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For Mayor—Siworlbscx. . -
Tar rpm. Director—Nx..24lanDoctr.
War. astral. and ratatialarer .
;with heavy` guar of .goods on.lhittd,
which bsrastres.l7 (aka to:aa, aped°
'tandard,: ue ma so:erger :to - rap the
'contract' ion - or Abe iirper-aarener azd
stave oflthe reasuapao' of aped° pay
"... mails,. ai Cttier bonne the dentin
gi is more natural. rte.
aisido them to sell .1%
the beei* ereipsefe, ded seget ',Wee:a •
foi thelr leaves. ,
-Trig Chnifiel4 Beinalfuen aloha
- ipeapia of 'the Tiemitleth COngrilaio . 1
mt . :fa-of this Btata -have been badly:
reprealattil. - 1 , -led . Mr. Culver,
and he got" into' jnit. Then they tried
Mr -Finney . - and Lis phygdann tent him
:i) ,Tk?e
‘ pyparck ;711 the
other ha, teratllthlit•theiTeople•ante
Terentleth District 'lit* b•bEll.. better
'rand their PtiPla or moat didzicts
mime rerreentatives hive been at
, - , l•:wintaiitipi .n I tLe ' ~ whtle U 'bat
slog optleftg, *mists some . trut4 is it:•
/TB- wat'._tcataaoitha
. .•:_,Agent of the confedershi Stades to Ea.
rape; daring-the ratel;kin,lisa published
.:;the Brent HLTo qof 'CiSidederate
Diploniicr .shows that
••• the ErcarliEroperar was okra beadle to
oho United reales thin any or tho leading.
statesinim ;- -aid -was wild.* to
take active baba of the
a._ 'abets to csso:the . British
whiskljnin hitoiherein.: Whibh/ris wai
hh real4ositten, he .dld slot intermit
''; . .efforta to main our goverpthent believe
• Ws- sentunants - •wera lianerable . and
• - - - dimity ; This j dnplleity fa keeplig
=iith bis ghtuseter and' the pecaliariq of
,Aocomktrom . Oo4iiatm, Oblo, oso
tatiortilitCh ilat , Vallandiglioml pros
:I:. ** for United tkatei:Basuitorrialp,
;:iii[ol:l 110 'imparred
_that MS friends feel
degree' of ,iionfidiMito lei will Ix
chosen. Bolivia; it hinny fliir to say
Shag - .llr.".Tiraranuen supporter! Wks
that the mambas who hare been Marna
- _ - aineei the electinn, to Tote for Mr. Val- -
- - landigharti; seal itot do so, bat will act
according - to their previously expressed
~_Hr. yallandikhato litho most saitahliii
man - the Dadocittey of Ohio can: select
•-• ; Mils theil„..ripreseahaira stria, slams
?Inn:adults:wed expression to their amt.
think emayistions-ami i i rtiposes. He
ilia'ability, ea - iabstenci atarake, fanati- '
'aliati,iiionestit,' and while we do not
latish Ili 'ideas, we hays . mnrarespzet
' fai .thin wo have ilia sleek , Omni
"ffho,,fould OD mixt
; _lama than he 7trould, provlded'always
this they ceiadAtit in thO dark or coder
each other cirententanoesaa "grad eatable
them to elide responsibility. - -
=Thq ae~i;a " tcbm I . i'verpool ;
- Peitlerid, Me., 'retarder:-
-808WTGLI,MOCIC. uockhlad, awnep
ems besited -yestee, lay aiorzttog. Lose
xisep4tuied .. .lones,bie been sea
.teueeetri be , Vazig;i
Capp upon a ishlta*ocaaa. . -
• ....I/mil:led° itoard4tTiedayestenlii;
appobziod m> to o
T r de Coßtreltsvrtug.hasasalVes B 0
:ton TebrnaryAb: • '
• 7 :=LC6ro yeas asked Inlbe.Hpose and
Senate of9Calne ; yesterday, to present a
repeaFle¢ the State Constabularyad.,
. • but it was not granted hieither Howse.
- The statement that General Ifossard
• le'
has andoreed the proposition of a loan of
• ;thirty. :
toS -planters,
.nriTh alienan their estates or crops, is in.
• —The lewdly atom of Bend. & itros,
fillsSottrY.ioo-g robbed on
„ the night °fibs 30th nit., of three
. e s s u : d rigsl i Z weaurlh jewelry
x Kto i :G w : w fth a;
• obtained to ttie _
=Petsy Evans; called - hp . his; friends
•. •
• tho ' . .Ronclent Gistrt;" hoe ,egreed to
• light tnialairin," the “Irish Gient,” 'fFEr
one thousand dollars's side , • The first
has teen made, and the articles
' • Iftreii to . have beeneigned yesterday. .
• - Hosantlhos not' or
dais rthistilitsing-Unreen. iifficarra Tor • en
gsgin„,— In the •Sordhatit Stites
ha; astabr bed a inlethst them:rapt
mice Of rideffitTe Must' be considered as 1
incovatiblo with the duties of the pin
• sera .'
tficiverrior Beano of Maryland,
his Misege to the Legislating, en
- dOrees..:the Pieskierit; exults Over .
- reaction against the ?obey of Congress,
,Sind fears that smialgimation• will be' the
remit of negro suffrage. He saiyii.the
applied. for from the War Depart- -
; „meat - have not yet -been• received, and
aye the correspondence
Mahe's.: injustice - i '' lsiVtlit h i t il ' ls re tZ
The indications in the Senathrial contest
4iat a raa'l‘lll . .er b6 -4. e ! eated. A. , .ana
miatik.ra wealthy - s'em
We Mr it allied tbat /alma Rope r the
terms? landholder and lise weal
man In Jelltermn county'. Vittlnio, - 15
dead. Roper wed a muLdto, the natural
son of Ikr eccentric Englishman, who he,
queathed the most of his property to the
reemnly dootened, who added sreally
IMF menial state .: Roper bed a
117= 1 =trfor acqUirlui eperlhand
1 for Beldam to his hr ge Ladal
estate. Every - two he Would
- I,M W
t rerbi t M
Er pry as much .4110 wend
when dollars wine donara. , „ now
, a nal
anlntedelPefati man/ tZtvriltrg:a miacg
aru t ::: t hb in 4 ,l l l sl4lB .l .1. ° 0: 4 7 11m m that nobody
e ul l'boa be was. drunk. He'nn'a
quiat,ill"frena" nui o n i=rts maid .
ly esteemed.' t=l l
c ser ved
i. oeo t to to, nerar _
oreinrim, or attempted to exordia Mag!
denied. by the laws to,men of bin- race
yet he was as fully protected In hin debt
of ponem and alig n urg :
Vireirds, oall,.4„„ 1 , - -4:=eatsts than
l a
1°4 ..„, Ea r n . - — , r i ng in this Bier* can
- .ntt7ROPeri" 13 ir" yrets
ealled:,tax a Ming exempt; of ti!
, th at Virginia /awe , even hen,..-%
rested, protected men <dm.— Ure
enjoyment of. their rightel•—,4lr c •F
- •—A iiiiweifal di,3ning resales now
:In operation-11v New Jersey, Which is
• bsalyd tote
a l a s ls via lora witi°cimlinarte to
• eds
' or Ifonsuluttl'oetor , r.- - It is st work or
• 'wide, taking Up ,11. tan Of marl sadnute,
"1`111" °l2
• rates awa y e to the* doors of tin f1 ,., e
hi that part of New Jersey. . carrell.
pondesit. - :desertbinx it,,otates that ULU
_ — chime like thew can azenenteeny excel,
Ind illustrates b . Yelitostng the made that
eel 'MI? put In
° e I=7. c=:.
• .`All that is nicestary drat: to tied the
highest point, on the route",whero there b
them taltae, 6mld.ands launch them'
at that pautoset theca to work dlogirt
= 4 : d lb r rre.. 3-91 ,. 1 ; 3et t l7gde E n gg
tudidh r lgloeks on the route at required.
,-; Another set'could ciao be started at each
cad of
mite. !4:1 1 4: , route,- working . 1 : ::,: i l a r , ;1:1 70 tp;
ra:ch nes-es that 07130ul New.•Jefue-Y;
- the buildlugof corst at tbe point nein
- edgottld wormier/tied "with- great speed
. ,
—ln St. Paul, 3 41.naesete, onkndersare
:Punished by" twine nuLde to , cow. wood
. upon en humur , pile belonging to the
gay. They_ do the Same to Windbun
county, Connecticttr. The keeper of the
county 'goat from honaito house with
,e Rang of priwners. the refractory coca
trionearnen bye ballend c.baln Jandlej.s
"or Wootreacrteit for the people - re anon.
