noted in '
police circles, was arraigned fcir the larceny'
of.nine yards of carpet, the*property of Mrs.,
Clemens .residing on Market street, be
tween Third and Fourth- street. 'rho ao.
cured made no derchSe: Jury ottt. -`
Captain Charltontesolutions of Respect.
At it meeting of the surviving.ecunilides
in arms of the late CaptaitOW4l-jA•• .Charl
ton, held in the office of Hnited States Mar-
Geperal J. Bowrnapßlgitampresided, and
Sergwpt.,l3 7 H. - ellymtekas Secretary.,l
The CbiafrminL'4titcat'fiki tie
meeting in a few brief and appropriate ;
Mien' , ,
remark,on motion ki_Comatittee,
epnaisting.of,G;qperat captais,.l
Wm. Kern Adjutaut A. P. Callow and
Private F. R. Ceolli' were aPpOinted to
draft resolutionxexpressive..,of, the feglipgs ,
of the meeting on the death of their late
Waller in arms. I. Followipg is the report
of Committee :
• WILEIMASf It has Pleased Almighty dod
in lifs allwise . providence to eall fromsray
midst` our canvefie- in , extme, -t-lve , iviirbt'
Captain Charlton who served in
the conflict with ,llexic* and hi the late re-'
bellion; therelbtel : :3
Resolved, That in the death of . Calk:tilt
Charlton, we, lA* ,fellew-sehhera. have to
mourn the demlae of a gallantsoldier and a
most estimable citizen. ~ '
Resette4, That We beafWillingtestimbny
t,p the undapted bravery; ppk, &Topic fitness
of our- late . . rather.-in firfrig, hik Will over
remember solderly gualities, and kjiat
nesii`tv co:tin-rand
est regret. •
' Resolved,' hat we - tender to his -family
4ritmlieartfbit sympathieS in this the hone' of
thir ,•sakfiereavemept, and trust that Ho
wile the'flj`,. - tblK'sbern' - laftftf
play eveF4ilWe thenfi underl.hiaestre and
Resolved, That we wilniieerid ihantitigl
a our deceased brother in a body from la
resident:op:oo" s ClireYerstreet, Riztlbward,
.A.llegherk; at ti today
,Resoieed, 4 That a•c9PY of the.eresoinuons
b. sent lo the family of the deceased
also puiltishecl in the city . papers.
Annual Session.—The annual' session of
the• liftSbilfgh , Conference': r the M. E.
fin, fiL connuenw,ut,Greeruburg, this
a.Blol lo li4fli*TW TitlirlircA4
gitite ) a number of ministers 'arrived
city yesterday route for Greensburg.
The citizens of Greensburg, of all denomi
nations, have made ample arrangements to
entertOn the members of the convention in
'handsome style., We have made arrange.
went for a Bill report. •
Escaped Burglars:Aed.
In Decernber last the variety and jewelry
. .
store of Mr; Henry Hooker,.at Flemington
Hnntingdon county, NeW , :,..1 - Orsey, Was bun
glari oifsly entered bynne Samuel McDowell
relicts Peacock; alinAS.m#h,':giarley
alias Stevens, (41:my Fox, and Mite
a bOy :wont fifteen yearS.of age, ilnd'rebhed'
of goods to. the amount three'thonsand
dollars. The burglars then, ascended 'the
stairs to Mr: Hooker's room, and showed a
mirpose of raising a row. They kindly ad
-I:yised him to keep - Still, and lie. did,so,until
; they had departed, takinK between three
raini four thtm4ed dollars, in greenbacks,
Then he got iip,"hairthe`ebdreli llelt rdifg,
and a little while a large party was in
,anirstittlof-: the; fugitiveti , ; , They) had. mtp,
Allied a horse - .but idle.") hone
. proved:O good," Peacock says,, and they
abanclone&it, .A. 1,1„ efforts at escape, pro Veil,. and the party, and alf theirbooty.
were captured. They wore' corn pitta to
the Flemington jail . . forArial, Peacock and
,Collins having their feet hobbled. :,In
tiiAry they planned and effected an escape."'
They cut 'a' bele threnglf,the brick ceiling
'of 'their cell, sawed their way through a
three inch pine floor above, got out upon the
the roof ,:i arid roil the Htli'lOf the month'
"skipped." They speedily , cut - r their hob
hies, stole a horse _and sleigh,.and, after a
day Or two reached Easter on foot,' living
"put up" their equlixige in 'Somebody's
stable on the' road. They: were traced to
Easton,and Collins promptly recaptured.
.and token bock. Peacock; however,' got:
away_ and Wont to Chicago. lA, said he
didn't like the pliiee, and made no *Wort to
get acquainted with the fraternity* there.
He started East, got - out of money, *rote a
letter and was. cantered in this eity yester
day morning, It appears that he wrote a
letter to a friend in Easton, Pa., asking for !
money ;and that lie if ofild be* in this -
city On Saturday - . The letter was shown to
Jacob Johnson, - detectiVe; at Easton; who an
rived in-the city Saturday, and'after a con-
'itiltation with 'Chief! of Police Green, the
t following plan was Adopted The first step
taken by the officer was to show -a photo-.
graph of the desired maitto 'the Postoffiee
clerk, with the explanation that that num
manWaS Wanted... , ThrOughout all of ftitur
and Sunday an officer of the Mayor's police
.was stationed at the' Postoffice.' butstill the
Man came -not.• YesMiday :morn
! ing the expected face appeared at the
, wiW,
!dow a Was a letter for Sam. Smith Was asked
"for. The officer was signalled, the inquirer,
arrested and identified as the right man,
Mid the Officer and prisoner left yesterday
evening for Easton, Pa.
