The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 01, 1868, Image 8

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.i;r4biiisrmnd Jiittilest on -..-- ertelmg,
l':. , ;'„-ilie church ' being unsoiled the Gees.
61,1 4 j'i...tdcnt - tii its • Mutest. atpacity ith 'the,
--,:...-.;.: ZS:l:Olefin!, their parents and and
...k.; , 1, deters' tod-,lnest_ enters - niatelyd .a, "tinge
I . ..„,,...;Chisiattinia tree necapisd one earner, and.
7V1 , .•.;:iC0M thii mum of umborincledi pleasure
:•.-7. '''',; ' I wo': w staficakdi Jo-the younger portlen.
i . ... 7 :1 , 1•,'-cifthe neflooL -• ... --..".... -•— ...[ "• ' -
, Ji , ;',.. .:- Thaler theditsclian of MI6 and"
- ,tl:::._dinroted - pastor, Her: /L. 37.1 ' a
!Lk I= made , Lae been to troducsal in 1
f; : .':V..bitth.;:t3ctieol. of cOll - Ilia
~ , ....O,T,
.. . eclingsonneyfor the
i T 1 ;_:7 ; , , ,...„ ....._ hens, re . Etch, while It may not .real,
''l l lo. - runn u eet 9 ZW:k a tt. l ii2iyiat t
.. t 4s.f - - . ;;Incl. Finds., wflii - a youth 1 - t
. , o...i,.4.....actqwbelproductSv4 of good.
~,..,::, ~iltk-litsallesMning of each year - small
. ...F ,, r::.:Ax.r.eNfervitmafor thevuxposs;arespn.
k--: , ,-,-,- oulto,stos ants, scholars as T r y . ifte
~ ~,,--_. .-- to tete tbsrm,M , ertuch Mute the year
1W . place their contributions the c0r
..:5 •,/,,a3.__ These boxes are with
their .contents on the coining Christ
. !ma; and the optaingan* d wet
‘..,•--- fr. , ~. of Ma amounts thus ocilkoctr mi si by the
-' ,--, ' - ..._- , ltelichtts lareada the °weakened ajtitelse
~ %. 1 ,;;;:„:- .... . This eras the objets of the memolaile
- ,
. ‘ ,..1, - , , ,.•
....' • on Christmaadvsniny,. - Cpwirds of forty
~ . ...i- . ;,.:- . ":,...,-13oinii were_retpneA - the ameunhi they
!..7.;;!!:::r e l t i t u ai„.= W a r sum of about
r.. - .•;..-:,;:alnfeat 'entirely of oents•,': two and li t !r i e
• e,.z r :;. -.,,_ -- • - • , oent
Abo .riacm„ and. fractional • .
, f• -' 4 .:, : - ; " ,ehitreh l itt: i nt i nt aw an a cr ghti cantlibutad Great by
1 , • ..'..- 'Aerest vas taken. in the prledntice, the
:'-'!••.;,:: - :.Ohdreli choir adding mach =carers]
-.., ;-:. T.:: ,: t.iss a re- jai : l e willay bufjust tet 14 rer•
,-, 'kit/Lat. the members of thla eltaireviao
. ',,,...,,,,. • :,1 10 n. ae tibi=
to (bent .
•• , Y..•. --; ' , i.' Muer ' the peter , _ of an earnest, and
. 1:- - ...._- , ,lanctical i• Rev. W. A. Pam:
k . . , ,:r , ants, present by „; invitatioad (and. to
• - •. •. ,-t, _ •.', , ,Whom • the money, contributed was
....."''',',..:,,?tnglPlnYenrPnwimeeted').llna. 1 4 14.06ed
.,_.:ringln mast bennifil and laze ,
: , '-.Btuefe to the orphans, in whole be half
•7•„' ! „... , ‘ no man in.thls nr oar. other enimmunl
-,...i. - . :-.• \ . • lisp labored mare zeoloutly - Oxidliel z
Beforeswe et i . ."..•: , . • 1,• reat th =distribated among child::
,e.:-:-•' 4en„purchased Out of the_ mato at reali
,.:V!.;.:: - . .-xed frota thethif charged for - nchnlaidan
...„..,_•••, .to thejohllee.. , • • - I •
7 , z, , ,,,, "The amount tontdbrated by Wane - hoed
.- . -mrill be devoted to , the - Orphans' 'Home,
q;l' -' 'at Rochester Pa onder- th a direction of
:7,.. A., Jr. A.A... it ttds Borne , according
- toitillitrepealti - rtbire i , f .1111... , i , i1r
.:;.- rise the hut year forty-tyro
:..- 7 ;,• r, Brthlr S e t 2n 7 tf, m il i ntii l e, et
- • .-,.;
Be,. Gotlettiadir4ere was i iric,:inal
As -.
' - 7 ----
- ; I t '''' ' • 41171141=4 AG,"
Welhatrepresent for la sho tint, 'at
-,- - I/jean:W=la thstivel bald for the' 'Me ,
, fl
aion undeY gehool of (Zpisco
t ; pal)Chnrch, oterharidayeiinlng, in tin
Sim* Scheel, roorkl by :i4=
religious services i Was
In tho Ch In which
.-'. - the . Bishop, Bet. Mr. i3carberongh,
..„,.. : Rettne.ol"-lhe. Cliwoto and new. IA 1..
IC C l r r° °t , PaticiPstad. The BinhoPendlir.
,Blerhortefgh lisle brief and' touching
'l , r - '..,addreseett adapted to tita youthful aunt
, encli. th ' Tat the
eaesex? j unk. the el th. tildren .
der School house, proceeding wed to . reey a tly , ...tiftner, rut , d di to the numberof
,fed„ . each olessettended by its tea vided
cher, troll
. thettesdaassigntal them.- The - vision of
. th e children wits redoct by tholsight of
,:-, a lazgeChristatas free sotne v aten feet
-, thigh, ill branehee extending every
direction; end laden with
ic e=
anctornaments and brilliantly
. -led with theylChittese lanterns and Intl
' et tt=l .-In ered withnnni of
ll bn tren e l orgt n al
things, eats, confections, oo utopia,
pocketknives' boolci, deli; ettc.
13efore proceeding to distri ate this
Wealth of joys rind hsppiness a g th e
gillr nt ent e ee b i l ds a ffi re i n 'tio li r gnna Leb iteaer
• I t u v u tts we e r t a t t''' ' ' ' ttm s e n ff r tor tb lupp —e i____,, tree
helical Or Chrit, who is ever-the gym
: . t ch l ildren g ; en tl i tlrtO n s Pis h a ve
'i 7 - bolted of Christ, .g 4 .3cio' the light, of
•-, ', the world: {hat the
„gifte which so pro-1
- _ fuselycmbellished the tree w signlll
- caut also of Divine goodness and mercy' . i
Theoonssion was thus improved for +di
-, _ -' ti cation„ as, well as fer please„_, We
5. • 'Jive neINIC before vritnessed actilldren's
.Cluistmas festival en windledd 3 , limns
t. - Od and anniucied. , Our interest w ea.
- f- ..., ' c irnir b. ted in th
fete =saseantlane
. - .-atsvettlea ;Patera nom the Vats,:t - Z.' "..1 00 1 1 411tiatt, and are :now for - the lira
‘.,.„. :tent ,.. - ie lives receiving inTectual
, -- 1
‘ swisphtinsicultaret. - -
V =Tits Thriltrof Trbrity Parish b whose
,-.- „.pteralstent and systematic (4-Worsting
runes:rear work is hung two= lished,
..,- • ..
i s
MU, the. th•tntri: of the
r - IthnletnintaltnitY. The bervest of Such
- t -..., rrelfill bath& reciantsden o ninny
nrt . ii end its mulles entail Of evils.
- itabeeth Ileheet teaideis.-
____4 l r :Tile sonnaleohnnsa re-tottoo of Ilie
..:,..., ~---?:-:' 'gement : UnitedYreebytertae,,
•-Wald Woke; Sabbath Selma ';Was held
' the Chl u.9ht 4u SPlQl.etre,etiehrishoss
montialtattanteclock, hir.FkrYll, Eat.,
AuSrb. Ittutdrad: Of the # Imbed,
PreVaa . Itaretetn-M was
i: d eco r ated - wi th arivraec e erc ,,,,,.
ok ay
: .. . 1 white tnotht zl td tb e edi .
nee Memel kir the thee beink.
--, , • into fabled. Shy .
_.To hl the
- --• • -. , Mime :_the dlght wee wreind and tbe
4 ..,„.: - ' necesam7 lightsnpplied by . sp._
- s - sunk the room was -a
. ~,.., • . ~:.,,' abeb, , e 4 e) nil= "0 glee thanks irate th
- . with
14, .- , .2. Lordir , Hattc4s 'bearing 4.,,,,i;
a --
,11.... i. :A y ... 27..d
“Gio and a
.. ,. ..t' 61, , flrtL 7 Biffiott", ' _were dial,hrred to
mo. Ved
-, -- ~ , ' - Auden. mufpnri was ad,e,iii t h .
• ; . „ . great artlelks- taste,. with hs end
4. . -:- - ,-: festoons if seon;reerl; _
. , ,
~ y .-; T. H. Hamm, parte:. ~ r oe.iia.
.„.; , .., the opeategierayar. Mr. Wm : B. Owens
. then itrooeeded to address the children.
- He was llstedidto auroughontwith earn.
est andante:Aced attention. Afterelneu
.. ' •••• _ ..bythe children, Rev: ',7:' B. Sands fig:
, ~, . tql lowed tn , yi afoot addres, whieb_soamed
.., .... , --, 4 , -, to be • predated by the little folks
ll y.' - Meier Wm. kravr being
0 , - :,.: called npaa addressed the &Wren fors
• '''' ..4`n few Minutia In a eery happy said phew
• :p i ' 7.. , log style. Happy fik , ., . and ila4;gidng
' • .yk - ' , eyeapold_host much the speaker as be,
i t i . lad an d his hind
_worth; app
~,--_-'' ':•,' - '.t i h r.o„GereencgttemdS.anaifen F :=-I:.rew*eosnvod4rhe' - , I wo a .,bnl, Thome@Flabe. E M, -
.ifol ,
photramephte I alboms,
b i =og to the m nrff ito t er 3 101a;:.MT
- rthe Teachers cii,the be ie u ^: l 4 mil!
