The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 20, 1868, Image 4

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_~...~,:..~. 5..,~..r
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s iot
swingthe dapreirostg -etr®t7
eases Zvi L ba., Awned. It Is
tsey *VI be comluded Ware
Mod 'Keener and Henry Eras, 'the
:railroad thieves, were brought op for.
son -- bat the Court. ylektad to a re
quad to further postoonement. .
Jacob Ilas1”• and Jacob Langidenvid,
stnf - • 'hods,' of bantam and:a sad
a' to and • .le from stables la Allegheny
it ty, w . t breisght up. Evidence
%wild tharl'he mental stable of
kineltry '-very weak, and In come-
MSS was net considered alit rub
, . _
, far Ile partisan:tenth's crime would
cher** tall for. Hewes thereforesen
taped rettaidAvectiye imprisonment
tan two butfotmonts: and renuired to
I, iltrbo d In the stun of MO tar nature 1
food havior. Jacob - -Lang, the saber
-Iriagne ; in. reply to en Inquiry at te
i Ow he commas. lnateallsw, stated
taut he out or employment; could
- abblin . be, and yielded' hi the
on of Healer?who had called on
'Lim many as J 1 1,4 dozen times. :Time
. t Wart him on one. indletrwatt
'rotolgtlymCmonthe imprisonment bathe
-Pettlentlary and on the . other_to six
ices in tiejall, the last sentence to
- lake at the espial:lon of the fIAS,
: ihit hoping-by dud time the wink,'
a t n,
• _ hocutia .e so far completed that he
"Inight. the latter sentence is that
. __inset wietes—aeoge kunre.
4 0
JAI. T.,;CourtMit at the usual hour. 1
- gnaw DtVo&CE CASS
'Aiiii. Mew is. Gene Mimi* •
thaw: pas, was apn?oteding in divorce,
with . . ny. The ground &nailed was
creased terlawocut treatment, brasses
of w the complainant wee oometlled
sof. alter borne and lizeßy. 1U re-
PI t.suarle no defames, andsnenet
preen eitherlaperson or bible counsel
W.l • four or lre, were aimuniaad
se the part of the petithaser, as to the
c of the cisme brilloted upon her
by-. limber:4, and the jury, muter
lb* ens of the Cont, found that
the was such at to endanger
h 4 And
f°*. her to withaiw m
her and - family .: A decree et di.
oatte, he made by the Coed, and the
,of eltshottY Read: ••••• • ••••
flan a new trial is-entered.withla the
Ms .time,fieurldzys.
yr OS eiOCG Cast
• it; bittrak, - /nix. Henry Eearts and
-7 ck Rests. Action to nosier
1417•11 reeked dollars; subscribed by
tothe l capital Me a t Of the Den-.
ogCreek'Oil Company, under alleged
4neentatimos madebydefendants
orbo „ . tel "ground floor men' in the
representMg; R. inci
-that y oweed Some Usliteete 111=
scree* Imul, for which 340,000 bad been
paid, that they! bad money enough to
hut do eit-S vel
would %cori that the I s st . o . ck- -
seem to fora considerable IMM, tin .
an 'atheist should have appeared in
. y's tasue, baying; been haulm
tautly witted.] . .
The was manned on • Satarday.
- Who nael..engaged were Kirkpatrick
and bf a flu plaintiff, and T. B. Hasa
llion d 'Robert Woods for- defeafiehts
- Alt ber Of poiets.were submitted on
be af the plantain', among others the
Vilics ng which,- was refused by the
..Chart . -.
•If :PM e d
bellevelhat thefendenta
tied- wards , unwind the land," or,
:that,lhe Company were Reenters of the
, /atid; the plaintiff isids tight to infer that
- 3m to teosixoplensts leasehold, ad
that if they stated to the plaintiff that the
. Comp uy had paid S4O 000 for the land,
' It m that %fury , bad -paid MAO in
212 '
and novae:ln stock and part la
Th's • .7tui 4 Stowe ) inanswering
thie,p• ht,
acid: It is for the Jell , ' to off
wbill ancsantby defendant:sin making
.thil - resentatirma they did make, end_
not * the. Court, L -ftnage As to be
taken in its erelinaty sense unleas the
. arida . • . abowsitto have been differently
T au moat take all the facts going
-tosh • what the defendants Intended to
make . .' plaintiff Were, and the
Main .. did actually_undaratind try it at
too ' ••.. If you ate rationed that the
-words nua were intended to 1111•111111eI
PI•LEI .. • say* he . understood . them to
..mean, then you are to take them in that
. ewe* :But Wpm believe the defendants
used • : words to mean "Imply a taw
kohl j. - . and - net an entire intermit
in the land—and such natter the &cum
. - •.. wee. what the plaintiff eked&
ham ... • . , ... them to mean, as a man
of , • -.. Intelligence and sammity—
then ttle:p • In t elligence
cannot be takers, nor is
lie lize=ludet for . mistufflondanding them,
tad ________
' if he did, he must Jake the cense
uenereasand &Andante must net beheld
liable Cu?. tds ignorance or - mistake.. Bo
In relatlnn&ells . l34o,ooo paldfor that/ad.
, Did the parties -mean and 'understand
- - -tbat.theilto,o:o was cub, or is what wao
:-- said - not .110 , meant and entirely consist- -
:. met odtte the psymeet 01'920,0d:ft money
-.. • and, OOO--company's stook at the.
- ?dem Men saad. and for whiett items
--.' et the time?. , if the former, there
„.:...... wage, on,but tf the hitter.
- Mom evidence shows that the allege- .
llon substantially true, and plaintiff
. `Ails -make out Ms a ll egation. Under
..- them Minns this matter to submit
' lei .the jumentd wet decline answer
- log th question as a mustier' of, law for
- • - Us :case stint .to the 'Jeri about two
-.. ,11=1.4-/loidssi Olin; .
- . 2ha third annual - Pupil& exhibition of
- -1- - tits.. litlihtirgii, Pa* . - ef •Disitia for
..W - was emimeneed on Saturday to
-'' the_ t tome' of the Asemeistkm
f ..r .Ph ' , Building - Plith ' street. ' The
exhibited anima in the me...
• jotity 'of= ofawes rare , Mato and talent on::
of the scholars, andoxmddering
- . . the
.. yet , infrocyrd the institu
-- .. 'tioni - • hi& creditable to Nita Hay
. ' , .el The Committee of Ennui-.
nett composed of the following
. - and. blio spirited cittmes, Menem
• : William WadAl, J. W . Nen . , F. R. Bre
- not;'• D. W. Ygsnre.”., Bev. Dr. Woody-
• Bev, Wm, Benede, • Bey. Dr. Hodge.
_ - ---?moon , Dr... Homey, D. N. -
,' . Dr. yr. - Prestos, . Alax.
'-, 3: ' 8.... Lyon; ',.T...lleeeinti Alfred .
' Well, Hew: Dr:Allison, - ,- - Dalby,.Wm.,
Trevor . McClurg, C.-43. Wolff,' I
'.. J.
i g‘ Shoenberger, IL.2feerell. and A.
essilletorisy passed Jod ..ont. ern
the -
.. oethernirious apes , ex- 1
- .12/bi "thawertiO' it's sehohns. -' -
-. .. We artrade from the zeptiFt.,?!
. .10. , Connatttie on Paintinp -.
. .
- iitl4l:;',l'. l lagi .12
P il isle
her the pttit
.... e17.. te the school.
-' - , - . mos au& le Last udy of
c fr
- , .an cg Ache , aide of a tumbm-down
. - tine twi ce, by Mime A. , Henefereort It
is for the. delicacy of ' heridling,
• nod. a ottszesplusla . effect produced.
. Thhe dy "shows - much iiiiiith) talent
. for se young in art. .
- M t tea man
- I ~... ecup - of died = IVIonT i
- rang nenansdn toed; ir r lth • of ej
-- . , boy.t • MOUUSIlialsPr) driving them. -1
'This- le good forthe . aryle in which
. -•• Abe Aef the "oxemens Painted, and
,- • the II t hat - has lien obtained In the
"..., • vet rs:' , lt Is painted by Mrs Marshall.
Toe - Indies of Him 'Way foam ids
~ tote; are well &awn; . and In
- .some lemutiful In ader,and effect.
_ Aeh - Ora Mountain strar ia rldhs
2t • exhibits -
..: n tae
, dra • tzLirls ls &am& Muf .intmllll,,
.. °the - Irrh — ia -are qu well
ite , well done, trr
' -.,---- Miss ... : - Ar.... :worthy of not i ce--
Intl . all mite tara i ll . o2nnuch abC
. .....' lty the part' of the - pri f kthtttilif
.... audio:mad bi
. I . l r - 01 1 hi.
