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Tam citizens of Yntuittitown; Oblo,
have appointed thirty or forty delegates
tothe National 31anufatterare CODIII.
HOD, which I[lll bo held at Clereland'on
the 18th inst. The llat is headed by 1.1. r.
David Tod.
Tint Getluhlicansof Armstrong cnrmty
Geld a meeting on Wednesday last far
the purpose of perfecting their orginiza
lion. Haying taken their =MUG theY
*era on to declare their preference for
General Grant for President, and Got•
ernor Curtin for. Vice President
Tnesztjountals and Individuals lath!'
country who advocated •sweeping sever
ities in dealing with our defeated rebels,
here now an opportunity, by looking
amuse the Atlantic to Great 'Britain, to
perceive what the tendency cf such
harshness really is. When Anualw
Jonnsow, directly upon his accession to
the Presidency, was lustily proclaiming
the intention of bringing to condign
punishment all men who were concerned
IA the revolt, he did n,ot build our iym
pathier, but excited our detestation. All
we have witnessed since has only seried
to confirm our original, judgment in the
—The Union Pacific . Railroad is nom-,
plated a. ono hundred and tan miles from
—Judge Advocate. Holt has recent-.
mended the payment of St. Marie; who
caused the arrest of Surratt.
—William Messer, • proprietor of tho
Philadelphia Sunday Mercury, has heed
convicted of publishing a label on Col.
W. 11. Mann; District Attorney.
—The Wabash avenue rink, Chicago,
was destroyed by dro yesterday. Loss
abcut $14,000e Insured for $3,0e0 in home
companies. • ••
—Secretary McCulloch says the ex.
panditures for the fiscal year ending .
Juno 10th, IBM, will amount to Piff2,efel,-
000, of which the interest on the public
debt will amount to 3 139 ,a7 6 , 0 78. •
--judge Thoaleor, Cominlasloner
Patents, has given way to the pressers
brought on• him by the President, mdi
tendered his resignation, to take `offset
on the fifteenth of next January.
—The , incorporators of the Chicago
Age bare perfected 'their. organtvitiob
• with A. Walden as President, and D. P.
4.3sulfiald, Treasurer. It is intended ti,
publish a Democratic
a naperixtopeoultipr
• Ledo" Chicago Tan. • •
—The bark David Morris, from Choice
land, loaded wills coal for Chicago, ':wsns
driven ashore near Evanston, Wedges.
• day night. -Tae Captain and crow were
rescued. after being exposed to the gale
for twelve hours. The vessel will prob
ably bon total loss. .
—Mr. Goodyear, of Connecticut, hue
applied to the Commissioner of Patents
forma extension for seven years of his
Indhi Rubber Patent, which expires ,on
the t. 1.1 of March next. The petition is
'to be heard at the Patent Office cisthe
nth of that month. . ' .
• —A largo meeting was held in Cincin
math , Thursday night, to consider. the
rights of naturalized American citizens
Speeches' were made by prominent citi
zens. -Resolutions wore' adopted asking
Concretes and the President to demand of
Ragland the release 'of -every such Citi
zen field by that Government, illegally. ,
-Astsicets from Thomas - Cate 'that
oroyal Danish proclamation, couched in.
tiro most affectionate wrote, has been ad
dimmed to the inimbitants of the pones.
•Cons, who ore about to bo locoed- from
their allegiance to the crown by the
transfervince of the ialand to the Linked
States. It has been . arranged that the
island of St. Thomaswill be delivered to
the United States on the Ist proximo.
'The Chairman of the Virginia Con,.
sensitive'. Convention has appointed
Mears.' Wm. C. St T. RIM*
ter' John Janney," James Marshall and
J. R. Pricker; a committee to.prepare an
address to the people of Virginia and the
United States. The Editor.'
tie's, theConservatlvePreas
t die State, has ehdOised the action Of
the Conservative Convention. I
—Aletter from Mexico states that the
Minlsfry wein
• ..
de:str , ng of- _
reil . O .
ing, i
CNA - were retaining - their places Until
suite time as Congress could, be fully or
gat:dyed far business. It was expected
that President Juarez would nominate
the Lame Cabinet that accompanied him
to Paso del .Worteiluting the trying days
of the' intervention. Some , anxiety Is
created by the move depriving the arn
-nestled Imperialists of their seats in Coll
- gross, after they had been admitted. •
—The Georgia Reconstruction Conran- •
Con have pained a relief ordinance,
which providest.that from and after its
passage levies which have been or may
be made under executions issued from
any - emitter the State; shall beisuspend
edllll-the Convention shall have. taken
or refused to take final action on matted
of rellef r and that all salcs,under. °sects•
that in violation of this ordinance' shall
be null and void and of no effect. Tho
Supreme Court-of Georgia having deal&
od the stay law of the last Legislature to
be unconstitutional, this ordinance;
which, it is understood, will be enforced
. by General Pope, will operate Al A 'bar
to a legal: lon upon private debts until
tho Convention ant act, further-
—The Alabama Unlen'Loyal Le
or . i•DiatgomerY, Proteets ' against I th
adoption of the new. Constitution p
posed by the Convention, on the groan
that it to too radical in its previsiotm, •
call, signed by colored' men, for the for
•oration of a Colored Conservative Club,'
• deviate-ills object shall be: That—Th
elevation of a spirit of matted condi,
denceand good feeling betwoca theta
races ef the South, without which there
mai be neither poses, prosperity, tier, re.
pose to either. ~Second—lo suppoAjti
. the approaching election the policy
our-own tried neighbors and friends,'
whose capital ittrubines employment and
whose roof shelter us, in preferenee to•
that inaniturated by strangers and their
allies. Third—To .discourage, by all
means In our power, • the war of races'
counsel and Ignorance seems
VI be hastening, and which inaugurated,
%alit result moor certain and speedy
situation. - . •
. —A. glance at tho wbolamle trade which
has bsenbuilt up in Iriik within the les
four yens-at the numberless retell es
tablishments that have' recently gone
into exlstence—at the various manufac-
Unica o( recent . origin, cemprising al
most every branch:. of bidustry—at the
improvements bathe harbor, which are
thrice what they-Were fire veers ago—at
the splendid blocks of battings to 1/0
found allover the city—at the. hundreds;
of new dwelling homes, and- many ele
gant a:Laminas—at her newly opened.
sumas, One bridges, Nicolson . pave
ments, water work* being constructed—
Mt+ daily newspaper,' —, 4 lep L ut
and a wore of other prromlnent, alttactive
and. powerful elentenia of progress—all
of which seem almost like ifte creation of
a ma m m a, will convince
_Buy one, who
is familiar with theautleagand 'givea it
MOIIIOI3OII consideration, that Ede la
now -.ono of the mast prosperous awl
preardsing towns to be feimo —Brie Dis
—The finest - peat yet discovered in Ills
.nntry le found' hi eons, inramp lands
near Cambridge, in the northern part of
the county. A apeclmen of this was pm
seated to as last week, and a trial proves
It to• bb a • anoerior quality: It bares
beautifully, ••making a fire equally sa
cheerful as the best wood or bituminous
coal, and is preferable to them on ao
smunt of its freedom from the dust and
spot so annoying to housekeepers. In
course of tillto it is destined to tako the
Thirster all ether kinds-of fuel in this
region. Parties are now gettinglbe ne•
°mean.; machinery for preparing it for
use. They propose engsgingln their en
torprtse on an ostensive wale, and will
be well•rawarded for their labor and In,
Tostment—Afeadvillelfliy: ' •
—The railroad bridge crosses the Bus
(mailroom river about one half mile
s:hove Towanda.' When finished It will
be half a mile In length, and two .should
Judie from present appear:taw; a very
aseo'ag structure.. The piers at..eitak and
kayo been commenced, end the arlhs
tilled with stelae up to the surtacaef the
water. It runs In a diagonal, direction,
and tho train will make a long curve, In
'order to got nu. It. On the cut side of
the river It termlntitas against the aide of
the mountain, which will he sloped con
siderably, In order to• let the trlia pass.
It will be one of the..trued important
bridges on the fintiquehanna, and we
hope to see l l progrpss rapldly.—/ttat4
ford Aryls*, . -
Dealers in spirits and tie Ways
and Means Committee._
Commissioner of relents Seeped.
Conilnnatione by , the Senate.
Goldin and Ballots' Convention.
Officers to be Mustered Out.
By Tslwo% mu• ritt•eann 6isatt.3
W arnarow, Thic. 'l3, 1867.
• Commission r'lltolilas was today In
consultation t:h the Committee on
Ways and-Merino, wbo during their ses
sion were engaked in the examination of
spirit metre.. I; l Commlttee from tho
National Convo on of manufacturers
and dealera in virile bad an Li:denim
-with the Committee, and presented e_
copy of recently adopted resolutions by
that Convention.
The Indian Piece Commisaioners met
last night at the ama. or the • tiommiii
goner of Indian Affairs end revisited in
anion until quite Iste, engaged In the
discniaJen otpointa to be Mtbraoed in
forthcoming report. The Commis
slot meet again on the 28th knit.
: • xis tuftwortnn.
'rho Commissioner of patents, giving
way to the pressure broughtto bear upon .
him by the President., tenderedbls resig,
nation, to take effect on the 15th of Jan.
nary next. '
The Director 01 the Bureau of : Stet's.
ticareports the domestic exports of the
States for thw quartet nlosod
October Ist, were, in value, ever ninety
million dollars, while for thecorrespond
ing period in 1868 they were seventy
eight millions..
The Mouse Committee on Electterm
this morning finishel the hearing of the
evidence In the case of Mr. Brown, of
Kentucky, but wilt not take a vote until
after the cases from that State have been
heard. Meat week the Committee prom
lie to hear the tugaraente in the awe of
Mr. Trimble, whosuseal is contested by
Col. Simms, and Ali.. Young, whose seat
la conteste d by Col. Sam. McKeta.•
=seance' coirrrsecrion.
. ,
The Senate will probably not pass the
House bill suspending the power of the
Secretary at the Tresaury to contract the
currency. There has been a practical
exPansien of 1185,000,000 within the peat
The Conimittee on the subject of Na
tional Parke and a new White House,
has determined en the selection of two
thousand six hundred acres in the north
west pottier' of the city, behind Colum
bia College. This tract embraces Bock
Creek and the most beautiful scenery
around Washington.. It is expeeted the
lands xittarest the tity will, cad about
$20,090 per acre. That on the boundary
of the District cafille bought fir $5OO per
Colonel Leweenworth. agent of the
Elowa and Camanche Indhuni, is here
attending to the Interests of those tribe.