Peacock was' arrested in Philadelphia
-wine years agor; and his picture added to
the Rogues' Gallery, a copy of Which has
been in the Chief s office in this .eity for
peer rive years. , . •
Notwithstanding. the vigilance. and ef- •
,ficiency of our preSent police - force; the
knights of the ujimmys" and false; keys . ;
Have resumed operations in this'eity. A
:.:nos:t dining and; it appears,
,'successful '
burglary was committedveSterdaY morn
. .
•ing at; the dwelling of Lsatte Fugley, stew
tiM. at the Rush Muse. r. -Fagley and ;
-ins falniV
,oeCupy, a small .house on Scott"
.. .
1 , alley hi'the'Rturth 'ward, in rear of Trim;;..
bleV, - ,-yarieties Theatre, _which, ' betwenn„
Thrdeqtritlffoitreclok yesterday. itioininv' :
Sly as entered by burglars and robbed of vat
wades and money to the amount of Iwo or
, three hundred ' aollars. , The' " - thorn front
which the money—between $.50 and ;NO—
, Was taken was on the second fluor, and °e—
-1 culAqii'!W,fithre . fi glx11; : danghters , Of 'Mr:
Fagley, and his neilihew, Who was Sleeping
lon a sofa. About four o'clock - 'one of the
girls called to her cousin and said there was
some person in the room. The young man
jumped up and turned on the; gas, but the
'burglar had departed; not, however, with
( outie, -, tyht,,, , * - ; - .,onittistat.ble marks ,_of
I his Vii - iit 4 . -- The think - 'Which `had r con
Stained the money was standing open,
'laud the contents strewed around promiscu
ously. The young mans vest, which con
tained a valuable watch and 'a small amount
.of moneV-Wfis gone, while'a; fUrther ieareh
demonstrated the fact that a number of
'Photographs, pictures and. toNs - had ',also
disappeared. TWA** tuft thd Only' scene,
of depredation. A . t,ti ,rdem on the
first floor, OFenpled - zby two'of...M.r.:F r . , s sons.
had been Visiteit'and a fine gtad watch and
chain,„theprOpersy,:of one of ,the sons taken.
also two fine engravings of Washifigten and
Lincoln,-valued at dollars.- The vest of
thd nephew; - Who occupied the mint hp.'
stairs, was found in the hall at the foot of
the stairway, the pocketS'having been rifled
of their: contents: 1 -An entrance was effected
through Wdoor in the Tear of the brill - 1 .- ling;
by boring a hole through it near the bolt,
which hadlteen•pushed;back by means of a
piece of wire shaped for the purpose. 'No
clue as to the guilty party - has been obtained.
Saturday afternoon Joseph Goldberg, ''a
boy between nine and .ten 'Years of, age,
and a companion about the same age, tried
their hands at larceny, and for the time
being with tolerably good success, as they
managed'. to get' between' liv a and ten' dol
lars; but their enterprize did not terminates°
favorably as it bf. , ..gan, as they were brought
to grief yesterday morning.
The scene 'of their depredations was
market stand in the Diamond kept by . J.
Ragan. Mr. R. having some'bammeas to
attend' te'left Ida staff& iti.rettargeof his little
daughter,• and while she ,was engaged with
a easterner ;Goldber's 'Rut his Want trite a
peek measure; which was used for a cask
box, took out; between five and ten dollars
and made otl. The little girl observed the
movement, 'brit could! not leave the stand,
and as no one was near to arrest the thief, he
succeeded in making his escape. It appears
that after getting awayamhort .distance the .
money WAS ;divided between . the 'pilling
rasCalsoirra_ before Ake. arrest , yesterday
morning, had all been Nuandered. Monday
morning , the'Coinpanion - of young Goldberg
went into Mr. Ragan's establishment to sell
some old pape rs, and was at once recognized
by the littlegirl as, one of the boys who' hail
conuniteed',the,theft SAturduy.'site iii
formed fief fatri6t and - 'fie face' 'MAI
charge of thp;r, boy;.who,stoutly,denied thee
robberY, brit , saiui He -Oittt-with , thealoy that
took : jt, and. that . lic%only got one dollar . of .:
it, and otterod to. :the: gpiltY
boy. ,03tArtikf ta10:11, tat t.Alderman, 4tim
berVit'srligtee,xUld ,gave, °Hitler .Hagan a tie
scription of the - guilty--',boy; and tin a
few moments qiel sus
Ragan refused, to prosecute them, and'On
payment of 'five' dollars'by Thelriends of
the young r£l-4&1114 they were discharged.
Surety of the Pectce.
Matthow;MoValian and Mary MeMahaW,
&fat McDonough hate for 'a. nu - 10er - of.
years - lven living together es man and as2fe,
and in all probability arr 4neh,
pears that"..*E;ltarrie` Run - 14p who' is'n mod
lesome old: crone, and ..attends Iln eyery
bpdy's husinewand,neglects her own ,mill
to PatrieleVnughif that they Were hot Vint
itnirPatriokVvry qiinurally repeated
thitikittle bit ~oS spandali,which,r, coming,,to_
tea of the Me:trams, Arentlt enraged
them and tifeY;swortf.toShave 'Veigaancntni
Patrick.. Saturday night, tiBPatrloklaVaste
tiring-trolfis dkings - bni/liginalley, he al
'eget that the 3 , l33labens followed him home
and threatenedUr kill hint fot lierviloslap=
derhe hadutteredngainKtholi hittierto, Tair
nanies. Patrick Navinknot4 itekki.tlet
this life in a summary - friftdderAnit re mit
the- , offended-Attlee offca.o4 l their Or
rible threathate'execidibit,it' the
office of Aldernfn:lMeMasteraTizr, order to
ostaypoeeedingqt Information . watt Mad*
agabletif the be for ;surety. 0f.4101
peace and a warrant waahasued fot their ar
rest. Patrick, in the future, should be
careful how he repeatq slanderous reports
put in circulation by the busy old crea
ture we have refened to, lest he might be
called to a final account before he is ready.
