The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 27, 1868, Image 2

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of--the Ctbarabentarg
Spfrif,:fonnerifectitcyr . ..of tie Dr.'
tiefligeneer:CLlAMinater; ealalitaie
i_rfor Barreyor demill before ilee Youth
ot March Democratic !tate lematealleree
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.leadlng Ratting tfollf.Mor, On Ulf till.:
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county twit/ft:WV*. J. Tonsil in -0
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4.ecaties, sth walk resolsglosi iSIAITCZ
'.1.0F am: a armividelit o l , ina
1 XL...Sutra, one of tam member
I.of the 'waists!, art for Ode comity, has
bato atattitilibli - idois it ifiliartutv
114 'Wotan, for two woos put:: -Ws
Care OW to lest that Ili hatati tent
ittotandiar,sad that bo r _itilt-ptsaiso
pnblie ing , ot in a tow dojo.. -
, . .
lii is xsorzit-tlat speeite I mention
"NW/ benumb of tho fact - Oast Spcsker
i Davis thlithilittaitledge se tit ainstitute
Ithe /thwi Committee on NALliranh la to
pair. Mit _prompt reporting of the FriC
Baiiyald bill anti the Mtn, re' the
charier if - , t4 ..!: ,52P-Lell.ll/31°
Tas boxiiiirathre Eapab
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ters of the House et Reimer= dyes - Sr
iliiftistangtoe'xre:Xesr„ going to seer
extremes. itutit the- itadicals ' [
jested. "i Ma
'il Um- eitersi erbieed
met this. lite tlstr relditxxesccomplef
much bisk r
j sprista itirSe, et_li: tiles not
:imam 6 lebensictsl se afstrestsmi:
Trg AM l l l6l * — .Or
county iisitoiaiterocASlzintosi
tin, and designated Wm. IL 4.17:k ,
l'otroigmAPAAßLOAAOloglio*JAmt lAD
t Fartenth District to tlkik National !Goa
-1 'Volition— Yr. H. D. , "
cite to the SteerCpn'yentiol . u_
Hio:lll9l7l:lAounitik. lAA olio tikiclatkoi
tor awls aid
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The ResinhiteeMS4t4denvehtlehwal
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the n6PO/4301atlarial CouTivi*wit
Andcaitt , illa •
AT the terms of the 'nail' oethe r fitite,
goneention,•ite d 'f totoo_anrrrett.l4 - to
nomlnattirif e no_ dates_ pfelAnslttor
Vector* and the soleetion'ist_ f•ini deb , '
gates at ligiCtar ibelfidlowal • Wino.
tiara Times:Atha - delegannr Wilt"be'iJ
31,11i1. 6 "-altd4i,ta." ' :• -' -•;:• -
Two .methods for selecting • alistrlo
delegatneltlesic7zTtlrt•• • s
the dokiVel. tP,the CaiivAtGy•
the properyear, hem awed the fanef_ .
ton of confetti:2pr 11141 paipote 19 2 .4.,
cheseia 030.0:***Pt:tb4c.:rorpiabse ,
- disue a z..taotherattotw - the
h11:01 bee& !ZS& fij"distriit - th:Aviiiiiiiii
nonferences— Thte latter method hat
many ,adsfan to reeotaasetal At. ;We
hellfire itlluulAteradtlihatios preference
to this loanty- ,, ••-•
it to Wetly dealtabla the deleitittei :to
both. Nattemirind State •POiventions
Amid tie c torsi froos,smong Vie tee,
bestmateiijtl4fattheinte4tutt, will de'
wolve upon-them eon et intend' trivitty;
. - . AliniOZA:- .•. • . ar. -• .'
A writerela the .Tiittiri rtimatiOr of thi
Galaxy - IL iinabiant he laJendowati, for
above ordtawrrtxtowithAtt'spirb,
Of politlattivistic*aral4bitif.tho Re
publican :patty airrald • owtrAttrrioder,
.Itsear 4°P 11 ....04 1 7•ts .?Iltr Itelasato.S;alt Sh
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redden, hotaarhfsocenduetit as per._
• -tatat• its power IS& 'bitfr ttte:gtt:etit
alike a tits._ itui the o.
.Jost nay the cantatay le titled wi ‘ Mite
bight? iarpireq teacher ; tort , ".. eitti-
Willy forrthirro, thoy., aro lereagia tato
dloorsdit" by t vetwozvor the - bet 'ghat
neither two lOW,tlte
~ sittoa butaaie t
sad wheneirir s .. it vows or mole of them
aro brought logetibit theyliallia4:
isantre tit" ItSythologloaliewrarlor-the
eonfatiost of longaelf•at the teaft•PAl,
This writer . bssiokliftltlblo
Min for the s liocifibarkdo.o.:
litehavo lootodat Ultra &Inv ovioldr.; ,
sad then ftant'tfotlifi,ritif;ANCoul
4:46.11a1i if thsaasdar
4=i:defect foiltifliatiroriq,?•o . l
Has it is:
.wigs) trainil:Zliumet a -r 2 Eque
rights of the sthius_tod,' • _ritbitelice
fare the UV, 401 Itesibt. SAW
venal, soffram, (4).A.p.ediasatiosta
*ability to ablid.siadstrate-sunkbohreit
problemby the 301be.therist , -
2sfacticia II& ebsparttil , ixibtilWsp.
painted by tko•Ciesetaltbeett - ,
(a) l provisisalarla iabistarsiel,lll l l
new /tee OodsetWlearfoylchs exams
wry toineatitetefhtwbUcs and Waal
in the footless( States i ,,,
We ban eat . * thefeie 44
' theie saggeijrosfi,llllatesiothittlidi-t
salted tkatethers-bt brlbefk'
Nra llohotaltit,„4 l3 4:Oo l 4ll444:
will center in,fialle the whole scat
ter orßsootatlllatkoV - Ttitreaiirof
the dffilettleyibiiiltiViliet fieenilbh
Remit= IWO*** itliftilrritsi
comet to stftlattPso•too-Vost4.‘".- -
phut Is we ld , . tails* zenaticiat
least. It does not prolate lo MU - 114
settlistseas by leafing (rpm. fo,of. Apt
Anilnoas of tho*lfalathia alticialreifref
= of the aostotaL
. It4topllectlatio ,
an element In any saltlOZ - !rtiat.X.Nl
- - `eared;
some daittiasiessisaostafattablescuth- -
,": oar, sad tlaitthe - itifi,:fo.#loo,4
uoi torah;liiietie invaded-45th
; ..a tight place c thelt-lplatroccil
lose of It
.r_'_ _
. .