Efts estimate of the coat of farming a ten
sUs for their tuti I. between $3,000 and
Tie Senate to-day confirmed Capt.
Theodore .Green . to be 'Commodore;
Commander Egbert 'Thompson to be
Captain; Lieut. Commander Francis H.
Baker 'to be Cornmandet; Lieut. Com
mander Amain Pendergrixt to be Com
manderoVm. G. Chandlet, Collector of
Internal-Doyenne for the Fifth District
conference Of Soldiers and Sailors
repreaerithig" the ♦anon. States' of the
Union will 'be held at Washington on
the 16th of December, to take into eon
/adulation tkepropriety of calling elf.
tional Conventionfar the pnrposeof nom
inatintaindidates for President and Vice
President of the tinned States. • The
movement orialmted with the Soldiers
and - Sailors Union of this city. •
Orders have just been , towed by. Gen.
Gnat to muster out one hundred and
twenty-four °Mears of fits Veteran.B.e
serve Corp, to take eftrbt on the Ist of
January, amongihem Brevet Brigadier
Gen. Frederick Lowell, Brevet Brigadier
Gen. B. F. Forest, Brevet:Brigadier Gen.
Martin Flood, .ands Lt...C01. Stephen
Moore, twenty-seven Captains, five Bre
vet. Lieutenant Colonels; twenty-two
Majors, two Brevet Colonels_ and the
balance first and second Lieutenants.
• The Secretary of lits..Treisary 'has Is.
suedes dmnlar to Collectors of Customs
on Oa northern 'frontiers, Instructing
them that cattle or other animas export
ed Into Canada can only be returned free
of dnty to the United Stater in t to Anse
condition as when .:ported; when their
condition k clurialeit by fattening cc nth"
sr causes, duty will lie assessed and col-
lected to the rnsurart7porsorleed for Deg,
list Impartatfons.
rauroott to to. 78ttoottros enotto:l '
' 13,
The dilatant* house clerk of the Bank
of thi State of Nevi Tork - sras robbed .
In the ettset of a nickel containing three'
btu:mired theusandlollars In .- check:a and
fire hundred dollars hicartatcy, by two,
urn In a sleigh, who held blinnevontly:
Payment of the chocks has been stopied,
and the only ices to the bank is the enf
ants. 'orzna Taroicar.
The Coronees Jury rendered it wordlat
=EdwinKellfor Thomas
ley, ey end recommending tbeenforce-,
man of ths law against carrying con
cealed weapons, Sam. tinarplay and
Leon hasobeen dl charged from custody
on • the withdrawal of the complaint
r tut snow wreak • :
Of yesterday still has • serious effect 012
railroads. Western mails due yester
day arrived to-day, however. Yells
which should have started last night left
to-day. The storm East made less de
lay, but two (rains ran off the track In
Colnectharut. The storm, which abated
bore last night; however continued at
Boston to-day. Wm, Doane, merchant
ef this city, died last night ft oll the
effects of tip:sure to the sunlit.
oos.n was =ROPE.
About f800,1:0P lu gold gces to Europa
to•morrow. -
•ale et Water Ilesaars-1 Mimilater
Ijaebed—hl , o7.l almw
tB7 Telegraph to the rittabarak Qum. v
Sr. Loom, December 13.-Two, million
ands half of St. Louts water bonds, were
sold at "Wallop on change to-day. The
successfig bidders 'were the National
Bank of the. State of Missouri, .which
took one million on Its own amount and
eight burared thousand for the Bank of
Cotorairos. New York. The remainder,
seven hundred thousand, was taken by
the Trader's hank, of this city, two hun
dred thousand for Read( and fire hued
end thousand to !Ilion order from Eu
rope. -Theprice paid was trZI setts far
the first $109,020 sad P2l cents An . the rer
'Reinder. _
Joseph Marshall, the nespo armled
here en Wednesday, on eue p tcWn of be
ing one of the murderers, of a 001114114
'farmer, Who was killed at Zander's
switch on the Chicago Railroad, flee or
milm above bore, on Sunday last,
wee taitaa frpu the Custody of comitablo
Byrne- in Youi4o, a little town •abotit
three mites north of harp on the opposite
side of the river, at MUD o'clock last
r,l,zht, by a mob of 0 OrlCUMaaled bttugw,
"I,rtte; Marshall acknowledged being
prhaaßt wham the murder was commit- ,
ted, bul nbargOd Dm act upon hla com
=ll. Ataltaattlt Ashi, who is still at
A heavy snow storm twgsuaherilbout
11:30. ails' =
morning and 114 till
.4107 'Wk.* Four to six tunes anew
has }glop. Tmlnson the railroads mum
lug the city We not been delayed toyer,
51.7.1115.1.4.1:4111 -
. -
- Akkii, "\q"" • 4 ' 4111 P
- , ••.. \:\''.-----71/7,----':1189 —_ •
.___...— _ ..
___ ....
• .v.. •t : ,R, , j- - ~ • ' .....: .' : - ';' 7 . ', .. ;
. t
- ~---,... .
--).:':;.;; -,- t___ l llellt .. ' -•• - •:Z....., . . ..,--;.•'.
044;vg .
s . 0 p i ...__,.._., - - ---.0, ;,D,',
....— r .,-,Z - . '). - •s.- f..... .1
'-:..;-.-.' ''','.. . .' - . - A ._____ llll, .•
- 1
' • . „ ------....-_
..----..=-.;e2i;..-- --1.-1,-'&7--. a' . . ' '...- r •- •• • •
.. -a - . - --"-- ....`-- ., -.7.1"-......,-. \ P., .
A llk .
- '
.. -
musanicaoa nee. Is, lea
My. WILSON presented a memorial
of John Warren, an American citizen,
now confined as a Fenian in a British
Jail. The petitioner states heAnuein Now
York City when the offence for which
he was tried was committed. Referred
to Committeo on Foreign Relations.
Mn SUMNER presented a petition
from delegates claiming to represent
thirty thousand colored Rentuckj sol
diers, asking.equallzation of bounties:
Mr. CUM:UN, from the Committee on
Territories, reported a bill to regulate the
selection of grand and petit jurors In
Utah, and for other purposes .
. It forbids
polygamy, makes the issue therefrom
Illegitimate, establishes election laws,
and repeals the law exempting the
Church of the Latter Day Saints from
, M.r.. jln t qa "notice' be would
call the hp at an early day.
Petitions were presented relative to .
Impartial ;garage, to repeal the cotton
tax, from . colored soldiers relative to
bounties, and a„lelnatthe reduCtion (Atte
• A :isolation Was offered by Mr. ROSS,
I. establish post roads from Laramie.
Kane., to Galveston, Texas. Referred
to Committee on Post Roads.
Mr. SHERMAN called up the bin ex
otriptinglkomintirnal tax' raw cotton
'grown after 'this year.
Mr. SHERMAN advocated tho neces
sity of immediate action.
Mr. MORRILL, of Vt., thought it a
great mistake to act upon this subject at
the present Ursa. The whole subject of
taxation should be taken up at once. In
his opinion, it would be far better to
abolish the tax orimanufactured cotton.
Mr. JOHNSON thought the bill should
. l . )r tan
to the present cropn
t to that effect.
Mr. POMEROT wale satisfied • North
ern men would not go dawn South to
make cotton with this tax, and if they
did not go, be dl Rot: know n how. any
Could banned... Hewes analosis to have
the tax retneved,•but thought It should
not apply to the present crop, as it was
no longer in the hands of Um producers.
The bill was then passed.
Mr..WILSON sailed up the House bill
seeming to families of soldier* the boun
ties to which they were entitled, with
amendments, which he said would ac
complish the object desired.
Mr. EDMUNDS said the amendments
provided that if the soldier died, and hie
wife and children died, the bounty should
go to the next heirs. This was going
rather too far, and he moved to amend
by providing that it shall only extend to
the wifeand
.The amendment wa► agreed to and the
bill then passed.
. On motion of Mr. DOOLITTLE, the
refusal to adjourn from December 20th
to January 6th was reconsidered, and the
House resolution passed—twenty-four
against nineteen.
Mr. MORRI&L'S legal tender bill wax
again taken up and dlacusaed by Mr.
COREMT, of Olugatrorbo rood a long
speech in oppealtinn to the bill, and clos
ed by moving to refer It to the Commit
tee on Finante. together with the bill
heretofore introduced by him to provide
for the issue of gold -notes to take the
-place of legal tenders, and to facilitate
the resumption of specie payment&
Agreed tc.
The Senate went Into Executive ses
slortand subsequently adjourned until
On motion of Mr. DRIGGS, the select
Committee on distributing • rewards to
the captors of Jolt navigates directed to
report as soon as tile.
Mr. LAWRENCE, of Ohio, Introduced
a bill to Increase the numb:mot Judicial
Districts In Timis.•,Fleferred.
Mr..KERII Introduced a resolution In
structing the Committee of Ways and
Meani to inquire into the expediency of
amending the Internal revenue law to
exempt from the payment of the stamp
duty all official bonds executed to or for
the use of religions, charitable or befiev
elent societies. • Adopted. . •
The SPEAKER presented- common',
cations from the Secretary of thelntatior,
Attorney- General' and :Congressional
Printer, with statements of the amount
of the twenty per cent. advance matte
laat year to their respective employeec.
leferreiiln the Committee on Retrench
Also, a letter from the Clerk of the
:House, slating thathe" had I ropared and
'deposited in the House library a digest
ed Index of the reports of the House
Committees from 1837 to the elms of the
last Congress, comparing , with a similar
Index from the foundation - of the Oov
"erammat ti 113830, for which no appropri
ation was required. .
• On motion of Hr. FARNSWORTH,
the House scent into Committee of the
Whole an Abe elate of the Union, Mr.
FARSWORTII in the Chair, for general
Mr. VAN TRUMP ars:kw in condem
nation of the late impenohment project.
