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Address. -
elteesablp Lisp to Liberia—Lineal.
Mee la Ike naniatee of Mededse—
Ceedraelera for raper tar the Mate
is lave . Hoed—reeelllee sClaves."-
• Ilisties Ceneeraled rkIIsNIpIL
direabsel -tratrerellY:deeade iv«
Lailreld nul Passed—dill to Allow
Tooliald pa of dekland, WILL Peebles,
Collins and Liberty to lietreeede
from she City et Plaiebarel . 6—Per
u/eel • Ilercallone —ladepesecei
Retool Diesliea—Tedorral Street sad
PleaSanS,Vatpry;of Alt.sbeay,Plisa•
lamb ant ,Ssospersrooettile. and
Peeples nauseneordalLeer Oir
bursa) tempaelte looerperantd—
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Inielatary Cosi...Ladle= Art.
tOrtaallaltlitlelk to rlttsburet Gooct.„,,
HARM'S/117RO, February le, ISee.
arr-axsure LINE TO LIBEILIi.
The Taint liesolutioq,fors steamship
line to Liberia - less reportmiallirmatively.
BILLS 6-rasi7ccElN
By Mr. WHITE, of Indiana: Protect
ing the pooplo of Indiana county from
Imposition in the practice of medicine.
By. Mr. McCANDLESA Philadelphia:
Requiring blddeie for supplying the State
'with piper to give bond in ten Lin:wand
dollar, and if Um lowest bidder falls to
Wept ho la tom' the difference between
his bid and the next highest.
Mr...CONNELL, of Philadelptda, offer
ed a resolution, which was adopted,
for a committee to loved,!gate in con
uoeVon with the allegation that the Phil
adelphia University of Medicine and
Surgery had• conferred degrees of DOe•
tore of -Medicine without authoritv.
The Free Railroad bill then came up.
Mr. RIDGEWAY, of Philadelphia,
offered' an amendment requiring the
consent of the authorities of boroughs
and cities to pass through their corporate
limits. Adopted-,-yeastwenty-alz, nays
. Mr. WHITE, of Indiana, moved an
amendment reducing the &mounter cap
ital stock fnr every mile to slx.thous
and dollars; Instead of ten thousand, 113
provided In the Senate eubstitute. De
feated—yeas twelve, nose twenty-one.
The but: then passed finally as subutt
toted by the Senate._
EveningSesaien-31r.bleCONAZGUY ,
Adams, introduced a Joint resolution for
purchasing engraved certificates of honor
for honorably discharged Pennsylvania
soldiers In the late war. Passed to third
Validating the partition of real estate
of Jekui Taylor, deceased, of Greens.
Extern:ling mechanics' lieralaw to me
ultardat and others engaged on ell tanks
and other appliances of oil refineries In
Allegheny, Armstrong, V - enango and
Waines counties. . '
Incorporating the Federal sUnet and
Pleasant Valley Passenger Railway
Company of Allegheny city. •
Changing the times of holding Courts
In Butler county.
Empowering the Burgecs and Justices
ofirKeespor to commit disorderly per
sons to the County Jan in default of fine.
When the Free Railroad haw passed to-.
day. 2,1 r. ERRETT'S amendment, dis
pensing with the memento( *majority
of the stockholders to connect with oth
er roads, was carried.
: MIL WILSON,.of .Allegheay, handed
to the Clefs the following petitions dur
. tog the day, from Allegheny county:
• Four Petitions; numerously signed, for
the passage of an act relating to the in
corporation. and recognition and support
-of colleges.
snwristcrst coA
Mr.. mans, of Allegheny, read in
place a supplement to the act extending
the limit& of Pittsburgh, enabling the
townships of Oakland, Pitt, - 'Peebles,
•Collins And Liberty to retrocedefromthe
city of Pittsburgh, they. having beau
consobtlated with Pittsburgh by act _of
Mr. MILLER, of Allegheny, Introdu.
cad a bill -incorporating the McKeesport
. ..Academy and Female Seminary.
Members of the State Temperance Con-
Tendon . were extended the privilege of
the floor.
rEnsoNAL Arar.RcATloNs.
- Mr; ..s.:ICHOLSON, of Beaver, had a
personal altercation with the Harrisburg
.Stale Gaard relative to i ems of. the ap
orOpllatickablli reported..
Mr—ADAIR, of Philadelphia, also had
a pivioasa altaimtion with the Philadel
phia ',Bulletin.. relative to statements of
corruption in action ou a Philadelphia
MLR PRIMO yrocet.r.x.
Vacating* portion of North street, in I
front of the Presbyterian Chum I in Ap
polio, Axinstrong county, and vesting the
mane in the church.
For emir, ferry over the Allegheny
from Canal street to Duquesne, touching
at Bash street and llerr's Wand.
Establishing. an .independent school
district out of ports of Allegheny,
JletWer and Washington.
Authorizing the school directors of
Uniontown, to barrow money. • I
Authorizing the School Directors of
lawman-We to sell real estate and bor-
Vow money. •
- Incorporating the Limestone Pipe As
seed ail= of Warren county to transport
oil toshipping points in the West.
DaeOrperating the German St. Francis
hospital of. Lawrenceville.
IsMorporatlng the Pittsburth and Tern
,perancevllic Paaaenler Itailwey Co.
Ineorporating the Federal street and
.IPSessant Valley Passenger Railway Com
'pany of Allegheny city.
Ineerporßileg Oso Beaver county Bank
ing and Bee Deposit Company,
For a bridge over the Allegheny. from
Ewsitlatroet, Pittsburgh, to mouth of
Glity's Hun, Capital $1 . 00,t0 O. •
Changing name of George Glenville
Tuck, of Pittsburgh, to George Glenville
. Tuck Jeremy'.
Incorporating the People's Passenger
Rattrap Compan ' y of Pittsburgh.
The Committee on Municipal Corpo
. rations have ad amendment to the Pitts
burgh consollchstiort c:t to exempt the
new districts from the payment of any
part of the Indebiednews of thoold clty,
.and imposing.the Same on the old
briefs, principal and Interest,
and the bill
swill be so reported.
The accommodation psesengerrsilroad
bill of Pinsliurgh was defeated,
em , Shorman (soya the New
York Tri.inte spode) has written a lot,
ter to the President respectfully making
to be relieved from coming to Washing_
ton to take mein:Pond of the new nallitnry
division. Tar-letter la addressed' to
Grant, and-is to be -submitted to -the
President by him.- Powders have writ
ten to General Sherman, asking him not
to think of resigning should the Presi
dent Midst upon his coming bete to Sr
e the new command.
_.-Che cashier of Ezra Goodrich it
ieronoticize in Exchange Place, , New
_or es reported to hove disappeared
lath !maim:mato three handred thoasand
dollars of e epployers' money in Ida
iIis):VVE , VV:IL.I6)aO', 634 :I:I
WAsionscrrom, February 19,1868.
The Chair submitted a cescummication
*Om the cigar makers of Columbus,
Ohio, praying for a modification of lox.
Mr. ThUMBULL, from Committee on
Judiciary, reported adversely on the bill
for the more efficient government of the
rebel States, with amendmenta. Also a
bill on the same subject. lie mid they
were c rendered unnecessary by the recent
amendment reported by the Committer,
to the supplementary reconstruction bill,
providing that a majority of the votes
cast shall decide elections.
Also, reported adversely the bill to
regulate service by the Court of Equity.
Mr. FESSENDEN reported a bill to
enlarge the Capitol ground,.
Mr. WILSON introduced a bill to re
imburse soldiers for clothing destroyed
on account of contagion.'
Mr. WILSON introduced& joint reap
lotion to restore Alabama to representa
tion In Congress
WIEZILEAN By act of March Mil, 1567,
entitled "an act eupplementary to an art
I to provide far the more elllcient govern
-1 meet of the rebel States," passed March
11367, and toTacilitate restoration, it in
provided that in the election for the rati
fication 'of the Constitution of each of the
rebel' States the electors) of the Stele
should have an opportunity to vote freely
and without restraint, fear or influence
of fraud:
• • •
Ave wumsaa, In the election for the
of the Constitution of Alaba
ma,electote,crwingto tlxirdiermissel from
employment, and hostile and menacing
actions of combinations of person. ' had
not MI opportunity to TWO freely and
without fear or 'riddance of fraud;
AND WIIEREA2I, CODgre•M is astisfied '
that the Constitution _of 'Alabama meeta
the approval of a majority of the qual
ified voters of the State; therefbre,
Resolved, By the Senate and pause of
Representatives of the United Stelae, &c.,
that the Constitution of Alabama la here
by declared to'be in conformity with
ths providons of the act to providefor
the more efficient government of rebel
states, passed March 2el„ 1867, and the
said Constitution la hereby approved,
and whenever the Logi-aeon-. elected
, under said Constitution ratify the
I fourteenth article of the Constitution of
the 'United States, proposed by Rilethlr
ty-nhath Congress, said state shall be ad
mitted to representation in Congress in
accordance with the laws of the United
States. -
Referred to Committee on Judiciary.
Mr. WILSON stated he would tall it
up at an early day, when hewould make
a statement of the outrages perpetrated
in that State in violation of the right to
vote without fear or restraint.
. Mr. MORTON introduced a bill to re
move the disabilities of Gov. Holden; of
North Carolina. Reterred., '
Mr. HENDRICKS introduced a bill to
amend the act for recording conveyances
of vessels and other purposaq Refer
Mr..TIMON Introduced shill to grant
aid to a railroad from Rinwnsville Ne
braska, and to other railroads In that
State that are to lnt.e f ;tt the Union Pa
cite Railroad. Re
Considerable discuaidon was eliVited
on the general subject Of all to railroads
by the bill extending the time for the
completion of the Dub - none and Sioux
City Railroad, celled., up by Mr. 'HAR
LAN, which was amended and panted.
Mr. WILSON moved to take up the
bill relative to officers dismissed from
the United Stated army by general court
Mr. HENDRICKS opposed the mo-
tion, urging the continuation of the :m
-ar:tatted business, namely: The resolu
tion providing for the admission of Mr.
Thomas ea Senator from Maryland.
Mr. WILSON'S motion wan icet on
I division, and the Senate took up the ape
dal order.
Mr. HOWARD addressed the Senate,
in reply to the remarks of Mr. TRUM
BULL yesterday. -
,Aver further debate Mr. SUMNER
withdrew hie amendment, that Mr.
Thomas was not entitled to take the teat
oath or to a seat- •
Mr. comanzo offered ono similar in
Means. HOWE end DAVIS spoke in
favor of the admission. Mr. Cannes+ op
poeed the admission..
Mr. CONKLING withdrew hie amend=
merit and Mr. DRAKE waived hit con
templated amendment.
Mr. JOHNSON closed the babel. In
favor of Mr. Thomas. The vote being
taken an the resolotiori for admission
it was rejected.