- , - I
-: . `PIT'I'SB.I3 - ROll-"GAZETTFir c..TUII,SI).A.Y,
• t";.
Daring Burglary.
A Young 11 Ciu;ght.
ZP"Ol t . • •
Real Estate Transfers.
. .
The following deeds. were• admitted of re
cord Saturday March 14th, 1868, by H.
finitely, Esq., Recorder.
Elizabeth. Denny -to . Sarah Meßelvey; Dee.)
14th, 1568, lot. 021 Wefitern Avenue, See
and Ward., Allegheny, 48'1bY" 'l2O ' feet.
John Eiehling to Frederick ‘;'Slatul, Narch
12th, 1868, lot No. '3, in James
plan of on Denman-street, Binning-
Ingham, 24 by 120 feets2,7so
Sarah M. Phillips to John P. 'Helsel, Sept.
ISt, 1866;lot on John street', EaSt
hath, 201,v 60 feet 4487
The tnion'National Bank of rrittsbfirgh to
es Joseph O. Johnson, -February 21st 1808,
fOt on Fourth'street, Pittslinrgh,- being! a
partcof lot 325,. in the general plan of
• 'Pittsburgh, 'l5 by 28-1-2 feet $1,635.
•josepliKay . guardian,. to David Freeland;
'Dec: 29th, 1866;. lo on Centre. avenue,
Pittsburgh, , 23 by,loo feet $1
Joseph Kaye,l;barditin,4o:iMux K. Moor
head, Jan. 26th; , 1867' . lot No. 17 on Centre'
avenue, Seventh ward: .Pittsiburgh, 23 by
. 100 feet.. 4 .63..,..f , R,5000
David Freeland tO Mak! Ki MoPthball '' ,lJat4
sth, 1867;- lot on Centre . avenue; SeVenfli
.ward '3 by 100 feet 51,200
Christ 17.71 - 111gbrollui. tD BoartY.of School
rectors - I <if the , 711th wind;
.I%lareh 13th, 1868; two lots on Page street,
;Manchester, 40 by 132 feet ;....51,800
Free Again.
Several' days , Ance we!-Intbl ished, an ac f ,
count of the arrest, by direction Butler
county authorities,- of William Green and
Christian Heineman, immediately upon
their release from the Penitentiary, where
they liad serreda term of two years; having
been tried and cony icted,iif r gen yof sheep.
rAfter the arrest they Wei() rerneVed tcti the Jail
astle,.aS thejail at. Butler is being
rebuilt. At the time of their arrest they
asserted that they 4.nbw of no other charge
Omitting against theth, but subsequent
qUiry by flieit'couuSel; Y» S.'Morrison, Esq.,
- established the fait that they were indicted
fOr the larceny of the smite sheep which
they were convicted of stealing in - the
latent' county Court. and for which thee}-
Itdd imprisoned for two years. On
Thursday hist - presented _ a
copy of the record and proceeded to ntitlee n ;
where he made application for a writ of
habeas corpus for the purpose of having
the parties released: The writ was granted
-and on Friday last a hearing was had in
the ease, when Mr. Morrison made a state-
Ment .of the facts. - The Court ordered the
prisoners to he discharged, and. .they' re
turned to their hotucs in Allegheny on Sat
Railroad.A . Ceident.
An accident occurred on the Pennsylva-:
nia • Railroad, Monday` Morning, which
came near proving disastrous. We have
the following particulars: A land
sildc•l:occurred about it half mile west, of
.Packsaddle, which an immense niriss
of - rock and earth was thinivri upon the
track. The Day plxpress, which left this
,city at ten minutes past three o'clock, Mon
,day morning, reached that point at fif
teen minutes' past five, and the engineer
not observing the obstruction in time' to
check the train, the locomotive caine in col
lision with the rock. - The engine was quite
badly wreelted by the collision; and the ex
press and mail car were thrown from the
track and More - ot less injured. Fortu-,
nately, hoivevcr, no per Sen on the train was
injured, and the passenger coaches; the
sleeping ear and the baggage :car escaped
damage, while the -injuries to: the leconi
i tive and the express cars might haVe been
much . inoreaorious. „The train was llplayed
' threii• and I\Venty minutes. one of
• the trains west were delayed at all;
A Step in "the Right pirectiou.
7, For some time past a number Of
have been in the habit of loafing around the
door of tho Air!Can church, at 'DWe (0111
/ fianccadc. streets, : to the great annoyance of
all who reside in the vicinity, and 'Com
plaints having been made to Mayor Drum,
he decided to break np the practice.
- day, evening a squad of the pplice were dis-
Patched to the Church with instructions to
arrest all loafers found there. They suc
ceeded n capthring twelve' offenders; who
were taken to the loek-up and kept, until
yesterday morning when, afterai hearingi.
;_they were :required to pay a firie'ef three
dollars each and costs. A few wholesi . :ane
rAnaltes of this kind,will 'scion abolish - the
disgmeful practice. , •
Street CommisAoner McFadden
Has been endeavoring to ameliorate the
nuisance on Second street. in the vicinity
of the,,,1% . fonougaltela bridge. Daring the
frosty Weather, some Nveeks since, eonsid
•crable excavation was the hillside,
preparatory to paving Second street, and
the earth appropriated to filling up to grade
that part of the street beyond the bridge.
