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, Vernrasielal tabs It for granted
..s tat retry Min has a short memory,
whittt would not, tri mew of the defeat
W . the" antatitutteeml amendment in
Ando allowing Um blacks to iote, ft
" Ainemethaboarolled 414114 end
arse Get "flanator Wabs and ha
vet will not lousitter be able to badger
fie Tiviagesse, In or out of °engross,
- late acts Or a fine of policy at mance
„wits papiett judgment la Sawa' o
J.:lnaup Opinion and • reason %Wei."
2 ret 1L 12 7 menthe Wow andffiabrowei
~,a,cdasarette for negro "Moire its Soo.
'ot•or Wires hes tem; wanted It with
conditions or without; jest as might
and tried to "badger" the Leg
ldatara taro pandas a = law to thAtt tad,
lihreinii the Colitttution stood plainly In
as it does now. Ottr content.
yeast bas a clear sight , to Clangs its
.90,44 - ind does io as cameo ton
~:.211ana*attler cock; bat ire Windt It hoe `
: 0,"2 ,sto tight to abase Benater:Wsta because
he,Wlll not slake a weather ceck of hlm-
, •• :.,.011.41,cumwvive noticed the fact'„of the
."barbarees;inanmate. recently 'fund is I
Dedsinki :an - a negro. canted Thomas,
. 011 ver- We:give below au exeunt of '
, •:. tbssaandinlent as indicted ,-: It was truly
A. correspondent at Ckorgetenva, Sur
.....? lex *lusty, Delaware, commulanes the
• '.. • llbikra rnistatementredatiere to the whip
-43114 of e persons ted at the re
-- -opal teem oicoun: a ntic
.!i •' Olivet a th m en eg T ro
w-*ini ppudeOd, fTotym
t .en ho,white sea
Sinned:to the tutnels'of. JIM Wingate, a
--:•-du .' netarlduc,
hatredoharacter, well-knNownW..Mr his
•,-,,, • dish. to thebluk The
sendensmentiru' silty lanes. Thhty of
• , - thelt^were - indicted in the morning. The
•anoutuniat; an was a• cowhide,'
- i t
was, Leh Any that the
;. -_:' .'„lidnid flowed at . every icut, 'cawing the
~ ,, ,, ,Itilleetvtikattar the mat pintas screams.
',.,,:., Alt even scserted nun sumo persona held
Whet to keep him from ghinnunty to
. :;:‘,l*.eipho., Welk the Sheriff looked on
' - ', --111 . 1 *-nnotalsectuci- The man** again
„...,;•liamint.,nal.afternnaeind the
-,' nuneknente reversed, won back,
_ ,
_c,crentabtrs. ' The wounds wine
- 7. -. . t . , . ...trub ed withlzine. It is do
te be the =OR horrid punishment the - State; 'and tlus
ottnedet enti.strokes of the bolt were
, v bonded le distancer: of Mandy:l6o yard&
The beater_ close of Demomata declare
notesebee CNixtesed. final is no doubt
I:,that:, Oliver.- , additioly be con
.', :
d, et eV - another Court, of rape, for
• !--;'' ::-.7 . 11d01t,„ lt.,be4ng a, capital offence in will
l'. 'i.'le iinsin' Tbit tartttre , le, U 413 ( 0 114 a
"' - Hein 'rerelladenry to his execution.
~..thr- t he lame day, i P:Jories, (widteY
i'..,:yeauleted oribrnetw, IGO3 IrOllght Ottt
.. - , ferparedshmetit, ne 'being sentenced to
''"..l.Alltandla rho pillory an hour, beside im.
•• . imisonment, fine, wearing • convict's
: ..," adopt, dc. .lie seemed laimmt Aumsled
--. in Des thought arthe doutudatlon he Was
- to Undergo. and bugled the Uinta te
ltheothtin, . li rhunieezertkma he sue
,- --4Seedid In away,And ran somel
+:: oar i t when' he felt from
exhanstlur... was take:thank aide:a
ttiring:at_ the ' ramlalusient.--ftenfeope
,•uri, Jr". 7 . - 1 ' - • '
, -••—
• ~. .., Detroit .Trihr no gives the follow
.. ; : - .l.rtag - noconnt of the behavior ol a steamer
1 i', , :liana rate tenriSq gale on the lakes:
1.., , , ,, , , terel ~-;,•,- 4 ,uthince the termination of the recent
i ' •L'lZirsitrunberolt:pellerehaveanisni
&Ivan, sad report
i ~,MtaLsoa the upper 1 .s the most
. .
.of ..Ilk season. ,-Tba.propaller
' F7 4 .,_,,, .., -.*-41 thempaelsle, nuns to contact with such
, de . aster
"' . .7 assary - .lrnalhat far a time- the. chances
' ~
.. - •-law-tambin g is point of aarr ar y z i:c a r e , to
' •
~', -,eirslartha ./easi, few. Her- as the
- • atensneg rolled; frequently the
,- wafer, and her . cargo, above and below
, j ... s chrelts,, shifted, rendering it harrardoas to
~ ' proisente the 'some Sather: She was,
' .i... IhnriTer s got , blot to Sheboygan, and
I) thereonnatied until the storm anbabiai
. -. On baker:teal here yesterday, Oaptidn
. • • ^ rairbsakeeleted in : arnorriangu with
, ..
ritatbetnth .gansumeau '
'rtwenn. of the Phio:kips:la itaibusd
paints our goodly old town
• of seteditilindecots •-
• Therele I style of - face that darken
toititilthet-of Wtrovesion from a dark
color .ansier the eye, blended into the
jbmilthdlue of the ruddy cheek; this
- 'beautifier Is the contribution of
we amok* tessell, passed In at the car
• , „Valk". autt,deposited in the form of
.mconiseenseembon,esot houltbeilre
. 15 ottprovided SU the cri Of bite
inhume ln engine., To
• bes;,,eittre, - such• doomed= le not coveted
e'er' WC by _Youths ner= r m
rebore- in to this lustre which is
MO :hemline* of the Mind" hempe
, : 7 4simori Ear the dbontufeatineldent to the
Mehra* her attach ment; , of the . able
• and wher Pftteborgh. we
becam e
think mold Intere in Its smoke,
it is every shack arsl -, iltimuny to
, thett, contributes • Mar amoke t o
•t nne i - Gba sable panoply
iormbs e c m ur es
ctthwilin n
thmoon e issi n nificant o of f
44dWrittildentibed with iron and coal—
• Mith tbseessets ander of with, buried
I_ l o'lMM:ice' aocoun by edam, ma.
• •
"bpd fn
art, Isom Wed and demon
ememel in Libor of the body and effort of
be mind;
Thm, tea,- Pidentrgli is media all
Other Ames, so that on enteng Pitts
- burgh no traveller can say,in a lucid in,
...tarsal, - "2 thought this wies"—eo and so
. naming some other place, for no oth
daoe /oohs like Pittebungh—thare la, It
tishil, only one Pittebureet, end oat
- tba - -itead .the ' where - the river
' and the 1s la come to,
gether. - Pielabtugh le not, allieporiongy,
beithettipas in fig loaf, butithing
-' of Wooly UotAgarmentolsreoketthrorth
vmple ce. '7l, l=7,;a ud
n to
ioduitet .n ras, looked :at through Its
murky atuicaphare, and In
light of
' Its Ibundries and rolling milli in a rain
IPittaburgh ia a great place In the over
' k . „shadowing mienalecenoe of ltrembstesetbd
loduntries, and_Pitteletegh is destined to
• - become is big place been:tee of its natural
' considered with referenos to
Its for supply, and the capacity
don tlieldhammippl valley. for eneteemp
, Weedilaya /mad pittaborgbstrdnone
~„i t heleas became Pitiabutgb [snot al Th Waw
L grad tamper. neither with the
haute nor with the oarporitions
own her naboadiq Am It ht the count*-
..cae that, wears ng.expreas
, aloe tine hrto edam if It
',ist•Mblia not aling it can cherish no at
e,,feetion. X.:Pittsburgh did not mild, co
011010liall.revha would be. undemontitra
s tireauld tudnueroang, bared of conuet•
, moods. Take, for mumee, her long
s. Wieland staadriet representative Thos.
Agtam, laid whit better type
or plptsb nro
14011 d an no d
in om o hero,' calm and
Weepiest, in trunaldoet t Plies- -inte
in llocirtally sooentric, and j
Magid not be otherwise than idea le—if
ilbsy Pittsburgh maser
- isasage, but/dove grow.
biome Jetelligeneer Ores this
- ete of the mutdrapf Elias IMkrter in
Wi aid= to learn that Mlea
; -, 4llarteri Anekaant nasameor ;Initial
Intermit .M lteismne. Fifth Division,' Third
:arkleof.Lcialalana, while -
. anis ut the duties amirtabling to That
On* was brutally inundated to Fmk-
Teri* anew evening of th 02.44 last.
Kr. Career ban :resided to years in
Franklin parish'; and laterteta , ..nifet and
six children to mourn his 100.
Iblangleet'llit wan a Jenne :lend faszlesi
Man; alas
mr union and`a: faithful and
;1-oViola= nfritdreasutufaerrfoo ever
igiCe Ma.
rt eisnWurni n by tba =a t 1 .
~..111E. C larter left Viliough about,
' 2; n4 ' nit lor Prairie landing to
alitatoser of option, and
font from , the fora ar place . lfnue
dead am! lel in the road. •
me adepappa, twa In number /MVO
not yet bean ansated, but for: tha . honor
or Goo woo wo bops net be
.; long oired to go unpunialued , .
. -
.. . .
a : n *sieb,... - boast. 'of poempudog the
bronse endue in.tbe wolid. The
00 / 08661 figure represents the protect
• ..
rtr of..beap t with a tinge lion hy her aide.
e'e 'of the' figureW
it sty-thm
feetfjes ght; Iwo ' hundred . 'thousand
patinae:AT:at stall& 'otieireartito pedestal
s , Uldrtr , !begin height, through. which 's
spiral stall way kW, to the heed of the
figure, where are seate provided for eight
Of Public Debi
Theddons atoms' Health
amvtnsuziwzimuithei , ixttiami
l'efte Fight Spectators
Tworimuftil Persist's Asyntelt.'
Behased Upon aTechiaical Qua tian
The Thud 91 Wanda Matter.
Tiie Recent Postal Treaties
ter Te/errepa te the rivasersa oarstts.)
' • ' WaimutotOtt, Noy. 12, 1867.
.. i . Tax Wintery na.ons...
A viola to the New Tork World says
that to view of the hot that.the Illicit
'.wlilakey balloon hoot Checked by WO
mere seizure of the article. and informers
and oftlohde securing the lion , a share of
the p
reset It isonderstood that before
el the present weekthatraellOna,
secret or otherwise, will be reoelved from
Washington; ' ordering' the arrest •and
trial of all who viOlate the provisions of
the law In relaU uor, and the
prosecutions are tl n clu dethe usual for
feitures of whlakey. -
. ..
