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tan 9 D souRBAN
Diatrki e.nre,--4.0410
. 'MoNDAy; mush Rd.—Court met at the
.r. Grosvenor 't , svti vs. S., 7. falyita.
• • • hod= to recorer the AlStetll3‘. Of a icidir-
F :meat note fat #lOO. The note ad.' Oven
' la part papaws,' Ter a lot Of lead
.Itx Etat Liberty. alleged by - the de
ream th•t - this land was bought on the
- representations - of Aldan whiohathottad
ablata bning,through thopad. s
f p'streata had
been hdd ont there, sad payMent of t he
I note was accordingly refused. On trial,
I 4 ....- -.elleemens-waren-tesse.:
i . The March Tanner the Court of Quer
I - - for Sessienithomraticed yes terday at ten
o'clock,,liedge, lhisalott. AD the : bench.
. The,i GraisldJury wereoilira and 'iliturn,
1:' midribs:dee AlcAtilejr; Rig, an foremen, and Fits Honor procestled to deliver:the
. tostomtaaltryed
F - (nlrtu.rikTnni . t°''U'efle l 7 '!'"1
the nog rot of
- _ commicangares to make their re
- tarns in time acerirolng to law- . littoral:,
• . should be made ten days before tne And
w day of the term, labia' complaint had
," . Umtata-tide before that time; and in nil
infertnettons. whether, returned irktime
I - or not, in illness costs should be fated
miles the:WM:eft •Angliffirtn it,babis bill
nod neonate forthe me be
attekeia ”gek It caartar time
" - av••=Whedre - ;• the
iv - not' re:int:ea r _ to *lead" court
lenuy file a probe:m.lth the Clerk for
-I.- the time ofhis - aUendance before tee
1 . „ ... magistrate. r Igfregnently. happens Abet
_ - the.casta for witnesses, or the costa gen.
orally, tiro - endorsed oa the ick of the
1.- ratatill la Lamle .TheCterk will not tax I
• anclaig only tax. Ake „axis properly
. ite ~.iina.notiordlaz to the Ise bill.
f_. Thit.inagistiaite wilt . ree Mattes:a of
hiti,own .aned"ths.rouletlhee coles,:and
. thenames and time af,tbeeritnesses-ex
suoined, and the witnesses will be ent•G
i-. " tied to ;reedy" their costs-by makins
.I. . ' prollatis' end' havlryk :Oft separately
taxed In Court. Tdap mime has been
_ _ - necessary tri•etivrient abuser willeh have
come rtudar.our observation.
i been suggeated. It is said the esty le 1
1., flooded with obscene hooks wadi:act:am;
-, that they are exposed to sale in some r
f - the:ahltia altaltraWklak leant byr peg.;
1 lent rill:, idettae iallgreaxi to thisaprote
r„. .
before Yon, each[ proper action - Ilona
I . be taken is the promises, se it is easy to
T'' tam the mischief nicely to reed[ tO fool.
1-- . • istreibbittitialdt-minded :Youth from- such
exhibits., .
Ina l tigard - bs' our County - Pro . em Hie :
Revak naid.that its crowded condition
• was inhuman to the Inmates- The na
t . tare of the-pram weastackfromthewant
1 of fresitairandothercsuses, th atparhspe
r 31We:could be' Zane to alleviate it. The
.wnrkllionsexcisy,itla hoped, relieve the
oanffithdiol the :prison to, wow .exleteg
f.... ' but, eaffitis joydsexteleinperary..Sritinge
. • m out.: ea -preparation, . that. Itteti cation'
.. will not ready thwaselve inmates fir
-••• ..a iengtilt of time to Mum.' In the -mean
- time the Prison Beard andthatehumamet
' - allitalaut Who en:endeavoring to - alleviate
thehartaaps of the prism:era In Lk:teat:in
tyjail cantle buA little. ; -..
l .
_• Or the Cm:lotion ofplisonere in jell for
' ' fines and weft altar expiration "of terms
, of sentence, ills Honor remarked:: There ,
1 is r orte - tdifficulty, Intwever .fte- the 'ills, .
• : . charge of prisoners el tlatitne of sen
.. tents has expired : ; - willeit :ought . to be
t . remedied, bat. which- can' miry be by
t . -. ivirlaistioni- /Cis this: Aller the : expire.
new ot-the team of . lenteneelitherr the
t - sent: mad "is 'fine mad Iniprieortment; slit
t• is in maltrisemg the p" to lie
t in Jells:kir , three months longer for non
"' -- g ., I J/Zil , A t of-Ir cb til i a i ts _ t tl..
• payitient iii not....When.tinisitetence . la m ea n ,
pawed it la Impeasible. for the Court *a
~. • .irator or anticipate rrhether the psi:inner
t• will able te pay the Asa and costs .oi ,
not,end, at/course, the time barony boys
to rennin altatmontolOiorixotOloatiostiot
'..- - cannot be considered. It is especially
' itara.gassorkiatetialdralstimninutornby
.... poor men where - families are dependent
npactibete for sappert;•and fir whore
thdrOiedm•siternativettat le remain in
. prities for the three morithsatter .the term
. - of their_trenteimeinas endue. It I. elm
pin .
yptiniseiluen, 1 23 . 1 a YerY erma one,
tot bon% poor-stud unable to pay:- And
furtheiv, no one can "et . out_ at
any nem ;verso, alter
.. re
- - m a n e d his additional three months;
mall helm given bail and guns b,
the troublesome and tedious proceed
_ Inge Ueda th e Insolvent: Laws. This I.
-. exceedhigjy oppressive to many, and
manes teem to be retained In jail for
- months, after they might otherwise he
,i ,. ...._ discharged. In the cases of those Who
1 . , -- aneciestray•twithent , Mellattr,-sa ^nmert-o?
man are, this is extremely harsh
. - and igmressive. liiome.simple . and cor•
- . peditiaagatanrurr of hearing and tits
of • charglag Pli term : of -ers
impriscarore after. the , e n xpi t.whereration
• -
.- their
they are too 'poor to, pay Line or costs.
should be repanintended. . .
.'- •Is regard` to those - charitable iniffitu
-4 now which Grand Juries are in the
.l_ . habit, of vieltietc, It Weald he well. said
the Court, Lo - natice and discover If yen
- F - .cart th e musk - whr man y of them fall so
••- Jar sheet of being self-sustaining. Proff
h• Pecthfe. awe. would suppose that - When
ft . baildhage emanated and all their awl'.
1 - : fames are 'warder, the oecaptints, where
I. - they are to be engaged in:mead pursuits
fand- trader; and whet ire generally able
, 'bodied, might to be able te support them{
bytheirlsber.ffiatthir is far frond
i being the case. There La mai:plait:A that
mama these Institutions sroneasessaly
f,.. hardiest:one." - It may Sea mistake, oat
•1 ` It would be well for the grand Jury to
,- : , observe-if than be say • os in
• i .
_ - -the thieungement -or nutden Ain.
...r.. ' itaallaaliNit soT of Melte Inelltatione or
: ..
- thm ti l arl "y Ilegt r th i t?hr marim ol
4: . r gtlnic uf; ° l=lfeitroper =..
4: - ' an t Setu x .7:l 4 (hr kaut. el d
t'k e l.
l-- . to th e people, said It repeats* they:the:ld
. Attention wee tailed to the existing
- v' - . nuisance dm the-Butchers' Run -district.
3.. - Eilanginee houses and soapestate
-...._,.. " lishmenta had been, insti l = slaw
• .. Batches-a Roe when Abe neighborhood
• : . - was- Wit
, rieittlbrk-stad &Who there wean.:d -.' cause for objecting to the - u. The saute
1 . • _ estshllidartentir hi -s -- thickly pOptthilbd .
t;' : ' . neighborhood, such se the region wan.
• I.' , Coned now fa, became a nuisance. Thar
4 , .. _ nation of the in the case would have
:: -„ to biN gridust with- prodenor, bat it
i ' wee a settled fact that the Interests of the
f. : . - individual must givernsyto threat otthe
• - At tile ;outelmitin'of , the charge the
t- jury ratirodbotheirovctiur, sad there being,
Co bantams betas them, 'Motored.- -
' - • The. Cairo received the returns of the
t. • constables ; the twaious district., sad
' . then adjeccenod- until Uzi welpek to-slai
', Rt.
