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iv "scull of the mooting journals," In
statinethe case of Anna Fitzpatrick, had
•bettn as h usgenerous" so the Commercial
alleges,_ they would have approached the
Mendacity of that journal, in its assault
upon them. In amerting that its con
temporaries were 'emitted by * "01111-
pions desire to injuie a worthy gentle.
man,- whose only fault wan his connec
tion with a one instittdiCn whose
falth.ditiers from that which they have
eePoPed," tt ga dirloitcY to an un
prorw. and tent:loud calumny; It
struck at the al character of gen
tlemen of its o pr Cession, in a vile
and indecent manner; and under cir
cumstance/P.441a furnish no apology or
Tax news from Italy is very exciting
this mornlig. Garibaldi is thundering
at the gates of Rome with a victorious
army fresh from Monte Rotunda, where
thsy achieved a brilliant . triumph. The
pope, for greater security, has abandon
ed the Vatican and taken refuge in• the
Castle of Bt. Angelo. Victor Emanuel
luta epokem In a royal proclamation; de.
flouncing Garibaldi and endorsing the
policy of Prance regarding the situation.
At Tolon, where Franck naval forces
are stationed, great *Minty prevail*, and
nests were about departing for theacene
of action. In an encyclical letter, ad
dressed to the Prelates of Europe, the
Pope acquaints them with his fears of
the success of the insurgents, and con
seqtrent destructions! his temporal pow
er. We do not see how aid can mach
Rome in time to be of service to the Pa
. Pa trooper, u the Impetuous . Garibaldi,
with his enthualartic followers, will
posh forward into tne Eternal city before
'anything can transpire to check their on
ward march.
CaXILLMCiOIIi news is the Wilton
now, that is when there Is any news at
all. The band item of contradiction
wee that received yesterday, concerning
the new British . Minister. In the same
day we bear that Mr. Thornton, 0. 8.,
Las most positively been appointed as
FROM= to the late Sir Frederick Bruce;
and, In another place, that it has been
decided to appoint no one for a few
wadi yet. Of 'course, we don't believe
both, but then it is so pleasant not to be
forced to choose for one's self. A ladle
tin of ilea, suck as a Bavarian Journal
publishes, would be,a good thingin-tbis
- =tars, and Wasbinggra would be an
excellent piece for it to have Its head.
A, summit of much importance to
was decided yesterday in the
United Butes Circuit Court in sesekm
at liew,Tork. The dentists throughout
the country have been infringing on the
Goodyear Rubber Company's patent, by
using, without permission, bard rubber
for dental purposes. • •
Tiii Republicans of the city bate re
turned to the delegate method of nomi
nating municipal officers; discarding the
Crawford county system after brief ex
perience in its workings.
GEC Jacr. Catancaarr, the delagate
elect kom Dakota, wu formerly a citizen
of Crawford coaaty,
I ====
(Charles P. Upham, of Mass, has writ
ten a history of the witchcraft delusion.
It occupies two octavo volumes, of over
one thousand pages each, and is illustra
ted by maps, photographs, autograph or
wood cute of houses connected with the
tragic event* of which the beginning is
thus described:
"In the winter of a circle of
young girls met frequently at Mr. Par
ris' house, ostensibly to practice psalm
singing, but their principal occupation
wasfertune telling and the various arts
of necromancy, magic and ventriloquism,
in which they had instruction of two ne
meagunlndian eervants, whom Mr. Parris
t with him from theSpordshWest
India Islands, where he was engaged In
trade. One of these girls was a daugh
ter of Mr. Parris, nine yens of age. An
- other wad Ann Putnam, twelve wean of
age. The ages of the other girls rutted
from eleven to eighteen years. They
crept Into holes and under benches, threw
theresensoon thefloor,vrent into spasms,
and uttered strange outcries.
, .These p ro-
d in
r iwere rlly T , gna as thet-le became" adep ts
the gan to attract the attention of
the neighbors, and gave exhibitions of
their new accomplishments. Prom day
to day they learned sew tricka, The oil
huge doctor was called in, who, with Mr.
Parris, concluded that the girls were
'ander an evil hand.' The community
was excited, and flocked to see their
strange actions. Witch books were in
Mr. Parris' house, and the girlsprobably
learnedhow witches inEngland behaved.
The Weis were now euestior.ed as to who
had bewitched them. They named Set
' rah Good, a poor wretched outcast, and
Pltuba, one of the Indian servants.
Whether they named these persons un
der instructions cannot be ascertained.
The time was not yet come for striking
at higher game. The local magistrates
Inquired into the matte!, and held a pub
lie examination of the twb persons ac
cused.- In ell them trials the guilt of the
accused was mourned, and these simple
people were plied with such questions as
these by the magistrates: 'Sash Good,
why do you hurt these children ?"I do
not hurt them; I acorn it.' 'Whom do
employ, moo, to do it?' 'I employ
no one. Tide children then go into con
'Sarah Good, do you see what
you have done? Why do you not tell ,
na the truth ?"I do not torment them.'
'Bow came they thus tormented?' "What
dd 2 know.' After many Inquiries of
this kind the wretched woman ands that
her only refuge is in accusing some one
else ; then she says that. Sarah Osburn
has bewitched her. The wirls also re
member that Sarah Osborn had bewitch
ed them. Osbune was arrested and
brought in. She was asked:'W.tat evil
spirit .e haveyou familiarity with?' ..Nons.'
Mace von made no contract with the
'No: I never saw the devil in
my life,' The 'afflicted children' look
upon berandgo into culvulsimas. 'Why
do you hurt these children?' do not
hurt timer.' 'Wt.em do you employ.
then?': 'I employ nobody. I do not
' know that the devil goes about in my
likeness to do any hurt.
Sarah Osborn was committed and Ti
tuba was brought tn. The same gum
liens were asked and the same scene en
'lett& 'Who Is It that hurts these cloth
dunl" *The devil, for aught I know.'
'DIA you ever see the devil?' 'The devil
emote to me and bid me serve him.'
'Whom have you teen?' 'your women
sometimes hurt these children.' 'Goody
Osborn and Sarah Gad; I do not know
who the others were.' She then confess
ed she tormented the children, and made
some strange revelations The devil, the
rid, appeared in black clothes Isom:-
times, and sometimes In a bugs coot of
another missy. She was asked how eke
, went to witch meetings, and replied, 'We
ride upon sticks, Good and Osborn be
hind me.' 'Do you go through the tree*
or over theta?' We see nothing, but are
there presently.' Thia woman was toe
servant of Mr. Parris, and the instructor
of the '.filleted children' in their hellish
arta. John Indian, the other servant,
-appeared as an accuser In a later stage of
' proceeding..
"'Me deluaion was now under full
_headway. The next victim was the wife
of Giles Covey, a devout matron eighty
ymers of age, who spent most of her time
in prayer. • Her examination was a same
for the pencil of an artist. The usual
questions were put to her. She denied
the I:gallons, and askingleave to go to
• pray er. knellth a e presence of the court
ffervut. supplication.
When she had concluded the magistrate
said: "We did not send for you to go to
prayer; but tell me why you hurt thew?'
tom an itnocest permit. I never had
to do with witchcraft shim I was born. I
am a gospel woman.' t The girls go Into
fits, and declare that Goody Co," is
pinching them, and are not restored enl
they touch the person of the accused.
These proceedings were enacted at every .
trial The pions woman reworded the
whole thing as a delusion, and to the
q uestion, 'Do you not. see these children
complain of your replied; 'The Lord
open ,the eyes of the magistrates and the
minister. Sbe was bong Septembit
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Hlgbly Exciting Intelligence.
Cabinet Reconstruction Fail!
QIIIBiLDI'S naiz arnmiTED
AT 10,000 to 12,000 NMI
Young Men of Italy Swarming
to. Join
Action of. France Declared
Not Aggressive. •
(ft TsMini* to Llt• Plitsbuigtt Cissetted
nownia NEAR noii!—rxEr.ta.tTtoze
Rots, Oct.:Z.—There bee been fight
ing to-day, halt a mile from the city.