. The Tribunes *Pedal says: From the
views of members of Congress who have
been hare recently, and others now In
the elliiitamears there isaatrifterproba
bility that the tax on cotton will . be re-
Lealed shortly after "Congress convenes.
The pressure in' Aver or this . repeal to
all directions of the North, from Marten
thtlsoltiserw, is almost lrreannaible.
rtnenrino or ran DIM. -
Front thessznesonme It Is /earned that
then; . Is also a. p?iverbil influence for a
general fanning selndin.. cowing the
whole Nationaldebt, thus-extending. the
time of the payment of oar nahllitica
end in the meantime porlding . tai Ito
gradual liquidation by a jodldar system -
of - lexanno:- ' =-- - -. =
T aiohEalOVlW - B.
The Theca special says: Mr. Stevens'
hialth Is each that he, ill mot be. able to
dorm the Sidra duthie of Chairman of
the Ways and Means Committee. • lie'
will, therefere, he made honorary chair.
' MAN :Mt moat lade:tato trim& have
little hope that he will survive the winter.
It hi rOpOrted .l :by' the friends of: the
Preddent that he will refuse to send to
thetary Senate his reasons for removing:See-
re Eitanton, in : violation of the tenure
of aloe lavr.. The frisods of itopwoh- i
menu claim thel'abonid be do icr,lt it. i
be a greater reason for Itopedtment th an . )
any yet adduced. ,
, _ .
int= 7108115--A. wriliirßDZ—TWO 401:
t name mresoa - s alutra: , - J
Two prize tights were oe- )
cur this morning at Fort Albany. Thad
between Bolster and McLaughlin w w a s
men, was declared off. Tito latter was
sick; and: the - Were awarded to
'Bolster, who was te '
prsent. Sorrel, one of
the black vtt:lista,. :ben went into the
• dw, bat Bowls •was trot flntiecoroing.
At CMe - point the emsiotwoo were startled
by dies of .thenaill
tat7 aro oomlimp ve got Lt.putlEn
it." A stanmedOst awe sommenoed, but.
tho tallift
too late for the spe,oostemi to maps hom
ry, Who formed a cordon
around the Fort and with Sand bayonets
and pistol anwatened every one .who
to swine or break through the
I l l in tl e m . nurchar of masons ..mptured
woo about. -two hunred, The troOPO
were Company JP of-- the 3th ;Artillerr,
who bed been lying in the woods' alms
1 dayligl ift wa!in r tor the cm . wl e t i t ippesr.
also present,- with a polies tog.- Ife
paroled a: number of Um . priaoners to
Jappm.r at .bis ofiloi daring the .day,
l' military escorted th e telahholer to
glexacuiria. Sorrell nude good • his es.
csizacatithe "Mary- It is • said the
was made by direction of Gen.
Schofield, who has decLared that no inore
its ligilia will bePerittlited wit hin his
_ Alter reaching the "city of Alexandria
the snisted were 1
Aboitt twenty blacks were amon marched into g
number. • The. reading of the law was
called for by one prisoner, by which it
appeared the riot act. is repureti to be
1 read before the arrests: can be made,
which was not done. In this case.there
, fore, MS military
sad . civil enthorldes
released the entire
of lwannee. party after a oouree
Enver mon corearera:
,to-day, delivered. his
credentials - ad Envo..from the United
States or Colombia, The stauel oompli
m ante and speeches we:reroute.
Tbe 'practice *bleb his Primafled' with
certain partici of using for private pm ,
Taros meek - Pee stamped with "signs
.. e• of government •olliciala, tO be
vartantated by the 'application of legal
ponaitlea !gating offender.
xy4inur-viarr "antis.
According to a private latter received
from that quarter, it Is proposed to sell
eh o ishands atilt, Thomas and St. John
d. four to the mil li ons of dollars in
go 7 Theexect price is not staled. It
L further said the arrangement or. treaty
provides thst the sale is dependent on
the inslarity of Inhabitants, which, It Is
su pposea,will be seemed. 31. De Bil
ler, recentlyi of the Dinh& .1..1:kr
gallon, !share aerating the =milt or thil
The Postmaster General bee trtiamtt
ted to the -Preddent, far approval, the
two 'postal treat - lee' reoeudy concluded
between the trattedlttates and Switzer
land sad the North. Gorman Union,
WEST 1121:078.
warmer seastramara .M.ridiaasa
as the mama air at. glasaaaa;
My Wing a to laarntooszli emit - )
NEW Tong, ,Nov. 12.—The Herald's
MOlZlL,, farther
parikerlarsOf the destainiksii•bi the ter
rible hurricane.. Thom la not a dwelling
on the Island that , he, not suffered.
Many ,bouses have no roofs. The null
hones of *epee= clams were rivaled
r to the - ground, and there have been buried
already over -one hundred pentane who
I were killed on shore, and. a rune =tabor
have teen wounded awl maimed. Every
few momenta the harbor throve hp the
dead, and it •is one 00131.1nual !string of
coat= through the Mamas.
over, nice hundred parsons were
I drowsed. : Er some' eases not a soul is
living to 'relate lt word' regarding their
vmela, The steamer Wye lost fifty_
three souls.. The steamer Blume, cal of
one hundred and fifty, twenty-one were
saved. The Span_
_hth ataIMM, I
whose heroic wanly ' . . ll llllllat e saved
many urea, laaseventeen out of thirty.
The dined= shin: Chat Elwairaa, bad
LMbut the and one man • saval, . In
ther% ath hardly a veinal butnan re. I
port some or the mew la:dazing. Men
were lined bodily from the shore: and
°Or •
carriedlighter to a w is l atery !Lave. _Not a wharf
Howes ware
rigid. one : one thousandett.
that 'ln the air the
streets are alit Inches deep with' WI - aka
H shutter/1 and doors, and nearly
every treo la uprooted.
The English steamer Colunabian bad
jut atriirod with moo p of dry
and was sunk in ima then three
l ' O N ia alter anchorage. Eight Millions
of donalt VIA-. not ray the .105 e. .; The
merchants suffered heavily with the rain
the by of the dome were of
• p to this da -have been
haurecautoer Irtte Sfai
io lost their Eves In
the hurricane: This awful vialtation
has 'Wilde& severe nning a
the inhabitants of thi su s Island, ' all
Mme :
elpecially. Messrs. Paudston Co., of
jt0,..17,130uth street, N. Y., who have vas.
eels trading there; will receive and for
ward gnitisanyeetotributionsofrooney or
ThetetnalOwateClaellelli•eh. •
UM Talesman Ca Qs Minaret filamtlekl,
Nay Yong ,-- Noy. I.2:—Tightin=
nay 'that Joe
learn lb?
nail co make the long t a
lked -Of match
with DieCoxle.
' - 4 6- i
/\ 1
. .
l i
lt ) t
- •
NEWS Br TElLltitiehs
military authorities of lUch-
Mond, Virginia,yestardayarteated Lew
is Lindsay, colored delegate to the Vir
ginia Convention.' for using language
calcnst ulated to array , the blacksandwhitee
agaieach other. Ho is to be ti - fed
by military ammoniate.
o.olZol, 'plirtorting to come
froth the City of Mexico, - announcing
the arrival of Hon. N. P. limits in that
city, have no foundation in fact. Gen
eral Banks is at, home In Waltham ,
—The steamer lithural - iidnam, be
: longing to the Lighthouse Department;
ens sunk on Monday, In a collision with
the steamer Mayor Roybolt, near- New
Cestle, lb the Delaware river. The crew
were atvcd.
— Aconineet , wps an4lided iestorday,
by the gr. Mut Board of Water Com
tilissionena, WIA. D. Wood ct Co., PEMa
delpide, to amply water pe And oth
matinee! for the now water pi works. The
o cattractientonian th over a million and
quarter da
ollars. Pittsburgh, Cinch:it:lath
Philadelphia ; Phllipsbu N. 54 and
N . ..T.Sirtisl..Mtbpob3ll ref th rg b
-.ZAtnoilnist from different sections in
Missouri and Kansas mention very se
rious losses to farMers from prairie nres.
'ln some instances whole forma have
been devastated, fen barns, ghat,
grain and haystacks, bcchgMs , and oom
sionally,honses, being consumed. Many
thottsand dollars worth of property has
been destroyed.
—A non-unit ha% been orde red by
r the Court (at Now York,) in the cede of
Riceland versus Otis, relative to the pro
ppruned mail
FiCOmint,cairotmm deciding
that the.egroement was r ;its being
against public policy and teeming I
with competition between bidders for
1 a a:armament contract.
—Ron. E. M. Stanton was at the War
Department -yesterday, conlbrring with
General Grant.
—Thaddeus Stevens, it is feared, will
not survive the next session of Con
-The ?resident will be serenaded this
(Wednesday) evening, by the 'Tenser-
Vaties„" and la expected to realm a long
Cleveland Plain Dealer of yes
tart* rill* the selection of.Clevelaid
as the place to hold the next Democratic
National Convention, and says that
prominent gentlemen agree to erect a
grand temple to be used by the Co wen
llon In its session.
—Neal Drosoy was hung yesterday at
Wllkesbarre,.A., for the murder of his
wife. lie made a full confession.
—The first - snow of the »elven tell at
New 'York yesterday. It sgeetlity well
ed. The anow was quite heavy at Al
bany and St. Athens (V t-). Sleighs
wore in demand at the latter place.
—A movement is on foot in the Cana
dian :Senate , to petition the Imperial
Parliament to make a change in; the
Constitution, so as to provide for the
election oftipmher of the-Senate by that
body, tufted of by the Crown It is en.'
'doomed to be the government policy,
on the mithia gueetion, to drill one hun
dred thousand menannually twenty-flve
days. This Will , make - the militias ex
pendlturo about three million dollars
per year.
—Chief Justice Chase, will arrive in
Richmond to-day, to preside with ledge
Underwood at the adjourned is&r . p irt. iir
term of tba United State& Circuit
Mend! lenn, at which Jeff Desists to
be tried,. commenoca - on the 2.5 th inst.
L ro la n: v tiet venire , it ane f irr, the jury will
W , P 9 P'K
—The propiistor of therlanters' flotilla,
at Plaits City, Me., named Jenktna, was
shot and instantly kilicd' en Tuesday
morning, by a negro Man named 'Jenk
ins who had. been . diachatgod from
bbesersiceforroisconduct. FPre hundred
donna:sward Isofferad'arthemurdeistr.
. , -
7,-..14. Booth.,... l loaswowerth, ..Kazi
on Theater ineiziting,a mulatto woman
shot another,tba ball entering. the ear,
killing her instantly. Jealousy was the
supposed now
—A. fire at White Water, Wisconsin,
on Bonday, burned the Mosier Wense
aodatzaohilag bandbaga. Unit:3o,oW
— Judge Parker, of Winchester, Pti.;
was arrested yesterday b in officer of
the Freethrieres Bureau not poeltively known. No order for his arrest
was issued from headquarters at Rich.
mond.- '
—The qaadraple baby story, originat
ing in Brooklyn, proves a hoax..