'''..,,' . .-..- iosna of Voe actioal;wlll be Open
-'.-\ -- - to - iiiibg . the preeentinek,
dyerested In the obleet of
. s: they' .. • tulle* Seth* Iteme .
'._tai.: .* horned toattend. . There Is no
-V.. tiglowlag A la-list of atlditiMMl '
.1. • to the Relief Iremd r the
..- . . ,
Fthal .
' l / 7 4 10n . IP the Ninth •
',-.- MAC. Uncrob.. - ..-..... -- • m
...rinw iibernispr; rkni±inf'.otila:
...r7,-',_. - .• • . . o w qv, ,
.S.- ,, .- •• •Va .. ,•••••••••,”•••••••••• ; a
lt ID
; , - , - , :rtt. - 'I ty., - • • ..i.i....». - •i in
.1, - , Muff -) • • , ..`...—.... - .010 GO
~ ItizeiffsiagtalillewalSe 111, DAIL,. , CO fa,
:,4akillNigeinlialtzer.....44.”.. , -' : 1 1.
S ar
' C ' S: '7' ..te''',lf.r.t..••.• 1, 11 INI
~. ...... 20 I*
-' 1'1::: ,!•"' 1
~.-:C.O- , .....t1r";, . ....."'- . 1 . 1=111
:'•''' • M da ", fTE- - ": 01t$ " . Ilkal d
tlesesenir dollemo Aids
I I: it n btl = lb'' ag=mt -rti*' t
"-- '.,--,....--. • .F- ,Ir.- W..
-. ,
.;ressurer Wier Fond, '- ,
r- =dr
ism, 9
_ loorie.'Zialfrekfroat.Aiiiim:7o. j
4 of
...„..,iii..3., ,Sew York; rho Yobrustry num-
,:',..:... N i t: their .lolookra.mrotokisszok
-;,...;.‘ m.:."Pinnaar,o Mataztrie Das
, -- - '. 7 . - at.. itekio . kg pookh. i nt
r-- - s, , auk tgior - lioit, bilt - obtoWft, oi the
,-2- Tw a t xascady_puolleattonot theoonatry:
!,-- - Ater oAtiantK"'-iuskinetrixii-zo 1 i : - Tito MR bratiaad_oathollo,
•-• " within - the narrow Lions of &
' - - liiirilsiz-Vikarieritto
-o.- 411 Z=Y-
.witti - ..oktotkrnt. ithalk
s ec
NsasOso; ukaa-g=
`llb4 - th.
ibkry: reproOtortkili to Idli
n .7thit...10,12141.
- 4; gri woo - arnOld and
.7.-aUZI.W. - - f - • : : -
- .
Pr-• .
nt& Woires.—The mama 'week
will be rinlinnegly brillient one et the
°Pm* Mum: In 'coaseqnsnecrof the
engagement of the Florence', who have
alwaje been greet dettedbes he.thls tity,
as Imam In all Mime where they have
played.: Mobil' tor thiserne is an
unumally aittective ens, and ruler
lji whew presented by the orencea.
"Sandy Array," ibilewelsy_ the "Young
Actoms," conatitanse the bill. :-
Tam Itnnt.--The Esiystone Skating
Rink - appears to be the centre of attrac
tion for skatErs, end a more comfortable
or plant place for intinlateg in the
“alippeny art."..would be hard to tied.
The hankie complete In ail its appoint
mint the gentlentanly manager .
Mr. untiring In- his efforts to
promote comfort and 'estioymeat of
Ws visitors. Everybody "who skates
should ge to the Rink.
Usonts—To.nightat this - Academy of
Maio the - Irma spectacular drama of
"treater will - be rendered under the
lumpier of that prince among managers,
Mr. of-the Crosby Opera
Morms, Chicago. We leave sever seen
this graceful end beentifal band per
formance, but front the unequaled en
' thudiant and Weer created in Ch'
daring the Long Um* It held thc
tong he— --_ .ns boards
then,nd the unqualifid ireleeitatd ad-
miration it Waited fromiedranibf that
dry, we are prepared to In advance
of its greaten:radio= T • ballet troupe,
which "arrived In the city en Saturday,
Ls =Weaselly considered the finest
tiac organization in the wedd,
has -- won - unstinted praise and
admiration in the cities of both coal
cants, end everywhere created boondlese
eaftrindesna. It cint, 175,000 to organize
and anteme the tromps, al inyastment,
howrestr, which has twin returned ten
fold since the !zat production of Undies
on the stage. llowsrar, our readers
mew se l fo•riele the grandeur and mag
nificence of the Mini= legend which
will 4 :De pr ated to-night at the Acad
emy: EeurtM may be secured
for any night during the week at the
Are emy of Manic box onion
- •
Tam GsawnOranta.—Pashionable cir•
clas are Wan emNsy of dellgiat Over the
premised brilliant Opas season which
will 'COMM/LON at the Academy of Musa°
on Monday sight next, and *infinite for
three ensuing evenings, giving an after
noon matinee en Wednesday..-When it
Is known that the ocessiona are to be
ender the Decease auspices of Max
Mairetsiek.endleonardGrove,two of the ,
mad snrcesaful directors of the Grand
Opera in Amelia% and that the compa
nies of both English and German - have
been consolidated, thus combining the
mat talent sof the dar,:it will excite no
wonder lost the market and fashionable
communities are impatiently awaiting
the opening of the season. Mr. /duet=
bas been identlded with the Opera In
America almost since Its Brat reception,
and; elthough the =maim very ft". l lf.r
billnk he having been Director of Grand
Opera during the pest amity. years 1113
Baton, • New and Phila
delphia, this will' be his Brat visit
to Pittsburgh. Grover is °qua
ky. well. known and singular. to
say; be • has never before been in our
City. With than two greetArrectore and
the Lama= menpany and lizetiestre,
the. fort commaa meson will certainly
prove the grandnd musket wad In our :
atty. At ...Philadelphia the. combined
immisseles have bad the must brilliant
season ever known there, end Indeed the
ever hid in ma lanai= city
durin g put two resit. The We of
reserved nahrwill orminetion, atthe well!
known mushs store of C. C. Mellor; No.
81 Weed .street, "on Wednesday next.
Thsfellowing operas will. be. produced
with powafol eflbot . Romse and
(find - lime in Pittabror g h-P . Fre
Troadore,'!. .11orgbi" and
Thomas Bradford to Margaret-Brad
ford, January 16,11366; lot in I.3.lattnoy
City, fronting thirty het on. Charlton
depth oeVentpubte tvet-6300. :
J ea McCartney to William_ MUM,
San y 18, 1868; lot training on Teni
persionills and Nobleatown plank rued,
-41 x by one hundredand any feet
thibacker to Henry C. Bohm.
Man, November 16,2957; two lots en Troy
BM, Nos. 79 and Mau idarcrlteinsman's
L i la i n „ t i ot th
. la b is tai tly-firar by,. one hundrad .
Joseph Noble to Hobert Liddell,
Deceinber 21„ )867; lot in Ninth ward,
Pittobtouti, twenty feet bout on Small.
man * nes; depth one hundrod and tam.
tv- D34;4l, Boo. . . Schwiii et al. to Louis *id;
January 4 1865; lot in Third ward,
ligheny city, frontline twenty - two fecton '
Centro street, depth eighty fest—sl,oM. -
John Stan to Samuel Fry, May 24th,
ISM; pleas of mound in Penn tawnahip,
containing five acres -300 0.
Lonis.Haney. to William Sole% March
14, 1867; lot to MeKeesport„.baing halter
lot No. in Aluaader plan—
:John Brown. to Jacob Biselyiliwy 30,
1867; two loran Lower Bt. Clair town
ship, Noe. 11 Mid 41, in lircren's plea of
lots, (renting each twenty feet on Lituth
sned l, leint one hundred arid sixty
January 14, 11118; emu lota as above with
Charles &Wolper, to John Selledper,
January 9, 1863; lot to Third wool, Alla
city, fronting-cm Bast.Lanst wenty
C. depth ninety DoW.--MOO.
it.i.." — to c.d. at:m.4;r, stale,
October 1, 48117, two lots- in Chartism
tortsla , N . ge. 9 Mad 10, in Love's plan
: of
ha=en iks t rn berll, 4 ll9;l; Lid o :Rel h it
thslor ' township,- sontaining one hun
dred and tasty acres, with improvements, ero.-917617.
