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, t ., ; AM, koriwerst' Dleroveei of the Fatah!
' rtlloteettves—Ovee • IllUtteel or
- Detlars reseal/to htepoeol
fer tie Item,: Vionds—elleged Ombra,
. ,
- rare Mas_rementlyhtated that arreila had
~.„.• bean made by Mei:tilted States Govern
s:L:lllllE2l pflintals which were of un exceed
. . Ingly important character, bet the par
' ``eliktadate of the affair were for various good
..,,,,Flaatate,yrithheid. It can now be safely
Ai, mislacf,that the_counterfidtere of Seven
'.'fflrames and e Pletiorwenties, who beta
• ..!,;', ‘ ttitsed do isle lliroughOut the country,
ere now., cuatusly. Since • the counter
_ 1- .•:•... - 15dts- were. discovered at Washington,
l?jgn Wood, chief of the secret
a division of the TreaSu Depart
ti slawhemer actively enge ry
m.' -with
if.i. magnate* in endeavoring to op-
IM' eoeuterfeiters. His se ten.
than had been What, previous to the die.
emery' named, to counterfeit hesues of
Map ,ounci-- Interest notes and $5O
- ii.. . re.' After'weeke of persistent
itod earnest tether, in which he. was
,nitiftwo4bs• 'UMW. States detective Net
- tlealdp, Residing itt Newark, he was en
abled-Mirka the . authors of the latter
~,,zaterfelltolho. small village of Papie
r; Olouyester county, N. J., and nth
- . ently 'ascertained that the work of
engraving and circulating- the legal ten
ders was done.. at that village, m is al
leged by William Spencer alias William
el Pi. IffteellawaY.'and several confederates.
• Mr titan proceeded to gather anifielent
;.:Iftel with a view to fasten the guilt
.....111dlhontdoubt upon the partite named,
c. dedwhile engaged in this latter work he'
',tidhatetreimetsl the counterfeit seven-thirties
..mild desetwentles, . and . oompared the
' ;I.';',olodnlent bonds with: the other
Q.) tri,PepteranO r -apd. became satisfied that
. DOM eounterfoile were the . work of the
"-.: 'lliidastar • thie. Acting upou th is theory he
i •it ;ereisdeciletly la work to fasten the mime
' .i. , spew the suspected parties. • Having
'Z's . ... thtler,laten • fertilled by. evidence shill
..'..e shat: ti -cor'r'oborate the allegation..
l!•,. ,Odr. !Wood . " made ' ailliLavit on the
~I.9l.r..kuitsom,- before - United States
Sve Cleantedasioner Whitehead, at Newark,
t .Willtam Spencer and Hannah,
- 7,AV ' eputal wife, alleging that they were
v •llleptirmiptle to the °sten lye frauds
`'7l l lX l 4l the Governmeut; and that whore
• , 44ilinesi emileted by lire otherpersom
te , leleAtiee: mess withheld. Warrantee were
tt , 4ll4l3lseltleaned fez the arrest of Spencer
cileasetridemliN'whe were found be me or
, -r.,;* , ffllkitrclolf thO taw in St. demer;Hotel, •iu
. - anew York , on Friday, November. l'Oth,
z. , r
FE they were, preparing to leave for
~,, ape', , They:Were taken to - Tome).
..ei layeasul placed in a room in Taylor.
~ Itoiel r at, that, place, where they were
";,,Ageeelliet ataboritiee . not being able
, t 4 make the einunlnatinn in the ease at
. .74;,therthlties :On Tuesday morning last
.rextikey ware takea tito Newark. boron) Cul ted
" e 1 cilleittter Ootenniasioner Whitehead, and
' • 1414 in the sum of 010,000 to appear fur
"it 111741131W101a during next week. The
litillifillerliuShadihe - amount on. her person
• y i . readily_ Froth:toed it as bull. -
a t
TAMlaboro establishment wain
: ... ,a 1 /wig ago as -July, I, and
1-„,t Iseelittmated that the parties engaged
_. ;": thabnatticisi have netted upwards of
' usitEndllion dollars. The spurious Is
r'''', of Omelette and bottle were muds
ter 4l. lead impression of the genuine '
-et* Washington, secured by a confederate
ratiLifitkatriterfelters,' anti' the Several
el& as of the tranefer work 'were also
2 ,,,lkelferatitiffediffederates. • All theparttes
ttra.illirther counterfeiting have be
••eeketter wialtire,- as a matter of Coarse,
...Warne* reside in different parts of the
,to catintry,....Government oflleers have
-.;;been deirpatehed to arrest them, and it Is
. i:3l)ildffe that they are now all in custo
.. Spencer la the owner of a numniff
— " -- teellit'retideinewiti Philadelphia, and is
e: '''!haldtestie - a-orth •at least two hundred
-c'theniamnd 'dollars; When taken before
~.'4,Ottited . 'Shinn' Commissioner • at
- .'s
. erirtrirleti Mid hie wife. were fiethion
edrek.d, erxhtupanied by a colored
.ii • Who herein, her arms an infant
..aria . se one of-the-allegedconutorfelt
. rielmse The appearance• of the man and
rmvis :Very .smpeciable. Spencer
"..' el itall,;-intelligent and gentleinanly
king man; tend t his wife, in appear
eillielerilmmt-ladyliket. -- . • . •
0 yeimnent officials are now en
e' aedrehlag; for the premise, Ste,tenon which the work was executed, arid
' the probabllltlarare that they will be
• _,Anuadg rpore are also many : items of
' netemet• . ohniteeted 'with this crime which
• glikilleitt&eld and which will astonialithe
• , 1 ,„ whin arrested, maintainod
• pante. and.not a elms of.gnilt
gated. itself.. V When taken before
thiPlikitis,nthedetner,' be appeared not In
theleallt" excited. or. disconcerted, and
- cooly took from hie pocket a small comb,
~,• = ow ie luch herproceeded to • comb his
s x and lair .- After brushing the
atteestee from hie.coat and , arranging its
ii . PSlGUilesiamited bhnootr in a chair and
nil /swatted for farther proceedings.