.-~~ ,:
' Amosessemis.
Ormto Xiternite—lllse Yalu ,lihrwton
the pleasing andrersitile actress, eon,
meneedd, an. eumuotairest at the Opera
Rorie'. larit'trierting; when "The Loves
of a Prime''• was presented. 2dienTi sw
ims ii one of the "beet &molly and bur
l.. Nos seliartus wet have ever beard, and
we_onubt,mot- will' pa well appree.ietted
, , hare. , Te.thiht atm appears•in . 131 r Ru
t' • pert the Reckless," and a. Potty Briggs
p - /0 the . Gravernoes,wife. . „.-
i, - ACASISMY or
_Attract—The eafebrated
i' '-. EloitinitA OM* troupe, inanimate their
, eesatuaof rour.ailschts at the Academy oi
. I :_ . - .
• ! h o ns teee,lmi sts tT
b aiaith
. Um bea tfUtofu!l
L., ope r rant'Wa y rdle"-llotow. Theßiek
""a_:°.ULdyhl'lotTtgl, ...m,,=....crtXTi a l
- extant. „Among the names of theartists
I •. , -we observe 40se -of Campbell Cottle,
-1 . - anti Bernardr.all of when are
„. berv. For WeltemlyevenlngWallime's
„... . , "Marttarts_ „"la anntioneedille bit ThllOilwell
on Ttitue.lay evening with i.e. Wm
.;-- la ra flili milL*. i . O Chz on i r l:f l is , Bleti e irglir d ee '
the 93oattaden 131r1" edit beywatented
. Tickets at Mellor's, St Wood street:
l. - . S: Ascarw HALL,--Legrania..tbe Royal
IF- , Canjurer, will continue bill inimitable
~.. entertainments daring The pretreat work,
during which time one hundred presents
.-, - wilLbe distributed_ nightly: . A number
r of, neve 'and amusing hider sad expert.
F.:,. monde „wilt be presented, and the -pro.
•,•,,••• ' grolorne will be changed ovary night..
. 'Thal LoOtstos Of. Miss Clara Biota
ik hot evening,; at Kawdde Hall, was largo
r,- •
„ly attended. Mr Berton tr a lluentend
- - graceful talker, and 'mails many mpital
bits in lhOecoone of her rentarirs:r . +
'The Rlak.--The Le at ibu Rink L in
excellent otodittottouht the skators are
~.... msking good nee - of it; sa they abonld
,ds ' as /0./ 144110 iii Milan soon draw to a
k- • elcee. -.--- -- - - ' • - - -- .
- -
Zenist. Tradkaftro.
. .Stiliatrikit Mob -- were' left ln
the; Recorder'. Psbnutry wth,
' be € 7cticE 6 Anshutu„ o e t,
6t o i 1 ~,..ckTAeoP turil4, cctainingSars d
- • . - .l3hinilion to Robert Ellti,..oct- 2714 h,
LISS, on Barnett in .
rt.atrebr: L .
laigelirir.j;ck , Feb. . i,134
teolotson Penn street,
Pittsburgh, 20.b3t 7610.1 with buildings
Benjamin .... •
Brialbrd..4; 111,.1
,. 1 AP. Boat. /alb. 11137, tract of land in
- hairtuthip, contelning 61 acres;
..••••• .• . • . " •—ndio6
Feb Datuphsti .loXii3 " gmmuupos,
ad, paar, .ied on Itlihits
Sluirpsbnigit„ SS b? .7 - 00
. February
Mb,1336„ lot' on Hemp
:tatlo,l l /0, 7 •10_ by 40G feet — 6OOO
Richard .latt to Susan IAI. February
MC 104„qms :Yale stre e kpiu.,
nrgh,- 3 0 .. 1 9 ; ioo. .a.t. with
Alfred B. Carling ta...TobtiLherrou, Fab.
:Bth. PAS, . 01 ga o P' Prazl
tiy 100 'SW: • ...
Win•sit - 7TRYiO; : it; jobri . ialton; - Airttf.
-aryfilic 1008 , idt10McCluretownship,
, : ;on ' , Ba
g ir latoe4,' Se _trr SO - fret - with
piton EttiaoUgn. to
a , „ 4 7l 7 .i ntDathey,truhenart.giag.thig,
:HS With 2g "
;—t 4 .:12i , 7 ,, .... , f.c..;; _74'; ..orl
colaweatios . ot s. alow4 Uiroatoro:-ctity
ispertutexascas olow oltem.
Pursuant to Mie tall of u Prcaident,
of the Central Board lof Education, the
School Directors of thznaelidated city
ofPrOslnugh yt.t y, at 12 o'clock
p. m., at the Efallzt h..,, theThird and Tooth
Ward Putlie ,
to deem:Min]
whether there should be a City Superin •
On motion -
.notian of Mr. Heater, of the First
Ward, Mr. Hartman, of, the Sixth ward,
was called to the chair , and Mr. Sergeant.
of the Eighth ward, chCsen Secretary.
The Chair stated the object of the meet
ing to be to determine whether there
ahould be a City Superintendent, sad If
eat° derdradete stints sad plate for bold- -
mg the erection. I •
Al) the roguestot acme member (shoes
Lame .)inc. did not. learn,) the Secretary
toad the Act pacybilag for cikr„t3upftin
After some discussion:it regard to the'
inganleirof the Apt, Hi. geozge EL An
tismog, of Noble , s townchip, offend the
e0c.....0 That the woes of this meet
log Is that a City Superintendest . be'
elected, and that when :Re adjourn, we
adjentra to.mset. 4. l .s.'datzereek at two
I he resolutioti; wan asiconifod, sad
Marks made by several gmtleman.
.Thclizas ltataM therWaSoark.'
ward, said be considered this a gustation
nr treat Importance : -Ebno,he odd, were
opposed toe City Iduperintendentin tole;
tome were In favor of it, if they could
heti' Plhelf - Mintl'idected; will°, others - )
here le - fiver of electing such ai they
emaldsmer. and doing better ha the future
if they' contd. ' He woe of the latter oplic.
lou, and thought a. City Superintendent . ,
_Medi- needed, not only, to examine
. -*tabors, but to have the general caper.
vialea - of public Inettaction, "devise
mean, to mudeasyMmetrical the gradre
of the different weboolt Ind also to get
the Mel 'Salami to work' Iri harmony.
with the Ward Schools, which a was not
new dotal; alacittrderlsejnieani where
by all the children of the city might be
made attend school. - -
Voialderable miscellaneous diaocundort
**cleric& the resolution, when Mr:G. IL
Anderson thought the question-should
be takonla two par*. -
On - the . .flaep. 'should aUndone-he elecd,theaesm
=being milled, resulted • la ,
forty-six ayes, ,
-The .aeound par a lt he!raWlation was 1
then taken UP, anat gren deal ef I
dlactsedon and amandlag, passed in j
alb form, vi.,: '“That.wheas we sajonna I
wo adjourn to meet on Thursday, at 2
Wolcott S.. as., April =Lie the hail of the
Third and Tema Ward Schools!'
An =Men' of Thou EeIs:IGEN., a
*matinee of./iya was ordered to deans
the duties etteCttr Superintoadeat. and
report at the' text. • • '
e Chet - appointed Thos. ISwirig,
aatll. Millar, G.Anderson, Jas. Walter
A Word C. Menty. '
M. l33l2ll .Eorroinfiammin The smart
ytetag Enamor Ceopentetadi poUtlm -who
does' up - the' oditorjals . of the Sunday"
Leader, woe imlignant at Ms expontre la
Your eeinnins of the apostacy -of Mr.
.34n0frotn-the RePubi Amt ParrYtartd"
• itippintlY sail: ,
lutretittee °Minot
into the pnblidiedioole arms& either folly
er,rittewiltgi so,we• take thrt•Ognne
serresprelent no be either a "gml it
o r r a
_Vbrit . eforeasid yotfog man may
mke • too for, Is, 113 too . isegnege of Mr.
Toots, of f`no consequence' The weekly
gird action-sin the Leader Mieends char
acter sad instincts. I shall shed noteate
over the Meledlettins of this Mustrtetui
inesouter of nbutty perglolbutellng
4 dirPr_tl ttid 'Wait &bent Twern.r
!Cedilla' observed that Leantnethlng
abont" introdueing• " Into the
school - 10,111dt' he Ltbely Insinuated In
the Leaden' Teadled attention to the fan
of Mr. Mbino asking , for en' important
omen In The gift of the party he did hls
best•na the stamp and elsewhere to tie
- feat. Every man bee a right to vote for
wp m . tuklaggsge ten no mat:ths wright
to make a limonite higutelf and de.