—The New York Constitutional Con
vention reassembled at Albany, yester
day, but teutssieted no lmainess.
—Henry C. Jarrett arrived at New
York yesterday, fromEarope, with forty
new members of a ballet trct.... 2, who
will shortly appear -
_ln the e of
. Thldine" bra Oper. ease , Chi
—A cotton factory at Savannah, ' de..
With six adjorniiig bonsea;wwi destroyed
drti yesterday. Lees with:Dated at
$25,030; Insurance, 111,SC0.
—The Alabama Reconstruction . Con.
ventloneonaurnod the whole of yester , - .
day In cot:eddying the franchise gum.
tfon.-.The ntsjorirpreoetti-wtdch em
hews sdrong,.proe
be adopted.
—oeckerak Mower lour. tippet/reed R.
King Cutler Judge of Melia:owl District
Court of lioutelutui; in phew of Judge A.
Cssabigi, resigned.
The V., I•llweirs Email sad - alio Ai;
?!. 0 1 14 / 1 16
4111 racing* torislittssinra
• ,Ivsw Yong, November 11..' — . ll/o Ja
niedro eerie:Tx:deu ce is to tbelOt/irdoO:
Mbar: - The. Chief of Staff to Mar--
gales De Casks hedarrived from Para,
goay sod - departed again, alter a short
stay, for the seat of war. Them were
rumors that Ito brought proposal@ for
pesos from Lopez, but the truth was that
he was sent solely to Inform "the
4rmcnt of the t o nc ji l m reiss i d 3 ng enmity
It;b 1 esculents were oluasegnentlY bring
72117, rded '''.2l4.:l7l,lfi;
drafted, owners being paid for them at
six hundred dollars par head.
The rumored 'propositions for pmm,
were really prepared In Buenos Ayres
lbreffect in tbe market.
A fight occurred about the 24th of Sep
tember, in vddch thertradilans were de.
faded, with a reported loss of one thou
tend men and forty officers.- They were
compelled to abandon the field. Gen.
Porte All ero was blamed oonaldens.
, . „
bly_for tbe
Mr. Gould, the Secretary of the British
Legation, was attempting to patch up •
tsee between the rival powers, but so
Ear without su6xtss, The papery stated
no mediation could be scoured by Era
-24 except Itannefrom the Unltodfdtates.
lineane Tanen the g
i n gety Osen. -
ter Tenpin% le Oa instatune Ussenn
Rionnonn, Nov. 11.—The Common
wealth'. Attorney, of the opening of the
gnarterli.terto of the Iltuithilts: Mint
td-day, called the attention of the Grand
Jury to the Incendiary speed:Lea that
here lately beentnade by Itunrleutt and
his set, as a palpable violation of the
lawe of the State, end Witnemmit are mu
mooed to oppme before the Jury to-mor
row tetnl. If true hills 'found
ma tber d e . can:be no n.s loelst
w titist those who
ill be put ms
trial, and It. u ot7 — sergullty, be made to
sneer the penalties of the law.
James A.' Seddon. who *Maned his
pardon a few days alums arrived at Rich.
mond yesterday, and today 'took the
amnesty oath required in the pardon.
Gen. sehodeld edit leave Richmond on
Wednesday for Weed yoint, - New 'York.
pe will be abeam-pm bly two weeks.
011 Realons—Condy and cool.
yerneatourn; N. Y.—Cloudy and cool.
New York City--Raining he r d.
Philadelphia—Cloudy and cool. '
Cleveland—Cloudy and cool. •
Columbus-. Clou dy and c 001...,
Akron—Four lncbcs =OW:
Ind/anapolla:—Clear and ono].
Fort Wayne—Cloudy and cool,
New York City—Snowing.
.. —The Lewisburg, Unioneonnlypprea
speakethei of the games proepoeter
LIMA& county: . , Beam have become re
markablypienty in the moan tales north
ann. Yesterday, Mr.. Thomas Reber,
of this,.fair and. matted
chance to, lama a dignified, solepar look
ing spethuen. of Mtn 'sort, on
Deer Mountain, but unfortunately his
arttliely hung des, end Bruin
off with a sound bide. Deer, ma re
&teleran' and a 'number hare been
THREE . 0'
The Roman Question
Prat ea 4rine for (Inference.
Italy Averse to th•Propotittoa
Notes Ns BOW Powers' to Olken
Formal Beticor of the New
English Kster at Path,
Prussian DepuTyl Imp u3oned.
Frond' Troops Withdrawn from
Papal Teritory:
Riot at Oitiort4 England
By . Tsleitrob to tbe rltteb4b gent%
- ,
rem/mama rnomarrsou.
'bar li .M.ening.—The
it bas issued a second
the proposed confer
rail question. In tina
"rate. powers aro cali
f!. Is thought they will
._. r.sts-r Mr.
_......,5, November 10. Lord Lyons,
the new Engliah Minister' • Paris, pre
sented his credentials to parer `Napo
leon to -day, and wan cordl received.
Mutual congratulations were axe/waged
on th e s able of therstenle nWiale which
E tly
existed between Great Britain andFnuwe
MOhe peeeenxid avllliatlon of the world.
Pents, 'November 12. • . Mendeur,
In Ito °Meld column, annou ces that the
Emperor, seeing that Italy resolved to
do her duty and fulfil all or oblige-,
dons under the September cum/idiom
has withcbawn the French "Ist from
'the city of Rome,nd other , . •. of the
Papal territory to Chita Veec la.
coarrstizacz ON TEE =Y./LE . OINTION
. . ,
FLORENCE, November /1-- ' - • ..
The Government at Italy, whl is hos
tile to the projected Conference hansom
a note to the European Powers, in order
to . enable them to decide again the ne
cessity of any Conference wha Cr.' In
this' note the. Roman question is dis
cussed from an Italian stand-po .t. The
details have not transpired.
01.11 N?
Lwow; Nor. 12.--A serious rio
reported In Oxford,And troops have. • •
ordered there to Ind It down. , ,
Lonnoir, NOvember Ber-iny•.
The nunintres taken to sappntsp • o dis
ittrbaneeln Oxford, to-dny,- were • flee
Lice; and Ike town Is now quiet. .
- • • cox - moms or immiscee.
Il~anrr t , November il—Earning.—Tbe
trial of Malin bolbito the, lal WM
MilialenWESOn The Jut?
brought in a verdict of ..gullty of trea
son and felony.” • The prisortergiumigh
out: the trial maintained hii • cbeim
'rbe Court bas
not given judgment •
LONOON, Nor. loan of ono mil
lion ponnds "darling for the Ilondume
Railway has. been introduced Into the
market here. The loan looks to the
construction , of the miliesy through
Honduras. from Porto . Othello, on the
Atha:die, to - -the Gulf of yansea, on the
Pacific. The proposed mute b about
two hundred and'illty miles long, and
the.mok of conotiumion wql . tw 'boat
Rix thousand pounds par mile.
t.. 1 . DWI rocalled.—Thlnk that the
bullets. wero all supplied were
CookE not confldent they were on the
two outside amen and think, they were
on the third.
Thomas R<u swum . —Am Foreman
In James Rosa' machine shop; saw the
Owlets oa 3 1onday. Examined the Aron
which looked to bo an good as any I had
ever vottn:put in boilers; ono sheet nape-1
daily on the alde towards the Sumo wan
drawn nearly WO on an tarn, which I
think wan .counssl by overheating. My
opinion fa that the expleaion resulted , I
from the mom being 'toper-heated and
converted Into gas width exploded like
Min ponder. Ifad the arifety voice been
fastened down the three bonen could
not have exploded unions tho super.hrot
ing had turned the water into gun; the
steam I thlok cannot i.e mtiverted Into
gas *talon the heat oftho Hm oorneol in
contact with ft. Ido not think It Is pint.
ble to blow up three Whin, If the
water is above the tire. Ito not think
anlnjector to safe to +supply boilers
with', water; would not hare thent In
preferencoto alarm. pomp.
mac - natl. =minute's rummy.
' Aomori Wallace, owl-urn—Am an engi
neer; examined the boilers exploded
nhortly after tho explosion; two of the
opinion that Ware was an inanflieient
quantity of water to the bolter, and the
linos evidently pad boon heated; sup
_ pone that they had entlravorod to In-
Fmrsi ni B eim a t " Bl owwlsri
crease Cho quantity of water and the
explosion ensued. The evidence of MO
fIIVIWAIWAPA WWW POWOWVIA aWWW6.I fragmental was that all tile trolled ware
New Twin, Nov; 'LL—ThastininnhlP doncient of
boa of the opinion
Scotia, which left Liverpool on tho 2d of that boilers canexplode.' by high
November, ached this emming. prennure etcam if there is water in them
Al a awed.. of showde n kh oo o f by irregular- thitor the water may lb ;
the .. .ginand,ond.n tne d uan h on k . °m oo . thrown out of level, but not to ouch an
don, resolution previously, i n extent AA 'to taus* ao ax lotion. The
favored the concern b e ing vo=ily appearance of the iron and the collapsing
wound up was non&mad. 0/ the flues indicated that tho boilers had
At a meeting of the Grand Trunk been overheated. Tito iron of tholwilcm
(Canadoi rbilbny Company jf.,..tatod was very good and bore tho brand of
the total Iptotoodojneett de {h. Company "Shoonberger'n No. 1 charcoal luunmarcd
from Igo to June hot in Anent. one. front" water will folk it would probably
tonic, amounted sit wo.ponnd„, require two or throe hours for Ulu water
A great Protestant densatudeallon had to foll lodow, the flocs with ordinary
k. think the. water won below the
taitedßilwe Riihth°lWagh i t ur n. ' and mur k;
Cortaidanthl . The throe might be
quieti t The 'l"' of r: i .d e hot without Inciting the ga g sketa;
Dovonaldre preal ed.
