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13Outh' Monett , agU many. merchants
and financials were lif,
Orlthe opinion that
the Treatury,Deparj. 4 - by L'altithin
ing.thn yoitunt al the,currenuy at. a ni
form degreoof inflstioni t,tualdprere a
,falll la th e. norain'arvalies of all kind of
getrchiiind Witree.' The Setzetary of the
Treitimi Melagred the (tractions and ca.
palilitles of the Department with my h
,greattiraiciirity,iid I:friedthe 'pandit t
'prattle - able retain hi ?cola pal - merits e
flu! thranalurchiapest:way - out Of . -
cadit,trththMenti .41th which busine :
elaama .0 . ,r ail.gradea.were , threaten .
Ile:-.tbridaiMeed- contraction.
to reltairitmany liondreds,trf , millionf
coin, -.and , bring . it into-, circulation.
Pricoaritidorinhiatthiliater then he re
ducal 'abet anintuttfrif , grieubilre, • and
Sindett More iripidlithan . koid receded in
neirliet inlule, Audit d - , , in many lines
vain.4l'thi.ittrik - - Vold* whore they ever'
wore tirefrie.. 'lt Wm plain, ' conacquent.
ly,Ahrt other taufka than cottirdelieni of
tho.pipei currency 'were in operation.
Thik: . coluideinition, ' lithrerer, .al not
rat* ill;w1M - wertifecting the nacona
fortable-,preianin,'and the Secretary,
yhthlthrtirporitrarthindeilianiier, - Ins
- pended the cancellation of , legal tendert.
Congjeen Ma enionaedthiiort him au a,
dttel,. , ,or loll' ima.fewdays. , Still prices
do no t Rt.- tap; or cute:tease; in many
departnii.:eta;lo fall away.' Ithiesident
the Secretary lean-neither change- nor
conitholthelswis Orfrido. - . '
A ' s: 4 110'0(0M reaUlta. of /melted val
ue.; manyllahrrea are occurring' among
troderi ''llivr . t4niot
.. sql, their atocks
for . miything 4e
,what they cost, and
Kay notsurpinitapital bal.
anceA° P10P 11 . 4 3&._ The cue of them
• worthy- men' is to be comrehiminted,
thmTgli 2 iiiiiY it ' cta4d - tie' avoided' we
do not ace. , 44then priceswent up trader"
made money, -M-imemed• to . make it,
. without:pecttlini - intelligence or titrit
tholinf.- -7 -Thir:'-`i . iMiriel `Ttlerit
aloug,: almost - in' spite Of'themseli.
...Upon the shi3l.hiing of the swell Manj
Sad themmilreahmiky or Welly damagid,
thruFgh no`.thult
. of their' ..own. They
. are ulutimi 'of - amovethent thrparaing .
.. ~ _
.. -
_ .
The number of:these railirests larger
thatt!li genenallethPreliended outside
of piiiimerrfat. etrclea. Almost every
Coriatderable boron& furnishes one_ or.
retire Of them; and' the, :Imallercities a
eroPorlionate days ago, in
our o'the ifost kionithent towns rif' 'ren .
or 471 . Virikiiiienr'S EbtibliartiF; li en
adJrOaing•fo,aie, we heard of not lees
than Alc- , ErrnetithEr - of: these '7ras im
pmeidencootity.iniapseted. •
' This - cOgdlthzn.otati rsixasemonishes to
cireumipreiirio'llerenit'tile, pursuits, at
ell times more Perilous luau moat others,
*e.noi'attanded by pecidifir hazard& -
IT. apeeadPayninitaconid be promptly
L eac hed+
_th'lt lattiftlhait
urge bemuaelr would go tar to:
Imdire-101/ . l Kthltb: l lo l =Patled
petween the valtnof . gonds and there're
"br cern. Mittlife attainment la not now .
apparently es near as It was a year. ago.
'Melones Incident to a return to specie
scent to haVO been' encountered, and Jet
the consummation
. .13 indefinitely post
.doubt it is of:highernmernmemt to
hare tho,Unloif testored, so that all the
Bates may once :igen hold their nor
' taal teletions, to" each other and to The
generals gor,elMment. But it is of yet
higliereonsequence to have the Tinian
so restored Oslo mato mire theta': the
sacrifices recurred during ,the war were
not litvain. - 'FiCroUllthe rebeli;lnd all
the men who ' , encouraged them to take
up Mr* Anitat ~
not that citi,
forfeitures Audi bC'enforced, bit that no'
. , _
guarantees ahill - lie exacted. lot future ,
.good conduct.- What there' factionista
-wants ,=that as Pe rebels. faUed to , ac
complisit their . ends by getting out of the
Union, they - thaffikiw;incieedby'staY4
ing in. - That would be lucky for them;
i•• • I
In dtte, the ..r&alt could tie , broug,bt
about, bat - irtnild mike- the martyred ,
parrots turt' .theirtraYel.
Before Me. Luoant.s.vras assaultatcd,
- -Jon:neon avowed • his Purr*" tc",
break with the , Republican pasty.. He , ,,
did cot tvant ; the ynion 'dissolved; hut
he walutedjitet Uttle - that Remblican
ideas atinuld - Privill la .. the national se,!.;
element: f Hence, upon.hla acessaloisto
rower, after a'short period spent in die!
clumsily .aver wrought
;.; by prodigious • threateninka uto excite
the'rears 'Ural diacentio' went
' over rebel side; mid* factious cihY,
• position to Corigreas; - and ban io tar suc 7
• - med. followe.ra in the
800 Mein States as :to Impede reernastnte%,.
that. Yet' tightwas. has the / efrontery
to declaim
.bemoan reconstruction prch l ,
VOLVO no slowly:, :Übe wouldonly give
- bus ipflrience to that end, the whole weal:.
could be elpsei itt ninety days.
• .. -
. , : • —At Huntington, Ty.train county, there
• . has been an unusual amount oTsevere
i - —At yds the new town hall Is coin= •
' 'I. •t • pletol. It sews silvan hundred and fitly
people, add coat $30,000.
'. i •-•Ltertt. Ccil. David Dove, of the Second
fl ' Virginia ( opal) Cavalry, cited In Jobmf .
,1 eon count •, Ohio on the 12th Inst. 1
_l' 1 . —Ex-Maier Samuel Hendry and wife;
..1 t of Oberlin, celebrated 'their golden wed:
.- I ding on the 13th instant. 'Mr. and Mml
_t• • Swill, of Ravenna, observed a like anni
Ternary on the talc .
. .
—Mr. Ntithardel - Holmes, the oldest 1
]..,. t . citizen of Akron, died at his residence
, ... 1' on North Broadway. al 1 o'clock mit. on.
• - ' the 13th inst. Mr. tiolmev was born at
„... • Fisiskill; Duchess manly. New York, en.l
the kith day of May, .1111.3, and was you, ,
...-'---, sequently e 7 year*, 7 Immthe and 27 days '
. , .1 - old at the time of him death:
, •I -- —A corr&c"pfirelent of the Mansfield
I ITeriad rat . : ...31 . ra. Haskins, who died
,- at Camden 'on the 161.11 sait., was born In
_. • .-.- what is no w..l3tuling Wm, V r..,'ln 1731, and
::I t was consequently - 116 yesrs of ago when
• 1 she died. 'When. ytmnrsho kraaboand
, .., . out, and did much hard work. Iu early
life she lived - on Mug Island, end when
--1 the Brttisis invaded _-11 - evoNork, fled on
.• f. foot,cam, "tug. her boa and a few other
• articles eighteen miles, t a place of safe
. ty. She wain the thelher . of ten children,
- - f 1 eight of whom Kill survive."
. • I• ' —A Mt. Gilead .(31errew minty) iser
-respondent of .t . .tho CleVeland Irrxald
... j stays:" The old stock of molaasee on hand
' 1 - 4 Mae' bele2;..osed, Much of the wheat
, . [Wawa's sown has a poor.stool: ...Streams
, and - welts . were drksJ , tip fe a great ex,
'.. 1 ' tent, Llitratirs . and Mhera having to haul
"_ .. r water- - for lionse - stye ' and drive their
stock to water. it is thought by many
that - the drouth haltessesi the maturity of
. i .-. the apple
13a ,Mwiderable
It this co 2. The result has been
,I that green hppl bitro . riot kept - well:
..' 1. Over ten the d bushels were bough! ,
; in this- place,_. consluerable - loss - sustain
- I ed; rotten apples were hauled - oat by the
- . - load" muffle kind that usually keep mil
.s. , : til April and May arenow. Mellow. Fell
. - pas tufo being Short, fop:tired early feed
- I • leg. There: irldenty . of bay and grain,
- '-. but they . Oriznmarid a high price. Live
I stock of all kinds are - dant well; except
.. ..1 . -__LeheepWilere fairtetweinted; hat
. t -Vale demand for stock at priesent, There
is some wool Itt 'the r - market yet; price
'from 31 to - .IQ caste. . . .
—St.• Louie vaiasenger- railway com
play; live in number,- In their exlathlte
of buslueis for the lead year,'shciir . a
loss of over, enrenty- thousand dollen'.
= . Only one raid - lo the 'clty • hail made
money, and that .only- twelve thousand
.1 clll
ooenv appoal ts to be made to the
Leghdattlre,;-•Zr7 atithortty- to mice ,the
I le TromSPefo3lzemLL _i.:
.11Iwnnisnrrto, Tenn Kry 184 S.
The following resolutions were preArr ,
- oil' from thellallimot Committee:
Resolved, That 'the Attorney Geuerri
remmeted to proceed by quo warra n t°
or otherwise azainst the Atlantic
'Great Western Railroad . Company, and
should be fail In the Courts to reach the
corporation, report to the Senate. what
Isuislation Is nocewsary to compel the
Company tocomplywiththe object winch
the Legislstare had In view when - It In
coreorporeted It'
Resolved, That one thoneand copies of
the report and testimong be printed-
The first molutian wee pCstporteA
tb .
seeouti passed.
Mr. WALLACE, °nein:torporMing the
ArtbZins' Delx?sltl3ank P . itteburgh.
-Mr. WHITE, one autharizing Indiana
:›zointy to borrow inono3;for public huild-
Also, the Free Railway bill of list stal
alon as a Hopplesient tothe general la.e.
Mr: ERRETT, , one aulhorising the
Noblestown and Te,stiperarme - ville Plank
road Company to 'surrender parts of its
road in Tetoperancesille and West Pitts.
A bill requiring Bedford county topuy .
James Clark three thousand dollars for
a bridge over Raystriwn Branch, and
autherizing the fiecretary of the Com
monwealth to record all omcial bonds,
ployEed . ffnally. .
The litanton reacilutinna were passed
finally in:, Died', at -half rinst ' • eleyen
o'cicclf.., by a strict-party cote. _
so uirrass' ortrxu...ns!azpotrr.
