The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 01, 1868, Image 6

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. _, - ;Testltoony acconsulates to
i that the condition of the tempt
f.- ' Southern Bidet IS 'deploraille:
1 tbe war they Made vim =MO*
fa the thilmigor of life. Not, ._
Aimee hundred thoticand palikettly dt.
I _ acmes contacted' in the tad or of
I' .: _ ' wounds received "in'itatlie. /fatty of
i ~ these would hive died frcon'other causei
~.., lad they remalited at harem but altsw[4.l
proper allowanceskr astrult-sraste i o m f
• popnistionithe drain attributable tot
war wee try serious. Nor was th is
1 ' " onlythis:. Vast berth= ware
opoi the people in the farm of
and other contributions towards the
1 . . support of military opetatilks. a
i lirgeinkustsof property were -
i ad to present them from filling into
i' possesehia of ths national foram
l the Nokia amiss felt back' or advanctod
[ - - they seized whetprom* they needed,
and destroyed whiten:. might cau
-1 wise fill into the funds of rows: to
i theft various ways the Rolm of inaiiy
• psis were° consumed. ' and teas it
- , thoesands who bed lived in comfort,. P .
' . not in opulence, were 'seduced - 0 t
" Cr itoroltidn.g quite near thereto.
Beadesr th e peculiar illgd ., Iriteilt t
' . that's, States was broken up.' ..Thisissot
a light meter: - It is •eery to my, hit
these *be never wchked before, go to
Work/low; but It is Mt my for mT
who hire not been ettenstonted to late
„„who have been SCZMMOICtit to
!' regg,
. labor sademdlentwisodohotknow
. 4...' to set themselves it work, and who
litnewint of the manner In whichlu
trial prcomws are conducted, to set
about ;the task with any Pl= Ike or
- kingiag much to Tpass. ,
that -
It may be admitted, rocireover,l
the blacks ire not working u steedil4
or With as Imge‘'."ol3lMMMal 'IIIOIM,
t.t .
when they HMS heid hi beindage..ll
Mead ersteon„their lupin= war
taken into the account; and they were
driven:6 is fo r get the most out of
that was Poedble. Now, they maul
• theft own comfort, doing= more
- tbey,pleitl'el RUB to jolt Whet ' , hi
mendo- in a state of liberty, aneth
blacks, having snaked team mate, ,
low the movie set before them. '
long atiu*ti remains to Other race,
this prlvileso Caret, be atsdad. It 3
quite likely some of the Meeks do noti
work'em ankh as they ought . Theta
' good Many whites_do not, abundant err
' . Auto everywhere attests 7
-:Both i transition Sun one system of
' lakor to 'loather isalwaye mid imesars.
sily attended by . ''bite* It core.
manly hsppens that under a, Wan sys;
teat CzoCories of isdnury thrive which
wither mid nearly or otilte disappear un;
:qtr a system:of compensated' -label , . , Ii
takes time tnadjust lopor to via changes
to its condition.
In addition to tbettereanne of impennir.
ithittent the Boutlices people have tape
meaced two bad mama for crops in
etsieedoo. Nitami ewes have saw
• ' , ante the miseries they brought , 11p011
to_lier, therefore, of all these =rocs
of miner, It ire work of upererroo,
, Sur 0 looltisto thetemporary Nati&
tomato userthouw
Ses - for the wt.
taboo of N& trembles. 11 Georgia had
bath naval to ha old plane to too stn.
lee, thirevrouldlivebeen no len What
_ pt oiltdar, no few dm:wetly* ineectzi,
Pm e• Weft et sass =or grain more
thus . an the case %btu mood.—
- 'nou,,. - mtloneo, tedatry, pure- 1
'', Maw, are as Ittbibuten by 1
stesee . 4 which the perm sabdonnua ,
_::sift 0 ```be rstrirved. If ths Southern ;
tes'aliall In UM years regain their fa, '
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Mr tt- WU! burnmatt has saga
. - Ili tn.* esnotalnad- I ,
1 1 :144140/dfSe X **W. Tha ill
: emearg It* dettnetirs power ere not
~,, . testy titres( , So, when i alisoticiior
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it sessolvf Pee, Toes lite coda* of tt.elr
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v ~,,..,m,,,,,4„.„,„„,....,,,,, ogso Lawn tossouttenosr
evited W gee ;x4 .
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of: their Pesos lyr'la
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4 - Toff " 791 ' 41 ' .4 " 4 " '44' fall ;''" l Cif, fl 411Mmiti of thlity•sight Wks. 2.
ge.l of 4 1 4"Fg. Fag ,tarty . Am" ' 14" -4u ' *now, Emil, moan from Ps
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ere de pews, wi,lt the pecieW *. • I
~. ra s e, estaserve -(19 Lima T y I
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,'• , ,OW iiiiillitititilitit 'llett outlast.?
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1. ' 044 i f , -frier “All 634 le 1 ''' '"W troth w''''''''''"Par
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erkkle w, . go* foluireepatii44 bees ,
tifeiA, and, ****l codeyo,ruteg I I ': "6 I st . A 1
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llsocktAke $ 4 O a' ' ,,-,0 r — ____" . mu toe Purr loBrockt"
_gtptig 0)0 $ 6l O JAe6"F`• fir l "'"'"'- ; testa Otani reed, and so Mt te
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I*" . fait 1 ' sad with the &Omsk sad Great
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410419441 4 Alfi4l / 1414 Pr lb* /1 " 78 ' i att ioultoueshet. tor or epwt arfp
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I , ,Cokite ihp olaue 01091 M hed ircbo •y, lair Km, of al, which iii a
. r .- , , '.03 at 'Was dot (seem Ito bra* to ~.
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*TAM' wlttilsrte intpttee of P 4 ' ‘ ,ll, isou rt s :,, Al = gh : 0 1
. vim, witt4iigfr foto evattios'ottiv olo this t xateitk.
L.. .. - /4f hr ,, ' woo ighusik• DPnlAft ' y I* cify far Opratefid la gtvl rtiti
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YiNf r ititlitit Ws 00 11 4 011 , 8 PLO up meat et • State Autos)
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' i Thase Isa dlleznats2A. Th e Pops apeds
tor* for k's Saco, Italy to
gate th e Porie ant, which
• 163111 ortssidspses se boyetaitee revisit°
of hirr-waity,- declide;la tie
A i marreerasseat. Pay
/taut tils=sfonee Sahel (LW
These sliCtiol,Anards whir.); Xo
Parriats assumed Wthe Ooryslepis-
AO the dotstisthsttots K die i Empeow
ottani Prettelioatheharisaque!deo.. It
:essbwairesef thisdeteesdaittioai sodas
'oindierillsacesWbialt . ..webrA.:baliksiy to
malt "lbaa it,,Thit:A-:seherislortkuer
oiighly ihe hie&
oubmitse4.o-Ilut IsuosPSAT for Ss:
priyar. Trae, the statemeat was ins&
pat thhi ocheaskia . iffixiaier . alma
amid heal Elt plaeirceseere6gltei7,
ancti inpis -natioasi ea
*** Worthl , owsta 4 ijittiritatoi
fosihriosortifEurope. Itet 'so =auk
ber;orthe pitguisayel&rdybeliseedtids
aatrmeaf.-thotabbaLwas "Ws 041 th e
satiarityot theStsperoe. 'Jost Wats .
Wile if credited by irdelligentitullrienale
'eatiddeAlte ,Cdstabstt The Fasperir
esnisd.Lhe lagarcrt I'. g-4,611°1
* I 4 I W 104 e4 sts tige, thth.iith. things
which are oortyealeat. , •
skordstaie with the slitatmeentent
of thiSpirissit to' menet the deassm
=dies of-Italia ashy, the Mown
1 1
be ardeceds reladraaarast,
. isreaty.thoncssui .iziest, to proceed to
- ,rystrybody shoeLl toter taus thlethit
csaasloptalualiaitr yes hopeises
sad Qs; in 3itp laitgume of Mr. Mawr;
Icily will ism poasesOari ofßoali;
he 'would 'shot - ea iron adssppreheasioa
rif the cluiricter of the .11'nrach
or add betray
: profound ligunsaCe of
these idess by which Cie earrimtormed
* "1,44 Issbsped and , intitsllset. NS-
Ooteos tint t Sillier atop oastrlotiotts;
or any: coastations .Ir4upTer.. Qold.
imPesilyik subtle , sad tmserspolOaa ha
Is maimed solely b:
htic ii tt~e moment. y What he decerapo-:
Mom he amino to to t itos soioi Ito
; I t r t .
