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Ti2t7RDIIR' . 02%
'. .• t ' • - Tne Stara at laar - k-A Guadiana, es
'.. 'lt 7 'LI ' 41.1.C1a 7117"ralltVatrait
. 'char.. or Site Duty..Lteapa al lige
,'., .. . nortwrefr-litaveaextpatara-ltaurarat
..ii ' offer...! Or
. 1. , , ,..., • TlMOugh the col:trimly oflo. M. Watt,'
' .(.. ".". . Esq., Chief Clerk at the: 0 ter Depot pf
.... .
... - this Pennsylvanfa i. Itollroad,-, we are
' :SI • - . placed In. posCessionpf the particulars of
one of the MOSt ciuil cutirdera we haYe:
.. ~.. .. had s te chronicle far 'it lon - time past.
A, ; ' yeiterdayAkArinoms, as ' Johnstown
4 .
~ :Accommodation, ,traln, . ch.- left the
... • ~. \ Unica Depot, this 'city, - at tt i ree o'clock,
„„,,,... _w_es within one nalleof Niche& Station,:
X ..• :,i '...i-trie canductor,"Mr..-Charles 3t Parker,
t .. : In collecting the fare, called; a dame ,
.. A torn character named 8 nod Hull
1 .., . "for his ticket. Soto 'dispute.
. -1.. -took place, the pattlealarsof whloli
-we baVe not rewired, but sr lick we pre
"3' . sumo grew out of the refusal of Hull to
t oy 1111 fare.. As was his du y, Mr. Par
' ' '.. • :be e n th l al e alteF . U I4IV - Al n rn i . ". ll a i l ul lu de l :
.. using it with each fearful uracy ai - to
' • . ~3 Cause tho death of his vial almostlu-•
- - ' &tautly: Dv. this. time, the train had
stopped and. MUD taking a vintage of
. •. ~.. .the eatilement prOdneod by Lel terrible
al ..
-v , • deed, coolly walked oat the, door of
• .1 .
~ the car and . succeeded In ,'
' • escape Into the woods adj cent. The
.., . body of Mr.:lxerker wits to en to his
; .
residence, at
.coneuniugh, o his own
. I; ".... * train.
. ..•.•-• . . Tbe deceased was one of th Most MD
, ...'; • - - . dent, courteous and obling f conduit.
tilde • , tors on the". Pennsylvani a. rai mad, and
.1:5" as a general favorlte with use who
" .t tl wa at , m t led meat with him.. Ile was, bout
y-/ight years of age an leaves a
• .7 . - ' , wife to whom he ware uri 'onlya raw
i . t. .
.. Months ago. • Ile was mania .. .Stith &
" train-which tequlred a Man o nerve and
.• . ,
... determination, ass large nu her of
t .:.::" ditty, passengers. belonged , the class
I d
:••• ..'_ . ..„ ... T... li .. yu a li r aus or which murderer Mull
The desperado who- made s cli quick
work wile his dirk knife isabout twee
- ..-,,
.ty•ono years of aces and hen I ng borne
.. i 1 ..toe rz , it i f e io ul. f ern s
. d 0 e .. 5 ).... 13 ,. / k .ixi . ut aa a
isu the Pennsylvania Railrossiq but what
. 11 . • belies Mien doing niece than e are not
1' informed. He is adopt live eleven
•,1, • forams in height his gm* feat , with
/ pionsibent cheekbones, and th of his
1.• - cars aro plertmil for 'rings._ At the time
i... of his ettmge be wore- a bloc cu p and
.:', "hitick overeoet and dirk pa ti." Tim.
. b.,
• •Pentery ivania Railroad Com y ollet
j a layge reward for his capture, 4We hope
- . i. •
"our authorities will urc,due vigi lance,
r as
f: • iPis thenght he will come this ay, and
i -prevent his escape kom tbe pu iahment
,-. 1 . .{ doe the enormity of his offense. -
.: . • •as . a,llSolling Sill Partially Da
.. A deaructiVe'Llre occurred I t itight
. ~•,'•' . between eleven and twelve o' oak, by
c . which Zug's nulling lill, at tii ''Verner
-, '.'-'.3 •of Etna and Widuut streets, w partial
;.. .;tartry . disarnyeth . The ` - . build' g was
• ±,. frarne„a - is'ithd%aild the shins c • with
• • ? :sheet Iron., The &rune iris • prinnipally .
7 .. composed of pine *lathers; which, hay
. Aug- become as dry as tinder from thi
i! 'constant heat of . the furnaces !aside,
• ~/
were-highly Inflanitintble, and ,he nr13,1
' -,
•; . ~„whlcli originated-in the north comer
''. .. ii, of the building, Ida few wome n spread
-', 0' , : over more than - one-half of L. Time
_ 1 . alarm was-sounded at half '
pan eleven
' . • o'clock. and ' n a few women after
,„., • wards steamers were on th e mid;
• It.' .. but owing -to the building being vered
~,w/re ' with irreg . as ' stated, the • was
'l 4 - cordined ,to the luside, and it was a
. .- ..iiireult matter • to reach it will wa t er,
~ . In ashen time, however, theroof over
the corner' in whieb the fire erigii
• '..S tutted fell in, and, made an open
.. g . for- the. streams.. The vend:
-inL latm which wit near the centre -of the
'building, and rising some tweity ieet
• i - above the roof too t/ , fire on the Inside,
I . and . being iron clad, miti • only
. t, ' '. be reached by taking' a stream inside,
which was done, but too late to as e it,is •
• 1 - - .Abe timbers, being light and dry. were
' •
1` - consumed arid the inner shell fell- into
'the centre ' , of, the building with , a
. , ..' load crash, 'resembling thander4 After'
thin .had - falleu, several ''st ' Were
taken inside, and in abort timeth flames -..
.", were subdued. The aupplisitiOn is that
' 4 that - the fire originated tram the I box, -
• - but nothing detinite in regard to it amid
• ' lie ascertained.' The Ices will not tali far
.. - 'Short of twenty thousand doll • which
.. • .. is most probably covered by insurance.
glk . _ ...• gliesernen compliments. .
Ariv•ltgunc n Piggy', - overseer Of the
:;r „- . . spinnhig•deportMent'in the Eagle otton
"-ssti _- •
14-,-. t ,... mills, Alleghe o y, for himself .• d .the
...,.. other Overseers In that este, .., • jit., in
li-i.: - •Ild:Cli orit.bc.i.r..respee..t and:gond siiii for
.. .72. . Mr. Joist - Smith, the Superintendent,
- -wailed' upon that •gantle man on
,- of silver Ware.. Tjlo:lmltevolittim 11, no
. ..7...* -to be cutdOne in testimontali of
.. - ... .., , :is . ...for Mr. Smltbaad his faMily, p . tea
his good lady with a silver cake ?casket
'';,l "of chaste and beautiful ' desi ' - Kr.
.';'-.l` sWl'm,ee added to the value of th gift
.. ' •by • the elegant terms Ir., which It eulo-
_. gated the Balms of Mr. and Mrs: midi
•; • ~.. .to .this expression, of regard f-• the
' - "''donor s Mic'Srititli for himself wife
i ".•
c rlgile appropriate end, rateful acknovrl
- 1 .•
I em g n io en r - i s h Pu r i2x e' pe e •et k e g l n l:ln g d i n al eiv a l it c'e e
.- 4 • • hearts by which they wore pro pted.
. The hippy occasion atecive al ibed
•",,i1 Was supplemented by another prise.
~ , - Mr. Magee, who bad hitherto e Dyad
,- 1 ..4...-- binmeif asarepresditative and po • 9.3
iu t
• . ertatuns donor, was doomed to fig.tortri4.,
-., - ,i the role ofn donee, the hnly employees'
, !.1 . .. Igi'eeir n u .'h 3 virnintr'urel'lrtl=
~ . , r ei t s
h ente E d., b i r t
..I .=. bet a s p c e i it
_1 l ' fr P s rj . ' ' n .Mr.!ala i e 'll ' as at' auri 'e n 14;
t-,.-4- - - years' oversight of the spit= d'ipart,
' .the r t i in. pci th t ° of th l e a ' 4. l her Manio n ? "' To t ;
''...... 4 • his =from .klndness, that this mr.Oner
~ • of , caprrachig the
_respect felt lir the,
•- . ; • ladies tv.,.resolved on, and Ors'
;'-"•,," " , -A. dayadoptedas the time for it s p 'ores
..'„,- - , 4 testimonial.' Mr. Magee bore the ' ic•
''' '....* them i with becoming gram and h ilitv.
:k We arc glad to note these pleasant. pri•-
':','? essidingsamotig the overseers mid fiends
,:.•:.', .1•! , • of .the Eagle Cotton Mills; Lon; may
'..- ~., - Ymutttal :confidence. snit kindness - ark
• ••••••••• the Intercourse between the own , vial-.
•• •,
-. core, overseers and hands. Len. may
• - •.;.,l::the Eagle soar aloft in the a.. . •a of
. 1.,
:„. Fantails , turned;—norpgiren la syt
• 4 .. A most hoFripe-necidant; "altich ni . ov=
:7. ed neal In ita s zentilts, oectuTed •
.:, .three o' clock Sandarmorning, In rm
*ntrangS. colcu inrons,-.lsetween • Cliniar
. . . . .
and hiorknatreets. Ninth ward. W hurt
, _,,;,•. • crow-, formerly a member of this sath
..-... 4 - . .regiment, New York Volunteers, who
7 - 71 7 - has for setae time past. - kept s" - tmg
tester" .on .Fifth street, ..
by - meatis of
_-:..,;,' which he earned a Sabsistence;ltap*ri
1 in the .. habit of staying "- at I the
-' Soldiers' llama Thant Sat urday night nil
-. .