`The recent soft Weather has rendered that,
part Of the.:street, in consequence of this
filling; almost impasSable, caushig,.. great
trouble and.delay . to parties hauling .in that
direction.* Yesterday loaded teams .could
not pass Y.ithmit # , stalling," and the Street
CormniSsioadr waS powerless to afford any
• remedy: We bim to "corduroy,"
after the arms style. • _
Among the Divorce Cases heard :in the-
Circuit Court at St. Louis Last 'week was
one wherein Mary T. Scahill was: the
titioneri.representing, in petition, her that
she was married to the re4pondent, Win.
3!. Seatill, in 'the year 1860, hi this eity;-
where she continued to reside with as
his wifelintil 1807; when; as she lee] reason
to believe,:he'left.the ; United States in, colit'
pans with, another,: woman. ' She also elated
that her htisband,lieeineVto take ,, esPecial
delight in striking and heating lier;',.and
that heused every: means, through .falie .
statements,.: to inhire . . .her. reputation
amongst a large circle Of frimida and rid
quaintances, and,.. during_...the' period he
remained at home, he.had destroyed every
article of furniture. Further, that 'defend
ant Aram- gtility of sncheonduct in St. Louis
its to cause his arrest on the charge of' va
grancy and had been cenvieted before the
Police bourti wherefore plaintiff asked that
she might be'decreed a divorce, and restored
to her maiden-x . 40;4e; MaryE."'llit*, Which
the Coiirt!granted:,,. • . •
Seasonable.--Mr. Henry G. Hale, the'
noted draper and taildit , m.- the ,corifer
Penn and 4t. Clair streets, one of tho most.
spacious and fashionable establishments of
,this has j,lt ! 'retttrned , front
the' 'EnSt;' - 'lliiving"litrgely repleniShedilibi
stooknot ; goods .euitable to r .,thamemign,AnT
chiding new styles mid variedtextates and,
'tints of materiabi for : coathaviuts araLyeats,.
togetliti\vibit doinPloteNtlifirilyartkid.inost
approyealrimmings , and. geatien,mo's fun
inishing goods... Ainfillitio'Sk.nntuermialski
its glad ..to_ t kno* that Nfonsiour
,D:Bonliktin; front Paris, so long dfavorito
with them continues-to reside his'ent--
ting tables: T
A not -}Tatisfri.'=Nicliolg i arid -1; 7
Keenan, of ganctselttcF, gotjoto a quarrel
yesterday ifiarithig.,.and -- .3-frY-1416h015, who
was standing near theus,:itstorforett to tdorti
the row, when rtl..KOAian X440 1 ,t9.,
house, seized a itottleof tiOiling_Wftioran
thew„ it `on gr. N . and .a child,
both' of thWri tout-RV: l '4lr.. 'l4 hah - elpi•
her with assaultanclbatterY.,
rata' bat theifitater Ortprforitisedvsa
reuera ;, l 2 I**- 7be third
uciri v
4 ; 0ev o of the:
Pen: via „beg; e
evening;in7lsBtCsl6thbrilM o-
Chvro:ntheiny V:Luesta.The '"
wi vei li th
m trea femi t ,oi.anon ce
thelly Teofrautvpeheen;ndenudeatywinottfrvogixxititeon.r*
m Th u e exorcises
si e Will be en liv ened
1 - - .4 ZNAt7;
' -. 0 . . ..:7'. ' .1 - 7_ i - r- - . T.
,► Skirt for the 'Million.
;Perhaps no ar.: ielez.tatjadiesalpparet is
more Widely worn or jnstlY enjoys-higher
reputation' tlnitillid , fitinoit4', 413tadley 7)ia- ,
ple.x Skirt-'!. „The.,intmensity pf their, sale
can' hardly' be imagined, 'aS , Cach city,' town
and.villae„in - the country contains, its slap
ply: r -Tao skirtg ore ' tigect ifi preference"te
all others 'peeMnse pf , their, graceful sh4pe,,
beautiful style and aut.:inlay. ' They%lnSt'
in-wear nearly three times: as king as oth4
rers - in use, haying double springs and made
°film best finality of Materials. I The* are
cold by jnefithly, all of pna9eading merchants
and Wilqi once tried they are neendiSt:ard.
od'.by ; purchasers..W
The est, Bradley ,k. :
Cary rit mufactutring company. haying par
eltasedelmsiness and interest of the late
final of .th fWeiet;;Btadley: - o.:Citrit, and having
Made ga'eatinariroVe:fnetitS'intlieinaellinery,:
:and labef for' the , thanufacture - Of the, cele
brated-Skirts; they are now enabled to man-
ufacture Mid Sell , theftVak gOiLtV redriced ]
i prims. Their object' is to place these SkirtS
in the marketat. sticiklpiloA•• as,to make it
Mit object forthe million.:. The PriCeSlfaYe
`been materially redneed, thus making the:
Bradley Duplex the eheapest' as Well as the:
-ibest . in the Market. - The company haVe
Ile& an'extensiye variety' of 'new and beau.'
