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Cie. littOrittO Gapth
Philadelphia the decision of the
humane Conn in relation to the Tanning'
of sheet unison Sunday, is regarded as i
practleally conclusive of the whole agt•
tenon;. and as many establishing the
right of the company to hat on all days
of the week. The only form of proceed
ing against companies or individuals for
engaging in running cars on Sunday be.
log •by Indictment, it is held that in
'view of a public opinion, !sustaining
Inc h Fannies, indletmeats will hardly
be attempted, soil if obtained will not
result in convictions. Same of the lines
corninaneed mains pate:day.
Mrs Jessie Benton Fremont, whose
RUM Is almost as wet known to fame
mei the American public as that of her
husband,' is - about to maim another
plunge into - the literary world, as a
Dash toluene from her pen Is announced
ready fee the mess.
Twenty4hree more volumes of
Madame Nitwit are announced as about
to mate their appearance In rapid au
ciiitsion. Three novels freer the pen of
Dr. Mudt, her husband, are also Warta
to be issued by the Appletons. Literar
ily the /Dudes are prolific
The literary' wren s of the season are
few and scarcely' noteworthy. But few
bookaare being issued b 3 the protium:at
houses, and those few are - composed
principally, of editions of Dickens and
Christmas gift 'hooka. • tlf these latter
we hare seen , none as - yet, and
there are unusually few announced as
forthcoming• Magazines, on the con
trary,.-Us multiplying in "heaps upon
hew," and what with the old and new;
the native and foreign; the quartalles
and monthlies, we bid fair to be over-
wham's& in a flood of ephemerae; or
crushed to death beneath a weight of
light literature. The public appetite
seems to erase aerial, not salons food,
and as the, leadbig Eaglish novelist ro
t:mpg, remarked, ther"norelists are our
lertaon.. ',filters," and 140/110ftle4 our
teachers of history, literature and gen
eraLknerarledge.. Speaking of Trollope
reminds ni of the announcement of "a
new Irish novel from his genial pen.. As
an Irish norellat ho was Sot a *navies,
and imam sure that itoras with unmix
ed regret that his readers, whorin name
is Legion, iecelied his announcement -
that the good people of Barseuhire bad
madetheir last ,Thew new lileh
people to whom we are' about to be bi
troduced are no doubt 'delightful, but . the
ethics are old and Intimate friends, and
Ward "ulnas 'tills our hearts as we
thii last time ;add, adieu instead of an'
. .
A Now York musical journal gives
dor following good bit .07 advice, which
we would all do wall to think of some—
Units: When, as .coacerts or private
patsies, where music is being , perform
ed, never converse, no matter how's's:-
lons you MO N, to do .so, or how many
persons you may see doing so; retain,
alai, from beating time, humming the.
aim,.applauding, or ms:king ridiculous
enrrilt~. wale pro-
iiooice . lby Joao Were, or Delaware,
lasi. weeln . • •
"John I?i.7ones, for forgery of an'in
ilorsement note, Was sentenced to
y slat Of $2,000, tobe In
s pa ollftfyectilinement for threeimprisoned
month; to
stand =bloat in the pillory and to wear
a fclon'n jacket fbr sir mouths after his
ramie* froul'iwisact. •
...7beetuta °Aver; a negro, on his own
piingstay, in dine most: atrocious
cuff saisult and battery, with intent
to. rape r fru • sentenced to pay lines
antoautbtg to $1,109, wed all the costs of
prosecittices * : to 'be innidsoned. twenty
yens, to stand In the pillory one hour,
to be hipped with sixty lathes, sad to
mind. 'canumtted until the sentences
the court be complied with, ,There are
two chines pending easiest Oliver to
a tied by a Caart of Oyer bad Termi
ner, end ea one or them is f capital
feta, it is welter probable that his term,
of Imprisonment , mey end - before the'
period malgtettlby the Court
Thii,tort ;Old:ladle Age batharity : ls
AUDl:anted on in fall forcein one of
Madre polo, as . groin above. -.It 11
almost incredible; . it in .beyand
it carrieentiiieck to the tutu ilia' Pi
ritiniali was faineant in New England,.
when tntoterino Was the Viols more .es
teemed. than all the 2Vlrtuesi. when the
blue laws were not things of yore,' and
childreri were solemnly chrittened With
a Whole chapter or Numbers or Leviti
cal. One could get Hiwthonut's &ars•r
let Dater sod, sitting inthe open square
in Newcastle or DOI`Pi, read it while the
scenes, most creel fad berbsron, vent
being entered before hie very eyes, We
do net Want to sr pelf ;bumming; we
have no &tire to anti our Butt: stave
its ifilghbolfsfbut We do %tank God that
DiFasylnala isnot ai; I,l4arDelawatt,
oar lielonlatinsighlerr.bi4
4kfigin u disPhYlvg-tbi r, oc
touokleg =a up to `housikiibleadritu•
Up to thit areCOXIARPtr-lran
*dal: 'Wm asi the ibUerfbili (=ln*
An unMalantikind tither
notttriatY, has-been" given anicmg newt.
Liu people,' abut; to the Dame 'of
'Vanderbilt, brtbe application of Conte
VandaWit,' the patroger;i far-4h
thane, in beinkruptcy„ from his debts—
amoustint Mover Afty thomanddallaes
—ln iiii‘..irprn onts dollar, upwards.
Tbs Coeditor,,isildiet the Hon. Horace
erseloy-418,005.00, borrowed money.
We Mime in - holding , every .man to a
Mkt heamidability folds owp adsmul
weds; but the dispocition mMifestal id
soya quitters to hold , the .Clommodorg
responsible for his eon, white he has not
whood him, is, In our oPinion•
Just. It is. Onlylfair towards the Com ,
for us to as y this; and we take
in saying it, notwithstanding
— rissatateale little wantof am ability
perhape, in a mina his
years—lareplyinetos good nature lin
ter .from us in alorsomontroversy into
which he recently drew as. • The stun is
huge; to be eure,for Mr. Oreelay to lose;
but itillunrates Ms characteristic bonen.
vino; If anything could tempt us
to trot borers for money,weshoold be In
clined to do it in this cum, and Ceti the
Ode 11012 q to Mr. Greeley, as he la one
of our moat distingulabed centritmtors—
provided he woad consent 'to it—to
mar& making up. his tummy loss at the
loads of the younger. Kr. Vanderbilt.
oninnodoro Vanderbilt; In 'a Dud
which he publishes over his owe almus.
tam a:poes
sss willingness to " enrich "
gam "worthy charity. by ello*lng one
of his:harem to trot aping one of our.,
in a public rave: a challenge quite safe
for hint to make, knowing ma ha does
that we never trot for money. Now, is
Wilms us that it the Ckmmodore Le real.
ly Anxious to "enrich" SOtte "worthy
charily" it Is 'quite easy for him, Inas.
sunek m he Is said to be worth abautfilly
Ddlikom. to do so without descending.
in his <Adage,. to trotting bona for gate
111101261% There would be less notoriety,
but notion merit, item= tons, in mak.
tog a small contribution privately.
A** diusittstkk chkam Wad
31.,Peterson, died the Whet main/
bon Mtn/retie of poison adudnligared
to bias wine Iltapherry wine.' It fa
not hatowaL by whom. bed the general
bafirebbinlathat It Wu aims of /W
-ebb. The ..Transa• hiatus the Corona
beau* although cognizant of thabote.
be Dads no lemealgationa, and allowed
the body. to be burled without an In•
THE cApprax..
The Bradley-Fisher Affair
Judge Fisher Sustained
The Messate and Nationil Finances.
Circular from General Grant
ligallections on. the Elections
Proddemi WM not be Impeached
engressfonal Investigathig
Delegation of slopobooAmen
The Ithilbanahig Ordei
CI7 Telegraph ta the Plttabargh gazette.]
;Wgsnrsaiolg, Nov. 9,1647.
TICE '.IIIiADLEY-11.1ittglt
In the Supremo. Court , of the. District
of Columbia, to-day, Mr. - Bradley read a
statoment in answer to tho rule of Court
for him to show causewhy he should net
be excluded front the bar es apraeticlng
attorney, owing to. his • difticulty with
-fudge Fisher. lion, Robt. J. Walker
=dean argument In Mr. Bradley's be
half, when the Court, through Chief Jim
tice Carter; sustained the order crritufge
Fisher, beretbfbrennule, suspending hlr.
Bradley as a prod:Maker at the bar.
ChisitJustioo Darter, In the murmur
his remarks, said it was a painful duty,
bath wanumesiarythat the Courtshould
sustain its dignity . and punish the mo
lar:Bradley 'thanked" the. Court for
the delicate • manner 'in which It
had announced its decision, and said_he
hadlong ago contemplates" retiring alto
gether from the bar, but ttudthe present
manner of severing his connection with.
thepl Court rendered the separation more
' Three Judges were prcsertt, vim Car
tor, Oita and Wylie. J udge' 'Fisher was
It Is Understood , a large portion of the
President's forthcoming =cloaca will be
devoted to theconsideratiotafthenational
finances: In a conversation with some
gentlemen a - tow • oradisgs since .M.r.
Johnson said, be regarded the ilnanntal
question es the nowt important now
before the country. has no sympathy
with the views _rottener sat- forth by
either Butler or Pendleton owthls sub,
jot, but agrees vrith .the opinions of t3eo4 .
rotary McCulloch, and believes in a con
tractton of the aur ency. and a
. speedy
return to specie payments.
• lINAZCIAL 31.A..T1E1121.
Tho National Careers'' , printed foshippedr the
amounted to$317,100; ditto ,
$75;9V,9 Including Including 6106,000 to the Coated
States Depositary at Cincinnati. Ns,
timed bank notes honed, it 50,330. aorao
tionat currency redeemed, 6110,403.
cosswev*nvr. srasNAnz.
The President will be serenadol on
Wednesday night ander the envied. of
the Conservative drm,y and Navy Union.
