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11116.1 Pepiblicu Piper al Total Paruytriatz.
CPT/OW, PAPl E Sp o ll'g rr l3 . l7llGE !MD
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.. I 17111111711.011,, prsjsr.A,
Gait. Vnais Stasi has written a let
ter to Mr. Jain Rohm, editor of the
&was ZeVung, and Secretary
' of the German immigreutt Assoc-Intim,
accepting of the New York Agency of
the Association. Ite is also being urged
for the nosition of New York Agent 'of
the Tcnnerace Board of Immigration.
Tinr: Village Record, in ' , response In a
runtrapYthat sccently appeared In these
cokzmns, says
Hickman wag at Waahington on
teethes!' entirely private, but not pout'.
cal. He is not for Hancock, or for any
other man, for. President, who is not
fully identiged with Republican prinel—
, pies; and ao far from lowering the plat.
form of the &pulpit= party, ho is in
, avor of elevating it still higher. Mr.
Hickman will go to Harrisburg in obe
dience to the dell of the people of Ches.
ter county, and will be found tlin
cafe of honest legislation, public eon
omy, and high-toned Rep:MR=IIRM. I
Tux Wheeling Intelli2encer of rested
day,, after referring to the enspenalon of
operations in sonic Of the iron mills . of
that town,. remarks':
"'We are informed that the reduction
of wager, of 'which they (tha workmen)
were notified a week or two since, hes
bemt assented to, but that the notice
given by the pioprietors of similar es
tablishments in Pittsburgh, would not
expire until next Saturday. The cm:
PlQyees here ere waiting to set what
course their fellow workmen will pursue
in that city, and it they 'also amen; ope
rations will be rasamed:lbezt Monday.
We leitrued.further, that they bad con
cluded to go to work at the reduced
rates, and it this information be:correct,
we may export that on the date named,
or Immediately after ;the holidays, -all
the establlslunents hero will be going co
as ,usuaL"
t • —ln fhb Virginia Reconstruction Ceti
; von tion,yesterdby• the Committee on
nefiltat, to whom Wai referred the resolu
tion instructing the ' Auditor to suspend
payineut or any interest on the State
debt nutilthe Convention was astiefied
there we, enough to the Treasury to pay
the whole, reported adversely to any se
': Lion nn the subject, having received as
j sorainwe frou the Treasurer that the
State will be able to pay all demands as
t• presented. The frpOrt slots adopted.
rho followidg resolution teas re.
lbrred: Thor incorporating a provision
in the Con , titution that Immigrants to
this State shall not be sued In Courts for
; debts Incurred before immigration, and
exempting-a certain entount of real and
f parent:lßl
,property of such immigrant.
, from seizure let debt, and foe changing
tho syldem of State laws from
t remedial to prevention. The pre
amble_ to this .resolution refers to
proatitition of the liberty' of speech and
the prates for the punishment of attempts
to intimidate at ratification elections,
for pnwenting citizens being distressed
by disloyal tax collectore for tax levied
years ago. A colored delegate. offered a
resolution prohibiting distinction on
.ratiroods, or other public conveyances,
<mac:count of color. Referred. A reso.
hltiOrl to adjourn over the holidays, and,
tsvalve claim to, pay during adJeurtuneut,
1 was laid over. • • •
' —The Grand Jury and citizens of
Chleol county, Aikarteas, have petition
, ed General Ord to station troops there to.
4 protect" them and their i , tock - against
negroes. Accounts from there state that
; the destruction of stock by negroea is.
he tdisrtwaing. Great uneasiness is felt by
whites in regard to an insurrection.
;jolonel.Jacq ties, during the war a Com
,missioner to Richmond, nod who is now
planting in Arkansas, passed through
Memphis yesterday en route to Wash
inuton; to represent. nutters to the got
erntuent officials: Ho says no antan's life
j", is cafe, no matter whence he halls.
—"Several democratic members from
the 'West, whose choice for the President
• has heretofore been Pendleton, declared
.1 themselves a few evenings agodecidedly
I in favor. of Goners:l Hancock. Hove
-1 ments in this direction acquires every
j 'laymen, 'strength end significance: A
number of ' prominent Democrats
have dbeussed the merits of various
pirates for holding their National Con
vended, and a majority of them favored
13054.0 n.
—Tho Senate Finance Committee, it Is
. • said, will so modify financial- measures
as to allow a tax of about one per : east.
to go to the States, and at the name time
fix the interest at ouch a rate as will not
compromise the velem of the bonds as a
• source or investment. This, it la thought,
will. satisfy the Republicans throughout
the cottutrn and secure their united
—ln the Georgia Reconstruction Con
tendon, •
yesterday, no resolution of a
legislativo character was adopted. A
resolution wax introduced to prevent
discrimination by hommon carriers
neounnt of valor, also a resolution recent.'
mending tho removal of Governor Jen
' kins- and the appointment of Mr. Bul
lock, of Richmond county,
• —The Spanish, Minister, While not de
eying the reported altar of Cuba to the
United States, says ho has not been notl-
God by his government of the tender.
. There are five treaties now under
considoration by the Committee on For
-elan Relations, none( of which will. be
reported to tiro Smote till alter recess.
. —Finnan' .carriage factory, Leonard
Rms.' livery stahlo and a - grocery, In th's
suburbs of' Vicksburg, Miss. wore de
stroyed by fire Mondy night. Los s!
. •
—Beal. Branch, an old and highly es
teemed planter on Wolf river, near Nem-
Thin, semi' stabbed fatally on Saturday by
a negro named Adam, in a difficulty
about the division of a drop.
,The City Councils of St Louis yes
terday passed an ordinance authorising
Gemmel' .t; Co. to erect a - police tele
. graph throughout the city, at a cost of
—A ma mooting was held . at Lords
vine last Meta, at whidb resolutions were
adopted urging 111,011 the government to
take come elation for the security' of Its
foreign born attune abroad,
princip4 of a largo pis:minion,
loam at 'lacono, called tho San Siprlin
Company, hao absconded, leaving lia
bilities to the amount, of $700,000 t-as
acts roasil.
. .
—Tlis session of the Louisiana Con
vention YelvVerdsy was short. The re
port of the Corranittro on Printing was
=The lo~v
York World of yesterday
lias markkl. loading. editUrial upon the
abilities of General Hancock, setting hie
judgment abote that °Men. Ganab
—Tho toy factory of L. P.l. Hill, In
Williamsburg, Y., was destroyed by
lire on Monday evening. Less, tWeive
thousand dolbusi.. •
• —Culled States officers have brought
up serer's( Manufacturing - concerns for
frauds on the revenue in the- Concord
'N. 11, - Dlsidet. -
—John Jonerot Mankato, Miun. , was
silted on Viiital blot, by falling - teens
- heavy toad which mowed over him.
—John Ibtle, - Minister to Madrid *
it Is add, will be nominated Minister to
Austria. • • .
Telognivh to Um PlttaborSO 4=14.3.
NeiNNAT2-=.mila and thawing, with
Indications of rain.
Cnr.sizazrE—Drialing min
CoLtmnus—Cloudy; mild; rain,
enicano—Cloudy, coal;
flannfassunO,Claudy, cold, appear
anco of ruin.
r.wYonK—Cloudy, m 151; indicationn
of rain.
Sr. Lours—Clgdv, mild.
LOUISVILLE- olidy, damp.
Rto tons, Pi..Drlrgllng rain,
mild. Too prospects fora rise are good.
itnowasytta.g., ra.,,Wcathor moder
ating; snow molting.' GitECNlSTlOtrl. Pa.—Weather warm anti.
ST Telegraph to the Sleighrealt Casette per r.
A. Telegeirpo
Dr.owNavrm.E. Deo.- FL—River sta
tionni7 cItL aoVen feet In the channel.
Gstrxmineie,-Dec, - 17.—lieven feet of
water in the channel and stationary.
Weather warm and thawing. -
LOWNVILLE, Dec. 17.—River rising
steadily, and Ilve feet In Canal.
.BALTIM 9 II.; Dec. 17.--General How
ard made an address bud night, beforo
the Society for the Education of Freed-
...:.awns maa,
upreme ,oiart of the Dl.l
t ri m cl:!ur f i t e. L i ro ni rn itte orside the Metric(
. On motion of Mr. ORM the Preai
. is dent was asked the amount required
from the Chinese Government, tinder tbe
treaty of for payment of losses s
tained by American citizens, how dis
tributed, dc.
Mr. KOONTZ introduced a joint reao
latiou for furnishing meters to em ail firs.
tilleri&.. Referral to: Way* and 'Mains
Mr. STEVENS, of Pet, Inquired of the
Speaker whether the Reconstruction
Coicides, had the right to report at any
The SPEAKER replied it had not,
Mr. STEVENS then
consent to report, fryttbe Rete3hstruo-
Urn Cornraltic, a bill relating to the re
coostrl:,aion of enuthern territo.
7.00 first section modifies th e moon-I
a - traction's& so thatb simple majority of
the votes Mat for or against the Centel
nation tnay afllrm or reject such Consti
tution. -
The third section assigiti the nrinthet
ofri presentatli'eamtoiloaral TO Poeta
Carolina six, two of *here Shall be
elected on the geharal ticket. To North
Carolina eight, ono to be elected on the
general ticket. To Georgia eight, one to
be elected on general ticket. To Florida,
one.. ToAlatama eight, two tO be Meet ,
'ed on genenid ticket." To Mieelssippi sLt - }
one to be elected on general ticket. To
Arkansas, three. To Vinzinia—the num
herEalmt ble.ik In the
Medae r s . C IIANLEXItOSS,eod others
'obleetett to the introduction of the bill,
and it was not received.
Mr. EGGLESI`ON introduced a bill to
inputting rn troops at Clninnati,engaged
, rlowq
teferfed to the Committee on Mil
itary Affairs. - .
Mr. WILSON, from the Committee on
the EndleituT, reported several bills,
memorials, d:c., improperly referred to
that Committee, and which, on his me ,
non, were referred to appropriate Cent
• Mr. THOMAS, froth the same Com
mittee, reported a resolution authorizing
the Judiciary Copimittee to continue the
l inquirycencernhagpublicatrairs InMary-
Mr. PFIELPS moved nn . amendment
that the Representative,. from Maryland
be privileged to attend the examination
and cm's-examination of witnesses.
Aftee some debate the - amendment and
resolution were adopted.