Mr.I.AWRENCEO of Ohio, defended
Ti.. Mr. Lawrent." yielded to many In
terruptions, so his speech was mode up
of questions and responses between him •
eel( and Maim. I.ldridge, Wilson, of
lowa, Boyer. Getz, and others.
Mr. WOODWARD made a brief argu
ment on the jaw of impeachment, argu
ing that the word •misdemeanor," as
used in tho Constitution, means not 'vi
olation of law, but misconduct in oak°
knowingly done to the• prejudice of the
public or of Individuals.. . „
Mr. GARFIELD ingniecd , orbother'if
the President were not defended by some
law defining what constituted misdemea.
nor, be was not at the mercy of two
thlids of the Senate, who might declare
bins guilty: of misdemeanor in °Rico
without regard to common law or cow
men sense.
• IIIr.7WOODWARD held that every of
ficer of the Government held his office
'ombjecit to the Impeaching power. Es
remarked that there was much more
danger of corrupt officials remaining on- -
imeeached, than there woe of haunt who
been faithful la office being Im.
Mr. ELI spoke In condemnation o
Mr. KERR advocated an extoneion of
tha.Judiciaq e) stem ef the _United
finger, rendered nevesesuy' by the Mont,
decision, and by the growth of Radially
case& ..11e particularly favored -tha
'tabiiebmeat zr , another tertn tt„the "
rtaitad States Court at New Albany,
The COnunitlie rose and the . House
Inslna a■o Tariff Rat...
or •Nitstro to the elttsbsral?
4 01Tthr.A, Marember . a—m• tOnfiir-
Leg are the excise and tarif rates which
go into operation for the entirwlhaminion
of Canada: .0n spirits, Including brandy,
gin, rum, widskey r dCa, 50 0011151Por got
ten; on tobacco, 16 eents - spechio duty,
with en addition of 5 per, cent, ad re
/Oren ;on domestib wines, 'lb :per cent.,
or 25 per cent. per gallon, according to
etresgth; on Uncturce,lo cents duty; on
greenleas, unchanged; on black teas, 16
per cent. and al per e9nt.l, , por pound.
. •
“rxerox, Dec. Vl—The hark Nucleus,
from 3filwarikee, loaded with -seventeen
thousand bushels of wheat, WM 21,11
Groin - Point yesterday, td keep her from
foUndering. A large amount of Ire ad
hering to the rigging and hull was caus
ing ber to slink rapidly when shi ground
ed. No !neurone* on the vessel.
Quaszp, Dan- 13.—A dispatch hum
Gala says a Umber laden 'bin, name
unknown, went amber.) near Magdalen
river, matt weak; and the Captain, two
mates and nine seamen were drowned.
. . . . . .
Diniiiiirsi etJadletal add ~labierlal
Oalans—Colaml Orruzerralllv• Club.
Cl. Televott ~, tea eitUbarsh eat•tuv.3 ',
IfonToomxtrr, December 13.—Nine ju.
alletal end mlniatorMl officers have m
oonily been ; removed to give place to
loyal Reimbllephs. Five of Manilla ap•
polntmis were extreme members of the
late Reconstruction Convention.
A Conservative colored meeting last
night organized a Oinsezeattvo ,Club.
At:solutions Were adopted declaring
against to rattan:Won of the Constitu
Div neon.* to the nittetorp
PLIILADEZPIttk; D60. - 13.• , —Tito nage Of
the Commonwealth agalnat tho Mamma.
Tack. was called np this day at twelve
o'clock, by Ms Donor dodge Ludlow.
Mr. Brewster, attorney for defendant.,
lifted npostponotnetit of the argument
The PArSoft_al reason.. stated that he
woe Ogee fid AZ 'Attention • to other
mice. Dletrlet Attorney Monu wes ready
to argue for thoprosecutod. Some
discussion, Judge Ludlow, by the . MA
sent of all the conteiel; fixed Monday
Morning, December Md. at two o'clock,
Liipagsmorlly, and elated that the argm
inent'uf Mc cone must then he ooracludad,
pop AtittirMlm)ra9 „or was not ready. -
. . • • . t
Attempt to Blow Up a
by 'reams.
The Dedga to Rescue a P ismer.
Reported • Loos - of. Life:
Fenian Demoutrationa Oheaked.
Roman Conference Question.
French Legislature nibs Dis
solved by She Emperor.
fel ;i•c.irr.,z,,t..0.4. PitUbtrillt Owl. 7
rc 4 4.
• LoitDolt, Dec. t l3.—The Go rnment
bag decided to hunttuto• a p utton
e i
against John Martin, and other persons
who made treasonable speech on the
occasion of the funeral demo tratlon
in Dublin on Sunday., •
~ innrmar mexorranuerrorts orracittn.
Gramma% Dec. 13.—An attempt was
=ditto Reknit a Amaral to-day ter the
11Janehister •Pardans, but lt was hocked
by the interference. of the autho Ulm
listrasr, Dec. 13.—Extenalv prepa
rations had been made by the lends of
Allen, Gould and Larkin to bold &public
funeral to-day, but the Govern ent oat.'
cora interfered, under the autsrity of
the Lord Lieutenant's proclama on, and
put a stop to the demonstration.
Lonnow, Deo. l3.—A daring attempt
was made today to release this xecontly
arrested Fenian Col. Burke, wir is con
fined in Clorkeninfll prison.. Powder
was placed beneath the prison walls arid
exploded, It la supposed,-by flirirke's
confederates. The whole aide Wall was
blown Into the sir, and threeradjoining
buildings destroyed. Many personation
injured, and it Is feared some Uves will
bo lost Much confusion.prevalle In . the
vicinity, arid It Is difficult to ascertain
9P. x.—The explosion at Clerkenwell
prison had very serious resulta, but was
net sum:weal In facilitating the rescue of
Burke. The prisoner was oonfined in 10
Inner cell, and could not escape by the
break In the wall. Babes been removed
tea place ofgteatersafoty: The explosion
wee tremendous In Be effects. The pris
on wall and neighboring buildings see
a mess of. ruins, and some lives must
have been lost. It is wildly rumored
that as many twenty persons ,were
killed, and that some bodies . ars, burled
In the ruln.s. It seems that during Ike
morning repaint bad been commenced on
1r in the day acme
were unknown men
mien to a barrel, whl ' doubt.-
less contained the powder, un er the
plod where the repairs were beln made.
Shortly after this. the explo i t; took
!dice. Tiro man and awe , who
were found in the vicinity, ha e boon
errestaton suspicion of being codnected
with the . perpetration of the outrage.
The excitement there Laso great that it is
Imposaible yet to obtain any rrect
account of the amtudty.
..TooDos, December 11.—The Tames
says the holding of a Eceropemi order.
once for the settlement of tho man
question would be a moelrary,-after the
recent speech of the French Secretary of
War, M. Rouher, in the legislative body.
Ferns, 'Wernher IS.—lt It wild the
Minister of foreign affairs hai sent to
Florence a dispatch In maul to the
claims of Maly on Rome, based upon,
and lc wens same identical with the
apesc}of hailliter Rotator 'tribe Corps
Pants, Dec. 13—Eeenhig.—It i re
ported that the Corps Logi,latlff session
will be dissolved by the Emperor, and
new elections will be held In January
next. .
Rwryits or. Tai.&x.x.v4aim M1N2117,14
Lowman, Dec. I.l.—Advlcos from
Shanghai say it isbelleved the American
Minister, Hon. , Anson Burlingame,
would soon leave Pekin for the United
States, by wey of Europe, on • aracial
mission for the Chines Government.
• ' RTALI!.
AD tffnuazzarlos rsAlueD
FLORYNOZ, Dem 13;-Evenfog.—Serions
apprelmosions are entatainedef
an fa
enfrection in Niplee, la which city de
monstrations against UM course of the
Government have been antumally vio
Qusmorroww, Dec. 13.—Tbe steamer
Cuba, from Batton, bas arrived here;
Ocassiow, Dec. 13.--The steamor
Hibernia, from Now York, arrived yes-
Russursworie, Dec. 2.3.—The ■teamsr
Erlii; from New York, arrived to-day.
17111AllaAL XXXI COltincllClAL.
Ltvinrooc, December 13—Epenisp.--
Zotton; wales cribs* week 'ending yester
day, 68,000 bales, of which 32,000 wore
for export, and' 4000 on speculation;
stock, 443,000 bales, of which 79,000 are
American; market to-day without im
provement, except ler Cotton to arrive,
which is form; middling upland 71d; do
to krriVe 7d; Middling Orleans d 4 Balm
10,100 bales. - ' , Manchester mar at dull
with a declining tendency. Corn ad:
minced 04, closing at 46ut Other arti
cles unchanged. Bacon declined le;
quoted at .400-for Cumberland. Sugar
6cl lower No 12 Wis. Spirits of Turpen
tine declined 3d; quoted at 27s 6d. -.Pe
troleum unchanged.
•Airrweer, December 13.—Potroleum
Aat. , •
LONDON, Dae. 13—Essnino.—Consols,
021; fi-Si's 7111-161 Illinois C•ntral, 091;
FItkPINFOIST, Dec. 13—Euentng.—U. S.
Winds, 7011-16.
PAM& Dec. 13.—Bullion in the Bank
of 'nn e, according to theregrdar week;
statement, has increased fourteen nal.
001:111 of grates during the week. .
Thellatinnetruenlan 01131vestloil,
jar Isissrsee tr tbo rittaborgb 000111..3
NIIW Cantinas, Dec. 12.—1 n the Con
yention to-day a resolution wee offered
directing this Convention to proceed at
once to organise a cite government for
LOPWE: I 4r TOM over oper oplorixt to be
resolution making the Conettintion
of 1884 the basis of the prOpOSOd Coast!.
tntion and directing the Convention to
adjourn, subjoetto instructionefrom Con
gress, was rehtsed.
A resolution making the per diem of
the President double that of members of
tho Cohyantion, was unanimously agreed
mi. Chair to-day decided 704 9t
Irly On , ho od question was on
We adoption of the report of the §oloot
. Inglgest otanance amend
-7,/ ikaeP
, P. 7.4. Pr 11,v0 liAgtdro+l Agalft
oamo uP lad N Alfoknal - P Y'n7a
114.11111111%ts ram Celeree'resple ea
Mers*mph to Utin littalnuto OUStil.l*
to-day pewee:tab man (Nwrier .
and =gross ta Tsunamis° now lave the
same prlallegsa of travel on railroads as
aro atcordod white poopje. - •
The Itareasirsciles Osavitatiem.