Bombay advittensto October 14th tx.
tale the fallowing: The advance brl
n. with ordinary mre tho exploston could
havo boon provantod; the coginoor h was
WO Of MO AbYWllitlfll2l field force 101 l !nat.:ad/Ye . ;anthem for too t
, or ! T ree .
d'rpot twY witt ra ho r 14"1° ,,,toir h hthed hh o t th j.d e owo 7th o „,, antatn".thera o f h irl s p 4 rol nP ea Y tedon wa tte r. time Itbid the advonoo brigade ru n wa y . would require the water to go down prey
march sixty mike into thO Interior of 'Ming - Moro eons no extraordinary ex
tho country . ..l3p to October 12tb, twenty- Intuition or Idearn.) Do not think the
do not
Live vossels had boon 4ontend for the tnjonor is an nab as a pump;
Itronsport 'sond e ° by tho Bombay goy. think, with ordinary attention, tho oX
ornmeraL The by' beim% o f the engineernd Occur; It Is not Kato for an
Abysalnian form will leovo Marra he . to team Ids post; if tho Val Vex
about the 28th of October. The chok e . , had been cloned the accident MUM not
which bad bow eovero In many of tho ham occurred.
up corintiz•
. otations, bus .alluost &bap- - ANOTVER ENGINEER'S TLTlllfOrire
V "1. (4Walra of 11 virulent tyPe had 1?oloert Keane sworn.—Am Engineer
ken out In Thema
atrown Co's Rlling Mill; examinod
Detectims arrested man named Mo- th e bonen; think f a
tcarcity of wator and
.nab, at D
üblin,u armed with a ottedlo letting of water of a lower temperatore
a vnd elate.= rounds of Into the boilers he rause oftho ax
mitation, and wearing an American ploolon. All theD o iler. may net have
army belt. Two other., namod
- ate,' been hot; there WIIA onoplece of tinsmith
and McDowe ll , were arrested.- All aro no indication ofleat
of afro char g ed with the ethunßted
from of meat Is based on the appearance of tho
two policemmt, one of whom way fium. The heat of a formica will take
dangerously and another un ght l T one flue of • batteries. The water in a
*rounded. A man named • Hey urn, heated boiler may badrivon out into the
who aerlrod a term of tonYeare_ lloPritton- cooler oneo, and might lower itself below
ment for oomplieityth the
roman move- . (hone° mark; have known the wader to
MO,Pty tutlebeen_tglitt_,
,_A,,LOother be thu s down below the lower gong°.
i ' °°/ Mul wan in
la en.?.
.Is of cock In one hotter while It wan flush rubiln.
tbs.:ahem With thifety cock Son the t to
Bev. Bight Noe/ Moir miin.,,,_ennotal his and ballets in safe, al l. I would
intention Born the =moon on tanner
all. Would sop-
Meo.,..ont_or age , .loext_summer. _ pose at, ordinary work in
the mill that It
w rouman .mOlOlBll sotro omnor, would roquire forty-flvo minutes CO re.
regn trtalby jury , the duce We ft staler belOw the licenses Know
ning o ho &coasts' engineer's char
education of o poop a , and mat- actor or capacity. Red ordlnarY owe
ten tending to the freedom end =light- h em token by tho engineer the water
anent of the nation, passed the nos' would not have been down no low. It
tzian.Behlbrtnith. • bards to use (ejectors, oven safer than a
IfElfarreAlll AND OGNAIN- OS thOY ere prompt Warn , when
In muse working; toe alone can be
B f ridit n .komf . 0 o; Nov. /2*--r " °lo ' 74.i • Se di ,n s e §actly beard from ono end of the be
Livr.aroL, Nov. ""' ".° '
ton heavy and declinthir sales 0,000 We e BOILERS 8011Xo IX EVEnv rartmetthaa.
Mid dß°B BPlands Ohlt Orleans, flid. Levi Brenneman t .sworia—Am a molar
Manchester market . dull with a docile. bar of the firm of W il liam Barnh ill &
ingtaa=. Breadirt=s--Wheat firm; Co., boiler makers; examined the frog
11a for rola white; Ks 10d for No. I moots of the hollers on Monday last;
Milwaukee rat. Corn. new mixed West, think the exPloslon resulted from a
wth sie°d Y at 484 9.41,' Bar/ 43 7,03u and ocarclty of water, judging from Ulf/Way
Pasannelianged. Provialonatinobangod. the flues colbpsed. There wino parts of
Beef, lasn. Pork, 72a. Lard, /52a gd. thalami). which looked se though they •
s to. 'Boom, 5 ..N1; Froduco un- had been overheated; nom the sppear
ommgooheese,, - ante of the boilers it did not appear to
Anawtatr, NOV. 12 . ,— nmairex__Petro- be a uniform beat; the bolleft were Made
Inure unchanged; .11; franca for standard good and or good workmanoldP.
War firing
-would canoe the eniptylng of
. 1 Dulrrr iscranionne.
It atuarc,lioiamberll.-43.err Twestan,
a Pineal=-Deputy, Ina been tried and
sentenced to two years' imprisotimimf,
for remarks on the Judiciary made by
biro in the Diet. •
Llonox, November is rind er
40ed. tbo' united Stake . fleet: under the
corterund at Admiral Favegtit will ro-
tiertZiaLAlD. • •
roirrAt *Jar icyrnovan.
BRAME, .I.Covetalbee. 12:--The Swiss
COUnCil. baa *planned the new 'Pardai
treaty , negotiated with the Untted Stake
of Atneries. • '
ggsmorrows, Nov. 14'—Tlio steamer
City of Paris, ,hom York, arrived
We foronoon. •
' DINIXF2MaLEIT. 11.—Tho atodunor
Uritted Klutzlora, from New, 'York, nr.
. ... • - It ., 4 a-klit'll'l ---..; i , : 7 / 9 * . i A- -- 7 0 t- -- -- :rk- •••yik -,
• .
, •. . .
. _
• .
. . . .
•-••••••• . ...._ f _.- .;_!......,,,.. _ , --- 4 . .' ), , :::-4..- . • . .
.. . _
- •- - ,--... •itio.;;;;•,-.;-• -- owl , .... , . • ~ —.„,„, • . .: . .
- —,,,-:„. •:- •-.Led. ',..., , --Nott.•F - .-_-:...._• - -. . , . -
.-.,---,„---,,7,..974, 1 , x,-.-- , 77 - 5 ~ 174 - - ------,,:"... •
..., - k 1 4. ,
. . . .
•-•-.. .. - ~ N.s.-A.,_:4 I 7 N.,...47 . '',l , . <P7/"." •
.... ...._.:._:;.,-
..••"',... ~... . 771 .,: - '. - --.." •on 1......-..7......-A04:401 1.. „1 . 7 . ~,.
t „ ( ‘
• ~•
W•eklr Gegen°. • ,
The {Pretax 0 210wrrit, - the lit'
weekly paper ln the - State,
: contain
forty crolumns of tending matter, inol ..
log a correct °amnia t of the late boiler
ploalon, complete list of the killed a
wounded, Coroner'. Investigation,
now ready for molting, iind tam be lied
aftt coiuntang room on first floor. • ; i
c of.Pers. !!! !! eat —fiatutteneal Tee th.
• Tito Coroner's jury, linbanteilled
hold an iieineat On the bodies
fOurteon yletlina to the redeti iartf
boiler explosion, regesofriblod bat nig
and the following new toetbnotty wor
aditticed - 4 "' '
. Ames fl. letorth—tith,ldg
tnetaber of tbeiirm'of Storm* i
Co., boiler makens. 'I am a Precthild
holler maker; saw the Millers that we*
blown up on Friday,'SathrdayandldevE
day; examined theni on Monday; thi
the boilers *MS liot and Wale tt!,
very little water in them; think so ori
count of the flues being collapsed. Ir
not think any other eauxe - shauldlie
produced the name offeet.... If ahem
.been plenty of water in,the boilers and
,the tom were not hot'"-ovp4preentme
erste= would oath' ssallagetaledUL.,_
I do not kneer hoW
with water. Tim
waa loosened;
of the Iran I the lt natl.
low in thelt. Mir octet .10tikel. .
' pled the boiler might Ave stopped at'
own accord. Ido not knoW ithaat! 0 0 1 .
the. injector to stop, When ,my
etope I pohr cold water on it Snntitt
preen they might stop Without iitteletler
the attention of the engineer, tudese .
was very close to it, as there is a grad
deal of nolao about a mill. I like thaw
Injector, very well. llot water would.
not likely come out of the injector. • Id ,
I not know whether the larger hogeoto
stop or not. We do not um as large It
size as are need in rolling mills. I cove
eider there as aafo as a pump. -If Meet
!linear had been' plying strict attention
to him duty the water could nether° lee'
come - so low. .t good engineer would
always know when Um water was below
thee-age, and I think it would 'Nam at
least hour to boll 'it, down
to :the Saint at 'which I think
it-was in this cane. u examined the iron
of Which the boilers • were made and 1 ,
ihink. it the beat quality of. iron. le-I
was sunnitur au engine I would examine
the sge °filo water every, tty dive
thinu t minutes.l think a pump Len° wen alter then
an Infector. I think from my examina
tion that the water was below the flues;
never knee( of an instance where an
explosion occurred If water aullicient
was In the holler; an explosion might re
ult from the valves becoming closed or
faatened; as any holler can be blown up
by an overpressure of steam; where
there , £s. an overpmssure of "team the
shall of theboiler filgrnerally turn:Parte
of the exploded boilers showed the blow
mark which indkotoe low water in the
1 boiler. Some parts of the caulking show
ed evidences of over heating.
CUL J 089711 firye el:worn—Am fore Man
of the Fort Fitt FotuadrYl bete IMMO
the, levee of the recent explcedon Wee
and examined the fragmente of helical
what I thoughtfotety. awfully. netti
I my examination
by dge an inan Iju that the
sion Waa muses cat ney of
I water in sense ono or two of the boiler.
Irregular, tiring or the clog ng of the con
, nection, trill result in more water in one
boiler than in the others' this, has hap
-1 Pelted 'several times under my observe
tin. There:should bo gunge cocks on
levery holler,' don't know whether there
were gunge oocks on each of the boilers
exploled. Thant:ins were collapsed from
top to bottom which is an indicatims of
Neter overbeCttech,in one of the boiler
plan, the iron sea, drawn out thinner, or
stretched. I think the explosion rem vital
from the sutlep...eastaxgene,me gaoora
tion do not put numb
faith in the water marks. but
there wax ono tine as indented as top
give the impression that brims hot- The 1
expiration could have resulted from the 1
water in the boiler. equalizing teem-
selves, and withoutputting In cold water;
It is dangerous and unsafe to trust teen.
set of wages. It Is usual - in boilers to''
Curry water about two inches above the 1
eldest. It would take the water from a I
half to three-quartcte of an boor to have
boiled down to where it most have been,
I have every teaaou to believe
Miler bads nuelcient quantity of water'
hr it, from the fact that the lines in it
were nos eellarood, and there was root
in them. It Is impossible to run mid
water in the boiler by an Injector, but
hot water will generate stoma almost •
ave known of an ,e„
—.once of this chara cter;. think th e
boilers constructed like these were safe E.....if... 'hip b i - ni n i,01,,,,, of the
with safety on the outer Orlaa. • Press -Parmaylvaal.l rkkl • • larkan fire
- . ai'l l / 1 311011 or ZIEATLI7 soots s. Martha- Comparry-Taa Trip, as . &e.
George *tiros Reath-Am &practiced An invitation having been extended to
engineer; tinned the scene of fleapits. , the members of the city press by Mr.