'Clifton Whorton, =Mos to -
Knklmandileptunter.3oo667; lot=
minginum fottylewtfrant sollary street,
with a depth
one hundred sind. twenty
Auggod ABUilen to .Meerge Bniansaii,
December 19,1936;" lot in
fuming nineteen feet en Cameo street:
try ninetridght. foindeep, with bnilllinta
Mathias Titaghtly
.to Nara of Jamb
Volightly, November 14, 1665; lot in
Third ward. Allegheny City, fronting
twenty .two Sea en Centre avenue, with
a depth of,eiglety feet=6' - •
Borah Wrnimms to Mrs. Louisa Nobly!,
wife of Wm..Nobbe; January ,7 16418; lot
the'js city of Pinsbured; fronting sigh
• tem bet en-Fterth street, with a depth
on Grace street of eighty-Aver feet, with
bug Jaco b Oestaste Cl;iviser Range, N'ovem
leer 4, MG; half part-or let • No. 4 in
Toothily , plan of lets . = , City,
Nixtil foot on Perry
Jobn.W. Mitotic, opMtba PadotElea,
atmet,the Se numbers of
-Pataafrea -Mbuffilyi - LfArtacotte Maga
:Ma, and the January number of the
Peopiee Youoxfse,:nar aorta. All are
vary Interesting
,sad cut be obtained at
iarecay.-41.. Fitted. simile Informa
tion before Mayor "Dram, of Allegheay,
Saturday therobtir Dame! Martia t with
Weeny- The aeoused Wag neede d, and
after a heeling was committed to Jell in
defaulter the required bait for Ws. ap•
pato= at Coact.
s r -A, young woman he Kentucky tell
Into wthracka induced by religious ex
citenient, in Norstaber teat, and, on re
covering. told strange _ dorin o=o
heaven and the other place, bee - Ides tut ,
tilt:thug the death of three young roan of
her acqusintatue before the year was out.
The laden* died New Yeefe day. .An
anniesaant lbatele, that. . -
L. y
awaga azonsa....:-. w.-s. Lansaw
a•sos lawar.
,1081 In "BODES kelt,
, -
'Blip! MID Her MMUS
~ _oftwasso Pease lfresi;
111•11.1111dme Sallosses inns&
DugEvi!, Oar .
au , . irn MD Ekrrlerg"
' •
Of irnv 4reriptlea. ea basil sal ludo Is
IMO ValitY•
nsvipaezt. rucsoop., .
wiglarr-BRass. Tug: sonx,
ta waY 10/.
Pates UP iifth Stmt.
tleatk,aad Americas Calf Skirl
.' 1 ..1111$10(QUile aufteked.
Tor arams, ./ added, dada, ad all
10,1,P0001**4 VA iMAIGNIOk.
118 Wood St" near corner of fifth.
Government Securities,
Gold ; Dike=,
And Coupons,
emelt and fall ea Liberal lamb Diem aabl
=I WI as Prbsalivil di la at lam. •
-over Twenty Per Cent.
By convertlag them lato
Pacpc IL IL Pint Mortgage Bonds.
lamp Famine 247=cuo,
077=1 011 , TIM Prrill3l7ll4llE 0 AM%
841111=11107. DePlatar ta, 1114
Th. Adana ask !amnia of Amasses ar
.mitt; in Inauken and Fronkfort nesels aid
loncrand weak at Om opoulan of thee mutat;
tn, subaqua:nay ties baba ass raiser
Erma. and Ms quotaloos flustustat batman
us% to issx; slaw Si 111%. rho mesa.
Way . as to what sonar Ues Presidia an
rilill l l tabs Santa quartos kora up thi
tuna= a gold; but, ettesarlose db• Mama -
Moo uso at it go down to ussay IM, whale
would boles true Tara. Firs Twoutiem of
aant 111 in London. and gold at In% attl
laws • mgr 10 on and shipmate tha
prenelbt sh llama of tan nt Ina tor lb.
Goromment bond. were Enn to-day, al
though ths inreatmeag deMand I. Waited et
the adranee,, sod parties at. waling to emir.
and await aaothermoment to Utast. • • '
The: atoik market woo strong today, With
an upward taarkiney. All tha went= wad.
are higher, axon/ Ogdo & llLQmypl, which
was actielpated to go at least above 00 as soon
ma the consottgattan of Oa ladabtadness wu.
regulated and the now atm* bawd. but It will
be team that wldie there la a Steady merino.
oteett Wangs In the North Warta= Road,
and an aceumulatioa of available means, the
forum: road was vompalled to .pead every
dollar of it. earnings In permanent lA:tyro...-
meat to viable it taer to compete with Its
android. &alas the hoop *won. It will
take anther effort to advisee was of the
Wane* of M. mutant road. to that, fanner
quotation. Wore theta may be any farther
rise la at Ohloia. Th. true ulna of coma of
the Sinithwatern raids eta hardly be awn.
tidaed baker* tha crpenintof miriag. when we
wilt see which direation the marmite. VW
ward will take, whether toward to. extreme
ifatikwest or throughkllmotut sad the South.
weetint &atrial. of hasten.
aodag Nov 'Turk qualoldook remind by
Pb. B. Nato, wen os follows:
Gold, GOV 1B3(; Sao, Ila, ION;
IN 107%; 118. 101; Oaxaca, ION; Mow,
10307-2 co.
Cleve Med• Pittsburgh 1.
tershaate treks Exprese.
Wasters Delon
iirle P. It— it
Pittsburgh Nett Werth • Mingo B. N. i
Northwesters listatatrunt
New Nora OmitraL.s.' .
Ohio and hilatiselbyt
ighthigem &Miura. at
Ouridea ......... • hi
quartz. t
' go
—Prom Washington we leant time the ems
sates of men stel mean otr Prittey Mestl
the faUrnriug TUT Imiertsat resolutteas Nits
sowed, as the muse of QM nom tutee, thee
one Waal , * • aad aftY lailltas dollars of rem
nue shell be Madder* es the whole mount
of remise to b• obtitiud from latentel um"
and SUS the num tat far en prealsehlibr. be
tellteted from. Flret:ritstlllee spirits and Mr
mmied liquors; settemd, Lobito:es and tessubs
mere, of tribetteet third, .temps; (earth, speelM
mass; lAN istemes; Math, divideads; senuth,
isteuries and emmemmits; eighth. UM. had
tsarist:MS sloth. tegeMms aad ImmMairtha
. haring the least gonads must le be cella:tee
treeiNadastriel rental; ar intlos that Nage
of learnt
Oa Trlday, tbe Hutkoreiestatim
aoweeserr.dl the Smote amooderroto to
oatioloatraetios. 6111. /I mow &tram
upon the Sonata rather to rand* or Osmond a
noorrolttoo of ocrofereoro. •
It Is indendood that Ina nom aoannlttaa
on banka and tualant have 'swirly anlaltad
oonaldedni their bill ntotitutlag -grenbacks
(or El abcaxid bank not., sad VW a sajorny
stela foot of It Lilrtualy the
tame fn t¢ provisions as the bill Woad twos
U11.. , 11111 mod Use al the Thlrtlath Oen.
.Hied la Waahlagton that there will
be no walla taken from the vault. of the
Mutely Ilwyeinneat to pap . the Interest on
the public debt unW the fleet of, March, when
KOWA° In gold will b. malted la Pay the to.
twat on the To. Potty hood. , and on the ..t
of tear *boat rs,ool4ted Weald to par. the
entehenatist interest on the Tee Twenty
bands: The public debt statement for the
ameba of Teenare , and Tebenerp wtß show •
Una LiWweate to the amount at Ws to the
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Tbsi Lortigrille Courier. of Tbaroday,sayst
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sloes oar test report. nem is still a moral
oossplaint of flos saucily of moan, 004 M.
.090/9 tf acallsbis is !lordly adequate to sass
las naccssary manta of depositors ;decant*.
111$11 then la 1.10 pressaro than anto so ,
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0.940100z0, Janotry tr.-e Tho orates* et
the maks Oaring the pest week amounted to
1019 hate, aping 104 tett. week. Of the nom
her a three 179 heed wane from Nat Vtritala,
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toed{ N from Maryland sad 10 from emery).
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gate mate. "i'
GALIN-Wlatat Wheat it gam and he de.
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PIM. o.=, pug and Irm but mettanzed;
age of I aze la =Mot .1 am tad mall
plat in stare tt PAM. Earley le la limited
=no. aao psOtod at 11.841,70 for Stalin'
ma pp/IAP: rat. Pm le la better Pi
mod sad •gteda blabs ; . fa tow :mote sew
at tifette. Ilyeta usebsagod at 0,40/01,41.
• FLOUR-Tit= Pao laproveleast to note
In the dastaad.Ml the itzasi berg .ad giros
arepabotatoM We =dam to :mote It PIP
Pitt tor Stplas Wimp 01-14011,040 r Winter.
sad siketiggyea for Wm gang. nee Flour
ta alll =POP MP. Bagel= Meg 1.
tall and amithic It 100 6 0 Wiwi: i
PROVISIONS-BA= le gamely with resular
slag at 111}40111a forShoulden; 123401 00 for
Bibbed "libleit and WIMP for Ettgarterg
Sum. Primo kettle rendered Lard 130100,
to tlereee POWs, and Magee Wham 00.0.