Three thousand copies of tho Soldiers'
Orphans' - Report were ordered for the
Department, and one thousand for the
A reenhitlon by Mr. I'HELA....V;7i/fm-.
ocrat, of Greene, requiring a report from'
the Auditor general and SfabsTreasurer
of the number, names nod aalsriesuf
epeciar useemsers of National Bank stock,
at.pointed under the act of 18457, way, od
thin ofLtlr. TilgEbT,Alepubliciut,
E; iladelplila, referred to Committee of
Vt Sys arid Meads, .- .„ ; . ..
Ilan. C. -
H. Fonsey t Harrlaburi,
Ares elected Chaplain, alter en hour's de.
The Free Railroad Luur and the TIM.-
burgh and Cormelleville Railroad bill
*ere both • reported affirmatively, the
Gnmer by Mr. WILSON, and the later
by Mr. }ORD.
=nat. DALACItS.
Mr: WINGER, of Fre' nklln, read n bill
Mupenanting. UM citizens of Franklin;
Adams, Bedford; . Cumberland, York,
Perry nod Follett mention for rebel Me
WILSON, of-Allegheny, presented
supplement for the Mechanics Savings
Danko( PtUshingh.
riser la linenula—lt oval:Ilan la rellß
rrozrarslaz—Berelaslon la SWIM.
War BOtIVINM Brazil tau 'Par-
-Nzw Form, January n—Tbe steamer
Arisonn, from Aspinwall, brings a858,C00
Pasco reigns In New Grenada, and Is
_likely to be preserved for some time.
The revolution - in Peri is gaining
ground. In the South and Nortia
rebels had cut off Prado'a COMMUMI
!tun with the coast. and Arequipa appears
firm to hold out against him, while sev
eral other provinces are wader revolci
tionary control.. Tho — Gevernimant
troops, thotagh reiaibrced, have yet been
actable oft the better.of the . rebels in
the North.
A revolution hinvbroken out In Bolivia
The Milian Congress -has authorized
the use of eight hundred thousand dol
lars In the construction of a wharf and
bonded warehouses. at Valparaiso.
The steamer South America, from Rio
Janeiro' Dec. Hi,. arrived to-day. Two
raids bad been made by the allies and
threw. thousand cattle .and some horses
eaptuked, but no parties of Paraguayans
were-encountered. An expedition was
preparing in the allied camp to capture
a fortified Paraguayan. poet, believed to
horliwi point whence supplies passed
over tei the Chalcets end held hun
dred men: Deserters re that Lo-
Fz Mid three Wonsan wen at work
aking a road through: Chalon, and that
ie plan was to leave Hamita garrisoned
With two or three. thousand men and
-transfer the remainder to the above men
ttioned place, Dime' to' make heed In a
strong position. Meantime be continued
the construction of strong inner defen
eive lines and had organized a force of
one thousand cavalry which eameont
side the trenches but kept, within the
assistance of the cannon of the fortrens.
The river b Itteries of Elamite appeared
to bo crumbling away under the routine
nous tire of the Iron . •
• %Report said an expedition of five thou
sand allied cavalry was being prepared
to go to Ascension. 'The cholera has al
most entirely diaappeared from the al
lied army and the fleet.
A considerable band of runaway slavm
was attacked la the formta of the pro
vince of Para by wild Indians add all
but Ave killed. .
A collection. of twelve hundred fishes
wee made in the provlnca of Gem for
Prof. ems 's.
The cholera at Buenos Ayres is tilling
eighty to ene hundred and forty persons
Greatnumbers are fleeing to the
country, and trade is stagnant.
The Ranks of Uruguay have been al.
lowed to suspend specie payment till the
end of May, causing a paralyzation of
business in the Rio market. Sales of
mires fir the : month 1.50,000 bags -of
which '57.00:1 bags were for. the United
States;- prices unehangodc
Railroad:l Saterprts•—Tarrible :11t;ins
_ .
ref Se'wipe to tae ittteberat Ossetieo
SAS FrIA.I6ICO 3 Jac Central
Pacific Railroad Company propose 4o
mash forward their line across the plains
energetically daring
the present year.
They have organized a force of ten
thousand workmen to carry on thework
through the linmboldt -country.. The
Central Company . ablo - have two corps of
engineers currants the route between
San Francisco and Sacramento, intend
ing to complete the connection of
the two cities as soon as wasible.
It ie the Intention of the Cali
fornia and Oregon Company to com
menter work on' their road early in the
spring. The San Jose - Company expect
to complete the extension of their road
to Gilroy before next harvest On other
roads" surveyed through the Russian
river country work will commence in
the spring. -
. Late Idaho advices state a terrible
mew and wind snow parsed over that
country about the first of. January.
The Indians, tired of warfare, express
their WhirhSttech to go on a,reeematicarr
(By Telegraph to the Pittsburgh Gus Ate.)
Naw - Yonx„ -Jan. 2Z. 1147.
iranar.orans surf.
The Recorder. has decided to hata
Piastres of the Events° Mail, for trial
on A. Ilerres clyerste of fraud in the sale
to the latter of the Evening Gazette: -
Recordisr reviews the ease at great length.
780.1 t ..sarrawaLL. ,
_The steam frigate. Minnesota, from As ,
pinwrill, arrived to-night.
- - run - Boca: zazAirn Casa.' -
Thi case of _Fiske Belden vs. The
Roe Island Railroad was to-day post- ,
poned_to Saturday, when the main orte,t.
lion will be argued. . -
.-The steamer ,Franot: - from' Liverpool
on the dth, arrived to-night. , •
• s
• .
. .
, .
-• 1 -
A I A ~
-‘,- ik,. . '0 1
-Y \ AB. ., LI „'-h —f iti - --..A n
. --- *',VAUli!tr* 7
. . '
• -
• • ,
, .
-. . • ~--.---- ' , - • f'• - \ .
, , •
. •• It -/
_-- • .x . -',--
r- f-t0 . .. --- -is k ,,_ :• ::::., -.
v. li- -- -- ----- . --- /.!---- ; " , ;' ,--- _,... 1 ,. IP ..,,,..„-.-J .
..... ~,' - .1 , .,, -- .7,--„ s \ e---- • • *-
' .
. ..._ ,
, • .
•\ )• • .- -, • _I-, ', . ...,--.:44_ "----- , -.-A.: • < .---; - • 7,, -
i 1 51 . 1
1 H • - 1 4 1 i
..... ‘ „- 7 _ i.. .
... ,• ;: v .
: • „...„:-....,,,...„,._:,., _ 4 '""111111 --
~, ,7 7, ...,,,,..1 -7 , ' ....7.....rat ig te.-
- ' , "`•`"? 3 N a' -.ei k
, I 1
~.- .. 1 i
. ' ) ---.----- '; - --1... _ - • ,;: -___,.. r. "-'71.. ,
~.,,.- --.. --- ' ,4 L '- '" 1 ;.‘ 1- 1 1 ;'Fr i7 " ...... ...„,„ :4 ,.......„,„,___,____..._,„„ __ .”--:-..""-- ''.
•' ' ' --_,,.`„_,,
. ‘7., .._ +. • . ' '
~ , , • , ; ----- -- - , - - - i - -'-'-.7- .---.:-..----- -/- - '-- --,---- - -•- •- 4,..,. -....t '';',......„..,,,,..- ..., .... ,i ..v.
„,„ - '. - .:7-77' . - -1,.."8C...
.L - - - - . ,
, .., .. - -=" --- - - .7 - - - 77- -- af_ - ,---' 1 7 . 44,...-. , r_,... - , - ..,---..
,A-....-=' — ' - : - ---.--. 0- '7 , -..c.....,, • ...-_—_- ._ I , . .
• .: 4 1,
. . ,
~oli • ~ 7 7 /
, .
. . , , 7 .• , ..-. . .
• • . .
. . ,
. „
BY TeiegYstat to the PI Nth 11.teLte.y.
. Tite . QIIAIR announced the tbllowink
House hills for refereime :
Simplamentory 'Reconstruction Act.
On motion Mr. DOOL-ITTLE laid
over, its he &Ansi to addreas the Senate
on a motion to instruct the Committee
to report a certain amendment to the
bill for the relief 9( destitute perverts in
the Souls. Referred to Cemmittee on
Military Affairs.
Mr. TRUMBULL presentid a memo.;
rial of .Mumfarturomin Uhlo, complain-'
big 'against too system of appointments
tor Disbursements. and Collectors of
public. monies and. recommending. a.
sysitenforettaminallan of candidates to.
be adopted. Referred to Committee on .
. Mr. CATTELL, froin the Committee
oim Conference en the.bill to prevent the
contraction 'or currency, reported, and
the :report was agreed.-to. •
Mr. SHERMAN pie:muted a report
froth the Committee of Conference, on
the bill relieving cotton from tax, stating
they were unable to agree, and moved
the appointment of another Committee,
and instructing them to recede teem the
Senate amendment andrepertan amend
ment allowing the Importation of cotton
free of duty.
•• After discussion, at the suggestion of
Mr.! ANTIIONY,'.IIr. sttranaNniodlt
tied his_ resalutten by providing that in
the further conference naked by the
House the members of the Committee
on the part of the Senate be instructed to
recede teem .the Senate's amendment,.
prOv.i.filog the House 'accept the amend
ment telutvo to Imported cotton.
:Mr. MORTON moved to amend by
providing that the entire tax be suspend
ed till after ISitS, and aftee.that t year it lie
one cent ner bound.
After further debate the amendment
Was adopted by twenty-five to eighteen.
Mr. SUM2fEII, -from dua .C.onuidtteo
on. Pdreiglilielaticos; Fropoited a joint
resolution providing for they ; reprmenta
tion of the Unita' Statat at the Interne
•tinnal Exhibition at Havre; the present
year. IL authorizes the Secretary of the
.Na7:te detail one or mere. eMceri of
Mr. Tali MIAMI, opposed the taking
Ivor the bill; and referred to the appro.
'priadons on - account be the raria Expo
sition, which had kept On grbwing, -
The joint resolution was laid on the
Mr. HOWARD introduced a bill grant
ing altercate sections of land to the
Northern- Michigan Railroad Company
in 'extension of the Northern Pacific
Railroad, in the name manner and to the
same amonnt as provided in the act
granting lands to; the laik Mimed com
pany through Minnesota and Wiwi:Main
The road is to run from Saginaw City,
Michigan, to the Straits of Mackinaw,
and thence to - ■ point on the Montreal
Riter, near the south shore of lake Su
perior on the boundary lino between
Michigan and Wlsomsin. -
Mr. HOWE introduced a bill tomisind
the act providing forth° crillection of du
ties on imports, approved Starch. 1863.
Itererred to Comtinittee on Judiciary.
On motion' of Mr. CONK.Laliel, the
Judiciary Comodtho was discharge,:
iicin the further consideration of the
joint resolutions the rights of
Amorimu citizens to,zell vessels to citi
zens of other con htries.