I eta—Meseta A.ntliony,Bayarci,linck=
slew, Cole, Davis, Dixon, Doolittle,
Feaseriden, Freinghuyeen, Grimes,
Hendricks, Johnson, Norton, Patterson,
iTenn.,) Rose Saulebru7,Tipton. Trum.
ball, Van Winkle, Wiley and Williams
Nays—Messrs. Cameron, Cattail,
Chandler, Conklin:: Connees, Cragine
Drake, Ferry, Fowler, Harlan, Render
, son, Seward. Morgan. Morell (Mates,)
Morrill, (Vermont,) Morton, Patterson,
at. H.,) Pomeroy, Ramsey, Sherman,
Sprague, Stewart Sumner, Thayer,
A aril, Wilson and 'Vats-2S.
Mr. Howe was paired with Mr. Ed
Mr. DRAKE then offered bin amend
ment, whichwea substantially the same. ,
the original resolution. but with the ad
dition at th teme end Of the words "that the
President intern:: the Governor
of Maryland, of the action of the' Senate
In the promises." Adoptad—Z' to
MOM% Cretan and Grimes not voting.
Mr. LAWRENCE, Ohio, from ludi
Clary Committee, reported a bill to 0.3-
tablLsh a Law Deoartnient, which was
ordered I. be printed and recommitted.
Mr. WILSON, lowa, from mime Com
mittee, reported back th, bill providing
for the surrender of persona convicted of
certain crimes, and asked it to be put
upon passage. The bill as amended by
the Committee provides that person
who may have been duly arrested, tried,
convicted and adjudged frailty of mur
der, piracy, assassination arson, rob
bery, or forgery, and when conviction
has not been reverent, shall be allowed
to enter or remain P r e siden t, Uted Suttee,
and authorises the on protium.
tion of ismisfacimy proo, that any Kith
person who has entered or is about to
enter the United SWAM, to return or I
cause tr o y b e rol an. Id.: such
convict tothe
which oe f may have been so convict:Xl.
Mr. JUDD asked Mr. Widen whether
the bill would exclude a person metric
ted of any such crimes and subsequent- I
ly pardoned by_nts government!
Mr. WILSON answered in the nese-
Idr..TUDD asked whether it would aP'
ply to a person *ha. after haring paid
the full penalty inflicted, as Imprison
ment for twenty years, and afterwards.
came to this country?
Mr. WILSON ',Mel it certainly could
could not be so construed.
I The bill passel without division.
The House proceeded to dispose of the
amendment% fifty-nine in number, re-
ported fr.= Committee of the Whole on
the Stale of the Union to the Legialatiee,
I Sts Appropriation bill.'
Mr. WASHBORNE, acting chairman
of the Committee on Appropriations,
withdrew the amendment pending on
adjournment of the House yes terday.
The drat question on which' the yeas
and nays were called was an amendment
adding twenty cen
per eppropria,
gone Tor the enooloYee of such 'lions.
Mr. WASHBURNE opposed It.
Id supporters contending It only car
ries out an existing law which .makd
the Wands permanent, the amendment
was adopted--eighty-eight to ferty-fiva.
The next question dicey by yeas and
nays was on amendment in reference to
the Court of Claims, providing that no
Judgment of that Court exceeding five
thousand dollars dual be paid out of the ,
appropriation. Agreed to—yeaa sedenty
tw4tenays =lug.
cuttu, d th e I
clerical force at the Exeentigve do wn
and forbidding oftlcers of the' army and
navy' Deing employed there on civil
duty, were, at the suggestion of Mr.
Weehburtie, of Illinois, rejected.
All the ameadments having been dis
pond or, tha.bill passatL
The handeweet into Committee of the
Whole on the Stale pf . the IJnion. Mr.
WASHBURNE, of WieliMik
in the
Chair, on the army appropriation tot.
The bill appropriates in the agvemde
Mazt,p93. The following are the pax
cipsl epproprlattents: Fay of army,
Oman Millions; rissunutation of officer.
subsistence. $2,133,4= , Magas} end hos
pital „DePattment, PAM. quarter-,
„,p s tars Department, regular supplies,'
Aye aglow.; .44narte t r Ciener .
and inoiden* pepeneee, wo mil ll pen,
Trartsportatio,n r arm:Ale million;
Ordnance Cs's 110(1,MO• uartere fer
officers end trocigatwo Sti; 'AMMO*
and arumer at Idabel, VS*
OW; Repainted 1124111.900. .
After some debate ipa n'l.-tioad• a
of order that the - proviso iantrleri
to "tha item for pityof Hie anejahclilld
not be atte4o ll to PrOt*T l OF the
ducting/ af ui• army-
Str. BLAINE conamted that the pro
-11119/1/- WV* "a /4 tOA pcdigt
ki , ,W:B - Li; .r k --- o--.__,,
7.,' ' .:•,,,-., 41 -1). 178
. .5 . , , .5.. -,:-:_:- -II - 7. ...v.- 4 .-j": -. -,---' , - - • ' - . 4 ...,:! OA- . .
- .p.•;V" ,, a,.. , 2,,."'''''-;',. r•_-__ a , r e.4- - A y,,j-. • -'- , .l . ? rbir,4,'' - •
- --
-/ - i• tl ~.' _ -lam
_ :,........ -
_,, --- -,- - Y41 , - 1 , 3„-- i-„, , ;--4-...-_,,,..?„... ,-.,4„. -. _ . . I .* • •!. I I . 164:Y1
. '
... • " . .' , -1.. ' 77 :r*,:: , 1 ‘ Vp: . : 4X5 11 6 \ 4 '' ' C " 3 1 ...--
3' ; , ft , / t
. ...-- •
Z 1 . #
,e)„.,,ts ,
''' ' I ' -.1 f - ,--L, -----:- ~.- .-- - 7 r."- .. - _--- --- -- :..-_.•-- _,.--,-. -. I' '—', 7 ..,2',......., - ••••ire....--.,,,...,.._ ..—,—. --_,_ .---- 1
It 111
. I
1 •
and then meverlthit It be deserted , at the
end of the bill. The proviso as malifted
1.4 as follows: "Provided, the expeudi
tare of money herein appropriated shall
be limited and controlled by the follow
ing condition until otherwise ordered by
law: no now commission shall be issued
In any regiment except to those who are
by law - entitled to appointment asSecond
Lieutenants by graduation at the United
States Military Academy, but this pro-
VXSIOn shall not be construed to deprive
any officer of whatever promotion may
be opened to hint by the occurrence of
vacancies.' •
Mr. PILE made the pointer order that
thin ass independent legislation, and,
therefore, not in order is an appropria-
tion bill.
The CLIME overruled the paint
The proyleo gave rise to considerable
discussion. Meeers. LOC/A.IZ, PILE and
WASHITERNE, of Ind., opposing it on
the pound of lot favoritiem to Wust
Point Cadets, and Mr. SCHENCK op
posed it., being no attempt to legialate
generally loon appropriation bill, which
he considered wrong.
Mr. ELAINE asked Mr. Schenck
• . - - -
whether he was in favor of maintaining
the army at its present strength. until
mattere worn settled, which did not seem
very likely to be nettled for a year or
two. He believed there was a general
disposition, as soon as the condition of
the country would admit of it, to resort
'to some sy = stem or reduction of the army,
but what he objected to woo a piece of
reform, which be referred to, and which
would render something else necessary
hereafter, to be thrust into an appropria
tion bill. The question should be lento
the Appropriation Committee.
On sr vote by tellers the amendment
was agreed to—fifty-four to forty-three.
Ilitring the further discussion Mr.
PI ISE anked Mr. Blaine whether the pro
viso which he had otfertel was favoredby
General Grant, remarking ho did not ac
cord with the General's views as sub
mitted to the .Committee on Military
Mr. BLALNE replied ho had this
morning submitted to General Grant the
prey'o in the printed bill, but he object specifying the number of regiments
to which the army shall be reduced, and
he (Mr.. Blaine) had then and there writ
ten, according to General Grant's dicta.
Bon, which the Committee had adopted.
Mr. LOGAN took exception to an in
sinuation by Mr. Blaine as to thejeal
ousy of West Pnillt, and said ho had been
educated to fight tricks whenever he met
them. anti he saw a trick attempted to be
passed off on the House, as had been
dote to-day. He justifie s himself in his
remarks without asking any gentleman
td be his censor. He had no prejudice
against West Point, hut protested that
neither West Point, nor East Point, nor
South Point, nor North Point, nor Main
Paint, should introduce a trick in Le
' gielation. He wits as good a friend as
Gen. Grant hail and he wanted the cour
iers of West Point to quit insinuating
against him that he wan attacking Gen:
Mr. BLAINE said, in reference to the
expression about tricks in legislation.
that the proviro, which was .in the bill
originally, had been „reported by the
Committee on Appropriations. and a di
rect, explicit, double leaded, plain
printed proviso. The' gentleman from
Illinois had gone off In a good deal of
temper about something.
Mr. LOGAN hoped Mr. Blaine would
withdraw the word "temper." (Langh.
Mr. BLA.LNE repeated the words
good deal of temper and denial hat
mg charged 11r. Logan with jet:Duey c
Weed Point. He simply said, while to
had no pleinditao against West Point, he
had no jeatousy of it. The gentlemen
could not, If he tried with ever so much
temper, get him Ina quarrel here.
(Mr. Logan kiseed hie hand to Mr.
Blaine amid much laughter.)
Mr. BUTLER, ns one of the metllb s en
of Ilse Committee on Appropriations,
said be did not wish to be made ream,
Bible for the proviso, for it never
had been communicated to him. He
wished to w ash his heeds of It, and say
the country had fallen on evil times when
the army was to be cut up oreut down
at the cameo or under. direction of any
officers of the United Stites. The army
bad been put in the hand, of the
reprmentativs of the people, and the
lost man who ought to intinenee those
representatives as to the strength of the
army was the Generale( the Army. Civil
and military powers should oe kept .114-
Una. lie trusted he might say so much
without any imputation of bad taste or
had faith toward any one. Such a pre
cedent was one in which the future might
prove fatal to the libertias of the country.
The Label" of the Republic had bet s .
careful to guard against It by allowing
nobody. except the President of the
United States, to give sivite or Instr..-
. dons to Congress.
My. BLAINE expressed the hope it
w mid never be considered derogatory to
the charneter of the first °Meer of the
army to recommend a redaction of mili
tary foram.
Mr. BUTLER asked where in the Con•
stitution any right of the General of the
Army could be found to recommend
auything to Congress'
Mr. BL SINE .id be wrim not speak
ing about the Constitution. If the Gen .
ieral were recommending an Increase of
the military force, there might be some,
grounds f.,r jealousy and sanattivansaa,
but when he recommended a reduction,
he could see no cause for alarm..