• -.
-quid labelliar with the surround
", Saisashiatattece this wound has. ap
vpmeed to be a retired Broadway mer
. f', Piked& !Sic liisk not, however, unme
t., sued tor the din:Malty In which he found
f, for hewas accompanied by his
- `Ooteiniel, ledge Stewart, of New York,
.xestil letunediately upon arriving at New
ark he summoned_ Wm. 11: Giuld, Esqa
of that city; to his presence, and after a short ohne-Mead On retalnedhis legalßer
rie. In behalf of himself and wife.
. 3 11iM u te talu iet rx i o' i te tbs ag abc' e ' S e, I t e is r:es t fded
In a house at Panisboro, l* adi c oi r ning the
residence of one Charles Adams alias
cPWltedion lltUerme. - who Was arrested;
*. e iesd'with robbing a bank at Concord,
et...titla Probablethat mote light will be
.. -1 2111ped'apbri this_prodigious scheme of the
- treellitterfalfere dewing next week.—..Y.' Y.
~. , • ~. &Alan Itorecaranabip.
...I ~..Titett bilge, incl., Journal has a
';',..srdisrpondttat who gives the folloccing
l .thiarrestingsecountoreamanchee horse
erninaktp. .- Tim exhibition took place
• ristriChuip Taylor, Medicine L o dge
, • ..
c; 4 l ol Alks Beaus.. Vieth rrespondent says:
•:_ . .sinesautiletict then were called out by
nk-Bdockthelr old chief; nithan equal
"Alonibor :of, the best potties. The flat
.etlersf Om - north banic of the nines
•nteiggik, _ sieetoulectedas th e show grounds.
':- , Tlrs'perthes. were led to the appointed
...l i e k om =ltine; blushing , maidens, Who
enjoy the scene which followed
• , ,ur , elne surely did. The ponies were
sregpa in • circle, the sqtuers et:lathing
.. ..',lnlooto Amnia on the inner side, when
. .!.staagir the, young men with breech clouts
'ion4l.4saaseasine on. Each man selected
- :Ali pony, and ate signal from Ten-Fsears
,Itottipapini - astride - of, their sinews.
1 1 = ~ vita':. ... also: seemed to en
' tbs. coming nice, The' first movement was that of riding in SCIIII/
toad. looped, circles, then. hanging by
' *OSP Idterflatel9, and ishootingarrows
, ;AttNos as-they damned like sheeting
1 lensily thew then springing to their
Ilsakwtwtultng ' erectott the ponier book,
vntkaroaa adonis), bows drawn, arrows
I . llollnOrdiand a Whiaping drive through
.. 111 .14t y Pirandag a trecidlY yards away.
.Thies hang themselves by the shins
thSponlertriddes, their long hair
: in the wan, so dashing forward
o OM Ft= Babel tongues other
'sing:and in lightning speed they
enema: By.a &oh of the hand or a Wag
~',lllg, . thg ponies changed
, :pm. /Wiens balancing and
t their posturer to snit the frill
= design. More and . there,
,they touched the earth to
snothft spot: A half •an hour '
'aindiabt tired yekour host ehouted
thunder. lie-en-con.tomkal •• '
**Alders astride their ponies--
it *Olin bond, and the s c one was
Dacems. Oliver Wendell
, ,the - fallowing language,
too strong. In reference to ono of
''''' . iliat'onlottad the ,make believe vim
• lllllusueshave turned loose In our streets
~ do f.hey.ccrnio from f Not out of
, parlor/ trust. Why, there htn't
I ,or ,
tint-would drag Its tall
the dirt In the way those urea. 1
their drome.v. Because a queen
ettilltschessvreare long dresses on great
• maid of all work ora factory
- thinks she must Make herself a nut
: trolling,' through the streets,
gup and carrying almut arith her
I that's what I salt getting vul^a„,
noises and marrow. Show
le OM attribute of vulgar pen-
If any man can walk behind one of
stennen and sea what mho rakeattp
Itose,Mid not feel squeatnlsb,'he
LaaLot a tough stomach. L would not
Minh Into my room without
.."Tlelt them as David did Saul In the
, e 9 l l4,thowildarnoss—cut off herniates.'