On motion of Mr. HARLAN, the Sen
ate took tip Han hill appropriating ,gthi,ors:
fm tile tolnperary relief of dostitnte peo
ple of the District of Columbia. The
amendment of the Committee, nedoolag
the amount to $15,000, was adopted and
thn bill passed,
Mr. HOWE introduced a bill provid
ing for the removal of sults and proceed-
Inge brought in State Courts arairist
'Collectors of Internal Revenue, or their
deputies, and United State Mirabia,' to
the Courts of the United States. Refer
red to the Judiciary Committee.
The re.lution to admit Mr. Thom.,
Senator elect front Maryland, on taking
the oath, was taken up and debated by
TON and others.
The debate was interrupted by tho ate
nounceMent of the death, of Iteprewent a
tire NOELL.
ttetta-tea were pronounced by Messrs.
EIE.NDERSON and DitaliE, and tee
customary resolutions were adopted.
Alesartc. Mortill„ of Vermont, • Sher
man and ifendrickswero opnolnted the
second Conference Committee on the
...rotten taz
Mr. CLARKE. of Kanena. offered a
resolution calling on the Secretary of
Was feeluformaticm as 'to the ezterA of
the Tart Riney military reservation, and
whether It is all needed for military pur ,
poses. Adopted.
Mr. FERRY offered a resolution in
structing the Committee on Naval Af
.fairs to inquire, into the expediency 0:
establishing a Navy Yard and Navel
Dert Qnuitri
- Mr. ORAVF.LLY introduced a bill to
meats a Southwestern Judicial District
of Blissouri. Referred to Judiciary Com
• Mr. TATTLER offered a resolution call
ing onto Secretary of War for informa
tion as to the reported ri ulTerin gof United
States tr sips In Silks from cold and han
gar. Adopted.
The Housenraceeded to the
tioe of the tents amendments to the
deficiency bill, and disposed of them os
Amendment appropriating £1844 as in
creased compensation lo Congressional
printer. 'Concurred in. .
- Appropriating $15,000 for stationery,
with a proviaelhathereatter Only $l,lOlO
shall be allowed for stationery and newel.
papers to eachnjemberor henator for any
one session.
Mr. WASH BURNE, of 111., moved an
amendment thatno further allowance be
made-- for the year ermine March Id,
ISM, than Sens alrisady made. • ..
This gave risdito oatiaiderable dis
ci:lsidro, in the course of which, in reply.
to a suggestion et Mr. MAYIARD, that
all members should' be allowed lb draw
what other stationery they needed,
Mr. STEVENS, of Pa., said that pins
.had been tried and had to be changed,
because some members procured under
the' name of stationery pantaloons and '
shirt., • and; shaving soap molts h 'to
-Last them for years. (Laughter.) Some
members had run up an account for sta
tionery to nearlyalLPOClS • •
The diem:Lesion also extended to the
question of mileage, Mr. DRO3INVELL,
of Ills,. charging that western members
hluarged mileage by way of Chicago and
New York, and -Mr. ANDERSON, who
is Chairman of the Committee on We
ns., contradicting that assertion by the
statement that no western member bad
been allowed mileage by himself or by
the Speaker by way of Chicago and New
York; that the chic•go Member himself
(Mr. Judd) charged mileage by direct
route to Washingtcn.and that the mileage
of other members to collected un that
baste by himself abd the Speaker.
Mr. WASIIBURNE'S ,amendment to.
the, amendment was rejected and the
Senate amendment concurred in. j
AB the Senate amendments were
in without questban,-except the
last, which repeals all laws permitting
the transfer 'of appropriations from one
branch of business, In a Department to
=other branch: It' was non.concarred
in, and the bill goes back to the Senate
far Its action on that amendment.
Mr. WILSON, of lowa, from the Ju
diciary ,Comtuittee,•reported back the
bill to aid the Improvement of the Des
moinefi and Rock Inland rapids on the
Masts ppi River.' It permits the efficors
In chargo of the. work to take tho right
of way over tidpicent lands end toe any
earth, quarry,, necessary for the
prosecution of the work. After explana
tion by Mr. WILSON, the bill passed.
Mr. WILLIAMS, of Penn.., from the
saute Committee, reported hack the bill
providing for the of a Circuit
Court in Erie, Pa. eanowil.
Mr. SLIA....N . R.S, mom - Com m i t tee en
Indlaziliffainy repmted it bill' entheria;
lug the Secretory of the Intrripr to cause
the lands, of the Miami Indiana to be pa
tented. The bill passed. ,
Mr. GAItPELD, from Committee on
Military Affairs, reported back the bill
authorizing the sale -of the unoccupied
military silent Waterford, Pennsylvania.
WASHSURNE, • Indiana from
same Committre, reported back the
Senate amendment to the House bill in
relation to additional bounties.
Pendivg the discussion the morning
hoer expired, and the bill went over till
Several resolutions of inquiry of au
unimportant character were adop ed.
Mr. VAS; WYCK, from the Con mitten
on - Retrenchment, presented are sort in
the cue of the Gettysburg Asylum
scheme, closing with a rosolutlen direct
ing the CormilWoner of Internal Reve
nue to revoke hie pertnimion exempting
It from thspayment of a special tax and
license, the revocation to takeeffect from
May fillth lest. Ordered printed 'and
•postponed till tcemortntir.
The SPEAKER pre.ented extimates
for deficiencies in Indian Dopertment.
Referred Committee on Appropria
Also, a resolutlos- , of delegates of the'
Mississippi Coastlt/Atonal tionvenUoa
asking the ronioval of, disabilities from
It. W. Flournoy end three other persons.
Referred to Committee on Reconstrue
Also, a memorial - of a Committee of
C3otemon Councilor / Washington City,-
on behalf of persona out oremployruent,
praying for the improvement of the
chyle places reported by Mr: pickier,
in charge - of publiit buildogs and
grounds. Referred to 'the Con notice on
Public Buildings and Grounds
Mr. KERR offered a l resolo t on recit
ing that many of thin decisio a or he
United States Supreme-Court assess o
intrinsic value to the proleselo or tie to
country, and instructing the, udiciary -
Cntarnittee to inquire into the xPedien
ey of empswering the Court to threctlhat
such - decisions are net to be reported.
Adopted. I
. Mr. BLAINE latrodUcerl a bill . in re.
lotion to taxing shares in National
Banks. Reamed io Committee on Bank
lug 'and Currency. It enacts that the
'words ”place where the bank is located
and, elsewhere," in section forty-one of
the National Currency Act, shall be con
strued to mean the State in _which the
bank is located, and that the State Leg
islature may determine and citron the
manner . and. pitted •of taxing chairs of
nithinairlianks in the Stato,Mtibjectio
the testriction that the taxation shall not
be at a greater rate than is assessed upon
other monied capital, and. provided that
the shares of any National Bank owned
by a non-resident of any: State shall be
taxed in the eity or town where the bank
is located and nut elsewhere.
Mr. MAYNARD offered a resolution
directing the Secretary' Of War to inforin
the House..whether any'report hod been
made to Gen. Haaeoek 'of the riot at
Marshall, Tex., on the Clot of Decem
ber,'l66o, and if so to Aranualt a copy of
the tame. Adopted. , I
Mr. ROSS'asked leave to offer a reso
lution instructing, the Secretary of the
Treasury to suspend any further issue of
10-40 bonds tout farther action ef. Cou
pe., but Mr. UFSON objected.
Mr. JULIAN offered a resolution in
struming :the Postoflice' Committee, in
view of the great and constantly ineress
Log frauds Coneeeted with tile franking'
privilege, and of the necessity of eenne
inv ' , to inquire into the. expedienhy of
Willy abolishing that system.
Mr. JULIAN also offered a resolution
instructing the CornmlUce on Education
to Inquire into the expediency of provi
ding for a general oystem of 'erinrottion
in inn districts lately in rebellion, inclu
ding a sufficient number of nommen
schools for the education of every child,
irrespective of color or other distinction,
bettreen the ages of Dm and twenty.
The Rouse proceeded to the conaidera
atlOn of the bill reported by Mr. JULI
AN,. from Committee on Public Lands,
declaring forfeited in the' United Steles
eertairi lands given to aid the construr-
Boa of railroads in the States of Alabt,
ina; Mimilsirippi, Louisiana and Florida. ,
Mr. JULIAN addressed the House in
explanation and advocacy. of the bill,
dwelling at considerable length upon
meimpolley ofallowing five millions of
acres of land to be held in the grasp of
corPonalars,- end apeadstore, • -while
thirteen.foerteenths of the people - Of the
South am landless anddeeennein4 thane
corporations for the aid they gave tette.
rebillion. •
Mr. CHANLER, who had suggested
that the subject. Inattei or the hill-was
i f
before the Select Com Mee on South
ern.; Railroads, made o point of brier
that the question whet @retie.. railroad:
had been loyal or dial yal had no con
neellon with the measure before the
• The SPEAR Ell oveinted the' point.
Mr. 31:1.1AN then a id the gentleman
front New York •Nr. „Chanter) will
poseess hie s=l in• ed Mach, patleooe lio
ho can underdhisexreeimro of the rebel
ebaracter of hie friendslln the South..
, Mr. CIIANLER , (who was oecupying
a seat close to Mr. JulN.n) rose and ex
ziaiinedt . The gentlemen in flaking nnY
such's...erecut men he words of a
coward! •
The SPE.N.KEIt ins alley called Mr.
Cheater to order. - I _
- .
Mr. CILAISLEII., before reeumingdde
xest, stali: The gentlemen from Indiana
,hould not take advantage Of his position
to snake such a statement, and then pre
vent his (Mr. Chanter's) replying to tt.
The SPEAKER, knocking with Ids
ms-el, repeated that the remarks of the
gentleman ,frOm New York were out of
order.. The' *smirks having been re
sosed •••••1640,, I.y We", repurtvr,
were reed from the clerk's desk. The
words attributed to Atr:Chauler using
.he word "coward."
The SPEAKEII.ruIed that the lan.
gunge mud by tbo gentleman film New
Yordv was unparilamentarriand cut- of
Mr. CHANLER.mInded the Speaker
,hat la connection with the words ex
cepted to he lied nude use of the ozppres•
don that the gentleman from. Indiana
*al taking ialvatilaile Of his position.
The SPEAKER remarked that no
qualification justified ono member iu op
plyjutt to another the epithet of coward.
It was nisjiarliamentary 'and improper.
CHANLER—Certainly'not, if he
is one. •
Mr. JULIAN—IC the gentleman from
.New York believes what he my., he tem
toot that g nitration. eI any time. •
Mr. CLUNLEIt —Very well. air; I
iU take an early opportunity. Mae the
Chair ruled out of order the words of the
gentleman from Indium? '
The SPEAKER—The Chair 'ruled the
worda,of-the gentleman front New York
nukor order. [Langhterd •
Mr.•CHANLEK—That is `here easily
understood.: . .