Other organisations will unite in the
Genend Grant hall Weed CittTair,
through the Adjutant General's office, as
fellows: All clerks anti 'employees of
the Basin. of the War Department are
prohibited holding ootrunnnionlou on
bositless, ddring offimluntrArwith claim
o other persons not specially an-
by th e Chief
Chlef of the Bureaus to
tranaut with them such business: Ali
clerks and employees of WO. Depart-,
Meta Bureaus are prohibited transacting ,
am' public business pertaining to their
°Dices with any claim agent or other
person at any time..
_Clerks and,
employees will imme di ate ly Men
tho chiefs of their Duiluts the. name of
any imam not belonging to the office
who may COMMrUIIeaW with them on
any public - badman of the attire, and also
the nature of inch business. ' Any claim
agent who shall commuoiosto t ; T r, or
Mho Itia=e;War - Depart=
office than the officers in charge of Abe'
several branches of the
su ch, with an
thority in writing-from such officers,
will be prohibited from prosecuting his
business with. the Burnous of the War
Pviutrteldta =Yea tbetle• ,
=was or Atritre-e;'-'
Gem Giant has directed that no leaves
of absence for army eliicera be granted,
or eren.oonaidered, =lees :applied for
through the regular channels, and that
applications& ouudde parties wlllnot be
heeded, .Thisia dealegml topsitaa end
to that abuse:of ppoollttllmll influence by
which eertaln .orneets bropennittattte
slay away from their'eonimanda 'and
piton derded,leavea they ought to ;have.
rosTornce AlTa=mui;ms.
The Poslmoster - Genend hes appolntoct
Bay Myers Arstitant Spuetal Agort
- ofthePostofftee Department, et the pay of
sl,ooo,per sane= stet itp, per_ diem. to
'Ake erred Nor,' MX 1867..
A delegation of , ataamboatmon hes
arrived to confer with See_rotitrylfcCal
lock in refereneo amending and mod. -
ifTll2g„atenthbeat lima. The deleig-_,
tion mu- hooded ,by Captain . .
Shark 7, of Lei:Lavine, and the 2 =e;e .
are from:P,lttebtugh,-Cincionattnl24
I,rater , trotraa DEnnerstiV
Havana telegnun repor . . -
A Havats , Lb w: de.
ettuatton of the lighblentee IgKeY Y9:90.
by the Ina tenible gee, end the sttepen ,
11 °n Pstking cFnsegneneb•
ttairiaai tiftbilLaiia 'Fate:WO**,
tor , tha , Enka- pastatuta AO%
tat wbkh Gen ttar and BrOWII • -
word tentetcer-:attai Utak bairrilmar •
Drat flltinar wtalti 'ha* 6 4 11 40.00 1 '1 1 .4.
ule;ww,;afirapkgesl.- •
• &Lark "NA. " 11 , 7.
•idattaAnia lout Wan r atualscatiat
`tort an itakiar Court at Havana to tab. •
AM -up ati • ' "' •
-Tha - nnelpts- of Intanak:Reittaw Car
^el owu carnspoodent4
Iteil•Otella ON AN naetlana-.11.
. .
• Waartnni, Foy: 9, MT.
lIETLECTIOIe itaanose.
The elections and the defeat • of the
partyof progress and liberty ant 'of
course, tho subJoct , of most earned oda:
motion hero during , thaseidayst When
one foldouts upon what the Copperhead
Porti*Pr.# 4 :' 7lll 4ol Aca ntuntltund
elements, If lemma tndy a =Mar of
profbund wonder that.mniorliles any
County, Brats or Nation could he'found
voting for US Ea whatappears stmager
over, than' -this, *that oniatidzsliditY,
calling themselves Republicans, coolly
odvising now - .eldratWo - Ca W aU PIE* IWI.
of principle, now and other policy for
the. Republican Tony. The woak-hneed,
who have . been the sutlers and' camp-
followers for dm past
~ sows
ifcars, are
ng 'uto c
neW, as ever,•looki'''P ° ""
One „hears at Willard's the buss of a
dozen knots of wise-acres who . uknew it
would lw just No; nigger suffrage won't
do; tho Bspublkan party mast cut dear
of It; most go into the market. and figure
for the ruusdoduence and the_ FCCILIA
TOte," Clie, and to the end of too chapter.
Mrusty • rens
. gam& er_.ol4l: *44
.4)* smisi
A atectisswithout a just principle were
• thonaatid time. wone than defeat.
Thew men who make a trade of peddles
and deal In the misOnturon of the coun
try as nuncbandise, wars, jouly a b, sw d
by the dexerrs in a powerful index of
the 21st alt Here wo find the odd, Im
pmelve whose wool Le eaten up
with volt-ambit on who outs only for
stutems and . woul d win it through say
oven , the 'useancse a:moonstone.' • lion;
we your tenoo won watching .for the
aefo sidO etttklultd9 to Jump. The MU
ue dpppyprisig /Oak smialcon4yonnell.
Er their way On do& to see whethw
p Nwohorto sink or nor. You placed
%stae wiafter hr a light so powedttl
in the adideadridid to, that Inter the
reader Ind Mbeirittim weskau bfpars.
:i , , : i. )q , , , T.{ 4 144 olt. : :TT ir,.1,7,',./, ".,- 1-lit Li i' ii i 'i ~ -C '..• . .
• ',
.... - A - 11 ,„-••:8, \t , " 11 1 / 1 .-
/ 5ft.6 4 . 11 , ---•-1 1 -, _.. .. .
_•. ! :_- .._ .-.,_ i.- /, -...,.178. -._ • - :•• '.. ••---4 . , .
a ..
._ ..,,1,..1_,,..,._::„.„,..„,,./,!--11:
... . . .
. . , , . • -- - • .e.... . ... - ----_ \\'' ''g ',•/ /- -'- - . ••"' • . ~.
. , - •
. .
. .
...: . .. ..
t .
. .
. .'
.:.• ' - : '-• ' ' ' .:',? . .'...'1-- . ' • Nt ~ ~..kiski .; ,':. 1 . :;:-;;;;-"': ,. . -, ,• 7 i'f.: ,
. .
tillpr l . •-: -.
„ I --
. ; )•.5r..,• 7 4 , . .! .
.!3 •,
.- . • 1 1) .•
• .: -•,:_. -..:
. • _
Pi I j
I :• • . . ~,,,,, '''''',.*-4,7_,.. --• ve., , ''''''... -
... 4 .. ?.,... ;,,,1t£5,:`,.„ 1 7
~ , 4 ... ,
-....,.._- ..- ~.,..zp.,„o,- .. -,..t.-- , --'• 1 ~, i , ..
, I'•i) ~i,Pri, ; m,`:'::! --- 1.,% - "",,,,-:"" , ..,,,,.; k, • ~........44., i t.. ,
..,e..T.' '''' ,...' V; -.4i. `t•
•• . 4 -' '
_ .
, i .....\
.. ' .
. .
. .
. . .
. . . .
• .
. .
... . .
• ' -, ' , .
.. ,
.• , . . ,
. ..
phasing ft. lint even here ono hears ce
csaionly the other side of the case.
Your correspondent was drawn to a
knot of listeners the other night by
deep and earnest voice of a line faced,
intellectual man, who, after listening for
some time to those who had decided that
we "must go In to win" and make no
promises and have no principles, thus
addressed them:
" Gendemen : You forget apparently
that in altering for votes as you praFtwe,
you may Iwo on the one hand as much
as you win on the other—posaiblymore I
Inn party which has eared the Republic
there moot be some who believe Minot
tice sad-truth ^ for their own sake, else
they net se freely - hate staked
their lives in scores of battlodields In
m ance . or.boch! Remember. that in
selling out the Republican party you
cannot guarantee a title to the trAide es
tate. There remain In It souls purer
than gold tried in the Are, which no auc
tioneer. eau transfer by At blow of his
hammer. These believe in th e declare
. don that 'all men are created opal
that them is no elaseor race upon whom
me be placed withiumunity theburdens
ofgovernment, while at the same time
they are denied its privileges ; that the
man, black of white,. who ' pays. and
lights must vote,' to quota from Jefferson.
LIMY 'with impunity,' and I mean it,
imeause you shall find your blind giant,
in some dayyou least apprehend it, will
topple down upon your temple reared
In fraud and by unrequited toll. Dis
appointed ire your election you rush
with indecent haste to this or that eon
eassful man, and crawling beneath his
mantle and peeping out trout under
his legs you cry, ' Come od now,
come on; we have no principles;
no traditions; no history. We ignore
the post; we live in hopes of a future
only as wo succeed. I% e go Into this
mutest with no banner, with no truth,
with no rallying cry to stir the souls of
mon and Marshal battalions to the fight
for righteousness. We have simply, as
you see, a candidate without avowals,
without friends, save such as worship
success. Statesmanship, knowledge of
affairs, culture, lofty morality, cornett
tact devotion to great prhadples on
which nations ground themselves and
grow great—thate are nothing; We wor
ship samosa. -From all curio persona I
turnawayr and suiting the action to
the word, ho turned on his heel and
walked oat of the crowd which had Un
tamed in silence and with-respect, and
after he had gone, by common consent,
dropped the snidtwt. The preacher had
rendered himself dlaagrecoble. Ha was
one of the "tsunami" who had doubtless
smelt rotten eggs in the days of chivalry
and fugitive alove•hunta. . • . •
Congress moots LA two weeks. Thor
will not impeach the President That fa
looked upon as a fixed tact. They dared
not gaterward when they had vast ma
jorities behind them and the whole case
before them; or rather, at lent, they did
not. Who looks for courage now, when
each man of them to considering hewhis
re-election is to be compassed In a dis
trict which would have sent this tall, it it
could, a colleague, politically, Hof 'John
Morrissey! _ - .
A 151cetal from Washington to the
Express says the frids or 'ftnator WU"
son, chairman of the Judiciary Commit
tee, assert be will kill the impeachment
Project by his Casting vote.'