There other gentienlin erningrltlT.
unfilled or tbepositionwhe have never
' wavered In theirftwityle thepar y end
are in 110 wayldentilled with - on
that bas done and i 3 still doing ill they
too In" disorganize and desitroyllte 80.
pablicin party In this erinuty.
Let the faithful be rewarded and Die
gild:dem leant that there le Whereafter.
A Knock Dow n.—Edwarl I ,Bmtt nude:
oath, beferejastioe Helsel;yesterday,
charging LeskJohnson within:molt and
Irately. :The pullet • Ins colored: men
and realdein East Birmingham - It wee
alleged by the geowentor that the defen
dant knocked him down. Johnson .was
arreeted-and after s conferebee between
the e
pailles-the ffete WM aett.h .
oused-paytAg theebstk.:
wieenteny. - -:0. w. Fullerton yeitai,
dak mado oath. 'before 'Jostles Moho].
charging John Salina/Car with dizonlerly
condom.' The patteartiaida to Xsaglitr
ininghoni, and a to alleged bx Mit prow
rotor that Lb* dofendast emir to hi.
house iuol. aboard Ida. wire. .
was tatted tor.htaarroit. •- 4 --
' gl;tC*EtA'MS
--ChArles T. lurtax,butaaif am alleged
murdere r e efjosephClark,la*orelister,
Itataxi. en Friday, the 23th nitl o i'whe - esp-
Providence, Rhode laland,:end
taken to Worcester. 711 he hundred do:-
tar:kW - Watch wed diamond pin,
Property. were found in bia poets:Won.
Ilekcid tiled/dr wee planned by hie ate
complies. The plan was to Murder and
volt Clark, then destroy all evidatoce -of
the hernial; the building. It
;% ' k w f ilkww n to Vi"k sk /
1. a
ier e°7witb 14 a'd
ye revaluabledam-Rebidaw:
viou aequaLatanoe with.. Jain's, • and
charitably.pld intsbilla during the few
days they were waiting he :scutrdar
Tho deed was done with a small broad
axe, whlits they salad to Clark'a zoomia opt, :James attraeted Clark's at. wld/o. leaden,the accomplice,
t'whense alsobeen emoted.) co la llow& be
llied and muck - mella]
Very- blob. persoMtl affects
were overlooked by Abe ;Murderers-
Clark'a =Wren_ eattared the room IIOOD
after the Murderers left, discovered the
aro and gave the alarm. Charles la
twenty-twe reamed-age, and.balew, the.
common average of Intellect. James la
thirty-oneysersorage, has lastest sight
o f the an d laftarye has a wicked look: U.
ix add to be hperson whibMeoneri the
celebrated: trotting bora* ladle Rubber. ,
lid Beaton, about two years ago. I' • - - • •
~..— CAP tallYisbar,/haiector of" Internal
: so
lvent:la of K 13111; bee diaeoWared fit
avant violations of , the reread lusts!
Atchlsoe and Lawrence. A distillery at
Lesmattoll ; with a ,capacity of two hued
red gallons, showed daily
ntrY returtmonfTA:fla-t.'
cern-promise:tit Int:Weber were said to be
at lbw Asseasca'a MEI., but cu 'applica
tion there . they could not be Mond;
Thereupon the datillery was seised by
the antborfates.- •
• -
—The Limey Leestature will
ieutitto,day.. A Wye. szeotmt el buel;
flees hen been done, - Including the in.
',eye of most <the laws reputed' by , the
Codifying Comtphietar!ers.
. ,
.- Jai/ital. Du ',young MR em
p*odin Ms 44 . 11011ector's offici,ai New
rortOrtlied himself by`atroaletz Bd--
9 alir wrealz344 - :lx: dui pnnewm . of. WI!
mow sotaakii litmeter. 1
I will pay 123-to any estaidisbed man
ufacturor of patent modlefue who wilt
open his 'Waco tothie nubile and offer to
cure at any price orrommo min Mints
Oro minutes, or who will *Mr to have
bb, womody,Sested immediately no the
opnt for . removal of pun in public.
I will pay 1100 more if, - With lily or their
remedy„it [4:00 to givelionsodLeterelief
to ton permrsa In ono bondred who apply. I
I will pay I , o Mmoreff-the7 will produce 1
lo remedy that will remove and pow
inently cure all pan so quirk nr remove
Intlnannatlan BA fast sa.Poln Paini; that
months no chlarofo,rns, opium, or any
Ilan-olio dritff t le 'horntleesi Ltd 100101
no rain in U. spliced - Jon. Some ' of tile
OMlnfactstrentof. puma 'medicine are '
moms( ottetonsmo, in- Ceriabobence Of thie
introduction of Pain Paint, Thoyatrog
gie and die bard, but folk. of common
sense know that a "remedy that Inver
fails of removing ;min can be tasted In
public,- and' in the Thee . . r OP whale ,
worinf.withnnimat,aunfidence. and no
len such reined,' be haunting and pod-tiVely certain--in' ine application and
future rend* . it would mold entphat-
icelly bo its owttraln. , Phaelmasta ovary
day are present, and if it - sines fallen
'Mould happen it scrotd - be moat' dam
aging. All eau come
.and prove Pain
Paint, even ii. groaned enemies, at no
expenam- and if the& enarl'and growl
.because all cat it, and becomaevarre
. body muchness Pain Paint oil gum
to show th at Wahiawa bwam , ' I d. '
-dilatr.; become abettor remedy taken
te th i
the plates
; P rten ' iL t s"
'l7u Chatimmoquare, New York and ns - e tt
Arch greet, pm-l.d.10„ 1 . 6 D;ug
To-marrow the Ohio Republican
smto consentiori will be held according
to the call. Tim tmannatiene to b e made
are taw, ma bat each uto excite amen
interest ate a oinumUthdana, the candi
dates to be upon being opty (or
Recnelor tate,Suptame Court Judge,
Cie* A aprons Court, Anember or the
Board • ninla Work'. For Semetary
of "State there inn WWI' CU. didistss?
enema whom we recollect ' Jebel Iljnatell,
who now holdvibe ama by appo
ment, Janata Williams, Xlerk lb
once, . Gel. R., Burr, or Dela.
100, and General Sharma* of Wil
liams county. Zither of these gen
men would AR the- odic* well. For the
otharptlees there Vaitt Motast of any
6 PthlgAild Repr6He _QT WEL
of' its
•mvrous staterinini that' tlay i nAinith
in e m us
yras onansionad b 1 She , strap
of his iankb. 'lie dled from palmation'
_ • . • ,' •
A area{ cars ter Aaarenea.
I feel myself under obligations to you,
as well as a' uty I owe to others who
have been like sufferers with myself, in
order that they may knew where they
can got cured. I had been aubleet to
violent, eontinned attache of ASTHMA.
for more than alx .yetsra, and had been`
to great expense and to various medical
men -.of experieuee without - obtaining
nay nerrattnont relief, if relieved at all.
I was an bad that I never knew what it
was .to. be free from the disease. I bad
to alt up In',bed.every night for weika
and weeks, without any prospect or hOpe
of cart My condition was inch that I
folt.:11f• a burthen, man ,when I got an
attack I „fait iin danger' of suffocating
everyttlOttlent. Bo terrible had been my
sufferings that my mother nye that she
hums' me so- near suffocation that
was nearly black In the face Rona
desperate efforts made to get breath. the
winter- nights, many a night,
with the doors and windowa el the house
thiown wide open, In order to binder the
apparent danger at Era:p:dation, La
Mb condition, on the - 11th of October,
1386, having beard of DR. KEYSER'S
skill in curing this - destitute, I called on
in company with my husband,
Joseph Meyers, bat I mast Puttee* with
a great deal- of doubt' as to effecting a
lia-rant - env*. pri KEYS= =amp
rno tarefallj,"and -- m e- lunge all
lovorovith.hts LUNG SO UND, and told
toe that with - care I would get wail I
persevered with his medicine for over
year, and ohs today in vigorous health,.