„.,'Zeld-Greek'allver and load Minos
the hietorlan Xenophon once
Ladd tent, and regarding
haa le a memoir or State pa-
S:l4lggstaly been homed exudate
the fact that a French com
EPort Bfandrlare,,fllllcently smelt
dar Itt ns the old scorke, slag and refute
acid extracting . as-much as
-dons ef metal w day. The work la
well,'and the lead goes fo
. - ltalre*castle Ships, which bring
mal make, th e bn...ces. The value of
1111. ....rc
Sb e of the works average:
_ and It la calculated tha
atulldent quantity of scoria,
....b,glk4i7 Coloring and Port Mande
-Um - works for Atte= yearato
lald is between seven and
..7tVll , Mirtter °fibs Fairfield (Tux
,FAII• 1i! n ein "Nine camels passed
AMMOrtholar their fray Faht.
... a a re eaMels bought by the Fol..
out on the frontier
'" ;t ago. The Govern.
hem adapted to the
Cblitradfd., hart *Old them to a elms
std osopsay, 1,110 praP oB ° 103 11..... 0 )4:4, team "to their band
Wilso6-,' wen, quite surprised at
tholimade *Lich they devoured the
jaw Wives (Cho prickly cactas Calk/
IFOplikl Fr/1 11
''lW minutes on our
—From the Bedford Dtmoirm]re learn
that admit time age; a person
worth of property called at the house of
Mr. Reuben Smith, In Coleraln town
ehiP, and told the pitiful story of lila be
fog in search of a Tost uncle, whoresided,
as Ito understood, in one or the border
counties of Ponnsylvanin. As he had
been traveling for a considerable time,
his funds were out—he arcs n "stranger
in a strange land," and whet was ha to
do? With tearful eyes he. told his
rtientable tale; and thereby - : excited Mr -
Smith's warmest sympathy. What was
to bedone? An idea seemed to strike
the onfortantate - strange* and, oldie
'painul in ovary Partic
copelled him to makeula4 Ten the sacrifice. 1?;
had In his _pausal= a lox of Jewelry
Which he Intinsaadto to , his- En
ele, all of which, (valued at $250.0),) he
would leave with Air. Smith, 118 sticurity
for the loan or Sim' ,DO, daYa
Pitying his forlorn condition, a check
for the amount was given him, end,
with profuse thanks, be, Started on his
Way rep:d e fog, The Wale days expiring,
and - the etranger not returning, Mr.
Smith brought the jewelry to. town In
order to aseertalnitsvelue, when it was
made known to him that It. was *sac"
fins article ofz-broek thlariclatnor- wards
in reality aboht or ' - SXOI. As 'far'aut
cm be learned the stranger). Willa
search of his uncle. , ••
—The following items we clip from the
LYesunigo Min:: On Saturday•latette--
twen tv-fourth of the land interest of the
McClintock • Reserve of the a. W. 24-
' Minipill( Farm snot sold by Alexander
McClintock to Edward Tarx& Brother,
for $B,OOO. Th e Itaterre eettialo
and a half acres, and it is situate one,
side hill bMween the Stevenson, Woods
and 'McClintock Farms. There are three
now , wells befog pot down., ..About e
week ego• the Reserve `was3rioducing '
three hundred barrels per day, but sincel
then one of the largest producing wells
has boon out of worklngordsr....A Utile
son of T. M. Perry, of AN'imt Ernlenton,
Vonango county, broke hb thigh on the
thins t., by Jumping Into his &thee'
cellar.. Dr. ,Bowman attended to the
little 'sufferer, who In doing we 11....
The Union School Rouse if almost com
pleted and ready for use. - It is the in
tention of the directors to place each de
partment of thosehoel In charge of able
and experienced teachers. Parente will
no longer bo compelled to send. their
children allay to 5ch001....0n Thutsday
of last week, while Mr. George Shad*
• was engaged in cutting wood for Medi-
• a tree fall ••uPtln- him,'
: ° rttlirg=eo baff yi that " ho died in
about two honra. His friends - aro sup-
l_uwe.l to livo in Armstrong eeounty,...