~ : . on SabiathSchead.7. Hr. Sands ally, ,
'.' : 4 • -r and to Me sneet.soccess attained by 1'
&hoed. and attributed lt, under Gots , ~,
• ..: , _,„. - - tturnmrtnried penerneranceandon. '1^„„, 1
eneray of the Superintendent. I Fl a 7.Z.,
-. , • . .reterzedto the dose attacionenti . nd In &
.>, ;''s , _ existing between Stmerinter „,_„ t end
• ' 4- ' taachare,„ 31r. Rabe reopen?",_. —,,....,
--, .:•;."_-- , tonchhigind earnest word ...• a •"'"
The chUdren were thin ' it ir i ch , up h ;
1 ,..„? . .- the 11"311° ," nr '' , A t yivi ri iyd
s trom the
.1 . • ""- — i, -"-- dB tandentik
t- .4 won .
:i. a; the
' 7 ' ' Una Vlagm " 4 " . .'fts et boekftid. ein
, . . 1 , :7-' I &ow,. =l, l r /meetin g wu inzusbe
t - • . . Dr Brawn pronoun-
.' 11.
with the.
avaiDapthketurrlh this city aile- 1
''.. 7 .bralsitits.usotaxiniverway or, the nen-.
4 thg at -Chrti=g i n thy . Cbhech. The
k: . • ,.--chi-tt thine lirWart mk" ,stitt si lli: v h&Y
ritaldir:OCtilyitps, J.loe
Pu! aber .:2 l .a'sa!kez!-Pf tl
xornetrarrsrm ARE.
Mainline . a I ew IL Y DOL n IP7 14l isiss
A tilastetrtnis firs barrredWedMitaby
racaMing, 'Shift& four o'clock, in the. Ma.
chine shop of Mr. W.W.. t WitilaCei at Me
darner of Plum and Cherry alleys, from
which 'At •ilras cciromtmicaud to the
fotindry and - _marble: • Shop which ad
joined It; all of which were 44atromd..
The machine alum was a brck building,
Used for therte and ..repairing
[depth:tea and roachinerY: The foundry
.was a one d ory frame biasing filled in
with Wok,. and the Markle shOp was
broom./ frame building, the upperstory
.of • ::which area inclawd. 'There. was
not much Work , : in =chine alt .
butthe machinery bolongiactati,wkich
wva , viry . ,Taltuillitc: 'was all deatruild.
principal loss 'in the. sou dry
Iln thousand dollats. ' :The marbb'shop
coatalited-11 large amount' of 'ftitlW
• work, .noneltalag Pi marble man
' ; .bureau -.sad Wawa - tops.
all - of which- were:. -destroyed
Tba not fait . fart tairi: of gra, on . which
Lbacwww4 max,ll,vhFiruitinifics: - .The"
engine* iirenaprompt, is mepoticlieg is
thealanecwhich was winded 'at live
minute. pest four o'clock, from boa 31,
Neptune .EnMushousa, and the firemen
]abased tocheck thedevouring
meat and wry the building.te ao. effect.
Wksolini. tibccmared the fire -was in
the coiner of the. building next to the
railroad, - where Mere had been no
En " :or any kind,,- which+ lobes
no 'iroubt but that it. was the .work
of an incendiary. Michael Schell and
wßaidy" Muslims were emelt - ed yerier-'
I - day beaming, on s of larceny, and
whin net e• d a ca2 l 3 9 draftlog Warn.
manta, - wkdch had-, been: taken from
chest in Mr. Willacca'a machine aho
was .found in their pieselaion. •
was Committed and Hughes gave bill
lECIOSI inima Duman.
•ul=l Life zosttlfeets Itself only by
the phenol:tie= It dtsplais dining Ito
battedexiateein- the body.
.; Soda Is that iound state of the Ilvingi
tied: whlckashlbas bigbest, &wipe
ofasthriallifb. . • ,
•Dtaeaas_hrtheintagoidat of health, and
inpends its scaton la eSorts to'rednee the
degree oafs below thla inanlmnm.
7 To etainteln the powers of life in tY,le
'degree of - hselth,Sorl to restrain the in
fluence of dime, la this reduction e'r the
living body, Is the grand aini of ntedinal
. _
To scanaplish these• objects' in the
best and most eclentific manner has
hest the entimbnalnas of our ltfa, tieing
goverawiln out lasiadlipitleas; es tares
.=gde by the dna laws of science, be
that the really nick wiliscsk the
quickest and bed chanctrof:sallef with
mit regard to sty preconceived , foetid-.
ions notion; stoat. this or that mod. of
We - bellows, - thit if, for the better un
derstanding -of thetiers f health, and
thew:dons of disease; we choose to pon
-• • farther - tato the mysteries ofthese
conilitione by" an exsmlnatibn•oT tbS
luriatery secret/she than , is tonal for
medical men, ho nesmishnece on 'the
part ofthe truly aMoNd will deter-Vann
from making a Heath% to as for r eller.
And Ywnithe7 l 4Tryto us
when It is ktunrn th at our video: dwells
almost /War&ttpon facts asdlignres for
its data: that the. wenderfol 'powers of
the microseope ate'
doh lnto requiel
doh • that thalami:dab'fe laws of chem
istriecenes to our ski ; that. - tie fhnda
mental principle of crystallography steps
in Wen' sulatance, and that the • maths ,
magical gyi geometries: tide in relation
to these Ml= ,fte furnlesh va with the fig
ures saltwits which enable= to demon :
stride the troths, invtdved in swab peril-
`ln the thaoaantis of cases that we hava
'thus' htvorttitsted.duringa bfaionarso
tics „la
adcbs f 2 many t lMn mare - physiciana re'
and men ofecientido attainments who
mould 'see at once the practicability
of ooxiyatern, whilst -a laws - majerity
were patients-of inch long tufferfog as
to have becemegood judger of their own
tithes and paten.-and rosin tell et once
whether-their symptoms were Correctly
described by : osnot: .• - I •
"From the former 'yrs have received
mazy eommenclationr; from the latter
many heartfelt thanks - And -we atil?
hope by the • melt critical..brnattritlan
of every.mase,. and the - .most @dentine
treatment of. every disease, continuo
la:merit the patronage and gratitude of
afilicted, by relic eing them of suffer.'
log ills and restoring them to Utah; the
L. OLnsatix,
lefaelp►. bowies&
The breaking down of the platform - of
the Palinlyl, Tanta lialbord Companyi at
4ahNitcnen,oli theravallon CO" the 'viral Of
PlOlearat7olll73oD; 1a Septonthdr,, 1864,
by which several periods wore Idaled,
and a large number crippled r
. life,'
to irk themeraory of onr raardens. A
large nuMber organs have. 'mem than
piled Spinet the.onnipany Par ,dathagee;
and one of theam-41Mis T3r the 'Pennsyl
vania lialliOneecanpanY--waa_ reemillY
disposeffof beforeategs Taylor at - Lb-.
ezminagE• This was a teitutua, and th e
lune turned upon a ainstlequestion;
namely—whether thi rallread company
was bound' to ecrualamet their platform
that It would tErappOrt any weight. which
Might be put dponit , or whether they
were may required to znakeit antliciently
strong and safe to ..Mansact their' orde
nary . business. The evidence Wig very.
voluminous:sad the argantemthof coun
sel most elaborate:. Hrs "tenor. Judge
Taylor, in an equally; elaborate opinion.,
decided tke legal point against the
Plaintiff, and inarricte4 the
„jury th lin d.
for the defendant wl th =t leaving tlae
tea. The counsel for the plaintiff w ill
Tare i°
the nrt 1: 11 er nix!
lf7a tiro +lecieioo
ranched heSYMtl i te w itiglar7reepurt.; It to rue
dentood_ anoth e r- ems growing sta
of the fall or the platform wi'a be tried
bY them in Calihris cormty.
Triewva. army Dfiraerko.
.4 4 0 W . likratgliOnt hk» met with mob
anoceiallithe tie r,- lee d'
one waltued Mow itithren,Dr. Goats* 'IL
.Pigrati. • 'Bekaa hail ideinthaid with the
rigaleuratedicab Ikuirtaahm Pennazgl7
via* kir many:ream and bog maraitted
high riputattectio4oOiy her, at nOres
whim he is cmteerially known, but
thronglarnt oar own and adjoining
&Mrs. e hive frerrosatly shin piano
;In one emblem 40 :.fie lama heartfelt
tradroonieds of penami who have been
trader him treatment, cured of diseases
deemed insurable; anat.-day add a U
ica - riddle hilbortith not ',Th ac
onuance with; mum., Mutiny style
Or cutuPoultio! , tells es l ¢ favor ot
Dr. Itervaer'a 'Marmra.. The lady had
been IngrarATlg for a long,time with a
W - rine lily*. of the blood, and de
'pairing. or all core,-eialtad the "bootees
01 4 0 4 and aloe tinder his treatment was
ort tbs way tO the. robust_ andperfect
lear:Ah.h hld etow anja. -410 „ .eartillosui
be read i tT nil our ere
simPle,trate way It P.f.LS¢h.
0f our most, eminentpimp&
UtO •
Rev Mr. Wilionand family ruirrerwly
inespd being run over by the Express
timid ou the Penns - 11yard'. Railroad,
goagy fmndiNg•Vile,' were sitting
11WWilde' the track;ersiting for it
code train to pass. The noise -nude 'hy
themadng coal train bad prevented his
'liming the whistle ore', Philmulerptda
amen train whiCh was apprtrachlug in
te; opposite direction, and es soon sui the
tar coal car had ;eased, Mr. Wilson.
cove upon the track and at the same
„littera tbs locomotive struck the horse.
nothing hint loose from the wagon and
• him initantly. Strangely enough
he bum' was not overturned, and the
occupants mere In it On
amine& • The eleMos
ninzlect- should earths 'A" warning
not =I to those whose yes were thus
in misty saved, but to all i.glars
, ,
The t'emians Atilt! Actiym.
. ; .
Attempts. to Deatioy Gsa Worb.
Iftyal.Particitple Hanquit
&thugs of tomplimeatswith Pres
' Meat Johnsea • i
htesienkalble Telegraphic ..F4FL
• _
FraLch .A.niiety About Italy.
Italia' IllaLstry Recogstructioa.
• .
/Mount Vesuvius in . Graud
Eruption.' •
• . .
Jews Eminaipated in 'Anglia,
,iapected Fenian Upriel
The War in Abyssinia
"Times" , Grumbles at De*
New Ilhastert• the ralled.States.