Great excitement prevails within the
The revolutionists are making preps
rations fora second uprising. A procla-
Marlon has been issued to prohibit as
semblages of over four persons together
at the inure time. All persona are to retire
within their hookas, and the shops are to
be closed when the signal of alarm is
News has been Deceived here that one
thousand Garibaldisum attacked Viterbo
yesterday, setting tire to one of thegates.
They were repulsed with heavy loss in
men and Material. .It Is said that their
leader was the Deputy Acerbt, and that
he was killed. t.
The citizens of Rome, Including snarly
of the aristocracy., have been armed and
patrol the streets.
Fr-onsvcx, Oct. W.—Naics Mot been
received here that a desperata bottle was
fought near Monte Rotunda on Friday.
Garibaldi won the victory With four bat
tailiona. He - put to flight and pursued
the Papal forcee, taking one hundred
Prlsoners and three gurat Many were
killed and wounded on both aides.
General Cialdini has been unable lo
complete the formation of a new minis
try, and has abandoned the effort. Both
General Retard and General Durando
..!re trying to reconstruct the Cabinet
Triirtt, October Wu—There was a great
popular demonstration in thls city yes
terday afternoon in favor of making
Rome the capital of the. nation, and an
address to the Ring of Italy to that effect
was adopted.
GAILIBAS.Deci FORCE 10,000 TO 12.000.
Rams, October .W.—Garibaldi's force
Is Sold to be from ten to twelve thousand
strong. All the Papal troops hare been
concentrated before_ Rome with orders
to act . upon the deflmidlre.. The hoops
that sailed from Tordon will reach Civitta
Vecchia this afternoon.
TWO seams. Foratir—uAßnumin SE
'Two battles have been fought between
the volunteers under Garibaldi.. The
first took place at Monte Rotundo, the
second was fought further. south, at Ter
rote. In both these engagement., which
were of a desperate character,lhe invad
ers were victorious, and General Gari
baldi has now arrived before Rome with
ten thousand men under his command.
MWAILICISCI OCBR:11113 rtioarrats- .
FLoramme., October 2L—The young
men of Italy are swarming over the
Papal frontier to Join Garibaldi. There
is a report" that Garibaldi received a
check at Monte Rotundo from the Papal
troopeoviko were suddenly reinforced.
PARIS, October 27.—The .3.lbeiteur of
to-day says that tho fleet at Toidon had
been kept back at the request of the
King of Italy, but It has now galled for
the Italian coast, because no Cabinet ha■
been formed at Florence, and because
Garibaldi is menacing the city of Rome.
The action of France l declared not ag
gressive.. Both Italy andTrimee are In
terested in the promervation of order and
the vindication of thelaw. TheMonitcur
home that the entente eordtale between ..
the two nation will not be disturbed.
Egrosrnoietzatstmsummes' murgorr.
A banquet was given yesterday by the
foreign members of the Imperial Com ,
mission of the "Exposition Universalis'
to the Frence members: M. Moeller,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, was present
and made an Important and significant
speech. He allnded•directly to the pre
sent crisis in the Italian peninsula, and
said be hoped Italy would not, under the
influence of bad passions, be led to en.'
gage in a war with France,• but that she
would emerge fredu this great national
trial prirified and a friend of order.
14 - /LD #ll3/1014 YBOAt ITALY
PARIS, Oct. 27—Eoening.—The wildest
rumors in regard to Italy are circulating
here. , It la reported that the Italian
Crown Prince has put himself at the
Lead of an army to resist the French.
Another rumor Nays that King Victor
F.mannel will abandon hie crown.
PA.IIIIII, October :IL—The races at Pin
cennei took place yeeterday. The Em
peror Francis Joseph Was present and
accorded the Imperial stand. The grand
prize was won by Polygon. The prize
of Paris was taken by the same. The
Madhya preminmwas won by :demist.
In the steeple . chaise Magenta wee the
Beaux, Sunday, Oct. in.—The King of
Prussia has returned from tour through
the South German Stater.
The second session of the Parliament
of the North German Confederation was
closed yesterday by the Ring In person,
who, inn speech, congratulated the mem•
hers on the succoreof thoir labors and the
thvorablo progress which hail been made
towards the complete unity of the father.
- LONDON, October 7S—Noon.—Console
841-10; nre.Twentlee, G 9 11-16; Wm*
Central, 781; Fzio, 461. •
Ltrvnenotm, Oct. 28.—IsToors.--Cotton
opens quiet and tmckuinged: sales esti.
mated at 10,000 balm middling • uplands
Orleans 94d.. 'Breadatuffe easier.
Corn declined fld; new mixed 'Western
49s 3d. Peas 6d lower; Catmllan 51elkL
Losfooss, October :94-2 r. es.—Coinsola.
945.10. American accusitimacthin 0- M 4
IV le-16; Illinois; Central, 781; Er 41 4 .46 if
PAsus, Oct. 8--19bon—Tho Bowser le
Amager. Realer advancing. •
LivearooL, 0ct.:95-2 r.
prices unchanged, but the market is
quietsuudeasier. Breadatuffe—no change.
Provialonn--Purk Is higher; prune city
MESS 7.%. Lard continues to decline;
American, 53e 3d. Beet unchanged te L
Liss Produce—Tallow firmer; Ameri
ca.% 455, Petroleum stronger , standard
whitc... l 4 Id.
Asramats Oct. 38.—Petroleum firm;
;standard white, 531: - ' .
Yellow rover Al .711,w Oridoosts.
2sl4l7sPit to the illtobartli Ostettiol
NEW OLEArge, October Ml.—Eleven
deaths from yellow , fever occurred to
day, among them Lieutenant George
Lee, Acting Aludatant Adjutant General
Fifth Mllitary District.
Orr Talevssh tis the Pittabllrgh balsas ;
WAsnon3inn. Oct. 1867.
RANK nksonrs.
Ahstraet of the quarterly reports of Na
tional Banks of the But States, bet Ist:
overdrafts ... . . ~,,,
U. Bonds deposited to
°Wire circulation 330,135,150 00
U. S. Bonds and securi
ties deposited to secure
deposits 4; 4 ,211.450 00
C. S. Bonds and swirl- •
$609,038,449 57
ties on hands
Other !stocks, boi;,r. and 41.7.i,150 bo
. .
mortgages.... 21.875,403 02
Due from national banks 95,103,219 91
Pus from other banks
and bankers.... ....... . 8,340,072 46
Banking house other real
estate, furniture end
P.:tures 20,359,840 34
Current expen5e5........5,295,738 33
Premiums 2,749,753 78
Cheeks and other cash
items... . 134,399,589 58
Bills of Natio nal Banks 11,534603 00
Bills of other Banks 333,209 00
Spade .... ..... 1u,2183 851 12
Practional Currency,
' ney,Le
gal Tender Notes....
Compound lot. Notes
1011,411,537 S 3
51,500,45 u 00
81.495,031,128 E 4
Capital Stock
Surplus Fund ...
Undivided Frotita
Circulating notes out
standing ' 1.14,461,110 BU
Do do doatat 4,002.153 00
Individual Depo s ita ::47,104,567 413
U. S. Depoelts 23,078,815 71
U. S. Disbursing Officers. 4,037,264 trl
Due to National Hanka..
.01008,78 S ui
Due other banks and
3 410,638,415 00
. 30,028,817 67
. 33,331,706 43
19,41 ,914 31
81,495,1K11,1 84
The agent of the Associated Press L 3
authorized by Dr. Sam. Bard, editor of
the Atlanta Daily New Era, to state that
the publication of a repor ted convene
twean Gen. Grant and himself was to
tally unauthorized by him, and is erre.
aeons in 'several particulars.
