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Noe. St and 118 PII7II MILICZET:
1,6; Reparna Pupa of Vestal ParKfinis
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Nall boat
The Abyssinian War
Von Bismarck Seriously 111.
. t
Italy and the Papai Weld.
Crosing Honors to F t
Labe South American Allem
Engli-h Parliament ProHaim.
Irish Reform Bill Pre arils('
The Government and Telegraphs.
Habeas Ceram Sunpeuston nil
G F. Tin's Arrest Explained
Dublin Nation Editor Convicted
ialt Telegraph to the gittsialreh U.ettal
LONDON, February o.—The New York
Rerahrs special *dykes from head
quarters of the Britialti - nny in Abyssinia
stale that King Theodor — els at his camp
near the - palace of Magdala, where the
English captives are confined. The
Abysalnian Monarch is said to be In a
bad strait in a military• point of view.
An engagement between the two armies
Is imminent, and may take place at any
moment. r
Ve Y few ( of .tho disaffected native
chiefs now acknoiledge any fealty to
Theodore. The chief Kaasl, ruler of the
Tigre District, openly courts the favor of
Major General Napier. General Napier
fears that this chief, whose" political
dull-actor Is had, alms ate secret attackon
him, and consequently seeks to arrange
and perfixtt a binding treaty of alliance
with him so as to hold him answerable
fur his future arts.
Thirty-five thousand British, of all
el srs, have 1)66 landed at Zobla, and
the advance of the Queen's army bas
reached to within two , days' march of
Antall), half-way towards Itlmplaia, from
the shoreline, where It Is very probable
the - expected battle will take place. The
Egyptians, with a contingent embracing
many Turks, are v%r y near to llngdata,
but they use no caon, and still march
•.on in a reckless anner . without the
- sanction of the superior officers of the
Kt:4ll6h army. The English .ID the In
-leder number about twenty thousand.
The troops suffered considerably from
the heat of the weather.
- Dispatches from Senafe announce that
- the British expeditionary corps had oc
cupied Adftraft, and reports reached
Senate th.a t Me advance had reached
Feral and ---• ta. It was alas an
nounced from the ntertor that the na
tives who had revolted against King
Theodore wen) again submitting to his
LONDON, 'February the House
or Commons this *evening Earl Mayo,
Into Lord Nona' Chief Secretary for Ire
land, informed the members - that the
Government eras preparing an Irish Re -
Corfu Bill, and would be ready to lay It
before the trouso on the oth of Marsh.
Other measures to regard to Ireland, he
said, would he brotight forward on the
Sir Charles Bright allied attention to
the scheme far placing telegraphic wires
under Government control, and asked
whether any action had been taken, or If
it was proposed by Um Ministry to take
any attlop tothat end. Mr. Goo. Hunt,
under Secretary of the Treasuty, replied
that It was the intention of the Govern
ment tti purchase the lines of telegraph
in Great Britain, and he prosalissd the
- plan for effecting that change, which
was being matured in the Treasury office,
would be submitted to the House within
A motion KW made for a second read
ing& the bill for the suspension of the
writ of habeas corpus.
Eton. 3fr. Fortesene, member for An
dover, said he thOught the motion proved
that the administration of alfalrs to Ire
land wee wrong and greatly needed re
Sir Henry Wineton; member fur IV
terfonl City, said the blll Was an outrage
upon Catholics, shut out as they wore
from their rightful share In tho govern-
Earl Mayo made en explination in re
ward to thecase or Getarge Francis Train.
Be Bald the policerann who arrested
Lim hid received general instructions to
watch persons, arriving at Queenstown
from the'United Staten, and to atop all
suspicious portion. When. the trunk
of George Frannie Train was examined
copies of his own spec:enc . % on-Ireland
found, which led to his tarred on
saspicion. Me was finally released on
giving a pledge that he would make nq
speeches, and do no act in sympathy
with the Fenian cause.
FLO, February 17.—The Conn
eil-haa at length resolved to pay part of
Papal debts.
'FLOILZSCE, Fob. 17.—Tho public hon
ors to Admiral Farragut closed last Beek
with a dinner, given by the United States
Minister,. Nosh. The primipal Ameri
can reaidents and visitors, a number of
eminent foreigne., and several leading
Itallani were among the invited guest!.
Admiral Fermata has left Piprence on a
brief visit to Venice.
6017tH •a=wes
Losootr, Feb.. 17.—Pr1rate letters from
Pang Min dated January lath, represent
the prospects of the Paraguayans con.
tinned, to improve. Lopez was taking
the offensive and had twice bombarded
the Brazilian camp on the Parana with
The steamer Ruin Rio also brings the
following news: The internal troubles
of the Argentine Confederation were In
creasing. The powerful State of • Entre-
Floe fund joined Ecoss -Rio In revolt
against the federal government.
D. Marco Paz, Vice President of the
Argentine Confederation, and President
of the Senate, Ls deed.
Duarse,.• Pebrassy 17,—.F.ceniag,—In
the ease of arr. Sullivan, editor of the
Dahlia Nativii,Whoso trial foi the pule
neatien or aeilwona libels occupied the
grrater portion of lad week, the Jury to
day brought in a verdict of guilty. The
case excited.nnumual interest:
Bantu, Febnanry 17.—Tho YA
Count Bismarck is serious. He In not
able to laiVe Berlin.
Letters from Parts reiterate the state
ment of changes contemplated in the
policy and Cabinet of the Emperor. '
.111111111VED our.
LOR.Dint, February ll.—Tbe steamers
UMW Kingdom and New York, hare
37ited out,
[es ressersee to to. IlltstAllik emu.]
Wairetrscrog, February 17,1968.
The Cosir announced that Mr. SOLOS"-
SON was unwell, and that heelesired the
vote on the admission of Mr:; TIIO.IdAS
to be postponed until to.meenisv.
Mr. DIXON presented se memoriaL
signed by several Generals, that the
Secretary of War may be directed to'
appropriate a large cannon, to be placed
on the monument to General Sedgwick.
Mr. CONCKLlSPoresentesithe resolu
tions of a meeting of citizens of Detroit,
on the rights of American citizens
SUMNER each presented petitions of
freedmen, praying that they be sent to
Mr. SUMNER presented a memorial
of German citizens praying for the ebo-
Litton Of the Presidency of the United
States, on the ground that it tea copy of
royalty and dangerous to the - United
Mr. POMEROY presented a memorial
from the South CarolinaConventionosak-
Mg for aid to the Port Royal Railroad
Mr. TRUMBULL presented a memo
rial from the citizens of Illinois, asking
for aid in the comnruction of deep
[water communication between Lake
Michigan and the Mississippi River.- All
of these memorials were appropriately I
Mr. TRUMBU&, from the Committee
on Judiciary, reported a substitute for
the House bill which was referred to the
Committee December 19th, providing
that hereafter any election authorized
by the Reconstruction act of March Md,
lel67,shall be decided by •majority of the
votes actually cast, and at the election at
which the question of adoption or rejec.
ticin of any constitution is submitted
any person duly registered may vote in
any part of the State, In which he shall
be registered, where he may reside at
the time of Raid election, noon toe pre
eentation of his certificate of registration,
under such regulations as the District
Commanders mar provide,
Mr. TRUMBULL introduced *a bill,
which was referred to the Committee on
Judiciary, defining the jurisdiction of
the Courts of the United States in cer
tain cases It anion that repeated de
cisions of the Supreme Court have deed.
ed the judicial powerof the United Staten
does not embrace polithxdpower. It de-
- clams all Courts ortheUnited States in the
administration of justice shall be bound ,
by thesdecisions or the political departs!
ment of Government on political noes. ,
tines, and that it rests with Congress to
decide what government is the eetablish.
ad one of a States It is further declared
- that no civil State government, republi
can In form, estate in the Slats of Vir
.NOrth Carolina, South Carolina,
nun Georgia,
Florida, Mississippi, Lonisi-
, da, Arkansas and Texas, and
that no civil governments in either of
said States shall be recognised as a valid
or legal State governments either by the
executive orjudicMl power of the United
Sts gs until Congress shall provide, or
until' such. State Government is reps, 1
rented in Congress; and It is further af
firmed that the Reconstruction act of
March 2.1, lam; and acts supplemental
thereto are political in their character,
and the propriety or validity of which
no judicial tribunal is competent to
nuestion, and the Supreme Court of the
United States is hereby prohibited from !
taking jurisdiction of any case
growing out of the bxecution of
said acts In either of said Stales
until such States shall be represented in
Congress, or until Congress shall recog-
nize the State government as republican
in form. Ail such cases pending in said
Court shall be dismissed, and all acts
autlioriung an appeal by writ of error,
' hoheos corpus or other proceedings., to
bring before said Court for review any.
muse, civil or criminal, or other proeseed
togs arising out of the execution of the
sail reconstruction nets, or authorizing
appeal from a Circuit Court in a habeas
corpus proceeding to the Supreme Court,
or which authorizes th' Supreme Court
to issue a writ. of habeas coryus to bring
before it for review any judgment of a
law court In habeas corplce eases, are
hereby repealed.
MR. WILSON reported from the Mill.
terry Committee a bill for the gradual re
duction of the army, by discontinuing
unnecessary grades therein.
Mr. EDWARDS from the Committee
on Judiciary, to whom was referred the
bill for the further security of equal
rights in the District of Columbia. Intro
dueed a bill to regulate the present:Mier
of bah to the President and the return
the sum r, stating that the Committee wee
unanimous in its favor.
It provides that the ten days within
which-the President is required by the
Constitution to return lAis not approved
by him MIMI he deemed the ten calen
der days (Sundays excepted) next atter
their receipt, nod ahall be computed by
excluding the den on which he receives
them and including the tenth day there
after. The adjournment of . Congress,
which shall prevent the return by
the President of any such bill
to the Home In which it originated,
shall be construed to be the final ad
journment of a session. In case of the
adjournment of either House to a parti
ruler day, it shall be lawful for the Pres
ident to return a bill with objections, or
send a message announcing. Its signa
ture, to the office of the Secretary of-_the
Senate or Clerk of the House, as the case
messes and such return or sanding of a
shall be considered to have the
some effect as if the House in which the
bill originated were in session.