The lIPEARER—The Cher will any
that 'the 'remarks from the gentleman
front Indiana, though they may not have
been eery pleasant to the- gentleman
trout New York, did not violate anyper-
Inuilentary rule.. They. may, -perhaps,
folio been severe.from their Inference,
butthey did not offend any parilainent-
The bdtweat over trot& to-morrow to
enable the allanouri members to to
madam the death or their Colleague,
Thomas Jr..:Noell.
ihdoittre were made by Mem.. 1:1:1V
priate resolutions were adopted and the
Ranee adjourned.
Are at Georgetown, ify.,"on Wed
nesilarmornlng, destroyed the 'totes of
Nichols & Co., hardWaro G Mad
dox & Co., , grown', B. Rink, confec
tioner,And an unoccupied house owned
by P. A. W. Fonvood. Total lose esti
, utabAl at twenty-boo thousand dollar,
!neared for coven thousand five hundred
dollars. Furwood Insured In the :Ken
tucky Insurance Company for three
thouiand dollars, and bleddox& Cu., In
the the .Stns for four tnonsand live hun
.At atemp his, yesterday theralng, ■
tire broke out In Case at Co.'s saddlery
warehouse, destroying , the bhlldltiir.„the
upeer floors of which were occupied by
Mrp.'Yeemer and Mrs. Zimmerman no
boarding houses. kleveinl female occu
pants barely escaped and were only res- -
eudd by the firemen with ladder.. Luau
$14,000; nearly covered hy 'neurone° In
eruUerzt companlica...
-While the little &ailing --steamer D.
A.llewitt was lyingatFloridaLanding,
near Napoleon; Ark., last Thursday, the
rest of herenfety valve gave we,. and ,
the steam rushed through the state room
above, scalding to death' Frank Crosby,
the clerk. Croeby'e wile left the room a
moment before. The deceased. was a
native of Fort I.kidge.l".
-1-Considerable talk - In occasioned in.
pobticat circles at Welshington City over
the into that EllimilYealiburne dodged
when the vote was Liken on the reoon
stroctlon bill: Re eras. in his seat and.
voted on the ammultriente, but when the
anal vote was taken he, did not respond
to his name. This give. rise to a our
misd that he was Iniinenced to this ac
tion by Den. (Rant. -
- I L-, An immense Mint meeting was held
in.bon'alo, N. Y:, last night,' the Mayor
presiding. Speeches wore made and
strung resolutions pled in favor of
protection to American citizen" in for•
elgn countries.
- , -Allthe parties engaged in the fatal
prize fight on Bloody Island, near St.
Louie, on Sunday last, have been or.
rested and tent toPill,in await the action
of the grand Jury.
fire, atonally Um eiplesion of a
coal oil limp, occurred at • Ottumwd,
lowa, on Monday night. Eight frame
buildings wore denitroyea. Lout $1.14000.
-.R. A. C.hapin,Genoral Superintendent
oftbe Toleda.Wabashl d Westernßall.
way, died at Springfield, Illinois, peeler
day evening. 4 • '
-4• At. Cleveland, Ohio, Root, Whltolaw
R Co's, leather store was damaged to the
extent. of $25,000 or j30,000--covered by
.--The 'Maryland 'Republican State
Convention is called !for March tith, to
elect delegates to the Presidential Con
-6Thre• hundred ant fifty barrels of
114,14 were seized at Boston onTueulaj,
by. Revenue Insgecter Connelly of Net
• =Ron. CblefJustice
of the Supreme Court: of Rhode Wand;
has resigned.
The Cotton Tax .1144
Rtsimtion of blolstor
Arrest of Americans Abroad:
The .4 king(' oatg Faa ads Case
U 7 relegniph to t4C l'lttelot.gtt Usaut.'4l.3
• .
The eeereni ConferineeCrimmlitee on
'tin. Lill to I.4peal the tax. - On Coitozi hi is
egroed to. rap i st to _t_ho reepoctiwe
houses that the bill. an peseta', hy t4O
Haynie shall be adented, Ili..Simian
.unendnient taking the tariff off I ;coaree
India cotton. This to In aCconianCi3 with
the in•dructionv which tho Senate gave
the committer, appointed - by.•tt - this
afternoon., •
anumre fir A attiltlOAN CLIIZZIU •DTLOAD.
General Banks, Chairman of the Bonze
Com nine° on Foreign Affairs., le' prat;
paring him report Anil bill relating to tke
arrest anti Imprisonment of American
eitizemi Abroad. The report will eab
. lirece fell details of the arrest.* sweetly
made by the British anthorlttem Thhbb
Committee will meet to morrow ' when
the report anti hill will Ina loW before
them, anti alentiti action be taken Gem
Banha will bring the matter before the
Home to-Morrow.
Will cootie up in the Supremo Conti
next week, and most decide the follow
ing Tadao, First—Whether a. seizure
and capture WO the same. Second—
Whether i,ha property liable to capture
and prise embraces land held by private
title. Thtrd—Whether property tainted
by the guilty, camsent of the owner. is rec
lined by bispadon after conieturtation
and before sales.: Fourth—Whether the
cit gen abut up in a place occupied by , .
Confe.lande arms MO be responsible le
the United States', for brfoch of manic!.
pal law under the ermsmand of - the Mili
tary force of the I . Confederacy. Fifth—
Wilether the Conktltutten operates with
its , ,plarantece when the United State*
recovers the city.
TheSseretary of the 'Navy, in view of
the contemplated reduction of the Neva!
'and Marino forts., In the Howse remota:
lien that it was 'unnecessary to proceo
Pother at present , in -the building or
ono tpping Mblpt of war, t +-day sent a
:ctter to the Speak. r reducing hle tali
ru t , to $'21.9..t1,-rt,t; a reduction of
• .111,11,1:1111.10NCIL • ...
John P. hate h. tendered his resigns•
Lion n later at the Court of Madrid,
And a new apin,intnient will soon be
outdo. '
cons , atlcui tot , woreemet,
rea,sssea to tars en slounib Us.sette.l
,Woncissvc.e, January ,
vention . of Isfauts torturers of Noir 's'Eng;
lend s essembled to-slay, and'orgsnircd by
clorsi sig . lion. William Grey, of Bolen.
P. esisltnt;and tiny or more Vice Preei
aenia. The .mennlmf sesssien wan occu. ,
Plod in file iiiipuintelellit of c.,rnruittesso
and listening to the .srresitionris apersit,.
whirli was •well received. The attend
-1-01.71' Marge.a •
. ,
Too committee on IteyatnUone. after
:on honal deliberation,' reported a =Oat
wieth - the indowing le
Nyalop.ta: • •
'the Convention approves the action of
the Notional Innufacturers' Convention,
neld at Clem land,'ln lacember last, in
recommending the Abolition of all taxa
tion on the fleet-nary domestic indus•
trios of do cuituttry, and the impaaltion
n taxation upon luxuries, and re
zarde it as all. nuspieious omen
.bat the tlr.t great movement should
,arse from the west, with whose inters
our and prosperity the well being of the
.entire country is closely allied. It our
(tally amours with the alb rotation made
ov toe Cleveland Convention of the ear
r;slness of the full end Just peinsent of
the tuitional debt And cud before all
dher considerations of advantage to in
dividuals or elamsea.
.The resolutions ere further that the
powers of consomption of the people and
their proLitable ownpatiou are in pre-'
portion to the diversification of prude*
tire mnpioyment, end conspinently to
the .ritrVeittpUlVlll of manufacturing, -as
well as agricultural industry-
and rem
inerce; that notwithstanding -a:Vivien*
mentiftcluring industry with increasing
tapitai,lfiim - 11S saving the prodactive
power of the =entry, must fall behind
the supply Of necessities. the comforts
for the peop/e dCpaitlib t the cbtriperiet
lion fbr labor be reduced; the murcre for
&Inman and nit slim commerce fall, and
the ability to endure taxatioa be isern
oimiy le.eoed. Jo' =known:Plainest% of
these principles, It has bran the policy,
of all modern civilized 'mittene to make
such administration, disposition and dis
tribution of taxation ris would most favor
.their domestic industries.
- - -
The taxation on neressarypmdrictions
lit Ml* country, imposed when the life of
the nation wes'endangered, and most
. rhearfultv paid to preserve It,' baseline.
endumbfe when it is paid to save the
foundations of Industry which sustains
the material life of the nation.
. -
Further, it LS demoustruted by experts
euco that tax: upon production has al
ready largely it:sorbed the savingof ear
loatilifacturing indtuitry, leaving b ant.
ticket oleans 10r its extemtion in proper
dui to our increasing population that In.
now encroaching upon the capdahteelf;
that it tact materially Impaired our pro
ductive power and our topacaty to pur
dbase the raw material of the egrioultus
ral districts; and the continuance of this
burden must Involve the ruin of that di
versified industry which has green pros
perity to the United States.
The concluding resolution is in the fel
lowing words:
Reaoleed. That while the ritanufactu
tern of the gout:try detnand - torbe-bestrd
lu relation to such filets :effecting the
public and their own welfare as it
is their 'peculiar province to ob.-
. serve and 'duly make t known,
they con tide iq the wisdom and patriot
ism of Congress fur due provision for the
national obligations and rho imilspousa
hlo otpendieUros of the Government,,
and also for ouch retrtenelonctil and econ
omy us our present linartelal and indus
trial condition urgently require.
The resolutions worn adopted by accla
mation., - '
_ . .
A meniorlal,to COEltreee woe adopted
e l!;ilAvtlijclogie end eugg
an' to
h e r m
Lions might be arrived at. •
Fifty-ono delegate,' to. Washington
were then appointed. to iarryy out the
wishes of tho Convention,• and to urge
"'Pon tie Government their earliest
consideration. Of the delegates four are
representative!' of woolen umuufac
tory', six that of cotton. coven of paper,
One of machine card clothing, two of.
calico printing, 'fifteen of shoes and
loather, three or watches, six of nerd
tOre, one of iron and its produc 'mt
tem cutlery. •
11 After the customary closing pr eed-'
legs, the Convention adjourned, t e nt•
most harmony having charm:Gni tin
nese. Kamera glamor* =toper or
testes—The steamer A. h. Vogler
(Dy SelegrapP W Um Plltalrugb GingettAN I
AVANA,, Jan. 2,—A telegraphic dis
patch, - dated City of Moxlco, January
lab, says President Juana ham tendered
to Senor 'turner° a position In the Cabi
net ns Alinisterof Finance. Thire 1. no
doubt Senor Romero will accept the of•
hoe, but before entering neon the duties
wilt probably , return to askington for
a short Um*.
(loc. Aura line Doer' appointed Minis
ter of tbe Interior.
Tho Spanish War etaainer Chorruca
was ordered to Carthagona, to watch the
Manner li. 1L Cuyler.