tiful,designs of the patented ~'lnetalic qiy.lll7
suspenders, 'ol• /.tbeir ' - own .!manufacture,
equal--iii'ttylWand :duality ,to stltoi best
Frenchlnfspenders, and ittarnichli4Or prl 7 '
ces. ittlentionT4' directed to the column
'ad' ertisement on onr.Fifth.'Pag,e. of fe-day's
paper. The office - and warehouse of the
company are at . - .;c:os: 17 , ChamberS and 97
and Si lleade street, lii , Vi York. ,
4erious Accident.--, driver of an expreus
wagon, whose name we were unablo to
learn, Was . seriously injured ' about five
o'clock. yesterday oyening, by. falling fb"u
his wagon oti St. Clair street; between V- in
street and OW tivei. :MYR appeatif,. had
stopped his Wagon for the Purpose of,deliv.;
ering a.package, and eras standing,:up in
the rear end' of it, When the horse 'started
suddenly, :,tlu-owing him out backwards,
his head corning in contact with the curb
stone. • He was picked up insen.,lbla and
removed to : his residence, where medical
aid was rendered him. -
:For„ icing.—Alma Maria Ziegler Made
information before Alderman Strain, yes
terthiy, \Valhi :with „assault
and bat?teb . , She'alieges that ho 'mkt her'
on the street, and without any provocation
struck her with his, fist and knocked her
doWn. The parties occupy quarters ylintly
on a #.-11biling pillatc",n'atthe feet ofQ.'Hara
street. in the Allegheny river. Being pos
sessed of a forgiving :spirit, Maria relented
after a short time, when she returned to
the Alderman's office. paid- the costs and
withdrew the information,
False Preteitee..—John 8.e4; of the firm
of Best & RobtuNtra,hglassictimmiftuturers,
made inhumation before Alderman Strain,
vesterdny,;•eharging Thomas :Mulhall with
aitaiiiing money under false pretthtee. He
allegs.t.lutt the accused had been eUgliged
by the fiyiti to do a - piece of work for twen
ty dollars, and that he went. to the, clerk's
41Ace; and hy - representing that, the work
was done, pbtalned the money. A. warrant
was issued for his art‘est.
Our readers will be pleased to learn that
the eetiihraled lecturer, John B. Gough,
will deliver three leettires under the aus
pices:Of:the Young Men's Mercatitile'Libra
ry ,:kssociation, on Monday. Tuesday and
Wednesday. evenings Of next week. The
subject :of the leeture ou Mondayevening
will be..7,Tetnli - eizinee.” Tuesday evening.
"CtirioSlty,2r , and Wednesday evening.
"Eloquence and Orators."
Itlanufactu'rereltlrecting.;- 1 -There will l;e
a inceting . of all manufacturers of this city
and vicinity interested in the removal of
,the revenue tax from manufactares, at this
'Board - of Trade Rogins, this afternoon at
two o'clock, to eloet 'delegates to meet the
delegates from Wooster, Detroit;'Clovelancl
mid other Cities, at. Wash
ington. City on the 18th ins
. .
Assault and' Surety of the Peaec..---Ered
erieli Dither made information; vekterday.
befurelderman. Strain; a"alnst Thomas
.111i - f:oriniek - for assault and surety - of the
peace. The partiesside at•Wooils
The- priaseentor alleges that the,. defend
ant threw g brick at him and threatened to
kill him. .1 Warrant was issued. ' • •
LegAraputated.Tanies residing on
Peunsylyania avenue, had his left'leg am
potateil vesterdaT below the knee. He was
wounded In the army inlBll2,liy a, musket
fiaU,.i~ high shatteml the bone of his leg
The oeration was performed by Dr. Sat- ,
ton, asSiSted by several other gentlemen of
the profession. • ' •
IPOliceman : ApPolnted.—Mr. Hugh Boyle,:
We learn, has received- the" appointment of
police offieer froM the Mayors of both cities..
His - dutylrill be on the St. Clair; street
Bridge. . 3fr. Boyle has been Tniployo - : at
the bridge icr :Over tent years, and will:
doubtless makemt efficient officer.
Pardoned..--Potor , Keil, of Sharpsburg,
convicted a few veelth since of the seduc
tion, -under
marriage, of Miss
Kline, of same place, and sentenced , to
the' Penittiniary for fifteen Menths, has
been pardoned by the Governor. Ke was
released frinn imprisonment. yesterday.
Committed for Trial.--Robert
who Was'Airested of Sunday morning,
charged witlithe larceny of a box of tobac
co, an account of, which - we published yes
terdtry, After a hearing was' held . : to • bail in
the awn of $5OO, in default of which lie, was
coMmitted for trial. - ' : •
Y. 14. c...A 'Mollifiers of the
Young Itlon , s ..kssociation uro
rogyeStett to call at tlio rooms, No. 23 Fifth
strent,;hereke 20th :instant, and settle
tlibir , ltrtinnal dues for tho present. fiscal
„ I
_ • ,
committed and Released—John Randolph;
a p9lored witi;leontmittod, yesterday,.
for surety of peace- .by Alddrittan Mil
-Idr7oifoath of..lohn .Lockhardt. He after
watds,yrot4.irrod the , reAniros.l bell and Was'
Berson le—Genernle fo'imerly
on ("fieis3ri4 Butler's stair, In New Orlettns,
inWldessenger.orpt.° . Impeachment Mann-,
Arrived Inlay; on Nisi
nom: tonne& Impotteltment
tad Sitd4
.tmaiie of
:Ivo, --
w . 41 befo) ti' vesterday,
r d wit „ortiineumby.
l'vfta eat- ~.4FL.,.T''''Streets on Sun
', ny...:-.They were fined % .5.00 ntid'vo' ste each..
i i',l- gt 11 Ili • ___-,...001.,•— ; --,— . 1
' - ,Stn ''' ' etiduttistichiers' () Men Hours.;—Per
, °64'
; S.liniitig busines.4 with the Street Con
an aim iesionere will. fu], them in their office,
'second gtoryi AV' kills Hall, from nine to
from two until three r....m. .
ten A. -31 .0 11 / (1
....... . - -
I ; c ,
1 116 * .N.Te l viliiitirlak!111 - , 4 1 ;zolluvt!‘ ''"/us'ild
ilie ildveitliiernerit; Or ElinSii?inewspnbor. n . ,
to-day's paficrka h tiV i P t elkt*:7- 1 " 4 6 1 : t 8t a r i
most entexprislOg.t'alat_lstth , l , 3. ,
,0713 of
- tbe Z.l-&714ll ` ":4, -:'!,.._,, ' , V,-; ,
it n.i , ,,,,A-ut t. 1,-i,,k,,,i,14,144-,-...-4,,:.-
-- , , invirokiiv ,. .46.l6ltri: , Brunn -Kan.