A prize tight took place to-day between
Thomas Kelly, of Philadelphia, and Bill
Parkinson, of Pottavillo, at Acipla
Creek. Fourteen rounds wore fought in
thirty-one minutes, when a foul was al
lowed for Kelly, to whom the -victory
was awarded. The second round is rep
resented to have been very severe both
contestants being thickly covered with.
blood. The right of Kelly to the stakes
will be contested, as he was carried from
the field before the decision on the claim
of foul was given by the referee who is
said tobave been intimidated. Kelly was
shoeblegly battered while his opponent
was comparatively slightly injured.
comasmon lIIIADLEI'S C:ASE.
The Supremo Court of the District has
ordered that Joseph H. Bradley, sonar,
show canoe why he be not punished for
contempt of this Court, in bin offensive
conduct toward Judge Pieher during
the Surratt trial, and Ihrther, that he
continue suspended from practioo an
the dispoattion of thin order.
&DMUS. 111.011 THAD. STEVEN,
The Chronicle will to-morrow contain
an elaborate address from Thaildesis
Stevens, expressing his views on public
Gen. Grant we attending to duty atthe
War Department to day.
The Mantles Prefeet-Queelles u lime
Bellime Se SIN Ceemesteeek-eles.
webefield tin Illesellereedle
elesalenitt Wader Weave-elle Ad
dries. AMC.. Ammabtage.
tar Telsetnis to the flttil.M.ll 111.2tWA 1
IfEw YOBS, October 29, 1867.—the
Herald's Richmond special says: Gen-
General Schofield has replied to the pro- '
test of Its'iGLinicr, to the effect that' he
will be cot= nuartlaltsl whim Mr.
Gilmer furnishes tho speNticatlon to the
ilTrlegalitl P orthe election will be
referred tothe Convention.. Ilia rumor
ed the solution of General Scholleld's ac
tion in the late election is to be found in
that that he is candidate for toiled
States Senator from Virga'
Sever mote citizens have been order
ed to leave Richmond by the Negroes'
Vigilance Committee, for speaking dia
-1 respectfully of Hunnicutt and his party.
Armed negroea have been kept on gnarl
in front of his office by Hunnicutt, who
prevent any one from pausing ou the
Hunnicutt addrwised n large crowd of
negruee in the Capitol enclosure this
evenlne alluded to certain threata
to and said, wilinatleace.
Don't you know, my fellow-eltirens, that
when the assassin's bullet pease. my
brain, or his dagger tonches my ha.;
more than one white man will fall upon
that day'r The assemblage responded
"yel," "yes."
Acomers, Ma., August W.—General
Sheridan lead party left Portland at sev
en o'clock this morning for thls city, and
arrived at half post Mts. A. ft.. Along
the rontethe hearticet ;Malting" were ex
tended the GeneraL
An elegsmt banquet with given, the
Governor presiding, after which Geo.
Sheridan returned to Portland.
Clmeord, Oct. 7J.—Gen. Sheridan ar
rived to-night. He was welcomed by
Mayor Abbott, escorted to the State
House and addroained by W-. L. le
In liehalf of the Committee. A general me
lee maned, and the General wax rushed
tothetexidence of Hon. Oludow &ann.
where in e abort speose.b be thanked the
crowd and retired. Great indignation
wax manifelited at the failure of the Gen
eral to' arrive during the day, as ar
ranged. There was a line military and
civic .dinplay thin afternoon, notwildo
ataudingthe rain and non-arrival of the
General. He ta. to be serenaded this
evening, and leaves for Vermont to
morrow morning, • .
- •
Dentrsellive Henlealls•—•••tees •
rem. /Jae, lashes
Br Televaoh to therlitstrugh Beaetu..3
ll.t.vaara, Oct. ~—Advices from Porto .
Rico to the 16th have been received.
A severe hurricane was experienced in
that Island on the 111th inst., during
which a number of coasting vessels were
loon and other seriously damaged. The
rivers were overflowed, causing inunda
tions at various points and considerable
damage to property.
Intelligence from Jamaica 'tales In
structions had been received ftorn Eng.
land aphid the line of steamers propos
ed to be establiahedbetweendamaiceand
New °fiesta. The Governor, at the re
quest of a number of Southerners who
with to see the ilne esteddlahed, will
write to England to nee if be cannot ob
tain a reversal of the decision:
. . . . .
The latest advices from Hayti state
that noinave had issued a proclamation
announcing his success in the recent
fighting there.
In Ban Domingo u money crisis pre
vails, commerce Is prostrated, and the
government without moan,
66fiab v ,14:01
Tallow /ever liseambe.t Ronan'
Saairitoa mad Munk '
1217alerropti to lb* rlisatnugh Oaanwi.l
Mmieins, OcL . 29.—The interments
from yellow foyer to-day wore nine.
The weather W 11.4 dear and am!, with . a
slight frost this morning.
The IfernphLs White river packet
Rowena was sunk last evening, opposite
Helena, by striking a snap. She can't
be raised. like Is owned by John it.
Paris, Commander, and valued at forty
thousand dollars; insured for twenty
thonsimd dollars at Cincinnati offices.
ilecllleaf In Consentlent.
I it Teternier to lb. Pltt•bargb U.ett.7
WATEROUnO, Oct. 29. On the noon
tip "on the Nmogatuck Road wan 1
lig Imhoff a bridge, nenr tillecity,
a atle of the engine broke, Um treetle
work gave way and the baggage car and
tender fell twelve feet. 3: 0„ Raney,
Dfeasengerof Adams Exprean Company.
odstelned' brinsee, but no babes were
broken. Conductor Beers nnd a few
others were. slightly brunet!. 'None nf
.e passengers were seriously Injured.
- *eras Nolaitoaslaloa.
ter latearata to
.tss mown eaaetie
[Avatars, Y. Oat. Z.—Rey. Dr.
Thtwley. of the Firat.Praby tartan Cita rob,
lett for Washington yesterday, where tut
tit to receive Inatractlona from the Gov.
ornment and icamediatoly prooeod on •
highly Important smut mission to a for.
elga country. lie was appointed by Bee.
tary Seward, owl will be absent about
f ur months.
EON 11001,
Particulars of the Battle at
Rate Rotondo.
Insurgents Oimpletely hooesafal.
Great Agitation in the City
Takes garage's Castle et St, angel..
Viotor - Emanuel Proclaims
Against Garibaldi.
Encyolical-Addreas from the Pope.
Roar, October . i.t,t--Seturday I,veninv.
.—Yeaterday a bunk of Gartbaldians, who
had just creased the frontier, attacked
Bagnoras and were repulsed by the gar
rison. Garibaldi Is Nall before Montt,
Rotunda, with fonitollye thou. Sand men.
The place Is defended by two companies
of Antibes , legion and about one hula
died Papal troops under General Darmea,
who haie restated the assaults.
One thousand soldiers left here to-day
to reinforce the garrison.
, rnr.rAnatioro. AT TOULON.
Tour o\, Oct. 27.--Orders were Issued
for every txtait of the force intended for
Ronie to embark at mace. Ten thousand
troops arrived from Africa. The nortli
ern fleet la expected. There is great ac
tivity ami excitement in town. The
first fleet is waiting outaide the harbor
for fire aeccond, Which leaves to-night.
.ataln.A Oet 28.—There le great excite.
niairon fittaßouree end in the atty.
Napoleon prealdedaf Hat Connell ant.
ma to-day.
The rumor thatptil Kiog of Inde bad
abdicated ladenlel ; •
It is said the aryVadion at Cherbourg
had orders to leave for Italy.
Report also pays thatilaribabil is near
Rome with a large force.
The Petrie say* there are rumors at
Florence that the King to about to Irene
a proclamation to the army, that he pin..
ma Prim. Humbert at their bead to de
fend the right of monarchy.
..-fotonizri7e, October If c—Obibibni; lad
Itatarsi have declined to enter tlie 001-
Bands of tharibaldians continue to ems,
the frontier. Letters from Borne, deed
Friday, eay the bands of Garibaldians
near the city have fallen back. but the
great pody,of them are only fifteen miles
off. There is no truffle to or from, the
telegraph is still cat, and Rome la iso
lated from the world.
