The Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1866-1877, November 12, 1867, Image 2

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suirruptly report theproserdings
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nada,. Enda. Ottio and .Ireetern Vtentettn are
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dat the Island of St. -notate, the
illth alt., a great hurnesile
visit delitractioi of Itrevid pop !
`"'' • '
Ikanother columa",wlll be , foUnd
interesting later folm our 'pedal Car.,
rispoadent In Alibuatt. - It ,anitalus
shier-picture of gran is hat Mae,
titt Wrath' fitelut plaques", :but without
, ,
Tittrarnyal; o. seven companies . of
- ilistiod' • States .troops at Washing=
isitiald kayo created, quite saensation.
So far as appears the iuttrat'iisi Itcre;;;
obis 'ooMi - o'• ifortison duty. This fonit",jwiiiiieiei tho Iriteatlons of . the
Prasidentila not antlictently formidable
to' ,Oielak9l'*lionibli apprebiuktrin;
oste las comunind a
klaybrAtoopehichhse Mambas- or char..
zkast soldiers axe Amencan citi zens;
aodirldleihey know „their duties, they
loorirtholr rights: .
WisktuWitlS will puzzle either liemo•
alsti`,Sr:Ccinsessitivis to tell by what
10Wfu1 aithat3r .the - Preildent.'dePrlvis
thstipsoplef ot , tho District of Columbia,
#tr,tiy'A.!f tht'pit, of the right to 'bear
sitnts.,Tztii, he Las-gong laither
therj7lNNOtpd4?j Including. whites - 4n
thi1.1 , 040/t l 9);'hal ,Bll ?ti la c k i
. but,
Oa the Oonatttnthea and Laws now slam,
Uribi as are eitizans In the absolute
owe it the whites •
nit Illnetratcao Chronic karma,' of
Thotwerata and Coniervatlves. When
anther ia done they , are opposed to,
,they are tare 141 a unconstitutional; but
tbslZOnatot ssi all particular sato what
is Lot oat of that inatroment, when en
.11F1t4,vh!chtheY deelfe•
The' railroad enterprises
=ttlear.thoi,nomo of "Pacific
, r;ati idirorictitt commendable
slifilbesl6,,bich company obeli do most
line' completing the Ike of gown
eielmelaleation beitreen the - Eastern
finites and the Pacific coast. .The Can.
Uzi anniikkribpany - aientidid the
mintinsi elope Of the Sierra Nevada's,
adosiOettinover towards the great in-
Rider' basin which stretches away to.
lortitreinealt .kalte City. The Union
Paolo vCionnanyi 3as^ already , accom
no km than five hundred miles
it I westriofrom,Dembo to
0,401 the ClititT4 Pacific, and has reach
ed the bele pf_Alm. Rocky. Mountains.
This what 'fil r lkki ) itot Milton Pacific
Railway, Itastent Division, is being
oenstreelair Wen Dein timicztworthazid
lams City through Kansas with &view
to either unite with the main line of the
• Val,.
_.„Pailler Or to extend to Dante Fe
oithafalktit.filsuthersi California. The
Velcro Pacific'iline from Omaha is the
route which ii liar now attracting pantie
the viornebasheurii pushed., tbo great dis
taste, which it has gready accomplished,
and the invariable necteli whicit has at.
jpdedtfaopsfations thus far. Ifserix
all of this great bistincoot five buidned
milire bee bee s• Constructed within the
two pig yearf: l '..l.'coniviibt was entered
eiy . !pee epic portiel the
;614141 , 3.0;51ipp10g. us less than
dielinistitea `anfi thirteen Miles west
ftem'OnithOtt 'oce bf '.68,04:8 .. per
mg% I - Fedora' lit twenty
sollee,eliflOwniitedeed , tirst clue in
.019.120131.0.27'90Tu.nment iniPpetore
bassi it should titi,cient for-public
sea U,143 4:Octtwt zp.o
r ;1 7 :
1/ 0 47 ; spode 1 . bile 'been
aliCadyarpended,atad the grading.and
track laying is being dons at the rate of
{coin one to three mile* per day.' Such
rapidity in construction is unparalleled
in the history of American railroad'.
As was foreseen, the building of
railroad into and through such &wilder-,
nen as existed west of the Missouri
river, hasbeen attended with great
etillY• The materials for construction
and for necessary repairs of machinery
had to be transported fora long distance,
and so uncultivated was the region Into
which the road has penetrated, thit
nearly all supplies were likewisebrought
from the rear. dud yet so eagerly is
every milo of American tenitcry seised
upon for cultivation, as soon as it is
brought into communication with trio
settled States, that new towns and villa
ges hate sprang 40:41 u 3 all Flung its
line,-and--thesemarkable gad iimads.
known through the financial reports of
the Company, that the net earnings up
on the three hundred and twenty-five
miles in operation during the ; three
mouths ending • July gist, were mare
than four iundred thcnnand dollars„
This result was reached, of. nouns,'
through the way businesaalime, , which
the road may be said to made Pm
Them can bo no doubt of thi 6naplo.!
lion of ,this, road, or of its' national im
portance and its profitable employment
when completed. The government has
itself to largely invested in its =fame..
don that . to protect itself, even if a
other resources should fail, it must corn.:
plate, the - road. But, as unexampled
suotese has attended the road thus far.
an 4 as when completed it must et least
for many _years monopolies the traffic
acrou the conUneit, its security as
investment can hardly be questioned.