Idi Oicriiii•glite4el3ot• v Ag l rA in g''44 / 11;
tiestegeol• -- hi tight dir =, , ilastrpett, . - -
heniltdit ' a tal lal ed , "sloiit 'and costseuelf.i; r ,l•.''i
• .'44..rq p,
will ~.. b e buried
The,liiiii4ao.l.4.4tal4t- Glass w tri
tbbentbernoonlat-Awo wviiiciFm!ro_
denim on Wylie street.
At 'Robinson's, No: 9) Fifth street,
found the most fragrant teas obtal ed
the city, at very reasonable prices, sod
, .
- -a delegation of Indian Chiefs arrived in
New York city on Monday, ell . route from Washington, where they, have been in ex
,pectation -of straightening affairs in. their
, mterests. Their visit to Washington did
not, hoWeYer, acenioplish the desired re
. sitit, owing 'to the political - storm raging
there, and they return M their people with
anything but pleasant news. • -
M. Holbrook, President of the New
(.4kleans Associated Press, .in a card denies
the trutlrof the statement made in some
northern.papers , that bands of tire compa
nies recently,
,played 'the , Bonnie Blue
nag" in front of General Hancock's head
quarters; and that the latter rode in .a ctir
riage withjeff. Pings. • •
. —The flood in the Cheningo and Susque
hanna river§ at 'Binghamton, :N. Y., was
.increasing yesterday. The . Union..' bridge
over the Susquelumnawas swept away, and
another bridge froin unknoWn point
emne down the rtyer on Sunday._ One..per
son is re_ported. drowned.
. .
, Cream. Candies, Walnut and :Almond
;Cindy, ..Tordan :and : Cream Almonds,-
Marsh Mallow Drops., Jelly; Liquorice and
Hard Gum Drops, Fine andeommonMixed
Candies,. Cream Chocolates; Cream. Dates,
Cream Bon Bons, :Colt's Foot . Rock, FiF
Paste„..Greennoble. WaliintS, Pecans, Solt
Shell Althonds, Arabian and' Barbara Dates;
Figs Raisins, PruneS, Prepared Cocoa Nut
:Millard, Whitnitin and Baker's Choco
lates, :Spiced Salmon, Extracts, Extract of
Beef, Condensed Milk, Cross and Black
well's Pickles, Sauces, Olives, Catsups,' Es
sence of Shrimps and Anchovies, Mustards,
Marmalade, Fresh Fruits, iriglass,
Jams, Preserves, Jellies, Spiced ,Oysters
I Finest Olive Oil, - Gelatine Primelios
Cit'ron, Lemon Peal, ttc., &C.
'Call and examine at 112 Federal street,
1 Allegheny city. ' GE011.41: BF:Ay - EN.
' • Model Saloon.
.The Continental Dining Saloon, on Fifth
street, one door West of the Postoffice, is
without question a Model one, Mr.
HOltzheimer, the proprietor,:has unlimited
experience in the busineils,_ and no one
knows better than he how to please the
public.As a caterer to the wants andtasteS •
of his customers he is unsnrpassed, and that
his efforts to pleme are appreciated is plain= -
1y evident frem the large amount of patron
age he receives. His tables'are always sup
plied With the best the market affords, and
'the excellent style in which eatables are
prepared at the Continental is..softleient to
tempt the' appetite of the greatest epicure.
Country Merchants will gain ? money in
buying dry goods by examining 'the stock
:to prices at Barker's.
Patties desiring the, services of a tirstr
(gags plumber.and gas and • steam fitter are
refetred to T. T. -Ewens, Who S e. establiSh,
ment is located at .NO. 165 Weed Street, tient
ixtla .;\ fr. Ewens. thoroughly - Under
stands every branch of his busineSs, em
plop; nil:4lo'6lr first Class and skillful nie
efianies,- and gives personal supervision to
all work entrusted to his care. He attends
'promptly to orders froth the.. country'dis;
trios, and will send workmen to' ny point
desired on very reasonable terms. A full
supply of gas fixtures and fittings, iron and
wood pumps, sinks, bath tubs, Ltc-, &c., is
kept constantly on hand at very reasonable
prices. .
Hlgh Figures.—Our friend Ham= Smith
son sold the well known property; Nos: 27
and *2.8 Wood street,the latter.ciecupied by
It. E. Sellers &Co: on Saturday for the
mense sum of kitty thousand, one hundred.
dollars. This price would, feW years ago;
hitve been considered fabulonSt but first
class property, such as the one under notice
undoubtedly is, we are safe in Saving, *ill'
in the future bring prices like fhi,s,,espe
cially advantages are the smite are set
fourth in the vigorous, eloquent and Pithy:
language of Capt. Smithson, than whom
there is none .better cmleulated to wield the
hammer.. Who will ask • '"what'S • a
narne.7 • -
One bale'',. Superior quality of Russia
Crash, for 123Ei cents, at Barker's.
Jewelry - at Barg . ains.-=At - Reineman,
"Idevran 6: Soidle.'s fashionable jewelry es
tablishment, No. 29 Fifth street, our friends
will 'find a splendid stock •of watches,.
