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- , -ssatimr. , CENAPIIIT and BEST ALICILI
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JAC,..0111 co:ten:ma •
-{it-ILr.A/ 5 115efor,Itallei,n(2•Iew
continues - the War on • illicit distitlaries.
Wednesday, night Inspector eason
s'aieliolaWdbnllLenr of Mr. Gam rgf at
512 West Thirty-eighth street, at d the
tug estiblir-huimtor Ur. Ell 1314
-eighth street, on chla goo o(
delkentllng the Governtneut. T
- inlay is worth $lO,OOO and the rect !Slag
- - Plansll,ool Gloom alsosacazed enty-
Speen laurels of vrbLlkey. In transit, ion
chirps of Anna. TIM whiskey men
1-1 'bj=wirr.lknoten44lo take the. Ilk et Gen.
. —The Meinphis iroitowho of yester.
'alirtblitatLlE from
Wire the editor, who announcos tho
`li gtESptisoument of her hnsband. and RP
, =nee oantrol of the editorial depart,.
mat of the raper. - A ozitothaboac cor
par will be applied for in-Jite Mgritcipal
' 4 lDCititt to-dwrin his case. 'A meeting of
' members of the bar is also called to de,
liberate upon the action of Judge Hon. -
_ tirintbe prettdadsc ' I
. r .;t4rxiiitirtacitdevelopiiients irciexppc,
ted to be made by the committee having
- the matter in chargo conwrnlng fraud La
• iqtar!y pardevarimentaborring how
thOusbancle cleaners have been swindled
1 .
out oftheir pay by claim monle, with
• the knowledge ckf Ciovernment
—The tibial* labuod Democracy have
nm!DlL7istAd Lyman Pairm for Goventlii,r,
tLetourfee for l lentCnant.6orer
nor George ti. Mt= for Attorney Gen
eral, aid:JaneettAtlrinsatt for Treasurer.
—A 'Jewelry pedler, named Herrin
Golding-, wile invited at St. Loa, yester
:-.. day for atealltm a man or jewalry worth .
Vett hundred. mature from Roche
, o lliwatixi. in Canado; about ayea.r.ago.
RePublican Jiwq-kt Committee
°Mt* York Or Iliad a salute of one
htindrdil gins In City flail Park, at noon
yesterday, In honor of the Now Hemp
, Ceti, Wednes - diy, a
man. - ae im übleremen, &acme WI to mil
. dtg- :121...wtte,',Snt falling; killed one of
ber emapanione, and Men committed
—Hprrie. oa - rotatory, with cme hon.
aisd fifty- barrels a! ind. tiro
thoutiaxot etoptr_botrolo, ins destroyed
ATILre o ' •
almr. g Itor:
- _
Wigton, "Vt.,:in seealon on )Vidnosday;
Bishop "of mar
' ped6itris,p, ar.
saved at AugTita, Georgia,, pn Nlrednes
Emmnkzoif Ist/it' Ds
,StMerollessail iforisa-Thael Wreck
. • *" ."
TOlRnkie '
_Saar FEArtelaco, March 12—By the sr
_ , .
.5 - rtesl alba strati:jar tiaboare have Him
Oitthi 'deices to - February Wit.
Theseault Ohba eleatlen forlegialattve
... !.4igisiantatlveatatareutiliavela rualaibma
“ .. .. - Aabloam. eight soinisteirtal i twelve tale
liodaat, and aeveta donbtfoL The mato.
_li , N_i . o_ u t i .d m fitibit s, . l e rvarrite,iicia
lic4i t ik.voianknemilyibrttr. Mott Smith,
• mareelditlit totherpolls with the... America!),
fag ap their bead audSheltawaalti bon
a/sr Vitibratartiftteatiroceatfou.,. = •
A rerrtear or - the Illermaln trine
_ . shorm a total export or.netk •
cgo.ripal item Ittrother,
'mounting to eerenteett million potthda.
tr=g l h T n i ta i l 4
t" riti 6 : l l,-Tohard;tr 4ialsatihrhile
making ai. mega Thart-Paget--flotmd to
' Austratla. a The rountr-pf the ' nicked
vessel not eeeerte,thedo„
, "I r he i lirtig. bee ordered the Ilaintala
l'arllameht !ciipuirane,ozL . theFlgkteenth
Rnts4riyutiii imen apptilhted
iditta;annettorottheleland.tiatraya. t
• The bottifed estimeeortheLieltahani
gave i WV hi' lionelarailry Rermlstiort
Wade 'alp t'lh•at!ddezd,!, the: find:
of the emeheaf arrival at Iltancdula from
— Ya4 77 r 111 ,Z. t .!1 0. 7: "Pant,
god Tim InminosS.
- itirlldeaspirti•-ili:2lll.o4[eifiustte.]
March .12--ailatte- 12 a'
• 7Yragilairiargi
ailetta theffitate„Conyeartm.. .
414.1aCiiriaaintir — tidnit MT
' Pzeieldrits:: mL
aile v W:ityrdi.l(earirilerandan, , Jr4
0 • 01 7te
Reeidied,-Theiweappiove the action
oftbe - lfalthatiall Itentie nt Represents- '
tireeorldalt„ thiongh the Impeachment
4 erthe'Preaddent, eeettea To 'relieve .the
aA sipieseebitfacjit to da speedy
TT'' , .ialltiiipitillthaand thiletattot
- thepeople al" the States lately in
beam amittatha paratiottua of the ia
. .dintnal and commercial intenestael the
tdassitchusetta pledge their Individual
sap to :qqraril.l.4B. Grant as their
for President of the United
and,"- That -
. eletltdence Innis broad Nitionsd patriot
-3w. sad triedilledity; settrbith- appreel- -
, *Omar his eminent aervicp In the ranee
.7.4oft;toitorin.ttghte, the-Republicans'or
• Youradnutetts ptesent. tlerug Wilmette,
thstr randlaste for Tree President of-the
• :
Caavaastai at sataaspalla lee
lattlatriroundidarcli Con.
410. /itans& bf
,I,o44,lnosentent of tie *41401 - lan
- Cbtrilii'ilisettabled in QIN - tity;loKinyc'
Iths attendance is large,: all . The various
riembyterisnumbelos (any
filev. - " , , ruttle. New
Mairlbrdartils. is President.'
- 'fibpks tor _Maenad= to-dastSrvirtri:
.:.2 . .Wottldreat spiritual ta unity_ be advanced '
gterrattln: union, of -bolievens?..
ti unlou of the various branr.tun or
4:lo*Ssttqut etturch-ln the- United
,taasit.des And estacticable ion Abe
-'- lags adopted the recent t.tenventlan'
111 lnitisaSptda, wet witsk-eala tsi done
to nioni - clonelsr.unileitheiraclnue branch;
Itleinters4nna—eldars. outside -, of dhe
Welds ware to enroll their names
ley Sdt[dY► to too Pitt+ burgh UszetlACl
Afarch-42..—The --.Workes
hi of Me . now
troltr y irith.47lp 119rth'....3 ensure
-467.ek.iticio 39, the
MSPrerVe#loli Eiitat Cticimatiti Liao:QM
and it*lde in
-. . , Wittaitecitiggirilfsle.n, :La slag*: riebtm
_;..asiirptivUerai me to.natireliern damns
the second alsuiss
Ur-the owe eimer . ntneat et
ibellhattedßuttee:tahlprettally...egrete In
reccipliat penoniwho, though. torn:trey,
-1 41 W11 1 4 01 .-of Airnited States, hews be
' - oomainisitiznalsed - eltieens or the North
• _ Arena Bead, end resided in. the terrt
-7,ld:rya the Aver yeaticasidttreni
,titt Band... It .is .providoi, moreetrer,
that tetuarfte,„hstrina thus alteeddflifdal
melt bete hie own cotmtry end biennia a
eltioattof.she other ounntrlt' odium to
hie naive country, end there - acquires
den:della --b y the, A*1.181110,1 of
..sdethdozoialla, be considered to have re
- -Seetteepthliadopted citizenship. Article
1-seened prcnrides than no-pensosretudi
angel Unn of eitisenship
throe& natandletetott frotwobitettiona
ineurredthrongiteilme or misdemeanor,
onetedtted whiles ettizen - - - of- , hts'eatkv
oess. extends the
~.,ixttadttkev*,- treaty of t..43id , r qat.
*- - tweed 'aid United titibtii, and s Pros. -
'lcaide - :(1.- Bend.
Attlrms'Yeui* &caret ihet t rort of
ittdchelestia, tudsenstder
shall. be presumable' (nice Yet' Ira** ,
Mends out of - his sgloptedeeentiNz The
seini.deelsiation of intention tel-b 63121110
add= to be of no Intemetionactreet.
,7 , 11/150111411/ilixidals'.o6l,9 toll:4 4 1ga
eat ion athe treaty. and -girt/anti:an t -
`afxsrloalW4ina that
‘l4ltaitr shalt tab be inualeasteiyarlat
tha.a or tramaia
Itee*Tttion. of Attorny Gen.
Proposed Source of Revenue.
Gialifed tiptri s Tdamo,lr_cones,
au !tamp Dvto3.
WASHINOTOS, /lamb 12 Ma
Xt6310RA.111)351 OP U. StiMiLliagiC.
41tainey General StanberiY tendered
bib rasignatlon last night, for the reseon
that ho wi‘hes to be nnincit.bered by
official duties and.restrifinta in bts futnre
actions as counsel for the President du
ring the trial of the 'alder berforislthe-Sen
ste.. Mr. Stanberry Lao - leen hicensul
-tation with the President the ereater por
tion of the day, and It Is tuulartstoad his
resignation will-be accepted.
tcitaciai or xzvkacoz.
