The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, January 01, 1868, Image 5

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1 - WEnIrzsDAT rhe chrlstian mid, fol.
I t ti,
lowlig traditions ihat nin .
-.- 1 F , eighteen -. lmdred_ ! years, ce the.
In lumen . - From
;,,' •- . that 1: 61-fa hle ct on tie des of
Judea what-vast sadgweeloughlkences
in, . ---• went out, which_ Gall opera/ ever
‘ f ' -r -Wrideniiig chess; and Wait_ ?Onus to
-;: exinind until they 1111 - and Aligner the
whole earth.' • . - -, --
!.. - e! „ • From 'that cradle to' th e ils,
!! hors
i brief the space I hair raciliArus the
9 somatic
Thsferoaa W 62 `the law'S bal . sif
Vinitivejli!ti, -as the grim # gtuum.
ly'gellows isnow. That omen
victim was stretched oporiiiin It be. N.'- •- mune trmuggured. !No kmf In.
.„'-'l,. etmunent of penall'exmailort,
!! \, end ehall Stand &from. th. rn
t 'of
.• 1, the irorld' a inaratioit; grey fsir
•••-, • and geritle women hire stead
a tt tam
- . deny in Utile bosoms;. trenin
'.• . IN_ I:rotative looked peal.
tq , it , :trda 7 tar
. . , .
' deliverane; won min in deep
concern "of, Mt, have drat in It
-their highest . invitations ; ; ai Out
i auembhes have crowned *el it the
• temples in which they Wonsh! • !
',- Well may events ere rumpus and
• bland, cause us all to coati lace day
, froni the stir and bustle, th e has and
• art#eties,'cor the presmallfejud joy
and rejoice In that serene
stoic hope
:" thai'nes only gladdens ether= sew'
its hallowed light far e ve r thris.
of the •
DE..1711 OF XII.
, •
After a long end painful
YanotlfcConcto . City Coale, died
yesterdayof Mollie, at his nleacn . O%
Penn street. The deceased Ada th
place in the estimation oildtficrw
tens, sad ranked among takes. - a
was born In Pittalmrgh, and the thile
of lit, death had attained play-fillet
• year. 'He was oeScotch extroc
lion; and partook_largely ; die peal
: !softies, Strictness,' fidelity honed!
of that clam of oar -people, Moyeall
• ego he was elected to the Cipouncs- r
. Select brancla—where Mtn and
• mental qualities were dismfad, tat
Leal° hiinoutiation andsltti n gi , n k
• important municipal ottice '
ler. The city is largely 114;to his
financial fo; tie Macto i l
adjustmeatof the railroad 4ifacul
_ ties, and likewise for She ea:tatter
t which themmuctpd Affairs foils*.
gararad duilire his succesatietta
t." v r - °Moe. His abilities Men Isca
elated bye/1 Ousel ofpeoe ad
. the recent elation 'hit. waive •
ancceadtd Betiublican csalia, bog
reelected toida aria' by tiandok i ,
mjoritl nis iteith oteadmFoicaor
'in pianos otOontroller;tmoupplit
by City Coto:Mils. • Besides 41114 it
Sae, Mr. McCanno was Uri gigue
in the nimble cutting hada, has •
extenalfa works on PennOed. gje
fidierafitakes place this rasilig at tens
o'clock, and 'still be attenf by bc 4 t
branchce of Council and j. city OM
, ~
~,,, - ; li_thrsymasi LOICco."
... • Thera are probably not Ad of od
_ 3 ,,f. ; - ; readers who can remembeitreCtuist ''
t ; :I --* mire war spent in the eltilPktallursth
l ...-;
. . so long !ago is. 1818. - T people 4
-4-- : • those dais do not seiM"-thave been
, - r....- ~" given - to atunnementr , in ; public way
• i i ', '
." •at least, -- fdi in looking (STOP= old files
;. ' „we seo no,mention made anyplace . of
1.• i Oldie patertainnemit eteiduring the
. • C. , . .; • leliditya -We read; -*Mir; that.n."
,; . sermon was preached cor - intornieg of
‘:,' f";*•••• , - Christmas day, to the ..1414. School
pi-. ; -„*., . ;." • -
'children by the Hat. 314t , annia..._On
~..•: _ " • ,'.. I this occasion "several I ' children
.„; r -
of both ' sexes; who had . remised
L ;?•.," ,- -- from Idleness and vice," - • with
; -.;,";"." .• - ~ *. their teachers and deq ue thentle . Ives
- with exemplary pirOi
".•"*. i .'"A;L:-L, .' .•of th eardelefroaceddeir this, ".
•,,,, , ,•, : il-, - ....L i ••:„- _ • thought there wan "no • ' such.;
1•...,.A . •*-- , -•-',"flokittniigirwtre inicrej 'Uttr in
i nis
„ v 5. ,,, ,-.' : L Able city; where:Me - : " of. the
"' . I
population wire aueleii ' 'of
, .. th eir children. - lie over
t.,, ' - thiji bail Iriductuse exertedir.therm" by
- ,
the. constant' influx ofuz ; . and
,•,1= ..; . • hoped thit liberal fwould_ see
..1 ~ , that, ilio• "Sunday L Belli damnation s
•.t. , . • . ' did not expire.", We athim told that
•,,' '; - . the editors were parl iciel pher i ple ase d to
find wharremirkable ey th e
-. . ..
".! 4 pupils of the Memoi. Ilpf.. b attain
: , L . ed, especially in grant' ud. - -geog ,
Inky, as evicced in the;leyeathegex
-.1 •L •• libltion the day before. Is wonder if
" theserwere all the *aisle - people - of
.those days-had •
of pithy awning
.., t . •."7: themselves, and if .th i*Joylid.them
' 1 . s
, selyei any leas ,
on - We
'. wander toccif any'of tluhs who - were
-. so proficient in vanunand geography •
74- , N,* . - remember the biterest ex
;l:.'.'f Itibitbm 01.1818. - ..4 -/ -;.
• •: 1 , '-' .....! • ASSALGASIATIOI7.-sigimt,„itheJil,
''L l '"•••• ' The Be,. /di" B ( • •• a eel iid
i, .. i preacher,Addrused_thrrMtheky Col.
~•...", -, ":,.....,-,,, ored "Corrogolob, efiasys, iga, in
• , ..;:il2, ' these wordi: . •4
The fcrince of this intrp.44jPendk
note° mach on Wins a U la =r,.
es It does on the memo( alld
F. . • tip; they weigh down Ipeople. Then,
and net•
.--, ". untilthin„wilecoontrylsre
Il i l s.d l uk r f jt ii geer sew giwbieleti
•., - looked so Well,' in =Ares,- es a good .
: brown colored woman. lad Zit wasn't
"-- .
so, we don't' need thedoebl equality;
- - . because our thieruivthalkitefolka, here
, • , ' '.. kindly managed it thir even'
F :-. altade to chasm f rom , lin the deepest
.... L
~ ~• - • let black to the purest inn ••• Minh
'"r• '' .-- ter.) "And, as there aim - ladies pro.
!•. -'
rent , allow - me to say tlethe practice of
1 social equality has not len as our aide;
best on tee part of nutria^ who, in
. • ' their dark and deyknirays, were not
• ' • *Woe able, Jet us- eldtabl_,f.,OVPOlel.-
by tell ." black Trees This social
tonality has not been tight by us, but
' they haye run alter naiad, though we
are now ecannelpatedmid -.1:m4 they
. - haien't stopped, cL L . .
A voice-" We'll•
stsit when we -get
- . the. Madmen " • ' -
' , ' .Ted, that's so. Theca& better not
- . come mywey, even noWinsayto them,
•, - let ns alone;_wei don't myt az i rixiire.
'..- . - Li r toleY had
wlutt tOl m or e . I 4; blit h es t " It fs„ Te
L.. my greatest trouble her ...pcMy,bicir
i i „ • Inn right. Don'ttilk slut co d atilllll.
A - ' sty. If I was a white an iedocky
..if . I would hide my head;lwerd t Mall
'' don it with so many eXecacm standing
around My. social equity.... We don't
want any more of it.X.Hp on your
--, side of the line and NOI keep on our
,-: .... .• - aide, and in the MUSS t dorm Wank gel
tac where Clod left at •-,
There is mere fact 4 ; ie.'''. •
• brief paragraphs than So We
Along of democratic -artily
• jec i , ' plipers,.touthing this sail
Ameerding to the cermet,
wed' 312,7'2 (mulattoesi
. matei- of that. 4ift, • ildre
L . ~. Of - the 112,12 ;'rho werel
. '
larger Pat bad probably
tem in 'consideration
. ' . --: ,eirlathers were white: .L;
L.: Most of this aniallatithea
.. ' • - 'llstarjon the pact!of tibl,
'' .••• 'esiscerlin consameni . ..ol
; "Bar gitmtuch of
e w ot o tt iotimatorit,
- it. Sotrosoir, wha m
- elected "Vice Piesident, ,
*.< the black wommk whom
be the oateduri of Michild
was a fore indanee. The,
nearly 'Ai hcndied r
Weretf Illegitimate ,
• ;ethos% the consent ot
'0.4 4 t WOZ4
clani7or aa y let
power oiectbeit rev
ceitabily result,
ANDIM 0161111101itf
.1411121444 U italtdckll
be bsdresliteanuxt
s itibjtair coed '
__: , l-.-.7.:-....
„ 1\
, ,-..„,,,,...„
Al - l . :
.0, -',..-- .•:;
• _ • I
selves On thso l P 3 " 4 ''. ' WUXI& in Zoom at /form .
h e
8.'60 &dui "7" Um of the appearance of the
Pen tu;d er. 4041 by p : ' 1 t o m tin Luther at %MMus.
right, Esteoligr - -.- -..„ . - ' 4 111 4 ii ll o xtail', In the steins -
It may, mith• s iskOf !tenet , • 3 ' " xis *own ilkstaird on the reklis
that no aet of Will . bad • / ato,Befceosics ell, gads It at esplias,
r woo ogogo
a okia .._ -.• 1., Me_uord-Bms. Tide wrier
" rho Pornen f et '''' - -
women, alogether both Luther
s bo o *mud ' his ' BUS. It his days the .
fotif4thetio and, It '• '. Wu 'bellied la not as an -
mu d or *kali • ' mud conditim of Mingo, long
tee worn= haeseif,„!° 41 ' t cod fora IFSfal Plapirse, but
I,, Ne hoe o t okß , th e - ••• ' Of eTtrey .ay expsfionee-intkr!