- piece
an hour or so after; examined a Robert Peteniru,Superintendent tomake
piece of iron which had killed the fore
man; It was at blue as lion - freshan excursion over the Western Peanayl
the rolling mill; the color was produced Tanta Ratireati, raterdee, the following
lg. overheating! do not think hot billets gentlemen availed themselves of ILO /113.
I'd ell it *tell hale hinds this effects vitatien, J. G. Siebetteck,W. A. Collins
The Iron was as good its /My over !nude
and C. E. Locke, of the chronicle, Frank
In tho city. (Mr. Wilson here shored
several specimens of the Iron of tho bol- r- Case, &Vetch! William Anderson,
William lore, and model, of the relative stretch- Guyer! M. Irwin, John N. Thelett, 0. T.
fi t of the iron in the ahleeer th e boile rs! ,Bennett, S. Caldwell, G. E.. North, E. D.
'TI 14 WAR oeteutioned by overheating-)
i Thin k elia io ned tb 4 4°Ci l rr d eg tn t i lde e°Ul tlr d ln i rir iV have
n ISO ''. OI3 Abel,. blatt; C Zco mm r; di ßa t. b . l o I r e 7.1 m oe 3 e 1 171: 1 11 n g .
' o l. Zl i e.;:,
Iluitart es where thin hisdrnefred; . the thane" Rattigan, Advocate: N. P. Sawyer,
Irate In ono boiler baring been driven J. 'f,' Mire, P. F. Smith, Relmblie: F. B.
;to exhaust the alder in. bled- of the: bed- At nine o'clock, A. M.. the train left the
w U3 Auld "egu only 4t Ect l NlZ fve into or Rana another;. it
Penniman and 3. D. Ramsey. Goeetle.
lons by irregalaroverheating; thisiateld depot of the Western Penusylvaniaßail
occur rwhile clearing Ores and. having a read ; on Federaintreet, Allegheny. under
a ,heavyhea Ore' on. the other, side. • From charge . of We Superintendent, Robert
ppestrance pf one of e Hues, judg- Pitcairn, and 0, -MT. Creighton, As
set that one of the 11, norm bad' 'more wa- attend Superintendent, with the exelar
ter in it than the others. - ' , • Shuttles on board, and proceeded at the
. Ileriathe itiquent adjourned to meet at rate of about twenty miles an hour, us
' the Mayor's office thin atlernoon at three. tit the end twelve miles had been made,
o'cleket, • • ... • when it was delayed a few minute, only
to allow the ten o'clock 'sprees train to'
pies: The aiding, on whith the. racer-,
sloe train woe run, is in the celebrated
gravel cue and while waiting, the entire,
party went out curiosity bunting among
the gravel, a number of fine specimens of ,
which were gathered by different mem- 1
berg of the party, The .express having
passed, the cry of "ail aboard" was glv
on, and thel
train moved on.. There be-
ing nothing farther to interfere with the
Progteer of the train, and the road forth.",
ttext twenty Mile, being almost a I
lead level; and In ceeellent condition,
o engineer put on steam, and tbel-Fola
ent whirling along at lightning speed,,l
:until It arrived at. Mamie: whom It
'stopped, and at the request of -Mr, CIR.
ford Pemberton, of the Pennsylvania I
Salt Manufacturing' Company, whose
name we neglected to mention ns one of j
the excursionists!, the parteerere invited
'to rig:, ho extensive works of theetre-
l'auy free W ita :a ti ch o - p wet it'
-situated eepici,i a- 14- t tii'^ d t ,u P° ll i d n ar t.
the eharge
. ot leney. Pemberton . , blep;
and Mr: ou-status liagernian, armlyticali
chemist bf the works; the company e , tre ,
"hewn h the establishment.
•To - airman g• amprostlniallng to a
defleitedbacription of the iforks of the I
Oottipanrrindd:- roqture.far„more time ,
iibtripaoe- dianire ran aparei s eeit iwthe
mostatttenalvaesfalthelumetit cd (held err '
In-the Unlted.Statess and perhaphaecoild l
to" mete in .. It is not. onlY.' a' j
saltnianefectoryearithename would in
dicate, buttilkalLin all.lte varlet , " forma l
is preduced there. Tliepitheiphi feature j
of the Cowpony; however, "f 9 the menu.
facture el Both, and sapenieer, both of ,
which are produced' In large quantities ,
sufficient to supply the extensive trade of
the eastern west en and southern Slates. I
The manneactere of enlphurie acid la ex-
tensteely terried on, the ajilmrsena for
which mutest% of a still undo of 01.1
ileum, coating thirty. thousand dollar's,
and of these there are two. 'Sulphate of
iron, or copperas!, Is al. manufactured
in large quantitiox. The buildings of the
Coral auy rover 'Le leg of twentv.ilve
acres of, ground: orel are printipilly of I
stone or brick. When the works {
- run to •
re theit' - full' capacity about j
t htindd • persons, men,
uiwo- ,
men and -ehlldren are reqred
to do the work. At present, however,
there are but fourhuupresentdredhunds empley-,,
ed. It requires fitly horses 1
and Melee to do theimuling for theestab
ilahment. Mr. liagermin; the chemist,
in a very sadtfactory manner - explained
the process by whichthZ•dlreSent articles
shorn referred to weremanuthetured. af
ter which Mr. Pemisarton oennucted the
, party to huneildence whereabountiful re
-1 poet was served, the exeellent qualitiee of
which were amply attested by tho hasty
=neer In which the vistudi thiappeared.
tint noes - item-ending the revs-noun up
petite', which had Nem sharpened by.
the two hours' menet. in exploring the.
work*, the supply arta amply sufficient
,hisatitsfrthaskmand„ ..,-.....-.., -....., - , ---..-I
After all the want ; of the inner matt
I had been attended to, Col. N. P. Sawyer
I was called upon, and in u few appro.
1 prints remarks, on behalf of tire excise
sterile* thanked Mr. Pemberton for the
' hospitalities extended to them. The
Weeks of the party were also extended
to Meese Pitasirn surd Creighton, of tho
Pencuoylvanta Railroad Company, fur
the many attention" received from them
eßleUtAted to femme the pleasure of the
The sound of the. whistle here lister
ended Anther p .oeslinge . In a few
minutes the e party were "all
aboard," and at 12: r. 31. the train atart
, 0,1, not went as som of the party antic(-
' pitted, but in' the opposite direction,
' moving over the smooth and level reed
at a rapid rate of speed turned Freeport
where gars-teed at 12.14. Alter deliver
ing Into the hands of the elegiseh oper
ator a env dispatches wtt had previ
ously been prepered, the •histks bloats",
the bell tapped; and the rt was again
In motion. .
.I • ,
• The atmosphere, whichwasquite damp
and heavy In the morning, was now cold, j
clear and bracing, and n . :. R4 snow covered
hills indicated the app of old winter,
with UM boary - frosta, and a slight chill
pawed through the trainee of some of
the, party who. bed not previously seen
mach positive evideuee of his near ap
, preach. •A few minute!! more brought
his to the place of crossing the river, at
which point the Allegheny. Valley road
Is also crossed. Wo .next 'pressed the
tonne of Leochbury; and Apollo; after
Which wa went through the big tunnel.
At twenty-Ave minutes pest ono o'clock
P. at. just one hour from the time wo
left Freeport, vie arrived at the elligir
Bridge." which is one of the most inter
eating points on the route, and to laid to
be the Mghest b h the State.
bridge crosses I t o ma
ge ford a run, a ehort disThe
tance abort!, where It cteptlea into the
river'. .• it is about filer hundred.
feet in length,, vonatmeted with
two abutments and u omens pier,'
he wthch la one hundred and fifty feet la
rght. Mr./Realer proposed that the
party walk e the bridge
being !Keeled to scen
by all, the Main was
sopped, and - theaempany dlaembarked.
The train was then moved slowly on the
`bridge after - the. excurelonleta:atarttd
across on , foot. Considerable snow had
fiffienatthet point, and tho bridge, being
!severed with, boarde was white with It.
Aftera lbw tainutee spent in viewing
the bridge' and surrounding !scenery,
which •is - truly I -grand, the .engineer
I "piped -to • qnarterst," • stud . wo
were again in motion. The next
point reached was 'Shareelburn, which
we placed through without stopping.
Livermore was next passed, - and BUJ re
'milled, reached. at twenty minutes past
two o'clock; where we stopped for a few
minutes to allow the train on tho-In
dians Branch rood to pers.. Thusignal
for starting was -onco more given and
! trammoved eft toward the interstection,
which._ wall reseed without any delny,
and at ten mentos pant three we errired
at Latrobe.' Rare to short halt was made,
which:war taken .advantage or by the
'entire Tarty: At the- request of Mr.
‘.T. MCCI.• Crelghtnn, they visited the La.
trobe' Finnan In alsbody and after
a short Stay returned, refreshed and is
sigomted. The err of "all aboard!" is no
again heard, - and the train 1111Tred off, but ,
having left ono of the representative' of
the l Advocate behind, was compelled to
"hold up" a moment. 'lt was only fora '
moment; however, AR the gentleman ro-
(erred to was !deterred but a short dis
tance In the rear, making rapid ."ttme" I
toward the trate. Once more in motion,
and With but aslnghtinterruptinn,which
was. at the Coal _e
near Wilkins..
burg,- we 'arrived at the Union Depot '
at 5,50. Before leaving . tho car an he
promptu meeting was held, and the
thanks of the party tendered to ?deems.
Pitcairn and Creighton for the gentle
manly attention and efficient manner in
which they bad ecmducted the excursion,
after which the party imprinted and•re
paired to their rcapettive homes. .- •
t . bat Mount
Thus ended ono of the' Mast yleasmn
and interesting excursions; It nes ever
been our privilege to - partielpate in, and
p ellien t el ed r T an f an or d th e e rie : eigihn , 7, nesi minYig y th
cilia and gentlemanly, conduct tovvard
the matt whose oorafort hritrpleasnre do
trairpoe; I th irt : - Ir
efforts, and Mr. Pemberton, for his gen
-sirens • hospitality, will long be remem
bered by every gentlerium of the party:
*MO Wino nifiners by lb. Secant
,snik.meg,smi on Their Canal
- A Meeting. ct.tba;Dishibution Corn
' mitten for therillof ,of.the sufferers by
the recent egplividonOrtut held yester.
day afterthXia at the roams Of the Young
Mwellroyo s. Col. Jappointed anice Kayo and Jo C hn /1
lil , by the hur
Guild as the Committee to net. in *moan
with the Young Men's Christian Associ
, Mien Committee of Donal, were present
by invitation, for the union of both win
1,. !rho Con:mitten, de to now, Wanda . ,
''dais of lie following named gentler:nen:
Moss V.. Cook, chairman; Colonel
jams -John B.
. McElroy , H. A.
