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tee weieek*,l
winos *CAA at the priniiiy meetings
,SairOilay, mitt, .atagmble... in
Clountr 9ncroutton, at the Court *annit
Itorllhtur . alpd National - Union Ilepatal.
ilialkaatio - and to rata aettod'ed
thatystioseedOltaege In 41wpreesolays
tea atnomlnatia6. emulates for once
ig&lt Ikgbany. county,. dairsatea,
iseti:.erwisas sl ; a ped .
epeemktijadits,m4,,me capable of salts-
Xi** tranoteareglhe Important buti
=aft :whick the Convention Is ialled
Itieirebehoied thst nose but able We
ignioaida be teaseled tO'reptestarlepill
Vbeleaki eobety la the Btateanni Ara
ttOniliirnibill,ind that luitemotind
'good *in !SR 'mark - the proseediege
- 4 %*lbw York—Besitieyr Pori lar'cs
rfte‘Wiallingtaa; that spale.Perual4l-
11 1 1417enteett eniete.eni getting mar. to
NOW - uPon Congreu7rAbb
:pick libalitinif in sbe-proYallOmi.
sarlitir nto• - Any. • their nation and
mat lateiestrcit te be submitted
lapelled by thb Cozolainixi on _gin*.
tangs, - sad tbes - ,“ziatieo ibrOughl Coa
gnaw All tails got 'b bly'rirms 2,5 the
paeplitor.Pezmaylasuda, but moat Lace
saafted b itacrwn re Wert enthalyimre
-1141/14whett they Might, ?freielses thy, ,
tallia)Mll:,elia . alMisl- ill . Mirk
whiektmeitt hayobeen : abAsarcpsoold
be' ilidiedh . ihrorigli Cobgreii without
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the most protracted arid - thorobgh afa
r:ankle. Bat the discussion bad gate
post ot delicate Tendons often prtle
Mrsiaillaiiissulg , to iis , *.le- , wherarainot
astefor the Peeoad 'thei itand open as
ft Bireiperrience of the criminal who,
wlereateared at his trial that'll!! should
-,ltalreftellee,'MMlcsited that this wait&
ettlythlft ha Wat timid ot Ttie- A pp F d-,
Itelettetmefite ltbst trayletekthat fmnt•
iatlam, it nome other; • == •
aitriaatv - against
Ilts.Biaisxor4 la lit attidiad,lor, - Jt- is
tWd,atauearlyd yorWetrack.,Mb.
gaistokaid .erred upon shetiweitum
be will hire itittnitit for ambit:Lir . his-att.
'wan - .The Anal - der - igen of the highest
which are certain to arise tinder sack
writ, would rnudoahxdiy:be. racerred
L arcit Ilatlelkaka hy all parties;
het, urtforinnatelz, that :deeisiow could
nor rinainably -bit hoped foitunit the
fiat minter term of thrißnprenia. Court
Aloha too late,. evert if revocable to their
!kiwi, to be of any venting vie to the
,ittaident ilia Ids advisers . . We, 'titer el
aim look apon all this talk &bones quo
eiassaara, among the supporters of Ex -
seatlyi vamiations, 'only intended
to tonne the public, to distract its atten
tion ham the present vital issues and
never seriously be - 1 . 01101M:hip In good
Alga at with the expectation of any legal
aad etcatire advantage to result to Mr.
- JoinitoN end , hin atbz).
Tin Republican, Convention of Berke
county; held' on -Saturday . afternoon,
tirade eeleatona for PreallanhalialeciOrs,
.and &hot= to The hiational, Canyon.
•.**. • .Yrliti.Dr4getee.were,.lnato
support Gaerrefer the Prensident. 'There
!onto *fractions air to
ditikiehr a reenlntion, Rai adooterl
ederfai,ErGoVerxtor Cairn, the - fire!
chaiceetthe 4epahllcanso.tzsrka.'l:::
Anon Poins, of Moa4ille, Eoui ixm
toludountATOlecxecl Senatorial Delogoto,
itrittlolook:CrowfoTd .counties, to - tha
)11.1444450 BiateCouveation. -
r.sq:Tras - oultigium
=Maui= Mum= , tiasourea: . 4lse
saciaasorddp Cen..T.'
Mild= Of .Cingrese IV= thin Diatrici,
=cites canadenble attention. Ihrongh
olithecounti Several prominerd but
ama man turns been- put. forward bY
heWipaper conerpondenta fer the it'll
mak= and,iifthont-4rishing to detract
011=therneriitof :of ilonagentle.
inistrolvi4 perms: ma t.',lk
, ieweieWiiieibiati. will, beyond soy
deldi, - find fiver with every intelligent
Ma in litn . Diilildt. infer ba
Attar A. M. Hatown--a -liner of ripe
aomad. pracii^vl luistment,
.aW n schs " Ltic attainments, rare bnia
wesai capacity and high. toned...mend
=meter. lie is gust-the man far- the
PAWN; lialeseludniShe mantle ileiti
s's' Of -head -and heart to make lire a
entrthr colleague_ oL.a Tom WITILInse,
and a *represented= of our great and
=n t g manufacturing and agricultural
lalkellitulmsaPilmenably. He
Is Mamparatively young, Telt of life and
lad,-if elected, would - pre= a
member. of Congress, and one
who could be rtslied an in all emerge'''.
vies to act with force, wisdom, prudence
Mr. Mamas's Services for the party
are wall known and duly anprectated in
Western Pennsylvania. He has ever
been a feUless, earnest and hearty &d
-iem* -of the principles held by the
Union Republican party—the principles
-Of liberty, justice and egnalay, and is
&surdas &just recognition - at the hands
td hls Mow citizens. -
If he can ba prevailsl upon ea accept
the notnization, I venture to predict that
be will receive the solid vote-of the
&minty, 11.11 a will be carried into cflica by
es large • majority as was ever awarded
say gentleman for Mauler honor in this
At Philadelphia, Saturday rit — ortuni,
a boiles exploded in ths extensive "dray
and pita manufactory of rowers Lt
.eighlumn, at Ninth and Brownetreets,
whine was subeeeded by Ora :leaky .
the 'w boleti** wag destroyed, causing
*loss of half a million of dollar.. The
elmentlal oils and paints mused Inch a
hot tirethst the firemen could not reduce
the , thanes to subjection. end fora loog
time it was feared that the omulagration
' would. spread. Several - . persona were
badl,y burned by the explosion, but none
are believed to have been fatally injured.
Fortunately for of the epenttlivo bad
entered the building at the time of the
explosion. or the loss of life would have
been fecrlbl. Quite a number of aro
-men were_bsiared, gad several horses
were burned "to desth.. The matuunce
Is wad to be heavy.- '
"—At"Weireetter, Rewph Mai*,
the - keeper of a gambling bon , e,_ Was
rubbed atnt m=derol in lots rooms - on
Friday ninkliteet. 'When' round his brad
was spliropen, with We brains protrad
log. and. ropo was tightly twisted
around ,'Kerwato oil tntd been
poured over his bead and bode, and his
hid bad 'been set - on tire. ills watch,
manly: and disnotut ring wen taken.
Two men are !inspected, and one of them,
Slime Green of North Greenwich, li. L,
—The 11UX110untpaid Into •tbetietloriel
Trirosory to the Woe of couttereted
end' captured cotton, under the pawls
loter thebillirkich pawed the Solute
last week, Is nearly thirty tulillerui The
Anal passage of Ulla but will proven
severs amok upon elaixfoiaos;,who, to-be
saecese[al,mnet everysevare ordeal
as to. lhetr end corded "datirstr
.the war the Court of Claims will
ARomeoeorrespondent of the betro' it
/WV remark.: ....1. - railroad froat:Detrolt
via Utica, Dfaoo, Washington, lionsOrt,
aad_Almont Drp City .1a proposed,
all mot Irian much ' favor (rum the
people all along tact/inn.' If the basil:or.%
inert of Detroit wilt do . Oak past the
rand, esabo bail:, and pal la opwatioa
th&Methischasetts-Eknase of Rep
mientatiresohe rtewllgnor limn° .421
Telnied third rWlngb.7- Note.of
162 to Ct. : • -
f. '._'EC.? ....-3j-k-'s
‘ .. *l'yoL - !:‘ ! ,.'F.,.:tutoit
]wu3N - 113-EET.
FOR l fidil CONG.=
Impeachment Court Haiea
Henze Impea n ea
Report •of :the Committee
Debate to be e6bawled To•elay
I F tir;riesisc.t, t•itilirtit;katiestkissitcril
I - - WAssna orate; Feb.-*
" The CHAIR submitted a memorial'
of the Legislature of Missouri, asking
aid tersparlasttailgat.e*lPPl
river. ' fie 'to ItlO' Comm ittee On
Mr. NYE presented the petition lof
Lead;-11. ft.‘
placed on the active list. Referred,
Mr. NYE offered a resolution
Tim Oldie Sicietn.rS'of the 'for
what reason the !salary of the Governor
of Idaho is withheld. Adopted.
Mr. THAYER introduced a bill Ito
abolish the oillee of Adjutant General of
vide for holding Vetted States Courts in:
Territories.• Refereed.
On motion of Mr. HOWARD, the Sen
ate ppeoseded tothe tionoideration pf the
report OftlonSelisetennindthotO Or seven
respect to impeachment;
Mr. DAVLS offered a eubstitute for
Mr. Howard's report, providing that
theSenata should notrate actituo as to
impeachment till aff The - States - are rep
resented, and took the floor in support
of the motion. --
The motion Was lost, Mears, Mc-
CRE'ARY and DAVIS 4, o nly voting in
The Siniatialask„Vis'itusjazdisie section
by section.