-- Mr. PILE, in reference to Mr. Butler's.
remarks about the bad taste in union
Gen- Grant's name In the discrtaslon,
said the violation of good taste had been
on the part of the gentleman himself.
Mr. BUTLER invited Mr. Pile to state
exactly what Gen. Grant did recommend
to the Committee on Military .Affairs
Mr. PILE declined. .
Finally the disc-mission avast and the
Committee proceeded with other portions
, of the bill.
The item approprieting tten,ooo for an
senal anti armory atltoek Island, gave
todlscpaslon.._ It was agreed to.
Mr. VAN WYCK moved to amend by
addingthe following proviso: "Provided,
no money appropriated by this act shall
be used to pay for any new cannon or
small arms." Adopted.
Without disposing of the bill the Coat.
mitten ruse. •
The SPEAKER presented a comnun•
(cation from the Secretary of the Treas.
l i nry, relative to the transfer to the Into.
or De - fartment of jcirmilletion over
certain Indian matters now exercised by
the Treasury Department. Referred to
the Committee on Indian Affair,
Also, a message from the President,
with a report of the Attorney General
mto pardons granted to persona convic- '
td of making or passing counterfeit
money. Referred to the Judiciary Com
Also, a inemage from the President,
with correspondence and infonnation in
,relation to Russian America. Referred
to the Committee no Foreign Affairs.
Mr. BLAINE - Mked Mare to offer a
resolution requesting the President to
communicate all the cormapondeneo in
reference to conferring on Ident. General
Sherman the brevet rank of General, and
the correspondence relation to the
establishment of a stew military division.
Mr. ISIBLACK objected, but eulfrse.
qnently withdrew the objection, and the
resolution was offered and adopted.
Mr. LoqAzi Introduced an act re
voking the authority of Cho Secretary of
the Treasury to pay per contage for the
sale of Government socuitim or honthi,
and repealing all laws a r ethorizing the
appointment of agents for the pureme of
negotiating or smiling Government secu
rities or bonds. Ile:erred to Committee
of Wave and Mean.. •
Mr. )3ROOMALL, from the Committee
on Accounts, to whom had been referred
certain charges against Mr. Ordway,
Sergeant-at-Arms, presented a report
'signal by four or live, members-of the
Committee, endingresolution that
the Committee be dbreharged from tbe
further consideration ef subjert. Ile
.tared Mr. McCulloch ;dis the agreed to the
report and might present a minority re
j P' A r . t sjoumed.
Mulatto and ctoeineatt R
an et 01111071..
:B1 201/H7•14 1 b tae rltt•Calri
CiactimaTl, Febrgary 19.--The annu
al meeting of the Marietta I Cincinnati.
Railroad Company 70." held at Chilli
cothe to-day. * Col. John Madeira was
. . .
appointed Chairman. The annual re
port.. for the year 067 were submitted
and ordered to be published. The fol
lowing gentlemen wore then elected to
serve I. directors for the ...log year:
Messrs.. Jn King, Jr, Thoma.
Whiltridge. o John Hopkins, V. Oliver,
C. Dann el and Allan A. Chapman. of
Baltlmoie; J. N. Camden, of Parkers
burg; Wm. Pleader, pf Comaltution,
Ohio; D. A. Schulte, or Chillicothe, Ohio;
'Nathaniel Wright, It Pl. Bledsoe, li. C.
Lard, BriggsSwilt, and Samuel B. Keys.,
of Cincinnati.
Ap gupbsequent meeting of the Direc
tors Mr. 'John. 74'.2 . , Jr.,. wee elected
Prilident of the Ced.wpani. Mr. King
Is well known as thmoe resent Vim Presi
dent of the Baltire p and Ohio - Railroad
CR l n =l 7 ,itiun was panned, by nearly •
unanimous vote, sitappipg further scrip
disidends on preference' .4 - CU. The
whole number of shares represented at
iLtd, meeting was one hundred. end eigh
ty-three thousand four hundred and
twenty-four, amormtlng to nine tell-
Don one hundred and smelly-one thou
slued two hundred end PLnrdoUari,
Arrest of a Prussian Subject.
Elopement by an American Consul.
Royal Family of Hanover
Political Disturbance in Portugal.
Conscription in 13 razil
Farewell to U. 8. Minister Adams.
American Fleet and France
inclose .'Buy Bias.'
Arrests lor Ite Performance
By T Corm% to tte,Plttsbaroh tissotta.)
LoNtnr, Feb. 19.—Allen, the Fenian
prisonef, who was dlntharged from cus-
tody yesterday, alter being examined on
the charge of causing the Clerkenwell
•zploalon, was soon after rearrested and
Imprisoned on enhance of murder.
The House of Commons this evening
passed the bill for the continued suspen
sion of habeas corpus In Ireland.
Leading members of the Liberal party
propose to give a farewell dinner to the
United States Minister, Charles Francis
Sir George Sheri, Judge of the Court
of Queen's Bench, died to-day.
BERLIN, February 19.—1 n the I'rus.
sian Rouse of. Deputies, yesterday, the .
Government wee asked to ea - plain why
the United States Consul at Jerusalem
was allowed to procure the arrest of one
Markey,: A Jewish subject of Peuseisi.
with wlictise ward,. a young girl, the
American Consul : sought to elope, and
why, after her guardian hod been thrown
into prison to facilitate the attempt, the
Prussian Consul at • Jerusalem refused
his demand, as a subject of the King of
Prussia, ter protection,
The case creates much feeling among
the Jeww, who regard it as involving
rights and principles similar to ['last,
violated in the Mortara affair In Rome,
anti who represent that the outrage is au
insult to Prussia.
Macon Von Dor Goya, the . Glinsneo
Mi.:net., replied that the German Co rt 4
at Jerusalem was a Federal not a Pm,.
elan representative, and consequently
the application for information must IA
mule to the Chancellor of the North
German Confederation.
VIF.NNA, Feb. IN.—Thu 221.1f1bvt, of
the royal familyof Hanover. and a nu..
her of their adherents, now lo this ci:
net at a priva• o baugnet this week',
hick the King wee present. It k
iertai that in C eipecch the K ing assur
he company he would soon return ho •
.nti resume his seat on the throne
lanover, in spite of Prussia. '
LoNun:4, February PL—Dispatrhoss.nd
letter. from Unbolt represent that polls
val agitation In Portugal aontinnes. The
now government is very unpopular rind
tumults are reported in varionA pars of
the,eountry. -
LONDOX, February 18.--Erratng.—T
Parts Temps of to-day S/1111 twenty.
sons were arrested ou the eictuul
rUr6OlllOl of Victor Hugo's drams, "1
Blaa," at Odeon.
FinnENcr., February 1:1-Erryt
A report IA current that the French Gov
ernment bedotelled a frigate t,, watch
the movements of the Unitech States
?umadrou under Admiral Farmmd, in
the eastern end of the Tdeditarranean.
DCBLIN, Feb. 19—ticonln g. r
f Dablin /rialgzaan, Len been con
loved of publishing tn . ...0n:0,10 and a.-
littoas libel".
Private mildews from lire t til +Lite a
general conscription hna been ordured
by the government to provide reinfore,
meat% (or tho array on the Parana.
Feast KFORT, February 10.—U. S.
bonds firm at l'lll.
LIVEMPOOL, February 10—Ererna0.
Cotton salsa and buoyant closed Can:
middling upland. in port at Of, to arrive
1,1. Orleans 10; anion of "21,(00 bal e s.
Amount of cotton lett at Bombay for
this port In December wu 13,00,0 , 0
bounds, and since then to the 11th loot,
was 45,0 D 0 bales. Braudstutis without
change. Zee declined to 1140.. l'ork
(lUD at 111. Sugar had au advance:tot:ls
Spirits; or turpentine to 1414, other.
Airrwsnr, February 111. , —Fetrolcum
cloned firm at an adyanee, standard
erbitio 411( GOO. •
PAW., F ,
Februarruary y IP.—lten l9, — s 0100.
Consols closed at 021. 'MP. 711. Illinois
Central gab Erie 4lli.
Whiteman. Deseserette mute
ay Telegraph to tits Pinshergh Uuette. l
MAntsort, Vie., Feb.
critic State Convention met today and
an Hon. Chas. Dunn fur Chief
Justice,nd E. Holmes Ellis for AIM,
elnte Justice. ;
The following were elected delegates
et largo for the National Democratic
Convention: 11. 1.. Palmer, Nelson
Dowey, Sat Clark, G. Houck, and two
delegates from each district. Presiden
tial Electors—George 11, Smith, 0. I,
Park. N. D. Fratt, A. (I. Cooke, !theses
strong, F. P. Smith, Samuel Ryan,
and Theo. Rudolph.
The delegates ware instructed to vole
as a unit.
[palates llepabiteme b eleuveotioa .
Dentarraroms, February 19.—Tbo Re
publican Mate Convention meets In thin
city to-morrow. A lame number of del
egates , are already bore. I Governor
Baker will be nom - Mated by acclama
tion for re-election. Eton. Com
back has the inalde track for Lieut. Gov
ernor. There will be a epirited contest
for the other others.
Ilow Jeresy Loglolataro. . .
CBI toleyspb to tt•littsburstillist..l
Tux: roe. Feb 19.—Tbe 'resolutions
withdrawing the ortsent of lime Jersey
to the 14th eons itutionni amendment
passed the Sonste;by cloven toseson.
=Wes from Crete to January IlOth,
represent the pinspecta of the lurks
there as more gloomy than over. • They
have been defeated In several engage
ments of late, whit severe lumen. The
Musselman population are becoming
distrontealed, sad the troops have shoa•u
mutinous distiositlon. Sawas
ban utterly failed of getting even into
the outer verge or his pecludic of Spha•
kis, having tutee been driven back in
disorderly tlight.l The island is now in
a more successful state of revolution
than even Anna and provisions con
tinue to be sent Into Crete from all attar
tore: women and (children continue to dee
from the island to Greece. On the 2ith
of January a Koalas oorvette landpd
1,400 women mdchlldren from Crete at
the Norse= The number of Cretan
non-combatants In Greece la sixty-three
thousand. The Provisional Government
ban appealed to the Christian' POWIMI to
send ehiPs for Ws conveyance of Cretan
families to Greeoe,'sno has &hi° protest
ed against the erneltles lately perpetra
ted by the Sultan's mercenaries. i
_~~ ,1
The Expatriation Question
Another Bill Prepared
l'reEit4ent and Baltimore Counei!a,
A. J. Replies to Compliments
Some "Constitutional" Talk
Cr, T•terrsa b ton s . !MUM rirb
WAsHINoTON, Feb..l9,
cOL . xT Sf AnTIAt.srMISESC E.
