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CITY AND. 13133311N8AN.
Two good; steady newspaper composi
tor" ma obtain situations in this office
by making immediate application.
Illatiar -•axplaitest as .ansaissteara—
ass Nam Milled add . AllasilACT Itatal
itr utlarett—Cor•otees Inqaess.
- A boiler explosion on:erred yesterday
• =emir g about fire o'clock at Franks
town, in the works of Mr. John D. Gray,
resulting In the death of Soho I:lnert:l,Mo
engineer, and fatally -Injuring his son,
who was - employed as fireman. - At the
time thedent occurred there was no
. ,
one press pet the engineer and fire
man, co neatly it to Impossible to
give any I ormation in regard to it,-ex,
rapt ittat learned from persons who en
-ranralthe Ore after the anident. The
Millaris noteonning Tuesday; and coa
mtehr ( l.lllit m there was no
e, evening
n o d t r i r the
tuday morning, and mitt , had Len
enturlng but a short time who the ex
plosion occurred. Ono of the' employes
of the mill bad jest arrived '• when the
explosion took plane, and tm running
in to see the muse found Mb fireman
lying some ilbstanm from the furnace
larrittly braised and amides!. ii Handled
assistance and Carried the Injured man
to his house, which was but a short dia.-
tapas otir,-and returned to the mill for
the parpose of getting tom oil to dress
Ida wounds; when he hc-a I the groans
of the eagineer, and upon . gag- to the
spot _ when. the groan proceeded,
' found him under the pitman in an almost
lifeless condition. flu was removed at
mos, and conveyed to kin residence,
• wbarehe died in about twenty minutes
",. afterward. The building end machinery
were but slightly damaged by the Led
- dent, the only injury being the derma
don of the shed which covered the boll
ara,and the partial destruction 'of the
tonnes ' Dr. ../... • Arthara wait - sum
moned and rendered the injured man all
the attenti al possible, but his "recovery
i not at all prolieble.
Coroner Clawsou was notified of the
affair and summoned a jury. Several
winterises were examined relent. to the
cause of the expleelon, adman agree that
• . litres attributable to en insufficiency of
.water in the boiler. The Inquest eras
adjourned to meet at the Mayor's office
. at one o'clock, to-day. '.The deceased
i was 'about flirty-five years of ege, and
leaves a family of five children, three
girls and two'lmys, one of whom is
• married; and the other; who was in
pared, la about twenty-one years.
The Allighe — riy_Connty Prison Society
net in „the rooms of the Young hien's
althalltt Association, on . Tentedity after
noch; Zoneptt Nair" tight, President, In
the chair, . Mr. R. C. Miller Secretary.
prefer was offered by Dr. Clerk.
Dlr. Ogden offered the following row-
• Resaiont, That the thenini of the Soci
sty bet .tendered Mesere. Miner, Gil
denfermy, Pittock end Alkeo,Jur paver.
and magazines furnished; aloe, to the
Weetern Tract and lipok Society for sim
ilar favors; aloe,, to-the-Young ifem's
Christian Adsociation for papers and the
use of their rooms. , "- . -
On motion, a committee °minting of
Dr.. Reli.end illerk - e and Mr: R. C. Mil
ler,,,ess appointed to inquire' Into the
man of an, leas' poi soner in the
Penitentiary, who. Lad been returned
from Dlxmont as incurable.
' Mr. In reported that a bonze bad
bean provided with -beds, stoves, an., in
which the destitute may. obtain food and
lodging,"and' requested the Society to
take ehtroa of it. •
On motion of Rev: Clark, a committee
consisting of Messrs.. R. C. Miller, J. D.
. Cerbsie and Dr Gray was appointed to
00-operate with the parties who have
1 . provided. the hone, and report at the
nett xtrntirut. !_"
Rey. McLaughlin. gent of the Sc.
Airily,. presented" his A
first report, being
ihr the month ending January glet,
He reports that he wee gladly received
by the prisoners. many of whom evinced
a willinirs t ttal i t.on subtect of re
• 1 0. th Dr. McSely a v, the n an t
ew c° pt l ysician of
- the /all, who la very willing to CO-OPer
ate*lth the Society to !promote the in
timate of the Priconers: Re reported.
" too, that - be was received kindly and
courteously by the prison officials.
Thomas 11. Rabe, Esq., was unfurl
inanely defied a member or the Society.
• After- an extended 'conversation on
lir:ions setters, the Society adjourned
to meet in the same: place on the Ann
Tuesday of March, at four o'clock in the
Not temporary, but lasting and effec
tive, are'dispierd ill' a mod wonderful
degree by that potent life renewing corn
pountisold under the name of Dr. Bey
area Blood Searcher. -We have publish
ed in the Gazer= during the last 'week
some of-the most astounding cares ever
recorded of any niediCine: That of Mr.
Tined, of Allegheny City, published in
'day before yesterday's issue, is oniot
- them. In his am the whole system
wee worn to a Skeleton with hardly the
power ot tlfe. end -motion- The use ot
Dr. Ryser's, Blood Se dcher, imparts
tone to the atiimach and fall pow to
the digestive system, and hi that way
imbued the needed material to repair tht
westing frame. The deaiyed bones were
ellacharged and their place .applied with
now,and each tissue and organ , put on
renewed and wholesome vigor.
Di. Keyser does not claim tor hie
Blood_l3eareber any secret. Amy PhY•
alcisit who desires to investigates lie po
tency will be made acquainted withto
compolitlefi. Ere dose claim that i dle
the twat nude alterative ye/discovered.
for he has been able to cure with it when .
sigtdeen 'hundred pages of the Mapes
rev. d id; net disclose a remedy. Et
tern , for the discovery of the roots and,
bran of which It a composed the coon
- phnest .00mbination of valuable blood
remedies within human knowledge. It
realty mast i seem strange that under the
action, if Dr. Keyser'. -Blood &umbel
the whole body ehnnld alert to newess
of life and 7lgor, but it la-no stranger
than the fact that oat of the name blood
that circles in the vain; bone and brain.
snaLbsi; and muscle; andoventhe finger.
and .toe nails, ere recreated and repro
" duckol. The many extraordinary cures
performed by it here, within almost
speaking distance, entitles it to the ap
pellation of themostironderfulmedmine
_ at modern times.
• Sold by the gross, dozen or bot
, H.; at the Doctor's Groat Medicine Depot,
140 Wood street.
„De. Keyser's mutrultell'ori rooms. , for
troubleeome chronic diseases, 120 I'enn
dent, fmnia in. to 4p. m.
- Thep Itepublicari County Tam:dive
Committee held a meting yesterday. al
their rooms on Fourth street, the Chair
man, Jicob Falb presiding.
,-On motion, it .
, Rosolied,•Thstrbetltepubilaur voters
of: the various weeds,..boroughs and
toentsitips be' requested to meet at their
usual places of holding primary eine
timg, Satarday r the '-*th lust, tooled.
two deLegates to meet in Convention on
- the following Monday. . - • -
A diger:salon took place on the question
sato whether the delegate or the .Craw
gad Onnady System". atiould - he wielded
albs -primary elections. which tenni
' mated by the appointment of A Commit
ting, oonainting of General .A.L. Pearson.
Captain C. W. McHenry and Mr. W. N.
• Ogden, to correspond with Wiser County
Committees as to.tbe mode of carrying
on oleetions,snd report ate subsequent
On =text adjourned to meet on Wed
nesday; lath Met. ;
pie rouoi,ing figures - exhibit the
. , _
Imuituit of malt 114nors manufactured
ad • bola. irk the District durbm the
. .
Vols. I".•acturxxi. PSG: Sold.
January 1,£021 4,0E0i
• February. - 9,5 , 31 5 , 750 1
March pee, . - 6,4894
C.,643i• 9,974
Jorke...t ....... 6,473 . 9,6133
July . ..• •k• 5.517 E 8,48.,
Arighst 6,0°4 rreio
September.... .... 2,050
°sulker ... 6,14 a . 7.7331
• - November 14.7eiri 7,977 i
• Dm:ember 7.0 W _• • 7,..V71
.... . . 5q,243t
Serious ileellieese
' .
accident•oceurredyelterday about"
Olefen o'clock A. et., at the corner "of
- reds* and Ohio streets, by which Mr.
_ "Jamb Borer, a resident of Ross town
. ship, was seriously riJtund. Mr. Bore r,
who is , quite an old 'man; I company
" with. We son-In•law, moo to the City to
srapring waitron, and when turning the
Wrote , earced one of the front wheels.
.name-off throwing "them • both • out.
bed struck" one of the rills of
" the An:reek. railway with "such force as to
• =War blot aoconeelorow for a time, and
Ain/ a severs swat °tutu, aide of his bead
Mayo - the right ear.. Ile tree taken up
- .544 tarriai to Bepler's tavern, where be
d immed proper attention. li te 8013-01 -
, law fortunately escaped with but alight
lionorigahela Valley 'Unread Weedig.
basen o'clock next Saturday morolog
irffieeting or that teem& of the different
rendes . pro for .the Monongahela
Vallee !bad will be held st the office
of J. '94". - Briggr, on Water etroet. Mapa
wfittbesi bernady forilistribut4on.
IrNt DeaC.—A - tiaras ettaeped to a car,
1 on the Oakland and tail ?h , - , 4•M/1 1 . fs.
Bid.lway tell dead law vax=d,
- TeNdey, from azhanattan. . .
Esteems fusee...