NANCY liErErcs.-. •
FULLER JOY, (heimoilaer,)
A. .
Bininlngliam,,Dec.9, I NR.-
from 10 - A. sr. Ludy t r. Y.
• - . Tim Ceatimmalml. •
. In trpeakiog cif the ""Centlneritid" we
do not refer to the Continental Congress
or the Continental money In nye some
ninety years ago, but it is to the Conti
nental Dining Saloon on Fifth attest,
next door to thwPaitoince,- of wit:l6h
friend Mr. - Wm:3.'lTel ttheimer is the pro
prietor, that we desire to call attention.
Mr. If. understands his business per
featly, as the excellent manner In which
the "Conilnental" is "run" styes ample
evidence. It is certednly a model sa
loon, as its patron. can fully testify.
The tables of the "Continental" are al
umni eopolled with the beat the market
affords; of everything in the linewf eat
able., and the style in whictrtitabes are
served is unnupassable. When you
want anything good to eat go to !folio
helmet's, ott Fifth she next door to
the :
ince.l4, Watches. Cloaks, .I.4.—At
Reinemen, Afeyrart et Seldle's, No.' Z
Fifth street, the floret stock of .jeirviry,
watches, mocks and general fancy goods
peculier to the business, will founat
marvellously low prices:' ..The be
Arm w cl ill
take possession of their magnificent new
buildtng • few weeks Lance, and In the
Meantime aro anxious to divpoee of their
heavy stock as greatly reduced Mee.
Weassure .oos-readers that et no other
eetabliehmont of el oiler first-chum etas ,
meter ran purchases be"ssmdp to better
Fadvan strtage. Remember the pisea, No.Z.
ifth eet. 1
... . .
City and country merchants will find a
very Mars stock of staple nod other pas
ionable Dry Goode at Barkers; Ulan
than Eastern prices • ' . -
Heather .
• eather ineenvesielee-The presont
weather Is very.likely to produce 0140=
inconvenience to bounokeepera• In the
say or bursted
in hennas yard.
and an 'treats. To thoie or our (made
annoyed: - we commend Ms. T. T.
bier steam and fin/cr acid
plum No, 165 'Wood atree gve t. Ile at
tends to repairinrer new work of every
, lencription in the very beat manner. U
tile shortest notice and
meted most roa.
sortable terms. - itre cc, him ant a
Lboroagh and flinched workmen, and as
in every respect ninthly tho patronage of
-die community. -
.• OvirAllegheny via era sire reminded
that they Mire in dist city a wholesale
sod rebid grocery Mtabllstonent, which
Is equal to every response the but. on
tie side of the ricer. refer to the
well transited hens° Dt Moptdde d
GeorP. Zio. 164 Federal :erect, where
sill be found a large, complete mid el.-
Indmaleek-oflrsahrtrant. spites, anglcrk
mmied fruits, syrups and grocerhe gen
erally, together with seasonable &oft ,
and produce. 'Their, prices are very Tea- I
sn sort y able, as parchavogyialt Sill satLfy one.
'For NI sad 7.2 i, rims Per. Tart—
We are °treeing .11a4arior Bleached and
Uableaeltpd Muslin at thaseprifee. Bar
ker d: (A,
Csastd Fruits, punt musteids, rich
*pleas,' unadulterated .7:ups, fragraut
, coffees, line and coarse sugars, best ral
sins, citnta, - dried :Ireful =hi genakl
housekeeping supplies at very. reasons
prices will be wind et the old seats
fished tee mart of Joatigt A. Robinson,
331 , 11 th street. The entire stock is
fresh and canuot - fall to afford the highest
ustisfeighni to porchitsies • „
Ts cfty ang crriary, JimbectB.
friavirilt Co g
Supplied ottrselvee
with Coeds before Slut late Andreae. aci
culate tal prtess;we arc prepared to sell
el less thaa.caatera prices, and invitees
=embed= • of our stock. • • ' •
J. W.-BA.asza. di Co.,
SO Market street. ^
Ma& Mow. a•• Gaiters—Orthe eery
later= sxyle, emu alvniya b. trad-at Mr.
Hebb'', IP Market street He keel* •
Oplendidat•cit •Iway* an karel andaslls
t the 14:mrait prkea.
Dry Gad; wholoduos and retail, in fat
i lass, at len than gastorn prices, at Bar
Atter:dies of tbe ladies Is directed torts
fact 'that fresh„ Invoices of, seasonable
trimmin,- embroideries; Lee end liner!
goods are deity received at the feel:don
able left(' house of W. W. Moorhead,
81 Market strost.'..n• selection Is
very fins sadthe prices are very Maas.
'all US latest -noraltias I nSent& JUT'
Ashlagotaxalalu thamay_of °altars, Ur,
emits, stocks, buttsdlles, scartrtztlis,
c ihisstrirtrigeoras, L 4mrars, soc
,te., at the fashionsb4 headquarters of
PT. W. Ilderasack Mo. St Market strest.
Great Bargataa,
_great bargees In
'able LLateut. atalrXtret.7 • '
'The may bonze In the city that deals
exelusaysly- In trunks, <strive sacks,
satchels and everything In this
hoe of foods, la Joseph Llebler's, No.
tW Wood stmt. This prime are eery
• Not,C shim: and miltim-ot the very
Istest style, on klereYe be bed et / 1, .
Robb's, - 09 Market etroet. He keeps a
soleisdld stock always on karel end tells
We lowest price., 1 • .
Barker' Prints opened this day at
paystv avv ii 7 4 -4 4:11
itirsvir AAPIfilNi.
LINEN 11.11EITIPeti.
fan < mr.-1 impared •• time. to ILI pr.
for 0 . 0 / Maack., Ilona. tor
=Map WWI. a fun! im;emantd,
oils for afard.taJaeojadna , and fa• don Saadi.
_ ,
JAM= mount..
1119 0TP3171. —I nalllfOClATellopl Yeses
op 1 etreettop . 6=llo.. Woo Nosoprego., roar- toirt cinvt to to. Nalco or rto • ell
tests, ot • bar , at Cl • lariat.. cooper or brut.
part 11101 co,J, or Par Chtett noedod.
R 1.2 caber %Moan ppopr, p.pippp or Pry., at
• amiss zelnips,
Tea..41pkg. , ..%
111 . 1111181Gtate11. gadeaa.
sum mows.
Alip.lllll MIMI Sr., ristomish.
B; . :efilattertialltsp +.• ou wawa .% mt.
11 .1 nVans Conn. • xial• i llatz
i da - W r o i lV i r r 7r w =f2 e. , .. A
lEit .111 , 11.4aer riVZ,
BlMfg BilOhER.
118 W04,N1 Fifth.
Govermaciat Securities:
and Coupdr, - .4 3 ''
Mid Ltrr. I,afts cold
DD all 11 .1cladval Clams -
ajgrailTs&P 2 te4 the UWtn
Now 1867 5-20 Bold Coupon iond
Doilets iu Government Seinfitiett,
. Oarmer ;Peewit. * Papa MI roots. •
Um. 01 ril PreTrAteitea GAkrse. ii
110111 Ar. March 2, 18411:, f
Gold opened weak And at • decline of % per
eent. , ett. AllaturdaYle quotations; sides warm
made at 0413 'at the opening. ADC at the el°.
the market stood at 1403( to 111, and etelay.
The demand Glom Importem le atlll.tm7/11hl.
partly Iron the hope of el/tablas it at Imwer
W. but mere hem' a want of eti(reueli
money with teat elitists exesadanglysoaree on
amount of the Cellars' of the tweeze: won
henna to meet their' obligati°. promply.
The erect of the raiment of gold Jobbat to-.
day by the Government hat been discounted.
end 'lt Is predlabetlat . quotations, are not
likely, to tooth anything below -
Goyerionente Are better, in sympathy with
thi Improvement La, Europe, Out the demand
Irani layette:B b eompletely cheeks& Owing
to the beekmardnets and Inactivity Inhalant,
. .
lkw bards are coming on'lliemarkst what gra
tal. quotatione Wore tla ,
The stock Market moaned w &Specially ,
Mria, end Itamonneettois WhichAnatned low;
and even deillned bolo.. the ay stoke:
bal.. of the Iles recovered to the *lota
but the market In rather Intel. . The Sorry,
to the mutton nooks 1s over. a 4, prien are Jost tbeliam• As al ob. beginning . the '
*ln of the near. roe least stock
I tte lectLity
is yo. 0.4 .0.19
.02 nee/.