Suicide ofnn American Imamliati
The Italian Question.
'ore Preach Troops for
intritifience.firosot CNina—rhe
4 Zits-bay Sucessaftd..
Lit afgraph w 411-Ifilie suits:l 4
rte! rzetwir
ri. All--ATTINWPIII 1.0 niniTßO
LONDON, December 24.—The F . -
are still active. An alert inn made .;
evening to destroy the Gas Warps
GlassiOw. Attempts bad beau made th •
night before todestroy the Gas Wo
, Warrinointi. near* Liverpanl. In' . • .
' cases they wererimuseccesefol. Th •
. thorities hi those cities are d.ontilyweetnl
I fat, and no Inither trouble is apPrillent I
. ed. Dispatches trom various parts tft th I
I ltinteddlnteport everything qtelst.' j -,
moron= In loNDON--TELEORA
, .1011211010-COXI.LnannTS PAU.
At a banquetgiven at theltoyal poi
technlelnstitate, on Saturday night/sat e
In reply M the following sentiment. 'pow
the Duke of W allnigton, a felicitonsitele4
gram from the „President of, the Utdteel
States was readateddid, great 'lath:Sipe=
Not ileitis of interest attaching to- those
dispatches grow out af the rapid thins
=Salim of thomestageof the Duke 111fel j -
Illlgant to the Preeddent of the Updted .
S tate 4 •, • , j.
"Latakia, December 2.i.sThe* Duke M, •
Wellington, the directors and selinitiSh
guests now at the Royal Polytela we ct.•
at London, England, sand their m i r
spectfol greeting to the President 4 the
United Fitates, their apology benin r
to'.the discoveries of science the this
coarse between two great nations Is I
The ,tboTe ntooraio was nine talon
and dthrty Seconds In transit from Po -
dira to Washington.
" Waslingtate,'D • ieonter 21,11•7: ,
of Wellington, Londont—l recip ' ' I
the friendly saltdationi• of the bacillus - I
log partYht theitoyal Pcdrev. l e o .-,,1 an 1
Sadiallyngree with them In. the sent 1 I
matt that free sadquickoommunicati
between Governments end flattens. tie. '
Important agentin pre easing few* and
good. understanding. thrtegtiouti the
world, and advancing , all the interefittir
civilisation.. - - j .-.
Pililladl ' "Astons's Jonsson." ' ,
The reply °carped twenty - nine Said
Edwin actual trim smiaslcett.' • • I I
. , - „TIOLIDAT OW3ERv.s.Tnt.. I,
Lennox, December 24.--ThtaadaY as
Well asWednisday will be observed
le holiday, and on im Mt days bush:esti wi
be entirety arespetuted and the Each= •
and marketaltere . and in Liverpool i w
be clewed. ''. . ' l,
Tar. Anywan4A-N.E.critnrri - os .
limitions, ..December 24.,Accaun ;
received at Massetrah of the exixid -
then and. Teepees ,of the 134
expaditlonin Alebyesirdeare all tarn
ble. Theis:my waisteadily ode=
thin the interior. At the'date of the
fait': dispatch it, bad been..race }
In a' friendly manner by natives e ve
111fiCA17170NinooaronT =man P1.A.17-
' rrntrinfAL FrarnAYLLTIONS. :
LCntnon, Dec. 2.2. —The precautions i lt
the GoVerrunent against Fenian co -
thine. Very extemeive .'and unusual
imeparatiome have been made tedaji,
which indicate that the authorities are In
pas mien of information that • general
attoimpt is to be made by Pentane to !ea
rns prlsonerCtlonlied in various partis
of the United Einemm for compli l &
in the -late outrages in England and ;
Lend. In addition to thie regular pollce
force, special constables are eierywhe , ,
en duty, and. other .precautionarysa ,
nresChave been. adopted by the Govern
ment, which It Is toped will result foith
enervation of order.. • , . .
The Times has an editorial on the Al? '
sin Lin war e which , it fears, will be D
teamed until next year, It bLernes jt3
Wm. Napier, Commander'of the Dritie
forces, for'the delays which ' the ex '
1 lion haa encountered, an& nays inotliin .
of Consequence can be den dur log ial
'Present eessoi., , • :?,' • t
, • ' . 'sera anon anssia. - 4
OdeelotteTT.theto than.7.,:4Trve:stynntim....z.diennte:riiihigLvErmi::;
~ .. , e aningearnestly. against the alliGhl_
' Lsnos, Doe. M._-The expeount rixin
of Fenian' 'yeaterdt re did not occur ' m
Medley was one of tranquility and 110 . M.4
_The . eitraordmary toeitaMv
at caution taken by.the 9oven t S c ii
guard against lawlessness were app
really uaaeeaeeary
Lennox, Deeember 29.—Mr. Ed
Thornton, newly appall:LW Afintotei
garnafiwt"l3l,lOri l ltrl° A. ‘ fn l i nh e A ri t ea in T fo: ll4D ifte . w r ill up lat ni i th i 6
"... I
duthent hie athlete t.
• . . . ..
TAT 311n1OTET onor tw i c , ,
Fistula asi December g4,,,__ T h,,, . t
1 tag Cabinet is not to be dissolved. ' e
changes In composition 4111 be . '
lvot 'General Ileinebrea will remain I
trnment end s ,
;mann:W.lOn Of
from Naples' In, .
/ onlit. Vpsuvlci.
'end iplendoc, ;
2 A•7Tba. debate on
rPni tivi of the a{
Legbibutf yet:
*peach, ha aqd
In, the ground flat
hate a tendency to
In effect airlin: :d1
!Pale 1 for a "aeobt
. .
;dn. denouncing. It I
mallarona Inatrusoen
he 'introduction eV i
!payedthat the Gene •
• early "war..: e
be mach etre
_ for hoitile. con{ -
oonatltatlonal agyetecit or
',bat to the natio 1
y Wished the'oota - ]
1 ,.
'hare. ' f . I
((civic.,ITALY. ! . ,
•fy 'Mtn la Plaren
"here. , The elarrtOW
N Italy In *mat
• The fail , . lla
and'ientait" '
- ~...,,_ •,:'1 ,. . ; Eirkporma se Uiciqualmiciihieisi.r :1_
oat - luazairoint, Doeimber,4l.-tThe order
I tW
li a Arco b ile_ .. ,. ' r
Prelnen "l "iißt l = 4 a iii ! Viri-P
• ,vdtt-4-.0:4.,,v,...z..-,,.v..,-.:,:::-:,;,4,-
,„ irr /bl'
OH Wkain-;'-a%)l'T. Aix* .
Patric aettapap Or
,- reaeh Gek•ernmcoot
for the departure of
• ore troops, for
• marring by •
rhich state& the
boned: orders
twenty thousand •
Hums 'Or
F 1.1113, Dec
•ld. American jo • •
fide here day bet.
?plum, •
Gotd ce ra
d Znifo, tar
yesterday by tidal*
stCCE93 oti Tea Exams,
Loknosi Dec. Vi..—Advlees from China
.7 the overland Man and telegraph' re
ths rebels, meeting with sui=u9 in
etr operations iitgainat the Impeu
Forage was searne it various Chinese
ports and orelnuageoit.EngLand bad de
dined. ..
LONDON, Der-DlEPatches froth
China state that owing to the' urgent re, -
monstrance' and formidable ,demonstra.
none made by the foreign powers, it has
been prornbeed that shirt wrecked sail
ors will be treated wlth - humanity here
after, and the Chinese Governmentl has
i narantmal that the • promim shall be
VISIV.CL, DOM —The bill for
emancipation of the Jews has passed
'name az we 11TEA .e.
Poem Cdoaseataliat • Raman Item
ste,—,olarloasits lonia lao fro
moues far ate Pap Debate to Um
Neenah Liertetate elt I Gellitaa
. reetery-.4teettlab Meet arrester
fee SBail—n. on*, *a.
(fly Talograpl ta the MU to,"
sw Yoe:, Dee 33. be er !City
of Antwerp, with E dates to the
latt Met., arrived last WO. 3
The Paris correspondent of the Lon
don Globe ways: The resolution sr The
Emperor to pronounce forthePope must
have bees takes :vary suddenly.. 1p the
=es delivered by the Minister df
13 Affairs, Itiamtds - de Moustler,.
both in the Senate and Corps Legtslatlf,
there was nothing to Indicate any likeli
hoodpf its being adopted, the concilia
don of Bows and Italy being the theme
ho dwelt on. Italy of course
coma a dame enemy of .Franee, anti
three great pewaramhose groii.w ore
the. JGovetillettelt seeks, and of whose
forbotraneo he has need,-F.,ngland, ./>rus-
Ida .and Eaussia-will to. some - extent at
least hs etranfffal. ."
.London Globe, of the
?rege°n new, 1 1401tI tb on taken - tor liz - e i t.p 5
grOr will be productive of evil. It, will
cresse.the unpOptdarEY . of the !Ern
prom rapagnole, us the French people
call her, is her blelosty 2a known total:,
a very setlye•part in political affairs,
and, like most women of hot Station, is a
my ardent papist. She will So bold to '
be responslbla for what has been dope in
the "Corps Leglaistif". Its - the I new
diplomacy c. ttep Emperor has been
' ar'"Eipardsh," and. in
troth, more Spaniah than French; It hi
notsurprialog that the people should Aa
r:rib. it to the ...fispagnole".who sits mo
ths throne:" I '
dative debate o n the
The French Leglslative
general policy of Napol eon
o was exliefTd
ingly aninll4o.l,_ tne_ pposltion poo
quite bold. If. Gamier asserted,
that France was left alone Page!
in Rurope,
with every nationality- and - people
bac and the United States had
bean al ienated from b . I
Sir Cu ll en Eardley, an En . glide Baro
net, was arrested on a charge Of biome.
preferreetrespunst , him by the father of a
lady named McGee_, ', whom ills alleged
he married in Calvary Church, thew
York, prior to a marriage contracted' by
him in Europa
The London2bnes remarks ibat.the
e.mmercial letters from leading' house..
in Paris express strong feeling in• favor
of the present course of the Italian Ger
emment, and great regret and ludigna
don at the recent ~tiolent ebulition on
the part of M. Recibir.. • i ,
Tbsre was a report that the King or,
Italy intends abdicating, and that Prince
linsolsert will appeal to the country to I
sapped, him' in a national war with
Prance. - • .
The • French army of Lipni way in
' readiness:to move.