Ftconsirog, October .—Particulare
are received of the engagement atMonto
Rotunda. , They represent the fighting
a abetltude on both sides. At one time
daring the day, when retnforoemtmts for
the ,Papal troops arrived upon the field,
the ,lasue appeared doubtibi; but at the
end of the conflict General Cfaribaldl,
who led hie brave volunteers Ln percent,
was. romp' etely suoceensfuL He -Mum
&lately followed np h 1 victory, and the
deftaated soldiers of the Pope, who fell
back on. Rome, were vigorotudy pursued.
At latest accounts from the South.
Garibaldi, with all his army, estimated
at ten to twelve thousand, hid advanced
to the outer fortiftmdions of Genie.
tO3DOi, MONDAY, A. N.= Advitwa
from Rothe state that great agitation pre-
Intilealleithip the dty. The anthoritim
were haurly - expecting an attack front
tie Garitiaightzut, limited with their re
cent victory. •
The Pope had retired from the V ah
em and nought refuge within :the Carat°
of St. Angelo.
new eninmerr ionmsb—oennumut us
Prcing. - 4ca, Monday. morning, Oct.
—Gen. Illenabrea has suootieded In form
ing a new cabinet. .
A Royal proclamation tuta been lamed,
signed 'by Ring Victor Ernintel, de
pouncing Garibaldi, and.declating the
policy of France meant the approval of
the Italian Government. .
Famet,'Octobar - 03.—The Poite'lPlPed
an encyclical eddrats to the Bishops
throughout Europe. He calla altention
to the gret'aporile by which ho is sur
rounded, and in pathetic terms deplores
the nuiny. dangers - which: IRTIHRO the
temporal power and threaten : the inde
pendence of the Holy See.'
rue rancLasiaris or VICTOR MAN
i. boo ili--.Nbon—The
botance of the royal
:ed yesterday: The
y :saying the country
ir. lie declares that
Franco end her
would be Li:spot:-
cos the tiaribadlons
right to make war,
1 , waive of the King, of Europe , must
: o disturber. of public
raised against tluihead
furch Is not this. III:
urge, Ms to 'return to
I exhorts thci people to
... and Ereserve Me na
-1 concledes 'by.promis
, i quility Is restored,
1, will mottle up Roman
following Ix the a
Proclamation . .
King 00112MERIMS
is in, groat dan:
a • war . against
probable allies
Bible. HO donou
for tuftwpfng the
which is the pr
the nal
know that he is '
order and the flag!
of the Catholic q
oomsnana the
their allegiance an
sustain their Kin ,
tfonal honor, and
ing that when t
Italy, with 'Fran.
e la until Spain
in any notion of the
'• favor of the Pope.
nruLy of
,e A—Geeral Lee
red tho omca ore:intent
has' rcoonaklarod tho
ded to accept. Tto will
mail steauner,fne.lla-
haOdocided to Jo
Catbol LC powors
Manerp, Oetn
nundl, Who (leek .1
General at Cuba
matter and conch!
leave by tiler neXt.
A—:.Ttio • Ateamehi
I • •
• York arrived t0.4.10y.
Oct, . 1
l'orlore, room. Ne
sue Amu*.
Pittabaryth GustVlA
his brothers, William
Missouri. In - the
nit Court, for ataxtug
Linoleum, terminaieO
was !anted guilty bat
acquitted. °thermos
oter arc before the
.111111.sluir Irmuka
Clll Toteceoph to I
ST. Louts,
as G. Heneld an
and John. of Lo .1
United States Cl l ,
traudulmt bran d
Ittr.l4tAtiers we
of a similar chi
Court for trial.
cftt LM OMAN.
Additiotial City and Suburban on
and Fourth Page.. Alga, further new!
by Telegraph on Fourth Page. •
A Gan for Wars— Tie Ward
First in she Ilellll—Tiros . Action 'Of
the Coolasy IM•0181•11 'Oessialtl4De
Ea ea—A Grans club Osignabisa
. —Chi. win. Phillips' Pat• Perwillia
for oonyreoil by InioXylehaz. .1.
The Iteprblic.ans of the BeriattitAinird
appear to lake the lead In palatial rnope
meats, and arnalways fbund orgaillsed'
and ready for duty at tl e ballot hpx.
Last evenings large an entilasirte
mooting of the eft Aka w lied altint
rooms of the Republican club, .2( 60
. . _
Smithfield street, for She purpose _ or
ganizing a Grant Club.. Mr.. Th . ad
Steel was called on to preside, and . P. l '
Houston was deximintoti at .
se i
The Chairman briefly dated itiS thectt:
, ,
of the meeting, after which the following 1
monition was offered by the Bertjettiry.
and unanimously adopted: I '
Itraolred, That we, the Republtsitoof
the Second ward, lit public mee t rut=
',nailed, heartily • endorse - did on of
the County Union Executive Coitunlttee
in urging the tazminetiort of General U.S.
Grant as the standard bearer of the party
,In the approaching Presidential election;
and that we proceed to organize a Club,
named in honor of thegtesiahleftsn; to
I advocate his nonilnation, mad *labor
maloualy for his election should the
party in the exercise. of Its wisdern and
judgment choose him to lead Use loyal
gions to victory idthe cotitiod. Of Met
Pending the passage of the abotm fere
lotion .spirited addressee in 4ogy, of
0 teneral Grunt Were made by ( Gook,
Dr. Biddle Arthurs, Capt. J. M. tinter,
fanest Black. W. N. Ogle " T. 11.
Phelps, and others.
The election of permanent o twee
then proceeded with, the mee ' mak
log cholee of the following go enzeit to
serve in the positions design • Pres
ident, Thomas Steel. Esq.; Presi
dents. Capt. W. B. Cook, beorgeWilson,
C. M. Gormley, William Woods Dr. 3.
C. Matters; Secretaries, Thom. R.'Phelps,
Thos. S. Bigelow, T. P. Uotestem Treas
urer. T. T. Ewing; Executive Commit
tee, W.
.I . C. Ogden, T. W. Davis, Captain
James \ lek, Cayt..l. M. „Heater, M. S.
Xing, .1. 'S: M. liming, JaMezelilsek.' W.
M. Hersh, Crosby Gray, Dr. Riddle Br.
th ors, J. McDonald C10111.1 , ..1114 Col. Wm.
Phillips, Col. J. L. Slenta,. if. W. Belt.-
heover, Samuel Young, 8 - & Kennedy,
-John Paul. J. D. Bailey, Tholtias Bailey,
Edward House, Alexander .Alken and
W. C. Curry.-
- -
The following rwrolutlori wit offered
and adopted:
Resole...At, That theßepublicans of each
election district in Allegheny county be
requested to fall into the liee under ,Lhe
banner of Grant, and organize elliist
similar to our own; and we recom
mend that when inch clubs have been
formed in one-third of said astride a
Countyp. Grant Club, composed of the
Preedderffs and one delegate from each of
the various dal:cod:all be Organited.
A resolution instructing/he Executive
Committee to report a fultplan of orgase
Dation for the club at tie next meeting,
was passed.
Mr...Tamen Black offered the following,
which wen nnanimougy - edopteth
flashed, That we urge on the citizens
of the Twenty-first Congressional Dis
trict thy nomination of Colonel Wllliern
Phillips, of the Second ward, Pittsburgh,
an successor. to .1. K. Moorhead In the
National Assembly. We-recognize in
Colonel Phillips a true exponent o the
principles of the Union Republican r
ty, and knowiden to bea gentleman du
hrwspialiffied to represent in Co
our manufecturi m
ng district id to
iaPate in this padre. or our country.
Tlinineennittnen inijounkod. ,
. . . .