In a person whose growth is stationary Pennsylvania Legislature.
the quantity or food taming into the •
body in a Overt time is exactly equiva
lent to the quantity of matter passing
away in the various excretions.
The whole of the food is dissolved in
the body, and the greater pqrtion Is ab
sorbed into the bloat to : renew the
tisanes, the nourishment, ict the bode
being dependent upon this quility of the
. . ,
blood favors - nutrition and
growth, .whilst a diseased 'quality of
blood deprmsm and destroys that which
is alreadyformed.
Whilst the - tdood thns gives out to
each organ or pert. of the body the
means of repairing itself, by furnishing
it with material of growth, at at the name
time 47115111e.laway, es it were, -whatever
elements of their tissues that have be.
COMB diseased, - worn-nut or useless.
These are passed nff In the exeretione,
I end in healthy adults exactly eorres
r pond in amount with the quantity of food
When the ,body become) - diseased the
urinary- excretion gives out these die
, eased particles In exam while the
cline of the body is golidg, on.
The =-same when any organ or paid, of :
the body only becomes disea r sed; the
, urinary excretion gives out an excess t,r,
duieased particles from thatpart, when a
decay of that organ Is going nn.
' These Urino-Pathological facts aro so
apparent, mpg - dingy in chronic diseases,
that every physician having the welfare
of his patient at heart should, in pre
scribing remedies, watch their influence
, upon me slime, and'pentei - cre, in that I
particular remedy. which - Pniances the
I most healthy condition of-that. fluid, for
It points tint with certainty the changes
made in the condition of any and every
organ of thebody. These nrinoeberuleal
investigations of the urine have been our ,
oanstant practice for more than twenty
years. And we would - just nay, that it
hoe revealed to as the existence of many
serious diseases long before other modes
of investigallonhad been able to indicate
them, and has thrown a good of light
upon the cause, progress and treatment
oi many chronic, diseases which would.'
otherwise hays- been involved In mach
obscurityst least, and perhaps never have
been cured without. , -
Herders, IVanyof you have incipient
Consumption, organic disease of the
Liver, Kidneys or Spleen, Heart Dia
-1 ease, Dyspepsia, Asthma, Dropsy or
Scrofula; or should your complaint be
at all otmeure in its character. or nhoald
you be in any doubt us CO the true ramp,
of • decline m year health, or of the
and wee-kite-saes ender which you mav,he
laboring ante decay, have the exaMlim
ties scientifically made, and securelbe
remedies thus selentiflallly prescribed.
L. Oxneitos,A, D: '
. Propesei /bar agate Maid.
A bill bat beeci introduced Into the
Legislature providing for the laying out
of, a State road from a point In Union
township,' Pi'askington,eounty, to the.'
Mad leading from Farleyvllle to Can
nenahurg, bear the house of John Boyer,
M a point on the road landing from the
Brownsville and Pittsburg° mid to
Stewart's Mill, on the land of Mines
Serbold, In Allegheny county. It ispro-
Posed that the ;aid road shall be coin;
plated by the first of next August, shall
be lorty-five feet wide, and shall over
remain a public highway, to be' kept In
rc h ipidr.b eL y the respective townships along
a t 'p e d Job ifohnston li atid M f g, o l f•Vas tp
itigtan, are the named C,omnattitoners to
view out and mark the line of the raid.
The bill has putted the Monte.
Skull Frzetared.—A little boy, aliOnt
nine yearn of sae, sari of Mr. Shure, of
LaWll3llCfffilia, through the malicious•
neon or Inexcusable tboughtleastiess 01
John. White, of that place, aged fourteen
years, had his" skull fractured Tuesday,
and it is feared will not survive the in
jury. The boys were playing together
on an embankment near s pond, which
wen covered with ice, when White fast
ened a rope around the neck of hie com
panion and-jumped from the bank drag
theng the boy alter him, hls bead striking
tas and fracturing his skulL
Legßret ett.—Janses E Ease, 11417011.12
matt connected with the Sword Bri
Nfachins. while enmod Ma window in
the second story of the - building occupi
ed by the company,eg the corner _of Ca
al Wreet and Spring alley, fell to the
sidewalk, & distance of twenty-rive feet,
and broke his left leg below the knee.
Dr. Reiter reduced the fracture, and the
young man was removed. to his real.
denoe In the Eighth ward.
Dead Body Vouod.—The body of a man
Ives found on the track of the Aliettherly
Palley Railroad, near FreePurt, Sunday.
The body was horribly mutilated, oneor
more trains having poised over it, and
life had evidently been extinct several
bourn, to the body Will quite cold and
stiff. It was not identified. -
Chappailtands. floe and all roughodes
of the akin. certainly cured by lasing the
Juniper or Soap, made fry Caswell.
lilazardA Co., New York. It surpasses
♦ll other remedies, as it will prevent
roughness of the skin, if used domino
sold weather. It is conveniently applied,
avoiding all the trouble of the greasy
umnpormds now in use. It esn be used
by ladies with the moat tender skin,
without irritations or pain. making it son
and clear. Sold by the Anaggista gen:
The Bat and original Tonic .of Iron,
Phosphorus, and eaHaupt, known no
Caswell, Hack Co.'.& Ferro Phosphors
led Zlistr of Calbsays - Bark.- The Iron
melons color to the blood, the Phcepbo.
rue renews wants of the nerve tissue,
and the Callsass gists a Natural health•
ful tuns to the digestive organs, thereby
awing dyspepsia in its sari-us forms.
Wakefulness, Deanna Debility, and De
bression of Spirits, _Manufactured only
y Caswell: Hazard Co., hew 'York.
Sold by all druggisis. sawF
. .
'Caostitatles Vaster is s certain "ewe
Jar Diabetas and all diseases of the
qeys. For eats by all druggists. .1.
Haw gest seem Nesselableem Velma.
sess...weame Peeresses for Skosstase,
—restos rep Wee reessesset.
ter menses ie uterinseareaUsseuot
Ponexcai, N. V., February
Republican Stale Gonvantion met to
day. Joshua M. Vaneott, of Brooklyn,
was chosen temporary Chair Man.
The seals of delegates from 'New York
City were -feantested.:', 51,1ter telong
crotion, In which considerable acerbity
wsa.eliown; the Radical delegates were
'admitted as members by a vote of two
hundred and fittysts. to filly-four, and
the Conservative delertm,, tea Invited b•
The repose on Permanent Omani
=don was appointed, who, after recess
reported Gen. Charles II Van Wycir Sr
President, with listof Vie s Presidents,
Including Horace Greeley,
Waldo Hutch
ins and others. -
'The Proaident toads along 'Poch:in
support of . the Cungreasional policy of
re public a n .m 3 the measures of the
republican party. He denounced Freed
dent Johnson's rebellion, alluded to
Stanton - se one of the purees. of American
.patrintasnd one of the sided /merlon
delasmen, and to Grant arthe grad Cap.
tam of the age. He condemned &ward's
'purchase of•lrldisn villages find icebergs
near the areith-ralei and the ,home of
ILoode and earthquakes. He l&ped !or
the deliverance aGgatult. denouuced
Conservatismin, fiwayaitood in
the .way of the wOrl 'et preforms en.
ingtwd rrtlieldhlush - and .eoncluded ' alth
the cleats,' wards of Lincoln-at Gettys
but if faithfully and fearieselly
d g our du mayin oar time.
rejoice the NI fruit ion q-,
on and the co o
piate resilmtion thal the government or
Rep to by the people shall not perish:
A Committee or" 'Resolutions was sp..
V=lneludlng•Horace Greeley,. John
and Lyman TIMM eine, who, at
ter a fumed,- from Mr. Tremaine, re
ported resolutions roallirming devotion,
to the prialtiplegof justice, equality and
nationality, approving the reconstruction
measures of Cmgresehdeciaringan
tenhle purpose to maintain untarnished
and Inviolate the pu blie faith and nation.
al credit, to lessen the hoiden of Lain
don by gutting off-all useless expendhl
hares,declaring their preference for Omni
icysit and Penton for Tice Preis ,
inatnicting the delegates to won,
ass mast Chicago' and to employ all
honorable - anti proper means' to -secure
thoseinernieratimo, and giving thanks of
the soldiers ;Ind sailors for the Sups
premien of the rebellion. The resolui
dons were adopted by social:nation.
-ACommittee previously appointed to
select delegates
to the National Convert.
don f d :p. ortod a full list and the report ,
- opted, f, Sr if
&lega J e u atla n rg g es Dan e lS n ck e e s o , r p he r
roses Tromaing• Charles Andress, D. P,
&Brown. . •
• Horace Graely wisa ailed for and Id a
few remade' warned' the Convention
aminst 'the danger of over:a:mildew*
He said there were formidable obsureice
to overcome, do his part
in the canrtsas, urged an to werk with it
wilt and Rhea they would win. •
Tbt Convention adjourned nor
• . , .
lirlielsoooto ' for P•lor itztttioa—
• /Ivor sod TO,heoll Espors.- • 1
tev l*lerrsi.a to am rlitatranth
Ban FRaltaK2o. Febrnnr s.—Thng.
Chandler, arrested for participating to
the rbra ill gin •svitts - Doonay in
April hat, use released in ono thousand
dollars ball. The authorizing, of Contra
Costa contemplate indicting. about be
thomenek citizens cif fdr
the earn. effendi. — '
The schtist - exportrfOrWiellerrliAls
twenty:tnn, thonasud twin, value. one
million tworhun• thbusand ,dollars;
nineteen bargees, a/sham of which wore
for Europe.. flour sbipmentit,
thousand four hundred bans*. velne,
lbarhundred and seven:thoutend.
pectat t) !ha rtalbargta
Flaaruanrao. February 4,1564.