;. t d 24 - 011 day morning, bat lyeriog tea:
- . ~, . dilnkhigfreely on Saturday everfin las ,'
stend - orgoing to the iloine . as he liras 1
accustomed to do, he vellinl;rsd delft to
. the . coke: ovens and laying himself
-.. ,upoil- one .of tarot went to aloep,and,
.".1. - • ft ES suppesed rolled over the chimney
:!.- • • wherthin Clothing took fire; as oboe t he
lime- mentioned the citlzenexof that
locality- were startled bz - laming the
I .ma
whlia matt
ookedetr sa n w 111* street,
" n a g:
zus l a
. ...along the Revelment entirety wrapped - ha
: .1 . ,
ar m‘ i ' ill i gi rt e inemliswtareb'si." prim
.... power, hat despite _their - ,e efforts ex
-, r anguish tine ilamt,s,. every vestige o his
.... I dress was horned, niline body f fright.
• ..I.tally muted: - . Several of this.eity watch.
, - men took char -0., of the unfortunate Man
. .1 . , an d convoyedbite'to the Iron - - VSty
- 1
- 'Hotelwhere ,on Peen street, bewail; re.
- : • sielveit:by lir. James" Neeema" the pre.
4 prtetor, whoient;for a phys i cian, - cli
• • r did nil in his,powento alleviate the of
' divines .of the unfortunate man. ~
phi - amen pronounced-the Injuries o f the
- • burned roan fatal, and so, :they pro ed.
He was removed- to the Soldiers 1:1 me
~. Sundayanorning, and lingered in - agony
r, , ,nal three o'clock ..vcsterday. morning,
. l'ilien he expired. lie stated the
summoned ........' 'eta before his death::: Yesterday
".., Coroner , Cimfeon was
i.: ~ :il held an inquest which res ulted
_ In a
- i did of accidental death. Timid .5... -.
; -
. 1 . ;. -
r o an thirty yea!, of age.' '
'and, Mara .b Co, :No. 21 . 7 .1.
'oiler Thelientire etoek' or
..h, a n hinge,..tte.., as eitealitts, the
There new: end- !might. sthek.
- npare . with , iny
• . i.j. I, ltril I. hid : rnetildifien 1
're r into, peke hind dethn
- mint is well, worth=re.'
, eiaruir on
etti, ' ter it if limit in
8 V ...
.: - 1 the airy.
. ? ' ti i ihi h r&)EntterneefirenTeel en ennfi e li ew n -
I n
4 - .q ' t2r s' 'T e h ttv r e i , c' es rP t e h ts e)Ve lc zet * Ver to d
•-. itt h id i t i his market, ' - and we - amps! hi
: Veiellei n = l . '.
!Roal tae
Windt/et gl i t i a j te kY cd LI
e. coma coil designs: rap and - mats of
. I : '4 l;h7l ' i l i u =k n l e= ti el le gg r st i tai ed
/. o :theinstes and . ni 0
'oleo f every -:
dna.- --;..- - DIED:
.. ......i.. - 4..haro ne old stack which. they • o t 4 t 11111IRT -41eciusti`411 - 1,......; '7: -.---...,•,---
:".-.... - , ,,xid nr .rrgardters.of wet, ni :CHaRVZ9.30,1110.1;4".:4i1.7,"'F•
. , -.,, , ..?..,..4...7.tr_,...=,, zirs.,,..iatts.l7lo..,Alitfurage*titi.,..c
' ...
.:. :.43. Giro Zinn a call. JOHZ 4 DIAT2T. Wadiriii ,l7.Fa *Ai. '
:..,:.. 000 zo r d i ; V ;°: O . Zits stu!gtbsiiikruatime- Aid
LL1.4.-.0. arj...ter,vg ~ ', 44 .4 ,‘ t , •
i AA,.
i' tigaing=ll: ;t 31 :4 13 ,_ p ElALLl xan '"44 o,3lftVit u
. . ' - ..
•;., eg immediately - le- Jamiiss4ol , 44 Nadu at
..., .. - "--- ,_. . . .
_...,- • 1'.... (.. 1)
~ .
..i . L ' -•;.": . ' . .i..: -. . ;;It;" - ;:.. •_. ' ,--- '.":.,- ' ; .... -- ..;'.: ; '..7. - - .
. :. ........-.'. 4. : : - . ..
_ . 4 .._ , ...•,,.::„ , z:-..i,-; , .v.' .. ;. -....-- ''.. -..-r- . ---7 ,_ ;. . i
. .... _ ..
The Glea AlKetel Ilyabl
Hewes illaraid-tlie ..,
seallary-Limm no, :
Within the past month
.... ~..14.
called upon' to notice •
.. .. , .of
have acct l ed at, or In .. a;
pe, on the •••, , [. l i ii' f
rotoad:'On Sunday tight - tt,k,
at eleven o'clock, an:. : ietr4. . aai s.
ettnalve Sze occurred in , .
.... , i e da.
ity. This Urns It was • ~...gdar.
stable attached to' the old 72 ... --- ta
which. iit, the Ural. of, the .6r"aetiat
Ba rn es of horses. twlliaar a
harness. ' , over Afteou h *Off;
, worth of horse feed, case f
and two Mo. • The mock • air!
belonged to Harrison tt
charms and the building t ,,..g
James Rays, Esq. At the , bua t i g
was discovered the root a •al it
building bad Just fallen a
t z
temple to get any of the h
futile: In the cellar of the *hip
were live of the twenty var
. ad
fortunately were • saved. a m"
pigs, which were In theb o a;
also saved. The remaining l a
feed, harness, ' se., tags an ow
building, were - sreirtztryed t ,
ther ii i a
did the,tire burn that one
wegtms belongi to ng the -•""
standing Infra= of theb
fail a prey to tits det marl
fore It could be removed. ,„,,b
wires, whlab passed In front
• a
wome ere t elm snapped: mull. '", r T m .
I . Fears were , entertained' =.
•preitent . that' the - ad) • . ga r
Inex would be , burned, k,
i united exertions the fire•
the betiding In which
The firm whose *lock w tha ,..
, veined It at between eight ain aa _
sand dollars, on which the ,r,
am* of four thousand d .
....... +.
Lycomlng County Imo=
The fire was undoubted]] -ha.
, an incendiary, as one of the1p , ,,,,..
tr a
log on a saddle and =,
the appeatmce thathe had
was found rnn rang at large lArk..'... 77
was cbscovered. -
L nom &ea .. ii . at
a:frightful - accident; res
death of William Sfurdoe.k ."."
seventeen years of age, . 0 3-Ple
„„...„ .
PennsylvanLa Railroad itt Gle# l l` o "' ,
dayMerning, at I}-S, 'orwhigge -kill
the following particularat '.: iiplockl o4 _,
been 'Mailing” a tide on___ tbilP= ol2 'i
the ears; and when the , traisapPelt a ,_ m f
that point jumped off to ava11m......'
The concluder , observed bilialaV
near the train lust before it,_._,..,Sitidi Alaroled on to the front of UPI... '''l
the train got under way the iiii,altato_Pet
ed to get aboard again, but WK.' '
, 3 10,4,
teetton, had - allowed the Mai FA. 4 _...
much under way before mn...,1
tempt. He caught bola of .1 of the 'plittliirma; butoll'ila IN
a i t eukto spring upon the aldsa"
clipped from ender- him, &elm .".4
Lthis time was going at so jOid &dal
aud he could not regain *balance;
He dittnot dare to letlgo thellning DS
fearer falling under the WWI aat .4
was dragged along for soda diSaaat
:over the end s of the ties. ,hi
was caught on the predeeti -Or 1
tie,and dragged from his h sad an
I taking him up It was that
'he had been horribly! mtugbd ni - heatni
Jetting go. ' in, abdomen wlat „
In. the meet terrible manner,iid one a)
his legs was severed at the h.. He
was removed to a house in G‘ gnu
received proper mtentlonsibet , ' died
' shortly atter the accident- ocesgsd...We
could learn no particulars asi Mina&
deuce or libttory, further Umulkst,tabld
a cousin workingattlie paint*
in this city by the name bt SlalliViii ,
whom Its intended to make ble bade' ,
his arrive-1 here. .
. .
ceraner llama .
On Wednesday wernitig imau 2 , •
' found at thWfoot of Locust. skiet,ois the'.
bank of the Allegheny rlveglylng
at the edge. of the. ice by sate=
passing alting the. river' bask.
dlsoovered be in almost sad
fore be could be removed to the sidC
walk he breathed - his last " lie proved!
to be a German beggar whoesmetethis;
city from Cincinnati about two. yens
since. He was very Atienspende
in his hablta, spending the and
of ' the .• .money . he, begged , lbe
whisky. - Misname is unknalm.-, Cane
ner Mallon was notified, and salatbale
ed ajury ; who, after viewing the bnly,
adjourned to meet last event:get the cds
flee Alderman Taylor, when 'sandlot"
•of desis from the • use of latesksilag
*liquor and exposure wee rendered. [The
remains were removed to Ma teriorifar
undertaking establishment, on Great
istroat, for interment. • • "
e. -
Hilted on the itauseeL
Leal evening shunt fovea , Mock
man Was fmand lying on that's& ails
CunnelhrvilleMilroad. near titaikrudni
ham bridge, in tile Eighth: Ile
was conveyed to Mrs. 21b.114n1e beard
ing holm,. in the vieinilY. vssok
lips sent for. :The man eratuesa £ l O to
terribly injured, having, ask ioupursed,
(alien off the evening Izain,Mortich
' had" taken passage for hic&uuporkwitla
' Ids brother, to attend a saaewt. -
rialm lelras,enuMed, left one
broken; and 1 head mach Matteille
Ailed in about an hour attar aim:lain
tti the boarding bonne.
