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The - Bahhatli. School Teeekere' Ludt-
Lure, of the Baited and Reformed Pres
byterian Churchei of.Alksheny .. nasty,
' - Met brthe Stanctltinlted Presbyterian
' - glturchi Bluth street; (Rov. flatus)
.YesletthiT Incoming atOno'clock. Rev;
- . W.J. Reld;tbalrzhatt — of. Me Cortuentrts .
- _. .•
fd - AmiliemesaW 0114 the \Ruttltrital-to
order, - and'inated that the °diens C f
th the
... SabtatheildhooLTnlChers' Uniodl e ts
borilittand.v* iclnltyt • wg th•ofEl 'an of
the Intilitita until a 'permanent orlgani
nation shall herd been inTected. Pnefeasin
• - .T. A. Macrame:ad, P. It: laiCiatc i
. awn acted as prenatal aid Becrehu4, re
. ....
tmectliaii; .L' ..! :', _ ;.-- ‘, ~ . '
lliia.rptittliolihi;ll. 14, 'was 'celled
• npotz. bp the '-PreeLdent to conduct the
religions _exorcism Tete.
prreent aliorilen ()rule _wily.
c tiPaalin. afterthe tangier of ninth
hereed a few selections tram Scripture,
and then ]al the Institute in prayer, .
The, meeting was Wen thrown . epee
for voluntary. prayer." an d: em
Bhortzuldrretes and prayers Were thee
made br i llays..W. J. Rei TiFf. Henan
land A:
On motum of ' M r. - ' it , commutes
tiou.._Tim Chairman a '
rated dot fel
: Laweigatut ftnerabets:br • wand
Revs. W. J. Reich R. H. Body, J. W.
t renli and Memos. o.lleed and W 11.-
.. ikmtazatonMtr aiMitimn r -
In ant-ordinal with the plan laid d was
• 'de
live the
re p d. rogram the In me. trodu' Rey. T.
H. Hanna
ctory , ia.
' ifewittnded a'cordial' weteenie Mating*
Teachers and Saparlotandents present.
He welcomed them not only (or their
~Ittmetudwortkbett for the tirork..a aka
whitlithey - were manged. He a he
.. of thee:atoms and tameness:re' 13 e
Sabbath w as, came. The objeet'of e
Inetitobe was,two•fold:.7 fug, - for
Iminttrenteut of lbe teachent,themeeireta
and then to 1.0130 up public - opinion on
I =orlsandk of the - vrork - Mf Babbitth
f rsderatemfrOrminnia.
, .
The Committee on Perm !nerd Organi
sation reported erfollows; I
President--„Rev. John 0.13r0wn,13. ID.-
Vice Presidents-neva- J.- R. Kerr,
Theta:Johnston, and hieure.Wen.:2
Frateds Jamison and John Moetgotre .
Seetettries-Wm. 'S. Owens, .
Patterson and there. porters of the pron.
commie:9244,lg Be C t eta , 7 -- T- J. Gill
• • Trenstmer : ,... l3 r. - Hregh . letchisetters. ,
Dulness COl3/XlittillfrAT. • - .1._ '
Clarke, D:The'ldessers. John Morten:V.
IL Rabe WJohn . L. Stall:WOO 1111 d . Re 4.
The MaiMananeisrelerea hi the" -
matelot •Arrangomente was, solopted
the Innitute. :- .. -•.- • ‘Z .
On rnottee,' Itev../. T. Cooper; D.D., , t
Phdiedelphia, =ad. - ether -- snere aid 1
Sabbath School teachare who were prel.•
..• ant from a detanoe were Invited to art ini
i Ctinsultative members. , , • ' - •
• Rev. J. •Witherepoon ,
' the lellowing , topic Sabba then th School,.
Tiede wry:present- condition, eaten
Mr. .. , Withempoon - said that Saistoih
. Se,heade, or some kind ofratechedeal hi
sitatetloe, could be tread to the very
ounmencemerit of ObriatiaaltY• - Butte
'lather meta • - • - . schools in Germany .
- . for the roll -lo • • den Of theyontig
.- •on the - • • • day. Re th traced the
kistery of 2. • hbath Schools to the'days tef
Robert • and gave an sec:mutt et
--. ,
theirs ••• on bathe United Shape el
ITide • • :0 sons then discumadby Rete.
.. •: A. AV I . - • - Tbomas Johnson, Pref.
t 'II -• hate 13 largely attended by
t , - . era fmnd both atlas end gorround
, bag . ..ghborkood. 'The Morning sessicid
1.. ' was • mita Interestfug. . -..1,
5 - /Alter. Waysby Dr. Cooper, 311.101=0
s- _ be meet in the gnomon at belt-put t w o s
- ...,- Tarixastbon'asestoa. ...., -,,'
Thel . stem at nalf past, two
1 1 . ,ocloCk. - .'W. - A.. feßenzie,. of see- 1
t, wickley, melded:4ld th devetkaud, exer
t '-- class,. which were con mid for half &SC
t; . hour. -Xt. bleKettele •ve out the 1430
psalm, long metre. g,„ • '-
.- ... , .easet
sini,thou art " od and Mee ".
lland then Tel in prayer children dee -
:i. • lane of religions Instru red, After sing
.' Ina the falte. pubes, Ilev.\.ros r lt.."Reetr led laps:yea Another was rang,
. • .. Ater 'which Bev. J. B. Clarit.,\B .D., lea
--- od idusion of the religionoi
Archieration 'due the n hatitute. proceeded. to thS
ft conat the question laid down
F. ns !
in tiprogramme ...Row are destitute
to 63 gathered into the Sabbath.
:i . . • ln the ithience of Rev. J. C. Boyd, wko
f---• was
r e'ted .ll. ~.- I T °Pen mar thdle'rmi
t--,,- speech. . Ile . urged the Importance al
i bringing the destitate children into the
t... Sabbath School in consideration of thi
i. . unspeakable welneof the anal. In oho
.. dime:ll_2o - the oonitnand of the Ida:stir
t... they alicathi go, out Into the Loma and,
~.. . alleys of the city, taking randy In the'
pocket; if they 16th-or a lithe picture;
.., or anything that will. attract the child's
-*-' - Thesetdect arse then thrown open toe
dlecuesion hy the deb:gates generally;
• Dr. Brown mid they,should not attempt
to grup
,too muelyt they might loss
all. Tne attention thould be fixed. upon
one or two ft:dividend; and all the eu.;
organ :et. the keener should be coneen
trued 011- there until they are marred:
Thee, la Mr.: Afilligan had pressed
. the Sabbath Scheatehonld be ex
made like
- - a rat fdap, se that when a child gets in, IV
candor est ent„::: ,
_ . Ref. Themes Joh futon thought that In
order to bring in the destitute
than should bean efficient enpuntatfore
- ;',,,0f the Sabbath School.The.e should he:,
a good .Soperliatendent,an_ onemd
systethr of Visitation, and i lineal dist&
button of rewards: • - - ..''.
Rev: C. A. Dickey said this - topic was'
'one of the most important on • th e pro.
gramme. Children should be gathered
ataxedireg Lathe .taste's rue, .in . the
unse-tenderly and elthalonately.
MeJohn 13. &in& laid • it why very
well. to gather them' In tenderly and
- affectionatelr,hat they must be gathered .
Roe. W. J. Reid thought they thould
- - have
when a t s: : , o place to put , the children
are's:aimed. He believed
.., the beet was the Mei= Sabbath
. Miss Whit Y. Henn* of the Efacend U.
. - . P. Marion - Sabbath School,ftntroclooed
I,: ' Natant - et - class and gave a model lemon.
r' The abildren were led, Inv =seen, in
' - prayer by, Miss.Rernan, and then nutted
. singing &puler - L. - The sin oPeyier wee
I Are tidnetrated. . The children - were
; taught neither to eispeak,4; i l , l , thth" nor
•t . 'Um" .alle....The sin et` 'zir , waa I
I ...... next iftnetratetL Taking , the name of
e . God in vain les swearing. [ ICU contrary -I
to the ournmsedment, "Thou shall net
take the terbe_of the Ltd thy God hi
i . Itaularka upon the lipson were then
-3 made by Roe. Thew. Johnston. Rev. Joe.
n:Seix,lteir..lV,T. Reid, mut ethane.
.... I, The question drawer was then opened:
.....-. - The thatquestlon was, - .Hew sheuld un-
I rely and indolent atheism bem
i . witierft. expelling them? Jamf a ser;,.,•
; ' Candles: - Esti - .towered the best met
' . was to give the m employment. '-' -
. • ullises the 'Sabbath school chili the
I wiener et winter' Aruniwed, if. con.
:' • darted eir it will stimulate them to
- .."' their Work of parental' Inetnaetkrn: r • .r ,
"How may the attendance of teachers
-s! --
he secured at the Zenith: deer, BY =a
-1 - - - lag them interesting sad prefitabe, and,
1 - , ' - deime dne.publefty of the time of their
.1, "Should ill Melding 'clarinet hive the
k same lesson?" Pending the discussion
of tbli question the Institute adjourned
t - after aleging the doxology and the pro- ,
T. • nouncteg at the beriedleitote by Fier. J.
r . 1 - tr:.Frure swiscoze.
osed ..."i'M edie b dev i°4 etto il34l :ll . At e
71. 9'clxlr lberv . .
Cooper, Of Philatielph=dest OW
~' ~..-''M"ln-, aa Wjelgnrablel 4 l : " the lirginke" alue 'lartl rt hd" s e f lU J 24l: sooti tA64"d" ; l a salin n i •ed --: ' : '1' .:; ::
r.•;.. Thee 401311/1 tildefttOtt• - - .;,•
f..• • - Dr. Cooper then led in • -
prayer. :After
f: - - singing- another , portion of peddriWy,
le Itete waa led ill • prayer by
1 . The hour for, defotionaleisuchite hey;
. tag expirettlhe Inatitne ',proceeded to
,_ the discussion of the
Th eta .. Q.naliferati arid
~ : ; duties of Efteperintendente." ' e ogee
; leg address. - war, made .by Rmr,...
Thomas Johns/tom of Tallyeavey. 1- Mr.
Jenrette specified eves thin as teas
, aary qtalfilartionein a aabbatk School
auperintepdant i -L,A_good• repetitious,-
. e 2. Genuine - piety, - 3. - Heart. its 'Aptness
' to.teach...4-•The art of sevenths_ _
.. • -6-
As Co the duti ‘ m of A, Scipt .. t,;
. 1. A Superintendent . %botild -comets, 1
. Ida we ' ,.: Weduleterite,-Iritbont any Tote
It. He eho come to the lichtel thor
oughly prepansd.„ lit 1131 opening axed ,
_rhea be pa shoal. bet short. Tfie
. = Xe cM thest!o' rand
tt ili d.Ty. 5 - b _.