,The Presbyterians era puttinr-se held
roof on their new church. The buildidll
will be ready for use curly spring
__Over thirty -thioo thousand doll a rs
wore realisolibythealeprifforthiscono
ty from his real estate sales onlifohday; I
—The 'Mercer Ihispato 'num
Ward; the - dosperado we , mentioned
' in our last Issue, no having bean commit
: toll third'. by Constable Blackstone
assault and battawithlntantte MOW',
escaped from last. Thursday. .
though be eras clip LennetiandelniellY
guarded by a Watchman the Sheudif .bad
placed In the jalkWard,thronghthe
eistanoe of ethos •peleortant, acaled.,the
wall and camped while the watchman
was brinpping a bncketof coallohint the
cell. . This is the -third theta lie
broken awavfecan different Gila without
being trod, Be Is a most dp
tenninetl_and. despareta, - repmbasa.-and
no blame can eftemt to ..:er=beaitone
for negligenae.' The•Jall. butllttle
better thao actable In _which to- °panne
prisoners, tusdiroonly' are rurprised that
the Sheriff has been suosesaful•in teem
ing so many.perions M Its" -in
ward of peoo is offered for Ward's ar-
—The Lawrence Journal.,
..2i"ow Castile,
Pa. • iwye: ;We `regret tnitatethat Wm.
Ha.rleon, son ofJob Hersey agedebinit
sixteen years;was kfilesloifFriday
Ing, the 16thinst.,,'on Rhosthscoal
a abort dianusca above-Peapembi'd
It appmred fhim t e latitimony;batme
tim 4 roner'st. inquest, that the young
man. got on the, train . at minermasteltili
down the road,:his:fatbaCh prendiet,
iron:ll.mi'. Henry Pearson's,) when atter
being on the teeth ' a ; short tinf t v wheel
broke and throw. the ear MT . track.
Ile:Jumped from Grocer, bull fell upon
him .hint almost instantly: Hp
rentaluswenv 'committed to thetonlb on
Sabbath afternoon in Greenwood Cemee
tery. Minas anotbarlwitruLue fat by,*
to keep air tho cars on that road.
b•hiron - Herald states that on
Tuesday or leat Week, , Mt . HoWard
Raker, engaged in tninhuromd, fa Yy'ood'a
bank neretbis niece,' after -ntaki .,...* cu
blast and finding thenoalnot,
lane, tindeiteok to dig vadat rti,
large masa came down sooner than he
expehted; falling- on hint ; end' injuring
him in:enmity so severely that he Aka
on Wednesday morning; ldr.R,servad
during the war, in -ConMex43 , A , 7 B th
Regiment, Penn ' s. Zonssea,mad wan: in
every bettlewhich the:gement was en
gaged. without, wit believe. rsoaleirts
=The 3,r•i•
tie .wpa opened oa illitiurdayinornint
leaf under -Very favorable . nuspieca
Every butcher's stall was necupie and
the quantity and ality of beef offered
Laramie would. hays qu
been creditable to a
town doubletho sire of Neweastle; how ,
ever, the buyers were numerous and st
the closo or Oil itterket - theTe'lMF but
. ,
—IL Mr. Winters, who resides int'sdon
township, was returning home from New
Castle.= Weltuadayevacting last, with
a span af .horses attached to is wagon,,
and when near the west" end °Me She
! natigo bridge - the horses took hishte be
came unmanageable, ran up the MHO:set
the Youngstown toad and when near the
Pottery the wagon was.mipstsed, throw ;
log Mr. Winter out - With great "vielatice,
attended it Juicing h
by Pituu
r.Dpretty asiverely..,He was
. ~
body of John Montgomery 11,4
fauna is tbe;canal, near lock - N0.24n
South Now Cutic,": on. Thltaday
inglash His hat was first discovered.
He Vae'ven tategu, on
day afternoon, under, the Wham* of
liquor. He 'was about .six,¢-flye yens
or ale, Rita-Mitred in- the' Hulce mull,
, •
Ttip Pit iiceprd . Iva that •
•Coinpanytti 4=6: to be lbilnbffoi
purpose of..layJnsf tthe track fors strait
rallroad ow the. prncipal tkierottet fareS
of that place, arid, i
that t h e.. cars mlll be
unntor, owthe saute bythe' Hist' day' of
Jamutu, 18 4". Pretty . hat, for is tows
that offly polled irtvotea at the liist.'elso.
—The November Term of the Comte
of Mercer- comity - is held ID tl,ie,
Court - Hove. An the 'County. °aloe.
have been moeedinto
. .
. „
Pao.. la club* of am sag afillarfal p
Mamie Maio*. 51.1141.
is r ray tpt rIIt7 :m ulna%
ma -PAM, Fax • MIAKET-Appm
1? cO3T&fN! £ . =g=
o,lu . r.x!inaar norms%
!Calcium Ai Ina.