A....iong discussion took place on the
useof the words In
to elkimpeachment," in. the
thirty-fifth section.
. debate also took place on the power
of the Senate to constitute itself. a Court
to try the Pradclenkr whUe' so many -
States were not represented.
Mr. DAVIS contended that the Semate
could not do so. the argument being
controverted by Messrs. Morton, John
son and others, Mr. Davis offered a mo
tion Put 4pe inPorPOI thiejoinneittee be
a snirstatnte. Mart; -
Mr. HENDRICKS moved to strike
out the 27th paragraph, on the ground.
that the Senate bad no right to prescribe
rules for its media? proceeding during
tie trial, but the question was not taken.
The articles were then read to the fourth,
when a debate sprung ust . he statue
of the Senate: , Mr...M011 centended
that nadir that melon its inteno
„ .
looger that of alienate, but of a Court.
Mr.SE ERMAN ; mid Vie ebomrethr of
tho Senate would not be changed any
more thastwiten in Committee.
The debate waa_cantinned in criticism'.
of the amnia, 'VIZ.: "grand inquisition of
the nation but Mr. EDMUNDS Mated
the Lather; of the Constitution bad used
them wordi in ouch proceedings!. .
Farther debate was had oa the use of
the words"atub Coursotimpeachment.7
- Mr. FERRY moved to strike out the
word highwialsivenit Imam* before
the word Corot` Loaf.
Mr. SAULSBURY moved to strike
from the elxth section the chum empow•
ering toe presiding officer of the Court of
liaparehmeat L4litainistanedbf
the army to eriforell his ch - frimandel —
Considerable debate followed on the
powers of the Senate es a Court to mi..
force 7b judgment—. .
LEW eciatendadegelastamelt power be—
longing to the Senate.
Mr. SHERMAN add the Conatitation'
provided far enforcement of judgments,
and moved to strike eat the word Jadg.
meat. Agreed to.
CcowaT.B.lptULL,thoughl. the wisest'
taltethe rulee`adbleted.
seventy year* aso,nnon whiyve trials
had takenTplant. ilifileinsOf to strike
out the proviso and insert "the presid-•
ofilcer shall aiso be authorized to
direct the employment of the Marshal''
of the District of Colombia or any other
vozo:4- - durlsag,. .ther3el4,., ilachuge
each duty aa may -be prescribed for'
him." Asnved to-2l to 15.
X proviso authorizing the Iforgeontoit-
Amis, under tho direction of the preach!.
Ingottleti4o , onciploy - anctizmiletanete
may be neopisary to oviform the execu
tion owl eurrinteoffoci4ll- lawful or
der* of th• Court. Agreed to.
Mr. DRAK.F. snored to cake out a,
portion of to. sixth section' providing
that the Court shalt bare power to coin
tha attendance of wilaipmph •
Mr. JOHNSON moved to aaloorii.
Lost. - 4:44 :
Mr. DRAKE'S inn° nascent wsslost.
The twelfth article having. been road,
Mr 8171112iSIt. celled attention to the
. 1 . 2 .. „ e t t t Lyu n p.t.• ' =is lllll9lllo toPPigleg
the diate
festive Pend. tioeutleireCtendsombut
made no motion to amend, a Sheemo
tion was adopted.
It being when thet twenty-tint
article' ems -Mactted,' se lengthy debate
would follow, the Senate, on Mad=
of Mr. AEMh BONG. adjourned.
TitirOodusideeiticitrif theibill declaring
void the present contract for the Jail In
theDianict Of 11:ftutgiik; enctproviding
fora new contract, appropriating =in,-
000 and requiring the City of Washing•
ton to pay $78,003 and Georgetown $12,-
as their .propertion-ef the coat. was
restruntid,factd - /Mir; Agiash4::.dirrinii .
which ao,„anterulannikella, adopted vi
al:ding iisloners ap
politted by _the .blllo:o4ialecC one of
their nuniter as itupetsisuly - Archltect,
Various petitioha-altrerpreserded.
.31r.difcC011111CX. prorated the repo.
lotions - of thialltfamenst.leghistnna on
the &abject of Irmo. _Referred to tho
llider..ltio coil of lis COMllOttie
anima for' bills, orreier were reported
and pawed; MILO,
.!‘ joint resolo4ton for
the Teller of John M. rstaniirr; of llasb•
yUlo,Tenu., relieving Jeim from forfeit.
um ander a mama f Elfty•two
tterasood oohing- for doomed soldier;
27:61.23 csrrg . imicastft . ..^•
aquartir oast.
two o'oLoalr Mr.
BOUTWELS4: Clasestethirtialoct
Committee, pnwooted Articbot ot•lm
oachm.atagainst the President Or th.
United States, ; , which , frowt,thoreaton
rend by eta Clark, asttaknwe.
Articles zeau.s by iii -IXsoseof/kW
•oesedottoes of-04-Critited BUM, to Ge
netnie tilemeekres And iat the topic
of the United Staters, against Andrew
Johnson, .Presidenlof Ma rraudsrases,
ab thn.htafwtaalwae4auPPW4,l o 4r
..tespotehnwol • agessest 4Hises-yor, mgk
Crones and Atisdenerawrs in (titee.
Annotal.,That said Andrew John
stort,-President of the - United States, on
the illet day of Febr uuaaryq In the year of
our Lord ortet-tbonin-ebttit hundred
and sixty-eight, at Washington, in the
Districtot_Columbia, unmindful of the
mew, And- fif thextetWththintived tits
Constitution that he should take care
that the laws be faithfully' executed, did
unlawfelyiandinqi•latints the Con,
Citutton andlawetif the'lfulted BMW,
issue an order, In writing, for the remo
vaL Itti•eilaninia , from, ;the
odic° or Secretary 'lbr'' the - Depatt ,
meat of War, said Edwin S. Stanton
having here theretothoadaly_anpainted
and cosandalionetilyangisMaikstrcen
sent of the Senate of the United States
25 • Snell -Searethr7. and said Andrew
JohnstaLl.resident of the United
States.on the 12th day of August, in the year
our Lo 1167, &adducing the ream of .
tadeaki - -larrinCiangended. by
ldeerthatEdwin - ii:Samarst ikon offion
and within twenty days after - the ink
day orthormattruatfty AL salt ftimata,
'go the 12th. day : of Deaseaker.-in
the - yeatf „ - net .aforeadd.
having *totted- 'Ctei "'said - Sesulle
ouch enspenalOnn- :with the 'Cll.
dence mad reasons for ids action In
theraii e,. thLthef ratrae, rnafts
de.hzoated to petranuilis rftqlecal gnat
of ,tiSni,thea•
nig of The tsenate, anraald Semite tkesi
” ,Jllllltlisk - Csillut LIM dry of January,
trithe otsr , Lordi 1163, Wring
dttly-Antshiefeel :the - evidence and, rat=
ions rigartiarbjr ash! ladstrwAaaftift.
_ . __.
• - : - :' , .2.7..
.111 ' 1,, r ~v 2, • ..
. .. .
.... . , . . :,.;„, . .... ..„
1 . 1 4, 1 rt ~,.. • . . _ . . . .
. • 1 - ,_ _ .
4. .4_- -- \ M
\ . _,,, - •t" --- ... -,- ..,- -- aarci` l ,- 0 --. -- --...'"-. - s - -- - / -` 4.4-- • -' AT - 7'ore , 'i. -' ' 1 ' ' ' 4
.0 - • /. ' J t
. .
~,f t ~..„.„.....: ....._...„ 7 _____ : ...,1,—,...:irma,„.....,,.:...,,..........„...,7_,,,.,,,..i.,,_, 1 .,..„...,........; ,
_. ...
,______/__________.: •._.....„....:....:;.;,
_ .____..., tft......„....___.............:,.............__ .
. .
l ..
for said suspension, did refuse to concur
in mild. suspension, whereby and by
force of the provisions. of an -. act
entitled "an act regulating the ten
ure of certain .'funs; •, paned 'March
2i.1. - I£O2V Mid • Edwin M. , Stantin • did
forthwith resume the function. of hie
office„whercof the .avid Andrew Jahn,
non had Bien and tkere due notice, . and
said Edwin M. Stanton,' by reason of
Biel:heads* on said 21. it day of rebut
suz4•amis lawf.tly entitled to bold said
office Of Secretary for the Department of
War, Which said eider for the removal Of
said Edwin M. Stanton is in substance
sa adloire; Mal is to - sar,
PT..... set Maned., WitaMHZ.Ol4
C.,,robruary 21, 366&_Sirr By virtue
of .tist `power and antliadqe veired
trek ins Preaid the? Constitatkin
and laws of the United States, you are
hereby removed from office as Secretary
for the Department of, War—and ypur
I functions as each will terninate upon
the receipt of this commanicathina. '• You
I will transfer to Bre vechiej or GeneraLLO.
rex= Thothns, — Adjutant General • of
Arany, who ban thin day been autkorizisi
and empowered to -ant, 'an Secretary of
Wit tad all - itoobrdsi Soaks, pi"
pars and ptber public property now in
yotirtnatodY and &mg*. ,• t
Respectfully yours,
Ainianw Jommion. I
To Rein. M. STANTON, Washing:'
ton, D. C.