.11 as awn, January Ir2.—A Mexican
fleet, c insisting of the steamers Goargts
and Tobaaos, two brig* and two schoon
ers, arrived before Canspechie on the
ivatant, and dliembarked two
ihonaand troops under the command of
General Alaloorelel Fenner. They would
lnunediately march upon Sisal, to 'sup
press the rev lotion and restore Govern
or Lepods. The steamer Georgia, or this
fleet, which 'arrived at Ravens to-day,
.brings this intelligences'
:Mr. Matxuate, bearer of dispatches to
the State Department at Washington, le
o pawnor in the Clepricht....
!tumor Concermins Russia. Denied.
The Alabama Claims
loinanciaL. and Commercial
I 3=M!
123:134011 DENIED
}.ones, January 2:2.—The report
'which 'has been extensieely circulated
Odd thd Russian government ,was send
-11:1$ troops to the eouthorn frontier hi Un
true. That government, in an ?facial
note, hoe denied the rumor.,
LONDON, January '_S.—Tho'
of the Alabama (Halms hes recently been
reused In the English journals. Lord
Jinhart has written ;two 'able lettere to
the Times, in which he sustains the post.
SJOri taken by the American Clurernixteut
on tho subject. The celebrated writer,
"Ilistericun, , in a, comuraicaticro, sad
lho eLoridou Times, oditorfally, igply to
Lord flobart's arguments. Tho terms
of these replies, an; moderate and con-
rximici&L D tOY3IZK 1&T
LONDO If: January :.2.-- . -Evening.— , Con•
kola 2.730,921. Fivo-twentlem dull ut 7/i
lllnnla Central 854. Erie 4n. •
FRANK - volt?. Jou nary --Evening.—
tov.toren ties 78.
:try, Ker, January lr---Erenin
Petroleum dull at. 44 imam. '7.—
January • -Evening.—
Cotton; nalry. of-13,000 bales; middling
uplands to arrivo 71d; on the spot 71d;
Orleans .®Bd. 13neadgtuffs drawl
firm and nue - banged. Provisions—Beef
1.2.1%; pork .745; cheese (.3. 3d; lard 51.1;
tocow4oa. P.roduco—Tallow 4.3 a; othms
hr 1t
Ins Mlvrawno—ADDiti..B.4 liT , '11[11116?
Ripnatomo, January Conven:
lion tosiay adopted the proreeit article
is the bill of Rights ileciering Virginia
coequal with other Stat..
B/Shrip Alcllvaine mode khrief adelreen
to the CoOveotlon.
Gen. Gmnt leaves for Washington to
Gen. &beheld gives en tOtertninment
tonight to the Peabody Educational
Fund Trustees.
At a meeting of tho Trustees of the
Peabody Fund, held to-day, the following
tesolutied ♦as offered by Gen. Grant
and adopted:
Boleti:ea, That in •iew of th• present
destitution prevailing in the Southern
and Sonthweetera Buttes, it is, In the
opinion of this board, expedient that the
Executive Committee and General Agent
be authorized, in conformity with the
permission granted by Mr. Peabody, to
expend forty per cent. of the principal
of the fond, in addition to accrued in
?crest, and that as large n portico of saki
suns, not exceeding two hundred thou
sand dollara, be erpendid during the
current year es in their Judgment can he
advantageously used to - promoting the
object of the trust, and the authority of
the Board in hereby given to such appro
:Another resolution wee adopted, giv
ing the general Agent authonty a in
crease the tonne already prioritised for
educe - Lion, and make phymen us quarterly
or Semi annually.
The Board adjourned to meet in Now
York on the third Thursday to Juno.
accomericcermx coyricertow.
11—Tiss v...
Inn spent to=day In fixing, the per diem
and mileage; and alga resolved to have
reporter. The per diem was fixed at
sigh. dollans for results's/ and twelve
dollars for Eresident, end mileage at
twenty eedte. •
en A MLESTON, Jan. 21.—1 n the Coro
ventiou today retstiul lons were adopt
ed referring to dividonsi of the dis
tricts of the State, teestablLshlng a penal
code and reform school, and to reergau
lsethe Supreme and Inferior Courts of
ihn Mate. Some app.:Mann was mani
fested to the measures for relict, hilt the
majority were in favor of them.' and the
question will probably be decided to
mornziw. •
ur~eou. •
ATLANTA, January '-`2.—The time of
the Convention wee largely taken up to
the dierthwilon of the alleged miarepre
mentatlona by reporters, A oommittee
of live we., a ppoin led-to iLlTeallgeto Rath
Tx* additional Factions of the Bill of
MOW were adopted, emeatlally the
fame av to the old Coastitutloa.
.& call was hutted to.tlay - by the radi
cal Committee for Convention at thla
point on the 19th of February for the
nomination of ► candidate for Governor,
State ticket, ttc. _ . .
• 114 z
MOB. .!
l'Ard.Amtmet. Jan. 21.—1 n the Conten
tion to-day a resolution prsicriThlng no
oath of office fur members' and atom
wee paeeed.
A teSOICILIOI3 Wail adopted to telegraph
ChM, Meade Informing him the Con
vention woe ready to receive any com
munication he may have to make; abss
to Col. Sprague, commanding the Dis
trict of Florida, inviting him to a seat In
the C4nvention., -
A report of the COmmittee on Organi
zation, relative to the election of clerks
and meesengers,.was adopted. authorl•
sing the President of the Convention to
appoint such number of eich a s was no
The rules of the Heuite,of Represen
tatives, with alight alteration. wore
Governor Walker and the State of
wait, invited to sesta la the. Conveation.
The Committees on Finance, Geller
and Printing were appointed.
Ordinances for the relief of the people,
prohibiting the sale of any. property an
an execution, and for the' collection of
taxes, 'end ordering the miaow of all
persons now Imprisoned for non-pay
ment of taxes, were passed.
Taxiaassatc, January :12.—1n the
ConVention no business of important*
was transacted, except the aPPeletutont
of standing committees. W. It. Christy
resigned, and S. Conant, white, was elec
ted to bin piece.
Jammer, January the Consti
tutiocal Convention to-any the rules
were auspended to receive the reporte of
Standing and Special Committees, and
also the report of the Committee ap
pointed to confer with the General Com
mending to request him to suspend the
collection of taxes for 113.07 from all per
sona not allowed representaff on.
The Committee on memorial to Gon
gs... requoating the removal of Mato
officers, made a majority r i i , rrt, reciting,
that the loyal people. of isaissippi re
quire immediate aid from Congress to
T4lllOllll the obstructions impeding their
reprmentativesinConvention assembled;
that tits Government is administered by
rebels, not merely In name, but In heart,
bend end deeds, in all rospecta save
open hostility; that the great mass of the
Southern people manifest 'absolute and
unmistakable hostility to; reconatrue
tlen; that the faithful • Union men and
loyalists have met proscription with
calm defiance and unfaltering devotion to
the country, to liberty and to the Union;
and now that rebel. sentiments hero
culminated on the floor of this Conven
tion, in a member's report to this body
averring that the Convention is en un
authorized assembly, called by an un
nonstitutional law of Congress, and has
therefore no legal or binding power
In the State of kiisalaelppi com
pelling obedience to Its *Miasmata;
the officials in the adminlairation of the
Provisional Government of - the State,
whose terms of office have 'expired, but
who have been continued hi °Bice bythe
forbearance of Congress, have neglected
to protect the life and property of loyal
men, have need, and will continue to
nee their }ewer to prevent this growth of
loyalty red restoration of peace and
Order, at least their action or non-action
may result greatly to the embarrassment
of the Convention in the work of moon
! emotion. Wberefore,in tbenameandin
I behalf of the loyal people or.Mimbudivi.
in the name ofjustloe, loyalty and - nn
Inanity, eremosteensetlyand ran medal
yetiion your honorable bodies to
aVlnarmtalk . Caffirelffilffn to declare
. .
the civil riffle. of State vaninf. and to
fill thetb at once by the appointment
of true loyal men who we believe will
greatly contribute to the ElUelaS49 of the
Congreexionul plan of reconstruction.
A roinorify ofthe smile Committee re
ported that es Cong.a bag confided rho
State-affairs to the Military Commander
of tne District ns the bill now pending
beforo Congreeli in all probability will
pass, giving General (leant ialperylso
ry power over all - the military dis
tricts, thus securing . a more . just
and efficient Government in this and
oil other Southern' States; as
Cangiess reeently'rleiented the resolu
tion to vacates moat offices and wrapover
the Convention to fill them; nail asprob
ably the !speedy change from military .to
civil government will be established by
the Vote of the peciplei tbereore, it Is
deemed inexpedient to thus ruamoraliao
Congreason the =WOOS. • •••
No action was taken on either . report.
NEvr oetrAtoc,-.len: 22.-4 n the Con
vention to,riay article ram - AY-three 74 the
Congitution, prorlding for the eleetion
of two Sheritt4 nniTtwo Coroner. 4 fir, the
Parieh of Orleans, was adorited. One
Sheriff tea Moor oetlie Criminal Coltrt
and the What o( the Ctell °nut!,
Article ttnety-thm" - toldnety-stx
clusiye, deflnlnct thenoti.its'of (nape telt: -
meet and .preeeribing process • thereof,
were adopted, .
Delocal. to the iLepetblteluor Nollollll4l
Ceztvenetten , lattmeted fey Grant.
tity Tooomoo to the rttletmegh klasette.)
Aucrusra, Mt., Sannary 21—At a Con
vention of the Repablican members of
the Legislatitre, for the purpase of choos
ing .fmnr. Delegates at Largo to the Na—
tional Republican Convention, title ste&
log, the *glowing gentlemen were mini
mouely elected: Hon. Sahmel E. Spring,
Hon. L. A. D. reqeenilen, Gen.
M. Playste.l end Hen. Eugene Hale:
The following. were chosen Alternates:
Ron. Isouc liobson, Ar C. ITowny, Ebert'
• Woodbury and Wm. Nt.'lltcArtbur.
••••••.. . - • • .
Resolutions endorming General Grant
and instructing the delegate,' to yeti, for
hie% in Conreietton Were - unanimously
Elstimings tO to Z.Ue4 [04•46.
Yrop,to .rreveas,/s. • . • •
. •
• Quznno, Jan. 22—In the Legblatiro
AElkitubly thin 'afternood 'tietiee Wes
given of a motion that the Committeobn.
Emigration bo instructed to inquire into
tho primary can-e of the emigration at
citizens to the United Stolen, and that
the Decimal: moans be taken, to Idevent
the name. .
TORONTO, 7NR, =.—TheltiiriO I.ogi
!eters voted $3,0011
for the relief nt' the
dletreesed fishermen of Nova Scotia.
_Mateo Legiesatere. : • -
f,' T:laer•nata th4rlttativitk tisseue.l. -
• A I.:OLISTA, January Z.L.—lrs the
Lintuntlexlay the Judientry.Comrnittee
repo riad .11• bill repealing
the the elute
constabulary net.
till IV) 80i3U Rf AN.