—The only literary society in Irontovi
Ohtait , Made on oreolored people who
are tee "anbittiligeld tOVOIli." •
—The Nov York Cama thinks that . ‘a
avitrbem,witik s lemma in Ma month,
i de Witted to Ida: dorsal dn. might
se t will try;toswittliali over the Calls or
itilagire" as the Radicals te snowed en
—A. men in Chilicothe, Ohio, Mends
c.mmotion I. his hen-home tke other
night, Auld mlllnE out "who's there:"
received no asawer, and fired into the
darknase The next morning a dead ne
gro was round with a chicken ender his
inter-nitienid jote, tequesilon
able propriety. was that of the (*Mihail
, der of the British *sr ontsd - Chilaßellier
at Itonoletluorho set his band playing
alongside Gut steamer 'Atka
wana. The latter retorted with "Wear
's.c oohs Green." . ;
In Paris tor- She tagbereditiMtlott Of wo
men, and • journalist draws- %gloomy
picture of the time when ladles will per ,-
pies. their hastauxls with questions such
as, "What Is your opinion oaths *hat=
talon otaolar head" •
patent of
,BlEsisailla, has
a patent for an hanitheele anger plow.
The tmproyetuent tbrusista in a combi
nation of ,thw Alfttor, twisting and
throwing qualities in the share and
mould-board. The beam end handles
are of inni;:adcritedipth of the furrow
(2131 be regnistsdby an adjustable Wheel
which is attached to the beam.
—A.gord'eman residing at East •
.Pc. , recteltde: Weeded At, salt/Mks
neighborri whentirVienold
clue, Wiii , mitakhig ome
fining be was surprised to find, had
(also bottom, in walchwerestowediway
a meat many gold and ellvercolnsuf vs
.rtotes deneml.mtlonig . ..Theys had proba
bly lain there upwards of one hand d,
—lt is discovered by comparison of
ittatialles. of Ireland that thorns districts
malteds:dug parikimente* . bitiraturlis had
a mortality last year of twenty to each
thousand of population, and in those
which were not represented the rate was
fiutactr.tolina tisoamad. Ulm not, how,-
er, suppoeed from these facto that tie
stiffrage has an unfavorable effect on hu
man life.
—ln 1667,, as ebewn by the "Racing
Cie aufgrP- 712 tremyser elditretir threes"
year 01* 409 forte-year obis. Bad= Sire:
year olds and upward, making a total Of
2.458 horses of different age*, ran on the
various racecourses in England. In 1866
the- tote!' ntanibeteit tomes of varions
aces that made their appearance on the
English turf went 2,101,, .making a gain
of 349 fOr Mg. By this it will be seen
that racingis cm= the denitra,'... la /797
the total number of bergs!) on th e Bridal;
turf were sal. :
—The Inverness (Scotland) Cbtcrier
Sari A - Vtarlreterefaug "addition banjoist.
been matte to the Earn Museum, of a
pigskin oilskin. et an extinct crocodile
or allied saurian animal, from a sand
seam quarry at Alves. It has the double
row of teeth of the modern inhibitanta
of the "Nile and Ganges, a large sped
mon of which has been placed beside it
for comp:l:bon, but the teeth Of the one
in stens are at lenst double- that alze.-of
the recent one. In other respects they
ace analagtous.
—There Se • story told of Commodore
Vanderbilt that, when engaged ins is
game of poker on a .likalsrappi
stakes • reselied gra:tram' iIiI3IOIZIM -
than the Commodore'apocket.boakheld;
he sent-for the Captain of thetas; pur
chased thecralt for g 30,000, and "want it
better" to the extontof his purchase. The
sharpers, of octane, ,corild'At'Aila" - this
rise, and the plle'went -to -the Commo
dore as* tribute to his nerve and his
tank toicrmst.
Thehottible muitieg;ql:mmitted
a negro last nablith,len -b end en Anted:
can - whaling bark at Honolulu ' be RS
sesilked to-insanity...The' negro cat the
eahe bay Well, la the main hatch, and
the nun, striking the hone, became
dulled, bilthat when he attempted -to
anaunitenaleidebe -woe obliged to hack
Ids Ten throat ire moat lionible . own.
'her. The bojedied in - twenty minute. ;
bat the negro lived wears.' howl. Re
had before expre.aeda determmation to
kill the boy, and bad also meditated ad.
—A ftwidayarrgo a gendernati - in the
Etssalela-Plas,, Paris, - nedered a sul
bath,Vralfhe 'servant - was proceed-
in g to wide big hand if the tempera
twelves cerise* when suddenlya naked
man rose from tho water. and-ptaraned
the terrified dameithi, roue& the .racrace
'ffire no-Venuilikeasmatition its armed
with a life-preserver, and was with diffi
culty - captured, He demanded to be
taketfto theAbool.' of -.3dediebte, as he
thought disectfoit wonid_be a miler to
him. The man, of course, wumalt - and
was dclivezed uplotha.properr-,authori
-Trei"suspected Person
under - arrest in Vinhan, Indiana, of
stealing fromthem,erattla the eight ta
thaplacewheni herwas'ateffinci, found
the sentinel asleep, baund thapriermer,
carried biro to apiece of woods, and gave
him .:the alternative of confessing or
hanging: chase. the . ..lanee.l - Twice
they tied film turbytheneekiand'twice
the reps broke; ',They then -dug 'a pit
.a ade. the tree sad built* Amin , it, and
hung hinidireetiy-ovirrit, . Ilia tdotbing
caught fire mate than • oonfeased. lie
wee earriedbeeitto the place of entffins.
and . being wifely! deposited, the
was awakened sadabueedferner
g his f/pLY:
-The Ziglisti papers' State' that the
Cunard line of stamen; 'will rendre •
subsidy of .1:80,0:0 for . earrylag - ths reads
between'::l4verpool, Queens Irina and
Nett:York, la lee% while. the Lateen
,for awe sore* ramie*
the'ocean c i taig i e of; rine 'sh il ling per
ounce from d insdliftesu count per
"onncefrout the r oiled Mitre; eitlntated•
to aroonnt to a aura total for . the year of
.4:33,1700—M,000, hem England and Lil.
000 front - the Untied States; Ws JAM
fag favoritism - 1s alleged to be due la
part to the banana of a anal, mine man.
agar, with what , theCutuird - Dee kuus
bad extensive &Wimp, 'and whet* con
nected. with an Wilder br the - general
paladins) deparnnsul Lcondoti,_
John — formerly guref
.nor of Ben_ g.Kottikba abetter- tea a - thiesd
on this vuuJeo../...seYsibett the rthdletles of
Lifeplaceere painfully instructive.- Os
as Inquirv_ . , which heleatharted by or
der :of the Bittlah G overnment at'Asameti
be found that Uwe were a greater nuns-
ber of deaths frenr.defenne ,etnnsess,
and other dlassepts,-hsving their engin In
the use of , Intoxicating think* among
600 Eunnitans, than ,aniong,,..,oo,oofr
Winne, whose., - lhaldtaLbeverags wai
lass though very .Many opltun,entekers
formed partednadvepoputatiom,'Mtat
is to say, that among those who _profewe.
- ed Chrbithulty,.the mortality
_from the
use of the . flary entriut ;supplied by the
liquor Tender was a hundred told MOO
than among theprofeasorliflladdthriVt;
—The Inmch actimers...seddenly
light in apposing beta - re' the endlencee
*tin Grande: Hatton - roles ".MatallY
performed by the Judi of cteation:c 1 1 4 •
leer than ath. 'Tarlatan - theatzes'ar this
)tuothrin play :contedlei, - tv., in which
math rules Cr. represented by ladles.'
the Ambigua,' M.A. ene - Marte :tantatif
.PlSyn Jack Sheppard In the.'"Enlghteef
the. Few." - .At - the .odeor'-'.1PII• fine plays:Marin In' the , "Handsome
Gentleman . of Dole Dors. 'At the Galt',
Wile Judith, 'fifamier.;"- , at, the ports
HetetMartin, idadanie • Huguenot, Dea
-1 - lent, In the.Villege treenrerre,,at the ihs,
jatel„ldlle Dajarat, Ithumarha r he
esparto et Brienne.. and 'at the Opera
Canker's' .M.edame
Man _Priery,in ":',Robinson. cruses":
"lei.n • aged. nine'
. .serewdeg
sitalngdeleL.Tdass4- on' Wednesday, his
feet were struck:from „ender - elm, and
leintri.kuoeload,Mgh'inte. the air , by •
a lar‘led no which - another boils=
coos - and •ler/l^ on the . I, l o , ll eute Ids
bead.. skull, on the rightelght above
Weny, we. indented by Our fall, aad he
swats:ken op Tor dead: - For nine hours
the boy_rentedned - perfectly - - mettenleu,
exceptt whirr seised with. eormilahme
After .that howeveri•iber. rallied
somewhat,: ,and, 1 ,- a1th0ugh,,,be... : 45 now
senseleas, he ban_the power , efAmering
his Drawler', and will probably rocover.•
An English woman teas. teethe
ground he thitaneezeittitufttieTtiesday,
and her collarbone brolten.and her face
and hand badly'broleed.'..." •
Christmas Eve therri_inia an gel,
mimeos near galleon's, Mllls,thMary...