[By Telegraph So the Plitabasit Quasi.]
RICHMOND; December
&is Convention re-assembled tilts fore-,
noon. A communication was - rfinolved
from General Schofield approvi4l the
ordinance fixing the pay, of members
and officers of the Convention. 4 1
An ordinance was reported payt the
reporter of.tho Convention three ti rs
and thirty-thee cents a page for tits do
bate reported by him.
A petition was received praying. for
the passage of th e homestead law..f udge
Snead, Republican, denounced the petb
lion as a proposition for downright-rob-
bery and in opposition to the Conaditu
tion of -the United States under :Which
the Convention existed. A motion to lay
on the table was lost—ayes 4; "la* 6, - 1 ,
and it was then referred. •
A resolution appointing a Combodttee
in memorialize Congresa to alloW the
Freedmen's Bureau, in view of the, des!
Mutton in the State, to remain herW. bd un
tit reconstruction was complete, was d
on the table.:
A resolution woo adopted inviting Gen.
Orlando Brown and etriff. of the Freed*
men's Bureau, to the privileges oF the
floor. •
&colored delegate offered a ron
to • eset iti
ITVd s• P m e bw't O ll E and to renv:n
present staff officers, and falling it In
duce him in do it, then go to Washing
ton for the same purpose, or procure the
amendment- of the - law Boas to girl the
'Convention the right to remove them.
Resolution laid on the table.
A resolution was offered yesterday rel
ative to the Intimidation by disloyal
land holders of loyal votbra of the Re
publican ticket, and the amendmenirel
&dye to the intimidation by oslorsd,4ot
era of those colored men and ethoralirho
voted the Conserrarive ticket. Laid
over until Isl.morsow:.
Ai:fp:worms:l. or.
Tim Moseostraetios Cosvoutlos-•
I new ere. lll Silidealial • TatiVlll Cos
CBI T..lMt i e MN PllUDllrgli eautt.l
ATLANTA, December 13.—The Georgia
iteomuitrnction Convention te-dayt,ett
fused . this reconsideration of the Wier
ordtnance, adopted yesterday, by eigbiy
four to sixty-four.
A substitute to tho resolutions asking
a repeal of the cotton tax wu adapted
Itesoltvd, That the Convention do re
commend the repeal of the cotton tax,
and It practicable the application of the
repeal to the present crop. --
Resolved, That the Convention consid
ers is repeal Is essential to the success
ful cultivation of cotton - as the great sta
ple of the country, aad a measure of
relief to agriculture, capital and labor.
A white delegate offered his resigna
tion. Mr. IlraWey; colored, wubtati If
lee could resign under Gen. Popes order
without action In the matter.
The Convention adjourned until Men
ATLANTA, NOT. 13.—A mob of about
filly armed negroes threatened on Tees
day niglit , to attack some students of .the
Georgia University at Athens. The stu
dents armed In turn and a difficulty was
Imminent, when tro ops were majored out
and dispersed the neuron.
A county Conservative meeting, under
the call of the State Convention at 'Ma
con, was held here to-night. Much elm-
Anal/tam prevailed, and a resolution was
adopted suggesting the asitembllntfof a
National Convention at .Lonisville, on
the =I of February. to forma party for
the restoration 'and preservation of the
Union on the. Final Woe of tboCenatitu
Midloin ipieaiewnt—Milted =Mei
tar teuresph so ta. Plttaftrit
Etas rai.xcisce, Docember o r --710
Constitution, from Panania, arrived this
Gov.. Haight has. appointed J It.
Crockett Dago of the Supreme. Court.
vim Sheller resigned.
The Democratic Legislative Caucus
has been In •three nights, and
nine ballots ingot:l.l.r United States Sen
ator. EngentiCsassly and W. F. Web-
Ines were the favorites. Cassels's
friends are, confident _of his nomination
1.41111M' Zia 111111—Dikill Gel alllll.ll.
C.111C•210, nisch/ to the
Tribune., from Omaha, on the 12th, ears
Fort. Laramie corrnspondenos of the
Bth stated that a party of Sioux indigos
came In the day before and desired to
make ;mace. , 'they report thiS the main
body of Btoui are not disposed tiS that
for peace until the torts 'in this coon
are abandoned. lied Cloud me he
fight the whites es long as a man is 1
lindlast couriers come ha dully
from (hewer paths, 'communicate with
friendly Indians, and go back unmo
lested, loaded with prorLaions and ant-
"...The Dakota Leyhdaturs met atTaiitik
ton on Monday. It has • Repubhcon
roolority, which to We first time in the
history of this Territory.
1114101ber 1011“ rt.
essanmArx--Clondy and cold. -
COLIMIUM —Clear end very cold.
ChmothAnoviCloudy end add, -
Lounvo.hs—Clondy and cold, Ther
mometer nine degrees above ZOO.
Pintanztvzoi—Very cold. Coldeatin
many years.
linw Toter—Verr cold. Thermome
ter wren degrees shove sero. One foot
H now.
OtL Ctrr. —Clear and "clammily cold.
Two fact of maw on the ground. - .
Fnaccurir--Cleer and very cold. Deep
OrrAwA.. , V. , W.—W•atber Intezatly
Bold; thermometer twenty-foal degrea
[il!•elda and ♦tl4t4e TalesMldt Le tat !In.
• bulk Uaselta..) •
Ilnotviravn.r.s. Dec. 13.—Weathar clear
and very cold. River raised tbar floct
today tan feet r water In the channel, and
Guenenono, P*., Dec. 13.—River ale:
het and rising. Weather cold.
STATII rililWß
. I —The country surrounding New Gen
eva, the head of Block .Water Nadia
lion on the Monongahela river In reyntte
county, Is not only' unetirmissed for.
Ditty of soil, and beauty of lm scenery,
but we understand that late investisa
(ions be. practical and 'dentine men, has
resulted In the discovery of TIMES vans
at, superior /roe. Ore. Atwelve foot rein
of Coil is at hand, equal to Youghleglim
ny coal for the manufacture at Coso.
The facilities tbr tradeportadou by water
are great; there being two dolly Linea of
boatabetwoen that-polnt and Pittsbuigh,
but a railroad from tilt plaeo to New
Geneve, would afford greater (mantles to
roach the market-(7/nn e of Liberty.
—At the meeting of the Board of Di
rectors of the Altoona Academy, en Frl.
day evening last, reports "from the can
vasser§ thawed that 180 'barn oh Mock
had been taken, leaving but eleven shares
yet. to be sold. Tills insures the erection
of the building, as Ake 'inns yet to be
sold will be assumed bythe present
stockholder; ruffian taken by other.par
ties previous to Friday evening cult.—
Altoona Trains.
—Wesaw walking abotittown the °liar
day—fifteen miles from horttoMr. flat
thaw Phenix, who has reached the re.
marimbio age of 10/ years. Mr. Phenix
does not appear to be above 00 .ptars of
age, and walk.wltq firm, ellaua SOP.
en lifiright , WIWI,' eeitidnkY
glees promise of hairs score- more of
years.— Wyoming Democrat.
—There Ls in the Erie County Poor
Rome, a negro woman who,olainut 10. be
117 years of age. Elbe was for many
years a domaaila be the hone* el the late
Judah Colt, littg. The old lady, is a con
. lnyedd, - but her mental faeulliee
and melmory appear' (Mite vlgoretis.—
Garotte. • '
—Congressman Finney is at Vichy, en
joying the celebrated springe there, and
at loot Mnna, WY improving
Vichy Is in France, in the department of
Aller and is famona fer its thermal
=,e; arbieh aceOnicaciOttS in -many
—The young son of Jame* isr•
who iris lei axed ny thit &Ilion of o 1140
from o tree, whilO coon bunting, some
weeks %Welk 61101ton:1' the effect! of hie
Infurrott flabboth znotahlgltaf.—Treen.
riflt dregs. ,
.. - 7 1 rProa , M 2 1 14149 Pr cßig;
ha* poi ) y elbo.nivr
bell la OA., F ANI rt amid, 7,bena
commenalog M 7annarY JR,
and continue our dida....4//rvniminn,
Tbeibertipurestatid -.most oondn
oleo to health, we those brewed at the
,old and favorably known Oregon Brew
ery, fiteveasoastreer,. Itlghthwarci. Or= .
den promptly attended ILleft 'at the
brewery, or &Chemed totheproprieton,
Weans. Plow; AWnabi it 00. •
Itetelittve OeithieseleeteVreat
en. fill* Werke, au*,
Peel NW. liestreyedi—Lese: et
About twelve o'clock last night a• fire
occurred in .the Great Westerii:Gen
Warke, corner of Penn , and Wayne
strects, which destroyed. that establish•
ment, together with the marble works of
R. A. Colville, Wallace% feed store,
and the Government warehouse, loaded
In the Fame building. A . large number
of loaded muskets ware stored In the
building, which, becoming heated, dis
charged their contents at random. A
lam; number of the shall flew In the.
direction of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne,
and Chicago Railway Onticc, whore Stood
a large crowd of persons, four et .whom
were shot down.. •
A young German named Antoine
Reek, rooolved}sininio ball In the neck,
! .whlchOot an . wu ooneeyed
to his borne on ;LI -street, opposite
the Depot, *btu ho was attended by
Borger, Hoffman and M'Clelland.