Riall3lllo was ascertained,tabelanii
Weitsart, was twenty-three piliaa mark
Oleo, and. radded at .So. IWO
shunt, between EMI Lane and .. 9 eaeleat
The: Coroner was - notified . * mitt 14
holder! Inquest today.
• •
Michael Belahill and
Hughes, Whose arrest on a citieg*Jsr:
ceny noticed .yeltarda . y:siert!*
were charged trlth arson poitatitdiirenet ,
fag on oath of office
Alderman . Hughes, 'eta Auld
heen reletumil 0,11 hllittV6l. TIM112110#14;
botium t ed for a betuin ; and a mead.
meat lodged against atoms&
injall on the former charge, -Marra.
ch ing finite anithiae
shop oftif. argedwith
W Wslacet WhiClll,l,lllteli%
'troyed Christmas ' mornimpinienzign
Butler. Who It appears worike the
Case, thinks the evidence
of them 0011 d naive.. At the. its
feels Rill be developed,',
• •
Z 0311.227 narlirVeTi:Co'..f,
• Dr. A. G. /lecartdreav,Philfallatotha
Board"ofH e alth, reporti Ma: . L"1/)irios
Interment. from DeaamberlkieDeco n .
Dlseases—etthd bed fever,.lil
fever, 0 . • consamotioo ' 4 4* - ,141.4•:x
Weld dime, 1; perlboidtkli
1; searlattha, 4; bronebltreA akt* fe.l .
ver."l; wbooploct eotmb,l:lceialni* . t.
stn.( beery.- typhoid dyevatliqx##
dpmlnal at sees L "
• .Of the above dlaeMamit thehowevAder
ryear, 8; Ito 2, 1;2 to 5,5; 5; t0r;44k15
to 20, 2; 30.t0 40,5; eo to.p, fd tele,4
ADdes,ll;feanalei; 15f white;S*36
ed. 1;•tota1.21. .
• - • 41.
, Med 1.11111 . 01,11.011 falas t ,.
Ph lip Behirarler, the Qerimnw* in i s '
arrested and committed to; Jill
wit, the larceny of SPX sietaalit4K
wbidi had.tieep etaitteasiylattttalla*
at Pen*Ltle by :Frederick &Ww:
Intitte rail about three
of epilepsy. -Coroner .CLairion, b) ;
titled and 110 d an Ingticatee•th e t ,
It appeared from the evidapothe •
deceasteci Saab'eetto eptleptie l z
that he died when no one via cm
The jury found a verdict ie
alai the fact&
. •
email ax-entittso.ousa r pa moiaar;
DieWator =1b...4%i. midgets si,h .
,osnosts,, , a o. I Swojwoa wsess.•ll*.h r
*Ms New. A. K. zwv:litt J•lationinia •
of Wbitasistwa. Boner toasty; Pa,
AIWI •swablerol Alas. tea Itsuit iilw. ,
moo teo -bl..atala at Hem. Sweampott's
.bid.'.ltb Um two banns taus v0it00.,,,,z7
13 •ELZY-DA.LZZLIo-Ow Rte..._
log. Dos. 13111, at tlso reStaaossr,
_et* *hi,
Ras. Dr. Jacobus. 'Jaen 14 4).11'
Y•1111(6 2.:DALZELIs."•.**OI,4 4 .
Y•ItcELL I 7 I) 4IcC•ww O X. - wW - 1114
Mout: at Oa romans. Datsi'
ges.. y. 1.... -I..NAXIMiga a
WU scam a[acaaflarsr,.b.a :
0WC311. , 902.-.oa thor•lltof
' ilt3
aaa4 realdeace4 t Mks bride • • 11411441044:.
ady.: WILLIAM OWENS; Jr..•74.Ni fft .
1 aa r aa. Pt: and less4o4EPTlDeitt z
PINS-xeQuarox.-a,. mu m* ,
' ber D.
_ - •. O. lhariat ts ,
Seedcase of Oa brides posoulairslateimai
PL. Yr. JllO. j. D. • /WX. or _raaarsos aa ,
and Miss JENNIC IlegOISTOw: •.rs
_ jacir..!
at the esstleata of the *kW. mats aia .....,,
Pa.... De. ILLYSIT
SATZ 'Aram Be emu. - •
TATT. - NAY. -. oa.V . edualdS7
mth. at thteetlditage et the
the pir:_Joba•Doualaa. - D.D..110W4Z
arr. Z. • I. 15a7dsr. Yr. GUS. V. tki,A7s:
11.01trestara..414. Slag . ALUM 34,1_4 - 4 ^ 4 4...
ghtliT CY. ". .' • -3 "
• figangibili.
LINIA tr1414%;`.12' ;P:Wi
wax ot•llsebswy.„
Mb: Is las. at % br'llare i
41.41 , iLLAY
.both of Braddock's !Ws% • -
1 1 r a c trinT0* ,.. b
ON sad Xia• I.IZ7Ag
)31 EiritoPz
....69iah Fenia n 1 4 °IL
4final kfaciline" Letters.
.iridive Material Bet—Throuh
the Pprtofflea. g
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rafidt3sait Zforriblyarangled
Soar Tower ,
. It Dab , /11, Token
Attetpt to Piro a Postotiles
On-Lolion Bonds.
1014-, Agitation in Italy.
vaimian's ItemainzAtt Oadjz,
%Main the Pope.
rsl PreitekAMYßill
I*idonate tat Vi tutematardstiai': '
. , ''::: aFairr aarriuts.
:Aitolion tunas otrrstaor—,
, ; - raissontia" isrrana.
. .
era o
er Z.—Another 1'
tticatleash outrages which eluue r -
iestpsaPittlottsof the Fenian Brettisr
ipsd hula! been perpetrated at bob-
Da: l e leltaw front there zeeOvert' to' ,
I.jr..glvere following particulars!! An
aSuatalluge number of letters have
.iseentlY !fit:received at the poet - elks
aiThablirkireefed to prominent officials.
Sad erl e . theselettera was loaded With
uot iveirnaterlais ' designed to
eta the peon addressed. Sereraf,'ox.
Ode bliiitlair reel nature ArkB,'oa.
tatidoedid a? LO this time no Onion
6, been lied A pollostnan, who're.;
siveclout flora letters, wee horribly
inefed, t tlo expleolori It is not
loom be ferny of these tburgerin ts
irdatteg *sheer dispatched. Could
isabh.,eszhnert prevails both in Dbb•
gicio alirbes throughout the coiin
* eis the Isearer; of this the latest
pada oats% The authorities are Ue
trigfizivegung alut will no - doubt
the niter o flie bottom.
r - i , -•• Gass 11131.1 e DiCtatit.
'...f- thimesas sit' editorial
. article on
qrsidiut pia... It says that no
' lto
*an tar durum& special vraw!la
eishave bee swwn in, and are WM'
strlog In Ladot. The writer calls It.
,fratiett to 11 gnu public. danger, end
,Follsertprernehl cities and'. towns I
ciattlatha7eautiortUY •mesaures !,,r
, dilleizopft ' .•' n p.
—• if .ai1115013 IN 1.1/B ITIRTED
. ,
istrWs—Abscura FOLLISED son 1140
_.!Lalmor, 'nett:amt.. 2 7.—Detailed de, -
.tooli,of the ocean Dickens'. reid
bsitci dos id Now-York haveheita
. Mired here treed and pabliald
1 iniatinitedypt by , the•London Jour
=lL' The ,The praises the Aturric4s .
tidier inigaimity in giving Dickens
,jaihshes4y notion.
• -111:6 AlgurliN LICPi
Laior, Dember 27.—A. dispatch
freededlaannaices the depsirture from
DishyCt Ger-Nspler for Massowali
imaseatte command of th'e
; koisaor edricing into the interior Of
, tfeillb¢r , 2S, IS62.—ThO
,seem Unusually • active z all'
entatrj Nearly every hour In
elsj &patch! are received by
callinatleannancing either a conterli
dshsdnuremert by the Brotherhood oc
aslaolmoccarence. •
- - .
i NIP= of initu scriotus nattup
itioibeivrombed to-day from Cork
fyttg dada of - another Fenian coop jr
ifk kit Welt about midnight it
iipbt4ofromt, with blackened Limit,
Nitrated Intello tower near Cork.- The
*dot is Myer was overcome and
.+dlgeddd titivictors Wieldy colleci
alitnuturable quantity or arms antit
asitteitm and t v i g iOed with ,their
piteleinhent mol ion. -
:raur inmrrstacit.rr.
tialattoparations of theFenians have,
bads 'Ate. of rekindling public ex,'-.•
cbilitab liartylinprobattle rtimorsani
idit;lnctiding one that a Fenton cruti,
hid ben mama - the Irish coast and .