Mr, TAYLOR, or Beaver, one auil.Wr
ining the School Directors of Rocheatet
borough, Beaver county, to borrow_
Mr. ERRETT, of Allegheny. one inaS
nexing a portion of Duquesnu borough
to Allegheny city.
Also, one changing the name of the
'Pittsburgh Newspaper and Printing
Company, to Commercial Company, end
incorporating the sumo.
Mr. ERRE PI% of Allegheny, offered
tho following rev - anti.)
Resottyd, Thin the Committee on Edu
: onion be requested to inquire ,intw the
expediency of reporting a bill sutboriz-
I tug the Satool I.loards throughunt' tint
IState' with zurßns bounty funde to.
transfer the satti . o, to the school funds.
An net authorizing the Rule of property
of any incorporated company upon
bends secured by mot, cage given by lt,
with likoefTect as if sold upon the Mort
, age, WAS defeated.
An act giving win. c. Fisher ; and
Elijah Barnes tho.rigbt to establiah
terry over the Ohio at Vaneort, ptkel
Th. afa inonria,rating the Artesian De
pocif Bank - , of Pittsburgh, paseel
The act iucorporating . the borough of
1 - Nflllvale, Allegheny uouuty, passed
Over ono hundred hills on U. pilule
ralvitlar wero ,need finally; among
tb.m tho'follartifi;;:.
Increasing the number of °M ears in
Red Bank township, Armstrong county,
to tour supery i.ors; and authorizing the
election of ToUrnehip Treasurers in Arms
strOng. - •
Authorizing owners of the look and
dam at Franklin, N'Unaugo muoty, to
tbo look and build a sehute In the
dam fur the paseak - e of Data.
Authorhsinii the sprointment of an ad
ditional-Notary Public in Beaver county.
Fixing the standard weight of ooal al
tighty, pounds pat bushel in Jefferson
County. • -_
• •
- Incriuwing the fees Of Surveyors or Al
legheny county, when employed as w t-
I leases in land w.lis, to five dollars per
day and three cents mileage.
: Exempting Pithele City fromllye per
"Mt zex ou taxable property imposed
by act of February lith, 15136.
Incorporating the Penneylvinis Sod.
ty for the YreventiOu of Cruelty to Ad
male, being a Phil:Wei phi. corporation.
Empowering the officer% and corpora
tore of the Greensburg Masonic Fund to
ort. as wituessea for and against said cor
. Authorizing the appointment •f two
additional Notaries 'Public in Allegheny
county. •.
Authorizing the anthoritles of Wayne.-
burg, Greats Fatality, to collect • spectra
ter of twenty mllla en the dollar for the
payment of Indebtedness.
Authorizing_ a Enate roid from John
county, to Stew
art's Dltllo, Allegheny 'comity.
Authorizing Alexander Giffin to erect
a ferry over theiAllegheny River from a
point betwsen Walnut and Ciutsnut
strcets„,Phlllittsourg, Clarion county, to
a pointjn Bogez Creels township, Butler
Adjourned at FL% until half-past seven
o'clock. thla evening.
il•11111.11[ 780 , Fabruary 5, Pro&
By Mr. ERRETT : ltrantlog a pension
to William Dioht, sttltlit, of 1512.
Extending to the borough of Monet
Washington the ♦ehicle lleerute law of
Starch ZO, 156+-1.
. •
Also, authorizing Appeals .to the Su
preme Court from decisions of Quarter
.4assions in pauper eases.
[ 1 Changing the name of the Pittel4gh
hiescrpaper mud Printing ,CoMpany of
IFecti,teirgh to Commercial Printing Com
pany of Piir.+LuiFli• - anir ineoithrallng
the tame.
After the pnuage of several mnimpor
tant local hills, the Senate adjourned. .
Mr. HICKMAN'S prop...sett Constitu
donal amendments, reducing the nay of
Legislators to seven 'hundred dollars,
striking the word "white" from the COn
entution. and introducing the
genre test for voters, were discussed till
after dark..
• The Committee had reported the first
amendment with a neratire recommen
dation, bat inserted one thousand dol•
Inns instead of seven hundred.
_Pending the discussion the.llouse
Thoacirject iemsde the ripecial order
Cor Tneedsy *Toning next.
An art to Incorporate the Pennsylva
nia Society for the prevention of cruelty
to animals palatsl the House on Tues
day. It is a Philadelphia organiiatiou,
the corpmators maned - reveling there.
Among other corporate rights given the
Association •re allowed to receive legs.
etas and hold real eget. The object is
to provide effective A1f11.19 for the pre
vencion of:enmity to animal. throughout
the State,. and for the enforeement of all
low. enacted for the protection of dumb
24Leglapti to the Iltcatron
LEA111:1 1 0 carrAs Tuar.s 1S r. 06 or As
TiOeb received at Witallington from
Crete, to the lith of January, .tote that
the Turks nektualerlged that All Falb&
entirely failed in his nilasion, and it was
believed be wee ordered to return to
Constantinople. Many of the Cretan
Tarim were beginning to express them
selves favorably on the suijiect of an
eventual annexation of Wel island to
Saba Pasha, the ne‘rly'naMed 'Porktab
Gereernor of Sobakle, was t. 4 1 6 / 3 attacked
by the people of the Province while pro
ceeding to take possession of Ms COM.
Trlarldclithi IVlN . COM:pelied to Tense s kill
steps after losing Endo of hie fo !low e
Seven more Provinces had votod for •
union with Greece. •
The Cretan* have et this day declared
then:Meter, by*Aoo votek; freefrom the
Snltan, forining a part of the dominion
of Seg,CitMrge..„'
the Russian vessels 'retie engngeCt In
NvOmel, and ehlidteil DOM lke
leallity of the soldlors.
— 0 •
eer savvrebttr DiestaUerrlON'
OF LIFE AND pito EisTr.
Feh. 3.—The gale which nes.
oanier Engltual bstt nlgy Instavue
sexy destructiVo to life .propettY
this city and Liverpool. Ch imnoye and
elsrus were blown down 1 houses un—
Mated: histry. - peaple vjarte • struck. by
Ilatillig.obJacts,and iterforrly ltsj tired and
In some instance: , killed Autrlght.
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era: ttuEruntue,.
f4tutur:rUlt, January 31.—Vbe egdfatt
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Aid twitaelleiftiff thirftWortheiehoriciwe
Mown Warring, Which foundered at sea,
woro nmounch on the 13th-!ult.. by the
bark Minnie , Gordon, awl brought to
this port. They . , feed been,seven day,
without focal • To anataln Ilfo they were
obliged to !effort to t . be float of the mate,
who died from ishanatlen. Whew picked"
up the men Were hardly able, to more or
speak, beet they imfoyering.
011)&11 or 21111 roes coUrrrzumiverA.
• - F7oUwen, February 5.!--Tbo Popo
haOng recently Ordered -the Catholic
Mori,. to have - the To Dfaet ming In all
the churebru in Italy for the 'victory or
the Papal aroma Meniana, Ring Victor
! Emanuel Isaura a proolamation prohibit-
Mg the holding of roligiOna service.' ter
such parro...e within the kingdom.
TOETs OPENED von constsaca.
Lam:ors, Feb. t.—Disptaciato from as
peiniis Hang Ifinsir. anon 61.10 the *iris
of Mogoi!nd Oeska wore, at the. begin
ning of the year, thrown open to foreign_
with - irk* in =cordoned with tile Convect-,
Ho:annuli withtheCominleolonere of for,
eigh poisons. ' •
forrespendence Between General
Grant and President Jehnson.
Grant Charges with Violating
His Engagements.
Be Brutes any Breach or Fail!).
A Question of Veracity
(1.7 1 - ,ltompt, to tho Pittuhnran Untetto.l
WASHINGTON, February 4,1933. •
The Speaker laid before the 'louse u
coMlSHlntealiOn from the War Depart
ment, dosing with the following docu
Wan I/SPAM ueur, Feb. 4, 166S—Stn:
In answer to the resolution of the House
of Representatives of the 8111 alt, 11.1131.-
mit herewith copies furnished me by
General Grant of the correspondence be
tween biro and the President relating to
the Secretary of War, - which he reports
to be all the correspondence he had with
the President on the subject. I bare bad
no ;,orrespentlence with the President
since the 12th of August last. After the
notion et the Senate on. his alleged
reason, for my suspension front the of
fice of Secretary of War, I hive resumed
the duties of that °film as required by
the act of Congress, and Mien contmued
to discharge them withoht env personal
or written rommunicationeritit the Pres
! ident. Na orders Bove been Issued from
SAN Itepartnient he the name of the Pres
ident with my knowledge, end I hare
rectivett no orders from him. The cor
respoudence sent herewith (=braces all
the correspondence known to me on the
subject referred to in the, resolution of
the House of Representatives.
I have the honor to., Sir, with great
respect, your obedi t servant,
Eow M. SrAnrole,'
Secretary of War.
1:1011. Schuyler Colfax, Speaker of. leto
11011110 of ROpfal3C/IWITUS.
Ilgenucateretre Ann or Tun/701-1
January, nth, 1001.'- .
Iris Excellency Arnireor Johnron, Tres
bier.: of.the United mates.
Sint - On the 24th inst. I requested yet
to give me, in writing, the metrileilona
which you hid previously given me ver
bally, not to obey any order flom Hon.