Atithinsi his sid:to Italy. to Connatuth•
ticus of tlusrleTelidluoYium. I . 3 elnitTaA*
wElltrult9."lMams that he madewar apon
Ibis naighboth, - and litizineed. the livii of
1 teas of thousands Of his abject*. taf n
14 10 :1 0A L e afililidant. he re- I
soil.* to highthoundirig. grixiirilithi; so
as to CO4llthis cupidity with i. halo . f f 1
gaSeinwiti. Italf - Was•to be. free.: and
united; and ttdihrrittueof the Gictrina
of She 'imliduity..29l -Peeples. 'Thrtac
liseshuanufedlta theonly *Mien that 1111.
gotwut,disintetutedly for the defeat/
of.= idea: '. Titre' wale grairleur•in
tbeientteirathies; - Win a time the Obi:-
diet' tt the , L'ilaptdor esemetteo be 'hi
Was/thy with his words But he not
only laddenly short in his_ iiei
briciiiiii;bith eicacte4 -the public pay
ment' of the tompraustkon fbr . which he
sold the lives: f his troop . - ...', . • - ~
'NIP* EniPmsn' presents iinner as
the enemy of. Italisn mats, and as the
cheteploifof the POP*. The eontredic=
scan involved lerebireirange or attitude:
:bathe/ to be lighter than vanity: Con.
!Meaty, principle or, lonor he does not
allow tootudln the wayof ansthisTe
maut , whirl la deems dad/able: 'He
now :thts' with the 'elicit' al ' petty, not
because is to a dafroiae. 'or bus elrer's
cleent minted fee: religithrth any of its
popular broth' His Hts wife monopflims
the.pletypt his household, *SUBS she
is the only. member, thethOf whose senti
aunts do'w in that direction.. But
lierosstat doeseat neglect the Politics
of Rellarthu, or, :iather, • he•doei
mean to let - sip. the advantages which
are apparent in now finerinithe wishes
of those Whir central that vast organize:
don .thaown as the Catholic 'Church.
His piety gent piety°faded with the vivo
sillan, to make Borne the apical of Italy,
laity mare than It was *few years ago,
iwithethe pledged. his word in the face of
world to produce that anisathurn_ 1
• • hie interests have taken i shorftorn,
, dhe follows.them. • •
! : What may immediately result from his
sTowaleseeot be foretold. Italy,
turmad alone, is nut a match 'Tor
- and even the popolarentludasze, I
high as it run, wilt hesitate lie- '
1 - tre dark:iglu so unequal a 'strife.
1 w far :Plunk/ hu been, plated in a
1 paultirm,•thy mere.recant dlecloturee,
which:would induce her to stand aloof
fiosa I t aly in case it Anil be involved
in a War with Prance cut hardly be es
41coati/ the crisis 'hall actually
ppen. Within i nth/th e Nettrathoir,
his address to the repress:n*lns of
e French nation, declared that in _zee:
to Germany he accepted, a mina-.
which bed becOme inevitable; oth
'would consent to *condition
affairs in Cfanniny which he Mane
,to the utmost. In Italy. • Was he
cere lathes coneerthing that Prussia
shall absorb as moth of Germany as it
•itto4 11114, this consent alendated
. to detach. Freida from Italy in the
' ' • tetuinatislugt Can . Prussia
_ ' - :sbeisag feel that the avowal of
tempos ill, ihnel Ild , acknowledge
mint of lei eowerwhich polies is
equal toter isacesatuei anger any con
ble' halm. adrotor:itutagee;, In,iitht
sotkithwill Wile to let. Italy d do 1 she can with her giant antagonist.
I. "'Omer," 1 llthatees , p ro mises
more liii ha is master of. Die
I# 4 ra• Pi /*maul ito iikelose,. sed
csa'to who shall sit utter him An
.o tAtiP44 . 9f/sinen ' •
SQUELCHING effirfflEffinithtlM.
Basin tau inbellieu inAtte united
States the thireeter•l *diadem, Uwe
ta, sad Me depth 'th-which" their ;as
thma were Mimed, found Emmet. ad
ammareautat in the - menu tol which
they nested toigain their ends. Whoa
theyeteeped to- ineandiarima, to, sump
sisatimi, Id she . disseisthitien of peal-
Maffei awakes, to the whisscrs Of hem
cogsged In legitimate Warfare, iosti to
dim systematie auntie& of dimmed
and-helpless pried**, , it was harms
,eat understood Of •all men - dui they
were thoroughly In earnest, and dist in
!emlate civilization theyearly toothed
the verge Of herbarium: .
In erect Britain the Fealan-Brother
hied 'are exhlldtteg daffier chaMeter
istuM ' That they feel eprofotmd can
amoumess or wrongs endured and are
resolved, if not : upon redress, than. at
least open revenge, and by any twins,
no neuter how - stmcit:em, are Mots alto
gether -toulenithle: It does not Ifollow
'becauia men feel thatthey are wronged,
that they are io. : Nei are notoriously
-bed judges in all cafes inwhich they are
intemsted. ffaishins i : prej odium!, [Muhl
tines, Mee hp like elands, olden:Mg the
Bch% of 'resins, then:. Men nodatelte
vii determine hoer far their rights ire fm.:-
pAned and by what - instrumentathies
they vhulleate than pretensicing
- The nutJority of the men who aonstf.
tats the Fenian Brotherhood, whether
is the Baited Bodes or In Europe, are
addicted to mimeo of .vlolince. ' In this
country, es the records of the courts ay.
01 7 . wtiara Adak they are guilty et full '
; '
halts& all the crimes of this dm:Option
that are *omitted. No remoulds man
uki orlexpeets that they shall deport
themaelmaketter than the
, a a eof
the people among whom they liv ; but
thte comparative monopoly of 0 =XS
which they assert,espscially of M *ace
towards persons and properties, Imes-
harily subjects them te harsh vex: ,
done. It constitutes the excuse or .1 l
eitionorhien the 'English government
and people omstantly plead for the Serer- ,
ides manifest in their policy towards
Nor ought it to escatie /10tiCe 1 s this
'tioanection that the month= which the '
English government has enforced 'of
convicted Pentane; - have not disclosed
the tendency, moccted therefroce. It
Was supposed that when the xig t eithe ;
Mak** was atoned, .and• . the
gallostehad claimed and embraced its
'Jaime, ~ s uch .terror would be
Into thet hearts of the disaffected inludo,
'testis as would tense them to quail. (This
iu;piewition has Doan disappointed
This was foreseen by those whO had
=dully. analyzed the effect of fear Upon
ham= conduct. It 'mays Indeed, ba
possible to Institute a symein of goyim
km:Ml terrorism ; . that shall • *Deo
ktiely appall. those ageing - whom
it •Id directed; but, it poMlble,
such a 'sywein must nectoserlij to
so horrible an to alright everybodyedm.
Tids prevents the carrying of such i'de•
sign into effect in modern days. Even
in ancient times when brutality was the
rulerale rather Menthe =option; conquer.
ore toad It difficult to :Wrath ishiOcted
poi:edition, and often resorted-to the
• plan of sweeping a whole' nation Iwo
• Captivity, and planting the denndedhsr-;
ritory with new inkthitents. Napoleon
L'utinte nations not only with the [ter
ror'of his military genius, but with hor
rible cruelties deaigned,to crash Oise=
of independence. What he did id+lr,
he commanded his lieutenants to do like
wise., Nhit bnitilities did not pre
vent nations fiom stilkiog him in turn.
RIIIIIII.Iias resorted to infareolis barbari
ties to crush the spirit of Pcdand;"isth si
Irequmt intervals that heroic t e t a .
make giant efforts to break their t .
Bobespierre and his swam* diehhe
wont the' modern world has witnessed'
. to allenevilatem and make people =jai
ace; but their emery:tides led theni al to
the plicaine. ; ' - • • '
Whether Great Britain will 'prof
these ',--
instamies, or disregard them to bar
.costcii yet an unsolved problem!. lye
majority of her people seem to be wiser
than her government, and may Instill
some portion ofrthefr wisdom into the
riders. - • • ..• I :
rmqvirs prryseuncu
. ,
•We like ' Hr. 'PAXTON'S biographies
and descriptions of cities: They ret
readablennd Instructive.. Theyere of
always lecttratis. He, like other men,
has his likes'imi' (DAMP' Els pre7,o-
ces affect his , writings, "Eie Bowel Mee '
draws on his Imagination to mete t
his story. Then much depends on
soarres of , information., Be says w t
-he seas and-hears. Mud he ,does et
kilos he aslant be expected .to. t _
KeDce & deamiption may be correct LI: .
fir as it goes, but be imperfect. An I,
tilt mak paint *fully the body, of a
sun. int if the head is emitted It Will
be somewhat defective.
And Mr. Parma has at last'
Pittsburgh. We breathe more freely.