Mrs. Barbera Brawdy, the proprietress.
or an 'Cnramous 'den an Liberty ',boat
which ifiv_igstostr
through the city pdpers, still'eorittnues
to prosper in hor infamous bindle:Pp, it
appears, notwithstanding the eßribince
of the police. anti the frequent es - praised
intention •of the authorities , to Urea; it
up. But a short time :dike she was be
fore Ifis lionor the Mayor, charged wilth
keeping hawamuse,and, we believi,
ww4 held to I for tier appearance at
Court. This 11 the Mayor could du
In thenutter. Butsome ono gee mdst be
at fault, as we have not yet notleed In
the Court proceedings tury account of hex
trial. The charactexa this woman, add
the reputation of the house she koeps,
haves,' frequently been published, that
every body must be familiar with It, add
it Is therefore =elan to spoilt of It he e
• In a general manner; but to there is
Ways more or less interest attached o
particulars concocted with such cha •
tare, we will relate an incident which is
alleged to have taken' place at the I.-
iquitom establishment kept by this
"virago," Monday evening, from whlel
'ur :readers can form some idea of her
manner of orinductlng business, while it
Will also serve to teach stringers the ina,
propriety of taking lodging's at what *-
termed "chimp boarding houses,' unless
they know the reputation of .the bowies
at which they atop. I I
Monday evening two men. Mr. MO-
Intyre and Mr. Andean, hone, few
Brighton; arrived In' th e city, and , at the
Union Depot Inquired for a "cheap
boarding house." The impiry was :beard
by one of that clam of man with whom
our city to cursed to a' considerable extent
at present, who are too len. to work,
and too poor to live without it, and con
impel:l4y 'wort to any memo. of obtain
ing a living, without labor., It app.ara
he was a living,
for .fr, iltawde , e
house, to . which he conducted Ithem.
Shortly after their arrival they discover
ed the character of the place, and -e.
Mired to leave it, but upon eignlfying
their Intention to do an, the door wax
loeked acid n demand of five dollars each
made upon them. They refused to (sim
ply with the demand, when the door of
an adjoining room was opened and
half a dozen "rougha," armed with
knives and plotola, confronted them and
enforced the payment of the money,
when they were allowed to depart.
I litr..iinerion yenterdzy .mornlng !op.
peered before Alderman MeNfastera and
elated the mite,' when a warrant was
leaned for Mrs. Drawdy on a Marge: of
keeping a bawdy home, upon which she
arrested, and after a hearing held In
live hundred dollars bull fur her appear
ance at Contd.
: Anderson and Mclntyre are both res.
liectable, hard working - moo , and were
led into the "trap," which IR elwaysopim
for the uninitiated, In the manner above
ended. We rather think Mrs. D..will be
'brought before the Court this time, as
the prow:cub:trims no •desire to effect a
compromise. Ill' - motives for prosecu
ting wore not for the purpose of extort
ing =Fury, or even" receiving his own,
but to bring the offender to justice.
I =!
Farmers, dealers and others engaged
in the treansaotkin of businalis connected
With the buying and stiffing of produce,
hops, tobacco, highwl noa , , t e r , gen
eximilenee Much difficulty in ob
taining corresponding !loosen In the mut
ropolltan market.. WS have had host
iles* knowledge of the old established
• •
house inNew York of Messrs. FL P. Bel-
lard 8..C0., - No. I 3 Winhington street, •
which Is strictly a produce eommiislon
ffira, and ono we take pleasure in Te
-Icome:Muffing to our random. The honer
has unequaled fitellition for the disposal
of all kinds of produce and make liberal
advances to their patrons. Their busi
ness Is managed in a careful and
eystemstlemanner, and the internals of
consignors are carefully watched I and
guarded, and in every C 11513 prompt re
turns are made.- Consignments of eggs,
pork, beefy flour, grain, benne, beeswax,
dried and green fruits, !weds, and all
kinds of country proffifce to respectfully
solicited. We &weak for Menem. Bal
lard ,b Co a full share of the consign
ments directed (Min this city' to the Now
work market, and earnestly commend
the members of the Ilrm an honorable
and fair dealing business gentlemen.
Painful inJory—ltenry Evans, while
engaged at work. at the pipe works of
m. r ,„ Evans, Dolma d: Co., corner of
First and Market etreet, yesterday
. morning,kad his hand seriously injured
by being caught in .thm-Cog wheels et
woloo- to the "planer" crushing the
hones and laoerating it severely.. lie
was taken to the office of a physichm,
where Ids injuries were attendedafter
which be .was removed to biz rat to,
residence, in South Pittsburgh: Bela a
eon of one of the membere of the Arm.
The Convert of the of Trinity .
Church lust night took place al an
nounced. City Hall- was very nearly
filled with an appreciative audience; con
solutions among which was ;the Market
Howe Mission' School. Want of apace
deprives:us of the •plesmrs pf amore
*Todd notice, but we'mdat. mention the
'wan the gem of Otte programme, ailittle
Mseter 'Frederick was the star afaong
the performers, although there were sev
eral others almost equally noticeable.
Itoiling of Ilia 0117 Exectutlie Cos
-I.lllll4.—Tlis Delegate Ilssten2 Adopt
The City Republican Executive Com
mittee met last evening in the office. of
A. Xl. Drawn, Esq., on Fifth street, for
the purpose of Making arrangements for
the selection of candidates for the Offices
of • Mayor, Controller, Treasurer and
Mgt. Attorney, to be voted for at the
election In December. 'rho Committee
was,palled,toprder by Mr. Thomas W.
Divta, the Chairman, and the roll being.
galled, twenty-nine members answered
to their names.
On motion of Mr. House, It wasresolv
ed that we primary meetings be held In
the various wards on Saturday afternoon,
November leth, between the bourn of
three and six o'clock. the Nominating
Convention to meet in the Council Cham-'
berg on Monday. NovemberiStlt.
The oimilition as to whether the Craw
ford county or delegate syntem should
be adoptedi wan discussed at some length,
the iepreinnitattven from the new dis
tricts strongly favoring the latter plan.
A rote Wingtaken, resulted in the choice
of the • delegate nystem— twenty-three
mernbarsrocerded their votes in its favor.
Mr. Sims moved that two-delegaten be
eluded from esrb district, and that the
election be by ballot. Adopted. -
.After some discussion it was dmided
that the primary meetings be held at the
usual places of election, except to the
osini lithe Third and Sixth ward,. The
Third ward voterlwill Meet In the Court
House, end both preciputs of the Sixth
ward at the School House.
Theltei*limn Judges and Inspectore
of the mesons wards were requened to
conduct tho election, and power granted
them to rift vaeannleas
Tho meeting thtql titiJourn 4 4 to meet nt
the mll of the Chairman.
Acaiu:vv of .MVSIC.-311 1 / 4 * Caroline
McCaffrey, 'assisted ify a number of dist
class performers, will favor us with one
of her excellent concerts nt the Scale:
my of Musk to-night. Miss McCaffrey
In the best contralto singer In the United
States, and the lovers of good music
should not fail to hear her. The artle of
reserved seats nt Mellor's will continue
to-day, and persons desiring malts should
call early, if they wish to be acfs,mmo
OPE11).1101:151t,—The inimitable Chan
fmu, who rue so favorable received at
fi t , Opera douse last week, Its "Sam,'
has been r.-engaged by Manager Can
ning, fur the present week. Unappeased
last night In the characters of LoriLlitin
dreary and his briather Sam. tea large
and fashionable audience, who were high
ly delighted with his manner of render
ing the piece, and espreased their admi
ration by tattling him In ffont of the
curtain several times. The piece trill be
repeated to-night.
of the Varieties are having. a rich treat
this week, In the war of local dramas,
which are prepared and rendered in a
very crtslitable manner. The usual as
sortment of fun is on the bills to-night.
The versatility of the performances at
this institution is one of its principal
features, and the present managers hare
the energy and enterprise to carry the
principle out.
. Dan Rwa.—Dan nice'. Circus ' now
:exhibiting on the south aide of theriver,
will pay us a visit on Thursday, and will
remain until Saturday night, which will
be the closing exhibition of the season.
Dan is 'the acknowledged "Prince of
Clcovu.,! . and always gives his patron-4
the worth of their money. Everybody
should see his trained animals.