lot ilia tocodotahreitin the
.. htto. the min of the natural so
Eltues, "here Miff.._,__ i that tlatwo waxed to be
ii i itzu
enoaltants weinliFme evi ' b y mixed. - Whoever has rekd
U Btates acalaineled ibil lardy the meals of thoie tg ,, 66,
cans can prom; elf The/ WY have
mm down - from coat*.
there. The D rew! and
.. L .
mithorif, cannot fad to ha
Bus preluded ulillreol l a d •'
d o ( f9 l / illipased with the
E mou
that all men of 1111_. 11 11 nB Or aeo n a nd ciedulfth r
found it caroantosep
.comoson AVMs miraculous, : d
lfason'and,Dise* • lir . .
to abuse when
1 1 tared beyond ; Whim Co to modal . ideas, were zeal
equiped With mippitioloon,_ and o rloehenairmaf people then 11 .L
1 feathers were otellfl° b e .-
'l° Wined beim; toles tiP ...„
~.... In their ifeelrfo°, t o ~ .r. ite cum.... with '
slay agreeable Mail-. most gime, anddointemble thing&
ohted, thocihnotke Ilepo efdle not p rat ed from his
if not alsointely,lllo°.°l?°4l4 - thin - * dlibaber in seek
empt frecri pairtic6o,,hL.. th is .. I° Iddelr-laiovells °minas's:
Bat we pannotialf ‘ Puocfm- g . illgestli. His weakoess con
tams to another ptiti:llllße in shariagome et the sup
Akes7 cataattoeiolouthe*of Xs agefis cconage . co
un t
th en we re , w o ks, the coumatung ides that be ertor
the elections, 4 , 910 , 2** who to- be. et 'spirits., powerful in
Democratic tickii*lf we d Put.
Insist th at eitheriii4ili --- 7 -2 -----e-------7-`
ea r
fay e x o t i c th e waribut, come Poat hat are confidence' in the
all theiiircwlllisillut,smhat we , wil7 of demoette Mae-holders Meal
the two will l co i#J h oe. NanYkul ago; In the palmy is ilai
opeot, - but of Sackscast, we remember a
Placed instringt*when the' siwt wu sent into the
oto houttdoa pima*, coast 'kyle's, to loaner educial places=
For ' ohmic; layots th ere ilia quarter. is did not find honest*
/%l d ondattoosaim3Deape c tit ails among t/ men, but No mop
and in Missimigalkilik nallatunet Be mos foss one yellow who
20,876 DemocramElarartioas do - been Phmearg right and left, and
f oci . wo a d , o ho i bi s a.deg o n e tit all his pockelfall; and he naively
tionildp, and that SPOgether One to the/ripe:hunt- that th is
i n t; to each othec.,..„ P had better 1 allowed to remain,
we Commend , t i t iO , on. c as a ressoihat he had Inured all
Democrat, and Csirratives, w - anted, and ....... out, some hod/
d bare to boot Is whose pockets
skald that If black**, silo .
Tote thei will thuselst be obliged, empty .` LiP this potent could
irb "".."'
marry black Womoyffst least to eitica the thief is allowed to hold on.
Mulatto children 414 to the : ocoaeou fact, worlkOoeed tiPon Son by
lag instmctious - IMOr proadorgrese for inon. We are in
', • _
__ Kfeeadost ofremili showing that tho
' • iii M l ßmiampuPo-41.. - :f-'lergty o f - dinctittier
The rise ho iltlis.
e =fl *roved b tastworthiness lime
ample - oppormml 'pkr wed. ' '
getting 'out an hilfe _ - -,
black diamonds Mifeblet to glad - e''.aiw Arno 'of returning.
the hearts and ea: the pro ' Oa the stied* haying the col°.
of good friends hi m at co posessias of Boropean powers.
o ut. r ot h rs in e it ,: i t h et . sedan extet ha the reaction gone
While the coos Il oi lo up with t i t is now laud the . Danish treaty
ichaitth6.-the w a til it h o i oird i ii then cquisiaa MEW Thomis will Ms
(balmy and highly **WIG to navisried, Senors egin to realize that
i The to tahh h I rka i dly fti i POO* do it man to be loaded with
' Own from the cippitjetti of the Alm gb rib° PP"' of buYipg real . es*
May river a eayorlaago, andor no !Peel imminence. and-that
' eed the boats on MOAB; has a Me stil no' be stopped there
1 Pled and no &agent Bat Score a ' hir 44 W Of Pliiloal earth:tube
~b iontictpated. - nib rest Cate ' .11 unmans for them as the
boi prepared thetMrwla g allt. Tbmaarisolutly pm.
ailment of the mime on its 'the balndteinur tbli island.
1 d °A the winding ( Viiti chee r ' ------ '" --- Yte'w ratbanken give token
1 on (1 01
,faudibm sin, - , ea w h at ' „ it *id
also weeks ego aro
the Ipleasant belief ihna fuel fand*ionid er t,...mich man that the at
was kthcoming, hu irl ielbuslendl s itis te , realedstize the National
...l_their runty gi PP lu nf . - -°°ll .Wl 4%liiag Bystro,borever desirable la
.... bre feet reaches's:et and waif wooku a gu s h,' by a flasattal.
&genet= with dommey nialissi4 - ptsp o id a t o the credit the
hen Belie,. and tif Belarging tbo irelameat ma to t o
=neer private
olafgatka throw nesif all of the vaso tot i m iyht i ge t ot oc i Of the Triml
y:mu:eta eirculdakatr staercha4- g omslsypeanois wacomfortable
inlinithorers sad' midsolcs will of tee
ce or
nammenixts .
deuce vaii hrightijkies thin '''- '
- as rooms* , '
have bee, eilloirat *inn/ inonilii '
..__.,°" h-
_„ 111 lea:Whig LiOnowine statioticsix Court in th is Stale, bas
:Ifkerns Of lairetlte r . 10/1111 li ‘littistlitin sßittualamis cosi, of
be proper : 0 there yet etna/ity_bornaufactuting gal
safe a tic •co - it as- for - ,_.thr .purposee EloMe
tern 14 4 and . l'.iikAlfor liiiii . Mion tened on the IMO of
~...f.,... which ,
anditrie ftaliMuk and '
,thereat OkiiheMve the
l as mule. . ---,•.: - - *lan had tbeljitention called to
mt 2 irkpt. t ?4 - ,, ' ,l hii-i ftuon• nub telleT. and anienteiloPlathig Put-
M C UPPso-••••••1••• Cilleaall.. ZO, - ilk branch fro their line to these
a0r............. ....
." , abb. 'rah a sir to cresting s new
to. m on - cga",,,L. of tThfite'
Leoai. i,.,1 - a • • nor
I lc
1 4„ . .„. 4 ,,••••••. 1. -.. •
i sbahoperor of In French Ms, so
f r ''a 1 - iii;07.7.: - .:- ',al, • - u Ms - statemes go, suddenly
W. J. Wilier .'k :, ' media Borne sad
tuneon.. ...... fia.„ 4.. ' . 0, Pi , g
saurian ir' on.. ~ ,:f. a :Pm; it is proble, however, t hat
warner....:..:..:.. ..... vii'd„... ,stsits wan deciAl apon sometime
Lg" '' ‘• • ' Motet that the same Mr rsorgen
rwLiar • _
~u„_ """' thiirsi mis Pjected la conse
. ''''" *- 1- j °114 ',..,_ ... . •
'' I° ' ' • , This chug taken in aionec
"" u° ' '' Mk the &raki,) rat of, ixoptdir
Cul Clzi- Ssenast: t • portend the '
Sam Tarsus .. ro inw.: , g iow _ Italy, funot .
-mow Titer , =w et - I...EUTOPa -
Antelope -4, 7. ge — ...
Coal Talk,' a
reFroal a*a lia
S ' ..
* l . 26 := 4". ir e th e ltl. " br net W ie W til Th bi liTi c ki nst an deri2 aut:
:no frio. a...-"
' i ftt. libiltalb. century puma
s . ~. , • :
snutscled Tittles JournalismJournalismof
Th*"l" . t e:•,
.31P441 an d dm* largely in the
. Je ••• ' Al 4 of, WM ;swell, h° has
A. 56 7 o
,an man= fund of in.
•'r- ~,, ' ,_, - -
weernseer i n ~, cespecung 'M ll e men one
ya. .... I
,afire, whisk el be of interest
men.. ....... :...iT. i •
Ws to tiosurinthall come alter
nesonits -- • .. ,
1 [ 1
18H od a' e i , a
rk a rk.
- . -
it a t
y o
irfmiL*-.-- ~:. -suer.
, l
l o.L ' i - 4 . :sum
' moutintheoulb-b4hlue e ie. , below at hbfteenteperalirYkm4iuktl4°rabove siladeatc such—ttonoving thisys..._ror.: saul fea hundred bargere
arfo,a to
additionto the eis and7 t ri ted
_ i -----
NAN ' •
ismer mom fm Washington
iiikaginsidealbastigating Own
toistattuid 'antic frauds in
! •
arms snd munition to the
'.• tens th wan. It mania
• tax papas mit satisfaction,
yr sttilslsta day, • lain soma of
oiotieriaathat pleased' the coon.
jy of sinn need, - not only '
AIM Pusito • • •. '
petroce r ead ls
:laser.'ia . pre
feces's" es ho - ram!, sjg...
platen equat,''
op th e dee et Addy Uncia ls
white in the peisdpgßaftbein
It are
''Harder: is perpiesi e d ote i
debt; theft eceeee *w 4'e
sista of • multladeesp osir I Lther.
snit of trades samliso to ths4
aeon - kindles its the t
holiest tell; the nab, Jud i mr ,
to lesetete mhos %rt alb eat
Pad; lava gloalelheir ialdsl
toiabando auks ocjilskwi ss fee .r.
- adulteries; sad, ebb
wo to leildlak wealth
hich should beeellakfte Sr.
f lTi.
N . . 621
I ;• seamtbste Ertgllab, as a
Is» teem rattled of the exiat
riot. /bran in tie ours
' of Inland, Ibn cable telegram
* isaatocedus wida•apraid
ingisiebrleelinifevontide to an
of the minion of the
•"4, m. gig port attire Flamm far
- xnexaosill be held at
.sight 1 , esprit the position
t gaturctitrs' Convention
tbsithe tempo:s .of 410.