• land, 'whieli'might have 'been serious U
-14 ..conaequencels.„ It appears that two
=n i en:reiniewluttintosicided, posted
vas en the railroad track, about
Ittis hundred yards, this aide of the mills;
one Attent making that the
train would not pan over . the, track lee
occupying, and the other, that If
did over, the Amick Oa which he
he would stop IL . It wan not long
„b e fore the cars , cam* theederingeloug.•
and one of the sentiment : was saddeali
stitched up by the ccrwatteber and car
ried In thin perilOtte Into Ent.
teed city-: Several persontrathig timeline
of theyond were wthestes - of the seems,
and concluded thatthessum would soon
Lea mangled corpse. _Hurrying to the
depot, they - found Mm, to their great Bor.
prue, unseathed, and as , ceol tau' notte
int-bad happened. • •
.._• •
• -•;
. .
thethist lrtateeetuelesee Plumage cunt:O.-
' New - Your, January 2, I£4B.
larew - Year'acallson the Bra of theymr
are ae Marscutrialb %teatime of out Me . -
fro polls, lathe use of firocrackers Mt the
fourth of July Ii an American instlin.
tion. Groat preparations hadbeat made
for that wonderhd day, especially* the
ykitnig liana whocia boast tit a. host of
admirers and who have an opporbohlty
onthat day to me all their friends, or at
least as Man*. of them as will- not allow
theineelvai to be Pritutitee By stormy
weather from evincing their devotion to
the fair ent.• Thosnow which had Ellen
the latglaiprevlotte, and loth turned into
water Rut Mud tiateigh the inlitrenee of
the pretelling mildness of the weather,
was, bialied, no encouragement for an
stun ethihition of gallantry on.the part
of the
_a:Manger sex. Bull we noticed
many equal - enable, &eased up in his
best, and with an extra smile on his face
meanding •up the stoup 'and , as he
Ms ringing the bill of the
hams where some fair affremonwas
ready lOlgreet him - Iridi squally happy.
ta "ndeallese'laway that the
eta l ay
p o l l Ph=r on t?th part o e f oro b ef e :
male pop:Betio°, and the ball and party
mama which-that day generally inaugn
ram may, Inagdlebt 1110 dell linrfetbe
,- come after all a more brilliant one than
war Ittileipated, The dog Teas a merry
i at i r thrautiontibereitrgenerally, 'and
many a mellow could be seen through
streeta with light heart ands heavy
e l tents e tow a rds evening, when
the the liptidaltabibed in bon=
or Of the - day commenced o make tkent.
asbrili•PromPtible., - Withitte boiapning
Of the - yearn number or - Mew Brno are
starting iii _badness painerallps are
formed, and everybody is hopeful of
•• - prospererut timed. "Mbb ttifvinsgAti have
already informed yeti bf the tutrodno-,
lion of the reduced postal tariff with .
England, and we all have reason to eon
graulata.oureetree in behalf of Maslen
pf program.. The German steamer*, as
writ as the French - line, appeal° do a
very . fine business. The Cunanl Line
will, for the. future, Maya all its v
mu to this port, and Boehm is abandon
ed. The anbvantion 'which that line us
activate from the British Government
amounts to the enormous sum of 180,000,
the greater rt of which thp American
imam public hate to bear in-.
directly. td.niabber of thelllitish min
istry called the particular attention of
thepuldic to that fact in a speech made
in Battu:mails justification of the rate
nention; , to..which tho- opmitlen made
serious obJectione. This matter creates
some talk in the commercial circles -.of
this ...citron:id.* present. AlcipeßEN:2ol!s
Mann= Ilan stands a -fair chance-to
get ahead of the Cunard line, not mily
on account of their rams of passage and
freight bein g mtachthe home the two,
but 'also.Semma their steamers are
much faster, sincellr, Canard has hold
the "Panne, 'onset the fastest beats, and
offered forage - Me efittotia,” probably
the best stiamer of hit llne. • •
The Inman line, although soiling
under the British Rag, may be fill ed
more especially en:Amarleaninaltution,
and while we have no national line, the
fast steamers of eald company bid lair to
becomathe favorite means of trumpet , "
tattoo, not only for pasnongem but also
.for the transportation of freight. _
0 Traveling= the moan is no ItuCeit
thtetime of the year; and the nanarous
disasters at ma, combined with the delay
mperienoed t2r almost every Tassel In
reaching bar estination, give ample et ,
Warm alba watery • element being in
an uproar, and mum traveling le —there
, fore comparatively at a stand still. .11a
dications from abroad ge to show that
I==We:tannin again , be very lively
next spring. :for is this to lie wondered
at, tor the constant dread of revolet
ticaht Barepoinduees many a man to-
Uomololour shores, where, among other
-advantages which our country offers, he
will not be compelled to !dc military
duty for arenas which he may not have
any sympathy with. or from which .be •
will derive any benefit. Bossiness men
generally are looking forward to a dull ,
month, but them is no reason why .IPS
begisming of spring., which seems so
Math nearer r now that wa bare Cheat
thas and Neon Years Buybehmd us. •
-Mile. Marie Zoe is to Troy, N. Y.
—The Radon u theatress49,ooo by
Ibeabatrik a. —Miss Melon Wedernspent Christmas
in Milwaukee.
• —Kate Fisher and her horse are doing
AlurePius la Edffslix •
—Lady Don hasjuxt closed &most ego-
casaba engagement in Detroit.
—Baroklynitei are etdoying the Fa.
fan drama no presented by the Williams
eigarileidneetnupeis now drawing
good houses at the Andemy, in Sew
—Olive Logan is said to be ea unarm
cereal in her literary efforts as she wee
In her thespian.
Wallach la shortly to reap.
pear to Kr. Rileten's own dramatization
—The La. Granite Edgard Troupe's.
inaugarate Pike's opera bona* In New
York. on Monday, next.
—Mr. Bateman, Ulla. Tastes and the
. wholosnory orate Grande lmebease de
Orwoldstsla York for Bus.
-Edwin Bank'. new thealia, In Haw
York in almost ready tuba occupied, It la
wild to be a p!rfor..t bijou or architectural
--Kelley and Loon's theatre LB WU go
ing, and with great success is spite of
the absence of tbe.elder two attractions
Kelly and Loose who anal° tho 'Tombs.
Ise into:m.4l.ton for the seller of Ifs.
lianent. ofsJter .MajestrigAheetre.
Louden, his been sten. d. The . Doks of
Newcastle heads the.list of subsea bars.
—him D. P. BOWer3 is mitring
money out or “lady Audley'e Bootee'
in New York, et the Broadway Theatre
when, Miss Kale Newton e an old Pitts
burgh favorite, is the leading woman.
—The friends of Kits Fenny. /arum
schek, tbe German truedlenne, whd - ee.
tide in Philadelphia, reiterated her re
cently with a teaunfal diver fruit stand.
Mr. Geo. W. ChM* of the Ledger. made
a neat ;unseated= speech, la whlah he
declared that the nuiteonld only be from
a fete of her friends, es In that hot moat
berntrahered every loeior of art In the
—The 'new , German 'drama !..Ifaxl
millian Emperor or 2Lexitrr! which wee
written by Dr Krack.urNair York, for
Ake &mit Theatre there. WM) brought out
biro' lee: Watt: , M. Yon - Holm, the
creator of tberoierirat the ear. sad the
talented author was alsoTreseut. The
house wu closely parked and the enthu.
alum was great. Dr. %rack and idn'
Von 13oym were both touchy called for
gad rapturowAy received beam the-cur
tain, and .the drama may well be called
the great inumma re
the/noon. •;.
. •
glapillair et Me Association. as SWIM-
Ii111•14111,411.-111Famiesal • illar
sr ToWpm:* to tea rltistmegth Gss.tti•J
Suluirte,:ancutry3.--A meeting of the
NatienallfenumentAtioocistion was told
t3.prisigththi,,lll., yesterday afternoon.d ar. Oglesby in the chair. The Exeins
tire Committee cistivinstructed to pire
ptro• advertisements to architects or ar
tists, soliciting designs and specifica
tions for a monument on Lim built. of
trao,ooo, which adrerthements are to be
submitted-to-'"meetingl of the Anstalt-
Um to beheld next :Minisday. The
fonds in" the Treasury, contributed by .
pirate 011 hs or Iption, amount to maw,
added to which is 850,000 aPProPTlllea
by the State Legislature. Appeals will
be Made siptho State -Legislatures for
moderate appropriations during the cur
rent winter. It Is- tbe intention of the
Association to commence the monument
i in the spring.
livelY diplomatic boblxiry
Ma been kicked up In Alexandria by a
tthanntarjattag ,Clrtaatiatt slave who
soaped Mom the kuem or the Viceroy
Lair Pasha, and ram as futile aho could
testae Pruseian Consul. The Consul de
cided that She became tree from the mu
mint abe set foot upon the •oonstructive
ernsaistroatt el the Comulate,•and h a d
her emancipation papers made out. Len,
Pasha then had her arrested for theft,
but the Pmsaian, backed up hi t h e
British Consul, resisted. The Viceroy
proposed to subielt the matter to tha
Road= Consul as arbiter, but the Drit.
fiber used such strong language on the'
subject that the_ Russ - inn complained =to
"mend iiiitedAts'protailou et Ala
Goverstmee; ,, Thuelho Matter stands,
tournaStousla selquebble. about a we.