E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War, unlaces
I knew it came from yourself. To this
written request Treeeired a moulage that
has left no doubt in my mind of Tour
intention. To prevent any potedble mte
understanding, therefore, I renew the
request that you willgive use written In
structions, and until they are received
will claimed action on your verbal ones.
I am compelled to mk thono imtruc
linen in writing to consequent* of tire
many gross rulsrepreernhations effecting
my personal honor circulated through
the press for the loot fortnight, purport
ing to come from the President. -or eon-.
vereatione which occurred either with
the President, privately to hbi tidier, or
in Cabinet meeting, hat In written
admits of no misenderstanding. In
view of the misrepresentations referred
to it will be well to state the forte in the
case. Some time after I assumed the
duties of Secretary, of War ad interim'
the President asked my views es to the
course Mr. Stanton would . have to ,
pursue, in twee the Senate should'
not concur In his saspendon, 1
to obtain possemion of ills office. My
reply wee, in substance, that Mr. Suitt
ton would have to appeal to the Courts to
reinstate hint, illustrating my position
by citing the grounds I had taken In the
ease of the Baltimore Police Commis
shiners. In that case laid not doubt the
technical rightof Gov. Swann to remove
the old Commiesloners and appoint their
successors. As the old Commissioners
termed to give up, however, I centeu led
that no resource was Lett but to appeal to 1
he Courts Finding that the President I
was desirous of keeping Mr. Stanton oat 1
of °Moe,' whether euetaMed in the sus
pension or not, I stated 1 had not looked
puilculerly Into t be Tenneco( OM. bill,
hit th at what I had stated wee a general
principle, and if I ehould change my
mind in this particulate case I would in
farm him of the fact. linbeequently, on
reading the Tenure of Office tell closely,
I found I could not, without violation of
low, refuse to vacate the office of Secre
of War the moment Mr. Stanton
wee - .imitated by the Senate, even
though theiPrealdent ordered, me to re
[min it, (which he never did.) Taking
this view of 1 A subject, and learning on .
Saturday, the 11th nat., that the Senate
had taken up the subject of Mr. Stanton's I
suspension, - alter some conversation ,
with Lieutenant General Sherman and
some members of my staff, in which I
' stated the law loft mono discretion la to
my action should M, Stanton be rent-
040 Led, AIM MILL / MlOlOl,lO. in.. to 000
PrellalOni, I went tel the President for
the sole purpose of making the decision
known, anti I did make it no known. In ,
this I fultilled the promise made In our
last pre...citing onnvenation on the enh•
pet. The President. however. instead of
accepting my view - of the requl nementaof
1 the tenure of office bill, contended he had
u spended Mr. Stanton under authority
1 given by the Constitution, and that the
same autticeity did not preelede him ,
from reporting. as an not of courtesy,
his reasons for the suspension to the
I Senate. That having been appointed
limier authority given by the Conatitu. '
tion, and not under an am of Onngrows, I
amid not. be governed by the act. I mat
ed Hae law was binding in me, Con-
siltation or not: until . net, . aside
by the proper tribunal. An boor wan
constuded, each
reiterating hie views . an
WM eubject. until, getting le, lite Pres
ident said he would see me, asin. I did
not agree to, call amdu ma • Monday, nor
at any-other dentine time, nor :reef sent
for-by the President until the follow log
Tuesday: From the , 11th Inst., to the
Cabinet meeting on the 11th hue., a doubt
nearr entered my mind about. the
President fully understanding my
potation, nem y, that. If the Senate re-
p c ,
fueed to conct r to the em n' pensio of Mr,
Stanton, my were as Secretary of War 1
ed interim w mid come, and Mr. Sten.
ton's right to noun. at onee the func
tions of his ounce wouli.L under the law,
be Indisputable, and I acted art•ordingly.
With Mr. Stanton I had run contronnies.
limn, direct or Indirect, On The subject of
his reinstatement during his suspension. ,
I. know it 'hail been recommauded to the
President to send the name of Governor
Cot, of Ohio, tor Secretary of War,
and thus save all embarrassment,
a propostit ton that I elnnerely
hoped be would entertain favorably,
General Sherman 1.10/111( 1110 Proddeut at
my Particular request to urge thin. On
the 13th, on Tuesday, Mr. Stanton re-en
tered the °Mee of the Secretary of War.
General Comstock, who had carried my
official letter announcing that by. Mr.
Stanton's reinstatement by the Senate
I had ceased to be Secretary of War, ad
teterna, and who saw the Pteni
dent open and read the own
menhaden, brought back to mo
fihm the President a message that he
wanted to eon me that day at Cabinet
meeting, after I had made known the
fact that I wan no longer Secretory of
War nut intern'm. At this mesing, after
r petting it eui though I were. member of
his Cabinet, when reminded of the no.
tiflantlon atready given him that I wee
no longer Secretary of War ad interim,
the President gave a version of
the conversation alluded to already in
this communication. It was asserted that
to both oeuvernations I lad agreed to
'bold on to the take of Secretary of War
nni,llelephmed by the Courts or resigned,
Intrust to place the President where 'be
Would have been had I never 'accepted ,
the office. Atter hearing the Prealdent
through. I rented our conversation sub
stantially' as given In thin letter.
I will mil that coy conversation before'
the Cabinet embrseed'othee manere not
perunent here, and is, there're.' left out.
I in no wine admitted the correetnem of
the President's statement of our conver
nation, though to noßon the endiletat con
tradiction of my !statement, I mid. allud
ing to our first converestlon on L/10 Isola.
feet, the Preiblent might have under
somel me the way be said, 'namely, that
I had premised to resign., if I did ant re
sist the relmstateraent. I mule nn ouch
statement. •
I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully, ..,
t Year obedient eierv't.,
U. S. Unercr, General,
IllnAnCgrAnTEnn Anti' OP Inn IIniTED
STATTni; January 14 18ati—Mis Excel
lenee Andrew Johnson, President:
of the United Suttee-131r: I have the
tumor very respectfully to requwit to
hare in writing the order which the
Prenident gaTe tne verbally, on Monday,
the 19th Lost, to disregard the orders of
the.llon. F. NI. Stanton as hiceretary of
Var . , until I know from the Prevalent
himself tbet they were his cairns.
• 1 bare the honor to be,
Very reapeetfully, •
I Tour obedient eery.' t
-U,M. GRANT, General.
Tbe following to this endOnennent on
Lae above note:. .
As requested In ads communication.
Gen. Grunt to inotriwted iu writing not
to obey any order from tbe War D epart
ment assumed to be homed by tbo
lion of the President. miles. such order
la known ,y the. Goners:l Commanding
the Armies of the United States to hare
been authorised by the Exismtire.•
January llh, 156 . 3.
licanutrarransAlUtYCOr TILO UNIITYO
184:7:-111 1 IliCellerney Andrew' John.
eon, Prewidont of the Untitel Stotes—tdr.t
I have the honor to acknowindge tho re•
turn of ow note of the 34th Met, with
your 'endorsement tbertem that 1 e not
to obey nor order from the Wet Depart
ment awnimed to he tuued by order of
thorreakient,unleits such order Is known
by me to be authorlud by the Execit t toe,
and In ttrply thereto to bey that I ant
it,fortned by the Becrotiry of Wor that
he Wu not received from the Execution
any order or inetrootions Limiting or twt
pairing hit authority to Issue orders to
the army; es heretofore bee been hie
practice nadir the law- aud ettatondi of
. . . .
the Ilepartment: While his authority to I fully read the article of which you spoke
the War Department ho not vaunter-' and found its statement of the under
mended it will be eatbfaCtory Pvitienen I slan.llng . h-loAntlnt Its waS ,Altrititntially
I to mo that anyordera issu,d from the i e,rreet.. On the 17th L caused It to be
War -Department by 'direction of the! read to four of the five members; who'
President are autherir.s,l by the Execn.l wore present at our conference od the
tire. . I lith, mod thry concurred In the general
I have the honor to he very. respect- - e antntr , ./,‘ oftho hie:en:meta respeeting
fully year obedient iervant, - ^l.onr•,ts.ttion tql that .1,,,,1i0U.
U. S. 6 Rani. General. I In reply In 3 . oar - nom En unit...lnto I
j have deemed it proper to prevent further
, ini,:antierntan/littp; to unit, this simple
' re,otal ,:1-1-.W.La. i
Gory r.enc,t runs:your, ~
...iNfll 1..," 315[15,4PN.
then. L.". :".... Grant, Cot truanotng V. S.
Aruty. . I
EXECITTIV4MANMO:q, J:6l. 31:1,3,.
Cir.NETtAL:— . I have recoived r vcnm
urur»aallnn of lb., dpi !nal rrnowim:
your request of . that l sOnl.l
repeat, In. Written form, my p••rbot in
strUctions of O. Pith root., cite That
you obey uo order from ihe Iron. Nt.