A latter frotitFlorence .sys Sfabrini la
very 111 at. Lugano, and but. slight hopes
entertained of his recovery: '
The Turin Gandre brings theiirst echo
produced In Italy by the words of M.
Ronber In the Legislative body. Ac
cording to that journal the Italian G,ov
ernment ought Immediately to break alt
diplomatic relation with Franco, oxi paha
of being charged with treason to mon
archial princire.
From the Luanda 'statement laid be
fore th e TO.I an Parliament, it appears
the ordinary end extraordinary external
ture, for 1068 Is estimated of
and the revenutibt.l9o,9l2,7.
On December Bth the Pepe had a slight
tainting fit, while at ,mass in Sistine
Councils of the .Bourbon' ,
sre held at Farneee Palate.
IStrederthe presidency of the Mar
gate •
In the Prusilan Chamber of Deputies
the order of . the .day 'was db.
cusaion on the alleged violation of - the
Przutsisn frontier by the Russian authori
'ties The Government Commissioner
declared this master was not within the
competence of the Proadan Chamber of
Deputies, bat of that of the Relthsrath
of Northern Germany. • ' •
The ex-Empress..Carlotta of Mexico
'rent from the Chateau ofLucken to . the`
Palace at Brnseella, breskfieted with the
Royal 'family, and subsequently took a
long drive pre the Boulevards - with s tile
Queen of Ilalgium. •
Aleninumilet Sf rarusamiat-ln•
Approvod rim :Abe thrwasitor
CIT Selidialli to tit, Pittilmet (Wallet
Orfawa,'Decembei 23.—The Forthi
mint adjourned on Saturday until after
the 1= of *birch:- Among the bills as
sented to by the 'Governor General are
the following To prevent pnlawthl
training or persms In' the use of tire,
arms and mitary evobtinun to author
ize Jostles, of li the plums t a O seize and de
tain arum collided or kept for purposes
=es to the public peace; to author
arrest of persona *tweeted et
committing seta of hostility or conspira
cy against her Dialsity'aponon and Go
v dlacount 'ln American Ittioicea for
that:week is 2.5 per. oent4
Hownizar., Deeember M—A. Are. oc
curred yesterday. morning. In Word
heimer's Hall, occupied as• a billiard
'saloon by Dion. , The building wen des
troyed. Dion lest ststeen billiard tables .
Mews. Gould & Hill music, store, and
Wm. Patna, tobaccon ha t , andothere'loose
L e
Lorm avily:
ort;December 23..—The offices of
the Grand Trunk Hallway were catered,
by burglars yesterday morning, and.a
liege sum of money *NM-acted.
Qtremao, Dec. lieavysnow storm
set In on Saturdayl:L4; i :end ,coutinned
until to-day. The dm - are badly
Hamm, Deeentber . detachment
of troopaleft to-night for Milledgeyille,.
supposed to bays. some aminection with
the Treasurer's refusal to per 'limey to
the order of General Pope and the Con-:
vehtion. , . • 7
asjusem Nam alb* Elltelga4M l 4,
raY TIUSTsti tetl•Pitt.bartllliMULl
'Havana. Deeenit= report
ished in the American newspapers
tbst. Publ the house Resentment. had proposed
to mil the islandsofeubahruiPorto Rico
to the United Rtafes notsuppmted
*Arleen from 8004 and is und
• Pim 'ovation. Itle,PrePoonced bileo
by the m
are thoriues of 64 Weed.
Toe Cubans much amused by , the
etry. •
• B AVANA,Deceibor .24.—Sagai
London I n
" p p. n trobe for.loV.!a
tun; hiaW York do 24€1241 per cent. dis
count:Short Right =l@wiper-ceizt.'dis ,
must. lard 4111.50 per ow'. ,:weight;
, Yong, Deoetnixe4,
In the bounties of craTen, Jonce, and
Locudr, liortir Carolina, great. Warta le
experienood on amount of oa Anita corn
taittechby armed blacks on rutotternum g
whited, and prompt mammy., are nem.
eery to nature quiet and confidence.
immure DIVOIMW--/J43IOSY.
In the Superior Court., today. Judge
Jet= granted Mrs. Format, the divorced.
'iriee of the tragedian. the alimony, of
gigo,ooo, which atop Ilahrut to hfvq been
. .
• •sT. DOidik(34).• : •
a. m ." g zugt=savernm..l7
[By Teleirapa le IS. ritut.A. iluitse
ST. DoKirod, • DM:ember .V.—Thee Cs.
bra/. GOvertmenT hex bead defeated, the
orperatlon orbits troops bolds defectivc
A pronundsztionto of Abo.peopto again s t
him has boon broad and mu. proclaim.
ed President. : • .
announced that acomsmaSion to
goingto - Washington to conclude asi.
rangansants for tba Smear of th e BaY or
Santana to take UstitolEttstea.... • •
800 Tuts ammeloll-lEneelle .
.k. Nei ii!iLsk lIA
Mt Team* to tie rittgWritl OI 51463'
lOcean, „Did 24.—Two. /hip . - yards
hare been reopened la this any, the aro.
having mei= Inter ,
„by .the, Ship ' Man.
There Si some ezdtantent In Montreal
lii COMPIKILLOM of ottnanullitory evade
_piths loss of,theahnonehlp Eftbersda. •
. ....
- -- . 1..117E5T IN/Alia,-
, - -- 0 .--- -
Perrein . er IDetafts -I the Mareltahlennlift
D.: r hares awn Illarst—Tate Purvis***
.'e [ - a: Zaaaaa•—taataliaalt• elisallu.
' EMIT eitataaa to tha rist•lnuo sal:esp.:l'
N' ew Year, „Eteeember 24.
• 6Hir.
ad' 's Darana special 'says: . • Ices
trim Ifaytl of Dieenabor nth e that
I T.
. •
N.e. adieu had taken .place between the
bo.minicaus and the' Daziserovolfition
-Ist% in 'which General Pally:ices, °CU:a
National army-, wan killed. The Baziats
abandoned I oft Platte In consequence
of ffsevidory, and ad wed thelrephare
Of operations Into the interior. General
Palancee' remains ere brought to 'St.
Domingo Citv, an were Interred 'with
- the L pomp. ' • .
. In egisl ve Chambers of St.
Domingo the' to millions francs loan,
'recently tad in Paris, was alsaiS
' ,I. have It f m a high notualythat Con.
soil Savage taCelved a teleram from' the
American oasul at San tiago de Cuba,
bn the s • it Of which he lune tele
graphed o Secretary Seward, advising
him to t • fer further proodadings In rela
tion t.- the Stabotruts ourchesa. ,
A . • r ; telegnun - from Earillego de
Cu • state, that well info:Med persona
do hr the news of the defeat of Gen. Ca.'
. - it's St. Domingo, as welt ea
.e announcement that a pronunclamen-,
o had .been made in. favor of the Ex.
.Presideut, The .E.z.Captaln +General of
;Cuba bad given a magnificent retention
to Foreign Consuls at .llavana. Other
phone are to f0110w.'..- ' ' ' '• •
•Advices from the capital orVenezuela,
to the 6th instant, are received. The press
lwertzeheinently demanding en expla
'Zion from the Government conoerrang the
arrest of three citizensfor alleged polka
'ml offences, et. a. time when tranquility
'reigned throughout. the republil. • '
'According to official accounta .aundry
chocksc of en earthquake were felt at Car
:Eleam on, Nevember lab. Tho oscillations
'tworeto the eastward, and atLatotyara the
,:ace rose sin feetaleave high water =ark.
'Provisions had been sent from lAguyara
'to SC Thomas for the relief of the suffer
ers. Ten thousand dollars, the result of
subscription% had also teen sent for the
*same purpose: , • i : : 4
;Later/element by tbe :New &plebe
betaaral—Ogler to Lenge at. igessloge
Vat i .ga ms..) ll:l=
Teligroolt to (be Pittsburgh tittatte.),'''
HAVANA; POCl3l4ll22.—Byinsitation,
he foreign Centrals 'visited tho • new
Captain General Lenundl, and were en-.
• tertained with unprecedented hosplud
.l .
Senor Pupil; Envoy front SLDomingo
.to the United States, remains at Sant a-.
. go He was expected here on Saturday.
.It s reported be la the • bearer of an offer'
. to lease the cety of St. Domingo; not: Sa
mans,' to the United States for ninety
nine veare for the. amnia. paymentthy
the United States of t. 100,000.• • .
. The 141111111 M ChaMberit refuse to ap.
prove the loan negotiated by, the Goyern
menrat :Paris. • . . •
Iktr.l Savage, Consul General of. the
United State. itlinvana, bee received a
rantldential telegram from the American
Conseil at Santiago De Cuba, in ocne
coence of which heated sent a dispatch
to Secretary Seward; advising him to
defer the purchase of St. Thomas:
• In an engagement with the 13aeziate in
St. Domingo General Paiute° was
and buried with grand funeral eereuto.
eilus at the Capital. The Baeziats have
relinquished Porto Plata, buten march,
log ctnward. ' , • •
Hs.vssia, DeeemteTM.--The sit y wag
Illunabanted to-night In hodor of Ler
sundl; •
Advices from . Voueruitla state that
General Guzman. Dis p el, . has been ap...
pointed Arabtesuloi to 'England and
France. NatiV political arrests had been
math,- by the government; The =err•
chants - of Yoneznelain, thaports nob
scribed a large amount for the sufferere
at fit- Thomas: Intelligence from Porto
itleo•repreeenta earthquakes still felt on
portions of the Island. • .
. •
The limit* It Oesembrulatloa Ceinrelalleti
—Me Wands to Pay /Memelhers ems he
itaiseel,./IL Mossy Seutos.
[lli "Wei mph to the rlttabat
ATI:42m, Deeember 4.3,-*-The Conven
tion met this morning old immediately
took a rectos till three dole& this after
noon, In order to give the linsues Com
mittee an opportunity to negotiatealaan
Wray the expense& of the Convention.
The, afternoon session was exceedingiy .
stormy. The Finance Committee failed
to secure a loan and reported en ordi
nance to authorize a further effort, which
was defeated, on the ground that nothing
should be done.
The report of the Commissioner sentto
Milledgesillo, To draw $40,000 from the
State , Treasnry wee IlKeiTed. It;
he showed the State Treasurer the At
nanceOr the .Contention, with General
i rope's inthenty anddirection endorsed,
and that the Treasurer said he must de
cline paying opt any money on such an
' thority, being sworn tp obey the Conan
lotion and law& of GeOrgl4, and was
bonded only to pay warrants alined by
the Governor.