~. . , •
•"—the reseed wy - I the Atlantic cable
brings noel false reports abaft Cote; is
told ha a letter from that country c welt•
ten' b:r Dr. - 8. - <3. the Boeotl
Advertifer. slates that the only wire
between, tho Grecian - Archipelago antt
num) pewee through Ce=
hence the Tui-ki are alware g
bat hover maintains the Cretans.
Radicals Routh fomplalnlnge
Lethargy of 6110' in tits' Citt
The Ordnance Investigation.
rt • • -
Ilitioi , Goiig-to Sew York.
inmherProclaniftios from A J
itt l tPkarMT7lPr 4n- Ulf Solifh
. ;
Special Message from
Removal. et Vlvtiela emir.
larsatai titutiOto tikaseito.j 1
- • ‘' - ifitniisoroy;'.lisat:lBlB.., , . -
.; .• •
color:Amu ?sox Tat sorra.;
from .
from the Booth a the lethal:ay, exhtblted
Pe4ria* : 2o oll liicae ff tetlimead
tag the feeaaatruction law so as :to
premed those whom* mimed to the
States bating: -eeetatliteactettl_,
from . clogging the wheeli. A letter maw
totelcod•thbfatiatthig by a Racal Sea-
Moe than a 'prominent geetleman re
siding ha Georgia, bolding the lame
Mical proclivities, In which he censures
Cengreeii fiery strongly for having ith
Parma forint:ls &length of limo during
the holidays when sueb a terrible state of
Mien .existed 'throughout the South as
to call fur dud; immediate stetter". lie
dayelittat npeati reeneembling;;Con..
wreas will, within ton or fifteen day., to so
amend the retmatruction. Law as to per
mit si =Orly" of the actual voters, be
andlcient to. adopt thews Cotuttitution,
!ad' Mee to hike " the power to a?point
civil cacaos awdy from. the Military.
Commanders, Made» it tit the - preient
Stahl Convention, eo that they ma TlVU
late their owns State Who're, out, the
Stab can be mated with from thirty to
tlßy thousand majority. Otherwise the
danger Is very great that the object for
wheitt the Cesavaatioestwerribled will to
defeated, and reoorodrostiort - Impeded.
In this connection It can be stated that It
is the Mention of Certain radical SOX
tors to press the latter Idea In the Senate
and.. tintless* t.e. tuff liteb l cii ,46 In
serted in the imendment, alleging that
it is the only plan which will keep - the
President fronsdaketing recontarriedim,
as they:ewe" be wilt so intimidate: the
ttUhlar :Comesulders as to email , them
to appoint, nr keep in, civil Masers who
oppose the plans 9r Quagress.
coeing — ixas. YATSti.6
Tt;eorchtencoOantmitteecodeluded their
brresilgatacm to.darof the denten:lima
projectilebande The tattle:mit showed
that there had beenvery extectairefrauda
committed during the war, which "ran
inentollieersOf Govermatamt either
knew otoielne were dire:ernkg theltnr
Hotel. duties. , :A. gnat: enuntnt of Man .
projectiles proved nuerly espies; end
was a deed lows to the Governmen- Wit
maim hate been eumninned for to 7 mm t
row to give evidence in a case wbeni It
staibi that a yowl' man of Ms
'be.- panned arbred testing gun; 'but be.
tore he oinid st tt pateeted a certain
prominent official et the Ordnamm lie
rean,bearing about it, obtained a loan of
the maid, and then bad it patented in
his own name. • •
' TOrarz TOO roirrorner.
the Salk of October Postmaxter
Generidl!andalledvertised for wrapping
paper and twine for the Pastedice
partment tot four yeses. , From the fact
*Mita Poirtmatier'Gtheral will reties
with the present administration, whit/.
lots little more than one year to run, ac-.
rationed surprise that* should attempt
to discount the patroosse of his sticemi
ion in this manner.. For some *eat
atlrem*, Cu the or Depanber
ndall withdrew the four'year ad
vertisement and inserted a new oar.
it now appears in - the papers, the adver
tisement calls. The wrapping paper and
twine for one year, bat • companion of
this with the one withdrawn chows the
glum:at* of materials called for are pre
deely the same In bath.. , WhoLldr: 'ft,a
dttll:Mabinated in ; the. Itna , tuataras as
mildelentfor four awl. hint ntr bitable
will-,enly be for„Sesiallar•
There are error tweedy-nine tons of twine
required, and over twenty-dye thousand
*me of paper, and this for Kaabington'
and New York alone. The proposals
amount to a hundred Moaned dollars,
and yet its only publicity has been in an
**use aznaer ef irWmidecaompeper
one •atadr...ibe ,Ttia taster
has attracted attention here, end will
probably be Made the subject et Can
greatcoat inquiry.
lieverdy jot:mann is ,
ealittd to busily
engaged In the Tarima legal whatnot
looking to the defeat of the Ileconatrno•
Son laws: • as informed' some of his
Southern friends, a few days ago, that
he fully expected a decision fromthe
!supreme Court within a short tints, at
that Virginia' ie a State. The
Presidentship aspens this, sod the law
yers Interested lathe cue may that If
such • decision Is rendered he will with-.
draw military supervision from that
State, by ordering the commanding Cl
am not to Inter! ~ere except at the request
of Modell ituthindtles.-. It. Is said Sev
enty Johnson is Orlin close . .attintion
entedvlee in the cases now being pre
pared, involving the constitutionality of
the cttTT oonn laws In each of the
Southern . States...Theas engaged In
these schemes please °effect eoutidenoe
to thelr stdilty ,to defeat the pangres
0/ 11:16X01111r170111017TIT.
iPti*:Pliesimp be
sent to Congress soon after the niaboin
bllog, upon the situation of affairs la the
o ß mo w st h ala rmi n g r a ch d a d at enro.v e 0
selvlost at hand bear out lolly the no-
counts received 'by lenient and throdgh
ror p an e d
it icnhue l d
Agn o un f
l te s r s .
, prompt metworaelne taken to prevent ao
great a adarnity.
. - .
It is Stated that the Sub•Committeo or
Wart- and . Moans has armload' ta hold
Ito' mare reset*, ler theitineent fn ro.
Kara to the 'whisky tax. important re.,
terms, In the • admitdobntion of tho
tereatiterenao Bureau bare tetra talked
over by the Sult.Ootamlttoe.• and wilt 60
nteetnetended to the lament& ttettratee,
for adoption. The antieet Intl be pro"
atoned eaCenstrun span oartytitty;
Commodore Boggs. cdpecte to start Tor
the West India . on ,the Igth of this
moitb, timpor uy commend of the
Derlook.SseP and Benobecot., 17 . s. "st
eeds sour be tamed am to the'dotornand
of Admiral HolT, when be ammo a ant
ships 40 Government tactile Lirflt so.
eelapeny the Commodore to Ht. Tbanuis.
--Ascrritan rioctimsiiiox:
' It is stated the. Decedent ialonda Moon'
Joliette a proebenstion to the whlta mo
ld* tb•Sollthom fitstes,adesingdorm
to send delegates to the appetrieldng
ttolud Conininthrot , ., •
4=X. tc..sixtzlites;
IXOrroigia, ceriteri hint- Fbilarielphla to
a friendlies. that his ,trhysleal osnatita
tlon seri feeble, and th at be is botchy
able at than to setup In bed. la ex
pected hers thimMdle of next week.
• Innen extancerf, '
Of kllsoloolppli itso..strivocl bore toecm
duct tbo aim of IfeArdlo before tbo kto-
Pttr9l,Cottrb - • •
SAt ISIILLII4AII.O2 ookentratortzue
bfettblinentlnr . 'dam slider' Males
the 'animation of the martins allotted
to M r Headeerrsqeenn. lie Weeds to have
the mint ybylinteleyttoat,'whori
the Cot tint esein esiembloo, - .
Prnmeroleaving thin, etc, fort New Toth
to-night to remain there metal di" ,l - •
Loft this ntornleo , for :Atlen, Vs:, to
AMMO CCmpxqu34.o the TIOIAW,Itary
stsawris oswwww... -
Ayeport Is' etinoit atm. - Eraiam . gd
will shortly relnolly th e State ottlesti of
Virginia and others.
- --'~'m,--•..._..--.:_..r ~•.•,- .....-.,r, ~.r-,.,—, . .-:._, t.,=-:::.u:. +-- 3 ....::: c y
. _ .
. . ....
. .
, •—. ' ‘ vv , l
.!, „p 7 , ; 178' " '..!..' -' ' ,_-,,,. • ,:- ,-...: -.-=:-..,. ...,, - - •
,• "-- - ' - - • •- - , - ' ~.,. ~... -,- ,'- 1 ~ , •-,
-at 6 .-,
...- - ,A - , _ ‘,„ . :.,,... ;.. 7 .-., n- • ~...., ~" ...., ,
. --......„,,.._......, __..... ll-261 1 . -4 , ; .;;;.7 --...,...•%:,.,.;:a rr , ! ,.4„ : . , -,--,..,.. ,_ , _
....,...-,.,..,...„.....,.____,_ ......... , --_,......„ _.„.....,...........„...„...„ ..