Warta atrltegisters and Ventllatera, -.
Bud. or alit,. 25532155 .5055, 32214 Si
BlikiEZL & COO& •
Ne. N 35 LI2/5125
" n
Cope aasses:
Pole Ulm /1.1.8 m.
UN a ugur■Pl.
: .71g1
4 'V.
: 4 , a d.•
Assina. ,
• s° %14":4:11f1 mutat
'V • "•
cc:l'l7 " Mane 171 Wao.l •
'T.i Wo. usua&R? e4atai
TRIM ILTIES4II 411114101--- -
, vr.r4ort.stmucri
.".-,i -),
•-• Irtlxlr4lL 411.1.14,h;
• • -
EgT.E4,Mios. 1 &ND St LARD.
. - - r-11;glicritaaffitar t/ ' '
~.91fr Waite Pa !manna&
118 waca St,, near corner of 'fifth.
Government Semitic%
Gold, Silver,
And Canyons,
KIWIS and sol,l as Meryl tarms. Drafts 5034
nu taa inthelpitl!slUas of Immo.
w..n in Napery to seat
New 18117 64i fold Coupon Benda.
him it fotinist &arid%
Corner Fourth & Wood street&
I R A.IIfIieVAT & CO.,
13 49mikerilli
COTAiparth and BRlllifield Streets,
tllM&W , Vetlfsii i tit Th Z
SUL to Dusan . sin. Ud (Ds than Ls azekssis
5410 130X.D8 OP 1881,
Wawa ID GOLD al 0 pa a.L Gem tot Sit&
Ousai ow fn Prneuretea Game;
liayvapar e november ea, 1817.
—There game Leto ItadrJo y tbs tabu and
the (head Trunk loWbe the put to
mouths of leg. 1111,W0 barrels of lour, sad See
Wage Umbel. of oust ea turega• trees last
year or 111,100 barrels or emuy amid a degrease
at about 9,00000) bullets of grata. Sadao
IMMO bY eaaal flea ma: Ito rtoolootot
11,11 e barrels hoar, sad sUlowle baohelt of
Data.. Nut of her dour was slapped by
-.The Now Tazit2Ost eau ft las been mu
tual to u oa as ilbuoution at the trauslar
luaoterus 'Ugh have boot owl to Coto*
the nuoy Turku that tluse large Now Yost
sity WWl* two eau have soloed Is usue
buts our mu tell/tou at densn, but
taWo{one uttlios, use the 'other two atom
latat lona Now Yolit goys tho
tw"watcopocoot mato la bottom Orates
l i r° lol . l o won th• POlMPoolowal of Oa
otoettaa of 'Pod& 111411 Crouton want the oounba . Re of D•ounber. by' virtu* of la Isilmwttoo
rwtnitoug 114 stookholdour frost roma aid
soNisooom at eau of the Itowdatt gamy
boom' Is Now Took. that of Mows. J.B.
Plan al- Co. Tisk listulittes aro wad to, Dt
TlMltwoo7. mils( " from ono to two minim
It Oonato. Vbs7 wwri doslon .oltlolly la too
—Th• Prillwee, of Vitali:lay, .114
thyleis from New York npons a mringsas
'what fu X l 7. mad the mai Is time at Um
other Anemia efilem Prtrna senor no
enrol to• Say beim phfladmiplile alms that
• nuns tr no /Wile strlth44 seems the shalt
ohl Quakteu It la that setae of the
Milken Blab La that ty att am ao but up
Otisat they am torroinag on
arms at per -seat per month la .ril es
14141/ oral fromit=i4o day. Chimment an.
alwb &Titan of Is alum tomemew
aary /s bans um Its fare all um endgame of
maemmumms. Plummokla minalnlyak
Monlankiiimanorlbr thir rialts of fhb basal em
maw th a t D nt. .bratkr alhum
nut 7 il f
ea he nee., me.
Minksifut teethe.
are Omar ferfalt then alumna mill P.M tale
ataWatl‘ ati4 . iimurs of Jas.: Park, Jr.. lumber
manutasturek was ammumel 124
111. aiuyepo m
ergwth is u . s : a fa t-
e im ok e4 el amount s a
.of probaity,u wsl managed. Os Pal OP th 4
nuns' Poinoo, If met at, of the laihrbummou
—Tu. miss , Toik Trfkune, haa tha
lalkeekut r Communal PAP. /1 alhd. th. B
Masan of mao by the mass harry fall= i
ant the toms etatameate of4i
la ha th • sumaintla homier
wlddr nmently: utal Pima
.mama si thin ranweat4 4 Ign
5 44 la la enflame by rollatimils
ahori netts. The. 4ra4 nom N.