A c ton tm taxation fine.
t h e mkt badness pros•
oigi ollesd7 ZIT=
, tlilhoinnter of &eon
aif sin to rated' ono
Bo *TX, without ILI
tab Id down by the
Di jlre . or Harrisburg,
Ity ci gf day, in to Tith
no(anteker In Our
Wag s Ws had 'mu
, tr worth, and wu hold•
berMei Ws teeth while
Lie • more min-
whei cheap beta* 10
kteb,mt one of its Let
Las, buidng it upward
sad etting off the and
stag It was - a lucky
4 t
obtained him a
whale oil
.4 Monday.
)ttin that Ara
these , for two
ly of. 011 - palao
,f 011 City la
dtba coustry ta
the by:liber
d far Mel la
4 PM*
UR 611
--Datridtbas Maim thonsandeldlinta
for, iihoM j no schools are prodded.
-The *re York Jockey club is to
have a IMF*. which will coat 11 200 ACC j
- j -W bodies are made of a har
dened ra ber composition in Connect!.
an. . i
=llncl Poia's'andia 'shaving a run I
in Irsah j altuough lin Lluderunis i
in E '
4crtir4ioreee broke Unruh th e ice
I le,
it Cheri City, Man., last week, and
were droireec
—They Ma l rk very amply ii Eby*
a whole thinly was killed there for one
hundred ti l Alm •
—Our mart be convalescent of
the, negro
,bin, as th e Black Crook is
received with favor. .
—The j purer of. Chios has had hi,
gone de v to taken. - The police 1,"
not yet, f d atewho by. *. j
--I. coa gin hot* containing 280
ball of c otton and a faithful old negro,
was barna4 at ILlzie, Nos.,tly.
-*-To *Una &man of mark, take the
omit Pon 1
,To become menu j pot
yeomen! In ;audition to take it
re; L
—A. skid auttainteg a revolver and
thutelmatasi fingers wu ibund floating
down the ricer at Jefferson Oily, No.
-der eight wheeled car, width one
horsiela pull when loaded with twenty
nomad peandsos the last Bodoni tea
city. i 1
—La Londe' thitheite open at nine
Velock. ~... Thar tanned bankmlerks
have petitioned to bare' the .nriclasini
hour tem. I
—Dickens is oveanded, tickets to his
Ron reading Mid is high as thirty dol
lars, tickets to his lan oa f were freely
offered at'seventylve meta
....Brigham; Yung Ms aseumed 'the
role or, Jeseph. He Joe oeuinelled his
people to lay by win Imre' supplies of
wheat, as he Prophesies" great , famine.
—The Balt Lake Vara says there is
aci better Stine or Territory in the
Delon than tllalt for thi cultivation of
the gripe, the malberzy, and the cotton ,
I plant. , .J j
years —The aunie lentil of life is 83.48
in Italy,l*.BB la Prance, .42 . .02 in
!Switzerland aid 811.81 se Englaud. The
numner of hint" Is aim comparatively
mach smaller * Italy nazi in Prance*
England. J I •
—Anxiety td solve 'eminadrems 'is not
ways a good thing. Judy knows a
who got a black eye because be
ed to dad oat the difluence between&
and a
tr oman whi were fighting in
street. 1
—Reese papers do Unix little utmost to
glorify Charles 'Dickam, quoting largely
tom "Aaaricin Notes," but not from
}'Martin Chosiewit." We should like
knoW if they get yell paid for then
rartialloss, and Snot, if they would
ci as mach for any ober illatinguished
utbor, Longfellow At 'Ounce, whom
y do not fear.
man in Chino who nu work
'about anger builditg on Wednesday
T" struck al hem window frame,
which wu It fora the tadldiny,. It
hit him with force and r Air a
while - When he had
partially recosip e4 h Wanted to g•
his . = and lie d but the *times
persuaded him to regain.. Abut belt
an hour afterwards tile same man' wu
struck on the bath of the neck by an
an falling from he not Which soared
the extents and gluier, aids's:lost pen
erratic! the spinaf coheir:. A physician
Eig near, the u lterie were bound up,
d the saga ' s I ord. It la not often
a man sand ea twin& siblings in
• e day. r, .
—The Orphan Rum, belonging ro
r r
!'firtinengli's , was put on a
faM in Ideal ' ocuaty, Pa., to
ter. ~!Ort W last his keeper.
a r.liVillisins, , in him as null in
111 morning to his face, : when
meo seized h . thrust one of his •
l' i l7ks into him 1 lien tread on him.
- Williams' b ought a member of
to Wield; inumltomeo placidly I ' he wounded man,
1 w died one he' Onward; the de
-1 t, though a - 7 perfectly gen
! was enured th chains to prevent
any tarther accidents. Mr. Williams
I has, during the lest Steen pats, been
forl six years, thiediptant's keeper.
—President Saints; of Hayti, seems,
to Sea hoe, andi troy biome One at
that. General Lien. Nantes wasken
chained m a dingoes for four ^ ~,,days
without food, whin hung than given to
bin, without, Miner, having the de.
alnd result. Wine then ordered De
lo:me to smother In, but ha did not
succeed. He then sehrsi it, Mari and
nabbed rim with it diing • the Job so
roughly that It wis nirafter the most
e t
liing suffain that in died. The
brother of Gen Moans era then
rhotned down in bed that was still
reeking with the ' re of theimurdered
man, whose body been kindly given
to his friends. - li erridently in
more need if traction than the
• - •
' ' • .. , 0- I
I! "
man went a fashionable Jew.,
eli7 shop in and asked to be
shown some diens; Clings. The po
plin= show ed hi a Way full, worth
altigether some thousand dollars.
elee i
Tin stranger examined them , nary
Y., then - v ery nddcoly threw •
ban ul of end' la the eyes of the
Jew , and de with the tray.
One of the clerks gave Moon, and cried,
"Cop thief." which non brought s
Crowd. The thief; haul mud, flung
the May; rings and' al( Into the snow.
but War shiest laninflately tiptoed.
The Story of ten th i c e inenul dollars wo rt h
of Alaiumids fa - new bask soon
brought crowds o ;immune. but,
Amigo to waste; as u the Jewellers
*empires know, ls not a 'king
—lWe belies* that - o f. tim reasons 1
toe enormous an "Aden' muss of 1
Chicago is that a Master allowed
to pus by without eon great crime;
mystery or occurring to
attren the attention it •stot always the
admiration of tha rk . They led a
great sultery fair, `a ' ; tunnel, horrid
modern and quiet execution, 1
g kosts. (Hyena CMS Uhler *rag than 1
some of the Hattori wiakiles den pub. i
lhb, although dory dare laseth, mystrim
1 oni deeppuunices,i and = now they hare
got ad astealan , well which spouts gas
and a liter enough toi supply the city 1
k g.
with both Commoditi fbr all time, Hit 1
holds out. What be the non* 1
Lfor the morrow we tell, bet that
1 therkwir.te one . Is no reason to
--lk•rtiriyeila4, probably, to ;
g ib
ands n by `the , of If. Da
Coal hate a new disco-
my, rather an old: I pond revived -4
nee o pygmies bt '
.`,..., here
lona Lillipeln 'amaternei - 4of
the t iklllatink 11CrILIIIS NO SI tile
seldeatly far ahi rani and nee:
Lahr....,,. Tim malt tyro are but
in b aid are quite
black, _ ,of ISP , imagism,
and is mils ,, , Thedr kale&
bads th eta' ' which means
wow it is . china How
often old MU ' ' sip agar
how' y glight4 21141.. It
has luld its dey. , nines are not
111111t1044 lir th is . ,dhoweri,"bit,
,be these, fir Annette
lag without theta. It Wield: pay .
num eir Bastvaid, oi ins. Ear an of nit
class, to end our ,ftWee:up kid of
theasoo van i yin* • o wes eft, ,
cane arkni Ibr 01 1 who wieb
tri see gar thily, , dkreatiinet.
ols7" ... '7 '.
- ' i' ' -ii. l' • -
—The Princess of Wales is twenty
thns years of age. • :
—The Pope is said to be falling rapid
ly order 4bh reaction from his late
team contement.
— . idles appeared Among the &tithe=
at the opera in Constantinople for the
first lime y recently. •
Tanta thousand Romans ate In prison
far lring . given aid, comfort or sympa
thy to
„Fagan, a Catholic Meet,
died!Fan of delirium
tremens On the-17th.
-15eaoi: itoinero bag given np foreign
dlplowacy for a time, and is a member
of ths Nubian Congress.
—Tie lata.Thomas Alarm left over
ezahatdred thoneand , dollus to beam.
Wait butitatlons In Ne t er York city.
II:"TheUL and Dow" is the title of in
elogas.l leetnre • reciadiy deliiersd by
Dr. atm at the Jefferson /fedi*
-4alla Dean fa not aneeenfal lath!.
eage, and abase folks ay that it fa want
of talent that Is the matter, which la
--bream grainy, father of the 'edi
tor of tite,,Tnlana, died at Wayne, Erie
county, New York. on Wednesday, 'the
18th inat,aied 86 yeara. •
—Judge R. P. fipald!ng, member
Oongrets Of the 'Cleveland diatrict„, has
written slitter announcing that he tell
not'be a candidate for re-election. -
—The Choker comity Village' Dowd
ammo Hon. John Hickman for the Vice
rnaLleiry. IntheNatlenalOonvention
in 1880 Mr. Martian romiged 28 TOW
for the office. ••., •
--The Btitish gonna eat has appal.,
ted Mr. Arthur E. Kennedy, late Gag-
Miter of Taucogrers Island,-to be Hog
ernor of Diem Leon, GambLi„ the gold
obast and Lips in West AfricM.
Maria Hall died In Lawrence;
Haan, en the 12th inst., of Injuries re
calved at the fall of the Pemberton
Mills, eight'years ago. Daring all thin
time eke has been a suffering innlid.
—Dr. White, the lOws finite Geolac
gin, has, by his rateirchee, discoTerid
that ticeediegly large and rich beds g
peat ening in 'Farina]; puts of the
and also resat inn= bed near Awl
Dodge. *4`
—V. Raiding, 'colored man of Mg r ;
rile, Tenn.; and for a long ti me wog*,
.tor of a popular hotel, has recent*
erected a larger the. It has a gre,
Dllllard rooiN barber shop, balk no*
and all the appartannats of a thine4lng
hotel. . z
. ,
ter Twerw►
w, to .ix tbe rit c. ur . 1 4. 61fas zi nj w .