==der - man unlawfully Boned
fent thin and - thers - to violate Ithe
act entitled "an antregulating the tenure
of certain, civil oilicec.• paamd. March
2d, 13117, , mid , nonnarytotheptovttom
of said act, and in violation thereof and
contrary to the provisions of the Consii.
tiniest at the,tinitedilltatea, and without
the advice and consent of the Senate of
thelThited' States, GM natd 'Senate then
and there being in seinen, to remarei
relit Edwin M Stanton tram the Mike of
Secretary for the Department of War,!
whereby said Andrew Johneon, End. '
datinkrthe: Mated_ Mitts; dicU then and
there commit and was guilty of a kigh
-Ave IL • That --
AISTICLIL .at on the enid 21t
d/rsftHitbMolyein thoyeitot out Lund
ISA, at - Washlnmon, in tho District pf ,
Columbia, said Andrew , ohnson, Presi
dent of the United &atm, unmindintpf ,
the ihighii &hie* of: hie oM.cie; of bin *sail
of Milne, and in violation of the Consti-1'
tution or the United States, and contrary;
to tha44iirhituswof sake! entitled "onl
act reszt " fallng the tenure of - certain civil,
offices, passed
,Morch 2d, 1867, withoub
the advice and =mint of the Sena,* of,
the 'Erpited, States, amid &nate then =eV'
therd - bang Sy session, and without au
thority of law, did appoint one Lorenzo I
Thorns; hit 'DO Scantly, Of-Nrai ad rote.]
riot, by issuing to said L. 'Thomaa a let.
ter of authority in substance susfollowe,
Execs!lec IMM - in; 'Washingtoiy,- D.
C.. February 21; baba-81r : Hon.:
Edwin M. Stanton having Lean this day
removed from Gillmas - Secretary for the
Department of War, you are hereby
authorized and empowered to act as
of War ad interim, and
mediate enter upon the discharge of
the duties pertaining to that office. Mr.
Stanton Ma been instructed to transfer
yeliall thetmorda books; papers and'
other' ptiblic property n,n- in laht custody
and charge. •
Respectfully yours, •
t -• AfinnEwJenantotr.
To Brevet Mel . Gen. Loamy° THOMAY:
Gen. U. 8. A.„Wskaltangten, D. C.
Whereby .ald Andrew Jehnson, rtreei
dent of the United Mabee, did then and
there commit -and was guilty of a high
misdemeanor in office. .
-Armin* That • said Andrew John
son, -Proddent of the United States, on
the set day of February, in the year at
our Lord /MS, at Wmtungtou, in the
District of Columbia, did commit and
was guilty of high misdemeanor in of
fice is this, that without authority of
law, while the Senate of the United State,
was than and there in session, be did ap
point one Lorenzo Thomas to be Seers
tory of the Department of War ad onto
rim, without the advice and consent la
the Senate, and to violation of the Con
stitothan orate United Stales, no vacancy
having happenetlln said office of Secret
terry for the Department of War doritti.
the roosts °fibe Senate,and no Vican
c7 existing in said offic at the time, and
'which said appointment so made by the
said Andrew.foMLVOn of thesaid Latenne.
nomads in stilatanee as follows
Er:Satire .3.fitourion, Washington, D.
C., February 21, ISCAL—Sts: Hon. E.
M. *Stanton- Laving been thin day re
moved-from omen Ma fitmanry for she
Department of War, yen are hereby an-
Uunized and empowered to art as Secre
tary efWar ad Interim, and will imme
diately enter upon the die large
duties - pertaining - 44 Out; Calicee Mr.
Stanton ha teenThatrlicted to' tranafel
to you ad the necordm.bmka,papera and
ether public property now in his cu.stody
and charge, Reepettfully young,
, . *. ASlntsw Joiorawr.
To Brevet Gen. Leasure T-nonse,
• Atirt. Him U.S.A., Wimbington, D. C_
Aniattriz L That said Andrew , John
eon. leteskient of the United Staten, un
mindful of the high duties of his office,
ander hls oath of oaths, in violation ct
the. ConatUntion and laws of toe. United
States, on the Slat el February, Su the
year of our Lord one thousand eight
Inendral and sixty-ehfht, at Washington,
terthsDistrict of Columbia, did urthnv
fullyemuldrewl.dr one.Leronzo Thomas,
and-. with other , pamens to- the
gome ..• of ' Representatives ' un
karma "with intent by batimida
tionma threats, to' hinder 'and prevent
Edwir. 31. Stanton, then and there the
Beenitary.jbr the Department of War,
dulypointed under the law, of the
United dP ßtatee, from holdiag mid office
attilein•mtry -for thyDepartraent of. War,
Sontrary to and in violation of the Can
etittdien of the :United States, and•pro..
- m 0 act milfied "an act to de-
fine and paella certain conspire:ohm,"
approved July Slat, whereby mold
.11.1Pinr,r John/ors, Prealdent. of the
United. &Mee, did thin and therecommit
and was guilty of a high crime.% office.
Aiirt•tt S: That the.. said. Andrew
johnson. President of the Unlied States
nnatindful of the duties of his ofilem and
of his oath of office, on the Uhl day of
nitro:try, In Cos wear et milord ISM,
and on divers other dears and time. in
said - year,...: *before 'the 25th day of mad
February &kW:Wantons in the DLtriot
of Colunibir, dld unlawfully conspire
with-me LOTOIII2O Thomas; and with
otter persons lathe House of Represen
tatives untimely, - . by, force to:prevent
and hinder - -the execution of an
act entitted tan act regulating the tenure
of 'certain Mil offices," named Mareh
=NE, mid ha pram:moos of raid con.
did attempt to prevent Edwin IL
Stardom thin and theregeuretary for the
-Department of War, drily appointed and
emandesioned - Muter the laws of the
United States, from holding mid ogee;
whereby the said Andrew Johnsen,
?resident of Mt United States, did then
laid there commit and was guilty of a
high in odice,
Airriczn ft. That said Andrew John
son, President of SW United SWAN mi
n:di:drat of the duties of hie high *lce,
&ado( his oath of office, on the 21st day
of Febrnary,_ In the year of our Lord
MCA, at Manhington, in 'the' District of
did unlawfully co o with
one Lorenzo Thomas by force to eel=
and take pasaension of the property of
theLinited States intim War Department.
coat...fir, to the provisions of an act enti act to define and potash certain
conspiracies," approved July 31st, DSC,
and with , Intent to ylolatit and disregard
sit" act entitled- "on act regulating the
tenure of certain civil officers," passed
March 24, 1867, whereby the said Andrew
Johnson, President of the United States,
did; theziand there commit a high crime
In 0860..
AarrustattaThiat said . A.Cdrow John
non,Preddent of the United Stales, un
mindful of the MO - duties of his Mos
and itie oath of Milo*, on the 21st day of
Febtuary;tn the vwar'of our Lord 1268,
and oti Mums other days in midyear,
'before the Stith day amid February, at
Wuhlnaten, In the Distrietet Cam lu bin,
did unilaterally rouspire with one Do,
rum Thomas to prevent end hieder the
extettathati of Me act of the United Stelae,
entitled .'en act regeleang the tenure of
certain civil cifhtes," passed Manta
2d, .1467, and - puma:taxes of said
conspiracy, did unlawfully attempt to
prevent Edina M. htenten. then anti
there being Secretary of the Department
of War under the laws of the tolled
Maim; from holding said °Moe, tool:deb
ha had. teen duly appoluutd , and CUM.
toissioised, Whereby said Andrew John-
Kiwi President of the Celled Mahn, did
then and there commit endives - guilty of
• biSbaniademeetaor la MMus
AISTICLX 15. That Mid - .Andrew Jelin
elm, President of the United States, ma
ndated ef.tke high &Wu of Ma eh
andthis Oath of office, on the 214 day of
Fe TA .the year If our Lard 1668,id WeettlingtOn. to the Distrtetof Colum
bia, did : unlawfully conspire with one
LonedlB Thomas to seize and take pos
session of 'lle Iwo sty 'or the United
States in the War Dgartmant, with in
tent* vligattrand' dtategard an act ea
titled 'inn act regulating the tenure of
certain civil office., pawed March 24,
IM7, whereby" saidA - ndrew Settneen,
Prealdeldat thelJnited States, did then
and them commit a high misdemeanor
,naarseanlf. Thaisut Andiew John
isuni Praddeist sof the United-that% un
mindful of theltlO dada.with of =ice
owl of him oatitof caw intuit un
lawfully** *WM La diWninisouun
tbirsaonarrappavalanwa bathe mitts
wartional*OF)4q;*2llllnUnt *Mar,
on the 21st day of February, in the year of
our Lord 1668, at Waahlugtort, the
District of Columbia, did' unlawfully
and contrary to the previsions of 'sus act
entitled "an act regulating the tenure of
certain civil offices," passed March 7,
1867. and in violation of the Constitution
of the United tit.tes, and without the
advice and convent Milo Senate of the
United States, and while the Senate Was
then and there in mission, there being no
vacancy in the orrice of Secretary for the
Department of War, appoint Lorenzo
Manua Secretary of War ad Mleriet,
and then suds there deliver to said Lo-
renzo Thomas a letter in writing, in sub
stasoe as fellows, via:
Err-mates Mearriorti , Washington, D.
C., February 21, 1868.—Sin: Ben.
E. M. Stanton having been th,is day, re-.
moved from Addeo_ as Secretory of the
Department of War, you are hereby au
thorized and empowered to act as Secre
tary of War ad interim, end wilt imme
diately enter upon the discharge of the
duties pertaining to that office. Mr.
Stanton Las been instructed .to transfer
to you all the records; books, papers and
other pablio property now In his ctstorly
and charge. Respectfully yours,
• • drenwEwTonsamr.'