Clocks, silver and plated wares and general
jeWelry, at greatly tredueed 'prices.- - The.
firm's new and magnificent structure on,
Fifth street will be .ready for occupancy 4.
few days hence, and in the meanwhile the
- goods ut the old honse will be sold at very
low prices: Those' wishing;bargains will
do' well to call: • • .
The Spring Styles now making their ap
pearance in,tlie windoWs of our fashionable
dry goods establislmients are very neat and
pretty. We observe that 'Messrs. Bates Et.
Bell, No. 21 Fifth street, are receiving daily
fresh invoices of new geods, which have
:been selected with andiudgment.
This firm; otters great bargains in seasona;"
able, goods, and:We commend their store to
the patronage Of.our lady _readers.. eod - •
Allegheny Readers Nvill find at the-exten
sive and well supplied wholesale and retail
grocerygp.rroocery.houseof Messrs. .Mcßride ttz George,
N0,,,.1 6:tgederal street, a very fine and fresh
Stock of groceries fied_provisions,_Whieh the
firm offers at very reasonable prices. No
where else in either city am purchases be
ineciertii better advantage, or more desire-
ble groceries be obtained. , '
Remember those" beautital Prints; 123-6•
cents, openecint _Barker's this
Preparatory to' the fashionable resorte
season, Mr. Joseph Leibler, the enterpri
sing proprietor of the Premium trunk fac
tory, N 0194 Wood street, has laid in a very
large and tine stock of trunks, of all de
scriptions, valises; satChels, hand bags, car
pet wicks, 6ze., which-he Offers at wholesale
and retail at theioWesrpessible prices,
- 1 - etd.
1)r. Aborn's mode of treating eatarrli,:
deafness, ,throat . .-Infections, lung diseases
and chrdnic ailments generrdlY flare 'prov
ed to be the most successful known to the
medical profession.'The Doctor eon be
consulted from . TA: c Af. to 4p. 3t., at his
rooms, No. .134 Smithfield street.
The •Elegant Trunks and Satchelsfound
at such reasonable prices and in such great
variety nt the popular and well conducted
preminni trunk factory of Joseph Liebler,
No. 1.04 Wood' street, are just such articles
as' the traveler desire. Call in and
see fOitY'QUXS.e.IY,e.P. eod
.o.rtduli" land.
13tdli For
re I,iot•been.
Organdies, Jaeonetalind .Lawns, at Bar
keek, this day.
Wheeler- .cse,• , ,ImpraVed back.
Stitch ScwitirMahltine.—The.minifilest and
best. Theonly. machine, °using Crvatal
Cloth Presser with its attachnienis. -Sales
room Not 27 Fifthzstrect..L , .. z
nirios `Wagon
Bolin forget the 123 . 4 cent Shirting Muslin
t64lay at. Barter's:
gickleit, canned fruits, and Igene con
diinents or relishes; in variety, at he old
established tea mint. of Joseph A: Robinson,o
Na 'I Fifth 'treet. '
Shiudine- in& Midths
664) at Barker's,
.01 • . lk • • -
At, estpliltit4e4. Tea 'Mart,
No. 20 Fifth street, a :fresh, arrival 'of pure
Jay.k..-LagulTkaY 4 ,R l P Poffleil hasjust been
Those New. Dress Goods;opened st'Bar 7
01 1 "
PAP" roweling , ebeß1 t
Biwker s.
be 'White Piques., at Barker's.
For Silks, go to Barker's. ,
Good Pure Lozenges.
lborn, at his handsomely arranged,
rpeclical odice, 134 Smithfield street, has
recently introduced some , valuable ap=
paratus• iti his extensive practice... Every
new invention that tends to make ea.sier - the
working 'ol cures is used by the. Doctor,
and'he has now quite-an' extensive labora
tory. His apparatus for the treatment of
Catarrh of the head is so constructed that
the medicated fluids are brought in direct
contact With the diseased mucus menabrane
!of-the nasal passage.; se, has thus been en
abled to perform Many :remarkable cures
of this loathsome diabase •
Table Llnens, ItTaiildns, and Doylies,
Mute and •Colored, in great variety and
cheap, at-Barker's.
. .
„ Fresh Groceries, pure teas, aromatic
coffees, and a large selection of table con
din-fonts, sauces, relishes, spices, &c., at
Mcßride •& George's wholesZe and . retail
groceryand•procluce house, l\o IG4 rodent
street, Allegllenv City.
" '
• -
Jaconet, Cambric, ! Swiss, Rock and
Nainsook Muslimi, plain stripe, check and
tlgered, itt Varker's.
At Robinson's old established tea mart, ,
20'Fifth street; ladies will find an excel.
lent freslystoc i k. of teas, coffees, , and general. -
groceries, at N . -cry reasonable, prices.
Dry Goods at . Vi'liolesale, less than gist- , 1
em prices, and in full assortment, at Bare
. .DIED;
GLASS--On SundaV night. 3lnrehl3th, - .1613 . 0. r at
/2o'eleek. colonel OHS I'. GLASS, in the 411 Is
year of bls age: -
. The funeral, will talteptace , Tllls Al:,71.11N00N, at
2 - 0 - eloeli, from his late resldenee . ,. No. 136
street. ,The friends of the fan* a:re 'tespectfullr
invited:to attend. . - , ,
The friends of the family, and the'ineralleroof his
late eonitiany of the IliCelilor Brigade.; also all
dlers of the' late war, ore respettfulle invited to at:
eITART.TON.—On Satin -day aderticion.fa:Th . l4
•, The 'funeral will take place frOmbiS late reiddence.i..