Sous Itiontrj le mede .. foit(htleontrlA oil
Stoat at Ple. and. Triumph at tee, Ineltuling
e dividend of g par nat.. pestittelma
Monty 4lge d tftd , P.7llh a tr %Waal at the
beglanlng of Ora mono_
1. . CUM.'
.• Tart: quotations, veil by
Ph. it
' Geld. 10%; File, fle%;
Mt. bl)fd Ita%; Uotiticas,' loWit
Itti%l •
Cleveland r Ptitellarah 74. lON
Merehenta Txprerr 6.%
Weetern Thelon. TAlrgraPh-.•••---....
tale . .
Pltrabumh WAya&Cklo&ro B. 13.• Ice
Morthweatam Illaurpew-eotemoo:. M
rforttwastern-prelarred..........Sew Yom! Oe 73%
Ohio end Mbelselpyl
els 4
—„..1 ,
theanartrta...- 31
-The aew. Tata Illeatlei speckle/et' 110
;Wan atiataaathame apea-Muuteleletaattiai
of the eottatry, eayel• '
The parateacaLereei of litilweekammt
theimemal butane. a an. .0.00.1. by so
mean m a y
to be dibetrome, but the nun.
Tbethrpoettlow of Pembina Jobastmu tad lan
assent. of Piet Prealdeat Wade to the 1t...
puttee Uttar. fe110w...1 the letter would is
thouttrootan In the as
thUltut, would en
! the enmity• Clontawent will. would he as
unit, In ob its
of: toe now
controlling the eousuy.' Cabe the sew order
of things, Oa tiaterlal. In nine el the peo;d
I Would raxlve, and toll onibldt... dot .1*
tat bound. withvhe matelot'. th at, m ere ►
IClOverlialest folly eontralled by the Repabh•-
.0 Dana. its Neatest mad theatiel troubles
would be soca harmonised 111.0 °Wl:era:ed.
ea.. s . e nk
e ath r o o f u gthheoent.eo r
'the dletweans element. la the Gevemseent
we to be motored. and mardwy sae °oily of
purpose neared. folder Whin alone comma.
eon ;trooper.
-Thaltded Mat legat tender same new M.
fere to Vatted Statue Sup:sloe Cod. en
likely to mann% anted deal of elle.. The
ant tall, whine • paur inn 00 dlaantle •
nellauadabli by novenae! legal tenders; the
stand Iu n Ginn ere, when an bultsldnal
is endeared. to pay Me toter to legal ten.
olettlln • lin of the Chem It,Mat am ten.
.4'. be peal fa Iola; thethint , steer a toss saw,
le from California, ahlelk Stab has • Ler
tam edenauy falree MIMI be le gold.
Secretary Jl.Calleagb eels. 0000 these
d ese elate
to postal 111/ nil tem eice• Le Vallee
State. Attorney General White nen time to
prepare for the Important seadlet. -
Olcsumquotatlmas as reesived by James T.
Brady & Co.: '
1411 i
U. S. Ir. Mil
• 1;:"
• WM, ltaf
10.411, .....
4408. Jan. tad Jail. It. tIo e •
11.1 a. Jam a.* Join
y. fdalla
• —Tao Oloutlasatt Oaaataavial. Satorday,
aaya: Our park yarkaaa •
tad lose operators
lo•••• ak• pada ••• dap., *mu tor
lar ay et Mats 4•llYealtd sou•OT
ad • tottakiarabla *moat! el anytaday tin
'beam Nat to tba talatlyyr to ray RR- aka. Vora
di••••. Laddttta. to tat. abort to arrldlT
lomaad tram th• South, and. hoary lees/
akaektag, Wltel at, prised a daelln•
la Vie banks gearrallv taportad U.•
•Pildlattoaa tar kw Lora Sacral aa4
nation Is 411.doldty vrotklog atom% abaci*
sill toosparatlvany NJ] tot ELM 114. WIT• 1-
Rrode..o Waren nail ben &lola Wt.
sant, ooly rseltlat dapoaltora beta* /myna oe.
tata ••••amodalloas a** le 3. par ma.- /a
aa• *PM itartgle VI par rut: ld Lbs . raking rail
tat Brat alma awn.. _
—A tote New Yost essbasee asset Thor.
tent detillastloa• 'trim= basks to cot. - airy
ssd ehtrohere. stye issist to the very !not to.
sasrlso of Kr. Ganglia. la Ids ;ssophies asst
teed .131• featorillastlea at assists.. 'he
ssts. l ion:a etesalty roa rob.
Leann of s lrredossosbls legal readsr paper
an,.,. itallsteas, slosh* wort hseer
VI., beamoohlocsbla. et Oil sta pr4vails
fa soart of !taste .11 Um Sasselaloatou.
trt. Dos ear/ aansett Les of rho I;
et sc.
trio slow rosesnear:ltOesalT. 1/todeses. tors-
Might awl plsadua LtSostry ars taahtsatlear
Ole to Neetatleae sutJest to the lleastloss
taiga el sus& P.P.r
rnavirouvairzrarnstat ■sasrr
Omemos ium Piet:roe ttaameee;
. . Itonat, c an
2. bled•
Tie market tot Crude tree na7itUt
I rot a Meal* not. repelled, and wblte the
lege ate Lilt,' demand le Waited, mid
ttem's» militant quotabbt ehazde. Than
war ao t 091 1 1.7 tear apt. and We unite:Mend
that Vie sae °Send, but the otter area made
ender mullet elnuenteamte, sad incest
Mentors be taken as a telt tate:too tit lin
market/ all the math, ,otter. "Alba, nos be
pitrehultd at IX te M. That Lastest. tot all
the , lem.hottee'e option, Mae at thotom Meta
may be rionted as the tulag quotatloo for
that particular dallier,.
utrtrran—The market Ear tooded on tom
Itelt• no sew elotnetenstlee worthy of epee' al
donee. Theta a ettll mice !nutty both, lot
enema and future deinerr, but owners nod
Wien ere .part.; ttl, II • lariat Cud..., We
here but ottepantlealy tam loin to iteartd.
mete otiO3 bele tar 4.11 at Liget talky May
it Met (sabot Jain at rain; ion tot atatab, eel
. len option, at 22t, and MO for all the int,
buyetts aplea , stn. Private leteitemettem
puttadelabta this atterr.oeu repotted ellen to
boy tbafint halt et Ststek at WO, and the
tat halt at 2m, sad 'We in, eogeleant of /Maw
Calm having been mode, but the Uartleol
tot nasals best known to the panne tat
eated were sot mode pbblie. 'There Was a e
of is bble eteadmel whits frae oil lot you,
go to I,llaaiaaml,
A. N.
Nil.: Lit W b id s boarplal.
tIL o
P. Wliktit
Soo, Philadelnhlri. •
LOakliatt dr Presiotill blidirref. Watch , /rear • Co, Pidiadelphla.
Clark • doomer, kid do do So P. Wright A
B ,3ll.l l l. d Ot i gii do do to P. A. "1/11•roilti
Co. Thllachilpbla.
B. W. WWI= AUG..IIIO do ref. to Z. Betuilk.
Maas a Wagner, lido do to.Warine, Mai
Co. Philadelphia.
zustiurra nom' patios"... Otter. .
H. A• Long & CO IT7 bbl. rat. to Waring,
Complitiefilf•litioolpte *gripe Wasters
Alamo a ura.
The following will oho . , tha G.:nonwhites ta•
oeipte of now and vela et the port■ of gill
weak.% Ohmage, Toledo, Detroit end Cleve
land, from January I 10 gebrusrp tt . foe Woe
7011171: •
I lit Flour./Pr. VIC
• 412,110 WAGS_ 1i50,3,14
. .. --- ---
Wigat., bil . 1.70.413 1,468.7111 1,741,141
lota,.by 11.04.417 4411.1/03 1045,1+1
OW, bo.. ..-..... Likli mil 1 / 1 .44 ,1
I On* 4
B.lel. b.u ••• ULM. 211.4.11 . ' filiN
are, bo 111.,V.8 In rib . 1.1.6,144
rota ...... ... 8.143.4 U 1,1111.14 4.0111,t1..
Haw Woe* CalkLe St arkell. •
-- ffrTaleromb to the Pit;abargh Osseo; .1
Maw Vows, March 2, -.l!leeelpts—Dieves.