Congressional Committees aro busy
lelup and into reputed jobs and
. am, One has navy matters In
and there are report; of contracts
let in the interest of - Mr. Fox, of the
Navy Department. That ha .had any
thing in It is as strenuously dueled by
"Vindex" arid a score of earnest MlCribm
with benevolent rumw-deptume. Mr. Fox
had over enjoyed a most excellent repu
tation and if now wrong has steered this
tank late.
It is stated that no testimony has as
yet been taken benne the Ass , . 4 l moion
Committee., of wblett General Butler is
The Investigation Into the affairs of the
Pay Department has taken a very wide
range the committee having. held se.
alone n various arte of the , country.
Their report will, It le believed,' be 13:11140
at enearly day and
• big. The Payliaater, , *sew
mnaa.of high,oghlal.D#OVerlirla
the Department; all Ake i meld
dbvea lt,beamaltobalA/111
elo-s,- lint In the , :dlabanteement, , „ef-sala
same In wail= and vennair ::leglook. by.
so many different, men: it would be
strange if some walitigr - 4headd 'not lie
perdu which the contealtinewill . beuble
tubring to light -
TEE COLOn&D talttpi t
Theattempt to Kamm and disarm
the coictred battallen.cfnAo' Marla la
found to be not quite ao ealy. Ms Ex
cellency gave General .Grant the task,
and the , nerat seems to him misunder
stood the scope of the order. - Re has al.
gledlt to all theDistrlel iolunteartroops.
In doing this babas stirred up a newt of
hornets. Fents; Turner;,fihuttintti
Feder; returned greplAck*— a 1 are
botch-notched by the “tiltmdee of glen.
Grant with the pear .nlortmt."'
.13y an authoritative publication It aft,
pears, as far as colored troops in the tils ,
laid are concerned, that they are, as I
Mated in my .of honor
ably dlseletrged soldier, and' sailers of
the Rated &stet army and navy. Tho
foll o: owingliftromttha publication refer
red t
"We formed; sit the =matinee. a Col
eyed, _Soldiers' and Bailors' .Watlorml
Lowe; for, whose record Hsu can by
=on,, - refer to. Brevet : Bcrllga~ddier
Chokes Qt noward, Asastant
Comnilasioner, Bureau it., F., and A.
I L. The object:a of. pervorgimlzatlons are
benevolent, viet, toolitleal. The armed
portion of the organimUonsla made up
of those men who purchased from the
Orivenuneut-the arms they were .per 7
tueVirt ita defence, and veer eirs
UMW together to resist no law- nor
intimidate any person or pumas In the
community in which 'we= reside, but to
keep np the associatlona engendered by
our companionship incamp..
Verily the wicked flee when no man
.punmetb. ' 1: -' .14A108.
P , , , ..Tfitir!.9l. 4 uw*Tt 2 .eim•Ll
i NOW Yoirr;zol,74:; ." kaiwi*
Attar of the West hat adiletefrom Central
iithAicktipiC, -.— ' ' -
. , Ali . EV3411.411' letala(stinialia to get rip a
Awolutlentitli , Proved
' Avoiding tots** iJas number -4
'deaths rtomr, , thoremartioweat
ilfthor Led
ofi 0 .
Aialst .is teulklitettinadebetween Mew.
the OW
The ; .10V , thannacil aa
ta fess.
UMW.* .. , provettilay. the survoy
llpEttf....r 4 ' dd' ;Mod SO
0011Tfigkecelt theilay Ica , want of a
da rt:l or
yriormit.7 - alartalshing for
101iii10: 'il, ' irairobtaihed and
boldness = w bad' th. , "
i,, , , d i• ` Lad. been
riastdo;Wrie . by' it - ti 1- the Ironed
States. °win te tiretatfif. mkt.. pope .
OM etl
• -The reportthaaa irtienhateran Slimed
upon between - SOW ittiditailla is
doubted. Th 9 itthatAtOti IAIM7-Elouth
are entrains greatly goeftxtdr,' , - - -'''
'rho revolution. 'lntittesi le, gaining
grata& Pnakr,blet tbe, belld:br , 45 .QQ°
=CA mereuinteuelust the Kfurotatior
bru. but unseetestout radstanoe.
A Lints late of October =ct says, a
revolution had broken out In two pm
vhsoettit the Muth - and five bithenorth.
Araguipe2of Tinxille, had also re
veltedotad". Clevenger was killed at
thatlngn g. - Col. Delta had been
Raked to take charge of the revandocary
fames. Prado had arrived at Yaley, and
was abontto match asminat'AraoMpa.
A Chill letter of Coacher lOth say. It is
now stated that aniasagepalsod throne'
Paraimajust bolero the bombardment of
Valparaiso, In ISM, beating_ Instructions
front Washington to Gan. Kilpatrick and
Cbra. Rogers to prevent tho bombard
ment and protect tho thy. It arrived
too late, however.
Tim Chills= propose 'wading aid to
Prato to enplanes the revolt in Porn.
A Panningteller sent tho ease of 310s
gas was still betb da z a : i b i e d
i C d o a l , o i m f blan
thi l d it a u. militylespotism had an;4 l l7g
to do with the powers of Europe, but
Congress Is Convinced, to the contrary.
11.111 raid oak*
• liolibers Arreetiod.
or, !Vies h to cu Plttsbnralk esastte I
htsttrans, Nov. —Two passenger
tidos on the Mississippi Central Rail=
read collided last night, near Grenada.
Moth engines were demolished Only a
no broken/anti/4e injured.
Crehotoatuidiehnrig= were
arrested here yesterday as t rohbers
the Seilihere EIS icas Oil co at " 4 9 101 3.
'Palm, a taw, days titaa 4 . 1. •
Friar; November 9.—Weatolh the re.
coondobtzlagyessehell ppm IA Xiks tms ifter•
1 , 4: 1 : 1 0P)atli:V:IlvaiV 31 01
ALIMMOr• fotter from Me OM Opm•
moaner-11M viers on UM Tinaurfal
rßiTeerron to Ito elt , aborgh Bantle.) '
NEW - Yoar , November' 9.-4. lettr
from Ron. Thaddeus Stevie* otr the
inthjeat of our national flaaticei, is pub
llehed. It hi in reply to a letteraddressed
to bins by s neighbor, and Is very long
and comprehensive. . 1
Mr. Stevens commented with theasser
tloa that so far as the financial eondition
of the liepublle is concerned, It is not,
not never can be, In doubt or peril with
' the products which we can readily die
pore of to aupply the• demand 'of every
kind. • There never can ben time when,
with honest dettlinga, thls Itepublle will
not be able to paymll -her just liabilities.
He sayet. "1 liavomet approved, and do
not approve of-the financial pollcy-put
sued by one Government for tbo last clx
that a I think that e have thrown
away our blllions;Ond re still throwing
away mi ll ions by min ruagement."
Than addrcsaing -. correspondent,
ta i
who is a Nationallian r, ho ya: "You
are a banker, and a 'mod don but- you
are snaking more off 10 UM State!,
through the National llflektn system,
as Is every other man who has opted it,
than you ought to make."
He has never doubted, be says, that
the Governinent has the constitutional
power to make money of whatever ma
terial it may choose, whether metal or
paper, leather, tin or greenbackS, and to
regulato its velum, and therefor° legal
tenders are to all Intents and purposes
the lawful moriery'ortho country, money
In which alt debts, public or private, may
be legally andlttatly• paid. Money is
just what the law makes it. -.. •
Re refers to the fact that the Govern
intuit lucent different tunes reduced the
prim of silver, and that when so re:du
ped it was,mode to pose to every. credi
tor, es well as debtor, at the original
price,anclargnes that thereels the acme
power to Loam and regulate the value of
any kind of money ilo mehatrims, con
sequently, that OP:just and proper for
the Government to pay the National
debt tit' greenbacks, Loynd money.
lieforringro the debt. ho sour "Now
let us come to the Geverninent loan, and
for a singls moment consider it, watch.
even without the monstrous - doctrine of
Greeley and Cooke, le themes profitable
investment over modebvmoney lenders,
and is a monstrous swindle on Amen.
cans on the part of Etoopeon capitalists.
However, he should pay to Nil the rich
capitalists and speculators who have
made princely formica MI-laugh - the folly.
of the Government, but ho does not
think there Is any, obligation to force
r ie t= m o e ve nts r t u ltrt d trey to orl y onTy .o sul
justly entitled to."
Ile shows beyond coati-unction tout in
creating loans there was no Intention ou
the part of Congress to commit the Gov ,
em in to the payment of.the pnneipal.
in coin, except where this was expresoly
mentioned. This matter was well con
sidered and well turdentrood at the time,
and the bond holders have no reason to
complain if paid In legal tenders. In
speaking of this money, Mr. Stevena
says: "Par two years, the greenbacks
were the met - popular currency ever
Wolin the United Ntotea and had there
been no other would net have failed to
buy every 1:10.1 commodity for
everyone, public and private, "without
complatnt, and lilt swelled the currency
of the country it also swelled bualness of
every kind, foreign and dam:mole, egri.
cultural and manufacturing; so also it
swelled the income of business men, and
thereby vastly hammed the revenue of
the tiovernmest."
The great question at lune is the right
of Cho ft ovenommt to pay,andthe policy
of paying the debt in greenbacks—lawful
money. Upon this ho remarks,: "Vari
ous metho& are suggcstal to redeem the
live-twenties in currency. One very
able writer suggests a loan in green-•
backs to their amount, on that after
wards the greenbacks - may be redeemed
with the others. If we ore Will:led that
there is no more than a sullicierit cur
rency to
Re do the business of the country,
probable increase.. then that
be the proper. method, what
' ant Inflating as a couniorbalorke to the
eavnigf but lilt is bellevidthat.the prey. ent and' prospective busbies-. of- the
country would fairly abeorb an amount
largo enough to redeem - those tarachi as
they cone - due, Ind not injuriously In
cream business, then the true way would
be for. thio Government, to, Issue legal-,
tenders equal to the Amount tothe re
deemed, and thus save the interOd both
of Unsold audit new loam". With throe
views tie deems the reittetietkeief the
currency. to , the amount of four mil
'Masa month; ari nowanthor, highly
impolitic, 11/1f he believes the true
'Way, if tot the one, to notch specie
payments Is to red uce the debt es pro
posed,'-Wire any: attempt be made to
contract the currency.