~.0 id
Rev. - J; R.:Clark - , D.D., then mace an
address on ,t'the ritusluse and duties'
' of Usebers.". The tint qualification id
piety., The second he tartest' ooneee
- thin to thee work., As to the duties, the ra-,
• teacher should make.the lessen a inflect
of deep end - earnest - thought. Should
:study human nature. Should no an In.
- tileidual of fervent and habitual prayer.
Tan:hers should be prof:aeon- of cell.
eon.' = Teachers should be punctual al
- waye at thapoot °Litter, when den=ei
them. Itetty, . every . teacher i
• .
have a hi e le.szetnoble aim-to lath the
-• ' children' retbem of Geed: . -
.... Lamb
- I
Mr. t. 111,,,,801e thought there was an
addLtionst, qoatiecaticm geometry in •
titozendtht. - A Superintendent
,tho passe:sod of large mean; be-
Canso few congregations contribute as
they should to th e support of 'the
some but. u - Schools. /le Wend that, some
w oolt!oaiFOttharle a public proitasioa of
their faith in Christ were Vouching
ciantly in - the Sabbath School.
Bey. Mr. Rolso`thought that in regard
• le arned ficalian somethlog might .be
from the State. Tkooe who ars
applicants for situations as teachers' in
the Common Schools, must pelages cer
tain qualifications. He wead not think
for a moment - of committing his children
to the are of one who is not a professor
of religion. . •
Major Frew wild a great many
Range are expected inn Superintendent
which cannot always be found. If the
congregations would only do their duty
them b
would soon e many
perintendents, coming up to all the re
quirementa made: The Mlles of Soper
mtendent is oneof great responsibility.
He never felt so much daresponaiblllty
in any ether office. TheSuperintenclent
ihmld boot cheertaltereper and dispo
sition, or else he win chill everything.
He should have all the children and
teacher* "chistaling. around him - as the.
Little chicks do amend their mother'' .
Revairr. "Kerr was of the opinion that
the teacher should get dawn to the inner,
more semi life of the children..
Rem were made also by arr. Mr.
Boyd, Mr. Macmta and others.
The meeting last. twining.-woe yore
large, The spacious edifice was wall
tilled; about es well as it could be with
comfort. The exercises were of thereon.
interesting character. . .
Rev. John Moore unwanted tho cans;
of the American "Goardias, a Tethrer-
Atle• OPe r •Publisko 4 b?.?bliT4SPbta by
Goo: S. Fergueon.
Adjourned with prayer by Boar.rAlex.
Calhoun, and pronouncing of the hone
diction by the president: • • ' '
The following is the programme fir to
- hfo,ntap. Devotioeal exerchWpi,
ducted by Rev. J.,W. Sproul!. Pryer
f or a blessing onSalibath School instruc
tion. Sermons and.Addreeses .to Seib.
bath School Childrarq Topicpmeouted by
Rev. W..X. Reid. Sabbath SchooLLitar.
antra, Distribution of Library, ctz,•,-
Topicpresented by Rev.74ukLiCuglaa,
DAD,. The Older t3cilielaini--how - rto
min them- in the.Sabbatlf &heel; .•Tople
piesentod by Mej. Wm. Frew. Open
Dieenuton g the :above Topics. 7
Afternoon.--Devottonal exercise*: con
ducted by bfrabconoo of prayer
torthe NtWood yoteleat The church.
Operdag exercise' of the Sabbath &boil;
Topic pnwented, itev.,A -Hawk.
Hodes of Sabbath 'W.,01 Teaching: Il
lustrative teaching. Tonto presents:ll7
'RAM, o*pd. and tßitstalst
boardiesadag; TOpicpreseritodby Prot
; Allen lifeCrum. Open discworlon of
the above topics: 'Bible Clam L 015011;
Tuned by Rev. J. R. Kerr. Remarks;
Questions on the above Leeson.
Estraisp.,-Iktirotbinal eernoMme4-. t om
ducted by' Rev. D. Barclay; Prayer for
Practical rasnlM from the Institute.
Teachers' Meetibmlturtilitteart.dn"
plo presented by Rev John 8. la*Ke -
Open dlscusderf of t he' above tople;
Question Drawer,. luldrosi tO,Teichera;
by /WV, 0. A.. Dickey. Concluding Fes
, min COURTEV.
Impress Curt, at
lathemow , itaiseceoididom , irEn"
lellvaredaislataday: -
By Thompiama J.:—Weatara .
Taub: _Railroad , Coamaay Tialaracel
* l ' 9 T E I".. 6 - 6 7 ° , t 7!: ' 7*!li6lin
jir Riad, 7.—Walibotre vm -COrtion.
, mtmeirstattti eounty. ,
fflnmuurChfliffh4 - Judgmentabtrue.'
OBidcoser, .I.—ChlaagOaodAllegheoy
n satulfinumCo. vs. United StatewPo
tirHerat Ira Barbidge... Jtufmnent
Penrms:ea.Eile:CanalCo.. Then mow.
tion for a reorganisation- rt!ifitsikt
d Richarrhe, appmL. This 'mil sh appeal
(mon the • ..ed. the Court of. Com•
mon Pleas of Chaster ocroutf,r, Julhalutt
an iniunctintt, to restrain . thn Pbcchis.
Iran Company: hunt mann bituminous
coal, by Meuse. itf 'which appellant 'nays'
that ho is injured in his health and bust
note...-HthE under att l ent. - •
Pennypacker's ap Held nader
McClurg's appeal.
Held under ad
'muftis cavrt - .4ndiwzia*P4iii,...,
TLe Armeen :o " county ejmopennt
cases are still on triaL - .„ z•-•
- •7mmit.2;-7ge eater..
of Team vi-Chattear, taken up tal aroa•
day, went to the J rug. Nro verdict at ad-
. . ,
The Ihllowini is the het tot thrs day .
' Dicoalcaza Liar. ,
2. Porter va. Coal Bluff Diming Co.'
Ifovi::it. f utß • Liar::
Co.'4s Johnstodial DMA; DannariC Co -
44. Haney vs. Rafferty. 45
Ward va. Longwell.
„3 •
le. Hampton for use vs. McDonald.
AlkeziA,*clftitera ssiptual:eg'ie
49. Union Sirtlag Purk,Co..vs. Aer
win et 91. r' •
I.l..Bmnrn vs. Smith et:nr - .-
SS. Stack .fitpsw. •• •
43. Winebadak ye. Young. .
g at urtertheuslema:—Joitirlifttaiiio.
I Coart mei at the tonal boq Wodner.
Jacob Bernd, Indicted for somata and
battery, on camplabit of Nichols. Preis
tadt, waa acquitted, and Oa coats divided
i s between the prosecutor -and - de.
Con fendant. The parties reside- In Baldwin
Dijobaid &shill and JOU:alias
dr liughee were placed on trial on an
Indictment charging them With the 'lnf
amy of a box, of tools', or drawing. In
, summente, from the - formdry of W. W.
Wallace, - corner of Cherry and nun'
alley, on Christmas morning..whin
establishment' - was destroyed by fire.
The bistrameatNitappftred hum theevi.
dance, were seem In the masesalorr of
Scablll, who sold them to Wm. Devine
(or a dollar. One witness, John Emma,
testified helm present at the time of the
saleoftheinstrumebta,andthatwhile they
were being examined, Floghes produced
which he handed
torni; p 3_, scoM=se to complete
the box.." au tire morn , -
ing.after thri . fire= Wallace's, at *drink
stemmas .Were recoveredmt Devineee
hours, and Myles been Produced in
evidence were identified.. It was also
proven that they were locked in a
disk, at Walleoees .establie tunent, .: and
the reasonablif Inference' wiz thet . thee
were taken before. the Are. For llev de
fosse it was co
was Higbee- wee
not prima at the time of the 'theme.
ties between Devine and weshlll, and
that gimp wastnistaken, cubed Welded,
.duce hie
t .atateneet that Ilughle had pro
he pair of compare' co
tot ) ox
." One artiness testified thatmpl be
did not an, BughorProtollg at the ,
end even ifhe waspresent, it was argon)
that It wee net natressanable to suppme
thathe(Hugbes}had taken the comps,
'.sea out of the berwhlis being exhibited
by Scaldll, and returned thorn when to
'purchase was mad, br.Deetnet
.An to
Ms guilt teemed to be conceded
Eby the counsed,..W: D. Moor., DR;
In oppodtion to the theme of the de
fan= Major A. M. Brown, for theprom
'ecittbaa, argued that sufficient bad been
Men °Hi:hallo coneertgbeehrith the
!reunion m g at
t & he e t m h n th e e
h fa e c t 'f l o ro M .h r ro W .ke
out In Wallace's Illtahliament La and
Scahill were in', the Immediate vi
elialW; also - that he. :had been.
employed Mere; and that after the the
tln_ the adorns= of the next day)
lus Inquired • of 'Am of the sm.
plovea,_ whether he had lost any tools,
addhrg that - he (Hughes) had en
deavored 'sem them— The ply .
Mund a Mullet, of guilty.
• •...
Hughes and &OD} were next placed
on trial ' Tin the Oyes and Terminev )) for
setnag tire to and aiming the destruc
tion of the foundry establishment
W. Walllo/1, on the corner of Plumand
fiberrialleyoin the ntorningotthe.gsat
OJ Dedember (Chrlatmas) last The dr
eamstance leadinst to the arrest of de-
!andante was the air:over:7 of Bribes. of
Inatmaseuta (the inik)ect of band,
Tent in the former - ease,)
was evidently taken from the -
establishment previesur to the Bra, -
ringing• the prat:n=llcm that , the
defendants fleet plundered and then op•
plied the match to coversp their larceny.
Maim Brown appeared for the prosecu
tion. audALCI. lehran and W.D. Moore,
Erma, for the defense.
W. Walker,' awoni—My - menhir:re
simpand foundry, on Cherry alley, in
the Tenth ward, were dashoyed by flee
on Christmas morning law, bofore day
light; my marble W0r10,.. - adjaCent, were
partially destroyed; the loss was 1150,000;
the room in which the fire originated
was filled with patterns ; In that
mom there area no-tire-kept ..(Boi of
imarmennta shown,. and . 'Wands. , '
These were in the establishmo^'
aelarT ,
• we .—.othihmont, In a
wbiarinee kep t lacked, and . which
wan entirely consumed; Hughes, one of
the defendants, was in my cmepley about
two Yews ago: dlachanced him far drunk
, enneesi his father was shoe in MT *al
-1 wee, up to within a few week, of the
time or the Are. .