LOIS; sheep and lambs. WOO; hose , 11,174
nattio—thers was not It Weal number of
he ater; t u b
owing to the Inclement
weather; lb. market le only reodarately
live; prices very weak; Bale. o(4 cars at,
Bewtoon city, IS head at Commmittaw an d
1.1 0 0 Pend at Fortieth street; extra, 114'ClOcl
c Iced imo,letifitivziirsttztill.v.l/471t. cgt,lrr
Re lc. The market for a :Lep and lambi
has twee moderatalysett.and otdte Heady
to .day; the somber offered for sale waa
sheet ILSOPE demand moderato sad rood
pekes Ilkeall lakea of eaten, at inle t
mho*, 7fa7slf carman to soodoklles6; In e:
113.40. nom; Inlet; no Weal ...Mee to
prime; 0109-l; the arnvaia yesterday and
AttF irer• IP ears at Fortieth street, and
. eilCiontatonlealf.
• New leek Deg lieeria *onkel.
Talstraph to the Pittsburgh uss•tte.l •
Se. To. leen% 2.—One of lbe severest
soon storms of the SO.. at to yesterday
sots bas been blowing all day with ertld tory
so es to bleak op all ayennes of trade soh
Orloff It nos stood ertilli • AUK, heareally
enoogb dole" to realm any alteration to
the Drama Many Brown attesting, or the
beg staadard =area at la to Inic. 'tints
11 to 11134 e, the letter for Trench rotors, and
Nuns de lalne• st.l9 to fro. Bags scamand
Drirth 474(goIrptlt• Lewis= WI at Wig
- •
117 .. .Ammo to Oa Plurtir.ii Gums.]
Tostao, liana; I.—ricanyveatpla 1,913
lairtal.__ga let sad adadnal. When. dull,
_mcalgan bald as Pl* and AMOK ,
aara....earetata 7.110 busboy galia Rad
- dull; sales at- Ma Oats 4u/ I. No. I 0,14 at.
Zia; salsa at
I= g r At i ••
N.U.a !was, Timothy
enTlit; - .0 .1 - 141.; . DAILY . T UESDAY. MARCH. 4. 1868
Pri7llBll7BA El
9 ;1
Orstas car rrePrerserrosartie22,22,l..
TECW,ILT. March 2, lass. (
The thelentent itoodlilot, of the weatheihad
w t to retard a ist.door bualato
trhlth, at b“t, hoe 'Kati dull far ease alai
Wheii Is scares ani. La
=O4 g.1iu,41, der...44 suet of Red at *Ude
7 e17. No. 1 Eyeing may Di quoted atlll,3oo‘,fl.
oiatr a shads kaaass bot unchanged; %les
at niflGlc, on track, and Cealqo awes.
Sudsy Is scarce .4 1. 'stamina at ingioo.
lise I. steady at 11,fidelnd. Com la galas and
unchanged ♦t 7dsasl. on 'Shad and track, and
liseSei,lo fat
PEOCISIONS—Baaou le nem at Itt or
Flan; 100 for Soper Ourod SliouldaratlllObr
!Ebbed Stdea;l6oll3ie for Maar, add 173142
guar Ourod Haan. NUR& kettle Lardi
. la
2111 quoted at Ho,in leree., aad 2e34017:110
keg. bleu Pork. 1m , 1 1 .30C100.
FLOQII—Ttra market la quiet and dull but
Prim are uncittneed. W. aoattaue to quota
. 1 1100011,n for Sprint rboat; piano for
NoLater Whaatiand. ilietti for has, brisels.
Ere Flour la gaoled at 5t011.21, Lad
arbeat at 114424.60.
SEEpS—Uto.r.ewl I . :ffalling tgagA
..,111.0thy .s.te •at s*Citt Phiu44 . l
lino at i 1,441.. -
311:1ITE6-4s .rat in good dataar4,
ontb auto 'aortae to elamite Roll at laottlei,
irtal3l:-Quotaal at SM.*. , •
DRIED ratur-4 gobd derma matt aria
bat ozabincrdi Woo of hashes at tea. tar
gat iletir..d loom for kalrok pat &Wu It
MILLI{ APPLE4-17arlianged anti lo Mat
autriartrasular 'galas at taro aa.Por Oor bt4•
• ...
P,OTADOLS—(k.uitlnua 401 tat we/Banged
moll. atleti L 6414020 Ilt elal ' AS per; bna.4.3.4
oactms per tw.
LARD - OIL-10 gioted It for Ho.
• .1 'meter-No.l.
BElll(s—Ssarec and In deka - sad; iales al ill
4,10, u tognallty. • " '
ONION/ diskaad at al yet bualiti—aaati
lmden abilat µOA
• / 10 . 1 1 MY—Dalli salsa • las the trade .at
S.Weala. m 1411.75 la a Petal/ way.. - I
- (THARBEIULITY—LadIe fromallaLL
ALLtUntiry • cATrlis
0.'127 OP TeriP.77.lloolol
Mor•ar, /Utah 2, 15rg.
°arm& I
Thaanpply of <MIL*, alibo•gb • 1101• I•
than 'that of last weak, was not unusually . ,
Imam thoosh It wan natrathelen Maly op mad,
somewhat It nine of . the demaml, and tin;
manrat wha devoid or htl er; anlanthga, there 1
bang no fordge buyers la MU/Waste, whisk',
Was awns, lo part at lint, to the lasiamant
amid:tloa of the smarter. It Wei a aottmaitla
*wore toolay that the Inaba, el stook cat.
was Inger than for amoral: weak@ past YO
then or. .Ise a very mood 'may of good
buteharamittre. and there ware Mt eoMparw
tnellfmr , Wen. aside. whialt Is amantaLe•
really Wonderful, Kakis alusbr iota. loudly
litainnodannto. We SWIM/ that any sort.'
hare ham ihipplag teener eetthr UK begin
so roall. ,the hut that It data Mot pay—vary
'frequently emananalon man Sad it dialvalt
rot pinto More for them lb.. Wilt pay ass. of
trwmportalloo:- nomohleic a, I feed MU., Ka,'
Ma.. and en * secchitt.salra. MAIMng thla ho-
Roth La by zoo iotan eaanarther tal the euppar.
.To farmers and finder* we wohdd say; egad la
emir gootaitila, and kelp moot &scalawags"-
az home/ the firmer artli &lanais sell •at soma.'
tare( near thin Tan.. w bile O. Utter. Sapp
elnly when the monition hand one, have at
■tit to f. -Nlea away. .The fallearlaa la a
partial report of the sale. r - • '; •
r. Zdit. 5.141111:m44 cf “ssalaiwagaro—hs dint
usu May ha. any Mbar kinaomt
Johanna ants /I hear cameo Manor Co,
P saemeansod oaten at a(0.4
if @Ammar ma on hand again this won
not Mang ameteded i down C..
tamkon by halals. or. Ilemol d kn. far
°noon to Carr at • Ito 130 ratalmy It for Ult.
Mon.osaa. sty: utow onallakt • ...St h 4.
Entrottl patal on. pma ol aretaioal Matta Ow.
Proaa.„ateersawalataing tonarsawald
•Ir st le. la la nails aatealsblos to hear
premtwie Marna harm.
I rsteadla Bat.
tar V. thanks they palmate or
'sister' setblog Got there bat ...haat and
' Min t% a Kahl .tale{ fat Kfair
ta Moon* Chimps tan. st TOW ' •
Placemmi • 'ElailtateakSUM. of
Cann* Kan aOl4 libMa.beee et Dataleat
no., Mao. Mears far Ulna. flhamakust I.
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ot mom a stourn- etc to S.
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NIL Lasts Started..
tOr Taktrartt to the Pm built darette.l • .
Br: Lot:mita/rob L.-Tobago" dna and be.
ati.tted. Canoe has advanced to dio. r lour
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1,70 bbleLy_taat 1,440 Sacks, earn ;1110 talaul
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Flamelal Matters In Hew
views caosed to aucjitui.
• , ..•
(By TaMartini &o ths'iltlabarra liawtia.l •
/Atm Soar, Morel; tOatt._
• it.:s:: ....1%, iic. - ...
/ 10 ..7 rule. quite C.). et . 6e6 per cont.
for H. !Star/log &Wady at Silii;ll44. Gold;
for i lint elms bills Ainartcan gold opened at .