So assured lsitefutureprosperitythatthe .
Government willingly ItecePti a second
mortgage, as Hs own security for the
large advances It hie made, and gins to
the holders of the Company's own
bonds . en absolute first lien upon, the
entire road. To still . further pietect
the interests of the public who
may bcCome joint investors with the
Government in -the enterprise it is
required that flve Government directors
small take part in the Manumit:at of its
affairs and that, as we have said, three
Government Comritiesionersehall ifispect
every portion of the road before the
bonds representing each successive see-
Lion eta be offered for sale., ilon4.*D.'
Horgan, of New York, and it= °likes
tones, of kataachttsetts; are the True.
tees of the i)ondifoldeas, to guard figalluit
any possible fraud, and, in short, the In
texesta of the public 'sit More acrepty'
lonely gierled in slas enterprise than in
any other within our knowledge. Whi
the road bis done ie now doing . wil '
bo found' . ot forth elaiwltoro by son.
bblin J.'Clreo, Treafmrer.
A man named Daniel Hap:drawn rm.
Oyer by a street cu in $l. Louis means.
debt errnand leg weroffthiftdly.
hnubtd, and when fund, -he was' In a
dying condlilu. Ho wan • to
hospital, where he expired. Wien die
covered, aireet car wu seen driving
rapidly away, and la auppased that the
umanctor blew that - Maar bs4 Inarebel
a nun Over, and didinm 'desire to tali
prated to the troubles:id Lou One ni.•
ream to stop and pies Min nix-
. .
Parisians seam to hare a rowdier
adaptability; to suicide. New ways , are
ihraye found out by them,. and all per
demons. of death, that weld=
Grad a large variety to chtioie , from by
merely perusing the Paris journals for a.
few weeks. The latest nisi' Bpi In
that way tam, is that midi, bye Young
Parisienue, who dissolred the' phospho
'rue of uttier matches In acme milk, and
eller alittle balling drank it.. 0:111,
aa expected.
Rat of I dodge was pleyod off enamor
fully in Boston bud week. A. reurpecta
itly dretsed woman went into a W4uar
fugtba'sheet store in buy imaiiihtpir;
but had nothing buys lirge noteto pay
fur ft with.' Btu:l'Litre her bait° the
clerk to hold slut gat .cbattga it
bank and.went or with the urticlinhit
bid .wished to purchase,' bat ' se
hyped: The , baby 'lrma after iaisie
patletit delay mat to a pollee atatioa:-.
Charlotte Cushman. has en airing In-
home of terenty , five thousand' dollen..
She linen Dame, where she istiapprot
knead which tha Caltivated American.
society tuna She is „ elagent in her'
`,manners, delfghtful in her klasilltalitnai
'and liberal m her charities. • She fa re.
cognized as a great mind "by yarrions
Who have never teen her on the stage.
A French hotel keepes in St.',..Louis;
named Adolph Jacquat, • disappeared
last ink, futyLut noditers and Mote to
the Amount of seven thousand4ll"ra
behind him, beats haying disposed of
certain property of i t s to 'two different
parties, receiving the money Erma birth.
return is ansleuslY looked for. •
The young King of 'Bavaria onus de - 2
eland that the three wishes of his life
were not to reign, net to reside in Xis. ,
Ditty and not to marry. It would be
very easy for almost any one else to at
tain hapPiness' If this witi' all that
were necessary; but unreasonable, nor,
tal-Lu/1 are not so easily Waged as %Mg
An exchange.. goes Into
lanientatlons arm the pltileitiitratilt ,
tlon of Mmii . forty•fire corpecibY eiar
goon who had procured them from a
hospital, and wsoni to knoir ,whit the
poor fellows would - think of hiving
their floe, crapes
.thus man ,
think that they.thiskruMhlng about
The Bay of Ban Francisco lithe most
beautiful in 1115 ciuniry, Aiello's' "the
Bay of Naples. The Bay of Stockholm,
which Isgalled the Nesrs
splf the North,
Is not as - beantlfulsa New , York: limbos
seen ODD*? 1. 13 1 i the bay, - , 's
• l• liss 'Wick
between' three - Indian and three hems;
the Indiana to le:Abree mlles and a
quarter while the limas west eiz Tha
Indians months race * and the speed of
one of • them. named ; - Deeitool, was
somethlog terrific, =dada • first: quarter
mile was made made isone minis sad
a neuter. ; • '
Thb Now York °hawser. sayslhat
Lmerlcans , ortrwork tharosares men . .
tally; 'do erretythlng with a nab, head
foremost, and thararaisimintly...thea•
ands of merchants, lawyers ant clergy
men are et the t'*likel,lParr/
We contribute to .tbe Herold A=ed for
discharging the national 'debt oite
110 n dollsriin bOndsll:ined ,b 1 this
of A.., and any canbetnuned as noon as
The Dubs of Edinburg has been but;
tug elephants at thotbiti r
eOr Good Elope.
The Roman Ca . thoifo Blab 4 Of 14na?
l)&i 4 has breached WO,* hrill#l.l
A. - dog race le to take pine 111 W
llsottbarg, New York. it iraidta b
the And eta - proposed inttkia-etedittrj;
Fenian. volunteers,. aimed, Wand -
formed la , gteetr,.nitstle and drlllopcnlr
Mike streets of. EhUsdelphla.