Too Committee of• Ways and *Avow.
it is cinnersiood, bat arrived at tan con
clnaion Lnbt the fall amatuit of revenue
'required for carrying on the . Govern
meat can be .ralsod fromihe following:
Distilled spirits, fifteen inilliona;
coniee, tifty-one millions• tobacco, twee
ty-flve millions; stamp dude*, twenty.
five millions. This is about five million
dollars in excess of the amount required
to carry on the Government.'
'• Don Marlene Sanchez -Fantrellla to.
day presented bbicredenttals to the See
'rotary of State u ChstftetvAlliure from
and was ze,=s-atzed accordingly.
The President to-day sent to Wellman,
incompliance with the call for informa
tion relative to the trial and conviction
or"firnerican citizens in Great Britain
and Ireland for the lot two year., a con
tinuation of the report from the Sem.
tarp of State ou the subject. .
The Sabato to , day confirmed' floury
Maa alroatmaster at White Water,
Wis;„11. Lindsey as Postmaster
at Boise Citv; „Idaho; Thos. - Hood; At
toraey.for Vilawasitt; arga Man In,
-Poatmistar at Banta Pat T. M. fl,stt, or
Tenn l.M.rco n '"' ' Ll* P t* Trysm_ly t
• . Postmaster at Itturfroisboro,
fratinesse; " " -
The :indlodary Committee olthe Haase
May had under sanshierstion a propo
sition, which meets 'with' _ammo farm,
looking to the astablAb ant _of a num
ber of Insurance • Companfee In the UM
. ,
The feceiptoof Cusiortos for. tho week
. ending March 7th;,trere53,103,661..
By TeltresPlYto rldabnyyt eigartukl
- WANYMIGTOBr; March 12, IS6B,
Mr. _MORTON presented a Peddid
of. 'bankers, manniseturers ani mer
elnds renionistratlng
aghast anynnateristolionge to the
tloaal Honking system.
:Min'SECERII.A.N presented ei petition
frota citizens of Ohio, for a change to the
mod° of appointio.
Str.•'l3ltlKEVriftbnal a resoltutom
that - the' .present "duties on foreign
merchandise impacted into the United
States; having been predicated upon et c
Internal Revenue tax oerdomeetiemanu
(enterers the. Finance, Cergunlttee; be
inettucted Ao - inquire. into- the ex
pedlener of "deducing - them to , the
time. rates arida-Abe - redaction; of
said -Internal Revenue tax ) any
AD'hiDik"DS obJectlng, the regret-
Arin'affraGh.bri Ante the' Committee
no.Ploances report. the Howie bill for
tberellef of oet-Wn exporters of diotuled
spirits, with an
Alter s debate the bill went over.
Mr, VAN .WLNICLE oiled'up . the
.4,' bill granting Penalmo to
-rib* Semite conetirred Dinse
amendment of the bill to, amend the
Judiciary am -of December: 24tb,.1798,
and It now goes to the Pnwident.
Adjourned. • .
_ .
Ciminittolo! Ceitil)Fe**rzeotler..
ed as the - Ant; issCfetien..tot, Priimetit
'Lute the Tresanty of Certain monies now
MAW hands of the. United Sham Treap •
° The 'Sonde liant - iesiatitani Autherri>r
ing the mention of a stortahonse at For
tress Monroe; and hilt hir nuCrettlenient`
of certain SACO ntilkotlitAil "Vauban,
•The SPEAKSEipreeentedneotorbeni.
tenon from the GoTern9r of -West, Nip.
gin* tranaudtting weepytbe resoin-
Vona iseeed by thaLegiMertuttot West
4'lttrixas; dectiring, that Prinidint
eon is gaittief-watful end flettmel,tio
lethal of tne Isar In hilt isnataPt ,4o ,re'
Inot.ehlr-Bitinton..froni the potation of
Secretary of" War,- recommending Ina
inspeaettment. end stuthoristw the - oov.
errortotend& to Oomp 7 , antba.
elle° of West yirginis Menstahang the
anthinityiether .ranment s od eaten , .
log fhe laws 'of the tinted States. ~
~rternmitde lingfitraratf solos.
Tio repoit. of tie Committee on Re
*meanest.; On fitergneeti&,of theft-.
ittloixe degnietiOti-aisignieguintittone
of hosida i d i ert=i inolgrefflXt- -
InirthO - obintdef Clarkeatoper
insentient eV ttne-PriutifigHareme; and
Clio' method .of :pr . in_tbig pratol:
bow. and 110/02. -, A • .
Mr:LOCUS took a :pri mtnenit , nart,
4 nd AtrotlSLl.: 4littonnotat-Mr.
eeytnit:.character wm- so damnable
that its deserlotkai conbt not bo toad tit
'pnbllo tanount r otito ;
• 1.1. r, RANDALL offered a loonlotlma
tbattbe reoort - louneatbnOnY bOtt , noto''
mined, ,tualb. - Maim:ikn- to ..zonort'
whether arty andOsltattlanlgiame
ilte tluy=iitauoda Ninth:tiara=
Mr. KELLY stated - that - 116*V - With
ditnnMA , somber: wale ' lo .,zikequalltlY
- received for canto Woe at:tneTneatnry
ttest the &aka burin&eftsnot themd
ter became aletmed and o.l...V tx ttl
redeemed bonds' etiOuld not
but beau:welled and preseryWand t
*new. when bond with a duplicate nem
fa .
ber presented, come gentleman col.
fleeted with the Departinentts celled and
BnAlgASThe-PC WC bond
ong t to bear;luld tbenutdber fedeahged
acondlosly. fleensserdedthat theetne.
=Wee amagd hirnite attention to that:
Mr. 6Tb t ESPenruiyArafaitt, snail
Attl at WO that the matter -so over; tmttl
to-morrow; the None take - 61$
bl=pdralealon et..4labanta.,
belng:Ammie - Age 31r. Nan
ter iiodui dhetuaion between.
Meaara. — I:omut . atarY/4 W.Telr;
Kendall's raeolonon ale adegted..v
Mr. ST tiY,KES APAYo . vw . Ake. at
four - O'clock. 4-day be would Move the
preelottuMigicoau ttit
' xriaxurs '
'The SPEAKER Mil/anted a mamMe
from the Yrtaldent, informlngtbagouse
that an sm to amend lbs supplementary
reconstruction ,bIU bad been.presented
to tdno ierebruszyzitt; ienluottaitlnn
nem returned by hi, the Mine, it
, Tbe S PLUTZIL - enbougel4l22lolbl l 4 4 .
lug Comp:oWe! of Conference: -,•-• -
)I , Ces.„4:3esibus,
,dresemaliztiar. Zelepy sod 1510.40 , 04 i
On #lllConoersbag-tlie,TreanuliP
ieedyi 'Rebel - Cmitared
•- • •
eras qUaldiOa al! &mond= of
bondiptittberTreseary mil mauled mad
'ofetigulaba3teda three Vele*, Whecupe
Elpe4cer suseetiacerz tbs bow
bait aiginwitold, and the bill to ceestalue
_ _ •
,-goa Ina -
• \,l Ale 1. 7 4),
• ." • k.Nsfg •
kiitate /
the Freedmen's Bureau was before the! silluol Emnicu
After carious nropositione in reference
to the ermine btlAirlftq, the bill wont
over anal Tuenday,
- Mr. WASILRUP.NE, of Illinois, from
the Committee on Appropriations, re
ported back, the &oats amendment to
the consul& sod diplomatio appropria
tion bill. Alt the amendments were con
curred in,:except that making the salary
of the Secretary. of the .Consulate to
Guaymas one thousand dollars a year,
and that reducing the appropriation for
contingent expenses of missions abroad
from $A,090 to V. 10,000. • - .
A Committee of Conferenee was ap
pointed. •
Mr. WASEIBURNE, of Rla., offered
a resolution calling on the Secretary of
the .Treasury for Intormation concern
log the contract made to facilitate tele
graphic communication between the At
lantic and Pneific States, as to the
amount paid under the contract, the
amount paid bp, the government an
nnally'for such - telegraphing, 'the rotes,
du., and as to any communimtion from
the 4.9Signel37 of the original company.
' Mr. VANNifteR, - finra Committrn on
Retrenchment, made a report on whla
key frauds, which was ordered printed.
The House proceeded to the considera
tion of bills and resolutions lying over
. under the rale.
Tho resolution etilliogon the SeCretary
of the Treasury for inforniation es to
National Banks • hieing changed their
socurities on deposits, was adopted.
. ' - Various -other resolutions were re
Mr. JULIAM'S resolution of December
Ilth, that the .further alio of agricultural
public lands ought to be prohibited, and
that all proposed grants of public lands
for railroads or other special oltiocts
should be carefully scrutinized and rig-,
Idly subordinated to the paramount par- ,
pose of SOCUS ng homes for the homeless
poor, etc.. was adopted, -
Mr. WIN DOM'S resolution lo regu
late the tariff of freight on mtwenge son
the Union end Central Pacific Rail
made comlnz the House:, by yen,
fifty, nays earenty.three, refused to the
table, and it went over.
The Senate Inii-10.smend the J udiciliry!
act of 17M, was amended by an addition-
At section. repealing the psrtiou of the
stet' of ISC which authorizes appeals
from the Circuit Courts to 'the Supreme
Court of the United States, and passed.