141 ; declined to 141%, sad elosod•steady At
Are • •shada firmer andelost4 steady.
floUrn• Claws Co. farnish !be annexed ,
prices at WO: Coupons or 'SI, nouGin; do
of 'et 11051011014; de. Of .0 4. 1 / 7 3:01103; do of
,63 .1 0 fegeliagi do now, tomatosxido of '47,
1011140.617%;-Uaars,101.4:74rs, ISSIiOIO6%.
The market orwinad heavy and nauttled.
Ztle absorbs the spoettlatlve Interest. On
Saturday It was whispered that the com
pany would fall to Day Its March Interest
on wood end third martin" bonds,
atammlng to about MOM. 004 .large
short Wes made tale morning was con
tletitiv Clrentaus4, sae the Price fell to
setgroji. 'Ming shorts of Saturday an Op
portunity for. ..ovarian and , • handsome
prod'. All Ulla 1111.1 going and,
the employ wassetnally paytag g na t o ne
Tt. The market was strong aone
elt board. Yale Balling at B6„0/y, sad
N w York Central At 12Sx. •L second board
t mamas was weak snot LlOUgsubseqsent-
Zif. de T7a n nts ' clo s'l'lli tritrmr.ertrVet”
7.thrrntirbetit ' the
c o up Baron heav
ys k Illssoorl..ek . coupon., V.;, North
w akares were active; new • Tgames.
se tilh; at. the close the market was
:30 4 ;1 301, 31033—Cant0n, 321];32%*; Com
be land. .13427 a; Walls' Zepreas, 4E44241;
A edam, tO}.ltrer4; Adam.. 73,312;31:ig
U !tad Statise, 7254073. If erchantS. Stry3s , ,
Qelcastlver,2lt4tyntoN•rrmwa,res; Pao; f e
' er aali, 093 , 41f94; U. tr ,u .17XOUSX; Wo‘t-
Union, MOM: X.+ York Osemsl.l4sr.
ilnlorzt,rillnr a.',1%P.Vica111147.4
a at...o nm ses4Cl9lg; Wabash, t7r St.
Nnu1.51.74032; do. preferM 4 .MUCtertit Allah.
Igan C•ntral,ll2aLlls{; Mlchlrr. tiotathorti,
P01A111L310131Ca11[331.1331311,130 3 . 33330333 O.
t.j:o4 ; Toledo, 1 0 740107 y,;• am.
for .ha...
; Northwestern. B.3fliii; do.
(erred. .Hindi } ( Wort Warne. mcsitc3c
Ilartrord and Brie, UP.Wit; Columbus
Borlinonn awl Quincy, Ito; Prairie a.
Chien, Recontl preferred. 111.
Dull; Quarts HAD, Di; WaDklll, 33; Edge
Mil, DS; smug an 4 Parmelee. PM
20 3.711•51711%
gacelpta :IMAM; 'payments, s2otlyso.
balance. 830,4i7.3,52.
Mums* aterk•S.
I Cur Tslegraim to Ms Plnenionitissalts.l
Cmostio,2larch S.—/lour dolt and lowa
°nolo:do.; standard brands era roportal at
machanglid prams, and other, grates aro
easier. Wb.ot opened arm. wnh. We. or
Nal at ISM, and No. 1114 1/4Slyi riatind at
111,MP,i for No.S. Cora orrned rim goo 40
,tm higher.. wi th hales ot new at 71,37ditc;
later sales at
‘ 1 , 13‘11 . 13‘..; closing wits salters
Igtg?g,fgl.4- dt:s t lat i or c r:rit !0 01,
dull. with salsa at ac, , ,suc; mating withsellers at/aside Mien. so sta.'s MUMS!!
.1,a2 tor No. /, and 11,50a1,1ia for No 2; Melds
priors Mr whiter and outside for fresh
17:110". fOO xO.
Sot little doing and prices are without
muottebango; mess sold at Rs fore small
lot of statues brand, Lard Quiet at 16110
Um Meats of alt kiwis opdat bd
pities amine. Dressed Hogs la light nip
nly andprice* tinottaagmll at SSA], INR,
'mom= for /light, and 11111,10010,25 tor
Stiarm closing Steady., Ilacalput for Ilia
past fortr.omat hirars-I,®e nbL. flour, 10,011
bus warm, 00.013 bus corn. :At out oats, -Sto
Orman hogs. ablomants—ettegi Shia flour,
Logo tom wliam,lB,Soil boa corn, Stal btu oala,
rrn dtessi4 hot.. .
Claralaud( Market -
fir 'relevant; to the rli enerst, deem. l•
Ciargxesn„ • March I.—Floor Quiet and
unchanged tor dig taade end lacing, brands
conntry low grade* doll ant heavy:
*nada trim orthr la 4 1 0.730111 b; dontile
extra red winter 111t00014410i doable extra
!wht1e11..60411/3•oo.ewonUT 1"." 6fre,"'W
below inn above Aeneas. Wheat doll and
1...i1ea. Moe. trommallgunahanged, ' No.
1 ' red wto ter Acid 4 2 ,730.1.314 Ao, f du., at
41.31411.2.11 and Igo. ifilwauli spring at
42.1802,1 e. corn dull and lower 3 0.1 mixed.
;Mere.; at ins from store without beget%
Oat. dull and heavy w/it, light isles at
for No.l state. Rye dull and. nominal at
1A4411,5t a. to vsallty. llgrier gidet ulid
nominal, Wad 110 tratirc Elope reported. Pe. ,
Voltam gala. and in band
held al 00110 dm fine opal.
. „....
New Oakum. Market.
ttlyTO.xt.oh to to Plltobstrok Otuatal
dirt OaLaura. Match i--COtton roltt and
drnag °Odd/Inas at 21!<41 atlos46oo balat;
raelEr-2,410 hale%
o.l earotr-7.M7 bales.
l iTr r oaat
orttnaon,l23.iti fair, lega prime to ahoSola
Lolassea, Sfylak,a, floor onlantled;
.41,4n.ana Corn call a No. Oita
0..e11ia04 to TOWS. ESCOD actin; stannidara
micris elect ohlea, lafriftlTo. Pork occe
af Ut.rd Intl; Item af.1(134,017e.
• •
Stletrgoo b the ilttaborat teasette.l
torts•naLea March .2.—Tobaato Megan
tale• 42 nada at 41.70 to 417.00 tor logs arta
modlote loaf. Moslem . Ono. ' floor; as 4.1•221; cantos. 411L40. Whoa , . es.3ocase.-
ep,.. Ti to balk. Ow., coat: to bulk.
Whitagy. U. 21 trot. .41444 Pork. Ki tt.
Lard. Len for agree. Hama' altoolOgrs,
11%421 ict cigar tides , letleg pax gaoutogro,
/ 0 240/10; agar ad es,l4.4tc.
iwisshilats 11 .•!Stalt., '
TsievaDA LS. Plitsteres baesire./
Mn..... Mahal 11.--lintios is dull and
si btu oat with receipt. of LISS boles and at.
plrt. at Sit bates. elout hi dull with sales
of sop 66666 uNI C. tna from 07 to
P00...1..111n if at thileifi27. flues: shoo!.
dors. clear shins. nark shoulders.,
Ile.!elrese slam Lin. :Ns. thitsi Sao.
wits, *GK. Bay, /IWO. Ora?. *SI.
...tylog.avt. to Ito i'ltettor.a.
/ 1 4LTiioltot. ttott I —FlOttr more *es
tie*. Ritmo/ to sloatiy aitled at trod at
sl,47(rtille. Corn V Mal Kati atc:laltig with
sales or ralze.l ...tern at 1{1.13. Oats
atradl at VIVI. Ara steady. at , 41.7401.7d
€1.4., 8 1 47 , 01.aar waatara. Prorlaloaa
aatl7 004 aria. •
• Nil. a.raet.
ral Toteirspi to td. 11"E...use Vasa7ia.7
tioratzel, lfareh t—Root doll tad
I , war, aalea at 027% for ;Moll allra
Wbolnaotlra, bor. loser; Islas at 41.15 Ni for
No. 1. Oats aoraadired •t Me. ltarler. II JO
tor Primo, deirrersd. liacetpra—t4l4 bbis
Ifour,a.Com bus wham. Shlpment.-7CRI 01411
flOvr. 7W Int. ',Weal,
Flallulalphla Markel..
ar *9:egraph to ma: tt , to: tat uasatt
PYILADRI.V2I.I..II6 reh 2.—Petraionompast,
Wean( crud* at. Jetrattot retitled la bowl
rip. 'Floor doll. Wow, sale. of Wats tea
al aseaust *hum. minus. RI%
.5at.:301.75- Vora doll , swat of in)aca low
zeta at 11 1 .1110131 Oats -lo dataattGl at
rVOI1J4021111111611•B '
illadoipbta Cif ll*
. 81 ije!,crapli to la. Pizinaraauett.).
