The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, November 13, 1867, Image 2

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, iiiiiitidttaly • ireettii•ent iteii - a - of the - day,
Thd for 14,1 aerlzi . ilo&r 2idta(4it . ilerrice
n the impartant Presidential 'Canvass of
- KW.
,Thefortheolnitty seasion of Congneat
Promises to prove Ono of the moat impart
, ant hetei, eistie the formation of the Goo,
ern:sent, mai the pr tteenelinge will be ma
.;entity watched by the inteltigent mshes.
r.tipktiib.f . the deep interest etaferecrin the
proenneelimi ,thi:pre+rleleireOf
.• the GA-
ZlitTE..lm!tro . , made: . :arrangemenii for
. elailyecttipatchnk and letters clueing the
' neap:l4l7 , 6W a highly ittlelligent corre
' eiel4itt4 Ildia en)oys the eta:pin= and
' irtetettelefp itf - the leading numbers- eV' the
Ematif Aid..Zrause, the heads, of the vort
ex, 7iictittieSits, caul 'th ' e - evading potiti
•• • chute 'into ' frequent :IVaahington,lso that
. reedefatan depend on receiving theftrat,
fulteti,4pd most reliable fnleftlyenee from
the neat of ;Government.
the prOctedinge of the Stale Lege.' la
* ' title,' at its forthcoming session, collie/so
pioce interetting,ina.tnittell al many ones.
.ttose of importance vitt come up for
tegtelation. 2Y. GA ZETTE nil! „kap at
thelitateoapitat.dnriny titlentirc.tcatiOn,
astintetttiteatt and faithful eorrenposulont,
. ieled . ;teill promptly report the proceedings
by,sriaa. aad telegraph. '
It ill the only political journal of Pitts
burVh whkkftlaktsaiy reßeeta and ateaday
-advocates the minor:ea:l.6l4lv the Union
itertsbikeut Party, and in by a
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• - •.figtOrat.i... totil to meet:kW& as Mt
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14M ate important% and spill lk.eaeellgthed
so to to plotortary cod mutate to _to acre qt . all
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Skil aerie. tested art scream if/entry:per
.. -..M.61 aid other depute. WO of Ha. paper wall k
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, Tim ..Verntits •
Ills 21* OC,
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se el 'TM& Wg lb GAZIL • STE. •
Wrlnar'a,fzirrs ha* beta ea leraett
40t faAl the astlbe Daffi. arid ( iota Mr - far
Sieges, *repot mad big Weekly /matt, arolpapß
" - tatbei • ft abalthe be in ate Macre ea' loamy
'Make - alsalalear ;a , eob beateeie feta; re eau
teat seek fort, cotta co :Imes rfeet41.1.,,,,, by
did waft,
M. • twat., wite,e4a, qr
&Or. .M 1 a abeam steleroft qf Merely av/sae
eatilet/wLe. /by:Murree/Lk 'ltt.rAtAing frnportald
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J,crrt.grtfOnßli , ••• l llbeedits4m each bombs,.
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rzi,rbobWklrepoefeef the/WRSSLI: tr.ozFrrs
„‘ fin bob. ce . bbnebbeed to ter to
WWWent webtoribe r feO /O/A./Olin . / and ea ikrt,
• to rewokenvio S . Heel, Obi . Ilreatens Tea eryl
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.r.satinoat sasal...2lse :Waal SS. 04.5571r1 an
—told me brebo lie istAa C/.1 cwiele 014 1 / b /hebi .
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tl.tlT rt Ent-unto.'
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'Pr egimuy papiriniVrestera resnryl•luds.
iiitirtstahlo Ise West. ra Vtrectia: e■mi
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•sittuli .4, Ole .nth binT
Iff l aiibburgi GkEttE
.I.:MilifiVillibit,"*O'Fß.ll3lEl,l , ls. 1847.
41>cmattrays , deaiosistnited that
pecelueed In thin einuitry,
~.,- e anitot... be watt to foriiteh riyeouo to
' thr.tudiortti trouory. , The condition of
cotton grow : lngidlatrieta,
the. earapeatlon that bita arisen In
';',34IIAW quitters, or thd- globe. make It
etia it 'ail to ..
4 . dnatage except for runty.. domesttc
, . .
'-`ii.enniunaed that the' President
-,...rtilreftni: to famish the &nate with
'tits' to the iciness'! of ET
Sisprom It .Is probable
Prinddent• has construed the recen t
Vinnitcr'sg,iktOries; endorse
,ssast, of his , -numerous : impeachnient
: ."tdiffelh'ing ,piablic'ects, and - in his Mad
sew endaniOr - ' io'-ii ‘ Olidinto on
.. Congress a crisis. had better learn
- a few practimg, ,lessons - wisdom land
wade:me pre It Is too There al
scadijudideni 'egrienee accumulated to
Impeinhitiont, and be wonht ilo.
_yea tor fro Catte Congress. into his own,
kaisulti'ditsit istiikscss is ptablihe.A,
which purports to come from it reliable'
shitfti, ta teak 'forth that the
ocassrvatives ere orgaMolog throughout
- theanintor the 'pltitherte lat 3 down
by the Plaiddent, and that General Gran
i:isill•coeot from thu nevi :pattjai'hond
nation. We hero little doubt but the
Cqaserritires are , zetzpkettnu their or:
&fiat D init" that' Greta l iLlther sym—
pathizes with them, or will become their
hider, rimed' , like a"-ZOodatrous serum
am* thiPhoodt The hero of the re.
"•'"•"'• " " " • •
-public was steeeiciingh,t' Di the 'schn%
fag tricks of the wily foe, sad'it li high
'' teeptotable that ha will aver im en
•4 11 1 1 1:44:bi She =eau. ,
A Tims Aeo,jhe 'Clatwros, In cam-
Lon with Many mbar Journili, advoca
ted a mate r pisl reduction of the tax on
nrblikf rand Oda-Wes not bcfca'ipse it was
thought unsuitable that articles of
skated bet:ads to bard large Pao
portion or the public burden', but' be
..,ermial experience had to far denionsirat.