Mr. BINGLIAM. offered a remtution
-providing for the report of the impeach
ment trial by the House stenographer
and the printing thereof for daily use In
the Rouse. Referred to the Committee
ou „Printing. • ; • ' • •
tar TeDogma to the glstsbargh Oar ettr,l
RICITSIOD. March /2.—ln the ton vett.
lion to-day the disfranchising ciente
ad on amended, so to
diananchiee, whether „the pereon hal
taken the oath to support the United
!Realms not, and was again adopted by
a rota of forty-four to thirty-eight. An
amendment disfranchising all who voted
for secession candtdates fur the Conven
tion,: and: all who "wrote or spoke in
faros of secession, was deluded by a
vote of thirty-six to forty-seven. Au
amendment requiring a two-thirds rote
of the Legislature to remove disabili
ties', sad each removal to be made by a
seinnitte vote was adopted. A motion
to distranctda Pomona exempted from
the army by contracts with time rebel
covemameut, was defeated.
General Scofield today imstukt an or
der euspending sake orlighhporty under
deeds of trust, where t6to ate would to.
sult In unnecesaarir sae-rinse. or where
payment of intereesonable time,
whilout mouch cim be salute.
'The Ixfiler of the steamer John Syl
vester, flow Norfolk, explptled below
this city this wortting, killing a colored
fireman and severely anthills four pas
ttatataa, /lamb Et —ln the Conyeni VW O o - re4t'ef -ordinances
.Wenit " defeat The - t:dovention; to-day,
cMa resolution to adjourn next
y,, , sindl also tdoPted IS report re
ifibeeting Congress to remora the dies
bilibee of about an average of eight per
aims in every minty. Most of the per
sons named are obscure individuals. •
Cualudgerog, March 12.—The Repub.
limn State Convention nominated by
acclamation Mr. Cordova, colored, alt
Secretary of State. Ralf the delegates
chosen to the Cbtotgo Republican Con,
varrtion aro negn.o.
• The Constitutional Convention ha,
agreed to adjourn ou the 17th Inst. A
reaolntion was adopted instructing the
'General Assembly to institute preceed.
lugs for the recovery of all property sold
for Confederate money.
:Taczisecri iamb EL—The Convention
to-day farther considered the report on
NEW Yonx, ]larch IStly;
Afi meeting of the Chamber of Com
merce to-day General Walbridge °dead
a preamble on the subJeft of cheap
•• • -betwoesi,:Xerw.,York sat the
west., concluding with resolutions that
the general prosperity of the commercial
community can beat be promoted by the
various divergent railroads, which have
their chum= lertalnkintlats city, being
retsina' In each instance under separate
and Independent-management, having
in view the commas welfare of the see ,
oral roads and the people at bugs; that
this enbiect be referred to a committee
for their consideration ' and report at t.
fipadaktueeting of theChaqtber of Cora
mince oti the leth Last:
General- albridge said ttho rates lbe
boa vv freight Trom Philadelphia and
Baltknoro by railroad to the west wore
from three to five dollar. a ton loss than
'er from Boston y,..
'the west . than from
kfr.'.DodgiVaald the ;abject was ono of
much Importance. It cost seventy cents
a hundred to send heavy goods from this
eltrba Cinelninal;' 'while - it coats only
forty cents a hundred to tend them from
Bostos, llno:or propellers from
thelntter t* lee 'Baltimore, connecting
-with the Baltimore &Ohio railroad. This
line takes freight to the west at inneh
loweirmiteeL'it , mut he went frotn
New York. and too commerce, of title
clAp t i , ..!Arerpuil4 ,3 o.o l w l l l .l
' *talons w Unita mously
adopted nd a Committee appointed to
present a port on the aubJect.
—The Pansle Institute . of r.ev.
Eugliwor.l,l3cog" JAraoy, was
i ? t 9V7i ,l4l # IPA?. AYs°9 ° .
WiProiDec(Parlr,'lllooklyn, tag oulit
ed anti vine bernVap pestiri.ek." "'
frretetrat It to the rlttstargb Oiset
Irwair k s&i,• -- Mancli "12:111initi
'Hite pto aflame Califon:la
lawyer end p9ll{leUno, died at Sneremon f
lolo:deur. •
• - 7treP BtkiiremeCourt bas decidedthat
}ligBLiteatiunp ajokliar•parienger Licks 4
,irtolabia gje gq!ity,"ll9arnstltFtlon, find
TboOrseroureihrtext changln,%
the ttnie of the tßectiOn or Cotigree•men
soil adthrithi Ceirreatoto toimmlote,
candidates !elm voted for the Preside*:
taleleetion, - ,
Arid& etiffiVitteatter,'wb4oh weal
Initibrot Itt - ParfPoinkmlttolagitauotton
'LSC ihntifl6.....fildlott ~ BiAnte
Count or' .tteonoittirr,. ortivedr.o , din
'Y l a g . . ll7 Sp l rdVnl i
res of
=tad Eitudea„ mcting the..return of
*Cook, iiddent„.l,lltiletert.
- Tbe Prurefan bark,Wilheltn, two hurl 01.:114aqr day* front. London,
tirrift4 tAtldoctintrtool'ettriutirflOdi4
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'A nista - bar of canna intetojuted'
Latest Cable Dispatches.
The Alabama Claims
Sporck of Lord Slitdey In Coglbh
• Wore of toultooris,
Address to Kimstar Adams.
Dinner to Anseilcan Consul.
r Te:enaph btn< TlRabarsh 6azTi.l
Lonnow, March 12.—1 n his speech in
the House of Commons lastkriday, Lord
Stanley, after complimenting Moister
Adams, Raid: Whatever else may be
the matter of the controversy, it' is,
hope, needless to make any profession of
nay untlety to settle this dispute, if pos
sible. England has nothing, to gain by
keepinglt opeu, and something to gain
by closing it. We have vast commer
cial relations, the United Slates.
A long line of continuous frontlet.
We meet and cross ono another In
every pert of the globe. We hrn-o an
enormous load of debt, which neither
can wish [einem/Ise. ([tear! hear: and
laugh.] We condo each other incalculable
Kean, and I believe It is equally the
wish, as well as the interest, of both na
tions to remain on amicable term.
[Omens.] I noel not therefore /say thatwe
want to arrange • this matter, if we
can. Nor' do I think, in the
precientatate of the question, any of WM
catty 'arising from the_pentilar feeling in
Englarnt So far from that bett o r the
cot, the reaction from our earlier feel
ings bane strong that we are almost too
ready to accuse ourselves of faults
which we have not, committed, and ...-
some in every itgobtful point the deet
' sten ought to be against sot. This is no
mita an error on the right • side.
But indiscriminate resistauce to
reasonable demand*, and. indis
criminate . concesston of whatever
kind are asked, are.equally likely to end
What we have to do is to
try and lind outwhat'are the /strict rights
of the else, to state the case so ascertain
ed, and to temperately and folly endeav
or to del:Atlas to ourselves and io ale
peal to a come/pending spirit in these
with whom we have to Irma.. We can
discuss this matter More calmly in 1843
than in WI. (Cheers.] The passions of
the moment paw away, but feels
and arguments retrain, and hap
pily, as the case now stands, the
controversy still pending. le redneett
to within the narrowest possible limits
on doubtful/pestles:ls or fact, as to which:
It would not be likely that the two goy . •
erpments should agree.' We are of one
Mind ea to this nod Iwo know ' , wean ,
hot agree. ready 1.4 , fee/ to
ooze - mad personally Impart:AT part F
. principle of arbitration has been a^-
...opted, as far we are concerned, which i.
en Important step. The truth is, we
here. conceded everything asked. for
when the dispute began. (Rear hear.]
The sole point unsettled between us is
the: 'You aro willing, the United
Eludes nay, to refer to arbitration the
goodie:on of the Alabama and other
kindred vemeLe. Are, yen willing to
Include, as a point - In retbree* the
question whether you' were right
or wrong In recognizing the
Confederation when you did? The
answer we have 6rlveu in sulatant,
As at preaent • advised, we cannot two
what bearing the two things have on
each other. For nil practicable pttrp,sea,
av bearing on the event of ISca, yen
might as well include the queetlon
whether we were right or wrong in tho
war oflBl2. But the groondsl rest on
are thaw .
Find—Thai theynited States propose
tow a matter for consideration which It
irrelevant to the Inuit.
Stixed,That the irrelevant matter
wax:ono fo be decided by the conshiera
don of dole policy end not of lewd obli
gatloniond, therefore, leincape eof rn
calving legal notation.
Titird - 'That the United States G -
ernment, in parallel caeca, but Gov
rolutely refused to admit any responsi
bility for adapting. a similar course, sod "
Met I behove ere ono would =ideate keel
arbitrate a ,nee so mute and undefined.
I will not now arimb the cue on . its
merits, as farasrecogninen locoman:led;
but It maybe neeesury to remind the
House that in nwoudaing the Confed
erates when we did, wewore simply de
claring., .on May lath, a state of things to
be deb war, which, Mancha document.
atom, Mr. Seward; on the part of the UM
teet • Statu Government, lanaself
declared to - be smelt I • should
be sorry to say 'milling that
would_even -look . like Went of re.