Stantoo, Secretary of %Var, mite,. you
hare tuf - irrnation that it ‘v:Ls I,sae.l by
the Prender-Ve direction. In silbmittin.„.•
this request, with ‘, hhh I complied
on the OCeaSioli to
allude to ro , eiti publhntion., in 1 . ...T..1A1,
to the, w,, b
. -
tion by yourself of the, otli.s3 of
yof War c.t/ interim, .1,1 - witb
- of. correetiug the - etatstoeut
you termmisrepreseniatintis, tutu
givont!leogthi your own recollection oil
the facts n u des which, without
the sanction of the President, from
whom ' you, hot recciet.i .mOl i
aecepted the tippeintment, s.ou yielded
the Deport:nem of War to the ' , resew
cuinbent. All elated in Your ....Muni
cAtion some time after - yim had ttic.umed
the duties as Secretary of War f'd i uteroa,
we interchanged Views rtett , etding the j
coUrte that Amnia lie por,eind in the
event of the ni,u.coneurronoi by the Son
ate In the suspension or Mr. :Climb , .
weight that interview, rolling myself in
the Wur Department. My sole iihjecit in I
then bringing t tie out toyour afloution
Wee to ascertain what would he your
own artiou ,11,112,1 Slid/ an atieramt be
made. forAiiiire , toritlion to the War De- I
partuteutt Mat I,lljek't, W6l" i1,01.1 . 10i 4 / 1 -
ell, for the interview tertninated with the
fli•tioctundurstanding that if under
reflection you should prefer nit to Lie
.l.llo ❑ party to the C,ntrritrenty, ur
should conoltide it would lie your - fluty
to surrender tie Depsruneut to Mr.
Stanton, upon action in ills favor by the
Senate, you Were to return too (Wilco to
Me prior to a decision Mr the limn:aeon
order that ; If 1 • desired ID de WI
might doilfznate nou, one to lweeo.l
you. It anwit have been apparent to you
that had nut alts nnders!ntnling
netted, it wao myiturpoot rolho
on from thn forth, ,11% , 11nrge of 'little,
'.l.eretary of War gut fern to, anti to
of hor totrson in that canny
ty. Ocher cum...11..111mm an the subloot
nound, 01 having tin my put tho sent,
bject and lending to the ..ulato canclu
ion an the iirsf. it ht not netvevkory,
towtoftr, to '
.rotor to nny of them, ox-
enpttstg that of the 11th ife,L, metttimmd
la yen, - cernittntileniion. Aw it wae.then
kn - own that the Senate had fq.a.l=6:fleil iu
the lase of Mr. ,Stanton, 1 a ita arta feu.
to learn rour de:ensile:dint]. After
protractea 4ltt.rVien during whieli the
prorlaleng of the Tenure at 011ieo tat ,
were fully disenased, yon maid that nail
had tiara agreed upon In hat ron
"ream you would either return thaottlao
taraataisiou In titan to 1:0'040 me to
It o :auccoiour before final an
by the Senate upott Mr., Sutra
auspeusioh, or would 1 . 01113i1l nt
head awaiting a denkhn by judie:al
meeetilligq. It was then •undentoeil
.hero would'he a fuittier eonterenve an
Mender, he. whielt nine 1 ponnoacel you
',old lie r• - revaren to Int,rrinte.of yfalr
I decision. You faded. however.' to
political too m s]. rain]; in the re, 11,c ro
our notilmatiou I do action of .II e Cenato in ref.•renee
Mr. Stanton, and at tin ti :c
inf , rmed sun that ao. artful., h. the
regulating the tenure of .•ei tam out
onions your for tino..of ‘tia o itea of Nt r,
at/ inter i m ceased love the mono tit
receipt of notice. I you time, in tiara-'
gent or the understanding botivetm tie,
matted the Mlle. without ham,: glyen
native of your letbra to do to It Is hitt I
Just to say, how over, over, that to sour Lotn
momentum von claim you 1111 Mown]
me of vet purpose, and thug fultilled
the promise made in our last pre
ceding conservation on the anti's
The tact that etoth a promise existiel is
evidence or an arrangement of the kind
I base mentioned. Y.. 11 hid toil ndtn oltr
Inart ennterence that the President was
dextrous of keeplag Mr. Stanton out of
office, -
whether cher sustained in OA ..11Iipen•
elon or not. You knew what meu,
had induced the President t i sulk from
ou a prounsc. Yost the I.llese teat
In east. your N . :cm a of duty.did
not second with, his own eOltro Lou.,
it setof his purpows to MI your place by
another appointment. Fiver ignormir
the existentwef a positive underiaindi tin
between us, the DOnelUslons were lOaltlly
iledttelbla'trout our %anon% et:pos . l:r , "
tious. It in certain, however, that 'even
Undor Weis einimnstartorai you did t e st
offer to return the place to my
peasewilon but a Tonllng to your
on II stallment placard unmet? In
a tswithin where, mild I have non ,-
, your action, I world lime been
...Impelled to all of yam as I won com
pelled to ask.of your predeceator I o the
War Department, a letter of resignation,
or to resort to the mole Aitotarecahlo
expecimut of susiendlng yon I
thosostololosant 01 a enc. c-ww.
as stated It your tut , r, the nom
Motion of Got eni , r Cos - , of Ohm,
for Secretary of it or scat stuge,,,sl
tome. • title apissintenent. as Mr. "lan
lon'S InerseaSor, was urged in tiler natne
add it Scala said OW 11/a.ti on 'At last
',dicer I ahould he trammelled hv sash
considerations. I most prepsred to tea
the rstwousintitty of de]. dm.: me yule -,
that In iferut , l. , 0 with toy oltset or .on
"lllumine! &mew and having deterall It
eti upon la rt,Urso which I decnte]l
and proper was anat.,. to learn
We sten. I You nm id lake, .51105111 the
powiession or the 14 ar Department he
demanded by Mr. 'wanton. lied %our
action Leon in conformation et tat the un
derattladtug bete eori OS, 1 do not !Mies, o
that the erulairrasetnent would heroitt
tabled ite prasent tIIVIA,IIOII 4 , ter that
the prob.] olity of its reps utiou would
have beenao great- L knee' that Ss Olt
sins to an early I.llllllomo
of a awe of niftily so detraucco al
to the nubile interaus, you voluntarily
offeresi. Loth on -Monday, the I ]th
and on the succeeding eion.Ls,
upon Mr. Stanton and urge upon in.]]
that the, goes! or the ...Prete! , reglitrel hi.
reelgnahon. I confess I Coon.teret
your proposal of I tort of reparation for
the failure On Your part to Sot in aeeer
, dance with en otoleortnntling more
Wan once repeated, and which
thought raceised your hill assent, and
under which you oould have returned to
me the °aloe which I had e. nferrtal
upon you, thus saving a uirself from col
harratement arid leaving rim responal•
ball)• where It •
properly Irlanced, with
the President, who no stecasuntahle tot the
faithful execution of the law. I have
not yet boost locum s! by you whether.
et twice proposed by yourself, you had
enlist! Mr. S]antort and made an.
effort to soli...slum to voluntarily reign
from the War Department.
Yon coat-hula }our atone
with a reference moor con versatten lathe
meeting of the cabinet, hil•1 on tin 14th
toot, In yottr siceount of 'What liters ne
enrred you ear ... that after el .President
had given bin version of cur pre. tun.
concertos:ion, •ou atawsl, euhscantialiv
Its given In your latter, and
that Jon in no wove ednitttedl the
en•ve. moo. or Ills statements, though
to w3fien tin avid' n t tome ',ln tont my
scahminnt tondo, 1, o.l]..'ling is
first cornmorth Viols on the aelleet, the
Prasident might lists toolvrstoesi In the
wny he said, namely, that I hats stool
lust to resign if I del not covet the rein
ataletnent. I 111141. no euth Ottni..
ids rocolie , tiro] of what then I,ra...spited
Is thantitrinilly - the reverse of okur
narration in the presence of the Cala ste-
I Naked you first If, In a conversation
which took place shortly otter your ap
pointment as Secretary of War oil laze
Yon, you did agree to remain at the
head ] of. the War Department cad
abide env Judicial protwellnus that
rniglit - follow the ooreconeurrence of the
Senate to Mr. Stanton'a aunpenston, nr
ahould yon tint wish tobte"omeluvolvoci
In suet controversy, put Ma ht the name
position with reference to the °aim pr.
violists roar anpolnlment by returning
Into too in time m anticipato such action
by the Senate. This you admitted.
Nevond. I then sicked you It at rho Unto
of the oonforenoo on tho nrcowling Sat
urday I had net, to avoid misunderstand
ing, requested you to stale whet you in
tentledlo do, and, further, Lr in reply to
that inquiry you bad net reforred ttf my
fOnnareOriVeratttions, Baying that tram
them I natteratoott your position, and
that your notion would le] eunniatent
with the understanding which had been
reached. To those questions you also
replied In the aflirmstlvo,
Third. I next asked If at the conclu
elon of our interview en fzaturday It wan
undernuad that we wench] horn au Cher
continence on Monde!, batons land no
tion by the Senato in tho ease or Mr.
Stanton. You replied that ouch was the
Understanding, but that you did not mop
prow the Senst•would not HO awn; that on
Monday you had been engaged to Con
rerence with lienerstShrrinets, nod were
occupied with many little matters, and
asked if General Sherman bad not celled
on that day. What reloyancy Ueaenl
Shermen ' s visit to toe ott Monday a n d
with the purpote rut - which you were to
hate (Idled, I am nt a Iwo] to parcels e, as
he certainly did not inform lan whet her '
you had determined to retain the office
or td afford MO opportunity napoi sit
suctesabr in advance of any attempted
redostatement of Mr. Stanton.
This amount 01 what pitesed betas/en
us at the Cabinet meeting on the 14th
!natant widely differs' from that
talued In your communication, for it
shown that Instead ol having slated cum
VOnyereatttnin an Alien In ] the totter
Which has Made fhb' reply tomessary,
you admitted that my recital or them
was entusly *worsts. blots:well ] ens
hortervof , to bel.rorroet In Illy Shea
nistila, I hare tetchy mad this narration
or what no] erred vet the 14th last, to the
member. of the l'ahtnet who wow] then
Keaton, 'I hey alt hoot ezeeptlon rgrea
In Its iteMlrerY.