4Willittlelinnotddabt or would notbe
*forced union largely din:it:Litho:l. To
talfatit stood um thou g ht
to involve criminal conduct on -the
plat cilArterKß distillers, complicity
thands by m any officers connected vain Department, jos-
Pr,intiOittet to t ti e 'Treasury s And ;the
•rittkott• cal frepositlanbt this . loieupon
stbertaanchei indotry.
" ,, WhewCongrets assembled the. matter .
WU !naught before the two Houses; and
after nensiderable dlecdutoa, n mains
mimed that a supplemental act could be
wiped trhiab worddycalty all the milli
laAnastioa: The act was passed; but
Wiest tile leak in Ile '
Tressaryitorexenting false and perjared
elleralkleaketipieg Othez , , teseettee of
r from carrying the gardens
tillert o ught bite, elf thew - ralicidell
Were aggravated.
Now that Congress is about to come
teethe[ eletr*s show is made oir
Aclngorcesewit ot. law ; but no.
.body ltedNtlyi4e* thu tardily hegotten
Taal wUl' fealty' emoted to alythingi"
Tbettiedght distillers WiU still be drivezt
to the walk by Improper competl4on,
the government cheated, .end .I
tre'dmitituto of honemi
will Welt rich breioladrigthelsw.
Tidn'cOntlitlon Of affairs onget to coma
Mid 'disregard
evigelfest duty . ; Wl' be' molted to Jur
eiresure; if it falls to provide a remedy,
pod tetploTtdo it epeedU7.
In the Wlldentess, when Gnaws was
beaten, instead of ordering a retreat,
he pressed, by Bonk movements, still
nearer the rebel capital: Fainthearted
loyalists were appalled at his audacity,
Democratic 'pies watched his progress,
eager to demonstrate that he wan through
obstinacy incurring bawds that sound
prudence demanded he should arum.
Lac comprehended the situation, sail:
saw instantly that the Army of the. IN* .
tomac bud at last found a leadsr, and
.that he could not resist such genitalship.
As soon as the Republican pai:y en
countered disaster this fall, many of to
members counselled large abatement in
Its elementary idea and sweeping con
cessions uto meainres. This was simply
inidatimg thaO the bojsiOuld consult the
feats of-the-least- resolute in ita ranks.-
II the policy thus recommended should
be punned, the organization would nec
essarily disintegrate, falling dm pieces
becauke no Colsesireptswer remained in.
The Republican partrwas not devised
and put in operation primerily &I as
gine for controlling the government and.
dispensing its patronage.. It was crested
es en ins tennieneelttir fOr, vindleaties ecru;
lain distinctive, pnnciples by - earryitur
into effect a shandy defieed . policy. :TO
this the control oldie, government wee
incidental and sibordiruite. 'Bat it
would be unreasonable to infer that ill
who joined-. the-party profoundly abet.
lehed its Principles and felt s• glow of
genuine enthusiasm in the advoatcy
thereof. Somelasere drawn tad; by her
etheirierChrffire . dislike of the oppoil-
Ing Party. Thej could stand .associa.
tion:with any body but ,stand
Then the prodigious success of the party
in lie earliwit.proceedings thew to it
multitudes who- were simply political
adventureri,-- having no principles to
which they owed allegiance, and eating
for none unless bringing promotion.
When the War actually broke out, and the
wirernment was Ibrcedinto unexampled
expenditurei,'openinip the wayto private
speculations and the rapid accumulation
of Virtual:s, numerous and visit beyond
precedent, hero or , elsewhere, sltairciedy
and mercenary: flocked to .it . under an
impulse kindred to that by -which.
beasts follow the scent' of prey. Thein
camp. followers of various descriptions
have cations aptitudes for --- -snatitig
hem: afar the 'slightest Indhinions
lot popular flekieneti and of adapt
thenvelyee•' thereto. • -"Rnenedier-,
MI- by.' no. -ketWjej...:eteniffeleink no
obligations, and holking to the lowans,
of no ideal, they:change their uniforms _
d colors, with wonderful 'celerity.
at the mums at . the Republican party
ire not of tiesdsona. They imek neither
offices -nor emoluments, but have pro
coned conviction" which reach down
into the depths! of their souls. The
thought of falling into the minority does ,
not affright tlese. flaying been there'
1) 1
3:i lia their principles were under:Abe
, they knon all it signlflei; and has ,
ig worked their way out tivappeale to
the , reason and moral 'wise. of their
lellciireltlians they know hoW to 'do it
?main if that neceaffty shall be laid on'
them. Whoever; calculate% ;that , they
fan be melded like heated wax Info any'
term ,manipubitme desire his
made a wonderful miatake, which it will
helve] to:.reCtify.Witbontdelay.
cannot:be used 'es make-weights in any
game of Jugglery whatever, but will ;WV ,
low' ; thelr' principles 11hereTee:
mate i v , ssolt they may lead. • • •
If Republican PartyMienot retain
lug chltraetfirislica, these men willies's/
that it ithau ..-. maintain its Integrity and
let po*er gn-'• They will not imitate
the Coniervittiire,ty the Demo.
crate &victory and then caultbig over It;
[but will "sorrowfully accept the o n ly al;
ternative - edneistent with :their seem Of
honor and Interpretation of duty.
Bet it must be remembered the} M.
actions, like that:now encountered] by
the RePOTtnenic see'-of frequent' oantr"
nmee in ad- Large poindae hMniesMnis;
lbat they produce comparatively little el
-1 fectorripendral stinks. Na river can be
frond witheo u n . ;eddies aura whirlpooli,
rtererthelen current rolls onward
- resistlessly until at last marked in uni
ocean , 77\7 , -
Lithe great movementornow making
Btrixighour all civilized; nations ibi the.
establialmientLof personal- ;liberty and .
ktonlateecluidity before, the laws, there
are not; only rainy' attehistde
dram's, bat multiplied re-ictions... The
friends of amelioration anUpregrese In
each country hhie their own; peculiardllacultles to intrinonak: _Timm' grow
out of different national tetnpemostemts; ,
conditionotand iittdettetell- - ; AnAatitoi,
can, looking from the ' distance of-three
thommhd .gurope,. and enlight
ened by history sit° the true, Meaning
of even* sees this' with a - dlstinctilesi
that ls highly ; initztactive. Begiand
painfully struggled oat. of feudalism,
taking centuries to acccomplish the gr.