D. Dtt Dr. CyricsD KM_ 11.
Sloane, Moe. AV. Davis, 8. P. Harldiiini,
GeorgeA. Challimt, Ed. P. Long, Geo. E.
D en ise rts of.thi riondificiricif all the
sturierbisitere.hidOriint 'Which we ex
tract the
L James' Ibuyldr,, a . ease descrying
greatisylbyi very yam; the willaand,
two etuldren,'one Infflni, riew'on their.
way. to tide country from Wales.' The
buebond and Dither 'borrowed. a portion
of the money necessary to bring his
Hy over, Their provider and
is called away...leaving their', en their an
rival, "houselmis, penniless, triendless,
widowed and orphaned indeed.
floury Koch; Stewartstown, Mr.;
Koch merest three years in the Union
army as a Pilate. Since hls return
home has been sick a great ylortion of his
time, iusd, pansenttently, leaves fflis wife
without means erdlir.imit to dam/ his
funeral expansps.
3. Ilenunti !loyal% PM township; leaves
a wife and children, two af Wham are
siek; utterly destittite, without clothing,
food or medical attendance.
4. Elijah Docker; Lawtencevillei hovel
*wife who bas boon afflicted with two or
three stmken of paillyalst has three de
pendent children; no means of subsist_
once; have . provisioru. for only lbw
w.ntatnpn, &nehmen street;
/Morena wife and fou r . children, aged from
nine months to fourteen not In
immedlatewanb but will be g
ins suffer-
Ingoondltlon tutu winter unleas aid Is
furnished. • • -
g Patrick Enright, corner erf Penn
n.nd Baldwin streets; leans 'a widow:
conaldorablyy. In debt. She in very poor
and desires to return to her home In Ire
land, but has not the meson.
7. Andrew Blandergrtlrt leave. e. wife
acrd IN:ilium] children In• great need of
clothing and food.
A 11611601 Bullitan, leitea a widow
and four young and helpleaserpbans.
0. James Cusick: leaves a lotto and ono
child six weeks old; de wndent upon a
mother MI an income of aL per weem
to absOlnla want.
! Fred. Miller, Lawrenceville; wife
and children; in very needy elnann
2. Kenntly McKee, Greensburg pike,
opposite Ctilon Park; dangerously
wnunded; in very needy circumstanetn.
2. James Handley, Walnut etrect;
willr and children; apmrently needy,
but delicate about making their want.
1. Edward Hayden, Smallman Street;
right arm broken and otherwise severe
ly- Injured; only a short time In this
country, and In absolute want; wife, no
children. . . •
The above t ea report of a few of the
nuferers as they ROM found by the COM.
The fnasedierr wants of all the dent.
tuto are now s uPPlilx l -_ • ..•
On motion, it ass rftolved that a new !
assignment be made to the dillierent
members, with the understanding that
an accurate and carefully ascertained
statement of the condition of each 0ne,.1
be front time to, time ommuniested in
writ;ng to the Chairman. Also that a
detailed account of expenditures be I
transmitted , in the
!same manner. It ,
having been reported by some of the
Committee that confrution had been no.
canton by the independent action of in ,
dividuals In the distribution of money,
it was resolved that President McClin
tock," cant, as publiabed In the Chroni
cle, expresaes • the views and wishes of
the Committee, and that the morning
papers he requested to re-publish the
same, [lt la appended below.)
On motion, Committee. of Three—
Mesans. Lindley,. Kaye and 31oEiroy—
were appointed to import to tho meeting
a list of regulations for the government
of the Committee In meeting the wannt
of the aulifmers.
their report wax adopted. -
The rumor baring ',gone abroad that
the Committee . intended ta pay bills
owed by these families before tae explo
sion, it was decided bY vote that it Woe
only their province to meet the SMUG'
Lewin:lawn upon WM calamity. !
An eel attendance Will 111 many
eases still be needed, it was rwolved to
request the physicians of the city who
aro willing to contribute their profes
sional services .to communicate -their
names* and address to., the .11ecretary of
the Young Mettle Christian Association.
On motion, Messrs. King and Dudley
were appointed a committee to vialt St.
Francht Respite.' to ascertain and l:mospay!
any expe incurred in- the reception
of patients from this Wanner. At a late
hour thoy reported having paid PO for
expenditures for throe who hod tiled, and
- having pledged to the Ala of Merry
the auppmt of the three patients now in
their hands.
It having been decided to meet
on next Thursday afternoon at 44 o'clock,
and thereafter cocoa week, the meeting
adJoimuid. •
wt .- dance with adopted at
the Mato public' meeting ! of the citizens,
by which donations I'M the relict of the
sufferers by the recent calamity were es-',
commended to be applied through the
Committee on Distribution, appointed by
the Youttgbien'a Christian Am,oolation,
It is requested that all collections and
donations 11w-this purpose , by ehurehm,
sometlesombools, stores. Manufacturing
establishments and lndlvidualS,,
be leff
at the rooms of the Association, No,
Fifth street, with full tutu of. the denote,
which will be' • published. in. the daily'
paper& - If eontributora. - names do not
tarapp in these lista, they will confer a
by commacticating the particulars
as to the name, amount, end to whom
given, to Chu Secretary °tithe, Young
Mon'e Ch
Association. To prevent
confusion and
effort, any aloe
requested th at no one give to f the
families involved without consultation I
and concert of action with the Committee
on Distribution, (of which- E. T. CoOk,
Flag.: !neurone. agent, No. 80 Fourth
Arcot, is Chairman.) as they are now In
=on of hill particulars of the tam.;
of each family, and have aye
tematically undertaken to look after the
needy during the winter. public
etatement of the expenditures of this
committee will from time to time e
mode. With the kind assistance of the
Women's Christian Association, the
mediate wants of the Intlihrera are now
relieved; but it will require a vary much
larger amount than has already bemicon.
tributell to make sure of anything like a
permanent relief of these destitute and
afflicted "people. Let every one in the
commtuffty and vicinity do. What - they
ean,,and once.
• ' OLivan bfoCL
BOONS . OF Tnit..Y. M. ei A.; Nov; Lti
11. D. Idellaw; District Deputy of Al.'
leghony county, LO. G. has teneitad
fifty dollars for the .relief of sufferers by
the explosion: - This - was- donated by the
members of Meal& Dodge„No. le% ot. •
ti. F. theArat raised by any temperance
society. The Yetteg 2 411'5 Median..
Anociation earthing the same by - oath : i s
at the Ciiroaticia office
_ • - ilne cawaing Pioneer'.
. The musical pot - Roder the community
groW impatient. for the grandhlaY Queen
ee noett..-nilleh taken . place to morrow
night rd. Masonte Hall, no it promises
to prota ell:mottle) most . brillbuit allidre
of this season. Elmewhere we publish
.thkPrOgramme, .whfeh embraced many
names which., will bo recognized h.y
one readers 'as amateur performed%
Of , no ordinary 'merit - and ability.
Psek um ther m & la no musical composition
in the-Eng language . sc, Natalia] as
the May Queen cantata. lt contains re
citatives and airs which will tindotibted
ly bo tendered withell , theedstabge for
. , which the elegem, announced. to partici-.
ar Justly.finnowe. : The price of ad
-------- ",_ ' ?I:irate:bat been fixed at the reas nable
SEE FOURTH PAGF..--Aruseal Re. figure of one dollar :for reserreeseate,
pores of ledieeittlekteny Relief liocl. latch may be procured ate 11. . Sieber et
et) , and, Widowia.. Home : Allegheny Rra'a . music store, Waal street. We
Temperance Leagr M . Central best Rua none of our readers will fall to
Beard of Educe n r The &a be la attendanoe.
Pennsylvania Railroad.
• Nospeemon to Noisiness
Merchants and manufacture expL
once much difficulty In the open ng ant
closing in a correct and systems t c man.
ner sots of books, or in disentang hag ac
counts which have became kno ed and
mixed through lack of ability or tof
care on the part of a book-keeper Like
all other sciences, book-keepin must
be thurodghly understood in every
branch and a full knowledge ti it can
all be properly acquired frotnjo ex
perience and epplication. Mr. eery'
Kirkpatrick, an accountant with a ex
perience of imirly a quarter of cent m
hos recognized the want felt for the r
vices, at times, eta correct practical boo
keeper In nearly every business➢
and loos accordingly opened an office on
the 3d floor of the Apollo buildlng,Fourth
street. tints without superior as a book
keeper in Western Pennsylvania, and
holds thehlghestrecommendations of the
leading businesa firms in the city. He
will attend to the opening and dor of
merchants' books, to the posting of ally,
weekly or monthly, and will close a ngle
entry books and re-o n them by :ET
entry. Disarranged ...Its will bo
cutely adjusted, and partnership ,e-
moms %ill he made ont in a thorough
'bailment manner. We havepersonal
qualutanee with Mr. Kirkpatrick, an
can commend him to our busmees com
tuunity as in every why fitted for the
important profweional business ke baa
Itementbier We Peat..
A lady visiting New 'York City; found
. ragged, cold and hungry child gazing
wistfully et some cakes in e shop win
dow. Sho took the little forlorn one by
the hand, led her Into the shop, bought
her a cake, and theri took her elsewhere,
impplying more needed wants. The
grateful little creature looked the be
, ummient woman fall In the faee, and
with artleen, simplicity Inquired, "Are
I yen God's wirer' How many of just ,
,-such women 'could' find plenty to do
here at home. Ilow many poor, little
and big, entente are ablveringabout our ,
own streets. The ',late ' explosion has
aroused as all to the certainty Unita cer
tain number ofnew made orphans and
widows must be cared fo during , the
coining winter, and we' ho every one
-i r i,,; -ivo according to his a intim Ent
wbu r dca ;:z thi. we ,abou d not Joao
eight of the tinna....7 48 M. ' ''t' orwidows rutd children Mho vill;:.', lff c 88 m uch"
these daring the coming "'weather_,
Give liberally to the
as irere trk" t 0,:.. -
plosion, but clo trot forget the ottaftfil de7
that perhaps some loot rant one
164 think from :your Jbatier linttr Unit
you aro God's mire, or may p even a
_Alm • Ines. .
•P —Allo ” ownlys t -0 1 11 111.-Trades mbly
of Allenheny ais,: • unction
Witlethelaborileftnm; Y e coin
mitteo, miChrg: • ihithti
recepuon; on Saturday. e : next, of
lion. S.. P. Carey, Congr..“. ••
from the .Cinclanatt Dian. and
Isaac J. Nml.l President of • Cincin
nati. Trades AssoMbly.
The following gentlettlett been
appointed as the Committee .n KOMI.
tion: Jos. R. Oxley, Thos.A. •." •ng,
George Armor, floury 'Weaver,
Lee, Nicholas Snyder, in tohalf of Um
Ttuda AlsonthiJi Andrew Bunt., John
Vic Rrepos John D. Evans, Geo. Bator,
J. F. .APClymonds,. John Flannigan,
Samuel A. Steel, John' Cregan, David
'Lowry; R. A. NrClinty; EL Lambed,
IL 3PCorry, In behalf of the Labor
Reform ExecutinsOanantittea,
Mr. Armstrong, President of the Alir
ghbny• County Trades Assembly, has
..en selected to extend the formal wel
come to - the visitors.