Pittsburgh is sant extinguished; its diret
still Wm. We hare too =triton Mid
Beal to be. pet out by a single bren
Neither are we highly indignsnt as w
air Mends betimy ms last Annum..
bas said ranch that la true and said it
well. What we mast regret is that
`meld not bays ' seen more of our r.
reindingr; onr elegant lathe:Aar nil:
dances, and come In contact titth m#ll
of our eititens, in : different proikeiters;
some of OW preacitess and 'chola . " and
_lkea we might bete hid setae slight al
lege% 'to the. Immaterial.. We' ha 4e
soma man of mark here, and Liao so •
iiteatlerte the culture of the llthlit 11121 d
4.1* -1,1131 eeme, idamtbsnal institre
dearer the greater thishime, We us
not. In ado tycoon; by any means rehr t
we , wish Ira ware. But - re hate ors
laoanisandßonoz—altn av irellknei
abroad at leait &I Bey. Kr. Maio. It ,
a singular fact Dist ccitsParaUsely Is
of our 'clams know what Institut!
-wo haus Incur chitin Por the . beaeil
&refer; of our people, as well as for t •
nforessUsa et our triends abroad, we zal .
grit throoniplete silence on this subleei,
Prim all Mr. Piston's writings we are
led to bells,* tbar the`theitre, bovreveir
fa, beuer snits his tuts than the
teary. Ile& he visited socee
of - ser imessis of worship, he
raignt UT; seen many man who "ap
pear SA take ths slightest Interest !nth+
cietkaa," aimi "many oats'.of yeller
kids which kers nossited so more than
ten salsetes."-- Tbi graphic ductal+
or the viawr. ilia' from Cliff -street does
setae:prim as. • Ohm * men would has t e
sees ether . thittP. Burden oar • beaod.
fizi Cemetery, oar lfletaal, otir Prison,
onteopper and Reel Works, .we 'hue
au Ante Thsologleal Betarnarrea,
of ties oat of the *gest In ai r
comitry; nu Milssope, the ems Mt
sit as tha ' lacuna one In
Dairy Obteryituoy, and ,of
SUN saki; au School of Deilgn,
usivindly; ; sad oar .IPsmahr OeUes ,
large sad doarialdnr.
dossers will emits at the "luta
who desaid the asset: fair by law Rata
Ilabed," and calms; when told their
111113141171411 Ili IA env "alone: '
than In spy - other city out or west," "wi I
any they "cannot nos rt..'
' very well wit
re wish be ka
Maim, kia ~
-iota Amtnietli
.Itsal of from th
run candidates a
and VIo Peal
iporari &ore ti
:fall lbat II Irpnl
Tows eau by
...op of the day
inok 1w . r114
MiterlE - iH3*HELY7-.
was prraucsur. -
.. ..--nn;og Mails ill "ionce" .
in regard to the Week ofP layer,
p by the' Hvingelkal 41ilancer,
in cit y , or immediiteneighbaliMci,
Mil ' •we present • programme,
naggt u4 sa better imitaitio_Ailiecazi
1 Chil and omit thaamprep tired by
ituiLlliance, fbr thi. bandit of those
: and people wlio may dears to
e Lry.
the occasion, hvespictive of the
c of *Mem as tollowr..-Bandsy,
: Jan - 6th, 18118-,-Eraugellatien...of
the *odd. nr..ailsiertis!to' hatheri
and.lamina, ChAigia laids.:,
the Iv Spirit may bless all reetidati - -,
ries, Minion - schools and all .native
apecially the nitini -Minis
try. Cities (and Indie.ion) the great
m of field of the American Macaw.,
Mon y. January lith...Localehorchenc•
:For it : bleating on the'Word patched to .
'the anivession of ths .ixopsateni, 'in;
'the glamor consecration of bedleyera; ea
all Meetings for prayer; on Chrlittin
hemet s
Ida, aid the teptised'ailldiem of
the . ' 'Frieida janbiii irat....
Ho finnplisation, Foe lay e ff ort/
, Y r M en 's - Christian Asaleistioay
iBM and Tract Wore,' Ma Religines
g qi
I Prs i-Wiciimist,J Bth.-4ita
_For the Din o blessing on
!id) Pasibers or. the '. and Avatars
among Mom; spot al l e sto it . cipPie
their condition, and specially Ain't :they
may alt ; enjoy the 'biesiings of civH 04
relheloni freedom: . Thundiy, .jawiary
th. ' Hom e
i. Missions. For Churches,
Bah Hi Schools; and institutions'- of
ij in the destitute 'portions oe 0,0
....,„.. . Fa Home ldhudonaries and
to B. Car foreigO popelation with the
boa L . Friday, January 10th.—O or
Cocc; ' : For all leveahority; fir wise
Mid j Owl; the sPealy , and wise id
imam a of all national dliSenltta; for
the rn of kindlyand,brotheily feel
ing 1.1, all parts of the country. kor the
proper inflame of Madan men, , and
for onion smomeOluistans. Saturday,
Jannvylith..t-Tha Holy Spirit: For
.the blazing of the Holy Spirit on 'in if
'torts to promote the Nieutdom oT Christ;
that mini,' may be atjoyel' to tho
a es; and that a Missionary , spirit
May tail Motu colleges and iezedna•
ilea, d t hat our eountrrinsy be pre- .
pared fo llow the lekangit of. Dlri*
Prove Elinday,..Jamiio.' nth.--
Salta Sollools. For Christian insane- .
eion 7 lii, J O= /Jinni' and in Sabha ,
I lichoctii' 1 For-the Christian culture :oil
' But yontli Of die land with refereed* to I
the fatnreof the Cherch;ind the Woriti4
Bay 11, I. Ire; a Methodist minister,:
chap sto tha Sista prison it inherit,
Mewl" has dedicated over one bun.'
dred d fifty ehorches,ind in miry in=
saxeshis incatioded In islang the' .
Whole manta of istdebtednase .
j The Aimiterary of the Freedom!'
Aid Society of the M. E. (Amick Was :
held ' Cincinnati • last week, Bishop
Clark ding, dec od in g to the' re
port o tie tawnier, Me maids for the ,
yatiw re $27,814.82: the principal part'
Mein been contributad t hy do West:
The Society Onepaital cbleSi with' the
miss4ary work of the Church. Toren
tj. 'schools haw been orgeamd;• l
ilth ' teachers, and si>out
t4onsaid !pupils in day . schools, aid
nearly three Moused In Sunday
'-'' • 'lnteresting addresses were de•
by Bishops Clark sad Kingsley,
?rank B. De Hiss, of Wash.
ud Be
D; C.
butes Beecher, who wu chant•
e Georiatown (MW.) powgre-
Church, with hortay, and awe
• • dad 'by the coarregatioaal
• co, Us been iotitled that the
raectadeed, as the grcata that,
salipaasian was "mcongre.
higton, I
IRen. ,
ecl by !,
Co. 1
actin i ll
the vo
. 110
In the
arid unconstituticniaL" ."
of articles, ott the subject of
is of Heart," is helm publhated
IC/Afisicris Intellfgolcer, wittti.2
Li IL Bee, of the . Refortued
Church, lus pioivked
llsaly discussion irr tbi4 - paper,
ry and experience of puritY of
is alleged by one whim. to' be
te - the standards of the Chnich.
(glut r
His .
1 ;11
Tie d .on Is likely tOlse . protracted
aod los etire.• ' • . '
The Western Cihriatiai . g. Advocate,
speak's' of the intersiling work of grace
In pro " ain the TIN!. Presbyterian
Church, Clicinnati, gives an aceount'of
e met, p bald in the. Sabbath sehewl,
coda r with the C.Oureb, at; which
about d Sugared and Ally person s W.lO
prise' ut, c hildren and adults.. Daring
the ail religious matrices, la plans of
•theord exercises, while th e hyrin
with , .Moot to Jesus Sot now,".
forty trag persons mu to. nit for
prayer. A t; the close 'of 'the services
about y persons riokidrosi for conver
sation and Inver. • f . .
The .doter•inart Xilsbytarian takes
strong and decided ground against tip.
doableto - rt ante - Sunday school on
the !dab th,lllnd urges is a ration that
the' ' fierkragy tarntatellappill
the Stiert ante °Phi child:ellen preach.
' ingl Therm is some Xrwatid..foi alas
vleir, sod yet' theist fin Is gtoterally
lost .sight Of Ilia . the indisposiliotant
yon'th to 'Wind - divine set:whoa mute
too reqwmtly from such eatuots r u.the
relaxation of Parental discipline; ten
_ _ .
And! the demoralize
eoetety, adcordutie
the Synod of Pitts,
:vancrelicsi • Lntherin
ested* whew tile se
ly of that body cone
afaineed this rotast, ,
ra. t a lcclille il ll nal 4a pi L ith : a d : burg oc r .cdth : P l t i h a tub friiy ri t:t g r 3 po ubit; th t o g s i-ti r i e b :
lles. E. F. Ehrnreld,
.mnel B. flirt: L ets, Ike
'', Esq., Pessinus; and
limn, Miss. Presided.