--_-."---- - . ."'" -- . -7 .--- -- ------ - - --- 1.7 " - •" -- -.--.' - ------ " - 4 - --- -='=":', ~ :- '—',- .:, _., -;
;',. . 1 2, " 'z -' .. `' ' ' " - - *- 0i .
... . . _
......--......... . .
SAT' I ; AY . JANUAR '- 4 1868.. '.., - -•?.', -.' , - __ • . .
mil/g,-„r . , - A ragirteeked ,oLereall•
Surd* 1 Musty 3:L.-Governor B.
lock was inaugurated to-day. Ills to ',
e!go ..rePntelltteffiellfees at,' edinqiu
never so enisou 'm ling. The funded de
of the State nri;000,000. The Govern
amepting the decision of the peoplei .
commends positive enactment for eh
regolatkor and control AV liqUar, i 0
natiosuil affairs he says; Let us heog
Mete -eficodffseation aid! tattatadar f
the Southern masses. Let no. nuke; agt,
add of illibettriegiklatimr, and - Irbil'
compromising no principle for..whicti
we have contended, let us - isshire
lately In rebellion to equality .i
rights u speedily as is consist, •
with national safety. The present it
stoniest to reconstruction mind come to
speedy - end. '•Whether Imposed by n
repentant kebels,, by a President Vi t t
does hot make treason. allow, or .b
those whom his policy has deluded In
renewed resistance, if embittered:l
refuse to acestM the boon proffered the
the responalbtlay thelse and mi
sue ' wilt be thistle
aloes, ,
It. • they :, ace . so .blind lin
their own interest, as .to ~,ineltit
hostility. between —the • racei,,they
will dud the nation is strong; that the
nation will maintdinits‘giumenioes. pslit
sights of loyal then will be'aurtendeng .
to °Moot - any.. settluttenr 7/channel
Equality Cif rights 'and nrilvergal - a2
=gears Leratenildolsota.iln this
bourof thonstionietirsigent7
~ ,w e wa
need of a leader, who se in Ls IV
corrupted by political iggis . at a i
whose patriotism has net
to descend to the arena of partisan war.
Ism Of a- tried leader of undaunted.
Contwv,istio winds' swayed neither, bi
popular. passion , nor, sectional pet
dine. Of a man of • cautious n
cenco, who has nio,intiti/iSistallOWlP
to enplaln, no policies to maintaining
theories to promulgatew , Of tiOleeder tetra
comprehends. the position and
of alLsaCticins of our cowmen nom
will bring to the administrant:mot pa
4 3
sestre executive 'ability, 'came . .
ideas, and an honest bun- Ullman'
it hi the awns rnoildesee which 'brought
us rudely through the storm of,war that
glees • this :whole.. people - now, with
Mog u l= unanimity, to ~ rectignlnt,
In. ti . plan; unpretending • citizen,
him whose energy. discretion and tsgs
sited patriotism will resters iiesce and
prosperlrr to diseordsnt . States and a
dat.reetssi lands :ate =AA tor the ands,
the man for We henr, the man of the
people. is IllYiereli. Gond. - Before his
preeminent fitness for the high office to
which), grateful. nation.; 111111 lad ...lust*
him, let personal preleranc r eL t yleld; let
faction subside, that peace, wtlleod
union may once mere and meter abide
throughout the republic,. .', • 1 - i (L.,'
not 41.1v,_biasef
or raise by Om. nasesex...rne
. evesusemausam,••r
Telersph te• Mitsbanit Ossett...)
,Nrair Owmuris,Jsrourry,3,«Pnbscepli
S of Special-Order No. 2, Eiriaidquartess
riturtriittict, Elated Jantuiry" 2d, W.4,1*
HL Exadlera7 B. V. Vanda, hula;
ioens Otis
ernor of the State of Louisian
resigned that otnre,allr. Janson /3akor
Ls hereby , appointed -teethe intosney soca-
The same order solgstetrevet Gim
er2l E. C. Mutation to ditty as COoo.
Mender et tbe District of,Losisferm, and
Assistant Conantissioner of the Freed.
men's Duress. ,
The Time, epealiliv of the new Gave
acme, UV' be LI a IMILSITO of :Kentucky,.
but an old citizen of Lanialasia, and was
a member of the Philidalphbt canyon-
Wm of ISGS, that he is -fully qualified
under the lieconeruetion Juint..ped can
take the Last oath.
NEU' ORLXASS, Jeri a—The altl,
vention taday rammed thodlactuation of
the equality qr.estion. After several
11711MdUletIVI, width were soled do
the &Dowding was band
Mr. Pinchbeck and adopted ILI the
thirteenth article of the Cotunitu
: persona shall enjoy equal
rights while traveling in this Mate In
ear conveyance of &public ebaraetern!'
It further provider, that. sit places
where boalume Ls retrial on by charter,
or from which a Demme Is required from
either State, parish or muntediwi author
ity, shall be deemed n place of public
character and shall be open In the aCCOM
modation end patronage of all persons,
without thatlnctlottor discrimination on
acerraMof rant or , calor..
In reply to a coudesUrticatfon ttom
Governor Flanders. charging the pollee
fury of the Pariah of Orleans with ofiletal
corruption, and recommending theism.
move], Goo mat Bannock. sere. .These
charges present a proper case for Judietal
investigation awl determination, and it
Is evident that the courts of Justice men
afford Oconee. ,fbr wrongs
tom Alined of; if proved:. Ile mu
cl tided that It la rot !Wettable to resell le
the tummy suggested.
Paints r tti at Jetaiststilsii oritriree
• .6 .120. natal LE 111•0•11Uh.RIN .
/4..P.14.11••• irt•lmr/SC t. VS..* the
.So be
(1171e2wt,apt b . lb pttsbal ph tan.olta.)
Yonn, January' L— E. Ip.thll to
the Harald Uric Mexican adricuretete
That only three of the one hundred arid
uretity. members of Congress are op.
v Junta. Dade te now Warlktur
later, Govcroor . Capedowea KM et Cam
peacbr. Peladla wu , elected Mayor at
the City of Stestoo.. .
A Havana epeeist to the //Wall Yea
that' en the 80th the haat was blockaded
,by three Medan natal wavatte. A
- rebel consdasloner:- who went OD the
mail steamer from Shad .to Vera erne s
weaselled and LePrlsonal at the latter
Gen. Diaz has been ordered to take the
field ha:Yeutter".
The Sm.lmperiallsteVrepatiog to
leave Mesta, as feat on We.
It r ,
is stated that the /lion in.. , rnez:
tan was Masted try Santa-Anna, who fur;
nished Col. - Win:woe with money and
men. It Is reported be tailed to .interest
mersral/Froneh effacers in the steels*
...It la rumored that the illealean'
green is about authorizing the raising - of
a regular-army cpfeighteen thiamin:id men
at the monthly castor four hundredtbon;
and dollars.. .
eteureste Mire lefseelmseiti Irma IMO,
lrusellg ur TIMMS Beira ea /1.1.
ftry tit
. enrssa so tee intweentensesteo
Ifensorr, N. Y., Juusttarr Wed
nesday, tt-tarrifle g al e swept along the
Itne of the Efartem Itellread end the
southemtent section °IA., not=e
Month* frofght tralsorith a , r
car attaelted,was struck by. the phi and
the monitor -ear and One INatform ear
relied bodily from the trick, end proalf.
Itated'dow4 en anthinkmant Moen bet:
There were use men in the mac all of
whom were more or Ise, ejuna but
none seriously..., Xn the dreeentthe keys
eepetsed and, the per on- Are, Ind the
damns were astlegalatted • before they
natnedlnaeh headway. - - • -
?fro Iteefolostsiurtioit , Coimellilleis: -
My 7.0 4 41t.P1 , tea:44'o4l4AM tiatatio .
' ,JamlsTy,
to-da y a siaolutioit offered
urging. tire continuance of the Freed.
men's Harem:Liu the State, deprecating
its withdravrel . se et 'calamity, : end re.
queering General ilogerd te.centtnue it
wider soda Menne en Inay'ailittlan pot
poire.l After 4 , 10ag debate airs reeolutban
wee adopted--jnaa tifty-two, tall lour.
donetor rorneoey addrewd al meetlpg
at the Afittaui Chureh te-night. Ile
vlaed the convention to router the right
of suffrage on all wales over twentpone
years and aeourelt -to them forever,
ParisUos Illeabar Arres44ll.
tar "roltipatdi le Um Sliutquitk Gum.)
krAVAANASt, Jan. :L.—A:A. Bra&liy:of
Dowou, atm Instaberlo. Ps o Awns.