Tn. Brevet Maj. Gen. L. Tnotzt.s, Adjur
tent Fieneral, U. S. A.. We/Ming - Lon,
D. C.
*hereby 'Andrew Johnson;Preal
dent of the United States, did then and
there commit and wee guilty of a high
misdemeanor ln office. .„
Aatentsi - IS That, mid —Andre*
John.ton, President or the United
Staten, on the 22d day of February,
in the „yeas -of our Lord 1863,
bi in dis
tho District Of Colum
a, regani ef the Constitution and
laws of Congress duly enacted, ass Cow.
rnantar-M-Chlef orale army o f the Un Red
s..,==.lllo r r himself then and
Mal by brevet bathe army of the United
States, actually in command of the De
partment of. Washington and military ,
taw. forces thereof, and did then
and there, as much Commander
' in-Chief, declare and instruct said
Emery that
,part of • law of gm
United , Mateo -passed 'March 6d, 1867,
entitled • "an act making appropriations
for the 'lappe
t of the arty for the year,
ending' done , Wt.b, 188, and for other
primmest.' especially second 'election
thereof, which provides among other
things that all orders anti lnetructione
relating to military operations tuned by
the Recede:war Sderetarrof War Rhan
be issued through the General of
the army, and-in case of his ie
through next in rank,
woe unconstitutional and in coutrayen-
lion of the commission of mid Emery,
and (border* net binding on him as au
officer in the Army of the United States.
which mid provision of law had been
theretofore:di:llyard legattvprnolgated
by A general order for the groVernment
end direction of the Army of the United
Staten, as paid Andrew:Jot:mann then and
there well knew, with intent thereby loin
duceassid Faxery, Whined:led capacity as
commander ebbe Department of Wagh
ington, to violate the Trovisione of egad
aTrob l ec tak • en B c a g d ordere " ste an h d o at .An3rlw n
Johnsen, might make and are, and
which should not be Wined Ihreatra the
General of the Army of the United
State; according to th tin e Ms
mit act; whereby Mid Andrew)tm,
President of the United States, did then
and there oamtnit and mu guilty of a
high misdemeanor in office.
. • .
. aad the Hon. of Representatives by
proustetien saving to themselves the
liberty of exhibiting at may lime hereaf
ter say farther articles or larther seems,
then against said aadrew Johnson, Pres
ident of the. United States, and
also of replying to his answers
which ha shah make to the articles.
herein preferred against him, and
•t offering proof to the same end every
pert thereof, sad to all end every other
article, atecusatien or impeschmaro
which &hall be exhibited by them, as the
care !SULU regain, io donaind at th .' the
said Andrew Johnsen may be pot lo an
swer the high alma and misdemeanors
In office herald chargedegalnat him, and
that each prOceedings, elintranatioux,
tries and Jnihrrnenta sznoty th•TrripOn
had and given as may be agreeable to
law and jaunts& •
The reading of the articles having been
completed, Mr. ELDRIDGE soothe the
door, but the Saksr declioed to rottsr.
nine him, and the House wont into Com
mittees! the Whole - , Mr.WASHB URN E,
of Illtnota,M the Chair,in conformity With
theprior oxderof the Houselbr the consid
eration ofaridelet of impeachment.
Mr. BOUTWELL stated the artini..
except the teeth, were founded on proof
before the House: that the tenth article
was hued en the testimony _ of general
After oxplatalng the artldos to some
extent, Mr. BOUTWELL laid the Com
mittae had no particular regard so to the
articles, and torosid 4 gesernad by the
decision of the Ileum
Mr. BURR spoke agedwitt the adoption
of the articles, ciaractertzLng the whole
soccremmat partisan and centering
around the men Menlo. and Benjamin
Wade. Tie people et tie United States
believed, and be (Mr. Barr) believed,
that the motive of the President in re
moving Stanton wee to test the constitu
tionality of the • Tenure of Ottice ßlLL
He did net blame the President for re
moving Stanton, int blamed him only fee
having tolerated truck a man_ in bit.
Cabinet. Had Stanton poeae e.d honesty
or self-respect, °dui scene
would never have been enacted on the
face of the Continent, aa he would bare
retired from oiThee.: He felt, however,
that it was net yesy safe to say much
against the Secretary of War, eo long 149
he bad metro] of the .baatilte towhinh
he • had consigned so many who had of
fended him during thewar. He referred
to the telegraphic message recently read
in the Hew front ailrmikes Governor
of bra own• State. "
Mr. INGERSOLL called lilm to order
'and denied the insinuation made salaam.
Governor Oglesby. • • •
Mr. BURR said Use ¢entlsmin migb t
defend Goscraor Oglesby when he get
the door. .
Mr. INGERSOLL said It was not
proper to &leader ens not a member of
the Hansa
Mr. BURR trusted Oglesby never
would be a member of Otis or any other
I Mr. INGERSOLL thought it good for
Ms colleague (Mr. Burr) that Governor
Oglesby was not here to-day.
Ir. BURR declined to yield to Inter.
captions, sad remarked that no sober
man would. have demur what Geyer-nor
Oglesby bad dons oln Winding that in
rtanudory telram.
Mr. INGERSOLL having obtained the
doss, declared that Governor Oglesby
was ono of natures - .nobleman; that no
better, ZOOM patriotic, or upright MID
existed. The people of Illlaola had en
dowed' him by nearly sixty thousand
majority against kis Desnocratio compet
itor at the last gubernatorial election.
Whoever slandered Governor Oglesby.
slandered • man who carried to Ills body
• rola:tie ball And from a rebel =whet
at lent Denelmon. Governor Oglesby
bad portlier] hie life in defence of the re
public, and was notoriously* seherman,
and was a man of brava, patriotic heart;
but the Knights of the Golden Circle
would assail hire and strike him down.
I Mr. BURR remarked if his colleague
(Mr. Ingersoll) Intended to lay ha (Mr.
Earl.) snug a Knight of the Golden Circle,
ho was fslaLfying.
Mr. INGERSOLL said he did not hear
his oallsagnes remark.
Mr. BURR repeated It, and said ho
trusted his colleague would understand
Mr. INGERSOLL said be bad nude
no inidnustlons against him in inference
to the Enlghts of the Golden Circle.
Mr. COOS asked whether it was net
true Mil all the Knights of tke Golden
Circle had voted with his colleague
(Mr. Burr) soinst Gov. Oggicaby?
Mr. INGERSOLL could not answer
positively, but had no doubt it, was sti. •
Mr. 'BUBB did not know anything
about the Knights of the Golden Circle,
but did not tbfnk they were worse than
the Loyal Lesuruc. whom work had been
mischief al tie time. • -
; Mr. BOUTWEI,L onstatnad the aril.
closer impeachment, mid sold the Urn*
had come when Andrew Johnson should
be accepted as the Autocrat of the cgon
µ7, or when Dengrese shenld do its duty.
Under the Conalltutlon. Ile wentn to
tweak . of political , questions gene rally
and to &lent Governor Oglesby against
Ihe assertions of Mr. Sur:, bet Mr.
SPALDING made the; noble' of order
that razabllng taelltkaal dlacnsalens were
net In larder, but that the debate should
be confined to the articles of Impeach
Mr. t
RANDALL bigaired how that
could be dens, when the House had only
Just hazed thiarticlea reed?
4 TheChairman, Mr. DAWX3olustained
, '" .loVirJr=L adapted himself to
:the ruling and went on to sustain the
articles of impeachment..
ALLMON sustained 'the- article%
of impeachment and hoped they , wettld
be isuetlitily adopted by the Mouse.
There was no WWlr ammo left to Con
ran bet to ovoid with the - luipeseh
nient of Ao.w Johnson.
. .
)jr. RANDALL - spoke , naiad Ins
rhmsot, banallait the removal of
Stanton was the plata costaltritleasl
primitive of tha Pisildwit, mad fldfill,g
• , Wera I thn l'reft!tlent, "" 4m a itapta•
pentplive, wsuld dely ui do her* thii
day, anypowarott earth to laterverat to.
PITTSBURGH:- MONDAY, 921AR011-2,- 1868
!we= myself, sod the people, re
sent for the Inviolability of myillihof
Mr: ET;RE Inquired of Mr. - 2k
whether there would be reported
House coy farther testimony is
already printed? •
Mr. ItOUTPTELL.repIIed ihe
tee hail Iv., partose to trpon furf4
Mr. MYERS advocated the ado ipoit o
articles— , • , -r
TllO debate %via 'continued
mad MULLINS, In favor, and •
VAN .1.1.71 LEN and MORGAN
Mr. JENCKS gave notice of an
lion Wolfer anamendment to the
of impintehnient. - Ho prtipseed;lt
to sot up fact, alleged and topple m
with the averment that the Stets a de
clarations. of the President show a ml
nal intent on hie part to aaarclailt the
.po era and authority or Corninaridat-In-
Chief of the army and nary, In ail/Pad
alscie with thexules for the guve
and regulation of the land rug=
forces; in Tfolg ti on'or enactor
and of the Constitution. . .
u I
Mr. BOUTWELL - euggested r.
Tenet. embody his VIOWIS ill ase to
artiele,atal Mr. Jencks laid do wo 'ai
Mr. BIITLVII o.blained the Roof.iind
the Committee took a receettip*tpda3 ,
miming at tell o'clock': ' -
- .
A notitication was Arran 16 Mr.
BLAINE that there would be a ub-
Hest caucus In the room of the , nee
this evening.. " '• . , .."' " ~ •
. . ..
:rcneona te v % a n i tzezen .
—lttennoNo. - Fobtnary 29.=—The'ito6-
.veution wee envied In•dlectuslng Ina
euffritee question. A vote will 'be rest
on 3lonasy.
• •
IoOIUTIA VAltue.tiltA.