The avidatat mos ellcdukt
Ordnswas Investigating Comanteste
chides many startling tam regoadlat
frauds in contracts to supply 'tlur
enuntmt with arms-and aimUntilda6
The report oetbs Committal aid not bit
ready fir avers! wears. •
• rirraranaL antaittista.
Severed Members . - of. the Wale and ,
Means and" F113.1113C• Committees' have
consulted ;with the Boastful of. rho
Mores tonneau*
marten. Beaaters d Shannon
. have bad long interviews with him, with.
• view. of eliciting his views the'
Sherman measure.' The. Secretory bad
not indicted hie Mason the eulgoct
b. but he is knewsito.faeor that portico'
of the scheme relative do- a !Dreamt I • " ,
In regard to the fbruntillleoprepadUen,
he hurrary - grays doubts, sad is - all
oonrinced of its idelsatelity at tie - past .
ant time. He. is underlined to be
that • law of that charectar.would Lain ,
lam with. the banks, and", mum ■ bugs
wipidnivrat of , thetir deptedh• ..
the counprzatlons of blifterent mem
of Cengr, eel It la Infaredthsta
Of the Bosse lain Sea of • tiling,
bonds, and ilMay be.loo.ll4autly
Mu a bin looking to that object
datredneed eta the..holidsya. The prop.
.anion mtwojwith - general apprcdtation.
la;a0 doubt. of the passage !Of
inch a measure. .-
TEng Mama's - or Irr. 11:1CaLLS.
Prominent Senators do not hesitateito
say that the Satiate will disagree by a
rh e aet ri rui te :flt.
Thomas from the Dan
teh government. when''the' . matter le
brought to a vote. Senator Wade op:
poses the confirming of the treaty, and
censures the conduct of President John
an very severely for the adieu shandy
taken by the :Executive branch of the
Government, end terms it a'rely broad.
piece of asm t : r un Clan, much as will be the
means of g our Govenusent In a
false post on to all nations of the globe:
manydetain; end thrills issuatained by
- Republican Senators, that if the
President of the United State:sem secret
lynegottateand nutke trettlesfor the por ,
chase of tenitoryhald by other nations,
without - consulting Cowmen or
municating with ;them until after the
contracts. hareleese r- annpleted that ha
-likewise has sample power to dispose of
any tract of United States territory that
tiros not snit hie fancy to such foreign
nation as may !chose to puttee; and
then ..wheattdai le done to coolly. salt'
lengresa to ratify his action In the prem
ises. lug the Senate will .undon btedlr
fall to rani thermion in this ease rt will
probably Plses the Executive branch of
the Government in an emberressin po-
Eldon; rendering ft difficult to
liven with much honor. It imhompearatihatas
lawn* trawler o St. T has
ilady been made,kit f hough the money
M not barn =hi over yet, and It leaves
an open and intricate question to decide'
In case the .Daulah Government should
demand that centract made. by the Exe
cutive of the !Utdted States be' fulfilled
and the Senate in the meantime condo
us to refess to ritlfy the treaty.
• newtons mthx..
Col. Parker, of Gen. - GninPi idaff,'exi
cuted a dank movement in WM/unto!!
city on Tuesday. It wee announced
through the papers that Ma wedding
_would take Place on Wednesday, a the
church where he was to have been mar-
Tied a week .ago. Cotweernmtly hun
dreds of people, Including the crone de
to creme of . soedety flocked to thurch
in the morning in anticipation of
1 witnessing the oerptiony. At an early
hoar the thumb wits entirely filled, and
outside great throngs of people stood on
the street. , The 'boar arrived, and no
parties apprared;and attar keeping erel7,
body in suspense that ot hours,
the h edet leak ou Colonel Picker
had been privately married stet:o'clock
Tuesday evening, and then immediately '
inured North to tlyracose His wedding
was'vet7 private, onlr few Intimate
friends of both Parties being present;
elud General Grant and staff. -The
caused great emuestion throughout
A bill will be. introduced el uu early
lbw In the Holm* providing in future
that all appointment:NW' internal re s entre
agents at theflouth Mall be confirmed in
the Senate before the nominee enters .an
the duties ebb office: This is intended'
to preterit, as Cu as possible. the ap•
pointment of naprindpled persons to
ruck important position; whore there Is
Ito largo • lieldAn ipecWation.
Internal Revenue - reports show a
gradual daily, Increase,. and the lowest
estimates for the • year do not Otll
short of two hundred million dollars.
Thus Air the receipts amount to over
ninety willllonsond to-day were - about
'Seven lmndred tbotusuul
atruonzio nimover, os mow .
A. special from Waabingion 10 ibe
New York Tekgrion sari: It is rumor
ed that the President will to-day re
more General Pope from the command
of this Fourth Military Mario, and
assign General Meade to theposition,
A tenible gale tempt over Pittafield,
Mom, resuri f y,, nprooting *trios fte.
A portion of Gallendera Meek, op North.
street, we. blo w n - down, badly Amu
le"' the Berkshire Eopteafficoand Whip
piria foreign* .. manufsotzu7.. Two
printers were seriously injured, •
The newt from tho Neat Indies is re
garded In diplomats circles as .tndlcit•
Ing"at' readittese and an earnest:mu
throughout all the Wanda for lmmaU-
ate aansitattaalo thaUaltad States.
well-dreseedi man
_rod it Into Mt.,
Vernon, Indiana, a few Mu s alma and
offered ter aide two tine borate. The cit
lune *expecting all Iris not right, bo did
net erect * Ede. Immediately after he
left, two personsiclaiming td bother own—
ers of the horse* offered for eidsi mut In
pursuit, sad took the road trr width.*
thief had left the plea.. On Wetland.,
11th Umtata, ktrentlernan found thol4.
fortunate deter in horses ibegt , :et i e
miles from town, erudedby alleathar?
hater to a limb Ile h e
ad themesm
of having been &out two or
Th4"e4 aPPa , 4
4 4 ,
~= _:,
- ffla
. ' . 4 .,..., 11 "..., i :• '1 : ,i
. ...
Le . }hoc{ the fashion paper of ,
My* that the large.bonnetaltbreste‘i to
COICI• into /tad= iiiiiiil.'illiigety;
bihrner; the *Unapt lis gs Vit titmice
iniatd. With:Mt Of
Akita's* hair dress. it In
to . adopt ' • the' real :bandits: the
saw they could not pulerins
beemettri - they :.
making still imallarones be*re,ke
the already'reithrosorplo be of. both
year seem larga The in !corapartodu ad:theme
cow worn. fasidlos Flo la, Milli.
mion 4 ar Norio Antoinette,. the flat top,
sad disdain him Ine;, th e :avail*
aybereidepted by ne a p monde. They
are ornamented to a exteat • with
ateeland g il t dune, with garnets of
Memel aletithmior ;NB Id* algnitL ,
- 2Emr saki' onmarents, “oir wreaths
leaves mixed with gold, are like.
wise in demand; The rani anotted be
hind-Aare - became - shorter, sadlong;
Loathes ribbcatieve seen their days; a
simplektiOt Under the algae toiling all
audio requind. In het, whoever wears.
timp 4, 14 ,h wow,* oraimitelf anuall.
le,pcovezing Onlythe - cbirsoe, Prefer, a
'Moe hamar, Or sihripledraperymimid.
log into bonnet strings • The round hat
hoe beenorery mustiteeni .Thereces„„
andimititesln:lleshatithe el t_topktyls
of bonne, , As' Mr :04 roeui Minimal
Ara, It is often made of Russian leather.
Tittle it may be seen that secentricidea
are still the order of the dal- Velve t
gbeh ,, aild • inn. =btu Continue to be
couch used for dress oesttunes.., ~,,
, For visiting toilets I:lathing Is adult! ,
:aid Siete 4411 a -than velvet:and 'satin.
The fo ll owing, for,lnstsatea he a deectip,
tion of a yeryelmantvialtirmleilet, An 1
itmanintwoolored silk taffeta dress with
long train. - 'Archind the` Warm of the
Wilde a paternatlargteretiorktanel
ed or satin folds 'of the same shade, I
shout a oentimeue high. Two of these
Voldennitettide fretwork to graceful def.
with the , waist-belt by axing op I
along the sours of the breadths The
Minn of the watt arellkewiseeonceeled
under the tWo Inc** closely twined folds,
*bile the :fretwork repute! itself in ,
smaller pretentious en each r shoulder I
and one still smeller scab at the end. of '
the s eleeves.l The round belt lined with
Mile la provided with a hin g ing fiat
eqed behind to the wait,loose
down the, skirt. This sash is' bordered
with twined satin folds, uslitha whole
of wi tlo dth of its extreme end kith
Another more simple, but ipso very
rich costenne is as follow,
_TIM skirt ,th
made of Win with wide black aid
pmthe lower part of it being •ed
With a volvetrow of the same gray shade
as the stripe, and of pretty larte dimen-
stone: This same row is twicetrepeated
by andoLung anther treat eitirt. found
the, up r pert of the sleeves, And near
the walslbande. With this equally rich
and tasteful dress. & neletot shawl of
bleckvelvet, ornamented with threads of
adk lace and other Iseseirork is very
loan:lug. Fir young wome n, an,em
madgreen ,poplin drew; framed, a to
e, is the mat becoming as a via.
tang costume. The border of the neck
and that Watt of the front idea aftdob
avers the other part, le lined with frit
zlework ofemasth grays tedeettaaa,, another
embroidery of the name maHnalend de
pth:ay, being at a distance of, i anti-
Metre and a half from I, ,the other one.
The skirt Is long, and lined with a elm-
MewVeir of the sane taffetas. With this
s about& bowers' a atnali u t l ight, M
ang cassock of black yelled, ed wi th
earn, or a Polish paletot of black velvet,
with only one black satin Malted *big
• aunt - _ -, 1,
- • Dinner, th eatre sad party thetass and
'even tell costumes, lbegin already - to be
talked about. _For such occasions, and
more especially es on opera; tolle, the
Allowing becoming style is recommend
ad:. The ladle is double and of white
dbambery gauze; the lower one has a
long brain and is ornamented with l "a
atnall 11 mice of ten centimetres. , `Above
thin Louses is is row of deep orwrist vat.
:adil7ith hite
ea f i Vl f :riM*' end, which al e
the Isaac.
by hi an ova it.