Knott for the dietinguiatted diplomatist
by whom this correependence law beau
conducted throughout, and than whom
no man In the United Staten has pm.
bahly had greater experience; bat if the
hoodoo. woe one which we could dis
arm aparklmin politics, and if we were
not thoosanda of - miles apart, we mold
meet lake to face, . should venture
to ask \ him whether ho could
with gravity sail upon me, solemnly, to
refer to the arbitration of a neutral body,
or some third--pare, this question:
Whether we,the British Goveromenthad
a right, on the -13th of May, to dealers
that to boatel' war which, in. various
document, especially ortuteeth of May,
he .(Mr. Seward) himself had chria
toned by that name? (Cheers.) Let
it_be noted. elm, that, th e higheet
tlourt . 1 oaf •:the] 4illetee. in a
passage which has often been quoted. do•
clues the state of things woke then ex.
toted .to be a state of wan', And another
argument, &miller la allhO'have pe
rmed the subject, is, that if there wean°
war t , there Was of course no blockade,
and -we ' Might claim damage' fer
every bloCkade runner captured.
Claims such as those would MOOII ot up to
almost on Inconceivable total, and I re
ally cannot think that statesmen of the
United State* would be 'willing to let In
those enormbus claims for the sake of Ip
.4l2ningsrpon !omelet whiehonstatimily,
sten In its immediate Application, lapel
importing k there' Ntm . Whet swat
ohange oE_feeling here 41MM* tba- last
tweyeing so , on the , ' other'side of the
watec a corrorponeing ehalge lataklog
plaoe,,(cbotunl now-thattbendeetkat it,
better st indeistood. - tbernegotlations
have bran - . 1 7,1 11
not - say broken ,111 r, Prue... Fended. -- toe
rupture or ausperadon deer, not come
from our side. Aceording to the ordi
nary. emerge, it is now for the compluip
ttfg they do not like bur. plop,
to propose their own, Bot Moo le amid
you ought , • to - settle this matter
tit owe, wilt lute s quar
reL • I ate a!mandous to settle •it
key' nun In any 'Dart of this Rome.
can ho, but I do not believe In the Moll.
howl of the grief-rel. (Hear.) I bare
never concealed my opinion that the
Atnertcon claimants or some of them et
lesto,under the- referent* proposed try.
std, wmovery likely to make out- t heir
cue and get their !fleecy.. To_ an the
money part °l'M° affair is Inappreciably
Medi. (eheice.) Especially, as we have
on our side clamor which, If.
only n email portion of them hold
wider wilr - Ibun. A -• by , Any mount
untrofortaut art-off to the Maims pro
cured against on by the trolled States.
(Ilerte, hear.) I think if matters were
fally'adJusted against tie, I should not
be dlapued to grudge We payment, -
ILend - .and gonna cheerio:pi -.The pa
penes would be quiteworth Incurring, if
only lo order, loobtain an autheritadve
dal.= de to the - polltion'eneutrala
fatale wars.. (near, hear.) If the Ala
barna'clideniptearekept out of Whattnay
be 'dad -los" them, they ought to under
stand,nod ! think they will undetatand,
Psgt bt Pct. by the actof this Govern
menC And` though Patty politics may .
run high. in the United States, I will not
any party can be so rockiest
'orinsamdbleto the I:inmate:oaf their turn
country, as to engage In ,quarrel, possi
bly 'mum& lett greatand curtly war, for
the`sake'-of. anforents In - one particular
way a claim which - AMU la Melt Power
to setae, and probably to hare settled In
in theurnern , atieuta:Wlthent any re
course to violence, , To do, aotroubt be
oonbaty Imcenly to the reasenaltdo Mau
• f IltegMtlego rapt*, bet would bo,
• in lion French phrase,-htialdeli,tioEng
lish eget% alent es isle, .. jgre.-r trooper/4
ouvertc," breakiug o A cloor that is•
not locIcd: (Hear; snalatigliter.),
I cannot but think that •Indintele.
ly, if not directly, the linlletifitaies Gee,
erutucnt may be Intim - x.O us waive thts
paint. If they acellue toldo that, it 54',
mains to le scon who'hei any other tar:
union of the quettiOn in ispue van ilsi
found. Dlr. ideviaril haat • ttkor oboe
thrown ant blot, of a , en ni
d dotlis
»lon winch should dot witty !nil
tho otiimelitig questidits of nil de
scriplen between the Iwo counttics
I have verbally, and 'llerh Mr. std.
mile, sugeseted be shouldidevelepe that
Idea. Skil:nig to on inaltted indhlattl:
id; and without prejudice, Oslo what 4sy„
be done in the future. L,valtould hlim .
thought that international intetlons were
better put Clod one by ono.. Itut•l am hot
dispovol to v..), many rea. able modedf
settlement, and it wet agree .upon'
the substa,eo Ido net LIU cl(ner grre
eminent, thollouseor tho rtiejtrlsonld
be disposed to stand out tlistLer el
form. (Chem.%) l .
—, •
LONDON, March British
League orPerice and Llbortt prciPoso to
offer Clinsies FlE!licis Adaratll:nddrovs
previous t dePartern thins this
country. The ADDIre:,I will be proconted
by John Bright..
Uenry W. LOrtl;whO Its ithttot to retire
from the Amorleatt Untsulatip. ut Man.
cheater, way entertaluttl by the mer
chant" or that city loot eveningut a fare-
Tho ..Mayor aircestiett 1,18
regret at tha..lep.trturs of Mr. 1.11,. and
warmly eitiogize4l, conduct as the
ematuerchlrepreSentAUTOTr tilti . trotted
States In 7,toneheater.
'rho mturrot of the Bauk ot England
show that bullion hits tousasad .i. 430,000
lan:Door, March 12.—Tho ateabter
nesobt, from Now 'York, befor repori ad
spoken with Im.. of propene arrived
• L yesterd..ty,
loot it;Q:kit. 5.20'e liiinois
S9l. Erie ta. A. it G. W. baath
rimaiesrinix, Mardi 12.—as—ui
S. Londe urea ai
Ltvraroor, March I'4 Err, —Cot•
Inn eloNed quiet. middling uplamln
Orleans lul; pairs of 10,000 Oaten. !Bread
atuir.l --Corn declined to 42.1. tor . new
!nixed western. Wheat stendlat.lB%,lld.
Inrealltornis while and it u.:.d. tat No.
red winter. 11.tr1e1, Oats and Peas Un
changed. Provisions quiet end nothanit
,,i petroleum dull at
t2.,11. Stawar
trolettm eloqed tAk.
Ills Trial Postponed Ufalll AprlE
Es 1 . 4.1. 1.1 the fit h Mare V. tic i
lin-nsorso, of
Jort,ritori takeopiree
mill. Muni, IVeilows.lay of Mar* Arm
•posti.r.crl by the following iirotendinri
Judgo Court thb, morn
State. vo. Juffrreon•
Counsel having been heard Ili this tabs,
for the Pulled Stateo nod for defendont,
It is now ordered that said defendant
hero loam to depart hood until the ib
of Apra hex t, of elevra o'elook, A. at
which day end hour ho Is required •to
appear porolnally heroro thhe Court, au
to the condition of has re‘anpat.
Jva C. UffpEnworunDlstriti:;indyit.
— Nr. 27. DAIII3. clOrrk.
Davinot staccd 4 .lo,ll,/..
*lrma Dort ir.4.1‘7- •
Ohl. ilehropolllass
Rr Te • s,h W thl i•l:i:Ltlgtk
Cot.c . ners. hilt
the Seento to-day, by .0 vote of nineteen
DetnOctaZe to el: rein RetnalliqUN, to
Chaat , the , .3( Otropol ite r"110, / 31c , to
liv al:forted by it Into four dte
tricts, h!.. a rot, of thrtrt.roarth* of the
City C...anell, theroheo Comml.eloners
to be electea for melt district,„nhe, With
the Mayor, shall .00n,titute a heard to
appoint and cont. ol tcaca. in their city.
Instr.:test n to reast.ylraols
lleitl .13,1,gat 0..
t d 7 Tear.,h , •ilt rlttata,r4ll4lasel..: •
I'mtLkogt.rat... :Nfar,h re3o
:ution instructing the tieletzdtes to (7hi•
eago m7e ng a unit for Grint aud Cur
trii.ftl the ItpitublirAn Convent ion ly
fore aljourans.ta bee vcb, to I.
Ceaeelldetl•o 11.1.11. c Ist
Bewlotlobe AaoptM.
A public meeting Ival held In Oakland
Munn, Lrlt night, the citizen,.
of that and raja...ant ilharkt's
In favor ~ f the city al Clno.rotidate!l,and
opp:gic..l to the retroverslon bill now be.
fore the I.eslidsture. The attendance,
wog 'mite Large and reeprlalle.
The meeting orgatiired • by calling Mr.
Lloyd to the Chair:sal appointing the
follow:rig Vies Prreldentl: Mater... lease
IotICA,. W. 11. Suhmorts, Simon Cevnier,
CoL L. 11. Morris, George F. MeCleane,
A. A: Andcreen, T. IL Yaw:, John
Flerninz, W. C. 'Moreland. Jona' IL
young, :if. Gallagher, Joseph Loughley
and Ballitivi .Morton. Sect - Marine C.
echintirt, Sainnel 11. Baird. Gilbert
McMaster, W. P. Anderson, John C.
Barr and the rep tore M the. rtwa-
On Wain; the Chair, Mr. Lloyd
returned • thank,. an in a conciSe mati
nees...tad tho object of the tneentig,
On motion - of Mr. T. J. Craig, a eom
nittoto of three won appointed to drift
reeolutions appropriate to the eitcasien.