York nozdag, at M. Dr= Beet, M. '
11132TEIL-Frlne tuchtloa Bell gutter Is ito
tali demand, had may be coated .toady at
0.040.. Ockettou paektd Is doll .", • 0
14305-eauged stagy. at Ye.
APPLES-1s ha eteeey =Mg but m
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ehausedi MP - at r per bend, uto
guilty. : . ;-
POTA.TOEk,DuIt b mehazycd; mall
plea la stone it fugue boll. all 5300,00
per bbl. aa to tue/Ity. . •
DRIED FlitllT—Oottfaues dull but ue
abased; moll sear I. utors st 704 for Ap
ple§ and ludit4}o for Pushes.
MILL. !ZED-1 o quiet burmehUudsdi Was
02,10111,21 for Middlings; &LIS for Seconds,
sob pfeOljl foe /Ina. :
SEEDS—San at Cletus., d at St" sad
Plazased at S2.IL No maiimant tp Ttisothy,
as lat. . • •
LARD OlL—Staady, 'Atli a tilt AUMICI to
auddastazais at Ed tar . NO. aid lade for
No. 1.
HAY—Le gimlet and asshisged—warn from
maim waving, sato
BEANS—pWI btit Ingibmigedrimull ulss In
Itort at 121230 Da bush*
HOMMY-4.lootsd as $7117,110. .
C1LLNE112413 , 479,5t0t54 at *mu.
111414 4'4
omen os 174 d. mit
Ms. ,s t
134Tinglar. 3sraury As,
438IIIIE—The market was mendiridly quiet
today, not. tingle We rape had, though this
for Mae lime peat las been no unusual
Mink espeolnlly on Words?. Them to still
• pretty MO Mani on the pert of holder*
hamar, and sane the demand ls by no mean
ummt, then ls but &U. MI staring, either
fai 9101001 se future delivery. ead ei
thoughumbiaged. are pretty will sustained.
Spot samaykriknotod at 107540; end Marsh
and Aprf/, MOWS °Alm at T 340 armed. ann,
73400 e Mei All the year Mk buyer's oy
tical, sold yeaterday at 115(4 which is • redo,'
tioa, menbsusly, this MIMI.) , had been held
at tiaisyyst, The advisee from the east and
Eurepeard by no mean eseaorming. measly
Mt these market. are reported as berths an
arm supplyi her.. harem. with Teri lisht
Mahn aad the greabproportion of era Miser
ies ether 'tipped or rannlas half Mss, Owe
id a gm (0 110 1. iks the immerge prevatle
that prime tam Mashed bottom. and that an
eofmar or larer, u lasyltable.
—Slam the above ins pm la type, me hem
the follontag sale repoetedt We MU at Ink'
bwiree• opium, my =rah the, buyer may
name la Illak.ibuyor to me the mow/Von the
Ott day of Amil mt. When the dm of de.
Imery arrlvre. the buyer bm the. privilege of
=kW It a buyer's optlon for the ;Santa year
ay Dayton *dollar per barrel more.
EZTINEM—The market for bowled oil eras
meeedlagly jalet toota: but • IWO. We re.
ported, 1110 bble for Jansen, at In. GUM.
Um mar MI fairly Alyea at Me for Jarman
MM. for FiibnlasTi It. for Marsh; 21* tot
April; Me foS Kay; and 21344 for J
mid at Mese Ilium yesterday. There am but
fen sellers In this market at Drum% prlms, lo
Maas geitrallyr =tartan the opthUmtbst
plan magi adv." wawa or. later, that •
decline in alMail MIS of the quntlon, and that
the beet thing tart .sae SILO ho/follriad
kids their thee. As thus rn toes molder.
,bls talk la oil swam la mud to the onion of
the Petrol.* AsisrelMioa fa 10 td to the
a arm .
ton day. kakis. sad as to was qualm it
hae sot t.O Map toutastood, we 'an.
anal to palish tha proseedings of sat AA.
metal= beaten on that talon, oalition tdo
camas or those a assawho aked li-ad wo
stay bare sa twit it has tows algal b 7
au of the Law Mae naiad la the horses '
Hen are the retaluticos sad pada:
oTo Watt IT NAT Cescilts.—Al3 the rag.
la manta wan* a the dalanin Afro-
I r ma i g m ,.
us, hall o asat s = re:, the
ntanaly mama. adopted ea algae.
idalad,l That the amain of the Pita
. burn\ Palawan AseeetatioLote epee, ems
with the east, to *betas erta salad Salad
OU as • lama option to the bum, thaw Aiwa
dna, panda& that Sedan pasrally,
throokbonia thiliat Basta; adapt the same
ara war lo mats Una Mean[, do
sekos to tar phase Attalla halt% sal
do am rearantead ae Salaam OU
thanitantra• United Miss. to jot. the Le
this tdo brash less treat the motet els
tem olallikuonthirty asp ova:ma' ,
Pasow-lana the oadarsigned, otad7ers eod
dealers la Attrokaa. do Way was te sake
so etattat alter.the In tip of demure, OK
Pelee Men thaw alas aye option to the
anyar, la sandal* with • realnUna weed
ads ur Ike lalsolesa Adandat, of
rittanwit7(tiers foams as asses a the
At • snlanassal main, of the Asanalanos.
hell Jemmy mole, the followar preamble
sat assation wen ustaannonaly adopted, sad
warred to to prated. m ileaneelloa with the
I pesetenui settee of Sheo body—for 'genera ols
adabs. amen Wired&
Tbe roams, frost all pasts of
the salary an tandsblo to the adoption of
as pledsoan Matins to warms oa Man up
gad dada,. optima, as agreed exi. it ttet
sandal afters told on Dessabst
• Tat:Work Jtasalood, that It Is Dow gads,-
Aso& that astil Sado is Nadia,/ oa ail tbo
paellas. to il n agto=a an the Mb bat.
sad It la that all imotraats
art to tap mita to days Bolls* to the, suer.
Iva of "ylialk, at load, out 11. arithla M.
AniiITALIII—The fellowlag are Ma arrivals
0 1 Olt IT iks Ai/MUM Valk7 lallisaa :
Itzsbn Al Taro. of IN. Eituksianc... ne
Jas. Willtias...... 111 S aim a SUaser... US
Taws• abOo Slit ,
Total • list
Total rsoottita for tris wait. • ....... till
Total teorlato loot wait.
*a u
Total roorlpto atom dna. I ......... *au
• ottiaorita aura ar o. v. a. a:
• Nat: ISO halo ma. to P. Wright A
I=l. Oooltdda do to Fordo, -
Prow SOO.
P. Watatabatir a laa do a, to Widths. KM
* lhoalder iteta al - do do to Walla& &log a
Co, Philadelphia.
(.pottoL ra‘Blo. cr. to do do to Waring,
• F aloationatt USII.III,
BY TelBo,o to the Haulms Boottto 1
CritentNUM. JIM. IL—Floor anohanged
and qutot, taut the 4eolo 1 light; Won,
irilOnA4 Wheel 1 anti) , so Mel 70.1
tar soul at 0.101 AM -.corm
• totter 4010.04. Oats dell at WO for No.
nye m . /. 00.1 told at 114614 Bar
ter arm at for 11.11. Como Is hlsheri
.WdOtties lOW lbw &re. In ■oo d
Pu r% t P el al a e t = , d . ._ .l 4l
toesa Up s wad o , new ty62;
lAtioert c.d. Potslasons
to l orsaret io.
lit , geed 44111110,1 at • for
ohm:Wort, LlKti eldrar aldoo,ao6 11540 for
do.. Nea r tlb lard. Am Oat quiet as 1110
of testi ogee Is hi deseafullu
-bat . st I.lle. The stock of the lower
of lard is very gmali. 000717 nil
swig ;kWh, . - hews sold - g o od. ehtyped,
entettfessete sold. at 101110.
dere t sod bozos. Light Wm' brought
Oottilr at UNA& IgP &idiom/ to
lle; *apply letter. cusses .litiallangeO, at
14140140 - 10, None= reserve.
Is Llnteed
jacarftrui: ire= detataitt tottirit
antiood. Asa. 11 frateSlllolllll4lo. retro.
Isom dull. oh MOM Au , re 4004 tree.