, •
The Efevi:Orlesuii/taVls stintag
loyal folks of that igtywithiiisympathy
for traitors.,
1g ibe itoepco of pinto prop _
era prayer moetioga, are held In hair
It Is stated tluit tho poi* alit*
185 i killed Ili:win Itanklooddents.. ,
Thai time - 04E1mm' 40 ArAcntlpa n gtk
Society in PllilodelpNik:
rr.o Boston..Poitialt* Col:stabled*
lotestlaratd4tetit: •
hey:2loo dieSisn
cheese In New Nork.
Pm, VgiAgollriAusse drawn ofbuttd
..“ - itio*ea stain October."
• lithafuei fn Biroden.
~u~► sue- uro"o~oeeßeLa
unavailing et wrru.
Carrots area valuable crop to feed to
cattle, horses, and store hogs. I feed
mine a peck a day, with a moderate
amount of hay in the winter, or a half a
peck of carrot/land two quarts of oats,
and about, the same amount of bay.
Without Ake I think they are worth ,at
, yesslbaliaffintiaVois cart - I have Prida
Mbeer*rithJlmero; ' WitluoutAnuch
FOS m 1 1 47 Ca"; they Increase *
tbiliaan* of, milk, =ken( a good
color to the butter, bssidiikeepiriithem
in good condition. Hogs fed on than
will thrive, if they are fed sufficlently.
I prefer , ralidng carrots rather than
beets to feed cows, became 1 can raise
more Malicia for acre, sztel at lets ex
pense per bushel, especially tithe hands
are not supplied in harvesting except In
P thing tbein . pyq - • If thay-sm available
foe We r th* rootsasltagonest, A toter.
able crop will yield from four to Ave
hundred bushels - to an acre; on cum
ground sad pates; I have raised at the
rate of. fourteen hundred bushels to an
Voltivation—The soil should be rich
enough to bear good corn; non stony,
nor toe stiff; should be ploughed well,
dragged, and raked tine, and sown galloon
u I pfo ssosibnle after
s. pl d ongh t e g.
o roll
with ahead roller before - sowing.
in rows about, elghtieu Inches apart,
using About two ,pounds of seed to the
sere. If sown in .ridges, the frosted
sbodA not be - too dry. Borne think It
requires leas later to raise them -by this
method, but In ibis case they can not be.
sown with a drill; Mr. B. tells us that
he sows them on sward, - and raises good
crops. They do not show as well early
in the season but grow rapidly from
snout onward..
For cows!. prefer the long Orange va
riety. • .The White Belgian are quite as
good for horses, became they are rather
Moore tender. As soon- as the plants are
!risible in the rows, they should be hoed
With a scuffle hoe, which leaves all the
dirt behind It, and doesthe work batter,
by far, than a common hoe, besides do
ing it at least twice es fast. They should
bo hoed again, as loon as theweeds
ibow themselves; and when the plants
are grown an inch or more, weed Allem.
If the ground Is tolerably clean, they will
heed tot one morehand weeding, Which,
hearer*, should , be done ' before the
wads get strong., If delayed' too long,
Mu expense of weeding will ba Increased,
and "the value of.thos crop diminished; If
they stand over thick in the rows, they
Should be thinned out. •
In harvesting, • the first Wag to be
Oone Is to cut off thetops with a lux,
ground sharp - fore the purpose. These
should be removed with a manure fork
intol email heaps: ' Pass along with a
Oloukh se dote as possible to the row,
and.let. another band; with* shovel or
?pad., hack side towards the termite,
push them out, .and *Mother hand Dick
them up, . and put them in a wagon on
piles, Three. hands with a team, will
dig about one hundred bushels in a day,
by thus method. The tops are as valua
ble for feed, if tot In season ' as the roots;
but not In proportion to th e bulk. They
should 'be sown in May, but not later
Mom the 10th of ,Tuna--Cor. American
Tee enetilletsue Of katinels tar Teed
There are certain facts concerning the
killing of the anidtala which form so
large a portlon of oar trod, that should
be 'mown to every meat 'buyer, if sot
emit eater, because they a ff ect the (=di
ll don, of the mut, its heathfolnets and
keeping .Our. own attention
has been particularly directed to the ath
lete of operant, an immense slaug hter
house nest the, tin of. New Tor by
Capitalists and butchers of Chicago. ha
new Abattoir ht In foat,s moan slush.
qmse for nll 'kinds-of sauna, on
mode than any editing then
eld.fashitated way of killing
beeves was to 'knock:them laths bud
with a polou, then cut 'their throats,
end whila.bleeding 'commence skinflint
and alleging cap by the hind legs. Our
blathers ware slow to learn of the Jews,
who practiced throwing and slinging the
animal,and then eating its throat, and
In this way ercuring the mar perfect
pueblo bltedingoind 'following the No.
talc command, "the blood thereof, which
Is the life *theinfo4. ihalribou not eat."
On intlckers are ZOW:follewleg a very
Nudist practice, modifying Irby bitting
the Ileums merciful rap . - now 'and then
on the • bud, to ammo, oonscdontness
In this way the beattbleeds better, as all
the blood of the hind *tartan at least
tends to Os and: t
Theists* lodate Obi salon to knock
ing beeves In the heed: - The shock to
the natant mean ti inch as the con
tremor and ligidity'in the Much* a Put of basumilly to put
the nor beasts se soon as possible' in a
Condition of ancenscialumes. But this
is a serious hindrance to- free bleeding.