Numerous complaints come to us of
the trulnaof the Pittsburgh; Fort Wayne
and Chicago Railroad, oulhe Federal
and Sandusky street crossings. It is
complalnoil .Issittlly, that In two in
,yestertlity. long trains stretching
fbate west side of Federal street be.
youd the oust side of Sandusky street,
one of them for ale or eight minutm, the
other for more p than ten mlnutte, were
detained at these crosaings; that Mut
dreds of citizens on foot and In carriage.
were detained on either side, with no al.
4 .
ternative streetor alloy by vitae to get
around the otattruction. Such nnovan
oes ahoulel hotbepermitted to or. Any
necessity that mtght be urged Id but
go to prove that thetrack on' w Ith such
nec-ty IC plead should be wholly- re
moved.- Federal street isSte too
crowded cad buoy a thorunghfs to tol
-1 crate the Railroad at all. if tit annoy
ances are to be repeated. _We feel aura.
however,ihat the higher 'authorities of
-the Company neither know, or would
lapprove of them, and we confidently
ook to them for a prompt remedy of the
The Bea. Illreektth Ilumeesee pet
patsy et Alloskeo, Clay.
Elsewhere we publish the business
card of the staunch and reliable - Den.
Franklin Insurancd Company of .I.lle
gheny. It Is organizedwitli liberal capi
tal, and In point ofloieurity offers as
much attraction ea any other corporation
of the character in the Commonwealth.
The affairs of the company are carefully
and economically managiNd, and the In
terests of the assured guarded and pro
tected with vigilance and caution. The
' 'Hoard of Directors and officers of the in
lunation numbersome of the most res.
rr n" cite, • "Zorn liberal mcoe'n l ll7l f etore'rc.?a bi rr
'eafelibe reposed. The office of the tom
pan., Is located in the Franklin Raving
Rank building. No. 43 Ohio 'street, where
the Secretary, Mr. George, R. Riddle,
will be pleased to impart-further infor
mation regarding. the. Institution. We
carneellreommend the °Ben. Franklin"
to all those who contemplate insuring
their property. . .
imparias' Savisaue Destines.
The Commissioner or Internal Here
on ue has Issued the following Important
deciniora—Corrugated sheet. iron is not
taxable as a manufacture under Section
Ott, if the value is not increased by cor
rugation more than fiveperbent, neither
mu corrugated domestic shoat iron be
taxed on its, Increased value under Sec
tion 94, for there In no excise tax upon
sheet Iron; and it is only upon -the in
creased value of "manuhicturcalarticles,
goods, wares .or merchandiae on. which
an excise or impost duty has been laid,
and which are not. specially provided
for" that the tax Is impased. Parnaces
finished and ready to be put up are taxa
ble under the general provisions of .Soo
, Sou 90, at the rate of eve per lent- upon
their entire value, but the actual expense
1 of setting them for tow, forum' no part of
their taxable value.
The three hundred end fiftieth areal
vounary of the commencement of the Re
formation, will be celebrated by the Ger
man Lodges of the American rotestant
AsSoclatlon, at the. Evangelical t. Paul's
church, of Allegheny eity, on hunsday
evening • next, October 31st. e breth
ren of Solana - us Adolphus 7 . go N 0.33,
coo requested to moot la the r hall in
Birmingham, at els o'clock, x., pre
-cisely, to march in process! .11 under
commend of Chief Marshal J... Ruck
riegel, to the lodge-room of Lu . or Lodge
No. 8, Pittsburgh, which will , eta them,
and take up the different iodg:. in Alle
gheny on their way to St. Pa PA Rev.
C. 1 . 1 eiterahmulen end F. C. ppi Esq.
will be the orators of the OVelli . g.
Good TeinitarsElectlen • 011leErs.
• At a meeting of Abo • Lincoln Lodge,
-No. =, I. O. of G. T., held on. Monday
evening last, at their Hell In Etna, the
following officers wore elected to nerve for
the enan - Ing torrikri. W.. C. T. J. 0.
Hunter; W. V. T. Chu% H. iformantelu;
W. S. Mina Magg ie. Dayht: W. A.S. Sam
uel H. Satter; T., John Moreland:
W. F. S., Mist: Rebroma reenter ; W. I.
0., William H. Hunter; W. 0. 0., Jacob
, Gill; W. 111., J. C. Hunter; \V. 0. M.
Mottle Taylor; W. It. H. S.; JIM;
Fannie Moore; W. L. 11.25., Mien Jennie
Conlon W. C. John 8. Smith; I'. W. C.
John M. Yrthrea.. Tim regular moot
ing of Ate Linroln Lodge nro held on
Monday evening:,
The Continual Barking of defendant's
dog was one of the elements in a “disor
derly house case” tried in the Quarter
Sessions yesterday. A German 'rani:m.3
, 0X put on the stand and asked 'Ulm had
hmrd the dog barking, and whether'e
was annoyed thereby, to which ho re
plied, "I bear de dog, - but mono under
ethand him." The dog was an .Enelish
The Homicide Cam, Commonwealth
VI. Elanlne }Modell, will probably be
taken up in the Oyer and Termtuer
day.. Randall in charged with the met
der of Louts Iletzel, in the Third ward,
..A.llegheny, - on the night of the Bth of
Auguet lam, by atabbinglani in the neck
with a'pair of paper hanger' eciasora.
"floe. Jeremiah P. Black wee among
the attend/Late et the Supreme Court yes
The boat race, whit* will take place
to -dap between Coulterrind Mekeil, over
the upper Monongahela•.Eonr*, between
two and tour o'clock, recreating consid
erable excitement among the ndmlren
or the sport. Coulter, we hellovd f is. the
favorite, the odds being two to one.
Both men are quartered near the coarse.
Coulter ha e been there since Thursday,
and :tickle itent up Monday morning.
They are said to be in good audition for
the work, and if the weather' is pleasant
and favorable the race will be one off the
most interesting ever- pulled at Pitts
burgh.. As a matter of course ournative
pride compels us to wish the Pitts
burgher success, but we wafuld have him
obteln it fairly and honorably. "May the
beet man win." We have every reason
to believe from the 'character of the con
testants that the race will be conducted
fairly; so theta repetitionof the disgrace
ful seenes enacted at the races between
llamill and Brawn, both here and at
Newburg, n not be anticipated.
. •
The Coroners Juni In the Monahan-
Purcell homicide case will make anoth
er attempt to agree upon Is verdict, this
this evening, at the Mayor'snlfice.
Cider Justice Woodward sirrived, yet
larday, and took his place on tha Su
premo Bench.
We ore Indebted to W.A. Glldertfenny
for the October cumber of Blackwood 'o
kloods for tne.WoolOor.
The Oil a rain has left the istmonphore
damp, cold and chilly. Too much pru
dent," cannot be exercised in the selection
of wearing materials at the blending of
Summer into Autumn and Autumn Into
Winter, At William SeMplo's dry goods
store, and It 2 Federal street,
Allegheny, will be found a very large
:usl superior stock of dress goods of
heavy material suitable for the season,
which are offend at as reasonable prices
as'prevall in the leading jobbing houses
of lhe. root. A very line stock of barred
and twilled flannels, fancy knit shawls,
see:Mugs, hoods sad general Lines of fur
nishing goods, hosiery and notions will
likewise lee found et this esUsblishment.
Dealers who bey to Sell again and retail
purchasers should favor Mr.. Semple's
house with a call.
'Woolson, Olronsmtro.
Those of our renders who loVe venison,
and i'Vbo don't? will do well to call at the
Continental Heetiturant, Fifth street, to
dey,where they will find the indefatigan
ble Holtrheimer prepared to serve some
of the moat delightful venison steaks,
In the most approved manner and in the
highest style of art. • He hes a niecerup.
ply on band and families or others who
wam venison, at a reasonable price,
will do well to see him. Ile commenced
yesterday to receive the celebrated Cove
waters, which are admitted to be far
ahead of any other oyster. ever brought
to Pittsburgh, and no matter what style
you may want them in, be Clan accom
modate you. He has also a line lot of
partridges, pheasants, .tc., which he
aervee up In a style that cannot be Bur
wased. Try lioltsheimer to-daY and If
be can't give you wanethlng to akie the
potato we really don't knotyptere you
cd look for it.
ham! Fara 1 rarsl aad Wham, to nay
kiesars. derdner Stewart, waist cor
ner of Market and Fourth streets, No.