. .
Curler that debate that ensued one del
legate said the Treasurer had snubbed
that Convention. Another aald be would
Ito god the Convention could snub Pen.
e m i' s ehould be Bradle y egro
saki i the B th a,117;
of soldites to bring, that Impudent Trotte-
Purer to the bar of the Convention. Au.
y other , , negro said, "What did they bring
us here tort" Great and extreme tudlg 4
notion is oirreenoti -by the 'delegates. a
majotity or wheel Mint:. noi money
,Ituoughito take thent home. litui betels,
.boatilLog houses. the • Convention -
Our. eilleints anffer'severely.':
The Convention ziljearnetl pall the Sib '
Otionuery next.
Mate Eaceartnaellea Cowman*a
favTalwaahß t rittabangth emu,.
. D ec. .
LP 0RE.11.3i, .13.—1n the Con
* anti - on tills morning a retalution .was
loured by Mr. Bonetearnor,„ 'colored, dl
Meting- the. Mat Legialature convected
cater the a/Milieu of the Conatitnilen to
ascertain the entire indebtednena of the
State, and to. 4511013 bOndll therefor at six
percent. - get,- to run over forty years, and
that a foxed'. two mills annually be lev,
lea torliat Milemptiou of the game. Cita-
Odeon-ion of ante maolatioe was poet.
'axtned.. • ..
In tie afternoon Mr. Ccolayread a cant
Silicate of ths State Treasurer, to the o
r: than° funds had been deposited to
be credit of the Convention, and he
therefore moved i waspension , of the
lee for the ailoptlon of his .resolullon
pealing the bond ordinance. The mo
te suspend WWI loot.
•. ' •
.The balance of the easelon 'until ad-,
was pawed in the discusalen
of the bond gnostical, in the -pours*, of
which a colored member said. .wherc bet
reelected nepenthe bond simians bo felt
tuannital that' the mine of $300,000 in,
bonds tat:eight per 'cent, for whirls the
Slate would receive but $ll/5,000, was an
leGtmons swindle.. •
io The , Converition then , ediounied till
I theeeeend clause of Ilit..oooleie Fee
°lethal' ptoehleer - for the payment df
member", In sniff-Ants out of pay funds
le the hand" of the StafeTreasurer.
Irsirt•alloa Roadlier—
r 111 OM& fle•Il• / 1 41 10 d•
Talegrapkto Lb , rittaballb Oultted
nEADTItIVDPC: 23.—A locomotive ex-
Plodeditc ballet In the lower depot bore
this morning, ' , killing. Albert Kline, en-
Mneer,.. and John Schmakie, fireman.
The conductor and two bralortmen were
thrown some distance but escaped mato-
Piro la selem, Etas.
Elly'rilegrge4 to no PlSUb=e , Omar
Boston; December 25.—A suialf block
of Moroi. oft Essex street,' Salem, was
destroyed by ilra on Saturday night.
The loss is estimalnd at thirty thousand
dollar.. Among - the sufferers .wore C.
S. Dayer, W. Rodger., F. W. Tune!!
and 0. A litebtralL. -Frosty partly in
. xorraolunt=hous — o. Tuesday ey
log., D . oectaber 711 b; at the ...side.. of ;.1%
brides lathier, by Rar. Dr, Hobert Graroy,
abud , by Der. -Dr. D.l.Moyne Copt. % U.
MOlTtiOltellT. • of !Myer Cattle, !and Ming
LIMA SOB% aughtely of Sm. Babb, Zap, .
11015111‘ANK—BlIADieZT.—On Yoaday, Da.
fel.borllad. , LOA al the Yealdassa of the be do's
payeat4by lief. Jobs Basyboyousk, Rector of
TylatlY. Mirth. SA.llOEte It usumAye nod
tLUA O.I3ILtDLICT, daajatat of tlesaual Bride
Ill=togasay ! •
Ttmaday ems
mf.Voelealerr latheyff. at 111 TatrA bledbodlat
Chore% by tbs-Itar..t..llotetauo. Yr. tIASLAT
C, FIDILADD Suer Was AN21112 •WELatts
d.abtor of Those Walitte LK., both of Pitta.7
.• • .
ifiLLELF,-11131311/1,46 Wonder imentalt,
Ileeenaber 33d. :PILO SePlaUeli elt
Y. IterneL JOS/WU We WILL% Y. P» lend
ELLA Ai, danghy•ref g• P. /AMOY, Ekt., • '
1114 I.L. a at the ye. Semen PTV. - •
by MIT- T. U. Leans. Attleted tithe R 4,
L.. n• klguel•. 13. 0.. Yr. JA31113.7.1.1311114;
•t Pine tonnahlp; and )11.s AI,IOIO , ERIgrA
WEAVE.II-11tiq.!AilDguhr.-0, l'egydifel3p•
mber:llb. bY the /tat. 3 ..••11 ,11 1 13 EdiN 4 ._ • -°1
_Allegheny CUE. AIL CHARLIE A;11/EAVEllg,
utellisa MAZE ETTA ItienmriMit;'l,6tb.
n f
Allegtwey eeeely. Pa.
/HAIL DIRE - - .10311[3.-13 • Tne•dai, Dee. Ettlh' L
by the E., E. Waelitoglon. RORER T pkir-' l
wpm; of Alle•heny. and Plea IIcLLIE
JOEY IL of elocKlita,
ACAIYE — VEASED..—On Ti., day nYiestrig
WC. 11th. by lbelle• .111.shon 11. Iltaapsonl
IrttlEll, da.ibter of Jule 0. Verner;
MgetARCIO.-.Ue We01....4.T. Dee. 4.1 db.,
40/11 4 ,k1c1.1MILIU, said it, rem..
' BMW 1. -424-01 TlrorsdAy
To, at az o'elrre.k.'lVlLLL AM d., tan or !WWI:
Q. aid Jule Spring., an 4 Mr. and U risPg.•
6ALD'IntrA, —O. sUa
E...tbl4,l7„9,:filatrcZt, tata.l:AT.""
co Um lath,
11112V - Illallts.• via.. et Jamas Wm..
deen1rd41..b1.0 2 .7 - th , rd
' POlVrtitilfarjtar D'lrotrZ•VVl'
r t riiN.ottr .r ay , lit:ykot. 1341 a Va.:
iLFAinloa2 SIVtWgfIDN l
=iM jiir
• •
, - manshsalt xi acres.
1 .. _ . .
‘• ow= ye razi.Prrremat ameTIO. I
' - . Tackseqth. Deserateer IS, Ili% 1 t
The poo,s east:tete Continue dull, but we
ante hopes that an Improvement Le near at '
/send, .o nevigatlik boo been fully reamed,
and between three and four ralillons bushels of
au], It la *ghee , hare
,been, that down th e
rim, .d quo, aa ' emitter of eourne..ou I.
dui Uses do mud. otrardetaing up our money
amulet. • I I !.: ' .•
, CLEOCESTESTbe, &veal market has L.
lIR odinstaly aettee'during the past ?reek, there
beteg • falr volau4 of hustlers In the 'Litre
%We, but prices. hare -Undakene Illtle ekno
.hap, annekod; will_ bel l !tined the ridlit
;quotatlone :' .11 • - , . I ,
, Stroass—Prate!:liew thileane:l.94e; Onbe•
//1•11 , 4e: rend '117c0,, Lit r reias(o{ hard re.
11/284,1IXO; ....A."
,Coffime C.4e; .3" do. i,flie;
~E stes 0, IN. • ' • : 14, L " I
Closeie-4.,0, Or; ayes, 240; Prima
',KW 'S: good. See;:frdr,tffinso. .;
Mocuks—Prlme liejr °Hams, 90e
ik; Porto Moo, eipi Barbulks, 7k.
• SwEvro—LeTtrikvillSq Ceatlioatal,: Ikl
aw• York. to 'Booth t PdgaY.. ek; low
azsdk rang* trawrbo to 710. • .
rtriess-.pore eirroard Spleen In Foil—rap•
per, 40e; Cirrus Cwrds, 80r; Allrpler, 30
Clover, f!le; if rt urrirr;ll,to.
Farrtre . --lae er psletoe,te,e3 pet box;
Uti 20e yet re , ..klFlSe,sl,r: per dins; Proms
10e per poultdll3.iitiais, old,140;
RICS—B.I.I4 000 TOWOI.O.qOI I / l a, 11.
'TKAs—Utta6a4t.t..'' .
• GlLLlkr—Wbeat le gimlet .id unchanged at
ii ,
k 1,50424465 for Hai: FA ta r, Sad 'ttlOOket ter
White: Barleytel In 6 mly demand at AILS°
7',16 for Seeing arid 1' k Oita coottaue Lull
bat letahatied it ieSa ,on trust, and 031110 ,
pt store. Corn Imneen ked at 0,064,111,10 for
nem, 'sad $1.1601,18 fo r 14. 1tre,5t.40Q1,45.
FLOUR—Tbe &triage hate been autanall
lane dating the:, yaat day or two, end while
the market lo a Illtle dull, Impel, are erlthout
ehange. We emaii.riue to quote at elefilikt3 tor -
lovelnal, eti,11011,60 for Winter, and 1114#10
IMO for Auer 7 brawl.. Rye Flour, 18,60 per
004 and Etteekeibeet Ihilleeketr.Paeo , et. COM -
Meal, 01,41 pet ewt.. '. .
j APPLES;—Ia Oa! &tumid • but unehangedi
regular tales la ItUre at Oat% per bbl.
POTATOES—Haub Blows i e:nttood local
demand, and merle quoted at ai,to per bushel,
.azd Ar 103.50 per Dbl. •
IRITTEI2-..Pritneto'sbaloe 801 l Butter lila
. demand but unebenged at 11111211. ,• .
EGOS—Seareeauf,. amen may be. quoted at
DRIED IntiT—Coutbauee dul; but tro
:ohanitst email aideeat Nos. tor APPleu, and
loolt, for Possbef •
BAYIs eelll4 Itte4 ecuntry 111101111 It t
'Cr3 per to; a Co quality. •
,LA.BO-3sles it issieti3. o . .• .
11011INYD1111 as 11707,50- • • - . •
We. of drama .ohlakodo
12013 e, ikad tiirkoys al 14016..
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Ovitem omyke rirreMeaex Gams, j •
,-1 • Tmiraimer.'Dteember 244 INIT.