'etas, and still slowly tolls on towirds
complete dieentbralment France, tong
patient under gigantic :Iris at
length - wrought np• to the gnietkowetinfr
frenzy, and Imeedily. - gained 'etnanitlpa.
• n iLiaugh' , nu. - Ocefill 0040 d eons,..
giant upon:a:Athos of Terrorpbat - dnoe
pelt the,workliee Jr; fiip Uy fin{ in,
; criniimeittii::`p - reseentat BalMayi has
been more' docile' ;and--antomplidning;
tnt'liai'ptlilied nu into motiereriread
lathe 'Patti
.cf ngonenttou :;' ltatll has
been swayed at times . by maine;
lons -bohlitess'7 end, .enterprise, ;and
again by unaccountable hesitationiaid
kuphieit'es4;"' NotWithitan Meg' ese .
~idesltndea immense &Mikes bare' tee
over Europe -of bilattleiti , mime. I At .
.w.irailOte:pop4s,F moreminii
;bare aOpeared to.die-enUrely, ont,:and
one old despoiistres whirl regotreo all'
their tOpriei,atreaith'inst*itige..Vit4'
serval= has felicitated itself, Ind been
congratulated hy,pirasitesemd menials,
on -its conquests, Ina !Inpreviata a do
fences; apAn't Curti ez mrgults. , ;But
these edriuttsges haie!beeri oral
dental and transient. genitalia= !has,
not been orestabllshid. "Agitation ;has
not ceased. ' Populsi 3 Oeniitide have not
diminialtedin yolumeofstreim or reloci
ty 01 ,flow: Imperialism . by .
Rlght7.haa..been__ driven Bonian:goo
men; end eratentreents Used- on Bei ,
',ferret Eleffiage are "everywhere being re
:6oo4mi -as -the; oily etalS'
The end Is not yet. Ice all - European
Countries. tho.pplltlml atmosphera
day changed with electricity, not ibittW-
Ing evils to people but pails to dyne's.'
The United !States presents no excon.
don to phenomena ebewhere. traiferre.
Menrot to may not hate the power of
Abstraction to such ,a cu.
bletts to ootiprebend the inoverninti
which aro manifest fu fliettinto Jeature
and rclathiON.tat we ahead =t cal! to
infer that what le happening beret liarell
aOttilti allttierintbilleittniirioitbat .1s
transpiring elsewhere. lie dew of;litt
men society isnot backward, but (ion
lillnede, hut rhiyeantioriteilti:aiitire
cue themzelrerer be barn° away bytii
force d:4 kart, tydttl;tefinitde
ibliary to Our: ettar;t4l, s tkiirld :
rabbet:l4a lotind pi . a',lndy 'agergt•
ed under a bed in-4a • hinag e a idt.
Longatreth, in - Philadelphia, on Friday
iis g t,t Wt.. ; lig t' l 4 l Y;`itlfhttiv lad
a .kot ,0{ matches, an at w1 . 3 - 1 4 1,1 th gair
owiter,.l47o handed oier to I
man.. We are sure this 'wilt Manny
ladies with delight ilk wait - With
'a@la4boa*lheictiatik9f.!4,44 fit"'
mite Val tune.,ountuanznit Ant, nicely.
gtibienldrat;atidiritlinnir e "the for.
Minato woman tahof atter oolong a graf t . '
lug, has at length beinikinlizded get.
.tang the imosmid - nizin t iithes . haa be
more marched for than Sir lolinefisek
lin. .IPerhapg If the, other ladles paw
Tete they may. get ato Wing, day too.
—A few years back a certain English
nobleman, a grandee of the first water,
and an eecentriciau of the wildest school,
honored New York with his presence
and his money. He lived strictly (nag
ratio, and his sole amusement consisted
In wandering through the streets after
nightfall, and relieving those of his fel
low.kresturrts who had experienced the
pahisof poverty and dissipation. While
uponane of , those' humane excursions
he eneountered a young, female, who ten
derlikolicited alma - Inquiring her his
tory; Ere fotiitd her ur be an orphan, of
suristasing•beauty, with an intelligent
muid, and' of excellent edacrilion, re
durad to abject destitution by the death
of her father, resit In the Mexican war.
The titled Howard wearied of his own
bachelor's existence, and won by the
romance of thebeggar g.trfs shistern
tendered to her his heart, his coronet and
his hand. • The sNuei Is that at a recent
ball given by the Russian Emp ror, a
&lichees, radiant with beantyandspark
. • hearts of
allebservam. That distinguished lady
was the cidevaar mendicant of the New
York streets. '
—The Evansville (Ind.) Clostricr-tells
the ,following marvelous story: "One of
the most mysterious circumstances we
have ever seen recorded, occurred In
lloOrktellville yesterday morning—a wo
man's hair being Cut front hue head by
an ollittlownhand. ,Welearu thrtfollow
ing particulars of this strange affair from
it gentleman who se* the hair which was
cut `from the lady's !Medi "As Mu
Meyer a daughttirmr.f. Meyer, residing
in Ilvillo, was going up in a stable
tar some ,purpose or other, • when half
way up the 'ladder' she felt something
touch, her on the:back of the head.- She
paid no attention to thie, but continued
her way nu.. Audn'she felt it more son
her hair. Sho fell to the floor of the
stable withatharpsaretun, which brought
the family tti her nacos. On an exami
nation it was dionovered that the braids
of her - hair 'hid been cut off—her hair
being done un in two braids. The hair
I was cut about:num Meltee from the akin,
and could+ not hare been done with
scissors, ea Bhp would hare felt that in
stmment. ; The family, on coming to tho
girl's assistance, smirched' the premises,
but. could Ind nobody or nothing to in
tilMto - that any person had been in the
to though them to an opening on the
in4de; through . which a person could
Jump out. The ynungtady herself neither
saw nor heard anything. Tho braids of
her halm= found aftowards In the stable.