Torque butchers - ban long prac t iced
*hat m termed "priddrig down,.and
this has also been done; or rather tried,
la this country. It consistiblArleing a
narrow knife blade, by an Instantaneous
'inetioo, in between the 'bead and the
rat vertebra; phoebe the spinal marrow. '
This destroys all mate, as paralyzes all
the uncles of the body ' lotting them
soft and flexible. When an animal is In
Ibis condition, it must be slung ep by
the dialogs at, once, when' the blood,
',lll flow quite u f_reel,y if the animal
wen canacions: 'This method, there.
Tore,-combines the audience of the IN.
!brew Iry and the humanity of the old
pitende. •
When: an sedmal la killed during or
soon' attar a fright or great heat sad ex.
!Wattle.; it rarely _bleeds wall, but the.
:Meta islet bloody sea feverish; It soon
spoils, and is beddesualatalthy, Whether
;the paroxysmal' fearotildcb occurs when
firs animal is suddenly, la toll conscious.
aufts; slimy aptly, one or both kind legs,
and • wlddi huselmtit: it die; has any
;bail effect upon - the 'mad, 'physicians
roast determine.`. The superiority of the
, pricking down,,Woest is so`eddent that
'we th ink it ftgbt away' to be followed.
'twat not pramicol at the n:w Abattcdr,
Urns& the kilibirtbert was done very
'relysl dad 'the' bid' looked ex
erelL—Argetillurdf Brant
insan's Rural World says There
Ls whew .= tenon of the year when
Western host are so badly managed as in
' thirwinter. It is a Yeti common mis
take for waitron rapiers to suppose that
because • hog la a hog,, be can stand
say,kind of matinee% sad yet yield.•
large torolit . ,to hhi 0111110 T. it no un-
COMMOSI thing tor the poor animal' to be
turned into the. , ,street or road to shift for
themselosiwithouta particle of bedding
or shelter except' the frozen ground in
some fence corner,__and'a very midi al
knarance of feed carelessly thrown to the
rend;lunder the inipreision that it is a
glgaiarer,. or at LOA no disCiessure for a
to, be ' obliged to root in the
cold mud, up to his oyes, for his scanty
meal. Is this negotiable? Thlak at it,
&Me" 'wad' If raison dominos satisfy
you, try taking your breakfast from air
to eight inclesWairlhi - Surfsce of the
mud, some cold'aniritink,ialtd try sleep-
Lug oa the ground -in-the fence corner
some alght;*lllthetherhofinorali below
urro. I presume you 'will *of want td
repeat eitha opeznotent: '
Keirosis DP CORD . olmtu ' s Rural
Workt eves susudiy reasons why stock,
especially that of the dairy chancier.
should be - well fed and cued for daring
the autumn] months. • It is sufficient to
say that good Cub and Mend feeding at
thie 'Anson die cows to encoiniter the
rigors Of winter succusfully, but more
:54=7 do ro_rlderie . e Mural
flow of 15OLI, tials improving
thechataokr:endinctaeingg the quantl•
ty of the butter proonci. A free use of
pumpkins and MLA with their tope, and
ocenional mash treat will amply re
pgi th e t ud , iey the ; articles 'and richly
rez na ta tsi the linnet for his trouble in
simlYbitherri: • Autpten befog etaphat.
idllythe bunt:talon; 1011Ch,oliwis th en,
Pose ion BOOL,T•ThIS it the best
month in the year to lush the hose for •
ward. weather feitOol,'fied of all
klodel:.elince4 l 4.. read tor tea.
Swine intended ler slaughter tide nation
should 'lava all the. food they:will est.
and SU often as they brill' partake of it.
Give• - them• dry t '-ddtu-yessit; tad that
will eat, Anti an d - 0) . : er pit wit* greater
**Asp and Allemexpdlielhan When
opposed to dorms,gorged one day to re.
tion and to put on short commons the
nut Vegetables mixed with corn meal
are very gond as food. Or hoge.-but the
most compact and valuable park le made
from pure corn and pure water..: . Btewly
alst during the 'month' will
=o:r a has. as 'to, require little
lint the butcher and the pok
ing Iwnol. - • • - ,
POdlentEfloe , 1 a r ge,,4 231 941. three
pound Atone d ,
mat Pound tale
ot cureantri, one -pound
of, pounds °flames aver, one
ounceof alleettandiod magi peel, Ice
care of sliced candied citron, sasksaine
%mount of lemonp0 1 ; one teacupful of
breindy,lWri tablapeetifal of orange
leirenlade.,. Mac-Grate the :lads of
theastrieue, IT** 00 She Joia, strata
It, and boll the remainder of the
until tender sma.7nr ai rlP or chop
mayilialVtlente Pap' the 'sp.,
plais;Vhlelt dad ddbe teked;:eind their
skins end come removed; tin the re
they are Wel, eirerlt/lnit
thoroughly togethel pat the Mace mut
into a atone Jar,with a closely Sign g lid,
and in a fortnight it will be Toady
for no..