' sanlillailli or ranirroal LAT.'
The ekketentier Mock Ea.t doling ihe - Paitt
week from thef:Peuneglvartla Central Stork
Yards were he grow. .. .
, eettle. flog.. Sheep.
Phtladelphla. g Ks mei ore
N. Y. via gilleutowe...... ISO IMMs 1101
itattlmorm.'i ' 121 MI ...
Way Stake= ... 431 UV 111
..-. —.-.-
. Total... ... . ' :1.........1,114 71,n1 Meal
cern. - . : •
The isterhat . re the date of oar last regent
Its. Sims ilahit lava; its .&o. lla the aggregate
being 11,04, ar.Ohlm *kg holidag week, many
operator. here goke.immte to spend Christie...
and New IMarerlth their gemlike. The eh.
grime ideal, ae , . will be gems by Were., to
' the mark of s ilty.' *mid tram Ito 0,30-it
eloule be boiooa Wad. however. Met then
were ao sale. Of goal cattle, ea Mel, thrum
Coreomanot be sikgreteo aa • Ws esitartms for
ergs. fat ateck.fl We hare no doubt. put wiat
the pile or “ttle bye referred to would have
brought T4.. 414 eve* ge-leet week there
weft ta1e1.:11,0,43,1A30.. .Tbi reported Wes
were ea falloWM; :-. . .
/leder a !Tay - lot , sold 20 bead to /ladies •
Co. al /6,0; LI muse at Lee; t to N. Womb at
66013 M gAs. It, to S. Brat. at 6,111; 111
to ..meat lA/ to Mon. at to* to 3 hallos
auger at Leal 61 to we at 4.60.
Sailtb a Tolkoari told Is aead to Eliedrm
Co. al 11,601 10 td Whim ea 4,76; 2 to lite. at
L 76. J. Evans Yold B. Garvey 9 head at 6. D.
1116.101 to J. Lull. 0 bud at a acme 4O sute 17
at 4.73.'1. E. R,Obtotea to J, Loll 4at 460. •
Thsiiiiket for WA el.. of Milt was dull
this week.lbs inn!, being tostsiditibly In ea•
au eflini donned. lad esampaxed
wick, Wan
11l a /bade, lowa. Tke sales is.
portal an se .:ktleirs:
Mama &Goa:bought al bead from A. Stall
at aril ISO tonal. U. Badtottat 3,12. salta /a
Talmage to It. Werutx. O. bud at . .it.35 pat
bead; moo to Wu Oa at $1,113
per haul. Mau
k 'Adana to J. , Lloyd. az bead at 3.• 4mlth
Talmage to .1. llobtaaon, UN at
Taylor to I. Rattle, tad at in. E.' Wilda& to
R. Z. Mal:telt, lu ni 1.11; A.Ortoholt
Hilt lit at 3. • O. W. Warnati to It. U. Jou.
$4 at 8.73. l• • ••••• •
• I tam.
Them his beeit 4 - 114. totalamm 11.60(1.
tha data of ooriall ITPArt. tha ralmrto l l . 8141,
6 flys lap riaihUg 111,46 6ew. Ths either
Marble tur:Mtl loft and snag rathoi Infarcoo
- for psoklng;in. bad a 60arimIng end on
W. agyke, bed, _tharatorla, orommarsd, With
la.taak pOoti, are it .hld. lower, 'This et
portal tali. veratla - jailotyll
Slap, /Mhoftbaught 123 hew from a.
11. Cataract at 7i 42 frimal. W. Fahah u 4.92;
110 Irma A. 8.1 gun at 7,27; 61 from W. A.
Italdabasaal7,lo3 21 [rota um* at 7.12; II tram
Mooch A Co. it 6.123; 214 from T. Hamilton at
a,711; 74 trom,2larbl• asolyala6 at TOM; 143 from
J. Matchet M. 7,01,101 M.. W. B. MoClata at
7,16. Cooltat atl to; 104 from.T.
Lif,mlth at 7111 111 trots J. J. Foatar at 11,71.
alllgtot .1' Co.o top At 127 heal from J. A.
19.3000..140A; to :rem 7. I1007(1103 at 4;
76 from Jobs Prlat at' kW 01 from I. llama it
10;47 frota.l, Timor At 0.16; 216 tram Mao A
Coat 636; SM trOm tams at 6,19; 11l loom imma•
-• a: 22. from imam at 11,1*.
bottalif 65 awl from Glam k Co. at
tt 11# from Paya• W.. 111 LW: 6010041 01ara
V 0,41. . •
14 Yam t 00.61(1[6[ 161 6.64 Pia qu.
Co. at 406; ISO trainman. at 6.
If olmaa A Glass bought 311 head from Glatt
fp 00. at. ,!• • :
T. Itaallton isooght 126 head from J. eaott at
4,111 67 WWI /tom
Co. at Ott 2 22
from ,f, B. 141;142 *0 Mai 121 17 , :0 same at,
• - • ~
t't CO. botorbt TS 'head from JObo
Bola. at Ate; 611:trom J. Ohl at 1,11r116 from J.
E. East a;4.34;41 Mot 11. I.• at a: 46 from 11.
Alalort at I 10;47 from Badge. t Taylor at Am;
12 from T. Portia al; 041 all from ammo at 4.21.
Croats. E. al CA taught 1019004. from J. C.
DrUps .11, N. bottaht 17.31ueadiliam Y.Johneon
D. Pull. batat 114 Lead from S. Duman at
/A from T. Salaatan it 13.131,16 from same at
1 03 W 'Waft. Cattsa U ialtal Ila Data 4.170al
.rakaarmaluediss S T. al OAR
Emtla t Ca. , kaaat hood from Radek
&Co. at Tist,trpuk P. MOT at 11.110 L 1102 Irma
Glam. 1.41 pa. at vierurrovos r P. Swots
11,Tat nva Y. Untraw. it 67a; 71 ham C. •
Robinson • Opboaght 111 head frail. Beal*
• g..ria Ad from Ulm. L. a 1.0 , ot LT%
Parma ulna at 0,00; 211 kola aa=o at 6,111; 104
I's oat aim. at T.A.
J.llllaaall aold Badges At Co. 03 bead at 00;
0011. !! I lt 0,10! same . to Hedges kT. 2!
011atuaist 11. home
ht 4 bead boas John
son' ht 1,001 W Dow Wan. L. la (Jo. all, Itt
tram same at TI 100 from Smith at It 221 tram
CO.. at 7,20;13 orma Badges •'T. al 1,10;
Hollaaa b Co. at 0,25.
l ivvrl:l.l''l•l7,4''.o.l4 I
Cliftirs tor 'vim Ferman:mull OStsaWs,
Ts repay. Deaniaber ea, 1317.
I.lllUDE—lhi'enads Starlet wu more satire
tpeieYr the re*krt , iik sato la the egiresate
heist tut niuslly Mrs*, ud prices Imo abode
taw, W. eao report • dale al l;0.0) bons*
to be delivered la boar baste:vier/v/14—M
710;1,3 . 00 la hulk, to wive, te; IM iW on
spot, at 7 4e, dltriarne• la Pah. . Prow the
oboes will he awn that apcd oil way tolairli
quoted,at 707)(4. W. ass dogolawit of oder,
basin beep surds to bog st OK% asd aloud,
Anders hoard of !sem prate . Wind Delia el.
tired with .lik e result. The Illegtormy :demi
is Dow lwaticallidat weadltioa for rousing .hulk
boats, nadtire sineetto record edge Arrivals of
"on withlriths twit .
City thle ivories. ,
, .
Ity:FtleEti—Tbe c o st ae tor bonded oil Is
qttlet and uasbatlyea—eybtion in quoted at Ss.
due In Are Innadred banal lots of apt batrols,
int:l3o,pm. JantutlYt U. for February, sod
tad ttlitt targaryb.• There meows to Da • sUilit
toprosatoeut to Oho demand for Ike 'grit three
months of Isstq: but nor Imairellote dellrery
them. Mtn, onto Liquify, thoudli plass bar*
tutdarenti no qulitable thing.. : .
ATIIIIYALS,Tbe arrivals of oil by tfiii Ai:
1. ban/ Vauq 1 411tosil, Month' dite of our
last rayon . , matins follow.,
Ponytail/O. /,,CO.. I ASI?i Killer m Edward..
OM tot.), 020. '
• 00.10117114011.4.11 . 11 T .
srsllna Wsoln al. burels ttils•d to Wars
too, Kum a co., , Phyampaa, .
iaaLa.t a now, 1151 bal. ra1044 to Wudeo,
tams r Co, Phllli.dalphia, •,
Nat. BaL 240.1501, P Wright it Poe,
• itatitabolmor..ioahlar Co: 450 bOls do to
Wain'', /DK 11 ralladelphls. •
• Yelp% 0;10:14o deb TO thulbalq,
1.15115451 •
ions imr co t
Pulart, as boiaols, Wax.
di DtTairj OH siotts, 35.? do to atalwar,
sotto Co,trialsOolatar ' • • •
1:111worth,Bro Skate da A Da.
worth &Ur PrUsasiPtdo
.005 siorarmors Two protSorwal ouret. •
itelahlano ant !tri a atll. rat 10 4 3 . Wlloess
PhllaOdF>bla, .- • .
1111/lu4o 'to r Liao Bro s .
ri01401,11111. 21.
Fteindal Natters It Sew Torii.
. • l'•7 4 ••-•-- -- -
• liuokl mood az . ;
ritubinge Oustict
t' lfitr Tau, Deo: 11,
oak, And steed) stSPss WA.
tcd.oolbids..,Stiallso Wino IL Mono%
tur aris donna% QM se a sp_sa•
uPassAl ~ .`,st I st sdia rur
ooming to. ol •
• took
The IMAM her LlTOW s i t un
si,ormaso speak
end Buyer bent the tcp.
wu A merMilh. °AA. The 1520.1.
mon, to.ost=t T ig,C i . •
Government I stocks a m;
Con nonloll, o new lt ;
Lae , issufaito‘idi
i.St se:Wrii ea 'res.
, •:•1:!..:
ammo wags: '
Minis *harm beery...oh Weer. •• MVO*.
do theitherta mew yawn, 4U et*.
Mg' O.3TiIWV: uptto ee ;Nip.
au fgrivis s m o k pa*.
..hew,Tork Prainee Markel. .
car Telemann 11 es Inttanersh Batettel .!