CuAnita - Orr, :Varela I.—The
tton wise ytkerder ouenPleti - fix &is'
fog the Judiebil Department or the tn-i
ctitution, and tenor twelve *actions pup
adopted. They provide for the eleellon
of Judges by the Legislature - amittof
Attorney General by the people. The
per diem and mileage of member. lime
Oven paid MUM.
Aumanmt. February' M.—Tkip Ctinen
tiottlo-day resolved unanimously to re,
tuestgongres, to make a liberal . a pro.
piation for banding au alyllne iialteead
Stun Atlanta to Char/arum • ;
. .
. A motion to adjourn eine die Was INC
A motion to swoon/11er the, notion.-of
roeUtsleT, in tabling to 'resolution km
dossing the sours* of Congress a Wile ,
mice to doipsatlinmst, :nee iost7-yees,
sixty; pays, sixty-two. • •
lECOlnotnU inovtl the Conventient
dajourn to meet on the Glint Tueeday In
May, and remain In motion as lonia*
may be necessary for the protection of
Abe Orval Georgians and the 06ngrees or
the Initod Statet. - The Conventlonian/
probably on adjourn .tlll the_ 17114 Ff
MONTOOIICRY, Fob. .—Tite Cocrosrt
ativo ExecnCvn Coma:Mtn, call a Caa-
mention of white p•opls, without dis
tinct:on of old polltices, opposed
to near° dominion and radical townie
in the Gorernment; at Montgomery, on
the first Monday of June, to take meas
ures to sustain and co-operate with
Demovrets of the LMNn
Ia the approaching election • AM .
Prtwident and Vim - Presidsot. , Thte.
also appointed a Committee of tire to re
pair to lYaoli I ngton and remain there as,
long as nereoteryto represent the polka ,
eel interests of their people, and hoop the
temple at th e :Nor* advised of the state
of affairs in Alabama. .7110 011131011
. 1
the Comruittue are Peter M. Knox, J.
(;ion , tee . Parsons, IT. 11. Riusdall
John Forsyth..
:suer- Oatateso, February I.9.—Tbe
Conventlou' adopted thi articles. of M.
Constitution, 66 revised by dm Special
Committee, to N 0.142. A.:riteisballodwu
Introduced and 116 e over, autlumistng the
printing and !steno of ten thomiand copies
or the Constitution.
JACKIE , ``February 111.—A resolution
was offered'ln the Convention /ad night,
and referred to the proper Committee.
.etting forth the rdd char ea against
aferrlars and en additional charge of
Ilanderous publication in the "Clarion..
NoOting of importantce was dune 2g-day,
—A daring robbery wa* Oninmittad on
Priday night at KissLnger's milia, threo
miles from Keating, Ps. Charlas Long
was attacked in hie mill by four mete
disguised; They anot 'at him with pis.
rota, sad .robrad him of fifteen hundred
dollars, and lest him tied. Ills house
- .
eras entered by the acme party and five
thousand In e . ol'lllMint beads, two
thousand In greenback!, And two
thouserul 111 grad taken.. to arrenta.
—The Phllail Opt/fa Gras Work• Will be
takaa pcoodeerion of the Mayor
of that dtv, by 'virtue of a city ortfl•
Dane. The works bare tuorrtofure been
managed by tram/out, but heresPor they
will be orwnitoci. adepdrtment of the
city government. It is reported that the
trustees will resist tbc seizure by farce,
having already filed a bill to Court
agaloat is. • •
—Mike McCaw: gave a enarring exhi
bition at St. Lout, on Satnrday night for
the benelit of the . poor of the city, Which
wan largely attended. The principal
features were the hexing between Ryafl
and Allan , thoCilah Pugiliote, and
Mt:Coale and•3oe Shaw. MoCoo a will
go Into trainitag soon for We great mill
with Too Coburn.
-John Becknoll'i s highly reopectable
young man, son of Samuel T. Boohooll,
of Maury; woe murdered on Saturday,
nor Summertown, in Lewis county,
Tenneaseo, by netrangor named Walter,
Thu murder was for robbery, Walker
carrying ofr his victim's hose and boots.
Ho Is .1111 at large. Becknoll was out on
a tour ee agent of putTeral per , lotheata.:,,"
—lna difficulty Fatuiday 'Sight, t
Stanton. ou the Memphis and Louisville
grow lug out of an old debt,
Major J. EL Ilicka was shot and Jellied
by a planter named Mss Kell who in
turn was shot by Birks' son and mortally
wounded, dying during the night, Both
worehighly esteemed citizens.
The Democrats or the Idarylaid
Legislature bald a caucus Friday eight
last sod nominated Ex-Governor Swann
for United States Senator, at the request.
of P. F. Themes, whom the Senate re
fused to admit ton neat en the ground of
—Tke argument la Bishop Campbell',
will ones was eoaclunlod at lVbeoling,W.
V., an Thursday, alter a very eloquent
l=sn sod yc.
Lowrie ountalued the ve
lidity of the will and codicil in contro
dlapstehei remised from
(amend Shernhars headquarters dolly
that there has been great coffering at
Fort Stevenson ihle win ter,sa telegraphed
s few.dsys stiO; The dispatches . my the
garrison Is well pipit:led, to: n scary
respect. •
—The Court :of Appeals of Baltimore
has .versed thedeolelon of Judge Ales
ander removing the trustees - of tho
National Express Company. The AO-
Elwin:tent is decided to be good and the
trustees ere reinstated.
—?wo sisters, nod eighteen and six
teen years, named Collins, living in
South Grover, Elsasschusetts were
drowned on Wednesday night last, bY
breaking through the lee while attempt
ing to cross a brook.
—llemeltiouns Omit og
. 00yereOf Fen
ton with high crimes end misdemeanors,
and asking the Legislature to Impeach
him. were presented Maio mooting of t h e
of Aldermen of New York. on Saturday.
—A fight warred et alisrilmi meeting,
et Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to which
several, negrees wore wounded. The
morrows were Incited to violence. by
speeches made on the occasion.
—Jame, J.'Enrko, a young 'man em
ployed In the fax collector's offlee,st New
York.,..kllled himself by .booting, Sat
urday r'evening, In the presence of his
—A II »Saturday *zoning, at 106Chem
berg street, View York, occupied by Mr.
Fibs!, "impactor of tine goods, and
ethers, ernsalsnsd s loss*? $15,000; fully
—Rev. Samuel 11. naive thirty years
pastor of the Find Returned Church,
Itiew Bruesalck, died Sunday morning ,
Inids seTenty-oluth year.
—A bullock weighing thirty-gee
hundred pounds on Me hoof was alangh
bawd in Philadelphia last week.
. —;Thefailerals of CiptwrAl. lfcClol
(7. - mr..11 :Err .-rtti.lorn 1/10,..0 kh•Ladol
pha on Babirdny.
indepOlldll2ll Is riewipaper -
808 INTIOt
1411111 NEWS.
1 , , -- - ~
C' - C4r, !Sten:Nagle.
ii 4,.- l4i•'l.
' -'
T ', - o.—•'N ster4l. -
JeTo r
.or_ the Ger an um!.
i #peeili- 'of Ei4 WillisPV
P1C t f , P4400.0. 4 044/47.5.
111 1 4 9. 6 0e.,.i
yams of General Nag*. , thi'rlrisi
on a charge of fonianiam at Silio;
j . for, of., teal
zuhiftibj foi l dMatwarairlaretti6:
ed. On the annontiosiunit of•the dept.
ellen by the Court, Mr Heron moved to
traziateitholniatkoaked,Cinitt Of Illtioak's
Bench, In ruder the trial might take
plane elsoirfiere: Thijchiefgiound, for
Hallett mild, wee the
fact GSM theiv swore DOllli/ AIIIIRTICS/i3 In
the Whole elty , of Eillgot and therefore It
would be impolialbla uleot a mixed
- At axle moment George Prime's Train,
who - happened to be lilt Sligo rather un
expootedly, appearidibafore the Court
and veluntaired Ipoomo one of the
An:Laicals jurtirg. The offer, was de
ohned:;.. •: :771
Mr. Mims's:motion' was argned at
length, when, Uis Couri refueod to trans
fer the tiiaTtc; siotieriplace. The mat
lona Men prilheeded withf
Thegliates, has an editorial en the trial
of t3evetal *diet Itronglj
urges the abandonment of the prosecu
tion, saying: polv t t of bier Involved
le, to nay the Leal, toeStiortable..", _
Eintetive4,; February 2A- 1
Little progress has been made is the
trial of the Fenian 'toners at Sligo.
Moot of the time: toil ewoe committed
In an effort to t r irfpullell Juiy: la order
to procure a mixed Jury It became na
curvy to surnneou ale Pruesiaus, but se
they awn anal- übseon'ded, rho trial wee
adjourned mull Moudue.)