Another excellesew.le , ibund here
Thesugmtatien of muWißt - tSitsegiiii
before "the. live; Are ecif.-nimamto . be
ruled iieceitfully. This yaraselmlifie -1
come so interirsymi" , fin NldeQptte:irt~.
oron popular maimptionserldberty •
Democracy that few mit - ttesA
_hood enough: 0144 .; to _4lSpette .Inl
solitadttess. Thus .art, bowl:merino! h
few who mouth it,ftom prtploW'rcui- --
'llderstiolo, - who,ittlhe
-- believe in It. - -br spnliottihrOceito:
ways try to ittgli::"Die edge kit
edreitqustt.Miionnrdeaial.Ttif all the
Deinecrate sot one in tea thousand is' in
any other category. Buhr smArstri.
expressed it, tinkletia sof the
baecreoit" on their sirle..,vehe t _clamor,
forrigitts for theriMivel• while denying
.. the same tighten? othen.timp heisnothe
lug by this pme—say, they gain by It—
for whoever Eandem, -.tojassfon and
.imojedice will not, go without followem
Whatt Ibis Republican Ramesentatived
• in dengreu first tmtlertcak to dealirith
the question of lirmonstnt,tion tkcipro.
- needed' on the basis of eat
blacks from the right arriStisit
• Pntsideat and his imdc coni
Minden - mtppirlers- Oiniosnod.
that * at P h°, Bacaßlia*l4 l NPl l4l4 t •
day be an artemplished fact , wiUtali the,
poUUcal rights of uti"biliiki'dsiip/ t
The President and these; Witn,noar..nat
°Polio with hin t Raised to. Learnt that
niTanitgodni, ted, --114 W the time has
Come whew they-seat-Am it- but earcina
ma • T ,
130,tea; the - 120 4,
- der of laspartat ihnhige, onsach edam
tional ar other-bests as should Ittlethii
ed on the whole most suitable. Tim
-•s4soennic leaders, - reposineell & air"
on:ditasses of immnutt men at
North; sa well as at the South,
..would not meld thoßropeWtinnigtirat
Ant of thelrllistsof Moran the White men
Who cannot read, and Mei:would stand
- - as fair a claim of being struck by light,
tang _as'. of - oarginglissolii al:the I.
Slates during - the nest fifty years. - After
fate present aseitiment Shall settle down,
their przatiects in the Southern States
would to little if any- brliister.:'
',,, '
#;ohjection to letting the blacks vote is
not that they are uneducated, but that
,be understood, theft that the Democrat.
1 4e3fIrattt a moutpoly of the ignorant
anal; and stand no chance at an of
get4g the blacks to go with them.
:Of the two sorts of ignorance, de.
aissusting acnarding to color; which lg.
nom= Is most to be reprobated? Fri
nge and public schools are open to the
whites, and no obstacle has existed to
their acquiring ss moth •edncatioa as
they planted. Witlithe blacks, the case
hut bam very different. Until the Act
itiihnanclpation, In each of the Slave
States, Jt was 'Cairn; punishable by
hagnisinmeta in the penitentiary, to
teach ',Matt to.zead the Constitution dr
tit!' tapi r s Prayer. A. hand d. xeus
Conine this wiltheas ireatilnisia loathe
goi , cntuifiTlffltzeg ril ie
counts of MassachuantLe witelutraft.
• Idea Itepoblicani iiina gladly have
commuted for suffrage ao s bola of edu
cation—bat the - - Ductocrata would not
HOweter the' greet , ipleatiom of sof
fragenuty onhoitely - be - adtditei, either
itt partteesi States or tlitertglzont the I
maim, Reconairtictiott'will be a*lnd
et inside of six mostbs; and upon the
tilde" laid down . by Cengram. ; The
`nausea ahow no disposition to !made in
lay eandial macular, and the realm
tine States are making commendable
hute to fall Into-line la the, only way .
they cam When once in spin, they
cao. alter their coaultutfooll atipisla
tlons ea tooodragir,thesammartim colter
States now van; and it Items - probable
that by ilia method, if not by progreis .
if oplabes, the mallet: now apparent
ion he cloyed. :"'
T a n t.
to g.
. . .
Ting Chicago , Republican, .In-dealing
nirl!Rifuts Deed'
don ind him; Mitigating of Public men
It litendas newetwentibly. Take an ii
lasfritioa of its defect:from in article on
the;dil to:rev:late proceedings in the
'"At Araisigbi, iiie Measure 'oohs like
as Unwarranted oncretachinent, by the
legislative department of the Govern.
merit, apes the powerssad funetiens of
a co ordinate-branch; hut .at Itli vitamin
ed not . ordyby theututtthiansisvote of ths
flitintblicati seceders or the lionise,
anenfrwhom are some of the ablest and
teed oat Mitutional lawyers bt the coon
-111. bat by the ablest jurist of the damn
cretin side—judgeMullams, late of , the
litintrjivasia' Sepses* Court,.the role
Muthave warrant in precedent or con.
'Mutton. 81111, we would much wither
iteniulil have bens adopted when Ito
mestere of importence.wai -pendbitto
he erected by the nevi' Ceder."':;"
the fa. -- ii& - c s ny man named
**mu ever occupied is seat on
beach Of tile - 11iiii: Out', of *eon-:
givsmh.anld. the only ofthilnerne
*ismer Cu in Oa lidresa from thld State
net , Ystr..
ar r*::=Biliike:eddivtite • 'Nest.
I • `; .1 • t House—is -conceded; and :we
lo not know fiat ide legit bpizaiii
entittedito any less weight beater hehalo
Anflablical and not albustocrativ ,
een:lfe CPECOV 6 t**n:4 l4l3
ticeill to objectionable because
intanded to meet a; *paitlezaai.cue,
:Nearly :all Tab:Ledo law 'rein . = have
comala; that way. - in becoming
epparant, a remedy is pr.:iris - 4 for : IC
IS:digicult to use 111 Whit itattr.llll3 ,
ciunigas'in laws as be suggestedi.::`
1 • • fittllitin of: Midi ' t hell..