At one o'clock the physicbms pronoun
their patientdying. •
Conductor Browning, of then Wayne
road, was alsoa ctctlm receiving &shot
in the right knee, whichrahattered it. He
was taken to the Union Hotel. His res
idence Is at New Brighton. Two others
ware allot, but we could not learn their
names, The 6111“ of tho fire is a myste.
ry, and the loss Is not known.
rho ow Vinik rhos'—ltotoosooo, ay
nos dr liriellols Jewelry Illooos Dom
Friday morning, about five O'clock, a'
fire occurred at No. 12 Fifth street, in tlii
new building 'Of Reineznan, Meyran
Soldle, jewelers, only made ready for
occupancy' on the preceding day. The
fire department was prompt In reepond
lug to the alarm, and the flames were
confined to the store-room on the first
f100r..: The are originated teem a flue
which had been me constructed that but
a' single 'brick Intervened. between the
Joist which passed Into the wall. .The
store hadbeen fitted up inelegant etyle,
aid it was the intention. of the firm to
have a grand opening on liondav: The
show cases were all of olled,weiriut and
roeswood, ornamented with " German sil
ver, Wad furnished with expensive
French plate glass. The counters were
also of.solld walnut and the floor wee
beautifully tesaelisted. The Intenseheat
of the fire charred and warped the coin
Inge to such en extent that they were al
most useless, while the glass in the case.,
and in the I,re front show windows
were ehatterod to fragments in one
show case at tho side of the wall,'" quan
tity of silver ware bad been plseed. Thie
was melted, and the case entirely con
sumed. The huge chandelier", pendant
from the ceiling, were atm meitied. and
ailing to the floor were broken topiece.,
while the ornamental, stucco work and
the ceiling itself were ruined. A large
mirror en the wall ,was also destroyed.
The (tie bad been burning for Nome Urea,
but the storeroom wee no close that the
flames were prevented from making very
rapid headway. *The leas will be about
,SAM. Morals an Insurance of $ll,OOO
on the building—f,ooo, in the Allegheny,
$2,000 in the German and $5,000 In the 1
North American ampullae, besides
which therein so Insurance of $l,OOO in
the o.imania on the fixtures.
The eters woe certainly one of the fin
est of the kindln the city, and exoelled• ,
no where in the country In :owl of ' , Its I
tg F lts lay esi b ripliig:ten d . l
from original packager,' about 100,vcc
worth of jewelry, hat title they will open
at theft' present location - No. 'A Fifth
street, es onnsiderahle time mos: elapse
before thane* abate roorn_can be planed
in condition for oesupancy.
Ansel of Tam: Ilillittak or sin Miaow
pruesar, Pm. tN Waa Inagua
Comity JaktL •
W•a"*".lNLia 1 4uMUDAPittbli --it
endure of the 'tinned ro gue Torn.
Whittaker, eh...escaped from tlnWash
leitton county Jail one night last week.
Ile was held in that prison on a charge
of lethally, being !inspected with haw
tag accompanied the choice excurslon
patty of Wane' who some time agewts
lied and murdered Ileury !throng at his
thildenceln Waahlugtoneounty, and no
cured a email sum of money as plunder.
Re mos tried sod acquitted on the charge
of entrder, but subsequent developments
Warranted his arrest so the charge of
butglary. It is presumed that he will
give strong testimony against Halbbs
Arnold, who is now awaiti his trial on
the same chugs on which be ng
was acquitted. The sthcient and enter.
print:4 -polkas °glows, Mews. nth
Minot . and lack Lithe, ware hp.
prised of lb* escape of the priseber
and at • once mods arnugemoots
for his capture. Lest night They learned
that be was seen in thety and ;ma
soning th at he would glen bliArother-
In-lairs hones Atha Four Mlle Run;
they made a descent on she prefilter*.
There they f ound Whittaker who drew
a fertuldsble knife and brwtlbhlag it in
the air refused to surrender. The oft
cers thereupon presented double leaded
warrants in the way of six shooters at
his bead and neared his arrest. - Hearns
taken at midnight to Wathlngtelt by oni
ons Wilmot nul LILW, accompanied by
Alderman Butler, of, the Sixth ward.
There was a reward of two hundred
tars offered for his capture which wad be
shared by the gentleman who made the
iniiielbreeethgaiewes Omatest.
Several days ago we trade meatier - of
the feet that Mr. Brigham, of the Pret
aneroid, bad been awarded the drowsing
gown contented for by several editors of
contem fourtuds at the recent
Homeopathic Fair, and we ale° stated
that Mt. tillebeneek, efthe titrosccir, hut
received some forty mere votes than the
sucensofta ceuthetlter. TAO decision was
deemed ntithlr and unjust; and a Board
of Arbitrators, consisting of two. gentle
men, Jahn W. Riddell and SA,.
Candlew;. wsa appointed to examine
into the charge. of partiality preferred.
Those gentlemen published it card yea
terday sustaining the actiou of the com
mittee, but bow they •arrived at Inch a
winetheden we are unable' to' determine
from the evidence before _um. It was
clearly proven thee Mr. Sivbeneek bad
received one half hour before the polls
closed, St sealed ballet containing one
hundred vote' which did not appear on
the teller', tally, but was imbseguently
found on: the chair of op* of Uix* Mk•
airs had °coupled while registering -the
votes. This vote was ruled out by the
tellers, and their coarse was endonsed
by the erlthrstora: While Mr. Brigham
he permitted to retain the coveted arti
cles, Hr. Slebenock la certainly entitled
to the honor or having receiv
ed -the- highest complimenthry ante
cost, the 'decision' or the arbitrators - to
the contrary notwithstanding. How the
ballot wee passed by the tellers in mak
ing up their report, or heir it get a k th e .
ehair,le a mystery. It was distinctly
proven that such a vote had been deposi
ted, and as its disappeqrance weakened
Mr. Stebeneek's chance*, 'hie friends
could not be ethltaed with tampering
- with the bellet•bes, mid be ehouid have
received the benefit of tit the denhtirin
the ease. The deMsion of the two arbit
rators Is by no means aatisfaetery and,
as B I
o proceedings were. Irregular, t will
probably ba appealed from by Mr. Bleb
eneck's frien d s.
BIM Dleilmiesteteatam
In Lafayette Hall last evening, Miss
Anna. AbtkillAtlP dPIIYare4 tlefleeture on
Women and Ictint•Tit wits, or coarse,
tinged with her peculiarities of thought
and expression; but was, on the whole,
&sharp and powerful presentation of the
argument In favor of the participation
of women equally with men in the enact
ment and admlntstration. - of the laws.
In particular passages her gamin= wan
as keep as say Damucus blade, wkila
otherifidie ;touched an minstrel depth or
pathos. Men 011.01 rtg 14 he clam,
iiti t 4 r P t l e a rcZn het: w add a u n c d
rid cute th en Oath fact and argument.
Still, we apprehend that the greatest oh.
stack, in the way of reschingthe oonsum
madam elm desires will be found not in
the attitude of men but In the hostility
of tho manses of Avnmen.
41! old vitt tzThic— Mr.. Wllllsn
Oh dp‘a h MG OfTtodamit,' Petted let,
l'itts ro that 1114 yttars ago,
add witl rrtrtoixdared by. all our Oder
citizens for his long and ezenTlary
Christian llfo, exemplified ns ITCIII A /ils
tiViTe i n a tsugs. f 4 n ti °
0 nearly
with tt* %I cidlat - Eptrito ,
W l3l4l lrctl IP Oil clty 11'114 l a ireoceim,
vllij4 - Mt: P4pillap t i pa up•4o of
opveptyiairep, use 1000 gathered to ids
faththoo- "ifileaotA *be the deila Who iillb
to m.
Lord" . ' '
Try the Oregon Brewery Ales end Por
tals. Families .40d . hotels puoplied
promptly. Lease yoar orders s the
brewery. Stevenson street, or address.
Pier Daradaidtgo proprletop.
Year: atemes Holiday. Eil.Pl.7
Where Ile 4A•11 Good GodSrd Ono .Buy
IrdmdeObesp. .
The Holidays are upon no and; as tau
, .
sin there wilt be any anions:it f presents
. . ,
made • and gifts given, either tokens of
limb; filial affection, cir 'ciflitiredle: To
such as intend shaking investments of
this -character we would say call at
. .
Henry Miner'S;Pifth street, next door to
the PostoMee. . In yousgene bylliner's
establishment always held the firat place
both as regarded the extent of his stock,
the good teats displayed in its selection,.
and' the very low' prices It which his
goody were invariably' marked.' This
year, however, ho has ',taken a stride
ahead, which puts him fairlyat the top
of the list, Ills eetablishment, the
largest of the character West of New
York, is crowded to execs!' with "good
things," the choicest books; the , greatest
variety of games; the finest. assortment
of ladled work boxes and siting docket'
the most elegant collection r ottouriat's'
, .
canon the largest variety of stenteiturn's
toilet cases; the finest assortment photo-
graph albums-bat why go into details.
It would take columns of our paper to
name the various articles which Mr.
Milner offers the public, and were we to
occupy a page eve could hardly do
justice to the magnitude of his stock, its
striking elegance, varied attractions or
the admirable good taste displayed in its
All this we say after a full and careful
examination of Mr. Miner's stock yes
terday. Nothing to compare with it in
extent, variety or attractiveness was over
opened here, and Ivo want our readers
by all moans to call and examine it. A
groat feature In Mr. Miner's display is
the mrnificent collection of English
publications which crowd his sheaves.
we inajltellttee we will about our pro
gress in printing, etc., but the truth tan
not be concealed that for clear typogra
phy, durable and attractive binding, de,
the more valuable. English publications
are far ;diced of ours. Wo could cite a
mass of testimony in proof of what we
say, but instead of going Into details, we
will merely refer the reader to Mr. Mi.
ner's stock, and if It float not afford ant
pie evidence ofthe truth of whit we
state, these we knew- nothing about
typography, binding. the. Wo will say
ziothing of ills collection of English toy
books, the tined and most interesting eve
have over examined, nor wilt we speak
of his English reprint of the great poets,
de., which would be an ornament to any
library, but simply ask our readers to
look at hie English edition of Shakspeare;
of the inimitable Lever, of that prince of
novelists, Scott, die, and egy if anything
so beautiful or attractive has ever been
Offered here. We are sure, there but
never been so fine a collection of printed
works filtered the Pittsburgh public, at
Mr. Mir er has now. on his 'Metres, and
as they are marked down to the lowest
poseible Satire, and cannot be had else
where in the city, he ought to have e
large demand for theta. -
But If Mr. - Miner makes e splendid dis
play of English printed worki he. is
1 equally strong in his display of Ameri
can books, by. American publishers, and
many or theca from the pen or American
wrltere.. There . Is elaudard novel,
no.bdottof travels, no literary or scien
tific work of note, whether published In
Eurepoor America. that you cannot pet
at hie plaice; sad no matter what style of
binding you may. want he can oupply
you. We never saw a mere beautiful or
vsinithle collection of books, both foreign
and American, than his stock comprise+,
whitish/ the matter of books suitable for
hotidagills, his sleek is. tarticulerly
rich.. nut Valletta edition. of the peseta
tdegrand gift books, hie volumes , which
contain photographs of the weeks of all
We great misetars,. of Reuben, of Ra
pt:tea* of Gustave Dora, etc., lee-, are
aomighltig to remember and he remote
blued by, and a more acceptable present
than any outset these . would make -we
can hardly imagine.