Yid ear vessels.. • •
• icroavircr avtumr4
- - t aatt,aria asested in this city last
inffrit arra charge of tutviarfired this
frtAtricaluser.Lbe moot terrible exi.
Pill 4 at Cleritartrel)., Iris bellelrea.
UIIIIi 'culprit he it. Init. been captored.
;9_L uormj : YII2c L lt OUTIIAOZ.
Mai ISCitnee sas potpetrated to•ds37
ittibtbs.: An (kart - wax nude to firo
AeOerifrcsotce by means ofGneek
fit , Tbe - attemp was, : happily; frusl
Isidi Beyond 4e destraction of a Tei7,
lint'nosseardlinagttwait done. -
!tonna xt.r., LOW cr.
Ol i rgo : at. Ferei,sbaru;
‘2 10111) miles from this oras
471 up -val uterly destroyed this sr-
teoee. t.
Ten preens were killed ou
lance lumber injured: Tho
cog. the explzionlalpaknow...
sumupssOf OF rmuine., ,
F*a, Dec. Z,—The London Obaer,
teurf Ito nevi exiiorchn' ary pown
Ile/know be sided of Paribtment
Raoirernfeetd teethe suppression of,
"fibi plots ordinal:maws.
DEcuskstor nrcrartra..,:-,
. ,
:11.0xPectO tht owing t 0 pro* ;
Wolf of 'cora:aim 'end .trido daring,
tißlet. qua:rtes. oft year,:the Jeutteryi
nee will show /serious, demise Ili:
o...Wecuat Ct xmlpte from reread,:
thatperiodo the United King,
• • .
,-...13.281131=07(P5L1A'T BONUS. ' 1
P,A11.11, DeCelPbf, V.—The ifonitcar,
rfethe an otlicial 'once that the coo- I
'Rik the Italian beds will be paid. 1
, t oms on is nornscumea.
',reiaa, Decembo 27,—The Pope ha.;
*ad the Rothsailds against paying;
tiaapolpipf Italia bonds in this city.
, .: r ASS/10i OP ILL lILLL. ,
elini;Decemboxl7.--.Evening—lnib,; 1
=ff toisy the bill for tho 1 ,
ati at of Lk army eraspassed, i '
* erne intendants. 31. Rouher pro
ledge° yews' wilco I tatted of eight,
idtbiiitera etutarnteat, tens carried.
tirwere opposing vote..
*tdipeech on lie proposed amend
111,10e---caliad filiation to the arms.
eilitlr sediehborbis powers and sup...
111Whis plan es tie only, one pre:tics- I
I {l. le tdll ti, amain a become a law.
}f Mita" eirmraviort
'p t , Dee.B&-The Paris Cbnatit.-
91e40-day deneanceche repudiation
, •
k ,.. , . December Zt.—The Papal Goy
, , t - offers to pay' he interest on
boadeeFhich represent the
.- Ortherontilieel rates annexed
clil. The Italian larlament •ve.
I Avoid,
me by idnd..eelske vote, to pay
, l'onib ba.!
.. .
4, 71 0, , To .PI Anus.-
3i IT.
. .
tlialtrr; December ..—lt , is said
intial Manatee haedeciened his
r i oh t p & n aive the rational Par.
%loft,. now in misionf on the lath
!iseto, and td Mats= *peal to the
p should another 'ea unfainrs
it " la i n hay
. be ~ad4ted bet re
e .
t- . setc;inerotardal. aorarion.
t , ,etches from noir. raiment. that
, wi d, , poi . itiati gitation in
* emend Enthetirt Jail In Naples
ill , i cities .of 'Piedmont. he excite.
I . d . ns irps, and lays are enter.
Ell - 6 2 „,. , - .Luau` ii. a , 'arigiag
. -- E
00itythoi0tOty ofihe 0 imminent
. yap or. italitailan'e 'emants,
creranci OP PreCOSITz.
aWr DIM 25.—Tbe Auld= flag.
Ifavaar,, In command otaambia
•;- i a mbs cat ba e rd th remains ~
' *lite Atrehdtthe 3 / 1 0 # 7 gi a % arrived
tearkYeetraYaltinic"ni. '
...amp cortex oe - MOted yes. I
''' &*? - .lia ;the vittl4,looa Tam u )
Siltleei liabelii‘i"6ls*,i; 1
• - '. -..Z' , 1 '
;;:. 1 . . .
.'. .0
. . • . ); : ..
rt of the • nation to the rope forlbe
ton of his tenapdfal.power.
' \ Arend.ll.
1 _ irsits, Dec. r. .—By i h e re.arrange
to - nt .of the Austrian Cabinet, Baron
t .n Bette ewes to bePresident of the
, • tidal ' Council, but retains ' the
• - olio'of Minister of Foreign Affairs
trhieh he has all *toughed in oonneetiou
• sikh the former poetlen. . .
comsat OP sus iororunzrer. '
, Banun, Dee...=Berning.—A. general
Tell of the Zolyeten, In ;which all
tates of North and SontliGeinnany
o be represented,: will Ito .held in
ity in Mardi. ' ~ - • •
wrrinnatwar. or patoolfs. '
,ses to-day commenoed'withdraw-.
ingl her troOps flout all parts - of Saxony,
except tile Fortress of Konigsteln.
EZLE;SCS TES 1.A.111 . 81.21
Ilia - Mbar of eminent Ittiselan etabLt
acid diriorrsats hive met In St
rebury; alai are fielding. a Confere6te
o Eaiternquestion; • •
tSiIiDON, Dmember 2 8 . madmial
from Ehangtue eye eOW Mi =
of now imp tau toltl of Decem
ninety, . million pou a. G a
hangha was active in s flzme i .
co:cc:mum( xd csErAxs.
DON Dassmber 27.—nere is a ro
the Sublime Porte has offered
Cretans an AutonomauttGovern
and teamed Prince Christian to its
poit". l
to fp'
4. I
Steamez Lost' in a Gale
Fourteen Passongers.Oot of
Ely toilet:tot lotto runennin 4Lnitv..r
l lirvr Toni, Dec. 27; '1867.
Ai 40 , letter of Nov .- ember. iiith, to the
13th Travelar, contains the followingi
Thikthornhig .the Brazilian steamer ar
rivfroth Montevideo thingangiterra of
the -of the English mail steamer
Sate, .in a terrible gale off that place
a vc4 , ago. She had on board four Min
.dredai , ersons, including crew and Rouen
gem', Amon; IN:Flatter was the English
MITA or, who had jest Non relieved to
vial+ him to tatty a short visit home.
He wi . the rest were foal; Only four.
teen • .rsons were saved. " •
Smug Axis Deets. that Its is Geist
ts,h ISsillessiesr Dram 11..0.
isms—llaas Xasosgessosts re sent.
Mules. intstligensis. •
ti? llornmli to CS Ifinstiamb 6161112.1
, HAVANA, Dei. 27.--Santa Juana dowel
shy ilitenlloa of going. to.Alexico. The
ImEgainlista here are axonal:it.,
_Norse from St. Domingo 'stales that
many .tengagenente have taken place,
In wifich victories are claimed by
the- .Government, but the. Ba.i par
ty. is Xleverthalem gaining adherents
'and strength, The only portion of the
Island*Adel ha&proMstment for Baez to
the north,. be ll h principal strength
lies. Been remain. at Camara.
The DOnAnliemoommissionerPujal rails
to-Morrow fir Rew York.
Jeffenon....hvie 'nave, • to-morrow tar
New Ogleani.
The drew .f the Brig Jamie Smith, lost
on thee - eye:6 from Baltimore to Wotan- .
zee; bean mooned after fourteen &ye
exposits° in au open that.
dvil**, tom the City of Mexico to the
17th tons, Mite that the - insitgarstion of
President Juni took place on the pre
vious &undo*. The Mexican Congress
will reaudnia session there five months.
1 An manners opportunity is now afforded
the United Staten to conclude 41 eAra -
mad& tresy with Mexico. Foreigners
are nerrowy watching the slightest
mover ent that direction; General
MOM:. flutter of .War, and Senor Igle
' els; of the Treasury, will both
with w faint the Cabinet..
Ten f the murderers of Col. Suchen.
have toot. Sarchis was Piesident
of the, urn martial that tried Maxi
A mum granted to English ;ar
tier foS eOlanliting the Vera Com Ball
road y fill to the ground. Much ex
iciteminit was mused among foreigner* .
by the, r eeling offof all diplomatic re
betwen England and Mexico.
Letters rotlEurope Resit Is improbable
thataFatiey will be sent to Mexico.
The a and destitution of the peo
ple Is ry gest and banditti are swarm
ing Mitt provinces torothe Republic.
' Dates iron Honduras e 15th state
that Macrae, finding the forgets there too
denee,ltes eansferrecl hie scheme of em
igration to :amakia..
.On tie 13th inst. the ahocks of_ the
earthonakehad not ceased.
Ma Da ems Arians* sae Marro ha.
' ferreal Alealaes awls &store cones
martial. •
r.,... e.tNi - awn. .1 '
Sara 2IXT Cato, December l7.—The.