Oa; was arrestail this econlastur aLreikt,..
enlag•Joba E. Ilipys, 'editor at the Ataw
Pablicas„ and 4rawlag splatcagn himfick
, *nether Lethvistiiiii Pete
ter, fitiabatnatilsipia•J
Ilevstcs. Jen. LK- , Adeloss from BOM
Rico my 'Mo Wand woe slatted by au
earthouskeimen on the 20th of•Decem•
bar, The shock, Isoweeer. Afil4lll4,
end cense Unto Mirth Imons the Who.,
- Obis 4... valuers ••••• •
[sr Tannage roue riddance intictled
Co trangec, Jonnary3 s —Ths citys hll
of.s /4..xauber .
waking - fiat
other's acquaintance and seeking photo,
and Wagers on looking for the °Moos le
llicriclfr of theLegialature, which meth'
next Monday. ,
THREE o°6l.:ObK A. M.
rentall 1 1 4 - Discinered
Their Heidquartera Capture.
?lam to Destroy'she annul Flee:
Tho ClerkeniVell ExplOsiOn.
The Itlgsterp Undeveloped.
Dispaini; of Troops in Ireland.
Fears of,anOutbreAlk.:
&hind Mary ItscauttolifTakn.
raver Who
,E 2
__meson nn._
-.4 - Coors itua‘r,elled,
,The,Epstern anestion
$l. reig'n b' gn i 6
• • eregee.
stellar re ..
•-1 - - 77,•! 1_ •
,1140 Pro* Ipaet 1 paet St the 4 Forte.
BeS§o:it,ie Biala °Ate.
?arks Defeated:with Severe Leso ,
• ; ;
(ay Tdrgimpali •
tiantl4.l .
i •
/TIM *ma ra *runt•susoovsluit--
' `tattorrilwr'bocornst***OtrOlTT: TO
Brunissur, January e.—The Le
has received intelllgenos frourTatia that
the headquarters af theXergan Brother
hood on tbe Continent hive been discor.
end In Faubuig Temple, In Parte,
arid . seized , by, the rreneir police:: lA,
large auantliv of letieriai*Vather &ten
'2M* nveptlter tirephuurofthe Oreibt
zbUon sad a Ilat of . the ILead Contra Of
the - Vtiotharbiod; Wers - thrind
gestudwe Juidhave bean ilbsWarded
the French embed** haLruidon. The
aireoant'in the La Nord 'alai ttata that
sarong tbadocubmie brsrosbt to light
was one contalningthe details of a plot
for destroying* portion Of thi EelWh
Channel ems by are. Othii papers of a
deader character have been discovered
and placed to tits bands of -dui 'British
G .vV4 0 .,f1 0 .: •
=WM !pit. YTSTratT.
Lesbos, January 3.—treideo.—The
examination of Desmond, 'Allan end
mime, alleged to be implloted in Die
Clerksawalljailexthialon; hais reauluid
ao far in proil6Mene no itiliti.Mory
as hither criminality. and Imieeit
the affair almost as much a Mystery is
before the investigation commented,-
The utagistrata has adjourned the exasit
ligation for owe week.
o:apportion or TIMM 1X IIrLAND
Duattit, January S.—Lord &nth
nalest„ toteemendst-In•chicf of the totem
la "Ireliad;'te aetlvedy engaged to dis
posing hls troops to meet a possible out.
break. Particular Wootton is directed
to the con:Alan of Cork and Tipperary,
to whith extriettiliary propenticatiate
being taken.: bank, of the ?tort
Shannon and w eat oxen orthe island ars
guarded with increased yhplance to pi*.
tont a binding. .The police in all the
large calm especially in the south, ate
theettallyentive and watchful. '
scut trarrinsit nolarstotritazcsuri co tr•
. YANXISCM AT wr. - rrtsassomo.
lennox, - January. IL—lt la thought
the 00Atrelit0 on the FAALIIII question,
recently held in Br. Petaratmartt by
biadiairdtplamatecif Ross* hes si.war...
so= :now Tsta oilman: POSTA. ,
• PARIS. Jan: 3.—An lariat -int* Ins
.bash received by , rbe Freitat noCernt,
anent faun the Subtitles Rate., hi whirl*
it Is stated the Russian' agents ate en
dsevorinig .to incite Molt anieng 'the
cialetlest -subjects of the Sultan, and
vigorous protest /A made bribe Turk
ish government against, such hostile so.
Uon, or et teed conniranos Umtata as
the part of Rawla
ri;arrir, .
ronoar CAMMI-11711MA
nersarao wtra ACAS. ' •
021da Clew:kat:counts of 24 Deana
beir report a bath) fought bet...Beni the
Cheilliall ' AMR TUrks en the-2518 had
Xth 2rOveco bar, hi ate village of Lake,
iti:Whleit the., latter . Ware aeteisarl Ind
eppdp regr, with meta lass. / The
position of - the Sultan'al4tand Yidet in '
Camps become, daili more * ertheal.
. .
tetatermiummutte—retnwsz. AO ISA.
1/1.0311111C5, .447:4 _ _
Ma not yet soospeiteit tiotophittett Us
nevi Ciebiset:exid-•the putt4tertei•esishi
oonthatues. polittat
UM' In', thit'ecsanttr te thenatlas - pad
..rovirasau •
;14820,7114.3;,Tiwiri1ta himibrojr.sit
'tuttn this city nod other pm% 'Posts.
tecti? tonssqueme ot.thistre
tare, Thisopeintarityet the Mir etre
ths emitemeatenated ,lv the
au** to cum tato sailleit, :Iwo bid
to the riielputtlen of the Yttilltry. ' •
Tax, - commaszcat .-Azazocnfitis
psstm7euzitsry 3.—lt Is 1111,1 stMetel•
coneediel tbst..notwithstaadlog the
recotit'ittampt =taut 3•lli;ta2tt to
mate au ittitereetes . to. the ientreiy,
OM! all Amiss •st the miiiiistipng at •
resetattosithseme of Boropeek powers
tor , * stittleeent of the itimiut
/m 4: b•ii4 t!tit rtii4ch
9MrP*-4 • • -;
; ... - 4111,111ViD 01114 - t'- ,
71:10etestaeldp Ituaspi, from lir OW lro f k,
" •
SgSgSClAW . AlinreiliWligglitt4
. . •
Idonaroor.; Jan. 3.--Zinvene. , —Cotion
ritartiti owing to die Oontinuad ',activity
ofbardoem,,,and; tge favorable, morn)
from Ilancitcrter oloar4' ,dtmer4
tumid advimcadjd, on. *a dilvalordna
of Maloney' 'd es di; day; oosing
quolatitoun middlittoffand . cjfi porind
rio.;7fd; to arriva; 7/ or; bias °dams
?id; sales to-dny of ,000 balm: 3dao.
theater 'market. bildrant dad :Megrims
advancing. Breaddnirk moil/lons and
• grainy. roarketoldist unobiinged: -
— Logn6 3;v41mdar.'61:7421-
cdoastak ittemonon"and !WOOL
for acolittniP s•Wit:st." nuino/8'
central Alkali' Erie atm*. -
Fnassrosr, January
troieux4 fto/3111104 • ' •
• • • • .
- Dim Goods zi•••• - • .
cerrekimslost.rittOiro ammo
(Incaturden, - .liiiiuszy twit
ties of:L.4V thspidas,.. dry goods mer-,
ro u raerg l nt i gs 4 1%74 w = wed "
due principally to east= abouttu's'. . •
t #'l~f
• ..
Heartenat Iftensied seatelig•temi L ie aeon
Charnel urn s firing was.
• - taeweetartite wreaks, - also wish gar;
Bofors. Alderman Butier; yeeiterdsy.
'efairtrain,sillsorlng fa: oiLs(;3 of
Michael 8011411. MAIL. John 'alai "Bea
.ltY':•Mogbea. ohalliva Ilt , tttag tire t o
thesteturr . natabbranarks of WiAlfi
hwy.:nosier end .Cinilry
Onltie diglitieforo.Chartitins.,=d Mao
"4 1 4 0 4 115 8 - ibalF : a! t. o ll Faaitltaaa ' am
titabilahment.' ''" '
- the'.defencianiserei brought from'
pris.;ll,AiiVai l i flied 46intnIcted.'in- de
fault of ball, Maj.
peered as counsel for the proseculioa.
Cochrago - Zerg regoteientott
the defendants. The accused objected to.
proceeding with the hearing, for Moren
a= that they were . not ready, and Oa
their Wit:times *ere . ritii - grreent; but die
alderinan decided to kw ..the teeth:no
sy of the wltnesses . present on =Mallet
• •
Wm. Berme, awetti—Know Mete per-
Ms; one hi ldiebeci know th e
other by the name of "Reddy" Flughea.
Know of the did, not
am It. Saw Mlchat4' Sahli! Mk Mast
man morning, at the corner of Wnehhig
ton and Wehate# be was dolt% _
*hate/COON MIAOW that- morniog,
drlidrlng alitile; . ntilieniolef"talightin'e.
(Box of drawing instruments slioNrif.Y.
Bought these:from Sosh111; gave Mitt
dollar for them, and made a present ;of
them to my little brother on Christmas
day. 7 llitt not iteeXtogbrill3frightietfrout
Alter giving &shill a dollaralorroeled
a half a dollar from him.
. . .