Mr. GARFIELD, from the Committee
on Military Affair", made an adverse re
port on the petition of an officer to be al
lowed credit for public Arnie stolen from
him while ii service. IR. said this - was
intended to cover t his whole class of caseit•
Laid on the table.
Mr. GARFIELD reported back the bill
declaring that no ollicer of the army
cashiered or dismissed by sentence of
general court martial, approved by the
proper reviesvir, authority, shalt ever be
restored to mil itary service, except by I
re-appointment, Oontirmed by the Senate. I
he bill passed—yeas M 6, nays 34.
• Action was taken - on several' matters I
tipsn the Speaker's table, including the
Senate amendment to the House joint I
resolution changing the time of holding '
the animal meeting of the Union Peck ,
le Railroad, which provides that inJ the
election of directors nett Marcn • the
terms of the present directors shall cease
Sfr-WASII.I3URNE, of Illinois, moved
to table It. - Negative-14 against 97'.
The amendment was then concurred in
nod the joint resolution roes to the Pres
-The House want into Committee of the
Whole on the State of th e . Union. Mr.
DAWES in the chair, for general debate
on the President's annual menage.
Mr. BCIVER made a speech and Sus
tained the views of the minority on the
report on impenelament. - -
Mr. PIKE advocated -his bill to tax
United States bards.
ThO.Committea rose, and the SPEAK-
I ER presented a •connnunteation front
Gen. Grant, relative o the removal o f
Secretary Stanton and Gen. Sheridan,
which, aftersome debate, woo referred
' to the Military Committee.
Mr. LYZICTI. Introduced a bill to allow
free goods to be stored in bonded ware.
houses. Referred to Ways and Means
Committee. •
Mr. DA.KER, of Rentnoky, offered a
resolution in referenve to remitting. the
tax of Live per cent. on articles manu..
Lactured from United State. hemp. Re
ferred to weys and meats.
Adjourned, •
Bill for Funding the National Debt,
Conversion of -U S, Notes.
Report from Senate Finance
The dation . Ta BlliDUcaurt.
By TTIMUIRL la ttb httstnazila dYattal
WASiIINGTON, Dee. 17,•1967
51r. 3LORT018" preionted a petition
froza the Society of Friendeirt nix Sham
in regard to the dealings of the Govern-
Mont towards the Indians. Referred. •
et - a
S nts° rraMonat. nem, ' I
31r. HERMAN, from the Pittance
Cornmlttee, reported'. bill for fending
the natioualdebt and for the eefiVersion
of notes of the United !Rates He said
while the Cienthilrthe was satiafied the
leadingldca ofthe bill was eight they
should accept alimargestions so es to get
every possible means of infenlation.
The bill autboriveallieSecreary of the
Treksury to louts: registered t r coupon
bends, of such deuoti . iination as he shall
prescribe, payable, principal and inter-
cot, In coin, and bearing interest at six
per cent, such hamlet° be poyableforty
years from date, redeemnble la coin at
tiro pleasure of the Governmental:or ten
years„ to to be issued to Ma amount suffi
cient to cover all thilatandlng or existing
obligations oll.,the United States, to. e
disposed brlonattelt terms, not los than,
per, as the Secretary. of the 'Tress's:try
tons deem bast; said bonds shall be nevi
In 'taking up the existing securities of
the Unltalfitattet the expense of honing
and rlispolognithe bend. not to exceed
one put Landow on their amount. -
Section second provides for the entire
exemption of theta bonds, to be known
as the consolidated debt of the 'United
States, front taxation, whether by state,
municipal or tabor nuthortty, and the
same and trts interest thereon and the
Income thereupon shall be exempt from
payment of all taxes and duties to the
Urn iced States; but in consideration ol
curl exempton the- Treasurer of the
United States shall reserves one-cloth of
the interest accruing on them, which
sum, in lawful moiler, shall form a ape.
clal fund. onehalf to ber distributed
among the oeveral Stahel in proportion
to their population, ant the remaining
half to be applied to the voyment of the
national debt in the manner afterwards
provided In this bill.
!Section third anbstitutos for the tank
ing fund, as provided for by laVra now in
force, the plan of appropriating yearly
from moneys not otherwise appropriated
in the Treasury; a stun which, including
the amount necessary for the paymentof
the interest and maturing debt, and erre
half of the reserved tax as aforesaid,
shall amount to ---- million dollars,
which sum during'inch fiscal year after
the current fiscal year ohallbeapplledte
the reduction of the public debt In such
manner as 'Nay too determined by the
Secretary of thbTreraury,ormCongrese
may direct. :
The bill farther provides that the
bombs known as 5-20 bonds shall at the '
expiration of fis-e years from their date,
at the °pilau ofi the holders thereof, be
changed for the.bonde authorized by thin '
net and such $s are now redeemable
shall be presented for exchange en or
.before the 11-el day of November next,
and not theteafter, and the residue' be
presentorl en or before the eapiration - of
rive years from their date and not there
after, and such exchange shall be made
at such place. under such rulers and
regulations as the thieretary of the Tn..
istru may prescribe. ”
Section fifth provides that iho holder
or any lawful money of the United States
to the amount of one hundred dollar., or
multiples tit ono hundred dollar., may
convert the same, into a bond torn equal
amount of notes so - received, to be held
In the Treasury as part of the reserve
already provided for, and the bolder of
any of the tive-twenty bonds, or of the
bonds contemplated by this actmay de
mand theirrodeniptien In lawful money
of the United States, and the Treasurer
shall redeem the same In lawful money,
unless the amount of United States Rotes
then outstantßug Shall be equal to four
hundred million dollars; - but such bonds
shall not bo ao redeemable after the re,
retimption of erects payment And the
Secretary of the Treasury, In order to
carry out the foregoing provision, to re
; quired• to maintain in abe Treasury a
reserve.of net lees than fifty': millions of
lawful money, similar In alt respects to
the United Stelae :notes authorized by
law, provided the same shall net at any
time exceed four hundred million, of I
In order to enable Ole Secretary of the
Predoury to redeem 'the securities of the
United States held abroad, be. is farther
authorized to issue bonds payable, prin
cipal and interest, in (mirth' Frankfort
or London, baiting Interest at the rate of
per Centunt perannum, payable semi
annually at the rate of exchange minis-
&lent toilve francs per dellar,auchbonde,
payable' in forty - years and redeemable
after ,twenty, years from date, at the
plenum of the United States, In Coln, at
a like rate of exchange, and to bo issued
to an, amount-not exceeding five bun -I
dred.milikal Collars, to be exchanged for
an equal amount of 5-20 bonds, or die= '
ported of on such terms, not 'lean than
par, in lawful money, as the Secretary
may deem beat; but the elpezuse of the
=leer exchange of said: bralds 'shall not
exceed the difference between said rate
et exchange and market rate of exchange
on London or Frankfort. : •
I The bill eras laidover and Rine
and extra copies ordered to be printed.
Dfr, PATTERSON presented resole
tione of the Tennessee, Legislature,: rec
ommending the giving of pensions to all
soldiers of 1811, which was referred and
ordered to be printed,
SONiota adopted, calling ;en 4 the Preni
dent for eapkg of Instrnetienis iseued.rfor
the seance of estate,,` - pre - petty:4lnd
moneys under the act of -to sups
press Ineurrection, punish treason and
confiscate property of rebels, and a state
ment of moneys received on =Count
of such property seized and confiscated
under said acts.
Oa motion of Mr. FESSENDEN, the
ileerefaty theVesiurp was requei4ed
to farasti the Senate copies of papers - on
file in the Third Auditor's Office in mews
where the accounting officers and Quar
termaster General have disagreeed.
- Mr.,LITS.SENDEN offered a joint res
olution declaring, thb act of March 2d,
I 1.561, shall aotbe con-Art - led actitiorlre
huads of departments to change or mod
ify - balances -certilled to ..them-by.the
-Commissioner-of Custom. or Comptrol—
ler of the Treasury, but that such bal
lances, 'when stated by the Auditor and
properly certified by the Comptroller,
sha4be considered as dual and •conetn
sive upon the executive branch - of thi
Government, and be subject to revision
only by Congress or the proper commit
tee.: Referred to the Finance Corn-
. MrATUIVARD; froth Dio Committee
On Pacific Railroad, reported, with an
amendment, a Joint resolution to change
the time for holding tho annual meeting
of stookhoiners of this. 'Union Pacific
Rallrotid Coinpany: The resolution Fa,
adopted at, amended. .
11.r.*. DA IS offered a
minting the President tlafurnioh notate..
meet of ilaa Aggregate chit to the Culled
Statcs,aincelutiMeth, ISO; of freedmen,
with the cost of the Freedmen's Bureau
and mamma Gm reconstruction. .
• Alter a discussion the resolution was
dic.IIOWARD offered a malation re.
questing the Pm/dent-ti conical:mita:Le
any agreement between the Governments
of the United Mates and Great Britain,
hi relation to the joint occupation of tlqe
Island of Gan Juan, with copies of cot.
reapond erico on the subject'
The bill to repeal Elm cotton tax ,was
taken up nod debated by Mr. OWN-
L INC; wbo morel to postpone; ilia ;far.
tiler consideration till tomorrow.
- - .
Mr. WILLIAMS opposed, the motion,
-Mr. MOWIIDIT epOtte rinsinst the
though ho mad the present tux was too
Tho debate wee continued be Manua.
anti/ the, Senato 'went Into . ExeOntare
. .
Hr. M'COE WOK, of Miesonrl, took
-Afr, ,Thicr.nsott s from tho Commit:
tee on District of Columbia, reported a
bill to provide for juries in the District,
allowlagin criminal auto, when noose
. . .
) ili a I
;,.. ..:,,,,,.1,.,..e„...... ._;.• _c_,..., ,_,_.,... . ! e ,_;...„„. •.-. . ; • .
~. / .., 5, 4 1 4 "---- _ ,-__-_- - •,---LT. 1 4. - -- - --------- - - t - 0,_..,...,,,,,_,...1........„ 1 5:-..::...,. .:;. •*. , . ~
__;,..;._ „.._„,e,,,, ‘....3 ) .......„, ~ q.:111.0.,.. ;• ~. , . . ' ,
.:. .!• ........ --",
----_, '
/ i .
4i ii .
-"._._....1itama.40.- - . Wt f...-. W'le_l,Mi; " --- ( 734L ''> i NfA i . ilgti..)4 , As -
.-I , ~ :1 5 ' .' f ' , V4 lll l.. lbw _ ....___,..... ..,....„......5......:;.__ ....___. : ..,....._.. _ ~..i„.., .