It had the appmnunco of being cut even;
and with, a sharp. histruntent. This is
Indeed a strange moo. . .
-On he 6th of /impost, the annul
thud called Chl-ch'lso, or "praying for
clevernesi," topic place td China: It Is
a rerrturiouatuatoni, described as 'fol
lowsbythe:ktoclow.Alutale: "On the
sarenth night of the seventh moon theta ,
dies, married and unmarried
li (of thelun
oa.p.i..rettile'sren ea r
tgur,ve, and
seveh, incense • pots . They then squat
down; and taking eaten threads of ant
try to thread 'seven needles by ' the glare
calmed by the burabig of little paper,
their respective skill (in the Perferrmatsu
Of feinitle dudes) being evinoed .by the
number of neediosibey can each thread
thla shore space They . awl
Cinch Udall /Midas and shut them up in
boxes till' daylight on the - following
morning, when, if a web butpuntn tattoo,
of the boxes, it in coasidemd a proof
that the deity hu Muted to the fortuuste
owner of the box her lever of clever-
--The following is from Springfield,
11Sludge There is quite a flutter in the
more fublonablo circles of our city, oo
casioned by the proximity of a double
diamond wedding which !a to tome off
at the palatial residence known as the
Mattesonmagic now occupied by R.
E. . GoOdell, ~ to-morrow evening.
Thoronsenting' grata `are the Mama
Clara and Matteacm •daughters of
ex4loyernor,...dirdtaron. who returned
during the mil:caner from an exterudve
tour,, in 'Europe. The • former is to be
milted to a Mr: of your citr ia a rt, d
the latter to a' gentleman named
hailing from Savannah, •Ga. ' The cere
mony mints, peribumed bythe Episco
pal clergymen, of this -city. The bridal
,outfits have been Imported from Paris
at' an enormous) - expmse, while the
presents zed mheredjuncts of. the occa
sion will be uain the extreme. It
I reported that the exAdovernor has set
tled dye thousand dollars per annum on
Mob ofthobrides.' A...large number of
gnests from liesr York ' and elsewhere
have already arrived. • •
The New. Albany .(Ind.).Zedger gape
Haply vs. Benny &divorce rase peed
leg la oar. Floyd ',Cirealt Pettit. The
b aritestM the:.
heeri severed by the law. each startled,
thotoseenlineliseny.the•woman of hte
second cholea r the 4 Heruty the
ma - of her -second eboloe. Bat the
comic of their mond love was not des
tined to run smooth, and to their mutual
horror they ..dlsoovered , that they were
not ditincid, and ware ; both g. alley of
..They appealed to the Court
with great fervency of spirit to immedi
ately tint.the knot that legally
bound them, 'anti when welsh the court
house his Minor had the matter under
ocuteldendicen.." ! Tbe parties are probably
excusable under the entertained sumo.
sition that there wee. no bar to divorce in
thle goodly State of Indiana.
. .
—Robert Dulitoun, Lee a lieutenant in
the array, while. under the influence of
liquor, attempted suicide 'at the Earl
Hones, Provident*, on Sunday. '
memo that, he.bad a pistol which he
handled reekleasly in the hotel : oftioa,
pointing .it• at 1 several • pane= present,
threatening toattoottttem., He,however,
turned It - upon ; himself and deed, the
ball passing near the heart and lodging
in the bark under the skin. where -- it
might be seen t pretending. Buff= will
probably - survive.. lie • bed open ; bts
ergots a medal voted pe him, by C e ongter y .
was also
.elgued Wal.lrrtlin: r r Salem, Masa,
of which Buffo Was fbraterty a teal
-dent; also a emoznendelorycenffication
of linfinen as a soldier, signed by. G.
.Parkhunt, late ~Pitrecet - Gen
end,: Jilves; ' of _ General
Thrums, and also one, signed by another
of his superior: odhaga....Efla good con ,
&Idler/led him *Mantel:unify,. but; un
fortunately, strong drink" has made
him a- wreck, of his Termer self: Eta Mut
a will:rand threechildren In Ohio.
—There Is 1. abigular. well on a farm
niter Lafayette,. Indiana. It' la forty
seven-and a half feet deep, - with another
about twenty feet from. st ten feet deep,
and still another fifty, feet front It thirty
six Met deep:. Theetater from this
when list draw is very cold, lead has
an exceedingly. end :palatable
taste, but after standing a few momenta
it is lutposelble to . drink it. Potentate or
other. vegetables tolled In it, instead of
getting soft and datable,.minala hard
and tough, and do not seem to cook at
MI, though heated *wealth, while, the
outside of them. ecort become covered
with, a shiny substance, vety much ilk's
grease. The hands or Ouse Washed in b
eim become_ covered with grease When
soap Is usett . What, is atm. gee Willi the
Wool/ ear first will not tomb it, but eller-
Ivitoi gat to HIM it that they will
drink no other, not 'even' when eseeral
t hirsty. sample. of. It Ls to be
=A a:invention* theTalittitte Chthilall
iiiielatiOns has been tolled by . the
Young . hten'a' 'Christian . damnation of
New York, to be bald in that city on Ltdt
13th Inst., at which meow-. topics .Con
nested w_ititmammoths of • Christianity
will be dirtmaii&. , ll.lo santenneed that;
among Other; the following gentlemen'
have been invited to bowman and take
part in tie diserilslons: -Hon. F. T. Pre.:
iiladggbnysen and Genial - itunyan, .New
donna Josept. d. Pond astute;
O. S. Ferry and Lafayette. Foster, Con
necticut; Ire .Ide:de; Albany; Prot Cyrus
Werth/op, Connectlestb - Gemmel 0: O.
Howard, Wealth' • -General' Clinton
11. Flake, MGrondfGeorge H Smart and
Judge Shatswood r .Pannsylvatils; D. L.'