-Entitle not in -books - aloes that Mr.
Miner elands pro-emlsent.;- Hla stack
; many. other artielestethich you
fet - irOvldir elseartiere. The .
ladies es tally will discover this by
giving h No where •ebie can
they Iliad such a large and varied assort.
meat of Werk , boxes; .such beautiful
glove arul handkerchief. bssest such at.
tractive odor mew; such handsome jew -
elry boxes," be. Dot Iva pare not spare
to go on with the Itid- kufitro it to say,
that if you want books of any kind, toy
hooks or juvenile books (English or
America:o holiday beaks, gold pens or
eases, gamin for young or old, oil land
scapes, majmted flowers in enameled
glass cases. albums, pocket eat/cry, or
anything else in Mr. Miner's tine, you
cannot patronise s better esiablithment
than hie. You will he ciourteonsly treat
ed here, ana will get everything st East-
For the lieltdaye..--Itesars. W. „P.
itnnkertt co., the won. known candy
tor manufacturers, Nos ^ and t
Liberty street, corner of Sixth, announce
their time stock of
_lmre candy top. at
Nets York prices. DRCOTS can no whero
oleo find a larger or • better aesortment
from Which to make selections. The
firm hays also an hand a splendid as
-sortment of candles, fruits, nuts, de.,
which they offer- at very reasonable
Choke peeler, highly recommended by
the medleel fraternity, on hand and for
gale at the lowest market rate. at the old
eatabliehed Oregon Brewery of Pier,
flannels et Co., Stevenson etreet. Orders
by mall promptly Ottanded to and pack
ager shipped to all potnta.
See Faure!' rage. -
/n rensimnenee, of. the - fire, .the largo
and elegant stock of jewelry purchased
for the opening or the magnificent new
Jewelry establishment of litosera. Rattle
man, Eleyran it. Mille ho ott
SlllO from till,/ out at the old atom, Na.
29 'Finn' street, at ppm, regarWese of
001 t, The Or. yesteaday morning will
retard the opening of the Store for several
weeks, perhaps aundln,antlinthe moan
while the immense stack of jewelry; sil
ver and giver plated ware, limey geode,
cloaks, dc., must be disposed of at once.
Those doinrous obtaining ; great bar.
mone aluntld ikyor tills bruise wolfs pur
chasing !MIL • • -
John Throe& and the Quirta—The
Queen went to see a painting ..The
widowed Queen" by Court Painter, ro
nrstenting heron borsebsekiorer faiths
ful John Brown holding the horse.
When alkyd how , site liked it, she said
It was very good, except Jobs Brown's
ova What would she lay .to John's
eyes were he to lee, the, sacrifice making
at. Carr Bros. In gentlemen's underware,
embroideriee, ladies and • children's tin
derware, • . gloves,' boisery, '
Their prices are an low and their stool'
as good as in the city or anywhere else.
Erai7bodY now iinows that -,
&Ross, No. .2t St. Mile street, ',reap con
stantly on hind th e quest assortment of
men:trays Mid. women, misses, and chit.
dretes ehoes, to be' found rest of the
niountploa; and-will asli-at the cheapest
prices. Their 'roods aro not pure-hosed at
auctiorile, but from reliable tusou fact ur
era, and will proyp desirable egd com
fortable. Now goods are being constant
ly revolved. Special inducemonts to the
wholesale trade,
T. T. Eisen., 'No. 145 Wood street,
attends to , nll aorta Of }ilumbing,', gas
and skarn fitting work. At; tne nhorteet
order. on the most reasonablo tome.
Repairing done In the best atyln.
- -
etaistiogy coming, and the well
known at enterprising wholesale and
retail grocery and produce firm of J. Ho
lten it .11rothere, , No. OD Federal street,
made special purchtaea
from leading eastern mmie linpigy
their patrons with choke frela groceries,
tens, entrees and condiment. Glewthern
a co il and inquire their prices.
: Try 4 meal at Holtrlalmar'a csintAuctal
tat B . ooo D;Plith attitet; WM' door to tho
Postartlc, (Aacnc, oyatorietad all the del
racism of tbo Beason - tiaras," LID too
/1 0 0e , t; wake. Pricolt.'My reatonahla.
aultablo holiday presents 'lto to
W. W. Moorhead's, No. al *arkotatreet.
you will lltero 'add 'a largo and Judi
cloudy amoited stock - oftrimmlogN
lace gooda, &V ex , hosiery antintstiona,
aultattleffor prasenta—to elthoo halloo or
garalomon, . bits?, very rsasonoblo.
RerenS, NO. .165 Wood street,
attends to nll Sorts of Plumbing, gm
end stave .duing work of the shortest
order, en tho epee; reationable tornts.
icogratqpgd er? A.. 120 bast 1
wm pay Pittsburgh ladkiii to, yews
the brldo semi
or 111' 0 * asp g a r n ed u
p se their
hm] Brothers,ffd. d (9F ue r nt J ured
Allegheny city. , ffheatook is fresh, pure
end good, and Is offered elthor at whole
sale or:retitEl rates' at eery reasonable
T:'.TAion, No. lau Woc4 street,
attends to all aorta Aridambing.
and steam * citing work at-the shortest
order on 'the most reasonable terms.
I , tepa . fru# done h?. tkitibest
. .
Almost awe lareeelfal landliesta:
We have often been pained at record
ing the dreadful casualties which have
lately occurred from the use of carbon
, .
oil. ' We have all along tousled that car;.
bon oil, if proprly' m ade. 'was not-ne
cessarily dangerous.' Wcinow to
record. tyro - bistancei in which oil so
mode was severely tested; and prayed all
we have formerly asserted on this Nub
The first we will mention occurred at
the home 'of Wm. Alston,' Allegheny,
one eYeranglast week,: while Mrs. Al
ston. AVItS confined In bed up stairs with
en infaretthree day* old. 'After thelamp
had been filledand lighted for the even
ing, it so happened that, for the moment,
every one left the sitting room down
stairs except a chubby, attiring boy,
about three years old. He Xdok It Into
his bead he must have the_ lamp to do
something abouttlieCookingstoye in the
kitchen.- When Mao of the 'family en
tered the kitchen .eome after the child _was fingtd.standing .lesildo the
clove , the lamp empty, mad the chlld'a
clothing and the merpet -- sarldated with
oil. if this oil had been io c f4te Com
mon sort, instead of the inno hearty
laugh of the child, welcoming-Ms father
on his return home. • in di evening,
there would have been aho 'on-fire,
and we might have been called open to
record the death of boy, mothdr and In
fant. , • " II
other instance was where a ohne
dalici—ideulofor gas, but used for oil,
and hung In a store—had been -improp
erly turned, and turned right iefter
thebeing lighted; tenni, finally, after
the founts had been with about '
gallon of oil, and all the 'lights burning,
some person gave it another little turn,
when suddenly chandelier, - -(Ceuta, oil
and all fell to the floor,. and eYerything
breakable about it-went to p aces, and
the oil eves splashed in every direetlon.
The burning wicks continued to burn
among the oil on the floor,d, - otter
watching it for some time, wi th no ap
pearance of fire spreading over the oil,
the burning wicks wore removed, the
wreck cleared off, -and 'brueineu- in the'
store. proceeded as usual.
Upon inquiry, we found the oil in
both these cases had been purchased at
the store of Arthur Kirk,- 172 and 174
Federal street, Allegheny, and' was the,
production of the celobratedlNatlonal
Refining and Storing Coetpany, which
we recommend all to usa.
T. T. Zwene, No. 165 Woad street;
-attends to all sorts of plum thg,, gas,
and steam fitting work at th 'hottest
order, on the most reasonan a term".
Repairing done in the best styl .
Try a meal at Holtzheimer's Continen
tal Salmon, Fifth street, nest door to the
Postofficc. Game, oysters and all the
deli males of the emesotreerved pp at the
'hottest notice. Prices very reasonable.
. .
The Best end original Tonic inf Iron,
Phosphorus, end Call/aye, k own es
Caswell. Mack et Co.'s Ferro Phosphors
ted Elixir of Callsays • Bark., The Iron
restores color to the blood, the Phospho , -
rus renews wrists of the nerve tissue,
end the Calisays gives s natural health
ful tone to the digestive cultszts4 thereby
curing. dyspepsia In its various forms,
.Wskerubsess, tioneral Debility, Land Do-.
pression of Spirits. Menu:banned .only
bp Caswell, Hazard ,t Co.; New York.
Sold by ail druggists, Bawl,
•T. T. Ewe's,' No. 11.1 Wood street,
attends to all sorts of plural:og, gas
and steam fitting work at the shortest
order, en the most reasonable tams.
Repairing done in the beet style... '-' -',
Ladles , Ptin,' muffs, • °oilers, ViecOL
eines,' cuffs and capes, - men and boys'
bats and alp", boots, shoes and "galtelm
traveling bogs, satchels and trMakti, and
umbrellas, at wholesale and retell; at the
popular Twin City store, of 5t1041 . 14.11 4.
Roes, No 24 Si. Clair streeL, Pracesvery
reasonable. Orders by mail front Whole
sale-11m retail customers. promptly at
Try a meal at Holtahelmer'gpratinen•
MI Saloon, Fifth Street, nest lbw to the
Postonica Game, oysters and all the
delicacies of the 4020011 served tip at the
shortest notice, Prices very reasonable.
At the old established and aver popu
lar cracker bakery of Wray at Brother,
Non, 19 and 31 Irwin street, wllljbe found
an immense stock of water, trugar,butter
and cream crackeze, biscultiO,' ginger
inaps, Sc., which are frmh andf superior
and offered to the whelesale and setall
trade at very reasonable , prleet.: Give
theta a call and be convinced f the su
periority of their cracker": -- I;
.To Wholesale Defers of. Dry -Go•dit
we are offering special indite:entente—Job
lots front the Eastern 'Auction Sales—
Shawls, Drees Goods,' Ifouttekeeping -
Good Men's Wear, ,Sheetings, Shirt
Inge, Prints, Sr.. a -__
. J. W. ItuurgnA Cm
' • • 59 'Market atmcd. ,
Chinchilla. Cloth,
Waterproof Cloth. • •
Cando:term, .Donakit4-4:4,.