Daily tomorrow will contain a
long r ter, dated Fort Leavenworth,
. from neral Cuter to Colonel Nettle.
ton, of Eandusky, making a strong de-.
lento alkitinst the charges on which he was
court , niastialec and matt:need-Inse 14,ts sus
charge command. the
bel l
eruelty to his meet He by Paying
that while pa the oxplditlon, and! sur
rounded by racism, Wm men began to
desert. Plathrsstentadtoleavehlm, with
I a large t amomt of euptiles, at
the 'mem of be wages. A scheme
was formed br the dasertlon of
a large 1 portion of the -mash:dna. men.
Eleven who eseepcd were.ceeen. Chew
ordered a squat to pursue and bring
theta back. -Fad of the deserters, who
were Mounted, Led anti have never dace
been sem- The itemotin tad ones raised
their carbines to fire ocitheir pit:suers,
when :they were fired on in return,
slight - Ir' wounding three. 'They were
taken] with the command in army
.wagons, , the only an:lntl:lnce being Mo.
serviceable. Crater "templains bitterly
of the co:ppm:Elea of tho court that tried
him, four members being his !ateliers
in rank, and one member aVommissary
who had been manured by Custer for
ofirrnption . in issuing ratione' of meat,
Ere., to soldiers, Tho General am. he
was never absent without leave, and
should actalmilarly with deserters under
like cirenmetances.
ralassive Fla:-Largoßearliois WNW
key Distillery fund. else ratalints.
meat. .1 ....1.0/0411 )tom
rise pepsvitana4l4 also Lski..e.
Cceciorwarr, Lecember 27.—Tho dis
tillery Of Boyle, Miller & Ca., on Second
near Symmere street *so entirely de
stroyed by dm this evening. The build
ing contained a largo" lot of whiskey.
The engines had no erect on the flames,
which ceased only when •the entire
structure - fell in sad nothing combusti
ble was left. Their loss on building, still,
machinery mid stock is $515000; insured
for SZiS.OW in Now York, Cincinnati, St
Louis, :New Orleans, and the Liverpool
and London Comptnios. ..
'Thedire extended 'to Nos. 43 and 45
Broadway, owned by' John Swexofo
Co.. sad oonipled by the Ohio Machine
Works. Lass on building su3dmantilii
dry, um thousand dollars.
The wall! of Kann & Co.'s tobacco
works were • broken. In and the stock
damaged ib the amount
• Delmonleo's Exchange and J. F. Alter
ling's clothing *tore. were damaged to
to the amount of gl,OOO each.
P. Chambers, Amistant Chief Engi
neer of the Flre De_parlment, was - badly
injured in the head failing wall.
Boyle, Miller it 03. wore the latgeat
producers Of Bourbon whiskey In the
. _ '
Letter Wen Secretary iieCalliilb.
(liiy Iwarrapli 10 the Plttabarkb thalisys.l
Now Your.. December V.- 4 Tbe Vree.
ident of alit+ston bane haairmolved tba
following 1 er :.
n-eatusy Department, lite. 2i. 1207.
My Deer Eiln—Your favol of the 2d lost.
Is receiTed. 1 There is a gtod deal of dif
-1 femme of dpinlon among members of
' after be ae fina w hat shall bore
polty., Al , the
!commencement of the session it seemed
Ithattheinfiationbna were bradoelded ma-
Utility, but before the adjournment fur
the holidays a more tonservative epirit
Neu manifested, and I am quite hopefol
that them viii be no legislation by the
present Congress favorable to the views
,of Geoend Butler, or very aver:iota thine
lathe Secretary, ' We shall toms better,
however. - when Congress again convene..
With thank. for t. tmlfoim support
. blob I bare reeelved at your bands.
I remain very truly yours,
1 i ALABAMA. ,
,I 4aga n iM d aDaT o" *T raing '3l74°ll:P. : hs4l.l6l wuj ! "ro add ra4"Pum. lipecei :eis ftglamelah7At o medßadi : gb aun. rauelib24l":".":: : :::.:- P rthi l tal e y ,
,fivioxi and otters, protestlug against the
proposed COastardiga, The Huntsville
:Admen*, Radial' °lnn, calls for there-
Wembllng c cit i be Convention to dooclify
'the, object!. able features of the pro
posed Cons don, namely: the ;clause
about schools, tbe franchise and registra.
As Cansereitlvea all •over State
Sr. getwminod to us:revery Effort tO de.
ttatlhe Constitution. • • •
the Removal of District
Reiortel restitution bathe South
The Public Deb t Stateintnt.
Proposed Ronald of ins' tonsil's
'tonal Amendment.
The Cuban Slave' , Trade
Civil Service Bureau
Address of Senator Morton to the
Soldiers' and Sailors Union,
LS. Supreme Corut.Dedzions
. .
By Taiegnan I o i6e PlUsbugii enyetty.) •
• WAS BING , T9if, pee.' 30, 1807
IfOCAL OF DL94IIaCT cctitgowiexta.
The removal of General Ord la explain
ed by the fact that it has been made at
the suggestion of General Grant, who,
while. opaostng any change in the Other
districts no injurious to the. Progress of I
reconstruction, his been of the opinion
for some time that both the military and
civil administration In the Fo'grth
'trict would be improved by a 'Change bf
commanders. The President decoded to
General Grant's' request, and' Included
General Pope In the, order' of removal.
General Ord proceeds at once,to Wier
nit' to relieve General McDowell, who
will manna commando( the Fourth Die.
trict on his arrival from the Pacificcoast
This amigo will require about two
months time to accomplish, `I cannot
state the particular reasons which hats
led general Grant to desire the removal
of General Ord,,, but, three who have
closely watched the - administration of
the latter have probably not felled to ob
serve certain peculiarities and - ineonsis+
blades of action, indicating that. the
agape ofthe command wu rataerbeyond
hls halibro The wale of affairs in his
'district et the present time Is opt regard
ed al very protnieing.
There pro excellent reasons for bother
int that the repartee( destitution which
are now coming up from the South, par
, ticululyfrom General Ord's department,
are exaggerated. So fares the.mest re
intormation goes to show, the des
tiuttlonia rather prospective than ma
ant. It may be greater before spring,
hatjuot'now it Its not alarming 'among
the black.. It boa teen largely 'roused
by the action of the plantersin discharg
, log their hand" at the' close of the EA
' son, to violation of their contracts', and
In isome'msca diongsaing them because
they voted the Republican ticket. Gen
eral Howard stands ready to use a . por-
Ron of the funds of the Freeddlen'allo
roan in relieving any actual distress by
the Issue of rations, and It is probable
that Den. liancock's request to employ
.the unemployed blacks in repairing the
recent breaks in the leveesolud to Issue
rations to them, will be complied with.
- • 'rag "OLD cosmoses."
'Madden. Stevens has so far recovered
from his recent indisposition that he is
engagod in the•pteparition of a speech
In favor of the AlsakaapproPriation bill.
lie insists that his health is not as. poor
as either hLs friends or enemies Milk It.
The statistics elicited by the. Ways and
Moans Commitiee In Its investigation of
the whisky frauds, show that 'the Gov
ernment has collected only eighteen cents
Instead of two dollars per gallon. Thew
statistic,' were based on - the data fur
nished by-the rceords of the Revenue
Ilnreau, and did not Include any estimate
for the tosses which the Government has
sustained Since June last, since which
time It Is well known that the receipts
have contigually decreased. It-la prof*e
lie that tee detailed ..statement of the
amonnt •Of revenue derived from this
source, called for by the Reuse , will,
shove tat less than nine cords per ;pillion
have been collected during the present
Racal year. . .
Senator Henderson has prepared a sub
stitute for Senator Sherman's Finance
' Bill, which he will preterit to the Senate
as soon as opportunity offers. Ho will
also propose, at an early day, a complete
system for remodeling the entire Rav
enna Department of the Government on
a bags which will make It Independent
in its itello . ll, and not subject to political
Influences, and which will likewiseln
volve Gra refilling of every office in the
Department. •
Secaretary McCulloch has had prepared
a statement showing the amount of
money furnished by the several States
for the equipment of troops, Go., during
the war. From thia statement it wilisp‘
rear that forty maulers of dollars were
advanced by the States; that claims for
.thirty millions of doller hive been ad
justed, and that of the remaining ten
millions of dollars claimed about sec-
Un e rter =a p t w4ll "o "
" th e
-The New York Tribase's special says:
Notwithstanding the abrupt t:renination
of the correspondence between Secretary
Sows pi and Lord Stanley, on the Ala
.barua claimer '
it is understood tkat tho
new English alinistar, Itlx..Thornton,
comes empowered with full authority to
reclaim the oncution with a view of . ef
fecting, it possible, an esay, arld amica
ble adjustmenf of tho dialculty.
The public debt statement will not be.
ready Until the, fifth of January. The
exhibit wi,ll be more favorable than that
of the lest month,' except in the Item of
the -gold llttilanre. which will be lower,
owing to the payment of • tbe thirty mil-
lions of dollars coin Interest dui on Jan-
nary tinit: — The Secretary would has.*
retired theibur million dollars per month
for thelaxt.month and the preaent one,
bad It not beep for the action of the
House Ineuspending his authority to do
The omelet programme 'foe the Presi
dent'. reception on New Yeses derlins
been promulgated. 'At eleven o'clock - a,'
n. the Primident will receive the mem
bers of the Cabinet, thelMreign Minis
ter, Judges o ttic Supreme Court, United
States aerators RepresentaUvez,
Judges of the Supreme Court of MOM.-
trict of Calumbia and Court of Cisims,
At half-pest day= the officers of the.
lump and marine corps. At a quarter to
twelve o'clock the assonlated soldiers of
the war of 1812, the .members being 440
oldest inhabitants:of the District of Co.
tumble. At tWelve eelocki reception of
the citizens, including ladles, will be
commenced, and will terminate at two
o'clock P. 5, ; • •
"The Now; York Herold's, special airy:
It has transrred that I number of lead
log Conservatives hem, proposed , to , the
Legislatures of the Slates which recently
pent Democratic, to •I renoal their resolu
tions ratifying the' fourteenth artiole of
the Conetitudon. ; If. New Jersey, Ohio
sod California wore to do thin, It Is.cati
mated. tho article could not be grafted on
tho Cotuditation. . • •
• 7VrENTII teauen.