, :People tthitichisthmod thhitithringllfe
are frequently surprised- at4tesnirg et,
eallislons mien. thinking strthgatttaf;
with Apparently unlimited teeny id:-
sels do not always turn out Ihrtackt other.
in tithe„ to mid such'iccidenfet Sul
pump irenet - probatetzwaro ,that the
ligtirAlessa'tlritys of the °Cana , nro
as.well defined, and often m niziow,at
these of thalami; that'. Intend
upderortithary'cirmulatances t o keep in
- hamussi PO- iitsliy, that th wind
Ind wires have every decided say in tin
mattilf." The TilitiOUt causes which lead
dizahtlf, to-Centhiezill, fa well as their
tthqualtcy. an*a ' ir a' recent Eng- .
lith - efticial6 , 4 ' ftant Irrhialt sp:-.
•mZialkit no ' thin 2,7641. Mick luxi
habpened, during thelut elglit
.ye any on the coast of Great Britain
alone,.• end that %Worth= marred
' in - bread , daylight. The „ntuaber-has
shown'[ *vase theresse frara- ythrteo
ythrimihn this puled; audit is impor
taltf to no r m tha mats= raptor eat led
ttillia,l.loss tit VMS MVO '.iPettelk'ffili:
Mango mated =umber et contstans,l•.,
this sight tpW was Itell:60f these,,, in,
annualerthrsofieri, Marred through.
, 4 - ' bad - lettharuk.thisigk .ingleding, to
thOthil,'MPPMllo4 49;,through wiled
Of , lgata •P -,•of. Steering. relee, , $11;
throkith- error of Plln4 2; mint Attlee
manship, 116;4 , 40=a malt Cyr...mtuthfif,
25.- it.wftl bit seen tuts° Teti thin 203
...mtt .t of :thot'B46'happerierfrom ' Whig
which.,-frith proper ,thre;TmTgliii - 11, ry,
bamitictilisk• 'The ltherige..narohni ,af
obiltifSili lrOsi.iiEhtil Mint - of .sea-rocon
ithe'..l:l4l eiglitf treita_thh6l , ttfoggy
*inner, tB4mtprr thAladgmentc•ltic an •
fiate , 4ataalostaltaiatetaging azcitera
, breildnk ti. • Wimp
• --s Alonty, tthithistlat• of the 143
Collahiers twitdok.kmpthOAVlß3lli be
' ,thrihrtii rt m= kIt..M.„-; 04 'coterie&
. lierilliti " Sou Ina, hit; clear:
sid:ni Instri - k-if l 4 . 7 p. tiOrr-7
While= hettrottp,::* ii,,e,nti,
Ms eallar . deer, . .4nilai 62 In
, .eitie-Nor igt -irentlan..,,9{ll.4titat
., Jausopor , colllmons •iii 11340 1 42-occur'
'Amman heeirlida • tint iiiiiie.tite , `
, - loth :Why; 'I3S,'VEIWO.
' ja =el`• *i% lineal.: i nr ;a% *'+
li k aireo
6 at frittatin ' NW;
IT= 444 =I IV .A W A -414.
g 4 4,1 fit g
helY, ' welfare:, :watt •t
t martin Tema Rinehart-and
• .4Mktelfsii Arshmelet , gray .
eners'ilfetat •rieselatriT7 •
permit AirougirAtimeds ,, • ' : 2 . l . jt . from
r 445419 "• ~..r,,,,L . , 7 :,:n:, ,- , ,,- .
_ e1 ,.....
In f isn lielle of
• .../ -•,, ,crieittaniiiiiitiTietaf:
The pmallelitgiißartharest.still
sf - riehh-Manlest of thalsolian Ass
stew La.litenesote, when litkpadnuk
- wak•blit bade' Ate learrient r ieckad out
iit•Welani feathseOhtnr,pein'uttle ,
sWtiniers sP II. taunt and.
4140.144 et llielrPetti,supartihkiiie,.
*atilt reliclie. v icritentildepiandleap,
less ~- _ Of3U elitists-of
19 ,.
that - ..,.' . now. PIO lerlal&naire
imoaa tat owned pares, while runty .
iddldret Fed of : iler nstersl pth.•
Itthce.,* Mr • to - WAN:kith tldt,thturr
rfy;„7flid' math& Lk!' therfttaktophk
"width at erre deprfrkftfulkiAt ytments,,
• lioms, end :11:
,childhood. , ,1 "At ice. iutt4suk dear, to
... rat ma{ Or 1 . 111.1: ir'skAileiitigred
arettralfelt finit, ..,oa,,.ther.eate Callas,
atatward from itanthester to this point,
was erenthintan, now wading srlyona,
who was drfretrout oflithinesota - at the
, tthatehf the Indian mmaacre, timer 4s
• -. .t AtEx He.Autd-t i attpa.iiit. 4
glic Whim, Mt Mid ,thtds,
she being_ea - 3/14thao,int 3 twei,weeke
ed. 'lke is teitlf,lS IlltikthusttlftY
and wkUelfbatmikishg tan= beau s
gthl Sands School hymns with touch.
'fag pathos. , Whet tthet ighttory .iti Aim
child was learned,'-muchy tatereal,_ mat
itialfthted, and the „llttlelfthe. was the
recipient of sevadittos4.krortt (vim t •
paiseagera. i•Utr,4truernm! lc cd• Ake.
opinion Gast Ake child Ares left la the
AI • 'I I, . ~•
: . - "Zilder*
fore the a gee made their appearance,
dad be had -the • , hatless foot-reed on
' •.'
_ - -Srithithe little one in hielitme;.
to Mkt idi Traps. Whethe - pts
the child we `he hiti:neyer been able to
escellain, an Iliererli no doubt hut that
'thiyliern =mated by a t .
Ft; Mesita:, .l
somber of the''Lidpertn
imbOnittwaa Oren of a caials llyta Ckola
Jam and ficoneltinatici-whier lay its
qm in the noddle of._ Anman-kind
We' illeeP4 *Wine „km , wid th
were therein In sicet_inta.
an 4 gave rim in ihie-nnest-in
ant fregesattggsalit.
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lied spediebr is47o was #.9:KurF• or
nickel tomtit ta thermaAp. imps
Mexico dazjitile Winch occopailaa;.
'Mani r warsimileyandmenight
sit the ti t cmintry. The APIIIPPOOk
aril' _ t he nom,- -fribmired by
headache inglliernt
bleeding at the-noiftthir aMbokeratlmi;
accompanied 1 by discharge , 419idlim
4rZrof'SJis.ftedlindpedd fir 1
a ll emathatii'intetee - & Clot
ingitls. Isjictioxl-AL - xliggorozzo,,Alr
then& very paheli Wairlidd R0.F04
advsniagn ceel44As' 144 34-*Xte,
sakkrrgietzog; :PlALicaPs"
Neodeale-Aeiebigi of 2 ikte
autberitlee tele ettc:Fl We
Mae of the= 11*-4 1 0 Ilia
pais .