Cheep, wholoaale and magi!, •
Wm, Seniple'a; 150 and r . jedesnl
etree4 Allegheny, .
`lliarralug In Ladles' FILM atWm.FLm
oli'o, - -No. 139 Wood street. •
Cloth Barques, newest etylit redricad
ono halt In price, at Barker'.
Paper CoIleTe,1(11. per bos,
Prepare for the heildaya aid lay In
your family supply Of groceries and pro
duce, which tare bo obtained at the moat
reasonable prima at the" wholesalo and
retail grocery establishment of J. Kohen
dinrcduwes Federal street, Ally
• 7: T. Ewen; .1i"o. 165 WQOCL alma,
dtlends to all aorta of plumbing, gas
and steam fitting , work at the, shortest
order, on the :moat rossonwhla term.
llopalrlng done In tho tksstaryle,
Placerki bicy ribboii, trimmings,
hosiery gloves, white goods; laces, em
broideries, Winer and icentlemerns' fur
niatun g goods at greatly reduced. rates;
Is at W. W. Moorboul'n Market
atrial. no prices prer:gltm pre yery
great Par Bale.—Next week Gardner
& Stewart, on west corner Market and
Fourth streets, wilt open ten. thousand
dollars worth of new furs, of all kinds,
whieh they intend to melt at a great rip
ductlon.. Price from ti,SZI Upward ,
Ai U Isis, fast colored Prints, - Sheet-
Atttlin acid LlDen Crash,
at Barka's, '
. . _
Iraper Collars; 10e per be; at
- ' , • ItaatALarf
Great flub at Wm. Fleming:a n Z . ZO, 737
'Mast street, for
Try w teed at Holtsheinter'sCont.blea•
talloan, Filth etreet, next door to the
j‘oatolliaa. Game, oysters and all Ale
elicaeles or tin season served up at the
ehortest nonce. . Priem very reasonable
ChincMlk Ctoths.fnl urple, Biernikrek,
131uo, Lavender • Tim, Btown, • Garnet,
from $1 50, per yard - aid upward.; ea
west cortitti of Market and Fourth Welts.
De.nnPan d ErrzwAirr.
Pure canes, pure tau,' teeth groeet.
tea and • prtsluott of all kilt* at, lowest
prices. at the extenslvewhOle and re.
tall grocery setaManment of J. lioben
tt Zip Stk 1. WOW - street, Allele,-
. Ilselery, Gloves, and Ladtaa , Canes ,
and Chltdren's Undar Wear, reduced In
price, at Barker's great, &ale.
raper COlan, 10,i, per box, M
• ii.OLLLB6I.
Patent Ear Matte cheap at Wm. Mem.:
toga, No. 139 Wood street. .
Furs;' • Fitts. Puri:l-Lark°, .took, nll
gmden, now and cheap, from Zl 50-a sat
to any, prlul. • Bargains wo are glvlng on
the Trail comer of Market and 'Fourth
i!tfeOls..;•••• • • t , PAIELDNaIt ISTRIVAIM
; VireY&Brothere, Noe. 31) and 31 /Irwin
streetOnguufactAge gory best mek
org, biscuits ,;-end ginger engage to ho
tonna In the- inerke 'Their prices Ste
Palket . Callavy. No pat box, at ,
• •
anew.; for the Lander nights,. at Pit
• Dime
View. --,4 great , 1 ,1 41,01.7. Pk.
ittork nt Pittcick,N.
41.14astacs-1918—at Zittimles.
States, Sksites, 6C riuo4k.s.
Lander ri!otPs ilitlitteo4l6
I . 1 '1
. .
Flame, *me t
..We wish call. your . ainrition to the
fact, that the managers the9ettyaburg
Ainflum for Ttivalidlikildbirs whose office
fast Ne. 53 plith . SCreet;*inisto - issue
1,200,000 delude et one dolts:SSA which'
may be takensingly or IS pence's .:and
each of these tickets wi/Vitays: s charice
to draw one of the 122,104 prinehtswhich
are described In, the schedule.,., There
are several' capital' prizes as Wows:
1100,000 in United. Stator .flifintabacks,
splendtd farm in Now .17orlt.worth 040,.
000; the fatuous yacht 'Henrietta, valued
at . 54,12X1; a -diamond neck ore worth
020.000; two ditunoud ,tiroockeis and sofa
or ealllefP valued at 125 1 000 sub, and
manpower,: The wind. of these 18,..
141 valuable preieuta, ars all to be fairly,
.distributed accordlnir.lo the published
plin,pso ant
irepresent aarrangeMen total value ;of
,000. Bthis t ith
ed that half a million or money will be
raised from nearly,a million. of subscri
bers, cleart it itlirtse '
nndwith Ibis
. rardttir fa
tbs.diryltutt.. fair- and Initaint
atbrmorto astlibllsh a great patriotic
chtuity, and every parson should ,take it
ticket. Tlckots liarticuters can
be obtained at the music More or Hoff
man fierur 5: Co., No. 53 Fin street,
Paper Collars, 30c por Lez, atL.r.
. 6 1.6 canta Bleached Muslin"
at Gardner .lt • tewart's, Market an.
.11LuaIrma, five hundred pairs—groat]
reduiiid In prier, at Barker's great sale
Dr. E. S.' Alum informs his patients
and frienda or Pittsburgh ; and vicinity,
that ho will bo absent Imm Dec. 113thr;
until the 15th ofJanuiry.'and.thaithere
after be will only be professionally at bla
Medical and Surgical rooros,•No. 134
Smithfield street ; from the Ist to the sth
and from the 15th to 'the 20th of each
month. ; ' - 4LstrF:
Prrissurtort, DoM 10, - M17.-
'the beat Maw to buy furs fa at
Flm.Eng'a, No. laaWoodatreet.
Paper Collars...lop bet biz at
At SA, wool, Long ShAwls, good
ilt r y .r lo i s aot A in t ( d io p rd ou n: t ir h :!Strd•t's,..cortter
For 6214 e, all wool, , Empress Cloths
choice colors, at Barker's dosing out
' The Ringer Sewing,Nachise Company
hays just opened a new 'and splendid
store on the euner of St. Clair. and Penn
streets. This Companykume lately per
fected a new family machine which,
while It possesses all the seed polnti of
the old machine, hay teen simplified, and
made to run remarkably light and quiet,
Messrs. Straw & Norton' are the agents,
and will: be happy to explain the Ma
chines to any persorm .who may give
them a ealLtf
. .
Co at Dace and siartdne•tholargestack
of goods st Saodgrass Ross', Ns. t.
.24 B
$Z 02 I-2 will buy a One English Me
rino Dress Patten', at' Gerduer tt Stew
art's, turner Market end Fotuih .treats.
Paper Collars, 10c pr : box', at
Bargains in Ladino! Furs, ad
Fleming's, No. US Wood street. U
-.. Tart wide, Bleached and'lllnblcathed
Muslin. 10 castle, cheap al I.s...caata, at
Basher!" closing oat sale.. •
Remaral—OMee of lawenito Wink Ma.
Shine—The °Moe of the Sword !Rink Ma
chine Company him boon removed from
Sae Liberty to 52 Carel ativet; between
Riau and Liberty, Just- opp•..t• tha
rotor by the Union Railroad Depot. 'They
occupy the second floor of the new build
„ recently erected byitteasrs Watson
At 31 rents per ynrk best English . 3re•
rinse, worth 62 main, sn- Went corner
Market and Fourth streets.
II•04, . 6 / 1 0011, nabs,. Cape sad Furs
selling cheap at Snodgrass dt Bons', 24 St.
At 2Se, Shaker Flannel at Wm. Sem
pie's, 72A aid 132 Federal street, Alla.
Paper Debts, 10c per bily. tre.
Foar the Hot.litaya—Merin. Wray d
Broilers, proprietors of the old estal
' Baited end favorably...noun steam crack
er bakery, Nee., - .53 and 31- Irwin street,
have ha store a very law stook of their
*try aruperior crackers, hisoutta,
Speciale inducements in pricts ore o ff ered
tothe. wholesaleand retall trade. Orders
by null are faithfully Aida:vied to, at d
shipments made to all points. - Package.
are delivered, free of charge, any place
within the neighborhood or -Bititsburgh.
48 tents—Best -Cotton 'fattier: Illan
'fasts. 14, $4 all wool, cheap, on
sweet corner 14Carket and Fourth streets.
Lines Towels reduced Stoat 22 coots to
124 etints, at Itarleer'a totalLattgoolelosiag
out sato. ' '
ilaav Barred Maniaas, •-•
Ma Plaid Flannal_,s
- Plain and Twilled Flannels,'
Cu:agarLionel, dta, , •
A good stack Ai kW '
holesate and Ratan at Wm. Semi - ilea,
180 and 1U Federal street, Alleheny;
Chinchilla 'Cloth, ill FO pag yard,.op .
West corner karkat Ind 'Fourth streets,
t3smxaa do STEWANt
Try a meal at Holtabolmer's Contl.nen
tal Saloon,' Fifth "Orel, next door , to the
PoStoftleo: OUZO, oystem and all the
delleacdoa of the season sarrocl npat the
abortert notice., .P 3•10•• vary reasonable.
I New- Gann am daily 'received et the
Mtiler zonal trimming store of W. W.
Moo t rud, No., St Marketliareet.- For
any lag In hli' Ilan at vary reasonable
puinse glvilifr.Woorhend a nll. - -
124 'Onto—Canton Finnic4B,-10 . nents
yard - vide ch
Unbleand Sheetlng. 12;
omits; hory - Glnighainik ' ID °Mtn, good
and &I neap, Tnblo •Llnen,
.on ves4 corner . . Market and .rcuth
streets. • oAlibillM STIMOrt.