The uuhilter of patent.. Issued the put
year •was 13,01,5;1,0N; .aft Increase of
3,515 over the previous year. Two hun
dred and ststy.five wilt be hanted for the
week withal; /vinery ith.
sioavicz nolucatr
General Logan La. preparing a• - bill for
Conrral to establish a Civil Service Bu
reau In • Washington, • consisting of a
Board of Examiners, whose duty it shall
he to decide upon the nualideations of all
applicant* for places In the venous De
penmen's. •• it also provides that modi
dales shall ho dlviderimmong the several
Stales la the order of their Coogreaskmat
representation. •
CoNattf, AT ISAVAZ i . • j
The offloCMComul Gene at Mamma .
Eta beau vseaut for some months, the
Senate last stutamerbaving failed to con
firm thy nomination. made by the ?mil
liard. As a Conaequenee Mr. Savagewas
loft in charge of the business as Vice
Consul. IL D. Do La Runtrie, clerk In
the State Dtipartment, wac, pent to Ha
vana several weeks ago to relieve Mr.
Savage, and will discharge the Males of
Consul temporarily, or 'until a Consul
General Is duly appointed by the Preal
dent; with the advice and consent ()flits
the Stioreme % Cowl the fullpirlng
decisloosl3o:43,boon given:
No. 17. Malone, , Dubuque, Dunleith
and Mirmesota Packet Co, appellants,
mr. so muhli it the Rock Island - Railroad
bridge se Iles within.the Northern Dm-
Wet of /Modal, the Robk Inland Railroad
Company and kflutaitlppi and Missouri
Railroad ConiPany,•!nWmantm iippeal
from Ms Circuit ' Court of the United
States for the Northern District of Illi
nois. Justice Field delivemd the opirdOnj
of the Court,..allirming the,decres of ..the
Circuit (inert with *mut, .. • ,
No. 170. 170. Wicks. plaintiff In erteriee;'
ttoppos ,k to error to the- Circuit
01 the United Maim for ifts,Narth r y
District of Illinois: Justice Rmkrned a ,
livered the opinion or the ator..ilea rm
in the. Judgment of the Okla ' Cow
with ems and intoned, jjaMiggsfig„,...i
anekt.aler pule:114004 jilt 77, 0 7 0 7.
The Court .
142 ht. 4,
, A xial ! /*' : 1 0 .9 1 4
.. General .4*iiTT:
mos of . ,fw e i d,i i/141.
.. ifi ,
• • controh, the , T . of the Freedmen's
13 reati. .In, of some South Qu
o! plaint* W o had, no money. to
prepatiena for •zalaing cotton
ing wear, Geaeral Boward,' though not
legally authorized to make each
don of of the Bureme funds, advanced a
sum of, eighty thousand dollar*. taking*
lien on the' rops. for .the repayment of
the money. When the planters soli their
cre , the entire amount was liquidated,
an General Howard'abeneficient cottne
w greatly appreeleted: In the case of
n tera nnai w u h o o n. lo i st tb ev r ery r. j
p g
taring "g byi"theiPmPirPerla7
to adopt a similar considerate plan
of 'action, and to relieve immediate dn•
trees among the wecking people. It is
suggested to establish depot!. of provi
sions at inhibit conigialent to the Matelots
in which. the ereatest want Merolla 1
i mon' LIVD aplAße UNION. I
United States Senaterldoeton, of Wi
en, in response to an invitation of the
Soldiers' and Mellon' lizilon,addresied'
a large audience tonight in the halli of
that association, hie` subject being the
issues 0f166d. ' He said that among them
would be the complete reetheatton of the
Southern State ' Governments into the
tends of the rebels, by the defeat of the
Congresaional plan, of Mitonstructlein,
and that the su rof the'' Democratic,
party direed 1...1 ,d a compensation
for ;slaves, the emptied of the rebel
war debt, and pan to Confederate
Idlers, their widows earl .orpheoa.
met 4.
sFe ionlyzed•=f3leng t iHaneoek'zi recent
der, which the
,President had laid be
fore Congresaln 'Menage, .nyingt M
inna no mantio t n r k whatever • of ,the
business of mn oo odor', but iy di
rected entirely to till recognition of the
legal character of the existing State goir
ernments, and that tliePresideat pledied
- h imself to sustain them folly in the exe
cution of their powers. If General Ilah
cock supported lbekininciples against
which he fought, and became the ally of
his enemies against hie friends, his lap- '
relswould wither-t the tender dowers
beneath the simoon f the desert.
'lnformation iii recelved that the Stock . =
Al l,
holm newspaper. the Vegintilatt, advises
the bwitlish government to follow the
example of Deransraby selling to the
United dtatet its West India Mang, St
Bartholomew.: ,This IS regarded here to
official Plrcles as another facilitation that
EuroPosu monarchlea are retiring from
thlitcontinent trader the influenoe of the
'Monroe Doctrine. i .
. , '•. name maim ix mai.
The Britishand American' West India
ileetreare Loco operetta in preventing the
revival of theslave trade Cuba, which
has' been planned.
Dutarrea WITH THE reign:mar. ,
.oeneral - Gillem, who assumes corn
mond. of the Fourth Dharict until the
rival of General McDoWell,. was closeted
with the President :this morning, and
rennet ciatight for Jackson, Miasisel:Pg•
hasten lIIHIRTZE.
The new ballah MlWater, Mr. Bine:
wan officially received. ny the Elecretary
4 .f State in thee capaclt7 on filatnrxhiy.
The opinion is raplillrgalning grounit
among Cengressmen here that Sherman',
timuielal measure =moot pan:the Semi
ate ih . its present form. There appear,
to be likes objection , to the long low,
feature than to the rant Of the bill. There
seem! to be no doubt, that: the anti-con;'
trandon bill will pose very puma after the
The answer of Mc. Stanton to the Prix.
Idont's reasons for bbistupenalon '
be read y In a 'short time, and ft is ncrat
expected the case will, be acted npo
within a week after Cowan meets.
_ .
Oessisseabi or ohs ale. Truk 11l
sad Weald.
Ors Tsiesraolt to tQe Pitubststi Ussetis
Nsw Toint; December o.—This Tribj,
one toslay. In an editorial on:the remey:
al of Gatti. Popo and Old, gals
"Gen. Grant, hi recolistruction, to iti
mere clerk:. Heinstiepeivor, no rm.'
ponsibility, no embarrassing ttnestioiaa'
GS decide: nothing to do with the
immediate issues. He bi nothing more'
than a checked pawn odour chessboard,:
while the President controls the game.!
and 'captures - - tile inns; pleoe by pleas!
We protest against this es as injustiCe to!
Gen. Grant. We bellevelie would rather
be witkua, carrying out reconstruction,'
than be the captive of Johnson, the but. ,
we,k of his administration. It. Gen.
Grant has any power nOw is the time WI
use It. If he has notiet Somehiend de..
mend it for tams If Congniss falls, thaw
he owes it to hie fame fts leave the 'ad- .
ministration of Mr. Jolinson.! , •
The World approves the removals and
sees in them some simian of sense. "In •
the strange message wtdchthe President
sent to Congress, eul%•laing General
Hancock, itiras the Pr*dent's node of
declaring the principles on which the ad
nenistration of the I , ifth Military Dis
trict will hereafter be conducted, so far
as these principles an be maintained b
the selection of commanders. • A mes
aue explaining to Congress the reasons
or these removals would , look like au
knowledging an acconntabillty for acts
which are completely Within his inde
pendent province as Commander-in-
Chief of the army. lie -Was, :therefore,
under the necessity of explaining the
grounds of his action, if be explsined at
all, by some artifice of inditection, which
brought bin . communication within the
usual forma and yet made no concession
of :a right in Congress to bold hint ans
werable for hisitnilitary orders."
814velatles ta Total's Of isle4o—
Ahem lor•elalseell ntesatoor
111ta Ispeetel• •11111(01 .wilt Ilea
had Niamey. • 1,
ray Tel/ !spa to mar:Lemma, st rte.]
HAVANA, Decentber • SM.TIto steam-'
SLID Virgitaa, from Vela Crux, which
touched at fillegl on the 2!d inst,brings
Important newt from that quarter. The
revolution hi' Yucatan Was essuming
largo proportions. Mints Anna had been
proclaimed Dictator by Me Revolution
ists, and was expected hourly • to arrive
from Havana with men end a million of
dollars. The port and town efSisalwere
in ti:Mends of the rebels, but the port
was blockaded by two !:Mexican gun
bmus.. A number of officers; who for
merly served ander the Empire, had ar
rived at 81u1 OINN klatainoraa. Ow the
11311 a an engagement rook'plaee tettreen
the Mexican gunboats and the halterhal
on elate. The owe of yucabee," in the
vicinity of EllaM, was diligently watched
to prevent the landing of, troops coming
from any foreign ecurorri to aid tbe re
bellion. When the left,Vem
Crux, on the 20th, the' Ifeliciusemareer
Tobacco was ready to mil, for glee on the
next day with an expedition to restore
the authority of the government MUM
place. bhe bad on beard Ave orals bun-
Owl men and several ples at artillery.'