• The 'upper Ala la Lined with the same
Talvet . row and fringes and ends In a
point behind; it is tucked up on -ouch
aide by . Hosting red ribbons looped with
white, and by • sash which reaches up to
the telt. The waist is ornamented with
white" Win and red folds, tbrzehig in
heats ?felons with a white heart in it.
A half wreath of red roses or a garland I
of holly leaves with red emit makes this
ocatunis ounpleta. - , II ,
Lod Tr, the linew_ .A• Terrilde pilaster
A-correspoppent • lo Salina, Kenna
sends ere an account of a distressing oc
currence near that place on the D3M of
last mouth. On that days led of twelve
1L- re,' a eon' of an old correspondent,
Oolong W. A. Phllllps, had gone oat
Athooting In company with his condo;
',Davkl Addison. About_pom at the ad.
vice of hirrobmpanion i litho s aw alto=
waning tamed to -irci hone*: He
immediately started towards town , at a
rapid gallop, and. was never spoken to
again. . About, one • terrific' ,
snow storm set Imo-'After It bat get In,
and before It had , got so ,bowlldsring as
to be couroletelyblinding to
a boy
like him, wad 'seen Tiding with:great.
rapidity along Mulberry creek. h The
terrible- snow storm.. of 'Hurokigiving
day seemed te travel trout, the north
west ft the south. It •fts flys o'clock
before Mr. Addison;fted with whom the boy
was supp to be, returned homefrom
the woods . Such - a search as the storm
permitted was at once Msda'het ill In
Tan days passed. A hundred ps,plo
had been searching for the loft troy; but
no trace of Wm, was found.—Thd • horse
he Toiletry found In the hills tw enty _
miles to the seuthwest, tuft days ; miter
he was last.. On Monday, thallthiruitent,
a Doer Ittdian visited. whits settler on
the Smoky iligriver, at a point thirty
' atm- miles from-Sala; .southwest, , and
told hinitst s "deed white man wits In
the river . "• tie was s .pettychlef,iTand
with antunber of bin people acconipan
led the_whlte settlers to the spot.' It was
only • half tulle distant from the house.
Fearful of -being suspected, , is these
poor people often are, the catutiouirl.n..
made his people stand upon,. the
bank, 'and, with the whlto• inen, , Arst,
examined if there tram any. trail of Man
nor the spot. None were found. Then
the body was carefully examined tit aft
If It hadja wounds. It 'had none, /t
was the b ody of a UV, With light golden
hair and broad =fis woo his
face, his cost and coerced still oftaWlv
buttoned up, and his gloves still
, A revolver wss buckled silent
llttle poison, which' the Indian Who
discovered blot had not. listed, land
. twa boxes of ntatabaa careAdlY dif
ted In separate pockots. chit bad
ridden thirty -live to forty miles
through mountains that terrible night,
his fiery • horse, a thin.skituted blood;
flying berets the horrible storm: From
all the evidence, he had reached the' spot
where found about ten or elms. o'clock
at night, before the snow welted. ;He
rode rota a bend between twit farms, and
could Dave seen tbstat• bad thaftupw,
which ceased before =Knight., not 'filled
the air With Its blindbig drilla In that
one night tlis mkt was so intense, se to
treersthetiver thlakanaugh to boar up
• max... Crafting the lest rithre from the
head of Opting Creek he, must Uri Dien
exhausted and 'chilled. lfla ,thet, and
hands had not been from, tint ahead
ed nature tell beforortbs birth!' es
hanstion and exposure. The onnotry -
through which he must have passed was
du; very roughest and . wildest. In that
election.. At haws tha ftwyrwsa so dense
that it weeimponeiblit to are through. It
bit s few feet. To ham .he ,
had probably to taco th e storm several 1
miles, and no bores would bold head "in
each a storm. It believed MIS In kb
anxiety to get frame; h. urged his, apt-
End through the bewildering storm; as
lens as morn' and brain could command.
Attired Yaw dear the bon* had eel,
deafly borne him down Ws bank, ;to
drink, and In stepping down De tplj
It on the gravel close to the Water. t'
!(eta Vistaaertat at ANEW.
The Monde= quotas horn the Animal
of Naples an inmost of nu Interestnor
discovery at Pompeii. 'lt is a biruchlteet
lined with Iron.froftireoly onuntlaule-
Wtth broom re] chi, and mounted n
four.foot. Teen) la no real look, rml the
lid opens and dints by moans or a.. Uta•
atinarstus that earred Instead of one; •
and welch wee -fastened td the chest by
slips of metal, of which the mom may
yet bit mom The swami of the tld ls In
the foam of a rectangle and nearly 5
metre In tenth, and capriciously ornsto , '
minded with a branah of tvy In Mous%
Tbla ormenteut is half destroyed, but tbe
souiptume remain, and AM *IMMO'
beautiful. To the centre of the lid Is the
had of a man, and et the fear omen
are two basis of winpd
od with dowers and Image' Of rut
Immediately adder the i4o1: 1 when at
ring. was need for ratainff
jimi Is a ,
blo head of a dom. nil la b i ll
ehe (i r :euere, and the Widen! the l ila.
d n . also mirselertegreoeand how
t el; Irtibritrizzgil far Melt
nibs en the of 44017 of Sloe..
Tito renudnaofeePtb.i . ia i t tha
Leon tonna; 00 / 1 : 6 1011111Wriiii MUMS'
In pith among ethnic a ottikt—Allit
was esse a pee hewin g s oe ,
vmmfind Wen olett of veins. 'U.;
man boye Imo lag* tquintennd
am " e t l in ihar Wind th e '
:p rou
Mem sa ter
the r. laid n ant 14 een the oillathe ia.a
'td the imitraif o'4W' hoomehal
deifite." eletela beilate* were deepied
, 'or logi dticumeatz; and'
atainr =tiiar Of 41 and
IV le Ila an innatiaanak wts ;spa
queere r that PoPe mede enternaCtr ns btafe gt 44.
—L,vita,lntatoseciwa iffsgagio%
P 14.11 ' 4 "' 1 # 6, 41042 ?lir
‘ .
, .. .
. . _...
. .
~ . .. . ..
Jib .
, , • -
1, 1868,
13T.iTz mmam„
414* 65 *'Ai4. 1 i:i.M pal oript4
Thohniton insubasy.was tanned ma
arinzt*; Aga.' . , • ---, - •,--- . - -
• —The ; value taxable nvelierly In:
!kicks %minty it 11119,02d,737. !
Miami (tit) mar:ibis mined
Wilmot - on the Minor 4 stutat7.- • • ~.. 4. ' 7,
!-• —the new astudbxii. to holmium&
04 r dar 'F"IghT,i, it si,ooY, Olds tum.
1. —aikMitlimm . mom: Wert Miecilie
;eight d paßt, to istp& - Barks
masilty,•..,.:: . 1 .;, + l:n. , t,
... , -, !,
.., .
f —ThlrtliUdrelr7fillta,l4l...
2ssils,fS)%47of e. ,11r51PortR.Squa..aB"rd
--The mirk. illidifit ttiaiinstiniz'Pi..
I. to be -enlaineC.lbyline ths
PlaT i n e , Pa.. rajdin i ,__ ;i4vrill 'l: viV ' e '`4tigto M t I 1
a Itrst of ...unary - ,1.4 ', a A •-• , -4.1)
—At Pittdde *dangle torpetdve, cur
memo, or op semsky. 44 l , wite;;. FOO.Y•
. S
7 W etocittniX 3o .-. Piee, 19. . '
,_—lttdßerii jottnty r itaianti 'end
Horticultural t . .wedety•toldlbeli art,
nosimeettosio Beedhituftntitty. 24: • •
in -1 rf 1 0 91 1 1 4 1 5 = g ' ! d r ill 4l t i i ° .4.4 . ) Y 1 75e; -
Benevolent • , E Asses ;of 1117ermitlei•
'. -rib ' s ' ball
*Theta maiortin Pstidlugheiriti
"ecurintenced. are three an 'four •
to COM 'Mt every , weak : for Mouths to
come... , •;t. -. a ~ : ••:, - ,hi , •:i
—Dans a bear' ou*tunintually plan-
UM In the nelghborhood_of,liminhedlon
thtlyear. - corms lattethruiny tkonaphdtits
.r. 1 • •
,1, ; , t
—Allentown, Pa.. redticolith tie . Prmi•
seesion of concert saloons, sad it la wad
will soon haves "Black; Crook" and
.Devil's Auction.... -'. F., ~,,, '..,'
~ ,
• ,-To buy a Ueltet,on etraliroadniii4-,
days is acid be tho Onicktat Mid ehort ,
est route to a manikin in the alties.-r
-- —6 BUM add; one year 44 , was
smothered to death, In, heading,: - the
other-day.' It' got tinder: a thither , - tred
and could not get out; . - •,... v '..
-.4t Is pitipmad thaSthe Lettialittoze of
our State pus a law dispenalng „with the
present fee systema..and give filed Ml
trim to all - county ollkson. • , ' . ; - x.,.....•:
• ..-We understand there are six child.
renlylowdeed In homes on the Plats, all
victims of mentbraneons moan eaddloh•-
•.-The black - tongue disease to orevell,
lag =months Loren at the Trappe. in
Mati4 , oo:loq' county, Pa., and'mw rear - '
naidftg." the disease; Irmot attended
to Inunedlaudir, I n striotrthnu Picll'a
—About thirty hands hafeflately been - -
discharged trom.the • Dowtier:oll , Warke,
Only; and. the 211/1= lain nodes
has been en to the co of
'that '•. the w orks WIII be cloned
.. - aboid '.
Chriennes: '
• —The Rev. John H. brier .appears, to
hams worked faithfully and well, as be
hew married no lees than tire hundred
and thirty-nine couples since be became
*resident of Jersey, Shore, LYcotatri g
addi. have the wall from 'Make
county, weone from Centro :Mts.
tile to that acartaty. of water.- People:
outside-of &Saimaa are, auryiog It '
three "odour Qthurs , resart, to
melting the snow.
' —Mr. obi Shirk, s• tetanus of 1811
died recently In French Creek township,
Mercer county. Ho was one of the he
roes of Perry 's Victory on Lake Erie In
1813, end received a ether medal for his
seevicee on that occasion. '
—Noah Smith, who la February last
murdered James Routs, .in Loseme
ecinartyibm been cepa:wed recently by a
&niI:LUPO policeman after a disguise, a
chase throughthe swamis, a hunt with
doge-and an attempt to kill. Smith 11
now la jail in Scranton, .