1 r - 1
• , . , ,_,
. 1
i 4 I _._--____-• -- - - •
_ .__.--, --•.: ~,......- _
, . .
...,_ . , . . .
Arrest of Georg. Shorter, lbs !Imre
Leader of Ina Inourrectiou In bat
'.. lest - Coolts—Prlstafurn .Ltberatell
by a FreedmitimPo Bitten* Aire.l,
ES) Talerrat.hto the rlttatrutakilluatul.l
lizw Yong, December 17.—The Mont
gomery, (Ala.) Advertiser, contains re
information- of the arrest of Geo.
Shortio, a nage) of that city, who wad
the leaner of the recent insurrectionary
movement in Itullock county. Shorter
claims terbe froni 'lllinois ; or one of the
Northern States . , will says he tuns sent
by the BadiLuls of that region to organize
a government forthe blacks. - The blacks
gave information of his whereaboutsand
he was captured by the whites and
blacks. Whea the deluded negroei of
the neighboring plantations heard of it,
they gathered in considerable numbers
and clamored for his delivery to them
for summary punishment. - 7They would
bare put him to death, but the whites
interferwl and pursunded them to let the
law take its course: Shorter was im
prisoned in the county jail at lnlon
Springs.. A letter of Shorter's to the
negroes, whom he culled officers of hie
government, has been published, show:
mg chez/attire of the organization be hoe
tflected. In this letter Shorter decreed
the death of Jerry, Treasurer of the rev
olutionary organization. There aro
other letters of Shorter's in possession of
the civil authorities.
. .
TCaptain Brice, agent orate Freedmen's
. Bureau at Greensboro, recently took the
keys and liberated a number of priasners
,rho were confined by order of the civil
authorities. Ills action has been severe
ly condetnned. •
At a Sheriff's sale to-day of mil estate
and railroad steels they sold :at remark
ably low figures. Land sold at from five
to twenty cents an acre, and railroad
stocks at ten cents on the dollar.
Eng Telegraph to tte PI mews h uasette.2
' • Ntw Yonir, Dee: 17, 1887.
STEAafamP ainzg.D.
The steamship Allantlo woe tetrad,
charged with haring brought here
llquoit valucd at nino hundred and fifty
dollar not on thninanDests.
AmunAL rmAtun'e BODV.
' The body of Admiral' Palmer woo
brought here by thb Susquehanna.:
Mrs. Rosana Murphy; another victim
otths.Tenemaat calamity , is dead, and
three other sufferers are likely, to ale.
- - • ..
The Thu t
Beefs of the Union of he Fenian
Brotherhood, under the Presidency of
Jahn Mitchell, is published. •
Internal Revenue elllears seized sever
al establishments in New York, where
x 11301 1 ,111 inimitation oT ferefitn. brands
Were inanufsetured.
AdeloasteomAspinerall to tho !Alienate
them bayo been heavy floode on the
' Letterefrona Limn state that revolt:l
- outbreaks la tha North had been
suppecesedat last, and - President Prado
has gained evictor' efseme magnitude nt
Arntpalpa, which will probably hays im
portant consequences. Prado, since the
19th of last month, has been master of
the western pater that qty, which con.
Mini the strongest mesttlens„ • •
Domtrootly* Fins At Ileum's= amall
itaaanlmapo—Earingtinko at • *att.
*ma ana Great I Leas
, leant St. Thotst. Demo t kat* fel—
Devaluates as siesta itneresslemate.
Car Zeit:MS totharlttsbutttassetto.)
NEW Yonsr, Den. 17.—me ilerabls
Novena special Bayin .We have news
from Demerara which states that a terri
hie fire occurred there tho day previous.
Tbe report of mr/hquake shocks at Mar .
Unique and Guadeloupe are contrealict
ed. Wo have the confirmation of a pre
vious dispatch announcing a terrible fire
at Guadeloupe. There • ware' several
shocks of an earthquake on tho Island of
St. Kitts, on the 11th and 3fith.of Nevem.
ber, the see rising several feet on each
occasion. An cuthquake visited Antigun
on the 18th of November. musing groat
loss of life and property.
The reports from St. Thomas are more
cheerful... Thu inhabitants are recovering
iron their pante, and baslneesswart recu
perating. The men of the Now York
Submarine Company were engaged In
ralsingwibeke teltingroid stukces.
' The xevolution Id Hayti was Masao.
ing. President-Cabral, of. St. Domingo,
was n:fiwching 'watt as army. against
Heyti, :under the pretence of avenging
the dogtrot Monter, but inreallty togaln
possession of thef whole Island.
The conamerelal feeling in Efivrana le
ve•lrisecure, and the condition of sea.
erel merchants •is a critical. - SOOIO tank
rupteles may be expected. -Greet preps.
rationa are being made for the reaiplloa
of the Captain General, Lelrtundi.-
011 Mon:
Finineial (tug4thin
of ths Tetist3 Committee
an, iiiterftlan and kicklee:
El Zil
pondence Concerning
' Removals.
Vs g •Privnic” Letter.
liens by the Prestden
eny County Olt lospee
Lion Investigation. I
D►to Um Plititukr3 . lk B 3ettell
Wiunnurracr, Dcc. D, 1E437
' I
The ;
-' • . ate Committee on Monne; in
port made to-day, remark: It
ho the effort bf dotlgress, not
to declare anti obey the elating
t to Mold atomprehenslve policy
11 preserve the public faith, re
onfidence to the people, stability
business Interests, and yet will
the sense of,luaticeof thopeople.
unhappily drateh into the arena
financial matters, it ought not
ny sense partizan, but may be
o. finless Congress can adopt a
meeting the requisites, the con-
these most delicate and difficult
s May be 'transferred to the
, where the hest of party strife
to dangerous results.
'ommittee examine at length .tho
ms of the bill reported,' state the
m of the public debt, and then,
n the question es to whether the
are redeemable la any other
n In cola of the United States,
Intiesn Imparted goods, and
en the public debt, are, by
ional from the legal tender
ale implies that the principal
it le not etcepted. The eon
drawn from the payment of
loam: In gold is answered by
that the act under -whirl,
Is were issued etpressly de
s note shall lf• lawful money
gold, and shall bo receivable'
tof public debt. The :stn..'
construction was put upon the
agents of the United States, is
y the fact that this was not a
struction, recognised by both
part of the contract, but was
talon based upon a supposi
te of facts, which, when the
trilled, did not actually exist.
et if the bonds are payable
legal tenders, they aro re
r dye years from date In
id of 'money. The word
Ales a duty or obligation,
a performed at the time
.he -word "redeemable"
:settee:try power, which '
.tot be exercised, but the '
money, in the name -mode '
'i redeem a note, or •pay a
dee have deemed it their
t the argument in favor o;
ids in legal tender notes,
concealed , that this mo
cen adopted by many who
evade public
admitted foot
s bonds weregenerally
;supposition that' they
de: that this was ex.
r inittrnrized agente or
negotiating the loan;
Mon must have born
,gress and was net eons
was sanctioned by three
vretaries of the Treasury:
faith of It the bonds have
higher in market • aloe
ss, and public eentiment,
country and in Jearope,
I IV aa a breach otpublic
credit is of eo sensitive a
line cannot restore it when
is better far to_ forego a
Meg,. If in the judgment
men we have no right to
the doubt should 'be ire
a of the question
impairs public credit. Until
so new loan can be' negoti
sblia mind beteplell arena
idea of repudiation, and the
ire of paper money worthy
f George Law.
Committee ears, been pro
',en= lrf .o lol r t r o eso re i d utlon
void. Als; instead bf e* sTt:.
ion, will only create di
nes, and the resolution
II be a subject of agita-
that t.l
able ,
_ rations induce the. Com
mittee, deciding the question, to
pnupose ditutien of new bonds,
clear anf at in their terms, for the
Five-Tr ands as they become re
deemsbi Is ozeturnge must depend
noon t
k lan i n l e ic ere w nt tha o tr f: lim b :
great of them will .readily
make th mange and that the govern
ment wi ble to sell the new bonds
at a rate rill redeemer purchase en
equal as of the 5-i7l bonds, It is
the maul twist of the Ixindholder;
as well the tax - payer, to have,
right.' cl ly dedneth That Congress
athr full rudder:Won, should so settle
them t he they wiltnot be effected by
any un rtninty as to the manner of
their pay e at . If this change is refined
by the ondhoider, It - will be time
enough t determine whether, by the
coladition of his bond, he. may not be
paid hal and money. The plan . pro
posed es bliabes the maximum of cur
rency a en amount deed by law,
and it m ay , be diminished - by
payment for taxes and its conversion
Into ds. This ' process Would,
it is bell ed, rapidly restore otircurren , .
cy to the tandard of gold, without the
sever* disturbances and uncertainty
caused by the present' system. When
the restored credit of the fleyernment
salvor:ices the Market-rains of our bonds
to the gold standard, specie payment may
be resumed and maintained. This plan 1
la in aecordanre with the uniform prac
tice of our Governmentprior to July lat,l
1863, mud of Great Britain daring the long
period of auspenonot speclepayments,
from 1797 to Ina. The holder of paper
money paid out was allowed at any time
'to convert it late Abend or annuity. The
note (arced Ipon the people 'during the
Suspension o specie payments Wila never
allowed 'to of leas 'Table than ether
securities held by public creditors.
The Committee are of opinion that the
time is not distant when it will become
the duty of Congrasa to repeal so much
of the existing law as makes a United
States note a legal tender In payment of
debt either pabile or private. This pro
vision TM adopted with extreme rabic-.
taupe and under, the premium of over:
whelmlng necessity. : • -
• - Tho Committee having stated their
views upon the different propositions of
the bill, add that they do not consider'
this measure as embracing alt the linen-
dal measures demanded by public in
terest, but the.* present It in the hope
that It may not be embarrwised by other,
financial problems now exciting general
TED--011..S1els “rtuy4Tr" LLTrEft.
The Speaker hod beadle the Moue° to ,
days communication frenn Gea. ,Grant.
'enclosing correspondence the,
removal of Mr. Stanton, ns Secretary of
War, and also the removal of
Sheridan end Sickles. Nearly all the
correspondence has been heretofore pub.
!tatted, but following L tba private leak.
to the President from Gen. Grant, about
- which so much cariosity has been es.
hirtroguaarsins AB= •or UNITED
STATEN, Mule [nen, D. a; August 11,
1867.-IEO Race enejj Andros Johnson,
President of the .Dnitect Stator-Sts :,
take the liberty of addressing you pH
vataly on the subject of the conversation.
we bad this morning, feeling ow Ldo the
great danger to the welfare of the ,coun
try. should you carry out the designs
then expressed.