Scemberg and • Ft Oral?,
A' 'delegates to . the 'mitt.
General. Synod..:With-
into "the discnsilti' of 0 10
difre*eul iddeeligitite . the l'olholor4
°hop proper to say, is we Hader .
stand l o
st swear, the action
. nitined
above:. to b the parry who claint.adhes ,
c ot to 6 'Oaten/ . 13149 d, while the
,re l ed ; S chneratOolicil**44
cniu ; mtly se Fors Wayne,' lad.:
I We isellit . the Lutheran ettit . tN, Be!.
en* street, lies, B. . paster;ll4.t:
het:etc the lattezoildle the Atlegheey
essmcb, o which 0. Teakes, "EW/4 ..of
thu city, ma active . enemies, cithn
connectiowith the Gummi Synod;
• . Great en edam wee aroused at • ti e
detikation f the magultkent Methoelet
rEpiscopalChurch at Detroit, atchlgan,
ecently, b Bishop Eiimpson's mermen
on that ' :cm. A. CongregatlOnallit
nseeene, di "The Illahoo's iierm6o Is
wartittiroihtMdzell dollars to me, put
Sol Own." •
4 ,
A 'an nuipopdeut et the" Journal and
mseniget, '9 aPtlitl : declares that tbe
n u
i h ' not cialm Labe Protecoant."
He Shire are not "tiltremat
brute 0 tyik church of 01;:det,'7 but
l i k iong are the “legal. - Rua.
cm ge os ee Apostedic churches." ....
04 $ a warred et I grand
Beadily I detoonstrallon et 0.4 4 .
1 ,,,,„, • t lees 4 .; on the qns e u ot
Bo to , & i l ia to kid tbathEd to
, Rub t.' - ' ~ things wore °l° o ° P.'l.On;
blink ae Watertt Clirie:lon Aft*-
. to ieseisee u Well at
ask. 1.
Eufie y as Scholarlt:. Abot :W;_ 111 . , „,,,.. 111 -n.
Ili sad, shouraghli; - .0-.11
by the psalemsu and =aroma
yourmaniseS-Nbe usejr. is
sword,- but Om 'Bean wincliwilitlatnl
B. pee totobals, by wag Irs(giv I n'
Pod, lojbectose, mu '
I with iiii; 11 1 1; 111 :,,ITou 0 "r :P t !' er
;•4ho4si,ibitaiii; VIC )
09cler__ lit
ft laell willcomn
i l ltV • zeiteELelekirs
i -- ..--•". tOOkpitst in nit es" ,
. ...
ri: i .!.-i . '..
- ' - '''•-
—Maiinl is dangerously tit
/ L./4 Nerd ieywt 01. Silly Lis taken
refute in Beigince. •
—Thrrey-tbree" thcoms;d potions i
Bldg in Insimenworth, •Baum&
- 7 1(r. ?minion Is to lecture on the
Orient, ,Brokuk, this winter.
I—Fanny Kimble Butler *lll give
readings ni Booth in Jaauiry.
p A. bear Weighlog 960 pouudi n
no), Shot in Lapis county, Ky.
—.6.lollltiud, meteor was lean st]Wey.
mouth, Mats, en Saturday evening,
woman in Minim recently sold
herlumbend to soothe: rfotalto-S o o l2 °.
—The venerable Signor Blitz is still
alibinAh this to Bald to be
hli laat seasult. '•
..-BettyamtUttllyl4l,the dimmes t ,
ate the Mint of the Black Cropk !map,
—Albert Smith,* treedmah, Mui been
00004 )nstice of the , peace in Tams
by.Gon, Pope.
' , l 4fitilimhyle t an :Lodi, the renown•
ed csittati‘ce, datighter Signor
Bum• •stii, tkow singiox in Milan.
Aittmegh BM times are 'ay hud in
era', doire (s, ylenty ,of, rued through:
con the State, end ao danger of amine
— Tbit psilidans'
hive mitered totcran agreement rt,...'11
reuder Drofetilonal sroteeir to lima
i11 n,,.. t. tr0100 to psy. - ,
b ri bi an m ub itina n:ch l dou. " and
SathOr oz 'enrol widely rilka
books, is deed.
Bootch . vrea raster of a
unusual Dumber of co timarilas
seem to hate been dying%hi e n
Ciiristip e nediel year.. mrs,
Peto aeiPhie and died to year.,
!MU * "
It th of whom vre, have -tn
Jkoba,o.l. te a be" iu ,'
rept's Court ft, New Ort " the
1 1=7 ticuM, ex-millio Tel;
Igr and retrieve- nal" ' is °ia g
Ali forte mow.
gab. iltbough put eighty or
Tlidkit,. George w. Re ud ,
soaicis tad gay c o t n e zi air " - 7,'
bieddll t ic4lOwt. mid in Ida lasi j v i
- BM taila,diXolne been to •Ith ool
Ecamithiellibb Its. ni did. hatter: ge
I ' l ' 4 Orlatisg4l‘:
er " al icaPP , OOA Nog
BacbteteOr frro `k- b u
e rGrant
Clab. 1
413 - Aleut to lead a Cenral
HehefallYi ghitiat ; .
' l ot the lutg_hteat' nghtko!
eeoe—Moooemiam. - •
—The oldest latheeneUtofYittatopl,
New -77
Datiare .rieuepaters:
CORTfi4 , n,
y i teeetla BelcoN Alutenuari'. ..;;;
-4 4 1 **.kcW's
. —A tia!iiiialputlhs (lat;ley'a
up for, Hiealdeat. —;
—More the= a Mumma :teen are sic
pleyed Tntfie thattilleunie!'°f-PP.baq,"4
—the% it - aria:464'i 444 of
chavaistarthy,V.Oxfotd ; iLa g lisi k to
r inruae his teeth
to kill
raid *Rh,'" He to a multi. torriar to the
PriabytiiiirgOing to I •
tailik 'female 6: . 3.1146;. tt A.*
. ,
411 , deetituliea eittoineelpen - Ides.
pur:eocm,iblgi lei the
T.. Btewert'a
sscw:witrehoizie: three bninired .
rtrouesisd-dellara: • •
tieople ;liive &beady , wit
tiessed spectaetdar play of "Un
dine,!' in Motto.• •
--TeragCraria? revirais WO : gOing
In all tie viilakei and towns 'at IV•yom
inieirirnty; New Yoitt
-7-The was
armed ip inornaldg for General Maltby,
late Tdiyol of tivit City. - .
-Ttie failure of the petatoe crop •
the unusually heavy enoWs bade caused
great distress in
—The *elle to 11111edslo, Michiges,
are . ixot , the ttroutiA Is trona: too
Lard for the digs caw arms.
OP `colony 13:11Inrsd, id , iiss-
Igultmettic 1 04.1 . Ortit th4ussmi. dollorr
out of pocket by the latei snow storm. .
ttoa of Chicago riceivd j 2,600 a pliko
Thom two:gei9eni en; flr Onitsfmas glitz.
fr•LAil liC.x.lLusictizsetts
pbor hdatteogito took dizzier. with Gen.
Washington.' Ws - name la Moses Nys.-
--Tan thcaiind (10 bian'To
tett locale Nadu° of a item
Sim?" 69.'14e 'pcordo Of , bedar r LMainds,
-41,Ttholliand dollais hair been rub
isOibodfoifluiOittseas.of Augasta, Ma;
rot aapport of a good school ;for
to repeal, the prohibitory 11.
gnarls'' , will be Treeentsd to the Mu
nehtiaetri ',eglantine ,ea non es it
Itssissfprn Valley Navigation
.Costantirty is alnosst. organized. liew
Otlesni his 'received the proleat. with
much.favor: . ' .
• —Nearly a thousand letters with plus.
'tOgraphs were, received in Boston in rir.
ply LO an Advertisoniant for a wife "fei
a man of means."
ono bundrOd bud satiety-ono holies
irern.rdisgtdered for, human' food in
Verviers, Belgium . ; during the first three
'quarts:vier Ws year.
.-Joseph. &hart, . 'Chicago, hung
' hit/1130(in his own eellsi, 4 lll the after
noan, after hieing ,'eaten. his CbligISLU
dtnner with We family.• ,
• donieriti pitirs of rubber boots
and shoes per day are made by .400,000
worth of tesebie.ery theeCeuidee rub.
ber factory of /lON RiTCEL..
—A little boy, only seventeen months
old, 'succeeded la getting a phial of
creosote and swallowing it, ; on Christ
mas dai s in Cppago: . .7li'q died.
cirnggists are obliged to .use
the Ruastia lativtage la describing the;
drogi titter theArst of 4anuary text.