Ormwaxamiteed—A. More pipe extend
' ed through the pattern room, on the wo
oad story. abent the eenterthe fire 'rig-
Inafedln koonier Of the room; hare no
ecoogeoclon,of the building having been
'on are pronrionolY
kt th e cooelnalon of the erose-exand
nation of .14. r., Weave,. the. Ocrott ad.
. Pedal itegostialta..-11,1a Honor, Mayor
BlaCmore, who has rot - yet entered into
the ,discharge duties pertaining: to
hie oMce, ban received several letters of
complaint from.vartona quarters in the
city regarding police. regulations and
protection. .7.naamnoh as that gentle.
man has not entered into hledaties,
coalmunicationa will receive no atten-
WM' unless addreend to' the preterit
Meyer, Milani C. McCarthy. Mr.
BLaclrmore promises to effect A radical
reform in police matters'se fai as he Is
enabled to da 'so with_ the . fermi at his
cam/nand; and in tae' tuturowill lend
his bestexertioss toward putting a stop
Whit maws= thus fir taxsplatad of.
reassteen et neat resale/
:, The fallowing Dude were left' In the
kande of the Recorder, Jur. 2let, 1868:
William Brown to Ed.Daybt, Jan. 2.1.11.,
1868; loth Oakland township.. al feet
front an Cross "street, running back 80
0;46 limber to Forbes street 1380
Junta Prescott to William" Prescott, Jan.
Ink, 1668. Three stornbrick house and
lot No. 21, lealsellamanst, Fourth ward,
Allegheny, /6 feet 6 Inches front by SI
feet deep,. ~..-.. . . ... ..,... ~ .t.. 42.50
Benjamin W. ..... tonsseuth M.. Kier,
August 30.2421606; lot of ground In
Feeble., tow - alio, on the Braddock'e
8 ,
Field Plank ad, containing 6 acres,
with right of 2., kn.— $12,600'
Samuel M. .K 1 r to Jamoe H. Aiken,
Jen 7tb, 1 lot in Nobles township ' ,
on the
I F 7 l:tsburgh and Braddock's'
Field P k iliorti,' containing - elk
acree lioahlbite * to it . ..4 . mond. Refer, Duero..
bet' 5 - ,156y, piece of ' land In 3 h:elute"
township, containing three acres, ond
being a part ofiot :Se. 20, in Johnson
R. Davis' plod I Of stub-division of the
Davi:trill° Aunt....... 05.000 00
J. J. Shutterly4Trustee to J. M. Donal
um, October lath, L;67, lot No. 61. in '
plan ef lots hail out by J. J. all:innerly
In Indiana township, proprietor on 4fle
street 25 feet," yenning back to M I
• street, - Lai - feet ' .1/90 00
Aognstus Bowder to fEdware Frank
;aim, lot on the Greenabugh pike, Law
renceville, 21 by 100 feet, with builds
1 6 0 0 00
George Thotopeoil to The Pennsylvania
Salt Maunfacturing Company, 2 .lota
in Harrison township, pointing on the
iAllegheny ritei $5,000 Ott.
lamea U. Beatty to • Richard Beatty,
"lot in Wilkins township on the Greens-
bnrg Pike ' 9175.
Thocues„Slattery! to Hannah Gallagher:"
lot on Webster Street' 25 feet 112 laths
front; and. beitig 24 feet 6 inches la
width,. extending back i 2 feet- and 8
tacit on the south aide, and 100 feet di
• inches en tho north' slde, with build-'
. . . i. l . . , ...... .. .41,7.
Santuel‘ititKll .. e to john ..... 60
.. lot in the
. Fifth ward; Pitttiburgb, 18 fret on Mel
berry alley, by 40 feet deep, with build-
.... ... ....11,500.
John M. Hoek to John Hughes, of
Pennaylyania ayenuels.l feet front by
105 feetlOllaches,withbulitlings.
9 1.8111. Ploriance;aio
pl.tylng to eroledoit. howoto, at.this pa
lai plOce Omuseioent.
ACADEXT or. ierrlTC.—"Thldine,' . fit
the Academy of :Simile, is being well.
patronized add will only continuednring
the present week.
Clarifies' FAIL—The Orphans' Fair
in the ba.sement of the Cathedral will
den Satordaynight..
Osumi Ornaa.—The sale of tickets for
the grand opera season commenced yes;
lenlay at C. C. !Sailor's. The I:lumberer
tickets sold iras immense, and three
"wishing to take adsrantage of the trap*
cedentedly low prices for season tickets
toast an aotteamediately, u Outride of
a - samba tickets closes Friday evening, and
after that lime nothing but alright tickets
. . . .
HKESANDiZ, the - 12:11Mliable ` p
nilmlet, - lito has createdench a sensation
,I 4 the Academy of alnateln.A.Thadi.ll6, '
WM astonfoh the sandiance to-night , by
Jumping through the body of s matt. Go
Mid sea Lim. • .
MiscideC—Peter Y. Haight
aside information before Alderman hict•
Masters, yesterday', charging Michael
/Liehaeicil Anwar.. leased sofarm •
the prosecutor. in West Meer tosnsabiP,
tor'* term 6t Iwo years, whintsiitne.eur-
Are. this epiidg. Therels a coal piton
ci farm, at d it fa allbged by the pewee
cu toe that - when Michael ,11114 notiaed to .
icuSeihe premises en the drat of April
peat, he wont to the coal pit andretuoyed
tbo props and pilleusAhereby amusing
the roof of the pit to fall in. A- erarrunt
Irak issued fbr hishrrest. -• I
Loreeiky 3latyrSruit•
was limited" yesterday morning in the
re • pawed. of butter,
She was taken ore Alderman Hum
bert, but the party from 'whom thii butter
was taken hawing recovered it, refused to
makean information, and she was din-
charged. It appoara shale a. poor Widow
with a family of are children tiernident
upon heifer tapper t," and at the pnavt
high priced( butter it le impassible for
bed to bny it. ;She" milder on Ponitsyl
=lle ammo. •
Lterniergreettenoiin• Itobin;.co
maileorniiithm Worn 4.liiirtuart
c hart against Dennis Reagan, charg
inti him with smack and battery .n the
person of Mrs. - Robinson. Robinson, It
apOears, married s sister of Reagan's.
- with whom tho defendant brnot on good
terma, and It is alleged that de.Tneactey
crewing be et hr. on Hi etreet near
where ,Itebirna m n '
resides; kgh
teacked her
down sod otherwise abused her. Rea.
gm was arrested and held for n.heatingr-
- onallaltted.--,leramlah and ,George
Ralston, or Worth township, Butler
county. lu., ,w hose arrest we noticed
yesteidiy tnortiing oil a charge cf Illicit
distilling, had a hearing seeterclay bef ire
Corniniseloner Gamble, who committed
them *to jail; In defattit,of the required
bail, row their; amptrartee at the next
term of the United StattsjCourt.
rehn VS', Pitleek, 'opposite the Post
office rends us the January number of
'•Landon Society." 'This is the English
edition, . the American reprint having .
ceased with the year in,57-
cause of the arrest of George
Francgt Train is thus given in a speciol
litho New York Herald frOin London:
An Englishman named Gee, a fellow.
passenger of air. Train, informed the
°Moors on the ttig-boat which boarded
the Scotts at Queenstown that Train had
said he ratnh to Ireland to mantis the
Fes:dans and commence the fight. Train
waa arrested of on this information. Gee
- dented:Tying suChlnfiirmation whenhe.
fors this Court. . : Cement Eastrmus„ :at
tanner:Mown, was exceedingly active In
Train's behalf, Minister Adams at once
saw Lord Stanley, who ordered, !be re
lease of Train. Lord Stanley. disavowed
the act on the pars of the Gower:Omens,
and stated that the local authorities were
solely responsible:-
iniscoasa IMPORTING HOE%
• arsvawmarn
'arroorraiki or
roi filreet,
• oaf KR. ICKKIDT awls( !Marred Koss Ka
==eamtse lratt e ir ft o f "" ollotal d
BUNILLER. /alas. CLagssfo,
r v 01172,1 g
• KHAS. roue.
Bp ah v
1110RUAs Rha5.4_0441 . • p ais.
RILfI•sJI ealtsu r.t. . AMasts.
A. STU RR t CO.. undosaab. SWUM{
lack and Mettle.
T MINK & =
& booted
A oaten assorlasaut of FUME OLD RYE
WKL , EZT assuaaliros amt. • • -
Bala meddled sana611)110t1.1141 ads
bolas. a as SOK 10 01r1rr Us aglow baud
of WIII/21 sad LIiSUUBB..- tamallios r
qaalit, ad eampaKxs of Plan PaISOAK4.
gm a; SCHWARTZ. -
1+ Whol2alla of Bain Xiast6sSetets of
Tia, Copper and Iheet
p0u.26.3% o it tiMG A ßTill alta RU1752
111 Ili NI *ll mu fl ant
til e r.: 11, 1111.1 1 11147;ti t i rgrit
scar I UMW. ,
0.3217C1 P1TT51117110% .
J r .a.P.B.NNING,
, ILim AND: OEXAMLITA.L. 1 . 1,P
I. a It. Cl. Igirset. rITPBEIIIION, PA
CiaWars 1/4,14,.....44,01,1,i.
VA•bodsd . G. h. n attess,
•• isesory do:
•• • . Hambsys do;
• ESP ofulkorearossk
• ;o0 •• Soda Sibs
so ••. weaned Soda .
• VA bbs . ls•lllto Lime • V -
'Zs oltss.olxlsssel, 'frail Whits SS ltsb
an'• oC loy;
sad fo rtido by 'dam •
. J. B. CAN rig D. sus.
ramogaz sr, TmaxisTET
youth door abets Illit.ond.l
Glass; mina Aare a, Table tinkly
it taIITLIN PRICES. Zwryll) tar repar“
1 • !ISt clam •tora oa ea:U. C• 11 sad essirall•
coed.' 1•1. t.
L at Na 1116 GMAT BSITZIiTS,
51164. Ceiba litolawds•
- Cerro l a tlezKaliam ,
,1711 1 4' P r tg'
• •. Magnet! nniarat •
13 1. Sagan Waft rirfoou
• =OW% 010100 Porto .
.• • abo ucq
ISCH C OW kill. Al LAW%
• Feu: l7Z and 174 wood.{
at% a PLAPP.......11,v. WALTPX/111......9. P. PAZ
CEO. 0. CLARK & CO.. -
4 ..,..6A. 4 1 .1.474..?„1. 1 g t an ataz . m
Ott 2° 9,wat- tki —..