'the following gentlemen wore appoint
ed Memo.. T. 4. Craig, George P. Me
acute and John limn tag. The tittin•
mitten retired. sod during their absence
Gilbert MeMuter, Rm.. and. Fred
Magee, Iteq., addressed toe meeting in
forcible nod argusnen talon opeeche.. • •
•The follovoug preamble and tordlit wore repotted by the Committee:
' Wm:scam, . Much turtapprehresirm
now saes, In the minda. of cur citizens,
(who hero been oppe•ing uoundlrlation
• with the city of rutaburgli, and wicker°
now revor)oz rettevernloud as ha do ad.
vantages to Is gained and the' taxatioo,
tit ere tore s e, ti,e ei ti mos of Oakland au t
the atijaCeut disincia, berehreboni•
orate sumo of the advantage,. and beim
tilts that will dew from consolidallou, oil
of which,' If retrovendon elnalld
rail, wo '.seal¢ lro deprived of fur batty
years to °ante, mud Men only to be se
eared stn seer oust ...vow, to thetto din.
Olds witch greater thin, ran how be had
by rensolitlotion with the old city - at a
stigin, if any.additten, to the tax now
Theo, advaidages are; Gas and water
privileges, lemony parts of our districts
now uo urgently demanded.
, The reguletion under. Clty - Engincer's
anpervhdonof our etreetlittestuul gradte , ,
the importance of which Is manifest to
every. .intelligent citizen of the tnnerdis.'
blots ,but can only be fully approciated
by aneeteding generotiona, and
arcing- to them, of luesiculoble
amine, mid al • t nee giving beauty and
symmetry our thoroughfares.
Aanat nil educational systern, Miffing
a largo part ar the tapouso of motional
log. common littboola On the low popu
lous but more wealthy enrol district,. e
the old city; Tito assestouents of the os•
htemor Haire of the law:will not at pres
ent, Bayport. the se mole required to at ,
commodato the increasing population of
tho outer din' richt.
Anbrganised Polka
The support ore Flro I)epst amen{ with
an Warm telegreph.
A representation in the City Councils,
onabilug Loony of our citizens to -base a
voice in the management of a largo city
anWell enisorban , •
The abolitlouot toll gates. L.
;These, and Many other advantages net
enumerated, in our; opinion, dispel gall
Me—object( Dna, - dust 'base 'heed rdiScal
:againstomtadidation,*-Therefore '
IleSolved, Thct ermsolltiation with the
city. of Pittiburp,k is. im important MAR
towards the development and improves-,
meet of alt Cho onier,.but more eltpeeini.
lir (owing tic itaeuntigtlity to the old city)
of the Oakland district; •
22e.solved, That wo•earneittly urge our'
members and particularly tieorget.W.4..
eor.Gmember from this titataltt, Mame all
honorable means to defeat the .retrover
olon.bill now before lbw Legislature..
Resolved, That we heartily endorse GM
efforts pUtt forth by mu-City Council
wallet rotrovention, and request them
tohoott :lee the gamete:behalf of-bur ter
rltotial so that 'all the districts
embraced now, within the City. of MU..
.{torah rentals Intact.. '
Ths resolutions ',wire .'unanimously
. 2ter addraing . s - bo . lifentla. " ;MS
gee; kteCiasue and SdeUstalers, the meet
tog adjourned,. • . , •
, .
. .
Alaimo ga . In Ulan Ifirely
ZLectios of o CbAer 71.145.d. - - - 4 1 - the
~: //r. Illepartmaig—lntiphalsrfat Csiii:
-mlitio••- , TlNe..Feillewaltativet ... awl
riorna T. 1 1.7 Ballwir.-11eperll e 1
CU, leginineer , -rell leimq. , '0.41k
. 61131c4311;*e.i . 40. - • . 4 ' . •-' '
A regular . setal•menthl . meeting': of
Allegheny. Councils was , eld Thundny.
evening, kinreliliqh, 1668.1 • '
elelee . ll ;
Mernixas 2:nrevaitti, Manua' • Bieck,,
Browne Cafiery; Engilab;•.
"Ptitterebei• 7.; C,,Tiat ,
• • •
tirafoi:A,',Fbill.lps,llidrilo, Reiter, Smith
{Vizi:, Weise, ettieh Anol
. , ,
• {ll:4;sti . ,—ltassra. Feld ,
i.rahrteßmite.Alutilteral,'lvu ' Reed...,
The Minutia. of the p g meeting sad approved. - .• ••• •
i'ds.lidditia moved thatllleatmou Oman
oil, be, rtotdlect that Select, Council. Was
ready to meet thorn In Joint mansion for
the purpose nf Meeting a Chief Engineer
of the Fire Department.
The motion was adopted, and the Clerk
directed to give the notice.
Mr. bfyler p evened — a petition from
the citizens of the Fourth ward, asking
for the removal of obvtacies from mold
hewer at the head of Oraya alloy, and
anklog that said alley be repaired.
'Referred to Street Committee.
. „
Mr. Reiter presented' a petition from
the entrees of lb!. First ward, asklng•fer
a water pipe on Ridge ntreet. Referred
to Comittitteobn Water.
Mr. English presented a communica
tion from Robert Dilworth, Secretary of
the Park Commission, certifying that
the following resolution was adopted
.by the Commimsion:
Ressler/I, That the Council, or this
city be and tiny are herby en/nested to
proceed with the chnetruetion of tho
propmell sewer on M ontgomeryaveoun,
onier that the work of improving the
Common Ground in that locality miry be
proceeded with. Referred to are Com
mitter on Streets . nod Sewers.
.The President, a petition from lire citi
zens of the Seventh ward, asking for a
- water pipe on the Saw Mill Ron plank
road. Referred to Committee on Water.
Mr. Wohm presented the account of
John Wioklin, for cutting tee on the Troy
Iltll rood, amounting to Pl. Referral to
the Committee on Streetx.
• • •
r. I'. Hugth presoaks:l the report
of the City Coatngler, covering bills es
~dbnra: P I
0 u apprap Hat lon N 0.3, EngitlVS... VI I OS
• No. s..Strests . . . .. . 419 72
\0.9, Cont'gt Fund 209 40
So. 11, Witter K kit. 12:543 82
:Coll3, :71 39
IEI addition to the above it will be ne
cessary to make provikon for the pay-
Meat of the city's portion of the canal
sewer asse-sment, aroonnting to ttl,,fain.
v and the 11.1 payment to A. 11. Me
• - • . .34 wat, r vrorks lot,
:::13,31. Alas sle,kon Pidnuary
by Com:leas In January ant. -
last, ntsk inn the aggregate requirem,,...._
of the oily 'Treasury to Um pres6ul time
nearly $ . 4',01,0„
For the martinie or providing Meares to
now t the forotelog 1 respectfully ask the
adoption or the following. resolnt ion: •
litsoltyd. net the evoymitteo on
nanea to aml thev al ol,reby authorizer!
to borrow manic/rut money to meet the
demand. upou the rityTrmatury.
ne174..C. C., That warrant:. be authorized
to i.e draw:tin ray Mont. of the foregoing
hills as SOW :IA is,morkied for
the purp...
The'report Waeouweel :zrnl'tho reso
lutions adopted. •
rerun Or Attu CouietTrkr.
Mr. liartoun, or the Water 'Commit
ter.. SUbmlttod the to:lowing nmort:
Your Committee on Water would res
pectfully report IMO, in pursuance of
Instructions from Councils, we entered
lion to the incrwoeaallegisli' to heda.
brie oo-
Mined Lrr the late Superintendent of the
'Water Works,ln fiiv ennuol report, 'of
one hundred pad cent. in the eareautnp•
tlou of tenter In the city WM" NMI, and
wertreamtired that the nasertion ht
warranted. An examination of said re
port leads us to believe that other asser
tions equally unwarranted were made,
and wo would ark for instructions to
I usestigate.
'four Committee would report ad
!merely to the petition for water on Cc
der nod Laurel allays.. The pardon pi.
Whining route for the most part on
.Nterket street, and coo be supplied by a
pipe laid along mid street, and we ac.
teddingly recommend that the pipe he
laid thereon. We would 1.66 reoommend
that water pipes by Intd mr the'
herraiter mentioned, petitions fur which
were refereed toas(y:rept lu the (too of
Beaver avenue and Locust street, along
which it bi necessary to lay pipe in order
to reach Adams and Market Streets,) as
perrainal Inspection of the gormand-
Inks of the several streets satodlos tie
that it will pay the city *to so, end
will at the same (trap be an aocu Mosoda•
lien to residents thereon. We would
recommend further that the fire plugs
petitioned (Oren Third street be pot In.
We would recourusend the adoption of
the f.llowinir !melodeon
Remdertl, 11:o Superintendent of the
Water Work.% be and he In nereby dire,
tett to lay six Web water pipe,+ on the fol.
lowing rtreetr, etc.
Lociu4 ntroet from floater • avenue to
Starke% etrert.
Marko . ..street front hootnt to Waal,.
incton ATNILLP.
Fayone etreot front Afannatttul to Ful
ton. •
Fronkllu ..troot from Fulton to Cher
Beaver street from Washington avenue
uo Atiamis eitreeL
Adams:aro:it from Denver avenue to
Manhattan street,'_ --
Also, Unit he Ito and be la hereby 11-
rectal to put to a tire plug. on Third
street, between D...utt Lane and Chestnut
street, at the Mart imitable point. •
I'Ve would also recommend the ulops
don of the following resolution:
Itemotred, That tho City • Frtglneer be
and lie is hereby Inatructod 10 revise the
maps or the city water pipes, 'making
the clue or all pipe laid, location of all
.top cod., lire plugs, washouts, he., up
to the present time, and also to prepare
a wooer the closets of now wards for the
use of the Superintendent's oftire, and
that at the end of each year it shall he
Ids duty to tar down on map all
pipe, stopcock., lireplugtand waeneuta
that lore put to during the year.