Insprovrmenla al Tnlnarslse—C.lnaY
In Ilan Nunn. of nagellnn.
rirnsisl Corral:m:2 , race rllts,;ersh lissett-7
VAL ranasso, Dwembcr, 17, 7e77
elszniski=The extraordinary sessions
of. Cengre,. An. 'which the budget, the
accounts, and several important projects
have been approve:l,l:omo, owing to the
advatirsd stage of the summer, come to
asi end. Aniong these; that which au
theyirea the Preildent of the Republie
to employ' the- slam of eightthonastal
dollars:se the construction of new bond
ed-stored and a spacious wharf, deserve
more particular attention. Both things
are of absolute necessity at Vetoers:Lao.
irI:MTISNLICS CC of the extraordinary hi
cralssein theimportatlon of merchandise,
the Revenue has been obliged : to . rent
warehouses of private individuals, and
in- this...aveutir-tiva thousand dollars a
year la scent. As to the wherf, we will
may say thatsit is isdiserseetat , a place
of the importance of VaJparafso should
not present any kind off:OH:los for oho
discharge of .vessels. Really. It was
'time to think seriously of a reform of
oar barbarous ayatern of conveyance,
and substitute steam as much as possible
far warehouSe force. The cotistracth n
of a 'good wharf Is a thing which will go
hand Inhaled with the prolongation of the
Central railway, Which is already far ad-
vaaced. The railway will rim along all
that part of the city by the sea-aide.
Where the. stores slid a-argue...all*
merchants are situated. Tho locomotive'
will, thus knock, at the door of every I
outs w-arehouso i so take up the geode
that hereto be sent to the capital, or the
departments traversed by railroad. As 1
the Government has applied itself with
- fever to those . undertakings, there was
not wanting a deputy to ask it there was
any cortaitthy that the Spaniards would
not return to the scope of their glory.
.TO6Ministera simmered that they were
not induced to take the pr ment course
. by anyabsolutweertainty that the Span
iards would not come back, but consid
er that the Confidence' inspired by the
defensive werks orValparaisovras snit-
.slants exculpate fens the charge of
-temerity In nudsrtsking the construction
alluded to.
We were fearful at first that this offi
cial declaration roprrdlng the war would
hive an injurious influence upon our
commerce, but at the same time intelli
gence arrived from unimpeachable au
thority in Eureme assuring us that the
oontianation of the war to about the law
thing the Spanish Governmentthinks of.
This important • decree of the eegond of
the present month, regarding the colony
in the Straits of Magellan, causes expec
tations :if progress in that locality to be
coneelvisi, particularly when Senor Os
car Vial, Captain in the Clallian Navy,
has beep appointed Governor of the set
tle:46oa The colony In the Straits of
Magellan has been rap to the present mo.
went purely a military peat. Its popu
lation le confined to the soldiers of the
garrison, the Governor and one or two
tradesnien in furs The number of in
habitant:. attributed, to it by the last cen
sus Oboe huhdred and ninety-five. - As
to the Indigenous population. calculated
at/twee` thousant eight"hundred souls,
thelellciaring•Le tho account given of it
In therabovothentioned work : - The ter
ritory of • Maras:the, notwithstsnding
eta immense extent, Is very'. scantily - pop.
elated; : Re-aides the colony situated at
Punta Arenas,.the inhabitants: of which
amount one hundred and ninety Live,
there .• ht an Indigenous population,
which lonise claralfied in three distinct
tribes; that *hies Inhabits East Prang.:
nia, that of West Patagonia, and that of
the norther the Straits.
ill' Magellan. Is their complete isolation
:from the cost of the Republic.. Per their
scanty commerce the colonkliad nt their
die, - osahno other facilities thou the trans
ports: with 'provision:4 alma from time to
timeby the - Government—or-the vessels
which had weather or ether reasons
fOrjed to put in at Phut& Arenas. • The '
approaching establishment of the line of
steamers thronyb the Straits has raised'
fresh hopes for the cola uy. 'These atom
are will tooth at Punta Aran and the
oobtav din have periodical cm:amanita
doe-with Valparaisea and iho other part
of .the Republic. The decroklor the col
onization makes Important canoessiona
lathe colonists, :such as a pension of Lye
dollars a month for, earls homily, ships
rations 11r the individuals • cempostng it,
boat ,of ground, . school 'and medicines
gratin, and `exemption ,from dray for the
'Mole and 'utensils of the colony. To
theso,pritileges • horn to be added those
beltout by the following articles of the
law of November iff 15e.43. t . - •
„Fourthly, Within the limits of each of
the colornes that sh :Jibe established be,
Weer: the Rio Grande and Cape Horn,
'lad within the limits of those which may
I e established in the NraatO lands north
'of the liter Capiasso, the duos of Litho..
patents, Law• lax., thetas du transfer of
property ohs!! not be paid for the term of
twenty years reckoned from the day of
fobs:dation. " • ',,
' •
Pty l All the colonists from the fact
'is(' cesithrig In. such colonies are. to be
- conaiderdd. or Milian mains, and shall
declare tbat•te be the case bobore the au
thority mimed by the G:rveroment, at the
time, of taking possesalon of the ground '
aXostad to them. - I . .
• ' -The - Government' prepares to en
coarage the oslonipation'er the Aura:gen
frontier,, fn right of the incase of the op.
.6:rations 4ntrustod to Colonel
Thisi' officer hoe written. to the Covern+
mint' ha say that the, occupation , of the
- Aureola Can be considered an accom
pilaitsdatht.' - Red to consolidatethe nail
ltary.•Oconpation it is necessary to pro
vial:DO respired ground with a copula
thelk.,lseguao the Repoblio would gain
' nothing ;tor the efftablishment of a par
,• • ' ~ •. z -. . ..
- Weinnet also asonitOtt aiitong
g el, acts
'fir th e' roniretntaerit which have trans
'phiii d t f i lig this fortnight, Los letting
• of --- thlir us hsland of Juart-Pertiande.
The tenant proposes to take- advantage'
of thief othbry had seyeral,preductions of
inattitimpartant character of the island.:
1:10 - -hair entered Into en arrangement to
establish A ittlet - -colozsy., At, : present
offeialare tadioretif he other Island
esbriar iiir•illor hfasilluirs..,., ._
1 eTII:P•tti t cheering intelligence has
reached -n!. as ,Le: the prospects: of. the
freitlecitninetergrest in the Subtheme
prilificerciathistsbln addition to the ex
pectsticaisl of a great deruanthln the
I E - anlipMni Marker:am:Antal. the
lOf thar -- uthiergial Interest, rather
triasserlat present by an amount—of Ins-
Deflation fir in Osumi or the, require,.
troths of oureoristiniptieri. .