wba peso, are much need by French
country people for tea in cases of alb
colt dilesitem: - With anger this bever
age is agreeable, aromatfa, and posses
sod of exciting properties. The learn
haveleen &MEd in the same **Tit
those of petiiermilit, balm; etc., the WI
arias betel stopped when the liquid
obtained !sequel in weigbd to thrd
stance employed. They thouldte ham
died as little as possible, in order not to
crush their odoriferous glands. This
distilled water is a good vehicle for all
stomachic potations, and will keep two
Thus—Ten acres of timber
will a family with fuel. Italian
acre per year will suffice to keep two or
three fires ageing constantly, or aO. ike
tinie that tire is needed. Ay . the time
the list ball acre is cat Oyer, Whichl,llr
be on the twentieth year, the .first half
acre will again be ready fot the Rite.. Ten
acres are enough far _ all mecesauy pur
poses of Dal on a hundred : . and - siMy
acre farm, that brone4tath Part of , the
farm m Umber. Timber' will pow al
most anywhere. Every - fanner will do
well to look at this matter. It will re..
quire only a lew dayiwarli to start the
ten acres. No other ten acres on the
farm will yield a larger profit when the
timber is once large enough to cut.
Hoe Comm.—The Block Journal
gists the following receipt for this die
ease: --One pound.of pore hickory ashes,
one pound Of= black! antimony, two
p hada of sulpher, one-half pound of
fenugreek, onehale pound of rosin, one.
half pound of saltpetre ' onehalf pound
of ginger, two pounds of cream tarter,
one pint of fine tall Nix welltogether...
To prevent the disease, give each, hog
one tablespoonful three times a'day.
If the hog Is solar advanced in the M
otile as to render him unable to eat,
drench him with the medicine. .
Wage TO PLISIT 0%7T 011/1111 CIITT
stacis.—Mr. Leeper, of Paducah, S.v.,
asks when grape cuttings can be set out.
Via/ may be set mit either in the fell or
spring. If set in the fall, the sooner it
I is done after the perfect maturity of the
wood, the better. Amulching °fleeces,
sawdust, light manure; etc., le quite in
dispensable if the cuttings are set out to
the fall, ant is also valu.tble if set out in
the spring. The soil should be worked
teen. tingly pulverized, and should be
To parr= Gmrei.--The Irish Far
aim' Ornate says, to fatten geese, pen
up three or fourinto a darkened room;
end give each bird one pound of oats
daily, thrown on span of water. In
fourteen days they wbl. be found almost
too fat. Never shut rap lees than two
together, as they pine if left alone.
Tax Rumour Register states thatthe
consideration price paid by the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company for the franchi.
Zealand prdperty of the Pittsburgh and
Bteubenville Railroad, Company, , wu
about ninety-six per out. of the first
mortgage; Including' interest accrued
and nape& So that the holders of the
second mortgage, u Well u the stock
holders, are counted out. It also says:
"With a view of permanent richotars,
Lion and interlude with the Pan Beadle
line, as oder: out arid eowattrut ournlfia
ry, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
extended their , own road; by a tunnel
through Grant's Rill, in Pitt/hush, and
across the Monongahela river by abradge,
lo that in fact the Pan Hanalei road ter
minates on the south bankof the Monon
gahela river, lie a junction with the
Pennsylvania Railroad, outside the lim.
its of the city of Pittsburgh.
"As a reorganization will follow the
purchase of the Pan Randle Railroad,
we will not conjectural a corporate title
for the new company, nor antlsipate the
=rosp n ot several Uunpanies
a at, Pittsburgh, u a
butt end, extending west to another
terminus equally appropriate for a great
;line penetrating due west into Ohio,
midway between the Ohio ricer and
Lake Erie.
"Prom. Pittsburgh to Columbus the
'distance is 103 Isom Columbus to
Indianapolis 189 miles; from ludisaapo
lis to Bt. Louis 263 miles; total from
Pittsburgh to Louis 043 miles. How
many corporations May jointly occupy
the ground after the "lobar second
thougto" 'hankies had lapbiy, among
the parties la' interest, it were Idle to
predict; but that the pretest number of
organizations will be elholomm, is r d.
dent on a glance at the situation. Than
is now
_we believe, po fasulatioa be-'
tweet ndlaupolls and tblewider, •
Pittsburgh. Awl whilssitgld imy well,
perhaps,. for Daniel Webster ems to pit
to himself the internagation—
am I to go t"—it le handly worth while
for particular railroad companies to the
West—whose indirpintirance Is not awn
lain/We—to gum what their policy
shall be, with their manifest interest, if
not Urals 'lnanition destiny," mean
'while Manna every spectator laths
Cam" . ,
Ttie follownir . exquisite 'ldol font
we Ina in the November number of the
No Wands anis the turning Mtn
The aspen beg the Etlita•
'Who says th at lire and loss can die
In all this anther* &lean
At erary.tere the navies burg •
I-. The Qua il Is whist/um free.
, The partridge whin, and the Ported ben
.111111MOtrift for von sad 111/14
NO/ Maly AM AAA 0!
ihtly As!
In th e
e elar Octobe r w u o n d r s ting b .
An ww h tht e D desi r
The sallow chestnut @hours its gold;
The truants spread their - dm .
The breasts feel u strip I.lltaM,
The buctitwhest tope are red;
TAnd oeumr tile
nubel e,snagain,
Artzy eat Jona 0! •
in the slate October toortiltig.
A correspondent of the New Albany .
Ledger desks that Jim Crow Igoe was
the first , dallnestor of 'negro character,
.as 'asserted In the last number or the
Atioatic. lie Pother states that the fleet
negro song wait suer and performed just
'after the battle of. PUittalarlt. 011 Lake
.and _Albany, New York,
;was the sane of the achlwrement.