Thn naval court martial sentenced
Captain Collins to suspension front rank
and ditty for three vears, receiving the
pay of a Captain on the retired list, amd
to be publicly reprimanded, for the loan
of the steamer BaMaMento. Lieuten
ant vonimandor Bade, navigating
eel; of the SarraMent!>, Is:rived a simila
mmtence of one instead of three yearr.
Ban have bubo approved by the S.NrO
tsar of the Nary and honed In a general
order. •
TllO nOll9O Committee on Foreign Af
t iirs to-tley agreed upon the following
1,111,as it submit tite fur the one heretic:
fore reported he them. General Bank.,
Chairman o f the Committee, will report
it at the earliest opportunity:
WnEKEA., The right of expatriation
is a natural and inherent right of all
people, Itollspen , able to the enjoyinent
of the right of life, liberty. and the pur
suit of happiness, for the protection 0
which the government -of the United
Shiite. soon established:
AM. Wu gitnAs. In the rear Ignition o
this principle this tievernment has free.
ly received emigrants from nil nations
and invested them with the rights of cif
Atili %Vaunt:as, It is claimed that al
such American eltinue. with e reiendants are subject. of foreignPhils
owing allegiance to the government.
Ave it NI:II6AS, it is Iteeeieutry to li,
niaintenenee of the pu hi it: priu•it that thi.
claim of foreign glance should b
promptly and foully dienvowisir there
Zre it enacceit . ste.„ that city doelaration,
instrueslomUipution, order, or deoision I
any timer, tf this,
denies, reetriets, iniltatra, or 11‘..otIpO ,
the right of expatriation, is hereby di—
eland mennsistent with the fuodamoutal
prineipirs of the government, and there
fore and void.
nti,. Y. Tlat.t all paturalir.ed eitiaena of
the United States in foreign Staten
entitlesl aud {Mal thin tio,
,rrunent the same proteetion of person.
and property error-dell to unto, limo
eitirens in like Ait.tion.
S Lg. 1. That whenever it Khali be duly
made known to the Pr.itlent that on y
rulers of Ihr United Shatra has been ar
reatitd and in detained by any Ilireign
government in rontraventtori. •,f t th he e ial
tent and purpose of this art, upon
legution that natUrallLation in the
slates does not operate tn. dissolve hi.
•dleulatire to los WO ivt, itovorolgo,
nr if any citizen ...hail have he ,, n
orMatetl am! detained, whose release
upon demand 'shall have •• l•enn
unreasonably drifter,' or refusnd. the
President shall hts awl hereby is empow
ered to order, arrest and detain cti•t , -
nly any enilart nr elutes , •1 . mph hotel
who may Is. f•••tithl within
the jurisa int ion of thn United States, and
the President shall without delay give
Oirorznatloo 1,, CI .670.0 of .3 ny n 11•11
s eetiding Under this net.
The following . II the reepon.. of Preni
,i , •nt John.. to Committee from
Ha:Union.. who preemind Mtn roe re
batten , of or the municipal Council of the!
eito, imune and
e aimiestly Inciting him to Ntsit that city
am profoundly thankful for th,
vat roArtlon of approval by the Council
of the • city of liainruere of my
ofliolat eolith] , an Chief I:aeon:leo i•f
thin nation. Thin manifenantion of ,In
lidenco from the cttireu. of linltimure
at thin time I. eon curlyacceptable and
gratifying. Our country in now in the
midst of grave Perlis, and our free innti
tattoo.urn more endangered than
when during the rebellion tote arcuien
struggling for the itetaibitc in the
livid. In thin critical eatislitsenuf
affair. it behoove , every s-itireti. who
feel., ail tr leered in the prelervatten
emoditittional Ishert.., to anmeider thAt •
nisr'n ,n governMent- or law, d
'repitre of our legislatures. thnt
when a great nicasore Is pr0r0.4.41
the 11141 inoniry almlk, di-,..1t conform to ttie Cos-m.llton., abh
they hage sailetnnly /tweets to .rapport.
It would lot the greab.nt of vieterlen i!
, the publir mind, carnet, bock within the
I pale of Ma I:onstltutlon, would
that, all legintateut some.,! bemtri,tly
.eel by the organs.. Ti,, idea 0;j
lt:0 , itll,loll IPo longer existn,
Mat aiti/01.11 laN, 1111,i
iit made 0
risihmia rat Ito pre•lsiiinn, taunt
ottimately lead to deepotintn and tyrnst
ny. If the tldiCiAi and Ecineutive
iiranebes are to be broken down. and the
government revelvt , l into mid plainnel
under the control or the begislative de
partment; If the right, and Interontn and
deetinten of lids great emint.y are to to
tran•ferred to the tumuli. of a few, whomo.
t., tuenntire of floor paper,
mite republsean in•ti t °lion* will neon
yield to the wont niceilitsw deep. Pau
ever witneneed by the world. The *trot:.
glo In which I (lave totem et - intr.:led to •
Ito nit Marrs lair toy own aggran
dize:tient. :sly no', aim has boen to
bring. hark the neivertunimt io the
,lain principle , of the Con4titution.
If I imuld iiiennitplinli that t htet, the
meaner , of my rim! item would indeed
Ina tled to orllowitin. That great end
ehle il ced,lt wo ve uld be the hlghent pleigaure
ht, ith•, making my fever core to the
pteiple, end giving toy thank heaYen,
to yield toy antitratiesse to others,
repeat that theeucouragenient given
me On thin or...union in very iseceptisble
ntoutrent heart, When xisrrontidel by
011 tan Ithd 111 , 11MCIA lip neein
era ntPnanro and !support. 'rt. , kind ex -
reenlonn n(approval of the Cite
II of galls more, nitieerely appreciatd,
ill bit ronietnhered pith gratitude en
mg an lir. +hail Lint.-
AND o.ool'
Commodore Charles 11. Ctsir will he
A le:ached from eonininlid of the naval
01111 nn et Minitel City, on the (lent of
May; Commodore II en ry Wilke Inis burn
mitered to notionand that tired; brevet
Lieut. Col. 11. C. Morgan, Captain V:th
Infantry, placed oil the retired list of fix
army; Ilruvet Brig. (ion. G. b. shepherd,
Colonel or
lantry. dered
regiment lsl In ll
the Third Military f Distrini,
to take commnml of the huh District of
Brevet Motor 11. T. Clarke, Lietitenan
Colnitel and Aiiedstatit Commissioner ci
Subsistewee, Is ”111101111i , i cbior
itlirutary forth. Mili , ary iliVl4lot) of AllN
11001:1, relieving Brevet lirignilier (letter
mJ. (1.111 , m1 lininoe wilt 1. 0
Jut on duty at Imarigittirtrirainntil Co:
thor orders.. Brevet Brigadier 3. D
Itugghw la announeed as AdJutent Gen
era' of the Department of the East.
Mr. Nome. Chalrina!) of 010 Repub
lican Stale Conintliteo of 61nbIinm, and
motufler elect of tho Haase, arrived here
and WON n the floor to-day. lle says
many rogintored voters YrOft. Intimidated
from going to the pollx, and the mind,
AIOSI of Alabama. in Ithperatlvely di
mantled no nreeseary for the protection
people and the preeervation of maw*
which we, to have conintenced on th
2lth Instant, 111111 been postponed v. th
next term, at the bequest of the proseett
lion, and is likely to go over till Ma , .
on COll.Ol fir defense will be unabi
to try it In Mare!. or April. „
Tho bill for the - OrganiraCion ore Law
Depertruent reducer the cpenses of the
Attorney General's ofllee i and branches
dollen+, nod Montan.. tho faces
of Solicitor of, Internal Revenue, indite
Advocate General, Aseintant do, one
2nd and two let elms 'Vreeaurer's, clerks,
• • •
The Committee nu !Accounts of the
House, Who Woo ordered to examine tho
recounts of Sergeant-at-Arms Onitv.Y.
endorso his honesty nod faithfulness
to duty.
• • . -
A delegation of the City Connell of
Bantu - tore to-dny prenented to the Pr
!dent resolution, of that body eotopli
rneutary to him.
eyrie coit'ir.sren mmerrotr.,
It la understood Mai a inttitY of PG
fioune Election Commit ye agreed
to report In fsvcr of Storgan's right to
neat from the Eighteenth Ohio District.
Senator Yet ■ Intends noon to call up
the bill for the admlealon of Colorado,
and press a vote.
UT Teter...ooi , the Pittabuill dasolt..l
RICIIMOND, Frit. 19..-The Supreme
Court to-day decided the stay. law en
constitutionel and void ee regards deeds
or trust, which was the only question In
the coon.
The Convention today eetnmenced the
conaideration of the Franchise commit
tee's ruport, the Jinn Hoc-lion, declaring
that every'lnale citizen aged twenty-one
yearn, etc., shall Vote, being under din.
eussion. •
ATLANTA, Feb. 19 —ln tbe Conven
tion a resolution instructing the next
Legislature to enact each laws as will
compel all . eOttlflloll- carriers ho provide
twi,ornmodalions for all 'persons without
discrimination, was tabled—yeas sixty
lire nays sixty. A resolution to pro
hibit the Legislature froin enacting such
law was badly detested.
The Commanding tieueral was reques
ted by a resolution to protect the people
from oppression of bail processes until
they have extwessed their will In regard
to t he constitution.
..ftu affair of honor Dr. We.t
rnorelaml and Mr. rowero,f
cut short yoofertlay,byl o arrosi of
the former.
., February 19.- , -T •0 Canyon-
gon yesterday and to-day dept.] the .
of Rights. It emixostielt some now
The majority report of tho Commit/no
on ,witfrage, with two tuinorltv append
ages, has been the subject of aiscuksion
yesterday and to-day. The tnajorlty
lort Is \iberal, extending suffrage to .011
males f twenty-one yearn of ago Mal
upwards. Thu minority reports Insist
upon disfmnehising whites to some ex
Several applications for dirorro worn
considered, itgainst the remonstrances of
the President and others, but not deter
A strong movement is being Inaugu
rated to reconsider the ' , MIMI of the bill
of rights tho, validity of the
I.publie debt.
TA.I.L.fIiAS.SF., Feb. 19.—The Conceit,:
lion In-day, be a vote of twenty-five l rr
fifteen, teetered Mess!, 11:11inge, Senn
den, refire° anti hichardson in:
eligible and their *eats vacant_ :Ir.
Wow., bypermission, defended
his claim to eligibility in a violent
speech. The excitement ran very
high, and litilingq declared his el,Il
- Ca control the negro vote. The lobby
waslcrowded with white and colored
i ta4 , l whu•inaniftetteif es
little interest '
the overthrow of tlifiMiegatet. The till
norlty repast, defending the eligibility
~r tine Illelol , ol , In 111.-4111 On, wu present
ed but sot adopted.