Ifln randy hosene'f7lniuld doctor' Wed
parlay tnnflllnd,i tau 7.111, yOu celled nn
main uoutpony with 1.1,14 t, Oen.
mat.Atter emu. y e 'preliminarcooler -
Nation you remolded thin an al. le in
the Nutionnt 111telflprheet s Or that dote
did you utuob Mulch*, I replied I hal
ant road the /stet/veneer of that morn
ing, You OW ma It wanyour intention
to Urge Mr. Stanton in resig l Ids
office after you had wltluirguru. care-
11E/11QU-11:T14. 1 Moir OF. /SE li SITED
et %TEM, Wahllinon, Pell.
President of the Citited States--Sir : .1
have the it:ltnir to acknowledge tile re•
eipt of your communication of the 31st
ult., in answer to mine of the 2aili tilt.
After a .re ul reading laid comparison
of the oracles over the initialS of J; B. S.
in the N. Y. 11 - v rid of tile 27th ult.:, pur
ot•r; ilia to bo based !won your otaternesit
and that '.l the meatusesof the Cabinet
the: tin flawed, I hod it only to be but a
reiteratit ti. only somewhat more In do
tail, of the many and gross nalslepro
sentiolons contained in therm" at tielos sad
a: in la toe statenicnt or Cods set firth in
my letter of,tho I.ltit ult. was intended to
ocert , l, and heroin I eciovvert the cOrreet
-110,4 Or Uly 14.111,111 . 1119 in that ;letter.
only thion• in you, ill - reply to the coil,.
trar) - - o 'twill:standing. 1 confess my
••:irt•iisa- that the Cabinet olllocre rOlCrred I
to .humid so greatly niisaltpreltend the ,
iota in the emitter of admissions alleged,
to have ics:n mail.. by too at the Cabinet
meeting ::ii the 14th ult, unto stiller their
nano , . • to be mad:: tho ba.sin of,
tine charges in , the mwmplper :article
referred to, •a•
to agree, le the.
accuracy, es you iirlirtn titer d,,, br your
account - Or What occurred at lio:I fleet
s frig. You know that we parted on Ow
I I tli tilt. without any proinivie on soy
; r i ir implied,
to t e elleet
that ''y I would huh d on to theolllca l of See
, rctary of War art In (erint agithistlttni net
lion of the Senate, or declining
to ..10 MO, Wrinill surrender; If to
you before moth netion woo had,
I or that I world non you again lat any
nixed tin,. on tire subject. 'file' per.
tormanee of tile Mona rses aliegadto Itac.i
boon outdo by ale would have Involved
1 a resistance or thb law, and an ineonotat'
eney' L leatii the whole history of my rant
1 neetion with the suspension ;of Mi.
1 S•initiiii. I , roiti, our ' ronvereation, and
are veritten protest of August lab;
Ixl7, nuninst • the mutt/Val Diff
Mr. •• Manton' you ' tonstl hat' ,
k nowt" it; greatest objection: to :nit:
removal Ives the fear Mat sumo on
would bat upplented in' Ills *tend whb •
would by opposition to VIM laws Irelatiok
to the restoration of lire Southern State, •
in their proper ; relation: , to the lloverd-"
itOittAlllurrit.o the army in the perform -1
ad•c of thedoties especially imps I
upon it by the bite,, and that it tv.s lb
prevent :Loch au-appointment that I. .+ 1
eoptid the upptintutent of Sncrelery t/f I
War, :el oitercla, and not for the, purp;me I
of enabling you to got rid of Mr. Starr
too by withholding it from hint :in ePl l ,
el tlon to the law, or not dotal , : •••!: myself,
AU rrender It 111 one who, an Mt. et:nen:eat
and amumptions In your warn lin uniontio i n
plainly indicate, was sought. I And It
as to avoid !this clinger. as Wein
au lc relic's, you froM thn
i , ,, ,0.141 embarrassment Sal whinh
, Mr. 5 . ,111/1( 2 !1 .4 reins:Ate:nerd would pines
I ... ou, that l unied the appointment of
I i.iverncr Eux, believing it. WoUld Ire
i ageecable I, .kil mid ales 1.3 Mr. UMW
' Ton, •Stlslirot 'as I Was rho good at .1.0
i n•nud...., and cot the oftlae, the latter
desired. On the I :th ult., in the prep.
vitro of General Ft:err:lan, I Mated to
Iyeti 1 thotlitht,,,„,,Mr. Stanton n - otld
resign. bet del not say I would advine
1 hint to do so. lilt the mitt 1 did agrrn ,
with Lamer.,; Sherman. nitli go, add ad
, v :so tout 10 1.1,'. VOUrse, and on; the 1.141
I liwl an leterciew With Mr.. Stanton
",111:•11 tell me to conclude that slay advice
would be tiseless and so Infortlind GM:L.
:Therm.. Ilefi.rer coot:erne:3M alt eel
Mr. Stanton to rmign, I toadeisitood (rum ,
Mir: inn eon, enadiott on th 4 bllbjelt„,
itliniestititely on hie reinstatement. it was
; his nointon that tile act of Congress, dot'
: tiles; an net temporarily to aupvga-I
vies in tire Executive; rb-,
meat in e, Main canoe approved
; Eeneortry :Mtn, 1.0, was! repeoled
hy subsequent logislatiou, which male-:
Tally iricluenced toy action. : l'revitria
thin Limo 3 had flu doubt dial the] w
d It:O.1 Welt kill in foetus, and notwitht
I .taridin; may artem a hiller esluoloaton
l i,
I 'f : the low' leaves a griebtion hi my mind
whether It is or uot repealed. 7'llte be og
the ran, 1. (olid not new Stirlen liS
1 rcsign aline 1:-.I. the tonne denr
1 ap:onthended in thin drst removal mtklit
I follow-. Ttt:' eon rse, pot hero I M under...
stead I
; agn-ed to pursue coos in violation
of I.sW, sini that by orders: from lip u .
wbde Me cOUrso t did purene. ' r nd w ;eh
I never doubted. you Ilitiy Undenstoirid,
I tti iu a::::oniso.* with the late and of
I It: di-obedience to any orders bf my us
penors. •
~ ~ .
i • And Slow, Mr. Ercaident, [when y
; honer iv, n soldier and integrity an a
iU,a, 1,,V0 been to vielently asnailud, Par,
Icri ko for saying that I can hot engird
i 1
eli.,,lrtioie ,enate. r, from beginning to
calve no idlempt to Involve me In i the
, is..ancei of the law for shish you
1 hssdaltel to has-time the rentionsdbility.
I in ..nii, Tao, to destroytit.s , ritneaker
Ibele, ilie iv.ontry. 1 out to a cues:Core
in,.: :sod:rine:l in di'. ceiscineion by, map re
ntl:s orders - dire:lira, me to disobey I or
:leis :root t he Seere:ary of War, toyl ea
ts•rfor and :Finn vulionlinata. Withollb
; I...viim counterrunn.led his atithoritY;
I ant to disobey. With the, menorah.,
Mr. President, that nothing less thin ,a
' N in•f ic.C'on of me personal I honor tid
ieli ancter emild 11111,1 Induced thin ~ tr
eel-I:amino:3' on my parr, I LAYS Oro
hula, b. - . lei, - very resin:nu:l rs ily, .- • '
Your rdeelient se'inat, •
' , 1.7. S. l 3 nas - r, eneral:.
; . rynainviauts MAILIKET III . ' - .
• - I 1
Linton ye vela Prereatinganmammi 1 4' ;
i . Triterver, Febraltry O. Ike. 1
i . The general markan are Olin and null; and
devoid of any .
hew :enures virorthl of .;'matt,
liaetne. Ter tome few Inmate*. there Its •
snotty improrel dimacit and /limn Menai.
Ia consequence or limited atooko, but tile la
1 the a xneenen tad sat the deans! rule. I lie
Stl/1411111.1eit,nuvigattOn lands Very unit lie
wirne produelog the pineal Itireetlol4 tel
non/ it is agate. meterlal Imbrove•
wens lead be elDwltird. ,
Li IiIa:RUA ES-Toe ozone. ladold had, pro-
I damn • nee result tnOodeinanlll 01005*,! and
New Melee.% Sagan are a 1..• inane lil him,
wbieb may be attributed to the intone •of
n•rtgatioo. In other &MOM than I. ne
on.ger. and the market is pair modentelf
114111Ve. .. I '
Brea:AY-New Oilcan., 14cPalle; (Mtn.
• lailt3Y. Porto /ties. I.llieglliteb; entelnal
ta11.41" Coign. ritual "B" do,: lf).(et ,pnr.l.
"C." leriel.C.:" Yellow. lee. , . ;...
Merin-Prime Rimirdialdel good. Mot falr,
loa l Old onveritsest Java, Ines Lianas:re, tr.