Moody, - I.llhuda; Chief Masa,
Washington, and Governor Pillittittam,"
qss-~eeSddo_me worktie d
n in New tileans, en
in repi e drini o the root Oran Out 7.
to o
u Nothhlg but tbe r lfnt in r an ernalnect„
the covering - it wore in life ,having en
tirely disappeared. Pabaaltit 414631m5:1
state it was thought to havebeen Omit
several MODAtlcliathopab iriqutgarnong
the labighboor ell* an luta:
mail= that:would give the all test eine
to card . Unraveling the mystery. No
striell emanating from It had ever boon
.dectected'tdffier by the l ptople living in
the home, ot-by atter+ close Realto r
ity. When fo un d it id nowtrate on the
rbof„ its - airtrpltddes being oonad
'other by: 'strong` Cortht„ while 'another
had' been Iltetemed t ote chimney , it
was taken to the pollee eislion, wpm It
wee identified as the remain' or--s We,
- ;_re cil . ti c dior thirty yearsoneMile,
Sollx_hes IWell ,known the Paris
cOnstiot, *as tba claimant or ,'a large
4 t h 3ih V Poor, b u t A n r:
*latent, the, wne to be wen at all thnee,
with her papas and documents' in the
purlieus of the, relate de Justice peeking '
ontorAleaterriatt withheroadasel: Same '
Mae ago aft, reordead an offer of 100,00 Y.
to ootopedattee her nia, but the zebra.
'ed: end her penairentoce hal had 'ha re.
ward,for tho Civil Tribunal has Just giv.
on a dolts. !Ott Wher' favor by swatch she ..
Weenies pose:trod of property at Mont
St. 'Webs! Worth upwards Cl 1,100,000 f.
(1300,000). lithe still elating a ftliti/Or
amount of 841,000,,,
a.a .proved an
bar I*anarnlialkls. nib and down
grklew*k•MilhAta Imn2ease tar. chain
, uc cind necir,to each end of which
woe baltered u y)at black bor, shout ida
mamba paltered
bad brbutht thatallom
mi c bi zi n, thought bt. &Mid dia.
pow catboat as pp t . '11:18 ibr at least
bellataime m ill i ! ii iy u r4l.l l2 kite'
tu t ', and notAtte riled at
the crowd ' of hurl:note' o ;so?4,: i g
•ttLatn ~. .
, . • .
. —The Wadi" mencan says. A. pat,
=Las" been Panted t0.41,3414# me
cunt@ Jar ixt to • Ftliogogithaft,
log at right .or any angle, withou t
t u t ipeof, fer . loldzig. , i.rho Idea
l a inthkr, saw , awl i workso a chum.
A. illdi bar Is the -. one*, - Mt
mo uo u tniwarrio hy thd sett= of a
double crank or,lpila shaft. Th* ma
chinery nuntritbolit O _ w least antra. -
: t : ; 'TIT: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1861:
—The West Chester Vi!lgoe Itethrd
bas the following list of robberies.
Thieving Is very common now, it would
seem In thatneighborhood: Last Thurs.
day night several more attempts were
made to enter dwellings in WmiChadter.
sAtt attempt was made to enter a dwell
ing on West /diner street, but the gentle
man of the house hearing them- cutting
at the window shutter, and having no
arms raised a window and hallooed
i'stop • thief"• several times and the bur
glars tool: to their heels. °Mears Babb
and Taylor werenear at band, and' hear ,
ing the alarm, were soon on the spot,
They searched around the streets and
yards in the vicinity, but could find no
trace of the scamps. The blacksmith
shop of John Ingram was broken into
the same night and some tools, a lot of
new horse shoes. ttc., stolen. We under
stand ;that an attempt was madeto .get
into a store, and one or two other dwell
ing houses in town,.but they, failed In
their object. An extra police lila been
put on, sad it will-be-very-remarkable.
if there is not "somebody hurt."
—Andrew J. Stratton, a boy of about
eighteen years of ago, was lodged It *ll,
charged with stealing npocket book and
money from Georg , hVflrery, of Elk
township. Stratton was in the employ of
M'Crery. On Wednesday night, Oct-30,
while Mr; ISCrery was asleep, he stole
the pocket took out of hie' pantalooruy
went down stabs, struck alight,counted
the money—MO—and then started off,
leaving the pocket book and papers on
the table: - He was pursued and captured
in Jersey, awl about US of the money
rcoovotoa.-He. was brought to Jail by
john W. Dougherty , constable of Elk:.
—Tho Railroad Houle, at
Redhank townahip, C larion county, .oe
copied by C. N. Henry, Was burned on
Sunday night laat. Thoth.° was Mawr
cred about eleven o'clock, and it burned
CO rapidly that little was saved... We are
sorry to hear of ear friend Henry's mis
fortune Ilto property, we understand,
was owned i Einsttne, and ass but
partially Insured. Mr. Henry had, fur
nbdord the house and lost all. The Are
was mused by a defective due..
—Last Monday night, NOW ath, soma
scoundreismade anattempjto break into
the store of .T. D. Jones, Wlllistowni by
boring into the shutter. In this they.
were foiled, by tho auger coming in eon
tact with the ahoet . iron lining. TheY
also tried the cellar door. butworefright
°nod away bysome parilespassing down
the pike.
From - the littatteillo . A
boy named' Edward , Ellocrum, of 4ced
townshl_ p, was aeveredy Injured rooently
'while driving a oow.' tied the rope
attached to her • horns round •his d
sad she ran away, dragging him- nearly ,
one hundred • rods. Ma inituies were
aerionai bat It la hoped he will recover.
—Jesse Rani, soreahlant of Uwelitan
towkshlp, Chester county, was hand
dead in his bed on Tuewlay morning,
the; Sth inst lie had been helping' Ms
son to haul in corn the day previe ,ner
he ate his supper as Tunis], went to .bed
about 9 o'clock in Ids ustud goad turalth.