True huh have riso 'Tn found against
9up,,,ent,lfeen, I , l:zrirrituurur, litztibou r
Leonard; 0 4 Crinrror arai Leby, and the
prisoners will urrordinVy be brought to
trial without delay. •
Later )131/11 frucuppe daptikr In Abys
sinia has inion`recolveri:f They were still
safe and well a: alogetl4s. The advance
of the ThislG/b. artuy, had arrived at a
gate jiyfai Autaan. Tlgre people
wept everywhere;frieudly. There was
no aletneas among t h e troops. „ •
George ihdater, Itood4 , IL P. for Borth
Ruts, will snr4red George IV. Hurd na
tinder Secretary of the Treapury.
ontusk Ir
EXXLIN, Fehr.rje, `A , r -Tite Mod for
mally eloood the Diet laid ;meeting. In his
apeech the Sing oongratulated the mein
bore on the enoessa of their labors, - --The
taint of the Diet "to enter* the ?ems of
Enzoldeltidrbetia - prensptfy BOA power
fully sustained by the thcr Great Pow
cor,„and the ronfidenee thus restored will
tail in the spiritual and temporal welfare
nation_ of the tion
bfrertcor, February V--Lonia, ascend
King of Bavaria, 'dindlyeaterdaY, aged
only 21 years, t
Bastes,]Larch, his speech, in
cloolag the Prtunian Diet on Friday, the
Bing sSOntesed idinesif entirely satisfied
with the legialidion efklie past session,
and declared he was su4l. no cause was
new left for the dndurbanoeof the peace
in'fierinany or Europe. • ,
, .
Feuttnocia*arith delegation or
workingmen of chnint waited upon Ad
miral Farrapt host irony and prewented
an address, saying WO desired to do
tarn Sopecial honor as tqe representative
of e country which en:vote:thud with
tho views - the Illinttrious patriot
Martini. •
D ratan, !Sarah I.—W. irohnsten ,f 1 rend
geeretary of the Orangemen'n organ
laattenf 'rail tiled het week on a charge
of heading an Illegelpre4isalon to Cean
t7 Dalin. Heim fovea gullti and sen
tenced to iruprhasomentd tine.
PARIS, March I.—Tla coolraet has
been 'cloaed between 1 . lb, ..Nallonal
Tolegraph Company wad the Soc!elle
Cable trand-Atlantic orFrance.
LOJIPDA -Februarys-" • ...-.2Shotodeg.--Ccea
lecde MIN; s.Mo'e 711; 111nols; Contra!
88418%; Erie 44i. -
Fauccroter, February Z—Elrrairag.
Bonds 675.
LmenrooL, -'.Februaryl
Cotton dull; antes 7poo bales; mid
dling uplands Yid.; Orleans Rd. Bread
attile—Eora I4s.*el Unchanged.
Pnlvildese unchlutited; lard quiet at 61..
6d: unchanged; tallose4.3B. ad.;
maned petroleum la. edi
NlPOtilyr Plolladellidds
IN? Totaraph t 1 tek. ricubvis
PKILADELPHIA; Fetirnaty X sl.—An
immense Democrat!" minting was hold
to-night.. Ralelotions were adopted pro.
testing against...the tuarpations of (Mi
sr'u in attempting to destroy the con
stitutional powers °fills:Executive and
Judicial Departm ante of the Government,
thoybeing co-ordinate and co-aqua with
the Legislative, and) alike{ beyond
its-control, .oad declaring that "we
will sustain and support the Executive
and Judicial Departments against, the
alternations of Cessna*, sad give our
aid and comfort to the Prandial' In acts
witd.h are far the deem.* of the Union
and the Ceastitutlen - against Loglsbaive
treason; that all pampas who mek'te
pray" this may Justly', be ...yarded ay
amanita to the peace and welfare
of the 'comattalty,;. ;dud all who
*timeline - to vleltrime, i whether they
be Governors of. States or members
of the Legialature, should be denounced
se traitors to the Domani:aloe and Laws
they have sworn to prbtect; that too
white meets the governing 'wenn of all
political power under the ConstitnUon,
and, as people of the United States, we
will never submit to any, policy of Con.
graft which propose' testae the negro
/V* either political power or soda,
Lug raLaroxecO, Feb. Z3.—The Repub
lican State Central Committee being die.
stationed with the action QM* Union Celle
teal Committee, have resolved to send
delegates to the National
_Cia:mention, to
be held
fe at Chi o, to nominate
A petition has been presented to be
Senate asking the Le tare to inquire
whether the land and Moneys granted
the Central Pactific Railmed are absolute
gifts, and if t h e leads are to be need only
in building the road cantor Sacramento?
And also, whether the Trustees have not
made themseivro veto:4 corporation in
relation to all stock by Ihstributlng the
money among. themselres and boylog
the Snoramento Vallay,;Marysville and
WestermFauille RaUxue4l, and announc
ing It& Intentlen to control all 'Miranda
irritur Stale.. Also, of interfering with
politics in San Francisco. and Sacra
memo, and of employing . lebbyista at
Washington. Referred to • special com
mittee who will enquire and report.
The State Senate
- to-day gnawed rose
lutlunt favoring Congressional t
lion and the impeachment of the Freed.
dent. " -
Zarsaeuake ittea Pasta,.
Br reeneva tip um Mauro tewetta3
Saw Flll3lOllOO, March L=Eter Malmo.
ty , s ship Babadeer arrived at Victoria,
February af/th, from Partaraa. - Two
ailed shocks of as earthquake wen Alt
at Victoria. The. atoramiutt was ikon
Wt to inst.
. EM11.10.1%•111141111111.
ts, ruc.i.oira o.tetts.l
Anourre., Maine, March 1.--9ur city
woe visited by quite an earthquake haat
evening. It lasted moyeral 1110/Xladi,
The Debate on Imgeachmeni.
Forty CongresOioxitDoiliv *064
Tite,Qup Ww•ratito Writ
The 'Presidiet and-the Army
' al
, .
Dispatch from DlMlstor• Baner.R
Tomn - eases ,liriniky "Initmwtion.
The Ofliceof Adinliant4;eneraL
Probtib Who of iii4tioTGAiriiisa
[al Tolerr.Dh o the EletOureb Gasethe . A ~,,,::
LW Aswan:mom Ebbritry , h),l3Bk
wicakir die nrriadastlatt Merrenut.'
Abent Shay ..uatinberi„l4l - 4Cettlernd
their names with the liptaime. assail
dates fnr Mal:loos in" the dl lead[
the icapeachcast4 "%aloha.' , o debate
willaccerdiagly twarliy the oars, ea'cis
of- the speakers being 11101 by-the rale
to these tulaatos. Thriat Wilt lui 'tt Fi
slog tp.nlgbt, , Ikor iielate:Ahas:abi as'ithe
.artleles bang limed for Monday. -at tour
The New-Nark. iterates Washington
=r will pro ales that l =l ". o ! aa .. .li d ci
between the President:sr:ad the gentle
until the conclusion of . his Crlalt - - ...=
It wiii - Ttxpereted that an applicetion
would ' ! Maio'
,to44y - jitrore Judge
. . .
Wylie, babiliag,Cirdull - Praiil; fir
qtto...satu those,il4loll4 ,the
matter la charge, &wirings°. hammotrery
point maturely. conablaced,,and Me pa&
pen arratiged m ull peewit fenabibmt
ageeptless .ba lakein when the
matter la brought before •tha .Courts,,
was deoluad defer.- the ..atipliaMien
till early .next • week..
be predicated on Atoude.y. The mans of
procedure will be as follawas.s.A.i.
tioa tabs made lis open (Joust fort re
to lie an infennsalan la the riattawor a
ipso merratue.. This application -lI 1.
prommied wilt be granted II.) matter of
course. Mr. hisan tnn will bewared with
a summosate appear and answer.: -.Thie
be.. has •at month In to do.
but it la auppasol he will notavall him
self of the time; allowedby law, but at
once respond. when an early &unsay be
fixedlir the hearing-of the cam.
The fractletud durreney !maid fer . the
'reek ran $462.001); amount forivardid,
X 5 1,540, imiuding $lOO,OOO to the Awn.
tant Treaaurer at St. 'Louts. "National
Dank Notts butted, 152,480. Fractional
curreoey redeemed and destroyed.llFl-
100. Rece.pte of Internal fterentre for
the week, 113,59406.
Tim Public Debt Statemeot wilt not be
bolted betore the fith er,Lith. It L estl
bly below the names in December.
The following lo Gaoeral Emery's too.
Umony relative to WI Intart r iew,wltk the
President on the ;TM of
The President asked me if 1 recollected
the conversation I hod with him, wheal
dratteolcoemensact of the •Department,
in referemorto the strength of tbs garrt
nen of Washiegtort and the general dlr.
position of trooped this Deparent. To
which I replied ..I did not it
distinctly. Ile asked me if there had
been any changes. 1 replied there
had been no. material changes,
but such as 'had.. been I could
state at end.- I then —wait oa to
state that nix companies of the Zlth In
fantry had. been brought here to winter,
but that they had been offsefby detach
lug four companies of the 12th Infantry
to Charleston, on a rennialtion of General
Canby; that two' companies - of the 14th
Artillery • had • been detached dur
ing General Caaby'e eemnimid or the
Departmenttreme of theta, sent to the
Northern frontier to assist la putting
down Fenian difficulties, had been
returned to their regiment,' station
ed at Fort Metleary, • Baltimore;
that though the; command hid been
increased in the number of companies,
I wor under the itopreselen there was •
reduction to the. numerical strength of
the command, growing oat of the re
duction of in fantry andartillery corn.
palliest Prom the maximum of the war
emabliehmeat • to .the minimum of the
peace eatablishmellt, but this wan more
than offal by the gain of 'additional
companies. - The Preaident laid 11 re.
ter to more recent changes." I said I did
not know • exactly what he re
ferred to by recent changes; that
there had not been • -any , mad•
to my knowledeet that Mho. would give
me Nome Idea of whorhad made the re.
port to him, or what the report was which
he had receded, I could perhalm give
him • more - dee Idle • tanner. lie said
, .
report, had couched him thata thin the
lest day or two miriade new'arrange
ments of troops bad been made. I as
sured him ramie had bees made with my
knowledge, and did ant believe
any had been made witkont it; that un
der resod. orlon,' , Ibunded • upon
laws of Co:manse, for the government of
the armlet of the United States, approved
by him; no order amid come to ma ex
oept through Gen. Grant, and that rea
moing from analogy it was &named In
the army that ifain order could be give.
to any one under my command, without
coming through me, that If by any pos
sibility an order had been given with
out coming througn mo, it WU the. duty
of the °Meer receiving it to notify mkt.