First, on the subject of the displaCe
scent of the Secretary of War.
moral cannot be effected ageing hie will
without the consentof the Senate. 'it wen
but &short time sine, the United Mates
Semite wax In session, and why not then
have asked for his removal if it wee de
cided upon. It certainly was the baton
,Uon of the logislaUve branch of the Gov
ernment to place a Cabinet Minister be
yond the power of the Executive re
moval, and It is pretty well =dm
so !kr aa Clablnent Ministers Sr. affected
by tho tonna Of the Tentiro co bill,
that it was Intended aspects to,protect
the Secretary of War, in Wh Ale coon
try fell great eonfidence. Meaning
of the any hi*. ho expla ::
,Any by a
astute law y er , hat common Veto and the
views of the Is yet peepla wild give to it
tho effect intended by its flisk ~. ~
Second, on the subject id' : MMUS'
or they il7y ahlb - Ccitradiaiider dip Mirth
Military District. Let meakk ,iau 1.1
consider the effect 4t wonldllitavie upon
Le public. . Hu Is universolb" and , de_
servedly beloved by tha pooldli Who. but•
tinned thin Gpv,eflunetd-diunait.,lts
triels, cod ratirkd by•thcisaviih ghtn u• would
atilt he eneinlos of this Goeetnneent. - . lt :
roll to the lot of but few ran to do as
much Ogiallbt on onomy -as Gnu Sheri
dan did during tbo rebottled and It
Within the seeps of the ditty of l
few in this or any tithe*. country.
to do what ho has done. Ilia civil ad
ministration has given equal sallefitetion.
Ire has had difliculties to 'oat:Rend with
which no other District Cousatander has
encountered.. .most, if no Ito, from
the day he was appointed Igefrict Com
mander to the present tinsel :tile pro..
tins given out that he was to bin removed
—that the Administration wad alsmtln-
Lied with him. 'Kids has boldoned
the opponents of the laws Congress
within his oainmand to op hied In
„every wav to ttu3le of • and
has rendOroil necessary • ensures
which otherwise • may at r • boys
been necessary. • In conc.' liesemo.
tn] say, as a friend, desiringjpeare and
quiet, the welfare of the wldaWl country
North dud South, that it If y opine -.ton the • loyal people of: s coun
try—l mean those who ea rted the -
Government during the greaktibelllon—
will not quietly submit to Vtio reiT
man of all .others who ills . ye oz
pressed their conlldonco In oved.: I
would nidhavii bikini the hit'o or ad'
dressing the liseentivo of fits bolted
Stases anus, but tar the tonntsisation on
the subject alluded to in thlsS nor, and
from a sense of duty: - F E t that •I
know I ant right In this ma ;'. -
With great respect, ,: •
• your olaslientstpt tat,
[Signori.) • U., ' It4NT,
Among the opera is a let to- Gener
al Grant from Ileior GonetlsJASheridart,
dated New i ;deans, Januarya, 19M. In
relation to matters to Tearlartleidar
ly referring to Um condition the Union
men and freedmen lu ditto Part, nf
the titate, which he says is * aty horri
Id( . lie says the govern thi de
nounced, freedmen ate shot,' II Union
men aro penmen fed i f thoy ha the temer
ity to °sprees their opinion....
I .
Thin letter 1 ;en. Grant, - der date
Headquarters Army of United
States, January 2 , J, leti7, en es an foI
'IOWIC .. liespeet falls Torn to the
Secretary of War. Attentledi is Invited
to that portion of the writte c
ca ommuni
tion which to the dition of
the Linton inon and frceilme it.- Texas,
and to ilia powerlessness of tie{ military
in the present Mato of affair* to afford
them protection. Even the *oral effect
of the presence of troop, is p a tisingaway,
and a few dare ago . a piqued of
soldiers on duty . wool 'Tired on
by 1901:nn Citizen* in Strothstwille. Iu
My opinion the great numb& of mur
der, of Union men and freedmer. in
Texas, not o n ly as a rule 'Unpunished,
but Clninveitigatid,constitntepmcdcallv
a state of insurrection, and believing rt
to be too province and: dull of every
good government to saw n! protoc
don to the lives, _liberty anti property
of her citizens, I weal recom
mend the deeloration of martial law
in Tess, to mecum Mono. The necessity
for governing any portion o f r territ
ry by martial law is to be d torrid. If
tesorted to it - should he li nil In Its au
thority, and chould leave al local an
thorium, and civil tribunals free and un
obstructed until they prove their ineffi
ciency or unwiltingnsse to peribrm their .
duties. Martial law mould gureeecnrity‘,
ur comparatively so, to all claims Of cit
izen% without regard to ratut . color or
political opinions, and could oontln.
tied 'until eociety walicapable f' rotect.'
Eng itself, or Until the State is returned
to its fad relation with Um Union- The
application Of martial law to one of dust.
State, would Lt. a warning . to all, and if
agoveasary can be eittauted tomhera.
U. S. Glt A NV,
e era I.
actiona;::%=: s ihtt4l44u . V .F .
In the AllcgbPno &strict has, ax ,nu
have already published, been tee subject
acme talk here. You have doubtless
noticed that your renresentatire—nen.
Moorbead—introdneed a resolution In
the Meuse on Friday, calling for the re
port ofJatnes Miller. This repo cite
full as I learn—ls now on the film • the
Treasury, anti In answer to the call of the
House, will be' made piddle' Sometime
during the week. It corers, as you are
aware, n history of all meremants- con
nected with the inspection of oil In the
l'lttelmrghdlatrlit—in reference to which
there have been allegations of Irregular
ity forst nest swious kind. Mr. !tidier is
the agent of the Department, and was
sent to your city to get at the foods and
make thareport. Without speculating
In regard I. inkeentants, you Pan dnubt
leas wait till beck facts as Mr. Miller
reached shall toy disclosed in the cede.
Lar and appropriate way. ' Then, If there
are, &ult., let. them all on the guilty
, - •
The President's menace in reference
to the ease of the Secretary of War will
not be further considered, it is said, till
his return. He Is now in Ohio. drawn
thither - by the sickness of a relative, who
ban since died . ' The mbst 'serious charge
made by the President against bin Secref
terry is that in relation to the New , Or
!canal-lota- It fa well known that Mr.
Johnson was in constant communication
with the officials In that, city for nearly a
week beaus the great slaughter. It Was
notorious here that a groat difficulty was
• Senator lifOrton, of Indiana, has nil ate
facts In his possession in reference to that
secession uprising, amL will be likelV tit
- bring them out.. The. Senator is . litiffor
log under a revere'attsek of a dlseano ,
which nearly paralyzes his lower limbe ,
but it Is hoped that he will be able to
elucidate the factanetwitlistending. ltis
physical sufferings do not affect hia
mind, which ft as clear and powerful' en
any in The Senate. oleo engaged in theprepara
tion of s speech on the - nuances, which
will be looked for with much interest by
the public; its he has given special atten
tion to the subject of our, .national car
retry, and hero Intent. student, of all
the qmatione bearing upon It..
D4-.11813 conntssiostr.n.`
Secretary Seward to-day. presented td
. Preside/W.:Mu:mon Chamberlain Carsten
son. the Danish Comm 'wiener, and Cap
tain Ilederman,. of the Danish Navy.
Iter. Dr. Hawley and eommoderelloggn
wore also presented. -
Col. Wm. Kilgour, Captain of tho tint
United States Infantry, was today rte
Saved trom the 'army , hy Gen. Grant,.
manumit to order,' of - dm President.
eaptuln "Vigour has been ictealtacitated
from actlienervica" On account of wounds
receive,' during the war.
Tim Itreeldent - tosday nominated Oli
ver - IL Inadlord, of Pennsylvania, an
Consul at - Brune Barnes, and Edward
of Michigan, Secretary for. I
Utab; nu"! Ilresident tuts Withdrawn
die nomination ollraMeiDennett an Gal
lector of ens:own fer the Tenho dlintrlet
',fixed:llmm. he not being able co:melon
tioyely to take the requirod oeth..
. trxxcirriv&onnen. j •
The ninon/mg kiaaullve °Mir woe
El ' : Tr dV7cdd end d that all cam-
municatione in writing intended for the
Executive Department of this govern.
meek and relating to nubile buetueset of
Whatever kind, incAuding auggeatlonsfer
elelms ' contracts, employ
ment, uppolatmea t and removal fain
omee and pardons, ho trunetnitted direct -
iy in the heat imitence to limultputrtere of
Me Department; to whlciatheeare Of the
subject matter of the communication
properly belongs. TM,
fn came necauttry ter the punctual . and
regular,dfspatch of nubile matinees."
111arlseal, in charge of the Meat
oan legotion; ntroln cautions Clbs publto
against buying any 'ether bonds of thu
Mexican Itopublfo than those mooed un
der, tbe contrart !stood by Qon: Cornea
vittlt4otin Ai' Cornea k' - Co. of NOW
brk. None °thong aro valid- .
Tho Senate 'Minot, Committee havo
tinnily agreed to report the House anti.
Contractionl.substaattatty tie it pus-.
sod that holy. •
Bailer Id Weldon la Philadelphia.
ritt Tileerash 0 the !Illiinigh Gem* r = .
PiiiirA6uLpar. ' bee. ir.-Llkirly'
mornutir steambeller in the distillery
of John Thum, in .Wcst Palladelphis, ex
piated, 'completely shattering the build
ing anti "etverely injuring three persons.
Express Cowsissy Mantes
(BY TO $.1011)11 to Ike rttistaria young '
A UllOllll, N. • Y., Deo. 17.-41' 'the mi
nim! Wootton for Trusteed orthe Marcbauta
Union Express Co., to-day, the old board
of Trustees was re-cder,lod without Om.
~. ~~~r~~
The inno)" on im orient' Pinnies.
The Clelhemiell OFdrage.
Teriible Explosion at New Castle
No French Envoy to Mexico
Sale of Cuba. Denied
(By Ttlertrapi to the rlitsbarin iitgetts.
ME "mum" 01 , 1' AMERICAN 1-114.12:da
LonnOw, Dec. 17.—The TiMe3 devotes
a leading article to American
It strongly objects to tho financial place
proposed by Secretary McCulloch a. in
volving the offer to exchange lilt pkt
cent. bonds for tlefi' par cent., and as a
violation of the Oztont that low , Mut
fitin should be met by local moans. The
T'imcs th nka the Setretnry's plane would
aimplv auhstituto new evils forold.