Ella wife; on getting -up in the morntag,'
thought he felt cold, and procuring a
light it waif found he was dead. Jr:aleph
G. King, Esq., innconuer, was ca.
led in to hold an inquest, when the fury
*reported that he came to his death; by
disease of the heart.:
—Oar Mends from the country aro
about as much annoyed • by the .depre
datioosofansakthlaveesstbspeonlein the
town. Raids are made nightly upon the
v i re , try t of t rne &rum p, r. •arme m r rate
lost tarenty•wo turkeys dUring the
week. 'lt Is difficult to. arrest lbws
scoundrels in their depredations, and If
our fermate could only shoot a few of
them it would have a good effect. .
—The Erie Dirparek says: A general
melee occurred at the - corner of French
and Fourth streets, on Saturday even
ing, and broken heads were the natural
consequence. A number of the patties
aro In the lockup.
—The body of a new born babe, Da*
developed, end evidently alive at the
of Its birth, was found_raterday
morning in a pot d near the Pittsburgh
dock. The Coronet was notified. It is
clearly a case of infanticide. .
--A. hone and carriage win Osten from
Morrie IL liannum, East Brandywine,
on Monday night kat, the 4th last .Mr.
.H. offent a reword of /73 for the rawer
.ery of the horse and carriage, and 535 for
thearrest of the thief.'
—The were of. the 'workmen in the
Atlantic and Great Western Ralroa
machine shops were title weak redtsood
twenty par cent. below the previews
—Tho bonze of Hca. Hunt sad stables
of E. H. Hoary, of Erlooms destroyed
by lire an Thomploy. eveaLog, tixo ith
—A man named Henry Johnson - was
drowned In a canal lock at Erie the nth .
—A remit Incident ,shcrws. an aptitude
for political trickery In some of: the
French derv - which we should hardly
have looked - far In that quarter. 11.141-1
lot, one of the lights in the Galilean tar.'
tv, was named some time. ago by the
Preach Government , Bishop of Chan e l
Thu othe itt ruarty, the nitro:Dentine, mail
every mkt means. to procure a re-'
vocation of the appointment, but the
Minister of religion turned a deaf ear to
them. They then 'tared bl;Callorsaig•
nature to two letters, onto the Minh •
of Relin and the other to the Pope.
The subids. of both letters 'are
feeling uneqo the rosponsibllitin
the eMsoopa ho bad resolved to decline
the appointment. ..77 • •
The Minivan. was tharonghly astonlik
ed. He wrote at ones to AL. Callot, ruk
big him what had happened to.change - .
his ; adding that ha ahouldi not
hand the letter to the. Emperor until he
heard horn him e
g Zu. Equall y ished; 21. Wet zarplied that ha did not
undevotand the Minister's loiter, and he
would come up to Paris for an enplane-
In the meanwhile Plus Et badregalv
ad the forged letter, and read It with' un
concesledplessure. He wrotetoM.Clallot,
comyitmenttng Minna his Imadllty And.
y seeeptlng his emigration.
M. °Allot went pp to Paris. 'Of eounto
the trick was at onoodeteeted. The Min.
later telegraphed to - th e Pope, and M.
Wet started post /unto for Rome. With
groat diffkulty the Pope was periunded
to withdraw the letter,; and blf, called
was ortmeersted at Lyons on the 211 , d day
of last month. It is sald he Intend* to
bring the matter to the notice .of the
—The Loaisvitto Democrat has forthd a
nee for those cute of luttle and tbrnale
fugitives. each with abmortle which need
to ilfostrate advertisements of , men and
wotneu r sometimes deseribatvi haring .
light hale and bias oyes, vibo bid cruelly
tied from their loving master; and for
whose capture heavy rewards wens offer—
di, It makes a row Of cuts of the Innate
fuC t :lFte to celebra the delhat of woman
, and of e -- malesth to whit:irate
the it e defeat of nigger .tatfraim.'l.
Ttte It ban Wyk to amount these Ind.
en cuts which were *apprised to he deed
property.—Ottelahart otautte.
=HI BOIL - *IN 117W/A INA Rafter Oils A
NA.IADE./.l.leuir la Ail gaunt llgg Aug
arm ID I. oagn lIIIANNIF. trn suh;aaa
scri L garltp •1* RON ot Is.* ling • MI.
NFU, 011431. :111111411.411131biliaKilf.airaiirm
AM Allow g Mato' vigUsalles WAND%
aarcanazawar.—agaattastas glary great.
lion baorg. alla • Islet datly,Olattatt irUit limas
,thatla Or 0014 Ms. Wile gat &gaga itaaolid by
Igo frecantaS taalttatara Okla Mauls sag all.
on la Si aldusal toys. 114..1144k MO 1 2..b1n
pr., slam. tillatag ityaltg gum rag wit
trayaset taittlatattaaagtalthlnutat ass
lag last week, Os splay Rat sem*, Alattua
tomato% waltz tau Mt bast* sat sago of a.,
aught, gag retrial Wai atm at pl. a wt.
Vl= itti lg ra l dWr st otrall S it rik
ate. at Mamamot, •• antwits.
If'Why Burn . I
Why Shake
ra Men too, 04
late's% ta• sumo.
,Ma lad. As 4,111 on
mud ba1p17 44. 4”
Ist as la lambs.
llaat aolaaalla44 ii.:
,laS 4414 444 pecabs 1
maw be 4 0. 0 1 4 0. , , . ,
.It {h. se Is aa asia4ll4
amallaatloa. f It la tal
effOlaAllli .142T111a
*toot Oda alluatalsi
. rani •• TM 111140
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a1.4"411r, h„:..tir°'
tit.taria r ii.
MU : . ts v , . :
zi,rmat,t7. V.
Ii••• I.- • OM V1L4.114
I ••.•11 , 14 .1. raver aaa
6 •1124, •1.0 7...4•164•1a/
ANDltdafelt.. of
• ibszascri.Piaarcb:
lit of Walltseattry•r
bath lOWA:TT at
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YOUNT 04,ay tba
lottpuir Is NU or opt.