Saida Anna la in dila 'City. Many•ex
imperia/let orneers bave , "srrived here;
they all seem to be very 141.1/7
:lepulatess Nenalssures ifenyelnlin•-•
• Serra ••••-ingwlst e nr. milt the
'ter Teletral• to ma littabaran ninth, 1
Ilifmrroonsnr, ALA., Peeember
Connty. Republican', Nominating
Penvimtion to.lay nominStod eight tie.
gross and sixteen wbite•,four whites
and two negroes for the Rate Legislature.
l'he majority of the whites are Northern
men ansf ftenteotOd. With t•nFirhtton'a
A negro was shot dead 'yesterday on
the plantation ot.ltr, Morriweather, near
this city, for declaring ;himself opposed
Mlle Union League. •
The Montgomery •Conncil, which
claims to be genuine has expelled J. F.
Ketfor,i lending radical, far dishonor*.
Mg conduct andAction.calMdated to ex-.
cite a war of mow!. Keifer lima a League
which be claims to. be mmulue. The
whole affair will be laid before the
Grand Council for Its action. • •
• —1, • .
az.? ecitos Reins ftiresatai
Mr Tempt tepkilontabwit,
Itioneenan,Deox, 30.—The exaggerated
accounts talsgraebod from this city, relit:
See to the oxpectod Siang of.; the nevroes
of the South M il e oonattta.:bave no bit
ter foundatkm than tho (sot! that a few
days slnoe a squad of iiSdl&si was sect
to Hallam bemuse a • dlsi o itabanoa on
Christmas was feared. The egro popu
lation through Ou- tbo Stele.; te as quiet,
as far es an concerned. us
It has been *Moe Abe elYnneiPMlon-
Neither the military haadotuitters nor the
freedmen's bureau have bee advised of
any apprehended trouble. .. •
Umtata Amiga= InloreemprOltiimorgrl,
'MI Telegraph talk. Tinatarot thantad
Rtcumoso,ligooffiber 27.4brattr. Silo;
field, at trio reqoest of Govigmar PLF
point, Mug Mined pp Order Vediorhig the
Board of Dirge Mrs orthe Ealtrarn.Uttga ,
tic Asylum, cm-violating • gligts;J•tp 1p
the diahuraament of mann.; lutti appoint.
ed • Board of army dicier., M AIO
stead. 0
The (rear P
lan 4111107
L' 1 4. 4.11 4 111 LW /WO, hr . IA
for dt.uiewttos, S* Weitboas Wed
out...a .4 strUboleantrrof or tiltwortonr
burebttectabonn With et
JaaannrairrA . vie Mw , a iceteiew
gealet unitise sea
aer,ielvhdieusteviplt MIA* is"'
aidn hiehenukiedfah owes,
OrthiroPrOrOldios Owl vise et i Heal 'WM
vaiwith • ifiughtots wee, Neloen
kmineiteerduit se lb. eeeeeKskplw
am& eher;itstitver, tee miter:rev
prarruf•sol ar.a i and Ow eyee - , yeti kin
woman* sea livielese 4111tattes
Cromwell,* men .ad vatoreiev• I
eitemettillatittflooliti)l4ll3l ir Issa
Itiestatto teals akeel arloroUrOrkr non gboo oar
Ile Mirth, MOl l l.lOl tillr ,pr,.
gMI% *kW rro toloror'ortraf_rrtsMittVi
im!..27 14 40.1111411t,
EnJeueemlat iusaittre
rnressusait. asiouncs: :
Onto. CIF ras Pressstnum Gssirrs,
atOSALT t Diti.lbel A Her. -
The gsaufl markets sostlase quilt lax:lasi]
sad As the demand Is ilstost satirsly*.sl sad
=tar riiittiatoLto sapplytag Itos Loassalsts
wants of soasssonors; the rolome ol .basizons.
to Mks saysgsts, Is light, sad, am are so ba•
portsalahauses u prisis. • • .1
GRAIN—Wilda Wheat Lin steady demand
atglA€ll.4s far Red. - and 51,401.1510 r White.
Barley Ulu good demand, Mad malatett are
taking ay that ague at sr,batoz. Oont to
doll and 'irooplog; we baud of • sole of 2000
bosh, In nit,' to attire, at tat, old Morn tun
-1.0.0. WHY Ws the. attett*Wl .0100,
Gam dull; may bi.qUoted at aliedat;oa track,
and QOM, In dont\ Rye la still, quoted at
111.001.0. ' •
FLOUR There fa £0 Itapierement to note
Is the demand, and While tbe market Udall
and stocks taiga? that 'ustral,Micm are with
?out quotable chum Ims quote ai5104210,15 for
Ewing; 811,100L2,50 for Winter, and sll,2dyy
i 10.150 far fatty brand,. Bra' Flour,grtle ptt
bbl, and Buckwheat ktlet6,6o 'par met. born.
'awl, 01„t0gitqa par mitt.
'APPLES—Thus to Cala Madittat de;
nand, bat La lb. anfiralif continue llght.
Weal are Malatalned, rungiag Dom Mara
per barre4' • --
POTATOBE—Peach Blowy are king sold la
.ittiulaiwayiNflel,lo per bushel, lad 50,05
02,60 Yer 001,ses4rdingto quality. •
DRESSED 1iWg....4,re being Ada quoted at
Mitt for falr to prime beery avant..
DRIED FRlllT—Ottninue• dull but uu.
dunned; small saln at NOM for Applia; and
lows. for Peaches.
111:11TElit—Pgisaa go Maim Roll, as la always,
tha 'mai 'at Gals mama of tail yeah la la M.
mud, sad may bo . qaotegt at ISOM r - -
. - LoBB.....9eateeand held' at an adienset the
'last-sales npostedweileiet Seeire, but sans
helderias• asking tOe. • " •
LAID OIL,:le still tooted by, menufsetur-
Ns betteGe for No. %and $41.001,1210r No. I.
' MILL FEED7Is dulli and In prdttr good
supply but suelliaged I Nett sale. reporhed wars
at sl,eotyl,sl for Muni 1147501,15 forgeoonds,
eadtkNe2.lo for NtddllPds.
dIONINN—DuII at 117674.0.>
..antArreratuns—ouu at 112418.
- CHEEZIN—Quiet and ['Ashamed.
oirns mukamii-r.
01/1601110. Irma Frrrosirssi Glum,
Btayra&T. Detambar 110, UM. f
' There mai an an wildly Ilyhtlirapply of eats
Be on'a to-day, and witl4 a mod fatal
demand; the market ,Was eondderably &mar
than hut wan[, and'yrtee fat utile brought
an adnzes. Quits • number of Ike , tegolu
&alms, including Larwls, I/ Wan, Carr, Ver
ner, Hartmau,kfallasrood t Slasktreak and L.
Elhalaborg did not bars a alogle'bollsok oe
gala, althorn!' thelr elm or osigosialsalon, and
M far as we 0001411 am thaw Were, bat few
onteden la attendania with cattle:A=4,4a a
ammequases, there wad not mans thaw hall*.
usual noliber on Ws. The giant/1 1 f the
ataek, as a ieneral thins, an. inferliir, and as
aro has. already intbnated, tout eattl* sold •
readily, and that, too, at Wrests arices.., As
will 5 men by ralareaee to the report of salSt,
somata Or 16 bead of show • utile sold at.from
line to Owen aezts, from, 05 118 teed balah-
Wa itoek brought Iron 7fa ft. Meehan sold
at fromi to 1144, and assalawann (roar it% to
4340. Vf • bad the tallowits !gni repine/
X•edy "old 8 5554 of Ohleato show
• c ba l re,d b
oef Ologngw a A a
o4tlk s n t h
Mileage at 11 to fer and wholesaled fa head
/Crawl & eipott bartag
ha!ftg a
/ bold Obla war at h Vtol.-
Jaa t Zu: repot
ta , r siattitta
lead a rough ram ldat
ltam • Oa. at II tolaW a . •
Oricowalt & Kaho retaile d Lout at 4134
tat 34.
Marta & Trannoaa :Sport &Wag sold ISO
new I w res.•
Hews & Taylor ',MU& to'lleart for Oro&
at Ito ll and !thalami:64 111 heat for itaahlta
at GAS. .
It U. drum sold 16 bend of Stalawap” for
Damning 60 Pstsuson at 4.40.
6mlUl • Talmag• sold 13 held for 114 aft 6
to 7.
Olus.Le Tarty & Co.:stalled 40 11.443 4%,
' 4,40111.
ItothabLW/ sad I ilusd of .Boulltant Oblo
sharebolloakaavarshttat to.r.„;Batleteleva,
P. sad ~head omosmalat, Moot at to WA.
EhottatmaaUs• had LS head—dm
posed of moat at them at. to 63.4. : •
Thu., wu a /and!) 'lammed . .supply of
Shstv ago this wetk, Eat thelf Were inalnir
of an Wider vigil'', and, at a taileddenae.