• Mr. CHANDLER offered a joint me
lution exempting the appropriations for''
the survey of the - nortbern and north-
western Lakes from the provision of the
second section of the act relative to forth.
tiestions, km, approved March lei, 1867..1
Mr. YATES preterite& a petition from
citizens of Silks praying for the estab
lishment of a civil government to
ka and a municipaLform of government
for Sitka. Referred to Committee on Ter
ritories. . .
Mr. P.AMSEY Introduced bills for the
protection; of settlers at Fort Ridgway
reservation, and to - prevent the abuse of
the franking privilege. Referred.
Mr. II ENDERSON, from the Coni
maim on - Indian Affairs, introduced 'a
bill appropriating condemned property
to the use of Indhuia. .!.
Mr. ILATtLAN introduced a bill to
emend usury laws in the District of Co
tumble. Referred.
On motion of- Mr. SCUNER, the
! President was requested to communicate
any infer c ation concerning the alleged
interference of the Consul at Rome with
the bite difficulties In Italy.
Mr. SUMIfER offered a rtmolution le-
etructing tie Committee on the Dritrict
of Columbia to inquire into the treat
ment of a colored person on the ears of
the Washington andßaktmore Railroad,
and if further legislation is needed to
prevent such abuses and secure equid
Mr. BECKALEW objected and t
The resolution asking the Secretary pf
the Treasury for information relative to
the abandonment of the Dennis town Mt
! ton cases was adopted. I
The Senate considered the resolution
for the admission of Mr. Thomas,of
Mr. COLE advocated it, while Mr.
Mr. DRAKE give notice that under the
amendment Mr. Thomas could not take
IWe oath or hold his seat. .
Mr. -HENDRICKS spoke In favor of
his admission. '
posed the admission of Mr. Thomas,
when the subject was laid ever until to-
Morrow, at which time Mr. Johnson
closes the debate.
The Senate concurred in the Hones
amendment to the bill enpplemental to
the act for payment of bounties.
Tho Senate considered the Mint reso
lution to cover Into the treasury moneys
arising from tales of captured end aban
doned rroperty, and now in the hands
of the Untied States Treasurer. but after
a speech from Mr. FESSENDEN, and
without action, the Senate adjourned.
A largo number of bills and - joint reso
lutions were introduced. and referred,
including the following:
To repeal an act regulating disposition
of dove, penaltien:and forfeitures recover
ed under custom laws.
An Act relative to settlers on portion
of Fort Randall reservation, vacated
by General Grant. •
An Act providing that greenbacks bo
exempt from State taxation.
An Act providing fie levies to secure
low lands of Arksures and Missouri trout
inundation arid to encourage oedemata.
Authorizing tho United States • Dlotect
Judges of lowa to appoint clerks at the
.several places where courts are held. '
An Act relative to soldiers whose dis
charges aro dated after their actual dis
memorial from the; Darotah
lure, Baking for aid to Misalsolp i grad
Missouri Ittilroad - Conmany, and to es
tablish the mute system.
A memorial for the establishment of
branch mint to Montana.
By Mr. BINGHAM: An act to restore
the • State of Alabama to repreentation in
Congresa. Referred to the Committee on
Reconenaction. The bib is as follows :
VlllEnzsel A largemajorltyoft.hevotes
given at en eteetton bold on —dsy of Feb-
' `."`---•°- '-"N
_415.......... 1
' 1
' q;.-.. `•
~ , ,E , ,,,
~,..------ -. 1 - 7 ,0 3 -.,.
--. .11:2 3 : 7 4.- - V,/,.. i', ,x 1 ---.:C'- ir "\ - 1 - ________ ,_.t„, ,, o ,-"... s •-'. 1 4 1 _ ,, '
7, 1 42
4_ , :, 4
,N , I
tt - \l4 ---• 4
.. 0--,' - - • /
- 1 ; 1 ___--- ll i l L I ) 1 1 1 ____-P f j?,,__.' • ;: , 7 r-- 4 •-. 1 ,,.: , - ,- ._ - ‘ ; ' I ; '
1 ' 1 1 I -2 -__^__' _ - ,-- .1, - Tz. • ::. /44 4 _., '" VL .-' - .24 rpm rim. ..-:-.• r n ,;_, ^ - -\ , / 1 j IL
• J 1 7 ), i -
1 ,
/ \ \
•, , 1 ' \ I ----:--- ----="-- --'--
-rte -.7: - kt ..7.. 4•• -• •••'. '----- s
""L_ --- ' -- ... -...1f ---- •------' - .----'-' -=.' --...--," - ' --- -----'=='
-----...----:------- / -- „...!: _.....---_,...„, "--- •-•=---- •
i e -
/ -- - - - :- -7
[ I
ruary. llkti; were for the Constitution pre
sented by the Convention of the people of
the State of Alabama, end•
Wumarta, A certain combine:len of
citizens withinsaid State refused to vote,
with intent thereby to defeat effort. of
the friends of the Union to restore amid
State to Its proper relations to the Union;
therefore, be it
23e.tolred, by the Senate and Heusi of
Representatives, etc., ThattheStats Leg
islature elect under the neviConstitulloci
of Alabama be convened at the capital of
said State as soon as practicable, by the
order of the United States Military Com
mander within said State of Alabama,
and upon the ratification by said; Legis
lature of the 11th article of the Constitu
tion of the United States proposed by the
Thirty-ninth Congress, and,the estab
lishment by • low of impartal suffrage
within said State no authorized by said
Constitution of Alabama, said State shall
be adulitted to representation to the Con
greas of the Unitid States In accordance
with law.
Mr. PAYE introdnced a resolution
to pay $25,000 each to Messrs. Byrnes,
Snuth, Brown and Burch, in fall for the
time [vent and the expenses incurred In
prose:touting claims to seats In the House.
Rejected bye vote of thirty-tive against.
Mr. WASTIBUI.NE, of Wisconsin, in
trodueed a Joint rowintion appointing
the Secretary of War, the Secretary of
the Interior end the Attorney General ' as
a Commission' to establish a tariff for
freight and passengers an the Union and
Central Pacific Railroads. Tabled by a
vote of seventy-three to sixty-five. '
On motion of Mr. BANKS, the Com
mittee on Foreign Affairs was authorized
to report back at any time the bill con
cerning the rights of American citizens
In forego countries.
Mr.WASIIBLI-BNE, or Massachusetts,
atated that he way not the person who
gave the information to Mr. Butler In
reference to the wood screw patent case,
Mr. BUTLER said that In his remarks
on Friday he refeMed to his colleague
from the Second District, Mr. Ames, and
the statement was correct in every far-
Mr. MYERS said the bill was defeat
ed by false statements. and he would re
port it again with the prevlso that if aver
the patent came into possession of the
American Screw Company it should be
The House went into Committee of the
Whole on toe legislative, Ace., appropria
tion bliL Mr. Butler's amendment pro
viding for a mission to Greece was
adopPt ed PRITYN meted an amendmen t , t
providing for a Minister to the Yaps
States, which was opposed by Mr.
WASIIBURNE, of Illinois. Rejected. •
Mr. WILLIAMS moved to strike out
the missions of _Ecuador, New Grenada,
Bolivia, Venezuela, Guatimeda, Nicarag
ua, Costa Rim, Honduras, Argentine
Confederation, Paraguay and Salvador.
This resolution was debated at length.
Mr. LOGAN offered in ridicule an
amend.nent authorizing the Secretary of
State to enter into negotiations for the
purchase of empires,. irdngdonve, rebel
lions, wars, volcanoes, Jews:net, etc.,
which was ruled out of order-
A vote wan taken separately on
of Mr. Williams' amendments and they
were rejected.
Mr. BROOKS moved an appropriation
for the miaelon to Reims. Rejected by a
vote of 41 to 59.
Mr. SPALDING moved to increase the
Item in contingent expenses of the State
Department iron $30,000 to 1.fi5,000. Re
Mr. WASIIBUICSE, Illinois, offered
au amendment requiring that no fees be
paid to any vice consul or consular
agent beyond ono thouaand dollars, to bo
accounted for and paid Into the treasury,
and prescribing that no greater soot
than five thousand dollars shall be al
lowed for the expenses of any vice con
sul or consular agent.
Mr. PETERS offered an amendment,
providing that where fees are collected to
exceed three thousand dollars, Abe sal
ary, where it doer not exceed fifteen
hundred dollars, dual be two thousand
Both :unendmenta reerei adopted.
Mr. 110 LMA.N Offered an amendtueut
requiring Consular salaries to be paid b
lawful money. Rejected.
Mr. BUTLER moved an amendment
striking out the words "Commissioners
and Consul* Generals to Hayti and
Liberia," and inserting "Minis - ter resi
dent to Hayti and 'Awes and the Do
minican Republic." Afters lengthy de
bate he withdrew it., and the bill, as re
ported to tb_o, House, palmed.
Mr. GRISWOLD moved to suspend
the rulesto enable him to introduce and
have put onpassage a joint resolution
relative to the rights of American chi
me abroad: Pending the question the
[mule adjourned.
• --- •
elleanatbly Arrivalo-Late I. by
all-Defeat of Om Tarsi by lb*
Cretana-Itenional et Cretan roam.
lee be Greeee-Jobn artgus Adm
en/A. am Abolition of Me Boras.
tithed irtnireli In irolAwa and Anon
ilea of .Liboral Aleitenree ter tlie
bleb Potpie.
tar rategroplk to Um PlttextrElt Buono.]
NEW To Februhry 17, IstlS.
The .tdesmors City of Baltimore and
Cidibria, from Europe, arrived . to-day.
The latter.brings London papers of the
The Athens journals report a serious
engagement at Bernetinns, in Crete, on
January-anh. The insurgents were 1,500
strong and defeated the Turks, 5,000• In
number, who withdrew into the fortress,
where they fell on Insurgent prisoners
killing and wounding several. The
Turks were said to have, Leen also de
feated in engagdments near Came. The
Russian vessels continued to carry Can
dian Lami ita to Greece.
John Bright's speech at Birmingham
was very able. Be advocated the &boll
tion.of the Established Church in Ire
land with itsrevenne of thirteen mil
lions sterling, and the distribution of
small sums among all sects, and the
'adoption of measures leading to the ac
quirement of lands by the Irish people.
Further news from South America re.
ports the new cabinet, In:galled in Peru
as molerately liberaL
The Japanese monitor, "Stonewall,.
arrived at Callao..
The blaeiorial says that the United
Stott Minister threatens that the new
government will not bo recognised at
Dr. Espinoza has been elected Presi
dent of Ecuador.