Lltia tud.Poliabtsrecontraband. •
--Tha - Lend= Bit 6 1410 f has
citm off - "li4;llDaDa",Whiell can hardly .
pleue . atr, Beechei, wham saccais' ws
novelle; d oes ZOt iot seem to he eatalw
liaheil ; .
—The aching board or Xinaira, "I:,
him prohibited all - onvaccinstwd children
frtim attending &amok ri at 'the_ swine
time slierthem all an opportunity to be
4. - basted .6ee or Charge. ,
- father in .New York:received pus
pardon ?tit' hle,son, fier a Chrietrau prey.
en; (Min GOTC:I2O, retain-I
,The young
man-was sentenced Mat Jantuu7 for tea
years, for embezaterunt,
A Judge is NVlscoesin to . riot the
tirea be had apointelil -for tha meeting
or Ortirt,„:t r tud, arrived; au boar alter
time, only to Hod .the Court adjourned
and no, ono left In the neighborhood.
r—g.eitizen of iChleigo recently paid
.10,000 for a set rrt bed-room furniture
In New A. pale of and c ,b ALra
for sala,latthe aurae shorwhere
Was sold, st tho'lnodetita l pets. of $2
—Tbe;NrennuntLegisisture has puss.
ad'ittt'act is thorbughry
It is to, Prevent peoples ',pitting thein
sOreence totnee' to ,whieir they do aoi
beione..ll,it siglance id in_ punished with
' •
. . .
~ , , T tte,prelessais of the Ifsftemfgedl.
4AV:dingo :dingo - dined with -their ,puptls at
thee Boston, on Ynds,y,
and stieilt the erenlig in soda! coaxer.
utlen au d singing.. flonie of the
est lights oit 'alma co were ft:relied guest':
—On Coristme• dly a yOupg than;
amid pdward Wiideij sttemptcd to .
jump train the fore ear of a . train to the
tender tad fell 011 ihe track. Tbil whole
train; cOnsistfienf nineteen am, reused
than . It war 1 Aright Wan on
the Chlesso ind•Gkeas Eastern Road,
"40 1 , - , 61 4 014 . q u Br
Ilie blossoms of a vast number of
weeny bet
! flew blowers: - Sear a Haste, in A ustria, the • nrtlf.-
co propegalon of hid atets has been
, weeds; glut ebrubs and trees, Ith .i tu e enced i, a . ntTover.4.l,oCo raised in a
are ted more or I 3by bees, or the -In England, a brewing pan is in pro
'Of collecting honey 0 b e g:, cos or construction, that will livid when
,bran ,or „both. The worth! weed P ! _
rels. of beer, and vath
l' tsto ' r i nVte l wiereg -it n'Ot In. This, It
and lio valuable frift erec, lowly a etated, will the largest u brewing nun
white clover and the rejenle t p tree; In that country; 4
each yield a tempting offe ring'°'
. . s . • -The fetal ntmfberof trees planted in
t° the Paris La about 148 OW ocu ing 7.44
• ,
bury little collectoray •
I )I,ropose to mention semesof the : elm io the principhi tree in the proms. '
'cent. erase entire men of the city. The
. E nodes; next cothe ;ha plane; the hone
flowers thlts seem 7 0 VIM tbe, most: chestnut; the merit., the linden, the Sea
-1 honey In tbis• section, beginning - with CIS and the allarithea. '
thud that blossom ir t sl in tbstitteing. :-.ln Parse It hs an enema to do nelya
..° iot. m'eP'e .v.. c to• an" eost It le n
o n e recently a %mber
na ..... .e. r..-, -.. a__., a,_ thine Mowing Museum. erase .r.mparoe•
earn that amount to much. Two a• of persons have been arrested by the po
i he e tea leering °own the copies of the
1 threee t potunis per hive of peculiaritastlin . et , r
tier . Emperor a ope
spent to eat •rn
k honey, are often stored from them. If Chambers from the wain on ch they
~_ , t he
to rra t mt he S . t.T e holn i asr o er s at t.
or sive nlj last of April, witen tie were posted:
Maple puts forth its leaves and blossoms, .
e, oiti.l-7,"°
there is very little danger of their lean- Thomas, in the objertioo or the people of
log that semen. The cherry mammon that nland to saddle themselves with
titer the matde, and 1 lundshes the btu United States hoped dutless,a little elan ,
abundant• and profitable employment ping trade among the adjacent inland,
The apple end pear !follow 30031 alter, being the source cf business. of the ma.
weather Is pleasant slough to permit the -Our readers doubtleas.4emember the
and veld considerable- - honey, INC the jority of the people,
b ees to - work. Weer z all that le r i d e r. horriblecatatstrophe rat Samtagc, in Chili,
e d ere, these omlyblowers t e ee p en dl y Isbell; SO many , !lean were lost by the
cons med . In a short time. In resting burning of the greatenthedrel. Smetana
h!" which - is don° C ztens t y°l7l " thl! t the he b P tu r'' d ituil leg m oirt Ina% a ree r udt na ertn l' i u nl
n, and supporting the beee: Lett to Mot It from the [try.. Utile earth. nod
sea n 1 had owasiontto open one Om, the fsundations enbeing removed and
hlv two•weeks after apple bldssotne, worked up into buildings.
and found the costa s well filled with -The English do not seem to like jury,
brood, but there was toot more ;than a service 'env betrer than the Americans.
pourillf bor,ey in the hive. la King In an Engfistacourt, recently; on ajo -
Idyl bee keepers MI sow a fteld',of ter - eneura'name being called, les, fell down
nips very year, and. harvest ott y the in ant •as severe that It sya.wriamy to
lag st, leaving enough in the grtad to cerrt• him home; end-enother juryman
blended in a L note_ Booms Unit be bed.
ran o seed the next year to oak a pas
ture or the bees, betveren fruit bi onto /X.Videoernlclictadlraraty,mial. nut
n i
end lover; but I find. that they o not o ci ii , . ....8 - • person .. try
' t° much fmth taollPal ilia ea 41. , '- The end of the Pa yin war is
whi ie grown extensively in Ls eft- nounced, the Paaguayans, completely
anon. t W he hlte fira c t k' o v f e irese m , 'anr.diactsdbkelnawnesm , in' ait ha n u o s f " ho's " tlli v e l i n el. 'kltler fu r
co lt n K rea NPe t n ot
atm six weeks. Thla la the Mein mu- two years and a hale w w
inehisiArqance (or mocha honey, Mtn It the I,y , been very bloody, this - war 1.4 happily
tuip and basswood being inflow s it the at an .end, and with the restoration of
same thee, it is imponiblo • to det melee peace, of Which there Is to Dar a pros
the yield of each, but la lave Ili: casts Peet , it is stated that tile free navigation'
no ewede , °n o t t o l ee f rom r m a p , [A d . 11/.lt.
e e
w ß o rw r d . ian waters IS to be open
ire fifty pounds of orplus box honey °
Mai g the season of white clover -The Pall Mall Gazette regulate the
W have a season between doper and toitnenceoi at' w o°w:Pair " i'm r : 2 :P:
buck heat, when there are very few itat "It bt norwitans fa% l ‘ ' d a !sunshine
flra IdrAgnifiby eaysthet, Litman! vears e° the fled of the letters or
play'buckwheat lefle mail depend- ;tonna woo printedni the Pahrsc c ol lect
en for surplus hooey. bat eIY bees risen Cut any of Is now alive recollect
hanever filled a single box from it, within one own cenrience any caso of
*Sheath there has 'titbit an tbutdance nowepaper politica influence greater
of it grown in the neighborhood.! The thew that which wts exercised by say
put ammo I had eat, a tdr i b eret - anonymous eoneamedent of . a journal
boxes tartly full of clover , honey, which -
under this famous denature.t
I left on the hives, thleklng they might - Mlle. Adelina netts recently gave a
party torus. Among th e e . guests
be tilled from buckwheat, bat they con- dinner
tninad rather leas, ah the date p 1 the Tr e i re nce Pr lu to w. wski,%te gyiial,tve&
buckwheat 303301 thereat the begiisau.,g , end daughter, MO. 1.110 dinner WO3 fol.