-1 r 0..:
•h Dr.Eis
LgetatlirDiuretic Pills
werr.ii4elmlicalbd ' • -
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• IlkitieHirlif inlitat lit 7, Kbizirir . s.• SLAW. -
..siii......ortt*i:vid,*i . 'i!‘ v...pi., /alt. b
ii4Fiiiiilit . C.l", tis , liack.:samatlmn , 4 zbattlig
Boar Om train. !..osui art rift. mis
iakem tor lithensisUrra, 1/14 th• arAtaarS• 'tit
tles for Ithems" , cilazg.¢ !Wier?.
—FsicAtOrrs sAck-acLic
Au:Mau tin twcfoi 414c4tes, by teroovur
•Ctotalating nrigats to
• ItlfetliqtreseVes.,Tlie.watNini tr,Cinedl from
gt7llt.vllll'. • Ittl7m4s who hare
4elhietirdio caw toaillytO the
: 1041,0:Atri,antsois. - • - •
sarir ter. • 1,
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Bath:2mM hand tlveliale•of ability Ca convey&
tla fireallatal I:artisans,: How a matary, tar,
fay Ineiddrardealan liant tacrir s'arredan Mt an.
tuna tolcom.dltuty Mort to a ansmady Laid all
antelllttnill Ma armlet! and aldrattan -. olllaa ,
drar,as pun as tall, .amble /MM. al, nets
aneorapllatred, Oa health Marna.. and the pa.
lannadlaoltacs' St. natal arra nal nalatatance.
atedX11721611,315[0 , 11.11111 NVYTIIIi4 am at,
Airman Is leaaliadlde ponntnalaY In inaa nanaar
Sad Wad beitir , to o Tao tlaapac Ana miasi wo.•
At remota* or.tpuloo, 1 , 30.1 Uwe stoaaeb.
0 4,t7r77 11, 1 41112.71::,t
Opoints. 11.• elaarlan. sal Marna. firm are
ntnly Saddam:ol tra rtaaarsanar .no rag:Grano. is bas/ts. No motorail's In
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only A'nTantl . ll TAG., INITTAL Re eta.
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nlnnAltands Onion of Ina altar Fa *alma at
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mg". •Oilli• therelant watts? 0(11, Otalattl,,
Twelve' otatatos of Common
`yliti l -triolinoo lit* at •lilst. sra
Esisia.• Poctont
larras., - • •
Ilewontl,ll.lpli ' OOlO break- Ilttoaak - the k•
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Nab. - well 4.011 , 1 know tow to pt otawl,.lake
'Dr: WellarreTaitatal • :
Utast 3.1.13.i - op. aka TM
'llaWit IDS more pkla,gen than aqui. tale Dt, Ear
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I 7,pt..}..610 Uko otatrooLoa,u , oats. ky D.,
Xavier , * reet9riaBl.3»,.
'esaall Dr.
trtrePflaktaorat affray. • , •
touthari s aillnettaletal
IfhtYtteu: take Dr. Ae7tu'a TeetoD /date,.
Aoftilaif at to nose. kr.
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• tetstk—tt_loa kayo (allows. Dr. Xarates
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tartileslo liffoc d a4.tat.
1786 . PIIOSPECTOS. ,1,868
AliE piTrssußail GamEl
The largest daily paper in the Mate of
Penn.iy/vania, enters the Mid year of its .
evidence with tare weed wed faalities for dis
seminating the current 'semi Of the decry;
end far rendering food poidiceil service
ii the importantTresielentiai Oxman of ;
lad. The forllmoSsitag sem fein, of Cb. 77 4 . 75.,
promisee to provelessid the moat import- ,
IBM Add same the formation. Of the Gov
ornnuent, and the proceedings mai ie an
watched by the isiteillgent masses.
Intim of the deep interest centeratin the
Pkweeljngs, de proprieto4 of the GA:.
' ZETTE have made arrongeomits for
daily dispatches and Leiters during the
session, fiors.a highly intOigent corre-,
spondent, mho .esijoys the confidence and
friendship of the leetettny suanbers of the
Scants and Howe, the heads of the oari
one Zienartments, and the leading paid-
Mans who frequent Washington, so that
readers can depend on rewiring thefirst,
Wiest and mast reliable inte/ligains from
the seat of Gee« assnat. .
The premeskags of the Mate Le4ist4
lure, at its forthcoming *seem, mill olio
prove interesting, inasmuch as many fres. '
tiara/ of inisiortanei will come up for
kyle/adieu The fiLiZETTEwiII keep .at
the State Capiftl, during the entire SWIM,
en inte/igent and faithful correspondent,
who ~ill promptly report the proceedings
by dma and telegraph. ' ' '
It is the only politica/1 ' of Pitts-_
which/MA/nay :m
and steadil y .
advocates theprinciples by lre Mimi
itepubtican Ttrty, and erpr led by a
loyal Clingress.
it Owes uwset realty, eteettoo. as ItAlf papa.
*mkt el heave dater, per aossco, with Us priie
to Ind stole, bolsi tta ehooppOola deo Wear
put arreepaper to W CtenusoposeetiLte ;
Wfth tha Paorrootoote'cart dtitterftng
bars Prenegkeeut. kterle depooter U Mr
oditortat &lom, sttt to otothotabood: entet,./.1
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rotbkfutly mirror all Ms tnrsiacti.•
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was. wad a la= 041.1( OT ;AIWA T. .A. MT
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The moans of M• lam Imo sill bomakei
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Thursday Evenlog, iph: 34th.
1/tora tn at 7, tore at 7ti .o•,look. To
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For instoke and /rot dirFlues
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!official Drawing.
. , . .
1 Rllll3olky Belton' Table. •
LUC Pouy, No. IN. PennetiConnelley;
Rehm Clock, No. to, Bel:e Duitleey: •
Writing Desk. N0:771. are. Joan A. Meath:
heti Ermine Fora No. 5, May. Jobs A. !troth:
131120 r Castor, No. On, tho. McGraw, Grua. at 0
Istit.trUn Pt.. of Jackion. No. 372 strict
ideCanlyT: ' .