11T. LOUIS. .
Coarramolorsli. tiffellosokosoy •1
Tearooms illoolOtfr
Pomo Clemsoloalimoir. -
enrrearroan to us triiponik
Sr. Loore, , Nov: o:—The grocery of
Manny .t.'ctlertny, near the corner of
Olive and Seventh atritete, - whit brSiucd
to-night. Lona sl2,o l lololl4,(Witunared
for $3,000 In each of the fo/10Wing_ St.
Lords companiec Mutual, U. S.
Mutual, Merriman and Manufacta rem.
Lou on bnilding,_ $4,001% hutured for
$5,000 in Heom
Mutual and $3,60 in
State idaktaL Serena gentlemen oecu
pying lodging room in the upper part of
the building will lose from $5OO to $l,OOO,
!welling tho total loos to about $25,000.
A large Democratic meeting vim held
at the °oust house tcnlgtvt: hohor of
60901111331113 t. <Alms recentl y seised
about three thousand barrels of high.
winos at Hennepin, Minot... for an at.
recent to defraud lhe noveninsint.V The.
names of thopartice owning the spirits,
have not transpired. The value or the
property seized la dhcalt three hundred
The ilUt ztains of the elticEoii in th e Third
'Eno onal //WA*. :of thls {Cr,
vneaney ea by the death of
Thomas E. Noel!, in Irate the election
of General' , 31cCormIck, , Derocardp
'anent 500 - msjoitty. Arto' rate-liverr
. Bt. Lome, Nov. 10.—The several ann.
rdittimi."of _ the lioniory of the'ASMY - OT
;Tennessee have completed arrangements
for the annual meeting hem on the 13th
end MIX and .en,toneruelly.interesting
reunion is expected. ' Cerieral . Hairline,
:President ofUwe Mainly, min . :probably
dellref.the ameml, manorn,. Gem Sher,
man ',Wlirwstalrat , tbe - banqtrie.' , Gera
Iltround heater thathewllt pool
lively be hale A large number of
other prontleitats i flettende
eat, and Gssaial - Gitind,ts eapectred,;alt
ask stabs tr un k ndirenths4in
neTahlt4, - Aihisoorl, antl , meny eres_
roe& In Mee States and isteeralitt SC.Ofk•; -
tacky MA Imlay and both U3O Pilau
andiredde robins -WOW)
free, oripreeentation of a certificate then
the Border) , Of the Society. ~,
Governor„Pletcher, has appoltshilthe
- 33 th hut, as a day of Unuakegivio Ff.
An Omaha dispatch says a hill repro.
eentation of northem Sloux,Cheyennes,
Arapahoes and Crows, will meet the- W
Men. Commissioners at 'Port Zaratille:t
Tho Commissioners will return to the
North shout tba.15414 - waettx Alt
southern Sloan and Cheyermatovho are
rommented , as very anxious lorlesicv
itasraink-itkiss. rmtseinui
Limy 111•WiliaorliGe4 - 11,1 ate. - mod
some lnamrialtnftz -
Tuognel M. t 1 ii ~ liMas 1
Bonn B. Anthony, Limy Steno, ' Mrs.
Mingled' Cody
. 6 4,3atiend
prominent indica of Kansas, members of
the Vomaln gaffing° Committee, feeling
encouraged at the very flattering vote
Just given for woman suffrage In this
State, have prrjectod an extensive twa.
reign in the aforthent and Eardern States.
They have arranged for meetlngifin the
following places, at which the above
named ladles will °peak:
Omaha, Itervanber TAth; -Dosmolnee,
list; chleago, .V.W; Igleraukna, Ali K.
Louis, 2.6 tin _Louisville,. 27th; Vineinz.
neul,o3l.b; Cleveland, Mb; Iluifalo;:ieth;
dester • Docember 2d; :By 3.1;
Albany, ith; 1411110dd. MABL oth;
Worcester, 7th; I.loeton, ban Lim:Cord,
10th; Philadelphla,t2th;dgew York,l9th.
02orge Francis !Crain has telegraphed
ho else .1.111 appalt In behalf of feando
.nutrrAge at dm spar:, Vinod idnetts And
TOl.lnsiat to Stu rlittablIA,ULMOL)
"NEW Tpl% Noremberft—Mexhas Qity
corresponds/nee, doted October Mil t nay'[
Great preparations are making for the
reception of Horner° and Glen.nke. ,
Prince Halm-Salm's reply to the traitor
Lopes published &mime ,Lopes's
ststemeni toto, d ie nages* Min to
mortal combat trattornd wurtivrer.
he .Thspatahee OOP the
Three Dere—Au ExplaeleaTh Re,
Krt Yost:, I...foveinber tliMe
days past no ditiPatchento the Assoriaad
Preen havtibeen received over Metal"-
lid dablo: It is supposed that
coninquelice of the land line through
Now rtiuntiland being down front the
effects of . a storm, but the telegraph a
ficialeir, under Mstrtietlous from theirs 4-.
Porldrs, refnie to flirt:Mir any °nitwit•
lion or statement In roteteneo
*il Olio'alai am* filo French , 111.1..
[Br Tcleaiiph to Um Filitbargla Gazette.]
Now Tolls, Nov. - 10; 1507 •
• •
Tito Thais Th•• Pecan!, of 9etobar 91
mays in ivie'ienee to the Roman 'E.tpeetk!,
tiOU. .
General Claidini sent for the French
Charge de Affitires, Af;DoLayilestroang;
andlold him la was no longer Illinlatat.
The Generat gold hint' he -Moiled Ili
would havn been able to master tho situ
ation, but fi nding . he could not, ho bad
asked the King to be relieved of tile
charge which his Majesty had confided
to him, and he was waiting the nomina
tion of n succesior.. The re-appearance
of Gartualdi on the scene had sing.nlarty
aggravated the. state of affairs, for the
Party of Action true thus istipplled with a
chief and the public mind Inflamed, and
the Italian Government acknowledged
itself Inenpublo of doterminLog themoir*
In reply to an observation of Id. DO
La Viletarenux, that the lira flap on
Poutitteal territory would result in a do
duration of war trout -France, General
Cieldled said the Italian government
foresaw and accepted that conseepleneo
War aguinst France appeared - the
best bane. To 'attempt to struggle
against Oinggini and Garibaldi would be
to attempt theltnpoislble. The govern-.
went would be devoured by revolution,
Victor Emanuel , would 'risk ttaelesaly
and without any hope his popularity,
his crown, and perhaps hie ilfe:
“France," continued the General, "is ri
generous enemy. She will not make
war otherwise than in conformity to the
laws of eiviliratiou, and we feel certain
she will not take undue advantage of the
situation. One may be vannumbed by
her without shame and aimed without
. Gen. Cleldlni, in 'Joni:darting.. niter.
alai to the French Charge de Andre. the
turnout:moment that he was delegated to
flake to him, vie That the Italum Gov
ernment, fatal itself unable to execute,
the ScptemlggConvention. ' •
This important conversation was trans
mitted to Paris by telegraph, and
determined the Emperor In giving the
orders which his Majesty made known
to the Minister. - •
MUM... Haase Bagrame—T•sr;4l;l4e
Boller railleillos—Aarother Lank*
rem. •
C 57 Taturrana so ats rainbow+ t!tartua ,
°mean°, • Ifori 'ln —The Illfghtcm•
House, ontslde of tho city limps, togeth.
cr with the stables, sheds, an, was;
stroyed by they - wordily allotnoon. boas
from :Intro, twenty thonsand dial, on
which there Is . nn Insurance •or e ght
thousand dollen, In Chicago rent panics:
Ten horse were burned to death.
This mornfof at two &cloak ths hon.;
ars In Sharpie s tour mill , on Canal
street, exploded with tremendous vio
Zire The Iron roof was thrown
almost itr o od
eomosot.msess adtataneo rt
one hundred foci. The building took
the iumedistoly alter the explosion and
Ras entirely consumed. The loss Is cell.
M.V 44 ) staeranty. lye, thousand &Mara
The engineerls mkning and supposed to
hare been burled in the ruins, . ,
CILICAGO, tiov. 10.—A fire this elle,
nocardaitrayed the entire bleak berms=
Welts and In 841le street's. on the north
aide of the and.
rtver. Ten -buils3lngs.
occupied as =loans and sailor, boarding
houses. were 'Cottinmed. together with
the docks and.frolght sheds of the north
ern Tmnspertatiort 'Companv. ' colt
siderable amount of tuerattulize. in
store was also burned. The loss is tett
mated at twenty thousand dollars. .
Om two An Illuadirr—Doseimisump
by nlittlitcre..irse or tb liOrrOoroos
Sr Cops. gldidto Asrostod.
Pitt'Ant:2l.lll,e Nov. 11X—tinder tits
recent dectslon of ttm Supreme Court
ital.', were run on aoverat of the clty rail
ways tortlay,-Adtirere well gatrooLted.
In some e'litircllei the trilltisters strongly
denounced the whole stroll sa most.
tricked and unchristian like.
f John enlivwho Ls. implicated In tirsa
minder of Whii Riddle, tn this eitvika
May last,-was captured yesterday,*
Northeast, in Ile made au
objections , coming Ata tide *tato with.
out the frimallty of a requisition froth
the Governor and tin s :Wu ruplCottlit
knitted for tri al.
tionstreat Pearl sislisiak
awe by • stares.
11) , Telteraph . to tG Eltiabargik Utzetto 1
Lovisyrktm,Norember J 0 . 7-11 Ia ra.
'poitihiihigteadisiVeitritan.'. 2 front xhi.
bhinati for the Arkansan river, wan sunk
near Senfilatown r_Zhe bout • was
!owned an Insured in Ctineinnati.