The Ceirtontion adjourned idler the
third reading of the • quoetion •uf eligi
After ltillrntnant. iccolort‘l delogat •
ons attacked by ouothie negrosupporte
f the Billings party,:lend struck Inc no
tint: against the expelled Inenllm.f. int
of the 11.-. suiting Party we. Knot throng!
the Ido by ti delecom, who, the ilinico:t,
we. stopped and the parties arreetod by
the pntlm.• .
Gon. itl'esule and , left for Atiant ,
this morning, end It know probable
du , work for which the Convention was
.0..11.41 nest( 14, voork,jo,t,l.
I nittni.iarri..
la,_tArtnr adopting t 6.•
nI•N n 1,116.11 nrdinan,a, and
. .
ordortng that taco .14•Ittgate4 hr appoint
preaPat [hi. aunt , I to Gentral
thf•Conventoth .4.u:llrd to allow t
tl.l of the hall to th!,.. Democrat, S
Convent.... t.
lattar toldy it t ,ts.tly sitonth
Itiottt of tvuntirta twing rritrtsentt
Nl:tv reh. t,..—th the c 4.11-
I , titi.n to-.lay Unit trilen
the l'ortventiou wljourna It upt nd
1.,n t d,n, C wnh jwt. to the 4,11,f
CC,, Prt,iJtent, laid "it,. The tinun-
,110,1,1 .1
hoa, r tl a proaaft.k t., Ilea Con.titu..
Couv•altion nil
Ira rq't•rillEry 19. —The
.11t hu• (Or La. at_ptekt eighty n
ontiny ,
th , , !Pt le ~t lStitiliiilt• it II
It .11.ty Oab tilt. work andl
scipm rn
-I . ..ttlier HA, .t l'Ath..lle prins%
n.t% van 11.. 4,itrt of St.
• t.. •.s 0,0 ground thrt
he 3 I re..4ll•'f, 16 the
I e .‘,0••••) - s:! and as
the to require
hh 5t.:•c0 . ..1an. , is :lily .•‘!‘....ity.sieept
• rof .t ..r ~ t at. law. Itwas
Is•tivt-ss.ll , s et.un.alln
IleitP , .? ' 4 .u/a t*.ti , Y
• tai.:ll4 011
—Johi; SulltAtto:errestetl in Louirtvill•
n ot e t!lntrit .a Wltil robbing
II to sotaliern I;A pr:.,., Irretelett, Tenn..
11.0 hew: o olsoetest and sent.,
etsl A; the, teelltaultary for It. pars.
--Th. forni Legishature hie pass
ist unanimously a rinolpAlon wtletta; the
Prowiest :wet Conttre.4 t. honoraloy net
;tot. , :Intl annex littlish Colombo% in the
United Stet.-e. '
I:enicll orttanirst it'll on the P.,
roa-t, it to reportesh Is bring 0.e...hi
L.n3 ith clot prob Able; ;Wen
non of to-thing a' .11.1 on the Ilrittsh
l'oesneelons. • :;
—Jan.; Vree'nen h. been ennmie
I in the Unit. 1 Hunee - Diet,.let Court
New 1 . 111.. - a hlving exh.rted tnuur•.
iltle in him onicill Luyx•t ,
ftvvvtitio. :
—Netvi ham lent ret'aivetl tit Havana
that the 01 Now tirenitla,
ttibled at lt , gatti ' hat ditchirad Sautes
11titiorri, Prio.idont 01010 Itettaidlei
—ln Niagara river. Tueadav, three
tarn—l .I,Na and . 11001“. Tlioturson
and William Alciantlar—were drowned
hr the ettiodzlnti t via 1,0:11.
—C. It., fooliatant lionerai
Soperlnitindont td the Merchant% Union
It priota, that - taidtlittily on Tuesday
night at Clifton Siiring , i, N. I'.
-,Geortgo It. Ilagitobt toltatvo factoryat
Hannibal, Mi3oollli, NVYL , melted /1 few
day, ago for ' violation of the rovanue
—r;overnor Billiocir, or .51,ouientloetts.
TtPli the bill talwaling tho istaun
'aupttabuiltry law.•
—Tho Splrttnallata or Weatorn Ne•w
'cork aro holding It Couvoutiott at LW-
Al balis.333.—A Mein ratio.
I rev ~114. dollar 11'1 fail to kap any
idly...jut pain within five minutes: Ido
it free of charge; and not constantly,
relieving thousands W ho intim been given
tit. as 11 utelelm, , 'Mon why pay - donor
alter dollar to , M'VtOrPt wllO charge yrnt
roundly,7nd rayon suffer pain. I tuns
not Whitt ails you ( 14111. k, if you have
pain, .401. at NtY. 170 Chatham square,
New York, or 0= Arch street, Philadel
phia, and .110 1,1111,31 without 133111 or
4,1,..11., If you cannot 1.01110 you can
buy Wolcott',;' Paint (st now reiticdvi
no druggist..., at, rents., It Will do
tho work astonishingly quick. -Yon 3
word :Mout entnettling that la very an
noying, very dieguniing, yet very. com
mon, and nut ono doctor in twenty knows
any 3.11014 It. It IN a 11i110330 called
Catarrh; one third of the people aro vio•
thus; it eutumenees in the head and whim
at the lungs lu oumnimptlon• the' amp
toms aro hawking and spitdeg, phlegm
1 dropping into the throat, head heavy and
dull, eyesweak, throat more, nostrils run
ning thin mucus or intlamod, voice often
changed, lona ofamell, dearneas °yi:ll4ex
ht the head, and u constant succession of
13/111`, in the head, me plain ludicaLlona.
Some Intro all of thew symptoms; others
only very few of them; yet they have
Catarrh badly. I Just, use adollar bottle
of Wolcott's, Instant Pain Annihilator
for thin complaint: but be careful ,and
buy none unless id puro white ontside
wrappers; small, 2.1 cents: full pints, $l.
I.:.Wot.corr, Proprietor,
No. 170 Chatham square, N. Y.
We advlsentir readers to rut this out and
avail themselves of the above oiler when
Vf O have recilved from Itleasra. Barr,
Ruske &Boulder, of St. Clair stmt. tor
oral now and pleasing pieces of music,
"Copriko by Moninger;
"Wanderreer Night Song," by Otto Behr;
" Thero in joy to heart when the lov
ed ono is nign,“ by Mrs. S. L, end
O pretty IsOlsd Tor the guitar by Menlo
gor culled " Gilt of night end dew," all of
which can Lnl had. at the' store of the
abovo musical gentleman. -
We base retained from W. A. (Illtlon
-15400Y. No 45 Fifth slreot, The Lady's
wltlehon usual, le what it Mb
' (note. to i.o, a callculian of thing" inter
esting in fashion and literature: Also, the
March nutubsr of Pktrtani. 3fogartne,
lac h Is ntlll an Improvement au the fa r
-goer numbers.' Taert -are at leant three
articles *nab" reading In thin number,
a thing which can rarely be said of ping
ulnas now a days.
; . --•---
Ilse Cradle • Counts' Pretem it.-
eneeed to lb' Union Beanelimn '....
tae voter..
tines—ls la Referred to
sae Vetere.
A • Meeting o the Union Republican
Executive Committee was held yester
day afternoon Id the office of C. C . Tay
lor, Esq., onOrant street. In the alawnce
of .1. H. Miller, Esq., Cl. T. 'M. Bayne
was chosen Yrkident. l ifter the minutes
were read, Geheral Pwirsain, Chairman
of tho Sub-CoMmitteo aimminted at the
toot meeting iti , referentSa to the proprie
ty of adopting the Crawford county
system, reportisl that he had correspond
ed with tearful , gentlernen on the sub- ,
Ject, and prow tal to the Committee the'
followitig lettl. • I
NI Ativit.t.i, Feb', I'2, 180. .
DISH Slit : !Please receive, herewith.
a copy of the ;tiles for making notillns,
Oman In this! eounty.r Eteporience has
shown themnot to to free tram abuse,
but the workings of this sytatem, under
them, hoe heel u deckled improvement
over the prep ding anie--of
.. having dela,-
gat - iis - to make nemintitions. Tho abuse
has been Mon I In the allowance of per
none to vote si ho were i not lit sympathy
with the party. Whorl this can be
guanled agalMat, this sytitem is preferable
to all others. A later amendment ex
cludes from voting at/ who do not protri-
Pie to support the ticket at the ensuing
eloction and allOws weak - ma:arriving adage
between the primary and fall elections to
vote at the former. I
Very respectfully,
Divin Diadems.
Gen. A. L. 14 i nfaori. I '
iteriomi Pidirniiii then presented the
following report of the system as it is
now work - 111OCrawford County:
First. The.eandidatos far-the several
offices shall hive their'nanies announce.l
In ono or more of ill& county rinners at
least throe weleks preVlous to the pri
teary tin etnign, stating the office. and
subject to tho'f ac tion
r of lthe party at the
mitt primary meeting.
screed. TAO voter, rclpontling to no
rubtlewg prinliplo, iti each ,own, word
o r borough altall meet on dm Seth day of
August, at-lir usual place of holding
the Spring ela Akins, at 2 o'clock p. m.,
and priossol to elect Ono parson for
Judge and two persons fur Clerks, who
alien harm a board of Election to receive
voles :mil determine who are pmper per
sons to vote anal shall hold the polls
open until al ji. tn. After the pulls are
opened. the •andldrates announced an
aforesaid shall be ballotted 'fur, the
names of etella pers.!oi voting shall Is'
written On a list at the time of voting, 110
pernon being iallowed,to vote more than
ones+ for eaeh office. I
Third, Atte} the polls are closed the
board shall proerrsi to asmnt the votes
that Imola candidate bl s reonived, find
make out the returnS ,ftecordingly, lobe
eertified to by the Judge and attested by
the clerks. 1 .
Fourth. Tat. Judge ' . .4.4r °neer the rierks
arpolniol h} the Judge; of the respeet
lie election lintrict,l 'dlll meet at- the
Court House in Meadville on TtiOndsy
following th primary inee'tings. et 0110
ii'eloek. r. NI , oaring the returns and u
list of the enters, and count the votes,
and the persOi having the highest-num
ber of votes for any tallies shall ho de.
dared the regular norifillee of the Repub.
Ile: tarty. I
IVth. Any tl/1, orniore persons hav
ing an equa number of vices for the
seine office, he lodges shall i4rassssi b
ballot for a el oleo, the persOn having tht
highest number tall., the nominee.
iSia - Li. 'lle. :floral Judges shall be cona
potent It, re eel, byia untiority ; the re
turns from ta. iv election aistri,. when
there IN evidence of frand e either hlb
returns, or (ails,. i , e, to Me erten( of 11,
frauds tar.,'lrd.