A Nhnepi. Ll~vanL
Mr. Charlet; Meeker, a tletee,t/re Mow
Newark, Nair .Jorrtey, -paned through
U. 4 city .yeetentrty, Laving in charge
tlearie NV. Lonbtu sit. Wl.Marti-Mau
gets., whom lie arrested at Detroit, Mich
igim, n few days sines,- for fraudblent
operations extenrively curried: en in
Newark. It appears that — Lonna is a
Now" York sharpur and has viotimiseil a
numberof NewJerse,y inns. A short time
since ho visited NOwack end rergesented
himself as a shoe dealer . , at No. '2l Court
land street, Neon . York, giving as refer.
emes names of prominent brokers and
business men in it:incite: Ills oldest in
visiting N•werk, he ialdova. to pur
chase leather, and he succeeded admira
bly, as be purchased tilarge„quantirl of
leather freer different firms at good
grdne • end 'on - siliteble. terms. After
making all the purelissoi ho desired,
he depariefrivitli them. Subsequently
the Newark men became uneasy and
vieited New York, and upon calling on
some of the gentlemen to whom they had
beedreferred,were answered that Lnmes
was all right, which for the time satisfied
them. After the matter had run for some
thne they stain instituted inquiry 'stud
learned there wan no !inch man doing
business on Courtlend street, and nt thr
mane time ascertained tint they had been
swindled, and that the man who had
imposed u.lou • Winn had left ..tho
city in I estripan - with: en names:
Mr. Becker took the matter in hand. and
after a considerable:search, and repeated
ly taking. up lust clues, succeeded .in
tracing the false pretender to Detroit,
Michigan. lie arrested him there no
tiaturdav,. and stinted with him for the
Stud, arriving here on Ida ratite at shout
ten o'clock Tneedity evening." The
prisoner was placed in the lock-up over
night, and yesterday morning xis talon.
out, handcuffed, and taken on towards
Newark on the treiu. -is sup
posed that some of the which ap
peared en Lowell's recommendations
were not forgeries, and their owners are
implicated in the doings of the prisoner,
apneas.* or DoI
The friends of the orphane of soldiers
will rejoice to know that the establish
ment for their education and general
welfare at Phillipsburg, under•the care
of Ray. W. G. Taylor, eminently suc
cessful. When ws visited it there were.
about one hundred bo' antleighty-two
girls enjoying good health and most
wisely managed,. It is aground forgret.
nude that the Saperintendent • knows
how to reach the orphan.' hearts and se
cure their love and attention to duty,
without !severe disciplinary: measures.
Aided by compatont teachers the urinal
branches of education are well taught,
and an opportunity given to leant innate
on the Mane. The religious education
will bo cbristlau without Ming sorgarlim.-
It is affecting to address arongregation
of precious youth, whom fathers offered
up their liven forthetr country in its great
strtiggleamituit rebellion.
The huildMo for Ude institution are
well adapted lor ♦anilla/lin and
heat, and everything to kept cloen-and
neat and to IL, place. 'The boarding and
dreg* of the , orphans Is substantial and
comfortable. Everything to adapted to
make a useful ned happy home to all
children who can bo reasonably salletlede
Four gentiernen the vianitv,
longing to different political jurtim, have
given everything appertaining to the in
stitution a thorough examination, and
''congratalate Col. McFarland, the State
Superintendent of soldiers' orphans, and
thh State anthosities on the great success
that has attended the soldieng orphans
school; located at Phillipsburg."
Caroline Eleenhoven whs arrested on
Tuesday evening on a charge of larcony s
preferred by Ifni. Davie, of Allegheny,
before Alderman Donaldson, and. was
confined in the lock-Up until yesterday
morning, when she had a hearing,which
developed the following Doter The de
-resident, it appears, lived with Mrs.
Davis, and has always some agood char
acter for honesty. On Monday. Mn.
1:r, had occasion to use her pocket book
while engaged in the kitchen with the
defendant, and after using it ahe left it
lying on the table. Shortly after she
was milled from the room and remained
out about ten minutes, and on her return
missed the pocket book. Thidefentlant
in the meastbae had gone to the cellar,
end wan still there when Mrs. Davis re,
turned to the kitchen. Scorch Was insti
tuted for the lest pocket book, but to no
purpose, 113 It could not - be found.. The
defendant wan questioned about it, but
denled.any' knowledge elite wherea
boots. As lie one else had beeP in - the
kitchen during the time, suspicion poin
ted to her an the guilty one, notwiths
etandifig her previous good character.
She wan arrested aid searched, but no'
evidence of her guilt was found: She
was committed to jail for I{:faithet
Dry Deets at Great Barge
great bargatne its seasonable dry geode
are offered the trade at the extensive
house of Messrs. Bates Bell, Na fil
Fifth street. The firm base on heed
very large . stock, which was Wattled
with fan care and Judgment during the
present depression In the Eastern mart
kat', and which to new offered' at 'WY.
low prime. as cheap as con be obtained
elsewhere in the city. The stock em
braces silks,' Depth* merinos, dre
goods or all deseriptions,'. shawls and.
everything usually kept it similar first
class houses. A visit, friends, isedviaed,
as there b no charge for Mowing goods,
arid all are afforded an opportunity or
Judging of the remarkable bargains of.
„ .
a:ferret' the Court; John Biham,
wail absent from Ida Melee yesterday, in
consequenco of a deal/al.:fhb family.
\ A liallroliCo1111•Ion.
, (tont half pest four o'clock Tuesday
evening's 'collision occurred on the Al
legitetixVititel• Rai tread, near Brady a
Bend, bekween two. oil trains. A train.
ofeloven ars leaded with coal and eleven
oil tank cS drawn by engine No. 8,
lest this city fur Ventingo City in the
evening, bet fore reaching Brady's
Baud was behind time. The credo oil
train, drawn by-en too No. 25, coming
towardsthe city, w as 100 a Bide Ovum',
end when the train going north had pin%
ceeded a short Zlistatice tioyond Brady'a
Bend the one drawn by N0..25 come in
night. The engineer •of the latter train
succeeded in reversing hie 'engine. and
checked the progyess of the train entirely.
The. Rabagoing north, however, could
not. be. slopped, and a violent' collision
ensued. Engine No. 8 was" almost com
pletely dethollabed, but the other loco,
motive was very tittle damaged, the only
Injury being the tearing of the cow
enieher. ' The firemen and engineers on
With locomotives escaped injurj• by
Jumping o ff . Locomotive No. Ti was
attiNtheti to the train going north, and
prixSeeled with it to Verrangei City, and
ariolW'ohginta ;eras sent to B r ady's
the ' ern& '•oil" tialn. The pore of 'both
trains were uninjured. - , • - '
Attorney. General Htwster is now ens
gaged before the Supre e Court, at Mil
faislpilln, in a number cif! Important elutes.
then. vs. Pittsburgh and Connelbtvillo
Railroad CamPany, involving the quilt
. .
,of the validity of the 'act repealing
the charter of that eompany, was before
the Cotirt lust week, and o&ropled three
'days in argument.' Hon. Reverdy John
son and J. H. Latrobe, Esq., appeared
for defendants. 'Judge Green's ease and
that of the Gettysburg asylum for inealld
soldiers will alsolxi heard' arlng-the
present session of the Court iiipPhliedel
phis. The former case is to test the'con
stitnUomllty of the actor thelastsesslen;
erecting.n new Criminal-Court in Dan
phlw,-Lebanon and Schuylkill counties.
'Cheque serranto In the Gettysburg =se
- was returnable in July last, bet no Court
sitting until the fell, and the pleading
requiring -a . considerable rsw
focted,no argument has yet been had.
The -ease will be finally disposed of as
soon as's day for argument is forced by .
'the Court. 'the question of the righter
the (kneeler liemions 'Judges to enter
rules,- within term, to reconsider .tien..
lance. 'unposed by them, and of remit
ting .the same to on indefinite Reriod,..
salter-they hare been pronounced, is also
being .prepared for the court at its pres,
Vrit tie;. Grooe.y Z,mablhOhmeimi.
Among tho 1.1r.4. glass represent/alei!.
ostabLiehniants of our sister city, Ansi
gtieny, none stands More deservedly
high in the eatimatiod of the il'eneral
cnearnunity than the wholesale. and re
tail grocery and produce house of Menus. -
Mcßride it George, No. 164 Federal
„strict.. Since assuming charge of this
old sad 'faioritlily known house, this
tiers 11,14'e succeeded, by Conducting their
business In admirable manner, In mo
nopolizing a frill share of public patron
sge, and in rendering their stars a popu
lar headquarters for thepurchasing cow
trotully.• Their stock or grocarlen, teas,
coffees, canned fruits, suers, isploo.
table X onalments and provolone le al,
ways kept up to, the full requirements of
trade, and will be found to possess.
unusual attruchons, being large, Cheap
sod 'hob. Monstkeepers Should not
fall to . bay Mcßride .t George a purchas
ing volt, and thus become convinced of
the great advantage afforded by thls
hon%s-for their patronage. flaring per,
sonal - hcqnlntance with both members of
the Arm we are prepared to commend
thorn in the highest terms to our readers
as gentlemen eminently worthy of en
"courtgement, being honorable and fair
dealing in all their transactions.
A serionsaceideitt occurred at Jones
Latiightires . ; Iron Works, on .Tttemliy
ftornoon, which came near remitting
tOtallyle John Hosonthrall. .who wag
employed at the works as carpenter. Mr.
it got into an empty coat oar, used Air
the purpose of drawing coal from theipit
to the works, for the purpme of
to the "check house," and had pro
ceeded to a point where the trestle work
over which the railway ntn, which was
about twenty-are feet high, when the
car slipped from the track and was pro.
cipitsted to the ground with the man ifs
It. Ills injuries were at that thought to
be fatal, as it was some time after he was
taken up before ho was restored to cote
selousurso. He was, 83 soon lI.S the etc
cuinsiances ethic case would'pe.rtait, re
moved to hie house In Vpper St: Clair
township. His injuries., although m
elons, are not as hados at arid supposed,
end he is recovering slowly,
,It tells well for the intelligence of the
young mon of our calm, that the chum
formed for gratuitous instruction to
their members by' the' Young Men's
Christian ..Aitsciation and the Church
Guild are so well sustained. We made
s little call last evening on the class to
the Young Men's Christian .Association
rooms, to which Tuesday evening is
devoted—the class in music under Ms.
James Digby—and Were gratified with
the manifest, interest Mr. Digby is
to maintain in the instruction he is im
parting. Every seat wee taken and Mr.
Digby seemed to enjoy the undivided at
tention of his pupils. •
The Same:dad= has Setaes also in me
chanics, which mee' at night, usually
nyder tie carp of Prof. E. P. Crane of
the Western University; another in Ger
man taught by Prot, Philip Bapperport
on Friday evenings, and one inmechenl
cat erawing; under Messrs. Butler and
CryiLtle, gentlemen profesdonally Bunn.
Mr with the matters they teach.