Lannon, December 17—Evening.—Ata
invent Wan Lold ti..slky on the bodies of
the persons killed' by thd alterript to
blow up the wall of tho Clorkenwell
prison. A large - number of airituninea
warn examined. but nothing saUsfsctory
aiilteit an to the perpetrators of the
Lennox, December 10 7-Evening•—n.
terrible expiration occurred at New Cas
ile•on-Tyne today, The' authoritira
last night received lateral:died DUB
a quantity of nitro-glycerine had been
secreted at that place, if Was 'supple:4ml
by Denials; The Sheriff and Town
'Surveyor, with a lined, of polifemen,
' proceeded to the spot indicated and diet
covered oil packed in the rumal =when
While the men ware removing it t4et
substance; eiploded with tromendou.s
toriathin. Several pelleemen were in
stantly killed dud' nut of the petty
camped injury, The men who were
nearest the package were blsivn Materna .
Both the Sheila' and Surveyor were
badly' hurt, and are lying in • critical
TIIC SA_LIS OP bet:tint:4
The truth of the report sillich reached
here by the Atlantic cable, that Spain
bad offered to sell th 3, islands of Cuba
and Perto Rico to the United States, is
• 1 rauXess.
Pants, December 17.—The rani . e in
dignantly 'deaths. there is any truth in
the report which has been current that
the French Government has cent as En
voy to liar-leo,
The Bmnste is buoyant, and rentoe
have advanced.
rincaiviic MID 'CO IIIaRCIAIL.
Lteceront., Dee- 17—Eresing.—Cotton
closed steady; middling uplands 71; Or
leans 71d; sales of 10,003 bales Man
chester market heavy ged , dulL dlrced
stalts—Corn des 64. Wheat 15a .id for
white Catiferala, and 13, 74 for \e. 2 red
western. Barley Le 3d. Oats 3a Dd. Peas
45s 64. Provlalons—lleef Gd for
western eared. Pork 07e 54. Lard 50s 3d.
Cheeser . ,-s. flacon 105. Produce—Sugar,
26e. Prltroleum 1 for spirits; refined
firmer at Is 3fd.
Ismsnosr. Dee. tn. Consols,
92 949; 5.Z bonds, 71 1-16; 111inois Cen-•
G9f; Erie, 191.
Fiusixvons, Dec. 17—Eivning:—V. 8.
bonds. 703.,
nta—...landartl whits 43 fn um 2:. con
Amsainta lair 70. 3a7—OrloealM Lump.
1.1 from glig bloom Itallee
r -1 'Orals
ValL • .
risy relegrapii t. W riLutresrelb Bueits.l
CLEvELAND., 0.,. December li.-Tpo
National Convention of Manufacturing
arivemblea at tea o'clock te - morrim
mon:door, at Cipmrs ELUL
Delegates are expected from eighteen
States, Including Kentucky aunt Ten
The arrivals were numerous this even
ing, and all the hotolig are (11.
The °bled of the gathering will be
strictly confined to the purpose, named
La the call, Tim Uf eeouringthe early re
moval of taxes upon manufacturing and
produotlon, except luxuxitii, and. to sug
gest changes in the mode of assioniment
azureollection of revenue, end the ap
yointmenr and removal of revenue
Orem Uoune.—Noterithatandini the
other attractions to the city in the way of
amusements, Miss Emilie Melville, the
Most charming. young actress of the day,
continua'. to clnaw well at the Opens
Douse. Last evening "Esmerelda" was
produced with good effect. Miss Mel
ville In the role of Esmerelda was nee
.and Mr. Bates' .rendllion of the
if mei back of :Intro Dame is seldom If
ever equalled...lle intoente the spirit
of the character, the keen perception and
high appreciation of one she had studied
It carefully. The entertainment conch..
ded with the ever enjovahle burlesque on
the "Black Crook." Tills
be preeenteit the "Comical Connie.,"
the 'Pretty lioraebreaker". and, the
"Black Crook" le conclusion.
LarAterrra liar-.—Mr. Harry Vin
cent, the eloquent Englistourator, will
deliver a humeroue lecture, entitled 'Wu.
cial Foible.. in English Life," at Lathy
cite Mali, Friday create:, and on Satur
day evening his lecture on John Milton,
Tho lecturee-are given under the anent.
CM of the dierchantilo Library Aseepcia
lion, and tickets can. lie procured of Mr.
Appleton, at the Library Rooms, corner
Of Penn and St. Clair streets,.
LEortnts.—Col. J. B. Clark will de.
liver • lecture at the Pdth U. P. Chnreh;
corner of Webster aad Washington
streets, Friday evening.. Subject: "Chria.
tianity in Politica."
anal Ott/LIMO .lillloelsar Tat.
leassz Mai Loudon, Meghblid,
The Academy of Musk, will no doubt
be the elite foci:aro of attraction to muse.
meat neekors during Christman vreok, it
being enga h ged 'for a entries Of uphill!.
lions of te groat original mammoth
?Oltenia° Tableaux front Londort, Eng
mond, the great sensation of the prompt .
any-.. tiontlernen who have had this op
portunity of seeing those .tableaux In
Nen. 'York and Philadelphia, pronounce
them the onset wonderful night, Barran.
Ina anything before witnessed by , thorn,
and it . is
is also eppken of by the rantorn
penes enerally as g a magnliltout
affair. repreneming th bein e lending reaturon
(al Milton's great poem of Paradise .
JAW," with a vividness and gritudner
which never fails to call forth admiration'
and elicit the moat euthuniantlo applause.
The theme In one of the finest that could
be nelecteti, • and none but, master bonds
should attempt its delineation. We look
for nn Immense andionee at the firnt
Attating.—WoUnn emtrely imagine a
greater annoyance than coughing end
beating in rhumb, or gatherings .nf any
kind. It in net only unpptactutt to the
person- coughing, but alike to theca
who hoar It, and .we. ;could . advise all
wko would Wish to pretreat this annoy
ance to go of once to Sample's Apetheca.
ry Shop, Federal and Lacock
and nrOeure adman boxes of I:Seaton's
Pine Thar Tax; Troches, which Is the only
sore remedy, For nnle wholocale nod
- 'lie also keeps on hand a stock of
aLrlctly pure wine and liquors
. .
'the Reason of It.—Men,
women and
children have been the purabasiens of our
morning edition in such numbers for
several days Past, that we have boon
obliged to print more and more each day ,
to nu pply to
demand. The reason was
explained to Mt yetitorday by a lady who
said robe. "warden to, nee the' Christmas
advertisements." It is gratifying to
know that through the kindness of many
patrons the Gaza - rex to. found a good
directory for this cameo( curial/ern: •
Pestpaned.—The meeting of the Cor
oner'. Jury, In the case otAnteine Keck,
who died of a wound received at the Are
ori Penn atreet, Satnrday morning„
which was appointed for last evening,
woo podia:mad mid" :Thansday . at two,
o'clock,on account of theshoenee
of ono. -
, • ,
*O. iirdt.:i lshii an • nisi •
' The grand jury etrzith Info. Court
terday and made Inn Iry. conce r ni ng
their p o werso as to the matter of costs.
The Furemart, Jared W. (truth, Esq.,
stated that li, i +ore of ih a s lur* be hod
been requested to inquire Whether they
could, in certain cases, impose - the costa
on magistrates. The cases wore those of
¢, frivolous character, inch as thouldnot
litlia hien f rifothnned bb magistratee. 1
~ ~
5 ...
e Sthwe se tqagistratem cotfld
not bed held accountabk, or CM Costa im
posed ion them„ unles s there was eta_ '
deztcothat they had urged on the nrortd
cutler., or gone beyondithe lino of their
doty, , whieh was simply . With° the in
foisnatlcir4 lostto the warrant, give the
pliity a nearing; ei-C...4 . nroglatraticonld
not be hold responsible ',for en error of
judgment, any more than (lortit IL
'sell coo wore'
uld bo, and they: he
o r
some times found by th it superiors _ to
have mado mistakes. ..
The il'oreman, Mr. B ush, remarked
that quite a number_ of, tams had been
before the jury—cases Whleli "Weald not
hold wa ter"—wherein the parties proce
ruling 'bad been .In no (fault, except In
the fact of their Ignorize. These pu
tteert at milderable attended Court
pense, and to disposing I their cases the
fury be/tinged .to that that. they . (the
prosecutors) ttbould pay he coals, flinch
Maas that the tmunty . should. „Many of
the cases were for false pMtonse, the com
phnnants Reeking to recover motley
claimed to be tine them in some business
transaction. The evidence presented
does net Justify a criminal Prosecution,
hence the bill is not found, and the Jury
must: find that the prosecutor or the
county KIWI - kr: the come. it seemed . g idt,. . b ir th pto put the cost on tho
former, and unjust to ()atilt on the latter.
1 The -fault, rested with the znagfaitstes,
and what the jtiry spedially desired to
know- was whether the)` should not be
hild resz d catalble—by bins payt he s
the poor 1 i gllraetu
Judge Stowe said ho had already indi
noted the powers of the grand Jury as to
' costs. In ignoring biLls.of the kind in-.
thinned ',they must say Whether the pros
.actitor or the county slennid pay the costs.
1 Subh was the law, and If a change was
desired' to: meet the cad 'trembled, the
Legislature must be app ed to.
' - WWII= - Roinhart, a ember of the
Jury, said oases wore, gen to them of the
Meet frivolous charade , each ns any
disiPichUte who.knew 111 A• B. (re could
not help knowing would. nothold water
and .would not send before a plry-. of
sealable mom. It appcmiedito h m (Mr.
IL) there -Mould be aothe Way to read
such migistratee. - -
Judge Stowe nald then agistrates were
elected hy the people , an exercised thinr .
funetirres ander the Cods tution. Ashe .
had wx*.nay. remarked, t °Jury could,
opals evidence that a 1:13 intuits had ad-
Timed orl urged • preeecu 'on—went out-'
side of big prdper duty—Mr Improperly I
exercised hts prerogative, bold him an- '
Countable as prosecutor. .lanorauon to
tie extent indicated thy Mr. Atcathait)
would be Immo Mriden of Improper
action bjr a magistrate.
The jury then retired. IN ado not think
this proceeding ou the _.part of the
grand. jury et all remar able. Grand
juries for several terms t, have allu
ded to the same matter—th I ury of the
September term - talking i tonna not a
whit too plain or severe w leit they said
the ern complained of .1.0 unlinlY
through the cupitlitY of the numistratos.