In September walowo • lo thin nelithoo , lowed by an evening luny , at which.
hood an atausdance of golden rod, a gen, pre out Dr. tuna, th comma
w e ed much visited by bees, and one that 'American 'surgeon, sod his pretty thumb
yields considerable ho ney , but !other. tort; Mr. %debate. anirstole de Caux,
winla worthless intruder in , neglected Signor Otraloni, wife and.daughter;
pastures anti fence corners. After the Signor ._ Tagil:no, vire and daughter,
!golden rod I and wild. Later, whch are' eie• '
loatat ly found growingli together. go to
seed• the labors of beta sire over or the
sense., 1 I.-
I have named only a law of, the many
flowers tint yield theft{ tempting stf eine
to the busy lea, so wonderfully adapted
by lie Maker for fts wort, bat they are
the test important ones. There le one
thing that I think is not t generally known
-that a bee always gets his load from
one kind of flume for instance, if a bee
t at work or golden,. rod, ha" wlll not
alight on the wild inter, although it may
tie close by, and another that le at work
on In aster will not leave them for any
othe • flower. Whether they Tilit differ
ent kinds of flowerent i their different
tripe, Ism unable to raw, bet .lknow
that ey visit only one kind of flower
! m e s a p.-G. P. P., iniCounrry Gentle
D not break the horse's wind by
haul! g the manure ever too - greet a
br th of land, no: 1111 yourself acid
boys in undertaking to, get over the
sant Apply the dressing to a lea
quay ty of nod, and get more crops as
the r lt, and with len labor for , man'
and . When the writer was a boy
his father used to plant from eighteen to
twenty•flve acres of con, broom corn
and potatoes amenity, manertng at the ,
rate of from fire to seven loads to the
acre and getting from Silken to _twenty.
Ave bushels of com to the acre, Averag
ing perhaps twenty bushels. And it was
worth then, from fitly ,to sixty-asiven
cents per bushel. I have since, on some
of the same farms, pZined a ceop of
core, upon wide& a p um wee Until•
ed me, of ov.r one !hundred bushels to,
the acre, and it is we:lll'one dollar per
bushel. But in order li do It I heeded
the injunctions given n and w boin I
careful of my hose's w nd. And after
DIM crop was removed,l and lie I land
seeded down, which was done with win , .
, tea wheat, produclognearly twenty
seven bushels to the ac , the land pro
duced good heavy czopelpf number one
hay. Now which Is the most ' profitable
some to pars vi to!, cultivate tree
acres well and get more crops,. o run
over twenty acres dr mote, for an ten
or crop, To work like the d- y If 1
all summer, to get the imeirh do and
Ind keep the boys on the Irking all the{ 4.
time, or take tinge a Unto ?More {cool
ly?-Ton =mistake yoeir own answer.
Wilt et spoil that *ca{or laud to Ito
without cropping for the year? Still it
not realty recuperate by' c renting a little?
Think of It, before you Immure toi tako)
up too much land,aed contrive tooroach
work for Um boys. 'lf is grass I 'run
ning out, turn it over , er baying ma
nure and
n reteed.--.leve viand opts
need. . I •I
Piticocrrx OF A GAMIL PIIIIY.T.- en
ing the toady years that I have eb a I
breder of poultry, I hare not bad au
lUtsoce of such precocity as the one I
am about to mentlen. On the 10th of
March Ibis year the fowl relented Wens
!nited. In July she showed algns*hat
she would soon begin to lay eggs. II
had' er and a cockerel pin into * l ' 4 ° l )4l
owl of which they have not been nee
then. On August 12th she began to lay,
and in 28 days laid 21 eggs. On Ms tail
of September I Jet her , with 10 get, 1
seven of which Were fruitful. Elliituss i
now six fine chickens, and althoug not
yet eight months old, she} looks as et-
esoly , as her grand:both er. l - Cer. Lei doh
Warza-ratfoir Hamad Bbscent? - I
A correspond:nt bf she Reid give e tile j
followleg receipt for harness blacking,.l
which he has Used for Several years,
l and is and perfectly conch:ad of Da excel
_ '
Beeswax (shred fine) eight oun l ces,
turpentine sentient to corer lt; let them
stand tilt the wax is dissolved (threh or
four days) ivory , black four ources, epee
o 1 ((I use snextsfoot oil) two enema,
Prussian blue two ounces. Bab ;the
nisei black , and Preselan blue well to.
gather to a flue powder in a mortar; then
add the ill, and gradually the other l in-
If It s and tharoughlY Mix them.
gets, hard by keeping, ,
'often tllth
turpentine. I have Daly one break used
-one end for Meriting, the other/for
Polisking. ' :I I
j Anntissx. ey Axons GOATs is ItY•
1 ehrook-The Americans have, by
nesting this Augers goat With the dem
i rican goat, proved that they, can produce
hair of a quality to eguali , that grown '
from a pure Angbre blodd. Tilthirto
the experizent has. been 'on a :mien
scale,' but as epdeavor is le belmadd to
extend It. With that ()bidet'in view,
Mr. Deihl, an American getatleman, has
been to Asia Minor, collecting a herd of
Angora goats for the punene of Import
hig them into the United 'States. On
the 4th alt, be arrived Id Liverpool
with a herd of ode handrails , and trey
four goats and five alteplierds. dogs,
They were conveyed - to. Mn Johnson's
cattle yard, Old Swan, when they were
kept nutinTedilesday, the ' oth inst.;
when they were embarked board the
ship Resolute, which - bit voce sailed
for liew,York.-Liverpool 4 11.4 1 Post
Ever Tax Onnts Tnittryr.-A calf
kept, in winter and summer, In thrifty
growth, at 3130 years old, will make as
Medi, end More beer, than fi ne neglect.
fhlly 'kept at twice that age. The profit
Will be toned on 'the Mile of the two-
year old, and theldss on the foulest
old; yet the owner Of the latter has par.
/Med thie getou t if:system„ it Mei be
called,. with the idea he wan he lag
Money. Seep the t 6 . animal, two
years Inngerin the tame way 4 and some.
thing vary Madame in the *ay of beef
will Lathe resaltzvalle thestarvaling
can never pay the expense °tits rearing
and teedlng.-antrot and 216.14 ‘ k • ,
, Teszianstrni tiute . dlos= - Wo IIP•
prebend a correspondent of alto Mama.
the ?Wier tells the expenenee ••of most
dairymen WhO have b.,,ci image'
I to buy , thread:W=le v ellums . when he
ys that one which be til d brought
Ike hatter In legit then thrennelnutee,
Doan butter Bonldnot We iold for
moss map ten cents , per poled, while
that mule feetub ehuiri , Afaity or
forty telantet, void -for WrVl, oats tor
_ Tun Cesinhailtanenstn; - Thori•
.31, Meehan Ante trite in or nO ' , tithe yr
len nropersy l i o tauleed , teit`l el' Med
-1 aged, it le la bisFikat Pt* _ cifetata
late sort "dm thisandeftearT.lnt."•:„
Mtn down in the spiting 10.11"_„...--
feet, and pp le f ,boat!
° P 'Arc .._a
the root en the terrace •Of Uli Ilm.." "
su s the time tog die oat,
b o ut' /aim
lloglecr ot Productif ° ' eh l
litideialte 7
‘.. l
Nij...43.Y.-1 , ,. : 1868::
—An actident,.j width' AWOL' have
proved very disastrous, occurred at • Sus;
ray Cartel, • London, on Sunday night,
Depember 17. A adman mistook apiece I
of rising ground fora bridge, and drove
his cab into the weer:. Inside were
'gentleman and two 'adios, who Inerraw;
ly escaped drowning but wire.altlinate
lyasteued by the bystanders--; Ttie le-
elf. are very-ill, bit It la providential
that the accident bac uo Worse,Lssue.
—A 'Singular cast. of icauccessibl: sul, I
cldi 'occurred et Lynne, Fromm. '• A
manlnamod liontagrter, a carpenter bY.,
trade,. depressed,. to Is He:night, front
havlngilinslpattld a legacy" which ho had I
received, fired four stout,frotu a re , rolver.j
under his chin; the tullets lodging in the j
upper part of thelharynx. Ho was to- I
ken to tbe hospital' fen otortdolon of great
danger, Mitt his devils 'is- not yet an
pounced:. Te resin sure of his pagaise
ho had loaded three mvolvers. -
—The tfitivernineit of icustrla 'had
proposed+) that of Italy a convention of
eat, edition for deurters and non•ap- j
peering ;conscripts. The . Cabinet of I
Florenee'declined Moreno. - •Consectuensl
„tTleaYto the Debate d Vienna, Italians of
A " nose elessMwill as be Seated in
es the prtnelpleo admitted -with re- I
• to deeerterasts after those wille.b
regulate the resident° of foreigners. In- I
streak:J:ls in this tsetse have been given I
to the Austrian authwitlew: ' •
. —ln UM a young mm in- France ran
from Joigny near Pais, to Appolgay,
disfaiice of fifteen tales, In sevonty 7 two
minutes. The weeder was bad and- the
road quite muddy.. He was followed by
two judges on homesick; , On complet,
ing the fifteenth • role the .young man.
breathed free,•'end thawed no slims of
distress, while the Willett era •which the
Judgett wore momted were badly .