Tito storm of Friday night IMO:41MM;
!arable damagd - at' Franiflin,'Nentutdar;
demolishing a twoatery tobaooo wort
.houne, unroofing*, asigist Church, and
`lnjuring sevond %dug buildings. At
°remand ,le Indiana, tfronty-five than.
sand dounrs of ytwjis
-ntroyed:' Thn tatirreh watblown
'down and - the °Mod* Church on
:roofed. Many ether bowies weroconsid.
erablv injured. the.cpantry 'much
;valuable tiatteminsableirtt down:
.;:,. ,. -:40.`,M-4„.,::::.
OPILDIVIded amply* Alma viiigtoin.
, 4 ... Dlfirplll4l INMAN,
t hlealkla to W 1 rni,4191.12101.11118.
HAVA-NA, NOTolibift ft" Tb. eifral , ths
biiiititint* Uatilik 4
,land fs a fabricatlon,.thottglilt fa alfoltOd
i dna the rejoarr was started on
_mod . an
: Malty.: On tbe istrenolff - ft.tan - littort
several phAlatana , andititiaplial , hisphea
Mars wore appolntod to kook alter thopnb=
1111rhealth. Tho health or thOelty 1a
IieYANA, November 9.—Thu.olltelal:
amiaffepfubliabeania ordar from,thoMlm
items ntatadrid, provldlnglfor 01.3)1'e=
merchants or overpaid duties ulnae
•Jfinititry. Tlio document. Lharsher than
and i fornier:onobawmthrthe customs ollb,
IleraWritettena caairtaittoy
9).rdataA► to in. Plttabluvb turtlikl: •
hicerraousny, November P.—Tthe,
construction Convention 'hits Altlettled
alil,thaptupitsition to Itiert:isa -pro
scriptive feature 1n the new Constitution.
The Republican 'party - pro Pose to elect
all State and county Whom at the eatne
time. The Constitution is Subtnitteo
e 'people, in the hopes'' or. getting a
large Vg4.OOU liM ceUfleetlon And th pre
vent any Dm to thaltopublicans :ac,
—Ant outho freOnitlV:Pluibiging their
tome ea 60 : 111 7 4 4 - 44unry,... -
Death rr
04 , 1 time' .
csr.T:i4kirth the rittomb o.u. I
1M 45 " 9r
taln David liinleloy, or LlVerinoro. (Ha
this morning, aged ono hundred and two
years, Ho -voted for , Waaldngton Arr
drat President and remembered Asuold's
expoditiorrup the-lEdzinotheO
Arras' of a Nlekoboar
Mt Telege*Pb to the Plasburgh tlosotts.3
2 ItV.
rt • r; WenLKetleor ,1 ylelednirg7m4;
tint yoatarday placed 1n enflame:neat by
order of General Ord. The amp, ban
not. been xnadoktmn - ;.t.bongh Angela.
to, dm Ov l . lolo- I .aYoVora, for P er 49l ol
denunciation. -
ray Takimailio the,Pltzolorp thalu62.
PernOT, 4°V. Q,—Tour Itynsi WOO
loet "thli • - irteratug 'by the hpatddntfof
bud at Grand Haven. The mmes are
Sllas Cob?, I.l..ftdiey,;•• Met&
ddid: : They Item etrergets:ol4ll
out Reid Reported
Meeting of °Medan Anooiaticm
Appeal . the Public
Public Meeting T.-day.
Funerals of the Dead
- Owing to the oxen went and general
confusion Incident' in. le occasion, It was
1 41111,M - it matter to Larkin very definite
h4ormatlon—in net ir to the killed end
wounded ut the race t boiler explosion,
of Wideli we pubttabed en semantic' the
Gszcmc of Saturday; but notwilluttand
log this fact, 011 r repOlUr wits mainlyocir
met. We gave the' 11a1110w of eight
Niletlinfi whose bodies had been
Mewed by the mircineefijuri.iaince when
'they have found the fallowing:
_ 'John C. Wittlomo, sr., aged 5.7 i years;
ymilded In township; died at ten
ceplocar. on Friday night. .
Elijah 'Decker, nisi 47 years; skull
fractured and arm' broken in two places;
died at hie residence, Lafayette alley,
Lawrenceville. Leaves a wife and five
Andrew LitudergnaiL. aged .til; skull
fractured, and body badly burned; died
Saturday morning, at S • o'clock; at HL
Fran duns Hospital, Lawrencevb le. Itte
sided on Fine aims, Fifth ward. .
:fames lloylenan. aged 23 years; jaw
and ribs broken ; body badly huru,
died at 640 Friday night at his rceldenta
on Sutra:tan street, Ninth ward. Loaves
a Will, and two childrn.
Patrick (Jabal/it, aged 27 palm: inju rod
about thejunid and body—scalded; died
before nnkhlug home; resided on Liber
ty street, Fifth wurd. Married. .
.Joseph Webs , aged 44 years; hand
crushed and body nuilded; died at his.
reeldeme on Troy at O o'clock,
Friday...coning.. .
We have received the nnmes of the tot
lowingifklured pot included in Our re.
ppd. on Saturday:. .
John Rorberrew; Ninth one d; ribs
iractured; not dun crone.
. Thomas - Kendriek, Ninth ward; left
:urn slightly Inlured.
Daring Sat:inlay and Sunday the scene
of the disaster was visited by thousands,
and will 'continue to be visit e :l'w° tatp.
pose uutil.the wreckhas:bcott ..romovod.
stnurpro OP cYxaxcl l . l olsovtnrro e.
. .
Purstiant ton call published Saturday
morning, is mactlng cif the Young Mares
Cluistiait .I.3soclation urea held 'at their
rooms on Fifth street, at four o'clock
that afternoon, to devlss means for the
immediate relief of the families made
ilemituto by the tato. terrible calamity.'
The meeting erns called border by Pres
ident M'Clintock, and, on motion, .the
reporters of the press were made Seem- .
twice, alter which Mr. Porter made en
Itepressire prayerin behalf of the suf
Tto President stated that it was the In
tention to relievaall, so far as It could be
accomplished, and while he regretteddiat
au few wore pre ant, still, It WEIR news.
mry that pnungt, and united action be
taken et once, and auggaeledtheappcdnt
ni=l of A 00intnitS00 an visitation, and
distribution, and another•la solicit nub
walptiona In arab. focal and fool—the
members of which should nor, be cosh
fined to the sasodation, us It was test no
bare the( tarty co-operation of all, and
the committees should be instrindod to
000perato with 03mmittees
ed by a meeting of citizens, should such
meeting bo called.
tin motion, tho suggestions of Pros.
blent were a dopted unanimous l y.
Crecti ttrado mught • Mi
mnist a Con mines
0 0. 1 1rymiipay
- Ste:earthy, and request bigot° is pub
lio meeting.. Who gentlenum made a mo
tion to that eiTact which was edopted.
Mr. C. K. DeniV, , said that aoveral of
Ihe tannins - of those who hart been killed
were in need of speedy assistance, and
whilst he approved of a public meeting;
still there were enough presegitto smarm.
plialt much good before another meeting
could be held.
Mr. T. E. Everett stated that during
the day ho bad collected .filty•els dollars
In oath, and had Routed antsperlptions to
the amount of tiny dollars additional,
which could be collected at any time. A
vote'of thanks way tendered Mr. E. for
his active end sucupwful efforts.
Piealdont McClintock said that, in
Conlance with BA nerersi motions adept
d, he would anithunee the committeen,
which embraced the names of mane who
rem not members of the Association.
Tho collection committee would each be
fiu - nLihed with a back containing car,
(ideate signed by the Prawident, accom
, panted be the eeel of the Society. Ile
I then announced the following:
rialnurtort.—K. T. Cook, Chairman:
Thomas N. Paola, S. P. ftarbison, It. A.
S. D. Dudley, GeorpreChtdfant, Dr. Cyrus
Lt. King,-Edward - P. tonr Lthorge K.
Countrrrli oif Co i.t.ceito*s.Janper
E. Brady, Jr., Chairman; S 11. Ewing,
John Chalfant, John S. Slagle, James B.
Beep s Thomas .C. Dickson, Thomas K.
env, th'ititan. Rinehart, W. R. :ten often,
Pant Wright; 'nonfat. Perk, Jbeeph W.
Long, E. A. Deed, W. M. Clatter, It. C.
Fry, John Krepps and John Adam..
John A. Emery, E. S. Morrow, B. F.
ilonningo. }}
A motion was adopted' - requepting the
Drecident to issue and publish an addreen.
calling upon Duane who were no disposed
to Send In their tionatlerui, without wait
ing to be called upon by the corm - MELT;
niter which the meeting AAJourned.
We have been requested to state that
the gentlemen , unnted on- the Amp two
committees will meet thin morning at
eight. o'cloola, at the rooms. of the. Ass..
sersat. or TOE .633nCIATIoN.
1 156.16 6 6 ,61 t Waiter et Messrs Meek
Undid: Dull's Iron Mills, by Its appall
ing loss of life among. the workingmen,
Mrs calanilly whissei consequent burden
Of garroting and prospectlvo wont upon
'their families, Is of anon magnitude and
pactrumency as to demand
ate and onergatleefforta of the public, In
isilditlon to tae as ittlons'of the it:aikido
nate proprietors, for Its alleviation. Tho
majority of those killed and wounded
worts beads of familia: depending neon
their daily ton for support. The inter
ment of Um dead and modloal attendance.
'upon theft:Oral are to be added to the
imNa dtexpense for rent, fuel, cloth.
provulous awl other , necessaries,
which boa already brought despair for
the future to ninny whose houses still
haM the nifflned ternithia of their only
support and stay. Those need sympn.
thy to their prceent grier, prosisikm few
their present wants and' coOentsgelticht .
the future's needs, • •
Actuated by the simple elealroCif
what 'wo confd terltelp aUellato ILIA o
tress; a meeting of thu Young lien', ,
Christi/In Association was hold on Saler
dayslterpoon, In whiab- a committee for
visitattowand distribution, and ono fbr
Tolle. cling of fundiweio appolitted,lbe
.fonnor is tout la ooneort wittusny dint
larommittre epobted' the meeting
tbr relief, to be held undertho adrof the
%Mayor: Tbo Women's - Christian Asso
dalOn have nobly offered their torsdepa
and saaistance witenever required.