.e.-cceth. Ti e liadurn Judgo,s shall hoc, power to apf Ant Center,..,4=Senstoria
and congres• on al-as may ho borealis
royal red, wia/ 4 shall loe recoantnentled t
autitiort the person who ma 0 revolve 111
;largest adatail+r of votes cast fsr that of
' ti..e lia ti,.. contoy. , ,
l R.444eirrat, that the nf0re5...4.1 Iletiar
; Judges an a 4., at arty tittle . hang.. tai
' ' im do anti 11:14111, of selecting camtidall
3-..tiwy may I o indras, ted by the p.-•p!
I ,
at"their mine ry nosltnig, due notice bi
inn given the a by the County 'entaiiil
Re.v - Ilved,Thar the chairman of th
County Cenithattee lie , requir4 , l to issno
cell in plarstiance .if Sias action of th
Committee. I i ,
The following resolutions wore the
adorns' by the Ceinfoittee4
L'esoicni, 1. That the. matter of mak ,
in,- nominations lidreafter qv the, IL'
publican par, he referred to the pri
merry Iliee:1111.,4 on tile .0111 oq February primatryine-ctin le
gs to inStruet the
delegates hi [what ;meatier 'the fulfil -,
notninations fdifill be nuide-whether It
popular vote or by electiog delegato4.
,:. That taffy Cominittch rein onmend t•
the IteroddicSn N Mors 4.1 each distric
that they Instruct their gleteg,lt, 10 t!I
'arch Cone sitieri! R. to whether th
atonal flat lons shell hereafter la, Made b
popular vote or by the &leg:co nysten
On motion this! Committee reeve,
need the re-4001.11.m of the ilistrioi nsii
fll ill IllAkil: 11 , qui nation', for mention
I the Stowe ppnd 110.1°C- of Represent:
irk. 1
Thetheetin then auljournoi to tract
gain qtlllol,ll of 111,4 1.1,44kb - ed. . .
1 1
its alllatitat —Foal Play
Mysincrional ilialpp,arancea are oven,
ng so frequ ally lof lair, as to deriumd
ome rneasur on the part of the author.
iev to Imes igato the matter, and in,. as
Lamle even reasim to believe, .•fonil
Lai" has he. n resorted to In any of the
'rent eases reported, to bring. the offen
ors to punkhment. Several weeks
have elapse...lnm, the disappearance of
Mr. Freyvog e, yeti not the slightest elm.
to Ili. W110,0110{161 has been obtained.
A wrote or trio later a Mr. Merritt len
hie borne in tills oily, sink. when troth.
ing line been Ibrard of him, and Satur
day evening in..rtt !citiznn iif the Second
ward, Allegheny,: lilt his bonne in per.
‘ t r
feet health, r is king to be ohvent but n
few hours, li t hat4tot vet roturnesl, trio
can his fannii leare aught of his where .
alionts. Thellast ease referred to to that
of Mr. Ilvoll.rt _Kincaid, a blacksmith
Itlrmerly ex whips' at Mr. Mentor'.
blarksmith shop, nt the o..rtior of lions,
street and liniy, Alley, AlleAtirtiy. Short
Iv after supper Svturday evening Mr
Kincaid loft its home, telling .lnes will
he would ref trnbetweent ten and eleven
o'elork. Ile had : when he left horn
between el My 1 and oho • 11Ulldirt
dollars in his Possession. The aril;
information in i regard to hint rain
leaving hone In derived from a Mr
Vook, who antler. that he ink itinentid ..1
Federal /ere. t, Allegheny, and pr.:cede.
with him 1. Penn street, l'ittsbornin
where they avrted, Kincaid saying In
was going ty Tenneeranervillo, to lair
1 . 1111.1. e o blarthuilith shop, and that he Ina
eighty dollar's In his lavek et to par for it
Then...eau ./.0 nil cause assigned for hi
Ilisappearanor, other than °foul play,
as his domes* relations are said to hay
1,,111 of the Most blea.ant character, an
he sirs a atrikly temperate man.
rnillgent senreh ham been made by It;
family and hits friends, but nothing In
tact, beard p him &bee baler ha what a
I have stated. The matter b. worthy Min
...stiing ion. i
113 wailed Kwladle
On Tnesda tmfening Richard Bay, a
eolored mat, formerly of Wlneheifer,
Va., who ha. for ionic months pant been
reablltig at narnillohl, lir thin county,
ea n t e to Uni i . n•l?epot and impaired for
the Suivernnrntlent of the Penney Ivan la -
Ihtliroad, slitting that lie wished to make
an arrangen not iwith taint for bringing
in iVlnehecter to the city.
led by a well tirweted man,
at he wan Superintendent of
Inquired of tho negro how
y. ho bal. After learning
it lane donate, tie told WWI
old grve him the ally dot
near foe tiny morn, 110
int transportation for
ity from Winchester. The
to do it, bat cot having hi.
him, made
Alto depot et seven o'cluck
timing. After leaving tic
• eatne meatut mot Wilco
;mapentlng the negro we
'zed, agrast to go"with hut
tug at the appointed time
• MOMS woo delayed and lit
depot until nine o'clock
rod in company with hit
o aeltwonatittlied Superin
red, or leaq W. not toll.
the pn;ltilseit. Such pro
'not unusual, and strange
trentely entitle. to whot
?lot', for railroad tickets.
1114 family fr
Ito WWI arms
who statedd
the road, an
inuth term
that he had I,
that if he to
tarn and I 4
would give h
self and fat
negro ugreel
money Ith
meet hint a t ,
the next n
del A I, b
Hague who
I •Ing vlctt
' n the nu rq
but by slam •
not get to th
whoa he arr
negro, but t
ndent had
found !thou
hould Ix, eX
they nay uto
Mercantile Library Lerture.—This.
evening our citizens trill have the op
portunity, fttr the only Vane this at,eaon,
of bearing tl i oetinnent American 'whole r
and writer, Edward 1.. Youmans,
deliver his c r Aelirated um) brilliantly Il
lustrated leeture on the ..C.hoinistry. of
the Sunlatietni. , ' Ile deliver.' thin lec
ture In Phil, dolphin a abort time since
to rt% ergo,' net rhounea. We expect to
nee the At-114,1,1 y of Music crowded to
night to greet this distinguished lecturer.
eating at Boilers' 11•11-..Tentem Gib
bons, Tire President of the Fenian
Brotherhood. and Eel. P. V. Matte
Addreetest the Meeting.
Pursuant to a published calla large
and enthusiastic meeting or the Fenton.
Brotherhood woo held at Boilers Hall
yrNterday evening. The meetingc-svas
called-to order by Mr. P. Graham, on
who,o motion the following ollicers were
Prraident—LDr. E. Dannelly,
Vfce Presidents—Mayor Blackmore,
Ex-Mayor Lowrey, Copt, Miller .and
Alexander Allender.
&cretcrice—M. I , d'Aleer and the repor
ters of the Press.
Dr. Donnelly, amen daking the chair.
'stated the object of the meeting to be for
the purpose of hearing addressee front
ewe of the most prominent men in the
order, whose object was to raise men and
money for the natuk: flu then intro
duced James Gibbon, Vice President of
the Fenian Brotherhood.
Mr. Gibbon W• 11.4 pleased to meet so
many of his countrymen. Ile always
felt ,us though he woo coming home
when he Came to Pittsburgh. lle had
been traVelling in the interest of the
Brotherhood for two years past, during
whleh tittle ho had visaed all the pri noi•
pal ell:Mein the United States, ands grout
many of the smaller, one., and ho wee
pleased to soy that he found a general en
thusiasm in the cause throughout the
land, and the Irish notional camp tires
were burning brightly all over the na
tion. The perseverance of truo Iriehmeo
"le said hod worked a change in the yen ,
linen of affairs during the last
:as, veers. Thu British Government,
which but a short titan 'since wee tweed,
mg of her tfrowess now found herself to
I dem ina from witich she would tiud it
to ea lassie herself: Thohnitter
we.. puzzling dm wise heads of the mfr
ton. Irishmen iuAmorira were imbued
with - the spirit of American liberty, and
throughout the land were preparing for
the coming . coldest. It : NY. the Irish no
tion'in A tiler lea stilted with the Ifi(h na
tion at home that England hail to fear. It
now coda England ono million per day
bl watch the Fenieneland it did not Cool
the lenians anything to keep theta
watching; so it was; only iCipiestion of
limo, and the side that could hold coddle
longest would win In the end. England
hod hut one religion, ho sold,
and that oa the Golden Calf'. She
would 'rob the world, os she had
done Ireland, to fill hers coffers with
geld, and the heavy drain upon iper
treasury was u Severe WOW. Sho VSan
row (smoldering plans upon which the
I ritliti itllculties nifty bOset tied, but Irish
men would Ire with nothing less
than an Irish Republie, founded on the
principles of the American government.'
Ireland hat never tot bowed before roy
alty, and sever will! Toe time he sun*
Wino 111,rue/thing when a tlectsive blow
Would be. otruckomel Oil true Irishmen
should he ready fir the contest. lie
Urged them to organize in civil circlet.
and for* military companies. The
spirit of American liberty was efniLsted
inlayer t f the Irish nation. anth Brig
lar'd knows that the' tirst crack of as
American rifle in the emir of Ireland
would tar the "crack of doom" to the
British empire, and announce, the birtk
of an Irish Republic . . After somwfurth
er remarks, in which he urged the no
vesoity of a unity of action and organ ij
the speaker closed.
Dr. Donnelly, In W few complimentary
remarks, then. intiodured Col.. P.
Walsh, a distinguished member or the
Fenian Brotherhood, who entertained
the meet hag Mr over, an hour with a very
Ole and elequent address, which was
ighly applauded by his hearers, MX
Were forcibly argumentative,
nd colcaliited to inspire a spirit of potri
then iii the breast iof every Irishman
ho retained u single 'spark of that vio-
lent. We regret that, a want of spare
revents us from publishing oven it my-
Opel, of alert,.
At the conclusion of Col. Wslob's re
rho Dr. Donnelly proposed three
ery for the• distinguished speakers
hail on ably addressed the meeting
I for the smite or, Ireland, which were
to tit true Irish style.
'oh ‘\'a.,ll, 9.lter thank int; the (Ilea - L.I , J
the cheer., etthl that cheer" were vet
their place; Unit the rause WllO ire
41. f s anything more substantial. Ile
:tied recruits for l it.. ••Artny of tie
sh Republic," and linnet eV• ry slat
o had raised his colic in the cheer:
ft lialjust beau given. Who was not al
,4y enrolled, would remain add enrol
itself in the noble army. flit armee
re-ionfled to by tiny:four men. •
'he meeting then adjourned.