Tito report was accepted and the row
lotions adepted.• •
' Dem.:Ala that : went into Joint Session
for the election of n Chia Engineer of
tha Vire Department.
The Joint erasion having adjourned,
Select Council convened and rammed
business. -.
:dr. </winner, Chairman of the Com.
widen on Street Hallway., submitted
the following report: < • •
Grairixaten:—Your Conitnittee on
&rent itallwaya would respectfully re
portthat, having • had referred.. to WI
cotannanitaillon from the Federal street
and Plaaintut Valley l'aaseager Midway
Coui puny, acospting thu provisions of an
orillnanee mom' the 26L4 day of Deoent
bur,'A. D. lee 37. relating to *aid railway
company, we reviewed aald artlinance and
suzuest that the following modifica
tions ho made, to erect which We eubnilt
now ordinance. •
Seddon tinter tha,original ordinance
provide, that veld company have
the privilege of comtractiug chca on
the !arena; In the now Ibis privilege la
tiectlon eleventh provules that the or
dinance shall not go tato effect Rc., uutll
mid Campany have an net of Assembly
incorporating them. This act having al.
ready been oldalnint this provision is no
longer necessary, and is therefore strick
en out and au nthlttional section, twelfth,
in added, prohlnlting the t nutting or
frelgivt COIN en, the mad: -.
Respectfully st; ., tiltteiL
Stylur afro Alto ordinance refer
red to In the above Toport, and moved. Ito
ado tin.
Mr.' Riddle '' dtfeioi the following
amendment "Provided the track A.°
%Id eh the snail*. aide of Btorth avenue,
and that no sidings be _ d'en that
streek' ;; '
;The °Winona.' 0.. amended was pitmen
dually. "C. C,..non.osneurrod, S. C. ad
hered and naked it Committee or Con-
Serence. amlappototed Mosens.Blvlertuad
Blemm,BranuitTate anetdmmtw,
ware appointed in ccomuen Council.
. • nitrOre ogsur: w rn wer coWwITTML
Mr. Mylor, Chairman of theComnlittee*
on Streets, jubraittedtotho following re
. Gagri.mrsir Your :Committee on
'Streets • bog have to submit the follow
ing-report In relation to matters referred
tes by Councils -
Petition from the Eagle Cotton Mills
Comaany for permiaalon to erect scales
for tho weighing of cooled the side walk
or liandueky street, at, the side of their
ruilla, We submit an 11.06:011 ening 'ordi
nance granting the prayer of thepetitlon.
• -,Repors_of mower* appointwito award
'din:nage:sand sagest benefits orceefoced
by the widening of Wiretap gton avenue.
Also,petttion from the P.. Ft. Wayne end
C. lt. W. Co., Ihr a restates of the
amount Made Vaud owners.. Weber°
toliernilv extuntned "saki repeal, ntabe
ittignitinble to discofer wherein irdtestice
been.b &no, we could reencuntnixtd . itet
. ..70r a ji m" nance up. fr the it.' ' grUlig . ariii,pa
hrg: or Yoinuslii The. ordinance
provided for the recgriscling end , poring
lipoid alley. at a grade. which-Sins hot
iteoepiableao the property owners:there
en. pronto as grado has; 'however.
been prepared end is presented herewith
which' Dr objeettonal to none, end we
naiad report ihoamompspiugordinaace
:re - Urmio?l , ?4Ye - Pve , g1e 3 . 1 07. 'A/ 3
Petition to toe open Perty'alittiit2-iiro-soli
talt,acconipanylng; - rgeoluttons; grant
ing the prayevoi the petitions..;: ,
Allot which is reslid:dolly subnattli d. ,
The report was hczepted. , ; --
;''The - brdlnanoe providing
gtading or Youngfe -alloy: with She: no
onnipanyingproille orinsvdorqwkaddP l o.
The ordinance granting. privilege! ItCL
the Eagle Cotton Atill'Corupany °mot
miles on the videtVulk, - on flandualty .
stree t ;wos taken 4.'
wWbcd . th krttriF ir the
nestle ire; Tor. ltorextilditivelvise of: he.
Company. withett that In' bo dis
tinctly understood, and would oiler an
amendment t, the ordinance to that
Mr. M'ylor said ho , 00loction
to the amendment.'
. . .
Mr. Flarl'isaid that was just what he
objected to. thig ho was opposed" toal
lowing any company. or individual to
monopolize the sidewalk. 1
Mr. Sfyler .aid that it would not inter
fere with the sidewalk, as it was to be
constructed on a level with the sidewalk,
which at that place was paced with cob.
bie steno.
. . . .
Mr. lledi opposed the ordinances, be
muse the city- hair no right to grout priv
ilege to any one to block up the sidewalk,'
- Lira J. C. Patterson cool the scales
would not make the matter any Worse.
Mr. rtiddie moved the :ordinance
be laid over until the neat meeting. "
Mr. - Myler hoped the matter " would
not be deferred so long.
Mr. J. C. Petustursa ..old 10 Ilikeiklit
they should toko a vote on - the mother
now, and it oppened to it, kill it, end not
be nrreid to show their hands.
Mr. Riddle mid as the gentleman da
sired n vote on the matter,: Ito would
withdraw his motion to, lay over. and
trove to lay it ou the tnyto. (The motion
was adopted.
The resolution to open Perry
. atreet
Was adopted. :
Mr. Ornery, a petition for water and.
gee pipe on street. and Beak lane,:
in the Eighth ward. Referred to Water
Mr. Reiter pnsielited the following res
Rcsolved Tina the Committee on
be instructed to report on mill
i:ranee for the grading and paving of Al
legheny avenue from Webster avenue to
Ridge street. Adopted.
The revolution to widen gedgwlek
street, presented February .270; and in
ferred back to the Committee, was read
and Wonted. :
Mr. Myler presented' draft of a pro,
posed bill to proviqo forth° amessment of
damages tas..asioned -by changes to
erect grades on ell property benefit test
Tho bill was prepared by the city SAM-
Um. pursuant to a resolution of Councils
--nary lb, IRIS.
Fein Dir. Myler the bill swas
ttY mot.-
laid on the tonic.
Mr. Myler resented tb..
Resolved, flhat the Committee:4.4.--
be, and are hereby Instructed to have
put lamp placed on Liberty erreet, mid•
way between Chalfant and Ewa bunk
lialerred to the Committee on t; e,
Mr. Riddle nreCented the following:
Resolved. That the thammltteo on Mar
ket.% In connection with the Clerk of the
M ken', be, anti they are hereby in
structed to - report an ordinance desthola
ling emits 'duo where persons atteadiug
market. thn Maio their vehleies during
market Lours. .
Bead Rad adopted. • :
:‘lr. J. G Patterson offered the folio.,
I:noir:ref, That . tla. Commilteni• 011,
814.44141016A4406/O.O4Y.IIIAMIUd. •
remit an °mow" provlding (or tb,
pawmg of Alleeway AVentte from Welt.
orn to the mar.
Mead and Nelopted.
Mr. C. D. Smith offered the following:
Resolvtd. That the Committee on
Streets be and then ore hereby' instenet
oil to report an ordinance • providing for
the grading:and paring at Park htr'tet.
from Urant avenue to Sturgtou street "
Reel am! uloptal.
Mr. Ilan presvnted the report of the
City Engir.ecr relative to the 1,0M9 and
no pensos of sewers, and Moved that Übe
received land onlemi to be printed, and
istnr IbraitMed to ruck manlier: The
motion was adopted. .
Me: Meter submitterVwith report
of the Street C4ounntitee, an. estimate of
the Oral of grading of certain streets,
from whirl, the following 1 , 41111 enitract:
Cost of grading and paring Munition
street, front Bide - ell to Mortices street,
$12,754 So. .
Cost of gr.uling end' paring FayeUe
street, from Bidwell to Fulton street,
$i3,371i W.. , : • •
kletuLera metal; Moots Brown,
IT.alr, Cutler, Cawley, Clark, Dunham,
Eyator, Flemlng. Grow, Hanna. }loch-
Illy, Kennedy, Runkle. Loy, ;tents.,
Mayor, McDonald, McNeill, oty,,
ftleltardsonebtalat,Ta:o, Voe;tly,
and ?radar.; , •
The minulea or tho precollug hiortlnic
IrrrA trio! and Approved.
Li) I=l
The Pi-trident Mtated that Councils
would now in.*. in Joint AONIOD for the
nor/rumor cleating a Chief I.:oglnver for
the Fir.. .
The inembrra of Select Council hatlim
taken • scam m the Common Counini
chamber. the nomination& were com
Mr. Riddle ttnenielat,l .1:1MI, Crow.
-tr. Cittier nominate./ U. /I. Bonner
Mr. Phillip+ eneeid that ConucHs go
into et csuetts meeting. 1/44.
Mr. Hanna +Mend Into .once remark+
otacuottint; the two candidates for rho
office, and naked Councils to weigh
their reapeetive merit+.
Mr. Hall roes to a point °ranter. He
thought It tram untivto canvass Couocils
after the motion to proomd with thoelec
nun bad been made. . • • •
Mr. Cutler moved that thO membee
from the First ward ho allowed to pro
ceed with him reroat km.