- auk* us Dab-Truer/ the hr no
weela . lumbeen u lenPre, A 24 Is am nynamatad
orZe b =
Priam/gnu of value. sad
need rumilma aa makes theme
Qs animat Mfora
sasonarof earreary aa4 gold es
•=744 .bat Dill , 0 4 1 , in 1. tne.colt 01
Therawne katta_a ram Ws merank_ br 4e
positmennin the aummennimai ma& oa•
Um Maws bslog • yammer in Mehra of J. Z.
Plate aoo, surprionit mama mann
day. All demands wee* Deseeilly mak and its
Asaaatato of will to be.' The hank
warms fa the Ctlearfak Enna, hut utshangeit
Munk Um Bank of Um intruellu „T. D.
kparkiima km beta strotemof as rposissu bY
Joh* IL Pumas. 444 She bank la (alma
rfehaake 4 11uutli /fatlimam.
.TherepaM of Um bask le MESON thane 4.
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Clurturati Quirts. of Saturday; gays:
Th. wild Dook'. bay , sunk Bethlehem, wen
,eglosait.e4,Mo, and me Insured in the Cr.,,
SentiO4 Boatmen'. Computes, of thlsolty
foe SW. "The hay was Instinct ein
WWII it was teeny loaded on • common salt
Cat Thls mayfly. rthe to illigation.. The T.
W. (lartitt.'• boy, .11121 f. at Waiter's bar, was
rttlued at 05.C00, and was insured for WPM lit
thciOrsemost Comflany, at thls Mtg. It was
laded on a coal barge.. • ,
A. Yard,' of Canton, Nentinky, li dead.
!or many year tte wan identified with the
esenneree of the thimberlmd.
Nashville cod -Newthyrutern riadlroad
Ie Aleutian through to' New Orleans for cotton
rt. MIN per bale. Bofors the war SlM'wen
thaldthest rate by steamboat.
The Nashvthe . Gasrtte, of -Brillay, seyi the
Tallman has maned rod tone' of Iron for
rile any. No elm of, • flee in the Caber.
lend yet -
..Sparring," says the Lourtville Denteeruf,
"his grown to' be a faehlonable amusement
Amu steenhoatmat on the Tlfldr Wind.
sIPPI river. Mitt of It Is done at qua' where
water a MP*: ' •
Se. farts, Novemiter flrThe Northam
Lim boat. have ...a, *Mir last visited the
gm to St. Paul, emiare bound down In mareh
of winter quarters._ Bleary les le exported
stedlatelY at St:PauL, The low water and the
dark night end fogi .have eattsed mob loss
and many delay. lately to St Louis steamers.
Capt. (Pentad has chartered the thwbeetlleav—
Cr until hi ben the Boa/mord rinsed and again
waits. Ile hut a contract to bring lumber
from IneaMida" to Carendolet. The Henry
Torun enters the Inemplate pallet Line. The
resolutions of the Board of Underwriters ea to
freight legumes ma AMMO. am published to.
day. They are • regerded - as balms utreme/7
favorable to th e existing Barge Oompmy and
Anemia Steamship Company.
We have the followiMpartleulars of the loss
of the etas: nee Jousts lirowo, which seek
on the Eh bast, about eight Wirt Mb.
When the sudden! tanned the ,boat was
runlet directly behind am Tom Boor., the
waves ef which potent.* the pilot from see.
lag the obstrueUen.„_Sho tan on the anag, and
eueened ever ellithelY.. After nettles on
dna.. that she did not right np, the Captain
rue the bell aaa ordered the mate to an what
was the matter.. 'Tea Glitter- went down Into
the bold and fame a weak epaeg sea the
grater realise to rapidly. 'The boat was lama
&ugly turaed toward the shore, and as her
bow tan tut on the bank her Man conk in tan
feet of WWlr. The. yammagare and crew 'got
or safely. The boa had bat hounddea
aboard. The Jura* Brown wasb E.
Dab. & Co.. of Leavezworth, cad was valued
at IMAM.
LtairlarY tv.Cokxun 04whuta—•n
pedant queettoo Rao been decoded by the Su.
ammo Court, teething the liability of owlets.
TI. case involved Woo Mist of s port not,
aphealmate. vs. ths- Delon Traation end
Insulloke• llolop•tor, respondent. This was a
mat brought by the pla/nUel, to mover the
vane of t treaty.," bales Of Dutton, which di.
feattaitt her titalr•O to treeeler from Last St.
Louie .0 New York. sad which Duero communed
by gre In the company ears le Moult. • so
oolpt wan elves for the cotton of the mama of
er.. g
re:. This stilrisk of b
of O re."
which wa• stamped
on 'Ms own
pulati seon also
embodied in one of the auntie. of the in
mamma Itself. Pintail& claimed d•amie.
for the sal. of the cotton. nod set forth tilat
limes destroyed through encleasnen and rag.