=yl ms.grumest Ooraa or
Ifiks •
^ P D' •LIVATZ.II. • 00.•
na of Mud or prirml, on ',Dort sell.
Wit APR gams viirfionizox
- _Ha Agri TUNA UMW, I.
,War DraNDSI, f.euttot. nu rir
PH. R. BEimarm„T.„
BEHR 191110:
118 , Wood lit:. near earlier of, MX
Govenunent Securitiel,
Geld, Sliver. •
&mint awl sold ft /11:ma tuna. Maid oh
t rthselpal *Wes of tarot.
.11.01.J.)13 MS' CM"
Over Twenty Per Cent,
oToniiross to min
Facile 11. IL Firiiikte*age laid&
' , Acme
inailia joie aptirim.
Drawl cum I..*tutnalia GLatiala,-"
• • WtOZZIMAY. December el, um
Doll dna 'moody all day at lb 114 m, at
whlal It gloved. Sbe et„ earitgob: on
rim Market Le ep . I.U. that It will
- 't•2*per ecot. - per ',lar CO ' an* twee - trabertete,
ea the meta le left to rill Maurine', erialleve,
sad though • temporarily Cl.. may odor ipee
triton, will Satre .better Gehl 004 better re.
ariumeraUteilere ;ritel.k Irika . teirebt amt
are"renchlit demandi
prinifpoidetiieth hare been secirthe Jaffe lot.
of Semen' Startle. Dud ere saw garnhdial glee
Twenties roc theu; Width IMO bead bug, thin
tontine • scarolty In the enticed; •eug nay
nail. their owe pilau. /a thla they haie
Powerful agent is the largwambn at Axonal
emplo .otr and 10 the at,
teropteof 'some . astabem • of' Beagrase et' Ire'
calming the paper eireabitesiof Ithimiuntey:
They Ws pretat See Ode to thaftegentles
builrigie — iiedthe
gleam; It Is nett eat, lowever,lf we-Mei/edge
by the ape** of, other niadhas, that this
Woolf: only agnate the tell and - rya the -
trading, and jeboilag, iLkesee - - ensephilelic
Trade would sofieli revile underk steady eon.
tracti,,,Unis Foralps • hog* A.A.:4 betddlw
mect to bath their attentlon• Ofgrodrietlee be.
doetrylneteal of .005BIng the good duo/hat
roil , 0 041 Coutteetton - of the
endear oflf•Deg eirrolsilen eilll iselst to ea,
duo the Weir of, litberaff mit rit gdoeisthis
et PrOisitirand_ tieile.ia InsUntal ai
j le•Mieggsbatrery Wariest /Smith. nelloriat'
and 0 ""•- 80 •Itl0f• Izetoweenthig veil.; Tad
Qom teeter& bustriefe had credit lo • healthy''
• • ! • -2- ,
• : The sleek eniket le 11111 higher-- taCtei; : ebb/
Chalon. predicted Mee has met, is Istgatlearre
at. Neer 'Teti Oeitrag taw
,idnatert 4 per-I
Chnidaed • Plitstough,,N re. Agsw r
!t;olid Olkaftighetitaw; • .;
rdiatratotimare la good deemed. •
Clotlitg Iffewi Ter* „et:041101h gibe/re:l/IT
urlwrims.. InN-44ai; U@t trau,s
7401: 1 lot tie• Wit onnint• Wel txuar-
Clebothod ttetteburgb 901.
kterthante • Moe , le-•
Weetene Aletea Tehgregth,••,..---.• "
' Erie ....
'oonl/We.t811:1 NI%
Northw ertaro - poder.-...0.0..-
Raw Took Osetrel. ..... MN.
Ohio Sad IftseiselpprOtrtthethm.,-......' , 113.
111.1thlgan Southern ..... . ....IflX
-- rjuerts.. ... r • 1
.. ...... ..
-11mit•tgethlittima brehicimithet theliai - op.
troller of tie Ourbeeeyand Awful/try - of the
!Treasury bate reeedgmt 4 Mpiethie Ileetth•
4.7114 of feert#a Aellcmil banks wan lirto•
I mud In stock specialeMone,la flotation of the
gummy act. It la ellepd that the
*glom of the above banks
ere laroleteg their
ateldrity by loanleg greet some ou fancy eau:
toed Moabite leikted prices: Thu Secretary, -
-hes °MN/tease 'lmmedlsta utentlgellon to he
made by the . iithichinia, with t elew.ll the
oonmleints ere well /bonded, of compelling the
beaks to aombl/ with lellulabante ef,
I nationl currency set. The defekstlea of
,Leyerith, the teller of the city Bask; la eoa- 1
expeougrkpeentetliab ittAeek ,TriterVk
laid to hare precupttmed thin action. A I
tattoo of buy algyhfrelsti m to the tekleetwlll
ales be Introduced to floss - rem
-The Breath !Pleinew I Oommitivikltinrei•
000117 plum: upon record their clew. upon
the queimeas of debt end eurreucg, They
lettto they 1.6 napery e l lPulatloh spa .11e
put of the United Static to pay the den-twea
Iles la bolsi hut they ibrartheices hal a ebin
„Rani:thew. esPreeelr•promMed by th e
;eminent sends who - algotletcd the tout b 4.1
that thei *ere green:4 takes with 'the ,
setessadlog that they were to be paid la eta.
• Berle the commlttee eonelude that soy tithei
kind of payment would be 001010. In mud .
Loins: tauter rot" chey ate of the opthloe
that no moth akauld he Ismuct nail Wm are
etkn0.1.1 , 2141 Into told mol all Tar.
. • -
—W• tun realised pamphlet addr•Malao
the Pr*dant at [be .Unitod Staten by Mr. Jan
GoilatM presiding - Of - 48 sr - Lbw K. T. - banka.
and well lutorrn as an Ode Ilnanailrr add pall.
mai mono Wst. 114, peater . pah. of Ws
moot L tykes up - ospoalon the past error,.
Iraloaatlal ..aarramot,md catmogui. i r
ration. ramsurea propmad to taller. thi
tanniry from Mill ammo name. of anti' Maw .
twat Mr. Gallatin propoms to totattrago th•
Imam of -L Erienbaali. tate: barna /oaring
•Icelra; to tenon In a formal roamer ttur oro
miss to videos Garfield' null to /Midi Ullmann
tor gold coin a "spools romaaption
er• 110 P• oldratrilog Into Um Treuarf s lute
anocuit of gold. and nu pnlpstlM tlirrarny for
spools payromta, and to Amend the national
banking Cat by prodding for a ventral re, I
o n
damptl. , . ,
, The Phlleg*lolls Ledge • % Of Sander. teret
The &mud for omen L menfaudy enne,
but the empty of eaeleat le folly equate° the
wean of borrower& Catt Lau an nooltly D.
toned OA food • aollatarlas ai.SQ7 yet Ma..
tae tome Wet Urn prefeeln net her emir
truuseekee.. She, nolo of dloseeest ter
eftetty iest-ener•ousteetretat peter of Mon
au.. wise ye teat. per moue. sad sonalteas
anan made from other good a/gumtree at 101 i
—Bays th e Cantdariati Onanureiel, or Tues.
day: The toadeney 'of the sow market has
been toward (neater aloaenees, yet far tbe past
tam dap, share has Mom lea .seiryityln
arranging *ban for arms& previous days. Cur
rency does act mamma ta voltam maaa, II at
all, Wag aa atom ala ayes la mania( hear lb.
umbtr7, and mpeetally tardy la itue payment
of debte comae by actuary • membante. Sates
ar Interest bare been stsadiry malatalned at
10,C.Wer ex i , , :ttboat
. reirat . e4 .4g ur s .
mane slabs - nub of Ma bo is dame
for tba purpom ot aanytas trade a.
Period aalmaUtm.
Tara realer,
manmary mum added .. ta ?few Tara Made to
Sloatar a aProalaUsa spirit there., but as far
O Laa sistoat t 40117 Illomaaosamid to that Moak I ,
—The foil' owingan mat of .
the ' of
gam of In. Chicago Buick los - Use ols moat!.
oodisortossolbor SI; ttif7.•e. ititssest to • the
trotted thetas Oollo•SoPi Moot
. _
Aridt.N•tious/. • 11165,7111 Oa
swam Nat e, 'SAO CO
Flak NNIN2I.
Guy tratiNNl-- • en et
Nolo Os
Northwestern ?NUNN (3 INNAN.. NAN DJ
Bloosfaotarars , /WNW ....... ' 12,71.2
Oomoors Sal NsUoasl4-11,0121
Moral:soon. Miami • • Woro os
Moshooloss...ll•lllonak...., - -Nom N.
Mato &Mogi .... . 14121 N.
Mr chant* , Solna& Laub - sad Tian - •
Clompuy-- - • - WM,
Naraboasayl Lamer.' an d Illoshantoal , • • I
•. Malmo Hank .11,N1 02
rrmistrimts rmtot.ctri
1 . .
(papa ow Tz• P.l.raoe Galrarra, t .
. WisnilliaMAT, /soupy V, Pm
L CIEUDE—There PP again • PP busies.. is
ands to-day, the rayorted..sales regain:
twelve Molina bagel., La pi kilrafahh. sal
the moatrinnarkable future L.' PP fast teat
It , hat au kink , ' by saq parly•-the um pane
bought alx thouund barrels Isaterdp,anak-
Int la the apragats, oggh!sen Moto/and barrel.
takes by onsnisary to two dirs, Spot PI la
still PM at 7 5011 , 30, delivered In bulk ea .. ;
Marsh and April may be quoted la 724,fpNe,
paler% apnea, PP 411 the year, bona'. op-'
noo, in ilk., sal, of moo tans for Parsh,ael•
la'. Pew at Pip sad mop and Poo for earth
pass *Reid., at ibis. •
NEnt ED—The( mulct for boaded oft ape, •
Units i dill did inclisPial; ma: hen buia'•
Apia ads to PPP, 0054 !PP for isbruary, at
app:',fannuary I. OW - duotid at 29,140ata
though Ma Is no oil offering In this market,
that we um/PP of, fad that POPPY at ape
protattbad February lay be plobld at 21;da,
and Pareh at hl.. Whits sows of our rebury,
ars boilig arida 'rally hails, they do aol
woo.. to - min regasit at mow priooe,tot
tbosood reason (ha Pero Is no wren; and
Mud: bollolVeml. may lie finial:mils Us
fast that Pp Palm Um Is tritium go mash
lower, whLbd . on the esker Mal. II might IPO , - .
lady lairs .skyward tore, • •
AaarveLs—Tb. twoir**: .i. ix 4 uni.i.
of off by
thiAlleghest_yallAy italtroad t • ,
Loahut 4 F,,, . • of flea. It Bro - ' 411
/.. Lou, a Co—. it° B. W. ?Morgan..., SW
Jobs -Wimitall.... In W. il. thseatiwit.. Ise
465. Willipti 1114 D. 0. Etmantr—,... b
- - .• ...