Australian dates up to January Ist'
and New Zealand to the Bth, give noth
ing imptstant.
Twenty-eight thousand balm of wool
have been shipped from Sydney to Lon
don within three months, and 25,000
more are awaiting shipment "— ••••
[UT cAm.e.]
WINLICIAL cuss 4.01111113.11tlikL:
• Lormos, February 17—Earaino:—Con
sots closed at 92191.224. The withdrawal
of gold from the Bank of England still
continuos. Five•Twentiest, 313471 f. 11-
'lnnis Central, 883. Er1e.491.
FRANKFORT. February ff—Ercning.—
United Statee bond. are strong at 741.
Lrvntu'OOl., February if.—Cotton;
Chore is great activity and much eacite
ment in the market to-day, which closed
irregular but buoyant, with saint of
Middlingirplands In port at 946:491d, and
to arrive at 9d; Orleans 9/494d. - The
sales to-day reached 30,940 balm. Bread
stMEs—Corn, 43s 3d for raised- western.
Wheat. 16a for California white, and Hs
Id for No. I western. The other articles
advanced Prrrvns—Lard haa
togs Gd . Bacon has advanced
to trils Od for Cumberi and Middies. Beef
is stea at lifs. Cheese 525.
Prisfuee dy
—St irits ofPoch
Turpentine have ad.
vanced to•34*. Refined Petroleum has
advanepti to Ile 241. Sugar in steady at
Ills. Tallow 42s 9d.
ANTWERP, February 17.—Petroleum
has advanced one franc, with sales of
standard white at 43 franca.
Tete , . Tattier the WiMpose
er =ideate.
rgy Telegraph to the Plitsbargh Gee stte.l
• f onntros bloonor.Fekal7.—The
ted Stateesteanzei Wamponortg has ar
rived hare from h e r!rial trip. She mode
the passage from Sandy Hook to enorle.,
ton In thirty-three hours. The 'greatest
speed made In one hour was twenty
and ono half miles; the greatest speed
for twenty-four hours Ids* forty and one
fourth knots ; and the eremite speed dur
ing the entire trip Wu xteen and three
fourth knots. The trialcomplete
sutteet. propeller Lynn Haien, of Nor
folk, exploded a boiler yeaterday.
No lives we're lost. Loss floe thouoand
donuts. No insurance.
York Stara noNseerSibe Pave
:By Telegrag.l to I) rlhabarg4 Omata,,j
ALialrY, Feb. 17.—T6e Democratic
State Committee have called aikido Con
vention for March Mb, to choose dele
gate!" to the National tionventloe, and
appointed • committee to Urge on the
1 . • 'Wawa Committee the selection of :few
York city as the place of holding the
Presidential Convention.
—The election of a United States Sen
ator for Kentucky, to succeed lion.
.Tanice Guthrie, takes place In • the
Kentnoley Leglidehire today. Dr. Mar
vin Green and lion. U. Stanton are
protaihently mentioned.
Pennsylvania Legislature.
Ball to Ilaear. • Disbar standard of
Ileal limanladire-Italandlog Tax
Paid lea State Basks-To Compel
San &&&&& to Procure Dtplessae-Pbtl•
adelptila sad Vele lollread-Propa•
gallon of Pis!-TO Create Slaking
Pans ISO antlagalatintent of PM.-
burin - SaDread Debt-itapalra of
Pawner Manta Mortar isaameat-
Te lteamCalp VonspitnY
-Tartlt lan for seat/str-stto wart.
eattorai Deport-titaterat Pension
Special Dispatch to Pittaboralt Gazette.
FIAERISUITRit, February 17, lelfai
SE I.7 .A.T
By Mr. CONNEII., of Philadelphia:
An art to provide for he vultivation of
- a higher standard of knowiddge In the
medical profession, by authdrising de
grees of Master of Medical Sciences,
and blending Allopathiand Homeopathy
In the proposed Pennsylvania State Col
lege of Physicians and Surgeons.
lily Mr. McCONAUGHEY, of Adams:
Refunding to all State Banks the one per
cent. paid nadir the act of 15643, which
was declared unconstitutional.
By Mr. 19 Y, of Erie: Compell
ing dentis6 in this Sixth to procure di
Also, enabling the Philadelphia and
Erie Railroad Company to hame bonds,
secured by mortgage.
Also, for the propagation of tbdi in all
the ricers and tributaries in this State.
By Mr. ERRETT, of Allegheny: Cre
ating a sinking fund for the extinguish
ment of railroad compromise bonds and
indebtodneee of Pittsburgh, and a board
of commissioners to take charge thereof
By Mr. CLARK,Warren: Paying Sol
oon Oball. grandson of Cornplunter.
wo hundred and fifty dollars.
By Mr. A DAI RE, Philadelphia:Gra:al
as tire thousand dollars for the repair
f ihe'Penn Charter monument in Phil
Sy Slr. THORN, Philadolohisr I noor
perating the Philadelphia, New York
and Borman Stestruship Company.
By Mr. DAY. Washington: Far the re
lief °toil:leers of the Thome A. Soot ,
By Mr. PLIELAN, (:reens: Protecting
Carmen against rats and vermin.
A joint resolution from am' Seim!:
urging Cougreaa to change the tariff
lows for the protection and erorpotion of
AMOriell6 lutists and artiste' pralu,
A Joint revolution from the Senate to
print throe thousand five hundred coplev
of the State Agricultural Society'a re
port. .
The general pension hiw for aoldi ors
[2 Wlaa under tllseuesion when th
louse adjourned. •
tly Telegraph to the DOsto.r.h
Yong February 17he steam
mg Jana A. Wright was completely
w reeked' by tie explosion of a loader in
the New York Bay to-dsy. Four of the
crew are missing, and two were navel,
but injured:
The Rock 'eland moo era again Satoh
the Supreme Court to-day. Several um.
[Ma were made, among others one to,
vacate the order of reference of Wm. A.
Falls, Cashier of the Corn Exchange
'Link, on the ground that be had reftnesi
to answer certalts queatlons touching do
paha made by defondante In the Bank,
and another on the part of Clerk, Dodge
A Co. for leave to pay over half a million
of dollars or have the securities change!.
Judge Pinions postponed the hearing of
the new motions until tomorrow, and
intimated that he _would name an early
day tor the haring of the main motion.
The first installment of Pt - min . :Riot :inn
aces, recruited to Canada, loaves Mon
treat to-day for this city, on their way
to Rome. The recruits will be joined In
this city by Prince Sabos Iturblde, the
youngest aon of the Maxims Emperor of
that name. • •
Preparation. are now making by
terantbort companies for the opening of
L emigration.
The Central Grua Club celebrated the
capture of Fort Donelson to-night.
Speeches were mule bypeneral :I tiger
.011, of Illinois, and General lidtrztindale,
and letters from Senator Wilson, and
Morgan, Speaker Colfax, and Repre
sentatives Banks, Logan and Ibirlburt
were read. •
A meeting of the Alumni of Yale Co
ege. was held to-night to form an SW ,
•lotion for social purpmes..
Ity 'rattrap to tGi Mahar* eutette.l
itzcostorm Feb. 17.—1 n the Conven
tion to the pioprietv of prohibiting
counties and cities suLocribing fur public
Improvements Inlthelr corporate capaci
ty w o dlscusaedlvrithout detiolto action.
CHAILMITON,, February 17.—The C.,011-
Vitliioo, after lorig discussion. adopted a
resolution asking Congress for a - loan of
one million dollars to purchase lands for
the homeless.
fieneqd Milani has ordered an election
for the ratification of the Constitution of
Arkansan on the 1511 i of Mooch, to con
tinue flve Jays, the haute to be conducted
as heretofore In the the respective StoWo.
TALL/Men.; FehrClary 17.—1 n the
Convention to-day twenty-eight mem
bers were present. Ite Important action.
The Billlnp faction offer a compro
mise, i which the f Billings be nominated to Lon
g:use, majority refuse to do.
'General Meade arrived to-day. Re
urges both factions to reorganize, elect •
new President, and expunge all records
since February 2d. General Meade le
the oast of D. S.-Walker, acting Gov
A special to the Philadelphia Press
soya: "thaoMcial returns from all hut
two counties in Alabama Indicate that
81,000 voter Were cast at the lads election,
sufficient to ratify toe cooaUtution and
elect the State °Meer."
—The West news received respecting
the Chinese rebellion ' lo the effect that
the Impedelista have gained several vic
tories over Loth the Nionfter and 3,in
.... .
—Pour negroea were thrown into the
river at Nashville, yesterday, by the
napalming of a canoe. One of them was
drowned. The others were reamed by
the crew of the steamer Umpire.
—The building owned by L. W. Bred
ley, en hialn street,Dultaque, lowa, waa
totally destroyed' by tlre Saturday nlglt.
Lomi on building and contente fifty
thousand Julien.. Ineuntnoe, thirty
thousand dollen.
—A very large and enthusiastic Fenian
meeting was held at The Court Howie.
wereifille, jut night. Adilreues
made by Got. P. F. Walsh and
James Gibbons, of the Brotherhood.
—The ?might Ileum of the Norwich
and Worcester Railroad, at Danielson
hisesschnactts, containing a largo
amount of freight, was entirely moon-,
med by fire on the evening of the 15th.
The depot wan saved by great exertion*.
—The cholera Is raging terribly In
Buenas Aire., there being 160 to 100 via.
time • day. The citizen.* are flying from
the city. .At Villa Nears, ten
hodf sev
enty laborers on the railroads died
almost at once, and the people are flying
In all directions.
tor T•lerraph to Oa Pihsbertu ess•tu t
WASIIINOToiI, February
The Supreme Court today overruled
the motion heretofore made to chemise.
the application lu the AlcArtile cane for
want OfjeriStlieliOn. The nee will there
fore cotes up for areiment on its ,rnerllts
as previously arranged on the tint lioa.
day of 51arell.