Juato Wegner, in hid opinion In the mom
toattithol Ist by the other Jollies, after reap{. taming the aka* facts, and rematkieg last
thalory, under insunctions, hand for the do. ,
famiant, prontode to state that ate burden of
aticounuter for goo. or property ns on the •
••171.11: attar te• delivery- to him. l si t Is ettly
exempt from mile by the acts of .God or the
pub. teem,. For • long time it eras &clog -
that • farrier scald be rammed from the Year.
log of the soma= Mar 013 rate point. It Is en. ;
1 asepted now, tolraysi, that a lireirallon of
SpopstOUity may be stipulated for, Brit there
seat be • enema contract. The sutler to
not vary the law by Waning sondltio. In sin
seaptaime. las anuses the calling he ho.
...Is to
no power
that ova the duties width the law an.
calling. Those
aunt or
yawl bylaw, and not by hts anent or agree
ment. if othaeseee In. miaestanot; • falters
to tam end deliver is a tort. Th e Judge ob
serves that ..the paid.' safety In carrying and
dativeringocannot be nada= Mad •br artfully
prepanrd primed receipts, contra. of te= em .
Log torporatlorm and totals. compeelehe
Week.. appear.. have been admit
ted in the panitnan that there was taloa I
agroninent, • The lastrthatime of MeV:Mort Ma.
low were that II Um. wean might bars been
mid by due and Proper eon, then la the de
fendant /lab's, and the burden of proof. with-,
Weals= to am. that lbw cation was net
lailthrougit • daduley Ot CM ear: L
This last hiatruction was ,the chief error
eomplained of =tiff, which was not re
tOentsadies well , aad atm &Melon of
the lower tribunal was aninned by the e
prate Louis Jupebtteee, mind. I
DiabOtPLIS to thoteceedy , awake. etwai
hada.. Th• mershants mad and not any,
famish tilathe 0419. Nary sae he *an
and Ell walla. la tae !man of towing to
winter, between Carstand Mew Weans. sae
palmate le Cagan and towboaserlil
m. i= g aselahat 1111ofill
vb.. he eon proms human. wish troubli ne
the litt.P.otto Mallow/tow, Who..
"lOW ,
Mee Of UMW alooktialden." mut riot Imo too
mash ate.,
F .
Sr. Lotim.Ntrvaletwi . M.—Three years egg
the mama. Rely um tuna' by eollision with
the mama Des Haloes, ease NsahrUle. Bab
boats went In ea • Government wan. The
caw before, Um Untied States Dinner
Court. litmus Lathe% owner of the
Tae Misout mew. old
Sunday for Mrs Orleans, la the Athadia
The Enterprise and the Dictator kose nerd
eold here. More pummels front the getputel
bore racbed SL ‘9 2 .1.0114 relatejblihornun
Attba top or teal Manua, width le ft Boot.
nati la, with than hundred pesserdam and
eight dala . .Provistoes. • • •
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He.riththlf. la.. ra, /rim ward.
P.M:At:2 4 = fir,"`"F. ' " :
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J m 111,71m1i. otlme good; theamo wad
pmerde, ,"t tri-utl'h""l*
&slut Ma 14 a. sattai limog, 'MAI ward.
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7417 MIMI. lams. IlVtard ward. '
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IrIITII Ward. .
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4dins Elam. Mitts, Third 14.41.
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douaf iiriata tar Western resaryttaxtit
o , l l lll Stil Lif, Dialluta
..II,4FILD 1VE4121.7ra,
Obtraamee peas the Dar, DeLYPIra or
ate ltdr, Catarek, Ombra, Mad Ityee,
teemed Dyes, Dyer/ !limey's Or sore
glee tad bays, Illaeceeefally Treated
by Dr. Heyeer,Llo Peon Direst
The case to ' which we ata dad soma week. tia
f obristlans Planar. of Hearer 'county. is now
entirely eonllnned by the appimanee. of altal
Tither berms. who to-daY called on Da. BE t-
BIM to person, to thank bite. for Ida kindness
and skill In motoring bar to aNtlltt 'LSD
PLYMYECT SWIM Mu Tither 1114 boon near
ly Mud for four months. Itha was la blind that
the ocedd not diettoodsb 007 .13.00 .Oas t.
nake out what It was. Mho ease to rentirkthth.
s hundreds of tams Ilk* hate are
serer-ending darkness, on tinOlmq Dtotoui
Um there is no thee, and nothing eta be done.
She was Under D. ILEYBIB'4 treatment fa
the. month., and before she ample/ to' blob
througither brothar:BlSSON P. TISHICI.IIithe
hopes were maw - Wood of her env gattlid her
sign. Her ease 1. well known to the nelithtmr•
hood where On:asides, and has bean roe arded
as one of extraordinary mostly.
We. the nod...trued. know of the the. of
rubel., and bear wthloa thatinusir to the facto
September 170.1547.