New Toni, Dee. oe-Cotton Is scurcely so
Am; sales of ISM bales at 1.1013%e for Mil- 1
AWE' riniands: ylour-robeiptalr.47o '0012;1
the markit is rel. more settee' but with.
out decided etusge; sales of 'kW bids at
for superfine and erastern,'
- PAGIOAFfOr extra S ta te. 10.40210 tor ex- I
tr. : western, $10,34111,73 for white wheat 1
eget e.eikeeeli for foam! boon 0010. $llOl3 I
for Mamma to 11%.1 at-Loma '''' . 11 "
for good to choice extra do. the market
donne steady. Callfrrnla fl 40104 sales.,
of 3(t3etcks hi 812,801.13.59. B. oor
ye 3000 stendS: ,
sales Of =bola at STSOCte,so for western to
orris., Whlsky nuegandomenamted. 116
rolOte wheat 6,tdD 0 ottnarket non:dually
changed. Rye puler and stew's; .0. of
Mato State. at rat •naLl depot, et 1,05. and
Weal tat Cuttela Weetottor on canal. at
1 8 1 2 :1 .4 ...Met steady: @Use of KO
at $1,63.
pis earn 11. o f, tan the market is with.
onedeolded change: new la rather eager;
sales of atm to, ,o 111.14111^3 for old mixed
western to stars. EXPOS for new afloat.
111.:201.54 for new yellow Jerson $l.Ol for
common new .111100 southern. nod VA for
very ohm. do. re.reelpts oars re hn; the
market to doll; sale@ of 3COM nu eV:00 0 04o
for western In Moro, and Me buyers. option
for Mut Armen ease In JanherY. o f
I dull.
Coffee (inlet. Sugar , nutet; Wu. of MO 0 ral a
d 1109 boxes at 11 11
4,01 re. 0180101 dill.
HO. 431014 sales at soo6oe for Azusrloan.
Petroleum pulet,ttt 10Ifor erode and 240
for' refined bonded. Cool steady and .to
moderate demataL • Leather:lf et:aloof solo
Wool'de reettest at preeloos . priced.
low grades In good tlemend and &nit
other kinds dull; sales of 80009010x,at 00
Mu - for a omesUo.
quite and steady;
pales of 1340 obis, at lIM.faO2IOO for teens,
closing at gaga eastnell'AMlSW foe Prtmot
3107301100 for prima mess; 121421,11 for
thin mess; also 3,010 Ws of lay mesa for
sellers' option of January at trida, and Wl
u W, e O B e or
o a p ls n 1$ Doi.
e O
tleroes of prime mete' et 110= Beef
flame doll:males of 114 bble al Ve.00051.03
Bacot timer and In better request; Wes of
SO hose. of Cumberleed et CM 10%010tm.
CUL Meats heaypt Sul. hf NI Pk10,.0 9 :40
for shoulder. and 11.013t40 for hams.
Droned 4448.44 (01 . Western,
and ANC's. wholly . . Lent steely and quiet;
sale. of 070001 s, at 103 4013.:; so all I at@ /1540
110. Butter steady. at Wife for State.
Mas ts. heavy at 110150. Freights to Liver
pobl oulet sad wolarvodi, Wu , 00 0 thm
at Skid per Stearn.
by Telegraph to ma Tlttsbeiriiaaseatal'
Cescressar. Dee. rgi.—Flour to dull but
Prioes aro not:lower: gamily $10,730.1140:
.5.n...0,75010.25. Wheat Is gnat and there
Is not much dong No.l, red Luber 11 4501
No. I. spring, V.. 15. Corn In In light snooty,
and the market nrmer andprleataretilgher;
closing at.l3soMe. Oates dullat Ho. Rye
In 'Barley I. Wilier; waiter. I.
$2,63e3,70. Canna is dull • and prices are
drooping; udildllngs 1.13j43133,..per lb. Mo.
Caeca Is duiV lest - aro unchanged.
Whisky la unchanged and dell. Hogs ara
dull and prices are nominal et, $7,5088,5;
No HeoMPLO; 3.000 near. Provlaloris
are dull,' and th ere Is' au demmd and prices
are nominal. Yes. York la held at SACCO
MOO for old and new, but them are nominal
quotations. Bulk Meats cant. bought at
Hieb3/4e. loose. , Lard is held ;
at 12e, but
can not be sold at over 11%. and there. L.
not much demand at tills mu). Butter Is
steady at if54237e. ebeete 1. Wail at 1 4 140
Ito for Western 'if...erre, and 15101110 .for
factory. Eggs are 340D0 per, doe., abd aro
In fair supply. Clover seed is dub 8112%0
Ise per to. -Timothy yeatibigH3a3,3o. Yla:
seed mgl,oo. &Mar Is wares and there le
very Ilttis ha the market and prices are un
ehangad. tagfca flutl at
dull but
way. Beer Cattle ars 'vary dull, but prlaes
are unchanged.. (told IS 1.t3% buying; LH,
, The Honey market is railer.
ly,Telegrana to . tasidtuderahliasette.l.
•Cloaaeo, Dee. Nl—floor mare active and
firmer, at $7,75010.10 for aPrino extra , .
Whest—No. Sallee and MU ;dinar, Mooing
dm at aolot/oldilnaell
at 111.0101,05. Corn—old lnactia4lnoml.
nal, new qnlet, timing at tte. Oat.
firm at 64;40553. Eye 00th. et Ai ,stems
for No.l, and 111.540L5C . for No a Barley
drat and quiet. Li aLsaM47ooOrNm 2 . Pr , .
melons Mantle , e and firm; Mesa Pont aa3,50
d,co. Lard dull, at 11;1012r... Nola meats
dull;Comberland middles Nil Mae. Green
and vetted meats nealeeted sod nominal.
Dredged boo Omer at76l, Wedding on Vo);
Dr. firm aml 80100 Maher, %tide/WA for
medium In fatr, and $641971 1 0 erood to
enotee.. Beef 1.:solla dud sad anenanged.
Reeedota—tXo Dale ;lour, 2,110) huh wheat,
01,000 bulb corn, MOOD Dol t 0at5,7,80, bOgs
Sul pmenta-4,110 Dbl.; deo% 4,903 tub wheat,
6,730 LULL COM 5.000 both oats ; •
Zan Orleans lgaggiag. •
grimman& mine rittalommeasa.l
Chasidim, Dec. 01.—Catte tofirmer,
at 100 for Middling Uplands. The sales
else., Madly amounted to •1104 bales, and
Mammy. far the mme VZIO' were 5,061
talon; arports, San biting.. ammo firm with
an . onward tandsneyt comm.., 90/1%.;
Prima to 133401331. Nelasnes is ma
common 48e1 prima toe holosigidlLii. Auer
to doll with but: a mall jobblrid imenesa
being done; superfine •101 e; Mole extras,
010010.13, and choice at altrodffleg. Corn
Is Mali at $1.1001.12.. Oats quintal. MM.
Yew rant is doll and nontbnaly bald Ira
&swot ratailluirt Shoulders I le; rb side* liat
and clear do 15141315. Xe. Lard no Vile.;
quoted at 15)40 for mem. Sterling trohnage
IC nominal at $ 1 . 4 33401444. 'tow Tor ),
sight radium, ;4 per .ant. 31000.1. Gold
111 X.
cteritaiad 110;alist
CST Telegnatiu. La rituburse ductf4.3
CLETIMAIIS December 93.-71olr Is Quiet
and steady nr ith only a moderato- request;
IX spring at AMMO; do red at. a 11.506
11,10; do white at alf.tOZSllsl. lockwheat
dour to good reduces et 19.NX110./gye lour
steady at stefl..e/.. WOOOO to stetly but the
merlon la weekend 0 shade lour; No.l
red - mtnter tat eld at shah No. 210 at KIM;
N. / hOlgeoheo Oar/og at C. 1110,10. Coon
unchanged and steady at OA f0 , N0.•1 olds
Dew at *Lel Oats dall tou tun clanged and
soadnally grin at Clio for No. / font store.
Rye Brut at 111.6.5/21.0 :10r No /State and
western. Barley Ilan at $1.700C3 for No.
1, and 5t,63.1,(10 Abr. , No. Petntemm on.
changed and steady with a good Int not no.
tars demand for pas oil at gee; • bonded
111.. Leapte 'W iftrste4','
•L By ei/ripe, totie rittioiriti eleene.l
Sr. Lome. Der..M.—Tobacco unet wd un.
changed. Cotton doll, RV Oa. Poor m tort.
ter demand andunchanged euperdne
range/tiro aksoemsootort"118000 double
extra 1191111,00, treble to fancallllol4,lM,
fracas dud and unheated, at spoimi for
prime td choice arlnter. Cott( MIL et via
90c for abetted, and - Illfind for ea:, on treat
UV* d end dumPla dao7oo the latter
for fancy. Barley drat and Water, at Oa
t,ul for :Melee fall, Ilse dreier. 51e1.0.01.1e.
Prorlelona dull sod very Itttle Mink; Yew
Pork Iftlo2l,ta. Bacon—clear alma 1301tc.
Lard doll. at 1B)l3lia for Uerce and Keg.
Lingo nominal at illuireiy,c, with mantas: the
number lacked to date la atone VAUD. Ito
Mew Mee* 017 6101..1a Moist.
ler Teeirsols to the ?IVA - tarn • doom.) •
liswYaor.,Dooecober M.—Wholesale mir
tat continuos devoid of unlylty and leek.
log to Alaqviwcr reOwelif, oldmodli the
changes am.ivy ollsot...Qocd Woolen
dtiOwli in fano or tlini dolcre delllnx atIS,
and black and Me Chooko7 bytts tootles,
Tadmooloo, eveneo lor aatDt • Mid-
Mod; 101111 etAkl. 7. 4 rot tdsops dr Cot
ton.. 'Woo ordoodrOd. ^a grater—
Shannon, 44, raillog 144 (.44.etra A' do 11,
andprove f f vosan d. g. It 634. T d Stall tratie las
Im •
Cay'releirrapl to the rlttabweh 9..4441 • .