69, have Mow open and for sale, at whole
sale and retail, the largest stock in the
city, in ell grades and qualities, which
they propose to sell at less prices than
the same goods can be bought elsewhere,
also showing a greater Teddy and en
tirely new Mtn. All buyers of. furs
should remember this, and avail them
selves iiifthls rare opportunity to make
their purchases. ,
They are also Qpeninda huge stork of
new dry goods, most remarkably cheap.
West corner Market and Fourth stile — ts,
Seel the ..ems7Settaw Ihm et the
Oiliest Misses gle
ALLEGICENT, Oct. 14, 1867.
hitt. Geo. A. Kat.LXY.—.Drar Sir: I
have been troubled the wine years with
the complaint described by your edver
tteernent' of Dr. Sargent's Diuretic or
Ittic . .kache Pins, and concluded to give'
there a trial, and am glad to say they af
forded me Immediate relief. I cheerfully
recommend them to any one suffering
from like eymptoms, feeling confident
they will do ell you claim for them.
For sale by all Druggists. Price be
cents per box. rP
aunt Opened at the New York Hat and
Fur Store, No. 32 SL Clair tared, a large
stook of ladies' flue. •
To Country lairchants.__your ~inist
lon is caned to the wholesale and rec
tall-grocori Feederf Arthur Kirk, Nos.
and ; 1,4 al street,
Jest the i place to buy your groceries.
Mr.'Hirk has facilities for buying that
enables him to sell to retail merchants at
a lower figure than any other house In
the two cities. He keeps at all times all
kinds of groceries, and ,will-be pleased
to have parties call and examine his price
list, and the quality of goods kept by
him.. Remember hie numbers, 172 and
174 Federal street, Allegheny City. stir:*
geadere will 'tear iiSisnind that the
entire stock of tine Jewelry in the store
of ReLneman, Meyran & tiled's, ho. Zi
Fifth street, is offered at greatly reduced
rates, preparatory -to occupying their
11014• and magnificent store. Gold and
silver watches, Jewelry of all descrip
tions, clock', silver ware, ornamental ar
ticles, and every thing in their line is
offered at very reasonable prices.
Blankets! and Quilbse—Cholee country
blankets, blue blankets, grey blankets,
coverlets and quilt. in largo variety, at
the dry goods store- of Wftliain Semple,
lit,. MO and 182 Federal street, Alla-.
gheny City. The attention of wholesale
and retail patrons is respectfally direc
ted towards their stock and the reasona
bleness of the prism prevailing,
Dry Goods at Wholesale.—We in
vite the partioular attention of buyers_ at
wholesale to our complete stock of silks
dross goods, and all kinds of Piney and
staple goods, and to the fact that we sell
at the lowest iDistern prices, and oat
gocids to suit parchment.
T. W. Bann= it
• S 9 Market street.
rometblog Gmal..—The booby shoes,
gaiters, &c, for men, ladles and children,
kept at 89 Market etreet, &remade of
the very Last material, and low
as the lowest.. All geode are warranted
to give eatiallactlon. If von want some
thing good, and at gold prices, call at
Robb'a Shoe House, na market street
Call and examine the large stook or
Ladies and hilwew furs at the New York
lint and Fur House, No. 52 St. Clair
street. •
Dyspepsia, in its worst forms, Nervous
and Milieus Headache, a.ud other die.
OSEM arising from derangement of the
stomach and boweli, ore speedily cured
druggist throbgbont the .land keeps
To Allegheolans.—Arthur Kirk, whole
sale and ratan grocer, Noe. 172 and
174 Eedoral tared, has received one of the
host stocks of groceries over brought to
the city, which will bo sold lower than at
soy home in the city. I store
To Yam!.itek—Cha to Arthur Kirk's
Orooery9tore, - Nos. 172. and 174 Federal
atroot, Allegheny, and bay your Sugar
for putting up fruit. He has the largest,
hest and cheapest stock In! the city. Call
and sea for yet:usable% , my.
Go To Wm. Fleming, No. 139 Wood
street, for bargains in Indite end Ml.oe
Itemettdrag Pare:—The- 'Nut, Coffees,
Snafus, Spices, dm., sold at Kirk's Gro
cery titer% reml72,ind 174 Federal
etroet, Allegheny, aie 'warranted. to be
the very beat in the market.' Call and
gat o prim hat. - xw*
At Edgetrood ritatton.—On Thursday,
Oct, 31st, at 2 'p. tn, on , the 'premises,
country residences sad building" lota at
stint/on: See advertisement et Smithson,
Palmer & Co, auctioneers. •
New- Goode ore being constantly re
ceived at tho wholesale and retail dry
geode house of William &ripple, Noe. 160
and 182 Federal street, Allegheny City.
Eye, Ear, Throat, Lima, Casey
MaZABEIS and CATARMI, OtlaMddhlly
treated by Dr. Alamo, 134 Smithfield
,treat` A book by mail 50 mute.
Bargains in Ladles and Mimes Fars
at the extensive far hottae of Wm. Flem
ing, No. 1W Wood street.
Gondkaftan Water is a certain ants
for Diabetes and alt diseases of the kid=
neys. Fort ale by all druggists. .wsr.
T IC S T.rlittONLA.l.4
Hon. M. C. Eteetie s •
Pleatsitville, Crawbril fe d Ps
Dr. Aborts, No. 134 @mitlyie/d Street,
Pittsburgh, Pb.
.Dawn SIR ..bO/1:10 five years ago my
aim Willie, commenced showing symp
toms of ciiiarrh of the bead, which con
tinued to grow worse until hls system
was so debilitated as to preclude en ne
of childhood
alba wee
ve eidoymen
or pafrsae any system uilltud7,Or attend
atMttool, and at times was entirely pros
tiMod wit.h lingering fevai—sonietimes,
for week' together, with a emustant mum-
Mutation of the symptoms of the Moans
such as a constant hacking, nostril dis-
charges, am; irritation ofthiv throat,
causing nausea. - All the rumal appli
ances and treatment of physicians, etc.,,
had failed to afford relief until you were
applied to during yorkprofesaional visit
at Titusville laid wirinsi, when he began
to improve immediately attar oomme
bag your treatment, and confirmed .to
improve, until now he enjoys • good
state othealth, and is able to participate
in the active sparse of childhood with
zest, aa well 'se pursue his studies with
out interruption. t lusZe omitted
make this statement' IterstofOre, as I
wished to be maligned that the relief was
permanent. ' '
Respectfully yours,
Plessitutville, Ps., October 2411867.
C .tD.
~ J • I
Operative Bergen sad Pbyoklaa,
of the Chest,
and Chronic
been CO:RIMER= nicuRABLE, em
Mm Die Dort, 4
Bushig aid
of tie - Bia
of the Head,
Lar3l l / 1 1114
Twilit's, • -
• Mos sod
ae well 11111!Iseans
No. 134 S'Odthi
1111a1LT OPPOBrn POR
me *Eat! Gam
• marimba AID 811971D/T. ,
A lams AM. metal:Was THERIT.BIi 00L
DAMS a bitatmUsg taattlag inaltar, Inallaaalt
WAWA Itlltadalta twat News by Tereireeph Cad
wataide• Needing Ileum ter the ratatl7.
mat Matt tank Moat nasals Plaatletal and Cam
atirgal Markel Report. IWatt M ...ay payer fa
the city. No Tamer, *at:l.mb Mercbalit
AMU tog trithaat It. •
MAXI 701THA toraltaar Gramm
GlVenivo n . ber
' 01.10.