•Iblown." -How 'way' of- "obr Modern
pedestrians mn equal this feat? . •
—The. klarcoli &Etre, Lsrmarly -an
oLllcer of The Frenci Navy, director of
the arsenal which b being founded in
Inkolisma by the Jstaness tloternment,
arrived at Havre, Fiance. reclotlYtu
pertntend the loading of a French vessel,-
the' Yablas. Her sago win - Consist- of
numeroua meettinesfor Working metals,
at:tripwires= fur nesting vessels, .and
some Improved 611.11101111, with their sup
pliesof cyliridricalaideonital shot. The
vessel in queadon will- very oweedfly
leave for Yokohantsand Feu-Tehran.
—71.4 Dewiest, the assessor the gaming
tables at Baden Bain Is dead. Ito was
a man,ot . great meant, lived In a palatial
house, and tempted 2Jrnine Ina reckletw
manner. His Inthenee. his ,colloseal
fortune, and Ids zoning talllee, - Where
prinewoond enninnuars met on equal
greand. won for hal • the covietnea
°King Benazet." The sole study of this
man woe torchdeigunblinguesinctive
and festinating in raelble, and the host
evidences of Ms sincere are, the crowds
that thsingod hisptincay eitablishusent
--Ai:reader attenied with painful ode;
etunstances, hat ban co/wiling,' at . Le
deee,. France.' Aleut six weeks since. u
men named , ifeurieres, aged sixty .one,
, what:eed a awn of left fr. to a neighbor.,
a grocer, named Combo ; committed
' , Ode from despair in consequine' itflds I
&editor haring comerameed judicial pre -1
reeding, to enforce payment.. Three'
days back the Oa of the deceased, aged-. I
twenty•fonr, satoker en the Lyon s way, returned home, and, atter romala
a short Pete with his mother, went' ,
to the shop. or Condor tied shot hint
. through -theflutal wits,/ pistol; ' killing !
Limon the spot. He then made orT,,a . ad
ibis not since been caphired•
. I •
t Ja stated that airlitiglish lady mar- I
dist to airliallan nablestan. listeDdchowo
Ceserinlitterra,',hai .been- expelled the
Papal territory .under circumstances'
' which seem setriandinary. The
Derheafe 'villa at Rail was sacked liv
titer , iiin4bem Logien, ft Is saki, altheugh .
by, song' of protertlin she had hoisted tne
English flag • ever its 'gates • 'Having
lodged a‘ comp/airy her geese was. or
dered to leave Ito= within twentpfoor
bona. Legally. of Course,' she hadlost
her betionality by Marrying a subject of
the Pope, bustbefect may be taken ea I
an• Militant/on tid the : Itasca gee which'
Trance wishes every power in Europe to
guarantee. : • • •
41 of -- th i e ber w i o a rl an an eart .
stp t p o ly bo o ht r e i arced u. sogeo en
Siberia and the Mr of Lakorr are for thd
most inert only'an Iggiomoration of wand;
kW and elephants' tooth. At. every tent-
Text the scannas kehore heaps of
Angmmothe maks ;and the Inhabitants
ate able to drive a profitable trade Mt the
fowl Ivory thrown uP by the wartime
During the autumn inaumorable fisher:
men's barks direr Weir 'counts to Ode
harlot bones, and In winter immense
v es o m ys va d " raN tAk en beytheing,43eani, °reTuurtnelnBlglothalril°pedn.
with the tusks o' the enommoth, each
weighing from ots hundred and fifty to
two hundred tromps, The fosail Ivory
thus, obtained t'nfin the tertian North is
Imported into China, and Europe, where
It larmployed fortis) name .purposo as
ordinary Ivory lb tasteed Ito the elephan t
and hippopotamm of Africa and Asia:
Tbe Isle of bonda ham served u a quarry
of thla valuable ,material for export to
chma for dye hundred yeara; and - it il3/1
been exported to Europe for upwards df
one hundred years.'llut &ha auPP l .£ from
these strange mined remains. main:tire
'shod. What a umber of Accomodate&
generations doers not this-profusion of
bona. and tusks Imply, .
. —The London nowspattaYs renort toot
too Episcopal 'Church of r.o3.nd
project lion foot for the eitabliahment of
a Southern University in the United
Seabee, and the roodetance of English
churchtneri In attaining that 'objeet
been sdugtd. bye publiehed circular.' It
is"etsted byAbe London ,liivertisor that
the ...movement' Is not a sectional oar.
It idlotendoul as en offering to the whole
Amirrican Church, and not to the South--I
ern States as °Entreat the Northern, .Nor
dew, it proceoflirom soy ?tingle 'tarty in
England—both High Church and Low
Church are assocanal In. it, All the
archbishops ttml ruoatof the Mahone, nil
the Colonial Inctropolttana and, teeny
well known 'Motleys chetah ophempr.
approve o(11, lad blue eXPreented their
willingorteAo co.operite. Several emi
nent statesmen. both 'conservative 'and
lib era l, have promised to assist, Among
the anbacrlbars ars Mr.. pladatone.' Mr.
Gaylhonle Mend,. 'Earl IffinbriPe.,..Pre
Mali of Shatesbory and Lorddebu man- ,
oerOr Upon the corattatteessao the Earl
.or. co:moron, Lord ..Cratibourno, gaol.
mum the Arthhialtop of_ York, the
Bishop of Oxford,' IM. neraffent
sad Mb. Gladstone. .'There • certainly'l
aStld be nO better reProsentithin •thait
this Of dittos/1d sectloaa or churchtnen. '
The fsiding which law hxl -to the snove.
meals the , 4ereire. 'to den*. .loser the
hands 'of ri,vmpathy bettieen England
mitheitlnited States and the. FA:IIM
aud.,Autertota, Oburclula r
Mcal i Th'irOn la 0. 6, American bhunp.
whwyoed:the Pair,,teollati'Hyned
yroduced.ser:r aridity - in, re•
felt that 'lAowlet In Alm
estignommento or rather the pestorhi aa ,
ortheldonaroffrk Llnlnemny,would .fur:
;friendship and mutual
tn*C2,,l'Vell'he a pluming mOmetit4
~ i
- "--.«.- - 1 0 00 - . 'l. GEMILIt NEWS.
.. . e ilivprea i =A patroltszt was! Bard •twenty-five
• ' ' ..' f ; ft - di ett sl4l o . o . l ,
e d?llara is theatty mint of
.Brookty ft, „
_i t , i n k c hr , he. pmpared of ysina.ra ~._
___,,,, , irm. i subalng a eir.en Minecewarlly. , 1
nuomin n( ranricells, and of
g ,,,,. rar "- 1 - Ttivlictale 'cerj• firin of ' Cate
tie acid prlperly thicket - I , M. will which - - •• -•' . -• Inv demi Ter, Wendell 4t Co :of lat..'Lanis; has
F ht
inefthamble ehamcfera mc be t rU ri 'd ea ' , - • ' - __..kerreeusil., relied with IbiTitiee t to the' amount oe -•
1;144.5. with a pen: - Its me try:larking 'en it - '.19.' le. ~ a half ' -, , :.,, •
battle : 7, graduating tubes, tint, rill be I ltta ''.. " • ''. I a aai et . ' .--- .• - 1
evident to every cne. /
.. , ' tr. • ,-oplole_TACl --JeCab• Seidl; Mold citizen 0t'11.i.10....
. „gee_ Rimin! divers= fatally stabbel loth
-11 t recent ex emeriti., 11 ha been' V.', k:,4 1 101 , E1.=0 , '91119, LiiinaLcwh o s„ w ir e iett ..„.„ o „,
ascerialurd that Pe a bullerpnoingtrrough - I.SWA/ 1310 ,
a glees st s very Sigh ,veloeiV dieters , , •,•;:„.,_cc,_ t ___t7.l4/ t a i rer._
~ ' • her and Imar on Thursday, - . . •: ..
t h e ~,,, ad istee h h . h t slow sdooty, tar, ka.. „,,.thilita man. I, -The I
~, niter- factory or A. h. ..•
Between the two chute 13 a. point 'where • IMS,'ithertftwiti t ied In the t Delaporte, °tooth Diatom 11 - 1 , 1 destroy
the bullet makes Jx - round 'minor the ; ntlyt Elotat t v. weeks ofl ed by' fire "llirs,lay• night. 1,0,4, Atty.
same diameter as itself. • • dwaslwiW_,), the time thousand delin. Insured for el -I,t thoii
--Investigator:. M the lasi. of sound , h-W . ,- W. MaiallW- .., ",•l i B • • san d l' ''t ' • ' ii'i
report that the round wares' malting •-; r .., i , --......40- .of. the; -Levi J. ',laptop, clerk in thituft• ,
thorn' tome Its orsluary speech sailiin ; thire„.2.7ooY. teeth five of the CM San Minsmrivpllt.alsruy,
a from eight to twelve Pet Inlength, .-. . Paper Atrapyrille, on InNeris Yorkity,-has been arroited tor
white thptm of a wornan'ervico ere from 'a ' Wile ate yd the other robbing the de of eleven huutinal dot-- : .-
two to ouricen hence theaitch Wit wo- newts th,_,,,,,.; ' •
~:..• .lers, mid cmilses hiacrinie.