• —kin Triads) , night - I& storm skd
dwellings of Henrysklienalller, of Ma
ma, York - county, were - destroyed by Ore.
Evtaythingwm last, the fundlynturowly
aeoWstg with Mr. Ore:miller'. loss
la very a although he has $3,800 &-
gay,o property; • •
The ,proprletors of mmor, flour, and
sawmills Becks county, Pe., com
plain of the exuelty of water. Seme of
the wells are entirely dried up, and it I.
fearedthat this Wile will, be unable to
ran Much logger noises there should
floolot to be a heavy fall of milker, long.
,—Ota Wednesdays firehroke main the
barn.' of Levi Merkel, la Cumberland
county. The barn with lie contend wore
destroyed, and the hies wilY be 'several'
thousand dollars, exclusive of the build
log,. & large querin*- 9Lbiar and stun wl
everal , ligtiolthual implements and
eleven harms were destneyed:'
'From the transude& "Rep: 100 Ire
leant that the. home -. of Mr:3"ohn
Nulty, of Math* Coroms, Susquehanna
county, teak fire on the night of the IGth
MM.. end was entirely consumed. 'Three punished in the Samos. The
mother, In her hantlo efforts to nuncio
her offspring, Ras most terribly burned,
somuch so that it was not expected she
would lire. Nothing was saved of the
boos hold. good',
rausda4l young men and .
boo were serenading a newly toroll&ii
Sirintrilt township, hailer
county, Pl.: a briber of the bride itch
'al out of the door to see who the wiles
were, when One of the young men shot
at him in sport. The was:Wing, unfortu
nately, passed through his body, killaig
him almost land y . The Yetioilmen
un m an inumwilMely delivered himself to
e of hartn.the, and disclaimed all intim
—TheAlhany and Susquehanna Ball.
roadie abOutheing opened to the village
on • the Sniquetatme .
being the point where the 'mad - crosses
over to the Cbenengo
' dlstanth of
twenty-one tones from the city of illug
hunton, tae terminus. Thin section le
under eminent, and t largo force is now
at work lb, its oomploam Tbe.'oom-,
latt.) , trinsad to complete ads tattle:Mien
of men road by the first :of 'November'
ant. It is expected that the;whole line
will - then be tn. complete vliandoi. inder
from Albany to Binghamton, a distance
of one hundred god forty - Prom
Nineveh' road will be bunt OMlneeilell
with Ible, • and., running -from - thence
down Luzern°, county, " Pennaytea
i rett. willoandect with themaimis
althea partotthe State., •r
more remarkable 4hscoVarY than
that ottresaure boxesaj. rompell , is en,
nounced -in the Island of Antlperoe, in
the Greclan'Archipelago. Avast cavern
has been found, containing an infinite'
bomber of marble sculpturearePmeset•
lag pltb,wonderhtl fidelity all aorta, of
VIM ap4 tome.' Tt jr a n
garden, where exeep •StPPOI Jenfoetlon
and festoon represents a petrified me
, tattoo—the whole In transparently white
mvtalised marble. Th 4.111061, strlictur
objets in the collection Li apyrszoldabout
a. metro in height, perfectly straight, end
erasing with foliage. It Collsiltutell the .
Most - .bssuUltil rptinble tree that can bo
imagined. Anita dWallatuwe ineeerVed
flnlah and treaboose as exquisite as If
Mut just mite from the sculptor:
This motto la certainly destined ton
coon go. laskaillmt Condi:mous for tmf,r ;
—Trth grie Dispatch tell the . fulloi og
itoxyo Douala, • very estimable
thdy, and the wile of Wm. Donald' EM.,
mho Ii foreman of the engraving and
stereotyping department of the Inapatch
establiehment, has for Some days- been
eerie all without any apparent muse;
The thmtly physician woe unable to ad-
count for the itymptoole or to prescribe a
raThed.r which would afford relief flani
pain* contribute reef.. Early.thlifota.
noon it was discovered that thoraxes a
foreignthubitanee of some kind embed
dedin her right aide, just abovi the alp.
which seemed to be straggling to work
,ths wow out. Thlr. upon lIPP Umilall of
mijpg. wad meenalund to ton largo
weedle,auai WI are mad fir the 404114314
of s a win g. It was en lamb and a bait 1.1
1.0 4 and seemed to base been endael
done the limb tar some time. beinqgtier.
jelly corroded oad dlecolaxl. .A/tarlte
aattaloa thplerly. tell rigid; sadist a
few MI MO pray-lop'symploprof
Berton* Illness left her. and elm tell soon
recover hat usual health. When or bow
ma needle entered her flesh is Moro than
at , * OM* dotlirmine, having nom.
e a l lestionAtapaebool.ol any earl of
begin or todialmua that would lead her
to anypooo Mama 4 thing could be Ton.
albbl. •Or hew loos; she fant o d le
auino4 bl 4, neleclikniellktromionad
by !Vra ton ertau oats - a Valk or
tan days
Ma }fanfold Prue of krldiy s k yl
of 410 nooot eldtd m4rder'atConuio,
law 11441lopi.Ifoor York, rleod 0 ".
tistrit Mint Mt* t• 'lser Anon, td.P
AU Mrs JOSephins, gad (2_ na
lailfdor of pair Milo ot r rrt t kivo 4 oe.
P-4.12 QUOllflostod 'today by ttdr
_ 11 " , antbdoteativol.
farther Important to fortradouts
oblaldod from Yrs. Itodiro,whloh we!"
ootjoi peolnltted to make paTk.."A n .
O!°F ktitormod sae nom No .
lures to mown •
" 4 PO 141 g h , lah, to
from is„, at. 4. 1 .
Pd. --A blob hey aro d.
We ib b.... 4arre tha the "- oody "
t :f
bou i n. itti . o ,
" [bond In tbe : m u lruJob as to kayo
l a ol l a c g9 ... ?=l; r i
TM ars v,„ nnd tio4
body p h diho body and art:.
boa „,w at j had been placed. Tho
"body wM tltaruly mental. not btuold
And obUT - 11 7= 1 7 ' oi l' " T " ri
.I.trowli 11104
- - -
—lion. Robert Smith itinderly a;
• ooturnrs from Lilo Alton utttrick.
' 3 PPOP. cII97OI3 O‘
.115i4 Helmer "Restraint 'Auld% bet
betru'trearalatol'ditto. French under, the
title oftnel •
leirsOld. rejoices ift4selal tllieeilf
!JEPV'EliflcA• HIP •4 0 F 9411 1
7tuar was. Perfect. ..
--.The first - number ,of newapeper
tur been hewed in, Parts,' Called - me
'Athabit, a Joidieat.ef Rbres."''Thatalltath
idea le by- no zuwarentws tor we '''B -
gsaerteirecorti. of two theuzimd
millet "The fool With =REM his `
eli•-fkanit Bleoutrdee .iteuly-fixolx;E4 -
alnee he remixed the gilt from the Prue.
r'slin Peril/anent, is between fortflraid
"fifty ties:wend. Irelivea.very 'econouli
' oaler, , end,racectolingtera corentnorehrat,
I said some weeks ago' tq . Rothaehild that
MS had eto doubt time 'be 'mold band.
04. betootterandllionabe t i. lIotLl Aber
',ee/meetly ha 404,
r h enteesoPFontahmbleartf fbrad, ,
ven birth atagin and daughter,
• elletetisthe,pelson anther/Reg
,by demantliqg flal:her derm a l=
moefie the nine -eft the •
ldertatur; an
oshd h Sett Rl* Cr
Outlay, who. er
• •
and murdered Madames Mertens.''''
'' =l / rusla7ssld Ca 'be , prepitittitt'AM
ItPr:aedhas eb aumeningreiber snake
art* be fd sipeeitio to etld- 23 3,000
,to; the To rklstiOr Malsian Ileethiet ea*
few &ye , nctie& ! 'ARneatturnersmpaper.
*vat "Our. Goverment mayivonttnus.
'teal =Ate peaceful Ohrartes amedg the
Vablid Parls„Landoniktallißrit'ilt&%lll.
tee know Maratha waste inmenetlVl 5 •
••••I-The.attatulials again being made, to
.eoefedezate into a angler nation theSonth
Amerleart , Repnblits ell thePachle4l.
of the Andes: iPertil has taken the
Lice •and barterbitestledealtattirta on
seta-to; the' , .Gaverementa of Chill,
80l via and 'Eqtridon. theft na
tions, Width Itiaproposed Mali fern( the
new Repub li c, have. 3,900', af sea
'coest,rantabi 0,800 , 000 inhabitant; end
cover 1;185.000 square milers of ' , territory.
lk le-The genealogy of .the Tudatfamily,
tenharke &Frenchman, beery remarka
ble. ,One orate family, When - Noah wad
In this trik,'eolielted permissionstnealier,
bat, as the ark wee full, Ida request
refused, "Take .my genealogy at any
rate," cried tho snap, who threw it int o
*VIA, and thee slid from the plant on
which be weir floating anti diet/happy. .
, Opinion Wallows/.
clerical papery- complains of the blturphe'
toles coftßmtlyeommitted by theratme.
IlltOntanepapersin Fs:* • At rulys Christ
never perfoonsit halfasmanyMiraeles as
[ the' nitramontene fortinals unit were
• broUght about by little amulets. blessed
by t he Popo dosing the short,identsna
'campaign. The Figaro adds that Si,
• Chaluepot did more. wonderelluut the
lielyi o ruheednringthatahoetaanipaiin.
. -Benne tiros ago when a number. of
workmen were fitting a tire on a wheel'
at the Royal Arsenal ' Woolwich, Eng
land, found necessary to give a
bevel to the tire of about three-eightha of
an inch. One ofthe men suggested. that
the bevel could be given by hnling the
'tared hot end thee .Itomerainf tp it one.
half Ito depth in cold 'water. T was
tried and wend to answer.Derfectly, the
parrwhlch was out of the witerbelng
reduced in diameter. The tire was three
Inches wide, a ball inch thick, and four
feet two inot &imam •
. •
- Victor go Pa three . Unseat. ea
Much tax an all the of Guernsey.