The Enterprising Firm otltarr,dinalte
dr. Biletler, music dealers, on St.. Clair
street, havesent on copies of two plenslos
sows entitled "The Meeting," by Ed-.
ward Ilerrmenson, and "Those dark
Eyes," by T.ll, Bisboo. tiVeneedtouilly
say a word in their praise; the Muds is
sweetness sad harmony itself. In addi
tion there Is a mazurka brill/ante,
tled "'Enchanting Bonnets," by B. Meek,
'a splendid compositica for advanced
scholars, worth while listening to at
any concorL
Grallrylng.—Thesheriff of Northamp
ton county his not a single solo of real
estate for the approachingianuary court.
Thin is a circumstance that hos not oc
curred for the last twenty-lice yfara and
Is an evidence of the general prosperity
of the people of that county.
Arrested.—Henry Miller, who had en
tered bull for him appearance at Court to
answer a charge of assault and battery,
was yesterday arrested en a ball piece
and committed to Jail to await Ida trial.
FOURTH PACE.—Sabbath Schad In-
Hittite; The Courts; Transfer of Real
Estate; Amusements, ie.
Pure Tear; epics. and. coffees' can no
where else be obtained at more reasona
ble pricer, than at the aid established tea
mart of Jusplit APieblason, No. 20
Fifth street. Housekeeper' Aleut
tako notice that streak Invoice of 'Um o
direct importation, aad embracing all
tho famous and popular -trademarks,
111111juat been received at this hraue and
offered at prices in keeping with the
cent great decline in the Chinos* mar
kets. A trial of the tits of this house is
all that /a asked. ,
Owing to the Recent Pict ReMenne,
Meyran & Seidle have been delayed in
taking possession of their elegan t new
store, but continua at their old stand, to
offer a magnificent let of new' (01:61,
conslidinct of tine jewedry, watches,
clocks, silver and plated 'wane, at , grest
bargains. Readers anxious to procure
great advantages In the purchase of any
thing in their lino will make a note of
the place, Nam Fifth street.
• vow
--The Colored Ihtptiste of rittebtugh end
Allegheny sill meet this evening at 74
o'clock, In Davie Hell, Allegheny sity,
to orpnlro therneelres into Chnz,
Let there be s full attanitazies.' .. •
. . . ..
• Absent-. Dr. Abort:twill neeemarily be
absent from Titinburgh for
,two .or three
•weeks from to-day, January. 215 t... On
his return will be permanently at bhi of
dee thereafter, during boors of Mottos
5.4 Pillow Casing, /24 coata a little
win on the edge. at Banger's 'Lug oqa. -
. 6.11. and . Examute the large and com
plete 'toes, of Ladles' Furs, at William
Flemings, No, 13 Wood street. • if
Pitt quality of Prints, 10 mut% itßar
keen thud sale. .
Bingolni in Ladles' Fun, at William
Flauling's, No. 130 Wood street. tf .
Dn. IC KT.,;(IR: —I write to thank you fig
your kindness and scientific manage
ment of my disease,, for which I tidied !
to consult yen. On the first of .April, in
the year 15435, you will re member, I
WWI sorely afflicted With the sera - Ida,
and had gave up all hopes clever having
a more. , I often - thought that If was ims
possi,ble, that nothing could be done, for
-IVA tried nearly everything that was
within my reach and. tried-44watt ,well
:earned doctoral and failed in „till; some
coUld relieve me of niy "mired atifferliin ,
of pain theta-as raglogin .my bodY,- but
no, touch towards effecting a -cola finil
nob day aid wee reading over thnitst of
cuine effected byyour treatznentoraScrofs
oli,l began to intuit of thetildsayinether.
as long as there was life there n'ae. hope,""
and I would lay once more, for limewl
neVea could get well by doing: nothiusu
that the disuise had taken a Maio bola In,
my body, and Wag fbt davourlog the
front off vey , bonia, .and Without
sopte help Lime. surely, diefgemd; that,
was a settled point by ell ,Vvho.orer
orvitta nconernted.wdli me; tot' I imu
'ruMmtim•eoim many treniderend
atid they were : 411.10 d with: -proud
Teould not arm at'allby,
tidiest, findmyriglitleg was:affected from
my body todhweted otrsy tale, running'
sous °Rand-about the, knee and, WWI
Arilrendd tin' , I\ often thoughtu It 'would
burnt. When I\ sot myfOot on . .the 'floor
thbre was no nateral feeling In Lay 'foot
and leg, by times, ler the - akin became all
pdxple spatted; art&theri - were dilYs and
weeks said months- that 'I _could
net walk ,a step - without . the aid
of some one'e help or a . start,
and at lest run all oven my head and
fades Dry face and head 'versals* serollee,
and it affected my eyes sotthal I could
- net 'see li, read' or work ant\ at all, anti
there arose largo' himps ofiluner, one
after, the, other, , around : my.Faick ,and
facie. ' (fared days and UT - ghts.
I Scarcely knew when I Wes isleer,, and
I began to think:Vila - would not Ads - , I
then presentod myna( before Dr.
set, and he said that-a cure was certain;
vino I undergo big
'enamel:Li; and it .was light, I thought,
for all other doctors' had bffstered 'and
cupptat'and , canoed Inc 'pain;'but the"
third night allearbagan totakeDa Key,'
eve's uradlciunl„slept the whole night"
without pato orgrean, andlbeavrelllogs
began toflisappeor crook all parts bf my
body, end In three months I could walk
leer mites in one day, and in six months
the awful sores were entirely cured no;
and in ono year I.was-entirely stared,:
was perfectly well; ,have. had hater '
health' than I !ever had - mmy life ever
',lilac end thought_ thlit:Td watt long
enough to be eghnin of the truth; that S.
have 'remained. heaths. and strong ever
since, and a 2M - found thanks to yen,
which, Juider thS providence :of Clod,
that yen have cured me; that he may
'bless the use of, your Medicine to others
as .ho has to JIM, ,1111 d. ihat. Ida Divine.
grace easy attend you, is the heartfelt
player or your patient. • - -
I wish you. to publish this , and let at)
trail world, know .sabatltio about .your.
- medicine, for I considsr it my, duty to
mike my .- cafe known to the country for
the bineftrof others, who may be ender
legTas I was, and do not know the valpe
of your iiiedieloe. • • :
• • •Mao. Shinn
Deoembor 21st, 1567. "
. We, the ondersigned,..lise In' Madison
retinal:lp, Columbiana eounty; Ohio,
snit will be pie:ascii to astlitY" any ono of
the truth of this deltllleitte, which was.
written by the pstlen herself."' ,
Csonon I'VYrs, Sr.,'
' DAtirnt.
. . . . _ .
Dr. Keyser's Resident Conatildng,,Of
f i
lice lir 'lnns exarnin fah:mann treatment
of :obstinate chronic discs 3,;:i....0 . . IDS
Penn street, from' 9 It. R. tint ,4 r. IC '
, Cattle Curt!,, the 117,nleni j:akoritAi, At
th. Rink to:nighf.
-The Fieiretilim of Ca'aie itt 'Cattle Cwt-
tti;nt the Rink ,
Uttserteteek la . . Skill is .(14110 Curtis,
et the Rink to-night., j
. • ,
Good lee, irlee sa4 a perfect
tartars' of fan, attlae Hick night.
711110 taatiotatal Dthlag Rwpti
The great mutation which the Conti
bental Dining Rooms, Fifth strict; next
door lathe Post Office, is largely due to
dhe mairnlficent • Manner in which It Is
managed- by- the ' - elever and aocommo-•
dating host i llr. William • Holtzhelmor.
IHe pays especial attention to* his bust
'new, and as - a caterer. has succeeded ha
obtaining a very 'envisble reputation
amongst our merchants; business men,
prolesalonalia end. indeed all. classes on
citizens who Lake.. meals at- the Conti
nental. The utmost cleanlinesb is ob
served; and the culinary department is
In charge. of • lint „class cooks. who ere%
equal to any of, par modern Professor .
Blots.. Those who :can appreciate
right good square meal, atevery reason
, able price, we commend to lialtshel.
met's Continental Dining Rooms.. ~
• Call and Examine the large stock of
Ladles Furs, at-Wm. Fletrdnies, We, 139
Wood street, before - purchasing -.else
, .. .
. . ,
Reduced to .1=!. cente—beet. Armrs+
Delsiries, nearly. one-hall lees .than the
present wholesale price, alltarlreeshael
Paisley' and Caalitnero LongandStfunre"
Shawls bargalnis, at nearly one halcfor.
mar pr ices , at, Barker's final gala.
Geed Coothi at Cold Prteen.-nlifatini
marked down znY goods to gold prices
wilt sell my endru stock ' of boots and
shoes of all kinds for gents, ladles, misses;
and boys, at priers lower than they have'
been !wild elm% the 'War. 1 - warrant all
my' goods, having been - selected with
greed eare,and' from Itret'elass hOnsna.
Parties purchasing can depeud od get
ting a good - article. Call and examine
before pumbasing elsewhere.. No trouble
to abort goods. • J1)/1:11 Roan, I
• „ • '69 Market street:
et cAsing Out, that large N Immenao
stock of tidies Funs at a groat redlW
don, at Wm. Flemings,
Hosiery; Glares and Underwear, 'for
ladles, gents and children. closing out
Cheap, at Barker's final aide.' j '
Shtellog, Later Cloth,' , at 12 cents
same as!a sealing at 16' and 18 cents, a ,
Barker's final sale. - , -
Good Greeeriee.—Our Allegheny read.
era should remember 'that. Mr. Arthur
Kirk, Noe. 172 and 174 Federal street,
Allegheny, still , - combines to well his
well selected stock of groceries' at mery
low rata& Mr. X.'s store belngpna of
the largest to- he: two cities he is prepar
ed to suit the wholentio as well as the ro.
tall trade. The groceries are of such a
quality as suit the moetparticularhouse
tearer, and st such prices an is salt the
economical purchaser.. Call at Nos. '172
and 174 Federal street, and MI the stack
as well as his price hst.
Yard arid quarter wide Eleachtd Mus
lin reduced from 181 mite to 121 centa,
at Barker's' final Bale:..
Al 121 anti—finti Mick:Linen Towels
and large size Damask Napkin!, at par
ker's final salo.
I}argaina can be bad in Ladles and
Mhos% tuts, at Wm. Flemings, No. LW
Wood street. ".
licurekeeptng Goods et Barker's finit
Table Linen, - ' ' •
• .T P
Quit tg
Fiala and Piney Table Cavere,-.ti:.
`itettdrmure Delalnes.' 121
Itarkw's final sale. These, - are itelll-1-
cents.wholeaale. ' •"
Have yon_se.en 'the 12 cent StOrting
M wain nt Barker's final sale?