:Below we copy the lines which were,
then sung :
.B obte llibsay•tab• Lake ClisMl•ll4
ritthba PO g .
b o o. i
' o , o wow.
sp.. detests.
7'. •r• .2.1 , • be gr.. . deceit; b+scarta•
,Chs Lela Olessoplau Veal. eats be .es It toss.
-• • si• NUM si4l.) s• •sis •cm, ,
„WbJe U•stersi.litecookb mass nsttaterg I
Ii 14•4 1 ,1••• whom =beer WI *.m.
LISIS BUSL-43.• .flitlag b. brshor Ikea e.
.woralog rats or parer Is Ito colors? The telt
vat* to It it *lra I. • healthy; arm rim, toe
.an M porno Is elm row et teeth - with • Mi.
orset - breeth. The sweetest breath of f•eareale •
will follow • Mikhail 1111 , 11mtket of WATWS
alTowililhalle.-agOatielosa Whop pref..,
otos breve, t the WO. dally *Matt with Neu
!awem of mai ma, was. sot a 111010 moral hi
'IM !mutat Inalltatios ot .OW GU.
es ta et Otlfonet Vs.& .
• So trot IX tottlW
fora Mu, (WM Ws Metal Wooers wit
wen not ro/ljnel!ee soot 04 whoa. 015e010174-
las Jut meek. ths hinter, we. ' , shwa , Attila , /
rotoottoll to Us Mathis Mont Ito *no .t the
soestelt. end advised bid at mate tarot • bottle
of WWI /Intl sad resasted Doet,loo. Bold
sad mall, ay jualirtt FLittllt
!So. 04 *Met 010101. Oho WI dross Me. •
Why Shake t Why • CUM 1
mpg time two Viesilom to • vlss itarlar
Saimaa SW ellarasto puosysti of /us amid
:APS ald he sill stability nr ! . btga.!* l .
stood Dela my seDi •
! Is to asiskaa. Miami Dila Distill. TN
' sod lototattas to isdataths manrsimarrai
'IOZWd sad tsa r ; of tatanattaat later
• -
.111Ji•rs 4 as ultablinfod tut Is ilasSl.Psist
stsdiestAss Ws I ;ILIA ISOSSINIT
11SUM1Cle/SlTT,lUtlipwatakty bre** sp
Its at thts a:bustles alysses4 , ,
Cia•l•••ft•• MI. sad c l{ LW Cr
aranrvlnay. Petrige Bitir • JX!
utlrt.• sbnier •Um larftl• •7• 11 1:. Th.
Mast nla; Nus as& to tato. ,
Nat al, tau town •Issetala• ""
miles srwoi.... ruistlV. m .tr i t
litarritaliiittritbrailtot MUMS
f, , ....01ths Us • ntl•Oblon•• rD
tgaze . tr aa ablt . winalsat voitl o gr b o ,
'total ixoty wieally ananot be
•esld of the aphitlvall Inds ••••lb • pt.
Tin b nt swiTsr• Uzi OM b. 1171. • to prod*/ r• •
441 a staluleaS f•III••••
nu. l• tsa• II LI •-•11/011,11, TI. f d
Iscidems to both. Wbetbsi throasplet,tim
••• Wert., •r • mallat bbl Cl 191114 1.11
,AtOn4 to tougtu nod eOldo.
Viet 1 • Oporto:ma la tho . Otrto stltte•
0 , 401 " 0 " ton WM. fond imn.
drolopSpotto o o team tuattaoly gnaw w•
sot late, Qat Mow mom smite% to &twit
nOl . mot miOset es Udall, ti9i '
Wt Ulm salmi 2totato itaiottit•tt.toto
elotle; satsuma ow ouum woorovom
slated bewail* Boa tumor,
t•OrittAtt'Bilt#4 . Olow 1 ! raorolrio:
tIt'?•• tiff : dinitti it'Allitosts sag britoitm
•Sto•ottl. so tallstlat , t• . .n* Witt Of Itbe
Oil MI tilt& WO 6040 tultottlat,'
fon; Itto t‘oll4l cow.,
octet tritte.i.. or air Oittato tI go Mit or
ittadpio., to kin teeniest% mom to this mow.
57, *Diet dit4l , li tat iiitoitoiilditiatt4
orriroi'inoctr. 0 4, 1 : gigui4... - ;l9il4.atua.
1311 'amp* otsiok aufrtl2l.' Otidl a•
Minn ot *attain tubs
lyd at azAiratuniemi
rm. maw we cxnistrmionoksoOla.
or ram tsaadmi4Sows, No. ilirraing IT3
-rs,k: t rriwat n --
BY JOAN w.pzaw, oovziatoß.