The Pte•ldent Ilerlded rtgalsisi lhr
molloo, on the gralsodoi thist. Is wan our
of onler.
Mr. Biller renewal ttio motto° that
Cannella go into eaurua. 110 said that
many linroper Intlnetmen lad been
brunght to War In the ermlnat.
The PlN...ldeal doehied that it was, lin•
proper to notate 6.100%.
‘P ga l itl T .ll " t " Nrftrl t uT 4 L". h k " di ' o l ;l l eo nn ; and
opposed the holding of . nattetuL It NIIP,
Iu ble • astintation,•• In violation of thu
suite. . •
.Throyeas and nays Weis now ceilleti on
the question of sopporting the chair,
and remitted torty-threm.„ykas to six
nun. Thu monikers votlisg In the nags.
tire were: !deem. Atylkr,
ler, ClArke, llama euticKunnedy.
nut elorilou WM now proutioded with
and mantled aa follows:
Crow .04 Donna Won 4 1.1
flora voting for Mr. Crow were:
:groom Moak, Drown; Canary, English,
Faulkner, Cong. °winner, gall,' Jahn,
Motheral, I4ddlo, lllelq Coulloy, Dan
ham, (toyer, Hooting& liochuly, Koons
dy, Kuukle, Ley,' Mayer, McDonald,
Otter Mad, Itlohordeori, 'Saint, Tate,
N'oititly, White, Warner-4N. .
For Mr.llonnatran: Mtewro: Lartman,
Ifyler, Fatten.% .1. C. Patterson A.,
Italter, Smith A. D., Smith W.,
Wolos, NVelloch, Mcillier,
firowu, Cutler, Clark. Eyotay, Fleming,
Megraw; McNeill - and Proeident
Mr.. Crow won accortlifigly deelartol
duly elected, sadficieek Connell morn
bbrs retired to their chambers.
rrccrr susrzio.
Mr. Baum offered n in.tldon for the
opening el' on alley from beam! lane to
Franklin .treat; tieatoull llorernal
to Street Connultto . .
. .
Mr. Cutler presented a petition for Ad
grading and paying of nuAlln street.'
Referred to Street Committec. .
Comte', sresonted - a estition r*
grmio on Woman, alloy.• Referred to
(Street Orergotter, •• : ' •
Mr.' Meyer prittellted ipittitton front
residents nit'Beirer'arennn Mk log that
the lack or. wake ntr that tbOriongbliro
be °smattered by Councils. — l . tre . r . red
'Water Committee. —;',"'" ,
*. Mr. Tato pressotedtOlstoluttanarklng
for the Greaten ors dna lamp on tin cot ,
nor of Ledley and Beaver streets. -Re..
(erred to the. Osa Committee.
• Mr. Manna' prim:into,r a communica
tion asking. that Ma Fittelaiugat; Fort.
Wayne nod Chlaigo. Railroad I.`oMpany
bet:mm*lW . to erect a wall' alorig Mat
Hoe nt Seminary 11W. !termed to The
Committee on Railroads.
tirsammrn'a mammy nrcaramm. •
Mr. 'McDonald presented a reso tutiott
hat:nation on increase or 'the salary dt
the Mee:tenger fifty dollars, In view of
the additional labor Incident ttf the con
solidation pi' Doqueeno.llorough. Their
miyaera called and' malted
i ln ti l s to par , octitcottociresocu
rred tu non !iyotco
Mr. Voeghtly promoted a resolution
inattractlug the Cotnialtleo on Fine En.
. • - - . , ~... . ... ... . . . .
gbwa to. provider. fink , : Base 1.... .. , Xne lilel see rawsbriorlan.y. ••
mpting with ago , =nova lint:fords In much pleasure ba call the
the nonbstalara nennmne , ' Seaton of our reader s , and especially
Considerable . Q o m - ...
ra n , tho Waimea m en o f our coinninvity,. to 1
resOlatlon, them -
Mitre& tturFlos-. ' , malnlaining , o advertiternent or the Waited PrealtA. 1
that there tens. by ibis , el- erten, which will be bunion thesecond,
pence. 3 The. natokithar wee lirud/-1 , fti of tbilmontinga Gazarrin- There
(erred to the Commutes.,:- •., '
at n. c on n er , ...., mo wn,. -. do'religious periodical that comes AO
hastrneting the: •oul'ire Mb .. e -table that we man more :highly.'
gineS tomovidelbre busked feet often t. ls bscrmajpg, constmtly
.tack h one con nset miserorth,-Efoeis.Coin - , 15,156 &SU hbfliiiibitt
inliten,itabrnattotkrunlitee , .• .3 . ~. °M . n. al • • ~
ill comparefavo. rably with
...,, ~... , ongstirligertddr• , ' '. : °a i j o etztial w or
,the soma kind in the
iik,'tttiTair . .4iirtip the.Petitbin3 of :. T aut ..., , It , e n no hne,, , ,,,ery..t er not t .tn•
'. - tiatlldni datitgatastiMatptheang, • o cities of Rittebtugh and Allegheny.'
10 taak Od nninielltaillealteente .
,svollnethe towns and villages ofiVerr,
6 #
Ad the ' O - niCbett+ndt'l "The ern Pennsylvania, Madan Chlo: Wert
goal _ . ' ,ainablutiont arab°. WlEglnia, and .we may 'say, the Stetson(
ruin4,rttnitataaeatitatted 10 'he IJulon genordly. It is therefore in
lino op) ch ' l ' . -'-. - ' 7 'i - our opinion on e . of tho yore b.eatsdverda
. Mr:, alga= raketidthelibla. , g Mediates, rind as such we very cor‘
Term arid - td erttiol - - ;weriforlhadt4 diallynornmend it tobefavorable nodes
lid__ npied . • nteldldf.., , V 'taantd__, el, and . lour business men- It has boonient4
sapnilit . wo_____re . bP Oa M. COM - roteeiperience that printers' Ink m
!ALUM. 1 . -M4 l :'.?lt' -- ,--_-• ', • . axed freely: by merchants and Mann'
=PORT OP T4lOO/4, OtiItNGINW. factanna who dame to succeed well, anll.
we. hteitew 'me - wo know of no weekly perindlcal
in n" on Engine, ee h n o tte , th e on. , ough 7b. h h t .
tit.hoy can
lour Committee on Engines beg leave ..• utiles of tho Muted Preabyfenam,
.to report the fa/lowing resolution: , is_ . searce . lv_ ., n .,.. ccossur .n y to a m dct w r or t it , In
Bezolvat, That. the Conamithwun Zu- nnnur."_, 0 ..........,_,
wines be and Meyer° hereby authorised ' at ' 'aminble',. - 'n'annOrand- 'worth]:
to advertise/1u and receive proposals for • stfau gunman; /WV. D . it,..Korr,
the Manhattan Hose Company, and to ob. WC: ' The businesa departm nt la men:
tele platteforanengittebouse tobeereeted nd/1. J. Mnrdnen• Enl3 4 a gentin
on the lot recently. purchaaect' w h o
ter that ~ , by servo:lly popular among all
ve ever had dealings with the olnoo,
purpoco In the Sixth tVard, , and to : par- . 3 . , r rro _ ...IBA for th e -No
ehnee, at the beat advantage, a wagon, to .Pral_m 1 J q
his. Intimate and =tine
be used try the fire dePariment4 ' ' on' owing
t ith ounrallsb. I , l ' r tor '
The report was received andtho nsixi. ana " n° n r i.. . . __nklr
lotion adopted. • • , the., address, or can_tu person on le. J.
__ ... - , '.• MUILDOOII - d: Co., 74 Third street,. Pitts-
~ . .
Mr. Hanna, front tho Committee, on
Markets, presented the following report
for the month of February, which was
received: .-
Duncan Dallaa,olerkef martens- $Lt . 85
Otto. B. M'Multy Diamond scale. - 272 84
J.D. M'Allister, Second ward do. 277 38
TEE NEE Maisano= ttatt,wir. •
Mr. Magma., on the action of the Se
lect Council restricting- the Fedaral
Breed and Mount - Pleasant Valley . Rail
road from laying At double3cick or con
structing any Switch on North avenue,
made a few. remarks. He opposed this
restriction, on the ground that it wasnot
Imposed with reference Mother streets.
Ile considered it was simply legislating
for the rich residents Co North avenue,
uo attention being patd to that of poorer
people. Ho wanted a fair show for all. -
Mr. Hanna said that the Company
could omatruct Saline whereveritmight
think proper, under Me pt °visions of its
Voegtly moved • non-concurience
with Select Council.
Mr. Megraw moved, asanamendmera,
to concur with Select Council In all ex
oept the prohibition of oldlogs on North
Avenue. Carried by a vote of alStool3
W eight.
The Select Council adhering to lie
former action, raised ft Comititteeof Con
ference. The majorityof the Committee
reported in favor of concurring with Se
lect Council. . . , '
w said be Was the minority,
and ho, appealed to the good MOM of
Council to support him. He would
never vote to prescribe the rigida of one
party over another.