In the CARR of MeAnito, the Supreme
Court to-day overruled the motion to
dismb. the appeal for want of Jurisdlo
lion'. The Chief Justice in the delivery
of the opinion held that under the act of
February sth, 1167, an appeal lieu from
,tho judgment of a Circuit Court In an
original case of habra4 comas to the Bu-•
memo Court of the United Stales. I
Fpon - the other point made in
the argument, that Meitrdie was
in military custody, charged with a
military offence, and that the Jurisdic
tion conferred bv the act of February 5,
ISO% being additional,' therefore the
Circuit Court of Mississippi had no J or-
Isdictionmf McArille under act of RV,
the court expreased no opin jp n, but
held there were questions golngo show
the Jurisdiction 'of the Circuit Court
which would come upon their mlnutcs
or. final argument, ou the tirst Monday
in March next. •
The select committee on the treat-
MOnt or union. proomor, by the
Confederate authorities have taken a
largo mass of testimony, and will go to
Richmond next weak to pursue their 'ln
• .
Tho tienato Committee on MilitarytAf
faira voted to recommend the return of
Gen. Sberman's Lrevra nomination to the .
President, with resolution stating it
Inadvisable to confer brevet nmk on an
officer of the second highest grade. •
Among the, nominations sent to the
Script° to-tlav wan that of Thom,. Tttn,
Marshal of dm D,striet or South Coro-
For tho wink tldmr, Fob. sun, two
undred and, nkoty-six p oto
Fire at ilarriabong—AO
liy Telegraph to the rltlebargli eiesettet
IlAnntsoulto. February 17.—A fire to.
night in the c3llar of Anthony Ring's
hArtlwar.S. store, corner •of Third and
.Nlarket streets, was canoed by the esple-
Mon" of a root oil lamp. The tire was
supposed to have been extinguished, and
the store yeas full of [...pie, when a ter•
ritic explosion took place. by which
about thirty firemen and citizens were
injured. No toss of life Is redorted..
Goings Vp.. Jew• to ttteaaual►
It letter from Vleuikt motalna t6o fo
fresh entrain. on Jews boa taken
plate at theist, a large straggling plate,
half village, half town, of about
inhabitants, of whom 3,tcXl or 4,e11) are
Jews, situate about seventy miles north
of Godutz.: This place elected about a•
month ago as deputy to the Chamber at
Bucharest. 000 Velma, a prirod and
!Ilona of the tirtvk
fl Church, having im
mense Inuence among the lower orders
01 his distriet, and faunas for his tm
pweioned sermons and speeches at i ntlnst
the •Jews.-1 On the evening of the nth of
January this priest. died, and. from the
preview. Saturday its doctor expretoted
the opinion that he area suffering from
',hien, said to have beeu given him by a
ierman womin, it whose lotaandaini took
his meals daily, she having been bribed
to this by; the Sews with four hundred
ducat., is yet no one believes in the psi
seining. An enervation on etc subject
[laving arisen lii a eollee-hottse kept by
Jew, led to an attack by the Sloldavian
+honk eepersand isiorer people of the plate
on every chop and house bejonging to the
Jew.. The doors and windows were
tasiten in, tho initiates shamefully beaten
411.1 ill-treated, and tie,ir tproperty en
tirely destroyed and stolen, anti this went
on in a fine utoonllg4t evening from
It. L. to midnight, when the rioters gave
in eshanited. The prefect and other
~metals who tried to interfere were beaten
out the mon.
"The riot would have been resumed
nest day, without doubt, but the cone
inantiant of the plaee, Who had sortie
1100:1111015C44 under his
ortiers, had obtained leave by telegraph
from ulletittretit, during the night to pre
on the rioters. Tilt.. /001 n bram, known,
and an end was pal to the shameful out
rage. The value of the property stolen
Is not leas than 175..0fr., and destroyed
lunch more. 1 left ltirlat on the 12th of
January, and then the: esum:indent of
the dietrict was in 4-harpe of the place
with a military fore and had over silty
persons In prison eharged with betng
...onetimd in linen riots. The g,overn
pnont have promised a strict inquiry the matter and puribbmen I. for thoo•
coneermal; but the result will, 1 fear, be
about nil.-
apootasieoes Comba•slala ta le
A correspondent or the Pall Mall
*IC writes: I was lately conversing
with one' of our inott.eininent scene
painters. upon the late cats...drop - in nt
tier Nlajestra Theatre ' and he gave his
decided opinion. Unit the accident pro
cvs,ied (tont 'mentality:ins combastic.n.
110 stateddhat largos heaps of the debris
and refune of the painting and property
ream,, were often swept together,
and loft to itecumulate..for years, and
that helm! awn !mires..ln to rem plain
of this prsetknn and to, point oat the
.datuter of Telated one Instance in
which much a biap had ktood in a theatre'
for a loriß pNriNd, 411.1 alter many 0.001-
plaints he induced the authorities to re.
move It, and the momentSINNIO WW
thrust Into It It burst into flames. I see
that In the Tooes a correspondent puts
aside spontaneous combustion becnose
scene painting is done with water color,
which la not inflammable; but the data
though sortmlimee existing even in
the painting-rootu, lies noire particularly
In the property-Ram, where varnish and
oil eolors are largely us d, and whore
Scraps of oiled rag, toe, tarnish, saw
dust, and tine or stun are swept iip to.
nether with other matters. They only
require to be damis,l, as is not an
uncommon practice, for the purpose al
laying the dont, to Maucro eventually
spontanenunceinbindion. lily Informant
also • pointed to i lie clam, , Astley's
Theatre, he stAte4i wa4l,llrsit do w u
111 thin way (I . ollltlle nwcopings
or the .wd Qst anti stables; and from Ills
experience, icicle!, is very great, he fall
certain that Finality other theatres had
been NO burnt." . .
—ln a recent pastoql Bishop Arthur
Cleveland. Ilex° says:
'•\then I see the tawdry• fashions, lb.
costly vulgarity and wielzeil estrus,
wine, of the times, I feel sure that annul
ands of Amcrlcsn M 011 1 4.11 are strange'
to the first law of refinement—al mill i
irf manners and attire.
"Whoa I see that thousands of A.
.-au women read the most shatitotul ro
mance. and the most degrading newspa
pers; frequent the vilest dramatic enter
tainments and Join In dances to shocking
to be named among Christian's; I feel
that Christian matrons are lxicoining too
few, and that civllire'd heathenism is re
turning to the fields wo have wrested
from the Indians.
',When I read daily, of the most un,
godly divonss. end of crime against
Oat purity and against huma - n lifeJtself,
widen are too gross to mem manned more
particularly, feel that too mane of our
countrywomen are without uud in the
world, and that radical reforms nro ne
cessary in the systems of etlinattlun on
which the young women of Aincrien are
dependent for their training.
s•Wketi I see thonsends of households
In which young girls ore roared for a life
of pleasure; without reference to duty, I
cenno&wontler at these result., nor at
the calSery in which tlmy involvo fami
lies alid oommunities, Sow the wine
and r6se
Id reap thewhirlwind!
'As a christain Bishop, therefore, I
nuke' my.anpeal to you, Christian we
nen, : and I ask you tobeght the refor
mation, by faithfully bearing your
nk against all that tend. to the deg
redatlou of your sett, and the more Cr,,
when such crime In not 'rely winked at,
but receives countenniteuln circles which
ought to be exemplary.",
—The large penguins of the Anton:tie
Oeooe exhibit a curious peculiarity In
Also piano if deposit of the AliIf(11. egg
laid • by them.' This intend of being
phased In a cent, us with other birda, is
held between the legs stud foatheri of the
belly, and tranalmrted by the bird
wherever it goes nail hatched.
—A now gymnast of extreerdlnarYL
strength kma made his appearance at the
Holborn Theatre, London. Ito makes a
• full siting upon the impel: holding the
rope only by his teeth, and Imaging by
his feet, head downwards, he It whip
three men depending t.a the strength of
hie wrists.
—A long-boarded miller at pagan,
Ohio, the ether day day carelessly suffer.
ed his flowing honors to get caught in a
revolvlngthaft. Brach% himeelfprompt
ly, his beard went by the roote. lie will
hereafter bare but little more &liable in
shaving than before.
Beaver Ittroet 11. 'S. tYsree Analyst.
wary—altromine sad /11414troues.—sasp
easy Wawa' Assnllversanr of Promprat
Sim* /L.
The differentMetluslist Episcopal con
gregations in the two cities ere exerting
themselves to raise liberal contribution
for the support of the Minions under the
Church Home and r °reign work. In
some cities In the East the churches are
increasing their offerliga over inn year,
In order to moot the emanti of the Pa
rent Mbodonary Society: Hera the some
dieposition is Manifested. hot so little
has been dote by the churches yet, that
we are unable to report. Last Sunday
week Christ Chtirch gave a large sum,
the influence of Which Is already felt for
good.. ^
Sunday, Beaver etreet M. E. Church
devoted the entire day and .evening to
the promotion of .the cause. This Crue
-1 honored chnrcu IN the oldnt. of that body
• Allegfony, and hex furnished the nu
cline of members for two or three other
churches on that tilde of the river. Not
withstandinethe depletiOn In member
ship and hearers, to 1 bUild up other
churches, the charge did nobly on Sun
day for the motto. At the morning hour
the peeler, Rev John W. Baker, pinch.
ed an excellent and appropriate sermon
torthe Demotion. in which he dincinsed
the spread and triumph of the (kernel.
At the close cf the Bernina, contributions
were token for the cane. In the after-
. . .
tlikM the Sunday School anniversary
took Owe. Rev. W. It. Locke, pastor of
Libertentreet hi. E. Church, delivered
MU address replete with imtruction and
intereot. During the conmeof kisepoech
he alluded touchingly to the filet
that ho had boon n scholar in
toe Sunday School connected with
that church, and that over u dozen
years ago the ethical body had honored
hint by licensing him to preach,' and
recommending him to, the Conference an
a suitable penmen to enter the Itinerant
ministry. Rev. L. McGuire of Weeder
Chapel, in this city, also made name well
timed recnarks. The evening appoint
ment, by request, wax - fined by Rev. Dr.
Is;.bit, editor of the Pittsburgh Christian
A dopeate, who preached a scholarly file
coarse, in which he prutented in a lucid
and instructive manner the claimsMpon
the church to anetain' the cause of.
alone. At the close of the name, unite a
good sun, was obtained. The granTag
gregato for cite day amounted to tax hun
dred andfiftydoltanr.: The pastor, Rev.
Mr. Baiter, was well sustained in his
effort. by C. C. Boyle, Arthur Robson,
W. Gibson, and other active layman of,
the charge. • .