Ind*, fe tbeNgrtiorwebes ElNe
for freedits mot saleable 1l bood. 'CUM
0004 10010 OS 1534111444 at? . Itt ft . z arm "
MTlabotly bra , Olt INN/MOL tiold
WAPlrtfloN , arvi At , Pia
buying. t Soller My. • • • - •
(Iry ieletretei to laalriltibgetli 0W1.0.61
anoZes. k s Mtn =II
'mean ',Yost quiet owl 1 to i* WAIISMOVNI for
_t o
airway& thetas:lda tloro , .new scum lit
6111111 51111145(Ct old quiet. at
elo tor og i re tor We. t/sta swan.
cdoeliff et
L ily* Gull sad 1 WM lower.
refe work ' If! I L i et V MMI t terAdO
straight breeds. Lang salve leo
lows. et 11214elore Weems, teet meats
Loeettraiwor nweltueroW. 111.0•1
=RdWage Graenwasete Want
lOiforrowr the Nark, - Meet
bele Soul WA be yeast; Wee g e 7 14 4
Ettats. e O
Wblwrosote—. cane. 001 goon
106 Ws
14010kf Mow Ana OM Mao tloiso moor
Sao 47,1181,1 k extra -POkklas doable to
&Ws pus WOOS" Witoat droop , -
lag aka swat ki loom . Cora. 4.11. nod
WOOL Caw ihtlload lower otAllello.
loam aa4 togbar 'Mammies on tot
ing* tangt.laderstooa to Mat
Rao loweritaloo at 3.0/fri gL ik
soOktlr4ow ma& ootlroly sosalsal.
Lords WO'S for•stesatasallo for
low IMO Wu wawa; 2 11 roolok oars k 0
Ma WOotbasekorasil
kcal eta so thaw. --- • •
• • LialsvUls
(1171111.m0t le Ow rtiesb.qtli
Lotrrau; Saasary.l4.2olbooto Ilzmial
WI R oa . .=Mtr .15 1 M EI N ela* :wIttio
n at : L al c ligat. wawa. trate.
Atoooo4 Moolosco,
"17 11 , 0k0708011.. Cot
Flsantall Natters It New Yeek
Sala Closed, as MON.
The moray market way an! study at
gas par coml., for call loans. Starling gtilat
at WM% gold, for drat thus ' bills. 'Gold
lower, opening at d•cliolng to 111%
advancing "113%, and riming at 13r
Goverroneht . Stocks without decided, timing strong. Conoone 11, 1100
110%; do G 3. leikTiOnvA: 10 :1M
isS , 4(ito c010 , 4i21 , 05 , A.
105X011.G1 Ten Fortles, I ..,isalik.3; Seven
. eamt STM.Y.T.
Bank Statement unusually fartirable, and,
large there/UM en depoetta and legal tag ,
deft represents the great ease On money.
Loans hare :increased to ttX3,311. Specie
azikeseAL Deposits a 11.011,61/. Legal Ten.
Jere 1e.,10.1,123, end Circillatton necreseed to
11=131. '!
Railroad • market opened buoyant. and
firm With but feu marked chums:,
MOM.] QCOTAT10111;,.
.imerfeen 0)14,41 1.90;11 atto i n ertlrk
entes,MOlXli;_ Canton, 54051t6 Comber-
Larl.Vosl; ?terpoen,
gilerZ t r ig: ' At . fLr0 r ..01( 3 . 7,1 ' VON
Uentrel • IMNallZ., , it Erie., 7-11:173; lindeon,
Heading Miiettl3yo Miehlgen cen
tral, 109 4 14 Minima, SOuthern, ergoB7l4
lateens Central, 133 rltubnrgh. AM IN;
1a%0104;Toledo1a%0104; Reck. blend. De%
North Weetun, 6 35.0. 3 04, do , prelerre ,
71%0%74:F0rt Warne. ICOXeloet; si. rent,
150; do preferreci,M; Chiago, a Alton, Me;
Hannibal & rit.r.loaaph.Mi Adenie Etre..
7114; American Ezprea, St; Unlted otates
ErPree. 7 3 '.4; Merchants Onion E.:prose; zi;
,vole Express, 46, new Tonneseoo, Pro;. Wabash second mortgego bonds, 71%;
rle DuChlen, second preferred let
111111110 *VAIL, : , 4 :
Hinvyl Corydon, 3 , 1; Quarts Mil, J10®1 14;
Smith &Carmelo°, 41.043 , 13, Wnllklllisals;
progoly, :15.
For the 'reek: Dry deeds. 1154,223; general
Receipts for the week, $13.137,1151 Pet'
onto to-day, $1,911,075; for the week, $ll,
1 . 22,110 e; halenee, e 105,157,4.53,
elem . :Fork Pralines Ilarker.
Citi . Telesraph to the Pitteburgh Bisms...l
.Nsw lona, dim. 111..--I:otten %ow, mit
ten Wes of 4,000 bales at 173 4 017341 for 1001.
<Mon uplands. Flour-receipts of 4,0800010.
and the market in dull and ln buyers' favor;
Wes of 410 bids. at 4-M,4129,c0 for martinis
State ant j western; 40.7 0 1:1 1 0. 00. for ...Oa
Mato; 47,3411,93 for extra western; Sl:Loofa
414,60 for rialto wheat ezirm 40,704113,71 for
round 1104, 0010; 410,53012.00 for common
'to Fool SL Louis; 412404414,03 for ;rood to
choice extra; thu market closing dull. Cal
ifornia Flottr 11 hesig; Wet of LILO intake at
412,00011,,k Ilya Flour Is quiet; of
4,000 Obis. at 4700601 a Wilhite is noratuaL
IteceMes-Wbeitt, 40061 i, and the market la
very dull ant In buyers' favor; tales of 1,0141
be. white Mate, at 4130; 3.41 bn. red Pennsyl.
vantsoirs2,43. lip ela Harley la more
active; sal. of 1,5 T rm. at 111,80011,474 for
mate; at al% for chirmam; 0.1.0 for Canada
West. liait is steady; aales of I,4oosit.
41,53. Itrecipts-Corn, 7141.9 Mi. and the
market is, 1920 lower; soled of 13,000 Ina. at
$1.20011% for new mixed western afloat;
$1,3161,56 for old, do. Is store; 41,2101, 2 6 for
white Southern ; 61,01 for now ./ °racy yellow,
on' door. Panatela-Oats 4,0tal be. and the
market's dull and declining; sale, of Sipa
on. at anfitiaio for western 10 aloes; Old for
do, afloat.. /lee la firm at ONIIIIO for Car
olina. Coffee Is quiet; Wee of 1,000 bag.
on private terms. Sugar la quiet; I
sales of SOO Mini. at 112401101 MO
bores H 0,,,, at Ira. Molasses is stud, I
naler; bbis. Aare Orleans thlrom
Rope quiet at 2041k04 for American: Petro
leum doll at 10540110140 for crude, and 14 tie !
.2.4X0 for relined 1,0041 ed. Coal dull lend un
cbanged. Wool without decided chango
salea 210,030 Ha at an 'Or for nroroatio
Luta er-hemlOck son in triCalOrato request
at previous prloes. Pork heavy and lower;
.51.. 1,7000010 at at' 42 .704121,00 for maws,
eloebrif at 49.70 cash, 421,71021.87 for new
do. riming at 121,14/ asst., 1174.51310,..Z for
prima, and O bi s. for prima ans; also
sales 1,730 saw mese at 1H1,040 m 21,70,
seller, b ebruary. 01,770Y.1.00, artier, blurb,
421, seller, April. Iteef .toady; • naloe 410
Irbil at nivel°us orlon; also sales lati tierces
prime mess at at 3,001334,00. Peel Hams quiet
-.lea SOB Olds at 45,600111 Le. :Bacon rialet
-.lea 1M boxer , at 10,40 for Cumberland
eat, and 113 0 for abort ribbed.' Cut Meats
unehangral--sales 143 pats at 10 be fur ahoul
der. s, and 12.441e40 for hem.. Dreased Home
rtemulS. at 4/%o9g° for western; ehlehy
0010 sold' Micistv. City. Loot dull and
heArypaties 00. obis at 11,101SY.a. Butler
steady at 340410 lax Mato. Chema doll at
11010 c. FrentaalO LirerPoo l 'mare ;satire
and Armor; 65,010 bush corn and wheat per
ateamen - at 106110. - •
'Arne-Flour closed dull, irrogribtr 'arid
admitted, watt hoidens of medlars grades
dirmOseci to scoent lower prices. Wheat
' nominally nnehri.nasel. By. nomlnaL Oats
Aeii and heavy at elm f or wrosiers in store.
Coenoiud And heavy a $1,2001,117 for new
mixed western ad.t and elSn for O ld
mired western tir Mine. Pork. dull and
barter at 420,82!4F19.73 , f0r old' men, 141,150
2 1,10 Sorrow rams: ind ian.fmmafs , 4 for
February and llama, Beef steady with a
fair demand. Critilratadollmul Imehaodro4.