• .At 60e, an lm sense stook of: Drew
Goods, reduced from $1,90 ?aid IRA at
Barker's great dale,
Paper Collars, Ipp per : bu m . -
Oasts at. Wboleside..:_wo
sits iht pxOnag f attentlonot buyemat
NW:desalt) to our complete stock of aks.
dress goods, and all binds of faney and
staple goods, cult° the 'fact that vir• sell
at tit. lowest =atom; prices, and , out
goods to cult purobasent.
"." J. W .ItAsucEs &Co.
Call and exazalliethe largo itOck rif lA.
Cele run at Wm. Fleadnies, No..
24 anti—lioaT7 Gray Twilled Flan
nels, come; Market and Fourth streets
' - Glaninqaa dc STET/ART.
_Prises reduced at Suodgraaa st Rosa',
Elt. Clair street: .
Oadraad Lamina tho limo and tom
pleto go= of Ladles! Furs, at William
morning's, No. 139 Wood street,
B ernethipg . 000, 4,44• A bootll,
paten, &c., for fin, I r,diee andehildren,
t k h e e p v aSe • t d m ke eial r , e and ue or
aa the lowed.- AU goods as warranted
to give aatisfactkin, If you want soma
thing good, and at gold pricer, call at
Robb'a Shoo House. BO market stent.'
link, Plaids, ArOsiwk , awl AIL Dress
Good!, on west Lpnico Market 'awl
Fourth atriots . . - • _ -- •
11,319• Rte O.A.SX4IXIIII tiTZITAB.T.
Va,n, ran. E r ara.—lfowbatbs thee to
buy your fun cheap, ea Wllltam Morn
ing* No. 130 Wood atrial.
Boulevard Italtieot.tresti lot, rettoted
for our ~ greaj salesaleßarker
A'aper Collars, 100 pes 13wr, at
Goods 7. l.lft opened at, Pit-
Two zornobw,
Ittrire U. ototelnlag YURTT
~..dtaa matter. Malta:l,
yt Miltartals.lateti Riot br Teleartra
etloatdaltetding for Me lama,
Ramada matt mllable ?tutorial tad Corn -
Ad Market Reports glees ar oar raper 1 . 1
tr. No Farmer, Unhook, or Moreau%
.4 be waboat lt. I
'nuts von Tna vssaux galrl2.
. .
. / to
o Subscriber ...... ... ..... ..........t4t.C a .
• r rica.........—... .
i cue ebpy at p.p.r to fai ;ore= genic,
...t.b.. i., ••tedi bn ir ... eab to lealo =a ba loa4l. a,.
, •
ica ro Scroaclaras.— li 'onSortag T.,
. ban mMI Dimwit,' what *DMA Yr.
1 as ma lima a Wodataaday «mum foes, o
-0,1.1.X tat one mall a 'mt. - •
14 . 2 .7 by Draft, Irma,' Annoy Orde , e.
.' [loped Utters, ma1b...... , " . "' " '"
th. " .. . ' . • 'OALENTTE.
I 1.11-SOBIIROH. Dia.D'a.
lb CligaE Departmentis supplied with
the--; materials and trim
siting% The - superiority lo taste ana
worknumablp of karnients mado by our
Lane brOataliithed, anti ire nit .ofeerink
.geF;Lttaxplcis veady-teado garmdnta
J.W.-BAnnun &Co:,
Market street.
Shawls, Shawl.4-871e.' $ l .
$1 25, $l. LO, $2, and Lome Shawls at
new style., all at it redaction. Cashmere.
Ameba, Paisley ' Talbot, all at • bazgain
rates, on ,wesi, 3 cornee of Market: and.
Fors r Pars' large stock,
very' cheap, Wholesale and Retail,.
- at,Wm. Iple's, 150 and 12. Federal
intent, Allegneny.
-Mate money by 'arming monor, Ita?
money by buying at Snodgrass Rm.,
23 St. Clair streoc. .
Iir.DIDOLDS—At!.:OLD—At Cho rooldence or
COLD:P. Crbifora; tq thirßar. D. Toorasead.
Mr. JOll2l D. ILEXsoLns.OI ILUtoontnr,rs..."
and Who DELLIC D. J.D..II()LD, of Ainold's.
A. V. E. D., Po. I
11.1.1110MD—DMR11.111D—On Morally arm:lN . ,.
'Mg, December 17th, by the ller. Alex. cleric. at
the residence of the bride's patents, ItZ11111"
IIATMOND, Barret Llent. Col.' U.:g. A.; and
AUDI" A.. daughter of W. 11. Darned. Zig, of
Pittsburgh, re.
WALLACE-•WACHEN_gn Thursday even
ill, December 12th, Ha, by the Per. Robe. Gra
nny. It. Et:. JAYEB WALI.ACE and MAIM
WAItIIItbr. tooth . of this City.
Yfil—On Friday creel/dr. at 72 niinair . asr
&o'clock. at the' residence of bee parent.. Nire U
• I/I==nd streenColta. seemed daughter eho
L. and Anna J. Klug, aged 37 menthe a d d =
days. - • • •
1 •
Funeral on Endear, uth lust., at 2 P.M. The
Meads of the !badly are rupee: fully Invited to
• 1112111101 f —At . 22hbleetcoan. - December 12lb.
Mr. Ital27llA HEREON. In the hick year of her
The funeral will take place_ hook the reeldenee
'of T. Mitchell. la. MS Tenn meet, on
nar. ati o'clock*. '
• BOORS—On Tluaradax. Deneinber 1Mb..1317, at
o'eloak, lion. W.M. Butuir, axed 71 Texan.
TSefoOaral take plats Mom Ma late resi
dence in Loner kitj Clair townablp, on gumptor
nonnto, St o' onk. Cordage. nil! leave It.
WIlllamo•; lindirrialtr, • Foctilk street, at . IS
O'clock. l be. CrJonds Of the Onliir are retpect..
folly invited to athend., • . -
WllirMANLAin'Thhredar nit, anat..
LLIAM CHAYJCAN,, im tho gh seve nth nty-eights.
year of hie age.
!antral from XIS latiVrealdencs OD Chestnut
etreta, tele= and Wishlagtoa atene , a.
'Lawrenceville, on BAStillarr AZTI 'tn.:. at I
o'cloek: lerlendss f.tba fatally .are respectfully
invited to attend., Carriages will leave W. U.
orOce, Want street, at I o•clOck V. x.
No. ICI Fourth Stmt., Pittsburgh, 'll.
COYTIN 3, of all Muds; PLUM% 131.0V1L1, wig
arm, description cif Funeral Yurulatilsui blows
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sad Carriages turalsbed.
ECIMIIC.--11.4ir, David Kerr. D,
IL. W: Jumbo.. D. D., Thomas swing, 20.,
Jar4l. D. Mill r.
T.MCIII Awn Mitnthlic s To. C Utdo 13g.,
Allegheny, and to. MI Diamond Square sd
Jahn Wilson Alireit.,) keens always on tuloa the
but Metal, Itoseirinsd, Walnut and hialtatton
Rosewood Coffins. Walnut CoMna _Com nPi.
:nerds. ROZelfiloa Comm unirinla: all Chun
Gad In pospartinn. Carriages tan Keane*
furnished at lam Aim Craps, OCT.,' Plata
endEograving furedshail era W. Ofic open day
sad night. -
"• AND EIIYBALISEII, (noncom. facto
I. Rods.d l I. Ex 14..,) No. Ohio Wait e
three door. from neayer, Alleanson • Cii) ,
12 • 046 " , '. 1 . ff.boirao7. Walnut and Hoge—.
sweat Ludt-Won co.,ffin et.' the lowan ndoool
prices. 8000 open at all hours, day and algal.
Hearn and Carriades furnished oa abort wil3.
and en M. misonable terse. •
In6TAXIBB.-4011tei"-14.-14" - Okla Rai , ll. -
I.lloitaany. Itstaltle, Basswood and Warn Ledo
sae, with acorns's!. stock et funeral furolalaiss
GoaLi, as hand sad ftrobbed at soonest soak.,
at lowest psis*. ,".ials and Livery Sinks. our. •
ass at First sold Marne Streets., Carriages.
Barmen.. 'Due.; Baddin Born.. de, do,
fir hire.
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gays. AVe atubursat pf 'salve Antis brusi.
tewsublii, for the oboe. work. Pend 4 telfl9l/f,'
deseribilau. 'Aggress A. OLLICESON
'A CO., S Market stropi: Pittsburgh. '
turd IN imLLYmm)),fM r Oakland SOW- .
tloi, two Ignores from tbo bonito. t - aek. Ugh
lot 40x14,, boautthOly Mooted. and mow O. mold
aean r.rar• , , a:o4=mm noun,. VO
FOU SALE-410 It PE .—A
HOWARD'S tawny and &de SLOW. as•
Sae ream:7' HORSE. tUaT); Um DAPPLE
ELUTE. TIE= SpEEI, now Us Honours
/Vrilataasboaant and Wel on nonalasina,
FOIL ItA.LE:-Elotite and Lot 042
rummer et Manhattan and •rlatne Meat;
Rear Passenger Railway. Lot 41 ify 227 WI.
Holum frame, ountalnlng I' rooms and rood hall.
traproved. House and Lot on Sheraald, nate
Bidarell street. AllegMa7 cur. LotH by it
feet; bents Frame. oontains hall. an rem, and
good run..; ignitor and cis. A 1.., asiveral aura
Boom and Lute larsodd lie-slim; - Inquire of J.
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.Witter at L. c. I. liobia, situate LL the errs[
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West Paana. Itallroad. A portion et theta
lots front the rattroul mt the west. and Mahn
street on the south. The lea an Obi Mkt:,
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property.- The sell ter gardenlng parpoete rape
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farther WV/mull= call 111 BILL A IMITI76Ite
LT•s,ll.llLeletia agents. Butler Wee', LA..
Title. • -
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We LWe just steered soother lot - of Meets irel
Weeded Watches.' They are ststarbiedly She,
YINIST and BETJT for the peke eves brerialtt ter
this market, betas Yowled ..itn cuartow4TL.
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701101.!Isair.:!:nd uatw Maas,
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P . 11 . 11617271E1.
N0.911 , W11.111 07' 4 earn, of Pediums.
17 Mr 13IIMDLNO.)
Merchlmt Tailor,
Car. reap. rind Bt. Clair iltreete
T111:1-13 . E B, \ T -HOLID•T
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woes's" Sawing
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