Coal MaMae,
• For several months past it has been id--
to coal tit-viers on the A:BeglienY
Valley road that they were supplying a
large number -of 'customers with coal
with whom they had no account, and for
which they received ' no pay. A short
time Pin, a car low! mass le l
snding C.II the track on Ptke street Over
night and when taken to Allegheny the
next I:iv...nil sneaiu red, It fell olurii over
lateen bushels. This was a heavier tag
than Ithe dealers felt like paying at the
,count short profits !Vey have.on the ar
ticle) and they resolved toiled not who
the depredators were and bring them to
tr as ,,d, s y evening Armstrong .l
Diekson, coal dealers, run n number of
loaded with coal into the city and,
as usual, allowed to remain ou the
soling en Pike over night, but ,
took the precaution to lease a number of
men to watch end it p,ssible • ascertain
whore Om coal went to. They took their'
station early in the evening . , anal it els
pearS had not - long to waif, as shortly
after dark they observed several perit,nis
helping ti.,smitelvet to the article. The
mystery sato where the teal had gone
now being solved, It only remained to
taring that parties , to au 'vaunt for the
!teenier they had been taking with their
neighbors' property, and yesterday
morning. Mr. Joseph Dickson, of the
tints dArtnstrung S.' Dickson, madetn,
formation before Alderninti Taylor,
against James Long; Boyd Bask against
Peter S:111.1A; :lames Bell egainsfThoinas
P. Wright end Mary :Mahoney: . Charles
jlains against Patrick Connell, marl Jo
seph. Timmins agnistst Jelin Hastings,
charging them with stealing coal. War
m:Ws-were issued anal the parties ar
rested and held tor a hearing.
Tisane depredations we learn have
been under war for the I.( nix tom the,
and the !inn Of -Armstrong A, Dickson
say that they have host over live hundred
111.11e111 of atal within that time. • There
are said tot several other parties In that
neighborhood who procure their coal its
this manner, anal tee learn that It is th
intention of the 'dealers tat taring all to
Justice hereafter caught sit it.
Rar♦ t/pportFlally.
Elsowhoro . WO ins bash the announce
ment, offering fir sale the well known
nod extensive eatablishment ot".Mr. Ar
thur Karl:, Nos. 172 and 174 Federal street,
Allegheny. This house monopolizes a
very la.rge entre of tradd in groceries,
glassware, quasenlware. chandeliers, oil
tlaturrts, and is Justly regarded as
one of the hest business stands in the
Stole. Mr. Kirk, the propriater, is anx•
lons to concentrate his entire attention to
the powder trade, into .shlch he has .el
loinsivelv umbaresl, and hence his offer
to sell his popular re.tablishment. T
capitalists this Is a rare ehance fur enter
ing into a prosperous ant paying bu,l
There will ba , held an Oyster Supper
thin and to-morrow evenings, for the
Inmelit of the "Church Home," at the
Sivalay School room of Trinity churcli.
ldicheon will be, served earls day.. 'The
arraugemesta have been mode on a
libcnd ncale, and we trust our readers
will avail themselven of the opportunity
to contrlbuto to a worthy object, and at
the same time have full enjoyment for
their money. :
Mr. Lainrty, ! a gentleman connected
with the Melt ILotise, qn Liberty street.
LWOW to Dr.,A.horu, of 134 Stulthtield
treet, seem! days aim, with a painful
(11..ense of the Ott, with loss of the sight.
Within thu short space of aim week the
Doctor has cured the ..11sea.m and reetor
oil his sight. 'All persons with chronic
diseases of the ey, should apply to the
Doctor with confidence.
healers buy to sell t ogn klll
Iltid at loser - II llorne h Colo VlMlnsole
and retail trimming and notion house,
Nos, 77 awl 79 Markin start, a freahrind
-superior atork.' of trimmings, notions,
hosiery end millinery goods at •prices
much kiss thou: those Prerldling in the
eastern cities. There Is no charge for
ahowtng goisla and our friends are In.
rited to call In and satisfy themseles of
the truth of the advertisement. •
(kilt} —The trial of S.lmuel Hull, In
itiated for thu murder of ChA.ll. Parker;
woo onaindod Tuewluy, at fireenstnntt,
Titajory rendered a vardiat Of murder
in thu second degroo.
Sinn—rim street, carriage and . even
lug drtrests, nt }lackey's.
FYIURTU PAGE.-7 he Court; Real
Estate Transfers, and other Local Items
of filtered;
z _
The Power@ Mr /11:en.liliodyien0 Mod.
Thew are measurably controlled and
exercised according to tho state of health
or action of tiro various organs by which
they are ex.mted. A sound mind, there-
ford, can scarcely exist, or at any rate '
world be of but little use, If it hod adt a
sound hody to execute its purposes. 'Cie
ero•Ll ru4elf would have been a poor ora
for if his powers had bean exerted
through an enfeebled and exhausted cen
stitutlon. Each funeticin of tho human
body must haVe a sound organ through
which to act, or it will soon, part by part,
give way -and beeptne useless. High
health and vigorous action can bo slime
maintained by an an equilibrium of the
whole organsmu. ,
The atm:ilk:lt must prepare and digest
tho food; the heart most propel the
blood to Ii itarious destinations; the.
lungs must, receive their due proportion'
or vital aid; the skin must be kept
tree, and its exhalations allowed,to pass
off unrestrained; the kidneys must
eliminate the vitiated and useless fluids
Of the body; Moho wols must carry out
the worn out waste; and if alt these
things are done in harmony with the
natural lawn which govern the :whole,
health, the greatest of all earthly bless
ings, must ho the roetlt. 'There IS no
one medicine that will do all this, but of
all the medicines yet discoveired to im
prove tho stOmach,to purity the blood, to
gently at i niece the skin, to urge the kid
neys and bowels to the 'requisite action,
Dr. Sot ser's Blood Searcher ar
outstrips all others. It is the true
elixir.[ life in all those derangements
'when the blood, the circulating fluid and
repairing element, is lu a •morbid and
immtre state. Dr. Neyser's Blood
Searchers invigorates the enfeebled
stoinneh.r It strength°ns the kidneys. It
stimulates the bowels.. It searches the
veins and has restored health and vigor
to many. wetry invalids. Ask for Dr.
geyser's-and take no other. For sales!
the Docter's great medicine store 140
Wood street.
Dr. Key/Rees Consultation .1100mti, No.
120 Penn street, from 9A. at. until 4 r, x.
Plumbing and Gas Fitting.
During the recent cold weathe'r the gas
end water pipes throughout the; Ity have
become generally disarranged, and a vast
amount of repairs will be necessary, to
set them to rights again, and In many
Instances the work to be done is of such a
oomph...llMA nature that none but the
most experienced workmen will be ink,-
quote to the task. In This connection we
will take occasion to refer any of our
raiders having work to do of this char
acter to.T. T. Ewens. Plumber and Gas
Fitter, o. ICA; Wood street. Mr. lilwens
aemploys a corps of competent workmen,
nd uses in his work none but the very
best motet Sal, so that all needing work
in his line will tind it to their advantage
to give him a call.
la order to close out the really elegant
fresh stock of trimmings, notions, loom,
furnishing and fancy goods, at the popu
lar retail house of W. W. 3loorhead, No.
81 Market street, prices.have been ma
terially reduced and bargains are offered:
NVe earnestly urge our lady friends and
all others to favor thin first-class estab
lishment with a purchasing visit. and
thus iv made acquainted with the rare
advantages afforded Its patrons in selec
tion and quality of goods and reasonable
prices. Gentlemen will find-a magniti
eent assortment of furnishing goods atilt
able for the season, and embracing all
the latest styles and novelties. ,
Readers are reminded that no where
lee In either city are offered better in
neemeritu for their - patronage than at
-tif well conducted and popular whole,
ale and 'retail grocery and proCluee
:luso of Messrs Mcßride George. No.
G 4 Federal street, Allegheny. They
arry a large, fresh stock, ma to both
bole.ialc and retail pntrons offer very
uperior bargains. Favor this house
lib a visit and bo conlineed.
Mcßride sti. George, :Sro. P3l Federal
wet, Allegheny, the extensive and
enterprising wholesale nod • retail gro
vers, have lust received a fresh invoice
of choice family groceries, flour and
',mince, which they otter their patrons
at the lowest market prices.• For any
and everything in their line favor this
house with a call. as you can purchase
no where else to better advantage.
At noltshelmer's famous restaurant,
Fifth street, nest door to the Pastor!lee,
will always be found the rarest game of
the season, tomdbor with tho substant labs
of life. Nowhere °imam a , better break
'ast, dinner, supper or luncheon be ob
tained at a more reasonable prim.. Par r '
tier are au pplied.with suppers in the very
rot stale and at prices whiph will corn
mend them to Ills economical.
- At W. W. M.rticad's, ...7\o. SI Market
reef,et has just been rece ived and open
ed a tine selection of corsets, hoop
skirto, kid plates, lace and linen hued.
kerchiefs. rich point laces,Valencia, Mal.
lose, thread and guipure hwes, edgings;
in.ertings, ribbons, sashed and tritn•
ming,. Ladies will find Inthis selection
everything new, novel and fa..shionapp,
and at prices Tory reasonable.
Dry. Goods at Vt holesale.--Wo are of-
Coring full lines of bleached .and brown
Meshes, Prints, Ticks. (Thigh:tuts, and
other staple goods. making the latest
stock in the \Vest at Eastern prices.
J. W. Bwittztat & Co._
No. 50 Market s treet.
Post's. Shoes and GalterS-01' the very
st,st style, cut always be had at Mr.'
tobb's, 89 Market street. Ho keeps` a
oloodid stock always on hand and sells
t the lowest prices.
Try the rich aromatic coffee only to be
procured at the old ••tabllshed tea mart
of Joseph A. Robinson, No. 20 Firth.
street. ThiAe who can appree.ate
pure, fresh wife*" should not tarry toy:
before acting on the anggestion.
Try a Meal at Holtzheimer's Coign:ism
tal Saloon, Fifth street, next door to the
l'o,tolllee. Game, oyatera and all the'
delicacies of the season served up at the;,
shornoit notice. Prices eery reasonable.:
Hoots Shoes and Galteits—of the veryE
most style, can always bo had at ldri,
1 tobb's, 89 Market street., He keeps a!
Itlondid stock always on hand and sell*,
t the lovrest price& tt'
Blankets—White and colored, mutant?,
and country, chuttng out very cheap, of.
nay your Teas at Smoph 'A. Roblnri
n'a, No. 20 Fifth street There yeti'.
111 fled a very fine aaaortment of th 4
areal and choicest Importations at tryaq
eanonable pnces.
Table Liieena—Some slightly damage., 4
Great bArgallas at Darkeea..
Tess, coffees, sugars, spices, sauoeei
limned fruits and tablo condiments coil
ben% be pußibUsed. at. Joseph A. Itobbo
son's, No. 2u Fifth street.