Bacon quiet and steady. 144,1 Mill and
heavy as 13%013X1 for lair to' prima steam
and kettle rendered. •
• Newel siestas Market
EB, tn. rittsbarra itstette I
lr+ 0tt..., J.tinry IR.—Cotton active
at 170INe, with Wes of 5,37) bales, re
ceipts today. 2,834 bales; export/4RM bales.
The sales or Cotton yesterday, were SAN
tales more than reported. .Sagar
Changed. Zeiss.. settee upward
teadencyjnourdail and one Red. Oars
advanced to al. oat. firmer st VilGann. York.
firmer as Ita,6oo4ta. Bart. arm; obsslders
bold at 104 R, rib Side. 134 and' clear blase
Inge. Liked In - tierce uylo. 01 05
ling (%l I. (told 13714. New York eight
Ezebanp.l iltseama.
• •
• lielsupbeir Marko. •
Illy Telegraph te tat Plltaberelt tasetta., •
llaurriets,'J.nery 13.—Cettprr Is ftrrertatt
luta itanttnnl at 'Galatia - Tha receipts lot.
today are 1.301 bale. end the ;exports were
1,103 bale. The aloe. on band aroa dints to
EU !Alec. 71011 le hem teat 'tot blither.
Mem Park to selling at I=.: liacon; ctmc
claw are *ening at lac, annadderil In hula,
We. and aldee 10!{01 ,0. Lill Is ceiling
ati&ejlect (Wm is Tory cc/ltod 104 llchl
store at 0101,03. trat. We. llig_te held at
!San riastelse.
4117 Telegraph so tue Plttabarglt tlasettal
ItAz Tumult% Jact-/7.:crloot quiet at
Itl,Xlttl. To dara ateanter Wiles' l,ooo
• Mils' to :Now Ycitt. WNW, gulch 11.71,09
Dm, good „mtilpracit: - ZatalTradall.
Melo quiet Awl pace* cicolltmdi
calm to-any of tsorla Pettit Mt% Bolober
scket =iZ:atleaV=l.
1=57144 OvermanlAala 170
• •
I/W . l'o4inch to the FatelaterA . •
Ittoritmss.'Jenuerile.-111.i . ablli eity
IX, itutcowor rrtrr
LL j 946441.44,4,
nel t at3 for To. •T. OW
Oa 113;
CO for] No. .4. • liope quiet at Oa Jr. new
neellect. welpts-900 obis tout; 1111,807 b.
meets- Vne bus at fp. L. tom. Stilt:
ments—il,lC6bels flow. .
Toledo Market.
CU) Telt(TlPb to ttis Tlttsbaran Citretta
Totano, Jan. IR—flour—no tiansaellona
Wheat onkel. Corn to lower. artlh Wea of
tau at liOy(da.t; old .111.1gan latIlo; seer,"
January. at. We; ter Maralvat Sao. .0
-Aporti at al. Oats steady. ultra sales bf 40.
I at tl!4c. Nye quiet. Clover Seed; sales at
t.lo.nge Ran Drat
1a..1 Lugs without any material
a • .
--L •
• Phi
(el Tag/rap:l to the rittllmetb teethe.]
Pros.sest.nnts: .Iso. IL—Petrels.= eery
quiet.; (Crude 4.514,et ransed to bond VW.
Pleural:lll.nd drooplng; westorn tetra ram
-117 410131193; Pennsylvania lent Ohio do IVO
012- itttent. lower; allele. fed $1.00E1T.,41.
onite $4,1:083.25. .Spenteinf $1..4411.5n:
Corn dolly mtssd I.IS/019 EAT; OW. 0 10.4
10.741178 e.
Cbtoodo toss's Sag dog.
tOr Telegrgou to the Pittsburgh ursuttst.]
Coicgoa, Jui." lU.—Drritud bogs quiet,
diming at 67.75C1L11, glyttllalk OM Z.; live
moderato!)7 attire, at PPOSX for capping
tom *I for good to linoa chows hoary.
goer cattle doll,' at 116,7411.7.3 fog- gOOd tat
steers.. Receipts—Sp* bog..
• Cloetsuntl Cattle ivket. '
[Ey to the Attaborgh gazette )
Commun., 7.9.17 —lleet Cattle to'
light topply and prices are 7.5c0 per emit.
bighort boichere &Oar ell,reB7,A Lad for
extrr ehippleg 117,regIG,Oo per cent.' grog.
Sheep oceans mot flan M 0, 70 83.7 4
per °TEAL •
7ZUrOII7B HZ 161211.12004 D.
LID T1.Ta114.101 , 1 ftarracrae.
January 11.-4 earl Mr I/00, Yilailak a Cos 2
da•do. Lloyd • 411442; 4 rail trial 021022ry 1.
4 Oaddheyg de. 11.00100{. 'Tenn • Cott .
do do,
ll.rCShosoberger • Blair; 2 do do Zog • Co•
p Pori./ a V.; insla spoko;
tit i 7U7 n .‘a 770 to um bind...lm ,
woad, arc a Coil kg batter, I DOI dr7
bbichelly O alr. oats. 11 do ~10,1 do bap,
4do rags, ado dry appies.l do p.a.., 1 box
butter, Ido 4rs.'l kg lard tw basal. South
& Aliso; 11 bbl. mole ssss , 'oho I Hones & Cot
II do de, J i; Dilworth a co; SS do 46,781 khd.
sugar, lem Malstr; II de boar.. kg. bird, T
J 40010420 bid ewe" Knox a Orr; barrel.
risk /*Wow. bX loop, Veldt • Cot sssss
emis, 04r21100 Co; 4 Obls •pplts, lload
& ggorsgar, kg. lard, alraf • donor; 10
J T do J Kelley; 141 aka aug,,,
Id do 6611416 dozy& Jai kgs bbl.
pled barley, Arbuckle. • Co; Aldo do She.
Cwdier a Lana I oar swop lroa..l4olonay a ,
o; id Ohl. molamom, John I House & Way II
mar, Holmes, Cal& Co ; 4 8tOla ardmues •
Wm Ill;:.;;I by. 4 412aarratt, is. $1011; 1 tr.
kin butt.. l ox tut . Grod•
' Tregoseiow,Ootairinik Oiscowderi
Jaactary 16.-41 bhd.Bogor, 16 bbl. 20,14440,
0012400 V/ a 11.21 10 / b do sugar.** bbls mo.
lass"' Atboakle. • to; 11 bbd. 5.5 5 +,11. bbl.
malady" Ogle tabu.% J , llsloronh at ,
4 htsds 14 r,O bbl. cooIaMICI. 10 de Oil. Kirk
patrick. llartos &UN if 'do molasses. II bad
soap sad candle.. Skomaker • I.aogi ta bk.
soap, T della. • Cold bbl. whisty, mon
-111.7pr0w720 basso... T -Coop, • Cm 7
10 b.. candle., John 11eDsvati &Ark.. tobacc.,
J H Llpploootta 5 Obi& puma.. VOWS , • Co, b
bales ridtton, Halmos, Bellei 170 jr id Obis flour.
S I.lm4ay Jr • Cot 100 do do, Jas Coobor; 6o
do do,•8 ?Staten& Uoi 60 do do. I. 11 Kirk
patriot • UII 170 do do. Moaner • Harp., 1 0
Ibis 011 L rahnaddoek thoA 11, 010 eats,
Coi 16 011.
Mumma II alandb, Kolas& Bdo n
Nallemry • • Rood, 41da l ,
itaxesrbele, =ler & ON 44 kaki bud, I L
Pattlllll Dbl. vim Moil, 1 keg lard'hipPoloy a
mum. oar. bay,E W Talon; 60 bbls .our, :
Watt & 9111 u.; IA do do, DID Thomas.
211.04.024114. [Or/ WAT2N a exidooo Ea,
Stoutly 16—g tows muldai,- Bey. , & I JougboTt
1 dodo, J.Konaboadi/ do do. 11.4.111, W.ll. •
alcit 100 bbls wbisky. L Rosenbergs:l ise
lour, Kirkpatrisk, 11.tion a Urn 1 aar
l'isr, Da021.1411 775715 pas isain Ors,
is: a Bair; 7 do do, ldalCalght • 007 MU.
yys, Wallayc hall 1010 butter, 11 Rea 'Jr;
Tines said, WAS I Col 1 - o ar isarbil, Bosom
a 00.471110 laC peps. iteCtitlooah_ , Smith
a cloy • pkg• lard,ll do dry Apples. J Klrkpat.
ttek 117.8m1100 do. W J.e.mou • 11101 130 Duda
Water* A 51 1 111=M -Mils dour, gittootrisk
• 11115100; I I Co do. Shomakor h Loodi lod do.
do, Kuno. a Harped;loo'oo da,_Wll Kirk.
trawailt• 001 2 dun let 7 . lll iledi Told. a go;
a able door, E 1 Thoms.; l Indoskasoaa sore.