He then asketi mo "What order do you
refer tor I stated I referred to order
No. 1.5 or 17, I could not recollect which,
that had been publiahed to 'the army
Some time in May last. He aeld."l wish
t. me the order." I replied that I would
send for it. He maid "No; nave all the
orders about the horde," and a mecum
ger was sent fur it. At that time Colonel
Cooper came In and occoped the Presi
dent:a attention for some time upon
another subject, as I supposed, for I
withdrew to the ether end of the room.
While • there a atemenner came and
brought t,te order. • After Colonel Cooper
hid gone out, I returned to; the Presi
dent, with this order in my hand, and
Raid, "Mr. President. I will take it an a
great favor 1f you *ill permit me to call
your attention to this order, or att. It
passed in ' appropriation bill
and It is
, possiblo you may never'have
seen it.' Hs took the order anti
mad it, and obeerved, "This is net is
accordance with the Constitution of the
United States, which makes ine•Com
manderdn-Cadelof the Army sad Navy,
'or with the language of the 00111131h151011
which you h01d..: I elated ark= and
was no matter for ofticers to determine,
it was an order salt to tdc'appreved by
May mud we were all governed by, that
order. - •
Quertien—Do you mean , that 'the
order, or tresident?he act, was approved by the
4mstrer.-1 mean the act, hut as far a
I that wee oancerned the order and act sp
proved by him atoll:* mune thing, far
the order contained nothing but theact.
If. said, "Am Ito understand thot. the
President of the United States cannot
give an order bet through the General_
in-Chief or general Grunt' , Inreplied
"Mx. President, that le the order which
, yeu approved and which has been issued
for the government of the army, and I
think It due I. you to ay that when that
order drat acme out It was very much
dismissed In the army, and some e - leading
lawyers of the country were. consulted
au to what wee the duty . of au officer
'under that law and order, 'eadlebsery.
ad, °as* consulted , and."l consider him
perhaps sac.! the greateet Ceustitutieei.
al lawyers in Use oountry, Ids s4C as bin
eery - decided opiates Chat we ?revel:ens d
by.if.„ Lad I thiak it right to Mil you task.
on this el:kJ:cot the army is a milt" Re' ,
asked me whe the lawyer was. - I Mid
him the one r ooesnlied was skim:sun
of mine, Robert J.-Walker, and I bad
understood, though I did rot know of
my own knowledge,• ethers had con
salted Reverdy Johnson, who, it waa re- .
ported, held the name opinion. 'agitate. at the urgoo, gosoltaffon' of
President replied: "The object of the many friends. has on tad to eV* five
law is very evident." After short more of .his esitertatountiOs at llssoolo
peutnir4 seeing there was not more ceremonial:g tomorrow night' He
to ay, I thofihol him for the ornartmer Is certainly the most finished and Plea&
with which he had permitted 'Me 'to er.- tug ma'am, that ever visited our etty,,
prose my opinion and lilt the hawse. and presents air enualslammat wkteh
thaPreeldentbieny form must oleos, He promlowit many
1-rtt•er ,yon wooled . obq an ; nerrelnee in the will of nimbi* figts.
ordei aentto - yogivithe
. ' ' 61tUaS u4rc il'lnlia°l
the haadgiutrutnt of the . _.,,,„_. _.
..4nitser—de nearly a. can recassit
there Wai act ir wood told that' ri11478
not put down, though I maid;' erectus*.
not ,Ivireari that - I had - pot down iverg
wont utteied: Yon ittagweehy nigkeeti
moor rni peal intregittaid the sablurd of
order: gro.. Ir.'. Them - Were . evireilety of
rumors shout town tlitaten.ltiontis had
given' orders; or toil 'declared hif-ints
gulag to give orders. I thought it thy
duty Lto . eats the aitasthies fel:Wand
squarely. to the - petident.- ~ :.
:'. ilotieti - iximisrmilderi"teeefiireitt.:'
t.Theltiguildizeins 3teld2St ae
night, his.:Rolend-lit the .04 Ir; '
.event] lumbers were p - Aka
oily business was the seleution of nian
agere en tits part of the Vottie to .1:011-
dna the: iltipt9l4l4l6llWlolosiidritiiif bo'
Yore Vv.' Senate. r The foliewl were
. 1 .
el . d - 'tegt, lt.alloto ' learini, , -
. 1 ' 11 01 - ModelV Batisn'lLlSeachtteette;
filo 'Otderioutwell,Masemehestitte;
a° o / 4 . 1 71 4 0 111 . 42 °4 1
1 ,
iik i44 .. t . '#. o. .*le - rnsti*irrk. - 1 '
-: .. ..iatidaitkri: tio,
emptied ht a thereat ockg
delUeti o 34 Po/4 1 4 rup e es ttandTFAe-
West to-day.
t ..towrir or ix•eov. room •
Ex-Lt. Gov. Ford; of Ohio, expired
~. 4112.1rilereari
. . . ,
sixar atm' ,
'Ap*tyta vrot4o,lroxiiirylni
aw r itie. tbe
Virieee berriatifmate, trtiefarda of 2,00 e
Who attacked the Thrice itesei forldged
cemetery cutalchrllkatawn of Clunk
foreleg ;,-tlter • tin:trim to ;TAIL back
bite the ci ride!. A ' infilatir were
drowned during: tbo ;• raiment, t•ArIT
werb kttlad by Cretin troopicononerodrin
andfoity*ollUded end forty tekerrpris
entire; The ',Tnskyr, - , in 'Mout 'Wicked
the aon-contettants; -end .. elijedVillty
eneti• - •krevlng • robbkt then area •*altta•
blee found t ' theLr peiseestent
The • Irregular •• Mukha ...troops • have
ram; blast. Realty' of elmiteratnxithee In
Rhetlmm t The' Protleloord•Gorgrament
km leaned anotheirlmular, ruithwewl to
teroweentativee..of ChristAin power.", de:
daring the. Cretan jewel" ; remain fat/i
-nn to their Tow of. =ten wititAreecte.-
TPLX OVILTT WISH 11d111.14.112 03.2101:6-
•':ffterdeir this Secretary :of Ststemara
tk - beinisl3llto itlidlMtr Itaishrolt,toidMl
the answer wis received this
merninv /Latin; trirek i,-jniatysio 7
ed,aud smiled on .=d February vialnag
land, - It-provides that mttr ation shall
be:reseed that .asturali.W changes
nationality. Hinted the , Mt-Ideation,
*.l " 1 4 1 taitolm
few, days ago some ordain:nisi pig:m
istiest weathers of the Milos:natio Corp.
expreesed . . disbelief in - . the mtge. ifir
patches on -this eubJect, but 'to-day a
mambo's- of ttai Cemmittei on Foreign
Arab." nye Ite - bm no' doubt of the act
ilutt' 'a treaty boa " been nego
tiated with the !forth - german 'Con
f....Unction mouring the' object 'above
stated; and the', and gentleman octupv.
- bigli . Met w' hane in oar national ad
ministration believe Akio -treaty will be
Soon liellowed• hey Ireathe OV Undlar
abet:l - Mar between the tinged States end
other fori:ga govern neater thus - meg
ening an Americus priadple. -
It. "sit lierstoforeitatedeolleelor dhar
natby and Ws deputies. kad Allred .UU.-
drjr::Wilaker , attlls Lid Tennessee,
';ltet afterward' mobbed - by penman
coneinied Inthe Melt . rade, and-secured
their !Modem by paying &ransom. Timm
government °Moen promptly -cortuntd
cated with the Internalltsvena• Barman,
Asking !or"-troops t. enforce the .1a w.
The Bureau has obtained from the
military authorities a favorable response
to-their application, and , scar=
company of cavalry Ow been
to.iropreart then veste..ellharra tsf. - the
dlttrie4 the Seicarfof the This.
by Insurrection. •
113.11TrANT OXIMULL'II 017T113.
le belleisi by mans Congressmen
that. Senator Thayer's to abolish the
altar of Adjutant General et the Aber
Wi11be03.13113 • 14w.
, sizzasi aiwrianatp.
In the House of Rapresentattres yes.
terdsy, n substitute for the Senate bill
appropriating tau thousand , dollars for
the wits of Mel. Gen. Robert Anderson,
T 11.1.1•.0esvilmaMini=
Tim tor Tom Prealdest. •
Li" the rittalmzieszatCl
Parr ingr.msys, March V--Forney's
Prue, having candid& a n alyzed the
hansom of the delegates elected to the Rs,
publican State ConTeution of the 11th
March, says seyenty-sim of the one hun
dred and on. cheeentheye declared for er
beeetnetracted to valet:32.ool.o:meg' for
Vice Preeidstit, thirteen far Mr. Grow
and eight far Gov. Geary. The coarse
of form Is undecided: Of-the remaining
thirty-two delegates Yet to to elec ted
Goy. Curtin's friends cedilidently claim
a majority. • •
. .
The,. Erlo Dispatch uya: Amther ro.
mantic story, which us, however', itriot
ly true, has Jed Onto* to our knowledge,
It appear. that some six month' ago, a
man whoa, name we did not berum.killed
another, man M New York city and
romped. Shortliafter hi was arrested
NOM , distance from Um city by two po
ll:exam, wise( whom heabotand killed.