• Inasmuch se thtst csietenhy btu' °Tar-.
wheimed thews nunlike in suffering and
Want that will extend at 'must through the
winter,and the Cenunillwo on Visitation
and istrlbutlorr wore appointed with
this normal:le:icy of duty in vlow, ono
*half utwitain aro eillsons, mot members
of the Association, and all chosen for
!their fitness by vita% or qoarnesa of
/ 0 66613 . 66 OF ' ingaatutenes with 'thew,
families end their eanditlon, or efficient
satvirwashwa4y ise efjeivlng,tholr,diss
tress—hi ti word, thosieneniess to •arint,i•
' 'nu impartial but iserelbi and judicious
espendittqa..of are cotribution, on
' trustedtotheln; We, thefore, earnestly
appeal to everyeitisen and brolly whits
rngazd to rol/glint—t4 tlnlatd4MOrdrif
and vorkincli--0 emptoyera sad ant
-112 :every branch of business to
do What they am. Wo would reqoest
the proprietors of establishments to en
deavor to secure concert of action 6Xliong
'their employees, in tho donation of at
least cue days . wages, and whore
any ono on the oomuditocs aro In tholt
empley . to allow tholl=e, ljnVes,
dist. 4r4.111311 p 1644 of their.
In provisions end
coal, shbjfet to the ordorof the Commit
tee, will .bo of noel ameptable servioe
for the prospectivo wants of these pcosi l o.
TbaCommittott ou Collection beau:
trictod the city, and will hnmodlato
canvass the, prindpal strode mid:' mod,.
Iliduuentsount present books for sub
serlplione hearing ilia sill' Of ike Mood
,wd • elinse i t ' ,
hie6Pl 6 b l 4, lot moons watt &intent, but
send their dOnallonli Atone* to Moss:suns
of the Aosielation. .
„ .
Tito Visiting Conant ties , relibirt • Ilmtno
(lists want Ins talitinCT of fantillen, berme
the necessity- .of prompt notion in this
• , .
- TheVisiting and Fil3anco Committees
are requestodto nicer at ithoTooms of the
Association at 8 o'clock this morning.,
"Bear ye one anther's burdens. and ;0
fulfill the law of Christ" • '
~Ottyun IdeCiarocri, President.
Tun atm:ifs° To•Mxv.
The Committee appointed to call upon
Maypx McCarthy attended to that duty
on Saturday evening, andhave fmnished
the press with the following:
MATon's Orrick, Pirrsirtnitin,' PA.,
- • November if, 1867.
The citizens of Pittsburgh and vicinity
are 'requested to meet at the Booed of
Trade ltoorns. on Monday, the 11[131135t.,
at 3 o'clock. r. M. to take each steps as
may be deemed necessary to alleviate the
distress the late explosion at
the iron Works In Pitt township.
WN. C. EfeCommv 'Mirror.
niNERALs 1 iT}:XiDAX.
The eormatuences of tliciterrible disas
ter wore plainly. visible yesterday in the
number of funeral "prournisions' _which
thronged Peon street during the day:
Strong moo wept tears of sorrow for the
griefstrickenfclpds; who were following
to the groan • remains' ar.thaeo who
.but, a Yew dayksinee wore In full Wound
. ,
• Wire Desisrtiort cosocrailegea
Forced Marriage. -•-
A wife Mandan case,'pendirig nitro
the October term, and -
In Which there
have been several hearings,' was fi nally
dieposal of on Saturday, in the Quarter
Sesslonsjefore Judge,. Stowe anti Mel
lon. `lt flrisauted some peculiar features.
, .
The proof W a s that bintle Crawford, on
the aithofltioe Rot., WOm
united in ar
ring(' with. Margaret Prophater, 'at, her
, . „
father's house, in 3ltutellester, and th at
be lead failed to discharge hie titanic es
' husband Ice projialtm for the support of
b is wife end Child; The defense 'set up
Ovals. that be was not the father of tlio
. ._ .
child, and that th e marriage was a forced
. .
one. The defendant, a compe tent ` wit. .,
also Ruler on of the Lost actleg islature ,
was permitted Inthat)fy. Its Is „ twenty.
for years or age, at - least viz feet
two Ic e his, steeldne,s, no . d . altogether
a very likely young man. ' not
to may ,of very handsome or. striking
apt nee. lie admitted having been
In company with. Atha P,rophater, that
denied that he was the father of .hor
child. Thu substance Of his story, no to
the forced marriage,- was 'that. on the
evenin of the ad of June the young
irolnan'a father, Martha Prophator, and
her angle Matthew IleCarraltan, =Bete
his bearding honor, InAlleghony. city, ,
and dealredliim to take al.walk up to
bletiarraban's house, at • the head of
James street. Third wer44 Allegheny,.
Or thopurposo ofseeing Miss Prophater,
shout some "talk," as he suppoeed, the
subject, of marriage not beingmentioned.
On the woe, against his wish, noel Al the
earnest solicitation of Mr. Prophater, he
went into a salons., end task - a drink of
beer or hie. ' Arriving at MeCarrnikan't
boaso it was ascertained that 31Iea -Pro
phater was not there, -. having
toturnal home to her • father's,
In Manchester, whither it was
then proposed to go; Crawfortl. - mak.
log no objection. On the-way be woe
peroutiaal LO take two More - drinks Of
her of ale. At Propluner's he found the
mother and snot of the young woman. 1
After ho had been seated stow moments,
send had same pleasant 'conversatlean
rinse In an adjoining room• attracted his I
attention, and be entered.''There he
found bliss l'rephater in team - wringing
herhantisand imparently in great agony
of mind. - /redeems.' to know what was
wrong, and was infbrmed. - `Following'
this he bad some conversation. walk!
Ml:Carnahan and was told by biro - that
, Ito man merry Miss.P. Crawfonl re
plied (bat he would die tlist,• or used
wends In that effect.' Re 'further and
I that McClanahan told lure that hoshould ,
I not leave the bonso alive • It; be did not
make Miss P. lno, wife. - itelglint' him
by the collar with onehatuthatui petting
the other' in his "side pocket Cra*ford
and he maw Irian appeared to Rifling;
and of a r ilatol—conld -tell litho appa,...
tent r ,`Wlti t:' of -Wbalthe'sworrel'lo-Xeß.'
~allowed t to arop la his lonzet, - that it
was 'such weapon.- Re`kkattented- and
told them to soma foals preacher. •".11ev.
lir. /feint:Rote:ad cunn and the marri
ageeeremeny wars performed: Although
, be told ties preacher fbr hie servhas;
Crawford end the moneys was. not his
own, ,Rita. Pr0p1444.e. hating obtained it
from be father and given it to hire
to give t 4 the minister. CraWfora being ' ,
asked th question, sold he consented to
the Warr ago through intimidation ; or in'
1 other wants. that Use threats made upon 1
his life had influenced him to allow the
act to be performed. RC retrained at 1
the boons all Matt, occupying the roam
apartment with Ma wife.- • • . .
- Other nritheasat were called, among
theui.Crawford's father, quite an aged
matt, residing on his farm of "one bun.
dred and tiny- news in Ross township.
Nodding very material .in defense, fur,
ther than that given, teas elicited, rave'
the fan that Crawford was repo rented
151 an apprentice tocarpentering
business, that he had not yet served out
his term, and that for some time pant his
earnings head amounted too fraction
over aloe dolling per week. •
, Mr. MeCarruban wen roknodtho "rebut
tke statement °reran - Cordes to the force
naiad in: ancomphabing-the , marriage.
This witneas said Crawford: Ikea been :
anted upon - let his boarding horse no be
staled. Alter they bad started away
incompany,tho (Crtterrerd)lVßAirlibrtned
of the nature of the,. business: thew had
with him. • In answer to Crawlbrd'a in.
gutty, he (witness) told him (Crawford)
that •ho knew all about it, and no "ex.
I planation": - *as regulate. - .Alter they .
had arrived at Prophets's'. /ko (McCaw..
rattan) and. Propbater went. together,
1 for Vie minister, leaving Cpkorrenlat the
house. Flavingtowitltaconsiagrabletime
MeCrugahnu ' mad 'he 'tett:deed 'ln the 1
bonne, leaving ..Prophator to bring'
the minister, which he aid. McCar.
rehab. tntist empluitfonlyalculed having
made any threats to Crawford, and pro
tested 'that- has effortsta'aeoomplish thol
marnajte artiolinted,, to. nothing. more
than persuasion; He had been tonal In_
ns a friend of thefaintly, Ito bad geld - to
Cmsvforillhat UM satneContinenthivotati
root hold them-throth;Weree memberof
hishiss family thus, invelvaL .The;•,platel
story, was absurd. lie • had .no , can
weapon; or anything like it, 'unless it
Earl a 41
ria" PrOdu kftiom
Tito aliO vi. 104
'ollaY' reason I
Crawford gave:far, btellating &lout. thel
marriage Wee that be "wee "engiged to I
another." Ile tusked that-the- - char d
be not published, and - this * request was
mode Of the inttnater. Ito bad 'also -re,
Imaeated that lite, rtillano .of renttlage
be "anal hack", is anct tt. tannin. p -, -
nod, in order tbat his father might- "
su4z, , ,cl,.„.l3,yt.binir ri ; o b i lt . ..tlas e l d rna an nc ,ittz .' )
naked theqdrostien," stated 06tIbrawas
the- father of hqr s shill, lam ia quite
young, and of wither prOVlAfte-98ingSp.