Sett Bohemian G. 311. No. 41, Sarah Campbell:
Marble Toy Table. N 0.70, J. B. !arcs.. '
Bed.tead and Doll; No. 7, Carrie Stsituerle:
Chlya cup and Soso 0. No.ll. John Kelly:
klithre rio Nano. -- —: • ' .
th,fora Motions, Nat:, Angie 13 cCallOrsth: •
Palisellpper., No. n'. Mn. Media Wylleett.: .
tioiterßoal. No. M. A. E. MiCalfrey, Hayti .1:
Been Trent. N 0.1.11130 Peacock:
Pla Caglebn. Nay. Nobly landooy:
Ladteo. Mold Watch and Chain. No. 31, Fronds
Fla Cunt.. N 0.117, J am. Brooksi .
kinoling Gap and CaO?, No. A% J. it. Bob,:
Cal: soap and Sneer. N 0.3, EL -Nelliou
elleer dett. No. .21, Prank T. Lee: i
vita. Stu of Bethlehem, No. M. William
Child's Sofa, No. PS. Patrick Murray.
Toll lett ChtneDlsher;No.7 l .2 Mrs. L. Burns: '
Holy 11151 e, No. 13,.J0hn Mallen, Tow nund.t. i
Oilier kigket, N 0.53. Jens. Magill:
Gent's Unsling Cue. No 31. John Bally; '
La4elOresslng Burma. No, 713. T. Roark, Ego:
Pa 7 Meyers. No 3 , 31. C. Lengysty: ,
katium, No.l. ).Sal. Tolbert: ' , '
Picture St. Catharine. No. 1, John liomjs;
lIROC7 Table. No. 0. Jo. P. Allman: i
Itathit-uth Table, N 0.17. Mei. Gallagher. Sligo;
PlPitr Cup No. 21. 111.• Cody:
With. Doll "Charily" No. 72. John Mel'oy;
Half dozen 1111rts, No. 15 Jame. ling,:
Chine Copula ranter. No. B. Mts. (Jules•y;
China Motet, No IS Wm. Barka
Vast, N 0.2, Cbarlei Malone:
Large Album. No. th, Or. B. Donnelly;
Galt elcun Shirt., N 0.9, Purlck Brannon:
5.607 1/011, No. G. Catharine Crowley -
Nino and Hohby Home. (Yet to be drawni•
'Totowa leallea' SoChalltysi
On Katt Cane Peat Malty. No. Is Mrs. berry:
Cub 1./minim... No. 131, Mary Ste eyed:
heti of hilur, No. 31, John Kelley:
Beechnut Chair, No. NT, Bann Werner:
MaibloTop Table, No. 2 , Joh , Co'eman:
l'ittors—Magdalen. No. DI, Frost McNamara:
PlOttry-1/eue)lt from 'I Cro.., No N, Mary
A Ullman', , I
Gola Chain, No. 13. Wm. Illtogerall: ' .
darnel Pon, N 0.75, J. N. idadermoot .
Child's Mei too Dr( 1., No. is, mu: eh Urlmer;
Lilian Put'. No. 01, Azdrew il 11001
Child'. Drys.. (whale.) No. On Mr. Cam
Child'. tro.s. ('ad,) No. 711. taut S. reality.:
BIM and Cake. No 11 P. argalre :
Vapor Prayer 800 1,N0..53 Cot hat lne Ilersddeu
Cop Sod rancor, No. r, Mrs 13. Janus
Melte:deo Cup and:a.m. No. 43. aro. Pathos:
Ladles' Drys. Pattern, No. 1;), Wm. Items kyr:
tY•Sthlre., No. rt. Ilantel k cr.Suc:
One Mill. /10. 3 0, Mr. Alper;
Mokpo( Coy, No 14, B. Wteteyllle:
' Ladles Wolk Boa, • a I), Ells ,Montor.
Bt. PO tor's Table.
IDm. In: Bureau, No. ID, Wm. Docgherly:
S. tt Chaim. No 61, James Neat's, yet.; ••
MU'''. Top Noble. Igo. 50, r ip n Bond:
, mi. 1/0114 Nn. 3, Mr.. W. J. glr. Y :
' typly—Wreath of Roam, NO. 13, Magole'Cotroll:
Towelltock ocd balisloten Towel., No. 72. W iii.
Barton; . fj : . •
PN I •or Nat:or Cooler, No. 51. Wm. thintoo:
Vest, No. 30; Wm. Dempsey;
lama Cup awl Saucer. N 0.31, Mr.. Gamy;
Father Apron, Na el. Emma llobleron:
!Ulna Tea Cell. No. 31, Mary Doming;
all. Patelolaii. Table.
Set Casktes Chilz., No. 131. IL MeLankhlint
..f dor. Shirt., No. —a N lel Dolts
Otth wad Saucer. N 0.71. Wro•bone..: '
Ido do ire. o. No. 17. John B. !latterly
do . •do N 0.., No. 43, Mr. Caszlday;
Simpler., No. 1. Np. II Vim..1111:41“ • • .
1 d i , 000.1, No. 13, Mt. Garber:
Allem, No: 11. Mary-A. Hy.:
4ilo 34
euteClolhe a. No. al. B. C. Mom,
Cele Cloture.. No. :0. Alex Melon
ItS and Cage. No. Ca, Kate TrMeth: .
Lamp. No. ae.loo.lteConatelr,
Cite Carpet etooti. No. M. John Ileiponot
Doll. No. tl, Urs. 5.3ee0a311, Looter. at.reett
CoEd's Apron, No. r, VezteColpos;
Letup. No. ur. 5 1100 Stain
eal.lerolden Charm.No.3X, Kr. !Litt:
elephant' Tiable. •
Ride Board. No 118. Um Y' flahr:
ret tilver. No. 91. Her. Herter
&ixia ellver Net, No 5, Yr. Bea, of Klnotoit
!tam: _
Riabop's Plotom No. el. 0. 0. Centpbell
10 , 40 e. Tatdo [poops., IW 11. 1. stercogle
MIS H.tenet. login. nes: ' • •
LOR Clete Qoltl No 10..3! re. Ir•C0007;
' , Winn nog. No. 2 , No!Ale Tour. r.pasylvii
ids Avenue. •
Clv frhi.hro, No. SI, Altar Proms Mart OWL;
Twlth, 1001, John ChoWtnr
Plitt Bari Clathlart, No. V, W. o . l2l:cyr
White Vann Apron. Ye. 119. Catharine Kelly'
rlOlO rs. No. TA. Rorer Kerr. Latrobe;
rat. Ottpurarks. So 2:J. W, Pmith, Lamb,:
4.44414• 4 1A1pper5, No. 10, Nail titular.%
mat, No. 44. sasso X tlone ;
eevelnie 11.01410 e. No. PA. Jame. G 1.31
Piney Partial, No. 10, Mr. Wm. Neck. Nll
11.31 Ten ha,.
No. 24. Ir. 80024, 1iirm10534311
PAIr blip es. No. 1, .1• Hi Loo0e;
DAB. o. ~114.34. O'Neet
hover 14 k N 0.14. 1441113 Ihmoo;
ellen . 'Maids. No. 34 P. H. Fume; • .