Ills fortune is estimated it two minket
of ftanes. When. he came to Jersey In
/8212, he was not worth twenty thousand
francs. IladoniandshaLfanulilon franca
for ' the manuscript et his' romance,
Ntuarecingus•treize," which 'is nearly
completed. Verhoeckhaven, Lacroix
Co„ of Paris end 'Breese's, herb offered
him four bundrattbottaind fr . sace, the
!um paid for "Lei 3fLerables, ' bot the
poet waye finest the prima et his works,
and will;doubtlesa, get ft this time; too.
Ile, himself, said, recently; that, in 1863,
Paris- booksellers , offered him . together
savers! million francs for, a
of novels, and that be might have wally
have earned Manure If, like some French'
authors, he bad cared more for money
than his literary reputation.
-Burnt la the Wine of the, Parisian -who recently extricated
the Prince of Wales from a very unplees
ant ecrape.•. The Prince was incognito In .
Paris, and had bought of a Jeweler triere
diamonds and bracelet% worth abottlifty
thousand francs, which he presented ti) a
gcod-lookLogmemberof the deli-mends "
Ile then went to theCerele deer Etna:lepers,
played at Imecarat, and lost every franee
ha had with Next morning. the
jeweler ostne to him and warded his
money. As the Prince told him that he
would' send Wm blitaum froaeLoirdtos,
the Jeweler waxed wroth, and threaten, the Prinecrandeethethejefreiry
in the bands of the corotte..-21th Prince
•vtaa eta loos how to procure the latang
as re
hewn& inFaris contrar to hilt nhith • ,
wishes, and he was cry eyed at threaffer'
- which the above - nam edbroker made to
advance the fifty. thousand Banes. - '
-The greatest anew storm ea:circled in
Ramis occurred on the see , of Elm
bees in Merl; in 1027, destroying
000 horses, 80,00 'cattle, 1,000,1 p " sheep,
and 10,000 camels. ;Thegreatestreeorded
ittEnglaed Is that.f 1814, IA which, for
forty-elgbt bourn, the snow fell so frt
riously that drifts of sixteen, twen,
and twenty, four feat weee.retiarded j ea n
various places. In the South offileatland,
in MO, there were thirteen -deft. y daya
killed ntne-tenths of all thosheep.
Oa Eakdale Xoor. out of ..1),009 only 45
were left alive; and the alrepharda every
where built up huge send-elreular walls
of the dead creatures, to afford shelter to
'the living flu the_ gale should end: An
Inch on hour is thought to bo the average
rata of deposit, .though four ••inches aro
said to have fallen &wing the severe
storm in this State January ad, 1019. '
[ -.4h0 F. glish Expedition toAbytudnla
ts regarde d ' by setneof the London news
Bing thsd i ve rsi ty ln
t a h pp w li y
c o e f s
modem modern science has oral-WO , for °the
proseentiou of a waxamongeavezetrlbes.
Brna , ...reaking mechletea will be set up,
wherever possible, t welts and racket,
niters , era be in use, lee will be made by
freezing nisehlueeht muffielent quantity.
to serve Neighed and medicinal purposes',
and etiongh compressed vegetables wit h
be Carried forlisnitzuor trontniant. •.Enint'
therpropee purificatien Of the al t lathe,
hospl[ifshae beau aernpulouily provided
far. An archeologist, a mineraloglst,a
zoologist, a geographer, a topographical
staff, andaeveral pbotographers,imsalso
weltering to accompany the exs i illort. I
Railroads will be Improvised, t will
hp baleen* roe Military surtievol, ether
~with signal apparatus, rockets, die., all )
denothig an age of progress. If tim:
thing* do not conquer , King Theodore,
perhaps the nnodenn improvemen6l . lo
_ gnat senntion has been crea n
Denmark by the enandaknis particulars
recently puellehedebout the
th e Antecedent
.stf the
t h e Countess Banner, e'
widow of the late King Frederick the
Seventh. It 'appears from these &Milt
that the Countess Dner wart the issue
of au Incestuous t otes, be:parte ha: lng_brother And sister, Sh henc e
Cr Rhenish Prussia, and ass young girl
ores (wing-ebbed alike for.her serous
ing beauty and her hematite: 'dissolute
lifts After givingblrth Loan illegitimate
child, she married a tavern keeper at
Muklkolut, neer , Calogne, on the Rhine.
and her beauty men attractediam
hers of traveler' to her husband's hotel, I
which was generally known . o the "Ho
tel or the beautiful lendbely. • - One day
.a Danish Artist from Omenfiagenettopped
there, and was, sm itten *.with her
charms thatho !aid selge to her heartland.
brevetted on her' to elope with him te•
.Denmark: • At Oopenaagen Crown
Prince Frederick saw and loved her, but
-she turned a deaf ear to' his !application
WWI ho heroically wondered to marry
her. , Ile did so in 1850, three gears after
be bad ascended tho throne. It is troller
ed that silo was never dlvoroed from her
husband; the • Idohlheinr tavern bar'
itederiet tha bleVanth-
WY fond of her that he oee■ tlmea
" Iftlaml that be Would .bdiege
crewel rather than give her up.
• A .
I Units It Caivi.
,••,• • avatar scope , .
`OM tistislisu It dor War, •
kibirtitat'orra Arf.,:rta=r rbirh.
Oil rt bra booss.b. 4,. repair. •
Waste& tbe sorrows ltri m s `Sr ' ,•
Alta aa b. were • PIONISMS ie t .l. o
htt r
SkerPrarg:STalfir=:{l gre4eank
So nus on, Lord . . brrtfictle . •• •
T ,,74,7047 alltrlZTa .r e l lr d
'•'.4 aautla dlo ennoble throng, arael
Ire eortir ga h rilr7 bold lb. breast, I •
Damerr around it °pealed arrit 10 0 Ina to r .
I. toold repeat of Us ale,
aged •Il bla alreap ao4 oaltrallery
HIS WIN apt falbrl7 Oat of pear. toe,
.tad all hie tArn Irsa con
0t Ott r evai agny, ••:
4 ru
breitieg og • COMM., day?'
wanA natal
ro ft
hl, from al
C4 l'l
11 e r tl ' t
all. Some
die have no
line. Thu
frozen over
had ooearre
notary, VII
From older
only remit.
via., to and
end 17%.
the tdettllt
Leghorn Ir
Wed as it
bet Nib to
wee lath,
;1 , 11 . t,
~s~~~ `.
I 4l*Sfirc
1. " 141 '
Was I
I wia.
Milt" 't
• *MO r
' lalla
„„ m a rte.
.fkriwitnerts" taw ..-
'4 =l* ' '' - - '
art Um Spew axe mteseet Al, little
i l Otioinh ilV iii : insktinoiiniiiiini4oltninitiii
' iiMete i ttlrecirieriiiiiiriol'irrefe:
, Their p i rloaindoo rozna.„ . l2ne-Inolinnito
it an t zta4 l " ,„4 " , F ei ii(ioahr i i.
...44,,= ,, ,„„ vic „........",,„ i „
;..,....i , ili , lrossi 'to 461
tiatipai4 nioneknidinMeirek midi)*
keyile, enure mums doMPOPlueo:
:itprigierdirizeitiMmeatoq jaiti'iszell
Orin Setter ofeter*ior bronfOrtn Of
:In i ttukonii4 otitomon'-aad" spite Clint
• pt a r treat the al•ltt, to arr . red-recerc
And Morurtt: con eipht•Litarkett;._"Pelv.
leel ' ireot l ittiatii initsbani-gor 46 . 1E14
•Daa;M g a s titta=ruitt berteiil l eke;anle
. ," gee tie_ Doctorl ' ,_ ~ . •..
b ;: e, W___ , ,,,
Into.-saa ma reareete 10.6 X Wan .V.M.
' init. lbeall the 4,10rp atoms alagt-
Inughtati I 4ritly hie toriadraYeek
Whet tiaeermcaiie Mforteroot7s
,• tetue ,,-
kind' 100..
.Areere do orereo with
~, 1".1 , _
r yp' .
And arse Sett he bed" liwasidearakt . ~I'', ! , : trn.
.Ele ilfitantly MUM:CI inpin.tbsidtabla
Aril Its 1 mini liki Itisdandf bali-ivaauax
gio cm Arthosl.ilit . . Ilarthelnact!
'its aortas looked hitniforyilequithrean . it
.' manor Ithetry. - - ,•.•-• .4:: so P
He WM% here eleured tos A fortaltht w ar.
Awl the beam en his Muntrun% we
taetr Oar etarmies beip of
Arer drieta...l* wi le 44ff , 4'l4 -4. 4! t i" 4 ..-
ite teas , or motipitereetellpe .
liMi li Vrelierre
he Mormeet the
1 grad Lel,
eater le:bri; Ilaiii,i ',4.4,:tituill
Al° a T o=fttiteit le 8 04..iorafilaltli 13 f
hit avian Li Aliaele arta" he phis' mked
Scon. inutesteltoltsow I nidinotlabut to
. ~
tae thael iia, preactibe-bet went etrelsh
Ana mew to. '
Asti adduursikeintems, will. alowilkf• Alf •
lrebnuaned his eoars..terni Us elide: ne.
T.i..7=i4itii iriatiki.ja• •J'4ii , ':- -
Aid rail:Vas* Off ea 41iriasel l ey '.ll
Hit the
at roc auuatuld ma fas ditimiau
Itrtba 1 1=. fo
elg rgualr.-094 *Or . i . 9. .
:,Slitrriteßli ITlll2thi'i
-Binh •Jelm's Memoir Of the lite
Bishop ends will,,be y published to Feb
riot? next -
-A made teacher named, Ditracpert.
moo.'. Sound - murdered. • seer - Olcolona,
Mho., about two weeks Igo..
- 4 3eventleinglogentienten OiWiriith:
tan. Vie have erginised a immudiez
oeruer Club; rented a atones, cod gone
rekdarkTitO ho us e keePloll•. ....y '.
;-Thelleymind (MbadiConnti, Mot,,)
64x them le quite a sweat or
Degrees- going bywords ;Vicksbnugi At
least three _ to one, who return. ~_
, 2 " General .1:D. Tridaidell allia= l oo that '
'be is prepared to furnish toter people of
Virginia ;white laborers- end boats • see.
Tanta Venn, the. Northc7 dyeet_ trull
-rho BresbYteriani iiii : e6iii .. rweiibmi
Virginia who trognornalbrup ithotn.
denomirtatlons IA
am w tarpriwn he ;
sae agitating the torbleetlor pntung up a
Pamela College it'i mindft. ~. • • - ; - -'•
-Oniefittinienalsko af the italiiitut
Convention wan a cool t, in •,,thellinnotet
:Wash' Artillery; while , thagg i gh..