111X171,10 WIT T. IL
Moatahiwer, Koehler Ili,,OoePla
dud to W e OWS; Met • ba, Philadelphia.
Praha &Waned 230 do do b WIMP. =Pi
a co., ranaubaia...
B.W. Motion ik Co, WO do dOW DWI &WO.
diL 1111111,D MUM AT DINVZOiId rumor:
Hiltatdpaon Oil tlo.. 111 bal. reload- to War-
dra, Frow,et Ow, Philadalphia.— • - ^ • • I
Ilew Teak .Dry fibanlalEarket.
terillegrank to the Plnabasirn
New You. January 21.—Tor staple scrim
an 4 option roods, the market to more
belmant, some Wading oomentralen Mames
hare allyseeed dtscoonte tonna of taking
are por cant or as hitherto. They non.
eller oaly 203 par cent D a nan York rallls.
Blanche& lloallmal hare Advatmed
Me. 1411 s hamper ldata. 4440 tore ant 74;
do. Laanolon Loo to7Llo.and arsatonf
AndroiManclo 1/ rroortedln Bostorist 176
magenta Itoslms are deoldaly more 0011,0
and Pram, but Lent nothing lotrarmat
an stmonmat present herded tWa fact that
innOas pars 000 u boiling 111 • neprogtable
Baltlaa•ro llarfasa. •
thr Telirropb to tas Inttstetuth Ossette.l'
BkLlll[ol2, Jan t-,—Flour L h0w.L3111.7
unob.ireel. -Wheat Is stouts and aurae,
aoactotra red Is letWOUlk. Corn Is Irwin
prime tallow,' 41.1501.1 ft Bilked .wastara.:
a 1,1701.111 Oats Is dull 'al Vierro.. Bye Is
din at - 1133421,14.- Proslaloas ars
steady, Balk khoaMars So !or western,
loose. Lam LAX*. •
69 and' [7O Water S:r
alaa daalcm cl.ll3C,Ciamir.9 Any_
WaHHVY'U ild
oil' Jr° 0
Mat -Inaleasilorr ataer braadr. propc..
La aellinac ac , Irazrx tat: or
Oar Inn lath ct • '• • I.Mr. tanter “arcc to
LAW: crae , 4l.!cralat /Mg aLL ' a brcjila
O( Caxton aentaaLMOrnama.
Morebanta sal mann .nairrars will tad It
h b
thair Interest to ( -West. h a call testlre ordnrir....-
'l.cclAJJ4ircapir.; - 0141
rzrTst3vaant . a . !..suum-rp --
Neregge ap mart glgegagitttiClasarre,4....,'
;Wel/tfae*AY,J,Mumty 71, 111(2.,
Thige ' tietit thatfcete' devoid or 'ally Mei
ehaieetertatlee worthy of epeulel notice. We
teywt, , dgLneetia I.n-ill.
lee to neatly •erery department of trade, but It
.1e to be hoped that we will hare o guott..PMC
bueittme, Sod nt can he '
_eepeeta/ly an regeeda . Pittsburgh
tomattgaetnne, atockusif all kind, are eerj
math tluoll4, ADA there will gertslely.ho
`ay ...mti N ,Wegirlett 4settasid: • • ' •i -
oRoUERlfl3—There has been tether t iff
Mtleltile gibiegy Market alit - lathe et
week, the volume of buelems, tu the • to.
get; tairirii,loy With the !keep-
Moe of • reduction at:Scent. per ease ;la Coo.
emttatml L 40.7,, Pelt,. ban.ithdettlove ay
thong.. So adrabee#Werer, espeeted
I New Ortunk 'gulag 'kW No/mate lsoon
that market la repotled
lellowlocans the ruling quotation.
• Strueiaz-New • Orin ni, 110141gep
laggleyget •Potto , Ntes, 113,1gegy14,1je; I.lreetied,,
1 . .0 „ ,c0rr00, Inior " 5 " do, ilir *nu°
Cowie—Prime IN, 2501 good, ate; fait,
041 Government .liva;Plet Lyeea.l4.
ItlotamlymNemr Orleans, 6.s4,NimiCtlb
_ . •
STMlM....rLoverlegoe," .Bcoth' a. Ed.' •
i11t,"804,441; .llamhai," $1,411)
• '
Se lcso — CtealA.lllso; (nay., hoe; Pei/.
t.r. 3 S 4, lleadM 33n NeitMate.ttotp,
9:1 Caroni)... Ile.
; •
katzres j imPhilialllneill4.l3o Ter boiiTitien•
111,200 per pottr.di Prune.. 21e; C 1317.15,
'Barr iconL•l:elßtraf,-*),60 per babi ..•
- Soar .-...flabtatt's,". ire; "OaklrL'a" , 11%a
Bann, I !itlce: “ 11 ahhirta."150.- -•
• •
Catrabal—Mould,ll;it; Star, 200. r
Oescarrraara Jaz—n.4o per core,
-Br Baas Boaki-Baria per lb:' • ' "
06e/B— Wheatla stead) bat Itothabledt
yrs cantioneao quote of 4 - 2,68 for Bad; acd4l2A
Pee P/h4ta - ,.ar,4 #2000126 ton Pie. I Spring.
Bata 10 tar demand at CS Guee, or track, acd
10131130, Is - a;nre. Batter - L, - In Tgood thalabil
abd scare.; 'prime Berta{ may be -quoted at
- at $1,1301,80. 'rather doll' hot' tzr=
charmed at alol . o- for pair, Rya la in aiasai
demand at #1,4001,15.
" ,' FLOtitealtelittl
at .11011,15 a for_ Sprins.-Wh.!o: . 1 .11411440 toe
Whateeiertreat,'lntr sl4,riealap • for ranee
604,, Bje Fleur ma:hanged rat 78,60. Book.
wheat Iseerydrill, air the market-t, aim:dea l
It entreat small sake at IBM Par .rt.
• • PROVISIONS.-Baaanle stud/, wlttireau•
, Bujobhing aahnr•
it l 0 4c- far Shoulders; ll*
Mr 'Ribbed Shies, and 11411 . Sht I,or , Bagar
Owed hum pard la *MI , quate,.! at Inirlyia
-foipriate 'rtmlared .113 tfefeei arta bar.
rata, qatens,Xol4a,ln h•Stai Park, 181.71
JINN Baal, • • -• • ' ' •
do 1a4.4
*trial - Ire arkt-OtiMr ititta,lie fro Ilnr
2S) lePOtt ' ed 1 •844,41er•-'^
Wris—pnnat ne quote 4 *Uwe 444,
:.;SECtiktinel Plea b "tnoeereind ot
flaxso4iiittdemaid sod - So move.
meat la timothy.. •
L1A.,..-1•04114 from eostoM7 imeoetv
eledelaslll4;l,te toiraslltv.
APPLES-11i In mina, .I.ntnnd mak un
-4.40; veleo VON:4A Der, birrel. tot
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Clrlerao, Jan, 22.--Flour armee. at 69,7313/
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,09% 160 No. 11. elofdag gulag at if OPCI2MI4
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log quiet at 14% . c. lire more 0 "Barley ` .
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Orbited hogs d u ll at 47.1006,1 a Itecalpta—l
Hoc/ DOI. floor. 27100 Ott w twat, 2500 Ou torsi
aa. lot 67,01000 cruised bogs:, 111111.0.5bus—
bbls Dona 714 bu wheat.
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Loalavlt.t.a, January =—Tohacco actlvey
ton rates, logs at 115 Wad 80 per hnadrali
10.4 formamort luta mallutn, slim. Cot.
tOO. 14 3 4 at . Ir 17 r. 75012L0 (Or aupar. ,
ttato.ta fan otvittlao. C0rn,750
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Toledo Market.
WI Telegraph to taw rlttetnagn gavot..
• Torf, Slummy 121.—Flour quiett.
Wbastt thereon:amass of extra spring a
1120. Corn opened 10 better. and 'closed
wlta no advance lost; sales were mad. of
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[Financial Mailers is New York
•Geld CLoied al 1.3i114.
B 7 Tel.espkto the Pisubuire °mutt.)
Itry Yoscx„. Jan.2l, 19M.
11;311071v easy at4ofr'on call to brokers
with little demand from Merchants; banks
flnd dlflllonli.ylo O. their moats. btet
ling dull at 9%4,931; prime tolls. Gold open.
eat% 139, advanced to 13914, sad Moiled a:
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11 0 , I or 01= byy -3 1 0 % 4,1 .
5 ; 76
I '. Transaction. are largo with an 'new.
investment demand:* an :shipment demand,
. - prices inwttoo high. to railways the
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Towle on New Yes"( Central and Toledo..
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terdal'e. Tennecere bonds' WO lweer on
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'wharfed. It ts reported that the loading
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boos at trna r. se C5At0n,571447.5: Cum- -
boriss..l,„•3•lolS; A ams Expro.use, 7 , ..4e75;
Slerstants Ileum, 3.11.1545; Wells, 4A 47;
A.s , lrsn, 71 4075 i tinned Sta.., T 55.0.1744
Quicksilver, ?Aim ;',•• I,lnstrob,s; fr. , ...“ ' , set Su
. 51.11, tW;SS.SI , SeI; ilsucle Mew, !W3aflsji,
Western_ Churn T e,creell, 373;',V5; New
root Cask:rut. 1X14.1r.),%. rale, 73 , 411174 i;
lied.... 10.4alLS; Illerlesn, /24,11w..1 newt
! trw, 1.3.,..aiL1it SWWW SirSLlOrnle:S. 5.:545C1335.
Irabesll,.4sstalst. Psui, 5v4a51 , ....;, , i,.ra.
preferred, sr.;.y, 60; Irneeigem crests), 111!0/1
11•2; Dltchlren Soul_ ern, S9fral!,•‘; • Illumis
Central.' 1.11 , 412 M Ittsborge, tsiNICKII;
Totwlo,ll/5;44.U534'; wik 1,1, o•7l.4asT•ll',
Northwestern. duLsai , ji,Norti.w.i.ark
new,ferr 731,31 , 73'4; l'o , Wern.... 10 - 2%0
SI Inger' IS laws, •• elei Tesseisse• Sties,
6,G. 1
. . NIOIIII.I Sasses
•Aro , liall,nn;1111i, following Fero the gents.
11,11. 375 i ' Lacrosse, U;
York, lot; quartz 11111, 1 . 201 WeliktlLEZ.