Mauer. Deeetaher 214.—lenrket for Cattle
extremely doll: no Wes systerilly...
then 1.000 changed hwols
...Pie 01 Le. heed, Msgr poor awl of a.
cos/13 (11:141ty..i SpeeptippLre_OelD. of
toxt bevi{ saiep of .4,
eel* of ENO WO; 4.10 e beed. at
IMMO. AremW - lloga al the hook! as
Inttlitetletklaliarklit. •
IrftlraltomMon to 0 4 - I , l.taltrarot enitt.l • •
Paziemeteme,Deoesabet 28.—leitroleum
tinware Mt refined In bond am:anal at
tie— floor 11u11; soseu extra family
**WO 140. Wheat aurae end" Dabble do
tog. 'Ate steady; new willed
westareJlM!: • Oteverlee and Proetstons
lialtimere Markel.
ti3V TeleirrapA IA !A. Plll.barb G. 41.0
BALTlxolts,,Dee.2o.—Tiactr slime doll nnq,
prices only nominally . entail:mete Meat
caret and, unctianred: Dorn very doll;
mired western 1145. Octe quintet 154:1ne.
Mgt and onettanged„ Troy4sions.nomi
ar4. ,
. .
Knwn. nititot. - .
(Bo Telemhb to the Plltsbereh 0 so tte.l
Jammu,. Dotootiber I(:—Cotton 1301io.
Corno Vic' Oita 7901100 - Nay 40101 M ' Mesh
EN oll, Milt Ibric %Ink. • 'lord
1'340 /30. • naafi; olou- Waits 14%011No;
onooloonslll2ll34e, Arbor 17014.10, , ~, . ,
♦ 'llltif TXBYWILL izani on ins
Pipits beginning tl•tti itn
Compile aa ColGio Cure is *clonal! Elaiin
u;a ao ITIU
frarA COMM • .COLD. on A.
/110111" iliAlitOATcnor.ln.tenakedate u• IVIt.11116 alungl4oe tieeked, Lf
brie .loin Leuilfin. a Peramiaalif
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525 MILES!
Etupl:w, West from OMMO
This Wage 5.114 VI Ith thew. Peg
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track will be 1.13 thlr , g Ir.hge further, ilea.
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Western elope will eco'llnue through MEMO'
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Last.. to 1070. • . - •
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Yd broductive value. '
The anthellsed capital of the Col 4 0.•
Handled 1111111 en Loans, of vlllt ever in
=noes rya Dan peel in oboe lh boa
ready done.
. •
. ,
• • Earnings of the Coaajtny.
• fm.-
At Dreamt the moats et the Quay fur
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sudden all the Bonds tho Coalman LOU,
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As the Collura -
• First Mortintre Inds • ;
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ON Ttdl DOLGLII, ilk.) . are th noir{ seer
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burgh 07 - •
N, SAIDLTAN t 00.. 73 reth neut.
- SLUM, CACSUST t. C4.17313.1`03
WOO Moats.. . • •
• •
, And In Neer York at tbi Compare OtSee.3l.
Ne stmt. and by ;I - -
N33333'snct.— '•
cLA3K. MIMS • CO.. 13•3714 TA' • I
Walt street. • .
iMI •
h J. - CISCO a EON, laikA ars.n
and by the Compartre • &dub." Laved
throeabont the Vetted States ItentAtarm
„should be made In drifbi oe lead.,pag Is
Neer York, 331 the bond. add a rent One et
charge 07 return expreas. ruts .0.11211
an Vitt 10.1 son la, U I.k tOleiTr tkatr
age 4111017.
J. new tlo
Prop . '., or tie mork, Resaarts for OnatMe•
elan, an a Vsitsa I Donde, roam obtaneil ti
the Company's Ceres, or of 1Y
agents, or wall be eel:erne on hp
• . JOHN .1. CIRCO, isSOOII,•.-
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• . • ta.anuarrici.
• •
Am dna Devoiltati;
like- st lug... • —.O 2..1.77 tio
blyldertd for tbe last all •
sa.lath• MUM 117 '
Coatmsg.N. ..... • 111 , 54
total Liattlitlet $1111.17!
Lowasoall*ndiXortgageN,SCLlN L
INN /ANN— tiont ' •
Itxt Vittaimiiiik . 71.01 N
5.2 ner eCrup ; •
own. no, sown
17. v. of: eent. 7..) •
Rands, .V.312;t1 IM7 1117 0)
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' • Total" 4cot}‘'. ' - ''
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Woe II) Per et aL. orm of ih• •••.• of [ME
Hz Inman.. free of Elov•neast Tar. 0.1
fortlmtd. 1100 o.ola, Vll lo__
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-ham I.t tar/. O. •.CURII3 1 .•••••11
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1T0r1 ‘ g . r . .•%' 11 11•06 . ;14 Catill l 4. ol oZU3
of 13,••••,...11. HIC. Hamill , a15..10.1411
' A r • L ' . ' 1 ilrtri Vio Ws 1idi11t...47:41
.00440 to oo.c•trud Hilo th• Oars Moon,;
. J .I. GC,LICIIE, • 1
Y. C. L . . .• ~
PI/Isbunra.l••a. 11 , iP.. . dif I andil
.1867. wi.r.ER I irniclB-61
. . _
'• • wu6ow 4E141)m, •• ,
DRuaarr4 ' I
MATS' 41TDnuas• •••
TABLE AND r4elDikriTßs..
A good U.orpaorst, mini* lAN /4191
21 WI Br•tp
myna sxn a num.)
. ..„ ,
-. • CIARPITB.. il. i , _
, .
• . • 1.4 MAlRTALusitchwanemant.".
..,.. . : . . I, l , JunirLlVAltt__iclll4M„.„. .1 ., 1.414'.
. ,l i :Is Divorce trea.4l,* a.m.. 16.-.. fi-ii...HOP
. Uri ' .i
maFAILLAND i . 00 --rr, -; , Viklitgr,"„th u ,
_14040, e ' r,,,.,
; . . .•• • I• 1 i itatlrCroVrt.,_(-412.7.11trait:
t . , ...4 , ........,,e ....,,„„ lA. .44*
• ' Orriii TO e" BUT F I !. E . ' Mfi lagad i ifo - a l at.... Ire P
, , • ~
~ ! aadim of par nod .... , ar.m7V-1.), a t n
.. . i- • . 'l4...lsllesitaiNtrj,frx,l:;4:
BARGAINS . 17.:_F, bu i ii,zitail. vs , i i ,,, r i.i,,,,, en i i; ,,
, - •t• ' . i •
___ _
_,...' I 1 1 FA ust tint ealf..,- -,- - ~::.:•-•••'
No.. 71 and7ll lll :..117°,64, ...._.t:46 . ii,;ii* is b ,PAist`. D .."4.te.
....-.; mr. la Al, . 7 .. - ime Zia from
a'Airle":4l47:::74L' ll:3? ! 4r. ~.. I. '
!fur To
. usTrr.ixrr4rsicruirroit ao
Punt nont..-... ........ ••••••• .. ' .. 7 I
Isanortens aft Wholassfa Da in 11,
1 4
WINES, BiliDled, Gifig• al
WHISILES, &chi lka•
14'37 zikmrts ..,
.. 4.
Hu lean to lalta alter kande aaal'lbli te.._
In *aural tbaa D1An....P.1" tr... -r.
sra . ll:galt n liaarnao On " ESIGLENNi
.7,1, 1 ,777inr°7 4 :::= 4 11 , ' whauva..ois.wiow.t.
VAP.',A=V-Vira t atmt er. lo , ituu Rid and Bated Hay,
,g.g,:,",,Ml=arcir mr - . i - 'siva:tan Aim C 4 Nun int. '
0 . 12. GlUUtif REM
.. :
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Ord left u tnaltciipodua,..!%.. . itepefq Lfnd,
w ' w """ ""f" jogs sariii •0311. 14 i ,.. tenniat e ,,,,nits • wh, el
r, • 441.414-110.14rVtritolr
etta.7473 . 1,:e eepetelekt O.
Ar. 11; JACZ• ....... •••;115e2X.Unnia ~.
. .. . .a
...... ~.....4
JACON:, ar. . X n A WIZ. -----,..--------------_
as.O.Norcuaaviatas4 a 112 Li i • - . 11. 1 , 1 T. Nur' RFLIZANGE.....Ain
' r " Nur 4F , • l 4 B5 4:ZlP',3lli''ZlAtitiArVitt:4l4 V i .Cf l ;mm Add lis: .V. b
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Lulu. ..404 tiyi LW raterlW , T B N • mut. New Yllnc:
/4 111.1 111101416'
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A nffillgin, d„,iVi„..,..._-"S NOTICE..,
XL Date. • • ••trsiameit7,7.l unn . tOOO
1,-V,lngePnlNti..lorat- of
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olio? ''' xlimoVEr"
, " IC " ------' , Ak varlcratTl !ICI! NOTI " CE.:... 44'
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1 ittli,'":g ;4:- tgl, • ,: r 1 : 11 Z 4 1!
1. 7 .,.. 4 . 1.412 : fr 3 Ad.d. m .& !...L.,,L 1 7 at 1
•..t. , ...,,,.W ma/Imm. , 1 -1,....._,, Ikee
r a rr=g o or:r z aralett.4 j.; .,. . .
"irwrimblp, aunh. —.
reet 0111..4-11Pi" A,
t ievi rreP . MlCE. - '
of Jiltgrall ll ...?.. late of
grArtirjAT AII 1441:1 gafra mate d
saaLlatti n4OOl . 'Oak. ~..2.,1116
.13 Maine pm etalaur 9'l.
=,,,,Z,Vie . " &UM sc., ~,,,r orotoot
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ro:o:ritooarysT w . 4 e l it e
Dw ifritllON,
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mo ors won uas
THE Id YO' lEDGba.
The Grii l Family Paper.
atiOas ioporTiter,
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to is LWDei.O-i
hol%Wl o . aton u l‘nigrl!
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111.0111111. r 1 14Mr.MA15 uolk D. glaZia:
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leas IRINA...A.IAM fie ilocre at ths Ledger:
loan lier4Ofttla feat, Ellin a series of
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801..C1 ANS, Vane. VIULD .
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me. mew, w low own= Inv eoeoo; /DO,.
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*I nun St.. New.Tort.'
I HOLIDAY 61 !t0,
!roll ER/LIDA!
Of seseifea sad thoirf.
Of affection mid stony.
/Nachos, us IRirar,sa
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ifeassaat gabs !alma liicaras.
Naas are so stasp!..
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sons Anse darable.
Nue are so durable..
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I If merited the %mit perfect eeerd in the world.
I►ure/ted the mitt perfect letreils the wend.
11.11114 l t CI, Vesta' igerfs,
N. siT tioti itieet, Pittabuntr.
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