I/alas& llbok7 le bblar boom tire a
UN We do tour, J 5110757th 100 de do,
Natl.& Wilson; ligldo do, 1251 • • 511. •
51.110017 .917.7.5 . 5 'IL: :315= IS.—
7 4422 011..T0treett; Loess Moe 11 do
et i, (7 .2 11411 1 =1$ dodo ; Jas ir =7:
71501. moat, Wen railbeat 4 A 11•7_36 brag:
11111. =gal Cdu 0.011.17. T0176_ . , Se .
jar 1:2,1; 4 TA1TT." 42% 1r
[ Kitt .1.. 11..-
tat a oos 5717'515ta1..11 IV you.
1 14141.1140; troatotti p I i5r..=r1155..4
= S W, ;F h 1511 .7. 05 1 51 11 1 111 4 4 , O k..• •
.11.111 D
TWINES, ti curl tuii.4.• •
iltUidnotize. of & lls W.scz U.
eel or read for OtronUr. ford: •
The weather moderated somewhat yesterday,
and where exposed to the -sun, theisnow
melted a little, and It I. 'thought by. °moot
the weather-wise that a <hangs le near at
hand. The river remains about stationary.
and nevi...Lim, of course, is entirely. inte
The Delaware. which boat lett hers some
flays slam ran Nashville, I. Iti.berurd:tri the
I slehdty of New dumberlead, Above striteci.
The following boats are .gill reeeleing
freight. and will leave a cola as the weather
and river permlta: Sale Rotinson, for Cl.n
.halt and Louleellle;iismelle, for Nashelltt;
Messenger. for Si. Louts. and Leorddes, for
NOV Otleuu. • • •
The latebtat 'Gawk,. route from Visite!
burg to Plttsbnlgh, Deed Gairo 00 Th
and the Nall. paned down the aims day
with itente of coal. There an ere no tree than
tesenty.setrel: ateamere laid up at (lairs.
The Sliver Spray, en root. from ICew Or
.lcans to ernelentr; ites 100 Vide o sugar
for Car*, BlaGrew, of thle ctrl, .d t Star.
light h.O 23 lihls for Pittebargh;
The torktown is loading at: Cleetn attics
Plttehufh. The Glendalars laid up at heel.
tog, sad thelropOrter at Parkersburg.
prliate dispatch from the towboat Wile,
we learn eh. arrived at NewtJeleana ely
with her tow of coal bargee on Tondo last,
and nailed on.hes return trip to Pittner.h
with atom of. empty bards. yesterdei.
eras the firetf arrival of coal at New Ocleane
from Pittsburgh ...Julie last.
The Great Republic and Richmond left Port.
land together on Tlinesday for Mew Orlean!s.
The Kate Putnam paned 0000 the Falls et
Louisville ors Iturseuty,
The Oinsimati No - Ovine, of Friday, slum
A deck hand named • John. Shaker. WAn
anipped here, .lipped and fell overboard the
31.11 10.10 to the Tennessee, Ore mites above
.11istil.d, and we drowned. Every eltart war
made to rescue him; by the raise. end crew,
but be .0001 down beforeßesistance ;mule
teach him, He was a Sober, Intelligent man.
and weleunPneed to belong to Pignut gh.
The Latilsylla Courier, of Thursday, sayer
The Great Republic, with kW toos of freight,
' left 4AZIGIDOLU yeettitay morning at 114
001000; and arrived at p. I.o:at la time to
get over the fells, her avenge npeed down be.-
log 13 mike per hone. There was IPA fen
water In and 0 14 an 'the reel. The
boat drew feet S ' inchee. In 0,0400 to make
' Xs 'i t P o a trt: * ll=stl " e l l i g 1111 ° 411e . r fr it i fwTs
notes. tech,. Into the deep elde of the elute.
Sin male the pane. Wein rabidng very
slightly. and thpt owtol to the .0104, whim,
wa• blowing herd. Ciapt. Pink Varble, who..
ekill and atone ate U...., waa at lb.
Great inordinate wheel re her P.n e over
the fells, II the Great Republic had been de
layed netil this morning, she could not have
occultly have ged, over the falls at at!, but
have, beet compelled to await 1 rice. She is
now at Portland, and gun to New Ude.. to.
day. (Apt Pock Yarble to negotiating with
tetra Lot Pliteburgh for &towboat to take the
pla. of the T. U. flamer laths Lonieville
harbor. Part of Ms week of the towboat T.
G. Kerner, recently sunk on. the falls, we
wanted away by the meet Ilse, Out shoot
ball of It, supposed to he the forward part of
the kat, 41.111 11. g. 09 the PIM li so, the
boilers will be used. The other ppoortfoo, sup.
Er t I ';,. ° Zl 7.`l"l". o . o itltTA: :it
water, where it nu be removed In low water.
The RJskmund. despite her hen. cargo, (Rd
soros fort mooning on the trip. Her time from
New Ode.* to DonsJdsonville, a distance of
ghty.... miles, was On hours end lateen
The All. V. and Sherman • for •Cliteinnatl,
ead Mary Damage, for Pittatdinitir left New Or.
Team Wednesday.
' , totted thi4 Jaw W
Or loydd A. —aanon, of N.
roo.'"Ut, H. LW•7l;=';', the p
We learn from iltirarepott that oeUoa in rap.
Idly uctioulating at , that plarkta oonacquarsee
of tha. araraity of beets of llght'draught. Boats
sesma phials.. moth freight to sad from Shreve.
part aa they raa lrry. ' •
Goorgo W, Smith*, of the Lake Providence
labs:Moat, vnbilahea • long .ate ta tha Vista
harm Thitra, eying him VOTI1101:1 of the Oren
muse. of him late @booting affair with the
flattop and Bata of the kioltuabisa It differs
brit Little from the account already pubilthad,
irmairpt in laying %ha blame m the on:leers of
the bast. • : r
Illy Telegraph to the Pitttini,gh tiarette-1
aftrarrene., January 18.. , -Tba • river le still
rlsing. Weather clear and.. cool. White
raver falling, 'with alz andl a half feet to
Augnata; Arkarteus river fallings tueotY
ale teatime in channel up the "ennenee.
Yet Calf 0,,,1111141141/µ Argosy and ArrosAttilo
for thuoluhail, end P. W. Binder tor Leal.-
vale. all with, geed trips. Lin port—May.
Gower, Cori 8. r
Jan. I!.—ll lver ' falllnq, Iclt.b
etc Met four Inntus In canal. Weather
Thartnornatcr, 31.
Fl2..:g.ts t PLlx" — t'—Mit
Capt. W3c..DsAiw
5aVlll la
enene fr o • abova sad faleitard.ate twit.
the sof narlFon .
• For Detalp: g r2l.rf e ,
onboard or to
J. D. eirLXI.NIAFDOI). I Antal*.
J AO. /LACK...
5.1.D.L1ne. • ,
FOR CINCINNATI andr ivii t
LUVUIVILLC—Ths splendid
and sniltmennists •
K &IL EUISIttIRJB ....... Paslmg
W 111 leave rs sYrie orrrirr •••mi , kro.
r Itch/liter pass.r. sprt) I e Warr, at , tir
.lmnof Word trtlrt. . Jan
Fee fiT. Louls.—The
" o o ft ol
.Wlo r ... k bte 0r.0 , n0 . 0f sovleat
tst . A mwa inT""l
Sba Ise Osamu'
L1C031.0113. JAMS rtimpo.,
Will hum An abets em ep.,ln( of savls•Unn.
rot ilkitio,l ar Isilawie apply 00 MIMI .10
it tie !teal latililltite loth
0121aa'stal War•fooos—:St 0 and 841 TANI HTY
STILL nr. nlantle Warefounz 00 woad floor.
P.m,. 'atonal*: Warble or nit. Illanllat wfli
Isd ISM than. Interest to tall. Woraaaansblp•
firll ' a s li!VnlSWei. " ll3ll9 . l; /1:1`.; gailLg
Mint Elen haft natal...B tins 1101.0 v
olio of welt.. taa MlLflalalasts Mt sods to
laot as wall sal afar .
Thar, la no o th er plata to W.. tern rr.nryl•
' ill
satiate Plata Mantles Ire netsassoored.
•Il Mott or Marta* floao in* boat
VA . .% rallllll o l . , ACT:. aW,7 I .ll`,l.t s '''''
toll T.