Jopn Watteeirwas !mon,. andldenthited
the drailltigitudeettients.. He field they
were stolen on Christman morning from ,
his brother's establiehment, destroyed by
tire that raeming.,%Thrulnaioreients
were locked up in .ratrailliwer at, the
works, and Wore:taken ,Witti &Urger.
box. ,Witness .psinted.eatt LW, inane
marked on the bog storm,
Mr. Derfer,sewilleil.for ill
nation—Live In Peach alley„ near Wet,.
ster street.. Have. known Sashill.for
braikkirablellmee sherittnabote: know
therapist kilowatt to them. Oa Christ..
now Soshill,was lifattleMeLenghlin , s
and heaii Wenthiir thtseNtollars for a box
of toolk, Agar .butg, It .I took it up and
gave it Co inillllJe 'brother; did not Lutes
1' ri :Pr 1 1 r k r Miol ip XlPtur%
dirtailnettghailealta l f4esi.• a, i s ,
Mr. Wallace, recalled, stated . that !he
&rarefied tkir theirox of lestrmstentSon
Cheistinaiosiottihsgebut maid not dud
them. Night not tiavp Sett *maen the
previous day, bat•Mtd beedtheid tira or
three d i als before. Th ey were locked
V g-and -14,140• the fire
figfAugk,gfrtelitLlt.VOO pretty
well extinguished. Saw the defendants
then about rive o'clock. flushes had a
.We throwing leg* thd gre-Vor
hand," added witness. , • -
Mr. Cochran, counsel— Th aw do you
knoefitirrig fiferntrillidto ,
Whams-I' think so. •
• .S o ha- .ifx - warors,Dl4l ni seethe
Aran Saw the agt toebtarliattle
ock tiththfrketw*n - tdeltia *ee
41.60026 E bad
the - -ano , war ardclet , three &Ova lot
- theft: 'Did ' , not anywhere hr gna,themi
Scabill and Itoshear.ownetzt-,tosetbar,•
atoggrNit',dienilt , Scaldli - prodoced the:
btki wen toth . i A:gamin...lle had en.
pais ot alamon, with one glom OA
out of tdapaihat ‘ a pair Of
steel empahlies, and; Awaking' to Se.
vine, said, "here's wonetning to complete
the haliPt..l44 , r r.".t.clo:;:e'
Cinaremonlaed—The ha:St:atilt bad
was one' Montt , tblehn. would not be
Pwd_tartheteste• rata
wilticun 8740ne, alter, testified that be
went td. Deirkte•a - holier with a search
warrant, on the day atter Christmas,
andldoettrOdtholaa. at insizUments or
tools from Mtn. Devise.
irollive, Instilled to the de
stmetian erhtweltet on Christ+
MI/ 'Mil/ 1 W Wig) the fad that •
brother bed Prole thereof the description
exhibited, and trout they wets excluder
ly in his charge, itta bex, the:l:eye of
Janaaerfr alcore,.aeroin.—Wirs employed
at,Weti (Lookingat thetitimi
belong to - Sohn "Walter*: he kept it
wuder lock and key. I em acquainted
with flushes, ono of Mei defendant.; be
had worked inlltallamee *pop . Sew Mtn
about two o'clock - Mx Chatetedgday;, ho
add he was, partici; Wong the alloy at
the dine the lien broke .ouioul thug be
and healtill were Itmong the , flrat that
were them. prghea mid 'he had en.
tioavorod tosaya awned my tools. Met
fruit Ws inAlis corner of,Winditugton Lad
Mohair &tredve; With a crowd,. be -hick
reed tome, spoken? the Ore, and about
the first eremitic*: M• . put to me woo
.whetber 1 tied !QOM , a:41 , 6 9 4,
Pirtiedi Stated th at IA hid no fur
ther evident* to offer, on the. 4ronky
charge end vionlinest.lbe calm . upon !.ne
leatimeny offered. -• ,
No *lianas eras offered tor the 'de.
num; but Me .4:keelontn eakod that the
larceny clone be diamlassed. on several
grounds, and proceeded to elucidate.
(be identlacalion of the alleged ender.
propettyhe conlandestiVeil not latiCialt
is Indicate the gulif Of fladdll; While as
against, limsgben there ;io net a
of evidence. The =Mudd made quite a
epee* emir Old the beak, Art ttle clients
la dernossetnillM , ir„ In %la lieeullat ince,
the 11331.10116eary of he evidence eddneed.
VV. Brown foul but - sib* watch to say
ly to. Ulll. AbOortio apes= of the
learned garstknum oh the other aide
The despermarnature ettbeeleis required
elaborate Mimi, Pc if Ahe to
identideatitur related. a preaeoted. it
went& haves been imnsecestaery con
sums half an hour,toconvinnethe Alder
man 'Of the weeklies* iz the lessor the
peceserutlen.—Thetesols'erets traced to
the newscast= of the defendants, were
certainly' identilled=the Mane of the
owner being on the comes-ent,they bed
made no attempt or pretence to account
for idor Pweestiete:, 'dome
poweeenton the tools were found. not been
ableto3docootde ho lila. bow soime 1
by_theni, the _presumption aisle gu i lt
ardukthavtritutlidedhL being. held for
The , didertnaif , rewen 4 e . .r ,
until when. fhd 'dedistidants Will
laws • eit: hmaing thercharge of
arson. The defendaab.iti daisithf 5.1.0:61
bill. wore Tecemaiitied to Jell;r 4 During
LhPUsital coat fled therAldormao
was. much "crowded,
,tiridtas Cs/ At rums= use.
011 Now YWieiday, at the tobseCo shmi or
ligeovisi,int.auntind Miser,* yoga
msa"nolar elie*Pod froPi ;the
eandswitete of a involver In the !made °,
a aware., Uha tere.looNt
natenAgan, ed B/D41 1 4 idzeltarigeltlred
the thop t linetwhlle - thereil,ttretetretched
id usselfzed - on beech stabil Weep.'
A tarr.esievasekte.o`ertina - ilading at.
tempted `10:11/Vir latii;:Whett
threatened:to shootatne if he did hot
Odd: 111hdlor peresetet, ' , gong
Restontega silting position, put his laud
hts sachet, drew itis revolver, end
pohikelit it' hhthrointlif e'pleytha
nee reiterated threat, etla kola
the revolver pointed at Dindivid
whets thee glit4irTsPreestchidi hi'
pulled the trigger. Want, to lin=
pews= nes revolver. wee. loaded:end
Binding received the charge to his left
Fronk the Pellet entertegjost above the
.Bhuitegsank 'back °tithe floor,
and 4 win la time supposou lineups dead:
Dr. Aloorn was immediately summoned,
and proper teatenttivew haying been ad.
to allow His removal' home. The wound
Is a...severe eer i butt i
. not ctrittotta
Dr AM; Xecandlesa,Pkiyalcln if Ma
Board Of rfealthigianathblollowint
tom of informants In Wm city 'and Sat
4!? , Mfqc03 1, 3 131 8.,4c 3 dal daflot Alko
:leek , ,
: Tlintcyranitirlion deaths. Of then.°
We 13 i6 1333.H11;1:41i Itnaleg., 4.34. MI afore :
3,3 - •... . •
Ofaboabors Mare Inman tinder I . ytat
of 3 1 33 0 Sfonali t011341.30_3313 0334 SO l6'
lq 40 to 60, 2; co to Co. 21 (soteto4 1;
* l , O di m ,. which mused ;hue death.-
are opornarated saAdloma;Tytemy
igkllO*l4 - 1,
ale, 3.; ConTundo ..1335 1; SOWS% I ;
anmpdon, -f fPn34 l'ogi 2; Promstolii
skin ''Slaindonfi: 3; 3)l3cluis jof
' *alit — . 14. Xforelond, - Ent,
*Wont Ro . hottor • or. the reunsylvanta
ItanirtitiVthturrindted , that , padtion ;
ordor that ha mar alto propor attention
laths boyoprettabootoontd; Mr.
MargZat it tiKt: anifterAtor .aottadatt
did • *anxious; irt#ls decided
...eatioloothatta_the:QtattPlutl. tiering hie
wet Premenelta oottrootton with It. and
in datioraooopting blonatignatlon the
losThar of the road VW. , MIA tributh
. - *!Orcig t =ed quit Wry M .bta Irophratiro U*.
quest to be rolloved.
, ammaylnglunne az seasonable hour
Übe notorning;newspaper motif on Sri
day awning, a - brother ...N0ca1."... as be
Fame within". fow ro d s of the' .131reninv
ham bridge, beard. it bothisphinh bill&
water, tit7Pkieritly' as If something_ tint!tint! .
been lopped:from the footmillion tip
lower ot west ern • aide Of 'elf • bOdiri be
twSsi thb abutment : and - first , pfelh4l.3
dreptied,iffrighlidhand the thought flub..
id ithori him that aomoildrigot a thoible
nature had tritospired—nathing Mort. .
murder:Of. . enielde,-Abat alife hed,
violently taken oft the bridge_ and the •
corpse ;thrown Into thd fiver, 'or that 1
some ankrinnate ;men or 'worm lind
sought a watery grave. - ilkilateuect - for
hitcher hedicatioas of the aorreetnau of
biastiepttion: • Aftwitnll4 , lle stealth'
lly aoptetictied - thir bri —don reached, the
nwitili, , observed elyi„but.., rime 1
;totting, and onatiroaed Mr Is thif lin ,
nfinghard Clan- • Atthetorkhollth En ito '
em red,with alight Mineola bia..thfreth.