Marstil-..Cattl• as% aalu
of a* brad at le4
pus. of 0110 tor aims asstare.
abeam i,fs ate/ b. 4 at syte
tal r in trm a tmr t a:raitro.
limeal• Itatlet.
14/ T,tThirsaal. lq rlatilits titait4.l
BosraLO, 11.-rlosr - asa: 'Wheat
somata/. Cora alatian.ani atlas of Saoto
tinahris at at lid la stars Oats up aye
aosslast. Para and Lard , aria 004. tuu
' (11 .10.1C0 tangle fluket.
Lll,Tettx, a.% to Le ry!ibank U•rette.)
Corpao Karon —Timm tee no report
from fro We n,
/lye Moot yards 10-411 T,
Olt 224121110•12.
PIITS loloa. roar Wats. 4 , 0,10,100 KAI .
hlwoh 2.47 empty Ilene., P !.lien es 0014
11•11/lt 11,110111•••, big mall. W BOOlor,
061 ISO all I.e. V e i t A WIleon; 100 bum*
'llatr, balsa Orem oore, WWI lelardosf lie
U. rows,llolkJo it Cot 21101 e ellow% et ;
auokoo,l WwWkledwr A (1011 4.1.1 . 11124.4
Itioestalrgor A Blatrt 411 boa Mt.., A .7 Bra
den; Mho tags, 81 do old top.. Godfrey
rtarktlif oats, do wed. Ida roe% J Park
poulcllll2ro ON ISO bbl. CM, Ulotail OA/
shunt* lI • W I/ Martini lie boa oats, so boss
rye, W • Meets I boo Awoken, P !cattleman
do da.White U p, 1)0121 ohooats, 2do wed,
Worth 1
4.1114,A310' AID Prrnausda itAIL642/, b.
oco ,1 ear Flmba.•Aoderwa. Conk it !lot
do lors, na 111 Owe: ay;
Laugh?* At Cot M 1d odo, o,. n: Wen tllot l
dodo. J lisament 90. do. (Mamas, Uohno
Col doj do, Bn, 13 toir 211111 llntadloo
broom hatulkm,,J oo 1) Drava; Id dll 1
o do, 11 It Zda.
Loomed! 1 oor lumber, ito(taosato • !busload;
take clayonsed. bleatam A Harper: 11 hell
eltolcs,Bodrord 4.10111 ohs, rmysclloUutlowlb,
Smdthille Ow sot% *lido eye. Hiltons at Aci
jot; 1 ow. ones% J.l Elude; bale. hay . IP
1111oko toseltoed, J
vote, Matkle , Olsen • .11orclu2tanta
Preys .002,0111111.4 UtIROISNATI /1..
/Sank 1,2 eon storm() Smith: II On
Ilk Oded • Ilex Zardowue. lbws a
ouiter. 7 1
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blrltlt,B.7lll, Aratrt *." ;l2oNdtle a d Y,=
tor, 34.0(45 A Di; tae do do, 8 P Shrlear .
il k og , or Itaionoor; dLi o , Psla t or
Unto. ! **l e.
Attpooloro !Praia cah
COO bbn Iltur, Macron =
Loodeaketat I oars
litttehib.o.ll. 00000,420 Bempelul town
/I &yda:taws feed, .1 Knit 1 oar lumbar, .1
tfiddision tow, dcrooki • MIA POP'
ham% 0 bleeper.
AtLitemintv Voltam B. 71. Match 0.-.
00 oottqa do WII *teapot/14k ON
2 3 11 ago wea 151,1pt00 • Wallow; PI dory., W
Mimi h il ldo void. KAI k Ultobsett sits
booms, rap. 2 020 Lotto, J Load 1 oar
metal. Se d•
nse% Photon 2 Colul
I do do, Id*.
Eatellt, Porter Co; Ado do, (161000, imam
A 00th WO, Lied. •U •
rb M. • -
Tlorrousod , Awn oCoreattravuta K. B,
Pluck 2-4oko oats, Daleager a stereos.;
117 halo papa% Mocklo d/o{ 1 ear taabook,
Lapp* o . l lobloorod, Du. A Coughsyt
2.llorope, , Pultoo. Uollmas latliN
40•1104 zr.dou. .
orntv,*l2 Pavia Street,
• Milt liteeloo ' Ile beam iltraell sear Gale
Work., Illkeirbeirs.
W. ..... aIaIMASIMILIt
teaen..!m.a Locqurt4:r ltrew.
llARtlrAtrtntea I;SZADZI.; Us'
tigraess, ;:fladdlety, Tritiki;
6. 9 . slid trim
,4616. klbek la IMO
No. iou mtrckaa Itirroet
Nt r w eo!•l l ll , V,lo,,, , 44,Nrotancurszs nrr
.• • 101:T
_c o A DAT FOR ALL.-=etencli
Zi g.
I, Al= A,dilnme A. 4. LI
' 1 411:101, tOITCAt C 4. -
74 . erci
I...".3otmade t 4ar m wedez
cd . ,l! c. l land for.Cl:ttar.
-4.---. .
pThe liver enatinues to recede 410111P31 thle
olar wlit, aye feet three ladies to the eh.-
Xel Inetsvallog. - .. ne weathet eentlnues very
shinteeblet on Sunday It was talker mild
*MO) Might showers of rant, Witte eemorday ft
gnawed Meelderable lo ter. fotecoon, Mewed
ep cold In Ma afternoon and W. trotting 6
Ibt; syinlng. It wotild - not •• be tarptieleg to
Ind It reiniet PM. to-day.
1 Thitliew Torki - from Loulsvllle, la the only
arrival we have to note.: Tle Sate Robbtson
froth theimmipolet, wee dee . Mat,•nigim,zict
tell doabtlessto fcend to part this morale.;
Th italics, from St. Loge's .spd L. Delateatil
fm, Mishirlll*, iro asontahl th e nait-bohts.:::
T • J. N. McCullottch, for .Pirkenbtap,l.l
she alb depettere for below. •
0 pi, D. L. /fendtleimon, better known.
..Old Bleliher,..hee •0111.1)11 et the Armadl/-
In. and he wOl toad her. for XL Louts, after the
Until° Mays. Capt. Swentty,, her r Inner
Master, take. therm of Uld MEM. ' •
The Maggie Hays, Capt. Martin, le an.
llotleeed Ito leave for St. Loafs ttaatny a and
pementite and shipper. ehduld bear ttii haled.
lir. Dmto still residua le the mhos. The
Vary Dante and berpix,lgepialt go:EO%
to alto MIL) t . up • tesallp for St. Louie. .-.- •
The Ste Louis Democrat. of Saturday, hae
the following Deport.! informettent 'The
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W. J. Eettlett and .11.danitteobe, of Pittsburgh,
an/ we bellere that Captain Ben Johnson, of
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4nt•l bike was built at Plttaborgb
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whore_ Lou. W. Seymour, seemed alert of
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Cl:,;,:; th emaled, whim. alio trill depart
tot St. Loude r nod Feet dittatoa- Capta.lan
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lOr. Lima, Metall A... Weather clistid,r IMO
cold, with henesrarliaterrala '' ' -.- •
Totem, March . 4.. The atone ceased die 10
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ring a hoary storm on Sunday evening the
southerner, henco to Sew Orleans, WOO. In.
in Walnut Dead, was . blown aeltOrs. .nll
Pilot house wu portly blown away, lout no
other deluge. The Duets shortly after
wards. en reaching tie acme place, was car;
tied some distance 'op, stream isudnet all
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Tyrone, tram Calms L. Baker, Upper Coup i
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alitiOaY No. 3-....t'arr. lara T . " 4 1. 4...
W. P. arm. Clark,'lrUr lea , ' as .ball WZD..
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