True, as Judge Stowe rem ked, a reme
dy might. ho provided by t. Leglature,
hat if the people thorned es would see
to. It and sleet proper nt n—make the
°Dice of A Sermon no • I.le by elect
ing eitledas to tilt It who rs po ssessed
of ordindry common aeon and who. 1
standing in the mammal y is mrles-
tioned—there would be an zul to the op ,
pros:1100nd robbery prac cod upon the'
poorer and most Ignorant classes of so-'
deny. • Width the evil ma my exists in
the eit94zeple in the sub rbs also sutler
to a con erable extent fnu the encour
agement, glean by Justice. tee litigation.
If It mill bo - tione, we xu e t that the.
Legislators be applied to ail n law en
acted to snout the "prole ion” referred
to by , Mr. -Brcupli, the I man of the
. e.., !10c.
Yesterday morning a ut °level
o'clock, 1a i young led mod - Millet
while skating on the All heny river,
above the Si. Clair Mrs., bridge. vere
toned tool tar ono and the co broke with,
him. T r e current woe an strong that be ed down thg et m, and would
doubt] have drot+ed it not been
for Mr. William B. McCiu who, seeing
the accident , nnd the hal leas condition
of the bOy, pulled oil his coat, and per
fectly regarding. of airs own safety, mu
to the edge of the ice, plunged into the
stream, caught the drowning boy, and
1 with the assistanos of some others got
hint out of the water. The boy had
managed to keep afloat, but he was
chilled almost to death, and could not
have withstood the cold much longer. •
, We can imagine no greater heroism
than that which prompts a men to jeop
ardize his own life to sore that of a fel
low 'being, "
,especially when the partici,
are strangers to each other, es in this
case. sir. hictliure'n conduct was highly
commendable, end worthy of praise. A
man with a heart such 16 he must pos
sess, could hot be guilty of a mean or.
don under any circumstances, and Is
worthy of ,the fullest contidence„ und
esteem of nil mankind. Wear° I aro rm ed
that the above is act the first instance In
which Mr. 'McClure has, by personal
bravery, ..gad the lift of a human being.
But uo matter whether it is the first or
not, it is sufficient to show tint be has
the heart of a man. In recognition or
his heroic conduct, bltainest men on the
wharf raised a puree oilltsoand presented
to him. I
AtteMated Outrage
Henry Hese made information before
Alderman idc3inalerti, yesterday, charg
ing James Ray - bone with assault anti bat
tery and attempt to commit rape. The
outrage la alleged to hare been commit
ted. on Saturday evening' on the Alle
gheny Valles; Railroad, near Lawrence-
I stile, upon the wife of the -proecesiter,
who resideeluStewartstown. It nppeare
that the lady had been to Lawrenceville
and was on her way home about six
o'clock In the evening, when she was no.
coated by a man eutduleed to be the de--
fendant, who caught hold of her in a
rude manner, throw her to the ground,
and would hare proliphly accomplished
Ms hellish designs hall not the screams
of the lady ,brought "Amend persons to
her assistance, when Ito vilinlu ,made
his escape. Raybdne, whop - le a watch
man on the rennsylvairda Railroad, was
arrested and gave bill in the antra of one
thousand dollars for Ids appearance at
Rourt.. It to duo to the defendant In this
ease ,tis state that 'ho says be was not in
that locality'at the limo the offense In al
leged to hare been ouromltled, but was
at his poet on the ffenneylvatilaltailread
and that be la able lo prove nn
We render alneertrthanlm to the very
many friends who are filling our adver
tising and local notice department with
Intelligence to all our readers of where
their storm are and what they contain.
Tiel need effect of their patronegc of the
Prom mutt be apparent to the most cann
el Observbr. Their etorm are crowded
with cuptomers, and thousands of. papas,
and mamas, uncles, ante :and cousin s, throng our side walks, anti et 4 laden down
with bundles of holiday goods or active
In the searchlor them. Those who care
fullybAamino the notteos and advertise.'
meats in the Chmarra will - be led by
them to know what they want and where
to lied it, and thus ho greatly aided In
the preparation ter merry Christman and
happy New Year.
mainatawa Mtaehief. •
James C. Dates made infornialion be
fore Alderman Taylor, yosterdity, chant'
Poterlhnlgan with malicious tots
eider. ]talon h proprietor of a tudo.n on
Canal street, .whorl, it appears I
called for a drink, buts. he wed.: in Ifr.
Bates' opinion, sufficiently drank the
time, ho refused to glee hits anything.
Finigen beatmo hoist/mins and "'".Pat
out of tho' house, wharanen keploted
up a brick and threw it tk ugh Lilo win
dow, breakin light of Flak. 1401111
twenty-tiro do llars, and destroying sev
eral articles tho slew window. Fiat
gnu way arrested, sod, after a hearing,
committed to Jail A. default artha
sito latikibe i.impearance at Court.
y,,,,,ressy of max.
• maith,,, Aisiiit 'Teleplay made infer
math:, bairn Alderman -
Mc d:lgen%
ctu n i,,,John Alexanderwith larceny..
.The I ,„,dce 'veld° at Minefield,: and tile
derm:ant it IS alleged took irom the
prosecutor a ton of bay valued at 18.
else made . information charging
Aleminderand bla wife with aseault and
.kattery. Ho alleges that be rolled upon
Alexander to see about the bay that had
teen stolen when he was - elected by
him and his irife and beaten ahametnlly.
Warrants were bsoued 'for the arroot of
7 ,.' -',..'-,•'??;' - %;q• , '-.:,:--•::%-,.,.''''
,:-7,;':',.,-:' ' •
Am:Miele and Auteseusitiff:
In Ws age of progiesi the I rofession
of medicine mild lat , aindled in the true
scientific spirit and practiced ', di -come
kind of syetematic rule In ordeito.rneet
~ .
ill* requireirients of adttricin knows.
The system of modicht TI It has
been the Imsiness of our life o eiti'dj,
and the experience of our pra ice to do
t W e -nitrate( hue Peen reduced; !L_Pleure.
,t .
embracing ther Weil seitled lalqe/Plex:
That all diseases manikin tlisionselyes lu
the blood: That the urine Is 800 - Medea.
tirely front that, fluid, and carries off [hi
d4secturd particles: That these may be' '
definitelyy, ascribed to the penis whence,
they Clyne In short, that ",whatover
may be UM &define the chine * Worn fails
to furnish us with a OM i'4,
plea upon which it is to be Owned.'
(Prom.) ,i.. II
Thee* propositions are rawly
chat-hi:ter .and - demonstrative
conclusions, end cannot be COI
liv Idle Xpecrilation, I .
In loaf olit .ittale przestii la based
upon a systematic spewed of nowledge
which missive of ruts end odes, rod
thereby-prevents those who make expe.
rience their guide from wanderingln the
.mglores of apoculation or dwelling on the
quid:sands of quackery..:4 ,. •
The correct dtegnosis of di. '
ever, Is not the only &den:drum derived
from our system of practice. It le in the
administration of remedies in Meordatice
with the "conditions discovered. or the
nature of the disease, that tha greatest
bent Is obtaled, the great t advan
tage derived. Hero It Is, that 'be alma
riorlty of our claims are dyne nitrated
to the public in the cures that, rei made
by our medicines. Hero the, patients
therunelep reap the beiaeat of our /Mors,
: and obtain the toward of ourI11•11.0Cela;
''many of whom speak. Is tones f heart
felt e
ar for [him bonefltrx ,
Hear some of their grateful I' orrl.l
edginents: -
Mrs. -- says, "I thank /God and
your skill for cart, g use of th dreadful
epilepsy. I halt not bed s 'fit f It' for
two years." .
Mrs. nays, "You hay cured me
of that dreg Ifeel
a thousand times obliged to you." ' i -
Mr. — . says, "I em WO Your
remedies cued ate Pe yea pr omised.
The liver complaint Is reliov j tlejaun
dim is removed, and the dys pale is all
gone."' I ' •
Mr. says, "My wife now en—
Moly well Of .the dropsy. Y Icir medi
cine reduced the etrelibagha tiEe days."
Mr. trays, ".[y son. entirely
well of. that scrofnla." , i
Mr. says, "Your medicine cur
ed ma of affection of the kidneys." ' • .
Mrs. ..i.--- says' , " I thank you kindly
for the very greet relief from that heart
- - . ,
Mm. =Ss, "Your iwnedteshave
entirely cured me of that female weak
Scares of letters are .thus• pouring In
from our patents, giving us the pleasing
satisfaction of their grateful acknowl
edgements tot. eures performed in nearly
all the different discuses whleb alllietthe
human family.
Of these .'eures performed" the peopi . e
have a right to know, and as aphyaletan
ma have a right I. the statement of the
facts, bete' they are demonstrative of
our syttema• 6 ton*.
Let those t y our remedies who wish.
L. OLDsurt, 31. D.
- : 132 G • t street, Pittsburgh, 'e.
• • Death4eir MI. Eal Luz sr.
Wo regret heir tt thi death of Maj.
W. B. Mellinger, at Cleyebuoli; Tennec o- '
see, on Sunda ylast; the infOrmation bat-
ing been coat eyed by telegraph tolds
family, at Mentangehela City, Washing-.
ton county, an that 'day. His death is
reported to have occurred oil Sunday,
and althougN the person telegraphing
the fact made inqulay as to what dispo
sition- nhonld4be Made of the romaine,
in, reply to a assugoto forward the body
at once to this city by elpress it was
stated that it had been but led. Ibis
circumstance I In looked upon as rath
er-strange,-and Mr. Marcus Mellin
ger, nob of ' docessed, will start for
Tennessee folder to investigate the
matter. Meier Mellingur aria a we 11 .4
known citizen of Washington Cettl37
paled l i n h t i lt t eT ' sur . against esteem
fse SuMti t e 6 n,
drat entering ,he service as Major of the
13th Penntrylvania ' Regiment (three
m'intha men, and. afternede In th e
same posiOo with the 75th Pennsyl
Velma ers (of Neglay's Brigade),'
going to the a yln the West, end re
training in th , service untilfallinghoalth
d 'mpelled Witt to resign his comcaission.