The other policemen fired at him and
indicted, as he ettiposed, a mortal wound,
and hastened for sallatance, On. his re
turn the body 6f the murderer mulct not
be found, and doubts:were expressed by
many as to wetter he bed been shot so
wee represenboL . Siomeiwo maattisago
a stranger turned up In Willoughby,
Ohio, and went to work - as a Ahoemaker.
HU actions were ouspleloun,. and a few
days ago he Was recognised by, a former
acqualutauce as the murderer. „Fle,was
arrested , last week
and taken to 4aw
York for trial. /Is says after he was shot
by the rodiciduan he made-his way to a
barn, whareba lay for atx . weeks, sub
sisting wholly _on wheat which he
stialled from the sraw. Fr om there he
wade his way to Willoughby where be
General George A.MoCall, one of Perm
sylvatilan gallant oferrers, died on the
21th instant at West Chester. He Was
from on excellent fanny, dame a mili
tary life, graduated at Weed Point in
IEC4; and Served In the campaign against
the Indians In Florida, wberehe acq=l
a good reputation. He afterwards
under General Taylor in Mexico, and
was promoted to Brevet Colonel, and at
the close of the war retired from the
army.. But On the breaking out of the
rebellion he was called to duty m Gen
eral of the Pennsylvania Reserves and
fought gallantly and ea a patriot on the
right aide till tho end of the Peninsula
campaign, when 111 health forced him to
resign. He was Much respected by all
who knew him; and adds - one more to
the noble army of patriots who have
done their work and laid them down to
Death and Appointment—Philip 8.
Gerhard, who was tut October elected
Sheriff of Montgomery county:died a law
dare ago. at Iforriatosm, after a brief .
ln lthe firty.soventb year ofbla
ace. Gov. Geary be. --
William J. Ballot
nt, who was last tall the
didata tonaherttl; to All
- -
wpobilaa canuccate ton.-..ortfl; to
the vacancy owed oned by the death of
Sheriff Gerhard. Gen. B. lan strong Re
publican in polities, and will be the,
yonntreat • tiberiff Montgomery county
ever bad.
Niue Barbie. teeture.—The - lecture
gulag community will beer in mind that
Min Clara • Barton, the phUanthropio
lady 'who deroted years of tell and labor
towards relieving and caring for aulihr
log soldiers on the field, in the camp
and hospital, makes her appearance to
night in role at a lecturer at
Masonic Hall,' th e entire proceeds to be
&marl to the hospital home of the
Grand Army of the Republic: .• We
trust this gifted and worthy lady Will be
greeted by a large atuliena• •
le: nu. CludII; the 'MAO:mated leav
ed"; who lee thruonshly explored
rica, will lecture is thte city; on the
eirenlng cites 10th init.; underline au.
plena the Tenni hlas'a heermultde,Li
brary Association. Tim ;Adam` Cam.
mime, experienced great didlcelty in
ohndeingboa of this gntleman,
and they here the flanks of - the-cute')
'actual community. • •
art - Axil 81111t118/11.
NowaLima Coovestlea4.latiflo•-
•tke fotleitter bi partial at the
delegates eactiltto*Satarls*.to'llgeirtlet
ConTasttleeid,lheriatLeo, et ten
colacic tbli summit% tor:ths pftspco, of,
Ihtekteg:4 l •loo 3 AloTtetmahlteen.
84 1 (2 9r1T-01 1 ,9tik.uc./- 11,1- actiitt Kith
c'thfrePlß a!Li!!44ozS'ufig4t4l!!
Ai= .
n 1 otua'A.llayd„. Thema
linsUnlnL7P- 7,
Fourth ward—lnnop)o3, ; .Ati;!:t2fno . ,
John Catania.
Sixth ward - -111ritt.n. M .
Bfr"u; 6rmitita-I"nakt.hilttfr.:
1117:4, 8 0 1 VlEt r iinbittn't;
71...mikusow. v ,
o b itE m ..x . 4p9!f" . .-9
. - Ookrindeu .Thitihnin;
vsiohk. ettotwm
Hontwail, Hen. r,
Rm. Dim E cf•
iseedut,l9.iL Pm-
Vanmai: frAtf - L,e. "%Ns,-
Lawrewarriltp, rust ward—kr..r*e,
sire. -- Tirm.^.Efosstli;• Tirszhi-: W.
o,llrown,..George.EL TO
2. d • 2 7 l ,V ei e r t l /11 ! . 7 . : V . V T , 'APPY! ) ,o r t
C e -.4,3l¢l4ailiewl
riftiii73; .T l° We ht 14 ct
I! Mita—aft ',till A.
Sloan: 7 '
_ wa.thinztosi—DaTid Fe/SIMON
. -
• t - • A1 , 5 . 1 ...P!" 8 4 4 "P°•;!. ;
athiript tensenpe,freta Mir
chair HceblUWilliam 'Moore; • Reddy
iweoilieti "Wiese :Milan!
we did rtoelciain,;(rni . fine .
den 'White , sbahr. -info rock Yinirarday
mcilheng: Sedan and Meorenedopy co/I
Si, and flattuday tiffihtMarderr White,
benzine= tintisual motto hathefr.oett.
directed' the watchmen, to Jceep enharp
lookour;and If he heard. ea:Wining me.
eisuirtd let him know. -About twelve
O'clock the noise was hoard lean • end
continued until one, when Mr. ~White
tailed, and,•to computy'Witii Was
shitant;Mr. Smith.heentecedthemal be
fore the prisoners had time tog:nicest the
loofa Wilk will& litiy; workidg.
They'hid tankeu (root thi lion bedstead
.of irear.abotit :two
with which they wertirkieg a hole to
thandioining - Ceil, the otbnpentiof* ch
wirrewerlringin cement witittlielgs, and
frpm which Intact* is partly
_cat throngh
the wall - into thfChsa. Roddy Rubes
ciiictipichh cell en the oppWlealdetof the
hall; and then theonly eq..cti-ireplitiating
him, in the . plot. was, the. finding, of a
fops in his dell, which belied Menefee
tared from his Nankai and arilaten ef
old Mathias. The was fatty fifteen
kid inhargthend strongmaingh:to bear
the weigift. atm* Ordillilk7 men. Reddy
Mini: qua any intention to' etteuipt - an
eseapei , batespthe mode the rope for the
PiLMIPMS , cif hanging himself. , Hughee
and ikahill were sentended'
Ortardey for larceny trod shwa,
sad will betaken to tho:Poultentlezt
day. Moore was Indicted for. burglary,
I. be tried at the ensuing terint . LT e
prisoner - gc.hahill mid Moore were re
moved' to nolismite cal*, and
Ammater Brawny. Please ftenee—h. is
litsbamet of , err nun fteseawly
Ne have but, antipathy
• - Alta man , who, anasequence
of frequenting aay of the; vile
dens of pros" " ton with • which
our city la so well supplied, is robbed of
his =malty, or even if be receives a
gonad "body beating," yet this, does
not prevent us from proteating naiad
the tolerance of tnthe planes by the city
authorities.. It la for the purpose of Pil
ing attention to the matter only . that we
give publicity - m u ch came as the- fol
lowing: 'Jams--Hallman - - .:Yeeterday
made information before Alderman Mo-
Mestere charging Martin .Itrawdy with
felonious assault and battery, in
which he stated ,that - on Priday
night he. visited a den of infamy
on Pennsylvania avenue, kept by
Jehn !haricot and that during- hie
stay he was drugged and robbed of two
brutdred dollars. Be left the premises
the next morning in a semi-dranken
stets, and - consequently did not discover
his leas until be arrived at his, hotel.
Be immediately retarned to th e tease
and demanded his money, when be was
set upon by Willa Brawdy, ;who best
him with an iron poker, inftieting seven
cuts on hie bead and face.. He then re
turned and ands thi information a
above, and also against John Langdon,
Carry Fisher * Mary Aare, a girl name
A lice, and Martin laid Thomas Braitely,
charging them with keeping I disorderly
house. "The mother - of two et tleise de
fendants is - now in jail serving out a
eentenee for the same -otrenon, and if the
facts in this mess be as stated her sons
should keep het company:,:_ ;
. .
gaud Aesicsent—Cerowers.pastsess.
An accident occurred at the outer de
pot of the Pitlaburgh,-FortMayne and
Chicago Behind, on timidayi veld& re
sulted lathe death of James Bette, em
ployedby the Company is conductor or
shiner of night passenger trains.' At the
time thttaecident occurred
.he was en
gaged in making up a train, sad Was is
the act' f couallng a *Wiping car to
passenger coach, when the `..bull - nages"
'slipped past- each other, a ll owing the
ears to oome together, snd catching him
between them,killest hinginstantly. The
deceased was a single rasa, Shout thirty
years or.age, and had beinsin the employ
of the Company for over three years.
Coronor Clawson was notified and bold
an inquest on the body, — the' ; _ mum
nraderlng • a verdict in accordance
with tho above facts. - .1
Broken--Mr. E. COdins; a con
ductor On,tho• Pittsburgh, Port Wagne
and Chicago Rallepad;Jumfted from* a
train whit% passingthe °num depot, Al
legheny, 'Friday calming, fracturing his
right leg at the anklejelat. Hs was re
moved to his residence in ittanchattar,
wherailalairales wereproperly attended
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Taet•de7 erenlnß. /NW's.). Fah. az Um raol
dose* tar the bride's pinata, by Itoo. James G.
Slam SAMUEL' POLICES; Zoo.: or Ntrto
bomb,- aid ISAIn Y. ITOKES, dambtor of
thialt U. Biotic Esq., at rhltattelphts. ' t
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