Considerable unto Nvaa orotiplea in the
hearing ~nn . Satinday. ' At Its ciente
sten the, Court 41Irectal that Crawford
should etuatributo -to rho .support of hie
:wife to the
,extent of tint Rollers pet
week, aiding from the Ist inst., until the
further order of the Court, and to give
Alt An the Sign Of POO for ,rompliance
with' ench" 'rho counsel In the
case Irene,. Oeneral order: l', 11. Oniler for (ho
'Wire, John M. Kirlilkatriek antl C. W
Robb, Nage„ - Intalto IRsbend. - ,_ r ' '
r /Luellen letenr meaeal4
. On • Shturdny; the tntEl CUM,. at- !dans.
field, Id:intim from the city.. there will
iiit'inMertruit sale et• auction.. The
schedule , inelodeet braid. Various agri
cultural !Lnidentents and other miner ar.
foles;• o number of bLielt. and frutoo
dwelling houses, abellt ilfty attiMing lots,.
very eligibly shunted. a borourbe, trav
elling am! buoit-wegous.. burthen cart
and wogon, Lorne chohn blooded eon's
and heifer; and e three yearold bull. It
will - tie borne inland that the
die reed is now wholly lu the hands of
the Permaylvicala ' , antral. Settee Indiry
will be to dills! the Chanters Valley and
other feeders, whkph N.lll GrOattNUMOOD
the valuebf tlie fets'and threl gs now
to be sold, so the& IheriTverty offend by
dlr. lir= very atm ruble, whether 113
solo tortornnburbenrestilensee.
it )enspected Vat done_ Seep
rly butes will run mend Crum Mans.
imak ild 'Ai nt io d 'AU do well to Woke!
ehanaele• end Ltn o the eetithig. ,
OveitlelpeN I
Meerebele "..74.44"-, •
Wemirlffreireeteee t u.
1 1 ' °- XltlOttlit'Wll9V Qicave,ra' Assad:4-
,km twat' bold Se anneal • meeting M
P /Itabttegb, •Vrodneylay, November ,
17tb, LW; at ltio'elack•
• ' ' '•'• I.llteur S. Iteatex.t..,
• Preaktenc:•
• •
W. —Sutra,
Thhin tent be bald,' qt trio Coati
7totem quarlersur tba. Mo.
uoagaltela Moat lieD. Gutter•
Sec.refurx. VetyllYlV*4ol Netat *dal
[tremors: Aieeelettolle.• . 7..
The city Connelllai—A vegeta zeeettog
t City Csoe4elle will be Feld th 4. ewe.:
The Will. of Thomas 0. Clarke and
Times Weed.
The willa of thbse two aged citizens,
who died recently, have boon admitted
to probate.' Mr. Clarke's bstate Ls valued
at- "$3.50,000 in real estate, money and
awoke. The, whole property, with the
exception 9f liberal' beiiuesta to nieces
and nephews and 'certain charitable be
quests, is left to be divided equally-be
tween his two children; Charies.T. Clarke
and Agnes . H. Krufhody. The following
sums, to be paid oat of his estate, are set
apart by Mr. Clarke in hilti will for phi
lanthropic purposes:
To the Pittsburgh and Allegheny Or
phans' Asylum L 5,000. -
VO the Allegheny Boma for the Friend-
To Ploutiwant's Hospital, In the city of
'ittaburith, $5,000.
Tothe A.merezian Sunilny School Union,
! • To the Home kiissicmary Society of
the - New School Presbyterian church,
To be expended Irt the education of
young men forth° ministry-by the. Per
manent Committee on Education of the
New . School Presbyterian church,.
To the Church Elfl4oll Fund er the
.New, Scheel Presbyterian citurett,'B2,ooo.,
.Thd amount bequeathed by Mr. Clarke
in - bequests ! to distant relatives and to
chattlebte purposes, to •Dti,ooo. The ro
inainder o(tho estate inns in equal mute
to his two surriclng children: •
Mr. Wood'. wilt is listed January lot,
His estate is estimated at:gni:oo,-
000, including Property in . St. Louis val..
ued at between three, and four millions.
One-third Is devised to his wile, and the
remainder, In equal parkt, - to his child ren,
Rebcora Jane Friend, wire of For
tor R. Friend; Elizabeth Roscoe Stort
ing, Emma Hanna • Reath r jahaos Theo-.
Bore Wood, Charles Augustus Wood,
and !Alice Josephine Wood--pose, idea.
Dr. Tlndlo. The administrators named
in the will are 'James Theodore. Wood,
Charles A. Wets], and 'Benjamin Bran- !
Prigtilltal accident
actident of a frightful charauter De,
eurred yesterday on Fenn street, near
Lawrenceville. A funeral procession
mum from Boundruy•stroet,'Lawrenco,
vine, into Penn street, andwhen about
. • •
one h.sitof the Inaceislort bad turned the
eornor, It was halted, and, th.cie in the
rear nut Observing the. - Liet. Weve on,
which. roused ,a - jrun at the corner. ''Two
carriages were turned byor and consider-
- ably damaged. The bers6s attached to
them becoming entaiMled in theharnesa.
were -thrown to the 'ground. i Several
other' horses becamciftiglaimed, some of
Which 'were I; ickinganu othersll:tlPt6*.
log - to - run •away, while 'the c.sompants.
moat of wham wore ladicK.were scream:
leg Vor - strew 'mintites.:le
looted as though there honk( bea gun=
oral stampede; but after soma time the'
Loma were quieted,. arid 'the procession
moved on. Fortutudelv,' one wee
injured, testseveral cariiages and bug. ;
glee were seriously damaged. - • •
. abaakaar onna*M.
Wednesday. last en, interesting little
daughter'of„Jackson Rhodos, (brother of
Captain Joke Ithodes,) aged Are yeant,
was fatalii burned, at' the residence of
her parents, near Carpenter's Station, on
the' Pennsylvania in,Weit
inorebnol eonnty. Her mother had been
boiling , aoap out . 41(xinkand,bariag fat-'
lobed took lathe kettle andexti4mished
the tire, no she suPPeend, t stilt hreeze;
howerer r fazoted the dying embers and
the, Little girl. throw onetime eldN, thas
kindling a -blaze .whictt,shi ahnplayad,
about in oblldlsh glee; caught; her
ing: The' screams of the child ittiracted
the attention of the itiotheri-ethOlu...once
ran to 'its iissistanee.' She succeeded' In
enttnmdahing the tamel,:buttmotmptil.
tho little girl nnaztrain,:tarellay 'burned.
deoth resulting from theeffectisWednes.
day - night. The mother, was, nonsideni
bly bunted, her , Olean* ]laving - also
:taken/41 3 ;4R hefeinele:Pe EaYgkUL7
18osomvfe , -Totem letimeimpa..
. 94 411: 1 4 1 e 4f40 3 : 14 4*. * 61 n44- I
*;iou4r.;- 7l2PleFeZet-W/tiFieeT4
in thelanratenh - of , Strattnk. ham, was en,
Mead and robbed orthree .. getter
—brandr, gin! and wine : -okti boat:1111z
trig fivo gellons:„...llesldes;„ two empty
kegs herowi.ulagand . are
have been.'lllled: - with -- tridiaty 'down
from other vottails:' The thieree entered
• the rellarttom , the , sidewalk; the dour.
awing tba recent paving the , stree
soil grading: of the Addowalki..halting
been left inseetire.'; The shentena who
committed thegobbeir,y4co Snlpllesed to
reside In the borough, and cati--eeareely .
°magic detect:ten'
We lisernalso thatlraloblazie Stainita'a'
sirr9cery store; oh sarrecer suttee; , wan
visited by thieves during Sunday Morn
inginud UtnultitY of goods nulled otT.
em, I*.*tL`.
Omuta liousr..-3143 Ta rn
ta Dean co,
- - • • ,
Inermosa brief engagemeut lbe Opera
liousefanlglit, whoa labs-khinehback'!.
fire*nted. - : . ,
racy ,
bill will bop - resesuelitblxerenlng.,„ u
Tniratlt.—The-Faireir 1314aritigere
Chneek will eloaa Wednesday night.
Dir.r..—PosiotaVones aria
Charley Gallagher, assisted by a number.
or other kelabritlea,- a t's -
ring": exhibition gat..Lafayetto . for
three nights, commening to - niet
The priNovls ofthe.4l_ %Mi t ten
t em-'1
fina l
n V.l'arelbfaht,°-e7.7.
:Lathe CoUrtiit Centrum .Plaus,l3.;.tru,
day,- h dlyohir ehaed wore
acetyl wren
,Titrai3l . ol2 . l4ll vktdij'Antioqiiiiw
Met In itrverectalmU.k for ' arse the
rorttualtslaii" of 'adtritery,With'Danlet
, rstbel - tilatribried at We cost Of
peUtionts: , °Onion. by Stage Same: •="
Liza° J:...Reatw. Jens: 5eat. ...,( -ttuse,
Cruel treatment. Decree retuned. .
HElizabeth tiollinger vh.,,r4 , o4erlek Hot
uger. Decree granted.
lirargaiet• ..ti2 - Buddy Vs . James Reddi.
btrriet E. ~ L.
dryD•Jraey Dikt4o3^.
Drigree" 4l lW; with leaTeitotakelbstlter
!` 1 4' 4.6 4 - WIPAITYP•
tßit.chit go 104
bPl.p,ack tko' follpur~trg ; e,l. linge r
m ay any " picked oo" -In .Vl.v.aora'•
Pennsylvania, at Unto, ppark Aut
lath inst., the pnecee4ol,Alte:ipPno td
ppo acYctold le' the sulle.sre'qf the recent
bolter eplosibn: The
,:entterprlie .Is : a
betteene,ted-.atid ere hope the challenge
eep: -
TheAllevheny Base Bell Chtb:etud.