Mr. Hastings also thought it would be
best toleave the matter to the discretion
a the company.
x.0.t00 wee now:made to receive
and lost by
the report of Mir,— -••
a vote of fourteen to eight: •
+-{illawing:: -
'Lop weal' wad Leak Miasma's. ,
Several yeare ego, when Dr. Keyser
wee lecturing in Brant'. Dail, Steuben
ville, on the , use of mechanical appli
mcce in the cure of rilwesee, ho was In
terrupted by the query; "What do you
think of hoop Atria ?” Els subject that
child RIM dress. Let no one suppose . for
Pa5424..9- 1 1,k1.1 1 54"?.
in any manner to quarrel what th. pre ,
veiling favidons, especially that one to
which my attention has been particularly
invited by the querist In another part.of
the audience, mud whilst I fain woald de
away with a great deal in the way of aka
coos In the shape of long trails, which,
like Reynard'e tail In Xsop, served no
other purpoee than to sweep the ground.
but on the contrary does a great deal of
harm by absorbing the dank slush of the
'pavements arid streets, andimparta a chill
and a struggle tolrlie - currents of life
as they circulate through the veins:
whilst. I cannot conceal from my mild
the evil and baleful consequences of ouch
a pernlcions.fashiou, 1 remember, too
watt that in my younger days, when halt
the Lambert was lifted off the heavy
buckets, broken. in their weight - and de
mired of Moir heaviness, by the inter
'mutton of the hoop which was used in
carrying the drink cad sustenance to
those engaged in harvesting the annual
crops. I am itielined to favor the one and
deprecate the tither.
To-night, as we have heretofore an
nounced. the annual assay contest will
take plaoo at the Pittsburgh gauge e. .
lege, no occasion of very otinaliterable
Interact. The exercises will be toter
spersed with vocal and isaartunental
tamale. which will contribute mach to the
evening's asterUilutneuh In order that
throe attending trout the zuburba• may
nut antler 112COLIV.11CIICO, 1114 arranged
to elate the exorcises in mason to permit
hem to return berms by the lets trains.
Ticket, of admission can be obtained at
the innate storm and also at the doom
The College iejust elating amart pros
perous term. The spring term will open
on the •Mti lastont under very nattering
Three more mem of anysterbius WAN>.
'Kaaren°, are reported.
A young, men, In the employ of Jacob
Weeper, shoemaker, of Lewrenoeville,
has not been soma or heard oral:we Setup.
day lest. . .
Henry Alley, aged tlfiy•fleo years, te.
siding wllb the family of NV. B. Cony,
on twine street, Allegheny, hating die
posed el some property, on the iteth ult.
started out the Steubenville mad to see
the p orehaser for the porpose or securing'
come threnhondred dollars duo en the
porches.; stating that he would rotors
the same °motor; but nothing has Mote
been honed (Whim. • •
Ntephon Itlloy Ms house% US
stroot, on e h. 10th Iwc. Noce when
no tidings hive been received of blot.
Inn mind In sold to nave been dernogod.
A Illasmas.7 c.waww.
eitephed(2eDontiell made Information
before Mayor Illaekmore, ,yesterday,
darning Thonmairll Istria wlthlareany.
lie ellegos that be was at the Red Licas
Hotel, and was about paying blie bill.
He took from his packet ten five dollar
bills and when banding them -over the
ama s ser Williams matched them and
mide• off saying Wet - It was Just the
amount t hat O'Donnell awed tuns.- Ito
also threatened to kill him If he salted
for Pi, mnsequetiee of which the in: ,
formation for surety 'of the peace win
Lunde. A warrant was toned and the
* officers ere on his Duke
. .
Land slide.
About nluo s. W. yesterday a largo
ulnas of earth and' rock tell from the.
hill tilde In the rear of McCully" glass
house, In Monongahela borough, com:
pletely covering the bed of the Pan
'fondle Railroad and damaging the tree•
ale work. Travel on the road was sue.
pended and passengers transferred to
Union 'depot In omalbnaece. The ob..
atinctlist was speedily removed Andrus.
rosearyrepeirs made.
. •Allegal letre .111oster.—Bridget Mc-
Guire, a resident of A 8 Fountain street,
made intirmailrm before Alderman Tay
lor, yesterday obartilog ber husband.
Thomna McGuire. with ennui t and bat
tery, In which vibe shape that ha beld
{MIA abused her. A .warrant was Maned
for his armed.
' cabers r:
fleMaster, reccostlY
. avphinted Notary Public for the city
of ratolourgb, baring Wed, his bond
and remised his commission, has enter:
ea upon the duties of his' ispieointosin4
at ps Urant. We wish. MIA aIL
Another 'MUM Operatlon.—A
from West Virginia, who hid Deer
t n o D d er a n ,
fot n m e i t t e h e fi n e l y d a ste e a t, plied
roe ,
lerday, and by a alropla operation with
at thred. e Mlghtott Petal 44 Otte bearing re.
Cron Satta.—Jacob „Byway and
Stehan'nitds ftsdon acacia
each ether ..yelimllaya.4llllbr• ,Haler
fitackmoro, for =My /he'at y•
Warrant* were faisol -• • "
Surety • Mho reouraeTMarPrilik .
lame made fulohoSlloll.2lplbla blur
band, Slaws Slasalism% isrldad7o4 l lo
?Eise. A warrant. was !laud. •
.A Grant Clan tau bean argin4l.ll:lllt-
Calliontln, Pa. : , vrenfi:
The Greyer & Balker &mho. QoeWa•
_opeolas of • Sew OMNI n So- SI
Tbt. worth and' general - exoellencsof
the Grover et Baker Sowing Maeldnes:
almost universally acknowledged In tote
section of country where thelhivei been
so long in practical use,' Imelda 'of the
competition and of the neermachlress
thrown upon the market an nepirente for
public favor and recognition, the Greeter
.t Baker instruments have held their
own on - pure merit, and have given' the
utmost satisfaction wherever used. They.
era capable of marformler all.doeerire
dons etneedlework, embroidery duftite
a Meaner vestry superior to.hluid• Work,
'as it is neat, uniform and strong, an d . I
will prove as durable as-the material- it
binds or Joins together. The demand for
these putty- celebutted'• machines - has
been great in all parte of the eonuthy,
and has compelled more ample facilities
lobe provided by.the Company to keep
apwie' with the orders flowing in
from all sections. Heredn YlUsburgh
the branch agency has entereainto cone
way of the nortimodlOp .andt siege*
salesroom, No. Ot Fifth ebsee'brer Ala
Callure's Carpet. monis td the recently
enieted - Stud•magnlficerillion building
belonging: to the McCallum -.Brothers.
Mr... Times Tredwall; late of PhElefiel;-
phts; Ma assumed the hetuagement of
the affairs of the Company [rare, std Will
be found a fair dealing , end courte-.
• ens gentleman. .A. - Large supply of mesa
chines of all dem, together with Grover
tr. Baker's machine stewing slik,apooL
cotton, needles, Re., Les been 111X:011.011to
properly' supply th e trade hare. 'Circe
lam .
containing samples .will be Sent
free on application by mail: We bespeak
for Mr. 'i'mdwell a continuance of the
large shanref petrofmge hitherto &Ward
.!....sency• of tbe popular Groveetts
chine Company in thin
Baker _ • • .
we Invite Personal Jearnalsonalon:
Judging from thrtamount race veditla
evident that the Weed Sowing Machine
is all the ir with lite Notwith ,-
ataridirig the hard lAnies they should inn'
hesitate In buying the Weed, evil not
only eaves in labor bat in healtla and
ecosomy. It la thesnostairnple,durablo,
CgiiOr'. end beautiful pima of meclan
iernirecet - presented to the public. 'By,
vaillog at No. Grant' street, T'ltte
burgh, or at an] of the evade* .
aro established In the various counties,.
perigees ran be accommodated in' ?rice
and terms. See'adeertlaement in an.
other. column -for list of agents. ' ,
••Cut” en the 1111 L.--F. Schumack I
er s
cbnrged before Alderman Strain, coioatla
of Henry Idyers, with obtaining goods
under fdee pretences. It Is alleged that,
the accused, by certain false represents
tiOnS obtained groceries to' the amount:
of $1SO; whiclihe refuses to psx., A *sp
rat': erat,lssorl for his arrest.'
Souse Robbst7.—The :holuid 'or, Mx.
Charlet Jemmy. corner' of yityllo' and
Loaa atreita, Sixth - ward was entered
dar g ing Wednesday, Lit daylight; and ono
hundred dollars In money, rings,. add
other Jewelry of MO yalao of Boventy-
Ave dollars taken'from allure= drawer.
T. M. C. .11.—Tbe Members 0t.:,%•
Yor e L d lletXs c fer t h t e dssochttligse
17th street, befire the MU, ioetant,And
settle their annual dues for the prussic
• . •
• MARRIED: . .•
CILLPT-11081111:11:1Tr —A t 0. 71.121.144.
Mardi, Yue.wry . Wellantay. Hardt Mkt,
UT. J. L Dtekittses. Ibtx: EIATUIT 0.01.11
ef Maas. N. T., will KW AA NM.). MONA&
OGOTT—IIIMIOTOS-Na Welimmby mare-
Mg. March Mk. all the Manua et tbb•Wides
seder. by the Z.V. la ut s
.. rry LIMY. Mr. WIL
LI ell 'WWI% of Waal an•ty.Pa., as4l
Misa ■tO ) IL MEDI UTOM, of leaks lIIIM
117X51)5.-D/YIT-04 Tint... Kase! 111,
ai tbo roaltino• of tlho trade . west.. by tbo
Lg. Ct... 1.• K. Kr. re ..4K BOX.:
TIM .4 KW M. 0. Milli, All of Washlutou
SEU/LX-41eCOTI—On ...lag • of tio
mos M ilo cm,. lir. C. VILLA X .4 Mlee
JfecOYS. • ' • ,
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IntIISTORD.—On . Ikhret, 110,_ u 4 e•Out
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'POUND.' ' •
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