- Mer.•4llloi-New Orteltar, Karel 01,114,6161
ma tPr•rto Rim. senses. i
Srarra-iil.overtag t e, o $1; ' , heath /6 ~ Ed.
gar." nit ./imber... Me; "Dellis," ores.
ermn-thaseta. bedlik; /nevem sped p.p•
par. antAllselee, Ur; ri ntmerp,im,te. ! •
Mir-Rangoon. Ili, 51aro110e, 1/41. 1
It.e.arn.:4ns4Dion. !pi.; mar.r (I ta... ar,o,
end (torn Sterol, 11.0., , .1
Fectvw-Layer Retsina, 11-1,60 iii boot Table.
tis ;Sec per rontd, ,Pranee, ILO; Olsrrantvee
rot Set, , if/
• 33• st tat•ii-Vet 53:et, $l,OO per bag. ;
,Scira-iiitalinitt`L . 13e: ..oaltley'el 1113ia
•110s1e, 41/4ital../holiblits.” Its. ' •. ' •
Car otme-ohlould, leijoi; Stsr;:ai. • i .'
con. , i &&& o 1,,..-17,61 pit Gan. , ;
• MCA.. 0005-1e.5. per M. ! I '•
OlLt IN-Winter Wheat -is mm and •
at, ady damned bat untrimmed:we wattage to
/loom at 1051/42,62 far lied, and 41.1104141,41 tor
White. Darin in *cane wad le temend. at
1'..1 ler prime Motor. Onto Merely. but no
ell ringed, .ales en Creek, It 660•10, end 14 store
mid/crib. 11101. unsliangml at 41. 66 0 1 . 46-
iniall'lote in wagon will not tommaad !abort,
cow. Gala I. plenty and dull but unabellgod
at meRlll. . I -
YLOVII.rie doll bat unobanded; we ;Moto at
tithmailmi for Spring' Wheat; 11201460 for
Winter Wheatland Illafitte for Lanai k , ...i.
Ityo ltionr . le doll and drooping, and enenest,be
quaint ebnre 11 9 12 6 .1. Buckwheat Is dial Mad
oeciemed at 1114. '
PILUVLSIONS-Plecodle eolet and itoildll
but sumbensed at lelrie, 100 Sh O 4 IB VVI
tul66 We hibtost Sides, tad .16a for limakfeat
sane sod ietagligl46 far Sugar Cored lumina
Lard In arm at 14. In Unreel, and lle la keep.
, lgled Reef, 40e. Blase Pork, L.M%.
BUT4RII-Tam I. no Improverant to nate
, to the darned. And with tat:reined arrivals,
' the mu:set le very doll and pricey an tweak
and nroettne. Primo Roll le held al pf.lll6e,
but tl•ere are very few buyers at than agureei
P.CILIS-,lst fair demand but unchanged; WI
hoot. at Ma fur fresh packed, and Illagba for
11A7,1a coming from the gauntry gulls
.fieelyi bet eillh • steady &wand. brine' ars
unhinged, (*Ogler, from an tops. '
APPLES-Sainte and la demaedi we eon
ttnoe 'to quote nt vow:slow ft" bbl, fad fate to,
choice. •
rornror..s—Hall and ono/tuned; I, small
sane In 'tom el 4 1 44 10 1 w bushel, and AMPS
kW per nal, ee to qualtty. ' I
PlilElt IPIIIJIP-tlonthaseivorydolltin6 en.
ennead, I re• conSinte to anoto Posehna at
vote for quarters, end 1000 w for 'Loire..
and.APPlee 617 . 016 i i .
LARD, OIL-Is Ire and untuumbili we
eontlouebiL quote at 906 for No. fi, and Olin
(iv Nu. 1.1
1/8./bIINY-la dull but unattended; gales to
the trade et toogo,do, and lo • retell ; Wa i f.
at el.
nEEDS-Ulevereet4 la quiet and unhinged;
emelt eel. at 61.1001. Pt waned le wanted at
gLae. PM movemont to Thnothe. I
. New- Mime. Markel. ;
By I.ll , grash to the etttsbargli Wadi.) '
New OaLeana,Yebroarr 6. - .4.1 , it10n &Attlee;
middilnu 11112IS}Lei sale+ of 3630 betel;
expurti. 4240. The Sugar and
Malmo. crops Ira nearly all to boa tbse rr.
eetnte gotta 1.4014 aod prices adranoedi
attest 13013 , 0. prime to thcnna 1401414.
Idol/mon 930 for orlon, to oboleo.' floor
Arent .cloortlna semen and bent at thead•
am, treble cum 111'2.30. Corn
.tiriNcelLon. Oats steady atatadOe. York
Arm at 04,93011,07. Bacon 4 . l3ltonlders
sassos S ; h O ie u s r s° 4c 1 1 ;L 0 tis 1 .Mlo st l '
4 1 0. sn ht t .
at ard o ls .
0.4i003%.• Uc>dV-1440140.
I OZdTILLL xxvx-erroca nesaisr.
'''''''gr7strlTWO4:4" l 4lein
The transactions In g/attle were again very
ine•gre thin week, that repotted sales. In the
aggregate, falling ale./ behloid noise In Alle
gheny. Indeed, for several Wee. pct the
operettons in cattle al these yards have been
tialgolgeast, and at pretest Eut Liberty
Seems to be more of * transfer „depot than •
cattle mutate the great Proportion of the ye.
weir ...wasted to-day, and the ph...fourths
of the Pettis arriving b•re are shipped on eat.
` There were some foie eastern Outer, In ea
desolator, but they were unable to get the kind
'of cattle they wanted'at their price., and hold
ete had no other alter-att., but to ehly their
ottoek east, and tide, ,as • general I.e.', was
done. Prime to extra butcher, cattle may be
tploted atg to 834, Arid eves e:, tree. while
Coltish butchers stock brought 7 to 134. 'As
be noted below, there were .areal head
of premium bull..` on sale, eurne of whdet,
were the *nest offered at theme paid., but vast
of them up to the time we have left had hoes
cold, audit Is probable that they, too. would
have to be ehipped. east. Nearly all .cf the
'Philadelphia dcalerCo are .w getting their
supplies to Ines. of coming out
here; lola alleged tl:at they ins buy to boater
advantage to that essricot, and, tesidee,..“ Is
much more convenient, the .distance i.
ce botwee
the point. two; much less.
(base. 1.411,tv A Po. cold tT bead Fowl caaa
averaging IV 0, to later Klonten at T.W.
,• Undies AtO 17 he. of (alt.
WI steers, avolog tigo, at 'psi In heal u.
..,ten aame, aging 1100, at 714; It
Grad of common coys tool aetteta 10 1•0.. e. at
6; IT hod lot llocubSugh to blyere h Nat.!)
head to Ault tOo.tS 7,be; 2do co
: airabbs to Anil A 00. ignead of eolamordsh
cattle, Weigh.r.a , at O.
0,01,0 to H 0... 08 bead of enminoo cattle,
Weighing . .10,t.,6. at qua
Moss PI heal fair
ish outellase cattle, wcigtang 01..0, at 8; c•coso
to eame, To head, uot ea good ; welgbleg
at 7.
littlat 1. Ault 30 bead, areiatalo.g 17.2 0, at
•3; Mal to .0000006 or, head, Weighing rya.,
et Ohl ,
Seott 3lattict had I hea.l extra show but.
locks on sale, the hen even offered at Shale
,ardo. nay Wets bought Swim Anderson
Dewitt, of rayette4ouety. Ohio, and averaged
about twenty hundred young* They eost
80500 for the s head, or cco each.
• Thamsa Lamb had two very :1:.0 00.4:
•• sm.. lahllll , am. probably 01
gc eta 10050 01 Stitt d. PlOlllO. et. dot nnt
lnesent aa good at fki.i.earancn. and were woo
. as Lae • qualltY.!
- ,
There was •or U 1,1111,919 of Sheep this
Week, bat with a good ismatod, 'her. What •
pretty full Attaidance of buyers, the market
• was • stiff oar, sod, eon pased with Putt week.
pages have atilt 'farther advanced. We now
punt. facto good's! i toe. and prime to extra
at 6% to a',!. Tue , follOwing I. a 'natty full
I ',Port of ILe saltsd
slum. I.olortr hlin. raid to bead for 'Chomp.
Sou to Scotland at 4%; tel lord to Lloyd.
.WaighA 11.00, Is.o.
Stcromager.tllllett 1 Co. gold 33 head for
'Morrell to Parham', at 877 e.
t Karnes& bought ill head at A; 01 from Smith
Talmsge, averaging to 6 Pounds. at 041 6 4
it K 0 at Sig; 111 lions Snider at 0%, •
' l ase bought lou Oral frong•Winainis at SSD;
'2lll firm tame. at 16,0: 116-from Staloson AS
4_e6 from Smith I Ch. 6. 52 %; 111 from
it] erch .1 Po. st 4 ft
Hedat.l 1 Taylor sold 17J head for lireauan
Deteleh et/; ' :
AT for Noble to Palogolvt at
3,10 Si for Marshs% to IClala-at ate.
smith /a TalmJga sold. rehouse{ 3.15 haul
• gas,' fat Sheep. •egtsglog tat. at Kat • '
Grove. mild 17a head to Rattle, averaging 14
t-4,421 ligltrleh to Klllll9 31 head at $3 per
bead, Stahl to Wants 177, Averaging SS Inn,
fit 4%.
Lloyd bought 121 Rom Roth, averaging 43,
at Kis; lan from. IL Myers, averaging 12, at
3,901 in (torn Ktadrlnh. avarileaae 3 . lo 'SOS
!tom Thorp, arctaglag at 6; 111 from .
Era., avert/tag it at S.
PI Avoca ft (le. IJOuaht 113 from Heart at 11,60;
111 .dire; ddon at 6,47, 176 fro hIoll1ov• k
t,0.1a1 Irtha Saitclard at 6,41, and 110
front same at alt.