/aCIS-TAZ, stev'
The remints st Thu 6T
Snb..Tresslrrs.. ar • y to•day
ars $ . 4,1 z. 9 ,1:05;paymenta,13.134a1i lowlsnea.
X1.1.,0nt• 211avaat,
rot:feleCreJa to fa, rttaburire ri use Its.
Kr. - Loom. Salutary :L—Tobacco; note
tafot log null prime nounted. Canon dull
ermerr, Mal co ening tenoned. Hour
n rtn, raging 17r0301r0 tor. superano. stia.ati
for. Arno, eivrll,M for double ertnt,
$145001103 for treble extra to Lanny.
Wheat; them l.a little mare enquiry, but
prices are anclofircd,4l.4oo4s3 being the
range for prime. to choice red
a n white
hatl fall; tarn very doll at insatiate for shelled,
13.1001, air one delivered. - arata Tory
boggy at' tiellrOc.: Parley In demand and
. ' 4*.d, rllf"flifutril;'MOrt of tile a9lrW ere on
Priratn terms, bet prices ant tittiletatood to
(nge t 0" fOr Baring audit . ..44o;NA for
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doing and price. uoinlast. atom York Mid
at Ilaifirri for country sod city. • it man noub.
Ina! nt 9091 fr for. BThouidtlr4, 111411 . 20 for
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170 (an curni' 410. Lard noaay nro ellOl. atcam and ket
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NM Otra.ultra, Jenuni - 111.—Coltoll dull;
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.axports,l . 64l' Stigar,ntlye; common 2(j
2 4 :1;ls ". n 1 ;f: ° 44 ' .gg o• r ° ,,, , r . 4;
0b01,0.' l'swo m inable e x tra, r in)
nrlnlo /1.012.. lnewtivo and
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at Sietrlnc- Ott o, Arta at Kin. Part dull.
at Mtn RncOni , ballaklers, 054; ribbed
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arm; tfrce.l3geficfg 1410.,
ay, nt new Tmir eYeLtcrlge - . 111.•
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_1422.21 Jou. ,22,—Cotton 1.1431.1 o.; ro
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tnnoro- io. l Hoar side+.
12.4 c. bulk. oboulduro oldes
inactive, a112,101t,3.3.' rOrk—me'i
Corn imorto; fl onO lanafna., Oato dull at 53
035 c. ' Huy &MLL VOW:.
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War; low , tri .3 1404,50 for oototnoo, tool $3.25
UO3 for , loodJ 212 tot, typin g. .
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Junoter 12.—“ ma pig Imo, Ntroirk k co,ll
do do, .1 gold Soo a Co; 2 do do, Utica
0..21.3'12 do do, J lefoorbeltd; 1 dodo, 14W.,
'Baud At Pattoo; I eat fresh Tleo Maloney:ls7i
gree n.m., .1 1' bleas; UZI do do, I Se
lard, F A
h. Co; lec t
Vela_ flour. T CJ ab
itloc; 100 do do, teb •Yer.i. Lault - ; c 0 do do, •
Lltuls ay; bttle rteaele,Webtted• te Cot hilt
traloute. li 10241 e: - 10 • balt uptoltteriov, 1' II
Yonne S 1),;•t bit, butter, S /1 Floyd 1 Cot It
do Jo tI Iles Jet 2 bier. trott. rctr, leconett •
Lb, ldettls svelte, Volet • Coll cote
t0,,,i,•,,•••n e r0u • t;:t too; 6 htd• Alua l
hall McGraw ill tf, eaddire,,lt %Mace; at
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Fetterstock a Cu.
• ALL.; Lak e AJ.r X. It.. J.tury .41
10 an ott & Pans; 6do do, rub B o o;o dodo, rodosott, Logl &610.54210:I do
I.W llorganr: do do, 3 MunbOH; MA*
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do, ~!(Malay 1/1 166 *host, 12 T Ka.ady &
Itty; 60,111/ lye. J 00 poach! 3/ oke barAwkeld
0 our, &do& • Orr; it do eye, * 4 Alowk bgs
0 04;, 60.16.1 401.6115 4$ do rye, .1 0:006;
taro metal. Ylmlek & 1:o; /do 111.rotane,Sho,
eateries '3 812101 103 buck•lhott Sour, E
11./64:1.6371 4. rum,ol tie.
0571 W•1th;16.4 buck•bsot dour. dordes;
2.1. 40. 11 11. e. Jr; Id &Ws otl.J Walklaa;l tar
Oet.. Lyon. Short. A Co; IS bade con. A
Mosher.: 16 do 011;4,1 to rye, W Ot Oonaloy.
Tressarlt..Voctrlutto A 1 :3•0.6131....E..
Jhory bal. Itodoto, &
Volt b. ass... Jo 014, J lkovot lon
r5O malt. tioairoy & Coo.; 16 bolo I
k, tomer, Ido loot /11 W rota sow...
hat l•), 2'nneaLalc n Moller; 24 tack* 1 •6•61,
;Jaw.. Straub &. Co; rt tko taro, 11 do Eat.
y. ellenry t Ilcool; lit sta 644,10 do rye,/
G.161,1166a0r &Hotpeo; ass cat 4,10141/.
S Co; 13 0111. rad..ntubiltsh Pas. On; 11
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Adam; A Tours6y.
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January ens ors, libornberger 4 WWI
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2 dodo. Dilworth. Yorter 4 Ceti& na Oder , LII
VOICt 310 bars railroad, Y
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' en, Redbird Chair r 2 /Cgs washers, Wood
CO, d Obis nil roret,'T bon peal! :alter, arab
taller 4 Vosk•cap.
Pot - rash nail Aso IlosinCtsv.M.• U. U,
'January 21.--a kali totter, Toirt 4 Do;d ,m
tran bark, a rata loather. La, Wen. I rill mater s
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Moll est.. re. nch.e.. !theories. & Go; Ito
Man paper. 3'o Dilworth 4 co; tl in oats, W
Moen :to ante ant, Voltam, Dada. & Doi oa
Wain, T II T lOnol klr,l.
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throm I Insple total. Rae., lima
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Iturielph a 1;6;3 tars lumber, Js, kleartaryl
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P.1171 4 / 1 1UARCII, PA.
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C. 11 0711,-.14V.
EUREKA 10111054 TV) ROM
Super-Phosphate of Lime
81E14!.A.RD Cfik Ti BEL
Office, 356 Penn Nt. , 411 ts burg!), Pa
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all Ferree. who ban evert •• trio, ty ice,
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mu, tore. Potsdam:, de.. We haze enbilthed
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tiller. eerie, of which blare !We to any
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Attorneys& Caunselt?is•-al-Law,
nrrasuaa PA
L . N. BALL, Manufacturer of
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wholAwa .4retail dealer lit T 0041130
ClO•mti, SNUIPIN Pgritt, Jig,. totattytli. li
Da*ea always co baud. . ~
134 WOOS 1411111.37.
paraer Libuty. Pltl3l4rtis.
- 23, 1808-.1
Ratak, ErilLitil I CO. .
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0.1,14 Ulu Watipr 146.
0,1 r Cf.eniax.
R/Vpi• ,!,tEws
The weather Ins. Calla and soft during moot
_of !yesterday, but towerdi evening it 'tweete
soteewhat colder, and : we hgni no doubt it
woeid freest, slightly last night.,, Tramper, we
prosimi, mantes unchanged, theta on' Ode
point we cannot speak with certaloty, as the
meek'. indicating lb. siege of water are oh
meted with lee. ]
The following /mate a - sow' seselving
,freight, and until kon. on lb. opening of nap.
leatirits - Kett, ..itobiusom for ( 7 1.11211M1 and
Lehhivilic; Meeseriger and Deltas - erten, for
lit.ifvetieitlantelitifOr ,IWaihritilitped the Le . -
maid., 10 New ' ' • " •
Toe' following comprises the names of elf the
boo : In l et the Motoodthelnlaliarf s Grey Engle
Lee( Leoti s Columbia, America, &Ingle //aye,
Dell‘vernoni, Robert Moore, Ids .
ItetJeei' Mothei, Cionelfi," : lCate Ininsoo,
bl eeeenger, d New Totit. . • .
Dit/i'ttecrint nod Toes Roger!, pates of the
Greet feepubite, got Inn tufiii iC
Thdy beot two Cititene badlY:"Ofilftere bearded
the ' boanet.Dortland and were let 0n... at , .Nrne
Albeny.wlttitint ' : /hestatea they haletded to
make prier:tete of.
• /is will'bent , ent,y reference to card, the ship
chandlery nod boat Atom's of hi aaaaa . Evan.,
diner, & 11.11 at, and Caldwell .0 ars. have
been nonsolideted, the/atter having 5011 Unit
entire : ock' to the fortner.• 'Captain. Evan. ,
sod, Gilmore are 'both old well.known
etenusboatmen,lteving beetr identitle4 with the
riseeittereatallstelir lire., nearly, while our
young 1,1,01 Dallas has grown'fat In thelmel.'
end, Out, w e hope, nut leer. , I, : connection
with stile settee we onset non, omit to Mote
thee :11..r.. E.. G. & I). hose improved their
gore letely, having had Ii overhauled and
nteely re-arranged and repainted, both theta,
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The towboala ,liampaon and Ilinnen ;rank
Alelth.Sla no meeday, en route, we presume,
for "hew Orleane,
1 4 he (lido itiveile gorged with/nett Miura,.
epic, The W. F. Curlie, eit route froni
Nashville to littemburgh, 'prweid touleyilic ou
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oroottne, one of achlsh . wee osad to stop the
hide to the hall, The :Varnish tried the Ways
at picopliis, but th-y Isere too ernally the
Calrl/, Mound city, Pellurrh acd Evassrffle
Ways were preoccupied, and the had to come
!brutish to t try, the 7 csisal
pipe connection the rarefy-eslye with
theFolisr of trading poot,D. }y,llc•ltt,
Wes. laf lag Therallay;fil L'oersiilliils
rlppl, at GPI/tree , Bend; loslintly
(Heady, off Fort Dodt., lowa, acting ta!satitscl.
The tors was tonaiderahly damaged . -
The Cinch:matt Chromereiot sayer re
toot the ,f,eut
whore. I le built the fleet steamer that ever
pile) L oa t 1. Clot:a/tett and L 4.111 1 ,1110. The
last boat; lie tittle Was' fhtititami Per
allel,boniplettn at thectotottl before the re-.
heliteln, ind tamed by .the sebela • .sa Yes.'
Pass to ebye her espturr by the treltedStater
...Idler.. I She was emotaandee by Capt. Ilhatt
men, Wlth Capt. Gaiter In the (Are. _The lat.