The atlernoon of Sabbath last was a
high time at the 'Prospect Pt. E. Millen
Sunday Salton', In this city. on the oc:
casiort of their annual mhodonary anni
versary. Addressees of touch interest,
and well adapted to the occasion end
school, were delivered by Rev. Dr. L. F.
Morgan, of Christ M. E. Church, and
Rev: John 11. Ebberf. The sum of three
hundred and thirty-three dollars was
raised, which is more than double what
was eontributed by this school last year.
This is pralseworffiy., The school is un
der the care of Christ Church, and is
conducted by NN". W. Wallace and Flor•
enee Kramer, Esurs., Superintendent.
We believe Mi. John Fullerton, and Mr.
F. 11. Hanker, two merchants In our
city. are. also associated with Messrs.
Kramer and Wallace as officers. The
singing is represented es being very tine,
and added much to, the interest of the
occasion. This fldli,Ul it one 'id" the
pioneer mh.lon schools in this city, and
reflects credit upon those In the
The world Itini(e4 that's certain. 'rho
days of Inuad-Iteatitig of mrpete, S.eareh
leg for green awards, waiting fur sunny
tinys; 4t.C., In all over, and notosekeepors
tam now havo their :old carpet. cleaned
and made almost j no got'sl no new at
slasallsoct. • Mr. 11,1,.. NlcCllntoolt bt the
tette tumprictor of tho only Steam Carpet
Resting Ntachine west of the tnonutains,
which lino u : patent for the "flexible
tvltlps" by which the carpet lo thorough
ly eleaned of duet, moths, or their lam.
rue carpet in pot in the cleaner just as It
stmtra front the floor, no ripping apart
ret mired, and it Cottle" buck. without one
particle of shrinkage, and what In mill
better, as no water to teettl In the cleans
ing Proms,. the toilers are left as perfect
RA when new, save the natural Puling
from wear. The work ran he done In ail
WeatherSovithott: roe,mni to shower or
sunshine.l In the etstern elties•ten years
expertence has reduced the business to a
mien, and full • guarantee 1.11.. be givenl
of reridertn4 mutts. Those
who mayletuirtt their 1,1114./.1 renovated
had totted do so curly to avoid tne r.ll,
which we:confidently predict will be the
raso about moving time. Orders left at
his otnee nt the faintly grocery or T. O.
Morgan, 170 Liburtv street, or addressol
to P. O. 14 to 173, will meet with prompt
attention. 17: pro.* wagon calling for
and ' returning when cleaned.
/ tin price" ere tot fitliow
I ',NV. Platting S vents per rant.
Ingrain Wad 3 I'ly,. lo " "
II russel3 "
Velvety. .... . .. 11 " "
Wilton and Atstu'lr. Is
.Jos•ph Hose. & 1'47 \t ea. 77 sod =
Sark*. afteet.
Continuo tri other their huniense stock
of 'Ariimuing;, hosiery, notions, milli•
eery, woolen and fancy goods at greatly
reduced rates, in order to make room fur
an ostensive spring stock. The entire
stock was porcine.' while the eastern
markets were sorely depressed by the
tinancialpanie which temporar ly threat
ened the huskies. Men of that seetion,
hot which passed ever and has left .trade
Improved, as is evidenced toy the up‘vard
tendency of all goods In this line. Al
though goods hare materially advanced,
this house has determined to keep their
priees down soil to alio.' their patrons
a (nil share in the advantages they - ol
Mined. l'arl les who buy to sell agaie, on
Wen OA retail patrons, should pay Jre
seph Herrin A Co. a purchasing visit,
and ho convinced of the character of bar
'gains prevailing.
A serious See!dent occurred yesten ay
at lho Outor,Dopot of the I'enusylvania!
which will probably result Inc
the death of Ueurgo Rolla colored man,l
agrni about tiftyne-von yearn. licit wan
ettgagssl la whitewashing the coiling of
the machine nlten, for which purpose
platform about twenty-tive teld In heigh'
Pall been erected, on which ho we,
Ptandink. He was' worichig with hta
back near one edge of the platform, and
taking estop backwards, fell, striking
the plotter in his descent. brooking his
left leg in 'three places and othorwinO
seriously injuring him. The injured
man was convoyed to his reoldenco on
Logan street, where he was attended lit
Dr. Hamilton. He has a family of ni
childrim. who are dependant upon hint
for support:
• . • Larsen,.
John Timnionyrunde Information 1
fore Meyer illackmore against Willis
Furgason, 'charging him with larceni.
TIM property, stolen was a coat. valued it
tweed-Ova dollars and a pitlr of gloves
at three dollars, belonging to Mr. Die '-
imam, and W. stolen on the morning f
the Fourth stn et Om from a house in LI e
vicinity of the lire. The prosecutor,
who is a poliooman, having reason to 1114.
Bove the defendant guilty of the then,
made the information and procured a
search warrant, and repaired to the resi
dence. of Ferguson, in the Filth ward,
where the, property wan found. The
accused wan held fora hearing.
Trying .ti. Lam..
On Satunlay afternoon Mr. Davidsob,
of the firm of Moir .St Davidson, Wood
street, while aittlng In the Itostoffice o.”
ivy.] a boy come to the lock boxes n
the roatefllce and try the locks of soy
oral of them In 1111C11 a snsvicloua man
ner as to attract lite attention. Ile world
try the key In one box and thou cometto
the door to ace if any ono was olaserviinr
him. Ile dually ruccceded in !Indio a
box that bin key would unlock and nta b.
ed away. Mr. D. followed him, can ht
him and brought him back to the Po t
race, 'whore thekeytt were taken f .pr
False-Pretence.—Mrs. Melntyre mide
Information before the Mover, charging
Hugh Wllstin with obta i ning boardng
to the amount of po under false pre
tence, It appears that Wilson nailer
false representations succeeded Inn
ulna a bill to that amount, and on
day ti th ing Mrs. Mclntyre's alwe or
wont to .the house and got .big tr uc k.
Ito waa arrested and taken before he
Mayor, but settled the matter by pay ng
the 1411 and cast'', and was dlacha . ..
The Petroleum AmoeLstlon held tl.
find ennui banquet of the 3.louontpt el
House this afternoon.. •Cluesta are
meted from -OA City, Philadelphia
other pointy.
1 . I
r - __ J—......._. (
Called Mate. Ceart—Jodge ECOM46-
MONDAY, Fob. 7.—The case of the
United[ Stator vs. Peter Schlegel, indicted
for tampering with a witness, taken
up. After a Jury had teem imparthelled
the counsel for the defense objected to
the indictment. 'l,ho District Attorney ,
tusked and obtained leave to amend. The
~ul s
jury Wre
edischar I, and the can, NV.
oontin ed until th next term of Court.
The District At they entered a sots,
pros. n the lof R. I'. &. J. Park.
Indicted for earrvig on the hunimns of
retail !eaters wifla ut license.
The rase of Pe . Drynlng,lndicted for
mcciv ng beer unsiampod r , and for aid
ing hal the removal of the name, woe
' taketthux Thu -.o,ry found a verdict of
not guilty, and Dia defendant we din
On Motion of the United Staten Atter
' iney.the libels atiainat ell gallons of
whisky, owned liyi Henry Ralsten, the
stilln,ete., In the distillery of Charlie+
IfeCl re, and two jundred and tan bar
rels.f oil owned by John F. Smith,
were ,ilisrelmsed. • ,
The jurors were discharged from fur
ther attendance until Monday next.,
. ,
SP tertetCoart:Ln i Mace Ifamptea.,
MI ' NDAT, Feb I..—The Court adjourn
ed at noon. the Hat for the day turving
boon gene throngh with.
tia uel McCleall, Jr. vs. Thomas A.
Row ey. \'erdlet for the plaintiff for
ren 1.
Ali Aleut L. Ma ono vs. 'William Culp,
.1; C. McCandless and Charles C.
Jeremy. Thin wall a suit to recover Lai
-11111,0 alleged to be due for the conntroc
lion kf the triumpludarch over Pmiusyl
vent avenue .oft the occasion Of the
Sold ere' Convention In September, IStei.
Afte the juty had been sworn, the ewe
wan Withdrawn foe . settlement.
Jai•vis, Halpin j i ..t. Co., vs. A. F. Chlt
toneY. On mot' m or it. it. Roberts,
Ilt.q.i rule on pla ntiffn to show cause
why attachment issued should . not be
( I .
dlinolverl. Item.' —The defendant was
not and is not a n 11-resident, within the
meshing of the se of Assembly in such
a esteemed° and if vided, end a foreign
attachment woul not lie.
An a ffi davit of Teary Credo wan filed.
It mita forth that alliant in well acquaint-
. . . .....
nal With A. F. Chntoney and bad been In
1 3
loot three years
an alelerk In sal, Chatoney'a establish
ment, and as an assistant In repairing
employment for the l
maphinerY: that , id Chatonoy le ft him
on the 31st ult., stating to arrant that he
;M i r
re ln i g urn to an NpW ne , Yo v rk or atta nw t i. h;
following, providhd he did not go to 110.
torti—if he went t Boston It would 'Rar
itan!. be Friday dr Saturday following
Ware he returned, but that arrant has
non seen him and does not know Ids
wherealauta: that said Chateney has re-
here for e: umber of years, and
ke t house and resided with his ;
tha. his family *Tagil here and residing
at 'No. Gs Float etreet, Pittsburgh, and
allaant never !maid of any Intention on
Charmer's part to change his residence.
AO valiant further averred Unit ho h.
no Interest in theapplication.
kollowing Is tO. lint for Tuesday:
1. Leopold Einstein vs. Denial 3lat
IS4. Same vs. s me et al.
4S.S. Wightma Anderson vs. Alle
gheny Valley Raiiroad.
John lier Win vs.. &liver& Mc
lade et al.
John 13. Sr ead vs. J. P. Kahle.
tlO.. Samuel Due re. Samuel Wilson.
;to. E. Y. Denny vs. Butruni, Kehew
t al. lin. l'onna. Ina. C. ,
v, Sheriff, vn. Lock
i.e. John Hall :
Si. S. B. Clul
ew Co,
:pai—.Thlodire IMMO.
17.—Nuns 3I Hp
Vonji,t. f
C(DAY, F ri
nrother vs. II 1
plelntll7.4 ro* •
•rrollowing in at
1113. Th.. Stnl
116. t;ood•
e llat for Tuesday
h e.. Josenh P. 11:tIg
Itothsehilds c Roil
1 M;;1!=EIMI!1;ZI
Pin crtot
tt uz.