/or LtnerPrhtellase Ball. (nub to
pi , a Maleil,RarwOn IVeduesday, Nov.
int ;,Ik,' ;at Union , :rarln the proceeds
to - be given to the sufferers by the reeent
czpleston. It the • fintorptine,t.cffue .to
pl ny, the Allegheny till - piny:any,' pick
ed inen'titlceststn-r`einwlvanto.fortbe
Parft •ed. — lnformatlaci-Iplo. born or
calved Ibei the 96KdDaltd
o istoihsotAltoonyocartict44
or odoaitng couptorkil soaosy,:at
Itot , !n coup
1191y:1 syktes
Djl trk gultet. ' •
The Flrekotalc.*siodatton • wilt bold
regular: =ambit •• mouthig , this
• unp , r,,, , yerml, aware .o.lllor , Now.
nut; Pone° t
Tnttnlutivt nteivasel.; 16101lIgOkititi•
fsim Noir
~ 1 0451 . Nietiosimiaid Noir
c i ricw. • , • • ,!,
. .
064 P Fag 'vf!l !Ida: - •
• 0 &I,citi' '
ORM liropicUard'aria iron
errata Chocolate Drops, Peas Cream and
Dana Alriacmdr. Ilho Jordan 'Almonds,'
Imperial Ur Dro„eto-Dropa, Mask , Dropr;
Marsh Mellow brow, Liguori,* , Drops,
Iluarkmand' Mans, CandY and
New, lloodtras ./talslna, as. tho.Lowast
prlocs,-11:2 Vederalatroes, Alleglutny
linavrra. set
oftletliErg —Tho • hdehs asi
morn, So., for men, ladle:land &On.
kept .at ?Saran street, 'an made of
tho Tray best cunithat, and sold as lour
as MO Jaaroet: , 4411 good. unwarranted
!2 . o_' anVernollon. Ton ,ward. oome
'"F IC oo 4ilyt goa..prices, at.
R° botig q /194 ,AotunV
toys thing Pat i a,„47te - C4r o e4l
Snalmt. tt Kirk's Gm.,
eer y 810 re. /7.t and- . 174 Federal
Unt.vor.7-beat In • oho Anistkatilt
B s t'o plias Um. ,• •
Cq WO; irkliawly"; *W.
S ir C t ei, for b.rEnhul hubs: • •
. .
~ ;:
iSotlitiig ov r' ito d
_the people as
proved tio pOpular as ilia elegant patent
or copyright mentioned` below. Friad
Personal knowledite we cnn recotinnend
it as Piet what It is repreistntokl,. invalu
able to all, and a lartano In. it for those
P:urchasing territory:
ROW VOUTIININ Ant IIE111(1 . 11. Ap- •.
Those - who have seer:trod - State, counto
and city lights todisposobt Col. Boaroiie
Civenfraterd or Copyright, which In its
me Liadapted to all classes, am making
from $lOO.OO to $150.00 daily. It is invnl
-uablo to every business man and every
lady In America, and there Is a clear
profit of 8100.60 on every 811.40 expended
Inc working. "material. , t
Address .I.IV. Em men, Pittsburgh,Pa.
thrum liubn's Law Building 53 Dia-
Mond street, room No. 5. Cale between
7 1 A.3t. and 5 r. sr. :
Boon ibe Testimony front One or Ibe
101deSI COloons of Allegheny- City:
~A LLEatinnit, Oct. 14, 1447.
I Met. KELLEY.—Dcar I
tiaio boon troubled for some yours with
the conipMint described by your adver
tisement of Dr. Sargent's Diuretic or
Backache Pile, and oahcluded to give
Thom a trial, and anf glad to say they af
forded mit immediate reiW..l cheerfully
r - eMmmend them to any ono aufforing
troth like symptoms, feeling confident
they will do all you claim tor. therm -
rano by a u D DAVID SALITD.
!With per box. .7gg!Stß• 50
• TP
Prunes, Raisins, Currants, Citron; Spi
detl*nion, Canned Fruits and Vegeta
bles; i'lckles, Calming, Saudi's, Jellies,
Marmalade,: Extrect of Beef, Condß aker ensed
Milk Gelatine, Canton Ginger, 4;
Whitman's Chas:awes, Spiced Oysters,
Fresh Tine Apples, Quinces, Plums,
Chemise, CcuTania, Years and ll'ackber
vie!, Spas', Olives, Capon?, Olive Oil,
Tamarinds, Ertracts, dtc., dx.„ second
dodr North of the Mist National Bank,
tallegheayqity. Oaonon Banyas. oh
To Country Ilferchants.Totir attent
tion is called to the Wholewd° cult re
tail grocer), store .of.4rthrts Kirk, Nos
i,72 and 1,4 Federal, street, Allegheny,
Just the:place to. buy' your groceries:
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ables him to soil to retail merebandlso at,
a lower figure than :my other house to
the two iii7kedps :stall times all
kinds Of 9n:reties and will be phumed
to lion parties cal ' and examine bioptic°
114 . 'endd - the ipiallty , of goods kept-by
him. ;-Remember bias:acrobat, 172 7 and•
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Thursday, Nov, 14d1,. at in'clock4gsery
beaUttflally lodated three acre lot ou the
Tacky ;elate, at Davisidlle, th 6
Brighton road, 'adjoluiustlas Campbell
end Daliell properties. „The city, mat
piper Odd 1 - 6o' premises: which ate a
qtuirter , ofa mile from_ Woods^ run'eta..
Uon. The attention of those In quest.of
a flue alto . to specially invite to tele sale.
:.State ,Lottery«—The only.
I .llzed..lirsiwinge/rt the United Stang.
ma Grandliblltddy 'Dinning - *intake
pliee'Deeembernlak• , 1g.,50 - to be 'din
'minuted.. Capital, - prize ! SWAG.- corn
inunkaitions strictly cortildontial.
eularesimt addreining '
3111IIDAY, EDDY at CD. :
• Covington by,
Ari ., .Geode at •• Wllelesalei—We
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titr ' go r lsoln ur d c iTa t t mc g ecvm
staplo goods, and to the lattiL we sail
the lowest eastern prices, and cut
goods to snit
- • •
lUsima& "
• • 69, Market street
"A CiAgf CAAT.Eveitelierliec
nit Ter3l- co :Apple; Demo , ;Venlltsi
Aleunirthi, Tee
Clioeolate and VrteEti: Oltalllele, Dates,
ft', 44; sir ID. redertd street, 'A.-
0211eRY ekr.r,x; aLazannatemnra2 -
snle and ..retall gloper,. —Nos..' 172. ar4
174 Federal istreot, trpelvdd bnecittllti
beit - hlarks'of Vrooeilees'evier , tirought; to
44 0 A4OCWIcitiM*Im14IcroriMMOlg
any house la.the*lty, r.
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Store" Npa,..172.-aud.l7.}..FNeml
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Rese.' 2 . lll 4ks TeaberrYf einnarapu, Cad'r
enna Pappar and Conversation, at tb@
loafkat pelt:a -, At 112 Federal 'ilmeal
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6reit2o.llfr i0r1111.2 111 Mid MUM .tan; ,
at Wni,,Flamlntea -extaaalvo- hat,. imp,
Pad Itt4les thrhouag; NO. 139 Wood at.'
- Unm_-• • '
Eye Eat, Minna, , Linen;. , Linen;. ort
1.1111E2123 mut 't CATI747Ia, X
treated 'by Dr.'Abent, - 134tITT4n1
stmt. z - A book' by matt to cents.
Om* Creeerita—TOC cheap GrO-'
caries. and something good; 6 6 to Artant
Kirk's' Grua:ay. gtcs,..tios. i.7?.,and.174
Federal street; 41legtomy. am! •
I..)3Esittuflon NVutur , tu s,.ckrtalu cure
f6r Diabetes undull discaces of Me id+
turps Forrale IkrallArugglsts.
Co: tri.iincadrig>a , Dra . g . ,l3tons,N4 . ", 84
Market tree; fur ypi.r....sept! ,
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best White Len In the clty , 84 Market
CARS : UN,ircOTALEANP:.2Iittiii4Iay crion
CAtt.SUlt to MI. JEN*It
both orAnisbenr " ": ,:.:-..•-.
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COFFINS. at alllledis; 0L09141 See
banished:: Iteoz;ae open ds) , askuleht: linen
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David I.ICM. /M., D.. 1 147.
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m. , IVit.Lba , of papers aed 1.U...0f no,
Oats. 1.4,n7p. but' flee uweet. The ileac' , rill
rengra tl. Ka , * retard es )5.155 lb. wallet
11,4 golgup N.lit. to MAIII9IIrigWET.
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or& as 'nu" rromoi* Pailinkl,
''• • •
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contslator FORTY 41,1
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—lrkeite copy of paper to tile perewa get LIAR
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scribers haelnt bat one Mill aweet.
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tartrate. given. A4dreas 0+..71.1,4z711CL',.,
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WANTED— CANVA .. n .,„
.....,,.x,,,,,ead,•, ,,
and Female.' 2110,..-^,—' .., f ,TIVC
TUE POI'S 1:: imuE: or.• g
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ttie U.'S. liinltari Ciatoisi kin.
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co.; CO Bartertiterei. rirksurx. •
WANTED,— puseint4sell*T9r,
Stale, Calmly and City It
valuable and lit/pular Paten!
ed In lit ate to every butluelutta i.t`rdy alt=
to $1:;.1 Plllt DAY. 'Buslaboa 40110011 1 1• 40 '
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VAILVINO LAUD: lovi. Tarifa
(loa . fl title. Tals all paid.' trida Icittlt•
nroperty. )or partlenlira inquire of-L*lr.
SOUTII. Mo. St arket street.' ""
-•-- •
F 0 R BALE-15101k1Efi,--.42 1 .i
Llvel-rand Sals,ltstA•eGG
ouxr- HORSES,. , ott... LARGE r. DRAUGHT' :
11.111 FD. FIRST STRRZI, usar /DSGSGIS.-
CZ - Horses Vaught and sold earnaltist.i.
• .
'nilnult, unb of the velnotralltreftAft
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. rick. Yard, to Loy •
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FOR HALE—newaqv.--A: good
Bakery., dolnit:a 'of lisiso 75
Wirersof floor a breek,'lnd atlto:l,'
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sold on reasonable terms. The' abiga *
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. . .
FOR 8A1.E.--fionne and Lot or
opener or Mialtattan . and 'Adams Attests
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