'ter dled.,l6ro years bloom. The Of: [Se
IntiVaitrl 'hat-mast
dasey or token of terpret to the memory of the
' Trilllo4l,lbsi ilhowy, bo at stmlla, Jays
Competttiou he, vitae. the sod telltales I
eery sphlte.t. The latter are now
torso...llan QOM, tO '.1.331e1410,W.1L5L11 par
bale, ell eta,. otchoted trio totem
orolo t totem
ha,e 'rated tacit rate to 76 cents per bale,
eon threats° to go erne 10 OM I 'cents lower.
flee Pine Grove departed a r Clee•costi with
etre of the twat Snot cf the traren.
lte•I telie the telYttollabfrOlti . tit . ..hide/We
flake." While the Argosy wee .171ag at
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ar ti,t d colt made-ra sa Chttrtee•klaber,ope
el.:eat/04. ten 'oettbotta..and.--eia sitownen
teloro rosy easlstanee cold he rendered him.
Capt. Vatodererift rofortne us that stealy
anarue are woo g. theis t Oarn.-Plfaestral rota
triaging Cteclenati freight at New Wean.
es 2,,,10,4 24,1he.atantleporleriatleotootertway
ter•l• rolls- 73 lona, ahoner than take freight at
inch :kazoo. islet..
(Me af the aretwat Gallus of onotylalat from
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ehascol byte. 'Tea /trite lase,. fur 17101 here
peek rest, was charted tn. The rats ettettld
rot.Tet.l and local pasnot• exempted. • •
A St. Lolillbt.ftein s ceder date °Monday,
sate: •Ineserlett at taservaltelace lastereettlar.
Wratlia• wolf ste. ii aaJly a stock of Ica run.
plnd to the Sect . .. Water. attoulltrevellutn.
The boats ergar.ell last year in the St. Louis
and Vickibe.g Irene; bond It unprollatilt; the
Rubicon ettireoetleve la t hie year, bat the
Stress errs to boat glad th*- thathe-
Wei:C.llcm. the-Xllseenet. •
A. rag...Pude at At Little lioak t dcArt
titer 011110; tes Oct: "WeatEtt aotct and rivet
{AIM,. There le now at Tort limlat to lather:
at Dardenal IA lactatm at 'dui. iktek it lathes.
And at rims. Blatt till lark,. ltoestumeut IA
rat ter id 141. too Da ittitht from st. Lou!. to
Totalon the Atasiatt and Tom teret.i.
and (tam beta to tiltron os Woe. trthe
boat art!! surn for it 'mitt:mut ptivtleres, but
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Chloral to Lttnalclernv tile la Ire am.' • bolt
, . .
The Unerherlsol tallier, 'rah mot over.
feet on the Awns ntnotay. . •
The Emporor, • front .Mesaphle, hex 7(0 bale.
. . . .
Tie St. Patrick , la the Eranatilla aad .Iletp
phta tra !e, Intl laireallatr thalead Let MP* w
Llairtarn Rteherdaari r furesetly el the $ 4. E.
herathre tope ehaeed an Inter Mtn the Qom..
A.lrac, and tar probably *smear command.
The f.duleyllle .11 Tennessee Weer peeke
t'' .‘C en
Prue Ise are toe
(nicht truils-r.greennaaka on the TINIPVINCV
In ••non eat eardeatibue."
aniteritemas .
(By T. levany to thli fllttbal tialelte.l
LOCRIVILLIt. adil. .The river is falltni;
slo•ly, ; with S feet S meltels tll6 sanal.
Wentil.eiLar..UX un4 'CCU.
Br. January 22.—.W.salttel M 111411.1
tmsetu.t nu 4 slesidoe.
• S i•EA.MBOATB, • •
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rLAcx.O Agent.
.11= ect.or. 11A1VOL.O.
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in II I !care for re tre. rna laternred.ate port.
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11,111iletti,ahlyto.p.f.ufon opnliOft of am,f,fo o ,
rwt•lWO;tl etria2 4 ".'" l ' ' 4 b."'-'," ".
F OU 4T. LOUltie-Tbe
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al•ore on Opt o'O.f LoVi.tl4o
ror.:l l Xtlor ;tote otWo Owe. or to
U"s l V.t.
ii`Oß OliLEA:118.
118 a alvmer 51:
, Lo 0b. , . on OP , al ye or U.lgallott.
tfal " 14.23,.= /N.:l4;r.
R i p CO
.• •
finaLluile & Elsie Tub,
°alto •nd Watrtoem-.411) sad LittlttLTY
=Ent r. atantltiVararousaaa &coon 4 door.
nal Irtr 41:114AtarableTall!''svtillta'Uslati:'
not 014,611441 n say p 1... .4 Inices as km R.
In inotens dluble Napo/. •or Ybraltera
Ws!, obit% bare bevel. Wet doted by asaolbi r
otia or acids. 000 Do blartdeytd. and read, to
teat a. vrthnew.
There Is ao 01000 01040 to Weatern Panntyl..'
00.0 " 4 1 tra, .IYr ' ;
Wanner. Marble - titters supplloni with gl.sweal
Marble it raster. 0 4 /4 . 0. ,
Scrap. Iron, Light Iran
• ,
UOT 081 vill.ollollT*lllo2l
• OPE 4
V .11nadoirma. Oltre sa
ot d My'
AL•stulay Oily.
1:0;r1' DA E
Bar, Hoop and Sheet Iron
1141 11 1 4;12 IMS M. S, MAIL if 6, st
ptffee, No. 931 Water Street,
a, OARRION - iz GO,
Pittsburgh Foundry,
IWlTTrAerill Aso 13. it OS,IILIID
Furnace an Oven Frame;
]ICI .30Acto cokap
'Cooking and Heating Stoves,
Ix QUILAT yAnnvrt,
•••• Office and Wuctionas
No. :109 Libelly Street.
& i fill4 AM fin
cam mrl 8, irIIETCHINGAND LSE( 1e244
sarrn.niti PAN &LT 7-4.173 .s.23TP.cant;
EiTralt Piety, Gasomatius, amp Lanai
°Atm cadWorltioontrrbesoate.lnttl....t.
Baer% and Liberty Otroote.'
- Pitsburgit,' rennaylveais.•
41(7-4Sie. ts 'seat to the skfoTaraCtlFess Will In
proottaly attko.l,l to. VIM
suit3TON IB.Org WOW,
Beni r 4
onazon, Jh,lJ f tlslucos
4 . S RCHAST BAM. Amiimp a ntiaLs mom
Mu, L. 4.11 aDr 4_1. 1' '4 4 4l2is l eALI 4 •
ISUNFIat sad .1 1 / 1 4 /I.Plat. HAM.
allaLl}fLar.a *ad , i U.A./11) YEFO/C111.30N. •
I.I(ALL T 11AI/4i. AU an 411. b... %olds MU, •
SLAT RA11.5. Punched tad OocrtArrtalilr. •
KILB . an4
Worrhoese and VOlce St the Worts. cinema
-011611. Is oti•atla atto la of FIT,. otrooljaft
!lto Ls, theMtirliao Works. Plitabarrh..-.1.11.11
- MCC:Z.4OII Ti.) JONES, Lords CO.
I! , ,itxturcra of the b.(
'lure,; nit sc.! oooEgo3. of 411,1x•st
Iko tie,. York Gal L , Lett ear; thenl• Cu
Cast and Ctinitson Plow priag!te
001ce— , ornar of Oirit eul llns3Stretti
bl , oka the Roue.
JWU THI L WOfll s.
HUGH. M. BOLE & co
FOU.II ; !DER9, •
Engine Ballder3 and fflachlobita
ma, to otter Marino And Load newt Entine.
Cara, warranted to diva aatlatnetlon.
Va•tligr, of even dez - ertyttott. macs to Crier
',Cad i , ttneddr, V-HOda. Ponta
tiortlite Shot., tort Point Dodo..
P. r0.. , h7, Nos. el and 04 rzam men.
• prrreuusuu. vs.
ka r i .I , I MIELCIn
Oflaco and IVarehouae, 120. 21 , Bee.
anal and 119 .t 121 First Ntreeta,
urrl f rlloU:if/Ile;
Xo. 99 Wood Sr*lte<
.E.Latitsmaire and keep eon gantl y •- na bawl.
Thimble, Rhein 6' Pipe Eloxvi.
*4 - -AtiUm now. !N)° IRON 8110 AB
c4ittnr• gezzatally. . Ap31:11.
Butler Blzreet,! Ninth Ward
orrvanz 17/11c/R =U.N.
Rnllls Milli P . X . r . Via.23lC7.l 4 l.Cile=
and Bridge Castings,
ELUL: UHT! A.i3 !I!1
.ad biliAretzgl; pramlitli ...VW,
11, • ,11 0NA.131.7%., "41".4
ORMOMlktrinal WORKS.
tutu, affili a PA Mlll9,
IcilfmtOrtlimal OF . •
Morramted 2C9ual lc say is Ova Mar.
k". rglia
AND - OW art.r..ll/..
Ofttoe. S 8 Wocid Street, .
rirrsbuitztu. Ma. MT.
ItO.lOCl 8.4111.1724.4•0. SUSI
cyrrAne not Es WOURS.
tranrracronase or
Fittrun ittollerr, Oil Stills, Agitator,,
ranto. halt rani, Giumuotera,
Wronxht Iron Bridged,
• • Bileot Iron Work
As,. AG, •
Pirni URG It.
11.KeALBINO DONI 114:011
Froight Hoistors
haL) reffl'Oß ENGINES.
=TV. tt a 412 oral: descr4 ma •to onlar
Cora,' of Mr.( mat r.. 7 litrooto,
E 9221
worviriortrums ay ,
Ikon, pubket,Tnk and Trunk
_ _n.oot.csr -
toaorn ..wr, V 7,411 orai
ov-tr.rsr.r, neurzs
I EttIb•N . ..WCPEL.I3O!!,
Wwtionso, Not. I 3 aid icr oppftlte
lltumirahals Roue, Pabbargb.
wm. mr. Joniwromr.
thrrlV•7. WINAMATIVItit'aVa
:ILTA:ga w AlletrAill•MiliTiPfe r
ass of WATVUX ..1811/113S UTRILLTIL,
at 7ifl4 Mat extension, Pittsburgh. pis,
el if. Vann.. reeri w. r. ram..
Bar Wnt'
Railroad flak Rmd mad Betty
Railroad Car &ales Railed,'
Railroad oar Azle* liammerod
Lottomotive'rramOS -
Loren:mitre hams Shape.
Stile Rods;
Yoke., Straps; . I• '
Ploton Reads; s • -
Steamboat .