Paneoast bought ILI from Barton at Per
head, 132 from flialnard at per head; 166
(tom I.:anti/ball at Sieg; 111 Leon Short
bor.aht as from 37111er at 4 1 41
from (Islas& at 4tg%lel from tioultar at 4%.
Thompson 1. our.nt el from. W. Oampbell at
6•• (ten John elnalth at 6; 00 from 0. Say
der at aSS.
W. (James sold 163 io Bochum. at 6.71;0•1'.
rard to Kraut Ire at 41 Masud to Ilystartaim
171 at 0,40; IL IL Brook. Ls Uwe: 166 at Old.
There wee eatiniderable exsitassent In the
Bog market. this week, gni with n brink de
mand sled ummeNlY hint errlrele. Priest. nog
wlttateadin• It wee thought were extremely
high lot week,lhave still leather wissneed
thin ,week.. As Will De see• by refers.. to
solo . , prima to bode) avarsgoa Monett 111.41390;
and ono done of Oloßat, avfraging lig ;gonads,
bc tight 9.lo—the ttlighat prim reported -at
tbs. yards for ayes, or sacra. Ilona aro ma
tatniy grotty ...yr miceo, tm4 H. done appear
Maus* to sea almost 'astarythlag dull and
'drooping. while ill kinds of stook, Cattle and
Sheep aa well as Hogs, klatror. Thus was
a fall attendance , al aurora from ghiladalplllo,
sad Now York, too, nu pretty well ropreant
ed. and with •p7oßy strong conapitltlon mad
wiry nett orroials, lla adv... above noted
was Inevitable. ;
Olak Lafferty A Co. did 174 lead for
Tooker to E. Sailth at Ilia S lot rime to Toter
at el; tot for Hgtoler to Smith at 7671104 for
I Hudson to Crooks [merlon i VA a 7.61; 111
tor Hougbarty tit soma at 7,49; II for t
gaud to
Singer a Imof or. f,VI; al tor Woo to Crouse
. 0... vi, h 100 for 111•10 do Crouse lo 00. ad.
and 13a over.= or Sturapdf to Lloooly at 714;
114 for Hoots tor Pladtoclo a. Oa. at 7,60..
Ibtaanaltr, Gillett Ir. Co. bought 103 hood
from Clawson a 7,60; ilt from Comae. Emellsk
• Ors at TAN TO from Mara lion -00 TAO; 9 from
Miller a 7ao; Eli from timatok g Co. at 7,00;
116 from lloosor at 7,11.
Rorke. a Toelar sold 10 hood for Mars hall
to Roast 7 ob; lifor Clawson to..lleameasr,
t 1111 l at_ a Co. at 7,k0. 49077 Bann; to came at
7,17;14 for R..nbacgo to 6.006 at 7.
SMgar I. bear' bonght 1 , 71 load from smith
at I; la him firs a imbed' at 7%; 113 . hoot
amo a 7,ttit M from L•gorty. ovalatng Mk
sad ins ,11‘iity .1 1,104 IP; from M. Johomon
at 060;10 from awn at 466;146 Pont Remy at
MOO Ma loon 11. Jo/Baton ad CO: 41 Rom
Dmkrr lot nil Sold la to Coati. ACo for
int. k 07. at I,:go; 119 Or sow. to ante at 7... I
Croon Estate], di Co. bought PHO bad la
•o, emelt' g 1.400 71y for Yoroora, to 1.1/0 for
PhOwirlattio. ' [ •
ti it throat • , ','
07 bonabt 171 bad trock. Rob
loson at Ty,' 7 from Harrell !Ram...
. 0...• al hoe, {.Rest] It 0;110 horn lorry at
, van; 40 rm.• W..•il. Raga. a 6. 10 ; lad foal
ORotre m CO, .. ... 010.01715; 10 from
lb Roan at o, ,
Emerick a d' . tonglt lihead from INdottair.
It Co. at 7,15 t• Own A. Johnston at 1; Pi from
Ala.-oder a 711; 40 from Orr 1 1.0000 at 11f,
Plata bought St head from Crowe a Co. st
i 11%.%
It from I MISSY at 6.lgt 17 from at
Co; fa front Hairlogton at 11,717:71 from 0.000
0". •t fie; ISO from Hurt' 11 1.36.
Yolcook at CO. bought 167 brad ttok Rhoodei
1 Mite; 090 trosalMtllar at 71t1 from C. health at
7.P; 11 from Dlemengar k Ca. at 114;0 from
alma 417,44 I •
Bartell a. Joluilton sell 7so load to Dr 1665
a Stockton at 16,75. .Harrlogt on a Ca to
Soma • Whig • Ra ars' 64 head at 1.60; sad thom Soma
buyers paldlla far utolher - b.di •
e~r.etraun prraoLzmi stsitEm
- - '
tiestca or ;Tow 1 1 ,v-oilman EllattiTa.' 1
• Itcasnat. Tabraan a INS.
C&l3oE—Tke (hod* market treathattaathlei
tad rauar dull, theath nortafthatathliarc the
transaetiont are veri maim, Interco are at
thar.f.d. We am repent, sale of lilt bbly, on
.pet at 710, and NOG ht.!. for all this month at
. I. We are eanalittot of an safer So sell /COO
taw lot aay Ore* teeth. It LICS, lb ra de
beered at th rate of ea* theasaml each
tenth, at eau. Nat* tad Aptil ate .1111 quo
ts* at 7!4 to 73,0 °Tared. sod ha eked—aellot'a
option, cad Kay Is quoted at it 'Oared. and
ON* eked, tams aitlon. Tor all the year,
"baret r a optata, the tail 'averted—ma. weak,
Chas.—mkt atallfe. Feteato telakrawa tram
Ott Cita report the market staltaafert.
ILEFINE.II;There li no lethroteetent to
Data to the central! tone of the Market for
beaded oft, either talragaTCl Itsrand or potter.
' and entices dullseth Is still the lead!. tea.
Lan at the trade.. We ate report a sale of 10.*)
beta tar the let half of libretti nt4340.1 100.
for .September at tilftr .../ ..".. , M . P. ,1040
tall to be datharact Mau.. Snail ISt ..a
December WO at 14e. sada deltas per b bl.
Non en le notolant at ^'Q= l!.( , . Cable tale.
gram. ;today [ report to shah
(rant.TAO steady ihorttaa la t h at marks ur
Data ties past IS attrlbotei to the fallaread
eastern ...ceulat ere who half oil In that au
kat, wthl of, stars. was Waco apart tha
market aci et a to the 0 1:tabula bidder.. . ~
attARTPWILP LAT PTV IN e.l. •. .•
NaLltsl.Cia.llo Obis tar to w r. /AM k
Arm, rhilulalphls. • .
. tibialtite ll•Fket• .•
Tetouan to the rlttsbarra (Wetted
emoaad. Vebroary t -.near Mil at ta,so
010. 60 for anring Stick' Wbitat. , .•Ela I on.
nettledl at••C
Deonently Irdproved and e ad
at CLOS and Haler* at IMMO No I 4 101 6t
fitt0702.00.1 t.'ortretede 10 more noticsaad
rmer and Nehlio bleier; salts at SI%O
dndet eloakna wad, 61301.2e4 odd - fa .14
moot noretekl at et , io. uala-4ao lesrket
IS armor Minimn aenven at Idifitaeo; Mostar
geed at WO °Moldy. idle,. Mrs quiet at
11.6"101,111101 No li Ao aeraltdd •at '0:550 '
1,61. Barley Is more active batllito lower;
ealas of Yboat 10.0501,011 01001.5 at VP&
Port—salon nt standard brand's% 4111prIme
moos atemdtiat alt. Lap* llrtsen oayarade
grime ate aM at 1630; WIWI" at ' o. /1121 k
meat* are bald Arm totter* of 'dr/ WWI
ahooldera !Won Beller. at 4e.,lobeetCusb
barlands,ll+,4o, /ooze; short ribbed . Middles,
leo. Sweat plekled barna annul) , at 11Notor,
city; Ito Int cottotty ended.' Green. hates
firm at 114 e. • Drained tn. Ilrm and to
Maher, closing at nt,e34l9.os,dlvelleg On 70
4 1
Dela 110U1110,7O3Imut Wheat;
'NAM bush corn ; 18,400 btiek nate; 7,00 bead.
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New Torre Dry (Aeons 'Market:
Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Wattle.]
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eXtra states 19,50011,10 for extra western:
11120 0 1215 for white , wheat entre, 12750 13,7 S
for Et. U. C.: 110.50312 for common tO good
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do:, closing heavy . California floor Witte
out any change: sales I,IS, seeks at 412,0 0 0
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Albany racille Market.
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Yew Turk Cattle Market. l •
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Nerelpta.-1,200 bbt• flour. NOW hush wheat.
2,lotonsh oats. 400 hush corn. hhipments—
Dsd Obla flour, 1,10) bush wheat.
CAEVLIT.—LENT.-7,nrodey evening. Jan.
Ilte. at St. Church. by Iter..Tboinas
‘Ccalelt, of Klaus.. Ohio, Sr. J. L. CAYVKIL
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P LER.—Thetamale. of the late J. 1.
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Farms, Grist liills, Houses,
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- 21 Filth Street,
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BY VIRTFE OF AN 0110E111i.
sting lot 4 the °robins , Court of "AUs•
AbotT County, I °fir ltir sale on the DMA.
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AT'lll- O'CLOCK A. V.,
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VV. Writ of M.rutlon. on petition ot-SYM..
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