Charticts 'street, near - Itelmeca'.' Allegheny .6ty, Clk
THIS ATTEILNO‘,I; 17th inst.., at 2 o'clock.
FLEMING.—Ort Sabbath morning, - 31ltreli 13th,
.T. E. Fi..EMING, Esq.. of Mt. Pleasant; Westnacire—
land county. Pa.., at the residence. of 3lrs.'
MeGee..Fleming Station.
Funeral On WE:D7SES 1:1.h.Y.'n0R.1:1!:10, - frozn the keri,;
eral Street Depot, on arrival of the.lo A.,at . train.
11OLDINGSITEAD=OriXontlai"nlitlit. 31nrChi0,,
at 12m'clock. , ELLA WOOD, daughter OFITuv. James.
and Sarah Ifolllngsiread, ,agert..2o:months, -
The funeral will takoplatce,trom the reklandO.l;r .
tier parents, Tv. AO:Deaver , _Octane: ArliFitieFlF
- City, . (formerly Ifaiteliekter) on
Ilarch IS, o'cloek r. M. The, friends ethe
family are respectfully_lnvited to attond.
-- - - -
No. 166 FOURTH STREET; Plittsburp, Pa. ,
'.) FINS of ail kinds, cRAPES, GLOVI atad'eV..•
ery 41e5crIptiou of paneral Furntahhm tickals 'Lir-.
t bed.n: Rooms open day and night.,,Wa.rse and'.
.Carriages furni.bed. _ _.
... e .
RF.PEZENCES — ReV. DMVId KelT, ni. , lt ~,1ECT.4.21.
W. .Taeobus; D. D.. Thomas Ertag, Eaq., jaaOl? H.
c • •• -
1 TAKERS AND LIVERY tiTAIG,£,S,-corner or •
S., N'I)I.I7SKY ST.ltEra AND Cilitilttill , AVENUE,'.
Allegheny City, Where their .COFFIN-LaCtOMS'.urv
con,tantfr supplied with real ,atltittitation Rose--
woad. Mahogany and Walnut. -Collimi, , allinces . 98., ,,
:Ting from 44 to .400. liodiYa -prepared ,fgr Inter-.
meet. hearses and,Carriages furnished: also, a
kinds of 'Mourning Goode, if rdquired: :013cg *pew'
at all hours-day and night.., ,- , , ~ :7, ..
loposEitir..T 1 1 10DN EV; lIJNIIER.;
TAKCR ANT/ •E3TRAiL3I.E.Iti:- No. , 450m0
u'rltEET, Allegheny.,•-ung SO DIAMOND
SQ,LTAKE, thy .Tohn Wilson ,t- - Bro"..)keops'iallirisys
Ain hands the• best Metal,fitoserrood. 'Walnut and,. •
industlon Rosewood Cain". Walnut Collins - iron
$25 upwards. Irosewocd • Coffins i 1 ,2 0 •. Upward", all.
Othet t 'offlns In proportion..: Carriages and Hearses
ihrnished low -rate". Crapu. • Gloves. Vare., , :and
Engtavlng furnished gratis. Office open ; day, ,And
•.'l , • - . :
Allegheny.; 3letatille, Itoiiewtsud and Miter
with a complete stock of Tinieral Frirtifslititglioodti
on hand and furnished' t. shortest notice,-At 44:Flirts
prices. Sale. and. Livery Stables. corner dr rirSt .
and 3tiddlestreets. Carriages; BarouclieSi , Zitgetes,.
Saddle Horses. for.htre. - -
GLYCERINE_ .$9.i.-.,
, ,
,Warranted to contain , 4o PERZENY: P'GRE GLY—
CERINE. There Is no., intelligent, plift•teigi or
druggist perhaps In the world that fa not acqiiLilitte4
with the character Of ' ' •- ' • • '•:,-
And tins Soap being (Fetatkrom . e.xpeiZs cift'lkall a X?
May ;without question - peeanStdered liiF'grentest
sailer ettient lu Crtenitealkcienee.',: . • . '
Corner Snilttiflold and yonrt4§treets.
. . . • .
Also, Agent for SAItGi`g.'VIE.I4I",%.7A.•-GLYCERINE
liard.the following good'quaii4esl•
Ist—Accuracy: 91d—PertabldIty
4tlr-Durablllr*... stlk-Chnapnesi , . - .oth -- leganeo
of design beauty.. fah!, ;all the. qualliloa-
Cons necessary fur agupi),.rollahleßaretileißr•
Call and get a Cltuular4Prini deierlntion: oL, the
same; also, the endorii euirui, et: thOse• them'
in use,.froui the • •
::1*6.A.TJE4 , 1
. .
Adapted to a II I RST.OI.4I*3O4I*ANT '4":140to
Corner of Penn and Ed. , Clair Street&
IL:e•bajance-otAywo? dealrable. I ots are' , novi-o end
at private Site, and stOpnedisirchiscf grid
bites would do well to anske acetoetionl ;
l'iloeated pn a beautlfak add'hbaithY'ipot, :two and a
Half trilleffrorn'Sharpilidtac oti; the t~esfera Penn
sylvania Railroad; vhitti rims tbcOngb:4, 4;411% it
touch mare valuable and. 'ameatdo.,,,E7f
preparations aroPoW ,llll o. angsroT !rVcting t ar,
ottine.honses. *bleb will ptoy . e.,au:terinotient - to,the •
tOwn. remainder or theue C o ed 7 41* it
vtry -reasonable rates, an d on terms . ' iiiteetifinglT
easy. strk4stisTrEtt — ter4 Beal and In- ,
inritneo AgrAts, - Lawrelicetilie.: ' '
II 64 "" 1 -4. AuereoprtN...l , lXl4 4 l" , al
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