_tihr corn y wenr,quariereih off
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been disposed 01 prilrately to aar, -
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' indeed it ti , many planter' wbl - find
a balance Metinit them.- Rice has -date
better. while oranges! .
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.Lc,jeia-nfaithy; illeiiiltii.affl med ? aV ce - en -.,,.t fe el
States Army . who have tuned alike the
applause of Ms own aide and the reamed
and kind regards of his opponents! - I-.
tThe ava# thot so nixotan sa t r, vo
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r w i ll. ' a whole =HIM Hem%
press 'in - the .Adando , States will be
Mouglitto beat' in tamer of. Immljrmtlon
to the Southern st . st '"r im q ' T i rgivaei .0 -
. .. •
Il ='Pa*N Fig of the Gil.
. tal - hr Of A MOM horrible murder. rismmlt,/
ted by a , Aelhodiat . plactiftr, named
Briggs, I ,Vonng num nom neer Selma;
Ala ma, on 131 r. Form and
Mr. '134 We
and • DeGrathotriet lie kill theel
wain abuse; teed... - • _ .
''„' II
-The methodist preachat /We ill&
killed two men no. h Wonsan at
vii/e. Ale.thicts, was a Amman who had
been released as cured.' Se- 130111Mhtelt
the triple murder with' an ex handle: ,
The vicurnsWererdl aged Tempe In the:
Immo where he wieverepuir.,.i r
~ ..- , 4
,_' '.l.-
IrA man mimed CoburnCoburn Wel Mllial oi on. Friday w eed. near
,florencsi, Ale., a- ly
party of Dentiermetunt who were hoonnin•
stolen mulct. - ..Thav p.y..,d on. the
roado and he tortuetely commomed
throning at them, when their to:tated-•
the are with fatal edict, 'Baena herbal
be Mid where the molts could lattaal4. : ;_ ,
-Horeraori Humphrey redoes, Hurls ' ~- .7 - r- ... ..
met the redgeetiou of Jadeite ,=.l i " ' • --,--.--, - .• - '• ' • ',..
and tWett;cd the•Higb OloPreatel,,,"e'" - ; • -An- • Atlanta." ,(13a.,) icorreapernkmt.
of Mawlatenfe, an tro°°°:,” me n alto, ekrw. One of the. laved ma& in:Medea ; .
snake it tees nary le 0r.„— th .„.... inearbarkta lathe elty• tat Mt thia Intirtb,,`•
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- eo few lawvare la , _ _
_. - ~ . .. ,
elle :dose 'NI o.oo{ Petioln J.° ' e f.. r ? t' evettho of the temprdart 0 . FM,
anal there CO ' • hibithur the levy o executions and salre , .
ImProPer to.ll -- ,,.„„ ma ',fide animal' of property, he btanot **noble toe al-, ' --.''.
• . _,' -- On B = o4 ''''''''' saottod'•thi-lin Inn • hundred. dollars, and that brodnens,, , :"4., ,
candren vrere . ,'Plavlitif ~
sotto. seed, near Mtn , /no wt • little retell trade, Is - practleally - : ;;;.:,..
boom and:n o g in s t ate f Mr. C. Ma. cratie'm Ilt: Vaadt hrottaboat. th e Stater A , enutibor , ..•
L en ictit ia lis smothered to oath bete' arAcmh, of Northern Alearchantewhols .., ,, Z , ,,,
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And r o be wider the 'Pllo'll JP* fillanelal t%lltlell of.the-Btate,. th a t ofJ - -,, -...-,-•
_ v... yiok . bno 0,,,,..ja ',aye the never site • atetple4ten lul attt0r,,1,n,,,,,•
Bolivar in( want of Confidence. - credit is- deed and.. : aro .Contdee of.
'more _ _ adt b • ,
__ . _. ..... . ..
...... •-.- ' '• ---, r ,
wil,llo.portion of the, =M u,: -A tmomoston, ris,v., on the 24th, th e `-':-.; : A
The planterstonteralir Weft, th e , =M
t d . eteru:iier Rawl took the - aid- ina -, efi;.''',: - 1,
In their torn and haitOla crops , 1 ' 1 " M ! acrid. X..:Mgicibef of " weer , „ 4 1 unthle to pry arty Wet fla labor far • tke rtrt, , Themite __._ Perems.
, x eeme yam, eras the poor weak ant ~ ~,..• ..,„,_,_ ,
_lr..esPerweneWl.:,, ,- .- , ,
offering to work tbtouith o l4l oo 000 1 1 011 "" '.., '''‘'.". o . o * aialaatat , ;oooonala T ,i,\Fh
yesr for foal and clothes, tad Mutant , 4 .. 11raorko rtgain„. la : , ea nt -- Mentht4 4 4 . - -q0
Innitaneba May propose to work for L:ok Tn., ..,..yaai a • :.?7 , „rzi . m.
alone. ~ :. 1-:! ' ` - •
: % • ,,,
-E. W. Acker, a member o[.lloapj a,st • -- nife. br sergaThfigel '4 1 7;' , .:,...5
Crisp'ethrotrical company. - 11, Atlanta.
. su i
iiMarilnin, In . 3 np "to ihhi inoni.egm ,
fon aggrieved . butt week,' bemuse bla nown.- : ••• ...,, . : . •.. • • , ••. - e•til
name •• did mot Speer -IA 'the -Mils ILL . ~. ~,_,.....:- 7-..
prettattentiV or he th ought was bur due. :,-- -- . - t. -,.. . 2 4 ,0 ±4 Mon day Ift.--':',,,,,1..
On Friday ho Ilndignantly • upbraided in& elt.
._aelekupt_7ool Midst te,iat - , ".•;="S...t A ,*-
Mts. Crbm about the slier Her son- Moionno o
.te i de lw a, Eitik.:ribi,- ;;.!.>.1,1.'
in-few , W. r... piloldoy, followed Um; fuer Moine drecte - pdatancili to s , ~ L . : - .." ,7, ;,:- , 4
ont,anTdereandlld 'en apology -instead attention,..B.pbrtn„,iiktlk...,z;.4.4,,,g,f,
of which Aeker,pottutted pLl' end
shot him , aeVously in the hip, The tiotaw art=i n alt on - -'"" - tialc7.'" ,-4 , - . - ?
tea. ate - - •MOW. d _ isy•llie , burg 'atts,po- - a;; , '
. --, --------- ' The mascot th.- ) -
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Ladles on a Richlo partyr. f. A htinboar, '
If ?Boiiity.drawl by
who . = with4Md a rmopes wastorhur - -..
Wroth hi the Mother oriole.; lair
' ,4tertiaottett-older than the mothor, eq.
If ltbii , tga of ginger pop wattbs,hufii
ponzoi how much wilt your grondpop;
weigb „,.lvbr'ia alarm of :11ro lathe night
tine notiothilit brush? Lliocature It spoils
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men olganlua r ,ast the owl rajohees at an •••
Tba OoluitrY,:issiyir more lith'aleadwaa - -
drinks • than all' Its .watolleges, arid . •-•
of the
vi it faits'eon, anthhs two arsitever — . 1
Irkk Enna - thktrolien:unstm, ear make I e
„otil:'i.'4relitieztivfi like' leinnt
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good Lot:
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- Why Ai. isdrittieio nose , like :a WWI
iralned child, Bec ause . it is sprays un
der • went!! oyes
, I...redrign editor , sayer Ade, 4:annelidan
I. with the prow bentbayeed end ;resolved
/built into adieu. • : '
_ Queer thing* Resume. policy., If
I caul Cll4-FE4 it; and if Ican-cel.. •
.kritsjoilty of tie impeach:mut Pan:. ..' . . ...I,
, are • "kuntent" that - nuatement, ; • ... , t
' • Let not every pan send thee te.,* not - '- ' =
totor crterg =relict, a lsWyer, nu arm: • ' . ), '
u maliuvihat makra you. ap,iswastr?.. ..
~. ,
"I dues wh,..,Ded roakeams of duel her ;-; - ' ' -
MO little ttnuntryo!. :
:mbirsiioiiest asiorohi year camel in •-, .- t
winter lit emblem - of Our life dark, cold and-ahw4• , at once i -',. ''-`
When is n plant like a hog l....Nitatii If,
begins to root. And
,whert ; ht it li ke le,' •
soldier 2 • Whearitalmots; ... ~.. ;,,
...4 ..;-.-, -..,
.Brighlini.ltanng eonducte 'hit 'omen' it-';.'.?..'-''' . ."! - ;,:; .
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gry matetaii a glugott One lenge toest`.: ' .. ;-.2'.,
,end Vie Other este tealess„ -- , :7 , -;.
•. • Wham did RehieM enure - inset aia , .`., ' -,, ',,. ' ..
cote3l2l riatehner- -,41, Orr* : swot; and ~.
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i Why Ins 'faitionsble'yonng lad , y
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Al Sunday sidiool teacher! - 'Beaks. eke
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'oaten are not toheekeded np,lan: kept.
running An thelpopedt of .U. -, - t -
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sea aad-judge better it the;,'ldAdt,l of
Other melt then in theirretti .-• • . -
' - Wiiiioer; hesid ' a woman with Pretty
- Ankles sad whole stockings, compWn of;. .
wet sidewalks or muddy csoesingit
• The . young lady who tailed at, • book-
eon for Loots es detachmatts, was db.
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n a e. mer e
m betweenaria
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1 -bw e a a l I t. ei nil t t o
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rights, and one writes articles to set. -_, :
p w l itio n s ii - l w i t h lite dreads * mas ,.. g f l o T r s:t ivar g o l i g ht
b o uil f us ds iro miai4 t a b h ° o7use 1'
• •
....sweieiv. said SwLft, nue of' Me
next sarositle moods, 'what God Malts
Of riches, by the people he eyes them
Open your heart to sympathY, hitt c.loss
it to despondency.
_The flower - which .
pens to receive the ilew, abuts against •
A man seta Ma eon to' attniyir(g lair; • ,
beams he maid be wasattelta trickiltttle,
rascal, ind he wanted to tumor hi. chief,"! ,
Petition is a keen obsener,
tricked reesoner.- It is like • tter,tents
cope. tyke° field is clearer the rooraptetl:„
California eti,ltor, partlelpfai,
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