. John Br,
et ttz,
ruuel 1, 1
.!`J. Miler all
.eorgo 1
ft. Fcllz lb
lrke vs.. A. Lyou
Vellaer et um. vv. Jai
trandier vn, C. T. lb
AUSlter Jr.Meosienta—ae
..,o1 had not agreed upon a verdict tip
he hour of g l djoornntent yesterday
riey lava been oat ninre Saturday fore
*moment ibis.
Judges Sterritt : nnd . it (ellen were e
aged yestordu - illspoillng or the art
rent list hi the 'Common Pleaa and tan.
Ater Sennionn, arid will be sinillarly e
, .
Igige..l to-day.
OPERA iioLiE.—There was another.
large audience list night on the thirteenth
prceientation this twason of the georgeous
spectacular drama of the Mack Crook,
It will rktmaint n the Wards every ovyre.
log this week, int no longer.
1.0,111.7.N1A.—The great wizard, Lo
grenia, with his marvelous troupe of
trained rate, Wd.. and inky, has arrived
and will open at Masonic Hall to-night
with the first of lain novel entertainments.
Ile has received the praise and endorse
meat of the press of the principal cities
of the onnutry, and no doubt will be
wehanned to our city by a large Audi
Nasky. as a "Jour."—The editor of the
Nouns. Wisconsin) &anise!, inn recent
of his paper gives necolleetions of
his esperion al with l'etmleunt V.
Nimby (Mr. tiavid Locke) as a"Jour Prih
ler" in Pittabrirgh, working In the EVe2l
ing Chromelr °Mee. There area number
of "old printers" hereabouts who have a
dintluct recoil ellen of r. Locke and
remember hi • an a ..fellow of most
!act le our remembrohco
',ticking type" in the of
ho upper more of Singe
'back room,) 1111 rd street.
Knit out.'
of him, when
(leo Ptniod, In
ly m building,
Notwithstanding the upward tendency
of the Now York dry goods market. the
onterp;hting I rm of Bate. & Bell, No. 2l
rlfth street, centinue to offer great bar
gains to their patrons In all goods pecu
liar to their Mine of business. Ladies
noed not be reminded that ak this este!,
lisliment are *opt the noel fashionable
'articles of dress materials, white goods,
housekeeping; goods; shawls, Sc., Se.,
and during the, continuance of low prices
all should avail themselves of the opts),
tuuity to lay Inn full supply.
Surety oft e Peace.—J. S. Johnston,
made infornition before Alderman
Nfters. ye. terday-; against George Ap •
plegato toren .ty of the peace. Thepar
ties reside in tfemperancerilltseud some
time since a,dlfilculty occurred between '
them when. Applegate struck Johnston
with a beer glees and knocked him down,
and now itIS to ako
his life if he!
We did not
culty. er
Lanhardt, _a to Mr.
Kaufman, al Fifth ward.
made information before Alderman Tay
lor, yesterday,. charging Kaufman with
assault and battery. It appears that
Lanhardt to h nilschleviona boy, and for
Immo of hia [ranks watt chastised by his
toaster. A hosting was had in the cane
which resulted in the discharmiof tho
Teasperaust Ltcture,.....-Th,,arst of a
4 .
aeries •of 1 1111.011 before the Allegheny
Temperan. League will be delivered
thin (Tu yl evening by the Rev. J.
W. Withers on, in the Rev. Dr. Press,
ly's church. Diamond. Subject-Row
can the attiention and interest of the
muses ho 1,6 a secured, no as to promote
the tem pe lee reform?.
• -
Lenten Pr tense.-Theinns Potts, a car-
Tail-weaver In PILL township, made Infor
mation befero Alderman .51' Alnetern, yen
terday, charging William French with
false pretence. It appears that the de
fendant oblnineLl a quantity of carpet
from the &executor by lase and fraud
ulent repreabutatien. A 'Lurent was Ls
sued for ht 4 arrest.
A Baguio Broken /Up -George Me-
Riot mudd, Information before Mayor
Blackmer* against Mrs. Ruts °, Henry
Bliss, andlathers, residing on Wayne
street, chatgiug them 'with keeping a
bawdy . bonne. The &mauled were ar
'mated and held for a hearing,
Catabltmr.—Mayor Drum's
Snday, matte a de Bent on a
rnat haw, near Main greet,
; and captured a party of
`four In number, Inho were
and cane awl), •
pollee, on
bows) on
gamblers, .0
Mod four c
Gra;ll. Clot. Lawrememovllle
• • , • - •
A tne:Ling wne routed at Robin:4oo4
Hall, Lawrenceville, last evening, for
the prirvo.3 of 'Ca l ming a llrant Club.
Owing ta Homo misunderstanding the
Halt wok, not eis,ured, or at least not
opened nmtil after eight °Mock, in e‘m
seqUetten'of which inJny eiti7enn who
had *Alward did slot remain. 'none who
remained t u tu) the Halt wan filially
opened, • c7gonized by ruing Mr. S. J.
Waiurig'at 1.4) the ] Chair, and Mr. S: W.
Reynold., to set sei Se^retary t (
In va,cittionro of the la , . tend:wee not
. bring a 5 large tt+ l tantr . tett; and not ;to
greet ak't would bare 1.... ion 1 ,, the
eiremokanne 'Sta el, it was 11.'iliPii, no
motion et Mr. J. W. ILddell, to du no
other bestows than the . wrlnc•turti .it' a
President for thelpron..eit I . lllh. WIP:f
1.1 0-
1 1 / 1 1 Mr. St. JW. tna.ght wrot nominated
aud uunnimunsß, eleetol.
Tho meeting then adjourned to nl,l.
on Tuesday evening nest at the slam
place. .' I •
Attempted Stillite.—John M..rritt,
young titan rest leg in :SicKr..spert, it
is stated ritemp+.l to commit sm. hie on
Sunday by taking laudanum. It ap
pears, I,2wever, that the yenta:3lm. was
careful to notify thewith
heireardod orhilt intentions, In onfer,
we presume, to' have them witness his
tragic end. of c4urwe he did not expect
that they would be no foolish as to in any
way Int;rfere with his designs upon his
life. Tho cause Int the unhappy affair,
we loom. was MU interfercn, era yontt„••
lady's parvnts iu la love aittir to which
the young man was a party.
An ralitm Rettred.—A. W. Campbell,
F.'sq., the Madingletlitor, during the past
twelve years, of into Wheeling I.olli
grocer,lvs nispo.tsl of his interest in
I that entorprisingliournal and retired to
private 111,, at least fora season. Messrs:
Frew, llagans Hall,' the remaining
partners,sv hereafter conduct the paper.
bEe. tlamchell carries with him into pri
vate life ear beetiwishes. We have ever
regarded 'urn as Mater the ablest editors .
and hard•rd workers of West. Virginia,
one who added Much to the profession
with whi^.ll he is! recognized.
Circulars Stelen.—Jame! Dorly, Wil
liam Lewis, Jani. lioolar. Johrt Fitz
gerald and .rehnilir.ickly, were charged
before Mayor Dlacicumre, on oath of Dr.
S. Marc.. with the larceny of circulars nr
hmldbillr, valued at lifty dollars. - They
were arrested anti held for a hearing.
Pay Up Your flut
er; ht the Still, vissisl, is after dal influent
ax Ravers with a sharp stick. and those
n that district in arrears will do well to
lay up at once, and thus save thorn
.lves trcelble n d COM.. :
lieShaiTrey, Daniel Me-
Shat Trey angl' Dabiel Ellertou were ar
rested by n:Tieer pyrno in the Firth ward,
on a challo of ~ Kireet looting, Sunday.
and this morning they were fined
and vests .•
Wheeler k % . i , 'llson's Improved Lock
Stitch Sewing machine—The simplest
and hauL The only machine using Crys
tal el.,th . ?resser with Its attachments.
Sales roars No. i 7 I , lrth street. SIEW.
Math of an 9ld Dlerc4itt.—Mr. Singh
SteShane.lan eld and respteted retired
filervlmotcf this:eity, departed this I i re on
Sunday night last.
510.5t.r Ja•
saiee i_
p7r.4rw liTNUI(fIEfI!IUI
Mr. 7. YE. Hatchings, the pioneer,
more generally known to the community
of late yenta throegh the association of
his name with the great Yoseniiee Val.
ley, where he now resides, is at present
on a visit to San Francisco. He tells as
that on his visitito the "Nevada Fall,"
he, with *companion from this city, at , .
evaded to 'he summit of the "Cap of
Liberty" 'eat, to the north of the tall,
and there, gro7ing in the fissure of the
Pock, away up pada- the very clouds,
founds. 'subpar arts:,, the trunk of which
measured ten feet two inches in diame
ter. When. weiremember that the juni
per is, in most countries, a very slow
grower, sad at tho best a mere bush,
hardly mimic thei dignity of a tree at
all, the statement of the immense size .
of thls ors appear& almost incredible,
and soma Stave I beau inclined to doubt
~.. .. . ..
the exactness of the measurement. Those
Nebo new acquainted with Mr. hlutchiogs
will not, however, doubt the correctness
e l .,
of his stattme t for a moment, and we
are inclinei to ink that the age, of the
tree - is L liie.y to be very moth less
than thos esainted wilh the slow
growth of the thee in other lands would
unturally estimate it. On the e'evated
plain lying strutuul the base of the great
mountnin aheins of ,centrul Xrizona
may be seen threste of the iuniper . ce.
dot extendlogl to the limit of vision.
The trees in thrso forests are scattered
like apple tte6 in a New York' apple
orchard, gad ore never of great bight,
but the trunks ire often of considerable
size. We have seen thousands which
would meramo tram ono to five feet in
-diameter, and would yield several cords
of beautiful wood. They sr; however,
almost valzeleas for timinr, as the trunk
Is invariably but a few feet in length—
several large Ilimbs of minor trunks
branching out as from five to ten feet
from the earth, the top limbs spreading
out over a space entirely dispreportior—
ate to the bight of the trees.' This coun.
try is thickly dotted - with the ruins of
Aktee or Tol•ec cities and fortifications,
. .
In some cf trittch timbers exposed to
the swims and blazing sun of that try
ing climate are yet to be been in a good.
.state of preservation, showing
. that the
builders meat have dissppearai at aeorn•
paratively recent date. Juniper. trees
Of il:1101COUI iize are found on these
rotas in scant places, allowing that in
that climate at least the tree is df more
rapid growth then is generally supposed!