0e0t1011114744, No. 41, Wm. 000eA441
Cheer Case. No. Al. J..Do Carl; •
0011108102401, No. 10, itrs. Ilery,Weevall -
L 3411.1 0010 Watco, lir. WalLehcle, Poons3l
- Avenue;
Italica' Moot 4 TA, No. 331, Holdlers• 033243.04:
ewil,ebluA Waal , . No.A, MART A.. PAU. foosl/3
i 41.4•4014 -
w.. Coooo. No. In. Ilary•abl, Tentr•treel:
Ver Takes. No.A Naeyll'lle•b; •
devotees ',nark No. 31. Nowt Neer, Latrobe:
Ueate Dreaatag Caw. No 17, Mr. Slimiest;
503 es Plos6er..No; in. Mn. Mol•etalr;
Workfd Crcoi, No 4. Leo. 11 . 0usae
15EiVer IrS4Dlteoer.(..W.o l4 .Us 1.14•1•11•11•11;
Dermink Cas.k, No. 1. 11.4.0teiraata •
Al ocarina. No 4). Pold.tera• Orphan.;
tint Cal.. I.ertall.l Ito. Mary Nelhaklt '
W.O nou. Nolll, Yin. NElN:maid. Tido./ W.;
Yborg Mllaludu. Nei. 40, IlaxT Beal
Pia L aolbloo. No. It. Mary Ite ataLka, tenni!
*NCI Loallor Ulase. No. 0: Kato Nettoeurof •
&Out Tlpa.No. 5. Harry Bate. • . "
Ilieepttok Cluti-rotot Units. • , •
Orplrales 131ailuar. •
1. 1 90 BAN. No. 04 Wan. li`A•cletwe, 1140:;
tiering Xaealzw. No. 01, Trout Conley:, '
1.11.1011,10 Watch. No.VI, ruvrele•mill:
weat•11111. r, W• 1411. No. 1223 J. s tabtrt; •
0•10-10raa 765,11, No.lo. asset 5000.1•11;
!Dew Too Ilen.-No. • 4. P. Norma;
Llaaor Cue- •Wae 111 V-140. r, It. K. NetOt
OPiLes Slaw. NO. D. Flash Cooley; • '
Uoll aatl.Chalr. to. L•Toter Pbelat; • '
Doll. No 1, itrial•Cot77•ll/. Bobo:
Pair (11500 Cik• timid. No. D. Naboat Wattle.:
Wetting Dew. No AA. oakaea Walker,
Il•pbani, No. D. T. Y. klet.110: .
Nor Clots, NO FS, Thomas 11 : a patriet:
Nett CU. 210. 73, no , la NeCabe;
Plumb Iletre. No. 7.4. Wn.J. AlThr•ou;
Pia Cashl a. No. 15; Nollto Z. Betioni
vett 17n• trois. , No. W. Hoot tougbrey;
kikkiteklue.; No. 14. flog. Irits.lmusont:
Wri.lo• Desk, No.lo Ctn. Watkeses: • ' • '
Miami of Ali. No. 02. Ueo. Tkrebr,
Darrel of /lour, No. D. Min SO/11vDa.WIt01
Tidy, Ma 171.111ary Ullato0:
Collor. NO. I. M. NeT. Doatta:Ol ,
100':049. 01. IL, tasTllliee 101/014: ; • •
Wall; No. I. Tkal/P 1150 e.;
I:4ll.l . •Dryso No. 7, T 6.4. Worelsall: •
Nal Dleaut Ilaue licroblo 'a. N 1. 44, N. W114+014;
Velvet Test; No, If, 140•00 Jaskm•a:
C.D.s . T. J. Bairn •
sad Cad , . Nark Trout 0000101 ' •
gllver Natttr,Qol4l,l-140, ~ , . /co II We Camera!:
Morkrd. N 0.21 7. Ti 11000.04;
. (.1114 • Dees.. No. k i t) ;lota a 11114 klatookt ;
- Cloth Veit. No. 10. wr7:2441W:
Oreeslog Cue. No 11. 4.140. Usk ea; , • .
Cloth 00140 e. N.O. 1111 -Mary Patty; •
Leather Balebel, No. 01. D . A. Eroderlek; •
Cloak. No. b 2, V. /31r;
(Asp. No. 11, Mr. Ea ati‘a, •. •••
TalePletares, N 0.1,1411 Ilwpty • • ,
Nazi, litioe4/044 •
Looltan Wass, No. 4.4.0h00 O'L•ar3:
Looting 111.0. N 0.14, Mary Xotiovera;
11rt1e.toOTate.4, No. -.
• *MODE 11NCW011.344.11.7.
CO4r:tk Vaehlno. No. 111, IllsaCroaaa;
Cooliai 8n••. No. a. Mari Nan:
4 en. Shirts. No. 00, tlattlek Mr.;
Albote. Yory lkitooliad; • . ,
Go!ll W atcll. No.ll. Jas. IDUarrt..."
Coal Tate, NO. MC Kr. Divine: - ' •
ITerit But 5. .0.; Nary L. Naha:
Bled and Cage. No. 10 406 a N.• Ur;
W.D.,Nor 0110,110, 140. 134W1111174114COakwil;
011 Tee Watch. No..D. lobs koDil .
Droluto el May. No 11, bugles Dd..; •
riming.* I.d hand, No. 4,11.111 a tlatUlDta,l
No. fe, Julia Caokab•lL. • •,
‘. • Rafroaltinoste T1a111,40.
Altrato. NO 21. 0 11•5 I.4taghlte;
aro. No. 11, N. (lobes; „.,,„_
Pllcher. No. 107..1.1/.14. .
an talalleakoEoT aitlolekeixtie
hid at the reerc tm's Dee*, 004 1111t6 stkota. 007
, • niuttAttllTlTlWllltc •
• IiNNIIX,A.NNSkOI4O/./<;• - .
FinsT (W$ LOOKING 01.1811
. .