Ploortbire*Ottpr.•, * World. IWO,
ages and cllrne it insukrtio' . cestieneeY
to alikapeit'n dap -the sPenal tit
otiervithe •Tldshas not airway;
been bka. mcw ge wa t heU g ht °r (241 . OW_
knowle d:nor by any' proPor, 'lncep
tion of tridelueseessereke_t,GreerEeinA
"who ruleth th e earth birlitereoureele.
and "who , dsßyiletLwith his bane-,
Stile , but* in - than *of the ex.
of an 'Power , by
which the dapdi&Bic 4=l4l4lsra
governedrindeantrolled. Aided by. the
dictates of - enthrals& zethon„ and the
teachings of Divine revelation, we, lut•ti ,
ever, are taught toin that Sri.
preme Rulers Heave=rher, to whom
we are indebted for efistance and all the
biassing& we enjoy, 'and to_ whom we
owe constant and fervent thanksgiving
and praise. It Is Ba who "visitent the
earth find watereth itrirtiOriettriththe
furrow_ and . blessetk .She springing".
thereof;" who crowneth the year lvith.
his goodness, and whose •paths' drop fat,
nese"who ."ehithest the pastures**
flocks, and' conceal the' with
corn; who maketh the outgoings of the'
morning and the. evening to rejoice;"
whole .4thr refuge', end straugth;" who
"maketh iver mialli‘" end ."savettrth,
from oth : yelreleari..,Yrtotee'"lbrWee La
forever and ever, sad erbet`blasseth
the nations whar•God. is the Lord."
On all dies we have int:rased itilital , r;
maces of the "lovin g kindneu" of at'
All-wise Parent of Good, 'who hes eon;
ducted oar nation • throu gh a long , sad:
terrible wi th cand permitted our reoplettii
once mops repose in safety, "withoit'
any ;to molest. them or make Theis;
afraid."'" The mongthus sentiment 'of
discolor is, no longer tolerated,'llie.
Flag, the Union, and IBM: Ormittitatiett
are esteemed as the , Safeguards IX
rights MEd litanies of the people,*•and
are revered and defended aa the , ark of
their - political safety' • •—••
Providence not mewl
weary of - BAPPlYlite one contatioa
wants, A`bonno3orn, ;harvest tusk leg,
warded theilithers . of the, husbendman.
Plucks and-bards are smattered in &mat;
lest numbers over our valleys and bine.-
Commette is Sainte:milted, and vessels
laden with the products of nature ander
art, spredi unmolinted;Crer , the tricks
less deeps. Neither *Since, fattdrie,
lidos! oi aortal 044" financier' irm4
baresssments or (Ammer -gal' dither;
have been permitted to Stay the pm
. irstiss
and hsppinesa of the Peopth al thia great
Commonwealth; but-peace, health, edel
cation, morality, ren, fond
provemant and refinement, with' their
attendant Mannar, have filled the-cup
of comfeit - and enjoyment& to • over-
Recogrdzine our respoludidlityrig Rift
who controls the destinies of nations u
well as of individuals and "lithe whom
cometh down every good :arid' wad
gift," and to whom we are decoly
debted for all these and the richer blew
in of our common-Ohristiazdty,tet us
unitedly give our most devout gratin:We
and hearty thankagiting.' • , • •
I, tlicrelbre. do healthy recommend
that TRUESDAN: Tthr Atm DAY OF .
NOVEMBER NEXT, be sat apart sal'
day of prate!, and thanksgiving, Run
secular and worldly business below/l
ed, and the people ensemble in there're.
ricers places of worship to sakaowledve
their gratitude and othrr up ,prayste for
a continuance of Divine
Grim under my Band and the Ghat
Gado! the State at 'Harrisburg, this
thirty-first day of October; in themr .
of our Lord one thousand hot.
dred and sittprieren, and of the Wt.
monwealth the ninely4acond.
• - • JNO. W.
By the Governor: , • • ,
P. Jonas, Secretary of State.
1,1*, , /.l47riVigizi:j:or.l4 4 :ll
WM. RENGAUJr...M. Alba/lipid/RR,
Oohed Atilldaa Id do agar*, Ididas
nasesdamandaddoras IMEll:llnidag
gdi Maggie+, adadllad as mad aro
ad at Quarles . • I
UNDEIISBIBI 41111#11.11W,
. ,
. I. soaax.rr casiums,
. asAss Inigszz., N,
WIRTZ Illlatllo.
CiallivX ii+arzt....
eux...nao .. ot ltat
All tei....a p ,
ita mut te sold.
. .
1311411114 P ass.
O t air;air; .
n nevi, "ewe%
smicamm wrci6m
FALL mu) . ll/0*
soirats 134
St*, 4S 1,11111114M/:lit
inn; ,
Ile ea doer A. DOW. •
g= L M. lotiopley Yee alma tele
ISTAiII OW mom t...OOLWat
of SIZ be rlnabnb.44ll at e abo
de ut or
l am .ay dab. ssa 111.0.1 -
longing us eseb beekraWie ••• f.. 1.11..
se.. the t..a.5...r werms
:P l 4;rer/ I :=ri..triten Iteri .I:brA 4 t .
to .now. one et ..n Aire OTre eL last..
M 14. le l 4 at • Geort -Isel to
baleen st tee of Om eleser._oo. LW
X S / V T I IW.O =Pgrit=l,"iioSlM
rA. I. fr
111 WOO.
Icall t s, toostml—tall 11113fil tf
°Josue - sa Eau IOU? axtsr, • -
D . 2 .l l 'l`l"Ai s rir s ,rast n a'ejl i-2. ; ll Z=li
1. ...
...Lt. the Haltr4 Slot.. 1 VON sHWOJOHt,
rerarrLDS SO SAG .foissorlog oho
r r i n oianUt
asks et eves., 4 sete •
- sums serelt, •
Y. nee. kiellotii. fibs
U s e, or Me.rne
Ws; UniN. etsns. Brest ' '
my • salsas..