Amami • eiday y
A. Car Tensit
A. W. Liesennortkr,
:Wm. Jenkins.
'sienna Mars% -
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P, l /i.ltZtt
l. Manard.
Lase Allison.
wary J. Drown,
June di. OM.
J. (J. Weller
firrMigrelt '
W. W. Morton.
Zara Has a,
Jennie Wilton, • •
t•hrls. ht. Wilson.
rasce WlMoth
Warr Patten. :
AtllDiti ran.,
Martb• Pat en
Jrzoole 0. Dobbs, .•
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C. rlati e gtfl
WElantlna Pieter,
they. atenneLll
7he cue above referred to was enstnely\ rind
by medlolnee to l
ilfy the bleed. and 11wit.
twined by wares of perms who hale own
Rise /Whet. sad pars knowledge:of It total
restoration to health,' end the recovery r her
debt, as We scanepallting letterer her b Cher
sets forth
D. ZWrahlt--Ttde Is the 11 tof names t
* have .to yew advertnement of the" care f
Meter, Chrtellena Irleher. They were a 4 will.
Ins to Dot their nawre down and wan Ter,
moot astonished to see Um% you brought per
estate loon. My mother sends bar Online to
roe; she sks anon, el thetreaterl men
to the world. see @aye It we had not Mate
&woes you one :her sided would not be
living at. this time. We all lola In mallet ow.
love and respects to yea. • • •
P. Putt MI, Norm 0 0 010! 07.
7. alorri.on.
A. K. hfurrloom e
Robot .111.6.a3,
Citalstlarta Alabead.
UMW,. 'lobes,
D. ;11g1;°"7.
Dr. Boyne, Donaull4lfroo Roozoo,
'No. 120 reo Street. Monier of E4sios
alloy. 01201i'lioneo — from f a.. s. 4o
R m.
110.od tale. man • Meta. to read the MI..
lees that bar. twen entree non lea Import.
atm snlact, and If • slob ,vet wore to attempt
It bewoold mum hamar worse In roe road Mi.
and dle heron to got halyttnongh. Then hop.
toms Walt name an, Menthe comb. Math,
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Imre nations, berate; la the palms or the
Muds and Boles of the real. .thannlar day 01
Ochs sweats, Mena fever. manna of Zed ot
maramems. matetimea enonerallon or band.
neuter. taonsoal onward orroptosm. anerent
not only to the observant pOyalelso. lont toythe
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Important rytoptoma taxa
M. web an onesmade monlint by simmiltnlon and Pernanms,
tarms watch math. to la =dint us" Moab.
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malty In other to onertala 10 as 14solni CM tat
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manta.. elletted to way as satamt sthe to
demonstrate the tote and moat emetic* ale.
reoplrawry own: a Innen nonantor Ins
lea Leto asmatelalm whole. TM ththaelr
smug **mots or not. - Renee It la th e st
WWI of osowan 16. 110 7 7 ; attar'
mothalent onee dlocovend: elf appropriate
treatment lamer, sonny orrlnd fat. and.then
easeatod part more comblotely omen the Inn.
lade ar ntheranne manna. Wo have ther
been of tho oplalon that emantriptton ar den..
j or wasting of Um bodily stranath, An depend
; sat on a amend atom nth. blood, width ear.
nn. In Its Morn. taboo:name matter end al.
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the body,
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mated Mellon, ita to brim an Induotosthr7
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on nth* system. and 00101. mold Mie beet
nth/ done to the bealanna of as dawn.
Dr. It 117811att recrrolear. enntay - 11Jc.i.
Diets ant - yeallet oath to the torralain stage Or
Inna dints. It Leta oa the 0007 prlaclins
One stated above, by months the .scariest
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Mute and repalr an .uhf onamendod.. aid
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nonethe =estat es Ora: pionVeharseter: tun
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ant 1170 n. • anal Ones of morniethra
width awn tostorm Wad: Dr. , ltovaorlo Peeth
ral Smolaa beam, although north do toO
aurtr s.l. R. prep.= • medic!. , toad
TM. Minn.!. a. nest tone. .0d Mennen.
nth rename Um pans to be 000.01.11, 011171. 11
naeolves fad .outer oat nom b eth. Mow.
Porting' of. Max oat or anranea. matter,
erhlch only tand to dog or denial It. 11 11(4,..
bta the mamma materna bend chested fa in
polmolralri qoaaviirrivat Rasta:ruts
rummer, 45ianzri.
81111 w1 7 1 enn• bon. auvesum or No
ft **trap street, Allealtan. Mtn . - L
1 Son sonlaat now' of 0100157.'10 7107.
lees. Mae loft a. with • noel Inner all saw
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Inannontin, hula. Mina/ the snack of
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Lindsay, Sterrit & Rawer,
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Nlatb Ward, Pittsburgh.
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Butler Street, Ninth Ward,
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