!Ira' no' Wood .54, Plt tabargb,
rVISTou elm and
tl.ll cur I Imi/0W...a
ALI:I7T. VAL ano...ut 1511113011,
itv r/Cls a U r %% i tlAlLM omm tral izi a
'' 2lllVatf it,iO4/11(1)SiP6
11118831 ANN.
11111 fill Aden Stis.
Sealer 41 Welgtds and 'Measures,
as a rozarni misier;"
d mum. aim 1r5.77 Amt., .
01.14 r. prawn!, atien.b.l biker
... N_
is“ usetbkial .41.010 e la the.Qu&Nswl"
Mi. .11 thus A 110114.8 brothotr. 13.111 U
Itll.lllllla VW b semaduet•d nada
Um alms of J Okla J. W& MAST & A&Ut • . :
' Ai%
.plitabursh. Jukiesty Ut. VS& tows,
BELTVl4L—Leather and Gum
• MMus; Lis *sso Hose, Sumo Isensa. ,
illlsiets. as— of the Wet liswity, Ipsnost
.ratertATlT• l 4l reraijt i iliTstes l 4
D !'
.102 • 41 et. Ctatr sUvst.
fiEINTUChT cm!
r-4 3LI6ETINLI, era:.
13-tilniMat:4l., EFS. 110311:11Y.
1.)110'Ne, te . .. a.
liVholesale and Reta
ISO & ISt Feiieral 'St,, Al
pnuposaLs sun
A gte“bly to the prayttionl ol'Att lot Of the
Clenetal Amembly of the Commonweatth, enti
tled "An Act In relation to r6bllerlintilllo
approved the ninth day of April. A. 0.1117. and
tilt a It pplement thereto, nePrimatillr-th t r ehtnntl.
laa- notice iv hvrebv clean thtt the BPP-AkCl
of the dariato end lipase of Itoresentatlves of
mid Commonweitith will rimelye semen promo
sala Omit twelve o'clock at noon of the
Fouith Tueiday of February, 1868,
Tor doles the nacre r/lINTINti AND BIND
ING, for the term if three yeast. Nom the fiat
day of July nett. at a senate rate See *setup
betels the rate. re•cleed t• tat 4 a a relattas• to
Itutullo trlut lug • and ,Ilindlng, •inrov.< l the
sloth daY of Apytt. It. D. ISte. and assenting to ,
the mote sod reahner and eundttletts specified
In said act old the 0,0151 supelneehts therattul
pelt provost's to met:l(y the rate Ives mutate
on the whole of the rates-of the milder./ take].
Loyeth,r. and not a spectedatten of the rata/ter
.ntum felw elm rates on each Item, •
Tbe'fo . lowing Is the forntoi Deoldialt forth.
Main ritntleg.anet Binding:
I. progose to do ell tire ntate
rztullog and Ctudieg lathe sitannthliod la ell
retsbeem tuldtet to the provisions WI the get of
the clo•.t of April. A. D. and the several
supweinent, thereto, tor slm pertnel of three
tham. from Mos • drat thy Or July it. at. Lb.
rate of . -- Inv eetnitan eelow thtl rate. cowl
fled It nth act; awl should the Mite Printing
and Binding, as •foretald, be•alloited to me,
to ready forthwith. 1110 bend, sad .1,-
Plornt mettles, 11. rt. out red by the teet approval
Stn rebrl3 try, UM. for the faithful twitormanms
of Meteor's so alletteta." which tatd thethothis
Omit ehnied. and cementer wlh the bond re
tin Irv!, shall. be tested ay and endorsed Pr.
posits for Public Psiatial imd. 11111.1.
tonk.o , he dtreetedth the mddithethsra,
end be dell veled to one ornoth of this 111 altent.
said, to tes opentd. annoeceed sad allotment
m oath° nth dal of Jetivary. tits, agreeably
to the pros:nth.l of the la d net lot sloth of
401161ga, and tkeSCVClliiworl....ts thereto:
.. • 1
bto , olorf of It. COMilliowunti.
JANCIAIr Ott, WO. I . 1o7:143
srai. C 7 ME. ISI
We ere now enwage4 alanalselertair thla
tamable artiele for clew:alma Penne._ fern
we hare ounntlenee will give entire asaumcuox.
• • •
It yob caa as
at least Mai ihres ta Iv*
hews , buq. an Um-m.564.mi. tealdes
' Rrit'.47: . /t42 . 21t 1. Inralnablklire.s•
tbem bully and makes them bright..
It Is alto becrul tor be 1.311111310 If
DISILEIS. la :It IA 'arra:tad a
coatala •
7 " . NO LINCE,
.ar Mara .lalartaas ankle:. lot ral• by 680-
CEita Aura IlatrliolsTS rtnersill.;axia
-I.and retail atoll,. 041ra.a anagram., Zia.
GEO. 11, FILB.IIOO & 00.
N 0.14 Smithfield Street.
. •
• Deposfti TodW•l4. subleaf dier..k. vitapat La-
DM D. =oil" sear sal Treas . ..
amaze a. normiNe.scalcium
• 11.113TIZS:
Tistx.s. .111013 DOWN.. •
A.U. HOzliwt-WlLer.
Jorm EvAxs. •
: $124,000.
Ikierretarr—T. A. WILIAII7.
Ilarrertxtersdeat.4" OILLnP
• Onstr‘ftaat • I '
Ada ard nar Isola i• L.' Y. Dattawl.
Joan Melte, , a.. 1). "Mariam,.
I) a*. W. 1,,,a )4.' L. Malone.
a. p. Jakeatort. • Km, IntArldre.
Lint 11 4 R YARD-011orr of BLITLYSX & AL
Lao IA ANY wren.. Math Ward.
0Z.,. /DWI rrr r lILLYY.WUNSY. Wait,
Into= Whet. .1
tlSlLlttbit.l.. 141614 arraND•ru ,
•Atasle allagry Boob• Cloaca! anti Ma
°posed by Doable Estilry. Dawillaklad
Boobs acenrataly aclJast•lL I •
r&arre.r.ltShilP serrLy4irat laiglooet la
a tbotouh 0.11, I
TIVAIr Intr. "°u! n!"l""
',IOI3EATS& sananwrs,
61 Smlthlitid Stre4
tosovAs. FBll ornitsii
• • Mad STABS%
&Good (Mince to Purchase Presents.
Wr [lnn itonk. of
affelvd at cart. l
I ° ll:%Vatlf,•dr,
tor preftli AWOL
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aropo at to maws tat*
136 all 131111411 ter..
Istl , lat i rt
.I ' ol6l - ZlaSeatainl. ,
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