man - voice IS mor e Um an otters " - tikes 0137 s s i rtes td
wit, is' --The Neyrorkslreriafd Is informed - •
I, le. er than that to a /391; mkt in Ith , E,.. b t.itken,.ol., , , t he Angel.. that me timid' Perry ..t.• Pe:limit's, of
eiii i
his er gnad. la two ctavo. • ;
.1,, a .s•ictll. revolver, North Adtmillassacbusetts,
„manunc., ...I .
n Switzerland, watcher (tee mad, Midlashe wino 'apposed tonne of wool good., have isoled,quor
'that are Marvels of azcurry- Of nth Ma ricarlacil ,
, i. . , liabilities bed eta 514000: '
seven re-Mating watches bat hate b ••.. tram Ida .. Ida ~. 11. P.„ It is milked thatenearly• seventy -
tested at a ,Venfchatel:'Switerland, sin ~,, , w d t, , t aw . .. • . t hai aand _ „ at . ili s...„‘„ ,e . ‘ .. 00„, .. „ .,,, , ,
1800; the mean variation am poly 4or _ . ..., -- ~ ponsylvirdo,
um_tyttuesets cea ph , ..B d d a , is klyn ea their own and other's
stworat in.l ours. :To . 1 .12 the ....
. isaii ,,,. . h I . l ri ving com ,by t h li o rg rt i to n
, li r . i. l•; , ti n r w tee oln u e. houdrcsi..
variation WaS 5ee.,1.01; a MR, 1.23; -, 1 i tt.... a. ,Mi5i1 ., , ,a_ef eettr e ye„.
nilTro. 1.t7.
n i tla n r i e rids o.q . u ° ; BB; rtere hl t Bg t a ite g. c 7 l: 4 "ron . .." ' 7',.r,.. 1i4 737, - Gei* ,. : 4 l L -T irel'4 ,__' -Tho r -- cent of ' the
thatern obSerbed In 15.60,0 mean • , •soo.i , ? i , h camplg i A , 149nAXI the :thane State House, tell ea% •
lion with les* than half n stand • •,, •• . .
i tho Be ~ •, • Saturday nix damaging 'the all to
•...... t indted 'cache" 'the extent °Anne. Au effort is Wog i
. -The teniiinn or liquids has ; 1.901911 .9 1.09‘9111:0111 mpt Eir am i n - •
made to Mischa whoth building coo •
been sionioustrated by sots French p. *
i•lq . 'theona . sl;eo . certlfithia de t ai le d, • •
.. .
Iseophers. A ring of the f wire dip . 79Scuidod a be Ignorance:
into a liquid-to for instran glycerin. . tat of bie I d ,. sh . te d , -The eleon of President of tho
comes up.with a film Cilia up theivhc. the Withe had t - _,:, , . i ..,,..., led Faniattrotherhood, which, 11.!!.9 to
interior- at is shltwa b experimen. • iittetharie. -- • phii _ aei. have taken aro in Now .York,rester-
that this film will bear one weight ~ _ 0 ehni d i d itg . ta apftlac ea day,iir*Stued nil Monday, inCanoe-
fore bursting, a'nd that :•loCip or alt - .._,_,, 0 11,445,o7 r Ifolo: ,1.110111:39 of thaumarrival of members of .
thread thrown upon it iii,aa the i . • --ed. masses
0 ,0- - i , ., see s, th e council. , . . .
bonds, los pulled cmalsll. -- hi all dir• • •on . 1 49 I L e ltiery of the ,••-•1517a.
ca ul who was convicted- of
terns, and mode - porfectlylrcular by • . arre& --- to tbs.S -- de ears off,the leaving caul t e'deoth of 'Mr...Mary L.
tension of fhb liquid. ".-- - ... tiehich :threw ly.injumd. Moortiousea Brooklyn, New loth, by 4
B.,tt-1,,,,,,,,,c,Z,d. Leen:L.4 bat , ;No one •IP
pnaluchnt sabortiou, seas t. , utenced is , •
- certain - testae fisic,termed e , ha lid e, i, i, : t a•Li s tet oppowd "Procoe ft de m d tb u z
8 13 nite rook o ltelly co . art to two yews , in . .-.
the ii.w..ntora9lasit corrol , which w
serve ne rs-substnyto forthather sera • 're be fe ll dead ' *, : ~ -An cede, compiled from statistics ,'• •
nd baud for. driving schinery, e - ' I' : „' ihtresidenes of collected tllto. Governors of dm heath. •
The warp :and woof srwrmed oft . Sieturdily 1 . 11 PL , ,,,, h „ t0t t tit i_ 'ern Stet cis the number ohltos •
;bread, galvanized, or ofimth, cop. Gaflaghor, otitis - -• , - ,_7. and black. t Louisiana, Mississippi, „
, flaz;oation, wool, herupm any oth -„. z . 1 h ad a . 0 0.7 oe wearing Alabama Gegiaand the Carolinas, who ..,
textile anhatanoe. The lanthfutruah • ''' stolen. .1.0 ma en a marm condition, ht three m il - .
with mechanism on Saczard's spate' t o: : aha d gn i, , doill n -P04 .1 0 r1 , :4 Ijons. •'. . , ' ......• • . •
Each threadof the woro ;ma a con .
efts..:.Wo edWetr e r r d i c h ,,, ltiti h , h ana ti h t, Promise awing the• mOnstwes 'to •
ual croMiMt with the•arci. ,
'• ir shootingirwai,
~.,,,"•,, w - h - .,,, - - ree ,,,, - .. Ibe imbrnittem the .21 snood Legisla- •
Ari 'improved meth/ of wet • these , - .„. 0 • - - ,,, h i - t h - te tavola Jana; Is a bile to regulate ••tho
wool, iecently patented liEngland, co ham cang - ht prele"„,,s ,„„-- - I - , sated orli t o'licensingiutwsly homes,.
• slots in making two. or Inn Moots in .-ffantiag.ol l .."7 -- ' end it in intact - •. hugo sum ix being '
many preliminary • owng machln
...- - * les S WOW" or- itmlin , gt.i '' - o ' -- he a: "IteeSeeto lob by *ha _
has hag rollers, and theleading dm .
_:,__,.. ,__ t .„,,ileat onWednies- bliOhroughhelti the movement.
shoots to the feed rolls oho carding t
t t . 't h r i ‘` h. " - ti. habit of Mk- . / ietii :lfhl =plat the Cotur i gisalon'ers of
gine; according to the stngth or ttd . ith
slant: 11° Witt thing. an sari Itiontalitioto far this*Yoar slinwa an ,
nem. required: and combing lido o• • mea to theebat, c . d .. w hen ....
Ito ; hew ., o r t hero i dtwe h t . a
A g_reatec thicknes of weed or
Baal dh reh .e att , th a t , l aaha ii tteed, • ' : •Igil r . 43 , l t l Of' f 'r o Ca r L i r,. frrnst, he lifted over lastytof 11.82.. The cash in the
sol pulling the hands or 0.. - lonimholoners Is sll,ood •
variegated colors and acres attain mile tram their.
ouddenlymn. againsalf24,tht the same Sm.) last year,' • ,
by varying the calors anstreagth 0 from thelld, tbewe...
... wog coffee ; into and art MO. to the revenue fund of :
sheets or librce. • ; - •
--Silversuilths often mplain of , rested scalatlol_ iih , at , itta ,,,,,..
, brittlenes of allow et (lest and Itad ~ Me manner. l ll4 , , - 7 _ ' -It Is Minced that the pay or op-
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was saceyittEssnast Dzwion's two '
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tint touching on them • • '" *wt. - - w "V - • I •Li ;\u se -At Santa 1 New Mexico. on the •
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i.• -The N. IraeratireSpeclal Myer '
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delayed .
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''''' ee. " 4 '...`"Pg faain taf t Wae . aahal l., '''''. ' i'hislearhlN.l.)Courier of Monday ,he encourages e . taming and - public " .•.
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promised tbenygyOmChtlidnalesnat • l'elle• that ',the Lord had taken her cht ah e .d- 185 ct fece.
Ingforthcoming ..,rthl. tenth? a tir,s and. [anent that -twine rowdies 011torin Ole erfethere,„th ‘ en reverted-to
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ability, and I , ,re man or. irreproachable'
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the wait h t a -a " I I 'c'e's 'ste m %Ma • a• we aiww ----i mese, e i:
....... ....... ee * pnt In an °rpm asylum for a time„,any ,
.groarled- Is agog Imam . .„ . 11 m i . .... I ler Pbeilin.". - . - s, ---- .1 afterwards Maimed by her orent :• .
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