He purchased real es ta te at Clevelapd,
Tennessee, artier° be has been sojourn.
lug since the 'lose of the war. Bat a few
days since hi family, who stilt reside in
Washington'county,' received letters
from him, In !which he spoke hopefully
of his laraiirs,Sind also of paying a Irish,
North, first going to Florida to see some
land ho had there purchased. His many
friends in this city, old comrades in
arms, will leatif of his demise With sin
cere regret. i i
111!lbes lu M Nog Me*. Thew!
Denton's Pine tree Tar Trockee,,s new
medicine, criiipounded by an eminent
Philadelphia V.fiernist, tried first in ■ re
tail way - by James T. Semple, the well
known druggiSt at the corner of Federal
and Robinson streets, Allegheny, is
found so aftqaflous, so quickly and
surely relieving every cue of cough,
cold, houssest, sore throat, catarrb,.tc.,
that our good friend Semple, ever ready
to make %rural all kinds of enemies, at
once secured the - general agency of this
great vrecprid, against the aforesaid
enemies of al man and woman kind, and
now supplie druggists- and all people
with this co. late defense against the
whole army . congbs, cede, fie, "now
encamped ro ndabout these cities—Try
them, try the . —We have done ess,.and
again say, tr, them 1 .
or 13111.—Jacob Eyli mode
fore Affierman_ltfullin,
it .Rider with obtaining
else pretense. Ely iLI
der, he alleges, obtained
to, rained at $"t3,50, for
hoed Wiley the next day,
Money in bank. He fail.'
e time specified; and Mr.
it information as stated.
fondant was arrested and
Alderman's office, Where
. adjusted by the payment
i costa by Rider. • .
Satter•.—Genera Hilda
y made Information be-
Mullin, charging Joseph
11am Heinholzer with as
ery. The prosecutrix ra
nk ward, this city: She
&defendants came to her
vetting of the 13th I Inst..
l'affinisslon, which She Tu
ttle standing In the dodr
ern from entering, one of
her with a hatchet: The
arrested and held for a
cat 'in. 'xi.
In forniatton,
ehaageode under l
goode from •
which ho prat
-enying ho hqd
ed to coil tt
Hylt mode t
above. The •
taken - to' the
the matter rsn
of the debt nu!
Assault and
brand yesterd
fore Alderma '
Miner and Nir
mutt and. ha
sides in this b
allege. that
house on the
and 'demand
fused, and Ir.
to proven
thorn struck '
aocusod wore
Mild ward
lumen of NM
behaved hi
manner, thr
v'elenee, and
language tow ,
Au hirerneall
man Mullin
committed a'
vvarrard w as
celeph Keleher of tho
'Allegheny, went to the
olas Adrian yestenlay, and
self In a very disorderly
' atoning . Mr. Adrian with
A.Tian and hfs b nib7
.n.was made before Al7ler
barging him with having
breach of the pace. A
owl for his arrest.
Holiday GII I
you ran besto
Is un a Wm:1 43 1 y I
best. 'millet,
It I%M been se •
Tbo nreacet blessing
for a andante! present
• nu. undbino. The Weed
acknowledged to be the
,dur stronger evidence,
• 1 0 dos same house whets
.wously boon sent; they
And the Weed kept. Call
IL Long's. No. 112 Grant
others bad p
wore sent Iwo
and see It at
111COdng of t
IEO iftah ward,
at the school b
a t f &clock, fa
candidates for
tondanco of the
linglinnY— , -A preliadna
e itepubllean voters of
Allegheny, will' be held
use e n Saturday evening,
the purpose of naming
ward oillees. A fall ga
olers la requested.
.—John 6. Ill'ohonmillir
alp last- evoning at hLs
7 n AlTeg u h th en C y .
anal elty . . ltre* The
noLitied, end tall hold
•Neddeu Dead
died very audd
late reltlettee,
nbove Cheatn I
Coroner. leas
nu Inquest title
See Joseph
wont on the e
11111 at their
They advertise
orne & Co. , a advortlao
paw', road carefully,
ire, and be convinced.
livat what they do.
A. DonutWel
am be found,
nt tho sato of I
d appropriate present
d to cost bot very little,
Gordy at Barker's,
duped from $1
losf and Fo
Dark Wateriroof,
on the corner of Ma
mi tn. •
Wholesale an
of Dry Goode
meow stock.
t retail cloatitgaut 'sato
t. Barkeee, and an im-
Then Coed
aanta at Barker
E—Cltlzens mewl.
opeplur of Pike ElUeef;
wws.towar; nod
. 1-2---;----.... -- _:;:
tE y
'i.'Hl , i-• .
1 I i
To the Etlilor of the New -York ITertad:
Respecting the relics Of porcelain ware
found In the late exhumation st Heron
whlent bare oeen ihrwarded to
the Society. of Antiquities in London,
whereof yout oclrrespandent says - the
bottle resembling Drake's - Plantation
Binawas undoubtedly placed among
the rules by the agent of Dr. Drake, we
desire to 'state he is incorrect in every
respect. If a bottle nes found there
lasting our lettering, the language of
th 6 Ancient Romans was different from
the aeoctiket.e.. literature of that day. Oar
Agent. has other business than this in
Europe, and has net been in Italy at all.
No doubt Americaks catty, Plantation i
Bitten to Rome; but trying to Impose
pen a. society of Antiquarians in this
al/ mum quite useless, and we do not
appreciate the It is unnecessary
for us. to spend mosey in Europe while
we are unable to soppy the demand for
those celebrated Bitters here.
• Respectfully,
trWsr.P I P. H. Dnaxea Co.
to to their
In their
Cell and exeralno tho large stock of
Lakes! rue Wm. Fleming's, No. 189
Wood street.
Many, !tinny Year..—Mrs. Winslowts
Soothing Syrup for children teething hes
stood the test of many years, and never
Snouts to fell. It is perfectly reliable
and harmless. It regulates the atotnech
and bowels, cures wind onto and griping
In tbo bowels, eeriena the gume, reduces
Inflammation, and alleys all 'pain. Per
featly safe in nil cases, as millions of
matters cm testify. Be sure and call 'for
"Mee. Winalow's Soothing Syrup.. .Hat
log the jilt-simile of ^ Cortis.&. Perkins"
on the outside wrapper. All others are
base Imitations. .
T. Wholesale Buyers of Dry Goods we
areoffetirtespocial inducements --job lots
from the Eastern Auction Sales—Sitsiwis,
Dress Goods; Monsokosping Goods,
Men's Wear, Shootings, Skirtings, Prints,
" J. W. Bantus 6 Co.,
ne Market wired,.
Fors, Fan, Para.—Large stock, all
grades, new and cheap from 14 60 • set
to an price. Bargalas we are giving,
cus the west corncrof Market and Fourth
Great Western Band at the MIA.,
Donn Forget to call at Viral. Ineining . fi,•
No. 139 Wood street, and entombs the
large Mock of Ladles' Fun,.
Great barwdza InSllka, and all kinds
of Dross Goode, aj Barkor'avest aaja.
• S-'•
. .
akin,,n face. and all rong
of thek certainly cured by using - the
Juniper Tar Soap, made by Caswell,
ifarard ,t Co., New York.. It surpasses
all other rennin:Si, as it will prevent=
roughness of the akin, if used during
cold weather. It is conveniently applied,
avoiding all the trouble of the greasy
comparusde now in use. It can be need
by ladies I with .the - moat tender akin,
without irritation or pain, making hewn
and clear. Sold by the Drugglats gen
Oar Cloak Department to supplied
with the latest - styles, materials • and
trimmtngs. The uperiority ma d etaste
and workmanship o r garments by
our home is established, and we are
offering groat ba_mains in ready made
garments.. iY. BARBER &
19 Market street.
Shaul,, Shawls, elhawls.-471c., $l,
SI,LS, SLSO, nud. Long Shawls at $3,
mew styles, all at, a reduction. Cash
mere, - Broths, Paisley, Thibet, all„at
bargein rut.% on west corner of ./darket
and Fourth streeta.
Gann:run & Brawn=
Immense Stock of Ladies' Fora at Wm.
Flomlo,fa, No. 139 Wood street.
Whine, Red and Yellow Flannels,
greatly rod need in Rake, at Barker's Bala.
The ginger Sewing Machias Company
have just opened • a new and. splendid
store on the comer of ge.-Cbar od Pawn
streets. This Company have lately per
(acted a new 1n19117 machine which;
while it possesses all lb. good points or
the old machine, has been simplified, and
made to run remarkably tight and - gukt,
Menu% Straw & Norton are the agents,
and will be happy to explain the ma
chines to any persona who may . ;dye
them a call. • • if
Ladies' Furs at Low Prileits.—Slberlini
Squlrrel Muir., at 180 0, 138,00.
Water Itjuk Stuffs, su,oo, 113,60, #4,00.
Berthas, Collars, Capes, Circulars, and
Children'. Furs. Large stock, all kinds,
cheap, on west darner Market and Fourth
streets. GAILDNE.II & Srwitawr.
Something Good.—The booki, shoes,
gaiters, etc., ibr men, imilesand children,
kept at te Market street, are made l o w
asvery best material , and sold as low
as the lowest All goods are warranted
to give satisfactibm It yon want some
thing good, and at gold prices, call at
Robb'e Shoe House. S 9 market street
Great Rush for Ladies' Furs at Wm
Flemings, N 0.139 Wood street
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Barker's sale. .
121 e Cinten Flannels, reduced 'from
181 cents; B cent Frluts, reduced from 10
cents; fast colors, on Weat cornerllfarkot
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Something New.—Tbe Hoods, Gloves.
and Knit Garments, just - the, thing. for
sleigh riding and necessary for tho win
ter. Cheap • and good at Ifriorhead's
reihionabletrimming store, No, 81 Mar
ket street. •
ladle., go to Moorhead's, /co. 81 Mar,
ket etroet, and buy your trimmings, un
derwasr, collars, ribbons, gloves, hos.-
.t.c. Ito sells cheaper than" any
house In tho city. . •
IlandesmeChrlspaas Cifts.—Mithers,
Upon wish to buy .a handsome Christ
mas ffift surd something that will be ser
viceable, go to Moorhead's, No. 81 Max- -
ket street, and eximilno his fine stock of
goods, and
you will not Atli to get some
thing pleasieg.--
Just Opetted.,—The finest d best se
lecticn of Jewelry can be aeo nat Reins
man, 3leyran Soidlo's, No. 42 Fifth.