1,1 .1111ginlinit IfolOoory•-• Hoax..
A story was current ydsterday that a
Man, residing
.in Birmingham, 'lrldie
• •
(rooming tho upper bridge Over the Mo
nongahela river. Monday evening, he
. ,
two= seven and nine o'clock; Inetb,
ed, &egged from/11a vehicle;
Sod robbed ettetwer- tem- add - three
bu' dollars.. It t o '. unnecessary to
- giv the '
name eirthii *UM; Si' it is be ,
ilor his acronnt. Cr tile robbery 13
pu •ly Imaginative, his actions pretious
and subsequent to the time at which bo
alleges he waa robbed plainly indicating
that he was sufferinglirom maniapota.
Tho'bridge authorities, or those on duty
at the time, are eonlident nothing of the
kind occurred. None of the six. bridges
' , panning the rivers at this city are more
safe in all respects than the one referred
to, and any impression to the contrary,
arising. from the highway robbery dory,
is unfounded.: -
alma SIMSUtero.
Yesterday two men entered. the dry,
goods store of Mr. Ilishop, In the Pllth
ward, and, after lOoking at soriegmada,
departed without making . a, purchase.
Soon after Mr. Bishop missed apiece of
red bunting valued at fourteen dollars;
and; being right smart on foot, followed
tho fellows; Judging that they had stolen
it: tie came up- with - them- on- Pike
street and captured his good s , and attar=
wards procured the arrest of the thieves;
against whom he made an hilbrmation for
larceny: before Alderman' Taylor. In
default of halt they were committed to
Jan. Mr. George Hoban, dealer Iddiv
goods In the same loWity. had *call
from Gramme fellows, who adlod them
e-01PM George Smith and George fevers
and shortly afterwards missed a pair of
gloves. He- visited' Alderuum Taylor's
oltiee and found his gloves in Me pocket
of Smith, but he made no informaUon.
OPERA Nottse.—Nisi Julia Doan is
drawing full houses at thlspopularplace
of amusement. . To:night , will be pre ,
rented the new and interesting comedy,
"larried, Not !dated," in which Ulu
Dean is said to excel. •
lissome Haw. -Monday
Monday a•cmi,
„celebrated Mo rri e
Brothers' lillustreas will commence a
season of ton mghta al *mato Hall.
TaLsrm..a's .V.t.tuk-rtsa— George R.
Ildeson and Mien Lucy Clifton are the
attracUons at the, Varietits this, week.
PAWL—The Mali at.. 8t Midget's
Cliurch,sBeventh ward, la 'mill in pro
gress • The contmil fbr the , cute will
- .
Incaussico Mostton:y.AS a mooting of
the Stockholders of She - Western -.lnsur
ance Company, yesterday, the following
Directors were elected , to sorra for the
emotion year: Alexander
Mahon' - Miller,' Jr,. Jamea At'Anloy.
Andrew AokloyaLlexanderSpeer, Darld
ht. Long. John• 8. Id.'Cuno, Charles J.
Clarka;Wlillatn S. Evans, Joseph VW
potriek, Roy. mar, Wm. mention
- . ..
Paisley ahavela.—Lo'sr. and .aquani .
closed and open centre, black and scarlet
centre. A banaln, from 415 to $1,73,
011 westoornorMaltetatutFourth sheets,
wra . . Gs.inaZiatt et iiTLIVAXIT.
. .
,Great Rush for Mahn' inhtsee' Atm,
at Wm. Flomlng4llo. IST Wood street.
Nos. 63 and OS corne r
of Fourth street. • The.lot and It:Meting
at present oecuPted, .by the Unton Na
tional Eankand Max Gobdstlen, at
/motion on . Monday; ;Xovember 18th, at
2 P. nm.. See adrorttsement of Smithson,
Palmer et co., north:ulcers,
• '
iVooleU Shawbo.—Loug. aril 'Square,
Beautiful Plaids from sq coots up, on
moat comer MarkotandFourttitatreeta,
, •
• New Brighton Reed Tu.rozgrow.:-.The
highly 'annuity° eato of lift.'.*Vildkatoe
rosidence and ground. rumen oftk.mor.
roe' nt 3 o'clock. Seen. Loggnte'is wirer
tlscrurnt Itrauctlon nabs.,
Fifteen Dollar. "Ott4.—Paltdog Long'
Shawls, black contra, worth tie; polka
west corner. Market and Fourth straota.
.wys . . 04.11 D NEU . * STAIns4RIV •
. .
_H e r. Caps -and Ladies , Furcia
inlZio. 130 Wood sena,. Wove;
of anY other bonze ja the
T.appee Long Inland:, Wined mind open
centralist a tengstAon the *eat:coma
of Mat et and Fo streets. • ..
. Arra Gerantnit eiestrmcm,
la • ed.:. Heavy - Iterino Sloe, at
William Sample's, lea
.and ltil
t Ftderal
It . retn Anegh.enY• '
Only 1 111.00.-Plald Ahavvis Chg.
dren..;.on Wee.' corner-
. of Martand
Itargaiiir • fun, - ' at.r.
Flotnlog'ir 'No 119 WoOd'...tmote:".
Chlldrenos Drikbfrbid nut* Only
87i emits, on west coiner or MarkBt and
• 3Anbi& d
. 3tE) Asr.
Pere: Fele: at Wen. Fleming* No
L 1.9 Wood civet.
lodes—/metlea ' Properly
Oprianws at "HebolltOn."
The undersigned are authorized to offer
the following premiums to lot holders:
tt 3 oo premium to the person who shall
build and complete, within the shortest
time, a' dwelling bonito In "Hoboken,"
in a good and stfttantlal manner, to cost
.i 2,000 and upwards.
=0 premium to the person who shall
build and complete, withlgthe shortest
time, a dwelling house in "Hoboken."
to cost $4.500 and upwards.
$lOO premium to the person who shall
build mid complete within the shortest
time, a dwelling house to mat $l,OOO and
P. S.—The last sale of lots at auction
for this season at "Hoboken" will take
place on Saturday, .November 16th, at
one o'clock P. 21.
.W estern
Frew trains will laitve the Depot of
Panmiy, o
gheny City. on Saturdlvanimayßailroad morningA, li
11:10, stopping at all intermediate sta
tions .
free dinner will be furnished by
Harry McGuire, of Fifth Mreet,
ALEX. LEOWern, Auctioneer.
' For further Information, enquire o
Sill and Shntterly, Real Estate Agents,
!Is the almosi all pervading vice of he
man nature, and no form of it is more
censurable than thativhich impels a man
tat deny himself and his family an ac
knowledged 'benefit fore fear that some
ono else - may ahare in It. Now. dear
reader, don't be too prompt m censuring
this species of meanness. Are not you
denying • yourself , and family comfo
hati rt
th, - beca use endangering your own and their , you
tenant might
a rented
house and the next tenant might bo ben
efited by having the cracks and crevices
around your doom and - windows closed
by the Maarten of the Patent Invisible
Weather Strip? . If you should move in
the eerier, von still. loee nothing by in
far towards repaying Tom besides, Tort
and, yours wilt enjoy and appreciate aug
mented comfort. One word - morec 'Those
who wish to de so, aro assured that they
cm remove the Strip when they move,
withopt Menage. Leave en Nut Smithfield street; or addrem or
Box 14.2 e, Pittsburgh Postoffice.
hun k ., it s 9 3 si IA Currants, Orme, Bpi
ced gahnon, canzed._ ftilt BB n — ' l T eget.i
bles, Pickles, Catalina,- ti . suces,-
Marmalade, ratted of Beef. Cfmdenned
Milk, Gelatine. Canton Ginger.
Whitman's Chocolates. flpfeell
Fresh - Pine . Apples. Quinces, q .
Cherriss. Currants, Pears and Blacber
es,' °Vent, O P , T , ' n
-Pstraets,, .the. sown
door - North of the Pinta ,l'fat/onal
Allegheny qty. Ozonoz ISEA'rmr. dt
Te Country illeretuints...—your attcnt
lion called to the wholesale and re
tail grocerlstote of Arthur Kirk, Nos.
172 and Federal
to buy streeyourt, Allegheny,
just thd pillo6ll - groceries.
lin :Kirk's Malt:lee for buying en
ables him to sell to retell merehanclise et
a lower figure than any Olissr house in
the two cities. . He keeps at ail times all
kinds of grocerles,_ and bo pleased
to hare parties call and examine Ms price
llst, and the quality ague& kept by
him. /Remember his numbers, 172 and
171 Federal street, Allegheny City. trw
-440.1 Coma, 0111247.
• Good. fresh Gum Drops, Hard and SOII
Cream Chocolate Drops, 'lime Cream and
Burnt Almonds, tine Jordan' Almonds,
Lmpatial or Drage° Drops, bleak
Mellow, Dropsjart troth*
Etoluttrund• • D Back Candy and
New Seecidatsat the Lowest
Edge, 112 Federal street, Allegheny City,
Giro. lizavEw. set
Kentucky State Zattery.--Tba only
led'Drawingin the United States. i l lrandlEfoill , Dra
wing will take
place December Ms • 4230650 to be dla-,
tribute& Capital prize 1160,000. Com.'
snunielitlana etrictry confidential', Cir
culars sent Ned, by addressing
-.3frnnsat, Faint &Co.,
. Caving's]; kY•
Something Good.—The bo, shoes,
gadtara, dr.c:, for men, ladies and aildren,
.kept at Ile Market street, are. made of
the Ire* , best nuderlah and mad aglow
as the lowest.' All goods are warranted
to givertstisfeetion, If you want some
thing good, and at gold prime, calla!
Robb 13h6s House., orriarket street.
Allallseuai wren,r more or
leis by Indtgeetle In ap p a
first thing in order to remove &same, the
to regulate. the stomachand bowels. So
better general cathartic . can be adminis
tered. for this purpose than 'Wilson'.
TAW Sold by all , the - principal drug_
guts. in the tanked States.'
Dry Goods at Wtadenals_w e
timMtrUcular attention of buyers at
rho lssaM to our complete stook of silks,
,dress goods, and all Muds of fancy and
staple goods, and to Ms fact that ere
at - the lowest eastern prices, and out
goods to cult purchaser&
J. W.1 1, ..v - rxt C 0.,&
•' 39 Market street
4-4 Red Flannel,
Heavy Country' Flannel,
Plain and Opera Fienneir
A large stock at very low pricer
wholesale and retell, at Wm. Sample's
120 and lletFederalstreet, Allegheny.