FALOON—STRVENSON-00 the 13th lust•
by the Arr. Francis Church, at lhr reel:lease
the bride, Mr. WILLIAM TALOON, of PllO4
harsh, sod Idles MARY SYLVISSON, of Chia,
[~~,ut i:~~:~:. ~:~:1
ND, WI Fourth Straet, Pittsburgh, FE.
COFFINS, ut abuts; CRAM. 01.0PILS.
cress detertstlon at Fusoral luralatdsh 04 , 61,
ftillstsbed. Eirosua open day 11.11 d Ituath
and Carriages toralsbud.
Xasaitaasurlies, Itavld Ems. U.
M. W. Jassimar. Thomas Ywfag,
Jacob 11. Miller. Esq.
of Sandusky street and Charon avenue, /Magni.
ny City, where their COgglin BOOM* ana
atantiy supplied with real end Ltuttatton Boa-
Mahogany IVAlnnt Boffins, 'at prie:a
varying from $1 tong°. 13.1le• Prepared for
teralenk. Bear.. and Carriages Ilarayangg;
alna, all kinds of Mourning Goals, If reqn*,
OfOreopen at all boars. day and night. Jo
'ROBERT T. llODNET.tnde . t ‘ •
TAWI AND S.tpabt ltb No. a Ohio 114.
Allvgbeny. and 10. 60 Diamond EV. , 2
John Wll.on Broo..IkINDII alornys on Nand
beat Ilelal. Rosewood. Namur and looltatt , ni
St oewooll Co/llno. Walnut Cotnno from= 4
ward.. Itooorood Canna CO upward.: nal nth..*l'
Coon. to prOportlon. Coml./ion um llona*.l
Ntrolsbed 01 low slam Mai.. Morn. P l O.
and Eng - ming COrnilted MN. ON. non
nod Illsht.
.."I)ZECTAICER. Ofiles. AC... Mt OW* PtsWiik
Yearn. Itosairtwa Mid.other
ans, Rita aronatil.te alAct of P3zarfil Taritistat
0 .11,1%61.d tittalsbed tt alsortiot aotl4.
at lt,wst prim. tale and Um,' Stablet,
aer at Inry.t tad Vlddla EltreetS.'•Cantsaft,
E 411110.. Saddle lion.. 116...110.:
43r Met.
or Au. xnurs, AT
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Two =moss.
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and helm and 1110. nellum• Fin000lo: mad /
ratrctortNarbet Mayorta giro. by a PoPsE
the cit 4 No Tanner. ]Serb Lula or Morena
should Ote : • without lt. :
44. 1,131•1,11 wamr Gain rent`
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no V ''''' I. =`.
hef Tea.._'......_
—And out coPF at PAM In the parson gattah.
uptnee4)ata Addlttona no anal:raga be TWIG •
any than. St club iatea. •
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pealberiltaving in 4 ma nail a .net.
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. D —A. GENT S, oTi,r
for 'C.0....m..111E 111,1Tt1RT
Caoseg; Character. Can net and.ltedolts.” -
lion. lirobiaaala 11. &roma", rend for Cir. •
colars,rlolth terms and a till deoription of the
liana. ;I Address.' NA - 111.Y.KAL rUaLimmo
WANT/ 4 1117—elGEA TN. tor TUE
':fiLI.TE..O).I.TS. and bee Mrl Ltred•
Fought, ind'Dlrd for tlie Union, with .d
IncideSts tp tb.4 Great . Ilene Mon. It c0nt....4,
over nne Enititelegs 370 Pageo, and fa'.
the aActest and cheapest - war boot Pebl ,, bed•
Vrlcesrnly $0.601 per Copy. The pnolle axe
. 050-
tloned'iagalo.t luhrlar worts witb almPar
e thAt the woeyou buy contalat oTee. ,
ILO ocillearlogi mud WO pages. Sena ter Clren-
JoYa4 EllolltEits k0j,11,1444 .
adelpfle. P... I
FO4l RIERT—At Fine Creek, on'
k tounds of the subscrtter. •
settn or eight iorns. flat few situations in
the e,9lnly more deilrable. Rent low.- Loads
at 314. M s -National flank. Fourth stutter.
• - t , L. 110LIXA9.
_r11.40..y1t. February 2...`th.
Fa It FS7E — T I)
Fifth alreet, late y occupied by s. P. '
ClusOney, salable for • dry gomt• Or na.l.bizt •
*lore' confeetfnnary and dluing saloon. and
srsno the r purpose*. Pon+slua caa be glean
Immediately. Apply. to JA.. NiallTal. MC.\
Kae‘orr. or TIIUO. J. K& NAN, 1.7 Illstuorot
, I
Wore Ftoom• in
dew buildings on Obit arsons. near II dwelt
sttatt. Allegheny, will, dwellingsover Each,
teßlgwatere bath room an I ins. LoelslitT goad
for dry goods. s racer yor retail shoe store. Also
lu eArte Whiles, four moult, syllable for smolt
fautrly._Appiy st °Mee of FrIAZIEIt Bats.,
UhiNavenue and nedswisk s rest. Allegheny.
stunt modern style rtsldeneos, Ibla-d Aye
ottil sontsloing eleven rooms tachlsurroundeol , .
bj rSmpls grounds, having floe Maeads,nstsa4l,
ro€4, with Plank walk Rom railroad station. thst
ilnsipremisee are • gout stably, abundance eat
wooer, and the situation is, altogether. pieta
mine and convent. at. rossesslon Arai,
or-April neat. Apply to 1.4.10E/lART, FREIV. , '
40., 174 Weal greet. I . .
Fort 'llvv9r—couNslav RES!.
DE!VCE.—A two-story Prime lions, oga
ioitaris, "with porches and pant , lea; sprigs 6t
+3:ter, cistern. womb b ie.e. Ice booms. carriage
.tone spriug hoe., You'd-house and stay
'AN ell In good orisl.r, with ere cores of <hot ft
well set In soierteil fruits, MP. , he. O.
thg line 01 the Pittsburgh, TorthWagrie &
Itsliway. ii,ml es frum the <lll. near Log..
Oration—it brings beautiful and health.' location
ugvabe OLIO river, withlo s one hour, ride of the
edgy, to rent. will, Immediate .posressioe. •ery
tole. Enquire of 0.,11..E../WElt, No. 161 FOurth
Pittsbureh. I
Fon BENT-7A Frame Irwell
- O. seven rooms on gest and three on I ea
oitil • floor. Also. • TENANT HOUSE. rN two
770iii• all In good sobstatittsl order. Statillog
'aid . carriage bruise. SI: acres. of ground. nearly
.4 - planted In 01301 Ce frolt—peacbes, apply.,
di:orrice ;rapes, Ac. Situate on the. bill Immo
diet'', above the Outer Depot. lo PIO township.
gboolre cf JOHN WATT, :At Coon street; or o t
WATT A - WILSON. Liberty street.
TO goon Frame UWelt
t o, rontabalng sense rooms, with two
land and }table, well set with fruit
Irks., and la a goal state of cultivation, situate
.t 4 Bearer street, In tile Borough of Sewickley
obd within floe nrianws wait of the Station.
Oseesilon Eisen immediately. If desired. For
Ikkrue. at, Inquire of wet. RANKLY, on the
-114 0 U It E N T—OFFICES 4.!tit)
ROOMY to the new , belittle' erected by tha
teystone Say leis Rank. `ye LIBERTY' laTilA KT.
Orate of Harrison alley. le mediate ...Wed
'deem. Fur terms, a e., apply at THE BANK. .
VOR SALE-1? 0110KE9.—The
balance of these destrab'e Lots arenow of
tT red at private sale. and any.. desliona s f One
- 4 , alllug alms would do well to mate mlectlon. •
li, village located on a autt fat 'ad healthy
s pot. two and s.holf lopes Irons Onarpstonrg, an
aid Wagers rflllll7lvanta Railroad. which snow
ibrough It, making it much more valuable and
.agreeable. Ratensive preparatt•as ow ,
uath'g for emoting a number of line-has,.
; wi I prove an ornament to the towa.• 'The
iatiminder.of these lots will be sold at aro roe-
A - otiable rams and on terms saceedittaly easy.
tILL A 511ITSTERLY, Its al tussle and insur.
- Alice Agents. Lawrenceville.
WW2 SALE.—llott;ne anti Lot or,
. 17 corner of Manhattan lead Ad's. straits,
Passenger Railway. Lot 44 by
Aiouse frame. containing? rooms and good imO,
•leLliroprovid. Hausa and Lot osiSisegiald,
p n i dwell street. Allegheny City. Lot M bFli
house frame. contains WI, 11•11 rooms sth
;good cellar; water and gmc- Alto, seveial•MM 4'
' , Mouses sad L. 1.1 In good locOlon, ingots old.:
3tilS.ll A. CO., Beaver street: - near Ciiesttots .
IN SENTICKLET.—A flub Inlet dweillom
silt in the most antotantl al manner. mlth rattrl
!ble te arrangements roe n.; but and cold water
sb pits. hot sir dues. Se. grout one to thre
7erra of ground. Very lief, Qll.•ker.Filley RA;
JOltdd W:-Y. Jr.„Erverletiogi:thth r. o.
NOP. 8.111. E--4. wry deniTablo
" three-story BRICK HOUSE. nearly new: ,
-Tressed brick front. marble mantles; gas sod
' . .eater throughout: house contains wren rooms
I :andriotsbe.3 So. 114 ISTISE LT. nevi %P.'7lle, Moth Ward. Possesthou from April
Poulaire at the house.
t i
HOWARD'S Livery and Sele' SUM*. ens
1101155: One BLACK Auxtz . ,;Tiiro Dir•
HARM. TIRST IiTERRY, lour the Kesesim.
SCA House.
Wayne, tiessibt void an voicsevalon. •
. "Mtge for one or two horees; one 'MU
HORSE NYAGON,_end s &liable- en of H o{-
20:M unruly sew. Iranian at PENMEN.
The Elegant Professlocial Skater
The TrainE,l Elephait,
Poore open at I o'clock. ntiettesion, 30c.
SaCtbe Rink aid be dosed daring tbe den . In
, i ,
order to prepare a ;Mod she .t of !reps , he even
log. Costume lletent be pro Mired during
the day at We oMee o I tit nk. ' / r'
llEsny G. IlAtir.
Merchant , Tail•zz,
Cot. Penn awl
T nE
u. a wpacia.
'Jar sale by the Agetts,
es PIPIT 81911 ART. • - -
, We tan afar oar •toalol
- • 4 : 121111. • A.4.O,7IIZRCOATMOs.
Wbith,itit amid. to weer in the Wen .tole,
0.117 lie ma OMIT. LISS VIA.( OPYTIIErr
TIII3 SZABON: and czau4ne itock a 4
1110.W11111 MN tamer or zorks.