Nevertheless,lthe Yosemite juniper is a
remarkabie :zee, sod worth' the atten
tion of the azicutinc. •
A Brohen-Dowla Old fl
bps wife, art/ the days of mourning being
ended, that Jonathan because al dc him
self, and be nailed his sons and daugh
tern unto Olin, and spoke there wortla
unto them, •Ilteliolti thy mother Is dead;
bury me also with her, for my life is
burdened -ay, distress and by reason of
great angesh," and tie placed his hand
upon and Erased thews. And it tame to
pass that when his children heard theso
words, that they werenere, and sold one
to another, IWnat shall we dor And '
the oldest snake these words smto.thom:
"Deltoid. them Is a man in the great city
of New. York who healeth all manner of
pain In a mOnaent ; and behold, we will
talrtrour tallier thither:" and when they
beard thins I words they brought forth
bags of gol'l silver and precious stone.
as a present; to the Doctor in the great.
city! And 'John. %puke yet again and
haid: "Ileirsid, the great Doctor will take
no gold, silver or precious stones, but re
rueveth alt rain without coat for rich or
pdor." And they saddled their beasts
arld took the old man and Journeyed
many days., and cause to the groat city of
New York hod they lifted the old man
and carried him tenderly' unto Dr. Wol
cott, in Chatham Square, N 0.1170. And
the Doctor 'leaked upon their father, and
saw that he,424 very sick and nigh unto
death. And the Doctor led him lute a
private root:. and commanded that his
garments tils all taken off. .And it came
to pass, alter he was stripped, that the
I Doctor toor. a liquid called Pain Paint,
and puts brush into it.and painted Ilan
and behold, while the Mutter with yet
painting: Pao old man recovered and
stood up, ,F.ed Immediately walked as
beforetimoS. And the children gathered
together and emnraced bins with great
ley. They r‘b. tilled their bawl with hot.
I ties; of PaimPaint, and took their depart
ure wills music and gladness, and Alley
told lisle people as they Journeyed. And
the people marvelled greatly; but when
they es se tics bottles of l'am Paint which
they lad bought, they elfemd money,
and bought also for their own sick toll.
And certain Men galled druggists Rent to
the great i . 1:7 and bought muds Pain
Paint io which removed all Falun of
any nature:and thee houghtolso, much
Instant l'alu Annihilator, fur Catarrh in
the liebolu, It in 110 W sold every
where for '2,la, t? 1 and
and has 007 whito . lrrappprs on the
net brown Avrappers. Teced free
of rest. at Cr.= Arch street - , Philadelphia,
In LIM Drug Store.
'— - -
—At a bat given recently nt the Hotel
de Ville, In Paris, 700 white and roue
camellia trre wore employed to deco
rate the Apr.:Limas, which trees were
Bout from the' city gardens, There are
now 2,ooo4l4itnelin plants in the Ca
mel la bones of these gardens, which
cover a nuperncles of about 4:1,0001 square
yards, whits awe being found Wendt
mat for the nopply requires', under
ground hrievat are being constructed,
the excavations for that purpose ex
tending n'car 344000 equitre yards of
grettrid. rour head , gardeners super.
I intend rest flower mannflictoiy,
/ s
Tae Arabian isseter—llCard. - ..j • .
noticed an article in yourSonrnal,
a:though likely to cause my title arutlan-:
acnese considerable notorleiy, 6 till of
ouch a chanteter as would be like 6•• to
prove prejudicial to my hcretoforel , ood
'name, and to my pr.:sent large practl4, I u
reply, I would resphtfully ray thatlin:dq
nut claim Arabian birth, neithein I
Lave any tricks or trap', and I frt.efth.
vu.. all w It. may have Interested C. 0 1 .1-
••••IVOI by restonlay's article to calM and
see my bt t.t
Au ret.arda the itnpittatiOnaagalm, key
Pnandu,riral nsaminer. I would
.tat' that I ill bawl: hint agslasi ally or
all of the per,in.t claiming any wpm's'
~kill in r.:11; ology in the counlyeEellle
• _ , of pi - IF:Lice
t on•einstllv, that lathe sclonh. of
coring MS firlSolsjoll by the Arabs.
Inn that yolk nod - the parties wlio in
formed you Or and about toe, when:4galrt
crlllei•duz my tleinzt.t, will at leartraver
me with A rasa. lam yours, eat.„ It •
-Tu.: AItAItIAN 1 . 111,41 , 1A1,
N.,....1 , ....1,11 , krtv stk . kt.
and to. Federal ntreat, 41.11eArny,
At Pe Dark Prints. .
At 11: . ie (-0 0 d Print.
At 10e DArk Glnghams
At L:ic Figured Dclaines.
At 12.fe Yard Vale
A1.:121t; Yard Wide Bleached Skirting
: •
At l.yc lientuckvJeans:
At '2.le Yard Wide Feather Tiekik. s.
- At :kk, Black and Colored llrocqo Al
At 14e 175 dozzn Rod Bordortd'lnen
Towel!, • •
At $l,OO Ali Wool Table Covers,' •
Cotton and'Lluen 'Fable Diaper. , ,;
Furniture Check.
A very lari, , C stock wholesale andletail
Wm. Semple's
eet, Allegheny.
;• ,
Bridal Presents .— The bead. seleeiron of
.lid silver and silver plated ware;loilet
nd tea table art.cles, fine .Jov.blry; par
an wares, marble, bronze and :" rasa
end:Lure elnaks, and an hundred' tber
rueleasui table for wedding gifts eitn be
- .moored at cage reasonable ....
pria,. at
ho well known jewelry establla ''.. ent
.f Belneman, Meyran t &Idle, 'o: ao
, ifth street. The firm purpose .f . king
potoeasion of their newstore a few.
honer., and in the meanwhile
. 076
porior bargains to their patrons.
Reader. are reminded that no here
lee In either city are offered hatilr
theements for their patronage than at
he wellconducted andi popular Abele
ale and retail grocery-and ptialuee
cause of 3lessrs Mcßride A: Georg No.
GI Federal street, Allegheny. r t rhey
arry a large, fresh stock , and to (Loth
holesele and retail. patrons offs gory
- operior bargains. Favor this lhOuse
•Ith a visit and bo convliteed.
At Lioltahelmer's famous resist rant,
Fifth streM, nest door to the Pose Noe.
will alwayu be found the rarest g oof
the Beason. together with ttto anbattaatials
of life. No where else can a bottorgereak
ra4t, dinner , supper or luncheon !ob
tained at a more reastpuble price. Par
ties are supplied withtsuppera in th ,l! eimry
best style and at prices which will.lcom
mend them to the, economical. '
At W; W. Allookiead's, No. 81 arkBt
street, has Just been remixed and:open
ed • a lino selection of corseted hoop
skirts, kid gloves, lace and Ilnerpa,
kerchiefs, rich point laces,Valencisl, Mal
tese, thread and guipure laces, edgings,
insertings, ribbons, sashes andi'Ailin
ming, Ladles will find in this seiection
everything new; novel and fashianable,
and at prices very reasonable. - I
Dry Goods at VI holcsale.—Wo. o
f,rinz full linos of bit:lmbed andAlrown
Maslins, Prints; Ticks. Ginglianta, and
other staple goods. making the ...I.hrgest
stock to the West at Esatern pri*
J. W. Itasksa &Coq
No. 5.9 Market si eat. •
Vacant Lot at Auction.—That, nt, 46
by 100, corner of North Can - • and
Cherry streets, Fourth ward, Allegheny,
will be sold to-tnorrow, (WedneiAity) at
three o'clock. Being On the Western
12 1
l'etunqlvania Ra ti. ilroad, it la well opted
for a'coal yard or monufhetnn • put
pD4eii. A:Leggate, Auctioneer.
Try . the rich aromatic coffee nal'
procured at the old established
of Joseph A. Robinson, "So. nt
street. Those who canl apprec:a
pore, fresh coffee should not tax '
before acting on the suggestion. 111
Try a Aeal nt Holtzheimer's co*!
tal Saloon, Fifth street, next doe:
Postofnee. Game, oyaters and
done:lelea of the season served if
Amittest notice. Prices very
Boots Stiocs and Gaiters—Of o Tory
11{04 style. can always be lauTjht Mr.'s, - 88 Market etre:et Ho itbeps a
plendhl stock always:on band acid *Kara
t the Wriest prices.
Country Merchrints replenishin stock
will find us in El:contra condition to sup
ply their • wants st toss thentstera
J. W. BAnnun Co.
foots, Shoes and Gaiters—Ora, Tory.
latest style, can always be bantat Mr.
liebb'e, S 9 Market stroeL He keeps a
splendhlatock always on hand taid sells
at the lowest prices. -
Buy tour Teas at Joseph tobin
son's, No. 20 Fifth 6troet. Ttl you
sill tind very fine assortmen of the
rarest and choicest importations "; t most
T. eolrees, sugars, aplees;hattnees,
eannediruita and table oondininbta can
be purchased at Joseph -14Robiu
eon's, No. 20 Fifth etreet4' .
. ,
rohas your apleee at'Joepli.... Rob
old tea mart, No.: 20 Fl elroeL
None but the best quality and p4oat are
otten3d for male.
Party Suppers gotten up In the lAset style
at very reasonable ratan lay,Helahelmer,
Fifth street next door to the Y. t office.
Howes Ind Lots at Auction_
tion sales on second page. A.
An Immense stock of Printa v ! Sheet
ing, and other Staple Goods, atless than
eastern prices, at Barker's
Vonstftsdlon Water is a. co ; n ea
or Diabotie and nil diseasat:or4he kid
oya For, ale by all druggista4t,trwr.
Table Linens, slightly d
maws at Barker's. -
Red gutlts in grenLvariely,VM choaP
BArker' e. • .?•
llousrkeeping Good; very 4ieap, a
Barker's. ' '
Linen 'Toweb, at Barkers. Real
• • DIED: .