Major ~ s o. sr. Aldo.. 0
iobn Maletl. So
ANL talWriieihrseemor P. Y. W:10. IL
H oldster. et Stoma • liCater.' AWOMP.
Idee w
at ow., Liwtonseittla.ra. '
LLEGREIGT . corurnr,
COlttl Of Ceitemei nag. Si.gelne
Tel. 110.. le tie wow ott'lttel eopVeelloaer
%tut Gel, eras% I itlettalg.asta Lima As
••elallos. et Alit City, fiet*Nble.
ter of laserpotatlea.,
Aod now, A.lgtst li. the Cloe . eLiees •h
te belled In v.. tate ot renttees.. ,
tare be slur Coen et Cleutteeta Pleas,
_hal wee
net'. el 1te4.1
_*A...e •
ilpsittresTtl a ta7Vl
ber tee •••13eeeret elrut
. I#ll L eel I.‘
aetals et Alleitt.e, A/Pr"ittiii
Vreit4 wellhe
able, 02.0t201,1 I M.O Wr4.4l7:Mar•
4 ` . :? l ** . r`e n m° l ""• l. •
t c gggtl=l - s•ftes a Ile
anti IS= • • C!'•214?14,114%.'
,•. . •
la Qs 0.11119 f Come} Flom. ,14 Oil, um
Tato. LSI. la tei agate et I • apl . llasitto•f
f. 4,0 Balding satrraisisagligiss.
tior; d 4111.0tarr. Cli•y, • . 9,.•Ftiic
ant WM, lietribtr laa Crt:rlpai rag'
+attar ing lard lihralaalo Ulnae
tan of ...'Cant. atriums% 1:1%. , :-Uit %kg
aural at sae gu ia
Ita - airga As rra ar •Ir
Malin :arta i 11•1 1•1 1,118 • 11 ••As --1 .!'
`b* Varit lre
la ript
den, .ids l is Itaima• *gusiiVr
••.s Uoirtif Casa= gam arm
truptlrsa g gLOAb.n"tla irrirelila
ing raittit •
JAM U. wag... Prouiszedarr..:
Ail pirsens latorettad tato lisktfilagoa
abate older et Man.-
Not° Paper and' Ituveyaris
. .
" WI Pl,l ,
ftl.lll AND CULOSID Iran ik.G kfrAlrAgar
Tore • Ituraylp
• • • KAT oitimiquirAti..:
PAW° 'paa 111q.a.a. otaliMl/26.1 the many ta • / WORM
bon basin to • Lnabaelb "I blf
tit=lia l iVl=S*.# "" rbt=
bin units Man dbranbllppan .
" .1/4/721kIniZ
At 1 . 12- !gnaw. 111:2Z/tr..MtaG;Tait.
rya • • • + tripti; ,
BOAUDINGIrk Isirgeot e ring.
noomar n
y otricioNtolxr,
'To • tnntilmik *id •11* OriTitYLltOgebit4
Unr-Cry , astirgieDWX, ' "W
!f gs ? . ; ItoriVAZAW.
M i t!?ll . 42cl , k . t_TAi
~DtIReAC `A;
lag!.yfr *a fo! vith. iihnorW.l,twit
"4""1 , ',
: • • -
, • • •
414, 10 iut.l
pairr i f6ljui = il o cottjt s :44,l , 7
p •
Uesoßa. Disbr sap gbocres• 2 , Tbs
imireafFrimiWp • ossama-itesari..„&rfa,
•Ntkang , MO. Rim Mu MOM
.Mdeadatt pLains:tr.e i nWt t ies.s.
" 4.j ;rt U t i beepraaellote-Ba
15.6•Weat. DIOS. J r .. - 111nacCet. Mo.. e s - 1:612. Ilt;" Usti st 7 bkeeeltredlettbent
eLU; xtrikatzgok.r.ireasoLTardpiaz
• UNIT -11111111 TRICK,
AND ACIDOIIIITS.• T. of tvesutptire Tem'
'real sal enpuisuss, .1.11 •.t
Jiro. AziPtotutZdt:r - 44`74°'_4.
Double laitrye Derinexedgsbeks uessestals se-
A ru r r o t s i s r b ls s a in ir s sla.
Camnunlestioss sen t
Only& the PM 011 es
nest prompt setsolion.
inn. • Latightl i tn ir , "l l7. D. Mustafa,
nattnan. dant A . a. Dittrinta •*
emr. annns I CO.. - titan* MOO. a co..
V. Painter A Snits, lileirannaaMaravalle
.011.10.dal Don. asmapti Mina Z vi ,
'Manta ant A Co.. Jona , Ma&
.ft"S„."l34lgr!ittCo*.L The . ri;itan."l"l4.
wino, Saint A Paha.,
'Amu. yea • CO.. a.. r
Yea= Al 0.2114 _ Joins u. 05. I.Q
Jamas S. Twee. zni., D. K. • A. r.
OMNI enure ewe, Apollo Ballotu. N. SO
'et.sisElt noose at the
Olwo.‘lll 114 farmed oador i 2. booleto of
tbiolowe o. Alves Malvin • IMIIIOIO, tots.
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1104121 JOHN N. LIVIAOHTON. Cannier.
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No. 91 Überty St.
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.Hot '
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401 IN TATE,
Riumber and Gas Fittey: t
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