Llas any one peeved ovdt within • abort
dmel.", ! . i'ttlin min With artimbrdis.
teante' s 'a.. welmerr- - -golng . "I Minna'
the 'city; .taking .: the - . hallo.. of
the - brklge," . ItM the ' toll•kesper.'
'Tb.inewspapk.'lneli Ode Made known
, he' had beard, add
the. reason thr
we n tngnir made being Woo trpfearent,
the.ltatglicaan said, "1 Mire been &tow
Cried itt MO mine thing moonlit time, the
splash yell heinii.ment mused •byanaw
eliding off t h e roof of the inidge.' “Tliat
malt, pintalbly," said the .hxaio , 130 t
as he continue& on his way tolmerweed
the.!_hratn -with 'an timbraaa AS a arr.
man" ,oningleti- hie. thoughts, and he
1 bill coact %Wed thefe bad been- fool pie
kfterall;as be beta: ob tgfv a s . in
penrcto . t: q h le .V/ • , )f , 111 4 !.! . 49k r r r i (g
1u r r 51 g ... .Z.D.=.. 1 , 00 . h ".
cordin g JO the seceitTaintie mil d s
"mad with ad — nenbrella end a wo
men' bad dine td bath ennead before be
.came', to the bridge.. ' Titer peed hilleyiof.
the person*, 'and' the it tabrelberetrring
gone - In an oppoefte 'dinection, , after
resfaillg.; Vie . Oki' • eod• ,— idf ,'.‘ the
bridge,. 'affoided•• a • thy • 'of. Imps
that - hie apprebenntiti .was. filibrouleit
That"hcevy 'Oath" dill stitinded in his
ears, and tin still' •forther 'nth/diem' the
snotrtheory' dlibmot 'satisfy , titm, , fir•
membiring.tht but. small amount of
anon, Lf any, most herefremainstfon th e
bridge alter the thaw of Wade!** and
.TbnreclaY. ' .2fotnittedeading Mir !hive
doable, beeriest. the newspaper men re-'
tired to his conch content at boring the
Intern:anon .e2elttifvelVitbereebte not
feeling that be wonletle behind With the
item," &bona It dement then? tad Mien
a sadden 'lath:thin?' of wombed 11, , ..,
. „11.4.1en5, 1
Dougbirti aria festaislii
Tested by Aldermen Strain • pollen-oak
ihatefolaulans*tault , isid 1444
Poirorradigatia him; bst.Wrniaia * Voss;
watchman on the Monongahela packet
'agnate Bennett. +4ldaitt June Mia
cased was ■ paasenger or tkif; end
It Isalleged that he *OW In ayery der
orderly manner end 'ins required b
William Hoge too watchman of thalsant
tekeep quiet While the cfacerwas try
ing to enforce order, Dougherty, U fa al
leged, drew a revolver and area at Win;
Thelma struck a ring on Iloge's tkager,
enifglanotd away'wlthout doing any pm.
Ohm &maga. • Ante Ib6 shooting; Beg,
took D
nDao ougtertra_pietol away trout him,
d ugrelty h t i lti o llot i ;e " be some nilut-
'tante for tba•riVcrsory of Silo pinol: al
oow.Uoge has made Warmstlan 'bathes
'alderman titralp, chargitag 53,3 41 V
with felonious assault and battery. t
qvenlita; oalocre.Barrytatdanalet
rested the acctuied at the VarieLkei - Th
almond the priaman'„ fader:suit of
tla la
bell. 'tae comitat fasi4
on Monday nest.. . . . ;
. Leek Mal ter ItauLtait'
who-. are dahrseing luclueg: sii. likt4loo
cities and collecting amounts sel4 .
to be doe on them.. Thia decoPtlen bu
bozo pracciord 'on many good hound.
this -ndistaborhooda- A 11016
sharper th Allegheny ham bean venal*
In thlainsener: Aicertairdng the imam
and reddened of gentleman, generally
thee* whose basinesa calla them' from
home dewing the day, be would aall. at
their dwellings and ask for the lady of
the house, end. when she appeared; or
any ether person lu her stead, would
state that Mr. - had purchased the
mat Scuttle Treat Messrs. and had
directed It to be sent hams, and farther_
that helms to collect the amount doe. l it
Inlay eases the price demanded, (which
was always exorbitant,)' was promptly
paid; at other Unfelt there end more or
leo '.4lcktni e riF about the' price,' hM
ward' perein illy redhead, and he
was Damped to ays new place. . •
ILLlTftiat rtailloc
Ere erg or thaese litttslcal cvixio,' the
Steinway . "endicht Vienna," lama Ilea
dlepened or-daring -tide week pte
Stetngey Agents, Messrs; 'IL Kleber
rfa WC.Oa etrae4 : One Or' them
lieu:. to Brovnusille to grace the puler
et Captain Joe.,Lteu&lcksont the othe r
was.. purchased by M. .Eqdrese, g
-rarlxier colanLY- My.
'June. Ntwatontery, of Carlon. retm-
Vire irAco owns oniogariz . .Irge re..
geed Rio every *ea t itezgent of an Inerrg.
meat. . Accept my le ter. the melee
tLon ot no elegentiand loos
a Plana'‘
The exterior. of three guru
all others In elegance, et le chair tone la
the eneelast end mast "melon.lmagier.
ble. Tltby are destined, In time, to en.
pereede all other styles et PllllOll.l
fresh supply, hate been : ortlared! by the
/I ewe. Hither, end wall* reedy
'Tertian duel:4ns eel week.
Wawa ea tber.lbseedsellollooktkitai
OaiT night, igoolisibeio'ckick,
ibe hinny et Ur: John, raid ing
on Beaver street, Atleggl,Y r star'
tiod by a Mini si laid kitchen
door. On* repalfilog. nit. the Pius c 9,2
opening the door a
. tioge used maraca
basket, containing a' 'meet -111Ue boy
baby, wsa ducervered.. • Newfound.
land dog .was standing guard aver the
brisket and Its precious couttinta. dab
slier be seemed fully otmvlnoed that the
baby was takeo.ln, and to- fair way of
being done for, took his departure.. An
attempt was made to follow him, hut by
dodging through alleys he' escaped, 'and,
we presume, went home and told, in his
own way, bow well be bad lieribrcned
his part of .the programme. Morbid co
dos which will - lead to the ideillacation
of the child, built will Op d a good home
lo the faintly of lir. fts,"John. ' !
aecieesist nrearatair • ;
yesterday's Osaseit we antrent
est the ending of• body oS • mat tIMI.•
leg In-the Monongahela ever, si Ito-
Xnesport ' Yesterday Coroner Claw*
vtattod the place and bald anlngriase.
11,e body was Identified as that of John
/Yr.:imam, aged secret drtrone veer;
resident of McKeesport On Ban syr
rtoilidt',4l.3":lll.lng Lin oea . raan nomad k
.the Met with a lady, h 6 heard trim Tor
help fivm th e river he though front s"
drowning man: The ulghteru du&
that he could politer dlacaver the exam
nisro. from , whew* the dries came dor
render any 'Wear:leo. It la now thenght
that the man on tbia liver was 31runarroa,
and that be znet his death 'at that time.
The Jury returned a eardlct o sectdontal
drowninOsg.. The deceased bad abawn
inane of' sa.nity for some weeks put.
tit the Thinl Presbyterian ai.ccitb: and
congregation, bold last evening, .was. an
elegant eflhlr; but It was, nevertheless,
Shiplayotklemlet with Ltin„pertnt Ham.
left. out. Kr. liable: the pastor elect.
did not arrive, as Iris expected, and,
or_ coarse, was not. present. In .clew
or that LW It ma meolood to repeal
the - entertainment two.. weeks
laat,ev aapdwlll t . g. Mr. liable /a OR. bik rkir
• [Mears Itlrsted.—At a milegbiger PPM
the followtog edema *Pro
elected to serve tor .the:elleollagtorpv:
Post 'Commander, .1.. Wein ~.filealor
Peet Commander, ' J ; Junior,
Wm. Qtratermeder. John P.
Ilend Tr Actin tam, Cl.; Milder: OID~
car -or , Day, J. C.. Ctumbell; °Omer pt
Guard. Remus/. Irwin) Pols Samson,
t%M. Ileslep; Chaplain, J. C.. Martin;
Sorgemst Major. C. Dreamier Q. H. Bar
geemileary Hem • The Col lowing-dale.
were also elected to represent the
LlAStat• convention to mast on
OM - tm.t.: Metecre.44ll.oxlet t ili?t..
Jones., August Becker*, Alfred ..(xMleo
.J.` Pd'Hiendit,,
'4lkiiiiirosigue or aso wa
21"11 fter n:ll:davr t = nc hu n r c t i 4
t .
Jinni tiarcibor for. Mayor, and
Boa. Jacob Storkralb for Director of tnti
*Me lau amen as liopublleanyar-
E . p ot io n g naparfaat harnivoy an that
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