'To Wholesale Boycroor Dry. Goods we
WO - offering amid .Inducements-Job
lota - from tern Auction Sala
Btu.** Dress - 19i>odo, Itooakee
Mena' Wear, Stieesages
gO, • ato, Ate. ' • -
' J. IV. Itarucza Co.„
' 49 Market street,
prices siren thls day
for . goc:ds at Barkor's - goal sale. See
atatialatag Ballet, thaviana atJ*lnet;
Art Ethlidtitch—the third amnia) eer. , ;
hibition the -s School': of Deals*" win
commence on Tuesday, the 2lik, at ten
o'clock A. x., -and oontinne 7day",and
even Mg tkrougkonathe week. - . The pith;
-110 are invited to attend,'
parffeavlllaaketanair. Bad thotaiist
asiamabtng neatbargai 13ourket!a
• •
• • ..1 - • riv rnrriorra,
• •
A fanod•
alt, coatalatas. FORST CUL
IJMNS dt latvenlur rcAilst.
loultrA MAlsortalA Want Nova by TAlagnob
ie4akle Reuling 11Altel,. 40 Om hart.
01 Mini sad most mita.% Plizaels) saitCoISP ,
*arlet port.. &I nn WYT mar 13,
So etti. .;,`No Farmer, hleeb man or :Yenta%
avoid irltb.t ' .' • ' •
• .• • •
fmims roa rion srsiesna• nAsessnli
or,re. " :::
And on sec.'s's' or pope,' to the poison atlltny
np ltuOtsts, Additions to antini esn Do ludo*
!pi Sims, As stab mos.
Nonce.sl43 Smtscilumi.-111 =Mort.; *m it
over,. Di2liar• aml wt..t 411 , 1.1 70.
Ir.e lifednewlay a4lOie f•Crat•
oest•era ha" . kkro/ not one mall • omit. • ~
air 3loiry loy Dro.ll. =rinse. Mao? 0/4011
or In Ilaitiaided Letters, a oyb. a•nt °wrist'
•rAI Lttc,j—g.ti leeane..l.• efferroon. Jafiortj
111024.;.d1.41, an. 151,11 VA 'IOWA. Nl—
bne.l 1176121,t, W. ftrt.l - . 1 .10111 C..
'Taylor. et±tl 2 pia t2._ auJbllia and, di e s.
T.TbOri toy. mOlt'on r..rth YO soenett taken
-rare us; tt1y.1.1..,..e.1.1tk,htr takes thenniontene
*or , " 11 !^ . :*3roint • Iinn in n - ,niani nh !. tie
drene., , • 1, •
Fenersl,finent the rtetdruee lot hen ',locate,
Obiiilef.rtne.• lheeneey." f.fe .11.natester.),on'
Fr may It II o . clu!t. TIES 'Mends
of the tittlfiy aNst.pcotruily./nnitedtoollend.
tthlA,lt£ , YagsQV Evening et fin • nionk-nt
Ina eet.tettee or hec— tor, TOO!, onroy. ,
Mn. Ants?th GALVIN.; to the 0711. yenr of her,
yoceocktitront Mir txte racidicee. - N'o.O<l Rob •
Inc<c .trice.-All. gheor• elly. Tocitoccx
jurrono6ttc; et et. The frtercle "of
r iv771..--r) =
I,r,lL' 4.111. HEN, Uri InatTAKEIL. • •
ICOurth' tlttaboai4
cuyinci i oi ktAdsi CRAP l 2l. , ol;o'9l*.mi ;-• .
e 7. 4 ,1 017101044 C Iftoon..l 'Y.-lashing 01001.
.mnstAhod,;..,lto.orikkopere \ ,
wo/ evildka taratbeth ' ' • ' ; I
'um:ma: ll in ;
11•:wt4.00.14,1).41,..71..:"..,,E906,.149-'e,,,: •
Ite#4 lll T T. Ai t lKV , V* lllll err'
aoaii iotokcitut.; No. 4501.18'
Agrite6flo.n4 NO. b biniond
Job , . Wagial
6<.1 IT.W. karma!: 15410nt *Ad lsoltsUao„._
11 , lawoo.l Cal.., 'Walnut Coal,. frinio up
tie/. Tl.hewood 032114 is, uyrraitliialtotlscr - •
cogiusi4O,Vroporflon. Carclai .ano '
reallbed. pat low m.o. Cam - GlaTos.. PIM • ,
•nALndratt Fltrti.bed oath: Oftaopa, day , "
• ' •
mom,' So. 144 Otilo
AllesteenY: 3igtatilc, Rourrood 'and other Oa,
!ri, , flll4:4complvte stork of tunera.tri{ge, ? ,
(loods; uAhir,lazid Punished atattoilistl3662.
at lorriitdrtcea. "We and Ltrair
°l', flift and 111.111 U. btreeta. ,gartbl{46. , -
11.Aivaehe'iplugglei, Daddy Ilovies,'2o-..1C.•
• I,VANtED,.—ROX. W4N r EED: 411;
•1144 i:
nrite • good hand, and hive stalentlardrawl.e-il
:1141,4T ALpgOoter John blovep.filn
FOR RENT—Two toree Oozy
13=61f. DWELLING DOMES. Nom. 91 and
Wiailripott afteet. Inepilre at: ?op.-r.
A rtH rkr AND'
E00)Iiit0 limit.. 'binding exiled by
Keystone YeIiossIInak;IiaLIZEWIY.STIUKT,
corner n i yarrlsou alien .Iri aedlu• PO sssss 109
o ,l '. o &•'‘ldrt...... o c.,'.i , pfrif THE.
. . .
T0.114ET.--Tbe Fourth nsid balk
OF ramp STORIES of !lie nit.: 1.115114. -
!No. I9lll.lbertyBtreet: Eliqulre cif T. & J. .1".
1.4 -I .oR4lENT.—tiever nt a / 1 E09210
_`• ItoOfiS In the GAZETTE RAIL tiftf
,nod 1116 i, 41,1• Lt had. Apply at os# Al the
, .
.TllO - large and sublitanl,
Ild*All£llol7BE, on 'lra' or itreet, niar
.11 'fart: ;','Rearrinfafreritr'.. 'Portennon'atran
April ',hr. UEO.
rel4liallanat llao t.
FOIR:SAL7I,-/Flia vszy -destra
. jicrrytp,ip.nop r,, Ro. 3io Leseock
strict, Alleghani Clty, coatalalacrano room,
gas la ex*reotalalnleillea ...Me. bath Timm; bet'
and colci!irucc.Yister.doritc emit *lse' sad
sulen6d,cettai. , 1;,1.110 at. ;co. Zaly9ol) ST..
•Vaiits:s.u,E-4 1;-.t.ry . de.!iital4 . 4v,
HOUSE. Fa r r IT. ply ,
urcaid 6ileVraffit; marble 'gas ,
• .
Wil(Cr thrckvgboat; bows enutaltko seven may!s
tisettlylo.9 kiVITCI..2iO. 61 =AL STAILETotur •
Wytte. Blatbwanl. roase.iloa fromi April M.
; •
. . • .
FOIIIIA-.F.1.11111D.K LAND L .
'NFS'oltarror . sale tt(it) . .tritts ht Liza 'G
o o * dui: It - wet Tlettles were th e w Slit
The lent to Imohored essitonder
ttrovoe' ant to wo , f7tosal. tor ruthless of sell
antt prortnettie ht. of Son tbero Otatires, nab si
esztr mak, COM.I. **CO. praise,' al/ or ,
size trsOsstr9i sosselor, grail.; rer Sett°. and •
Wei.; hop. oo tbet tire mesas. Tbe best of .•
fellow pine tthowr Ia ettontaiter.,lth Int rite .
water pow. r for sew mills, erttb pttiot gretwi
ros &beano...els to rite lumber two , the : .
riser, where It sAtt be W Into Ifirew:weisels'
awl shipped :tern, 7 ire lee 'good•rhathe ,
houses a tbs prstetss.: The. waters .stwond •••
with Orb; gee's, dttct • end the weeds Wit! , Olt'
lite& iirratoewbear. deor;' terkeir:
Theist:hart. is entirely creates= thole dieting '
essitttlSesd trimtemettothtluenehe seprerralsat .
to the South.. We wilt 'sett this bineat the lehr
piire Or thi:o7 tier &cis. ..• • •
Also, a.troit 'of 10,0Deeeet.. edol/t7haletpterto
Goeeted with the Must yellow pine Umber,
leitheeeti teeth ty uelnitlreber,neehtable"
strealacto eon thiNthither gotetbAilvei. - . This'
tract Ilt.e,heAr the hest named,. .Prtee 60eteats
Also. 11430:1 ; aeres In Clamant, at priers !trail°
. For herther Infartnatlon send or rail for Our
Southern Land dlrenlar. SLICITIMILT.;
Ilinal'Eststnan.4 laturance dronts, rlttanargNi
fformerla Lawraneerillea) • ' •..
TOR AdLLE.-Thitv very'destriii
, ?do PWLL.T.INCIfYi.ITIP LOTS, allattail ea
'leillaltstrett, firth ward. Allogaorty.aat.balf
Pear*Ytdm stiiet cars. Each. Poem ciatalaa
elaPtradaia glitaltall attic. cad are. nal Lad -
taroughoet the. lmt.stkanavr. filth jaor
cold water. I?aii mom; . wider cloeit. ;sutra
meaUrat ete.'; ere: ' , The 'above property to
offered. adittl tae : Id of Yebroary."...Tpr fortis!
Pullen*, apply, at Glare or 7a
Ohio secaue glad Sedeirloi V mot, Allied ay..
'Our Paaecitier Hallway. Lot OlAft CO fest.
Houle name s ocaLalains? room andlookbalt,
wen tengeoead. Ilona* sod Lae ontibenlAM
Bidwell' street', Allegnesi Cit Y.. r,at bYLk ,
feet;'holee [nine: cootatne" Ifia iceins soak
goodl'eollon : wits...sod gaa. , Alsooovesslnlain.
nonisi and Lots to good location. 4Tolso of 1.
arm a W., B.svar
Monoluestar.. •
now:imps Itrun tab Ban Stabbn ano
'live *wax imam ißom thron r AMPELL ,
thow, SLACK-111R®; two oan , .
VAILESA TIROS OTRAlrt.nur ihnltosongu
t.o ' honip:' o .92*Q-. •
HORSE !' , it*JIGON;• and demble .t - of Etat;
NISC Adm. Mtwara a: Ha porreza.,
I'll S . WATCH 1,
sztovisays, mazer •OCOW.
s rim asirsr, ,
or AIL
,Pit! . 2l!Ff II;A1 TA . Olt AlAOLN'ltiiil•
warrza cconis; . :
o.Laanlrazi, vicsnsof; - : ' •
ifbkliin be mid. tie
iIib.PTS CIZ.I4T: Llffi 78AX,077131JeD
B: SdIiTO llercAan YpUol,:"
2110.16.111112Z1S IST" tomer ,stlima,
Faillf G. EIL&LE, • , • .
, ,
Merchant Tailor ,
igr° ll P!tnS'
min; rizirs4.