. _
Good Cough Candy, Evertmtand Cocoa
Nut Tally; Pine Apple, Lemon, Vanilla,
Almond and ••Moulinlli; Tea • Candy.
Chocolate and Vanilla Caramels, Dates,
Flea, ac., 112 Federal street, Al
ioOeny city. - Gromm Bnavimr.
8,51. ,
• To AlleghenLarm—Arthar Irdrk;whole
mile and retail- grocer, Noe. 172 and
174 Federal street, has reccdved one of he
beet stookaor groceries ever brought to
the city,which besold lower than
any house in the city. - xtve
. •
To eamutat.—Go to Arthur Kirk's
Grocary Store, Noe. 172 and 174 Federal
street, Allegbetor, and buy your Sogar
teranntt aL lp Z tl it i :4ra h l u b l e t !g ui rat
and see for youraelree.
Oman, Waterproof Cloth; Heavy
Catelraerw, Jame, /*Ma 13 "
sordnerd, eap, wholesale and retail, at.
William Sample's 180 and 180 Federal
street, Allegheny.
V metals( Paralhe T h is, Coffee",
Sugars, Sploes, sold at IClrk's are.
oery Store, Noe. 172 and 174 Federal
street, A llegheny, are warranted. to be
the very best In the market. Call and
get a price list. • - 21130,
.Ito M Laran
innam Peppermint,
se, insk , on, am ,
mum Popper and Consmonotton; at' tho
lowest price. • At 112 Federal 'stamp& Al
legheny city.::.anonon BEAdim
...Eye, Ear, Throat, . Lune • Gni=
lb:mum and OA.'fAZIRII, InAmenity
treated by Dr. Aborn, 134 Smithfield
street. A. book by moll 150 opt.. -
Mum Creeerfet—ger • cheap Oro
caries and something good, go to
Rirk'n Grocery Store, Nes. 172. and 174
Federal street, Allegheny. an&
• arogutation Water , a certain care
fir Dlabetee mid all &map of the kid
neys: Fem ale by ell draggles. HAT.
Go to a Drug store. No. 8t
Market ein Fkoothiget, Brown's Verselhege
Comfits, the beet Worm Medicine ih use.
. • -
At LS att. Iteautifal IStqles of Dalattiaa,
at William Sempla'a, lao and 1/4FedaW
. .
De to Fleminee Drug Store for DM ,
nettlifitandard Prepare:l°l%sord! kind.;
cheaper than gay other place in the city.
Gold Natal Sparkling ataiba Wine
sold 'at thi 'lowet rates C at Flming's
Drug Mors, % r o. l 343,larket stmt.-
. .
SOMISOM an:VIM PX:4 2 1%
enal hale letirnaldgner, Indians Wm
ship; au TIiViIaDAT.iFOIXTIIII. viosgai
gantaps kayo ridnosa Sikapies's see*
114,nammitsta,4,v0 4
*Val. isiiWti . N . ! 4 .,Nam ,
jumr wA
sasenun moos, °raisins.
_ _ _
: A ar , Mka eiea ',woo' it riik. as
saogirmar, lintfai, St.
Feral* t 7 th*Can.
A him OW, coototalag 70177?
011213 of tztoorroune
Imam rdlbrials, Wort Itorri. b 7 Tologropb.,o
ralooblo Boadror Sbrbbb Obb the 71 0 Sr,
cad /nl4rtrad mart mums Ihromotai, gab lbw
martial Nortot Boort+ xOl. by iq7 PAP. RI
Os city. So 7zrotor. Xochanio or likeetloOt
skald be without It.
rtzu roa sac ImmELyllaaarim
lanL of
Gabof Sea *****
—And one copy.of psper .
•P Oa club, Addltkm• to cliNtcmi Ipal4• at
u. 7 rtse. AS dab rates. ' .
Non= to Ilasimamma& - 1 11
Mar. b• outs and Vogt , ' "" .411:4"r 704
lama • W•damday adltlaa
mill.. !wrist bat am mall • '
alaMltaarr by Draft, Uwe.. Mum Ordate,;
ar ta 7/1410,..4 Iwtten , au7M meat at atnist.
Addrm, • GAZETTE.
- -
Alma. argEN, 'mutter/am,.
MI Fourth Street. ritubnrsb.
CCir rIMS, of all Muds: CRAPES, OLOY.l4ttri
cren OtisiDtion of •Iruserel4rsraleitiii Moods
frrithhed. Rome ores tley and sled. Mum
"t, 46 wleSse fishalthed. •
Y. Derld Kerr. D. Date•• •
W. Jeeetrie, D. D.. The Ewing. Isl.:,
Juob R. Mille
J,• G. HODGEittl. 1171IDEIITA
ate ;.
2 `za AND LELALIIED., Yaneelleanetnllal
Bantnel . 'Rodgers./ N. " °M'aal.
theta one tem 8ea..., Allegheny. GUY , :
Mahogany. Waltint and Bona
7" 4 . I.l "thn come., et the bete.. eteeeeed
v r R. ..... Pen at all hours, day
Hausa and guying. ftegho e g an abort nollOe
Grand outmost rosaaaabla tams.
EDWesn czstesnecaLN , EN.
L ' E "AtEn• Otte, No. 344 Ohio Street. •
Allegheny. Iratatlai Ittnewood and naber tx4a
du, elth •cetnpleta stock of Innen" INtrialshind
Goods, ea hand and hunL•bed at Animist nett.,
at !unrest plc.. We and LIMY Staht.H.".*.
nee of rant and ILlddla litaacta. ChnnnUt.•
'Wench.. Buggies, -Saddle
.Naansa, ad..
for 'arc.
A. 3. ItAUBBUGEt. et the Cesteden7 Ma .
warranted "filar preen
ma it
• • so d-ban S. 7to to Inch. • Ilb shoo. it
Boller. from at In. by M 11. to Matson. by
M. P. ADAMS 15/W,
llarmort St. and Dnona N 177.
"sad Pao a l e . The Boa bit Me AL/iDge;
RABE AND MN.. Ny U... N.,NOte.
the D. f&llipaltary Coseedeglot..•ll /a sot • biz.
tory of Me wag, of of •Ity o•toP•brew
bet • fait attl galltol mord of the gsatittge
gtargglatg of tbe rick red Me. _Tor tams ash
territory address or , apoly to A. -01/4.1030N.0.
CO.. 00 Narkelstreet, Pittsbantb. ,
Oakes, Le the Dslsell Belt:114c earner Da-
Vane Way and Inste street. SAW , . Se.
rooms now occupied by the Beesatas7 et the
Union Railroad and Transpertetion . Complern
N. g Filth street, over o.lftClintesdrll
Carpet Storm These rooms are very desirable
&raked, being Located in the centre of ben&
nen, end es gifth swat. now being laid wilt
the Ricelme pavement, rendering them tuts
Rmm noise, etc.. Front mom contains brio OM'
piney runt. Possession can be had as Shan
Proxima Inqedee of OLIVER PIeiILINTOCIC•
Cr.., =Piens street.
noir; ailblyears old nu . t . satter: Trots
. directs lie pleas cedar Saddle, Bad la
let 7 motet. at scare at loctratetlre
et, Matadi* at No. i VId9BI6BE SPAT. agar
Fan EIALE-320 Amyl; (moo
IPARKING LAND, to lowa Tento an,
Goo/fllle. Taxeo W pale. Wlll tradoloreltif
property. For portlenlan !again of D. W.
BOMB. No. Market noon. -
VOU 111 •LE11014 .—A
ROWAILDG lareor Mateo!. RUN....
lee ZANILY EGREZ. Mont, fare, D APPLE
MARES. 7IDGE STREET, wax thoMwooass-
mid mole on commission.
- •
PIED STORE 103 BALL cdil. Watt.
staad, oa one of the prindpal , ltnets lu
Alktb.7 City, and adig•seed tqtdetisnovitla
lean: Sixtmes aad zeo will, at a Tesanaatia
prloe. 7er Particlas,ni adareis 3511, Alla ,
Oozy?. 0.
so.dorehnied will soil all or marled( of
arlek Yard, to =paws. wlabbag woos la
ths badness. ,Thexard Is slew, vete an the mode
era Loorerreiftols. Leaio.roas tooyeirs' Rom
deed VOLT hot Moil who mean leudnies. Ad.
dress E. T. C.. Allesberry.P. 0.
Bekety. doing hos:teen Of fniiiiint al/
barrels of Boer week, sad ethanol An 24..0
PALO ALTO anZElVAlleghezeCltvorall be
wed OA ressonahle teems,: The Mang hekeeTte
dotage good hastuse, and 'hen the feetlltlee on
doing • area law 00th.. L ocotre,tthWn•
A. person
fetching to engage lathe badmen
will gen thie nre envertanity. .Tor partleolose
lamina at theIIAIMET:
"le 111111 Leg Oft
comer of ht si'iteite&A,
a." Passansai ihninm. , Lot 4f by 212 • hat.
Hons•Onana: ana tablas . / nvas and gnarl bad.
wautatpursad. House awl Lot onhatathad. =se
111 &mil street. Lot - 7. SS
(set; Mica ham. cantatas hall. he mats and
good actual water satt gas. ',also, savant Cana
Hostas sad Lots to rood toratton, 'kali. as..
Htilß & CO., Bum sliaat, nest , Cbasaat,.
FOB 8A 1. E-421)EuuLes9vala
LOTS. now offer or, oxoeedloolY tray
torment, plan of lure and dearth!. lota, be.
toppers of that valuable' PrOperti relooxiorte•
the heirs art. C. eltzteta do opt , .
end of Ltharpeh ora . . end near Gam ta Station, as
the Wet Pen.. T4llmW . E portion. of them
lota floes the railroad oa Stto - west.'attlt Alain
cruet on tho tooth. The lota aralah7.lroroat.
with wide meets runlet through
,ttlit eut.hoe
property. The moll for garlerdit Pongee. M..
hot be aseelled. and for beauty of ape
acmes Dare no opal. lor duct:Who pion end
Author InfonrationOall as env I..lllll.rTritit.
Lire, Heal ifeitate Agehte.- Butler'street.' Law.
AFTER Allu8Elmorr8;:••
Take your laid' ea !o-&
sae zamishs.'
waotzusas ikai!
SPIOI/iL B4ROMMl.Mo!s!;lto4ealen.s.
Jeweler's and Optieisi—fi'
ae armeuram mrrawaiiira".
arr zanx lICALIATiII unworn:wax
Illiterbart arrellzumt 9.
Ponett. Bt., ...Market.
Merchaat T4il4,
Car. Penn and St. Clair Stine
analtanrall la pa:L. that lit l att," . .M
• „ .
ALL AND Virniiiiit
•stow ooigßny ~
lizßefir 011DIMai7.;414.1t'iplith-
111':2° M
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war.ELER &
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M~Aroom, Ma
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nay manu10urftu.,;47...:,,-,,
.' FALL AND 71.71TeitLOT.113, 0.