Call and see It before selecting else
Something handsome.—some sr the
handsomest Jowelry, of the very 'latest.
pauerna said finest quality . 'mot to had
at Reissman, Meyrse Seldle's fashion
able jewelry atom, 2 , Tc. 42 Filth street.
l'arici.Stllo reduced to 73 'mints et th
great rata at Barker's.
imrs. Fara, cheap, at Wm. Fleming's,
Gc.. 139 Wood 'Arcot. .
12 .4 Ceutc.—Double width Dark Gke
hams, reduced from 183 c,„ on ,the arm
corner of Market and Fourth exacta
GJLEDNELE & Braman. .
Chinchilla Clothe, in purple, Bismarck,
Blue, Lavender 'ran Brown, Garnet,"
from It be per yard and upwards, an
west corner of Market nuil Fourth
streets. flAttntfli6 x STEVARt.
Co to Moorhead's, No; $l. Market
street, end see those handsonte white
Kids for parties, weddings, dock Beet 'arid
cheapest in the city.
acata—lfeavy Gray Twilled Mai
nab, corner Markot and Fourth streets.
Bargains inr Ladles' Furs, at :VIM=
Fleming's, No. 139 Wood•etreet. tr
Bl a k Stlkti very reduced-to
1,25 at Bfrkor't closing out,ale,
/Winced one-half,—Hermosa' Po
line,' Alpaala, and. ad Drama
Goode, on nest corner Market and
Ear Miffs cheap, at Wm. Fleming's,
No. ISO Wood street.
Chine Mlle Cloth sl,se per yard, Asn
west corner Market and 1 , earth atreeta.
°anneals tt Srawarrr.
Call and Examine the large and com
plete stoat of Ladles'•• Pura, at William
Fleming's, No. 13D Wood street.
16 ceata.—Boot Cotton Batting; Man
kato,l4, 4,50, $5, all wool,_cheap, on west
corner Market and Fourth !streak
• . GaitoltrAt dt STEWART.
:Haired Planacts, , .20tr.
former prim; at Ilarke ce s n al "e"bair
sale. ' wiln. out
Splendid Skatittg at the Rknk day aad
tooatttuuon Water is a certain care
for Diabetes and ull disease" of the kid
neys. Fortale bgta,
. . .
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. 111911138 DAY .All
A. :ma stank smuts:lad .ro an.
UNN3 of thittrattlaimsdligt =sit. inelsap.
UMW, Ulu:trials, latest IQa.a br straps a t oi
Ma. Tithesti7. Heading Maur for ! e r.anly
sad italetit tees isostistLabls riasael sad tk z ,
seersist Mutat Reitoits la"e by C. a. 7 Dang les'
tak• city. Fri Eseltsato • Mattltait
slang be without It.
awn ma las Wmo=l"fki
char of Tea
one copy of payer to lb. pe • Retort
HD Wedeln Addltlose to clubs oda bade at
LW W.. et <lab rtes.
Nonce TO SVlSCatlaltn.-1e card einit your
Pg.". De Burn end speelly west . don TO.
west. u arejesne • Wednesday edit • los war
4M harlot but one malt a Sect.
oney by Draft. Expo., 310 '" 4 " ,
oe la aealoared Lotter; may he out • t aneHeln•
• Add..., OA Z • TT/Z.
The •'Lnsury of Doing Good' map b°
enjoyed on CarlittrillS day b any one
who presents wife. daughter. idoW Or ,
friend with a Wheeler tt.Waitto t. SOWIOI2
Machine. Menace. Sumner 0., N 0.27
Fifth street, have a tine =so cot en
hand for holiday gifte.
Waterproof—sl, Extra Dark, reduced
from 91 25; best in tho city, on eat corn
er Market nail Fourth atreeto.
Dorm:exit S .-'user.
. Just the Teing.—One of th. o
some Ladies lAlitehes, Finger ings, or
a set of their beautiful Jewel , in just
Wang for a Christmas MIL Call t Iteinem
man, Marren A; Seldle's jewel , store,
No. 42 Fifth strect.and get them
62 01) On Square Shawls
Bright Pinkie, recluceil 50. A &Tains
On the treat corner of Market an , Fourth
etreete. GARDNER dr Etre Ala.
Everybody goeo intho Rink
Mb, tr. the Et r. 7. A. S. W. Miller
1. LIDEUIL of 13IrraIngham. nod Si
TUNE APPLE, of Tesuperaurerilla
5X1711.-01, Monday enemies". D
at fore o'clock. Mt.. JANE
s stk•screst years. .
The funeral will tete - place (boa t •
of bee son-ln-l.w. tl. N. button,
street, on Wzoxiiiivecr. December
O'clock p. •
rt l a r it w itTarg,"l. lb. girl
of big age. •
The faneral .111 tike place from t •
fid. deer.:n•law, Mrs. gangs,
&treat, [Allegheny • Ur. es TE gnat.
at 10 o•sl.'eg. The Mead. of ill. fa
sited to attend. • • 1
00IIn9in—on Taesday snetniv g
27111,at n‘i o'clock, IlAnttle
lanno N. and Anna n. Contain. aged!
one ontdand :dances nap .
The Ameral will lake place fr.,mt.
of her Parents, Na. 110 WTl:Cain
(Wednesday), December IYih, at2o
MolOrdLY—On Teettay morale.
17,12, THOMAS AIeaEPLY, loony
Jahn McNeely, deceased.
The ir . ende of the family are rem
'Wed tp attend the funeral on Winn
itternin, at Lalf put 2 o 6 elork, 1111,11
No. US Fourth Street. mi. -nt4 lee
COFFINS. ot all lands; eIIAIIDJ. lit V 'i, I
evert description at Funeral Purists , log Goals
naralnied. ROOM, open day and nig I. licariss
and Carriages nuldshed.• •
Ituotaisicsa—Rev.°geld Kerr, F. D.,lt
It. w.: Jacobus, Thema N Inr, /sq..
'Jacob H. Killer, Zan: • .
:ROBERT T. RODNEY. Ilisid, p s ..-
Allegheny. and No. SO Dlantoed Mune; lbw
John Wlison A Bros,/ keeps always on hand tin
bast Una. Itosawood. Walnut tad inn*.
Benneel Como.. Walnut Coign from IP up.
bards, ;11nelrood opsratds; all °thaw
proportion. Carriages no blears.
foraland at lore rates. Crape. *loves, Plata
and Itlknellig furnished gratis. Odle* Pleb dale
and night.
u • 11
mut AND . ILIBALItEIt. (oweesane WO •
b ooo rl E. Bodice.,) No. 9 Oblo btros4 '
throe door. from Deflect . . Allegheny CDT.
Iloaowrod.ADD.Onton Walnut owl Botta.
wood Lal4tlon•Cpolns, at the lowest redrxert
Pato.. toot. open at all holm day and maul.
Doane and Collo r. furnished oo short. nal.
sad en Moot row:amble soma.
CYZETAKYL3. O. No. 2144 Oblo Stmt.
Allegbany. , ./Netallte, Bon:mood and other .bl—
ebs. nab a complete stock of factual lurntablbe
Good., ent band sad (mashed at 'behest notice,
at loweit prices. Sale and /Avery Stables, tie.
Der of fleet and Silddlt Street.. carslases;
Essrosebis, Bugles, Saddle Hones. to., Le..
testi/14i t • • ; .
W*lll T E 1) CANVeIiISERtIe.
...TUE ROTS IN teethe, Hoge.
?+n :'-'we are In net or =Ore Agents In every
unmade, for the above work. :Send lb, etreatir,
tellb tnl desertytton. Address A. OILIMON
& CO., WM uket meet, Plttsbar&h.. , •
bin for Grow? and Produce - Store. ritnate •
corner of Ferry street and Diamond aro,, near
the Diamond Market. The banding to nat.
rossesoldn will be given teat month. Also, the
bagel", adjoining, velth Store ltrona and Dwell
ingettmehed. Enquire orLIATS &BTEWART;
rt. IMLiberty etreet. s".
LOT" IN MILLI . ' ILL% wear Oaklend Ba
tten, two squeiet from the horse ear Peek. Zia
let etitit. beautltelly enrlled. and. WIII ba weld
theap. Mowtlre ofALLLLLit inn.sara, 7D
Liberty /Street.
4101*iltD , 13 Ltoory and.3lala. Stabla, ono .
faa rextur num (Bin; Ith.• , D 4 Triat'
GRE* - 110315E9, 00. LAItO ft DILIOSkIII'
1 103:41: Meet BLACK MAILFSt two Van
HART 71ST ernacr.t.noar the IfonowSw
lholallante. ,
bon,llt and 01d ou carmittsdcm.
FOlt 'SALE.—House and Lot oat'
tenter of llenbattan sad Adams elle*,
auxr rue/tenger llailleer. Lot 44 by. ID tette
Haase hone. containing 7 room end good beN,
well bnprored. lloose and Lot .51;100191C sow
Bidwell 'street. /Wellborn CM, pi' 2 brlt
hell bones none, mutable bat, fee moles anll
good eau; water ud gas. Aleo, seeind staler
Ef mote and Lots la goad location, /wan of J.
Illl&tll a CO., !tearer stroll. nos Mount.
JS . RlLE—That Well knows
'rA*Zelf steND, sltnatio In the Fifth
Wm?. known as ••Andorson Hall. • adJokolow
th•Mokkotllonse. on Nan street. The build
. . -
Ingle three atones Algh.tntd moot an • MitSally'
bunt, tonly/alog ten large. commodlout t name.
beeldes • Wei Concert traiir a good stable on
the huh end or the let, which Is t by Int feet .
deep. From the conieollutee or tho
Una Innun-Itasertablbeed remanent bonnets,
and I: ex feet guest If not larger than any other
haunt Int the nerd. No better perleg promuy
lane altering In the learket. FULL •I 1 SHUT.
_ .
We F , [ .
are Jost recalred anothitr lot of thew ed. ,
ebratetl Watch.. May sill undiobtedly thos.
lIMIn sad lIEST lbs the peso unrr tirmisbi I. • - th
tbls soixtet,:bollts Jeweled Irls1: CIIIIITOULTTIT:
IC:posed Irsoapersug, with'' ' ' . ' '',
Wholesale uad 84411 Ascots. .
DIMITE/iTH dr. TT . * Frir.wqr,
orrosrra xtuoisno HALL.
. '
immenno and choleo anertmeit at
N., gg ggirygE conser et Zedani;
Merchant Tailor,
icor. Penn and St. Clair fitreeti'
. ,
eve of Urea* Celebrated
'inseeier et. Muses ,* St4tikr
msetanei, ea EXbill!lftlea sai"; h -
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Om We by Wit. 517111211 P
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