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Pols (air LI
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4ttend to too
Tao, I, • Apo
Li wa,an. CliE
*iidd kikri
4 4i i as 11 1:. ;.***
in seem to Wind'
• r suer taa turis
aawlrtliotie 6ots
• riertue.'
hap azittottablal
neer ON et tu
p~f , ftaftra. there.:
'N't" 1t attald.l to 6 l i
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sot iusawsus magi
to waits Mid sad Ilia.
thai salon irIU anns I
tait: lidtill.wll ein a
Nita* souse'swili is
rsoftwas traint; Which
limo yeti alAuts at I
Opkilits. to winilati I
tralzat Stang see'whso
l' ii • " 6-114 1 1 . 00"
dal What* - . . 1 oas
ritotsw Wove roossists
**WA Pit, tw#/544 !
"rjr4iMillzwwi,i ' is
Cod will owniAllseli weld
48 -
sic/ othls'ilinah
rigutr. &i.ra••
' sad imisatlaudi
rtromi alMads• gu
6:64% ' •
24. ;$4W.014:1 imam,
Die I.IIIIIWII •• • • •
Rs Lau laaadaaum, 11„
luau af ram Mob
BY JOHN W. GEARY, clovEatioa
From themeada of the world. in all
. . • , _ .
ages and climes , PIA' been customary
. .
to set apart certain days for snook' Tr-
Ilgimui observance. This/ea not always
. ,
been influenced by the light of Christian
knowledge, nor by any proper Map
tion of the character of teleGreatßelng
"wliantletb the earth insightemoneas,"
And "who daily, loadeth with bis - bi ne .
Ilta;" betty en innate ease of the C -
Wend of an over-ruling Tower, - by
which - the worktand all It contains are.
governed and controlled. Aided by the
dictates of .ellitivated reason, and the
teachings of Divine revelation, we, how
ever, are taught to recognize in that Su
preme /baler a Heavenly Father, to whom
we are Indebted for existence and all the
blessings we enjoy, and to whom we
owe constant and -fervent thanksgiving
and Odd. : It II He who,. "nsiteth ,the 1
starth-anwaterathits”.who "seoethsba.
farrows and bhoseth the springings
thereoft" who crowneth the year with,
his goodned, and whose paths drop fat.
nest" who "clothest the Dastard with
flocks, and , oddest the valleys with
corn; who maketh the out-goltige of the
morning end On 'evening to rejoice;"
who is "our refuge and strengthi" who
"niaketk war to cede,""and lisaveth us
from .our 'examine whose ' "throne is
Linter ' And efer,!• and who "bleuellt
the netted whose Choi is the . Lord."'
• Ou all sides we had Madsen mmir
ancesor the ."loving kindness" ~of an
All-wise Permit of Good, . who has con
ducted our nation through a -long and
terrible war, and permitted bur people to
once More , repose in eafety, • "without
any to molest them' or make. them
afraid.'". The monstrous Isentittlent .of
disunion is no longer tolerated. The
Flag, the. Union, end. the Cortatation
are esteemed as the Gagmen of the
rights end liberties of the people, and
are revered and:defended as :the: ark of
their Political: safety: ,- - • „ •
A kind Trovidence has.. not grown
weary - of - 'supplying our continuous
wend. A bounteous lama has ;re.
warded the labbrs Of the 'huabandiness;
Flocks 810 holds ere scattered' in count
less numbed Over our valleys and Mlle
Commerce is uninterrupted, adducts
laden with the products of nature and of
art, speed, unutollesed,--over . the track
leas deeps: "Neither pestilence; Omits,
Midi or social anis, Sancta em
ir or • muenster dist**,
bare been permitted toady tho proves,
and horded" of the people of this Brett
Commonwealth; but peace, health, edu
cation, morality, religion, dotal inn'
provement and rebated, with their
attendant bleulige, have filled the an
of comfort and • . enjoyment , to over.
Recognizlan oar rownslhilitY to Elm
who controls the dniat. of natiuusa
well as of individuals, and "from whom
cornea down day. good and perfect
gift," and to whom we art deeply la'
debted for all these and the richer Ida-
Ine of our common ChrlulotdtY, lot as
unitedly give.our, most devout gratitude
ad hearty thanksgiving. •
I; therefore, do hereby recommend
NOVEMBER NEET-, • be set apart ia a
day of praise and thanksgiving, that all
secular and worldly Maned be nand
ed„ and thepeo ple assemble in their re
.rions placu of worship to acklowledee
their /petit a and offer up prayers for
a continua of Divine Sam .• .
Gomm for Hand and the Lest
Scald - S tate, at - Harrisburg, this
thirty-11 day of October, /11 the year
of our one thousand '
eight bus
' deed a nds sty-seven, and of e Com
monweal theldnety r isecoud. -
- • J2/0.. W. GRAM
Orat e
4 di
ids si
By tie Goy'
seczotarr at Bcata.
14 :1,, :-7574.
rm.arisra 4r, 44Wad Mansi.a CM'
Oa, 511 JIM • 4mo aisikerhoLaseas to
maw forge GUM= au/
ea ore thmeacnig W Mud ilioise
Eirr . t . Inman AND- cos. ,
Assets) l nr itlesla b othaVralla
tuft b a Cans asql"..* 11 0141).1 ) ry
sv11 . =11 , )• 14,F =oh) te•not• for
control jinn: Nit 4aiare nnimAt t r.),
ea cit• •I• ViYiib r x 11ig).T . ,411141 th, DI)
Cala oft/L*lllva • Cos. u. Oa,
rt.. ) .)114 uo.
.11:10.7)Irrat •
arTnE •t QUEEN CoN
Seyraris-721111••?INT 1.
qc . fri t igiss Marra .lpmr.
Co stIAL Alnirls 111 za.
Tran-1411.M. Donal.,
11 *.r . ,.-110.1 . X13000. wift • ft•
1. SUM
vet.... a. Lamle., J. nista
I 47toset•rior
-1 Is4Nosa2l„ V.Z.I/411.11*
p ........... oct.