ANE l — lEapded7 Y
14 '
nh, WS
Fusexal from Pi co, :110 Second Metal - flan Wan
%steal., Wellman Ilsth, seta .'clog.' Poke=
Handle= Illgh Maas aklel.l . 4111 . 11CatnAdral..1a .
torment aa Pt- lariat Cemetery. Tlandelends or
the tatallp boo Invited to attend. , , 7 - 2 '
a ld.-111 Pali FraPcleeo. Cal., lIIELPJAIIiPI
DEAN. of lloatetlar. smith 2 leaul.,;:
• : ,
Uti TnualoAr
WILL RitIIBIT p 5 TREly . r. I
In tho elde-splitting Isrtl
• ;'4
PLOT WES vrarvisEVta nut.
PAIIIII3.—AI I Me ;SIM rent ask ,a.oftletbes
'Wrt.r ftrirod..l the new.
pas *a., la!
. ( 41 4.111 NIKU4ril.
TWO tDcrioNs.
A Imre ateet, aoalabitegOrrAT Abb.
RIANIS of laMtaatlat reading Matted, tuoludtbe
lea4lag ltdltort lig: latest New. trylniegrertn
Nil. ' , Ottani. Reading Matter tbr tbe
'and tnltest and most rellablantraaelal and Roue
mortal Market Reports pliers by lay payer pl
ale 00. No lamer, blesthaull or.Notobstr
about,' be weittout IL
SUM. TOY. tat wuILS 0.21121
me. Subscriber
Crabs of Niro. ..... ......
--Crabs of Telt. ... ....
—Aid oat wspy of paper to the parson setting
up th e do, Additions to elutes lea be south
any time, ai einb Men
York. X 26 SaarKMINICEIL —La erdesilg yns:
paper, be rare tad •partly .kat edition ycn
want, as we Lune a Wednestar edition for sot.
scribers !unfair bat one mitt a watt.
Jar Mousy by Draft, Mbprebs. Mosul Qbecy.
or In Registered Letters, may be soot at our risla
Radian. . • LnAZSTVIC.
i j
, s
No. 114 roorw Stmet... Flitabnigh. ti.
COF FI NS. of 01 Mae:CRAP - KS, (LOWCS....
every desoltnlon of ratan! Front OLI ett. Oor
to ratsbed. Rooms open day uLd Me.. i •
and Carriages
142TRIIINCi$—Rev, 1%0.1 lien, D.,R 4..
Y. N. JakoLos, 11. L., Ilkdatu Friss, Scot
4.'01 , 11. Nlll'
(111 Alt LVIS R PEE
of E.audawly street Lad Chufet 11,11110, Alleghe—
ny. City. whe. their :00111 ',raon.
"sant; +nprlte.l with rt.., twitatlon
'.Nlab ,, esty and 11 - 'Ol.l balms, at rrOes
varying front ji to (La Itodles prepared far In
terment. Ifiaraes eirtlages foralshed;
ali Made of Moarniug Conk,' If required.
UtSee open *fall boar, day sod sane.
ROBERTI'. ItuDNET. 11/ad6rs.
AAAAA •Sn nstualaster. No, 45 Uhl* St.,.
Alleybetty. and Nu. 50 • Plattond .?•taare,
Jam Wtlsoo s nroa.a keeps always on band the
best Netit. Hosea eto4. Walnut and Imitation
sa•euod Cents. Walcut .Cunr,s (rem tZ3
Conn. Ste) uPwatai: el.tLct
etlaki/ 2,1 troportlort. Carriages sue Ilearae at lit rates. Crape, Cloves, Plata
wad vnu..m.lurelahed pads. Ones open day
pfliVe6liD •fZARNIE42,EiIf,
usirrAzxs. • olles , s itt4 Ohio sov,u,
allenbeays liatallie..Rosavorod and Othor OA.
an:, with sewn Pieta !tooter funeral Farnialting
Goods. on Land and tarnished at untrtest nottoN
at lowest priors. Hale aad LtrafT Stahl... 2 e
nor of /first and ?Middle Etroets. Carriascs ‘
itaronehra lIURFtrI, itaddlo horses, Sc., to..
for hire. '
WA 7S TE 11—A GENTS.—Now
ear; for Cartrlreen; tiTIIE 1113Tp1IT
Colors, Chnineter. Con Wel and. lleaulth' Er
Hon. At. en:torn 11. Srrittntrt. lend for (le
en..., netb terms and n full dererthtlon of thn
A.ldrese.• NATILINAL rehmettiNci
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111..PE.COATEl, and bow .they
Fought and Itle.l for the Union. with teeny. 304
Incidents In the tireat Rebellion. It rentals._
over 100 fine Eogracings .04 0 0 Pages. and 10
M.° spiciest and cheapest war bOok s lintillahrd.
Price. only 32.10 Perron). The publln are eon.
tinned against Inferior works with a
- title. Nee tiatt the book yen buy contain* over
100 engravings and (00 pages. Pend for Circu
lars. A. 44 ree s 401i1:4 BIIOIIIE ES P. 1.0.. Pitll
- Pa. " 4.k P
T O L'C'TTsvo Wore Dogma
new buildings on (thlo 'avenge, near it dwell
street. Allegheny, with dwellings over each.
with water, bath room any gm. Locality 1. 0 4
for dry goods, grocery °rectal] shoe store. Alto
la name buildlags, tear room, suitable for nwall
family. Apply at office or FRAZIER BROS.,
Uhlo avenue and Sedgwiek street, Allegheny.,
POR D 49
somootooom style residences. on ITlts•.l aye •
nue, containing eleven ruoms fact. surrounded
by ample grounds, Laving line Insesdemised
road, Irlib plank walk from rallroml nation. On
tile simuntsei are S goo i stable, abundance of
slater; . sad tbe alteellon la. 'altogether. 'pictu
resque sod coneeni nt. rosSessten glee , tint
of April next. Apply to LOCKHART, FREIE
A. CO.. TaTTood street. •
- DENCE.—A two-story Prime House or a
roosts, with porches and paean. sprigs or
water, cistern. want buns, Ice house. carriage
house, stone spring house, wood house and sta.
I,le, all in good untie, with are acres or cholAt
land. well set In tre . geted fruits. gropes, de. (in
the line °I the Pinstmegh. Ton Winne di Clll-'
ego lintway. =t m 1 es from the city. ben Logan
Station—it beings bruntilhi and healthy location
on the (Ado river. within one hour's ride ante
clty, , te rent, with immedint possession. Yet+
low. t Enquire of O. 17. Tv W EE. No. 104 rourth
“reel, Pittsburgh.
-- -
FOR REST—A. Frame Dwell o
ti. toren rooma'on first and three on tee.
and Boor. •lso, a TENANTIIIOILiE, of two
an, alt la good sobstantlat,orther. Stabling
d ca rriage bons, Mx acres Br ground. nearly
alt planted In eholce froltrisraehr, aPPier,
cherries, grapes. to. Bltuatti ea the lifil Immo.
dtately alnive the Outer Depot, in PM township.
Enquire of]Milli WATT, re Penn street; or of
WATT A. WILSON, Liberty street.
TO LET—A. g dod Fthlllo.llWelt.
ING, -containing acren rooms, with two
shies of land avid stable, well sot with fruit
trees. and In • good stateuf cultivation. attn.,'
on Beaver sireet. In the Borough of StiwtekleY
and within doe minus" welt of the Station.
Possession at, en Immediately, If devised. For
terms, de.. Inquire of WM. BANKIN, on the
to be
BOOMS In dm new building erected ty tn.
Heycronn Enc Logs Bonk, = LIBEILTIISSUEET,
corner of I/ arrlson alloy. In medleto • srerrlon
,Irect. Tor terms. A e.. apply ss TH o BANK.
, to tho
1 the
Int the
balance of these desirable Lots are ton - of.
fared nt private sale. and any on • desirous • f doe
hot ding sites would do wsll to make ri selection.
Tile rlllaire to lotated as it'• eon t trot and healthy
spot. two and a.balf from littariiisiatirg. on
the Western reun.ylvan la Railroad. Which rims
through It. soaking It nalleb more valuable and
agreeable. Erteu.lre preporati,. are
makirg tor kreeslng a number of nue houses. •
which sal prove an ornament to the town. • the
reinaluder of these lots will be sold at verS re ,
zsonatas rates and on ierms exceed:slaty es...v.
ziLLIBIIL7TVIIILY, Res. - Estate and lout.
aura Agenti, Lawrenceville. '
FOR SALE.--Bonsa and Lot oa
corner of)tanhattan ana AAsms stmts.
sear 'Passenger Hallway. Lot 44 by MI.
hone frame, cont/Intel; 7 room and goon hall.
well Improved. flown, and Lot onnhelbeld, naa
DI dwell street, Allegheny Clty. Lot bY II
feet; booms frame. eontelnr belt, An rooms sad
goon cellar; water's:A gas. Also, seven! wean
Hoes. and Lots In good locatlon, inonlns of J,
BC& r CO., Sesser 'street, near Chesnea,
IN SEWICKLEY.—A 11 , brirli
built to the most anbataothel rommer, with cow:,
Plate arranger:cots for' steal but add cold water;
ash alto, tot air. dais, de. gretooe to Ore
term, or around.' Very ..Va. ValleyBtar
tloo. JOHN V 7.1.1% Jr.. Seleacklerrllle P. O.
FOR 84LE-4 very desi'able
threeatory BRICK IMMO:. nearlyamr;
premed brick front. marble mantles: has and
water, throughout: house contain. wren rooms
and dulsked garret, No. 94 ELUL BIRK V.T. near
Will4o4l.lth ward. romeasion train April Mt,
Lanni at tan house. I
• el nue
• ggato,
TOR PALE--111.011SE8 .—AT':
HOWARD'S LDers sad WA IDAWA, sa6
trieRAXILY HOWDIAllang thiea u A pr t,r;
'tomtit theca uLAcic • summit two GRIM
MARES. mar 1 TR6RI, OUT tha Xocoass..
bola noise. •
VOR rEIALLE-15 a CA.11.111 I AGE,
saltabit tenon., ar:two bones; one TWO
BORIS WAGON, stet a doable se of HAR
NESS, nearly new. Madeira et the rr—VITEN
H . E.lmt G. aux.,
Cow. Pena? anC4i.. Clair zilre I CI
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11. 8. 'WATCH
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• T 0 .111098 WANTlNUCi.tvnilla:
• We now offer our .took of
slnd , "in be Inadlrt4 or.le , thiaatelt
fully 113 PER 0/CIT. LIM TtIk.V.O7.I7.RED
T 7113 8E.6.30.N. Call and ny.andna Wit 5.4
H.METBiNertftot Tailor,
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