Ow Nuke& was doll and slugdidi. ith4 price;
ednapnewl with hut wink. nild4 considdrabl)
lowti. - Priam tat Sheep. had there • Nu any
Irish le nuke,. 'would donbUns hire *old
folly up to !set rineok•d prteee. VI to Mid per
had; ad It le. hawser, there were :roman,*
ported above "al,nrn lint few' at that:. Care
drove 01 900 heed mold at from per
bead. The followlad are the m0rta1 . ..144z
T. Etbashaat report. tee ...bead sold at an
assrege of $2.11 per head — cold ben at $4 per
bead. •
Puhaly rio. had la Ludt sold at head at
Mg to 15.21 per head, and soon fear of the
boat at to per Dotted Ilya tretsht.
Joh.s and. !William Tones had aIS head Of
CO. Slap on inlet sold So head to
Betakes at 11,so par head, and St to Patterson
up• . •
. .
11. Maas .reparts .
hub; sol 4 la bead at
Lawss3,6o par Q
aaLt 2 , rhead of uaaalawaga" at 7133 Co
PP per bead.
Then IS 07 04 &&19441 tels Walt 'doused for
nor., "Mk the market Is study and
Saltly satlrs, yams an Nthout uotstli
shame, ranges Iron 4.34 to a. poss..
Rothobllds • Byers sold 140 at 734 tot.
Eakellsk • Co. sold shoat t.O at - •
E. Lots sold 44 at 64 to tt4.,
.144 - 01eAlltzter sold II et IX to "N. r'
Sew Work Prengweer Market, ,
CB7 Telegraph to the Pittihaiwkinmettal • ..'.
New Team Dec. t4—(cotton stock. firmer;
sales of I,ICO helmet 15%01110 for mlddileg
' upland. Receipts Flour 5.054 Wei market
.more active and a shade Ocner.lgut wpboot
decides:l.3l=pm Wee of MOO boles{ 14/3017,0
for ermatilue State and western* 09,7010.55
far antra Stalin 011111 for surawitaterin
1111,16015 for *bete wheat extrarall i ghll2 for'
round hoop Ohio: 1111012 for common to good
SC Lon% anSalliglii for good tortoise ex.
Ira de. Mea l g steady: California goer
steady' sales of MY mcks at $l2/01113.50.
Rye Cm.' stemlyi mina of ail UM in 1174/00
MM. Inuskyaorninal. Receipts Wheats/en
ten mutes- Ilim; .110. of 7.000 bo cholas
amber Illchismi at IPA and 7,100 00 Whit.
.Callfornla at 0.031141701, RP .nte"!::Yi miles
of 1,102 ha Seethe= at 11,7&: hart., q pfetf
sales of gate lin Carmla Wear at ello no mt.
cal. Malt firm* Wm Of WAX Ira at al/ROLM.
Receipts, Corn 10,117 Om market opened•
shads firmer and closed scarcely infirm;
seaOf 7400 IA It 111.11 Mr old mired west.
111 01.17 Oh new do
11,DI •
OLD for new yellow Sereem s alati for new
mixed Tseueseenand Iliad for new white
' fiastern. Receipts • Oats 1/ 06 0 So; market
rmer; seem of MOM boat 110800 for neat.
chiefly the Inelde prim. Mice dull.
Coffee,ptione Ma stesify. E veritt/In:elm
:nominal. Sugar steady. and ouletheates cif
01X1 nous Havana at 1131012M1. /101/Wiew
loon:r i gidly amber: se:. lope quiet at 400
110 I am 'quiet at 10!go
:for crude and laiin refined banded. Pork
palm and
fociominal' sales of OM bble
!at milieuxew eluting et 11l =di.
IDIOM= for Prime. and 111X74010 for prime
"mese{ alto lan bole new mess, • seller 10r'
Iharelti at MICR; nail IMO bb miler for
tlentnellri• It gailM Bier Deady! salsa of
MO bide xi ptern-r i iip 121 tierces prime
'Rides it 50,50 0L Beer imieti mks
~.of lm bbl. Jai:11;1131AL
,spilet and
Vu e Ve l itlan e d a can, sod • ligenoEr :1.071
',ribbed. (h2l mum, Ault mid beery) sales of
111 pkge at 'Ol4OOO for shoulders; and BO
111114;:for hams. - Dressed flogs: dialer at igyi
al '0 BC western a gONa for city. awl III•M
/or tar, 80. Lard dull - lnd Mary* salit
of MP phis at 113(0130. Ratter steady at Isa
160 for Mane. Cheese heavy- at 11111130.
Premata to Liverpool quiet and uninianiced.
Laragr—Flour clewed ,moderately active
and • ihSde firmer on medium and common
Fies. I.Wheat very drm and quiet., ship
nal/Ur back for some reduction, Rye
unit at 13/301.71 fnr wutorb. Oats quiet
and Inner at $44114540 for western In store.
h e w rather-more Willy at lIMOL, Lorca''
hew mired western Shoat. and Da
So in mar.. Pork Sinner and q01.24.4t 11:11A5
Or. Ol• mt. WWI and Tegalat n• w me.
onotial 4 Inna for J5r11...7;11..°M.75
or lebrumy and s l3 .lso , iaiii for
el ateadl. with nualerate demand. Cat
Meats nominal • Lard. doll and heavy at
IDOIIM fog. OD tO mime steam mud kettle
rendered. : • •
pry Tristrapi to the Pittsburgh %stab I
i Crroarrarr, Den 30.—Tlour nnatungad 1,
tiara $9,754t0,23, family $10,73011,01 trout
urinated and oot moeb dmaadr No. I
red 1940. N 0.9 At% No. lapringatift Own
Gates. at Ilia for ear, and swig for salalgd. ,
Oats dial. at Ittr y o lo and wart dantag,
itta l gind not maeft/Ona. Iff brat arm
at 9p to bond., Noun Orrteruld lb. U mind I
tat for 11000 all .. feiwa Want at RN
IT gross. Vaa RV WIC matt demand
r Arwood, WI idly Numb. It Mad at MT
OWN; recelputtantfaa. _rtanaloas nrin.
bat /PIM; Kea Mt 910081 for aid tad al.,
9,,adt2OINCS Tonal ono otp Watered can
not be parsomacf baMilasUltor ma; cao..
”...14 0$ Hal gra lard stabs bought la it
;kit= -,, ,, ,, 7 ,- .1 . 1151 0 ... m.....
4 1 nOalfrita i rtr i l n t atr u anonikagettalg
sr. NNW tor troatt..ola ..en n ai A ' s t . 'g' : 1
mart a u r i u ve K. wawa d v
1 I
anthopermad«Timottqllacting prime
M m or l92 dun 1 9410 for prime .. 1 ,
• ' HIT 9 9 1 to Vert on arlirto.
0 . 9 = 1 1 9 , 0 12 %1 4 , fa ll9 6' ONG. OW to
•n.agooddloazaa 1
,t l i tillt al m i .iiiiitel a ti l 4luliit i rr it 1 11"tw i•
marka ts quiet.' and e rareeicty l. 1. Uhl
' ImUr %E s Z•lab ire an New Tort
1 U na IAWINITPIT,sIid onsdatalt
, a, ,
w Your. 1
GPI SP 0.• Plualgteoll.""_ 2 a .:
X •Togs. - Deaiumber
W 1 .1 .0 1 , 4 -.Jag
agip themsalTal raao
tiw.amv ,
G wen
'mud to &dint vr;„l,7 2 ' a d o .„-
tria grir5„,..,1111;415.2r,-,
=VI xtrgazzrii,4.7,,
wan; I.Vr in togg, rug by
nog g and taged_ da..rat.
g inc . g rote odo.PW 4.. good. wiltb
. 41 - i i
tog a .vdcla c a rki.tirth.
tr. thi-tta
...110,. ~711,- ; jiht oftalaiPt ,
b" 0. fortieth ov rt=
is cord bb --ammo 41"4"'Nr.......,
mad AN
`~ ~' ~
Orrice Or 'ems Prrrestreux ouriqm
Thrust.. December I?. tart I
The Iron =win coutiouesverTdoll. mittie
teatritted demise ihr the various demigilitioul.
The salis mete the lightest ere lard reported
tar some time. lutouldry Irons the amitami
1s onesuaill ime/1 mud prima depressed. ,
quote Ma folioitig Wes: , • -
11121:361 , 01711 COLL' exzramn ;x011 ' 1436 II
100 to. OE , . Gray, troll, yu1.,•040
... re—i ma 900 '• Inforlor Fort's; deL at tot. 34 0 0-001.
'• • Mom IleOlo. ' as oa-i
its Mahar., Vai1..144...w= 01 , -4 to.
Fotokry ' 35 et,— ea •
:00 tons No. 2 Poundg...-
115;.. Red,heat
50 1 , Mottled XVI Iran..
J 7 task pr0..1 Sunlit&
Finaucie4 Matters le hey Teri.
, 111,110 Cluie4 u lux
Br Tateirrsyli to th• /Ittebulth Girseltal
nut Tcur.. j?„,,,&30,1897.
=sir An SOLD.' •
, .
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1858. _ 1867.
11, P. lALLARD & CO.,
Produce Columlislon House,
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etreet, New Tdre.. tieittlata-f-411
'We have determined to give our
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made later,n the mann, and ta,va
Reduced Prices
t:lx.e au's:oU.
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dace the Goods.:
'111011; COLLINS,
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the "Maid ' of AlictlL Jutilathi:;',:,-.:--.:....
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