• . .•
W. NOSY. Jr.. Director, b 7 hat
MILK?, Main. •
'Alt A ° S
• n
astelsit am .11‘41,4 sir malliamr. Co -cm *0
beirhk benres I oNgloet.. satingTl
(ha th . 3lseDl2tll oarotior, tr 7
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ASSeI. ot
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urns Istilf UMW U7p7/11.16: '''
Teta Llablints
fli h makelsittlnernenzeti............:-11.10.103 Si
Tia•Do , s ..stm statement.
cralliultl4 Tresative.
liulinderstisee. Aa4lLL•oCOOdottiOe tore
olatolosel the bOoks.of tsol.sO, sae .Sinds.
au I cotaM4
Na 1,4 - ! "11 UT " :lir L
• 1411111DLIT-101•.k.n JOJag.
lerici: T. M. . Want4d.
lasSO /ant. • ••• V.
n.n.4tribtu.b..4s,, 1 1 : 0 0A•VOtta
.. 2LA I
_lotootoO slimed of itkpbidtle IP2S
274% V‘r.7 ‘
ria ""I'u'="1:1,017"'"711:
targ b u t u• «ncrot;:a .
torppalts nom. AO .a.ll I. o'oloca P. AL,
ilatby als,o on iistoxlss, gnats's. sna to
•.. 07/112. 1:13 Inman *Tairr. -
xamOIS ; Mum..
A.T paccitatcelasues eor
'IIE LA.TF, 1)E01,11 , 1E 1
FINN FRENCH Ismizzcoi,sLoo.!
-Cholop shade, POPLIN 4L'LN'AOO/9.
assesurr virsur:
The Highest Market Priee
tom uo covoro MILL97IIt
X. F:' Bl`utat a co., minium,
det. 'anon AND TIMM MEM
I;fo o EttNiflLTl.llli'AVEAt'VE
ngtldnionos I . o4 "litgrairpoo n :
QT.1111.0413 PIVSIMIL. .
n isittAN. lU tp=t3l,4 JA
1.114* Layer. aeu" 11.11.4, E
11 Z 0, Or 4".. 4618, rdriiaTtrfe
eon -ei
I,rwif hefty ah ane $46.146.
'B° l 7 ,, A = lB°ll4 ri s '
with amid v.
ba," "'u r./7",iiii mum".
..oxlip No . jai
Iton , rAlarku.aoo.
ii:l7.7.Zainentspinst nioolvi4 04 lbw ial•
.:; i'Yedeili!"".usiks*r•
Ltu aux t.: la rtisal cost!
30 BALES lane, boon 80. I
Tam letergoirille sate. We leargi to 12
e'ettio.r • M ila r .t 2 " 0.4 e " 4174 !
GAIT 35 pain la a bale.
a013e,811. EL I, 54 WOID - STREET
W. a. JACIF.G6 "ITArala
taticattsort to LOvonur • Far r ,
maxasAerman AND 131 IN
D 5171159, Saddlery, Trunks, de.,
g lad .m el* tote on band and Import trots
'aim marbtaalt tla 1110 Panama mat and
Isaitr9rstoatuo In •
•-••••.11alitti.- kg l 14_ L FOPP,
, At than. am Venom..
rierimmostwirccmeteavre f e
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No. 81 Fifth`Street,
AIIII ROW orrimme at retail
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Ludtrt. Wleter Wahl."' Bout,. of lit but
quality sad latessuty.a to Mutton and Lou.
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No. 31 Filth Street.
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Real and Personal Propirl4
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Patent Lead Pipe,
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No. 107 Fidalleld Street.
rrrnaipiati. PA.
LADmer rvus,
Masses' Furs;
Gents' Furs;
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PROPOSALS wilt les received
1. exam ens rier
For the Grading,'Curbing ik Paving
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Hamlin West Moe Omaha,
Thit llnton Paolio Raltrind Company bate
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1-I.7nlted States Bonds.
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2--rint.Blortgage ogds: •
My Da charter the Company L Dersnitted W
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N. D. Derma. D. B. Wow. fees New Yost.
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Meuse or Bspre•.ntitlrea. who are reePeiodble
Coy the * delivery of thSle boadsto the( ammo
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3-The Land Grast.
The [Ulan Pattie itatirep4 Catuihy us
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4 —The! Caplial Burk.
The authorised amniat or the Union PAVIIO
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The Means tiolololont to Wald
the Atone.
o.traela fir .B,n - illn writ of tnlidl.ol4
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The Total Cost of maven Hun
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Available Casb litaroarces
Militates-Eleven Raul
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" . Q .. 41 . "I " SERUM STORY
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76M1,401 UMIPIO BILLS. orders will be eadol.
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• • - TEEN PIESS -
will bit mailed to any Winds upoe thi nest*
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No. II Metal Street,
emprion truvizrat'
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Lugo size and ImillialiSETS In Use
64,.4-f; 3-4 warm FLAr9irms;
SHIRTING rcewsEts;.
Lsei !via sa;itaurit Ineir tibus..
CHIRDII I I 1 ..&.::e0
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MIS of this Bcmk have declared •
LMttetai of It rel. Olaf,
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nre:bal JURY H. Ll'VilinnTUN, Cum..
CPI mill NA, 2021.1 M BLOC OP rrpteornott
Ploomb, ri.. Nov. i.
so* hare OD dvl oolo • •• •
• Dividend of FITS Per Cent,
en the Capital Stook. out of the Veda* et the
lut st.v. months, !meets o the Stoetiteleirt et
lent 'tits npreteateilves, on sad vita the Utti
teg.. ~: a of thrroreettot gar.
E• Bit WT. Jr. Cattier. •
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rirrliz BOARD OF DIBEC ,
unaa smiNyLv a lg a t t ec , red, Ark nu
DIVILIEJ4I2 up ras....errs
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- tge'DIVIDEND.—The lit mud of
" gasan ralgtolll of mu Commy 11,. tg,t,
apart etr.b than of the Capital Stook. oat at the
oer.ed praets or the last zooms, .rnee. or
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vinca OP Ca.,
•3 apettiwt of 11. Board at Ma'am or Uzi.
Comi&O. DOW Du 407 & Dtdeltai mu 4..
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Tea Dollars Per l!baro,
[Nubia rafrd after U!ti bat? Si to Pub awl
to imitlis of stock Des Hills, matlaiull. Ptoek
Pad t p. In* °I National tax.
~ D. a.
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