Club. of Task ...................
—An ~ lop, of paper to the perms setting
up the eine. Addltban Se Club, atm . be saw el
say Ma, at clap rat..
Now. fkmaczamAz—ls eretuin
paper. be .an wad wally idol OttSce 7.0
was • WoOloWilay
bavisig bat pas =sit • week.
Sir Kelsey by Dr.ft. ispritsg. Itowff *MEM
Iblibriered Letters, may be mse at duer.lll.
Adolswa. GAZETTE,
iticaLE—wznirs..—On Tuesday. October D.
at' the residence of the bride's parent.. by the
IL McKim/try. sedated hY the De , J.
D. Walklashaw, 31e. GEO. G. 111CMIE ned Kiss
unsTER L. WEIMER, only daughter of
Feline, all of West Newton. Pa.
LANG—YOUNG—On Temaday evening. Oct:
Ilth, at the residence of the brlde's parent , . by
the Re, Mr. Laird, Mr. WM. T. LANG and
Ylsa MAGGIE YOUNG. danghter of 0. T
Young, EGO., all of this city. 'No cards.' •
To. lea Fourth Street, Pittsburgh,. No.
COPTINS, orall kinds; CRAPES. CLOVIS, and
everr description of rowed rurnisninit Good.
furnished. Rooms operMay and nigitel Hears*
and Carriages nanalened. .
Iteriboacta—Ras, liar 41 Rerr, D. D.,1f.a0
h. A. Jacobus, D. K. Thomas 'Ewing, Esq.
Jacob 11. Millar. Esq.
`" • KEE AND Earn.u.sum, 'Cul...veer bathe
1,1 4 gig...! E. Rodgers.) No. 9 Ohio Street,
threedoors from Bealgt, Allegheny City. Me
tallir, Rosewood. Mahogany, Wilma and Row
wood ludtallon Comm, at the lowest reduced
Arlie. Routes open at all hours, day and nigtd.
Hearse and Carildges eltruLtbed on abort nodded
and on most rougmableltextus. .s • •r'
DERMA...ER. Office, No. 244 Ohio Strait,
Ausinenr. kintalle.,Honerrood And' ottga,l of
an., with a complete stock of funeral Fun:Ashton
Goods, on hand and farntsbednt shortist =Gee,
at lowest priors. Salo and' Unary Staldos,kOr
'nor of first and Kiddie Streets , Cayrtagas,
ilaroasbea. Buggies, Saddle Gorses,
' - 'A. 3. ILLERBIIOLL 0 M. Ono , OOT OM*.
varataall.inter proof.
LOST—Miinday Morning, Oct.
tath, on siiitthned street, near McClurg •
Brother's Liters' Stable, FOUR BONDS. two oC
Flfty.alz tlendred Dollar. each. yd two tit
nine Hundred Dollar. eseb. vita OTE of Flea
Thousand Dollars.' Bond. end Note drawn by
Fawcett, Logan, Stoekdale Co., to. Order or
Wlghtman • Anderson, and note endorsed by
Wightman i Anderied. The person who found
lb. sarne Bomb oblige the undersigned bs•
• • —•
Waving them at the aillee of 9.. A. & W. 9. I'lja
VIANCE, Na WS Fifth street. Patatatrgb. .
All persona vi hereby warned agahtst negotta
fug the above vote.
FANNING ISND, io losrs.. Ten* essy.
coo titu. Tarosalt Wad. - WIN Wade for dFF
property. For partlontors Inquire . of 'D. W.
SOUTH. No. =Market street. - • •
Sue holly BAROUCHE HORSE., for sals'at.
HOWARD'S Livery Stable,,llßST STREW,
star IMtlanuagabols Boom '
von S • LE—SB,4O6.—EIGUT
Allegheny Cltu seven Mr cent. Bonds, for'
or oscbmue tbr Government Securities,
favorable terms. R. B. FRANCIS, Centro..
Mice, Allegheny.
GROITND. sitosied on Penn 'Asset. tOtzitts
Tent, haring Done fronts. itoprovennrata ars
=timid dwellings on Penn street and a Ws—
jeer shop in re.t. Knott is siniTRY fortl•grr
feet; a good nianoraotaring site. :Will ho Mld
separate. if desired. Zoquirs st,No. y PZIN
The anderstined will small or one-half of
Brick Tart, to any person wishing to mime ha
the halves,. The yard le new, with all the mod
re Improvements. .Lesse owns tonna.. Hens
need apply bat those wbo mean boob:lass. AA
dress E. T. C.. Allegheny P. O.
pm SALE-146 Acres of Land,
with on" . double fruine house, spring houses
and good *Oink; mall barn: all traldinge nev.
Laxf rows to tour foot rein errant, underlaying
sberuktinseren. Sutler and Sittsitsdng Tarts,
pike rams through the ikrrn. The stare win be.
exclunged for ppelsurti in the city or edloininC
towns. Apply to W. S. POl - 11.CC0., ibtal lEer.
tate Agents, No. ON Fif h Street. Pittsburgh,
Fob BALLE—BAKERY.—d good
Bakery, doing , business at ham Z t 0 .41
barrels of tour a week, and situated at no. OP
PALO ALTO STREET. Allegheny City. will be
sold on reasonable terms. - The above bakery is
doing, good 134tness, and has the Lunn,ee of
doing much larger one than is now, mining.
Any person wiehingeto engage iL the Widnes*
win And Olga rare opportunity. For particulars
'moire at thi BAIZRY. ' '
FOR SALE.—Bouse and Lot ow
darner of Manhattan and Adams stints..
near Passenger Hallway. Lot 44 by WI fast.
fosse frame, dostalnlAg7 rooms and food hall,
**lllmprored. -pons and Lot maShethold. near
Bidwell street. Alleibedl Cltl. Lot 9 by on
test; bousirermse. Mambas hall, Ass rooms mid
goartellan 'flier and gat, Alm, several small
BMWs and 1.44 s la good lomdlon; inquire of T
Barn a CO., Beater straet. near Cier.O. ,
Idairleatar. •
6PECiiL BARGAIN affdad t . ga ewers.
Jewelerß and Optidana,
3PMEIMMX ArritZl3ll77.
Merchant Tailor
Cer. Pepe and M. Clair Streets,
Take. put pleasure of Ininnalas hi. outman,
sad thdpaldie to dirderal that bit Met of
muarrecitrarso conrurr
Make the Lock Stitch, and we the cheapest elm
Peet and beet.
NEW Gporrs.
affez-casamait Twit
4,c •
Has removal lo No. US irnaZ Sfixenr. ;ewe
of 7.lmi sum. wiere be la now reoelYie . ne
bin new end extenatee Meet of
. •
• TALL pLam u cissnocess,
Mach will be mule to order le tee mut styibn
manna. Also. • complete omortment 0121-
TLItItEll . 5 lITTRZIL3III.2I6 GOODS. allot *Platt
will bowl& on very reommablo terms- ' -
H. sawn, Dierchsa Taw,
ire. vs WTLX3 ofv.d.a.
tAttOlt l'aCurrollAttA , Vl Cth . LT!.
• Odlee,No. thl Walnut
pima...tithe, October isetzez.,
The Interest 4th. oftratiilgerlphe
Leserniworth Amatof,r , T. Athe
rae l lArtrai.reeeltrela of tie Coi
pon"i' • therefor at
CO itaiklej More of DAlt
NET MORGAIN , a xx=...x.lnwh
;fort: on Bed •Aft,' LIU!
~,■ r
A 'erst2. - Dru GOLD !LEADED CARE Irll.l
pe alrazded to the,EtUtarreeelvlng thibt/A•G
u mbei of rota. . .
CLOSE a, co.
Farnitare itaialhebKm.
C 016,0111 & WAIIE
- •
Latest Apse o imam's' emotasa:
111 St.
iicher, cotton MO S, iliblriesb.
sunt.daren oturavr, ICEDMILLSIGICe
ansinixon AND amnia