'FIIE cled the male Meaty for the nit et,the
Yr... prepared to ?amber It la any trosottly
to too. 01011$ to pm.. tbie evystrior article.
Der., Pfleen year.. yee att. eley vre have op.
steed et nu ttpropeetto. oe belle. man It
lent. vvi le le for Dote thas easy to the inettea.
we tarp. speared . evens. mad of Ms
motatis Mt, Oedema Mello' totale sa
peyel sod les Oleo tbs• We will foretell reeelp Le
for the proportl. of I. Winans of 11/Le Olityles
0020000 poretiorlee. The 1.1107 le sr.. sod
oolele4 in Mopefor delivery.
lore TM Woes Wore,st
Wutdostos Plltsbereli. PO.
NO ibis Basol. Blow rotatwell:
I.,o'olbe 811•11.1901111 .. • .
5.10.0 104 rlOO Betalro a; •
Loot le• Tennessee I . owwat ,. l
210 10/Baa Maxibollemb ABS. Futon' Cie./
10* 0..00 Cilllwl
bait. Brim• Nary Wawa:
ibis Beath?: '
lo bill torsbemt
1/bi. Wilto Con Wog: .
10 011111.110.1 LIMB
1.1001.4•411 8040101
• 10 bb.• eil{
b 011.114 erllllo Blower 01141
) 2 VI: 1/ I :I . VtBVIVL
Tor e 54117 kLITZ.II..
j• 71013
_lila. =DEM RT.. ALLWOUItb
(Fourth door above Plasond.)
Glass, Cblna Ware & Table (alien
at INISTERIO rulers. livintbies rveledred
gam ree dye et.ore oa baud. aad emelt*
or .. lama
A . [ METTLER SON 91!" CO,
Stem Boilers, 011 81111 s, Tanks
AM 4110'1.10N WWII', et au that.
liF..flT!I ur
L . N. 1141.1., Dianntacturez of
wi444.414 444 yetall 445442 11314400 •
• Ulea.ll4, ehuPr. rirms. so, /.04L4411.14 T
UN iroon , sTurr.
caner Ln!lnitY. Yl4t4lrlugt4 ya.
_ • _
To Machinists
Lre. 34 EVA&
d,•nedtTrepon.l. far filth derrick Pump.
Egiartunert .0 directed to the "Board of
Water Corentiplenkni.“ will be received at
liter ogle, well. at roncer of 100r11 en., Gleit
a.rotts. esti or 01.', nntll 1,1101 o'clock.
noeu. ef 100ND•Y, th• 'weeny-seventh day of
Jai:nary. az [olden bear [ne bide will Te
nigt Krrltt pumrlng enema% with Nagen and
appurtenance. complete: No. 1 to be
sad reedy for settle. by the Le or
NOvereher, ME engine 50. 3 to ha een[hieted
sad reael tair aerviee by the Ist ef JesinoTt 1-1 71 [
Also, at tee game [lute sod pl.e, neat. IMO
rollat.g. 01401..4 •I rreln 1 . 1 foz Low ►esr.N
remoter .d directed to the Baia
of Water Cartimr dozers" as aforesaid. tor
bullding and erecting et olasell's Point. Clty of
gt. loads, WO low seniors tdobtolng orglees,
watt bull , . ood.Pbtklt , tratices complit r e. Itn-
Ny n :h l z l ?;[Vitran . Tlfil d .lo
conaeletad .4 ready tor aez by.the Ist of
kritterl. tan
Via. of th• engine. and boiler. eau be aetn,
tgtgat H elr l ire " onbilteirtfa 41.7rat ' l l ottli
the 'nen ~,,, .0 "a•ove. on or arter
Thursday. t[ennh or t ecember,_ and ago.
tlit. [Coe of WM. 14011T1111. dee
med. al /1 ro[d way. 'New York.
The amount dr wi I of Dole. than
fly [bookend dollars on each cntr.. Tn.
licard no trees naelf the right t o y ocreeke this
wirianat secwity snort. przrosaiz are open
er', to say tam not .....1 1 10 ...nal. the
anoint or tee contriket. abootd they decide that
It I. for the rtstikreat of tee 0111 10 tom. The
tbrzties offered lotting ~.leant Peknotders of
'county ord.. todd.
fly o. der at the lizard.
def4:lll3 ttgrt. g. HMI), Prultdent.
PrrrsErnsit IMPORTING 110 E,
409 Poin Street, Pltisbergh.
Cut HI. rOHYIUT bailor retuned Into Zoe
rope, has mac • tan planate. and Derffeetoff
anaugententi with Mel Ibltdnarkir Sat Gan
bone. •
BITIITLLTR, Artett.Ubatnrn.
•In Vff ttol.llt Cit.. EpOrDay, Cbanasine.
J • BUN 110. a CM, Coosa and Bordeaux.
Ginn. CaIIBLINO. Cada.
110H0A e. Morn, cal; "Da ,
lOINA MD ottblltlDT, li•uttabarg. Rhein.
• A. It
n 0 a. 0., Crannan, •riparall Hxt tad otr
110 •
inn E 1 . 0.. 104100 Ales. • •
It URN ti[lt • 00.. beotqh Ales.
A choice ueortmeat off Pl7ll/1 OLD BY/.
W Molt s e rfant, On bad. I
liana ected arrafferont • nta theater
bob.-•. wear ale to offer the potent brad
or WINES tad LIQUWIS. Lreetblnattou c.
q t s ,.. 9mrleamputa9k btan aCciale
Super-Phosphate of Lime.
• -
0111 ti, 358 Penn St., Flttsburgb, Pa.
Tee 'twat IrertbLror nod, end reredalred b 7
all runners lobo hare aarealt• MAI, Le be Me
irendvd ror Wring lune crobs of Wheat, i t,.,
Ult.. Cora, Potatoes, he. We bare nutallhed
or nratultons etrowstion yernohlet con Waltz
onereartar and is ate etscomedre et lids ria.
Inner. eoplenof which will no sent rose So acr
sang no 10.50 eddrors.
11.3e1Wars to B. L 11131.0 EN, /Lint.
Of Every Description.
!%o. 46 Smithfield Street,
.P/TllllllMliiiir raw
ar.a. fall ...Mauna of l'ltabar,.. - 1 19.71 f. fa*
fume rumcdra, Knartanth au dsad at LOWLJT
01.118 1 . 11.1C15.
c. S. c. S.
Prot; la eleb. of tom sad taimirds,
SLJE; MOWS Oeplef,lllL6o.
ig l PIM /01 tal 11FIT ILU tillllllll,
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Bar, H p and Sheet Iron,
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EBI 11159
, 01 Water Street,
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liPitts urgh Foundry, ~
rnma7 l e and Oven Frames
.41.31 a izi , Oc•r is ;
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Cooking] and' Heating Stoves
gr. Ofllee Ltd Warettotte.
No. 299 Liberty Street. ,
BOILER' .011114 NW T
Vklan SNY6ER,
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OIL STILL? AND OIL mums, - •
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Etutlor Siren% Ninth Ward,
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NiII antilftsitigo Castings.
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Sliest Iron Rock,
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H0 0 .1:3 AND SHEETS,
0 ,r1,401; Mt. Pt
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Piston Shads;
Steamboat !Maths
Steamboat Croak.;
Plato. hods, Wrists'
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Orricz, No: 177 PENN STREET,
Corner Carroll and Smaltrans
Streets, ninth Ward,
Cast Iron Bowl Pipe,
. I Tirdr,'ll'airat WA!
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num pera in cii its rata rw,
Lindsay, Sterrit & Euwer,
Mannfacturent Impoiters of
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fkuire Below Union Depot,
6WWW. 6i. MEWL
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van Spring Enid,
Fast and Orman Era Steel,
. GICOVI•BASA aloy. N. •
Warehouse, 83 Water St., Pittsegh
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Belling NEU 'Miry
KeiglneCasttoge. Castings,
Cat.eral Castings. , .
Md 73
3,0.11 N RONEY,
Carson St, tit Ward, near A. Tplllll
Kammer Dies,. Sted Moulds,
Lag ni WA, Wig wily.
G nErawo 9 D
Jobbing and. Pia - dairy Castings,
issht or benz i df eltber Malleable or 0.7
Inon. of ell pa slats and nylon, 'WWI to
once, 230 Liberty Street,
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Cook, Parlor and fitore,
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Center Liberty awl tit. Clidr 13te4
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Out tenors: " •
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LI. A. tr.' MAP*
Vs., 11:01 a. N. TO T. N.
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italtoalla .a4Loc. No. N. 2410 a. Y.
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palate Depot, °south •.•
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Completion of the Allegheny Talley
• Railroad.
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