Steamboat Croaks; •
Ototort Reda,
allatart 4‘1•11, Collars, AO.
Ornm, No. 177 PENN i4REILT,
plrrissoittia. rA.
LXV AtLAI .6 i 1867:
AND C rsOurolrocr. :4 - 1•11`1 , -• iv s..vtr• •• CHICAkoo It
1 • Prom Nevrxnuer 3111... ICA Mtn" •111,Inn
I ilia. , •tra,.. :A 11.4 In:I h. 1414 4.•
won h. nt" VIA". L•rfnlown
F=Zi - T.-. • :..1 i T: l'l' l rq..g — •••"` m
". a • •,:.::;.i y:',•;.. tsle.iie: . . rift.l4l::
Pg r oNg L .. :'';±; t r Zi rr‘. r i : . ll . lk r i rr
hin?, h..... a:st • o cl. a i1 , 1"..- , . I .• ➢
P 15..,. • c;. rt. arte .: *.tr Z. ta 3 r
. C. i t ' ,4l ' 7 ' i ' 4 ;11; t It k. ;: ..7 , T'"i t _ . i . r li rr
pm r.
V t t i t,74.),.. i ..; . 1.; - ., • =Vim. auLlm. - . -
4:iistttl - 2,31P . ; ';;;;;Tortlet ; •. temp.
. , r ,.. ,,
.."tany. Annan, bateau.,
Li;; ' ; ' ..1••• ;• . 1;; .;;'• ;.. ;VAT •'': 2 1 3 .219 *al •
. Well,l, I • ..,..,..
Elo,llll.ittr ' ~..' i 33 ii 91 ?NW 0104... 4311 •nr
1:1 31 1 'i ,, A.
• ;: . S : ti . ii 11 r. n rr it:L : s. "'"' e ' .:,..I '" l "'''' ..
•w..,....,,. ; ,,,,, N , Lnt," 4 .2A.1., A : , 11 , am"
2 : 11 1.... 0ka.a... , ?.. zrtiae n:W"iibFt4,..
!rigs '" k. ' e d -14'SH:i. U.ltr,,Mal ;IPA •
.z11 . 11"es ate VI.. Vertleally la Mt"! IA .16"" ' nni
2 shall/an Lanni fin: . r
an." Of . . . '' ''''' U "t....-
Caviler Cikthvil and 811/411.61.221X
Htretri,..lllnth Ward,
. ,
04.0U*A0T1710i0. 0*
Cast Iron Bowl Pipo,
i1f414 Pia' Efol; ii;t41111:1
owls of ki ss fumy maks of urreara.^.,
NBIV ILIUM 1101188.
Lindsay, Sterrit & Enwbr,
337 UniiiY STREET,
Clow. "0/7"-yzp.a.
One Squaro Ilklaw Unkit' t6p64,
. ,ELTT3131711,01.1.,
Agidatr :or VAIII3AsfnI , E .us,,,
surrerun raw, MASS,.
ABSI Itt.T111B1) CAS7'
11,1 1 .4.1!, Ylif )33 M. 4 . 41 ENE.
!WA.. /031.1. Y. 02 .. C01a.m., Vim° e!arDear..t.i*
• rmarrze - 3611.13
. vest Sprin : Stsar.,
Casl And •G•Milgl ritff Steel,
rLow vaxue Lio) e[oF-' es.q
Cfi.lS G - 17 MAT:. ily'c - a.`Ar7
csow-ar_se. a...
Warehosst 87 Pater St,, PO I
ATLAS Woßlaff,
.11101 - 12 , 0. 02'14 Z 414 2
Nita Ward, Pirts;rgrgt,
raoffila N. MILLEEI., PreSidtnt
Sanaa Werra ade inlolln {an larneal and on
aomplara antabllsnmen: la Ins Irte.!..d all
non rennared W fambh
zni t ite.or
. •
ahtLet lrozya - orr..'
" • atillreakl Camtivax, 1;
c Ilin g Mall rait'i•kv,
Casat.E . ,
• 111Miclilaot Castings,
General Cludlalak.
and 38 Water Street.,
xra.tara i-4136-Aricat,
CLWPEEI brEASI elpy , . •
Por Stmenbosts.
Carson 81,9 th Want, near A.T.B.
Hammer Dies, Steel Moulds,
Be IG9 nd
bctite Wigs gesentli,
LION= 0. DW0...........CJ1A/Lita DOXILLLS.
Dllll l O & BOIVIRLY.
Jobbing and blaeninery
Writ or eeatr, oi'!ther auricacao Ural
Iroa, of VI patterns. alms and styles, ported to
Oaer7 made to ordez. . •
Office, 250 Liberty Street,
V of Ma;le Buildlrut.)
- lig£
FOB.T irrT Forszsra,
* 4 °A titt 'Cln t " " 41:431ESUEffleti.
2..tvivtio.WE and
liErenes ottadoel to➢pro.eltJy. .
tetretotere, lbw best matelialo Ida, olefin
it!tiota et MI Yonten,„_
ow . wa r e
;iarit.`4,4llfar atrm
Ma% IfEht:
pgri_4k -
•A. BRADIST 00.:
• /anal:taws Me 7 varlets ot
Cant, Parlor and 'Renting Roves,
vat* an ILIL p r lV.e4
I :VritEPei R aX
ti A
conk at0ved4)..4.1. amanfactozn
GRATER, (MASI? irEorrti, - ip,•
cpA.. .04 VrarthOti,e, earner af HpLate.
'Wad strecti. rittsbat[l....rX4l.loo efto...s
BuwESMEIRQHAdoi7.wc - Im.
HAILZAZi. RAHN a 00. .
Iron, Nails; spring, , Axle%
2r/JUGIL IMMO AID A. B. 6211254 4;0.
214.4". 7r7 Virwitetr.-ittereeril.
/MD Y. BIM YDYOItD D. 111 101.11
131sava Boilers, Oil Stills, - Taaks,
• Sliest Iron Works, /ta
• •
61 Penn 81., Pitt:burg/4, Pa.
Juacritoia. woman,
aecr wiesiza salzroet.
own 134115. 13.111 0a5t2.04 non Lathas.
la %a toyz_mi•j
- - -
num nu ►•
Vanw"ri nZUVlc6o 2 Ai n gir.t.FTPs
it,kl l # jajr tgaiYaNTrirda
a t m % rug!
vikaa B.A.n.x.tAD
. .
thk and a f ter 5131.a1.1.Y. October 11:.n, UP, Um.
LLLIns Lid lean Mt Depot.- WM.. or eirraLt
Lad Water streals. M. tailor.: ' . _
.. ...
. .
Vella and Erealraloat`p. MCA. Y. .4100 e. 34.
XXI rerport Accorpontn. A. X. PaNi:X-.
Exp. to ate/rOxtralent`a. SAPP. X. 10XXF A. Ir.
Itruldoex'raccoupsorlatra. cu. Dr.
Wear Newton .P.P•orao•VII.. eat, X.• P:131. N.
.g:Vat c t.:4:'g 4 7l , orl :sio A.
from West riewxon.!?. 4 !. 4 l:l:C W. IP:PI E. X.
For TEXet •
rota'. 0n.que:.1,2i,, L%14 Ant.
• •
matting Thiel:rat:at To Canaitire City
'l4" C.O4fratigra YaAt . 04 al W o”j1 *" 61LY 1,
...sail< and Ores. Minos 11:14.71.
VA Ltd kersi TIIILDLT. littr Jantsre.
Vie Ca...err Tr... silt Xi,e from and settee
st the leiltsbsret, Depot, terse- ass, suX Xt.,
lute G. btOvu
/heart. Leila,
.0 &XI from yes. y. 7:x X. 1200 Log.
CULT. r• *. cit A, 16.11r. X. 6:41 P. X.
ttn'i)•d Dept e. Y. I riO L. al.
!lest Soria Arszra.... brxi Lox. tali,
detest SIN:LW:et: 33:Y1‘.. 111. 7: 351,, N.
Aa. .o', x.
itsuday Ch.e! , tndo .0 0 . .0'
3, 1 131.13131,1 at ill, A. U.
1C30,3 etitrhure. e..,. se. -
er.strst rod. Werke St 2:40 P. a. • • •
xt.5..1,1.1...0. Sam.
D e cota & be O r X
b. T 3 IO , D T IS ro — o lowl lc BUNr/tIO•tUHSou Dcwav Iplkrs.
IltoDatati flue:
•11211101, Aurflt.
Blau a 5 A. / -
Ya.f. Line. ..... . . lito; et. Y. :BIT. U.
1 ;
111 iSIt
110.1.1otutr•OAne. 80-1-000 A. 3.10 r.
istestbenollto Acconnyn.. 11:53 0. Y. r
otrOu. or.
litho &AU Ace. No. 2.. 1•0
-ott, at
ft:3oo. luo.arolvfog ft 0111Cturaill at Otti4 ,
Pel9O. l lt7' "".I.t, u so
00 ALL
Brhu rang, of noro room.= Plttaborgh our!
.0 1 nUuturft. anl 5 OfitO•chooru to at. •
321. , -4,1 010117 , 1.1 pr , 11111.1 West nn6JCatll
Pr kt." pazahulnii ;,o roe .4 MO
f IMBURE3i SttPSEUB column .E.-/ •
,triti...F..ppot, (south side.) - '
JOO3 H. 3 1.1.16..611..1.1. - .LC.. Assn
Oat ae...ellei 001.9114, "111 •
of gf
Nell 1 . 471 , 1•1 1W - •
riot 1,. a 'Na,.l' Ole e
Oen 11:31e 0
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- /teem Walre
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eiet fee Weasel, neto
241 4 0 I%M . 7lin= e 4 eiTdie.
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4'44, unJn.a 0 1
tioerid 41.1100e5.
tha 4:::1.71#1%it'L;.,-..
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I PI-#:4,'ie,-;7. I ;r11:; ! ..
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.rpc Chasch Tc6l,l4lc4Paa,,..yotr, Ira=
ti r AP.V eZ l7 4 : 4ll , aVy. IhVCS AlleXhaar
My at lllt P. / %v . !, at/ Ilannattl later.
(X= dt;;n
Ctt, Vet arc.
act-t'la l, ''
huhr. and card dal, on the ualto Incur
Dinh at atatnrat tnec , C^.l da tlttats•
Th. tram/ewe/6,C Allatbday City at CVOS. Ina
=hes 11,8 t attr,r n EirtAD lT I
W ttrla Linn OZ./CAW ro,
I^l,,rtS In , Yparthased at tha
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, °.. 41,1 "g r i;41. 4 ;10.1.'f"A,
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